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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FBC  October 21, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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spend $60 billion on advanced air defense and topline fighters. david: lockheed-martin is saying shut up, it's a great ship. all right buddy thanks a lot appreciated and at home thanks a lot for catching up to 6:00 p.m.. right now lou dobbs. lou: good evening i am lou dobbs and vice president wyden officially decided not to run for president ending three months of speculation. today speaking from the white house rose garden biden said a lot of personal considerations influence his decision including the recent death of his son bo but political calculus also worked against the vice president as he considered whether to enter the race for the democratic president jill nomination and the vice president over the past few weeks learned that he simply didn't have sufficient support from party organizations party
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operatives and party donors. in and he didn't have the requisite fire himself to take on the party's front-runner. the democratic establishment already backing hillary clinton. she faces a huge test tomorrow when she testifies before the house select committee on benghazi. we will have a preview of her likely testimony. we take it up with benghazi committee member congressman mike pompeo and also to my congressman paul ryan making what many consider outrageous and even offensive demands if he is to run for speaker. ryan saying he wants broad support across the republican conference. he wants house rules changed so members can fire him and he wants to be able to spend time with his family. and he would not travel as much a speaker boehner or previous speakers for that matter. his demands raise lots of questions in part because ryan sounds much more him. as ben who wasn't well-liked by the rank-and-file or the service. we will take it all up with
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caucus member congressman nick mulvaney and what about the republican presidential race? no change at the top. the name remains the same. donald trump and he's not only still running ahead of his competition in the latest polls he's crushing them. not everybody of course is happy about that the trump is making history with his poll numbers. for example the republican party establishment. we will be talking about trump's stunning rise in the polls and the staying power at the top with the "washington examiner"'s and political strategist jessica tarlac. our presidential primary politics attracting the attention of millions of republicans and independents were making it clear that they want a political outsider in the house. the top story tonight about one of the democratic party's most formidable insiders vice president joe biden and his
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decision on whether to run for his party's presidential nomination. today biden announced that he won't run. his move clears the way for clinton who is embroiled in several scandals including her use of a personal e-mail server, her role in the benghazi terror attacks. tomorrow marks a defining moment for her presidential campaign. as clinton testifies before the house select committee on benghazi. "fox news" chief white house correspondent ed henry with our report. ed: . >> beau is her inspiration. we are out of time necessary to mount a winning campaign in. ed: . ed: in the end a gut check for vice president biden was simple. advisers say he wanted to jump in but by the time yet gotten through the early stages of grieving his son beau's death he could not see a path to win the democratic nomination. >> i concluded it has close.
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ed: a clears the field for front-runner hillary clinton especially 24 hours after moderate democrat jim webb -- webb left the race went in with an eye on wooing biden supporters declaring like millions of others i admire his devotion to family come his grace his grit and determination on behalf of the middle class. this telling biden is not ofring an endorsement of clinton. >> i don't believe that some do that is naïve to talk to republicans. i don't think we should look at republicans as her enemy. ed: a senior official said biden made a final decision on tuesday night and then decided to tell the world wednesday with his wife jill and president obama at his side. on monday "fox news" reported three people close to biden believed based on conversations with the vice president he was expected to announce he was in but the sources stress biden had not yet made a final decision to do so. if wyden sends the signal he was
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running in multiple phonecalls with herald shies berger who said this morning his troops were gearing up to elect. >> our union is preparing as if the vice president is going to announce his candidacy. ed: socialist senator bernie sanders is the major alternative to clinton. today he ran with biden's theme of attacking clinton's were chased in the first debate. >> strong difference of opinion i wouldn't say that. ed: wieden said he won't be silent at it leads to the chore -- door ajar if clinton faces trouble from the fbi investigation for tomorrow's testimony before the house select committee on benghazi. >> i'm confident they will learn more that will help us get to the truth. ed: democrats over the circus after majority leader kevin mccarthy's gaffe. >> i think she's very disciplined and capable and will come off well and if the gop members go too far i think he
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could end up backfiring on them. ed: while things are clearly started to turn in clinton's direction she's not taking any chances. she's been off the campaign trail since last weekend spending several days holed up behind closed doors for tomorrow's big testimony 10:00 a.m. eastern time. lou: ed henry. as for the republicans their there are party establishment is trying to convince skeptical house members to align behind congressman paul ryan. ryan now says he will enter the race for speaker if and only if he will win support from all factions of the party, only if house republicans give him the power, give up the power to fire him and give him sole appointment power. just about everything that conservatives have opposed. "fox news" chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel with our report. >> a day after congressman paul
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ryan told his colleagues he was open to being speaker of the house if they see them as a unifying candidate on his own terms retiring speaker john boehner offered this endorsement. >> we know paul ryan. he's a very good member. he works hard and he's very bright and has a good relationship with all the wings of the party so that's why think you will do fine. ed: a vote on the house floor to select a speaker for next thursday ryan said he will decide if he will run by this friday and laid out his vision last night. >> the people we serve to not feel that we are delivering on the job that they hired us to do we have become the problem. if my colleagues and trust me to be the speaker i want is to become the solution. ed: reince terms need to be a visionary and for the next figure to be successful the house gop must unify now. he's open to changing rules and procedures in there needs to be a change in ability to fire the speaker.
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the motion to vacate the chair. the speaker is not asking to be anointed so i feel comfortable with what he says. >> to find that -- warmer nominee said the family comes first and elect to spend less time on the road and banner has several begins per month. despite a call for unity some members of the conservative house freedom caucus have their reservations. >> it appears he's asking for more power to be in the speaker's office. >> i don't think the speakership is a 9 to 5 job. you have to work on weekends. ed: chafes -- jason chaffetz dropped out of the race in favor of ryan beth daniel webster says he is still running. >> i am surely interested in being speaker because i'm fighting against the way the processes. ed: in terms of addressing concerns of conservatives the senate's top democrats probably didn't do ryan any favors.
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>> he appears to be one of the people that would be reasonable. look at some of the other people i am a paul ryan fan. ed: many establishment members i spoke with said there will be intense pressure on the freedom caucus to give ryan a shot. after all he was the last vice presidential nominee of the republican party. lou: a mic thank you very much. mike emanuel. russia's vladimir putin demonstrated that this power into success in defining western powers and syrian rebels. seeing president bashar al-assad flew to moscow to meet with vladimir putin and to think the russian president in person for his support and for saving his regi it'ssaad fir trioutse his r-to coury in re th fouyear asd haa loto b thaful r, tbe gtefufor. russia has launched a full-