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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 20, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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amazing sacrifice on his part without a doubt, and i don't think he takes the job without concessions. the vocal minority may have to give something up. lieutenant colonel peters, appreciate it. liz peek, we appreciate it as well. love that you watch every night at 6:00 p.m. keep it right here. lou dobbs. he's next. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. donald trump and dr. ben carson tonight pulling ahead of career politicians in the republican race for the white house. new polls show that as of this moment trump is the undisputed front-runner, dr. carson his only current competition for the status. but the gop establishment is now clearly upset, clearly threatened by the front-runner who stayed in the lead now for three months. no one, of course, is more at threat than the once presumed front-runner governor jeb bush, and bush allies are lashing out at trump who has them fearing for the bush campaign and their livelihoods.
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one gop strategist aligned with bush called trump a, quote, zombie front-runner because he claims trump is unelectable. i'll talk with one of the republican presidential candidates senator rick santorum. we'll discuss his plans to break out and how to win the early primaries. also tonight, vice president biden sounds more and more like a presidential candidate, just a day after sources confirmed to fox news that biden is expected to run. the vice president is very much acting the part of a candidate. biden is already reversing himself and trying to revise his historical record. we'll take up biden's imminent run and the race for the house speakership with jedidiah bila, the washington free beacon's laughlin markey. also tonight, ban ki-moon has made a surprise visit to jerusalem, he's there to try to negotiate an end to a
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month-long wave of violence between israelis and palestinians. the secretary-general's visit days before secretary of state kerry is to meet with israeli prime minister netanyahu and palestinian president abbas. we'll talk with former u.n. ambassador john bolton about whether this administration can still act as an honest broker between the two in the palestinian-israeli conflict. our top story tonight, the race for the republican presidential nomination, one that donald trump has simply dominated. trump's opponents are intensifying their rather personal attacks against the man who clearly established himself as the front-runner. frustration leading one bush ally to say trump is dead politically despite trump's campaign that has kept him in the lead for three months. carl cameron with our report. >> reporter: jeb bush and his backers decided to fight their way back into contention
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against donald trump. the head of the superpack mike murphy dubbed trump a zombie front-runner as in dead candidate walking and trying to kill others. bush is now trump's main attacker. >> donald trump believes that russia's presence is a good thing in syria. makes no sense at all. he's running for president of the united states, he should be commander in chief, he's running for commander in chief, should have a policy that projects america's leadership and presence in the world not for applauding putin for filling our void. >> reporter: he doesn't like ted cruz, the fire bred texas senator is building a formidable national organization as insurgent conservative and staunchly led up in the polls. he is saying, quote -- marco rubio who reserved 17 million dollars worth of ad
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space in the early voting states but has only 11 million in the bank right now got more neutral treatment from the former president who indicated he was unsure a young first term senator is qualified to be president but joked if he won the nomination he would be back to say it doesn't matter. an average of recent polls has trump comfortably leading, carson right behind him. rubio and cruz tied for third and jeb bush in fifth and increasingly on the attack, lou. lou: carl, thank you very much, carl cameron. on the democratic side vice president biden sounds more like a presidential candidate at an event honoring former vice president walter mondale, the vice president changed his story on the part he played in the bin laden raid. back in 2012 he told house democrats he had been opposed to it. biden sounded more like the candidate he's expected to soon be. biden now says he was all for killing bin laden. >> there are only two people
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who are definitive, and who are absolutely certain, leon panetta said go, and bob gates who has already said this said don't go. as we walked out of the room and walked upstairs, i told him my opinion i thought he should go but follow his own instincts. lou: and biden took a number of swipes at hillary clinton. he declared he has more standing than the former secretary of state. >> because the secretary of state, we've got two great secretaries of state, but when i go, they know that i am speaking for the president. there is nothing missed between the lip and the cup. that whatever i say the president is saying. lou: but it was a fairly good day for clinton. she announced he has the endorsement of more than 50 african-american mayors all across the country. clinton also rebounding after last week's democratic debate,
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her numbers improving. she has a 20-point lead now over senator bernie sanders and the new nbc-"wall street journal" poll and a 31-point lead over sanders in a new abc-"washington post" poll. and former senator jim webb announcing he is dropping out of the democratic presidential race but also signaled he is considering running as an independent. meanwhile on capitol hill, business as usual, and the senate republican leadership permitting senate democrats to successfully filibuster republican legislation that would have cracked down on sanctuary cities. the republican-backed bill would have cut off federal funding for cities and local governments that don't honor requests to hold criminal illegal immigrants in jail. cities like san francisco or an illegal immigrant that shouldn't have been freed murdered 32-year-old kate steinle. 60 votes were required to advance the bill that fell
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short on the procedural rule. 54-45. so long as senator mitch mcconnell is the majority leader it appears the white house will never have to actually veto a bill. a major shift tonight regarding mammograms. a shift that is raising a lot of questions the american cancer society now advising women to screen later and less often. what does that shift mean? what will be the effect? joining us dr. mark siegel, clinical professor at the nyu langone medical center. great to have you. >> good to see you, lou. lou: this is a dramatic shift from 40 to 45 to begin mammograms and do so with less frequency. >> this is a big deal especially since it's an endorsement from the american cancer society. i'm worried women between the ages of 40 and 45 won't get the insurance coverage to cover the mammograms. it's an important tool, do you realize a mammogram is 90% successful at finding breast
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cancer before it leaves the breast. 90%. if there's a problem with too many biopsies being done as a result of mammograms, that's a problem with how doctors interpret it. not a problem with the test itself. test is absolutely terrific. if i get a baseline at age of 40. lou: why change it? why does american cancer recommend changing this process, less frequent mammograms, not doing so until the age of 45. >> they're responding to pressure from the u.s. preventive services task force a government agency that said don't do them until 50, six years ago which is ridiculous. the american cancer society fought that off for six years, now caving in and they're burying their heads in the sand. this diagnosis, breast cancer early, this is what we need. lou: what would be -- one in eight women will have breast cancer in some form, correct? >> yes, and between the ages of 40 and 50, 40,000 invasive
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breast cancers will be diagnosed every year. 40,000. lou: what is the reason for the american cancer society, as you put it, caving into this group? >> because of money, it's always about finances. lou: who's money? >> they're saying that too much money, insurance company money and government money because too much money is spent for unnecessary biopsies. the solution is to police doctors better. lou: we're not going to police doctors. what we are going to do tonight if we can, marc, is tell american women what in the world they should be doing here? this is confounding for millions of american women. >> i would tell american women that you need mammograms, push your doctor to order it. that a doctor needs a baseline at the age of 40. he or she has to be able to follow it every year or two years because it's a change in a mammogram that we worry about the most. if i wait until 45 to do the first one, i'm not going to be able to catch up until 47 or 48, i might be behind the game. women should rally behind this
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and protest it. we should be starting at the age of 40 to protect them. lou: who do they protest with? >> talk to their doctor, talk to their insurance provider.o t absolutely. the government's going in the wrong direction on this as it always is. looking at bottom line dollars not at women's lives. a woman might live longer with breast cancer but what about the horrible truths of chemotherapy and radiation. lou: dr. marc siegel, great to see. >> you thank you. lou: we're coming right back. we've got a lot more, stay with us. are congressional conservatives about to crown paul ryan speaker of the house? top republicans meeting on capitol hill tonight. will they pledge obedience to the new speaker? jedidiah bila and laughlin markay join us next. a near-miss for hundreds of
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and chilling silence as members wait for congressman paul ryan to decide whether he'll run. it appears ryan has demanded the allegiance of the freedom caucus. the caucus that had initially demanded that any speaker give greater opportunity to the entire rank and file of the house to introduce legislation. ryan is a boehner acolyte and would be an establishment speaker who would preserve the status quo in the house, including supporting amnesty, including supporting the trans-pacific partnership and reports that ryan is moving toward going for the speaker job now supported by both boehner and in the senate, minority leader harry reid, reid endorses him that might give republicans pause were ryan to turn down the role, as many as 20 members would campaign for the job. if ryan does pass on it it
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would be the first wide open race for the speaker's gavel in 150 years. that would be an exciting experiment in democracy, don't you think? let's find out what jedidiah bila and lachlan markay think about it all. lachlan is an author at the washington free beacon, jedidiah, fox news contributor. good to have you with us. this is quite a move right now, waiting to see whether or not we're told ryan is going to come out and talk. what in the world is going on from your perspective? >> it's been the waiting game for the last couple weeks here but i think all indications are that he is going to run, as you mention meeting with the house freedom caucus he met with the tuesday group, sort of trying to put feelers out there and make sure he's able to actually get something done as speaker. we know he wants to push tax reform through. wanted to do that at the ways and means committee and there will be opportunities to shepherd that through as speaker.
7:17 pm
he was reluctant at first but all indication are he's going to throw his hat in the ring tonight. >> i think he was just being high lachlan, i really do. congressman mick mulvaney says ryan told members of the caucus that both conservatives and moderates would be upset with something that he may say tonight, as early as tonight. that's an auspicious beginning. >> yeah, i like that. it keeps it feisty from the beginning and has us all questioning what he's going to do. i liked paul ryan until he jumped on the romney ticket and i think he got weak. that makes me nervous, he's the kind of guy principled in some sense but can be persuaded to be very reasonable and want to compromise and that all sounds great, it all amounts to nothing when it comes to policy. what conservatives are looking for is someone who can be in a leadership role, who can dig heels in, battle the left and the establishment wing of the republican party. that's not paul ryan. paul ryan is someone the
7:18 pm
establishment loves once again, and i don't know if that's what people are looking for right now. lou: he's an instrument of the establishment supporting as he does the tpp which, by the way, large number of the house of representatives fought tooth and nail. he supports amnesty. he's had an evolution not unlike marco rubio, on the issue of amnesty and illegal immigration. lachlan, what do you think? is he going to go for it, if he does, will he have as apparently he has requested unanimity of support in that raucous republican conference? >> yeah, that might be a lot to ask at the moment. it's important to note the house freedom caucus grievances with the existing republican establishment and less really ideological and less policy focused than they are procedurally focused. returning to regular order in the house, allowing amendments,
7:19 pm
sort of devolving power back to committee chairs, things like that, that ryan could do without upsetting elements of the party and putting a lot of members' minds at ease that it's not going to be a leadership driven caucus as much as it was under john boehner and kevin mccarthy. there's a lot he can do where he didn't have to touch the amnesty issue or tpp issue or any other issue. lou: we've got a choice wean an all-out battle or mind numbing indifference to the issues. let's turn to the republican race. bush goes after trump. trump who many could argue and trump certainly would he saw something on the order of september 11th happening in a book he wrote in the late 90s. what in the world is bush thinking about? is this his only way out? >> he's desperate. jeb bush is desperate because he thought all of the money he
7:20 pm
had behind him and the establishment support he had behind him was going to catapult him to the top. he was going to enter the race and everyone was going to take a step back. you have donald trump who says a lot of things you think would turn people off that isn't turning people off. lou: like what? that was okay in the early stages of this, what he's talking about now, he's not calling names, he's talking about substantive issues whether it be foreign policy. >> it's true, but if you look at twitter feed, look at the way he talks about, he does linger on certain ridiculous issues. retweets crazy things. that's fine. people say i'd rather someone do that and get stuff done. he did write about national security issues in his book. he did speak about a lot of the things ahead of time and forewarn. people will go and read that. lou: where is everybody else's position? >> asleep. >> it's turning conventional wisdom on its head in the sense
7:21 pm
of you have anti-establishment republicans who are coalescing behind the candidate and establishment republicans are split among bush, rubio, fiorina, kasich, christie, a lot of these establishment candidates. as the field win nos, trump is sealing support and you will see more middle of the road people coalesing behind an alternative to trump. >> rubio. >> and we saw that in new hampshire where cruz and carson supporters, 70% of them would back rubio or trump if it came to a head-to-head matchup in the state. lou: can't wait to see the next poll. jedidiah bila and lachlan markay. as soon as congressman ryan does exit the republican conference meeting, and there's news on who the next speaker might be, we'll be bringing it to you, we'll bring it to you even if there isn't news on that. that's just my guess. we'll certainly do that.
7:22 pm
the man who runs jeb bush's super pac calls donald trump a zombie front-runner and dead politically. look who's calling names now? wow! somebody needs to tell those folks to just tone it down, don't you think? so we wanted to examine that negative and nasty statement and ask the question a somewhat more positive terms. our question tonight is framed this way -- send your answers to mike murphy, see how he ingests and processes all of that. cast your vote at protesters in this country can be nuisances, intruding into our homes for the unwanted, obnoxious phone calls, roundly criticized seemingly by all the candidates and both parties for their accuracy and reliability or
7:23 pm
their total lack thereof, nothing compares to mexico tonight. mexican officials announce that a mob beat, killed and burned two pollsters trying to conduct a survey in the town located about 170 miles southeast of mexico city. police say they tried to save those pollsters from the mob and took the pollsters from the cops. cop said the towns people were suspicious of the two strangers who were asking lots of questions. obviously lots of questions remain unanswered tonight. and a scary landing to tell but for passengers on an aircraft all caught on video. a qantas plane descending during a turbulent rainstorm and landing in an airport in sydney, australia, narrowly avoided being struck by lightning. the plane made a safe landing,
7:24 pm
no passengers injured. remarkable, remarkable lightnings. my goodness. modern aircraft are designed to handle an occasional lightning strike, but if you're in the air at the time, that isn't always soothe the fears of passengers aboard the aircraft. up next, a few thoughts on donald trump's foreign policy views and outlooks and spectators looking to watch a bull fight get a little more action than they anticipated. there's the bull. we'll show you the rest coming up here next. stay with us. good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company.
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. lou: a few thoughts now on the latest salvo in the rhetorical battle between political outsider donald trump and establishment candidate jeb bush. governor bush slamming trump for saying this his brother, president george w. bush, didn't keep the country safe from the september 11th attacks.
7:29 pm
he said trump is a, quote, not a serious candidate as it relates to foreign policy. but get ready. there's some problems with the bush view. donald trump is not only a serious but a successful candidate, that's for starters. at least for the past three months during which he's been the front-runner throughout. but also trump is arguably, well, something more substantive than the governor can imagine. as a matter of fact, we could argue he foresaw something like september 11th more than a year before the tragedy that occurred. and trump was absolutely correct in his book, the america we deserve. that book was published in 2000. he wrote more than a year before the september 11th attack a warning of the terrorist threat to our country. he said this --
7:30 pm
trump went onto add -- now in my opinion, those words from 15 years ago are some of the most substantive thoughts we've heard from any of these presidential candidates of either party, and trump has proved to be remarkably prescient. in fact, it turns out there is no question about who is the more serious candidate on the issue of foreign policy in either party. now, our quotation of the evening, if i may oattacking your opponents, whether in war or in politics. this from army colonel david h. hackworth, highly decorated hero of both the vietnam and
7:31 pm
korean wars, he said, quote -- and so it goes as well with politics. we're coming right back. republican presidential candidate rick santorum. how does he win his party's nomination? he says the polls are meaningless. we'll find out. rick santorum is our guest here next. and severe thunderstorm warnings in the southwest. flash flooding in the regions desert leading to amazing rescues. we'll have a few of them on video for you here next. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you?
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research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. . lou: top news stories at this hour, paul ryan is meeting right now with some of his republican colleagues in the house. they're deciding who should go forward as the next speaker of the house. a short time ago, congressman ryan told the freedom caucus some of the so-called rebels in the house if he gets their support then he would consider running. ryan is expected to speak after the meeting. we've been told he has told members in the meeting that he will say some things that won't be comfortable for either moderates or conservatives, so we'll see what happens. nearly half the republican voters in the country support donald trump or dr. ben carson for the republican presidential nomination according to the two
7:36 pm
latest national polls. donald trump will be among my guests here thursday evening. and u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon on a surprise visit to jerusalem trying to end a month-long wave of violence there. ten israelis, 43 palestinians killed in the violence. joining me former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, american enterprise institute senior fellow, john bolton, fox news contributor. great to have you here. >> great to be here. lou: moon is there, john kerry on his way, what's afoot? >> i am surprised that ban ki-moon went to jerusalem, he can play no constructive role, he's a nice man. i thought one reason he'd make a great secretary-general is he was not obsessed with the middle east. the fact is the u.n. doesn't have a constructive role to play here. i worry there is something else at work, and since i've been concerned for sometime about the obama administration's efforts to force israel to
7:37 pm
accept the palestinian state without guarantees it won't be a terrorist state, there may be something at work. lou: the obama administration seems they could be in the israeli-palestinian conflict as an honest broker now. they have certainly shown their flag and it is not one that is aligned with israel. >> look, obama put israel in the gravest position it's been in by signing the nuclear deal with iran. this is an existential threat to israel. in united states, obama has paid no political price. now is the time to push for a palestinian state. obama has nothing to lose, he's on his way out. i don't think he cares what israel thinks. lou: well, he may have nothing to lose but this country has already lost much, as you well know. let's turn to syria. putin is devastating by all accounts, the islamic state forces carrying out sorties that in a day amount to what
7:38 pm
the united states and the so-called coalition were carrying out in a month, and yet this president continues to insist putin is the weak leader not he. >> another example of obama divorced by reality. what putin manifestly wants to do is buck up allies, consolidate his territory, eliminate the defensive problems, and that means principally going after the so-called moderate syrian opposition and al qaeda. not isis. when he gets to the point where it's consolidated, the next step is not russia against isis, it's making a deal. lou: making a deal, turning quickly to capitol hill, senator mitch mcconnell allowing procedurally the structure so the democrats could filibuster legislation that the republicans have put forward, that would have effectively defunded sanctuary cities. defunded as far as law enforcement money.
7:39 pm
now the house has apparently convened to come around house speaker paul ryan who is endorsed by senator harry reid, that's got to be a great comfort to most republicans, don't you? >> i think we're in disarray across the party. i think all of the conventional wisdom that the usual commentators have been espousing is wrong on the presidential level, wrong on -- lou: let me say, this absolutely nuts in their analysis of the political race, the presidential race. the nonsense about this is the best field we've seen ever, the nonsense that donald trump can't sustain, the nonsense that ben carson is a neophyte who could never have an impact. >> look, the rules of the past are not applying. it hasn't so far. i don't see reason to believe it will. i think it's critical to focus on the 016 election in a way that leads us to victory because too much is at stake
7:40 pm
for the fratricide to go on much longer. lou: the fratricide could it include paul ryan assuming the speakership which would likely i would think as we see the politics right now within the house, that would create fissures that would be unbridgeable. >> we'll see what deals he's cut. he's conducted himself in a pretty low key way, that may be the only way to assume the speakership. lou: does he have another tone? >> maybe it's going to require other leadership changes too, it can't rest on on one person is my view. lou: and mitch mcconnell, do you think he'll awaken to the responsibilities thrust upon him? >> i think he's got to, we need to get ready for the election. i'm an optimist, lou. lou: and a clear-eyed one, usually. ambassador, good to have you. >> thank you. lou: a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for much of the southwest tonight. heavy rains falling, winds, flash flooding set to sweep
7:41 pm
through new mexico, texas and arizona. the valley already hit, that's a reference to the phoenix area hit with storms this weekend that left 27,000 people in arizona without power. worn woman trapped in her car rescued when firefighters waded through knee-high waters as you see there. they successfully pulled her, rescued her from the vehicle. up next, presidential candidate rick santorum joins me to talk about his campaign strategy and what he sees ahead, and let the "star wars" frenzy begin. the new movie won't open for two months but never too early for frenzy. it's not stopping fans from crashing the internet either. we'll have that story and much more. stay with us. we're coming right back. wow. good see those images, huh? takes me back. ♪ i built my business with passion.
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7:46 pm
your opponent as a way of gaining media access. i sort of take the opposite approach, you know, i talk about actually public policy and what we're going to do get this economy growing, and how we're going to create manufacturing jobs, but you know lou, it's near and dear to your heart and near and dear to mine growing up in western pennsylvania, introduced a tax plan, we're going to make america the number one manufacturer and create good paying jobs for people. lou: you can't do that, you can't create manufacturing jobs. all of the know everythings tell us america is way beyond manufacturing. we're way beyond creating jobs. we're a welfare dependent society, and by the way, anything goes, don't worry about morals, don't worry about the quality of life. >> yeah, as you know, lou, i don't believe that. i don't believe can you have a free society, and a society of limited government unless have you decent virtues people with
7:47 pm
strong families number one, and number two, i don't believe have you folks that have a vibrant middle of america unless you make things, and we have to have a tax plan, a regulatory see structure, motivation structure to create good paying jobs to get us to compete. i go to factories all the time, lou. lou: you don't have to tell me. this is still america. we may be led by other folks, but the fact of the matter is the right folks leading it, it would make all the difference in the world as you know. one of the things i love about your tax plan is you bring about equity in it, there is balance in it. it isn't 5% for corporate america and 45% for individuals. you balance it at 20% for both the corporate and the individual income. how did you get to that level?
7:48 pm
>> really, i worked on this plan myself for about nine months, i was working with other economists and they were very, very helpful by the way, but this was something i really believe in, that we shouldn't be taxing income at all these different rates whether it's capital gains, whether it's corporate income. lou: amen, brother! i got to say amen. >> we shouldn't be taxing capital more than labor or tax labor as we have been more than capital. it's a simple equity issue. lou: it's a statement values as you say. equity issues. i can't compliment you enough. >> thank you. lou: for achieving that balance. politico is running with a story right now about trump showing you his belt. i have to say it was an engaging sort of headline. how did you get into that position where you met with trump. what was that a few years ago? >> that was last year. it was last year, and i really
7:49 pm
oo vie to tell you i've had a couple interactions with donald trump, and they've been very direct, very forthright, and i actually have enjoyed him, and spent an hour in his office, which i think i listened for 50 minutes and got a chance to get about 10 minutes in. it was fascinating. i enjoyed listening to him. and one of the things he showed me in his office is just like a museum. it's packed with memorabilia and pictures everywhere you can look, and one of them was this big green, obviously, heavyweight championship or championship title belt, and i said whose belt is this? he said mike tyson's? i said why do you have his title belt? and he said because he owed me money! that's donald trump. lou: the art of the deal as he would say. >> that's right. lou: rick, great having you here, it's great that you are doing so well and pushing forward with ideas and as i said, finding expression of
7:50 pm
values in what you're putting forward, not simply a dry plans, but it's so important. and it's good to talk with you, come back soon, will. >> you look forward to, it lou. lou: rick santorum, candidate for the gop presidential nomination. if you haven't heard, "star wars" is back, it's crashing the internet as well. millions flooding online ticketing sites. they're trying to buy tickets for "star wars: the force awakens." they crashed a lot of websites including fandango! the movie broke all presale records by a huge margin. the disney film opens a week before christmas, estimated to earn 2 billion dollars worldwide, and spectators in peru got the thrill of a lifetime when a bull did the unthinkable. watch this crowd seen throwing bottles and spraying water on the bull at the bull fight.
7:51 pm
i'm always on the side of the bull, i can't help it, folks, what they do with the bull is unfair. this one jumped into the stands shocking the audience, and tormenting an animal. i got to be honest with you, you torment an animal and i believe you need to have the bull sitting in the seat next to you. he jumped back into the bull ring. most of the folks. at least four people were injured. we're going to capitol hill, congressman paul ryan is right now on capitol hill, and apparently, getting ready to come to the microphones, and at this point i was told speaker boehner is there. i don't see speaker boehner. so we have perhaps jumped the gun. our producers are ever bit as eager as i am to see who's going to come to the microphone and what they're going to do.
7:52 pm
so we're going to let the producers watch the vacant spot for a few minutes more until someone moves up whether it's speaker boehner, whether it be paul ryan. the prospective speaker, next speaker of the house, we'll see, and we'll be coming to you just as soon as it occurs. up next, former minnesota governor jesse ventura back in court seeking to hang onto a nearly $2 million legal judgment against the late chris kyle. experts say free speech is at stake. we take up the case with lis wiehl and mercedes colwin next. we're coming right back. stay with us.
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find global opportunity. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. lou: joining me now, two of the best attorneys in the business and my favorites, lis we'll, mercedes colwin. both fox news legal analysts. great to have you both here. first this saudi prince betting immunity? and prosecutor in l.a. deciding not to prosecute even though a woman bloodied claiming, an eight fool wall? >> evidence against him. the problem that is civil lawsuit. it looks bad whenever you have women coming forward or men coming forward case like this wanting money before criminal action. usually criminal action go forward, misdemeanor or not, then file a civil lawsuit. >> what is foolish, i agree with it. wait to get all the discovery. in civil case you can question the prince. lou: stupid attorney?
7:57 pm
>> exactly. prosecutor, you know what? i will delay the prosecution. let the civil case go forward. get them on the stand because of civil suit and bring it forward. >> deposition. lou: first we heard the prince had diplomatic immunity. >> does not. lou: secondly, although it is interesting, that if you do have that immunity you can kill somebody. >> you can do anything. >> you get deported. won't stay in the country but so what? lou: no lethal injection. >> exactly. it happens. >> the fact of the matter is, the prosecutor decides not to prosecute. >> it is very odd. got to be money part. >> money part. lou: this is los angeles? >> yes. >> kick it back. the republic of california is what is getting at. we get it. lou: "american sniper" appeal, chris kyle's widow, jesse ventura suing $1.8 million for chris kyle estate. >> will not get it.
7:58 pm
would have to be fine. ventura would have to prove actual malice. he made up the whole -- lou: won first verdict. >> i don't think that will stand. amazing, all the people have written appeals and papers and briefs for her. >> for her. he is hero. >> exactly. >> really boils down to this, if there is reckless disregard for the truth. if he can show ventura all the detailed about the fight was completely false then he can win. >> kyle was under deposition, he was under oath. lou: how did he win the first one? >> that is what it is. reckless disregard for the truth. obviously they were able to show there was mistruths. lou: very quickly, one other thing. drones. registering drones. our government come up with genius idea to reg steer these little drones. and that is supposed to protect someone. that is more government, more crap. what in the world is going on here? >> nothing will happen other than bureaucratic red tape. maybe apply a fee. when you register that, ka-ching
7:59 pm
to the government. >> they look hard at me for droning on but faa said recreational -- lou: pardon you for droning on but -- >> recreational drones are okay. this is not going anywhere. lou: should not. communists. i'm telling you. >> we love terrific tuesday. lou: great to have you. you're terrific, both of you as always. lis wiehl, mercedes colwin. time for a look at online poll results. 97% of you said the mainstream media is ignoring how effectively walls and fences stop illegal immigration, are you ready for this, 65 countries around the world! but check in with one of those liberal. anyway. thank you for voting. 97% of the you. time for a few of your comments. commenting on facebook, obama does not treat israel as an ally. we don't blame our allies for defending themselves from a known terrorist network. that's it for us tonight. we thank you for being with us. joining us tomorrow night,
8:00 pm
congressman mike pompeo among our guests. please join us. good night from new york. ♪ kennedy: well, hello there, welcome. let's bring it right in. i'm watching curious flourish of two titans oddly tethered in their request for the white house. hillary clinton and donald trump's poll numbers, you say mimic each other as though they were doing some postmodern mime dance on either side of a fake pane ofglass? nbc "wall street journal" poll shows upper burst for egomaniacs. trump has 25% of the republican support. but that persistent and quiet storm, dr. ben carson continues to slice away at the competition with his gentle scalpel.


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