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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 22, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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speakership of list of his own conditions. maybe it shouldn't be that easy. we'll speak with one republican who will not vote for him. [closing bell ring] melissa: the dow up 300 points. closing bell sounding on wall street, in hopes that european central bank will act to combat sluggish growth. that is fueling the rally. we're ending the day 321 points on the dow. s&p up 33 points. that is 1.7%. the nasdaq about 80 points. crude oil trading higher. only gold moving lower on the day. david. david: we'll get right back to markets and a slew of tech earnings that come out. meantime we're in hour seven of the heated benghazi hearing on capitol hill. hillary clinton's emails providing a lot of fodder for questioning of hillary clinton for her role in that disasterous result of the attack in libya that left four americans dead. here is sample what is happening.
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>> i want to take note in this hearing how many times congressional democrats to make long-awaited documents available to us. they won't. >> why has to one been held accountable? how come not a single person lost a single paycheck connected to the fast we had the first ambassador killed since 1979? >> our libyan policy couldn't happened without you because you were its chief architect. david: peter barnes outside of the hearing room with an update. peter? reporter: that's right, david. republicans are using emails about the benghazi attack to attack hillary clinton's credibility. one of the most heated exchanges between her and republican congressman jim jordan of ohio who recounted the statement that she put out on that day, official state department statement that said some have sought to justify this vicious behavior as response to inflammatory material posted on
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the internet that now infamous anti-muslim video, but in an email released by the benghazi house republicans, she wrote to her daughter from her private account, her daughter chelsea, later that night, quote, two of our officers were killed in benghazi by an al qaeda-like group. well congressman jordan charged secretary clinton with playing politics on, with benghazi and the truth about it just, which was about a month before the presidential election. here is part of their exchange. >> you know want to know the truth. the statement you sent out was a statement on benghazi and you say vicious behavior as response to inflammatory material on internet of the if that is pointing as motive being a video i don't know what is. an that is certainly how the american people saw it. >> well, congressman, there was a lot of conflicting information that we were trying to make sense of. the situation was very fluid, it
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was fast-moving. reporter: congressman jordan also pointed to another email the next day, this one a state department email which was summarizing a call that she made to the prime minister of egypt in which she said, quote, we know that the attack in libya had nothing to do with the film. it was a planned attack, not a protest. david? david: peter barnes, thank you very much. we have breaking news on earnings. melissa? melissa: amazon is out with results right now. ashley, what do you have for us? >> huge beat for amazon. the forecast was for a loss of 13 cents on earnings per share. it came in a positive 17 cents. as for revenue estimate was 25.4 billion. actually was estimate was 24.9. came in at 25.4. a beat on revenue, they say third quarter sales were up 23%. as you can see up, nearly 50 bucks. 8% in after-hours trading.
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so huge earnings report for amazon and those shares taking off in the after-hours. melissa: wow. >> as you can see. melissa: amazing. ashley, thank you very much. let's get reaction. we bring in our very own jo ling kent. gary kaltbaum from kaltbaum management. fox news contributors. jo, let me start with you, huge beat obviously. we were looking for a loss, instead they came in with a beat? what are investors drilling down on? i know they want to hear about amazon web service. >> amazon will be important for retailers how holidays look, how amazon web services is doing but looks like this big beat. david: especially on eps may have something to do with prime day. they said it was bigger than black friday last year. they're looking how perhaps their logistic its changed over time. you see here the that north american segment sales were $16.01 billion so pretty strong.
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i have the press release in front of me. i can tell you what jeff bezos is saying but looks like it has been a pretty strong quarter for amazon. we are just going through this right now. i will come back to you in a second. melissa: okay. let me go to gary kaltbaum. what is your reaction? >> nothing but good news. amazon for a very long while kept losing money and losing money. everybody was expecting them to make money. last quarter they were supposed to lose but they made money. second quarter in a row. most important thing reaction is fantastic and a market getting its legs unitself right now it will help the market tomorrow. melissa: scott martin, when you look at the stats on this, pretty amazing. the stock is up 80% year-to-date. at the same time investors were looking for a loss? what other stock do you see that sort of dichotomy? >> it is amazing. gary k. is exactly right. the joke on amazon for many years, hey, here es a company makes tens of billions of dollars but cannot turn a
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profit. melissa: right. >> those days seem to be over. like "a tale of two cities" here, tale of two companies, isn't it? walmart recently in their struggles. amazon now with their prosperity i think that is where everybody is going. amazon prime remains the best deal on planet. if you're not using it, you should be i think they will have a huge fourth quarter on top of this one. melissa: okay. hang on one second. we have more earnings coming out. david, go ahead. david: numbers are good for google as well and parent company alphabet. the stock is trading up $50 after-hours in trading. tell us what the numbers are. >> yeah, pretty impressive, david. estimate for eps on google, alphabet, the parent company, 7.21 a share. coming in at 7.35 adjusted. revenue coming in at 15.11 billion. the estimate was 14.94 billion. they say revenue up 13% year-over-year and the stock reacting to that in after-hours
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as you can see, up, eight, nine, 10%. a nice report it appears at least with headline numbers for google. david: wow, joe, scott, gary, first of all, to you, this is two in a row on tech. is tec on a roll? seems to be based on these two earnings? >> definitely. let me tell you a couple things that happened today in the market. 3m reported lowered guidance and stock was still up $6. intel last week the numbers were terrible and stock still went up. so you have a market right now that is buying up bad news. so when you get good news is really buying it up. most definitely the tide turned. europe came out and said increasing printing of money and extending already doing it and market loves easy money. these are darn good numbers with these companies. david: joe, be specific on google and alphabet, parent company. they have $69.7 billion in cash. she sounds like she -- let me go to scott martin as jo goes through the numbers.
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all that cash, there is suggestion maybe they will now put out some of that cash in dividends to the stockholders. anymore on that? >> they might, david. they want to follow apple's lead. there certainly that has been one thing i think attracted capital to apple. i certainly wouldn't put it past them. they have new management there looking at that, alphabet. tell you what, something gary k. brought up is really interesting, coming into this quarter, david, everyone was prepared for numbers that were absolutely going to stink and the numbers aren't turning out to be so. not only companies beating on eps, we're seeing revenue beats. great sign for tech. tech has been there all year long as great invests for 401k and individual stock investment. david: jo, looking at some numbers as they come out with details on their earnings, paid clicks are down 4%. why isn't that a problem for the stock right now? >> you see overall beat for google. remember this is new umbrella organization not necessarily
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breaking down the segments until the fourth quarter so we really don't have more information just yet where the company is going to be going, especially in terms of cutting costs. the ceo hasn't indicated they will do. we don't see so far there is dividend or stock repurchase. we're going through this filing right now, but overall you're seeing some pretty strong numbers. paid clicks over the same quarter, year-over-year, up 23%. so that is not so bad. we're also getting microsoft numbers if you want to talk about those. david: look, we have another earnings coming in also on tech front. microsoft, melissa. melissa: microsoft report first quarter results. ashley what numbers do you have there? >> microsoft on earnings per share, actual 67 cents. estimate was 59 pents. revenue also beat the estimate of 21.03. billion, microsoft cutting or segmenting their report into
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three areas, productivity and business, intelligent cloud as they like to say, and personal computing. the cloud revenue by the way which they are really making a push into, up 8% in this report, guys. melissa: okay. let me go back over to scott martin about this one. i love intelligent cloud as opposed to stupid cloud. what else were they going to name it. >> notice it is microsoft. you never know. melissa: right. this is another company that is looking to the cloud to drive the future. amazon got there early. microsoft, you know, jpmorgan saying this will be one of the great drivers for them. if you look at 8% increase, is that enough? >> it's okay. it is probably a little bit disappointing to me, but like you said, they're getting into this foray and i think they have a good name. so they will be trusted with those services. another thing, an interesting thing going on with microsoft here is windows 10 which is likely not in these numbers yet. it will be good to see next couple quarters how that windows 10 rollout really affects some of these revenue
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numbers as their pc business is clearly hurting in the last few. melissa: gary, if you look back at last quarter, it was about writing off the bad decision on nokia, right? they had a beat this quarter. does it make you feel better about the stock? >> look, the stock's breaking out to new highs in the after-market right now. that is good news. look, microsoft is gargantuan company with very slow growth. i doubt they can accelerate the growth again. i think it will be okay stock going forward. i don't see much more than that. they have been growing in the single digits for a long while. i think that is the way it will stay. melissa: jo, what are some of the biggest questions for details as they come out? >> i have breaking news on alphabet on parent company of google. they are announcing they will do a $5.1 billion stock buyback in class-c stock. that will commence in the fourth quarter. this is really what analysts were looking for, melissa, and dave, when it comes to cfo ruth porat.
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and getting in this company and reorganized and also increasing efficiency and helping out with the stock price. we see a $5.1 billion class-c stock buyback, commencing in the fourth quarter. melissa: scott, i mean that is important deal, just switching back to alphabet for a second here. one of the things that investors were looking for as this company reorganized it helps you drill down on metrics and a lot of things inside what was google before. everybody had specific questions about the individual parts. now that they're reorganizing breaking it down, that is one of the things that could be answered here. >> that's true. don't forget in january we'll get a little bit more of that as well. i just like the stock buyback story with regards to some of these big tech companies like david and i talked about a second ago with apple because these companies still not only are trying to be growth companies but they have a lot of cash. sometimes they don't spend the cashing on acquisitions or r&d. they're returning via dividends and stock buybacks to loyal shareholders which will continue to generate interest for them on
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the buy side. melissa: okay. david: there are winners and then there are losers. there are a couple of losers coming in today as well. one is pandora way down after-hours as a result of their earnings. ashley has numbers. go ahead. >> david, on the earnings per share eps coming in right on estimate at 10 cents adjusted. however on the revenue this is where pandora missed. the estimate was 3,129.7 million. coming in shy at 311.56 million. the stock moving considerably loner after-hours trading. mobile revenue was up 36% year-over-year. ad revenue up 36% year-over-year. that is not helping stock. david: down 15%. huge loss there. gary, so much competition. we're talk about amazon doing quite well. amazon has the own music source. i'm a prime member of amazon, you get same kind of collection
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of wonderful streaming music that pandora offers but you don't pay a separate fee? >> you can get music sources anywhere at this juncture. so many are in the business right now. you have got apple. you got amazon. there is plenty of others. pan dora is very, very tough to compete. when you have a ridiculous high valuation coupled with massive competition you get a stock doing what it is doing. david: scott, is pandora going the way of the buggy whip? is it outdated technology? >> i still like my buggy whip, david. leave that alone. david: that is whole different story. we won't go there. >> another on out there, spotify. these services are just kind of a dime a dozen. i think it is very hard to keep customers loyal. therefore with no barriers to entry i don't like a lot of these companies whether spotify, pandora even say some of the amazon stuff just because i don't think that's big moneymaker. david: right. jo, kind of reminds you about
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groupon, come up with a great idea you're doing terrific until another guy, another guy, and they always improve idea. amazon has music in addition to a lot of other things of the apple has music in addition to lot of other things and pandora relies on music. >> it does. relies on music in serious way. has a huge lead being earliest entrance into the streaming music world. they did set the standard. they still win majority of market share, like amazon is still dominating e-commerce. something i want to point outbreaking this hour, pandora is agreeing to pay $90 million over royalties for the oldies, songs they were not paying royalties forker they are going to have to do this. this is year after legal battles in order to reach settlement. these are recordings made before 1972. more money out of the bank for pandora. david: not good. we have more earnings. melissa. melissa: at&t reporting third quarter results, back to ashley webster with those numbers.
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>> wow, hits keep on coming, melissa eps for at&t, we have 74 cents, a beat of five cents overestimate for 69 cents. however for at&t revenue coming in just a little short at 39.1 billion, compared to estimate of 44.2 billion. they are saying that they are doing double-digit growth in both revenue and adjusted operating margins. so that is on upside but revenue miss, you know what can i say, moving about one or 2% higher in after-hours trade. a miss for at&t on revenue. a beat on earnings, guys. melissa: thank you so much. jo, scott, gary are back with us on this one. gary start with you on this time around, acquisition of directv back in july, that is really story inside of at&t. what are details around that that you would be looking for in this earnings release? >> for me, at&t, is usually off of my radar. when you're dealing with at&t and verizon their growth numbers
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are so small, you end up with stocks that really don't do much. they're where they were for the last few years. directv will certainly help. it is definitely a big revenue driver. they will do some bundling together. i just don't think it will be a gargantuan thing for the whole business. i don't think it will drive the stock in a big way going forward. melissa: stock, does this stock bore you as well? >> to sleep, yeah. in fact i have taken it off my radar completely as well. tell you, melissa, i don't like the telecom space in general. very hard to make good profits there. very capital intensive business. customers are not totally loyal, that is drag. the just funny looking at those names like at&t and verizon. versus the apples, googles, microsofts. those companies can beat on eps, which is pretty easy to do these days, beat on bottom line, but those tech companies can beat on top line. a lot of these telecom guys can't do that that's where they're boring stocks. melissa: we'll leave it there. thanks, everybody.
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david: by the way, boring but we should mention there is 5% dividend goes along with at&t. a lot of people just like income from the stock. they forget about future earnings. melissa: good reminder, david. david: just putting it out there. melissa: hillary clinton trying to hold her own while getting grilled on hill. we'll go back to that. david: very rare downward move in the polls for donald trump, who is falling now in iowa. he is now second place to ben carson there. melissa: with a treadmill desk in the office. i tried it out. i will tell you how it went. ♪ management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night.
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reporter: melissa, booed day to you. it was unexpected and as i point out certainly rare the fifth time in seven years an office of the president used power of the pen to veto a major bill. this case, as you point out, it is 2016 national defense authorization act. this is part of the ongoing showdown, if you will over government spending and sequestration. for folks who don't know the ndaa is $604 billion defense spending bill congress passed this month. president objects to major parts. it allows pentagon to circumvent budget caps for all other agencies and prohibits use of money to transfer or release detainees from guantanamo bay prison until end of 2016. >> the decision to veto the ndaa is driven by fact it is bad bill and shortchangeses men and women who serve in the armed forces because it employs irresponsible
4:23 pm
spending gimmick to fund them. reporter: this week on capitol hill congressional lawmakers, especially republicans, accuse the president playing politics with national security. >> i recognize that the president wants to change a point about spending, but there are certainly ways to do that that don't involve putting our troops in the middle. and there is no need and frankly no place for any politics here. reporter: as you might imagine the of course the house set up a vote to fight back against this veto. set for november fifth. the whip count i received and seen is any indication of prospects the democrats, melissa have far more than enough support to sustain the veto. means for gop lawmakers, back to the drawing board once again. back to you. melissa: kevin corke, thank you so much for that report. david: a lot of other stories we're covering. coming up congressman paul ryan inching closer to speaker bid but a few republicans are
4:24 pm
skeptical for his own demands. we'll talk about with a congressman that plans to vote against him. does u.s. have any foreign policy juice after the problems in the middle east particularly after foreign policy mistakes we're hearing about today? ambassador john bolton with more on that coming up. no matter how fast the markets change, at t. rowe price, our disciplined investment approach remains. we ask questions here. look for risks there. and search for opportunity everywhere. global markets may be uncertain. but you can feel confident
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david: secretary of state john kerry meeting with israeli president netanyahu to calm foreign policy conflicts. joining me now ambassador john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and senior fellow american enterprise institute. also fox news contributor. do we have any credibility in the middle east anymore? >> no, i think our friends are worried we kind of a lot of our moores by declining interested and involvement in the region. our enemies see the opportunity to advance their agenda and they're doing it including vladmir putin. i'm just worried that the
4:28 pm
benghazi episode is something that has so demonstrated our fecklessness under this administration, that the parties in the middle east are going their own way regardless of our views. david: the first line of questioning today with hillary clinton seemed to be tying her to benghazi and disasterous results a part of her policy there. did they do that? does she own benghazi? >> i think that is the fact. i'm not sure the hearing advanced on ball, looking at what she said with her tenure as secretary of state, looking at her memoir, this reflected administration view arab spring would bring sweetness and light to the region. they overthrew gadhafi and walked away from it. david: that was emblematic of entire middle east, wasn't it? syria, that led us to join rebels in a war which some people say expanded isis's prominence in the middle east. >> consequences, the terrorism has expanded all across the region including in israel --
4:29 pm
david: except for egypt. one country had a revolt against the muslim brotherhood, which we had supported. >> of course the military now turned to russia, buying arms from moscow for the first time since the 1970s. david: when you walked in here before we started i asked you what you thought about the hearing. you were kind of critical of line of questioning. what kind of questioning would you prefer? >> well, look with a witness like hillary clinton in particular, there is no point getting into a philosophical discussion with her. there is no point trying to pin her down on admitting guilt. it is not going to happen. that only happens in perry mason stories. the way you build a record, for example, what i think is critical issue, she left the state department that night. i worked for six different secretaries of state. not one of them would have left their desk at the state department with americans in peril. how do you address that? my making kind of statement i just made, no. you say, what time did you leave the state department on evening of september left? if you make any phone calls in car? once you got home, who did you
4:30 pm
call? because the state department operations center, executive secretary make logs of everything secretary of state does. i would like to know who she called. david: it was interesting how many e-mails from sidney blumenthal had time to respond and ask other people including our now dead ambassador in libya to respond to. >> like she was not doing the job of secretary of state. dealing with clinton related matters like subordinate sidney blumenthal. wasn't paying attention to security before the attack on september 11th, her defense that is for subordinates. secretaries of state i worked for they would have gotten fingernails when it comes to american security. very different kind of people. condi rice. she sort of floats above her responsibilities. david: ambassador bolton. thank you very much. melissa? melissa: we're seeing major moves after-hours from amazon and google. back to jo ling kent for recap. jo?
4:31 pm
>> amazon looking for very good holiday season. their guidance is up 14 to 25%. that will be the range for holiday quarter. good news ahead. at least that is what they're projecting from amazon. right now the stock is doing gang bus percent after-hours, hitting an all-time high. if these gains hold, it will cross the 600 mark for the first time per share at opening bell. we saw rare profit driving all sales action. amazon web services, they're operating profit, a pretty healthy $521 million. i also want to take a look at alphabet, parent company of google, also breaking at this hour. beating on the top and bottom line. also hitting all-time highs in after-hours trading. ad revenue is driving this. it is up 13% for google, year-over-year. overall though the big take home headline, guys? $5.1 billion stock buyback of
4:32 pm
class-c shares. that is a very big deal. we expected to see that from the new chief financial officer ruth porat. she is executing that. billion users globally for google in alphabet. paid clicks up 23%. we saw costs per clicks go down. not is r surprising. that is something noteworthy. both those stocks, alphabet and amazon kill it in after-hours. melissa: jo, thank you. david: the big question for google how they pay for the stock buyback. they have $70 billion in cash. we know apple had a lot of cash but they borrowed money for stocks buybacks. interesting to see if google does the same. house hearing on benghazi is on a short break but hillary clinton will continue to grilled on capitol hill. we're monitoring that. melissa: not letting tough talk from iowa get him down, which is not surprising. he may be number two but he is still the one to beat.
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4:37 pm
campaign for president. led to the panel top chairman and ranking democrat having this exchange. >> go ahead. >> i'm about to tell you. i move that we put into the record the entire transcript of sidney blumenthal. we're going to release emails, let's dot transcript. that way the world can see it. >> i second that motion. >> the motion has been seconded. >> we're not going to take that up at a hearing. we'll take that up -- >> i consulted with the parliamentarian and they have informed us to right to recorded vote on the motion. >> i'll tell you what let's do then. >> you want whole truth, nothing but the truth? that's what we want to have. let the world see it. >> why is it that you only want mr. blumenthal's transcript released? >> i like to have all of them released. reporter: focus about the obama administration narrative in days after benghazi attack, blaming attack on internet muslim video. bottom line ohio republican congressman used clinton emails and memos to address that issue.
4:38 pm
>> approximately one hour after you told the american people about video, you say to your family, two officers were killed today in benghazi but an al qaeda-like group. you tell, you tell the american people one thing. you tell your family an entirely different story. reporter: jordan noted benghazi attack was exactly eight weeks before the 2012 election and libya was supposed to be foreign policy highlight for obama administration. david? david: mike emanuel, thank you very much. melissa. melissa:
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
4:41 pm
in fact what he would have con done is asked her why did she go home or off-line at this time when americans were under siege and fighting for share lives and desperately needed secretary of state for backup and she logged off home and got a good night's sleep? >> what is fascinating about the hearing it is almost a met at that experience. the committee talking about the committee, debating whether or not the committee is handling this whole process correctly. there has been very little substantive discussion what led up to the attack. melissa: betsy, what about the idea she went home and left americans in jeopardy and checked out and had a good
4:42 pm
night's sleep. >> this is great question. we need to know the explanation. the fact that no one asked about that. we spend time talking about talking points and not her actions. that is disappointing. melissa: steve, donald trump facing set back in key state of iowa, number two in the poll now doesn't sound like it. is this meaningful to you? >> the big mystery of campaign, not that donald trump done so well. the guy is, commands headlines. he had 300 television cameras behind him, but the big mystery is ben carson. this guy is quietly not just catching up to everybody else. taking lead in iowa. stylistically exactly opposite of donald trump, right? he is soft-spoken and donald trump is -- melissa: we have tweet if we have that. prompter follow along. ben carson is leading in the polls in iowa. too much monsanto in the corn creates issues in the brain.
4:43 pm
then he walks back the tweet. then he walks back the tweet, whose tweet do you think that was? walked back the tweet, saying young intern accidentally did a retweet apologizes. i don't know, what do you think, steve? >> well, look i just think it is fascinating sent that many times, worth repeating, two people vying for first place way ahead of everybody else are non-politicians. when you see all the other stuff going on and deficit and inability of republicans to get their act together, republicans in washington should watch thisg attention to what voters want right now. they don't want professional politicians. that is for sure. melissa: interesting point. >> if i could make one point, i talk about this in ebony piece, the reason he is doing well less his crazy rhetoric which i think is bizarre but his ground game.
4:44 pm
spent a lot of ad buys and really getting to meet voters where donald trump is larger than like figure. ben carson is in everybody's living rooms in iowa. not a surprise. melissa: your theory has nothing to do with message. has the everything to do he is pressing the flesh? >> no. part of it is pressing flesh. the fact he pressed the flesh, major ad buys in the beginning and people in iowa made a strong contender. david: people like him, it is that simple. nfl partnership is putting green on the board for both organizations. >> like sands through the hourglass, "days of our lives" celebrating a milestone. stay with us. one you won't find anywhere else. one-second trade execution. guaranteed. did you see it? in one second, he made a trade, we looked for the best price,
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we have to be the world's leader. we have to stand for the values of freedom. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? but for the united states, who? who's going to stand up for the dissidents inside of iran that are brutalized each and every day? but for the united states, who? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? but for the united states, no one - no one is capable of doing this. the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you,
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4:48 pm
jagjaguars game from london. for more details deirdre bolton joins us. >> if you are up bright and early, david, maybe you want to watch the webcast. it is between buffalo bills and jacksonville jaguars. yahoo! paid $20 million for the streaming rights. the company say, listen, we're sold out. some advertisers we know the names. microsoft, citi, amex. but what we don't know is how much they paid to be seen on that screen, david. so that remains a mystery, future pricing remains a mystery as well. all we know reportedly yahoo! paid $20 million to stream it. i heard estimates go even higher david: wow. >> if you're a big nfl fan, worth getting up for. david: indeed. deirdre, see you up at top of the hour, for "risk & reward." i will be on with deirdre at end of her hour. melissa: see who is making money today. "days of our lives," the classic
4:49 pm
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4:53 pm
stimulus, european central bank. mcdonald's surging over 7%, lifetime high in blowout in third quarter earnings and revenue. what a market day. david? david: really quick. many times prolonged sitting is bad for your health. what do you do if you spend most of the time sitting down? melissa: we have answer, treadmill desk. due to recent popularity our office got one. our staff, including myself gave it a try? here is what we thought? >> good. getting a little fitness. getting a little work in. >> it is actually surprisely calming. melissa: i'm surprise but i didn't want to do this but i like it a lot. i would definitely take it. can i have this one? you can see david, how slow i'm going. david: you're not getting freebie. see entire video and read article on we'll be right back. no matter where they are.
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david: congressman paul ryan securing about 70% of the house
4:57 pm
freedom caucus vote but he wants 8%. one of those not voting for congressman ryan is my next guest congressman thomas massey. republican from kentucky. thanks for coming in. so what bothers you about congressman ryan? >> you know, i think he wants more power instead of less power than speaker boehner. i'm for daniel webster, he says give power back to the membership. david: but i'm wondering whether or not it comes down to matter of different policies or just a matter of trust? >> it is a matter of trust. it is a matter of process. we're not concerned about his policies. we want to know that he is going to run a fair process. david: are you a reagan republican? would you consider yourself to be one? >> i would say i am a reagan republican. and so are my constituents for the most part. david: in what way is paul ryan not a reagan republican? >> well, i'm afraid he is a boehner republican, in fact. david: why do you say that? i mean i happen, i known him for a long time.
4:58 pm
he has always been promoting reagan kind of conservative ideals. he was raised at the foot of jack ryan politically speaking. excuse me, jack kemp. i mean the guy seems to me to be a reagan republican through and through? >> he is a good man, don't get me wrong and he has conservative principles. i'm worried that he kicked two member, conservative members off of his budget committee when he was budget committee chairman. i want to know that he wouldn't do that as speaker just because conservatives vote their conscience. david: is there anything that paul ryan could do to change your mind? >> well, if he wins the election, speaker's election, he has my support. i will support him as speaker if he wins. but there is not much -- david: he says he will not put himself up unless he gets 80% of your caucus? >> i'm going to be talking with him later. he is meeting with the tea party caucus, not the freedom caucus, the tea party caucus.
4:59 pm
i know this gets confusing. david: you know what it sounds like? sounds like british parliamentarian democracy. doesn't sound look good ol' american democracy? >> i think republican party has always been a big tent and there has always been different views and hopefully he can unite us or daniel webster can unite us. they both have the same goal to unite republican party. frankly we've got to do that if we're going to win this presidential election. david: you also have to learn how to deal with people in your big tent. one of the great things about ronald reagan he brought everybody together. he could even bring democrats together for lowering tax rates. >> that's right. daniel webster brought everybody together in the florida state legislature when he was speaker. even brought some democrats along. maybe paul ryan can do that if he wins. david: congressman thomas sy, thank you for coming in. we know you had to scramble to get here in time. appreciate it. best of luck. let us know what happens, all right? >> thanks forfeiting me in today. david: absolutely. our pleasure. thank you.
5:00 pm
>> meanwhile benghazi select committee just coming back from recess. keep it tuned to fox business for more updates. that does it for us here. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> because of a protest or because of guys out for a walk one night decided they would go kill some americans, what difference at this point does it make? deirdre: that was hillary clinton in 2013, speaking about the deadly terror attack in libya on september 11th of the previous year. welcome to risk and reward, i'm deirdre bolton. former secretary of state hillary clinton testifying in front of the benghazi select committee hearing on the incident that killed a u.s. ambassador and three other servicemen. we are awaiting for the hearing to restart. it could be at any moment but in the meantime, my colleague fox business peter barnes has some highlights from today. peter, there were more than a few heated moments. which ones do you think brought


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