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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  October 20, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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. trish: the main event for "monday night football" was the halftime premiere of the trailer for "star wars: the force awakens." the film doesn't open until december 18th but the demands for tickets have been so high ticketing sites like fandango have actually been crashing. i like princess lea's costume. liz, over to you. liz: yeah, the buns on either side, the cinnamon buns, i think we should do that together, trish. [ laughter ] >> earnings season hits its peak, wall street isn't seeing peak performance, the dow jones industrials popping up, slightly down, pretty much hugging the flatline. the markets following the dow's lead here, not doing much, but the cybercop top of the nation causing blood pressure to skyrocket. he made a chilling admission last night about the security of all things connected. the director of the national
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security agency laying it out in stark terms when asked how soon we could see a digital pearl harbor. his response coming up may shock you. from america's electric grid, planes and trains and the cars you drive, homes you live in, your phones, all of them could soon become deadly weapons in the hands of willing cyberterrorists. cyberexperts on the coming digital pearl harbor. apple's tim cook on hand in california going in a different direction as his company pushes the limits of the internet of everything, specifically his auto ambitions which leads us to ask, is california the new detroit? plus the long suffering cubs fans get first crack at the home-field advantage in the national league championship series. what does it mean to the wrigley field faithful and to the wrigley field businesses? the best glimpse of the new "star wars" movie awakening
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speculation that seems to be stronger than the force itself. and, yes, we will isolate the one frame you may have missed that could tell the biggest secret. less than an hour away, will the blue wave of ibm leave the markets soaking wet by the closing bell? let's start the "countdown." maets look to be in need of a booster shot right now, health care names are dragging 2% in the final hour of trade which is why the markets seem to be hugging that flatline, not doing much. we have breaking news right now. the senate is about to weigh the deadly damage wireless and wearables got one on right now. what they could do in the hands of terrorists soon. someone of crucial importance issued a major warning about it last night, and here's the warning, anyone using a phone, driving a car around town or living in a home connected to the internet could be in grave danger soon.
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admiral mike rogers, the director of the nsa put our nation's cybersecurity in cold terms at the "wall street journal"'s wsjd live conference. listen to his answer to the question how long before there's a digital pearl harbor here in the united states? >> i think it's only a matter of when. there's three things that concern me when i look at cyber from a threat perspective. it is only a matter of the wind before someone uses cyber as a tool to do damage within a critical infrastructure within our nation. liz: infrastructure and the two other threats what happens when the data relied upon is manipulated and make the wrong decision based on the fake data along with the turning point which terrorists view the web not just as a tool but as a weapon. this brings in all kinds of publicly traded companies. jo ling. cisco talks about how big wearables should be, intel is a part of it. qualcomm, everybody. what is at issue here?
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>> liz, the heads of the nsa and the most valuable company look at two different sides of cybersecurity at the "wall street journal," a live conference last night as you mentioned. risks versus the potential opportunities. nsa director admiral mike rogers addressed e-mail used by joint chiefs of staff over the summer. >> and all boiled down to four individuals who clicked on a link in an e-mail. these were not junior young, they both had been in the military for an extended period of time. why would you open this? itas nhingo doith ur dues a shod ha strk you strges d thansw got sirit w a mday morning, coming in, blowing through e-mails trying to get ready for the first meeting. >> reporter: rogers talked about the fact these are very human mistakes happening at the very top of security agencies and speaking of top of mine in
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california, the evolution of smart devices, this is where ceo tim cook comes into play. driverless car technology he wanted to focus on. he believes software and driverless cars are parts of massive security theft. including car play and entertainment for your vehicle. >> we like people as they enter their car to be able to have an iphone experience in their car. that's all about trying to make your life outside the car and your life inside the car be seamless. >> reporter: that seamlessness is what cybersecurity experts are so concerned about. cook dli apple's reported interest in producing its own electric car but does believe that outsiders beyond detroit will finally have a very good, very serious opportunity to break into the business soon, liz. liz: is california the next detroit? we're talking about that in just a minute.
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but to the more dangerous issue here, pearl harbor as an analogy? it was a sneak attack in 1941 by the japanese 25,00 americans killed in hawaii but with 26 billion smart devices expected to be floating around along with countless connected cars on the road is the u.s. government focusing on the wrong piece of this issue? in this hour, the senate is set to take up a bipartisan cybersecurity bill, there's a live picture of the senate floor and the bill would encourage companies to push aside the privacy issue when shared hacking and breach data with the government. consider this, a hacker search engine called showeden, it exists and allows people to scan the internet for connected devices using the search engine, a large number of pace makers, mri scanners, cardiology devices, you name it, have turned up, some inside people's bodies that others
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could then hack. vinny troya the founder of night lion security. he helps companies figure out holes in systems, and joe loomis, the founder and ceo of cybersecurity firm cybersponse, and yes, joe's top security clearance was hacked. both here in a fox business exclusive. vinny, begin with you, should the senate focus on privacy issues when we have hackers making major threats to national security and even things like pacemakers? >> i think they really aren't sure where to start. i kind of get the feeling they are grasping at straws. problem with the information sharing act is that number one, many of these organizations as we saw not too long ago don't realize they're breached for up to a year or longer, and so to expect any relevant data by the time it comes in and we do anything it, it's going to be useless. and the other problem is there's so much information coming out of the companies that being able to correlate
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all of this in a way that makes sense to act on and do something with from a threat perspective is a completely insurmountable task which i don't know how they're hoping to accomplish that with government resources, i don't see it happening. liz: i agree, i think you need the private sector too, the private sector is looking to make a buck and looking to advance our lives and connect our cars when we step in and suddenly my car knows how many times i stumbled and flipped and took steps. frankly, i would rather not be vulnerable to those hax. joe loomis, the nsa is pounding the table on what scares me, i got nervous when i heard him say only a matter of time, senate is looking at the privacy issue and get access to data? is that a shotgun blast victim having his knee checked first after he fell versus going straight to the heart and fixing the aortal valves that are spewing blood?
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>> we're all addicted to convenience, this convenience addiction creates the vulnerability and security issue in itself, right? and also the ability to have the interconnected devices. so it is, to me it's really concerning because the world seems to be mostly focused on convenience and only 20% really think about the risks that we take by being convenient, whether it's online banng, having pacemaker evaluated remotely. whether it's mri devices. it's a concern. i met admiral rogers a few times, he's a very smart guy and very, very pointed about what he's talking about, is the fact we've got big, big threat landscape, a lot of critical infrastructure issues, lot of dated equipment. there's a lot of municipalities and water utilities that are all vulnerable. so i think the pearl harbor is a reality, it's just we're going to have to be critical how addicted do we want to become to the convenience factor? liz: well, vinny, is this a case where convenience and evolution to take a back seat to security, this lifestyle
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industry is wonderful, but given the choice, if i were to have a pacemaker -- first of all, can pacemakers be hacked? that was straight out of a page from homeland, the show, is that a possibility, vinny? >> it's certainly a possibility at this point. we don't know the expect they can be hacked. but we've seen it happen with cars. i mean certainly there are situations where you could hack into somebody's home and unlock the doors remotely. this concept of having everything connected to the internet does pose a significant risk in many areas. >> let's talk about the jeep. i want to talk about the jeep, but go ahead and finish your thought. but the jeep here, we've got video regarding the wired magazine guys who remotely killed the sherman tank of suvs, that's the writer andy greenberg, and from ten miles away, hackers turned this car off the street.
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he didn't have his hands on there, the wiper fluid started blurring his vision, radio began blasting. the digital display was taken over, the accelerator was removed, the brakes were cut. that is so scary, vinny? >> absolutely. one of the things they showed which was incredibly impressive is that the car manufacturers almost like they were cutting corners. they felt nobody was going to attempt to break into the systems, they left it wide open. and what they found was that they could send a signal out to ip addresses on the internet, and the active cars will return the geolocation and v.i.n. number, it was amazing how much information they pulled out of, that that's the research we need to do this morning. >> when i look at this showeden data access network where you can get in and hackers control anything that's nearby. like somebody is on the verge of committing murder by wi-fi. am i being so local news by
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overstating this because i came from local news, we did overdramatize sometimes, am? i. >> you are being wise about it. let's talk about the risks. people need to understand that for everything we connect to the internet, it is an opportunity for some to compromise, and the car manufacturers do not have an information security department that is first of none, first of industry and how to protect the new sector. so imagine if you are building a product and you've got software and doing coding and excited about the product, it's often difficult to understand how or what is vulnerable because you don't know what you don't know, and this is called the zero day attack. you could build and try to protect the product as best as you can but ultimately there are unlimited number of scenarios with software development and coding and the ability to interconnect of ways to get into the device. i'll be honest with you, the only true way to not getting in is to unplug it.
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liz: i'm removing my -- how many steps did i take? not that anybody could kill me, i'm not moving enough. vinny, joe, it's a pleasure, we appreciate this. and we're just trying to put out there something that the nsa admiral mr. rogers, this is extremely important and affects own. closing bell about 47 minutes away. you can hang price tags on everything we're about to show you, and they're all hanging on cubs' fans, spending a fortune on outfits, hats, food, parties as they await the elusive partnership. the hysteria is full tilt as the series shifts to chicago. jeff flock taking advantage of the cubby faithful as they spend on swag. back to the connected car, elon musk and team tesla made the car we are in, in a galaxy far, far from detroit.
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google and apple looking to disrupt the bedrock of the american auto industry, too. is california the next detroit?
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that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. . liz: 43 minutes before we hit the cling bell. the dow is down a measly three points.
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look at nasdaq, down 25, the s&p could it go higher? we're watching all of this. it's a slightly flat market. it could be much worse, it's fighting major blues from big blue, ibm, hitting a five-year low today after reporting lackluster earnings results and lowering forecasts. look at the two day picture here. oy vey, not good. we have it down 5.5% for big nine brokerages lowered target on the stock after big blue reported numbers that were once again totally terrible. ceo virginia remmedy said i'm not apologizing for this or the company's performance, she insists the company's shift from the hardware to cloud and services, investors are not waiting around. let me show you this, does this mean move over detroit. >> technologies in the car and
3:19 pm
shift, electrification shift from today's combustion enginecentric kind of focus, and so it would seem like that there will be massive change in that industry. liz: is it a location change? motor city getting a run for its money as silicon valley explores and coming out with alternative options for driving that are a little sexier than what motor city is putting out. are we seeing an auto city revolution? this to me looks like an order. go west old man detroit. what do you think, jack? >> if your question is, is silicon valley the next detroit? no. the car manufacturing companies of the future are the car manufacturers of today. it's hard to make cars. these companies have been doing it a long time.
3:20 pm
they're not just replaceable. if the question is, is there a revolution coming in terms of a dramatic increase in computer content in cars, chips, software, different ways of operating cars, absolutely, and it's going to happen much faster than people expect. liz: on your screen, honda, gm, ford, the old school guys, and i look at this and say, mike, have you seen freemont, california where tesla makes its cars. i love you, jack, but take a look. they have lipstick red robotic equipment, we were there. this is fox business' video. i went there just a couple of years ago, walked around with elon musk. it is different, it is sexy, disruptive. they are making cars in california. is silicon valley the next detroit? >> another detroit. at the risk of running on the tesla parade, consumer reports dinged them, quality, with the doors and plugging in, when they're working well, they work great. he's accomplished a lot.
3:21 pm
but the auto pilot feature, you still got to put the hands on the wheel, we're not at full automation, we're going to see incremental steps but tim cook is right, massive change is coming, the question is how quickly, when it will come. liz: ford opened a lab, a research lab and mark fields the ceo of ford probably chasing a little what elon musk is doing. ford was ahead of the game with sync, which brought you into syncing up with cars the minute you sat in it. the best software guys are in silicon valley? >> yeah, and drivers are thinking about infotainment purposes, but the key here is a million and a half people per year around the world dying unnecessarily in car accidents. here's how to tell if you're a terrible driver. if you're a human being you're a terrible driver. your attention span can't handle driving and doing anything else and we're going to get assistance coming down the road and it's going to
3:22 pm
start with simple things like cruise control will transform into technology that can keep us at the right space, tremendous portion of car accidents are rear ending the car in front of you. there will be technology that stops cars from doing that. as we see we can save accidents, save lives, we'll see more and more of the content in cars. liz: i believe the robotic remember that puts lip gloss on while i'm driving is coming. >> next five to ten years. white for it. liz: wait for it, wait for it, come back, please, while you were on, the dow turned positive. i love to give my guests credit. there you go. >> "wall street journal" magic. liz: exactly! 38 minutes before the closing bell rings. dow retty ch flat. jeff flock is in the heart of cubs country as the cubbies take on the mets. game three of the national league championship series. 2015, here are the cubs. >> reporter: nothing flat about
3:23 pm
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. liz: the saga continues as the new york mets square off against the chicago cubs tonight in game three of the national league championship series. jeff flock is right under that sign, wrigley field. i've been there. cubs fans, what are they shelling out, jeff? huge amounts of money for the tickets, i would imagine. >> reporter: oh, my god, the tickets are kind of crazy. folks are hoping to get them at face value but a lot of people are paying more than face value. take a look at numbers on tickets on stubhub, standing room only going for 150 bucks, normally 70 bucks face value. bull pen going for 7 grand, the
3:28 pm
infield normally 250, face value. actually selling now for 10 grand on stubhub. pretty crazy. the odds do not favor the cubs, i'll be the first to admit it. las vegas oddsmakers say it's the mets, almost even money, royals 2-1, blue jays about 3-1, the cubs are 7-1. we don't care about that stuff here. you know what? the allure is this team has not been and won a world series since 1908. you know who was president in 1908? i know you do. teddy roosevelt. only 46 stars on the flag. half of america was living on a farm and driving a model t. i'll show you one last thing that's the bleacher preacher. you don't have that in new york. this fella went to his first cubs game in 1945. dad said you are too young to go to the world series, i'll take you next year, there hasn't unfortunately been a next year. only team that approaches the
3:29 pm
cubs' futility, a team that hasn't been to the world series since 1948. the cleveland indians. liz: totally shocked by that. [ laughter ] >> jeff, my cleveland indians, everybody talks about the cubbies curse and the red sox curse, the indians have the curse of their own, 67 years, the curse of rocky colavito, he was traded to detroit. >> reporter: he's still alive, and most people would put a curse on them if they traded him to the indians, he got the curse for trading him away. liz: thank you, jeff very much. ten grand for a ticket, i'll send my check. no! the closing bell, as i remove my tribe hat here, i keep it
3:30 pm
close to my heart. disney giving a peek at the "star wars" movie trailer and all kinds of speculation has begun because of one single frame hiddent to trailer that leads to the trailer did luke skywalker go to the dark side? did princess lea have a love child? we'll get to the bottom of it. hillary clinton heads to battle the benghazi committee, donald trump takes on jeb bush, both standing strong at the top of the polls. our political panel tells us what happens if joe biden jumps in. "countdown to the closing bell" coming right back. he can tell us because he was biden's speechwriter.
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. liz: anybody have a calendar
3:35 pm
around here? isn't it a little early to call the winners in the 2016 election. what kind of happened on fox business this morning. donald trump on "varney & co." did just that. >> starting to imagine it, but i don't even like to think about it, i just like to get things done, and you know i think that assuming hillary gets it, she's had a terrible record as secretary of state. i think we'll win that. liz: we'll win that, but might be hard to get the gop to win that for trump. listen to what candidate senator lindsey graham had to say this morning on maria bartiromo's show. >> i want to tell republicans i'm going to support our nominee, if you send donald trump into the ring against hillary clinton, she'll mop him up. liz: mark him up. here to tell us what this means, matthew litman, a democratic strategist and former speechwriter to then-senator joe biden along
3:36 pm
with evan sigfreid. is trump a legend in his own mind, isn't it too early to have that bravado? >> the greatest candidate of all time, he has a hat that says it. trump needs to take a look at history. president howard dean leading at this point in 2004, president clinton in 2008. she was up by 20 points and collapsed. liz: and giuliani. >> did work with mayor giuliani and we were ahead at this point in time. liz: what were you thinking? were you allowing yourself to go there? >> at that point i was thinking how i can go continue going without sleep on 20 hour days. but donald trump is trying to play this inevitability card which is a complete fallacy, especially when he doesn't have a ground game in iowa, that is key. liz: trump has an ego on steroids, if he thinks he'll win, i'm not surprised by that. let's talk about the entrance
3:37 pm
of your former boss, you were the speechwriter for former senator joe biden, i need to play whether joe biden enters the race and changes the game, listen. >> you would beat joe biden, easily? >> i think i would, i think i would. i don't know he's going to do it. i would think he wouldn't do it. i might be wrong. i think it's a very hard road for him at this point. it's late and i think it's a hard road. liz: matthew, you worked with joe biden. is he coming in? what do you think? >> well two, things, first let me say going back to the trump thing, the difference between trump and people like giuliani is trump is winning in iowa and new hampshire right now. that's number one. as for biden, i do get the impression he's running, i don't know for a fact but the e-mails i see from people and not from biden directly, the e-mails are more about when's not if's, always up to biden and not the people who want to work for him. liz: did he miss his moment?
3:38 pm
>> i think it's late to get. in i think he should have gotten in earlier. i absolutely believe that's true. when he ran for senate in 1972, he was 29 years old. ran against a republican incumbent. had no money, no ability to advertise and ended up winning and i have a feeling that's in biden's mind now. liz: evan, what do you think happens if joe biden jumps in here? >> i think it's going to play out remarkably well. you're going to see a contrast where the public's perception of hillary clinton is she's dishonest and not genuine, while joe biden can be gaffe prone he is completely genuine and comes across as the onion caricature which people like. liz: there could be a pivotal moment, she has to testify regarding the benghazi disaster in libya where four people died. her daughter was out swinging and punching on cbs this morning. not necessarily, but she was defending her mom, listen to
3:39 pm
what chelsea clinton said and we can talk about that, i'm sorry, she said her mom's testimony would be remarkable. how do you think, matthew, hillary clinton will handle the thursday testimony? >> i think this is a home run for hillary. between the debate last week and the benghazi hearing and what's been going on with the benghazi committee, i think this is why you were asking me if it's late for biden to come in. these couple of weeks for hillary are going to be tremendous. she has taken a more significant lead in the polls, i think that's going to go up over the next couple of weeks because of the debate in the benghazi hearing. liz: evan, anything donald trump says, stumbles, makes him stumble, doesn't appear so. >> he will never stumble in his own mind. liz: maybe that's half the battle. if you believe it, i believe it. evan sigfreid republican strategist and matthew littman was his speechwriter.
3:40 pm
closing bell about, 21 minutes away. listen. >> the dark side. the jedi.. liz: i love the music, may the force be with you? well, it's with all of the millions of "star wars" fans dissecting every second of that new trailer for the movie disney hoping could be the next big blockbuster, maybe the movie of all-time. the one frame and the first peek at the "the force awakens" atrailer and what does it mean for those of you buying tickets? check out my twitter, okay, i tweeted a picture with not one but two of my favorite "star wars" characters, follow me -- there are a million ways to connect with me, wi-fi. yeah.
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. liz: to see this, disney held "monday night football" fans hostage last night until halftime when they unveiled the trailer for the upcoming and highly anticipated "star wars: the force awakens." so here's what happened. ratings for the network jumped 30%, 15 minutes ahead of halftime. fans flooded ticket sites causing ticket trauma! crashing shutting down the sites following the trailer premiere. this is a dream for any movie company. trust me. a string of new fan theories taking over the internet as well. what can we expect come december 18th. with me now, if you thought the election was far off, this is going to be a long couple of months. >> what is this holding hostage?
3:46 pm
the only person annoyed is neil cavuto. all of the rest of america was in it. liz: neil is not an american. >> i took umbrage with him, i don't know what's wrong with him. he had a bad day. liz: mike, you are in the searchlight. what is the name of it. >> the fox light. liz: in the fox light host. what did you think of the trailer? did it live to your expectations? >> it was amazing, you hear the john williams score, you get goose bumps from that. i was on my way home from a work event, i was afraid i was going to miss, it i had to stop to a bar in queens. liz: you lost me at bar in queens. >> "monday night football" crowd, very loud and boisterous. this came up on the screen and it went silent. not a peep in the crowd for a minute and a half and then when it was over everyone started bursting in applause. something is going on here, liz. liz: as a business network, a
3:47 pm
lot of you own disney, disney owns espn, espn had the game. this is the ultimate in synergies, what other relationships do you expect to see? >> disney is the master in synergies from theme parks to broadcast networks they can push and promote it all through their chain. liz: everybody, i need you to now look at the screen. stop what you're doing, we at "countdown to the closing bell" found a single frame that may reveal a very important secret. we are going to show you that frame. >> let's do it. liz: it involves my personal fave r2-d2. what is to the right? an arm. the hand of mark hamill? the original luke skywalker? what is the hand, a really bad man cure on it. >> you know he has a robotic hand, he lost his hand in the empire strikes back. disney is very clever what they want to release, they want to get people talking and guessing
3:48 pm
without revealing too much. hamill was not in the poster they revealed monday, he was in the trailer last night. this is the only image they have allegedly of him. what else is going on with that? liz: we get that around here at fox business, why aren't i on the poster. >> good thing you had me on today. you are on the poster! >> i'm about to reveal whose hand that was? it was mine. >> you have a better manicure than that. i did that. liz: you can see me with r 2 at comic-con. it was my arm, john williams and all the producers said you're revealing it, you broke the story here. let's talk chewbacca, you met the real chewbacca? i met the real chewbacca. >> i met him on fox and friends a couple years ago, very big, like talking to khloe
3:49 pm
kardashian, very tall. the costume itself was amazing. it had to weigh 70 pounds. liz: costume? chewy is real. >> okay, here we go. [ laughter ] you are very excited. liz: neil cavuto, chewbacca is real. as i met him, i kind of goosed him in the picture. i was goosing chewbacca. you know what he said? >> i don't know what's going on. [ laughter ] what is going on in the picture. liz: i can't do the chewbacca sound. >> how great was it to see him and harrison ford. liz: i don't care, i care about the music, the studio musicians, john williams rocks it. michael tamero, thank you very much. closing bell 11 minutes away, dow down 17 points, the big banks and earnings may not look to be much at all. is there more that meets the eye.
3:50 pm
what you need to be watching when it comes to the bank investments at the end of 2015 creeps closer and closer? s&p down just 3 points.
3:51 pm
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. liz: 8 minutes to go before the closing bell rings, and looking at stocks that are flat to slightly lower. nothing too exciting happening, gold is up $4. whoopy! look at markets, ashley webster is going to wake us up with the losers. >> markets are flat as you just said, let's take a look at weight watchers, what a story this is after it was revealed oprah winfrey had taken a 10% stake in the company. up another 30%. oprah could have made $100 million on this stock. that's impressive. harley-davidson hog, h-o-g tumbling after we found out
3:54 pm
they missed on expectations with regard to profit blaming a heightened competitive environment, and tesla, you were talking about tesla early in the show, liz, consumer reports said it's going to have to drop it from its list of recommended cars saying it got a worse than average reliability score. this is the survey handed out to drivers who reported a host of problems. they did point out that tesla is very good at fixing the problems as quickly as possible, and customer loyalty among tesla drivers is extremely high. that stock taking a bit of a hit today on a day when the markets are ho-hum. liz: yeah, it's a little bit of a cult. i'm checking ibm one more time, ashley, closer to the closing bell, down nearly 6%. thank you so much. we take ibm into account, it's really the banks, you can't have a strong rally without the
3:55 pm
large money center u.s. banks coming along, reported third-quarter earnings, at first glance the numbers are not impressive. my guest thinks he's off to a decent start, he's at wells fargo. your stock pix are wells fargo, you are liking that one, and we have jack hough back again from "barron's." what's so great about the banks when a couple of them are disappointing, including jpmorgan? >> despite the low rate and the issue with credit and the issue with compliance, they're making a lot of money, making billions of dollars a quarter, and the question is what are they going to look like in five years? they need to restructure businesses around a different rate structure, different credit structure. liz: why would i invest if you get the sense they're not? >> they are doing it. jpmorgan shrank assets and increased profits because they got rid of assets that had a
3:56 pm
negative return, they probably have half a billion dollars that doesn't earn any money, so do the other big banks. >> jack, do you believe the banks instead of cutting back can have organic growth, we came up with this business and it's making money. >> there isn't a tremendous amount of organic growth. i like the companies underearning relative to potential. the money they make now is no reflection of the type of money they can make in a normal economy with a normal interest rate environment. liz: what's your expectation, dave, for the current quarter. >> fourth quarter? liz: yeah. >> pretty much like the third quarter. liz: so no santa claus rally for the banks? >> again the banking system is quite strong. liz: that's different from banking stocks. >> well, my 30 years you need to have a good banking system and a liquid bank system to have a good economy, and that's what's going to drive the market. liz: why wells fargo? >> again the three that i've
3:57 pm
given you are basically very simple domestic banks, you don't have to worry about currency, china, commodities, maybe a little bit, you want to own the basic american depository institutions. liz: suntrust bank and fifth third, when some of them get just a bit smaller, do you get the sense it's better to go with the smaller names at this point? >> when you go to the smaller names it's what are the characters in a stock? teach our viewers. >> you have to buy companies that are well-run. that is something everybody thinks is easy to do and easy to find. you buy companies stay with them. this is market to be patient. there are many macro things happening you can't control. do your job, stay in your lane, by buy companies well-run and let environment hits them going
3:58 pm
forward and you try not to do that. liz: warren buffett when he buys company he only buy as company where he adores management because he doesn't replace them. he buys dairy queen. i don't know how to run a ice cream company. i like people that are running its made it more attractive to me. is it more the jockey or the horse? >> the horse is pretty attractive in the right interest rate environment. this is not that -- becomes more important to have excellent management that hold their own during a time where earnings are low and prepare for better days ahead. liz: looks like somebody a making a trade to push it toward the flat line or maybe green. where do you see markets ending broadly in 2015? >> i think market does nothing until they figure out the three cs, china, commodities and currency. they impact companies. you seen it with ibm and some other companies. once that shows up with the
3:59 pm
earnings, just like, wait, three or four years for credit to show up in the companies before you can buy them. liz: there is always something on the headline, the front page of the newspaper, jack, if you started in 2009, got distracted and left your portfolio way it was you would be richer today. everything from the greek debt cries to china and crimea taken by russia? >> there is always stocks out there that defy headlines too. we talk about lack of growth and earnings for s&p 500. there are stocks that are growing. liz: couldn't whittle the dow to the flat line. down four points. dave hennessey and along with jack hough "barron's" senior editor. let's see if dave and melissa can turn it into green here. david: we have very important earnings like chipolte and yahoo! trump taking a lead in a new poll. all those promises he says he is going to get it all done. he told that to stewart, anyway.
4:00 pm
melissa: that's right. holy sites in question of the israel has another battle coming up. it has isis on its hand as well. david: that's a heck of a story. we'll be covering that. we're going live to the region. melissa: stocks inching lower as closing bell sounds on wall street. [closing bell ranges] let's see where we end the day. dow down about six points. s&p trading lower as well. red across the board except for gold higher by $4.40. david: we have a lot of breaking news. while markets wait for tomorrow is everything you need to know now. donald trump still leading the gop pack but he might have company at top of the republican field. the billionaire businessman remains the frontrunner but according to a new poll, dr. ben carson holding a very close second. joining us with details, peter barnes live from d.c. it's a horac


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