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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  October 20, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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the cubs the royals are nine to four but the last time that cubs won the series nobody was born. >> donald trump is leading the polls but you better put on his gloves because they're coming at him from all angles. washington d.c. sitting on of powder keg. joe biden and the g.o.p. over leadership as stocks with out of this session it has a the market looking for of leader. making money starts right now. >> but maybe i am starting to imagine a but i don't like to think about it i like to get things done
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right now to have dropped out but is started at 79 am leading the pack by a lot. i think is sitting hillary gets it she is a terrible record of secretary of state and will make our country great. charles: that was donald trump although he has increased his lead but ben carson within a margin of error also winning in certain areas very strong in some areas will be formidable for the red dirt of - - attrition for those small businesses we're making a big statement right now. $21 million coming from small business instead of going after big wall street money and that is where it is at.
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but the big question is is that enough to win a nomination? with the chief political correspondent and fox news contributor, we will start with you. that person has surprised people as much as donald trump he isn't taking the headlights of making a major impact with a grass roots of ordinary people. why? >> this is good news. republican voters like carson he has a personal appeal with a sense of integrity he was impressing voters. and indicates he has report
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back in right to $27 check in of all those who have given him money they can give more. he can go back to the well where summer else listed jeb bush money has given the maximum he cannot go back. charles: he has used those but again the average contribution of 50 years $60 even though donald trump said i don't want money a lot of people say here is >> absolutely. people led to invest in this campaign. there are so many people that believe donald trump will not only with the primary but with the election. talk about a historic election cycle. they are emotionally engaged and ready to fight the long
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fight with him. >> the rules are all different with the political action committees and you had to be second with the aid olsons of the rococo brothers but in the end and the ultimate winner avoid not having to go that route? >> everybody will have to have super pac money. end it will have to see how much they want to spend on their own race but to go up against jeb bush to have as 100 million and hillary will have more than 100 million it will be tough if they don't raise that type of money. charles: but hillary doesn't get this from the regular people it is from the the best bet heavily stalled as how to act or what to do
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what is good for us everybody says we want to break out. the regular person wants to hitch the wagon to the winner. >> it is fascinating on the left them the right anti-establishment money raising and the vote. sanders and carson have similar numbers and both over 70 percent or 80% of ben carsons money does come from their. that is extraordinary the numbers are not as big but it is similar. charles: the rnc reported a record amount of money for $45 million and they say that is coming from small donors and has never
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happened this early in the game but does it keep going? >> marriage is intense interest but what are we talking about right now at the top of the show? eidenshink you will see it interests continue all the way through the caucasus and to those musset it is early with a scathing and christmas it is january then it is almost time to start voting. charles: the small voters with the rnc. but take a look at this. look at the contributions only $50 bernie sanders
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pointed out four times more. and here is the thing. it the end at the ultimate winner has their best interests at heart? we'll be ultimately be boxed in when they tend to reciprocate. >> i don't think so because of the anti-establishment candidates are policies or individuals putting forth a strong idea is and broad ideas and that is part of the establishment problem. people on both sides of the aisle toward how this hyper partisan establishment, i wanted it to be from somebody but not necessarily the special interest groups
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we have seen the grass-roots parties lose tuesday it is time to ruth put to bed the grass roots of all sides. >> some they did talk about carson is if he put out a tax plan the 10% plan sunday that is great for successful people they are happy to see a presidential candidate who doesn't want to take away all their money that is the kind of policy that appeals to a lot of people. the small businesses behind
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carson. >> it goes back to authenticity and a realistic simplistic approach but the regular people want we're not tap bond dash talking at them but not what they want to hear but what they need to hear. >> that is part of the appeal. carson does make complex things seem very simple and he suggests they are simple solutions to complicated problems he will talk about the national debts and how his mother could stretch of dollar and they got by on very little and they had to manage small amounts of money to suggest that is a very useful experience to balance the national budget. he does hold a simple story how he will approach problems. charles: following a the trump phenomenon, the white
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you think? it is part of that rock star tv star feel? >> it is deeper than that. looking up the republican primary looking immigration and national security, of those things troweled is very strong. it is very important when we're in a world with terrorism on the rise because of failed policies and if he says he will do something when you talk to a single candidate he is running to make america a great again and people believe what he says. >> all candidates have made pledges that make it easier
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to act than to fill but the idea that they will go there to give it a shot. that is something that we've talked about in the final point that maybe you could that have stopped the terrorist attacks the u.s. had the policies to curb it. >> i think that's right. the tea party in particular is that a politician's then become tainted or follow the party line that is what the house battle is all about what people who take their views seriously and that is of a big argument and the republican party and trump and his people play into that. charles: breaking news. ferrari can buy the stock at the ipo $52 a share will trade tomorrow on the new york stock exchange under
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race. with a market cap of $10 billion the carson raised millions of small business the nation's the campaign that is funded by debt deep pockets of hollywood but what will she owed them? i think you know, and we will discuss that. ♪ for less than the average price of a car,
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i just had a horrible nightmare. my company's entire network went down, and i was home in bed, unaware. but that would never happen. comcast business monitors my company's network 24 hours a day and calls and e-mails me if something, like this scary storm, takes it offline. so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. charles: breaking news speaker of the house jawed boehner announced paul ryan will have an announcement later robbed this evening. everybody is waiting to see he will be the next speaker of the house and if it will be paul ryan.
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they will discuss this with our panel. i know paul ryan has been dressed up in front of the crowd to possibly fulfill a enough of the demands from both sides. but he has been playing hardball that the speaker job is it dead end job i want to be president what type of compromise would he put in position? >> you have to involve the freedom caucus the 40 most conservative republicans who gave john boehner fits. we know right and was meeting in washington with members of the freedom
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caucus today. you can assume if he completely shut the door aren't speaker he would not have met with them. does this mean an agreement has been reached between them? but he cannot go forward if this group of the freedom caucus would hardline hindus they would not support him. i think the announcement said justin has been the result meant . charles: but they said mccarthy was a definite but it said is the exacta of the city cannot persuade the hard-liners when it comes to immigration there just like anthills.
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>>anded has been. the left has had a wonderful time to sit with their lack of discipline so i am proud of the with house republicans have acted recenty that punted boehner as a do nothing speaker he does have that personality and ideas to have a more established republicans. >> what is plan be? >> i don't know that is messy. charles: that is when the democrats do because it yell like it messy it will be. >> and all the democrats are
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throwaway a victory party. democrats want republican as a strong leader to deliver our promises you can make in negotiations to have the cop is back all of those skills to make you good campaign is not a good governor that is about consensus building and coming together era and compromising it is the dirty word. i would one day caucus that would not come to the table to work with me. charles: rehab the sound bite. >> i believe we will have an
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announcement later this evening i am not sure what that will be. if it is about compromise. >> i don't know either. but if it is that the dow's out for a variety of reasons where does the g.o.p. go from here? even if you support paul ryan is not the only member of the house but with those in the current leadership and chairman of the committee to probably go that way. but to get the largest group of republicans. he has to be elected by a the republican conference of
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247 republicans you just need a majority to get that but when you go forward to the full house the speaker is elected by the full house including democrats who will not go for a republican if that is the than the candidate does not get at 218 macarthy drew because he felt maybe he could get 280 but that would be of very low margin he wanted something bigger than that. charles: he said he wanted to order 47. >> that may not be the congress for that. we were going to end the show on that topic but we will bring it up again this is major news with the debt ceiling and important issues
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>> in the meantime donald trump told stuart varney he sold most of his stocks he had 45 and made money on 40 of them. they were good deals but i will tell you why maybe not for you. is the stage not have $9 billion. we will be right back. (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism.
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explaining why he cashed out jiri 2014 he said he didn't trust the government i said rabbi her that before? i have been helping investors three decades i have never seen the investment during i did -- that have during the bull market. we talk about the fed and the economy and china but the fact is people have been on the sidelines because it boils down to trust or a lack of trust. believe me know these companies that it is not working for you is that i will invest in the market actually she had 45 stocks in 48 made money. but a the real story is he
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put his money to work like an apple or bristol-myers. he took the inheritance and built into several billion dollars the moral of this story and i don't trust this government but i do believe kay jewelers has a great christmas. something i think we should all do. the establishment donald trump is of missing his lead tell me your thoughts. should he do "saturday night live"? we will be right back.
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charles: the trump train keeps up going along picking up steam and passengers. from the latest poll trump remains that top at 27 percent carsick number two at 22% solid and marco rubio perhaps the last establishment candidate standing there is some lot of thoughts erodes ap's talking about how panicked the establishment is.
6:32 pm
>> i think the last three or four days have been a turning point in the campaign. saying he is bound to fail something of happen but he will not get the nomination. and looking at the dip in the polls in late september now accompanied by a rise in the polls. tsa he could win the nomination. tsa negative ads work there will stop the candidacies so you will see is some big republican donors putting a lot of money together for a big anti-trump ad campaign
6:33 pm
in the release dates. >> anytime you see a negative ad someone that does not have your best interest at heart. >> and with the conventional wisdom has fallen flat. why is he still on top? they will not necessarily work with trump they will embolden the supporters about what they do but it will make republicans look really bad because of the democrats unite and republicans with a negative campaign it will not look bad. charles: i haven't seen anybody fight back against donald trump. i feel like -- is jeb bush
6:34 pm
is not taking on the school bully. >> and then they start to say it was a democrat until a few years ago. you say you like this knighted of all that negativity is beaten to the phenomenon of donald trump is open about his past positions and what he supports today and they will try it got there to do these horrible things. because every time they do they go down in the polls. it looks like of big reestablishment and it will be interesting it is not ben
6:35 pm
carson or ted cruz there will be a jeb bush marco rubio and will fall flat. >> there is a lot of people are excited to hear him say live from new york is saturday night. [laughter] please no more exposure. he will be on their november november 7th but movies gutierrez says the low level of enforcement is too much. so will nbc cave where did they say it is to much of a rating sugar not? like the democrats and the liberals. >> and "saturday night live"
6:36 pm
had hillary clinton on a few weeks ago but this is way too sweet but all this talk of the petition and is more reason why people will watch it will be reading splits and a basic error not journalists they're not out for the public good they are a business and want to make money. >> they do like to make statements and this could be a time. i don't think they will but you will get that opposition piling up. >> there is serious hypocrisy involved. nbc was so upset by what trump said about hispanics that a severed ties with him to get rid of other ties with trump and now he is coming back. it does leave nbc open to a charges of hypocrisy as they
6:37 pm
do it for the ratings but didn't they make a principled decision before? >> before they saw the ratings. [laughter] speenine able i did that because those 50,000 as on in the petition will be watching trump with of 1 million. charles: so before we get out will is set a record? >> it might. i take it well with all the controversy over the appearance. >> yes. it will. >> absolutely. charles: we are in it together. i did maybe it is the first time i will watch it added has been over 20 years. we have breaking news russia and the united states has signed an agreement to open communications between russia and the military.
6:38 pm
they want to start talking to each other as the combat planes fly over syria. we have the experts.
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6:40 pm
charles: we have already heard about some potential nearness so signing a cooperation deal over the skies of serious about what about the ground?
6:41 pm
♪ ♪ (singing) you wouldn't haul a load without checking your clearance. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. charles: moments ago russia and even his states signed an agreement to open communications between our respective military commanders. the memorandum is to help minimize risk for those to carry out airstrikes over syria either way it is an
6:42 pm
active airspace people say that disagreement that the u.s. house to russia to give more free rein into syria. we have lieutenant-colonel ralph peters. made this is a step in the right direction? it is like the wild wild west. maybe this could be something more meaningful? >> it is much more so the of the agreement that it is. this strictly technical to keep the pilots out of each other's way but the russian media presents it as our passivity and implicit recognition of russia's right to be there and a division of labor and they will use this agreement to
6:43 pm
control our access to western syria where we can and cannot apply. meanwhile the russian air force is pounding the living daylights out of those that we're backing and other moderate groups and russia is delegating the past. it is a technical agreement we are here and the americans recognize it. charles: but here is my concern they prepare a stage that has already started and for the most part u.s.-backed rebels of the most success so they will be bombed to smithereens by the russians. >> they are. but the syrian and helicopters dropping leaflets saying get out of
6:44 pm
here now or you will be bombed. the russian back led coalition is making progress they are trying to drive out sunii arab population. while we do nothing the iranians have militias on the ground are doing a lot and the most interesting development today with the russian media reporting the defense ministry rushed to deny a the soldiers that were killed on the ground that they used a phrase. [speaking russian] that means no service members were killed but they say that is olunteers to
6:45 pm
sit there on the ground fighting. charles: newsday both parties look like that? >> we now have a coherent strategy and the show's the administration will put forth rhetoric about the fact they don't agree but they're not in a place to do anything about it. so they are into a quagmire. charles: when you lead me from behind to drift further behind. mcdonald's is test selling in about 20 restaurants what about those health-conscious soccer moms? would you buy a monster drink? tweet me.
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ charles: talk about a monster deal monster beverage after mcdonald's and of the cable test the energy drink so the deal that had more than $1 billion as monster plays this up it is often evade day average has a lot more room to the upside. talk about household names and what we know this been an ugly earnings season they have paid a very heavy price harley-davidson, a
6:50 pm
wal-mart, i am has been hammered netflix order google or alphabet all profited and state court says is back. i say by what you know, but i also tell them understand but this year indian motorcycles have gone through the roof. >> understand what is going on with the company. this is the problem the average harley order is over 50 years of the of look at the demographics of that
6:51 pm
baby boom generation building through their life cycle, the majority have gone to the stage their large and expensive and beautiful but you will not get the 18 year-old to buy one. so they have a demographic problem they'd need to gear the market toward minorities 95 percent are men. >> there is some evidence he said you don't think wal-mart is of a proxy for the economy? >> wal-mart is a perfect exhibit compared to the amazon. amazon knows how to get the product in the household but wal-mart is struggling figuring out how to get into the 21st century it is a wal-mart problem. charles: so when things turn around on an alphabet i thought about steve cortez
6:52 pm
because you are dash. >> i am skeptical. particularly i concur with harley-davidson has its own problems but in the case of former you cannot make that argument. it is so ubiquitous the economy is by far the of the largest private employer in america and that was destroyed last week and has not come back at all. that does not hold water i think u.s. consumer is tiring although we are still the growth engine the rest of the world is in such a bad place we're not immune. so we have to be cautious right now kryptonite they are staley from them. >> what about starbucks or nike? the matter the state there is something that we still
6:53 pm
spend money on. >> that is a great point talk about starbucks they have the addictive clientele and i am one of them i of there every morning if not twice their beneficiary is tumbling so coffee prices are in the tank but they have will customers. there are winning names of all time highs for sure but in general the american consumer and the names have been great but they are vulnerable. charles: date you very much. tonight we have some big news perhaps paul reiser and will throw his hat in the ring that there will be an announcement said g.o.p. desperately needs some sort of leadership maybe it is speaker of the house. we will talk about that when we come back.
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. charles: breaking news for you right now. here's the question, will paul ryan make a bid for the speakership, the conference at the gop conference meeting occurs tonight. and moments ago on special report with bret baier speaker john boehner had this to say. >> paul, i believe, will have an announcement later on this evening. i'm not sure what the announcement is going to be. charles: you know, of course, everything seems to be in disarray with the gop and the big question now is how will the chips fall? will paul ryan announce he's running for this job? by the way, the house republicans are meeting until 7:00 p.m. and just now hearing he will speak, paul ryan at the conclusion of this gop conference. he's going to talk to the press. back with me liz peek and lieutenant colonel ralph peters. liz, to you first, the last few, maybe the last week, a lot of people saying paul ryan is
6:58 pm
the only guy to get the job done, there is opposition particularly on talk radio and other areas with the immigration policies and i think he voted for the bailout, nevertheless it feels like he's in a position to call the shots. what concessions might he have been asking for? >> i think he wants backing by the tea party caucus. he doesn't want to go through a big bloody fight over who's the speaker. why would he? he's an incredibly important and good position right now. totally a policy wonk, loves dealing with arcane matters, as head of the house ways and means committee he's where he wants to be. if i were he, i would say i'm willing to do this for the good of the party and by the way, i think it is for the good of the party. he's a smart, capable leader but only do it if i don't have to engage in a lot of ruckus getting set up down the road too. charles: lieutenant peters --
6:59 pm
>> now you busted me down to lieutenant. [ laughter ] >> i have to remember i'm dealing with king charles. charles: i'm a cocker spaniel. >> the problem with paul ryan is he's too decent a man and conscientious legislator for the far right. he believes in democracy. and democracy charles is about compromise inherently. compromise isn't a dirty word and both extremes hate the idea and not comfortable with the democracy. i want you to support me on, this okay, i'll grudgeingly support you on. that nobody in this country gets to impose a rigid intolerant party line left or right on the rest of us. it doesn't work like that, and paul ryan i think he loves the house, loss of his job certainly. i hope he helps out but feel sorry for him.
7:00 pm
charles: a lot of people said the same thing, it would be amazing sacrifice on his part without a doubt, and i don't think he takes the job without concessions. the vocal minority may have to give something up. lieutenant colonel peters, appreciate it. liz peek, we appreciate it as well. love that you watch every night at 6:00 p.m. keep it right here. lou dobbs. he's next. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. donald trump and dr. ben carson tonight pulling ahead of career politicians in the republican race for the white house. new polls show that as of this moment trump is the undisputed front-runner, dr. carson his only current competition for the status. but the gop establishment is now clearly upset, clearly threatened by the front-runner who stayed in the lead now for three months. no one, of course, is more at threat than the once presumed front-runner governor jeb bush, and bush allies are lashing out


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