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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 22, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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ryan, the vote did fall short by ryan has the vote to secure that job. turning to the markets, caterpillar, dow, all among those to report earnings for the third quarter. important meeting as well. take a look at futures. gains, and still third of a percent. over in europe, investors are waiting on decision from european central bank. many are expecting president to extend easying policy. major averages there, mixed, cac in paris and dax continue to go recover with a fraction higher. making another move infant --
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fantasy sites. misuse of inside data. this comes after days after investigation clears employee of any wrong doing. hurricane patrickia gaining strike. winds 75 miles per hour. big night in baseball, toronto bli jays still alive. race to the american league, jays beat the kansas city royals 7-1. royals now lead the alcs3-2. and then there's new york, the new york mets taking out the broom last night at the field. watch this. >> here is the payoff pitch. on the way and in there, strike three. the mets win, the new york mets have won, put it in the box. the new york mets for the first
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time in 15 years are champions of the national league. >> maria: and there you have. mets sweeping chicago cubs. [applause] >> maria: big cheesier from the studio. they are headed to the world series. murphy named mvp of the nlcs after hitting home run straight. hillary clinton on the hot seat this morning on attacks on benghazi. >> blake: hearing that will last all day long. focus from the republican members on the benghazi committee. they faced scrutiny after two republican congressmen and staffer suggested the investigation was politically driven to undermine the front
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runner. that is far from the case and try today reduce the clinton spotlight in the days leading up to today's hearing. >> mrs. clinton is but a small part, she was secretary of state when this attack happened, so, of course, we want to talk to her. >> blake: four americans including embassador stevens were killed on the 2012 attack in benghazi, libya. focus on request and the months prior to that deadly attack. maria. >> maria: blake, thank you so much. worldwide chairman and fox business exclusive. good to see you. any bomb shells this morning?
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>> she has done that before. she appeared before another congressional committee. she actually scolded them for going on and on and on about this. i think we've seen what they have to show in terms of emails and it's clear the committee wants to downplay after mccarthy big gaffe after -- >> maria: this is going to be straightforward and learn what she knew about security, expectation that she was getting request for increased security but wasn't responding the way chris stevens and others wanted? >> that's the question whether it was she and all of those things. she's going to make it clear. she was the chief competent executive officer. that's one way to look at it. she was probably given direction one thing or another to be done. those kinds of decisions take time to be made.
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they knew they had a problem there. they had made some steps, they had moved people around. i don't -- there's going to be more time lines here and more discussion about who knew what, when and all those kinds of things, i don't think you're going to see any bomb shells. she's kind of on a roll. she's going to go to iowa, for democrats is a huge thing in iowa. >> maria: that's saturday night. >> where barack obama emerged as the person who is taking her on. >> tell us how this works on public opinion standpoint, republicans have hillary clinton in front of congressional committee, it looks like she's in trouble, blame, ethics and all the issues raised in the campaign work against her, on the other hand, i can't imagine is following this as closely as the media and congress is, how
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does this work in the voters minds, do they view this as guilt, and ethical problems on hillary's part? >> i was a journalists before i wept to work for president clinton. i used to look at it the way you all look at it. the public wants politicians to focus on what matters to them, lives, job, children, education. >> benghazi is far away? >> maria: it's far away on one level but at another level you look at the polls and you come with the words associated with hillary clinton, the first word is liar. that's where it fits in, don. >> it fits in. why do they say that about her? she's talking about how do we have a better education system, how do we get growth back into
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an economy in a way that's fair for everyone. when you hear her speech this weekend, she's going to be back to the message as i am here to fight for all of you. that's what she wants to do. >> sandra: you referenced earlier testimony and those words was what difference does it make, that stuck in the minds of the american people, people remember that and the american voters are going to be reminded on that the more -- >> you have to take the quote all the way out. what difference does it make these men are dead, the great public servants are gone, what matters on is that we move on and fix situations. >> sandra: some of the criticism has been that the right questions aren't being asked in these hearings, which could -- >> like what question? >> sandra: the fact that we don't have questions answered. we don't know whether she actually had additional request for security that were either
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ignored -- >> actually, if you go back through the record every one of those questions has been asked and answered. that's what the defense say, asked and answered. >> what would you advise her to do? how do you handle if you're running for president? >> she should go in there and give whatever answers there are. she should not be emotional, presidential, frankly in this kind of setting, which is hard to do. she should keep moving and quickly move back to what i was talking about, the concerns of the american people are not about this, not about looking backwards, the concerns of the american people are about what's going to happen to this economy, how do we grow it, how do we make sure that what comes are shared fairly. that's what -- this election is about the future. >> maria: what is her plan to grow the economy right now?
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i know that she wants to be tough on wall street and the regulatory environment, all i hear with managers of businesses about the regulatory environment that that's holding them back. >> she wants to invest in research and development and invest the american people, she wants to invest in immigration and allow people to come into this country who can help grow the economy, she wants to get moving in an optimistic way about where america can go because her point is, we've recovered but we are not running yet. >> sandra: american people have showed that they do not see her as trust worthy. i think you're wrong, today is going to be very telling and investigations do matter and her testimony does matter. >> poll after poll shows that she beats every republican head
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to head. now moving again, look, she won the debate, she's moved forward, mccarthy made it clear that this is politically motivated, he's out of the race because of it. she is moving forward, you know, why, she's getting the chance to focus on what it really matters. >> sandra: why has the margin over bernie sanders? >> it actually widened. >> maria: everybody thought he was going in? >> i never thought he was going in. basically say he's not going in for logistical reasons, there wasn't a pathway. >> maria: real quick, kevin, you
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wanted to jump in. >> why didn't she talk to the chairman of the joint chief, also, why -- appears as ceo of the state department, why aren't you going to the white house to figure what is happening? >> the house is basically wired and ready for all of that, no one was -- >> it's a crisis. >> i think that's an irrelevant question to be perfectly honest. people want to understand what happened, how a tragedy like this take place. >> maria: on her watch. >> of course. >> maria: thank you, good to see you. fox business is teaming up to give you republican debate. be sure to tune in on november 10th, republican candidates take to the stage in milwaukee, wisconsin and you can see that right here on the fox
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business network. coming up more problems for tesla, anything but automatic. including u.s. and russia meeting in syria conference, fiat chrysler, headed to victory and white house urgeing role in puerto rico's debt crisis. coming right up. ♪ ♪ ♪ can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul?
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can a business be...alive?
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>> maria: welcome back, fantasy sports sites under fire from federal lawmakers. cheryl casone with the story. >> cheryl: good morning, maria, draftkings has received a subpoena and asked for
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information about employees activities and potential misuse of inside information. also investigating whether the business model like draftkings and fandual violates federal law. the man charged with murder of road-rage killing of an innocent girl now confessed. he was driving on i40 when he caught up a car carrying lili garcía and father. finally, this morning videos of tesla new auto pilot features are surfacing online. this is coming just days after the feature became available, grabbing the wheel to avoid collision due to software mistakes with hands on features.
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the features -- he was clear about that. but they've had problems, consumer reports came out, went against the electric sedan, they have issues with credibility now unfortunately as car -- as far as the car go. >> maria: who would put their family in a driverless car. driverless car is not getting drunk, he's not getting tired, the driverless car -- >> kevin: i cannot wait, everybody knew that this is software that's still under construction. it maybe a year, five years, ten years before we have this. can you imagine getting into the car and not worried about the person next to you, road rage, the drunken, the person who is going to push you off.
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>> maria: until it gets hacked. >> that's a whole another issue. >> kevin: i mean, lots of things happen. trees falling over the road. people may get too comfortable using this, that's what -- >> same thing about automated airlines and fly-by wire. >> maria: automated airlines. >> sandra: even though the planes, we still have a pilot -- >> you'll still be in the driver's seat. >> maria: car buyers like to drive. >> cheryl: people have control issues. i don't know.
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>> sandra: i have control issues, cheryl? hello, i do love to drive. [laughter] >> maria: all right, cheryl, thank you. coming up oil prices. we are looking at that trade, next up, stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ but what if you could see more of what you wanted to know? with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform, the information that's important to you is all in one place, so finding more insight is easier. it's your idea powered by active trader pro. another way fidelity gives you a more powerful investing experience. call our specialists today to get up and running.
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>> maria: welcome back, oil prices rebounding after nearly falling 3% yesterday. more than up than 8 million barrels. phil, good morning. >> phil: , hey, good morning, maria.
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it was shut down for a little while, but no doubt that that shook off the market. we did see stronger than expected demand and that maybe one reason that the markets bouncing back a little bit today. it's been lead by the products, also, two, imf is warming exporters to be careful, they will have to do serious cutbacks if they want to forego a financial process. they've got to get their economic house in order because of the low oil prices, they are going to have to raise taxes or something. that's the big story in energy prices today, we are going to have to keep an eye on the rest of the demand picture. demand is very strong in the u.s., back to you. >> maria: thank you so much. kevin let's talk and people have been waiting whether it's a --
6:24 am
an opportunity. seeing a glut of supply and we haven't seen the shakeout yet for defaults for some of these producers, that's the next wave hit. we are going to see about 20% of producers default in the yield market and you'll see some buying and acquisitions and you have exxon mobile that needed to go out and buy another company. they don't have the reserves going forward. we are seeing rig counts go down but we are getting out of current rigs they have right now. it's not impacting the market. it's still leading to a supply. >> maria: we will see if we see more consolidation but not from big players. >> sandra: people are wait to go see how it plays out. so many companies have taken large hits, a lot of people are
6:25 am
still waiting to buy in at the best value for some of the energy companies, i just wonder low prices cure low prices, i just wonder when we are going to see the command. we start to see the demand story pick up -- >> kevin: since september 18th, energy being the best performing sector in s&p 500. >> maria: it was the worst for a little while. >> kevin: big rebound. >> maria: yeah. >> kevin: mid-90's we are going to need to see conviction from releasing. >> imf warning was interesting. cut back production or get prices back and you have budget problems. you have russia's economy contracting and decline investment in the fields because the money is not there.
6:26 am
it puts the u.s. in a better position. >> maria: you would think. >> kevin: the most liquid deep markets in the world. it's the best place to be and we are starting to export. >> maria: releasing personal emails of director brennon. back in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪ when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction
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treatment options that were not considered previously. with this important breakthrough at the intersection of science and technology, we've arrived at precision cancer treatment. the evolution of cancer care is here at cancer treatment centers of america. call or visit to learn more about precision cancer treatment. maria: happy thursday morning. it is october 22nd. with me this hour, sandra smith, wall street journal's john duffy and kevin kelly. top stories at 6:30 on the east coast, hillary clinton is going to capitol hill to testify before the house special committee on benghazi, she will face questions on a 2012 attack left four americans dead. the panel has come under scrutiny for being politically motivated republicans say the questions will be centered on the attacks, not her e-mails.
6:30 am
after months of waiting we got an answer from joe biden about a potential run for the white house and is no. he said the window has closed for him to mount a campaign. this is seen as a victory for hillary clinton but he did take a few jabs at her in the rest of his speech. back on but hill congressman paul ryan as the close of replacing john boehner as speaker of the house. a supermajority of the house freedom caucus saying it will support ryan's candidacy. the vote fell short of an official endorsement but he has votes to secure the job. turning to markets, busy earnings period coverings setting the tone for market and the biggest story most recently is eli lilly, out with its earnings, revenue missed expectations, earnings per share better than expectations, pharmaceutical giant raising its earnings outlook for the year. we bring more details coming up. mcdonald's, caterpillar and dow chemical, before the bell this
6:31 am
morning, the futures indicate higher opening for the broader averages for the dow industrials, the s&p and nasdaq composite this money, similar story in europe, oil is a mixed story, investors waiting on a decision from the european central bank, the ecb meeting in place right now, many expect mario draghi to extend quantitative easing program. the major averages mostly lower although the dax index in germany continuing to recover. a big night in baseball, but toronto blue jays still alive beating the kansas city royals 7-1, but will lead the lc s 3-2 and there is this, the mets' dugout the blues at wrigley field. >> on broadway, it is in there, strike 3, the mets win the pennant, new york mets have won the national league pennant, the
6:32 am
new york mets for the first time in 15 years i champions of the national league. maria: the final score is a-3. daniel murphy named mvp after hitting home runs in six straight postseason games, a record for major-league baseball. the cia released personal e-mails from director john brennan, trying to remove a malicious crime. catherine systems ceo j. the sherry, thanks for joining us. wiki leaks comes out with all this information on john brennan, the head of the cia. observations on that? >> if we look at the overall theme about e-mail in use for top government brass is disconcerting, the amount of information being shared in personal e-mail accounts. whether it is mr. brennan, mr. johnson, department of homeland security, hillary, the state department.
6:33 am
all of this comes back to what is in the policy of how they use personal account. if there is information exchange to what extent is it classified or unclassified affect is the precaution of using these accounts and how to secure them should follow the same protocols they're trying to use in their own work environment. maria: what are we doing wrong as a country that you have the head of the cia, head of homeland security, jeh johnson, how important was that incident? >> both of those investigations are underway between the fbi and secret service, running down the forensic of those two, but i am more concerned from what i know about homeland security breach for a variety of reasons, in other years in belied there was a circumvention around a policy homeland security had about using personal e-mail accounts for were used in the work environment on the work computer and if you look at that, for your viewers and listeners,
6:34 am
there are certain things the federal government would implement in order to detect advanced e-mail fishing attacks, campaigns from a malware perspective the don't have the same capabilities within a public e-mail system, won't have the detection capability someone is trying to attack you, that can regain them of foothold on the work computer which we know could open the door to a plethora of other pieces of information that might be classified. >> we have a lot of bad internet hygiene practiced by a lot of people, congress unable to act on legislation, giving companies liability protection against sharing information with the government for cybersecurity, this is not going well for the united states and we seem immensely vulnerable. down the road what does this look like? do we restructure how we interact with the internet, with the tether, do we sort of put up
6:35 am
a wall around ourselves, each of the companies and agencies or is there some other mechanism we use? >> great question. if we look at this as citizens we have to demand of public officials to act. there hasn't been significant legislation passed on this. maria: the horse has left the station. anything we can do? >> investment is starting to a tick. we talk about this on the show, there's a good sign of innovation going on, sharing between public and private sector has to be figured out, has to come to common ground and that is a global issue. i said in 2013 that the 2016 campaign should focus on cybersecurity and we have to ask that of the candidates when they plan to do. >> big steps in technology. is there something out there that will create an internet 2.0 that begins to address this? maria: what can they do?
6:36 am
>> the fundamental problem with fibers of the security it is the convergence of convenience, for users, companies, blending of what they can lock down to protect the system. that is holy grail for anything. in brennan's case if he used a concept called multi factor authentication, his e-mail account would be more than using name and password he would get a special code or token that would validate that that was him. maria: he is head of the cia. >> very good question. >> verizon is implementing systems you talked about, this is in but a 0 account verizon, these companies allow. >> if you look at the mail, yahoo! a lot of major companies that are servicing government officials and public accounts they added that. whether those people choose to implement as a form of convenience is up to them but i would think the cia director would know what he needs to be
6:37 am
doing or she needs to be doing or any other case to protect the accounts. maria: same with the head of homeland security. good to have you on the show. youtube launch a new ad free web service marking a shift in the video streaming business. nicole petallides on that right now. nicole: youtube is introducing a subscription based service, the video streaming service will have no advertisements. but it will cost $10 a month. the company has high hopes that its users will pony up the cash for fresh original content, the paid subscription will grant access to google play music and the highly anticipated youtube music apps making a direct competitor for services like apple music and spotify, it will be available for one month free trial beginning october 28th and youtube music is expected to go live shortly after that. maria: start your day every day
6:38 am
with nicole petallides and lauren simonetti on "fbn a.m." on the fox business network on before "mornings with maria". from the battlefields of iraq to the board rooms of new york city and next guest preach leadership for what they call extreme ownership. navy seals leif babin and jack cowell this will be next with their stories.
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maria: the hurricane near mexico's pacific coast. cheryl: patricia has strengthened to a hurricane as it nears new mexico's pacific coast, officials morning about heavy rains and flooding, winds increase to near 75 miles per hour. albuquerque, new mexico police saying the man charged with murder in the road rage killing of an innocent 4-year-old girl has confessed, tony tour as tells police he was driving on i 40 in albuquerque when he cut off the care carrying lee garcia, her father and brother. people out a gun, and opened fire, he is now being held on $650,000 in mail. finally just in time for football, domino's lifting the
6:43 am
ban on its new vehicle built solely for pizza delivery, as a warming ovens, us specialize racks for storing pizza, remove all but the driver's seat of the car and holds 80 pizzas. maria: leader should can take many forms weather is out on the battlefield, in public office or at any company around the world, seems to apply. what are the best strategies for success in a leadership role? joining us that two men who know the answer, former navy seals and co-author of the book extreme ownership, how u.s. navy seals lead and win. jack o. willis and leif babin joining us now. you were sent to the most dangerous of places trying to take back the city of ramadi in iraq. tell us about the leadership you needed to exhibit on the battlefield and how it applies to live elsewhere. >> you have a group of people
6:44 am
endured trying to accomplish a challenging task. the people you are working with, like robots, people think military but they're not like that, they got free thinking mines and around ideas, you can't just order the around, you have to lead them and the same with the business world, you can't just order people what to do, got to inspire them and motivate them and lead them. maria: you can't explain leadership in an e-mail or on the phone or speaking. >> in person, face-to-face is certainly the best way. particularly in combat when you ask people like risking their lives, if they don't believe in it they won't be committed to doing that and will ask questions why this is going on so you have to explain why they're doing what they're doing so they can understand not just what to do but why they're doing it and they can bleed and can execute it. maria: that is how you have the
6:45 am
confidence to buy into whatever vision there is. dagen: such a presence for navy seals sitting outside but we are talking about navy seals. maria: what an amazing thing you guys that doing and talking about and i wonder when you look of the conflict in washington, the complaints from the american people about lack of leadership or the weak leadership we are seeing, what would you do to try to change that and try to help those leaders in washington when we are in tough times right now. >> one of the things i see is a lot of political leaders don't take ownership when something is wrong. they point of the fingers and obviously with extreme owner should not just ownership of success but you take ownership when mistakes happen then you hear finger pointing. maria: that is a grade point. extreme ownership, that is why
6:46 am
you titled this book extreme. >> issue is if you don't actually take ownership and say listen, our team did not perform the way it should have, we are not winning, if you don't say that is my fault, i will take ownership you can never come up with a solution, never change the behavior necessary to overcome the challenges. maria: have we taken ownership of what is going on? when you think about the fact that russia has invaded ukraine and has troops in syria, when you think about the fact the isis is still getting even more aggressive do you think the navy and the military in general feel like there is a strategy in place? >> we have a commander-in-chief saying russia is acting out of weakness. maria: doesn't feel like it. >> that is excusemaking and the other thing about extreme ownership is required humility to say a brutally honest
6:47 am
assessment of the facts so that you are not skewed by ego or agenda but not mission, accomplishments of the mission. we have an administration that is unable to do that. maria: that is jenna lee's husband. i know she is exercising a lot. that is a big family activity in your house but when you say exercise is an important key to success, why is that? >> a big piece of what we do. the rest of the tax code is discipline is freedom and you want the freedom to perform well physically, or you want to save money and have the freedom to buy the things you want and invest in a home or send your kids to college you need discipline to save that money. that is a big piece of what we
6:48 am
do. maria: note wondered jenna looks so beautiful. that is interesting. discipline equals freedom. explained that. >> if you want to have financial freedom you need financial disappointment. if you want to have more free time you have to have a more disciplined time management schedule. the same with a company with a business or team, the more disciplined pure element is or your people are the more freedom you have to operate so if you have a good standard operating procedures as a company you can operate more freely because people know what to do, they know the parameters they need to operate within and can execute without specific guidance and understand what they're supposed to do in a disciplined manner. maria: interesting ideas and leadership in this book, appreciate it, thank you for your service to our country. we are talking this morning, hillary clinton set to testify in front of lawmakers on benghazi this morning.
6:49 am
how does the former secretary of state stack up against republican front-runners? keep it here on the fox business network, we will be right back. no matter how fast the markets change, at t. rowe price, our disciplined investment approach remains. we ask questions here. look for risks there. and search for opportunity everywhere. global markets may be uncertain. but you can feel confident in our investment experience... ... around the world. call a t. rowe price investment specialist, or your advisor... ...and see how we can help you find global opportunity. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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maria: i can today will be very telling, investigations do matter and her testimony does matter. >> polls showed she beat every republican head to head. maria: that was earlier this morning, the claim that hillary clinton is leading republican counterparts in head to head polls but not so a fast, look at the numbers, the latest survey
6:53 am
shows four of the top republican contenders not only beating clinton but in some cheeses beating her handle the. we are looking at polls coming in this morning that show hillary is behind. some of this certainly leading contenders like ben carson, donald trump, governor bush and carly fiorina. that was the right point you made in a head the head matchup. >> and needed to be clarified. obviously taking the stance that hillary clinton has been strong in the polls in the face of joe biden, in the face of this ongoing investigation, joe biden gone from the race, that is a positive thing that that poll needed to clarify his commentss. maria: from a wall street perspective of the things she is saying in terms of regulation on big banks show you that this is very much a situation where she
6:54 am
has moved to the left. >> the base of gone through extreme regulation already, we see that coming through earnings reports, you have even seen jpmorgan chase cut voicemail of of their system, saving one billion dollars you're in the bays are having a hard time, the biggest job gainers on wall street this year, regulation, trying to navigate these waters. anymore regulation, how will that cripple the economy? they are not let the on any more money. maria: that is how the candidates are talking about unravelling the regulatory strongholds like dodd-frank, obamacare and epa rules. >> it will be interesting. we are in the middle of a campaign, at the front end part of the campaign so you will see instances where she leans heavily to the left particularly with bernie sanders running on the left. how much of that would come through if she were to be
6:55 am
elected president? i imagine you would see a shift very quickly back to the center. maria: and you on the air when we learned that joe biden was not going to do it. dagen: this gives her a free pass, she can go as far left as you wants, she can be in the middle, she is winking at wall street, that is one of the big areas of contribution, she is winking at them saying she won't do a lot of this. >> what wall street wants is fiscal policies, not monetary policies, we need to get off of reliance on the fed and easy monetary policies and we need congress and the government to start acting and implementing monetary policies. dagen: she will make the tax code more complicated. she has nugget is a political capital gains tax plan, there's no way she is going to rationalize the tax code. maria: interesting you say she is winking at wall street, don't think he's winking about a capital gains taxes.
6:56 am
that one thing she feels has got to be part of the tax reform package. dagen: it down thing she will never push this, she knows it would never pass, she presents -- to win votes. maria: we will be right back. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean, (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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maria: welcome back, it is thursday, october 22nd. sandra smith, wall street journal's john buffy and kevin kelly. hillary clinton heading to capitol hill for the house special committee on benghazi, she will talk about the 2012 attack the left four americans and as the panel isn't the scrutiny for being politically motivated. republicans say the questions will be centered on the attack. not on her e-mails. after months of waiting and answer from joe biden about a potential run for the white
7:00 am
house. watch. >> i believe we are out of time, the time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. maria: he's even though he won't be in the race he will not be silent. he took a few jabs that mrs. clinton and the rest of his speech. paul ryan another step closer to replacing john boehner as speaker of the house. a supermajority of the house freedom caucus that it will aul. the vote fell short of men in official endorsement but ryan has the votes to secure the job. turning to markets another busy day for earnings, third quarter setting the tone, breaking news, dow chemical releasing mixed third quarter results beating on earnings per share but missing on the revenue line, this is a trend we continue to see throughout corporate america. stock is higher, the company raising its dividend, raising its buyback plan and announce a
7:01 am
reorganization, the chairman and ceo, futures indicate higher open for the broader averages. of 15 point move on the outside for the dow jones industrial average, nasdaq and the s&p 500. we have mixed stories, investors waiting on the ecb, we have a decision from the european central bank, meeting as we speak, many expect mario draghi to extend quantitative easing program. the major averages mostly higher although a fractional loss for the isn't the 100 this morning. u.s. attorney making another move, according to the wall street journal. an employee's potential misuse with inside information. this coming days after independent investigation, hurricane patricia is gaining strength in the pacific, the storm now off the coast of
7:02 am
mexico morning of heavy rains and heavy flooding. the race for the american league pennant goes on, the royals lead the lc is 3-2. the mets taking out the bruins. >> here is a pitch. the mets win the pennant, the new york mets won the national league pennant. the new york mets for the first-time in 15 years. >> that is what a victory looks like. anthony left the show yesterday at wrigley field, at do you see what he said in the middle of
7:03 am
all? wrigley field and chicago fans of the classiest. the mets leading the chicago cubs head to the world series, 8-3. daniel murphy named mvp after hitting a home run in six straight postseason games, record for major-league baseball. you got to be happy -- >> the first week to minutes of the game. >> we have one for you but no thanks. maria: hillary clinton is facing a certain grilling on her role in the 2012 benghazi terror attacks. blake berman with the latest in washington. >> reporter: a few hours from now starting at:00 hillary clinton will sit for questioning. the 47 republicans, five democrats and a public hearing that could very well last all day long. the focus will be on the line of
7:04 am
questioning from republican members of the benghazi select committee, they have faced increased scrutiny in recent weeks separately to republican congressman and a former staffer suggested the investigation was politically driven to undermine the democratic presidential front-runner. republican committee members contend that is far from the case and have tried to reduce the clinton spotlight in the days leading up to today's hearing. >> mrs. clinton is a small part of this investigation. people want to make is all about secretary clinton budget is not about secretary clinton but she was secretary of state when this attack happened so of course we want to talk to her. >> reporter: four americans including ambassador chris stevens were killed in the attack on the diplomatic compound in benghazi, libya. you can expect some questioning to focus on a request from stevens for more security personnel in the months prior to the deadly attack and the clinton campaign just put out some talking points of what they say to expect from hillary
7:05 am
clinton. i will read the top line of that, herbal speaking of hillary clinton in the hearing is to honor the memory of the brave americans who lost their lives september 11th, 2012, and defend the vision of u.s. diplomacy ambassador stevens gave his life carrying out. a little bit of the pre hearing spin from the clinton folks. maria: thank you, blake berman, will leading come out of this hearing today? we have been talking so much about it and looking forward to what happens today. sandra: in response to the top of the 6:00 a.m. hour that it is time to move on i think the american people really disagree with that and they still have a lot of answers, questions yet to be answered. there is still a lot of questions about what the state department, hillary clinton, some of the criticism lies at the -- why questions are not being asked in order to get those answers and that could be the difference today.
7:06 am
i talked to ambassador john bolton who thinks we are not going to learn anything new from this testimony but i hope other wise. >> politically how does this play? the committee will get to the bottom of what happened and whose responsibility was to provide security, and the timing of all that. this is happening in an election season. it is going to work against republicans. we just heard is it being used politically? to a certain degree the public is becoming inured to the hearings themselves, not to try to find answers but to the hearings themselves so at a certain point hillary move through this, out the other side and gets back to campaigning. >> i think today's testimony should give a broader narrative on this administration's policies against terrorism and it has been terrible. benghazi was a hotly contested
7:07 am
kerrimac and we didn't have any reinforcements. it was really bad. what happened to america speaking softly and carrying a big stick. if anything we have been speaking loudly and doing nothing when it comes to lease policies of this should give a broader narrative when she was leaving as secretary of state during this administration. why did you not have a proper defenses in a hotly contested areas? maria: a really good point. it is about policy generally speaking. what you say, we are so far from those days and i think the president's leading from behind strategy has been so criticized how does hillary separate herself from what has been clearly a failed foreign policy? >> i am not sure obama would say it is a failed foreign policy. maria: ask our friends in the middle east, asked israel to ask leaders in europe as we rain will with the refugee crisis. a lot of people are questioning,
7:08 am
and you have to go back to the president's flip-flops. he said he would get everybody out of these wars, now we are keeping troops there in afghanistan. can you question whether or not it is a failure, he just changed his mind on a major policy decision. >> from the standpoint of the politics of this democrats have a very easy argument to make a response to this. from problems in the middle east began with the u.s. move into iraq. problems in afghanistan as a result of a war in iraq in afghanistan that was initiated by a republican administration, you could argue this of multitude of ways. maria: got worse when he pulled the troops out. >> that was under way under the bush administration. i am not sure the public is going to focus on foreign policy as much as they are going to focus on economic growth and jobs in the united states. that has been the classic response of the electorate's in
7:09 am
the united states, foreign policy, what is going on a rod is enormous. the immigration problem is enormous. the public is thinking my pocketbook, jobs, my kids. maria: which is why people are happy about paul ryan showing optimism about taking this job. years of policy wonks, very few people know budget issues, the isn't this is a done deal for paul ryan? >> he is indicating it is as we discussed yesterday. the don't seem altogether unreasonable. lot of people talking about that. i agree with you, that is why it these debates and questions asked of current candidates for 2016 need to be focused on the economy, they need to talk about jobs, wages, getting people back to work because the economy is number one for the american voter. maria: we will talk with a man
7:10 am
with operations all over world, andrew will join me, the latest quarter in the first on fox business interview coming up, we have news they are raising their dividends and the buyback plan and making changes in the chairman's office. and other headlines we are following in the wall street journal including u.s. and russia to meet at syria conference, and the white house is urging a bigger u.s. role in puerto rico, back in a moment. can a business have a mind?
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hand apparently, they also lovee stickers. g. what's up with these things, victor? we decided to give ourselves stickers for each feature we release. we read about 10,000 suggestions a week to create features that as traders we'd want to use, like social signals, a tool that uses social media to help with research. 10,000 suggestions. who reads all those? he does. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. maria: welcome back and earnings alerts, dow chemical reported mixed results, the company beat earnings expectations on the
7:14 am
bottom line but revenue missed expectations, stock jumping on other news, the company raising its dividend, raising its buyback plan and announcing a reorganization of its leadership. joining me in the first on fox business and to view is dow chemical ceo andrew, welcome back. >> thank you, nice to be with you. maria: a lot of headlines here but let me get to the main one and that is over earnings and what the world looks like today. the company throughout the world, we are having this debate on how strong things are in the global economy. how would you characterize things right now? >> we see in q3 the beginnings of the new -- 12% year on year, volume growth, the new china as i deny it, we all become better. in essence we see china pivoting
7:15 am
on the spin. a lot of packaging and autos, we have a product mix for the industrial export, the u.s. is still strong and europe, on volume, 3% in europe and what we see is the beginning of recovery as the euros come down. plastic business in europe when on auto control in the last few weeks and put in price increases driven by it this demand. between europe coming back, china coming back in its new form and the u.s. staying strong and getting stronger. we are right as we speak in october we saw this continue. we had a year like this, eight consecutive quarters above volume growth, 12 consecutive quarters on year on year margin,
7:16 am
so frankly we have the product mix for what i call a recovering economy. maria: the rate of change looks promising and i am glad you mentioned the product mix because you have been in fact tilting the product mix for a little while, basically tilting toward specialty chemicals, securing cost advantages in terms of feedstock, and higher margin businesses, and how much of the improvement you saw in europe and globally is due to shifting your product wrecks and more about the global story. >> if we were the company we were ten years ago expos to commodities, we would not be earning half of this amount. what we have done is not only done a value add stuff, we call that innovation agenda, we built low-cost positions in key parts of the world so we have our
7:17 am
immigration agenda, where low-cost where we need to be, we have a value at where we need to be based on today's needs whether it is electronic, automotive, consumer packaging, all the things the world is consuming, you go where growth is, where are we? part of the announcements this morning you see we are closing our three year goals one year the and announce new three year goals, we are very down the path now of becoming the companies that can deliver consistent earnings growth, strong cash flows stories you may have noticed $2.5 million in the quarter, $8 billion trailing 12 months, $5 billion this year, that is that 40% increase in cash flow year-on-year and that stories unfold in front of investors as we speak and that is why we are returning that cash to donors because they have been patient as we remade the portfolio, we believe we are in the seventh or eighth inning of
7:18 am
the 9 inning match of our portfolio transformation. you saw some announcements today, things we are doing, statements we are making. maria: i want to talk about that. that is part of our three year plan, reducing ownership in joint ventures and also making some changes in the chairman's office. tell us what you are setting us up for and what these changes are about and giving money back to shareholders through the dividend and buy back plan. go through the major headlines. >> every good board works on succession. i would like to thing day 1 of n then but ast 11 years ago we you get closer and closer the succession process becomes more acute, look at people in the company or outside the company, all good boards do comparisons, we are very much blessed on talent here, we have great
7:19 am
talent on the bench, and the bargaining process of putting in place people who may succeed be. we are through the elevation, two incredibly talented executives, given them bigger responsibilities, working closely with me on the next three year plan, the plan we outlined, when you referenced, constructed the office of chairman and ceo which all companies doing at various times, people running the company, and i am very excited about jim and howard as people who are very talented and we are company that exports ceos. i have a couple in other companies known over the years that have been developed here. maria: that is terrific and the market is reacting to that this morning with people seeing this long-term plan put in place. was revenue down largely because of pricing and currency or was this something else? >> mostly currency, some related defects. you look at europe, the revenue
7:20 am
is down almost $1 billion year-on-year, that is all currency and the same with brazil, south america, that is all currency, we do have 15% of the product mix that is oil related, that is the rest of it, if you look a local price around world, all oil went down 50% in this timeframe year on year, prices on a local basis went down 6% to 8%, we held price and as i mentioned already, increasing prices in certain parts of the world's the most currency. maria: where does the growth come from in the next three years? >> clearly value add positions. i won't take the time of the show, we launched 5,000 new products this year, 50 of them big game changers, from light weight adhesives, ingredients, we have been ovations coming out of our e years, we will find grow organically, we have no need for m&a, cash going back to shareholders generating cash,
7:21 am
more cash coming, big projects come online, cap-ex will come down, that is more cash and increasing dividend on a consistent basis and buybacks we are undervalued. maria: all things investors love to hear, see you soon. we will be right back. the internet of things. what we're recommending as your consultants... the new consultants are here.
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7:24 am
maria: oil prices rebounded after falling 3% yesterday as venezuelan president nicolas d miduro looking for oil to climb to $88 a barrel. we are at $45. what do you think? >> tall order. try to get the band back together, you know what i am saying? trying to bring back the price ban. that was venezuela's main accomplishment in a pick in
7:25 am
2000. hugo chavez went into the similar environments they are now. they were not adhering to production and prices were tumbling and they put in this ban and what they agreed to do back then is the oil fell below $22 a barrel they cut production and if it went above the ridiculously high price of $28 a barrel they would raise production. let's bring back those days? >> i bet vladimir putin agrees with venezuela. thank you. phil flynn with the latest. coming up hilary duff and a potential big-name opponent, paul ryan and donald trump solidify support, bernie sanders told jimmy kimmel why he is indeed electable. >> some of your supporters say you are not alikeable, your too old, too far left, don't brush your hair. how do you respond to something like that?
7:26 am
why supporting the guy who is not going -- >> let me answer. if you look at polls out there it turns out in many of the polls i am doing better than hillary is against donald trump. buddy- nice place, nice car what happened?
7:27 am
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your credit score is 650. that's magic! no, that's credit you get so much more than a free credit score so do more with your score at credit jo good morning happy thursday welcome back thus october 22 with me fox business network sandra smith, "the wall street journal" john, and recon capital kevin kelly top stories 7:30 a.m. on east coast, this morning, hillary rodham clinton to capitol hill to toef before house committee on benghazi will face questions on 2012 attacks that left four manners dead panel under scrutiny for politically motivated pardon me saying questions centers on attacks not e-mails we will bring that temperature live months of waiting got an answer from joe biden, about a potential run for the white house, and the answer is no. biden saying yesterday the window has closed, for him to
7:30 am
mount a campaign at this point this is scene as a victory for hillary clinton, biden did take a few jabs at her the rest of his speech, we will tell you about it back on hill wisconsin congressman paul ryan another step closer to replacing boehner as speaker of the house a supermajority of the house freedom caucuses say they will spr ryan fell short of endorsement but ryan has votes to secure that job. markets this morning, all about earnings again setting tone for global elyoui lily dow chemical out we heard from dow chemical ceo andrew liveris. >> we are wait a second to hear from caterpillar macdonald a higher opening from the broader averages we are waiting on decision from ecb investors expecting the president mario drag toe extended quantitative easing policy. the major afternoons most
7:31 am
higher ft 100 float to down, big for baseball toronto blue jays arrive in the alive for pennant beating kansas city royals 7-1 royals lead alcf 3-2,then there are the mets, take out last night at wrigfield watch. >> here is the payoff pitch -- on the way. . and it is in there, the mets win the pennant! new york mets i know the national league pennant put it in the box, new york mets for the first time in 15 years, are champions of the national league. maria: there you go, the mets sweeping the chicago cubs, now headed to the world series fiem score 8-3 second baseman murphy named mvp of the nlcf home runs in straight postseason games, that is a record for major league baseball, speculation,
7:32 am
deliberation for family and party vice president joe biden elected not to run for president, that announcement less than 24 hours, before hillary clinton testifies in front of the select committee on benghazi, want to bring in fox editor host of pour reply on good to see why you rule out you running in a race he was competing? >> well, he couldn't win it, and he wasn't going to get there, polling had demonstrated not only were not enough k xhats were interested in his candidacy they were tired great biden fatigue in polls he couldn't get there but on way out there the door said if you need me call i will be over here if hillary clinton kaufz up something if not coughed you up miss a it are plain would he be ready to serve. maria: that is funny, interesting, that you know he
7:33 am
came out, yesterday, to say no, i am not going to be running -- after the benghazi testimony because that would lead to people connecting dots how he felt she did in the testimony. >> right, he needed a gap he needed a place where he could get down and it would be his newsday, he couldn't do it after the xa democratic debate so this was the one gap in the news cycle he could get out try to say it was his own day he wasn't being forced out. >> the journal. >> chris this really was for real, i mean he deliberated oefr over this if public saying kind of a political theatre, you know, up until the end of last week and over the weekend he was calling supporters saying i am thinking about it, i want to know, with the funding would funding be there struck be there? and at the end of the day, wonl reporting on this this morning he was weighing, family ability to deal with
7:34 am
the rigors of a campaign and who are not he could actually make it happen decided he couldn't, this was theatre this was a guy making an stoend decision is that how you read it? >> well, the two are not mutually with exclusive joe biden has been running for president since 1987 off and on so familiar with the theatrics how you run or don't do i believe -- you are certainly the journal reporting on this is spot-on, which is people really didn't know and there were really high stakes negotiations, at the end, people were, absolutely cliff hanging on this who are not joe biden thought he was going to do this until the end we don't know because they held it very closely. >> that has got to be maybe biggest story at you of all this this is the story in the fishbowl of warrant leaks all the time, nobody new when he was going to -- >> that is interesting, kevin did you have a question. >> yes does this have to do more with his legacy as
7:35 am
opposed to wanting to take on be president, i mean, one of the things we've seen that he ran twice before, unsuccessful does this have to do with obama legacy and his legacy not running. >> let me try to put it in terms that you all would appreciate. which is, this was this is joe biden, running up the price of his ipo. he if he would have said a year ago, that he wasn't running for president, we would have said you and 310 million other people, joe you got no shot what are you talking about. in the act of talking about his candidacy, getting people to pay homage to him do all these things, yes, it has something to do with barack obama's post presidency his legacy biden fiercely protecter but also who joe biden is going forward. maria: that is a great point, because he just improved his brand, basically. >> yes. maria: sandra i want to turn on to the temperature on benghazi here get your thoughts on that, have chris weigh in, any bombshells you are expecting today earlier
7:36 am
you said you don't think going to learn anything. >> we hope we do, because we still don't know so much but chris, i just wonder, the right questions going to be asked as we do await that testimony from hillary clinton, do you expect anything groundbreaking today? >> i expect this to be a very laurel lawyerly conducted in prosecutorial manner, how much t gowdy allows others to talk he might will play the role of. >> as fred thompson him as staff attorney doing questioning very low-key the goal get information get her on record on some things maybe precise her a couple things but no drama not looking to create rock and rolls. >> looks like he has to given what has gone on, about the
7:37 am
committee because of the kevin mccarthy comments he has to be there showing leadership, so we will see how that plays out, now we have not to caulk about paul ryan a done deal do you think chris? where do you stand on this. >> i think close to done ordeal now i think that ryan successfully negotiated this with freedom caucus members got a buy-in enough that he can processed yes rested yes continue to behold us yes, it will not be easy but he got from them what he needed buy-in enough so he can have a little bit a minute of a honeymoon as speaker, so that he might be able to get some forward progress. >> more than boehner had, quick earlier john buzzy saus a yie said a pof for gop. >> your thoughts on this a powerful committee chairman, a sort of veteran of the house, somebody who has been part of a national campaign, already ran for vice president, ep has
7:38 am
this chops and this gives the tailwind to the republican campaign, because going to have somebody running the house who is powerful, capable. >> we will see if he is any doggone good what they have right now greats advantage the republicans would get out of a ryan speakership right now is voidance of calamity the big things out of this is the removal of a negative would be a civil war platitude letting in house gop that is first positive we will see how he does hence forth. maria: you know that a policy wonk like paul ryan is not going to allow the government to shut down is not going to allow the debt ceiling to go berserk is going to make sure that in fact we are focused on economic issues. >> that is important. >> you got it. >> chris good to talk with you thank you so much. >> you bet have a great day. >> fox biggest teaming up with "the wall street journal" to give you republican debate focused on economy business your money be sure to tune in november 10 republican
7:39 am
candidacy take the stage in milwaukee wisconsin only right here fox business network. >> u2 a service could be a netflix killer we will tell you all about it when we come right back. ♪ you don't have to do it ♪ ♪ you don't have to show it ♪ ♪ shouldn't what makes each of us a unique individual,
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. . maria: welcome back a hurricane forge near mexico about pacific coast cheryl casone more on that. cheryl: that is right good morning, everybody. patricia has strengthened to a hurricane i as it nears mexico pacific coast officials warn about heavy rains and flooding, patricia winds increased today near 75 miles per hour. we will keep a watch the on that, also, ups paying a price for false next day deliver games a 4.2-million-dollar settlement with 17 states falsely recording next day deliver packages never made it on timeups employees allegedly applied inappropriate codes recording delivery company has not acknowledged liability. >> after you alquerque new mexico police saying the man charged with murder in the road rage killing of innocent 4-year-old girl has confessed, 32-year-old torres tells police he was driving on i-40
7:44 am
in alquerque cut off a car carrying garcia her father and brother after exchange torres pulled out a gun opened fire. held on 650,000 dollars bail, but a horrific story. >> youtube launching added free web service good morning. >> good morning, maria that is right i couldn't tooibs launching youtube a paid service for 10 dollars a month you can watch videos on youtube no ads original content famous on youtube, starting at next year like hulo netflix access to music much app could become a new competitor to spotify pandora available for a month one month free trial october 28, and youtube music expected to go live there after here is
7:45 am
content the most watched plasma in the world top 100 tifrz spending 60% more expecting to generate 9 1/2 billion dollars in ad revenue this year. maria: are thank you so much joining the conversation dagen mcdowell dagen what do you think about new service does it take on netflix. dagen: it could goning hoi good original content will be they will have original shows maybe movies starting next year, but, again, it goes back to what are you giving me, i don't want pewtiepie, going to have a show called where he reenacts very favorite provide game this is not this is youtube, not red tube red tube
7:46 am
a porn w9.99 this is 12.99 a month on mobile new youtube sight begs the question is netflix really that valuable if all their charges is kind of their core package 9.99 a month? is this is really becoming a commodity business everyone you got to worry about all the evaluations across those this. >> go back to content is king especially in this marketplace we saw way down on disney earlier in the earnings report last quarter, i think the most important thing to takeaway from this this is where social media ad spend is going to youtube and going to facebook 16 billion dollars social media ads for next year going to those two main sites you can get especially when it comes to video ads back to netflix this isn't a netflix killer netflix has quality videos and has got the coat you know you are going to get there with youtube, you know, about the sustainability of
7:47 am
just random videos up there getting some -- >> they are quality now but they have to cut netflix all these are other shoots to continually create or pay for, better and better content and they are going to be paying more for it. declining quality, i did woobt to point out i think your best barring is 100 bucks a year amazon prime streaming and free shipping pretty good deal. >> streaming music is very good. >> have yep. >> you get a lot for that. dagen: amen. sandra: see you next hour. maria: ecb announcing they will not make immediate changes in monetary policy john willaway in on meeting we are not seeing a major reaction in european markets we will check it out next back in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪ you can't predict...
7:48 am
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. . maria: breaking news right now yooun cell bank about looefk interest rates unchanged 0.05% wow low yooun markets like this on heels not a major relaxatiaction it feelse few people expecting any change in quantitative easing program out of this meeting but the real news might come in the next 30 minutes, ecb president mario draghi news conference scheduled for 8:30 a.m. eastern this morning that is in 40 minutes, want to bring in john hildebrandt good to see you reaction to the inaction this morning, out of ecb. >> well, i think you hit it on the head going to come down to ma draghi says at press conference 8:30 our time, you know there is a lot of
7:52 am
pressure on the ecb growing perturb to spend its quantitative easing program, bond-buying program they are doing, because they have inflation way below their target 1%, and core inflation level unemployment rate very high around 11%, so there is pressure on them to do more, moreover the euro strengthened last couple months we have to see whether he hints there could be more coming down the road they are not going to announce something that would be unlikely we could get hints from him more is coming. . >> has it been effective, 68 billion dollars, a month, in bond-buying, quantitative easing from ecb, i mean, do you think -- andrew liveris was on show jon he said europe is doing well for that company i don't know if that is a reaction, from the ecb impact, or you know, things are actually improving in europe regardless. >> on this question of has it been effective one thing we
7:53 am
can certainly say it does when central banks announce quantitative easing programs, it is definitely affects markets we see stock prices moving we see you currency moving whether it beats through to the economy the unemployment rate there is 11%, they've got a long way to go on their economy, but it did look until a few months ago, like we were starting to see some improvement we got some data out earlier this week, of -- lending standards improving, so, you know i think it helps but it is not a magic wander. sandra: this is sandra everybody trying to figure out how bad is it this country, and looked at picture over in europe, put out a note this morning saying they expect that they are going to have more dovish rhetoric as we await the draghi news conference keeping door firmly open to more, it is expected, that they are going to do more there is pressure as you said on them to do more, how bad
7:54 am
you alluded to unemployment rate, over 11%. does it look like things are getting better? >> well, you know, the real problem the big problems in the world right now are changes that in the problems outlook, are in china emerging markets the slowdown, after draghi announced qe program we did see a bump in the inflation numbers we saw a little bump in growth numbers so you know it looks like europe has stabilized a year ago all worries were greece and europe, the problems now in emerging markets, but the issue that is with the rest of the world slowing, there is this race for central banks to do easier policy if chinese are if they are deevaluating currency. >> jon a quick question for you we have seen this happen
7:55 am
with ecb they talked about doing another round of quantitative easing, but the problem is there is not enough inventory out there for them to apply, right there is not enough. it ight. comes to doing a round of quantitative easing getting that inventory? >> well, there is a couple different steps they could take easy step for them is to say, they are going to keep doing it longer than they originally planned something i am watching from draghi that i, you know they said they will be doing it will at least until september 2016, if he opens the door for them to be going beyond that, that is a form of stimulus even though not doing it now market priced it in now the other question whether they are going to new asset classes when they go into corporate bonds, you know there is some political challenge to doing that that is another way that they could go, to expand thebredth of their program. maria: we will see what he says 30 minutes jon hilsenrath from the journalism next up joined by former mississippi governor rnc chairman haley
7:56 am
barbour back in one minute's time.
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. . maria: good morning welcome back maria bartiromo, it is thursday, october 22 with me fox business network sandra smith "the wall street journal" john bussey recon capital condition kelly top stories 8:00 a.m. hillary clinton heads to capitol hill to of it before special can he on benghazi will face questions on 2012 attack, that left four americans dead, the panel has come under scrutiny, of course, for being politically motivatedrans say questions will be centered today on the attack, not on e-mails we will bring the temperature live after months waiting we got an answer from joe biden, about a potential run for the white house, here it is. >> unfortunately, i believe we're out of time time necessary to mount a winning campaign for the nomination. >> that clears hurdle for clinton campaign biden said even though he will not be in the race he will not be silent he took jabs at mrs. clinton
8:00 am
in the rest of his speech, that is on hill paul ryan, another step closer to replacing boehner as speaker of the house shooum george of the freedom 'cause will support the candidacy boating short of official endorsement ryan has votes to secure that job markets busy for earnings third quarter seth doane caterpillar missed third quarter expectations on revenue posted earnings 75 cents a share on revenue 10. 6 billion dollars, stock had been under pressure recently because of the market share losses as well as weakness in china, dow chemical reporting mixed third quarter results beat on earnings line but missed on the revenue line as well. dow chemical chairman ceo and introduce you lifrz weighed in on first on fox business. >> this is 8th consecutive koert voum quoting 12 consecutive radiators year on
8:01 am
year margin eps ebitda growth frankly we've got the mix, for what i call recovering world economy. maria: with that market is expected to open higher this morning, earnings are setting the tony we are expecting a higher opening for the broader averages including dow jones industrial average up 40 points s&p nasdaq. in europe mixed mostly upside ecb left interest rates unchanged ecb president draghi giving a news conference, scheduled for about 30 minutes everyone waiting to see what he says at that conference, in terms of suggestions of further stimulus to come, major averages most higher, u.s. attorney general making a move in probe of daily fantasy sites according to "the wall street journal" draftkings received a subpoena from the office, asking for information, about coman he's potential misuse of inside data after draftkings independent investigation cleared that employee in question of wrongdoing. >> hurricane patrician the pacific the storm now off the
8:02 am
coast of mexico, with winds expected to hit 75 miles per hour, officials warning of heavy rains heavy flooding. and a big night for baseball, that is for s sure that blue jays are still alive in race for the pennant adjacent beat royals last night 7-1, the royals lead 3-2, and then there is new york, the mets, took out last night at wrigfield watch. >> the payoff pitch. on the way. and it is in there -- the mets win the pennant! the new york mets have won the national league pennant! the new york mets for the first time in 15 years. . champions of the national league. maria: that is pretty cool the mets sweeping the chicago cubs, now headed to the world series final score 8-3. mets secretary baseman murphy named mvp of the nlcf, hitting
8:03 am
home runs six straight postseason games a record for major league baseball, ben carson takes the lead in iowa in gop presidential race, according to new poll, by quinnipiac blake griffin in washington with details gadget to you. >> good morning to you that is right a potential reversal out of iowa this morning, a new poll from quinnipiac university shows dr. ben carson on top. carson hit highest mark yet in iowa, and leads field 2% support of likely republican caucus goers donald trump dipped down to second with 20%, marco rubio ted cruise only ordered to crack double digits one immediate question coming from all this is is this an outlier or is this the start of a potential trend? >> trump led in 13 of the last 14 polls conducted there since late july, that only other one according to data was a tie. i would point out maria a
8:04 am
national poll taken earlier this month showed carson had jumped trump in one poll, and the same question was asked then but in the next seven polls since shown trump on top we will see if that plays out in iowaor if carson sticking at the top. pollster quinnipiac university said carson strengthen in iowa lies with sizable evangelical population. >> reaction to carson taking over gop lead over trump. >> lots of questions interesting just as he said, i mean this is remarkable, 8 points over trump. and look at establishment republican candidate, way trailing, bush was not even on your screen, as somebody in double digits a leader not many months ago wide open campaign. >> marco rubio. >> improved, double incidentals trump and carson
8:05 am
way ahead jeb bush not on that. >> that is remarkable, this is -- the trend for dr. carson has been up, and has been a strong move up, while donald trump has led in iowa, since he entered the race job about unbelievable. >> a huge change this is a big teal. >> i owe harben cars conn go if fire in belly so calm cool -- sandra: what do you mean he has -- so calm. so calm. >> we will watch this as new mexico police saying man charged with murder in road rage killing has confessed, the horribly story the details right now. cheryl: really is maria good morning good morning to all of you 3, -year-old tony are toees telling police he was driving on i-40 in al questioner he cut off a car carrying garcia father and brother after an exchange torres pulled out a gun opened
8:06 am
fire, he is now, being held on 650,000 dollars bail. >> customers prepaid debt cards backed by russell simmons remain without access to money, more than a week after technical problems began causing problems. these cards prepaid debit card to people without bank accounts, some say they had missed car payments even not able to purchase food make it to work pressure on mr. simmons issued a video apology pressure on sports continues draftkings received a subpoena from u.s. attorney in new york. it asks for information about draftkings employee haskell's activist, potential misuse of inside information his office is investigating whether the business model violates federal law, but we talked about this yesterday, it is not just getting involved in a slot that is happening to draftkings and fanduel it, it
8:07 am
is doj, fbi congressmen looking is it illegal gambling a lot of pressure. maria: are still successful. >> acts like a duck talks like a duck walks like duck probably is a duck they are not even hideing. >> the issue, at least. >> they are not even hideing the fact take 10% rate like gambling 10%, that is the big vegas -- >> what about -- that is game of skill? >> yeah, well it is not really a game of skill if you have to leak data and -- >> yeah a lot of things go on in vegas, but this is this is -- >> i think that is right, blackjack is a game of skill i agree with you. >> they are going on to a technicality in loophole you can't bet on teams but you can bet on individual players. sandra: the why regulators so behind. >> behind? >> yeah, it -- credible when they come in 11th hour.
8:08 am
dagen: sandra: industry so particular user base groaning exponentially targeting it, politicized to your point especially now you think about tax revenues denned, nevada, by the way, banned draftkings fanduel from operability they say erupt by gam blooip money to their credit companies are saying, you know weigh still have a lot of bets going keep going for now at least until next couple weeks to play -- >> i am foster this i'm seeing i think i am so tired of online gambling it is illegal, come on, i mean it is worldwide it is online embrace it. >> goes so well going oft a demographic 18 to 34 yearly medals are great advertisers love them a great business model. >> so it doesn't go maybe talking about here what does it look like after regulation gets put in place what -- >> different i bet.
8:09 am
>> probably, so but it is that is probably the next step it is not something that is going to wipe them out? >> to pay taxes independence this is really particular people love that, if you are want to pay taxes fine what is the harm. >> people -- shut down uas he poker industry four years ago. maria: ask good point macdonald shares off earnings beating on earnings and revenue same-store sales off northeasterly 1% topping expectations, ceo says the turnaround plan is starting to generate change needed up better than % a highlight, back in a minute, stay with us. ♪ ♪ buddy- nice place, nice car what happened?
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. maria: welcome back to cia condentaling wikileaks release of e-mails calling it malicious crime that is huge story. >> like weeks dominates from cia had brennan's personal e-mail account security cleanser material social security number and wife a draft did you mean to urges president to tone down rhetoric on iran cia condemned this telling "the wall street journal," this attack is something, that could happen to anyone should not be condemned not promoted they said quote there is no radiation any kments released thus far are classified, wikileaks is expected to release more from private mail account -- >> when we had, an expert on earlier, on national security, and what on was going on at cia he also talked about jay johnson the fact we have seen so many vulnerabilities in
8:14 am
terms of our government, whether it is the office of personal management, jay johnson cia, being vulnerable to cyberattack. what are we doing wrong. >> seems technology that the government has in place, isn't necessarily in working there are two big steps protecting, any sort of government server first you have to have the first line of defense then you also have to have some degree of offense updating programs engineering capabilities to fight off in connection with generation of hackers and cybercriminals who want in your systems clear no matter what. very we've put in it is not really working same goes for private sxaeps as well the breach neiman-marcus. >> this that it could happen to anybody is shocking this is the headed of the cia, so, it -- the setback on this we have been so as mr. a. but lase not just in public
8:15 am
but corporate one way or another the government world office of snenl management breach norm security breach hunt aing the america for a long, long time. i think where this is headed is much more dramatic than just internet hygiene issues, you are going to have to see ricks on how mu ricks on internet. >> a brute force attack hackter called verizon gave personal information to get that password reset it so people need to be conscious us of what is out there of them. >> that is -- you can walk around network into this is utilities that is any soft mollifying. >> peeping personal e-mail personal professional professional so not having any was sensitive documents on an aol account.
8:16 am
>> why focused on hillary clinton's e-mail her cyberserver. >> yeah, you know basic encryption a lot of journalists use when trying to deal with sensitive sources, is something that probably average americans should be using as well, encryption technology is available takes extra step does protect in terms of e-mail communication back and forth in the case of interposition, the case of -- investings clearly is not working. >> you would think headed of the cia would -- >> you would have expected headed of the state department, to not use the private server, by the way, guest that maria had on earlier said cybersecurity should become a top issue in 2016. >> has not been discussed. >> you are radio. >> it who would think the headed of the cia had aol account? >> everyone one time aol can the. be real. >> thank you, pharmaceutical joint eli lily mixed results
8:17 am
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8:20 am
. maria: are earnings alert eli lilly mixed third quarter results beating earnings per share but missing on revenue line pharmaceutical giant raising full year guidance however, the stock up this morning better than 1%, in premarket, bre bringing in lechleiter eli lilly chairman ceo, welcome back. >> can you tell me what drove the quarter how would you characterize last three months. >> i think on top line we missed a small amount, but we very we are very pleased with the fact that growth came from new products, our karps drug, 111 million dollars, in quarter recently launched
8:21 am
diabetes drug, 74 million dollars, in the quarter. hadn't we were hurt a lot by rates so nongap basis we said mine us 4%, top line growth if you take rate out, we grew by 5% saw good volume growth in a lot of geographics we reduced operating expenses by 7% maria that gave us 22% non-- earnings per share growth 89 cents we raised our guidance now to 3.40, 3.45 for the year. maria: how does this all -- sort of jive with the patent are expirings story clearly you've been lowering costs where you in terms ofcot cut ofing when you look in terms of those of patent expiration to come some important drugs facing paept expiration next
8:22 am
couple years cialis that will come later -- the other patent expired late 2013 to point about washed out of our of our results, we saw a little bit of residual impact we said to investors we aim to resume growth through most acute as if he of apparent expiration perioding lunching new products aim to get back to margins more like historical margins in 2018. you are right we have other patn't expiring we have two under review by fdifferentlya more filing hopefully more fda submissions fda decisions planned next 18 months gentleman when you look what is to come obviously impressive pipeline but what are you expecting in terms of of the firestorm over pricing? we know this is now a political hot-button issue, pricing of important drugs, in
8:23 am
particular cancer drugs, coming under fire because they are skyrocketing, what are you expecting in terms of of the political heat that your company industry are going to face? >> if you look back on at least a four year cycle, we see a lot more noise around pricing as we approach the presidential election i think obviously we aimed to price our products in a way that commensurate with value they bring, it is interesting, maria that over many years, the percentage we spent in health care on mendicine about the same 12 or 13% we know medicines while you can say this is an expensive medicine many reasons why newer variable medicines tend to be more expensive proper use of medicines keep people out of the hospital keep people back to work, they essentially avoid a lot of other costs a lot of other suffering so i think that that is important
8:24 am
to understand. >> kevin hey john thanks for joining us my main question you have brought up that operating cost has come down. how important are partnerships with other firms aftra when you are doing an i am munao oncology drub partnership how important that is in driving costs down as well as feeding the pipeline. >> very good question. i happen to think it is one important aspect of keeping our costs down, we announced this new expand partnership this morning with astrazeneca keep in mind in 2011 announced a big wither partnership with barren resigningel anaheim nainld both to access diabetes medicines in each other's pipeline at the time from a shareholder perspective there is a much -- less expensive way of essentially enabling in this case both companies to bring new medicines to market so you can expect lily to continue to look for poipdz to
8:25 am
do more earlier stage deals early in our pipeline. >> john bussey from the journal. >> john we had andrew liveris on a little bit earlier he characterized his business positively operating in global economy you have operations around the world forgery exchange negatively impacted you take out of the mix how is your demanded globally looking. >> i think it is mixed right now i mean challenged in europe challenged with access issues in many countries, with pricing issues, in many countries. asia has been a bright spot japan in particular we lead the market in growth china a reset mode, based on a number of health care reforms that they have i am bullish about latin america despite individual can you please
8:26 am
differences u.s. market for our business remains rather strong so it is a bit mixed, but you know, we are cautiously optimistic about future in terms of global dynamics. >> john good to have you on the program thanks so much. >> thanks, maria thank you. maria: see you soon john leban lechleiter eli lilly. lechleiter eli lilly. we'll be right back.. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world.
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8:29 am
>> welcome back, a new quinnipiac poll shows dr. ben carson takes the g.o.p. lead over donald trump in iowa with 20% favorability. and joining us former mississippi governor, haley barbour, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. maria: what's your assessment? even dr. ben carson taking the lead over trump. how do you read it?
8:30 am
>> as you say, it's early. the polling done the summer and fall before the election year and particularly in the primaries is usually not very predictive of what will happen in the following spring, but one thing is clear, people are dissatisfied with government, people are dissatisfied with the federal government particularly and they've got good reason. you know, our economy is very weak. the government itself announced that compared to 2008, median household income is 6 1/2% lower today than it was in 2008. maria: wow. >> only 48 1/2% of of adult americans have a full-time job. if you compare this recovery to the recovery after the last deep recession that ended in 1982. in the six years since this recession ended, the economy has grown on average, 2.2% a year. in the reagan recovery after
8:31 am
1982, six years, same period of time, the recovery was at the average annual rate of 4.8% a year. maria: wow. >> think of where we would be. so people have a good reason to be mad. maria: we just got the jobless claims out for the last week, 259,000, the estimate was 265,000. it's all about jobs and people are focusing how to move the needle on the economy. let me ask you about paul ryan, if he in fact does take the job of speaker of the house, and this moves forward, do you think that's a positive for the republicans? y who is focused on the economy. he is focused on real issues. he's not somebody who just complains. and if republicans in the house will follow his lead, the house will be productive, but one thing that people have to understand, under john boehner the house in the last congress
8:32 am
sent the senate 330-something pieces of legislation, that passed the house and the senate didn't take up under harry reed. if the democrats in the senate refuse to allow something to come to the floor because they have enough to filibuster, it doesn't come to the floor. last year-- >> what's the excuse after harry reid? right? i mean, what's the excuse since november? how come they couldn't get anything passed, get the votes in the senate with mitch mcconnell there? >> i'm glad you asked, maria, because that's important. in the spring, harry reid announced the democrats would not let one appropriations bill come to the floor and they have the power to do that because they have more than 40 votes. it takes 60 votes to bring a bill to the floor, not one appropriations bill has been allowed to come to the floor even though every appropriations bill has come out of committee in the senate,
8:33 am
the republicans have them offered up, the democrats won't let them come to the floor, why? because the democrats say, we all aren't spending enough so we are not going to allow them to come to the floor. maria: i want to get my colleagues in for a second. everything you're saying makes me question whether or not paul ryan is going to move the needle. if john boehner couldn't move the needle and get the votes in the senate, why would paul ryan be able to? >> i can tell you this, maria, the speaker of the house can't make the senate vote on things, we know that and i do think one of the problems republicans have is they haven't been straight forward and told the american people, we can't make the democrats allow things to come to the floor of the senate. maria: here is sandra smith. sandra: governor, great to be with you. this is sandra smith. >> hey, sandra. sandra: do you expect fireworks today with hillary clinton testifying on the benghazi attacks from 2012? do you expect to learn anything new out of this today? >> i hope so. i think chairman gowdy, who is
8:34 am
a former prosecutor, has been very serious and workman-like in this and has tried to keep it from becoming a circus. this is serious business. four americans were killed over there and a lot of people in our country don't understand why the government, our government, did not try to do more. instead, our government put out this story that this was about some video some guy had done, when it's palpably obvious-- >> it was september 11th, they said it's a video. quick, here is john buckley from the journal. >> one problem the republicans have. they can't get the democrats get it through. one huge problem the republicans have, this he ha have-- they have divisions within their own party.
8:35 am
ryan is elected speaker of the house. is it going to be any different in the house. same divisions that john boehner had to contend with? >> most divisions aren't about policy, they are about tactics and it's bad when 30 guys say we ought to vote to shut down the government over this and government over that when we proved repeatedly it does political damage to us and doesn't happen anything on the policy front, but there's very little different among our conference on actual policy, whether it's social issues, spending issues or national security issues. maria: all right, we will leave it there. governor, it's great to have you on the program today and i want to say a big happy birthday to you today, governor. >> well, thank you, i appreciate that. maria: happy birthday, we will see you soon. governor haley barbour there. and mornings with maria, here is a look back at some of the moments on the show.
8:36 am
>> car owners like to drive. they like the car and rev it up. >> people have control issues, i don't know-- >> people have control issues, cheryl. and drive so much. >> i do love to drive. >> wrigley field and chicago cubs fans are the classiest. maria: and you are. sandra: and they got taken. >> robots, and actually got free-thinking minds and got their own ideas. you can't order them around, you have to lead them. the same thing with the business world, you can't order people what to do, you've got to inspire and motivate them and lead them. >> we have innovations coming out of our ears. we have no need for m & a. we're generating cash and cash coming. this is joe biden running up the price of his ipo. if he would have said a year
8:37 am
ago that he wasn't running for president we would have said, well, you and 310 million other people, joe, you got no shot, what are you talking about? ♪ for less than the average price of a car, you could be driving an extraordinary mercedes-benz. one that shatters the molds of design... shatters the standards of performance... ...and shatters the limits of technology. the 2016 gla starting at just $32,500.
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well, it all started with my free credit score from credit they gave me so much more than a free credit score. credit sesame's money management tools and personalized offers saved me tons of money and helped me reach my goals. i just signed up with their free app. what's my credit score? your credit score is 650. that's magic! no, that's credit you get so much more than a free credit score so do more with your score at credit >> welcome back. a hurricane is forming in the mexico coast. cheryl joins us with the headlines. cheryl: good morning, everyone. that's right, hurricane patricia is gaining strength off the coast of mexico. winds are 75 miles per hour. officials are warning of rain
8:41 am
and flooding in the area. albuquerque police say the man charged with murder in the road rage case of the innocent four-year-old girl. he cut off a car garying lilly garcia and her father and brother. after a heated exchange, torres pulled out a gun and opened fire. and he's held on $650,000 bail. attention class of 2015, you may have to be at least 75 years old before you can retire. a new nerd wallet study found rise in student debt, high rent and poor investment strategies are all to blame. the study suggests that millennials should live at home at least until they're 25 years of age and invest more aggressively, i'm sure music to the ears of the parents watching the show today. maria: they live at home. joinings conversation right now. dagen mcdowell, i'm sure you have an opinion on that one
8:42 am
dagen we look at this, why is working until you're 75 bad. maria: that's right, i agree. dagen: you should be in a job because you're the child of business owners. i'm the child of business owners my parents had to retire because they were basically put out of business, but you're supposed to be in a job and career that you love and you're passionate about. if you're working until you're 75, particularly as our life expectancy continues to go up. maria: as soon as you stop working, it's sort of a really quickening pace downward because you don't have the productivi productivity. >> people aren't healthy, that can be a really big issue, if you have to work until you're 75. dagen: we're going to wind up living until we're 100. that's still a pretty decent retirement if you retire from 75. >> and an appealing point of view hopefully we're all in jobs that we love. a lot of people-- >> or do something else, you
8:43 am
don't have to have the same job for 50 years. >> the notion that we have to work until we're 75 isn't the real issue at all. we are not saving enough. we never have saved enough, as a population. >> the collective "we "s, talking 2015. >> and this goes across the population. you look a the number of people with retirement accounts and what's in it. we have not as a society emphasized enough. maria: i'm a big saver, i'm just saying. there are classic, sort of, demographics, that you can look at. the millennials may not be saving. i think you start saving in your 401(k) the second you get a job. sandra: with all due respect, you're putting the burden on the collective "we", it's been a tough economy to save money when you will an of the money-- way before the financial crisis. dagen: the people in this country did not pick up their own savings. you save 10% now on this show, great story in the wall street journal more employers taking
8:44 am
out more for the 401(k) contribution. >> the reason why the class of 2015 has to work until 75, there's going to be zero social security left. to saying to live with your parents until you're 25, if they start saving and compound interest of savings early on will help carry them, but you can't rely on social security. >> you can say that to gen x, gen y, and nobody saves enough. dagen: find somebody who is old and rich. maria: how much is enough? >> go back to the early '80s to see a 10% savings right. >> we're in a low growth environment you need to save more, do you think we will very have years when the market expands and have 10, 20%? no, we'll have below 10% returns and economy is glowing down worldwide.
8:45 am
dagen: the best retirement advice, move to an area that has decent weather that's cheap in terms of cost of living and great access to health care and i can think of no greater place than like nashville or memphis. >> phoenix, arizona. maria: what's wrong with living with your parents until you're 25? i did it, i loved it. i did it, i loved it. dagen: i'll have you call my mother because he had his foot on my butt and i moved back two months between colorado and-- and he had his-- >> . maria: did you have to pay rent or free of charge. sandra: i was free of charge. >> if you're a guy living at home with your parents, trying to court a female, so-- >> are you kidding? you get the basement and have a separate entrance. [laughter] >> i turned 17 and i ran to college, like i was gone. maria: that is with an it, huh. sandra: i love going home.
8:46 am
>> and right out of college. maria: right out of college? >> i left at 15. maria: wow, you, too? i really am the minority. >> i bet your parents loved it. maria: they did and i loved it, too, thanks, mom and dad. breaking news, politico reporting ryan's bid to house speaker. we'll be back in a minute. i loved living there. ♪ when you smile the whole world stops and stares for a while ♪ ♪ girl, you're amazing just the way you are ♪. ♪
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8:50 am
>> you're looking to mack mcdonald's. nicole: closed at 102 and change and look at 110. it's looking at new highs, it could account for 40-plus dow points today. so, really doing well with their new deluxe menu and all day breakfast. there was talk whether or not they would spend off real estate holdings they had into a reit, though that's not front and center, but it's an underlying story for mcdonald's. today it will be beat the sales growth and numbers that blow it out of the water. maria: great stuff. don't forget to watch nicole every day, nicole and lauren every day on the fox business network before mornings with maria. breaking news, politico reporting that paul ryan to be
8:51 am
moving ahead for his bid for house speaker. you said it will be impactful to republicans as a party? >> i would say somebody who has managed to make his ascent to the speakership contingent upon support in the house and his background, a player in the house at the time and chairman of a hugely powerful commit. a vice-presidential candidate ap knows about elections, it's a plus for republicans. maria: sandra, you've got to believe this happened based on what we're hearing now. sandra: i think it's expected and i think he alluded to the fact he'll do this with certain conditions met and the republican party is seeing this as a very good thing. they wouldn't be throwing -- and the republicans would be throwing support behind this. he's got large support. maria: knowing what a policy wonk he is and the issues, is this the kind of move that will rally markets? >> yeah, it's going to rally
8:52 am
markets. maria: i think so, too. >> a united republican front, the policy front, we're not seeing that happen right now. having conditions met for him in order to get the job done the market will see that as a huge plus. maria: we'll see if there's a paul ryan rally. >> at least for now. maria: the september housing starts rebounding after two months of decline. join us is net seekers real estate brokers. cat katherine, thank you for joining us. as we await the headlines, you're on the ground. what's the housing market look like? >> the housing markets remain strong. the numbers through september, single family housing permits went up and seems to be confidence in the market and a lot of new housing coming to the market. sandra: any specific regions you're seeing are hot right now? >> the tech sector markets continue to be hot, so out in
8:53 am
california and wills on the west coast and denver and-- >> austin, texas, probably. >> texas, right. new york city continues to be very strong. >> are we still seeing a strong demand for cash buyers, actual people come in and purchase the homes as opposed to investors just coming into the market. maria: yeah, and then there's the mortgage situation in order to get a loan. >> 3.6 gives buyers some confidence that it's still relatively low. i work with a lot of new york buyers where they will be exploring the mortgage option even if they can pay cash, just to have some equity and get some debt. so, they continue to have confidence in that sense. >> the elements report on the third quarter of condo sales in new york city said 61% of those condo sales were all cash. is this hot money coming out of
8:54 am
brazil, russia, china, still? what does that 61% represent? >> it's probably referring to the higher end condo market where you'll see all cash markets, it's international investors. i'm doing a deal now with a buyer from india, with a buyer from brazil, buyer from china. they continue to see new york as a good place to invest. >> and the big deal in new york is the stieferstone, and blackstone-- >> 5.3 billion. the important thing about blackstone, you've seen them go into the real estate market and putting money to work and we're in lending for lower interest rate environment. they took out two reits, took out biomed as well as strategic hotels so that's showing the strength and resiliency of the real estate market. maria: putting their money there now. >> they're putting their money there now, exactly, and getting the returns. they have confidence over the next five, ten years that they can get a return, a decent return on their capital. maria: good to have you on the
8:55 am
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>> the mets win the pennant. the new york mets won the pennant. the new york mets for the first time in 15 years are champion to the national league! . maria: yes, that was the picture of victory, the new york mets sweeping the chicago cubs, they're going to the world series for the first time in 15 years, tough week for the cubs, sandra. sandra: what do you mean tough week for the cubs? the cubs got there. how long? shouldn't that be the headline? and clearly i'm sitting with a bunch of new yorkers. maria: look at jamie. look at our floor director jamie, come on jamie. sandra: congratulations, congratulations. maria: he's got the t-shirt on
8:59 am
right now. sandra: classic sports fans in chicago. >> home run in six straight games. 0 that's impressive. how do you beat that. sandra: all right, all right. maria: and mario draghi looking at options. they basically say we're act, whatever is needed? >> yeah, i think it's showing every government as well as central bank is willing to do what it takes for their region to spur growth. and we could see a currency wars coming up. we've seen the euro rebound pretty significantly since march 9th. maria: sandra, the market did improve on the comments. sandra: triple digit gains, at dow 134 points optimistic. >> mayor draghi would have loved to hear your comments. the front end of industrial
9:00 am
production and he's positive on the global economy and called it a recovering global economy. maria: and he said cash, cash, cash is going to shareholders. thank you, sandra smith, and mr. buckley this morning. stuart is next, have a good show. stuart: benghazi today, we don't think much of congressional hearings on "varney & company," but today is different. this could be a deciding factor in the election. chairman trey gowdy says he has new facts. and when ambassador stevens asked for help and didn't get it and hillary is asking for donations. and we'll take you to the heart of it. don't forget trump right after joe biden said he's not running, the donald says he


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