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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  October 20, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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charlie: absolutely. none of the big republican donors that i talked to agree with his message. they all say he is doing a great job. neil: take you, my friend. feel better. you sound awful. charlie: i feel lousy. did you see the star wars trailer? charlie: i did not. neil: dumber than dumb.
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neil: getting just being here. ibm falling close to $9 a share. down another 6%. it is now in and out of five year lows. in this on revenues again and is earning reports last night. the 14th quarter that we have seen such a phenomenon here. this global turnaround that everyone has been waiting for is sort of like a stock market did dell and has yet to materialize. by and large, it is not having the effect that you would think. there are other effects. he will get to that in a second. maybe what ibm is experiencing
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is indicative of something that is going on globally. jim, you are seeing that even the cheap gas that we are enjoying may not be enough to goose consumers. explain. >> look at why consumers are not confident. they are telling us we have a 5.1% unemployment rate. we have the worst report participation rate since 1976. the number of people that are working that are actually eligible to work. they are not working. the jobs they are creating, neil, are not good jobs. bartender jobs, chefs, busboys. now we are losing a lot of our oilfield jobs. flat out bad policy. employers are aware of this. employees are aware of this.
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we do not have that confidence in the economy or in the job. you will not go out and spend money. people are buying cars and going to bars and restaurants. they are not confident. neil: having said that, what is amazon doing if they are hiring $100,000 to help them through the holidays? they must be seeing something out there to justify even temporarily hiring workers to keep up with what they believe will be pretty good demand. we are seeing shoppers getting a lot smarter. they are extremely careful about what they buy. they will go on black fridays and when they can get the specials. employers know that is when they are going to comp. it does not mean that consumer spending is going up. it is not going up.
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retail spending has been underwhelming. falling oil prices, falling gasoline prices are like a big tax cut to the economy. now they are not responding. not only that, they have a tax hike out there. productive people in the economy are saying 3.8% more in taxes and their healthcare costs are going up at the same time. neil: you bring up a lot of good ideas. thank you very much. good to see you again. connell mcshane has been following this. why consumers are holding back here. at least when it comes to paying full price. connell: he was referring to them as smarter shoppers. we, as shoppers have been trained by the retailers. we have been trained to expect
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sales. you go in summer now and you see something awful price and you say i will not buy that now. it used to just be walmart and target. you are seeing it that much more high-end retailers. macy's doing what nordstrom and other companies have done before. sachs is an example of this. creating off-price versions of their own stores. maybe you do not get the brand name right away, but you are giving it a month later much cheaper. people being trained not to expect the sales. tighter margins for the retailers. putting them at a much tighter margin. i have rdp without your christmas present this year. i did not pay full price for it. neil: oh, my god. neil: this is like 40 years old.
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they have not advanced the team? connell: pardon me? i actually hate star wars. neil: it is no titanic. i will tell you that. connell: i am with you. neil: this was in the promo. really? stop it. everyone. we will have more after this
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neil: that republicans have been moving to put in and of cities that protect illegals that are not even supposed to be here. we have blake on the very latest on that. about one and at our half the
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senate is holding a procedural vote. this bill is on a certain district by withholding grants or funds if they do not cooperate with federal immigration requests. this whole issue gaining national exposure after the san francisco woman that was killed by an illegal immigrant. several deportations to his record. the obama administration, they are pushing for more comprehensive immigration reform. in a letter that was sent by the administration, they say that they strongly oppose this bill. this is what they say. they say this will fail to offer comprehensive row form needed to fix the nation's broken immigration laws. it undermines current efforts to remove the most dangerous
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and often right around the corner. call today for your free no obligation 3-week hearing aid trial and stay connected. call (800) 200-0574 for your free 3-week hearing aid trial! >> bearing nasty about my action
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to that star wars trailer. i am not into this whole thing. we have a top program here. leave his name out of it. i bet the girl -- the bad guy is their son. while not. do you think? i do not know. anything could happen. that could very well happen. what you will keep you posted. that movie is due out in the middle of december. i make a brief cameo. it has got to stop. we are better than this. i am kidding. everyone might not. the whole series is stupid, though.
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that is my opinion. by the way, there will be a prequel. it chubby little kid. all right. we are waiting for the former democratic senator. wanting out of this presidential race. wanting into a presidential run for president. i had of that, we go to joe ling kent. on apple music and whether it should be shareholders. the way i am reading it, but have a lot of bases covered. >> that is right. six and a half million paying subscribers. it gives us an idea of how many people switched over and actually used this and pay for this. pay that $10 a month. 25 million is not a time to celebrate. it is very early, granted.
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it certainly pales in comparison to pandora and spot a five. active users, they have 75 billion. all of those hopes of moving itunes and itunes radio people over to apple music, it is a slow go so far. neil: what is the problem? isn't this one with the red bubbles? >> you can choose from a variety of artists. also, more and more artists are putting their music on apple music exclusively. the idea is to move over from the old model of buying music to streaming it and getting it on demand in a different way where you do not actually own it. apple is making a pretty strong play here in though it is not exactly gangbuster number. this is not so bad. some of the analysts say they
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believe that this is just the beginning. we will see a lot more crescendo growth later on next year. >> do you think if steve jobs came back and he was looking at the direction of the company, the stylists, would he like where it is going? >> you know, i can really not speak -- neil: you cannot -- >> i cannot. tim cook is taking this in a broader direction. what he is doing is pushing to a lot of different categories. the way you get apple users to spend money on your platform is to get them to pay apple music, have them watch things through apple tv. all of those little cuts at us to bigger revenue.
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the iphone has been a huge success. whether they are able to sustain that. because of a higher saturation level. neil: i did not understand what you said, but i totally concur. i think you are onto something. neil: is jeb bush kind of losing steam? the forces no longer with him. [laughter] more after this. ♪
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neil: right now we have gotten used to a couple republicans leaving the race. we are a couple minutes away from seeing it on the democratic side. jim webb is expected to announce he's leaving the presidential race. it could also be announced leaving the democratic party and going to run as an independent presidential candidate.
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looking at that. third party tribe. even in the case of ross perot. 19% of the vote in 1992. >> he had the money. he could build the infrastructure very quickly. where will jim webb get the money. how's he going to build the infrastructure? it is too late and he does not have the name recognition, all the funds that pull it off. >> the only one toying with the idea. you could have a libertarian count. you could have a freedom party. i am wondering how likely that is into benefits or is it just very tough. >> it is very hard. i think you know there is no
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ability to really muster enough forces to make a significant run. there is always these little candidates that score very little. that is going to be the case this time. at the end of the day, it will be between the democrats and the republicans. neil: a little bit more on what we may here. neither republican nor democrat. americans do not like either party that much. i do not blame them. >> i think that he is right. americans tend to be relatively conservative on the fiscal policies side. they do not like the drift to the left. the radical left. the bernie sanders (they do not like the religious conservative dominance. there is a place where a
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third-party candidate may be. someone who can build an infrastructure while in an dance. it can really raise money to run on a platform. >> we would now call them a conservative democrat. there was no room. >> bill clinton could win in the democratic party. a global shift. a socialist is now heading the party in england. the canadian election just held yesterday. it looks like the left will win and the left will win on a radical bernie sanders leftist agenda. >> it certainly does have that.
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he is asking the rich to pay that. he is not crazy, flagburning, you know. >> well, you know. anyway thoughts here on the new star wars film. it will be fun or stupid which is generally the theme of the star wars movies. we are asking how you feel about my brothers views. they readily concurred that it does not look very promising. it will make a lot of money. you are right about that. mr. webb is speaking to work orders right now. we will monitor that. running for president as an independent candidate.
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why he's doing this. i guess the bernie sanders and hillary clinton mercer (no room for a guy like him. >> it is not entirely a surprise. >> there is no room for guys like me and this party. what do you think? >> it is interesting. we have seen this real fight on the democratic side. bernie sanders has certainly influenced the democratic debate at large. remember, he has, hillary clinton has moved to the left. we saw her right before the debate come out against the trade deal. we have also seen her close to the keystone pipeline. we have seen her suggest really tough regulations on wall
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street. >> running that back in a general election. making a nod to the left. you have to scurry your fanny back fast. >> sure. i think that that will be a test of political agility when it comes to that time. it is interesting. we saw a poll show that most democrats think that she will be the nominee and think that she is in the best position for all of these candidates. wever, as we have seen clinton rise after this past the date, we have also seen sanders will continue to campaign and shape the parties. >> doing better in the debate. he is the beneficiary of today. barack obama losing some of the initial key debates with hillary clinton. >> we saw sanders raised to one
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half million dollars after the pastor dave. it is really significant. in terms of fundraising. the campaign has started to say that they are going to have different kinds of events now. maybe smaller, more significant events trying to reach people in that way. still have these bigger larger rallies. these presidential kinds of events. he has shown that he is in this. he wants to make this more than just a movement. make this a real presidential campaign. >> thank you very much. right now, the battle between marco rubio and jeb bushes want to hold. essentially trying to reach out to the same donors.
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it does not necessarily mean that either dominated their own conventional politicians. what are we to make of the fact that it is a battle between these two floridians, but only one can survive. >> it really is like scraps. before we figure out what is happening with trumpet carson, hopefully either of them will survive in the long haul. the sort of push rubio matchup feels like a jv match. >> it does not get the attention that it once did. both of these guys trail in their own state of florida. that may be short. either of these, they cannot be welcome news. >> there was the same batch of headlines a couple of months ago when rubio popped up over bush
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in a different poll. i think we should take it with a grain of salt. probably not a sign of a major sea change or anything like that. a generational change. forty-four. bush has been comparing rubio to obama. they are seeing each other as the primary rival. even if that maybe is not how the american public is looking at it right now. neil: thank you very, very much. a fellow surprise for a lot of folks. using a republican there would be looking at maybe the governor. back for president of the united states. instead he is backing one donald trump over chris christie. why? >> i really love this
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foreign-policy. he is making a lot of common sense. i will talk to putin. he says, hey, if putin wants to kill ices, that is great. ices is beheading christian and jews in the middle east. going after groups that we are trying to put in charge. i think that he is going after ices certainly an enemy of the united states. i think that that is a great thing. he is also say that maybe we should not have taken out saddam hussein. they are bad guys. look at the folks who replace them. a lot of chaos. neil: jeb bushes not they are given all of that. why not chris christie. your governor. >> he was on fox news recently. i will draw redline didn't shoot down russian planes.
12:36 pm
neil: what happened with you guys? >> i am an issue individual. foreign-policy. neil: did you feel that way about him or did you have any run-ins prior? >> we have had our disagreements on a number of issues. this is about standing up for donald trump because he is not drinking the kool-aid on some of these international trade agreement. he feels that we need to strike better deals. he is talking common sense. the u.s. does not need to dominate and control every part of the world. not pick fights every time there is something. neil: chris christie picks fights. i think that donald trump is speaking to the american people. he is standing up for the american middle class.
12:37 pm
immigration is another issue. everybody knows as soon as he gets a leg and if he does, he will go back to business as usual. donald trump may not be will to accomplish everything that he is saying, but at least we believe -- look, donald trump is an international businessman. he is thriving in the most competitive city in the world, new york city. he has a presence in new york city's as well. neil: is it your sense, senator, a lot of people say that chris christie should have ran four years ago. he missed his moment. >> i told the governor that i admire his perseverance. that takes a lot. for me, i am going with donald trump. four years ago i went with ron paul because of his foreign policy. i am conservative, but i am also libertarian.
12:38 pm
look at new jersey. donald trump is the king of new jersey. he is at the top of the polls. neil: what happened? >> what happened is folks saw his performance and his true character. i happened to represent a suburban district. i feel that he has led a lot of our constituents down. he did waive these battles. >> i think that their real the real fight was taking on some of these urban powerbrokers. governor christie sort of held hands and had these cool by moments with these individuals. i felt that that was that true structural reform. he was elected by the people of new jersey.
12:39 pm
eight corruption fighter. he needed to fight some of this corruption in these urban areas. reinforcing. neil: it is very hard. it is not an easy state. it is a tough state. bureaucracies that are out there. easier said then done to get rid of. >> he is the most powerful governor in the country. he makes all of the appointments. in my opinion, he could have challenged some of them status quo. we did not have that conversation. i will tell you that donald trump did give me a call. he thanked me very much for that endorsement. he has the golf course in my district. a lot of business that nudity. people are very excited.
12:40 pm
right off interstate 78. >> okay. senator, thank you very, very much. again, senator webb has indicated that he is leaving the party. he is going to run the independent for the presidency of the united states. again, the logic would be running whatever policy would get in that event would take presumably away from a democratic nominee. way too soon to tell. this is the first time a top democrat has backed out of the race. rick harry of texas and scott walker of wisconsin. more after this.
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neil: you will find this hard to believe. tesla's stock down. the tesla model s the worst in average on predictive reliability. this is the same model consumer reports reinvented a system for. our tests, more than any other car proves that this is about a perfect protests score. they gave the highest car performance on any reviewed vehicle in the history of consumer deal close. you are probably asking yourself what changed. something. the stock is down. 6%. as a result. harley-davidson.
12:45 pm
down about 16% on weak earnings and job cuts. demand for these vehicles particularly abroad. not what they were thought to be. the fund planned parenthood. we of course had louisiana bobby jindal here. responding to the efforts. funding for planned parenthood. kevin brady with us now. uphill legal battles. it looks like you cannot kill this thing. what do you think? >> well, i am not so sure. americans have always agreed you do not use taxpayer dollars for abortions. certainly not for harvesting organs, tissues for profit.
12:46 pm
to violations of those procedures has notified planned parenthood and their affiliates that they are shut down from the medicaid program. texas is redirecting that funding. they are taking the right steps. congress has already acted. the house has already acted to pass legislation. protect states when they make these decisions. neil: you may be waiting a little while for that. you know that better than i do. what i do see when judges try to stop this, louisiana was 14 days, you cannot do this. who is right? >> well, we disagree. stay to have a big partnership with the federal government, they have over time shifted a lot of state dollars to women's healthcare.
12:47 pm
it still continues on to planned parenthood. because of these violations, they say no more. that is the right decision. congress ought to give them the flexibility to do this. neil: trying to solve this. paul ryan has indicated he will not negotiate for that job. what do you think of him and what do you think of that position? >> look, paul ryan is a remarkable chairman. the most respected member of our conference. if there is anyone that can unite us, paul stands the best chance. i do not really put much thought into what i am reading about what paul will or will not do. conditions or not. he is very thoughtful. he has brought us together on a number of big issues. ran for office space on based on his ideas and how we get our budget and entitlement under
12:48 pm
control. i just think that there is a lot more left to this story. neil: will the government shutdown? >> over the debt limit issue? no. i do not think so. we need to guard rails around this discussion. making sure no matter what these discussions do, america will pay its debt on time and in full. neil: all right. congressman, thank you. very, very much. star wars trailer. 500 e-mails. 598 who disagree with me, oddly enough. to who think that i am about right. you are a bumbling yoda of finance. thank you.
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neil: we have a showdown developing now. republicans who want to and this protection we do across the country. the white house has already, out and threatened to veto any reblican efforts to make good on this crackdown. they are at each other's throats again on this. jim web is quitting the democratic race. he is exploring the options. that does not necessarily mean he will run as an independent. all right. now trying to get a handle on these amazon 100,000 holiday jobs. we know that that is a lot of jobs. what we do not know is where they are going to be. connell: looking at the
12:53 pm
breakdown of these jobs. this year, 100,000. that is kind of interesting. it compares to some of the other retailers. walmart. target. these types of retail chains not buying any more people than they did last year. they are hiring the same amount. instead of hiring people to work a cash register, now are you seeing more warehouse jobs. some of the jobs qualifications that we have found. ruling you and i added this, neil. you have to be able to lift 49 pounds. standing up and walking for 10-12 hours. let's not even get into that. continuously climbing the stairs. they are looking for people that want to work for a living. going home now after
12:54 pm
thanksgiving. i think it is safe to bet that my wife will order something from amazon and someone will have to put it in a box and delivered to the house. neil: job qualifications: stick. by the way, i am getting quite an airfoil about the star wars trailer. let me give you an example some of the tweets coming in. cavuto is right again. star wars is stupid. you may think star wars is dumb, but it has made many people rich. that is not dumb. neil, you really do not want to see the new star wars? they have a victoria's secret runway scene. well, now we are into it. you know what is strange -- connell: i hate star wars.
12:55 pm
this is what they did in 77. really? what is it, a different color? connell: ralph, knock it off. everyone has what? >> my kids have lifesavers. what is this a halloween thing? whatever. connell and i share the same rage here. grown-ups. really? come on. this show may be. star wars, i do not think so. something we can learn from oprah winfrey. she invests and makes money. she is like me. the yoda of finance. kind of. ♪ we live in a world of mobile technology,
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but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you. . .
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neil: as if i need this grove, dagen was giving me earful about "star wars." she loves "star wars." i want to get to that. >> if idiots you are speak you should not. neil: gotcha. we'll get to that in a second but fortunately lizzie macdonald is here to talk about substantive issue at hand which is oprah. the weight watchers investment is yielding her another 30% run-up in the stock today. she has made 100 million so far.
1:00 pm
>> that is what we were talking about. what a pop. neil: not since she was ripping me a new one on "star wars." >> you're her favorite jedi. here is the thing, dagen was saying this at the break. this is an exciting story because it makes perfect sense. oprah connects to older women like me struggle to lose weight. you know, she is worth now $3 billion. her cultural significance and her influence is really -- neil: what about younger women? is really there? >> her brand, spiritual connection with her fans and followers is with women over the age of 40. i think she brings enough promotion and mojo and attention to this company, that the stock, this company, the stock was below $4 a share. neil: incredible. >> it went up to $18 a share. neil: is she going to do commercials for them? >> yes. her face is already on the weight watchers homepage. >> along with jennifer hudson. this is talk, watercooler talk
1:01 pm
on wall street, could billionaire fairy godmother, what else could oprah invest in? she likes to read barnes & noble, borders. sears or jays -- jcpenney. neil: i could get ihop over the top. no need for her to soil herself. she is pretty savvy investor, right? >> in this instance, yes. remember she likes to have control. she operates the oprah winfrey network along with discovery. she has the magazine. neil: brilliant businesswoman. >> back in the '90s she put money into oxygen. oxygen later sold that, television network. it just didn't do that well. she didn't do that well wit. neil: like warren buffett, hold on to stuff forever. >> she is like peter lynch picking this one. oprah really revolutionized reality tv. her talk show is reality tv. she is so real and so kind. that is what she talks about.
1:02 pm
>> we need to point out this dovetails with one of her major personal issues, her whole life and that is weight loss. not like she is investing in men's warehouse. neil: she is very relatable and real. now to, you attacking me on this "star wars" thing. tell me you don't love this whole series? >> i love it. how do you not have a personal, even moral connection with this story. >> moral? >> yeah. it is a the greatest tale in modern history of good versus evil. where were you -- neil: still using say per things? so '70s. jimmy carter was president. >> you're too busy with all the women throwing themselves at you? you couldn't go to movies occasionally. >> you were kind of hot. neil: you're hurting my feelings. >> sorry there was no scottish accents you can imitate on the air! neil: you have to admit, promo, trailer, there will be is 11 other minutes like that.
1:03 pm
i don't see much new going on there. harrison ford is 112 years old. >> he looks great. neil: he looks great, i love him to death. i'm just saying what's new there? >> did you not watch it? i watched it 20 times. roughly 10 times last night. i watched it another 10 times today. neil: really? >> who is ray? where is ray? what about fin? neil: where is he? >> the hand on r2-d2 allegedly. neil: what does that mean? >> is he dig figured? has he gone to the darkside. his father was anakin turned darth vader. neil: i just found out darth vader died. i didn't realize that. there is another evil character. >> kylo ren. neil: kylo ren. >> what is wrong with you? neil: is he a liberal? >> you know what everybody is a liberal to you, right? everybody's a liberal. neil: we're showing scenes of this. they're getting incredible. >> it's, don't you feel it in your gut when you hear that john
1:04 pm
williams music? neil: no. by the way, can we update things, hello? really? >> who do you want to do the soundtrack? neil: i want them to stop. they did prequels. >> you want them to stop why? they can make 10 billion. neil: they will make a lot of money. >> i have to admit this, in the last three films, one, two, and three, out of order almost ruined franchise. neil: tell me about it. >> this is back to live action. neil: you know we're doing a prequel for this show "coast to coast". fat little eddie munster plays the role. torn between doing a good business show or doing something like cnbc. doesn't know which way to go. no? >> i wish i had a light saber right now? where is connell? neil: look at this. this is grown man. >> you know where that came from? i gave that to your producer? neil: did you really? >> i bought him a jedi light saber. neil: you don't know what happens at the household.
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>> force be with you. i'm connell mcshane back with your fox business brief. we do have some earnings to go after the bell. chipolte mexican grill, out with its earnings along with yahoo!. one thing about chipolte, i can't take myself seriously with this stupid thing. opening up a bunch of stores, 200 plus stores. they have been moving. see if the stock reacts with earnings after the bell. there is chipolte's stock report. the force be with you as well. yahoo! is the other one. the big thing with yahoo!, alibaba spin-off. get into the details here. the idea what will marisa mayer say about a bunch of people have left. we'll look at the stock of yahoo!. there is alibaba. "after the bell" program, marisa mayer will be reporting earnings. we'll see what she says on the conference call. after the belle will be covering the after-the-bell earnings with melissa francis and david asman. back in a moment.
1:08 pm
1:09 pm
neil: by almost all accounts builders are happy, banks are happy, mortgage lenders are happy, because business is booming we are told but for how long? housing expert jason meister and rick sharga on homebuilder confidence. i guess the reason why we make a big deal homebuilders feeling confident. they're the guys on the front lines and if they weren't confident we would be worried. rick, are you still worried or what? >> no.
1:10 pm
i think the housing market is in recovery and has stablized. we came out the most volatile boom and bust cycle in history. it has been a slow, sawtooth, ragged recovery in the housing market and there is still a lot of headroom. we have a lot of room for growth ahead of us. i'm not as worried. neil: all right. when you hear and watch this, jason, you've been worried about pockets. you have general said there are some regions coming along and coming back. many others that are not. handicap it for us. >> yeah, neil. the major cities, we've seen a tremendous amount of activity but also prices have gone through the roof. we've reached nose bleed levels. rick just said it. we're still talking about a housing recovery. it has been eight years and we're still talking about a housing recovery. when are we going to start talking about it has been recovered? we haven't because we have not seen the growth. house -- neil: what's wrong? >> housing starts were up today, neil. they were up big but they were
1:11 pm
up in the multifamily rental sector because rentals is what these minute little equals are doing. they're not buying homes. single-family housing start were at pretty much totally flat. so i, you know, i don't see this recovery taking off. we have a labor participation rate in this country that is flat-lining. we have wage growth that has been stagnant. and people pay for homes with their jobs. it is really that simple. neil: good point, rick. i heard it before. what do you make of that? big lows after the meltdown so we still seem to have ways to go. what do you say? >> we still have aways to go, the reason jason is right we're not talking about full recovery because we're knot there yet. i would quibble with a couple points he just made. affordability is an issue but only handful of markets. nationally median home prices compared to median income only accounts for 25% of somebody's gross income which is low relatively speaking historically. the big issue that the first-time home buyers haven't
1:12 pm
had inventory available to buy and they are not coming to the market in big numbers. millenials will fix that. they're just getting to the market later. one of the reasons, as he mentioned, is that the jobs recovery has been very weak. so, absent their first really good-paying job, those potential firstime homebuyers are still on the sidelines but they are starting to come back. neil: builders have been wrong before. they get a little confident and they regret it, right, jason? >> they're not off by that much, neil. they're holding back on building. >> but, rick, last quarter, we saw repossessions which is final stage of the foreclosure process, we saw them spike 66.6%. how do you explain that? >> i explain that because, it is a handful of states. it is really good point but these are all very old, very delinquent loans should have been foreclosed on three or four years ago. there is nothing new coming into the pipeline. neil: hopefully things pick up. i want to thank you both.
1:13 pm
my buddy david asman passed along a piece in "variety" the force awakens. it bypassed "the hunger games" as movie sold most tickets on first day of available sales, eight times as many as the hunger games did. what are we saying david? you like this? you're into it. you're a brilliant reporter, brilliant writer that doesn't mean, it is humbling you as a grown man are affixed to something that's silly. i think you should be ashamed of yourself, david. that's just me. he is right. this is a force, a stupid force, after this.
1:14 pm
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neil: we're talking about near
1:17 pm
collisions over skies above syria. just breaking now, pentagon and russia, at least both sides want to work to minimize the risk of incidents in syrian airspace we have apparently gotten on the same page to communicate with each other so this sort of stuff doesn't happen but good luck. it keeps happening. at least a half a dozen near-misses over those skies, to say nothing of turkish and french fighters patrolling same areas. we shall see. we've been telling you about this new "star wars" trailer that is out and it's a big force and everyone will watch it but you're missing another force that is right before your eyes and 100 episodes old today, this show, "coast to coast," fox business. 100 episodes. that flew by. it doesn't seem like anymore than like 98 but here's the difference that we made, and it isn't made up stuff in a desert with stupid sabres. take a look. you're welcome, america, i return and the stock market is up. really.
1:18 pm
>> all stocks here on floor of the new york stock exchange are suspended. neil: it is very difficult to get at least computerized trades through, that effectively stopped all major trading on the floor. >> we need a little more disclosure from the new york stock exchange. neil: what if they don't know? >> then that is whole other story. neil: well, thank god for today. it is a hectic 180. yep. live shot of the floor of the new york stock exchange. i'm telling you, my friends, this is what they call a media metaphor. >> well, you know i think the dialogue in the campaign has gotten to a terrible point. >> they don't care about our little catfights among ourselves they want people fighting for them instead. >> some people will hit you. i never hit first. i always counter punch. >> he is absolute greatest. he will put an end to waste. >> you think he will go all the way? >> no doubt about it. neil: really? >> no doubt about it. >> be careful what you ask for.
1:19 pm
maybe being at top of the pack isn't a good place to be. >> need somebody unifies people ands people together to try to develop a program to support economic growth. neil: how did it get so out of control? >> i really believe the biggest problem facing our country is the fact that we spend more money than what we take in. >> if you don't get the economy right none of these other things really matter that. neil: what do you think has been the most talked about issue on this show? well, naturally connell mcshane with a beard. there you go. >> that's it. neil: this from out of the yahoo! who writes, i like the beard. you're just jealous, neil, that you can't grow one. >> wow, that is really bad. >> make america great again. i've got tom brady. neil: you criticize my scottish accent? >> i thought that was his scottish accent. neil: that is the most pretentious thing i ever heard. >> you're fired! hasta la vista baby.
1:20 pm
it will get nasty, brother! >> people want something different out of their elected officials in washington, d.c. neil: hillary clinton, would you worry that now donald trump, you used to say would be a joke. now leading? >> i think there is some concern for her. she is getting more and more pull to the left because of the primary fight she is having because she can't allow sanders to get any closer. >> i'll be supporting secretary clinton. neil: all right, so you still stand by her with all these problems notwithstanding. >> absolutely. everybody has problems. >> america needs, not that america is ready, america needs the truth. unless we address entitlements in america, we're not going to fix our problems. >> the country can't afford, okay, the types of obligations that were created in a very different environment. you know when social security was written, the expectation was you would live to 65. neil: we are getting reports now that kevin mccarthy, the
1:21 pm
front-runner, to replace speaker john boehner, majority leader of republicans, majority leader period in the house of representatives has taken himself out speaker race. imagine, charlie gasparino, speaker of the house. >> boo. boo. >> you know what? i might nominate charlie if he will take his shirt off if he lets me see what he has got going on. neil: he is very handsome man. we have to go! we have to go! >> thank you for all the notes you write me. i appreciate it. neil: i do. i should explain every time -- >> you are so great. neil: every time gaspo i thank particularly that. clarify that in case my wife is watching. >> what is really missing, neil, a vision. as corny as it sounds everybody needs a compelling future. something you need to move towards you settle where things are and get upset where things are. >> leadership is not about our occupation forward but ability to cast vision for future and bring people together to move in that direction.
1:22 pm
>> what i think americans want, republican, democrat or in between they want leaders to stand up to say how will we make everyone better and live the american dream? >> i want people to help understand american dream is not about redistribution, it is about growth, about opportunity. you don't have to be born in a wealthy zip code to do great things in country. >> i'm a believer everybody has to have a chance. america divided doesn't work and america united does. neil: we candies miss the notion it's a green thing. i will be waiting. i will be watching. we'll be reporting. just 100 shows. and i have you to thank for that. reminder to all the "star wars" fans, by all means see the movie. it is fiction. it is made up. those are real people that came on and talked about real problems. you're going to a theater to lose your something that isn't even remotely happening. i hope you're proud of yourselves.
1:23 pm
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neil: all right, if i were the sensitive type i would take tweets and criticisms of my comments on the "star wars" trailer i might take it to heart. i get one, it is called the force awakens chowder head. wake up and realize what it is? another writes, harrison ford is aging a hell of a lot better than you cavuto. cavuto why don't you stick your head in the sand. that's where you belong. oh, yeah. still another writes, cavuto, are you seriously comparing your stupid cable show a iconic collection of films, the likes of which never before been seen in human history? yes, i am, actually. then another person, dagen mcdowell, you made my day, geeking out and giving cavuto the business. still another says, are you serious? it is already selling out, cavuto. the movie comes out in december.
1:27 pm
it is october. and then there is this. i like your show. but fix your view fast. dress up like a jedi for one show. it will help you understand. all right, i'm going to say this for the last time, all right? and this goes for the same people who went to "star trek" conventions, and everything else, god bless you. we all should have hobbies and interests. i'm all for it but, come on. how crazy are you? think. i have sons. they will probably see the movie. not with a large soda. i understand it is about 17 hours long. trish regan, i'm sure you're a big fan. trish: so much for my princess leia costume. neil, thank you very much. donald trump surging to highest. i'm trish regan. welcome to "the intelligence report." new poll showing donald trump surging again, scoring 25% of all gop voters.
1:28 pm
ben carson close second up to 22% and marco rubio, rounding out the 3 at 13. it is the year of the non-politician politician. this anti-establishment candidate, whether it be trump, carson, crowding out once favorite jeb bush who today is facing fresh attacks from "the donald" on his brother's fore
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