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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 23, 2015 12:00am-1:01am EDT

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join us tomorrow, good night from new york. kennedy: i have been watching those benghazi hearings, let me tell you, sister, it was a thrilling grilling. goudie making sure secretary clinton and world knew that partisan pony show was not about her. >> there are people in both parties who have suggestiond this investigation is about you, let me assure you, it is not. kennedy: so sexy when he is serious. >> and proven republicans and democrats on the committee on the same page. squandering
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millions of taxpayers dollars on this abusive effort. kennedy: many republicans wanted to see this. democrats mostly did this -- yea. look it is softball, and there were visual aids. >> this pile represents the e-mails that you sent, or received about libya, in 2011. from february through december of 2011. this pile, represents the e-mails you sent or received from early 2012 until the day of the attack. >> that is a much smaller pile. yeah. freedom caucus -- landed bod blows laying out the timelines between the private e-mails and public statement. >> that night, one hour after you told the american people,
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you said to your family, two officers were kill today in benghazi by an al qaeda-like group. you tell the american people one thing, and you tell your fam lay laically a different story -- family a different story, in 24 hours you had a conversation with the egyptian prime minister you told him, we know the ash tathe attackin libya had nothinh the film. it was a planned attack not a protest. kennedy: i love mrs. hounds tooth and pearls, i wonder what she is looking at? or there is hillary clinton? >> when you were asked about bloomenthal, you said he was an old friend who september you unsolicited e-mails that you passed on in some instances because you wanted to hear from people outside, what you called bubble.
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you often forwarded his e-mails but usually overly after you redacted out any offer so now body knew where the information was coming from. kennedy: scrub. sydney who? she came off as annoyed. and entitled. this might impede her coronation, are we any closer to answers on benghazi? not really. but every once in a while it is fun to check in on the circus and ride the carousel. travis bark ser here to talk -- barker is here to talk about survive a terrible train crash, living large, and playing drums. neil strow strauss to talk abouw he got over a sex adig. and a new jersey school is banning halloween, you know,
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because of diversity. let us get into the fray, i am kennedy. kennedy: very good, what are the biggest take aways from mrs. clinton's day on the hill, we bridge in the party panel -- we bring in the party panel to discuss. a fox news kris -- contributor, welcome to you, pete i will start with you, what was they good explanation that secretary clinton had for the video talking point? >> no. that was -- i think that was the republican's best line of argument. jim jordan today was phenomenal in pressing on that issue. when you talk about preparation beforehand, it is the judgment
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call, you talk about, what did you do before, and you did afterwards that is where the real cover-up is evident. the focus was incisive. the rest there is a lot of show pony going oshe looked very excited to be there. kennedy: she looked thrilled and very serious. how much damage did kevin mccarthy do to the proceedings with his one statement. >> it was a statement of fact like. the hearings happened, look at the poll numbers, they are happening, we'll have an infinite benghazi select committee. he did a lot of harm. but also this is the kinsey gaffe. >> you know right. >> i think that to doeny deny political motivation would be
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ridiculous. kennedy: that was obvious when they were barking at each other, it like guys, she is sitting right here, why are you argue with each other, are we going have to a resolution? >> no, i am cynical on this whole thing, it is crazy, there is no way anything happens, she above all of this she knows it, i think it is great it is like trump, he said dumb things and goes up got polls, here face is here, the slightest bit of plausible deniability, i bet your polls go up because of this. kennedy: she is so well rehearsed on her answers. >> she is probably saying, if i can get through this this validation, i destroyed half my server. there is real there, there there was a real cover-up and a real scandal. but the problem, is if this is where it ends it could go to truth, she could laugh all the
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way to the general election. >> i think she seemed strong when she was explaining this stuff to the lead up, explains to the members of congress about making trade offs, and -- cost benefit announcement, saying you know. i think you know, i am no hillary fan girl but i think she seems strong there like a ground up. with all of these squabbling congressmen. >> they were wrong to focus on that. you could argue judgment all day long. kennedy: that was her way out, she said in the end, i am still secretary of state, i get it there was 600 requests for security enhancements but at the end of the day she could say, i have 70 news peopl,000 people w- sempts,00sense70news people wh
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me. >> do i think that the clintons defending themselves against allegation overalover the yearst people say, she did look good or this again. she is just lying again and she'll get a away with it. >> i do think it a useful presidential skill. kennedy: she might be president or ben carson might be, a new quinnipiac poll puts ben carson ahead of donald trump in iowa. carson had 28%, trump at 20%. is trump slowing? to you, pete. rick santorum won iowa in 2012,
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huckabee won in 2008, 9 there. >> n glooneither one became president. >> the fact that a billionaire from new york city is flying in on a helicopter to iowa and leading in iowa, we would have laugh at that three months ago, it is not surprising. carson showed his staying power. can you know quote the bible chapter and verse. not a big surprise. kennedy: iowa ladies love ben carson, is this -- does this say something about donald trump losing his grasp or just ben carson know how to play the gals like a harp. >> i can't begin to speculate about the mental state of iowa ladies.
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>> go ahead put yourself in their moccasins. >> i think if you told me anyone would be beating donald trump at any metric at this point in the race, i would be thank god for that but of all options i think in iowa you said the winner in iowa is not the national winner by and large. carson, he is winning their hearts and minds in iowa, saying he will intensify the war on drugs. kennedy: finally. >> i guess if that is what floats your boat. kennedy: he has his finger on the pulse of humanity. >> of iowa. the regional polls, i don't think they are accurate. and i don't think that donald will pull out of the race, because of iowa. kennedy: he, 8 points behind ben carson, in october of 2015, i am done! >> these polls every day we see a new poll, it is different from the last one, i can't computer
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-- put credence in any of this. kennedy: coming up, the panel will talk more did carson, he has a problem with political bias and higher education. find out why he has a big government solution, and later plinlateblink-182 travis barker, surviving a plane crash, talks surviving a plane crash, talks about his life and you wouldn't order szechuan
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kennedy: hello there welcome back, when asked if he would abolish the department of the education, bern carson veered sharply saying he would not get rid of it but find another use. >> it would be to monitor the institutions of higher education for extreme political bias. kennedy: what could go wrong there? that is great. let's welcome back party panel here. katherine the left has been horrible on spre -- free speech, could someone like carson be worse? >> the answer is, yes.
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i like it as much as next gal when they do realistic claim they will abolish the department of education, i like that a lot, even though it snefer going to g about to happen, but then his one point of honesty slides to 10,000 negative points to strap to jack boots and tell people on college campuses what to think. kennedy: what will decide what constitutes political bias. >> it you imagine of size and scope of education department if you monitor, just the word monitor is terrifying. it would be huge dragnet to do that. department of education is a conservative who a lot of us on campuses, if i were monitored i would have been shut down right away. >> if carson is in charge you will be fine.
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>> but -- how do we -- >> is he missing the point? >> monitor is a terrible word. that is like one of those things that a professional college -- >> like a hall monitor in junior high school, with polyester. >> a rat. call them a rat, schools are supposed to be a place of freethinking, that is gone. what is the criteria? when will judge what is correct, and what should be put out there? i think we're seeing this indoctriniation going on in a lot of colleges from the left, would it be better from the right? kennedy: no, if you have that free speech, and a religious campus with a more social conservative message, i assume that would be okay, in the name of religious liberty, but a place like berkeley, they are shutting down the idea. but that is not the point, that
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is not to stop conversations and defund places need ney for -- cancer research. >> go after the speech codes, the things that restricting constitutional teach on campus emaking it impossible for anyone to say themes on campus, which should be free. >> i like trump's idea. kennedy: in wisconsin they are talking about banning the word thug, and placal correctness. >> with trump department of #edcasion wiledcation will be g. kennedy: educatorse cherish trump. the panel is coming back to discuss the grinch who ruined halloween. political correct netnesness hae crazy. >> but first traffic barker.ónóv
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kennedy: welcome back, blink-182 drummer travis barker literally went through hell when a plane crash almost killed him in 2008, he suffered post-traumatic stress disorder, battle depression, and addiction. he has a memior that is out now a must read, happy to see you travis. >travis. i'm happy to see you. >> i'm happy to hear you. kennedy: we're having technical
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difficulties, before the crash in 2008 were you squared t squay before that? >> yeah, i always disliked flying, i was always afraid of flying. and it was something i did on a daily basis sometimes, a couple times a day. yeah it was something i hated, i medicated myself to the point where it was like abusive up until the time of the accident. kennedy: then after the accident it had to have gotten worse because you burned over 65% of your body. and you were suffering from not only survideo o survivors guilt, post-traumatic stress disorder, we know how debilitating that is, how far deep down the hope of addiction and depression did you go. >> i went from abusing drugs and using drugs recreation alley to being in a burn center for 4
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months on morphine, when i got out, i refused to take pain medication, went 3 weeks i got off all of the other drugs they had me take that were bipolar, and different things. 3 weeks out of the hospital, i was taking nothing. and stayed clean ever since. kennedy: one quotes that you had given after the birth of hurt son landon, that kids give you super powers, i can only imagine that it was your two young children, that took you through the darkest moments, you talk about in the book, offering your friends millions of dollars to kill you, and put you out of your misery. was it your kid this kep that kt you alive? >> yeah. there was times in the hospital, where you know 65% of my body of burnts. so i could not have visitors, i
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was so prone to infection, i had 20 surgeries, i pok woke up a tk during 11 of them. they could not get my pain meds right, i was such, i was dealing with you know, medication, abusing it before the crash. so, there was really -- i had lowest of lows in the hospital, but, once i got out, i was around my kids they were -- i needed to overcome everything and i needed to lead by example. and once i got to see them, i knew that there was a reason why i was still alive, and i was blessed, i had to make the most out of the life i still had. kennedy: your best friend issue adam goldstein, djam who was also in the plane crash with you overdosed, he did not make it through this he is no longer a part of this world. was there anything positive about his situation, what do you take from that? >> um, i mean -- we were each
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other's support sim after the crash, we knew we were not going to meet very many people that survived a plane crash or buried two of or best friends that were family to me, and lost the two pilots, we were not going to meet a therapist who went through, that we were each thor aether 50s -- other's therapist, he was a role model for me, he challenged my to be a better person. i knew he was dealing with the crash in a different way, i got over the physical har feds parti think that mental part was easier because i have my children, i needed to bounce back. they needed to see me in a good place, i know adam used to, i kick myself, because he gave
12:26 am
high clues to you know -- he gave high clues, the last thing he said, i feel like doing a bunch of drugs and saying f, it i i wish i would is seen it more clear. kennedy: i am glad you did not say, that will you fly again? >> i will never say never. right now, i have a 24 bu tour , that i had after the accident, right after, i was rail did not want to fly. i take the queen mary 2 to europe. >> you take a 7 day boat trip to europe. >> then day, it is crazy. kennedy: people have to read your book, can i say, living large, cheating death, and drums, drum, drum, check it out, a freighgreat read. >> thank you are travis. >> thank you so much. glad i could help you plan for your retirement.
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kennedy: welcome back, when your house is b besot with vampires, this is the topical storm, topic 1, if you have been arrested as many times as i have, you get to know how to pick a good criminal defense attorney on the fly or where to find an attorney to represent you in a international war crime pry tribunal, one attorney pieced together a advertisement half law, half chuck mornorris on steroids, chs out. ♪ ♪ texas law hog, brian wilson,
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the texas law hog! due process! dwheelies, it's hot out here. kennedy: that is amazing. i am half tempted to fly down to fort worth, and commit grand larceny just to see how good he is in court. >> bernie sanders set young and old hearts aflame. he works in perfect rhythm with statist progressives, it is music on their ears. almost like his debate performance was his own drum solo, someone went further and replaced bernie's imagination pepercussion with bond -- bongo,
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watch. ♪ kennedy: hillary's cackle is the worst sample ever. that gives me ex emma. it reminds me of what is worse than a drum circle? nothing,. >> this week dozens of people in world paid attention to elections in canada, that country located north of buffalo, that is in new york. our northern friends elected justin trudeaux at the new prime minister, son of former prime minister pierre trudeaux. footage of his dance moves have surfaced from a punjaby song he jumped into earlier during a montreal event. check it. ♪
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kennedy: someone put a tongue depressor in his mouth, she is having a spasm ! it is impressive, can it hold a candle on our own rith mick politicians? >> all right. ♪ kennedy: she always doings stanky leg. >> brian wilson, the texas law hog! kennedy: topic 4. yesterday we celebrated back to the future day, marty mcfly and doc brown used the flux cap as ter to guide them to the
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present, they were on tv with jimmy kimmel. >> people are watching us on tv, most people will watchous their phones on the toilet tomorrow. >> future is now. hover boards may not line the shelves, but nike made good, on the self lacing shoes, here is alex p keaton showing off the kicks. >> they lace up on their own. see. >> wow. >> awesome. kennedy: on a more positive note, proceeds from those streaky sneaks will be donated to the michael j. fox foundation that raises money for parkinsons research. >> topic 5, i want you to feel better about your pumpkin
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skills, last night we showed you a fellow who shot perfect holes with his pumpkin face but look at these failures. this one look like rocky dennis developed smallpox, this is almost a pirate pumpkin. a one-eyed jack lantern. they are so bad, they are almost criminal. >> brian wilson, the texas law hog! kennedy: if you have your own weird stories to see in topical storm, go ahead tweet me. kennedy: coming up my panel
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kennedy: there it is. seth, i don't know that i have a lovalot of love for seth, i didt date him in junior high school, it is a elementary school in maple wood, new jersey, they are cancels halloween. it is too offensive to the diverse student body. in the past it has made many students feel left out, after care follow correction we
12:40 am
decided to not hol hole to -- hl halloween activities my panel is back, who is outraged. so, who do you blame? >> the broad spectrum of political correctness in our world that says one outlier that makes anyone feel uncomfortable, must be stopped. probably too many pirates not enough princess costumes i don't know. >> it was star wars coming out, let the children celebrate. it is -- i thought halloween was sacred? the last one they it clu clutchm our clutches. >> they are burned up, a blame the vast silent majority, a couple people with e-mail they send out say that's offensive,
12:41 am
not inclusive, no one said a word, we need the society to start, going around with pitch networkforks and torches, and ys is garbage, and start fighting back. kennedy: imagine if they got together with lit pitch forks on the lawn of the elementary school, let their voices be heard. katherine, have you let it be known to the world you adore halloween, if halloween were your third child us would nurse it to adulthood. >> i think it is like separation of church and state, in school halloween there is an apple, because they probably can't do candy, and costume, is you can't dress as a mexican or whatever, that is way ut.
12:42 am
this is way better, school day for halloween, let's go school, we can read then go home and trick-or-treat. kennedy: i don't know how i feel about it. >> we have to get pitch forks out for halloween. >> you are right about that. >> you could be a sexy give ill idevil ifyou want. kennedy: no judgment. >> of course,. >> the last strawz, yo straw, ye right. >> the sexy devil costume? >> the 4th of july or whatever, something -- but halloween, is what we're fighting for. >> wait. >> did you say 4th of july is better than halloween, did that just happen? >> of course, you know american flag is now deemed not diverse enough in some schools, kids have to come out with american flag shirt saying we're proud, we're get there i am -- >> in some schools you can't use the term american. >> america. >> the term american, it auto
12:43 am
corrected to mexican in microsoft word. >> thank you, ca -- congratulat, that is the second time you used word mexican in a single story. >> and lamar odom woke up from a drug induced post brother coma, but he and his wife khloe kardashian, have reportedly called ouch their divorce -- called off their divorce, all is right, she still had the odom in her name and in her heart. does this give people hope that love can survive. >> if you have a reality show, sure. this is the dumbest ron come i have seen, how do you get back together after the the -- whorehouse, boozing cocaine binge, that is usually where the
12:44 am
girl said no, finally, i've d it. kennedy: usually last straw in a raprelationship this is first sw in their reconciliation. >> i cannot wait to see amy schumer play her in a movie. kennedy:pite your wif -- pete ye would take you back in the sim situation. >> he already has, but tv cameras are o. i don't believe a thing that comes out of kardashian world is authentic. lamar odom for all his troubles is a really nice guy. he seems like a good dude fallen on hard times. kennedy: kobe bryant went right over there every with the teach has gone out of way to talk about what a sweet soul he is, what is a bigger turn off, hepatitis c that one may contract from interveneious drug use or 6 hours a day of dialysis. >> i can't even begin to answer
12:45 am
a question, like you are playing stump katherine, i think that everyone who has a divorce should be weirded out by little piece of story they both signed the divorce paper, and that judge just like had not d gotten to taking a giant stamp, and going to like divorce. like, i would be worried if i were divorced there is a spa stk of paper with my divorce not being final. kennedy: here you are thinking it is legit, i quit, now i can move on, no, maybe the judge knew something. >> so, said those kids should stay together. kennedy: win the world series. >> it too was legit to quit. >> what is what it was. kennedy: maybe, now they will be more li jet. and i am -- legit, now with tubes and brain damage does this make the man/woman relation relr
12:46 am
-- relations more difficult. >> or easier. >> this is one hick of a halloween party, thank you. i hacked my own ahail account to see what you wrote me, i am firing back a few responses but first. neil strauss before high became world fame use for his -- the game. he might have had childhood issues which ♪
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kennedy: one of my favorite authors neil strauss became famous a deb aid decade ago wits
12:50 am
book. he embarked on a journey to return his back on the don juan life style that nearly destroyed him. he confronts the down side of being a playboy in his new book. neil strauss, joining me now, i am so happy to have you. >> i love getting a kennedy introduction. kennedy: it is realty, i referenced game so many times, now i have the truth. i like both they were made by a bible manufacturer? >> they were, and hard to find the right a lot rejected the books. kennedy: both or the game? >> both. kennedy: the truth there is a lot in there, this really is kind of sequel in your life story from the game, so, what was more destructive to your, your childhood or such an effective pick up artist.
12:51 am
>> the childhood made the pick up artist world so compelling. i think true of anybody, the drugs, the problems or is that pain -- the childhood the problem. kennedy: being a pick up artist of the the heroin but the pain that -- >> i am not getting any sympathy. kennedy: pain, blah, blah, blah. you start off the book going off to sex rehab. did you find you were really a sex addict once you got there. >> it is a great question, all of the guys there were people who cheated on their relationships and we'ves and girlfriends, for sure, like broke aling ethical moral hearts, going to sex rehab was fantastic. kennedy: you still have not come
12:52 am
out with clarity, but it seeped to have changed direction that you were going in. >> right. kennedy: you were at one point going to swingers compoundeds and having you know, intercourse with strangers. >> stranger's wives. kennedy: what was worse, the yucky or the guilt. >> the guilt, some giving you permission with their wife it is honest but creepy sometimes. but sure, breaking someone's heart, it is insane. >> you are one of the smartest people i know, a journalist described you as being deeply empathetic, what is it that allowed you to ke cheat -- every girlfriend you had.
12:53 am
>> when i go back to it a good question, i think that is a conclusion i came to. not like -- i'm not blames parents could for first 17 years, the brain is built by childhood experience, if you have a suffocating, over controlling mom or a mom or whatever sex you are attracted to. >> or your mother has deformity and your dad was in to amputee porn. >> that is what happened to me, as soon as i was in a relationship i would feel trapped, and i would do something. kennedy: do you still give people advice on picking up
12:54 am
women. >> i do stuff that i feel good about, how to people operate, but the manipulation side, any manipulation is not good. kennedy: that say self help book. >> it is so bizarre, i started out write for "new york times," and semi serious cultural critic, weird, i have guys saying, there a girl from school, what should i too? >> taking on look at relationship, that you can't turn away from. is it possible to love two people at the same time. >> yes, but it is really. >> you love your children, but, it is a whole new set of rules and terms. there is a whole nouvea -- it is possible, hard.
12:55 am
kennedy: neil strauss thank you. you have to read the truth, i love your writing. people may disagree with elements of your past, i think this is fascinating you put it out. >> >> thank you. kennedy: coming up, i will plunge elbow deep into my mailbox, come out with special gems to respond to. bp
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kennedy: you have dipped into my mailbag. michael, getting party started, your wit and humor are superior to everyone else in media. the late night guys are smush
12:59 am
gum beneath your heel, kinky, i like it. you are highlight of my day, you love me. steve, when will you make -- do a show -- do you hear that. a great idea. robert said, kennedy if you clone yourself, i want a copy. that is not weird. kennedy intimidates me, like she is see through bs, i can, and pudding too, this week jillian michael stopped by. bob crane said next big thing in fitness is fried chicken with non-light beer, and mark writes we discovered your secret identity, we never see you and the stat statue of liberty at e time, coincidence?
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