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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 20, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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melissa: that's right. holy sites in question of the israel has another battle coming up. it has isis on its hand as well. david: that's a heck of a story. we'll be covering that. we're going live to the region. melissa: stocks inching lower as closing bell sounds on wall street. [closing bell ranges] let's see where we end the day. dow down about six points. s&p trading lower as well. red across the board except for gold higher by $4.40. david: we have a lot of breaking news. while markets wait for tomorrow is everything you need to know now. donald trump still leading the gop pack but he might have company at top of the republican field. the billionaire businessman remains the frontrunner but according to a new poll, dr. ben carson holding a very close second. joining us with details, peter barnes live from d.c. it's a horse race, peter?
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reporter: indeed, david. a couple polls out have good news for "the donald" and hillary clinton. on republican side, latest "wall street journal"/nbc poll 25% from the last poll. dr. carson trails trump with 22% by margin of error. marco rubio is only other gop candidate to crack double digits at 13%. jeb bush and fiorina and bush showing big drops. clinton increased her lead following last week's debate. increasing her lead by 20 points among primary voters with joe biden included "abc news/washington post poll" has better news for clinton. among register democrats and voters leaning democratic, clinton got 54%, compared to sanders 23% and biden's 16%. that is travel points better for
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clinton's position a month ago. bringing her back to the level of support in the spring and summer before the fall slump. open-ended question asking all voters who they expect to win presidency, 37% picked clinton. next came trump at 20%. with no opinion, that came in at 13%. no other candidate breaking double digits in that new "abc washington post poll." dave? david: the dust is far from settling on all these matters. peter, thank you very much. melissa: very true. he is out at least. former senator jim webb ending his bid for the democratic nomination earlier today. >> i'm withdrawing from any consideration of being a democratic party's nominee for the presidency. how i remain as a voice will depend on what kind of support i'm shown in the coming weeks as i meet with people from all sides of america's political landscape. melissa: ed hen is fox news chief white house correspondent
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in d.c. with the latest. how does this change things, ed? reporter: i don't think it changes the democratic primaries really at all as you know jim webb was barely getting 1% in the polls. didn't have a lot of money. we're looking at vice president joe biden potentially getting in, potentially shaking it up, as sitting vice president could raise a lot of money. has a lot of catching up to do. hillary clinton seems to solidify her lead in the polls especially after the strong performance in the first debate. by the way she has $33 million in the bank. she has the big benghazi testimony on capitol hill. republicans were wounded on kevin mccarthy comments and some issues leading up to the big showdown. clinton appears to be in the strongest position yet while she waits for that fbi investigation, some other potential pitfalls waiting down the road. in terms of jim webb where he may have bigger impact is in the general election. he left the door wide open to a independent bid. if you look what mainstream media was talking about a few months ago in terms of donald trump potentially jumping out,
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getting upset and jump out of the republican primaries he hasn't done that of the he is in the still in the lead. if he did would throw the election to democrats. jim webb unlikely to win the white house as independent candidate but when if he takes 30, 40,000 votes in key battleground like virginia where he served as senator, that could be painful for hillary clinton an joe biden whoever winds up democratic nominee. media talked about how independent bid that could hamper the republicans. this kind of thing could hinder the democrats in jim webb follows through on that. melissa: thank you, ed. david: let's go overseas where tensions in inies rail intensifying following arrest of senior hamas officer who authorities say actively incited terrorism. u.n. secretary-general is meeting with israeli and palestinian leaders to address the deadly attacks. joining me, conor powell live
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from jerusalem. conor, do israelis put any hope at all in the u.n. settling matters over there? reporter: no. and i don't think the palestinians put much hope in the u.n. either but just a few minutes ago we got word there was another attack on israeli soldier near hebron. this makes it the fourth attack today. we're really we've seen attacks near every day for about the last three, 3 1/2 weeks or some as you said u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon arrived in the region to try to calm tensions a bit. both sides while meeting with prime minister netanyahu to quote, step back from the dangerous abyss. the visit comes after weeks of bloodshed that erupted over tensions at jerusalem's holiest site known to muslims as the noble sanctuary and to jews as the temple mount. attacks happening primarily here in jerusalem with knives, as young palestinian men attacked israelis. we've seen attacks in the south, a lot in the west bank as well.
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as i said it has gone on for nearly 3 1/2 weeks or so. not only diplomat arriving in town. secretary-general ban ki-moon, secretary of state john kerry is expected to arrive here in the next day or some he will meet with those israeli and palestinian leaders but there isn't much hope on either side that these diplomats arriving are going to do much to sort of calm tensions. at the end of the day, the only way this will probably calm down significantly if israelis and palestinians get together to find a way to work out differences given the history of this place, that seems very unlikely. david: okay. thank you very much, conor. we have earnings out from yahoo!. it appears to be a miss at first glance. jo ling kent specifically has the numbers. jo? >> that's right, dave. miss on both top and bottom. revenue coming in $1.32 billion on yahoo!. breaking 15-cent per share is adjusted eps. the street was looking for
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17 cents per share. what we see at top of the earnings report, ceo marisa mayer saying they will narrow their strategy, focusing on fewer products with higher quality to achieve improved growth and profitability. we're still going through this now but we do see that they think that this is largely within their expectations. but clearly it is a miss. they also say, in addition, the focusing on more core business, their top priority about planned spin-off of alibaba shares this is important moment for the company. the ceo says, and they continue to strive to complete the spin-off as quickly as possible. no word just yet at the top of this report on whether they are going to continue to go forward despite what the irs has said which they won't say if it is going to be a tax-free deal. we're talking about 384 million shares of alibaba. david: we're seeing 2% drop after-hours. jo will stay with us. also with us is charles payne and chad morganlander from
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stifel-nicolaus. charles, first to you, alibaba shares, how important is that? this seems like a one-time deal. on other hand it is hurting yahoo! for two reasons. china is down and alibaba shares are down as a result of that. the irs seems to deny their ability to spin off those shares without paying any taxes, right? >> you're right, david. i think we could also say number three, for a long time it was a sort of a security blanket/crutch. gave them amazing valuation. at one point if you extrapolated it out, value yahoo! the core business at zero. you know what? i think they rested on their laurels a little too much. cooled their heels. sitting on potentially a pile of cash. i find it interesting that marisa mayer would say they want to go after fewer products. that is euphemism we'll throw you know what against the wall to see how it sticks. david: let's say getty.
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yahoo! lost their development officer and marketing chief. is this going to hurt at all? is this hurting morale at yahoo!? >> i have to believe it has. nonetheless i believe charles is 100% correct. the valuation made sense substantially below this price. they will have to be much more competitive with the likes of google and facebook, in particular on the mobile side. and you know, they're making moves, step by step. we'll have to see and monitor it but the valuation at this juncture really doesn't make much sense this is hold at best. for value investor like myself and my team we would make a pass on this individually. david: on other hand, jo, look what shares are doing after-hours. we're seeing it trading up a little bit. we should alert viewers that the shares are down tremendously over past year, lost a third of its market value down 33% since january 1st. maybe investor think it has gone
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as far as it is going to go. >> david, i'm looking a the numbers like traffic costs and search for revenue we're seeing relatively decent numbers. we're still going through the report, but the miss not too far off but certainly not positive. no indication until the call later tonight what will actually happen with the spin-off, even though they say they will do it as quickly as possible. david: charles, what is the stock's strongest selling point right now? >> they're sitting on a bunch of cash. they still have talent still there despite the brain drain and it's a product and service people know. i got to tell you something, this is interesting reaction. this is three-quarters in a row they have missed. the stock was 27.60 on september 28th. they made a huge move off the low. if people buy it here they're talking a good game, how the conference call will go. i'm interested finding out how they seduce people into this stock right now. david: chad, what about investor confidence in the ceo, marisa
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mayer? >> it has been shaken. but by the way the stock has gone up considerably since she has been in power. when it comes to the long-term prospects of this company they have to really focus on the mobile side of the business and actually see revenue growth and subscriber growth there. keep in mind they have over 500 million eyeballs. the big challenge here will be how do you get that advertising dollars and start to really ramp it up quarter over quarter. this alibaba issue, this is much more of a, well, i would just say it's a waste of investors viewership. they should really look at the valuation at this juncture. david: okay. we have another earnings to report now, chipolte. ashley webster has been following that for us. ashley. >> lots to dig into, david. earnings first. 4.62 was the estimate on eps. came in at 4.59. so a three-sent miss on earnings. revenue in line with expectations at 1.22 billion.
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-- 3-cent miss. same-store sales, the expectation was 2.4%. it actually came in at 2.6%. chipolte missed revenue and same-store sales estimates the past three quarters, perhaps better there, but not exactly blowing it away and missing on earnings per share, david. david: thank you, ashley. melissa: charles payne, chad morganlander back with us. charles, what is your take on chipolte when you hear those numbers? >> we were here deja vu, the stock took a huge hit on news and as we were talking it made miraculous reversal. same-store sales, averaged 10.4%, last quarter 4.3%, the quarter we just reported 2.6%. that is really ugly stuff. that is complete free fall we know they have got own issues. they have got more competition. we're off the lows already after-market. this is one if i'm not in i don't think i chase it right
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now. i let the dust settle. melissa: chad, what do you think? >> agree with charles. still nicholas has hold rating. -- still nicholas has hold rating. this is rich valuation. you really need to have growth mind e behind it to justify valuation. same-store sales over 2%, not my cup of tea at this juncture. melissa: what do you think has happened? why do you think they're seeing that in same-store sales? just too many stores? have they expanded too quickly? >> no. melissa: even when i look around it is jammed wherever you go. >> these are highly profitable storefronts. in excess of $2 million per storefront in revenues. and operating margins are also quite vibrant. it just they have to open more stores in order to get that top-line growth. when you get over 2, 2 1/2 million dollars per storefront, that is really, an exceptional business, it really is. melissa: but charles, at the same time is saying more store, but not seeing same-store sales
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expanding the way they used to, it seems to speak to the opposite problem? go ahead. >> you open in new places, there is lot of room in terms of growth for chipolte around america and the world. maybe existing stores reach ad saturation point. it's a cult but trying to get people into the expensive cult might be tough. sonic was up huge, that is old-fashioned greasy burger and a shake. you have organic healthy kind of stuff, remember during the quarter they had a major campaign against them. melissa: right. >> who they were, but that big fat, slob, you eat at chipolte every day you will be a big, fat slob. this whole perception you go there and eat anything you want and you will be slim, trim, good for the environment -- melissa: if you believe that. jo ling, i mean that campaign was pretty funny. it was aggressive against the idea it was this healthy alternative. we all know if you eat a ton of anything it is fattening. do you think the campaign hurt them? what from your perspective do
4:15 pm
you think is going on? >> this the future of what a lot of millenials want to eat and spend their money. everything related to health and tailoring something what you want clearly been an indicator for positive potential for these companies, especially those outside of the box. i think it's a campaign that certainly just, you have to look at long-term effects rather than what it does during the current quarter. okay. thanks, guys. you can catch charles payne on "making money with charles payne" weeknights on 6:00 p.m. eastern only on fox business. david: there were days when i could eat a ton of stuff and not gain weight. those are my childhood. long time ago. i yearn for those days. >> never been the situation for me. david: it will never happen again for me. america's top military officers in iraq today, he is getting briefed on the front lines in the war against isis but does our commander-in-chief listen to the top brass anymore? we'll talk about that. melissa: teenager claiming responsibility for hacking into the personal aol account
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belonging to the head of the cia. wait until you hear how he may have done that. david: scary to think. melissa: it really is. david: "star wars" has taken over. new trailer is out. new can cavuto may not -- neil cavuto may not like this. the advanced tickets are selling eight times the previous top seller. this is why no work is getting ♪ hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. melissa: violence in israel. here now israeli forces arrested one of the cofounders of the hamas militant group, accusing i am of inciting recent violence that resulted in the death of nine israelis, many in stabbing
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attacks. here is kt mcfarland, fox news national security analyst. amber smith, senior fellow for the independent women's forum and former u.s. army helicopter pilot. thanks for both of you joining us. amber, let me start with you. there is a lot of discussion why we've seen eruption of violence in the past three weeks. there is blame for the new fight over the western wall near the temple mount, who is trying to control it. do you think that behind this or what do you think is driving this explosion? >> i think that is what originated the rage we're seeing in the streets today but i think what we're also seeing different terrorist organizations sort of jumping on the bandwagon of inciting this violence and sort of taking advantage of it. we've already seen isis sort of come out in the social media world and push for palestinians to sort of up the lone wolf style attacks and hamas with
4:21 pm
propaganda videos to incite more violence on streets of the israel. they have pushed how-to videos in terms of attacks. melissa: kt, is it too much to say it may be manifestation of the destabilization we've seen recently all over the middle east? >> it is also, as prime minister netanyahu of israel says, its like mowing the grass. this happens every decade and every several years. what provoked it now, palestinians have been resupplied. they get a lot of their funding from iran. iran just got over $100 billion. the supreme leader of iran says we'll support our terrorist proxies, our allies in the region. i think it is safe to assume hamas, probably hezbollah and other radical groups in the region have influx not only of resources but probably also of missiles. so this is typical cycle. so palestinians have violence inside of israel. i think you can expect shortly they will start firing missiles into israel. israel responds by taking out
4:22 pm
military headquarters, the weapons caches which palestinians colocate with schools and hospitals. the next step the palestinians go to the u.n. and condemn israel. history the united states, for the last three times this happened, has stood by israel and vetoed it. we don't know. i think canary in the coal mines was two weeks ago when netanyahu was at the united nations and the president ordered senior american diplomats to boycott his speech. maybe there is a break coming? melissa: amber, how does it change things? normally, john kerry is headed there to help ostensibly. normally shows up and is thought to be strongly on the side of israel but this is against the backdrop having just made the deal with iran. you know, israel is furious you would think with john kerry and obama administration. how does that change the dynamic? >> absolutely, i think tensions right now are incredibly high. not only with u.s.-israeli
4:23 pm
relations but sort of palestinian authority sort of being emboldened with the iran deal went through. u.s. was pushing it. they wanted it to to through. they see that all as form of success and weakened israel as well because they think in the future iran will have nuclear weapon because of, because of the iran nuclear deal. melissa: yeah. >> i think they see it they're able to basically go after israel in sense that we've seen and essentially taking advantage of what is going on the streets right now. melissa: kt, is there any way to look at it from the other side? perhaps it makes it look like the u.s. isn't necessarily only on the side of israel and they show up more impartial since they just made the deal with iran and gives him more sway in the area? just throwing that out there as possibility? >> no i think it is unlikely. more likely what the supreme leader called for after iran nuke deal. we will pressure israel. we will do lots of things to israel, ultimately hoping that the israelis leave.
4:24 pm
one of the ways this could happen if the united states joins in condemnation of israel. say kerry is unsuccessful which i think he will be, the united states joins in condemnation or doesn't prevent condemnation. you will see something that will affect your viewers. there will be a push to divest in israel. there will be a push not to invest in israel. israel made number of discoveries of energy resources. they will knee world investment. if they don't get it, israel is in trouble economically. melissa: we've got to go. thanks to both of you. appreciate it. david? david: moving from the serious to the fun, two strikes but they are not out. chicago rooting for the home team. a live report from wrigley field as cubs get ready to face the new york mets. plus a massive change is going to come. how apple is planning to overhaul the auto industry. we have details you may have not have heard coming up.
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point where the u.s. is facing an uphill battle in the fight against isis? it seems incredible. top u.s. military officer general joseph dunford is in iraq to see if american troops and iraqi forces are having success of any kind with regaining parts of iraq that have been lost to isis. but a big question, do our generals and our commander-in-chief see eye-to-eye on our mission there and on strategy? here to weigh in, general jack keane, retired four-star general and institute of study of war chairman. general, thank you for coming in. how are our military commanders and commander-in-chief getting along on this issue? >> i think there has been a general frustration inside of the military for some time the mission is to defeat isis. that proclamation was made by the president 13 months ago. general dunford is heading over there to talk to our military folks. he certainly knows that in those 13 months isis controls about the same amount of territory as it did when the mission was
4:29 pm
provided in iraq and syria. and it's expanded into seven other countries with documented affiliates and has a world-wide following. knows something is not right. talk to the people on the ground, make an assessment. figure out what they think is wrong or what needs to be done. david: i'm asking about how they're getting along because sometimes seems like the president blames the military for getting things wrong. last week he seemed to blame the military for this failure to get this syrian group of isis fighters together. it cost $500 million. we ended up with just a handful of fighters. he said i didn't want to get into it in the first place, seems to me trying to blame the military. that must not go down well with military commanders? >> what frustrated them more than anything that it didn't work. they're high performers, the goal was wrong from the beginning. what we should have done, as opposed to recruiting people for that force, that would only be
4:30 pm
willing to fight isis, the fact is, most of the syrian rebels want to protect their families in the communities. david: right. >> therefore they have to fight assad first. listen, the troops on the ground don't think about what the president is doing. the main thing, they think about what their chain of command is. david: forgive me interrupting but we're short on time, there aren't enough troops. that is essentially, correct me if i'm wrong, that seems to be why isis spread like wildfire in iraq. we pulled too many troops out too soon. the president reversed himself in afghanistan for the same reason. i wonder if it is too late to put troops back into iraq that have been taken out? >> i don't think anyone is suggesting we need to bring right now combat troops in iraq. but we need to have considerably more advisors and trainers, special operations forces. i would suspect, my analysis tells me we need about the same amount of troops we had there at the end when we pulled them all out. we'll see what general dunford's assessment is.
4:31 pm
david: if he comes back and says exactly what you just said, mr. president, this is what we need, what do you think the president would say in response? >> i don't know. i know dunford's reputation is smart, savvy and he has real spine. whether he can impact a president who only has 15 months left in his presidency, and who doesn't want any further entanglements in the middle east remains to be seen or not. i suspect he can not impact him too much. david: general jack keane, sober analysis. thank you, general. appreciate it. >> good talking to you. melissa: the teenage hacker that claims to have broken into the personal aol account of cia director john brennan says he got access by posing as a verizon worker to trick another employee into giving him brennan's information. the fbi and other federal agencies are investigating. criminal charges may be filed. he had an aol account. david: unbelievable. do you have one of those? i don't. haven't for years.
4:32 pm
melissa: cia director there. the mets have come out swinging with 2-0 lead in nlcs. cub mania is still a fever. sales of tickets are skyrocketing. sales of gear is skyrocketing. jeff flock, tough assignment for you there, jeff flock. what is it like in chicago? you look like you're having terrible time. >> it is tough. i have my coat on. you know where my heart lies here. we don't get here very often. so look it, we have rabid cubs fans. look at this fellow here. that is a rabid cub fan. i'm not quite sure -- that may be a met fan he has got over there. remarkable history of playoff failure for the cubs. if you look since 1984, put numbers up, they're very tough to look at. they lost to everybody but not
4:33 pm
lost to the mets. padres, atlanta, marlins, lost to those guys, but not the mets. hopefully that won't happen tonight. tickets, you mentioned, melissa, you head over to the will call line, perhaps you see folks, trying to get tickets at face value. a lot of people are paying more than face value for this. infield box, put numbers up on secondary market, infield box seat tonight going for $10,000. normally 250 face value. some of these guys are in the will call line have already got tickets. we'll see what happens. go cubs. melissa: yes. jeff flock, thank you so much for that. meanwhile, in american league the toronto bluejays look to tie the series in four, the series in game four against the kansas city royals. david: it is exciting times. both football and baseball happening at the same time. let's take a quick check on some shares, some companies issued their earnings, see how the
4:34 pm
shares are doing. chipolte shares recovering a bit. down 3% after-hours. after the restaurant chain post ad third quarter earnings miss and quarterly comparable restaurant sales increase of evenly 2.6%. that -- only 2.6%. that is very low. according to donald trump he is getting things done. the our panel weighs in on the his hefty promises coming next. melissa: pulling the brakes on tesla dell s. why the sedan lost its recommendation. that is coming up.
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david: repealing obamacare, getting rid of dodd-frank, a large plateful of promises from donald trump. can he get it all done? he tells stuart varney how he will do it. >> my life has been dealing with politicians getting them to approve things. i get along with everybody, with democrats, with republicans, i get along with everybody. my whole life i get things done. look at obama, he doesn't get anything done. david: joining me brad blakeman, former senior advisor to president george w. bush, dan henninger, "wall street journal" deputy editor and jessica tarloff, senior political strategist. brad, i would of all talking points he has this, is the most solid donald trump can make. he says, look i can get the deal done. i wrote a book about deals. i made deals.
4:39 pm
gotten politicians to do what i want. is that a solid point of trumps? >> he is successful businessman. that doesn't necessarily translate to being successful president. we have coequal branches government. david: tell that to our current president. >> that is true. the donald trump says president obama hasn't had success. affordable care act and executive orders in place of legislation. obama has been successful, the reason he has been successful beyond his constitutional authority. david: he got obama care done because he had both houses. trump, dan, think what you may of trump is he up in the polls. doesn't seem to have ceiling establishment republicans say exists for him. maybe people are filtering out the hyperbole and focusing on his i can get things done stuff? >> that may be true, david. he makes it a little bit
4:40 pm
difficult to focus exactly he represents. he said in the statement i get along with everybody. last time i looked he basically is fighting with everybody. if you criticize donald trump you are in a catfight. to be president of the united states you will be criticized by people in washington. you can't spend your entire presidency fighting. david: that is a bit of a tactic. he draws people in. 9/11 hyperbole, was mostly yesterday's news. he did talk about that with stu. let's play the sound bite. >> i said usama bin laden who is well-known terrorist at that time. i wrote one political book and i said usama bin laden would try to come in and do some big damage. that was three years before. obviously if i know about it, they know about it. they should have done something about usama bin laden. david: the book came out actually about a year before, not three years before. we went back and looked at quote. he said i really am convinced
4:41 pm
we're in danger of sort of terrorist attacks that would make the bombing at the trade center look like kids with firecrackers. he named bin laden by name but he was right on that one. >> that is par for the course of donald trump. he was right but i don't think we'll be electing donald trump because he predicted this or predicted that. this is exactly no-nonsense attitude. comes in with the largest ego in the room and railroads through everybody. and it is working. to the point whether there is ceiling on this, i can't see him going much higher. i believe there is potential donald trump could be candidate which a month ago i was saying was completely impossible. he is defying odds as it were. david: indeed he has been. jessica, thank you very much. dan and brad, good to see you all. >> thank you. david: melissa. melissa: tesla model s no-go, "consumer reports" holding recommendation for tesla model s, one reason is raved,
4:42 pm
poor reliability for the electric sedan of the stock is down 10% immediately following the news. it has come back since then. deirdre bolton joins me with more. >> melissa, i will go through list of some of the complaints that were logged. troubles with power equipment and giant ipad-like center console. essentially body and sunroof squeaks, leaks and rattles which i think when you're buying a tesla and you have this image of perfect engineering, you don't really want a sunroof that leaks or rattles. so tesla's comment, okay, fine. this is consumer reports, would like to point out a counter comment our customer service always gets excellent reviews. we have the most loyal customers. consumer reports further published with an analyst say, this does not bode well for the suv that was just launched. there is supposed to be this mass market car that comes to mark net in 2017, the model 3,
4:43 pm
which is supposed to be a little more affordable, mid-sized. seems if tesla can't execute on models already out there. it doesn't bode well for the future. melissa: all right, we'll see. thanks, deirdre. look forward to seeing you at top of the hour for "risk & reward." david: what a 180. i don't remember "consumer reports" doing 180 like that. amazing turn around. melissa: interesting. david: your uber could be taking economy for a ride. uber's ceo says his company is changing the labor market for the better. but maybe not. our panel weighing in on that. a massive change in cars is coming. what apple's ceo tim cook says is next for the future of automobiles. ♪ the
4:44 pm
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4:47 pm
choose their own hours. there may be consequences doing away with the old 9:00 to 5:00 jobs. here to weigh in, lasalle network ceo. dan henninger "wall street journal" deputy editorial page editor. thanks to both of you for joining us. dan, who is right here? the ceo says you can push a button to get a car or essentially push a button to have a job because anyone can decide tomorrow to be uber driver and go out there to make money? >> he has a good point. the nature of work is changing. if people are able to move from job to job. the part i worry about is the support system. that is to say people's personal savings or their pensions. if you work for a fortune 500 company, have established 401(k). this seems to be argument for looking at things like paul ryan is suggesting, vouchers for social security. certainly the portability of health insurance. melissa: okay. >> if we change status quo for work, change it for the support system.
4:48 pm
melissa: if you're becoming a uber driver, somebody about giving up job at fortune 500 company? or someone frustrated with minimum wage job somewhere at mcdonald owes somewhere else. competing for minimum wage which is losing battle and your job is automated. if i need to work or earn extra money on top of my other job on the weekend i can instantly have a job being part of the sharing economy, uber or otherwise? >> absolutely. i question whether anybody in washington has ever gotten into an uber and talked to their driver. i was in one the other day. the driver said, you know what? my spouse is out of town two weeks traveling for business. i had nothing to do. it was option to make more money and keep myself busy. so many different people are talking about. this is babysitting money for a lot of people in regards. not in lieu of. somebody who doesn't have a job. it is a bandaid in between careers. it is an ad-on. that is positive thing. we're getting more money into the system.
4:49 pm
more people that are working. i don't see where the negative is. melissa: dan, i talked to my uber driver anytime i get n half the time they're thrilled. they say it is great. half the time they don't make as much money as they wanted. seems like almost any other job of the knock against it, it is doing away with stable kind of jobs where you have a boss, you have a 9:00 to 5:00. that the sharing economy is crowding out jobs that are stickier so to speak. do you buy that? >> well,. there is no question the previous economy is under pressure and we're sorting out the new economy how it will create jobs for people and uber is at the foot of that mountain. there will be more experiments and ways to figure out how people work. issue of job satisfaction and time on the job will sort itself out over period of time. melissa: go ahead. >> you know, melissa, we're not talking about somebody giving up
4:50 pm
60,000-dollar a year job to drive an uber. we're talking about augmenting income. i know a lot of, i don't know them, when i'm in cab talking to cab driver. they're not happy about it. that was issue before uber came into the picture. there wasn't any big uproar let's help cab drivers. they're not getting social security. we're making mountain out of molehills to cause trouble for a company that invented a technology. melissa: guys, thank you so much. good stuff. david? david: definitely shaking up all the vested interests. that is why they're so mad. well, significant sith happens. it is leaving "star wars" fans heartbroken. the new consultants are here. it's not just big data, its bigger data. we're beta testing the new wearable interface... ♪ xerox believes finding the right solution shouldn't be so much work.
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keeping you on course. so call now and discover how an aarp medicare supplement plan could go long™ for you. these are the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp, an organization serving the needs of pe 50 and over for generations. plus, nine out of ten plan members surveyed say they would recommend their plan to a friend. remember, medicare doesn't cover everything. the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ david: we have breaking news on the car front. ferrari pricing its ipo at 52 bucks a share.
4:54 pm
investors expected shares to be priced between 48 and $52. the luxury carmaker begins trading tomorrow under the ticker symbol, race. meanwhile apple ceo tim cook sounding off what he sees about future of car industry. last night "wall street journal" global technology conference. take a listen. >> there will be massive change in that industry, massive change you may not agree with that. that's what i think. david: fox car report editor gary gastelu agrees with cook but thinks it could take time. gary, is apple working on a car? >> they're working on something, we don't know. maybe he has massive change ready to go in 2019. as far as industry in broader sense, what is massive? that is big and fast like the smartphone revolution. i don't think we'll see that in cars. 20 years from now they will look like they did 20 years ago. more new technology, more electric but --
4:55 pm
david: people are not buying electric. we had news from tesla today. tesla shares are down. bottom line the mass of public are not buying electric. >> part of the reason that the industry hasn't switched over to provide those electric cars. i'm not saying demand is quite there yet. the idea we'll have this massive shift to electric cars, car is intense amount of capitol. worldwide millions and millions of cars. major automakers don't want to do that. could apple do that with driverless 3d printed electric car in numbers, absolutely. does that institute a massive change? i don't know. david: we have to leave it at that. gary, we have to leave it. we had breaking news. we had to shorten the segment. you want "star wars" tickets? good luck. may the force be with you. we'll tell how how hard it is to get them. to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers.
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prge! a manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world. awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management. >> "star wars" smashing records already. last night was premier of the
4:59 pm
trailer, just the trailer. for latest installment in the "star wars" film series. advanced tickets went on sale. it set a new record for most tickets sold on first day of sales, beating previous record eight times over. gary gastelu is back with us. i know you're a huge fan. what do you make of the trailer and hype. i bought two full sets, two different shows. how but. >> i was seven when it came out. this is in my blood. last night like most of america failed to buy tickets. it crashed. friend of mine said there are tickets on sale. days and shows added. i bought tickets for four different shows. thank goodness for fandango's refund policy. i would be alone. >> that is interesting i went and bought different sets thinking about fandango's refund policy. will that cop back to haunt them. >> they charge you convenience fee. out five bucks for every four tickets.
5:00 pm
i got the show i want to see. >> all right. gary, thank you so much for being fanatic with me for a second. i appreciate that. did you also get any tickets? david: no. no. i understand for sale on ebay for a thousand bucks. >> you have to be crazy. david: "risk & reward" starts now. deirdre: there is a growing list of challenged american companies in china. google, uber, now yum! brands. the fast-food company announced it will spin off its chinese business. welcome to "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. jump brands the first -- yum! brands is the first western chain to open in china. it opened in 1977 in tianamen square. it has suffered some missteps. the author of the coming collapse of china. he said yum is the latest victim of a chinese government that wants u.s. companies out. gordon chang is with me now. gordon, ad


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