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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  October 20, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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we all should have hobbies and interests. i'm all for it but, come on. how crazy are you? think. i have sons. they will probably see the movie. not with a large soda. i understand it is about 17 hours long. trish regan, i'm sure you're a big fan. trish: so much for my princess leia costume. neil, thank you very much. donald trump surging to highest. i'm trish regan. welcome to "the intelligence report." new poll showing donald trump surging again, scoring 25% of all gop voters. ben carson close second up to 22% and marco rubio, rounding out the 3 at 13. it is the year of the non-politician politician. this anti-establishment candidate, whether it be trump, carson, crowding out once favorite jeb bush who today is facing fresh attacks from "the donald" on his brother's foreign policy and 9/11
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happening under his brother's watch. listen to this. >> he said the country was safe under my brother. said this very nicely under a very little program. i said wait a minute, it wasn't safe because the world trade center fell down under your brother's regime. so the world wasn't safe. the country wasn't safe. weed ha the biggest catastrophe and greatest catastrophe we ever had in history. trish: once more, we found a passage in trump's book published in year 2000 warning of such an attack. donald trump writes, and i quote, really i am convinced we're in danger of the sort of terror attack that will make the bombing of the trade center looking like kids playing with firecrackers. wow. will donald trump wind up looking better on foreign policy than anyone else? we have breaking analysis on the gop race with fox news contributor meagan mccain here in house, best-selling author, gina lowden and liberal talk show host sean pittman. welcome to you. this poll was taking over the
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weekend with country talking about donald trump blaming 9/11 -- people liken him all the more in the face of these comments? >> yeah. i think that, people see him as somebody who is going to be tough on terror and immigration. i think that is what this comes down to. people know that, no matter how much we like the way george w. handled things after the whole terrorist attack took place, that a couple of those terrorists were illegals. and donald trump has vowed a zero tolerance policy on illegal immigration. i think that is what this has come down to. i think that is what he is gaining in the polls. trish: part of the point he made with chris wallace over the weekend. these people would not be in the country. i am very tough on illegal immigration. thus 9/11 would not have happened. meagan, listen to what jeb bush had to say in his brother's defense on sean hannity's program.
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i would like to get your response. >> his view of history is just wrong. the simple fact is, when we were attacked my brother created an environment where for 2600 days we were safe. no one attacked us again. and he changed the laws. he did everything necessary. united the country and he kept us safe. and just, a tip of the hat to that. moving on to what the threats are today is what we ought to be focus on. donald trump is not a serious candidate as it relates to foreign policy. trish: the struggle for him he wants to defend his brother. that is natural, he should defend his brother. at the same time in doing so he almost drags himself further and further, meagan no the hole where he is sparring with trump. i don't know how he comes out ahead here? >> i don't agree with donald trump but this is brilliant politics on his part. he is rye minding the american people that jeb bush would be third generation bush in office. reminding of controversial presidency that george w. bush
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was legacy was. i'm a fan of george w. bush. i think he made america safe and tough decisions in tough times and. my focus right now, i'm a "politico." i do this for a living every single day. i want to know what donald trump's plan is policy specific going forward. tell me exactly how be other than the immigration plan which would take time to implement, would take time to pass through congress how exactly would you kept us safe other than that? i understand it is easy to talk in big latitude, i'm going to keep america safe i will make great. i've been around this game way too long. i was born into it. i need you to get policy specific. he is rising in the polls with clearly a segment of population. what is interesting that marco rubio is third. that is somebody who you watch for. he to me is number one. i love him. i think he is conservative americans will take a second look at. i think he is the best candidate to go up against hillary clinton. trish: let back to rubio. i want to talk about that.
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he is an interesting candidate and sort of represent a fresh face in the republican field. back to donald trump. sean, he is playing to peoria to a certain extent, and yet at the same time this is kind of unthinkable thing to say. people rally around president in a time of crisis. people look back and feel very strongly that w did everything he could to keep us safe in that really scary environment. and yet all of sudden donald trump coming out swinging again, and people respond. they like it. what is going on? >> well, i still think, and i differ with playing began a little bit -- meagan a little bit. i still think people are voting for his celebrity. i think his celebrity is still what is happening here. the one thing that hasn't happened here is a real talk about policies. i don't think you can look at where we are with polls people are judging these candidates based on policy they're judging
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them on likability and entertainment. unfortunately for my friend jeb bush, some of you know i'm in florida, he is not entertaining and nobody is listening to his policies. now agree with meagan that donald trump is doing brilliant politics in that he is touching buttons that make you respond. he has done that the entire time he has been running. that's working. but i'll tell you, trish -- trish: i asked the question before. how much do you really think he is thinking through all of this or does it kind of happen and shooting from the hip and says these things? what do you know they resonate and how much might be actually somewhat planned out? >> i think it's a little bit of both. he has some folks on staff saying to him what are great things to say. he has been off-the-cuff from the very beginning. i tell you what he continue this but what i believe though, when this race gets to the point where people are listening to policies and wanting to know where you are on certain issues,
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i think that is when we see his numbers start to change. until then, everybody is their own celebrity. that is -- trish: go ahead. >> just to disagree with you because i think he is living out a lot of fantasies of a lot of people just saying exactly what you think all the time, not caring if it is politically correct or not. i'm not a big trump fan after what he said about my father. trish: how could you get over that? >> i understand why he is liz nating with people. after so many years of hope and change and president obama has focus group which tie he puts on in the morning and have complete polar opposite. trish: does this show the frustration of the american voter, how they're so fed up with the status quo and career politician? >> i have never seen anything like this before. it is a real fascinating time in american history. what is going on with house speaker boehner and who is taking over. people are mad and angry and they want anything anti-washington and
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anti-establishment. the danger of that, somebody has to know how washington works one way or another. trish: that is valid point. gina, think about ceo like donald trump, he runs his own company. he gets to call the shots. he doesn't have to answer to shareholders. on other hand if you're president, you have all constituencies making everybody happy all the time. how does he bring washington together if he doesn't get the job? >> he didn't get there, as you know, being somebody who wasn't brilliant what he did. i think most americans are looking at that, you know if he could do for the typical american what he has done for his empire, then i think that would be a great thing. i think it is really disrespectful as pundit, i try to say to insult his supporters say they're just looking at this from entertainment perspective, no. trish: it is more than that. >> he has been very clear where he stands on second amendment. trish: he at least came forward
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with tax plan i can't say of every candidate out there. >> and second amendment and illegal immigration. trish: yes, he put forward a fairly comprehensive tax plan for to us sink our teeth into. i think that was sean that said that. and entearment -- >> trish, if i could respond, i'm speaking generalities. trish: i can't hear you sean. there you go. >> i'm speaking in generalities here. there are exceptions to every rule. i'm more speaking about the electorate. i'm not really speaking about donald trump. there is, the truth of the electorate here there is a point at which average people get engaged. right now, we're engaged. those of us who follow politics but we don't have votes. trish: one thing about donald trump is getting the average person engaged. >> yes. trish: 25 million people tuned into our debate. something to be said about that. >> we need to be careful anyone that doesn't support donald trump, a lot of republicans don't support donald trump --
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trish: hang on, gina. >> this is dangerous. if you don't somehow support donald trump somehow you're pro-establishment. that is not the case at all. you may not be a supporter of donald trump. what is scary, everyone that goes on tv we're labeled establishment rynos. that is the not case. i happy to be a fan of marco rubio. i'm not insulting his supporters. trish: growing number of people are supporting marco rubio. i want to talk that. we're pressed on time. have to another story. see some of you guys in a little bit. while trump continues to dominate hillary clinton is climbing. the same poll shows former secretary of state with commanding lead over bernie sanders 49% to 29%. perhaps people realized socialism is not fundamentally what we're about, even if you're on liberal side of things. joe biden in the mix, 15% but still hasn't entered race. what is he waiting for? our own blake burman in d.c. blake, any answers coming
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forward in the biden waiting game? reporter: trish, nothing official yet from joe biden. earlier this morning he definitely sounded like someone potentially laying groundwork for campaign themes. the vice president was at an event here in d.c. honoring walter mondale so biden naturally talked about a role of the vice president but in doing so he positioned himself as one that would be able to carry on the obama legacy. >> i spend between, depending on the season, four to seven hours a day, every single day with the president. i attend every meeting the president has, at his request. reporter: there was that. it could also be interpreted thiden was trying to show separation from hillary clinton. remember she listed republicans as those who have been enemies? biden took a bit of a different stance this morning. >> i don't think my chief enemy is the republican party. this is a matter of, you know,
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making things work. reporter: make of that what you will. biden appears to be changing his story when it comes to the usama bin laden raid. he said in 2011 for the president to wait another seven days for information. the vice president said he backed it all along. trish? trish: thank you so much, blake burman. texas is succeeding in its move to defund planned parenthood in the wake of those horrifying videos. presidential candidate mike huckabee is joining me to talk about this victory for the conservative movement. he is also going to weigh in on this trump versus bush showdown. and another one bites the dust here. jim webb dropping out of the race moments ago for the democratic nomination claiming fed up with the two-party system. ed henry has all the intel on this and what it will mean for the election going forward if webb runs as an independent. that's next. >> the very nature of our democracy is under siege due to the power structure and money that finances both political parties. the promise of the cloud is that every organization
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call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. trish: less then 48 hours from now hillary clinton set to appear before the house select benghazi committee, a committee that is trying to determine what went wrong in those deadly attacks in libya on 9/11 in 2012 which killed four americans. in the wake of controversial comment from house majority leader kevin mccarthy, democrats are blasting the committee as purely a political circus. they issued a 124 page report arguing that the committee is wasting taxpayer funds to hurt hillary clinton's bid for the white house. here with all-star analysis ahead of the hearing, fox news "special report" host bret baier. thank you for joining us. >> thank you, trish. trish: what is it for lawmakers are looking out of these benghazi hearings? will they show or be able to
2:17 pm
prove that hillary clinton ignored important intelligen that could have prevented it? >> it's a good question. here's what we know. there have been seven investigations into benghazi. this will be the 8th. what we did not know in those other seven was that hillary clinton had a private email server. there are thousands of emails that are related to at least tangentially libya and hundreds that relate to benghazi that are new just within the past couple of months, max. they have been looking through those. what really is the essence of what they're going after is why the security was so lax at that consulate in benghazi? and the calls for extra security during that time before the event, why did they go unheeded. also, why was the security company that eventually was provided for the cons sue late, blue mountain group, why were they hired? and was it an inside job for
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this attack that ansar al sharia had people on inside hired by blue mountain that didn't protect the facility? then during the attack itself what happened with the response and why was it so lax as far as being able to get to or not get to the people in trouble. trish: there are some questions. in that 125 pain report that the democrats issued, essentially criticizing republicans being completely politically motivated is there any indication in that of that information has to how this might have have been prevented, could have been prevented, should have been prevented? >> not yet. they have a couple of after-action reports after these previous investigations but again there were key parts of the inquiry that were never answered by the administration. they were not getting documents. they were not getting access to people. they were not getting anything really until they got to the
2:19 pm
benghazi select commit when they had the power to compel this paperwork to come forward. it actually took a judge to decide that these emails needed to be transferred to the committee, really fast. within a matter of months. trish: people -- go ahead. >> there will be a lot of people on the democratic side who say this is all a fishing expedition and you know, what is the end result? i think the bar will be high for republicans. now that the politics going in has been tainted by some republicans own statements like kevin mccarthy and others, saying it is so political. trish: bret, thank you so much. >> all right, trish. trish: be sure to tune into "special report" tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern when bret will be joined by outgoing speaker john boehner, an interview you can not miss. all right, then there were four. breaking this hour jim webb is out. former senator jim webb says two-party system is a mess and feels abandoned by his own party
2:20 pm
in light of what he calls unfair treatment at last week's debate. >> 240 years ago the declaration of independence from our status as colony from great britain was announced. it is time for a new declaration of independence, not from an outside power but from the paralysis of a political system that no longer serves the interests of a vast majority of the american people. trish: all right. jim webb did hint as his desire to continue campaigning, however, as an independent. our ed henry is here with more. ed, you know, the webb's decision to drop out, is it really about a political system or the fact that he is not getting anywhere? he is at what, 2%? >> that's right, trish, barely, maybe not even at 2%. struggling to raise money. this is one of the problems insiders are feeling in this year perhaps of the outsider. you see trump and carson on right.
2:21 pm
you see sanders on left, even though he is sitting senator played himself as ultimate outsider, going against the system. jim webb, insider, former senator who also served as secretary of the navy in the reagan administration by the way. he has national security credentials. tried to bridge the divide. served as democrat in republican administration. voters don't care about those credentials. webb talking about independent bid. michael bloomberg, former new york city mayor. has been a democrat, republican, independent. he has run the gamut. there are polls out today suggesting that hillary clinton got a bump from the first democratic debate. i'm hearing from sources with vice president biden he is getting closer to edging into the race. webb gets out, biden getting in we'll see what the democratic field would be. bottom line there was no room for webb as centrist democrat. that is one of the things he is angry about.
2:22 pm
it is all about a race to the left with flip-flops from hillary clinton. trish: bernie sanders is driving that with all socialism talk and freebies he will give away. ask about mike bloomberg, former mayor of new york, potentially running as an independent as well. you know, this is popular among some folks in the hedge fund community. bill ackman, coming out saying he would support him for sure. could it happen? is it being seriously looked at, and if so, would this siphon off votes from any democratic nominee? reporter: it could. that is important point. michael bloomberg talked about this before so you have to take it with a grain of salt. he is serious person? absolutely. are people around him serious about considering this? i think they are. his advisors are asking. here is bottom line, if bloomberg gets in, webb runs independent. donald trump runs as independent, republicans lose. jim webb runs as independent i could take votes away from
2:23 pm
democratic nominee in key states like virginia. trish: we might hear a lot about climate change. ed, thank you very much. out with the old and in with liberals in canada. decade of conservative leadership ended with a surprise landslide victory with justin trudeau. here he is at a victory party in ottawa. he is the son of pierre trudeau who ran canada in '70s and '80s, super left-leaning prime minister. did no favors at all economically speaking to the country. the liberal party won enough seats in parliament to govern alone. apparently steven harper's free health care is not enough for canadians. that is the case as they went to elect a new guy. we're continuing to watch the race here. it is always interesting to see how and whether some of the feelings might influence things
2:24 pm
hire. i doubt it. presidential candidate mike huckabee calling obamacare, broken, flawed and out of control. he joins me a little later in the show. plus republicans in the house still scrambling to find a leader and seem to putting all their eggs in paul ryan's basket. steve moore is here with me. ♪
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trish: republicans scrambling to find a new speaker to replace john boehner. time is running out. he has to do something soon. republicans are having a special conference tonight. they really want to fix it. meghan mccain, steve moore here with the onset right now. this is not good. this is not good for the republican party to be in this vacuum.
2:28 pm
>> you have a lot of political ambition. i am sure that he wants to be president someday. there are also people threatening not to support him. i do not know if you want a knock down, drag out race. trish: talking to paul ryan a lot. no interest in this job. this is kind of a no-win situation. >> i do not know about that. that is a pretty important position. megan mentioned the idea of him running for president. if i were paul ryan's, you know, advisor, i would say, paul, you have to do this unless you want to be president someday. running for speaker is then not a very good purchase. the whispering campaign right now is he will be the next speaker of the house. i think that he will be
2:29 pm
fantastic. >> really a new generational leader. people thinking he is not conservative enough. it is ridiculous. >> a smart guy. people are saying he is not conservative enough. paul ryan not conservative enough, this is a big problem. what is not to like about paul ryan? trish: we will see where it goes. fast approaching that. we need to pay off all of our bills. here is trump, everyone. on with chris lawrence over the weekend. >> so predictable with our country.
2:30 pm
i would be very strong on the debt limit. i would be asking for a very big pound of flesh if i were the republicans. trish: a pound of flesh. he is saying, work it for all it is worth. get what you want. get what you need. >> that is the problem. both parties just want to go on their merry way and keep doing what they are doing. they are not listening to the voters who have said trump is right. we cannot continue on this path. i am with them. >> is this a game of chicken? who will blame first. has he turned this? you can blame all the republicans. not my fault.
2:31 pm
>> i hope republicans do not end up using this as politics to shut down the government. that will just backfire. focusing on government spending. what are we going to do to stop this. >> you cannot have your cake and eat it too. intent on how far you are willing to go. >> i do not think they should shut down the government over this. i think they should pass a debt ceiling that has real restraint. if obama wants to veto that, then have a great person in congress vote for it. let's have this debate again. >> let's do it five-10% toward across. trish: that is the reality.
2:32 pm
>> it does not run like a business. >> i grew up hearing for -- [laughter] >> my father is upset with it. studying bears in alaska. breeding. crazy stuff the government spends money on. trish: there is plenty to cut. megan, steve, thank you very much. great to have you here. all right. the democrats continue to campaign. blaming the wealthy for everything. the wealthy do not pay taxes. you know what i'm up a are wrong. they are absolutely wrong. who is paying their fair share. my intel coming up. i will chat with mike huckabee on his plan to fight planned parenthood. why he thinks donald trump is still on top.
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do not go away. governor huckabee next. ♪ that make edward jones one of the biggest financial services firms in the country? or is it 13,000 financial advisors who take the time to say thank you? 'night jim. gonna be a while? i am liz got a little writing to do. ♪ it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way.
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trish: donald trump is in his fourth month of leading the republican presidential race. at the top of the hour we broke the news that he has new high marks. his popularity may be preventint of the pack. governor huckabee joins me now. welcome to "the intelligence
2:37 pm
report." >> thank you. trish: once again ahead in the polls. what is it that he has tapped into? why is it that he is resonating so much right now, governor? >> one of the things he is doing, he is saying publicly a lot of things people say when they are together with their close intimate friends. he is going out there and just saying it. he likes that. i think in the meantime, this is like any kind of political race. i have been doing this for 25 years. trish: have you ever seen anything like this? has anything taken off quite like this before? >> well, anyway, you may save fred thompson.
2:38 pm
rick perry four years ago had an extraordinary launch. no, we have not seen anything quite like this. a candidate as blunt as donald trump. the pundits will just roll over and say he is finished. the pundits are wrong. if they are as wrong about how he was going to disappear, it is just not possible that they are wrong about you is off, who was wrong and who is going to be up. here is something i can point out. one time i will get a full saying, governor, it looks like you are down. this morning, the cnn poll came out. now it ought to be huckabee surges in the latest poll. something that keeps going on. trish: it is early in the game. i will give you that. saying the things that other
2:39 pm
people just do not say. a good republican will not go after the way donald trump just did here it when you see that unfolding, what are you thinking? is he right? is he right to point out that 9/11 happened under w's watch? >> no. i think that it is nonsense. this is ridiculous like saying george bush had something to do with her again katrina. he cannot always predict them. trish: could he have prevented those people from being in the country? a crackdown on illegal immigration? >> it is arguable. george bush had only been president for barely eight
2:40 pm
months. was it all his fault that within a month he had not completely solve that problem? he is trying to walk it back in a general way. let me say this. jeb bush and donald trump are going at it right now. look at this as a nascar race. they are up front. my main goal is to stay out of their way. do not get bogged by their cars. if they keep bumping into each other, they both can leave the track. trish: do you like trump? would you back him? >> of course. you bet i would. donald trump would be a far better president than any of the democrats i saw on that stage. they want to raise taxes so high. destroy business. destroy jobs. it would be devastating to the
2:41 pm
country. they do not have the confidence in the military. would i support donald trump? of course i would did i do not have any issues if donald trump is in the race. i think that i would be a better president because i have some governing experience. >> yes. he would say, i have ceo experience which is something that no one else really has. >> being a ceo of a private business is very different than being ceo of government. i can tell you, there is big difference. if there is somebody that is not working well, fire their rear ends. if you are a ceo of the government, how do you fire congress? how do you fire the hundreds of
2:42 pm
thousands of bureaucrats. trish: you get all of those convictions. it is a challenge. let me ask you about another story in the news today. planned parenthood via medicaid. do you think that other states will follow this? >> i certainly hope so. we never should have been funding a private organization like planned parenthood to begin with. it is a phony organization for them tpretend it is all about women's health. they are bout abortions. we should not be funding planned parenthood especially in light with what we now know they do with baby body parts. sell them at auction as if they were parts to a car. trish: let me turn to something else that is very important right now. money that people have to live on with social security. no cost-of-living increase in
2:43 pm
social security and 2016. in part because there is no inflation in the economy. the government is saying, okay, everyone. you will not get in increase in 2016. do you take issue with this? >> i do. 60 million recipients in america and another 10 million people, disabled veterans, for example, they are not going to get a cost-of-living. guess who is. members of congress. this just is not right. a lot of people on social security, as a matter of fact, 90% of their total income and 77, 70% of them depend on it for at least a third of their income. we are talking about a real major part about how our most vulnerable people live. trish: the prices are not going up.
2:44 pm
i hear you. how do you justify? isn't that more money out of mind to go pay for everyone else? >> only three times in four years has there not been a cost-of-living. fuel costs are down and by the way we will keep them down next year. that may be justifiable. if that is justifiable for social security recipients not to get a pay raise, then for god's sake, congress better shut their down. trish: stay tuned. we will have more with governor huckabee. plus, my intel on democrats and paying their fair share. it is divisive and it is just wrong. ♪ >> we will make the wealthy pay for it. ♪
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>> mike huckabee back with us right now. let me ask you about something. this comes down to the mass of elections. one of the republican problems. some really good policies out there. they are not bringing enough people. a good product. does not have a good marketing department. you have a lot of women that do not feel protected. if you are going to win the white house, you look at governor romney. you have the majority of the white vote. they could not win the presidency. how do you bring in more people to the republican party right now? >> that is a terrific question. i do not think you will find any republican, black or white, they
2:50 pm
got that much of the vote. majority of the women vote. even in the last presidential election got endorsements from labor unions. i have proven historically that democrats are willing -- if we do not have that kind of republican, i think that you are exactly right. we will only get a select circle of people. they will not vote for someone if they do not feel that that person can relate to them. they have really taken hold of certain issues. the republicans have taken the bait. we need to push back and say that there is no war on women. women ought to be able to do anything that a man can do. we believe in equal pay. we believe in full education.
2:51 pm
this war on women nonsense has been put out by the democrats. they have run on it. it backfires when a republican fights back. we need to go right back in their face. trish: thank you for joining me. we're back with more intel on this country and -- after this. ♪ you both have a
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trish: you know, the democrats have been wailing against the rich. they keep saying that the rich are not paying their fair share. they are creative when it comes to taxes. you know the old warren buffett. listen to this. >> let's talk about income and
2:55 pm
wealth inequality. let's talk about the fact today that the top one 10thf 1% owned almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. >> we need to reshuffle that that. the rich needs to pay their fair share for americo. we will make the wealthy pay for it. trish: the top 20% of all earners are paying 80% of all taxes. the revenue coming into the government is the top 20%. you have 47% of america that pays absolutely not one dime in federal tax. now, they like to cite the private equity loophole. a very small portion of the population. granted, it should change. plans to change that.
2:56 pm
the majority of people, the top federal tax bracket. that is that. a bit of a fictitious kind of rhetoric coming out of the democratic side. income inequality. not really true. would you rather be than would? we have way worse income inequality in manhattan. maybe it is not income inequality that we should be looking at. maybe we should be looking at growing ties for absolutely everyone. sport tickets to the opening of the new film. happening in just two months. people really want these tickets. are you excited? that is about as much as star
2:57 pm
wars. ♪ :
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. trish: the main event for "monday night football" was the halftime premiere of the trailer for "star wars: the force awakens." the film doesn't open until december 18th but the demands for tickets have been so high ticketing sites like fandango have actually been crashing. i like princess lea's costume. liz, over to you. liz: yeah, the buns on either side, the cinnamon buns, i think we should do that together, trish. [ laughter ] >> earnings season hits its peak, wall street isn't seeing peak performance, the dow jones industrials popping up, slightly down, pretty much hugging the flatline. the markets following the dow's lead here, not doing much, but the cybercop top of the nation causing blood pressure to skyrocket. he made a chilling admission last night about the security of all things connected. the director of the national


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