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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 21, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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spend $60 billion on advanced air defense and topline fighters. david: lockheed-martin is saying shut up, it's a great ship. all right buddy thanks a lot appreciated and at home thanks a lot for catching up to 6:00 p.m.. right now lou dobbs. lou: good evening i am lou dobbs and vice president wyden officially decided not to run for president ending three months of speculation. today speaking from the white house rose garden biden said a lot of personal considerations influence his decision including the recent death of his son bo but political calculus also worked against the vice president as he considered whether to enter the race for the democratic president jill nomination and the vice president over the past few weeks learned that he simply didn't have sufficient support from party organizations party
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operatives and party donors. in and he didn't have the requisite fire himself to take on the party's front-runner. the democratic establishment already backing hillary clinton. she faces a huge test tomorrow when she testifies before the house select committee on benghazi. we will have a preview of her likely testimony. we take it up with benghazi committee member congressman mike pompeo and also to my congressman paul ryan making what many consider outrageous and even offensive demands if he is to run for speaker. ryan saying he wants broad support across the republican conference. he wants house rules changed so members can fire him and he wants to be able to spend time with his family. and he would not travel as much a speaker boehner or previous speakers for that matter. his demands raise lots of questions in part because ryan sounds much more him. as ben who wasn't well-liked by the rank-and-file or the service. we will take it all up with
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caucus member congressman nick mulvaney and what about the republican presidential race? no change at the top. the name remains the same. donald trump and he's not only still running ahead of his competition in the latest polls he's crushing them. not everybody of course is happy about that the trump is making history with his poll numbers. for example the republican party establishment. we will be talking about trump's stunning rise in the polls and the staying power at the top with the "washington examiner"'s and political strategist jessica tarlac. our presidential primary politics attracting the attention of millions of republicans and independents were making it clear that they want a political outsider in the house. the top story tonight about one of the democratic party's most formidable insiders vice president joe biden and his
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decision on whether to run for his party's presidential nomination. today biden announced that he won't run. his move clears the way for clinton who is embroiled in several scandals including her use of a personal e-mail server, her role in the benghazi terror attacks. tomorrow marks a defining moment for her presidential campaign. as clinton testifies before the house select committee on benghazi. "fox news" chief white house correspondent ed henry with our report. ed: . >> beau is her inspiration. we are out of time necessary to mount a winning campaign in. ed: . ed: in the end a gut check for vice president biden was simple. advisers say he wanted to jump in but by the time yet gotten through the early stages of grieving his son beau's death he could not see a path to win the democratic nomination. >> i concluded it has close.
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ed: a clears the field for front-runner hillary clinton especially 24 hours after moderate democrat jim webb -- webb left the race went in with an eye on wooing biden supporters declaring like millions of others i admire his devotion to family come his grace his grit and determination on behalf of the middle class. this telling biden is not ofring an endorsement of clinton. >> i don't believe that some do that is naïve to talk to republicans. i don't think we should look at republicans as her enemy. ed: a senior official said biden made a final decision on tuesday night and then decided to tell the world wednesday with his wife jill and president obama at his side. on monday "fox news" reported three people close to biden believed based on conversations with the vice president he was expected to announce he was in but the sources stress biden had not yet made a final decision to do so. if wyden sends the signal he was
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running in multiple phonecalls with herald shies berger who said this morning his troops were gearing up to elect. >> our union is preparing as if the vice president is going to announce his candidacy. ed: socialist senator bernie sanders is the major alternative to clinton. today he ran with biden's theme of attacking clinton's were chased in the first debate. >> strong difference of opinion i wouldn't say that. ed: wieden said he won't be silent at it leads to the chore -- door ajar if clinton faces trouble from the fbi investigation for tomorrow's testimony before the house select committee on benghazi. >> i'm confident they will learn more that will help us get to the truth. ed: democrats over the circus after majority leader kevin mccarthy's gaffe. >> i think she's very disciplined and capable and will come off well and if the gop members go too far i think he
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could end up backfiring on them. ed: while things are clearly started to turn in clinton's direction she's not taking any chances. she's been off the campaign trail since last weekend spending several days holed up behind closed doors for tomorrow's big testimony 10:00 a.m. eastern time. lou: ed henry. as for the republicans their there are party establishment is trying to convince skeptical house members to align behind congressman paul ryan. ryan now says he will enter the race for speaker if and only if he will win support from all factions of the party, only if house republicans give him the power, give up the power to fire him and give him sole appointment power. just about everything that conservatives have opposed. "fox news" chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel with our report. >> a day after congressman paul
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ryan told his colleagues he was open to being speaker of the house if they see them as a unifying candidate on his own terms retiring speaker john boehner offered this endorsement. >> we know paul ryan. he's a very good member. he works hard and he's very bright and has a good relationship with all the wings of the party so that's why think you will do fine. ed: a vote on the house floor to select a speaker for next thursday ryan said he will decide if he will run by this friday and laid out his vision last night. >> the people we serve to not feel that we are delivering on the job that they hired us to do we have become the problem. if my colleagues and trust me to be the speaker i want is to become the solution. ed: reince terms need to be a visionary and for the next figure to be successful the house gop must unify now. he's open to changing rules and procedures in there needs to be a change in ability to fire the speaker.
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the motion to vacate the chair. the speaker is not asking to be anointed so i feel comfortable with what he says. >> to find that -- warmer nominee said the family comes first and elect to spend less time on the road and banner has several begins per month. despite a call for unity some members of the conservative house freedom caucus have their reservations. >> it appears he's asking for more power to be in the speaker's office. >> i don't think the speakership is a 9 to 5 job. you have to work on weekends. ed: chafes -- jason chaffetz dropped out of the race in favor of ryan beth daniel webster says he is still running. >> i am surely interested in being speaker because i'm fighting against the way the processes. ed: in terms of addressing concerns of conservatives the senate's top democrats probably didn't do ryan any favors.
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>> he appears to be one of the people that would be reasonable. look at some of the other people i am a paul ryan fan. ed: many establishment members i spoke with said there will be intense pressure on the freedom caucus to give ryan a shot. after all he was the last vice presidential nominee of the republican party. lou: a mic thank you very much. mike emanuel. russia's vladimir putin demonstrated that this power into success in defining western powers and syrian rebels. seeing president bashar al-assad flew to moscow to meet with vladimir putin and to think the russian president in person for his support and for saving his regi it'ssaad fir trioutse his r-to coury in re th fouyear asd haa loto b thaful r, tbe gtefufor. russia has launched a full-scale air assault over the past three weeks striking asaad's enemies with aircraft, missiles and secretary of state kerry meeting
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his russian counterpart sergei lavrov this friday in vienna to ovo nur the crisis. oest a d rs hard to imagine he wouldn't. the obama administration giving iran almost everything that they want in the deal including no inspections by the united states and the release of some 100 $50 billion in seized iranian funds but ayatollah allah khamenei also warned any new sanctions against his country would nullify the agreement as he put it now with a ayatollah's approval iran can begin dismantling thousands of centrifuges downsizing a heavy water plant so they can no longer produce plutonium. and a wikileaks organization today posted material on line that says is from cia director john brennan's personal e-mail account.
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the material it was presumably taken by a hacker who told the "new york post" he's a high school student, protesting against american foreign policy. the documents do not contain classified material that do include a draft security plan application with brennan's personal information. there's a draft that the president to quote toned down rhetoric about iran. a statement from the cia calls to release a crime. we are coming right back. much more straight ahead. stay with us. hillary clinton set to face a benghazi committee. congressman sub or will be among those questioning the former secretary of state and democratic front-runner and he is our guest here next. and storm chasers captured amazing time-lapse of a tornado that you won't want to miss. that amazing video coming up here next. stay with us.
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lou: my first guest on the lawmakers who will be questioning this is clinton tomorrow spent as a committee hearing joining us tonight is congressman mike pompeo a member of the benghazi select committee. he also serves on the intelligence and energy committees.
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congressman great to have you with us. mike: thank you you it's great to be with you. lou: let's start with the focus of a hearing tomorrow. what will be yours -- many of suggested the fact that the administration pushed for so long the idea that benghazi was caused by an offensive video for days and in fact weeks when they themselves knew it wasn't true. will that be pertinent? what will be the thrust? mike: we will certainly ask questions with respect to how one or that was the demonstrations will the american people for so long a story that has now turned out to be by all accounts not correct that in fact this was a terrorist attack conducted by an al qaeda affiliate. we will certainly ask what secretary clinton knew and how she came to know it and why was the case we didn't know more quickly that we have two primary missions which is we still haven't held anyone accountable inside the united states government for the death of four
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americans. i'm reminded of the families of the four every time i turn back to my work on the committee. we want to get answers for them as well. we have to understand how was the case on this special day the anniversary of 9/11 in such a dangerous place like benghazi libya we have security that was so woefully inadequate that we could have our first ambassador killed since 1979. lou: will be turned to the pages of e-mails from ambassador chris stevens that were turned over to the committee yesterday. the fact that this has been going on for about three years and you were only now getting these e-mails. that's outrageous, is it not? mic is outrageous. i can go one better. within the last hour i learned we received in addition mine -- 900 e-mails so we received 1300 yesterday afternoon and 900 tonight. i learned all connected to the events in benghazi and e-mails
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that were from the seniormost person ambassador stevens the seniormost person on the ground in benghazi libya. it's outrageous notches as committee that the american people that we didn't have access to those e-mails in a way that we could present the facts and ask questions and the interviews we have done before with that information our hands. lou: 2200 e-mails in total over the course of the past 36 hours. to the committee. obviously i would assume you would characterize it as stonewalling on the part of the administration. it is something frankly i should say more offensive but equally offensive than that is an insult to the committee. it's frankly a slap in the face of the committee suggesting here it is now what are you going to do about a? how do you react to? mic i agree. i'm much more worried about the insult to the committee then i am the obstruction with respect
7:19 pm
to the project we have undertaken which i think is fundamentally important to the american people and keeping those folks. we have folks glued today who are out on freedom's frontier in dangerous places to understand how we can reduce the risk that it never happens again and we need to understand what ambassador stevens was experiencing and the fact that we received 4200 pages of e-mails which are not yet complete. we are told we don't add yet have all of them i find it sad and disturbing and inappropriate. lou: are we confident that you have them? i let me turn to the issue of the new speaker. there's every indication that the conservatives and the rank-and-file members and the house of representatives are going to go with congressman paul ryan is the speaker who has demanded all sorts of things. do we have the list of demands from the speaker quest?
7:20 pm
the parliamentary maneuver of the chair which gives the house the ability to fire their speaker, demanding that he not travel, that he works for days he said in washington and he wants to be off three days a week with his family. i mean he will have sole power of appointment. this seems the reverse of everything that conservatives certainly have been calling for in a speaker. mike: blue i consider myself one of those conservatives. i certainly consider myself part of that movement for america. i've had a chance to listen to paul even after the remarks he made last night to our conference. i have interpreted what he said to be at bit different than now. i think he does want to devolve power and spread authority amongst the members so we can have a bottom subcommittee-based organization that leads the way the american people demanding we lead. the grassroots is screaming for
7:21 pm
us to get that right and i think chairman ryan understands he's prepared to do it. with the respect of the notion to vacate he's prepared to make a few changes and now so it's not just a single member. i think there's a way we can uphold our speaker accountable in the lower speaker to operate and lead in the way that i'm confident the paul rankin two. lou: you are a sophisticated politician as well as effective and successful public servant. you know how this is going to work through the electorate. right now have a very low estimation in the senate and the house when it looks like to them at least at this point you guys have rolled over and the establishment will maintain its fealty to the u.s. chamber of commerce and the business roundtable and the powerful lobbyists on k street and they will still be pulling all of the strings in the speaker's office. mike: lou much like the benghazi
7:22 pm
committee has criticized i turn to deeds and not words. i'm hopeful speaker ryan would not behave that way, that we would break the glass and we would do the things the american people said. i came in the class and 2010 and doing the things we committed to do to move the country back in the right. paul is a conservative and i expect he will leave that way. lou: what is his this ranking is a conservative? the last i saw was in the f. some people said he is a conservative but i can't find a conservative in that seat that he occupies whether it be his chair of the ways & means or speaker of the house. congressman always good to have you. mike: thank you lou have a great evening. lou: good luck tomorrow mike pompeo. but in our poll tonight. will the house gop rollover and bow down to paul ryan and his
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demands for absolute obedience? we are coming right back and if you will follow me on social media. follow me on twitter or go to our facebook page which is lou dobbs tonight and lou for more. storm chasers capturing incredible video out of colorado. these stunning time-lapse images, video showing a tornado dropping down from a super cell thunderstorm in the rural town. a tornado small in diameter packed intense winds. six homes were reported damaged as a result of the storm. remarkable video. up next year a few thoughts on the republican establishment's war against donald trump and an elderly driver pulling out some james bond style moves. we will show you that video coming up. i like that. old guys doing good.
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lou: a few thoughts on the republican political establishment that is now at an absolute panic because donald trump has defied all expectations and experience a professional campaign strategists. the republican establishment is no longer in denial about trump's position as front-runner that's what i said just to scare folks a little bit in the establishment. front-runner. nor are they in denial any longer about his ability to sustain and likely build his lead further. they have begun to realize he might become the republican party's nominee. the "washington examiner"'s byron york wrote this about the establishment's frustration with their candidates poor performances and their reach against trump. some he wrote are preparing to do whatever it takes to bring them down which could lead to an
7:29 pm
extraordinary scenario in which gop stalwarts go to war to destroy their own parties likely nominee. in my opinion the establishment has every reason to be worried because trump is exactly what the establishment has feared most. he has connected already with the electorate with voters who create and run small businesses, who pay taxes, who actually care about the country and they see a candidate who is talking straight to them, to them not down at them who isn't up to the chamber of commerce or the business roundtable are other big-money lobbyists on k street. he said he won't be bought and voters believe it. that's part of the reason trump has been the front-runner now for three months and the latest abc news watch poll shows trump getting stronger not weaker. leaving the field with 32% support followed by dr. ben carson at 22%. the establishment that fears him so much in my opinion would do far better to support him and to
7:30 pm
and their foolish threats that only validate voters passionate cry for an outsider to lead this nation. and he will be our best on this broadcast tomorrow night. now the quotation of the evening this from american writer andrew smith. people fear what they don't understand and hate what they can't conquer. maybe there's something to that. in politics as well. we are coming right back. congressman paul ryan seems to want more to be crowned king then be named speaker and he wants his subjects in the republican party to bow down. i can imagine our next guest ever bowing down to anyone. our guest is congressman nick mulvaney. he is here next. coming up next doesn't seem like it would be hard to break a world record and falling but it
7:31 pm
isn't just falling, it's freefalling in one of these suits. we will have that story and incredible video next. stay with us.
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lou: tauchnitz at this hour hillary clinton has been blasting the benghazi committee is politically motivated ahead of her testimony tomorrow. trey gowdy says he's only interested in that truth. wikileaks posting private e-mails of john brennan on line tonight. the e-mails come from a teenager
7:35 pm
who earlier this week said he hacked into brennan's aol account. apparently he did so and while agencies are saying that the crime there's no further word on their actions. donald trump crushing the competition topping in a national poll. trump has 32% of the vote in the gop. we haven't called the crowded in a long time. his closest competition is dr. ben carson who has moved up to 22%. donald trump by the way will be our special guest tomorrow night at seven and 11 eastern. don't miss it and joining us now local correspondent for the "washington examiner" "fox news" contributor byron york. great to have you with us. >> thanks for having me. lou: and jessica turlock. let's start with biden. the effect will it boost clinton's opportunities here in poll numbers? >> it looks like it. "cnn" in their latest poll ran
7:36 pm
the numbers with wide men without him. with him we have heard 45 biden pulling in 6019% of the vote. sanders has about 29 and without biden she jumps to 56% and sanders is up to 33. it took a day for clinton incorporated. lou: i assume you support her. >> i'm a proud supporter of clinton. i just support her candidacy. lou: byron a fascinating piece on republican strategist out of its mind at the success of donald trump. you talk about the prospect of going to war against him. where do we stand tonight? >> i think a few days ago there was a turning point of sorts in this race which is that a lot of republican insiders who for months have been saying up to trump is going to fall and maybe he will slide, maybe he will
7:37 pm
implode but he's going to kill himself somehow. i think they began to realize that maybe that won't happen and trump actually could win. not saying that he will but he could. they immediately began thinking how can we stop him? i think you are going to see a lot of donors put a lot of money into a negative ad campaign if trump's in the top of the race in a month or two. lou: you think they will still go after him? >> absolutely. this is not just a rival campaign of donald trump. these are number of groups. we saw the club for growth conservatives run some ads in september against trump and i went. lou: who is club for growth? i've never found anybody other than steven moore or larry cut while hooked along. his money are they spending? you where the donor's? >> the grassroots are a bunch of fairly wealthy people who
7:38 pm
support conservative economic agenda. it's run by david mcintosh the former republican congressman from indiana. lou: and did a wonderful job there. let me turn to the idea that hillary clinton would she not be thrilled? who would be her favorite candidate against the republicans? >> i think the talk of a trump trump person ticket is particularly appealing. i think both of them are hugely popular right now and i think it will work to her damage to be able to run on their record against them. lou: they're also going to be running on the record it seems to me that hillary clinton. >> absolutely. lou: she is going into -- around tomorrow and is byron is reporting about the republican establishment wing of the democratic establishment is very worried. >> i think so too too. out like a partisan approach of saying this is all a republican
7:39 pm
campaign to smear her. i know that kevin mccarthy helped drive the market handhelds are out out with that. when you have four dead in americans and the best he can take this all likely. i'm not sure how money market durations of this we can take. elijah cummins on the democratic committee has said. lou: the american people are not stupid. turning over e-mail 2200 of them from ambassador stevens on the eve of this hearing is not a smart play. let me go to you very quickly. do you believe these people are so committed to destroying trump , will they have their names so they can be celebrated around the country by those who actually have made a connection with donald trump who believes he's the only one talking straight to them and you are now invested in him? >> if they really do it in december or january i think we will certainly know who they are. this will not be a subtle thing.
7:40 pm
this will be a carpet bombing. they are talking about buying thousands and thousands of ads that will run thousands of times in iowa and new hampshire and south carolina so we will not once it happens. lou: is one of these people have a brain in their head because the reality is everyone who has attacked him whether it be jeb bush or rick perry gets imperious. the result has been decidedly in his favor. one can imagine it different. >> it's going to be social media. trump's social media king. lou: apparently doing that silly thing out campaigning or he's in iowa tonight. it would be hard as a candidate and there he is, he's in burlington iowa talking to folks we just did that for the republican establishment. jessica thanks for being with us. brian -- byron great to have you with us. amazing video capturing a record-breaking stunt high in
7:41 pm
the sky. 61 green suit its sky divers, there they are falling in setting the record for the largest diamond shaped formation in california. who knew that there are were 60 and the diamond california permission? the sky divers jumping from three separate aircraft 13000 feet in the air help them read the previous record set by 42 skydivers in june. that is a remarkable thing to do in those wings suits jumping at that altitude. it's a very quick process down to 4000 feet. an elderly british woman needs to be in the next bond movie in our estimation. surveillance cameras caught the elderly woman driving out of a gas station in wales. watch as she makes a sharp right
7:42 pm
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lou: joining us now a member of the freedom caucus congressman mick mulvaney also serves on the oversight and government in financial services committee. it's great to have you with us congressman. i know that you have just been with congressman ryan, who with a few other congressmen in attendance as well, the purpose to clear the air. his demands sound to me as though they're absolutely contradictory to everything the freedom caucus was initially seeking. where are we? mick: there is some of that. to the extent you would classify some of paul's conditions, his terms making it stronger isn't going to fly with a house freedom caucus.
7:47 pm
we did meet with paul and they had a great meeting about an hour to half almost all four members of the freedom caucus meeting in this hallway. i stepped out of the interview so we are learning where we stand. i'm happy to do it but paul is a colleague and a friend many of us know personally so it's not an antagonistic discussion at all. we are simply discussing whether or not we can support his bid for speaker. lou: it isn't a foregone conclusion because frankly where hearing intimation that it sounds like a big deal. it is not that at all? on your part? mick: is a free-flowing conversation and in fact that's one of the great things about the freedom caucus. people think we are this monolithic conservative group. we get votes from all over the conference and there's a wide variety of opinions about paul and about paul's policy and what if paul speakership might look like. it's like. it's been a healthy debate. one of the things that -- a part
7:48 pm
of the group. lou: it's sort of stunning as an outsider and proud to be an outsider that he is operating as a conservative and conservatives embracing the man as speaker when he is already on record as supporting amnesty and he's doing more than supporting it. he's an advocate for it and he is seeking the power to preempt his own firing by parliamentary changes to vacating the chair. the motion to vacate. i mean where are you on whether he would be a leader that would be good for the country and good for the principles for which he stands? mick: it was never about the person. it was about the process so as we sit down and screen paul yes the positions he has taken that's a major problem for us.
7:49 pm
that's a procedural issue. we didn't ask dan webster where he was on specific issues. we are interested in reforming the way the organization does business or we are less concerned about how you vote on what to think and what kind of speaker you will be. that's really where we are. we were making that up. we were jokingly said that last week and is playing itself out that way. we will take a look at his stature in the party. lou: the idea that he would work a full week and that he doesn't want to fly fight. he wants three days with his family. mick: we all want that. lou: i don't know what would set them apart but he certainly has no shortage of a sense of entitlement and in all of this. when do you think we will know what the caucus' votives and whether he has the votes to ascend to what is starting to look like a -- based on his demands. mick: if we were to give paul are supported would be with the
7:50 pm
understanding that we are not going to have a more powerful speaker and the whole reason we got into this problem in the first place and by the way it will say it again the interest in having power pushed down to the members is not just a conservative issue. it's something that conservatives are taking the tip of the spear on because of this group. lou: will the caucus support him? mick: it's a 50/50 proposition i think we will know by friday. we would know tonight that we didn't bring any food and we were starving. lou: mick mulvaney we appreciate you leaving us while the meeting is in progress. mick mulvaney thank you very much. a canadian mountain biker showing everyone why he's at the top of his game. brandon pulling off some amazing tricks on the trail in utah at night. why would you wait? is such a beautiful place.
7:51 pm
he landed safely on that rock. you know i don't understand doing that in the day let alone at night. but it's spectacular nonetheless. up next vice president biden has a gift for saying things that don't come out just right. we will bring you some of his more memorable moments and take shimkus and -- stay with us. without knowing it. understand the danger your new grandchild faces. talk to your doctor or pharmacist about a whooping cough vaccination today.
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and presence in the world is not a force for good. america has led the world and it is a more peaceful world when we're engaged the right way. we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. we have to stand for the values of freedom. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? but for the united states, who? who's going to stand up for the dissidents inside of iran that are brutalized each and every day? but for the united states, who? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? but for the united states, no one - no one is capable of doing this. the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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lou: joining us now, reporter for fox news headlines 24 seven, channel 115 on siriusxm, carley shimkus. >> thanks for having me. lou: we're delighted. co-host of "red eye" on fox news, andy levy. we're always delighted to be here. thank you both for being here. start with "back to the future" day. a lot of people don't know that. amongst the important news sometimes amongst the most important events just go by the wayside. andy, what do you make of it all? should we be celebrating this with greater vigor? >> honestly i'm a nerd and usually on top of these things. i'm not a huge "back to the future" guy. i have, i only really only know the first one which i like, bunt don't love. i know i think i saw the second one once and didn't see the third one. thing that annoys me the hoverboard thing. "back to the future" started that. we have this thing everyone is
7:56 pm
calling a hoverboard even though it doesn't hoverboard. it is on wheels. >> segway? >> the little wheelie thing. it is not a hoverboard. >> i'm shocked you're into this. this is breaking news this is like a holiday. people on social media going nuts. a top trending topic all day. over a million tweets about this topic. it is incredible. because they got a lot of stuff right. 3d movies, ipads. big-screen tvs. it is incredible. lou: and deloreans. >> a lot of people -- lou: doesn't work out so well. >> a lot of people were tricking out their deloreans today to make them look like "back to the future" cars. >> a lot of people? >> one tweet. one person did it. one is enough. lou: i'm impressed you know one person. concord, massachusetts, brilliant idea, giving outside stations not people offending
7:57 pm
community by breaking the law but to those doing good things, right things. i mean that's a grand idea. wouldn't they be busy in concord >> is it a good idea? this seems to me -- lou: i was being prejudicial, apologize. >> this is what you're spending taxpayer dollars are. i don't get that. lou: $19 trillion in debt, it's a party and you're worried about the cost. >> wouldn't cost that much money. >> unlike you, lou, i'm a true conservative. lou: thank you for putting me in my place. >> this treat, you wore your bicycle helmet. here is some ice cream. really. >> they're really giving out ice cream as free prize for this. >> to adults. lou: that makes it more worthwhile. >> i think this is for children and i do appreciate the police department at concord trying to connect this community, but, if this is for children, we shouldn't reward children for doing the right thing. this is like giving a trophy to
7:58 pm
kids who lose the game which is another thing that happens all the time now. and then you wonder, why they're all these polls that say millenials are entitled and lazy. it starts here. lou: now i am really, i have got, starting to get ajita over next generation. i was a little concerned about the commercial that has the guy rip off the participant trophy for his kid and writes champs. >> all in concord. lou: speaking of extraordinary disappointments, the nation will be denied vice president joe biden as a, as a contestant, if you will, for the democratic presidential nomination. are you deeply disappointed, as a true conservative? >> lou, i still think he might run. i -- >> he is denial phase. >> i know he gave that speech today the at rose garden but i still think he might run. lou: you just don't trust
7:59 pm
politicians? >> i don't. i think everything they say is a lie. on president obama's last day in office he should resign let biden be president for a day. biden would appreciate that. lou: that would be a nice gesture. >> it really would. lou: concord police could give him a citation. >> there you go. >> i think to piggyback off what you said, he is brilliant politician because you always want what you can't have and democratic party can't have him. he will run in four years. everybody is going to go wild over this. he will beat kanye west. lou: wow. the great thing is, you know, want what you can't have is limited only to politicians. we can focus on that. great to have you with us, carley shimkus, andy levy, true conservative. thanks for being with us. time to look at online poll result, 95% of voters said donald trump is the life of the republican party! take that, andy levy.
8:00 pm
only 5% said jeb bush. that's it for us tonight. thank you for being with us. donald trump among our guests here tomorrow evening. please join us as always. we thank you for being with us tonight. good night from new york. ♪ ♪ kennedy: hey there, what do you know there? you know what i watched today? i watched joe biden's announcement he is not running for president and waiting for doc brown and marty mcfly to crash the rose garden in a delorean. as you know today is "back to the future" day. plenty of people could use the delorean to transport them to various and convenient points in time. of course the second person that comes to mind is madam retro herself, former secretary of state hillary clinton. she would obviously set the date in that thing for 1996 when she and bill clinton were still clutching power and perpetual pre-election mode and pre-lewinsky and of course


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