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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 20, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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conviction. thanks for joining us, everybody, he zoo-- see you tomorrow. "varney & company" is next. stuart: thanks, maria. trump is on the show and more support than ever before in a wall street journal poll. 25% trump, a new high in that poll for him. 22% carson, nearly half the vote goes to outsiders, nonpoliticians, it really looks like the gang of six, the top two, trump and carson, pulling away from the rest of the pack. only rubio at 13% is anywhere near close. separately, jeb bush says trump's view of 9/11 history is just wrong. we'll put that to the donald later on today's program. then there's joe biden. numerous sources say he's running and will declare soon. by the way, he's already attacking hillary clinton. you can't avoid this, you might want to, but "star wars," disney released the largest hype last night when movie
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tickets went on sale two months in advance and ticket websites crashed. here is the trailer that was such a hit during monday night football. >> it was started our way, i will finish what you started. ♪ >> the simple fact is that when we were attacked, my brother created an environment where for 2,600 days we were safe. no one attacked us again and he changed the laws, he did everything necessary, united country and he kept us safe. stuart: there you had it. there's jeb bush on hannity last night firing back at donald trump. we're going to get donald trump's reaction to that, 11:00 on this program today, he is our special guest.
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all right, we'll also look at trump and ask him about the latest wall street journal, nbc news poll. it shows he's in the lead, 25%, carson, rubio, and fiorina, bush, they're in single digits. and look to me like they are, trump and carson, are pulling away from the rest of the pock, they're the nonpoliticians and they've got nearly half of the vote. >> people are sick of the political establishment. that's become clear. i think another thing is that people are kind of sick of vanilla, boring g.o.p. candidates that aren't that fun to watch. trump and carson, even though carson is a little slower-paced if-- a lot slower paced than anyone i've met. you're wondering what they're going to say. maybe saying something that i've been thinking or everyone is afraid to say.
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they're fun to watch, and might not have been before. stuart: if you look at a news conference and president obama answering a question, a 10, 12 minute response. you look at donald trump, 30, 45 seconds, bang, right at you. people watch. >> exactly, we're living in the era of the sound bites right now, on twitter, he said this and like internalize it or they might even look for more. ashley: it's remarkable to me, three weeks into october, we laughed when trump jumped in, he's still there, still leading. who would have predicted that in july. stuart: who would have said that for the last 99 days, that's accurate. last 99 days, trump has led every single national, every single one in the need. >> and we admit maybe we don't know what will happen. nothing like this has happened before. there's no way to know. stuart: and let's switch to the
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democrat side. same poll, wall street journal nbc. hillary clinton, now, she has a commanding lead on the other side of the fence, 49%, sanders 29%, joe biden, look at that, joe biden 15%. ashley: yeah. stuart: we've been hearing that he's running. ashley: haven't we. stuart: what are the sources? >> well, yesterday, got really underway. the democratic congress out of pennsylvania tweeting that i have-- he says what he said in his tweet, i have a very good source that tells me vp biden will run for prez, all sorts of speculation and those close to mr. biden or family say, yes and some now say by the end of the week. there's a democratic dinner coming up following weekend in iowa. that's seen as his deadline. don't forget he has to be on state ballots by the beginning of november so time is running out even if he continues to dither until the last second. >> as our resident delawarion,
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i believe we'll see him in the race. >> and it's like a guy saying i really like you, but i'm not ready for a relationship right now. eventually you've got to give up and i think that may be how people are feeling about joe. stuart: 15%, he's down. in that poll, he's down to 15%. ashley: hillary has to begin testifying before the congressional committee on thursday. stuart: do you think we're going to forget that. ashley: mr. biden hasn't. stuart: to the markets, ladies and gentlemen. are we going to open in 25 minutes. pretty much flat, down 15 points, maybe. still well above 17,000. take a look at amazon, this is pre-market and amazon stock is not affected by this news. listen to this, they're going to hire 100,000 people for the holidays, that's a suggestion, maybe, that on-line selling is going to be pretty good versus bricks and mortar. amazon now at 573. going the other way, ibm. whoa, disappointing investors
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again and down goes that stock pre-market. is this, dr barton is here, is this a lumbering, stumbling giant that can't get its foot in. and track on. that's pretty strong. >> four weeks ago you and i talked about ibm and the state of decline. then they'd had 13 straight quarters of revenue decline. today we tack on number 14. yes, they are a giant in decline. they are doing some things to try to revitalize the business, moving to the cloud, moving software off of local machines and moving to this big artificial intelligence push, all of which is going to take some time. ibm's not the place to put new money to work right now. it's going to continue to decline till they get some better footing with these businesses that are less than 25% of their total revenue. stuart: you're telling me to put 3 1/2 years, they've had less money coming into them. >> quarter to quarter, every
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single quarter, three and a half years, it's a giant decline. stuart: down it goes. next story, to canada's election, whoa, it's a shock of the liberal party leader justin trudeau defeating stephen harper. this is a big shift. ashley: a huge shift. stuart: to me it's like a change in administration in america going from republicans to democrats. ashley: yes, very much. the conservatives are now out in canada. the liberals in. his campaign message was tax the rich, boost government spending, does that sound familiar? >> that was his slogan. yes. don't forget they don't have term lements limits. >> and stephen harper was going for a fourth term. sometimes when you have a long sitting government there's a desire for change. this is a radical shift in policy. stuart: tax the rich and spend more government money, but you've got to remember, canada, i think, has been near
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recession for months. >> harper was in the election-- >>. stuart: they don't have the debt problem that we do. ashley: no. stuart: so they could go into a little bit of debt. ashley: trudeau is the son of pierre trudeau, iconic name in canadian politics. he does, by the way, support the xl pipeline. stuart: and now this, the "star wars" hype machine. whoa, it's in full bore. jo ling kent. i don't know how you could have missed. jo: not if you were watching football last night. it was huge and social media users went crazy over the clip with some people tuning in to monday night football just to see it. but no luke skywalker that we saw. there may be some clues. tickets went on sale immediately afterward and crashed popular movie sites
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like fandango, experiencing timing out and issues on amc sites. no surprise, where can you get the tickets? some are going for $400 stuart and the movie doesn't come out for another two months, but already looking like a big victory for disney, which bought lucas films. $4 billion, 2012. i know, are' over it. stuart: no, it's not that. jo: it's a big deal. stuart: wait, wait, wait. i want to ask about this, is it possible that this social media extraordinary reaction is being manipulating by some degree to disney? they want to hype it up. they're going all out to hype this thing. am i being manipulated? >> it definitely worked. a lot of people were manipulated. i'm not really a "star wars" person, i don't really like watching space nerds poke each other with sticks, all right, i get it. but i criticize "star wars" in a tweet yesterday and people were-- >> oh, no.
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>> it's as if i threatened to kill their families. it definitely worked, and people were like. ashley: i hate you now. i used to like you. jo: they're still following you. >> and not to, always makes me want to change my point of view when somebody threatens to unfollow me. jo: disney is doing this for one serious reason. going to the movies is actually not that popular anymore, even if it's "star wars." yes, there's a lot of momentum, but the pressure is on disney right now to perform. so they've got to do this and we have got to call them out. ashley: they'll do it with "star wars." stuart: and jeb bush is pushing back for what was said about his family about 9/11. and judy miller was in the middle of who's to blame for 9/11. more varney in a moment. >> donald trump accuses everybody else of being stupid
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>> jeb bush came to the defense of his brother on last night's hannity. watch this. >> his view of history is just wrong. the simple fact is that when we were attacked, my brother created an environment where for 2,600 days we were safe. no one attacked us again and he changed the laws, he did everything necessary, united the country and he kept us safe. and just a tip of the hat to that and moving on to what the threats are today is what we ought to be focused on of the donald trump is not a serious candidate as relates to foreign policy. stuart: all right, with me now is fox news contributor judith miller and you were in the
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middle of, i call it the blame game from the get-go. first off in january of 2001 you published a ten part series warning of al qaeda, was that ignored? >> it was totally ignored, not even the press picked up the news we had about chemical weapons training that was going on, about 50,000 young men being trained in bin laden's camps in afghanistan and they were targeting the united states. we thought this was going to create a huge stir and nothing happened. stuart: do you ascribe some blame to the president at that time, george bush, because your series was ignored or glossed over in some way. >> i think he ignored his own intelligence. the cia was also warning about bin laden, on the other hand the cia had not been able to give the previous president, president clinton specific information that would have enabled clinton to do what he
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wanted to do, which was kill bin laden. president clinton could not get the information he needed to do that. >> do you think that jeb bush should have responded to donald trump in the way he did. >> no, i don't. i understand why he wants to defend his brother, but donald trump is the great needler. he knows how to get under someone's skin and he's done it with jeb bush, he identified the soft spot, the loyalty to his brother, it's a worthy thing, but it's been devastating. stuart: jeb had simply said, my brother, the president kept america safe and he was accurate in that. >> after 9/11. stuart: after 9/11, that was accurate. >> that's right. stuart: on his watch. >> he did an extraordinary job after the attack, mobilizing the country, changing the laws, doing what needed to be done to keep america safe, to prevent another attack. stuart: and now, let me read you this, this is donald trump, he sent out this tweet, he directed it to jeb. here is what he said. jeb, why did your brother attack and destabilize the
9:17 am
mideast by attacking iraq when there were no weapons of mass destruction, bad info question mark. that's after 9/11, and our response. and trump is taking issue with jeb bush. what say you? >> look, i think that donald trump who always opposed the war in iraq, i must say, once again knows how to needle jeb bush. the fact of the matter is, the intelligence the president was given, that president bush was given suggested there was weapons of mass destruction in iraq, that saddam had repeatedly violated all of the u.n. resolutions, 17 of them, that he posed a danger, he invaded his neighbors, he had used chemical weapons on his own people. there was ample reason too take the course that george bush did. what happened afterwards, the way in which he managed the war, that was a disaster and it's that for which george w.
9:18 am
bush should be held accountable. stuart: i am surprised that 9/11 should rear its head in the 2016 presidential election race. i'm shocked at that. >> well, are you really shocked, stuart? >> yes, i am, i am. >> in politics, all is fair in love and war and this was war. stuart: donald trump has ejected this-- it's a club to beat jeb bush over the head with. he's using it in that sense. >> and using it very effectively. stuart: in doing this, he's put us in the middle of the 2016 election. >> many americans think that's exactly where it should be and that's why donald trump is liked by so many americans. he says the things that a lot of people think and don't say. and i think we've all-- and i speak for myself, underestimated the staying power and the strategic ability of trump to wage a campaign that no one thought would have been possible. stuart: well, he's on the show at 11:00 this morning. >> well, i will be watching and i think many other people as well.
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stuart: and judy miller, thank you very much. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: a teenager says he's hacked one of the world's most secretive agencies releasing sensitive information on-line. we have a terrifying footage of a herd of elephants going off a biker-- that's terrifying. biker on a moped. ashley: my money is on the elephants. stuart: my money is on the elephants, yes. you both have a
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liberty mutual insurance. >> this is just coming in to us. reports that jim webb is dropping out of the democrat race for the presidency and he's expected to make that announcement today. the whisper is that maybe he's going to run as an independent. haven't confirmed that yet. now this, another hack at the top level of government. this time it's an outspoken teenager who claims to have hacked into cia john brennan's e-mail and same teen into jay johnson's voice mail. ashley, do we know how he did this. ashley: according to reports he used social engineering, tricked verizon into giving up brennan's person information and then duped aol into resetting his password. how do you do that? i don't know, but that's how he did it.
9:24 am
brennan, top spy by the way in the country and according to him, none of this has been verified. he would call brennan repeatedly and recrating his social security number to him over the phone and claims that brennan used to listen for a bit and hang up all the time. fascinating stuff. now, the stoner high school student says he's not a muslim, but he is a critic of u.s. policy and supports palestinians on his twitter bio it says there is no god, but allah. stuart: is he going to be prosecuted. ashley: i would imagine, yes, of course they would. stuart: if they can do that with the cia director's personal e-mail, what does that say about the server that hillary clinton was in the chappaqua-- ments that's why i disagree with bernie sanders that people are sick about hearing about it. if a stoner high school kid
9:25 am
could get into it and who knows, that's why it's important, and not for political reasons, mccarthy affects the g.o.p.", but putting people at risk. stuart: here is what's next. oprah winfrey buys into weight watchers. you won't believe how many millions she made. and victims of berny madeoff, what the victims are going to get. more varney and opening bell next.
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>> i understand why he wants to defend his brother, but you know, donald trump is the great needler. he knows how to get under someone's skin and he's done it with jeb bush. he identified the soft spot, which was his loyalty to his brother and that's a worthy thing, but it's really been devastating. stuart: that was judy miller, formerly of the new york times, fox news contributor, she knows a thing or two about 9/11, and jeb and donald trump, got it. the opening bell coming up in 25 seconds from now. we're expecting, again, i've got to say a pretty flat opening. we'll be down maybe 20 or 30
9:30 am
points. there's nothing market moving in the background here except ibm which is going to be down significantly when the full market opens. that may have an overall impact, but not that much. okay, you can hear them now, they're clapping, they're cheering and the bell is ringing, close trading on tuesday morning. okay, off we go, down 12, now down 11. know the a huge move. as i said, the stock story of the morning is ibm. the revenue, that means the amount of money coming into them is down three and a half years. that's 14 quarters in a row. and ibm, a huge company, is down 4 1/2%. dr, we've asked you this before, you see this as a flailing giant. i'm asking to have you would you buy it at a $142 a share? >> not a time to be a bottom fisher. you told the story about eastman kodak and got into a
9:31 am
battle with an analyst saying they're losing and losing and you told that story so well, it's not the exact story of ibm here, ibm does have some turn around potential, but not for a couple of years. for them to do the things where they're growing in the 20 to 30% range, on-line software, their cloud computing, ai, and they're going to take a while. only getting about 22% of the revenues from those businesses. stuart: it's hard to get over for three and a half years of less money coming at you. ashley: and like a giant oil tanker, takes a long time to change direction in the ocean and they're getting into cloud and software. stuart: i don't want to spent too much time, but it's tough to see it because that's one one of the greatest names liz: it's the one that carly fiorina when she was running hp, big blue. and the die-hards have they adjusted rapidly enough? you're seeing ebay, and at&t, are they responding rapidly
9:32 am
enough to what the market wants. stuart: apparently not. weight watchers got to look at that, this is the day after oprah winfully revealed a 10% stake in the stock. it more than doubled and look again. oprah made 70 million yesterday and she's going to make more now. up another 8 1/2%. scott shellady, i have to bring you into this. i know you've been on a diet. >> i knew. stuart: knew it was coming. what do you think about the idea of oprah and weight watchers, what do you think. >> the thing about weight watchers is the accountability aspect. people think they can do things on-line and there's something about showing up and stepping on a scale. and oprah realizes that. look what she's done for other products. if she wants to tell you a book
9:33 am
for the book club, sales go up. there's any number of products that she's done with this. i'm not surprised the stock is up on the back, when she weighs in on something, the rest of the world does follow. stuart: you lost about 70 or 80 pounds, don't want to get personal. >> almost 100. ashley: amazing, awesome. stuart: weight watchers or what? >> no, it's not. it's 100% no sugar, it's very difficult because everything we've got, we eat has sugar. no it says low fat, it's high sugar, you want high fat and low sugar. stuart: from the man himself, the expert. and yum! brands, spinning off the china business and i believe that stock is up, yes, it is, 4%. what do you make of this? the spinning off of china. >> they're splitting off their china business and they've got the whole world, china is 57% of yum! brands' revenues, so
9:34 am
it's a big deal. they've got an activist investor come in and got a board seat and looking at doing some things to streamline yum! brands. and analysts love it when you make more transparency which is what they give us in china. stuart: they like the idea that china gets split off they want that there not here. stuart: harley-davidson, the hogs, i believe that's the ticker symbol. nicole, come in. nicole: the global sales are about 1%. they say that the third quarter didn't unfoal -- unfold the way they anticipated. and now year over year, it will be flat to minus 2%. why? number one, rival competition. number two, the analysts say, is their demographic of the aging baby boomers, those loyal harley-davidson fans, that's problematic as well. stuart: yeah, people like me
9:35 am
are getting a bit too old for a harley. why do you like dislike harvey davidson the stock so much? >> i wrote a note to myself before the stock came out. here is the deal. they stuck tenaciously by the 2 to 4% plus, and how many motorcycles they delivered this year and that's why the second quarter popped so well. all the channel checks showed that they were not going to hit those numbers. their numbers are down there. their demographics are bad and we've already talked about. one of the other things, this is a luxury good and globally, with the global can economic slowdown, the first thing you're not going to buy is probably that hog. stuart: check out amazon, i don't think that the news is going to affect the stock that much. they're hiring 100,000 people for the holiday season. ashley: a huge amount. massive, in the shipping warehouses and shorting centers.
9:36 am
last year they hired 80,000 prior to the holiday season. that tells us something. stuart: and on-line, and not bricks and mortar at all. look at 5 $567 per share liz: that's a lot. and they're hiring more workers than macy's, target or wal-mart. >> they're taking that business, i love that, amazon. they're up 26% quarter over quarter and why they're hiring 25% more workers. they're growing paul bricks and mortars are declining. stuart: the stock every single hour of every single day. apple, here is the news. it's at 111. it's dead flat. tim cook says, 15 million people are using apple music. only 6.5 million are paying for it. sort it out. >> 8 1/2 million are getting their 90 day free tile. what happens you sign up for it
9:37 am
and what a lot of people will enjoy it, enjoy it, forget the 90 days are up. get the first charge and cancel. it's hard to tell how many of the 8 million of the added 8 1/2 million actually become paid subscribers, 6 1/2 million paid, spotify, which is a huge music streaming service, they have worldwide, i was noticing 20 million paid subscriber, so apple has a way to go, but lets not forget they only began this in june liz: that's a great point. stuart: oh, in june. ashley: they've made a lot of strides quickly. stuart: would you buy apple? >> there's a side ways price movement and nothing has been happening and that's why we've been talking about it. 28 years, there's 38 times we had this long of a side ways price movement. 28 of those 38 it resolved to the upside by 10% or more in six weeks. it's a buy here. stuart: okay. got it. facebook, please. we started the show yesterday
9:38 am
by saying, maybe that-- ♪ >> the trumpets. stuart: i got this right. went to 100 a share. ashley: the previous was 99.24. stuart: that was previous record high. ashley: previous record. we slightly eclipsed that and come back a little bit, but knocking on the door of $100. stuart: what's that, it was 99, 99.59 today? >> there you go, that was the high point today. stuart: that was the new high point. liz, buy some liz: little ole me will pushing it higher. stuart: netflix, again, this is another intriguing story. fans of the popular show, the gilmore girls, they're excited because netflix is rebooting the series. i guess that means they're bringing it back. a whole new series of the gilmore girls? liz: that is the exciting play by netflix they're now becoming
9:39 am
the fast binge watch, nick at night on steroids. they have fuller house, m.a.s.h., frazier. and gilmore girls was a popular show and yanked many felt prematurely about a mother and daughter facing life issues, fast-paced, hot dialog and it's coming back on netflix. stuart: show me netflix stocks liz: i don't think that ashley will be tuning in. ashley: i don't think so liz: it's a chick, go i recall thing. ashley: it's not breaking bad, i'll tell you that liz: i tell you, girls like it though, few men may like it, but girls like it. stuart: on the corner of your screen, ibm stock there, down $8. that's 5 1/2% roughly. affecting the tone of the overall market. the dow is down 76 points. we were expecting a narrow loss, but because of ibm we have a bigger loss. and many of the victims of
9:40 am
bernie madoff's ponzi scheme, anyone who invested up to 1.6 million will get their money back in full, right, liz, up to that amount liz: that's what the head of the securities corporations-- i'm surprised about that, a heck of a payback. people sort of evaporated, but managing to claw it back and you're right. above that amount you can get maybe 61 cents on the dollar invested. and that's quite a-- >> do you think where the bulk of the money came from. from the widow of the co-conspirator, jeffrey pick aurora. >> i remember the day he was arrested december the 12, 2008 what a shock, 50 billion lost. now if you invested up to 1.1 million. you get it back and above that 61 cents on the dollar. who expected that.
9:41 am
ashley: you know what the legal fees are? $1 billion. stuart: the lawyers-- liz: it's rough for people who put their retirement money in with him. stuart: hillary clinton now wants a federal probe into pharmaceuticals. pharmaceuticals guy, martin skraly after he hiked the price of his lug. ashley: she sent a letter, hillary, to the federal trade commission, you need to investigate this guy more and they need to investigate any dramatic price hike in drugs, the price that would make it harder for individuals to get access to it. she's taking on not just this individual, but the overall pharma industry liz: sending a letter to the government about it. stuart: she's the only candidate who has moved the market with comments about companies. she moved the market in drug companies liz: biotech. ashley: it's interesting in
9:42 am
skrelly's case, while hillary was critical. so was bernie sanders and donald trump. very interesting. stuart: check out the big board, we're down 72 points. nike, let's check that, they've made a series of new highs, but down a fraction today. 132, almost 133. that's nike. starbucks, they hit an all-time high yesterday. where are they now? up a little more even though it looks like in europe they got to pay some extra tax money. know the affecting the stock at 61. united airlines, got a new interim ceo for the chief that suffered a heart attack, only four days on the job. had a heart attack. it looks like he's going to be okay. united stock up 55. don't forget, donald trump on this program, 11 a.m. today. he'll react to jeb bush's comments about him and ask him about apple's huge pile of cash overseas. how do we get that money coming back here? i will ask him.
9:43 am
disney doing a remarkable job with ticket sales, the website crashed. the tickets went on sale two months in advance. we have a super fan who bought tickets for the movie which opens the week before christmas. he's back, the "star wars" guy. so what about that stock? sure thing, right? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with, i'd steer clear. really? really. straight talk. now based on your strategy i do have some other thoughts... multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors
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it's a big deal. and it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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>> oh, talk about outrage, after a video posted on-line shows two men forcing a toddler to smoke a cigarette and chug a glass of beer, all right, ash. ashley: it's a one minute clip that was posted to facebook by someone who witnessed this, two men speaking romanian, the
9:47 am
little boy there, no more than three years old sitting on the lap of one of the men and told this is what it is to be a real man and getting him to light up a cigarette, puffing on cigarette and drinking some beer and created absolute outrage on social media and people trying to track down the identity of these people. stuart: they haven't yet. ashley: they haven't and they don't know whether one of the men was the boy's father. the person who filmed it is asking for help not only in tracking them down, but prosecutors. >> it's a social media manhunt story, trying to find this guy on facebook, it was posted to facebook. ashley: they believe it was shot in spain, by the way. stuart: all right. it's here. >> the official "star wars" trailer, premiered last night, i believe it was in the middle of monday night football. fans were so excited they crashed ticket sales sites which when they're trying to get pre-sale tickets. come on in, to explain what the hype is about. michael. you've been on the show before. you're the guy who bought--
9:48 am
the agent, a whole bunch of star war toys and i get the impression i'm being played here, i've got the impression, disney set up a huge machine like lemmings we're being led. am i being played? >> i don't think so, stuart. good morning, by the way. i think that disney has been really even-handed about the promotion. they don't need to promote this movie that much. the audience is there. now, what you saw last night was the beginning of the push to get the casual fan, the fan who didn't grow up with the movie, doesn't care about the "star wars" legacy that much, but knows about it. i think that last night was the beginning of the push to get those fans, people like you, who aren't terribly excited about it yet, to get them excited for the movie in december. stuart: they want me to go to the theaters. they don't want me to watch it at home ten years from now, they want to watch it in the movies. >> and they want to get you and your friends and family excited about it because remember, this
9:49 am
is disney, so their tentacles are everywhere, they want you to get excited about the movies and the merchandising with it. stuart: am i right to say, it's carrie fisher, princess leah and that's where social media exploded? >> there's one shot near the end where she's on ands solo's chest and many of them are thrilled, it harkens back to the original. and one of the new characters, her characters seems interesting to me. if you go on social media and twitter and facebook, instagram, you'll hear a lot of conversation about her character and what her character may be about and what she's doing to the central story. stuart: ill realize you're in the business, mike and understand you're talking up your own book, but you seem particularly enthusiastic about
9:50 am
this which i find rather strange. >> no, no, i'm very excited. i watched the trailer half a dozen times last night after it debuted, one, the monday night football game was terrible and i wanted something to distract myself from it, but it's entertaining. stuart: what does your wife say about this? >> excellent. >> my wife tolerates my star wars fandom, and she's trying to fight me on going thursday december 17th to see the movie, but she's going to lose the fight and that's one argument in my household i'm going to win. stuart: you picked up tickets? >> four tickets for thursday night. it's huge, are you going to come with me? >> that would be a waste. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> thanks for having me on. stuart: something much more serious. the migrant crisis is huge, and my next guest says blame germany. that's next.
9:51 am
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9:55 am
now, to that ongoing european migrant crisis and a crisis it really is. gillian melcher is with us. she's been to europe and seen what's happening firsthand and she says blame germany for the influx of people and she says, some of these people are fake syrians. not syrians at all. not fleeing terror at all. first of all, let's deal with this, you blame germany, why? >> they've offered an incentive package to get housing, you get cash benefit, child care and language training. in addition germany says we're going to suspend the usual rules for asylum seeking for people who are from syria and those two things combined create a huge incentive for people who may have a legitimate cause to come to europe, who could claim they're syrian who are not. stuart:. and angela merkel's poll, she's
9:56 am
definitely feeling the hit. it's a crisis of leadership. stuart: you went to the front lines in austria, hungary. >> serbia and croatia. stuart: and you talked to the people. you talked to the migrants. >> yes. stuart: you're saying some are not syrians. they came to be, but claim to be. >> i caught one guy in a lie and told me a dramatic story how he come from kabani and watched a friend get shot. and i posted it and they said this guy is from a safe part of iraq, and lied about it, about being syrian and called his boss and it's true. stuart: and that's a crisis, tens of thousands are camped out in the open and it's a humanitarian crisis. >> it is. stuart: it's difficult for the europeans to say, no, you ain't coming in, you can starve and die right there. you can't say that.
9:57 am
>> that's the problem without a good solution, people say there are a lot of men coming in, that's true, but i was there on the border when it was pouring rain, thick mud, you see a lot of women and children and i just think there's a humanitarian and a compassionate interest to this, but on the other hand, there's national interest and sometimes those two things are morally opposed. countries have got to do what's best for the countries and that's the kind of tension that why upper is feeling, between security concerns and economic concerns and humanitarian concerns. stuart: thank you very much. coming up, senator james inhoof, remember, he brought a snowmobi snowball to the building to look at climate change. he's with us at 10:00. 10:45, a new delivery drone can be launched off the back of a truck. we have one on the set. not the truck, the delivery drone, got it? second hour of "varney & company" is two minutes away.
9:58 am
9:59 am
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10:00 am
stuart: the second hour of "varney & company." here are the big stories. we will ask a biotin insider. sources say he is running. president obama is shuffling the republicans out of the climate negotiations. spending our money. he wanted. check this out. a new delivery truck equipped with its very own throne to deliver packages. you can see it right there. we have one of the drones on the set. 10:25 a.m. this morning. the new star wars movie. tickets go on sale. website crashes. disney wants to make a ton of money on this one.
10:01 am
donald trump joins us on 11:00 o'clock this morning. he responds to jeb bush. i may ask him about tattoos as well. [laughter] stuart: our two starts right now. ♪ stuart: well, half-hour on the wall street right now. up 36 points. if not for the dow, ibm, a dow stock, down very sharply, the dow would be positive. ibm is down 5%. this used to be a technology powerhouse. down for 14 quarters in a row. how about facebook. hitting an all-time high last hour. $100 a share. almost. let's see if it gets $100 a share. amazon gearing up for the christmas season. hiring 1000 workers.
10:02 am
sales could be very big this season. bad for bricks and mortar stock. still following weight watchers. oprah winfrey takes a 10% stake. it's a seat on the board. look at today. up another 25%. oprah winfrey made $70 million. that was yesterday. maybe a bunch more today. she is a billionaire. political news. democrat presidential candidate jim webb announces he will be dropping out of the race. it is possible that he may run as an independent. still on politics. we could hear word from joe biden any moment. is he or is he not running. hillary clinton widening her lead with 49%. aydin down there at 15%. joining us now, a biotin
10:03 am
insider. come on, steve. we have all of these sources coming at us (a right and center. tell me, is he running? >> stuart, i do not know. if you are on the committee, he must have given you some indication that he is willing to go along with what your committee wants. he enlisted with you some sign, surely. >> clearly, we have been operating for two or three months. working through his own process. we have not been discouraged with what he is doing. stuart: he has never said to you, knock it off. >> he has never said to us knock it off. last time i spoke with him was three years ago. speak to other members of your committee must have spoken recently been that.
10:04 am
>> stuart, we are a superpower. we cannot legally do that. we have kept a pretty clear i of linearization. stuart: there have been reports that he will run. okay. you will not reply on that. maybe before hillary clinton the pier -- appearance before the benghazi committee on thursday. >> i looked at his calendar today. he has a pretty busy day. i suspect it will not be today. i suspect that it will not be thursday because of her testimony. i suspect it will come before the deadline. stuart: a big speech saturday night in iowa. on climate change? >> no. i would democratic party is hosting their annual dinner. i do not know if he is scheduled
10:05 am
to go to it or not. stuart: will you be there for that speech? >> i live in florida. i live in florida, my friend. stuart: two minutes of glory. that is all we can take. i expect to hear from you very soon. one hour from now we will hear from donald trump. 11:00 o'clock right here on "varney & company." eleven eastern, by the way. the gop being shut out of climate change talks. democrats blocking them from oversights. the big paris un meeting. senator from capitol hill with us now. i have to make sure i have this right. president obama is going to the un policy meeting in paris. are you saying that he is going there and not letting you into what you will agree with? >> well, this is what he does
10:06 am
every year. you know this, stuart, and a lot of our viewers may not. this huge meeting once a year. this will be the 21st year. tried to get 192 countries to agree to reduce their carbon emissions. that is what will happen in paris. each year they say this year we will be successful. what the president has committed to do is reduce our co2 emissions by 28% by the year 2025. how are you going to do it? a know it will cost similar upwards of half a trillion dollars to do that. we want to know how you will reduce it. we will have a committee hearing. keep in mind, i chair the committee. we asked them to come in. we do not ask them, we told them to come in. we have oversight. they refuse to do it.
10:07 am
this is the first time, i think, in history, first time in my memory and i have been there 21 years, that this has happened. stuart: committing to a certain course of action. you caught in congress, cannot even do anything about it. >> that is accurate. everyone here in this country. what this huge cost is going for and how they will achieve what they are telling them they will achieve. obviously, they cannot do it. all part of the war on fossil fuels. you have been following that real closely. stuart: i understand that the president has also committed that we will be part of a group
10:08 am
of countries that will hand over $100 billion a year, starting in 2020,, to other countries. again, i do not think you have any say in that. >> no say in that. these other countries, they think if the president of the united states says something, it is going to happen. they do not understand that we have a system of government here. obviously, his target for the united states changes from time to time. part of the hundred billion dollars that will go to all these countries. i have been there before. i went to copenhagen in 09. john kerry was there. hillary was there. pelosi was there. all of them telling them that they would pass legislation for
10:09 am
cap and trade. i went at the end of that and said they have been lying to you. we will not do it. that wasn't all nine and we have not done it since then. he is now committing hundreds of billions of dollars to this cause. stuart: thank you for being with us. we appreciate it. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: check the big board. tuesday morning. thirty-nine minutes into the session. if it was not for ibm, the dow would be positive. ibm is a dow stock. down sharply 5%. if you take it out, we are on the up side. blackrock global chief strategist. your scenario is we have weak profits. it is not a strong market.
10:10 am
you do not like south going forward. you are not a big enthusiast. >> right now our view has been whatever you are in, stocks or bonds, given where valuations are today, you have to expect more modest returns. most of those employees is like europe and japan. valuations less challenge. stuart: you say most of our viewers, not all of them, most of them, trying to invest in china and japan. they will not by foreign stocks. you are telling them if they stick with the american market it will be tough to find a 5% return or a 10% return. >> it will certainly be tough to find a 10% return. i speak with a lot of the advisors. it may be harder to hold on
10:11 am
going forward given where we are in the economic cycle. it is hard, but maybe something to consider. stuart: where do i go? if i want to keep pace with inflation and maybe make a little money as well, i want at least a 5% return. where do i go to get that? >> will you can get a 5% return, that you cannot get it without taking risks. u.s. preferred. parts of the u.s. technology sector. i think that there are opportunities out there. we have been in the bull market for over six and a half years. valuations to the u.s. are above average. getting the type of double digit return. we have all enjoyed it since 2009. that will be much harder to come by in the next few years.
10:12 am
>> scale down your expectations. thank you very much for joining us. you can come again. facebook is going to start warning if the government is spying on you. what is that all about? joe lynche had peered in case you missed it, tell me. >> hacking your account. the attacks are usually more dangerous than a typical cyber breach. you enter a security code that facebook sends you. right now, they are up about one half of a percent. gilmore girls fans rejoice. it ended in the 2006 season. it is returning with all new episodes on netflix. it will be a four episode series. ninety minutes each. kind of like mini movies. featuring all the main actors.
10:13 am
let's take a look at netflix right now. watching not stop. down just slightly. unexpected asteroid. passing by planet earth on halloween. the closest flyby since 2006. we will have the best views here in the northern hemisphere. you will still need telescopes to see it. stuart: i will watch. ashley: i can see you out there with your telescope. the night sky. [laughter] stuart: buber, air bmd. big business. killing the american worker. that guest is up next. a new study says spring will come almost a month earlier by the end of the century. ♪
10:14 am
♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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10:16 am
will stuart: they go nowhere dow.
10:17 am
down 24 points. facebook hit an all-time high earlier. very close to $100 per share level. we are watching that closely. here is the stock of the day. again, weight watchers. oprah winfrey has a 10% stake. look at things go. up over 100% yesterday. up another 30% today. i think that oprah has made $130 million in two days. not bad. not bad at all. here is a greeny report. spring will come 28 days earlier by the year 2100. ashley: they say that the time of the first blooms and leaves appearing are getting earlier because of global warming.
10:18 am
by 2100, we will be seeing spring a good almost one month earlier. it will be different in different places. it will be very erratic. stuart: checking out that forecast. cheryl: citing "time" magazine. global ice age, global cooling. 1974 global cooling. stuart: it is climate change. >> it gets warmer if china pledges to halt its rise in the 2030s and that is it. tons and tons more in the atmosphere. stuart: we have a guest on the set. he says the rise of the sharing economy, sharing economy companies have loopholes that favor him for years and burn
10:19 am
american workers. he is the author of the book raw deal. his name is stephen. welcome. what you really object to is the contracted sentient. that is what these companies actually do. >> i think that we have to look carefully at what the impact on the economy is going to be. more and more workers working this way when they are not affiliated. they do not have the safety net. stuart: it is inevitable. rules and regulations make hiring someone through a regular job do regular work, if they make that prohibitively expensive, people will go to independent contractors and work two or three jobs. the rules and regulations are forcing people out.
10:20 am
>> we have always had independent contractors. will it be a good thing or do you want to have some sort of safety net. things like healthcare. medicare. social security. basically no safety net whatsoever. i do not inc. it is a matter of either or. stuart: pulling back on the regulations. hours worked. all of this kind of leave. that kind of healthcare. just reduce the rules and regulations. far more jobs in the regular economy. >> we have been reducing a lot of those rules for the last 20, 30 years. let's face it, wages have been flat for most workers. we know that. >> now you introduce them to that situation.
10:21 am
a job situation where they will lose their safety to. stuart: why do you think -- >> it is a long story. more competition internationally. it has something to do with it. you cannot contribute any of this to one single fact or. i will give you an example. pharmaceutical company. they sell the plan to anotherun. the exact same pharmaceuticals for merck. they were not competitive.
10:22 am
>> there's going to be a backlash at a certain point. if the wages keep going down, if workers are going to be independent contractors on their own, people have enough money in their pockets to buy off all the goods and services that this economy is producing. that is when you get into a downward cycle. >> exactly. i will tell you what the solution is. growth. growth of economy for heavens sake. >> the economy has been growing. i will give you four, five, 6% growth. >> productivity that has been going on. is it going into the pockets of average workers? they cannot buy off the goods and services in the economy. stuart: i wish you well.
10:23 am
that is a problem. >> voting for bernie sanders. good luck. the year of the political outsiders. they lead the polls. pulling away. my take on that is next. ♪ you, my friend, recognize when a trend has reached critical mass. that's what a type e* does. with e*trade's investing insights center, you can spot trends before they become trendy.
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10:26 am
stuart: hillary clinton testifying before the house and ghazi committee on thursday. he is up after the coming break. back of the truck at 10:35 a.m. this morning. donald trump declared for the presidency in june.
10:27 am
he moved quickly to the top of all the polls. virtually everyone predicted he would soon fade. he has not. it is mid-october and he is still on top. he and carson are strengthening their lead. this is a shock to everyone in politics. it is like a tsunami that follows an earthquake. democrats do not know what to make of it. the trump carson is pulling in a lot of democrats. republican party shellshocked. donald trump is entertaining. who else could have brought so many people to political debates. millions want to hear what he has to say. apparently, they are not turned off when he gets nasty.
10:28 am
it is about one year into the wee folk for the new president. just a few months until the primaries. donald trump has a shot. the only trying to come to turns. so they should be at his long predicted fall has not happened. check them out yourself. donald trump is on the show at 11:00 o'clock this morning. if you can't put a feeling into words, why try? philips sonicare leaves your mouth with a level of clean like you've never felt before, making it the most loved electric toothbrush brand
10:29 am
by americans and their dentists. innovation and you. philips sonicare.
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10:31 am
stuart: this is not much of a loss. down 11 points. if it was not for ibm, we would be up on the dow industrials. look at harley-davidson. shipments of new bikes to dealers down. job cuts coming.
10:32 am
12% down for them. yum brands putting off their china business. please look at fc. given this thing up for dead. bouncing back. not that at all. analysts gave it an upgrade. now back to 11. hillary clinton testifies before the committee. congressman, welcome to the program. you are kind of famous because you said that this scandal is worse than watergate. do you want to make your case? >> stuart, it is appropriate for everyone to remember in this case americans were killed. one of the big deals with president nixon's secretary. that is child's play.
10:33 am
and the fact that it has taken us forever. you know what, i would add to that. this is very different, too. it watergate, they both pursue the truth. in this case, we have democrats on our committee that have done nothing but distract our efforts to get answers. stuart: the chair of the committee, he says, look, we have some new facts. we will present facts on thursday. are you prettied, i know you cannot tell me what he's got, but is that accurate? do you know that he has some new facts that will be revealed on thursday? >> i think on thursday the american people will see a professional set of questions. we will see the information that this committee has developed over the course of the last 14 months hopeless round out the picture so that we can share something like this --
10:34 am
stuart: building up to a big appearance. we have new facts. you are saying that you developed information which will be very revealing. essentially, you are confirming what trade audi has already said. you will presented on thursday. is that accurate. >> we will ask a lot of questions about a lot of documents. i think that that will be telling to the american people. stuart: you have to tell me. i am really pushing hard here. do you have new facts or no. >> standby for thursday. i think it will help us round out the picture. stuart: this is all political. if you will not tell me, you have new facts, you have something concrete, you are not exactly countering their
10:35 am
argument, are you? >> i think thursday we will counter their argument. this investigation has been anything but political. chairman has had a lot more patients, quite frankly, then i would have had. we will continue to conduct it in a professional manner. stuart: we will be watching. >> thank you, sir. stuart: thank you for joining us. appreciate it. how about this. the draft kings. the draft kings internal investigation. the employee did not use inside information. space 500. ashley: yes. one weekend. the information that we believed he could have had access to, in other words, which is the players had the highest percentage use by other players,
10:36 am
he could tell where all the money was going, he did not get that information until 40 minutes after the final deadline. liz: martha coakley trying to retain her now as an outside consultant in this matter. stuart: i do not know about martha coakley, but that was an internal investigation. liz: outside longer. ashley: the good news. stuart: martha coakley is hired. liz: an outside advisor right now. stuart: all right. okay. not so bad. how about this? candidates on social media. either a hit or a miss. look who was here. first time on this program with me in this chair. >> yes. stuart: i know you have worked
10:37 am
with charles before. now you have to work with me. seriously. which of the candidates, either on the right or the left, is using social media to the best effect. >> i will tell you who is not. jeb bush. it depends on how you look at it. in terms of messaging, it is donald trump. he has 4 million followers on facebook. 4.5 million on twitter. stuart: would you say that trump is the most effective user of social media? >> in terms of messaging, absolutely. he put out a statement on social media, he is on the sunday shows talking about it. bernie sanders has done a tremendous job capitalizing on his new frontier of social media. he collected more than 1 million individual donations. most of them are online. we did a story about it at the
10:38 am
journal. that is something that barack obama did not do until the spring of 2008. stuart: how much did he bring in at what time period? >> since he announced his candidacy. you go over to social media pages, you see all these young people breaking it up. glendale's bragging about how they signed up from $10 monthly -- stuart: the best messaging is from trump. most money raised is bernie sanders. >> most contributions. ben carson has also done a tremendous job on social media. he is the most liked candidate on facebook right now. stuart: jeb bush not doing well? >> he has a fraction of the followers, tweets, the love. stuart: why? why? >> i do not know the answer to that. thank you very much for joining
10:39 am
us. [laughter] stuart: be careful. >> i will take you up on that. stuart: 20 minutes from now, the one and only donald trump will join us here on varney accompanied. cheryl, you are watching what? cheryl: watching social media. you were just talking about it. donald trump the king of social media. we will look at a lot of these companies right now and how they are trading. they spoke. facebook, trump is more of a twitter guy. facebook is the stock that has done really well. i just kind of wanted to check out that sector here today. stuart: i am watching facebook. i am not making a prediction. i have seen that thing go up. it has not gone up as much as names. the other huge
10:40 am
i am not forecasting it. it looks awfully close. >> as usual, you are probably right. ninety-seven, 98. stuart: as usual? okay. thank you very much indeed. check this out. a new delivery. drone system. can be launched from the back of a truck. it drops off a package. lies back to the truck to pick up another one. it then delivers that one. ashley: that is pretty cool. stuart: not sure how useful it will be. and then we have the geeks. the new star wars trailer. this could be a huge moneymaker for disney. more varney in a moment. ♪ ♪
10:41 am
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10:42 am
nicole: i am nicole petallides with their fox business brief. back-and-forth action today. the dow jones industrial average is up. the s&p gaining 4.5. today, back in port. some of your dow movers. united technology and travelers to the upside peered after supporting their quarterly numbers.
10:43 am
united technology pizza analyst. without profit also be. ibm more than 50 negative dow points. weakness in china. that is a ladder. weight watchers up 32% right now. 105% gain yesterday. oprah winfrey could get a 10% stake in the company. packing on those gains today. support for the company. fbn a.m. at 5:00 a.m. announcer] ♪ only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so consider an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. call today to request a free decision guide. with these types of plans, you'll be able to visit any doctor or hospital that
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10:45 am
stuart: lookee here. we have turned to the upside, have we not. 17,258. forget ibm. they are dragging the dow down. her eyes then. war money than expected last quarter. aol. up 2% at 45. now this. the official star wars trailer aired last night. then we had tickets website crashing by crazed fans that try to get their tickets early. two months early. ashley, this is the biggest hype machine ever.
10:46 am
>> look at who we have on this. disney. you have the two together and this is what you get. pre-ticket sales. crashing the fandango movie site. amc theaters. all wanting to get a piece of this. wanting to be the first in line. they will earn billions. you think about all the merchandise. stuart: this breathless reporting. they crashed the website. lining up for hours. who is in this movie. >> look at this. >> i am excited. i think that it will be brilliant. stuart: are you up for this? liz: absolutely. i love that. stuart: i have to move on. how about this. deliver packages with a truck -based drone.
10:47 am
here is the ceo of the workforce grew. steve burns. welcome to the program. put the camera on the drone, please. let's see what we've got here. this sits on the top of a truck. the truck rides up someplace. loads up the drone. the drone flies off. delivered the package. it goes off to the next spot. that is it? >> that is it. early on, they want somebody to eyeball it. the driver can sit and watch it delivered. the ultimate efficiency is when the driver keeps going on with this route. stuart: putting it on the doorstep. [laughter] >> one to the left, three to the
10:48 am
right. let it go. you do your three here. it finishes. catches up. redox. the gas and the maintenance of a truck, people think that that is the biggest cost. it is the driver cost. stuart: you see this in the future. it is not operational at this point. they are easing into it. the reason is a 20,000-pound delivery truck cost about $1 a mile to operate. we make and electric version of that. >> moving the needle on something as mature as automotive. this gives us only $0.02 per mile of electricity delivered. >> you hear economics that strong. liability. if that drone flies off and hit
10:49 am
someone in the head, there is a problem. >> two things. you have to make sure that it is military grade and it comes down. it still can fly. when it is descending upon the house, with a joystick, just to make sure. stuart: steve burns. a futuristic idea. in their first. >> not-too-distant. stuart: thank you very much for joining us. do you remember that guy, martin sure -- he jacked up the price of a life saving drug. remember that? hillary clinton is going after him. liz: the fta and the fcc. they still have not lowered the price for its drug. remember raising it to $750.
10:50 am
reaching out to the fcc. price gouging going on here. stuart: what she is doing is using this as a trojan horse. that is my opinion. liz: she wants lower cost generic drugs brought in. stuart: this guy gave her a priceless opportunity, did he not? liz: yes, he did. ashley: bernie sanders jumped on it. liz: a huge media hit. it really hurt the bio sector at that time. stuart: let the what happens now. thank you. the cubs. can they do it? they are two-zero down. trying to. one game tonight. we have a live report from wrigley field in a moment. can they do it? ♪ ♪
10:51 am
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10:55 am
>> in benghazi, four americans were killed. in watergate, the secretary he raced tape. that is tapped to tabs play compared to the 30,000 e-mails that were destroyed. >> committed to reduce our co2 emissions by 28% by the year 2025. all right. how are you going to do it? they know it will cost somewhere upwards of a half trillion dollars to do that. we want to know how do you reduce it -- mark. >> time to play ball. playoffs happening tonight in chicago. despite being down by two games. cubs fans still believe. why not. outside of wrigley field. jeff flock. >> this series has not even started yet. we're just getting serious tonight. bloke who we've got.
10:56 am
we have the bleacher preacher here. this man has been coming to baseball games since 1945. the next time the cubs make the world series, he said he would take you. >> i have been waiting 70 years. jeff: today, tomorrow and the next day. on to the promise land. i tell you, oh, one more message for gerri, by the way. he loves to hate the mets. i think we all do here in chicago. game three tonight. ashley: right now at you. [laughter] jeff: mr. sunshine. ashley: much like mets fans. they give very much. stewart's big interview with presidential candidate donald trump.
10:57 am
more varney after this. ♪ the internet of things. what we're recommending as your consultants... the new consultants are here. it's not just big data, its bigger data. we're beta testing the new wearable interface... ♪ xerox believes finding the right solution shouldn't be so much work. by engineering a better way for people, process and technology to work together. work can work better. with xerox. ♪
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11:00 am
. stuart: it is 11:00 eastern time. donald trump still leading in the polls. his headline this week, president bush did not keep the country safe from the 9/11 attacks. jeb bush defended his brother last night on hanitee. roll that tape. >> his view of history is just wrong. the simple fact is that when we were attacked, my brother created an environment where for 2,600 days we were safe. no one attacked us again, and he changed the laws, he did everything necessary united the country, and he kept us safe. and just a tip of the hat to that and moving on the threats of what are today is what we should be focused on. donald trump is not a serious candidate with relation to foreign policy. stuart: donald trump joins us now. sir, you were listening to that.
11:01 am
what's your response to jeb bush. >> well, first of all, i think he's a nice person. i have to say that. and he gave a speech at one point that he said the country was safe under my brother and i said very nicely under a very little program. i said, well, wait a minute it wasn't safe because the world trade center fell down under your brother's regime so the world wasn't safe, the country wasn't safe, we had the greatest catastrophe we've ever had in history under your brother. so he could have said safe since but of course we went into the war in iraq and that was a disaster, complete disaster, cost thousands of lives and everything else. but the fact is, stuart, he said the country was safe. well, the country wasn't safe because the world trade center had just fallen down. stuart: well, what was george bush's responsibility for 9/11 other than the fact that he had been the president for nine months. >> well, as harry truman says the buck stops here and i will say looking back and remember, having a good memory, you had
11:02 am
the head of the cia and he said he knew in vance there would be an attack. and then the fbi, the cia that weren't talking to each other. you remember that scandal where they hated each other and all jealous, lots of problems. and george actually was a director of the cia. but the cia, the fbi, they wouldn't talk to each other. they hated each other and i'm saying to myself what kind of management is that? i remember when it was happening and they weren't able to compare notes so you had that going wrong. i mean you would have been -- if you read my book, which was in 2000, i actually said that osama bin laden, who is a well-known terrorist at that time, i wrote the one political book and i said osama bin laden's going to try to come in and do some big damage. that was three years before. so obviously if i know about it, they know about it. they should have done something about osama bin laden. stuart: well, does bill clinton, president clinton, does he have some responsibility for 9/11
11:03 am
because he was the president for eight years before george bush i couldn't recollect has i think he does. i think they both do. but you can't say that the country was safe. how can you say when the country was safe when he's just forgetting about one incident and that was a big incident and he didn't make that clear either. so he said that and, look. this all started about i did this small show, and i had mentioned about, you know, the world trade center coming down and frankly i didn't think anything would be made of it. i didn't think it was a big statement at the time. stuart: did you plan it? >> no. i didn't plan it. no, i didn't plan it. what happened is that jeb bush started talking about it and then instead of just letting it go, he started talking about it and now everybody virtual, stuart, is agreeing with me because let's face it. you can't say the country was safe when the world trade center came down during his regime. was clinton also? yeah, sure he maybe should have been more vigilant and he actually said he knew about osama bin laden.
11:04 am
i knew about osama bin laden because i wrote about him in my book i think 19 months before the world trade center came down. stuart: is your fight with jeb bush over? >> oh, i have no fight with jeb bush. i think he's a nice person. i have no fight with jeb bush. i mentioned to somebody, unimportant, but i mentioned to somebody that the world trade center came down, so he has to take a certain responsibility for that. i think you would agree. by the way, everybody agrees with me now. i think frankly jeb shouldn't have brought it up but i have no fight with jeb bush. stuart: do you now have a fight with bill clinton or hillary clinton because you just said bill clinton has some responsibility for 9/11. >> well, he actually said that he knew that osama bin laden was around but they didn't want to attack him at that time and in all fairness to him by that time he didn't knock down the world trade center so they would have had to go in and get somebody -- it would be wonderful if you could read minds. but if you read my book, i had the best
11:05 am
vision of everybody because i said osama bin laden should be attacked essentially but you should read that written in in -- i guess about three years before the event took place, and i talk all about osama bin laden. he was a very well-known terrorist at the time. and actually they read it on one of the shows and they couldn't believe because it had vision so it's nice to have vision. what can i tell you. stuart: now, there's a lot of speculation today about joe biden, the speculation is that he is going to run and he will announce very soon. how would you rate him as a potential opponent? >> well, i think he's fine. look, he's a vice president but he's got a faulty stats on the side because the country is not doing well, we just, you know, we're the gang that couldn't shoot straight. we had 19 trillion in debt, new unemployment, if you add all of the people that have given up looking for jobs as you know that no longer fit into that beautiful statistic of 5.2 or 5.3%, you probably
11:06 am
have unemployment of 22% or something. so, look, the country is doing poorly, our military, we don't win anymore. we don't win against isis. stuart: you would beat joe biden easily? >> well, i think i would. yeah, i think i would. i don't know that he's going to do it. i would think he wouldn't do it. i might be wrong about that. i think it's a very hard road for him at this point, it's late and a hard road. but everybody is telling me he's going to. stuart: with your republican opponents, you've got straight after him, face to face gone right at him. >> right. stuart: would you do the same with joe biden. >> yes, i would. boy, i'm always fair and very much a counterpunch, with republican opponents, i only hit them after they hit me. and some of them i haven't hit at all, i have grade-point relationships with some of them, but perry, and texas and lindsey graham and some of these guys came at me for no reason. rand paul and the good news everybody who has hit me has gone down.
11:07 am
that's a wonderful thing. that's what we need about the country. stuart: can i ask you about secret service protection, you asked for it. can you tell us the nature of threat. >> not so much. you probably seen last night i had 8,000 people and the place was absolutely packed in south carolina. we had, you know, average crowds of many, many thousands of people in dallas i had 20,000 in mobile, alabama i had 35,000 people, oklahoma i had 20,000 people and, you know, i go up to new hampshire where, by the way, a great poll just came out, the bottom globe just released their poll and a tremendous poll. i only say it's tremendous because i won. you know, i wouldn't say it was tremendous if somebody else won. stuart: is it a threat fill a terror group. >> it could be. i don't know. there's such love in these rooms when i go in or the arenas. but, you know, we think it's necessary and, by the way, they think it's necessary because the crowds -- i get the largest crowds by far of anybody, including bernie sanders, by the way, and they
11:08 am
want to have, you know, they need -- you need some protection. there's love in the room, there's great love in the room but when you have that many people, you need something. stuart: now, in the uk, in britain, they've obviously got a terror problem, a lot of youngsters going over to fight for isis just under 1,000 are going over and they've got a whole new series of proposals to deal with this, including withdrawal of passports from some of these people. >> absolutely good. good. . stuart: and closing some mosques, would you do the same thing in america. >> i would do that. absolutely. i think it's great. i know they have a lot of proposals over there, if you go out, fight for isis,. stuart: can you do it? close a mosque? >> well, i don't know. i haven't heard about the closing of the mosque. it depends if the mosque is, you know, loaded, i don't know. you're going to have to certainly look at it. but i can tell you one thing if somebody goes over and they want to fight for isis, they wouldn't be coming back. and, you know, in this country that has been proposed for two years now and as usual our
11:09 am
politicians can't get together on it. stuart: but it's not the politicians, it's president obama primarily; right? >> well, he's a politician. stuart, it's everybody. stuart: it's not a very dramatic response to homegrown terror. it doesn't seem to be. why not? >> well, i think it's incredible that some can come from this country or from england or wherever you may have it and go out and fight for isis and then come back into our country. if they want to fight to isis, that's fine, they're not coming back into our country if i become president. stuart: okay. various issues have been raised in this campaign, i wonder if i can go through them real fast and get your response, some of the proposals often from the democrat side have been made in this campaign. i'm going to start with a fast response if you would. paid family leave. >> well, it's something that's being discussed. i think we have to keep our country very competitive, so you have to be careful of it but certainly a lot of people discussing it. stuart: $15 an hour minimum wage. >> we have to keep our similar answer.
11:10 am
you have to keep our country competitive. one of the reasons companies are leaving is because salaries are too high. you look at what's going on in vietnam and china and so many different places, so we have to be very, very careful with that. that sounds so easy but we have to be very, very competitive or we're going to lose all of our jobs in this country. stuart: well, it sounds like you're saying, no, we can't afford. >> i'm not a big fan because i want to be competitive with other countries and that's what we're competing against and losing to. stuart: okay. hillary clinton proposals free pre-k for all. >> well, i don't like it because eventually you're going to have to raise everybody's taxes. stuart: so that's a big no on that one as well. >> stuart, there is no such thing as free. you're going to have to raise taxes. you do that, you're going to have to raise taxes. with that being said, we're going to come out on a plan of education which is lower cost and good. but that's very, very hard, very easy to do, and you know what's going to happen?
11:11 am
we already have tremendous deficits, you're going to have to raise everybody's taxes higher, we're the number one taxed country in the world, we have to be very country. stuart: now, would you do a bush 41 and say read my lips, no new taxes. would you do that? >> well, i could do that. i'm not going to do it on your show, but i could do that and certainly bank account doing that because my taxes and under my plan as you know i'm reducing taxes. i think more than any other candidate by far. so i could certainly -- that's where my mind-set is. not just keeping, you know, no new taxes, i'm substantially lowering taxes. i'm bringing the corporate tax down to 15, i'm bringing taxes to the lowest point that they've been in years and what's going to happen is the economy is going to take off. stuart: how about this one? hillary clinton and the president say do not build the keystone pipeline and you say? >> no. stuart: i would let the keystone pipeline be built. absolutely. stuart: apple. the computer company.
11:12 am
got $183 billion stashed away overseas. what measures would you take to bring some of that money back home to america? >> corporate injerks such a simple problem, we have billions and trillions over, countries can't get it in and the amazing thing about this one, everyone wants the money to come back and they can't agree on that. everyone agrees they want the money to come back, we should have it come back so we can rebuild lots of and things have fun with our infrastructure and everybody else which is falling apart and desperately needed and even that, stuart, we can't get back. so here's a point that everybody wants, everybody agrees the money to come back in and they can't agree on that. stuart: break up the big banks. now, you do business with a lot of the big banks, a lot of people on the left want to just break them up. what say you? >> i disagree but i also think we have to get rid of frank.
11:13 am
the banks aren't loaning money to people who need. they'll give money to me because i don't need it. if you need money to create jobs to build something whether it's buildings or a company, the banks aren't there. the regulators running the banks. and that's why our country -- i mean people can't borrow money today. stuart: you get rid of obamacare as well as to do frank? >> i would repeal obamacare replace it with something much better, privately done, get rid of the artificial lines so that insurance companies can compete with each other. the insurance companies have made a fortune on obamacare. i would get rid of obamacare replace it with something much better. stuart: you've got a sweeping program here. get rid of obamacare, get rid of dod frank, that's a huge plateful, cutting all of that done quickly? >> i think so. i've dealt with politicians all of my life, i know how to get things done.
11:14 am
obamacare, by the way, is a huge generator of tremendous loss, i don't know if you've seen over the past couple of weeks, people are leaving obamacare, you have on 40%, 50%, 55% increases in premiums. people are leaving obamacare. it's a disaster. obamacare is a disaster and people have just given up so much so that they don't talk about it that much but obamacare really kicks in in 2016, you talk about deficits, obamacare from a country standpoint has to get rid of and it's no better for the people who have it either. stuart: well, we think of you as a business mogul, very success business guy, very successful entertainer but now you are you're a politician, you're into the world of politician. and if things go well for you, you've got another nine years of this. >> right. stuart: do you feel comfortable in a politician skin? >> well, i do. it's a very actually very interesting question because i've been for three months i've been a politician, and i
11:15 am
never thought i'd be a politician but i just got so sick and tired of what's going on and you report on it really well all the time and you see what's happening, stuart, and things that are so simple, like inversion, corporate inversion be bringing the money back when they can't. and you know it's happening. stuart, it is simple. it's really simple. believe me. you know what's happening, companies are leaving the united states with thousands of jobs in order to go get their money. that's what's actually happening. stuart: but to change things, you've got to be a politician. you've got to play politics, you've got to deal with congress if you were sitting in the white house. you've got to compromise. >> my whole life, stuart, i've been dealing with politicians. i build all over the world, i deal with presidents, i deal with prim prime ministers, deal with everybody, my whole life has been dealing with politicians and getting them to approve things. i get along with everybody, i get along with democrats, with republicans, i get along with everybody. and my whole life has been getting things done.
11:16 am
look at obama. he doesn't get anything done. he has democrats there for years and they hardly met him. you have to close the door and get things done without signing your executive orders all the time. that's the easy way out. stuart: well, you've been in politics for three or four months, are you having fun? do you like it? >> i do. i love, like, last night was incredible in south carolina. thousands of people, 8,000peoply rallies, far more than anybody else and there's such love in the room, i like it, and i love getting results. today you saw nbc come out with their poll, wall street journal, cnn, i'm number one by a lot. the boston globe just came out with a poll in new hampshire, i'm number one. when that happens, it's a lot easier to like it, you do everyone that. stuart: i do know that. this is a financial program. i have to ask you. are you an investor, i know you're an investor in real estate, and the trump brand, i've got it, are you an investor in the stock market?
11:17 am
>> so what i did was years ago about two and a half, three years ago i looked, and i was getting nothing in cds, i think my cds, because i have a lot of cash. and i want to put my money somewhere where i get something when i'm not using it and they're talking about less than a quarter of 1% and i said whoa whoa. so three years ago i send you a list of my stocks, three years ago i bought some stocks, first time in my life, i don't like having other people running companies, especially when they get paid $100 billion to do it. i don't like sees a guy to get $100 million and he sells ketchup, it's on every table on every -- you understand. but let me just say i sold it all in january, all of my stock i sold -- i mean almost all but pretty much all of it and i felt like a real genius because the market went way
11:18 am
up, i had to file it with the fdc but i'd give you a list. i bought 54 stocks and -- or i bought 52 stocks and 48 went up, and i made money with them. i mean so i felt very good. i feel like a great investor now, you see? . stuart: what have you done with the money? >> now it's still getting almost no money in cds. stuart: so you're in cash. >> you know what i did, i sold it in january and the reason i did i have so little confidence in our government. that's why i sold it. stuart: because you don't have confidence in the government? >> because i don't have confidence in our government, the people running our government, i don't have confidence in them and that's i didn't sold the stock. stuart: in gold? a lot of people run for cover for gold. >> well, i haven't really but, you know, it's something that i used to look at very strongly but somehow i guess we are off the gold standard for keeps, and it looks like we don't go back but, you know, gold used to be something i used to like. but i have not bought gold, no. stuart: i've got to ask this last one. what have you got against tattoos. >> well, i have nothing
11:19 am
against it and frankly it's more and more. so i'm not going to fight it. i personally don't know why somebody would do that but i alsoaned, i have some friends who are great people and very smart people and they love the tattoo thing. stuart: would you hire someone who had a visible tattoo. >> i think probably i would. i would. i'm going to be very nice when i say that. it's a very -- where do you come up with that question? i'm curious. did you hear that about me or something. stuart: no, you and i have spoken before and last time i told you if any of my children -- and i've got six kids, if they've got a tattoo they're out of the will and you said, yes, i agree with you. >> let me put it nicely. i wouldn't be thrilled. my kids, i have five, if my kids came home with a big, fat, beautiful tattoo, i wouldn't be thrilled. but you know what, stuart, you're fighting against upward current because i have never seen anything like it. you look now, everybody's got tattoos, i don't get it. and many of them. the understanding is many of
11:20 am
them are put on who have no artistic ability. stuart: do you ever imagine sitting yourself walking into the oval office and sitting at that desk right there. >> well, maybe i'm starting to imagine it, but i don't like to think about it, i just like to get things down and now i have republicans started off with 17, two dropped out, and i'm leading the pack by a lot actually and, you know, i think that assuming hillary gets it, she's had a terrible record of secretary of state, i think we'll win that, and we'll make on you country great again, stuart,. stuart: well,. stuart: well, sir, you've been with us for 20 minutes and time flew by. thank you very much for being on the show. >> it was my honor. really my honor. thank you, stuart,. stuart: thank you. all right. how about that? liz: can i take a guess? . stuart: sure. liz: kraft owns heinz. i just wanted to know. stuart: we do have to run commercial breaks on this show. got to make some money, the
11:21 am
dow jones down 2 points, a go nowhere day, ibm pulling the dow down and throughout the rest of this hour, highlights from the donald trump interview. stay there. back in a moment hi.
11:22 am
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and calls and e-mails me if something, like this scary storm, takes it offline. so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. stuart: well, it's tuesday. go nowhere i'm afraid.
11:25 am
up just two points but ibm, the once giant of the tech world way down. it's just not making money. in fact, for three and a half years that's 14 quarters, the amount of money coming into the company went down. the stock is off 5%, that's a huge drop for a big company like that. yum brands splitting off its china business after years of trying to get it back on track. the investors like it. stock up 4%. look at weight watch he realize, please. oprah reveals she's got a 10% stake, a seat on the board and she's going to do commercials for weight watchers. yesterday the stock doubled she made 70 million, today it's up another 32%. i figure that oprah is now got $100 million. ashley: $15,000 a minute we were figuring. stuart: and more today. i think she's got 100 million out of this. how about amazon, hiring 100,000 new staffers for the holidays. how about that? cheryl, if i wanted one of
11:26 am
those jobs, how would i get it? >> well, according to amazon, you have to follow them, and it would help if you were a minority, woman, or military veteran because those are the people that they go and directly seek at job fairs. if you have technical expertise, that helps as well of course an engineer, software developer but the biggest thing at amazon from a cultural perspective, you need to be about the customer. they're very clear from an hr perspective that you need to be customer focused. we hear a very viewer focused, they are customer focused. stuart: well, they're our customer. cheryl: all about the needs of the customer and the interview process, by the way, is behavioral based, which can be tricky and we don't have time to go into it but you need to know how to answer those questions. ashley: if you were a tree, which type would you be. cheryl: , yes. stuart: could you learn how to respondent to those questions. cheryl: absolutely. there's online seminars that teach you how to ace the behavioral interview.
11:27 am
stuart: i'm intrigued that the stock is down $11. ashley: yeah,. stuart: because the news that they're hiring 100,000 would seem to me would be a sign of strength for the holidays but the stock loses 2%. i'm surprised at that. no explanation for that. cheryl: well, maybe they're worried that they're hiring too many people. i don't know. stuart: but the stock has had an extraordinary run. ashley: yeah,. stuart: maybe they wanted to hire a quarter million. ashley: who knows. stuart: after the break we talk to a democrat and a republican both react to the interview with donald trump. back in a moment >> and i said osama bin laden is going to try to come in and do and big damage. that was three years before. so obviously if i know about it, they know about it. they should have done something about osama bin laden
11:28 am
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stuart: look at this. new video coming in from phoenix, arizona, there is massive flooding there. you can see a car stranded right there, emergency crews trying to get to the
11:32 am
occupants. look, the story is that several strong storms hit the north valley this morning. a flood advisory in effect until right about now. but moraines expected later today and into wednesday. that's what happens. you've got part ground in arizona down comes the rain, you have infant flooding and look what happens. phoenix, arizona. to the big board, please, still a go nowhere tuesday morning. up 10 points that's it. and harley-davidson sending fewer bikes to dealers, layoffs on the way and markets taken that balanced? down 14% for hog, harley-davidson. moments ago i ended my interview with donald trump. here's what he had to say about the possibility of facing joe biden. stuart: you would beat joe biden easily. >> yeah. i think i would. i don't know that he's going to do it. i would think he wouldn't do it. i might be wrong about that. i would think that he wouldn't
11:33 am
do it because i think it's a very hard road for him at this point. it's late, and i think it's a hard road. stuart: so essaying he doesn't think that joe biden will run, but if he did run, trump would beat him easily. look who's here. fox news contributor tamara holder, a big supporter of joe biden if i'm not mistaken, are you not? >> today you're right. stuart: trump is says he can beat biden if he runs and you say. >> i love that he challenged biden just now. the best thing would be if donald trump challenged me. it would give me so much power, he can't run, it's too late, trump has this whole thing in the bag. he doesn't. trump is going to lose. at the end of the day. stuart: donald trump wants joe biden to run. >> right. stuart: to beat up on each other at the run of the election. >> correct. but it doesn't matter what trump wants. the democrats want him to run . stuart: how many people said
11:34 am
it doesn't matter about trump and really lost it. >> you just have that smile because you interviewed him right now. that's all this is about. stuart: it was great. >> he's a great interview. stuart: he's entertaining, the man, you're gripped, you listened to it. >> right. but i don't want a clown in the office. stuart: stop it. don't call names. >> i'm not calling him a clow. stuart: you can't call the man a clown. he's leading in all the polls for the last 99 days, won every single national poll. you can't call the man a clown. >> okay. i'll take that back then. he's won every national poll but then you can't say thather y winning if she is, you know, biden doesn't get in the race, that that doesn't count because at the end of the when you have the two at the end of the hillary's going to win or biden's going to win. trump is not winning. stuart: i'm sorry i don't mean to cut you on of. trump is not winning? >> absolutely not. stuart: very interesting. okay. i want to show you,
11:35 am
tamara, i want you to listen to joe biden at an event this morning in dc. roll that tape. it's coming. >> well, when i go, they know that i am speaking for the president. there's no, nothing missed between the lip and the cup that whatever i say, the president is saying. and so it's a great advantage for a president to be able to have that and because the job is to big. . stuart: okay., tamara. that sound of it if he were elected we would be electing a third obama term. he's like that with the president. >> he's like that with the president but he's just shadowed him for eight years. it doesn't necessarily mean that you get obama for a third term. remember he's gone to the ukraine, he's traveled extensively, has way more policy. stuart: not much difference. not much space between joe biden barack obama. >> i think this is an opportunity for him to get the
11:36 am
okay from obama to say i'm going to dismiss myself from you on these points, and i'm going to stick with you on the other points. just because you were obama's vice president doesn't mean that you're obama jr. stuart: did that clip that we just ran of joe biden, did he look like a man who has the vigor and the focus to run a presidential campaign for the next 13 months? >> i think he has the focus of still trying to determine whether or not he's going to run. stuart: does he have the vigor? >> he definitely has the vigor. but that you know 2008 you said you can't just pair chute running for president. so i think right now he's wondering. am i going to be pair shouting into this? but we still have over a year to go. stuart: true. do you want him to run. >> yeah. i want him to run. stuart: you're a biden gal so to speak. >> yeah. stuart: is that because you think biden can win and hillary can't or you think biden's policies are better. >> i don't think it's better or worse. it's a matter of i don't like hillary clinton and i've said that many times, she's not
11:37 am
trustworthy, at the end of the day i will be voting for her if i have to. but i would like to see somebody that is more likable and more trustworthy and i think that's what biden brings to the table. stuart: i think you and i agree. in a presidential election likability is very important because you're see that person on tv for the next four years guaranteed. they're going to be in your living room all the time so you've got to like them and that factor i think is extremely important. so i'm surprised to hear you say that hillary clinton is not likable. what's not likable about her? she's got a lovely laugh. >> and good on saturday night live; right? stuart: she was very good, yes. >> so i think those are helping her in her likability factor but at the end of the day the e-mail thing still affects people. all of this stuff that makes her not likable, i could go down a very long list. but, again, remember you can't remember that i'm also going to still vote for her even though i don't like her. stuart: oh, we heard that loud and clear. tamaraan, everyone, again, a fine performance.
11:38 am
thank you very much indeed. >> thank you. stuart: still on politics and still on trump. i asked him if he's pictured himself sitting behind that cup of coffee desk in the oval office. listen to his response. >> i'm starting to imagine it but i don't even like to think about it. i just like to get things done and right now i have the republicans, you know, started off with 17 now two have dropped out. but it started off with 17 and i'm leading the pack by a lot actually. and, you know, i think that assuming hillary gets it, she's had a terrible record as secretary of state, i think we'll win that. stuart: all right. former oklahoma congressman jc watts is here, what a pleasure to have you on the show. >> thank you, sir. thanks for having me. stuart: now, here's donald trump saying, yeah, i'm going to win. i'm going to beat these establishment politicians and you, sir, are -- i'm not going to call you an establishment politician but you are a politics. and here's trump saying i'm going to sweep you people aside. i'm going straight to the oval office. how do you feel about that.
11:39 am
>> well, stuart, i think however long this interview is we're wasting our time talking about donald trump. we should be talking about go buy weight watchers stock because oprah invested in it. stuart: i was trying to get donald trump to tell me which stocks he dumped back in january. he was having none of that. >> donald trump has tapped into something that's been since the 1992 campaign with clinton and george bush and ross. tapped into it, and it has grown over the last 20 or so years to the point that it is a -- at boiling point. so he's tapped into that and it's -- as the lady said it's a year left in the campaign. i don't know who's going to win but he has tapped into something. stuart: yeah, jc, are you on that train? are you on the outsiders train that's steaming out of that station and they're really picking up steam. are you onboard?
11:40 am
>> well, i'm a rand paul supporter, i like what senator paul has done in terms of poverty and dealing with that incarceration reform, i think he's on the right track there. talking about things that republicans usually don't talk about. but donald trump -- let me tell you. i can handle some of the issues that he's talking about but, you know, stuart, i have a very difficult time when you paint with such a broad brush about women, about hispanic, and then we justify it by saying that's just the way he is. well, next it's black people, it's poor white people, it's naevus americans. i have a very difficult time, and i'm not defending republicans or other republicans when i say that. i'm defending decency. i think there has to be a decency in your presidential candidates. stuart: okay. what a pleasure. good to see you, again, sir. good to see you. >> thanks, stuart,. stuart: how's this for a headline? the british prime minister
11:41 am
he's got a plan to fight radical islam, including closing some mosques. what do you think judge napolitano would say that bearing in mind we have a constitution in america? he's next awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management.
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11:44 am
and yum browning announcing they're going to have yum china, and pizza hut. that's the parent of chilies, well, missed their revenue expectations and cut their sales stock down 6% today. after the bell watch for chipotle and yahoo, start your fox business every day at 5:00 .
11:45 am
opportunities aren't always obvious. sometimes they just drop in.
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cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. stuart: jeff joins us right now, come on in. we just spoke to donald trump, he told me that he had sold all of his stocks in january, dumped right out and went to cash. how about you? would you consider -- i know you've got a long list of negatives about the market but would you consider to drop it all now and sleep safely. would you do that. >> well, it's interesting that you had him on and he mentioned that because in 1987 he accurately predicted the
11:47 am
black monday, he was out a month before the 22% drop, i remember being interviewed at the time. stuart: whoa we didn't know that. he didn't predict some sell off today, earning absolutely did not say that. how about you? do you think we're in for a sell off. would you be in now? >> yeah. absolutely i think we're in a for a sell off. his core asset is real estate. let's not forget that. even though in 1970 he was more diverse but the reality is the market is going to take a shot here or run sideways. we've multiple years of 0% interest rates, the nine years out of the stimulus that they can move around and at this point not much movement in the in the economy. . stuart: okay. i'm sorry we cut this short but i'm glad you pointed that he did not point out the 1987 crash. i would have used that in the interview if i had known it. come again because i'm flat out of time because of donald trump. >> thank you. stuart: now, let me just turn
11:48 am
my phone off. okay. like that united kingdom has a problem with islam. cameron has a solution. close some mosques and get the passports of those fighting for isis. could we do that here? >> no. stuart: no? >> even the statutes that make it a crime to provide material to terrorist organizations, which pryor cameron considers going to a foreign country and listening, not fighting, but listening and coming back. he considers that a violation of that crime. in american law, if it's just a first amendment activity if all you did was listen or speak, you didn't sign up for anything, you didn't give them any money or persuade anything to give. stuart: that's a technical legality, you're going over there, going to pick up a gun and shoot somebody. >> not at all. no, not at all. many of them have gone over
11:49 am
there and changed their minds and it wouldn't matter why they were going because under american law they have the freedom to leave. the issue is can they come back? prime minister cameron doesn't want them to leave. and there's no british constitution. stuart: and donald trump says -- >> parliament is supreme so they can in fact any law they want. stuart: donald trump says you ain't coming back. you go over in my administration you're not coming back. >> well, donald trump -- and, again, i didn't hear exactly the way he said it. expressing a very jeffersonian view, you're here to leave but if we think you're a danger to the country, we won't let you back in. that's not a law that president obama or president bush followed, they made it a crime for you to leave. trump is saying you wanted to go, go. stuart: can you stop them coming back. >> yes. if you believe they're going to commit a rhyme or reason. but you can't unconstitutional stop them from leaving which is what david cameron wants to do which is what they did in
11:50 am
east germany. stuart: can we close mosques in america. >> no. nor britain. stuart: why did you turn that phone off? so i couldn't call you? . stuart: coming up donald trump on tattoos. you've got to hear what he said about that after this ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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stuart: donald trump was on the show earlier, can you believe i asked him about tattoos? roll tape. >> if my kids came back home with a big fat, beautiful tattoo, i wouldn't be exactly thrilled. but you know what, stuart, you're fighting against upward current because i've never seen anything like it. you look now, everybody's got tattoos, i don't get it. stuart: he doesn't get it. ashley: and it's a generational thing, let's be honest.
11:55 am
hang around any of the young folks, you see tattoos -- in my day it was considered lower class. stuart: if you've been in prison. ashley: you worked at the docks. stuart: do you approve of tattoos? ashley: i don't -- i wouldn't have one but i don't disapprove. stuart: cheryl. cheryl: i'm not a tattoo fan. i'm going to be honest. i never really understood. stuart: all onboard with trump. all right. next one. a very important development, the trump interview the american cancer society recommends fewer mammograms and you start getting mammograms in older age. cheryl: this is going to be so controversial. the american cancer society saying that women should not only wait until 45, not 40, which is the recommendation right now. but that basically mammograms and there's some evidence to support this are not effective in detecting you can answer but problem some women wait in 45, right now it's 40 and they're recommending no more clinical exams for breast cancer. this is going to be -- this is a huge can of worms because
11:56 am
other cancer groups say the opposite and are sticking to their guns saying, no, we need to screen formally breast cancer for women. >> like a lot of recommendations made today, which don't apply ten years from now. cheryl: health insurance companies are going to be in support of this. stuart: all right. wrapped up. out of time. more varney after this
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
stuart: hillary clinton. building the keystone pipeline. >> i would let the keystone pipeline be built. absolutely. stuart: very precise in our interview today. no on paid family leave. no on $15 an hour minimum wage. no on free pre-k. he was very specific. often criticized. this time he was very specific
12:00 pm
on those issues. my time is up. it was a great hour. donald trump made it for us. neil cavuto, it is yours. take it away. neil: welcome, everybody. i am neil cavuto. you are watching coast to coast. and our away from the first democrat dropping out of the race. maybe, maybe run as an independent. we will know in about one hour. if you own shares of ibm, you are down. a lot. you probably want to swap them for weight watchers shares. a little too late for that. ibm missing another quarter on revenues. connell mcshane on. black and blue. connell. connell: this is rou


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