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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  October 23, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EDT

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for kids on amazon it's know the out of stock, i did check last night. maria: you're all about the source. and jack, a pleasure. "varney & company" is next, stuart, it looks like you're going to be making money today moo, my friend. stuart: you're referring to the fact that i do have just a few shares of microsoft. maria: yes, i am. stuart: and going to go to the moon. thanks for pointing that out, maria, you're quite right, i'm going to retire tomorrow. stand aside, everyone, here comes american technology. yes, we rule. you won't hear that anyplace else, will you? good morning, everyone. you're going to see this play out. in fact, you're seeing this played out right now. amazon, google, facebook, and yes, microsoft, they are world leaders and their stocks are soaring. so is the rest of the market. this is going to be another very big day for your money. good luck. it's a big day for ben carson, too, for the second day in a row he leads trump in iowa polling. how about that?
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big revelation in the benghazi hearings, hillary knew it was a terror attack right from the start, but for political reasons, she said, it was a vote that provoked it. watch out, mexico, patricia is the strongest storm yet, 200 miles per hour winds, hits acapulco later today and then maybe america's southwest. watch out wealthy, cheating husbands in china, you could get your expensive bmw smashed with a hammer. oh, yes, you've got to admit it, we cover it all. "varney & company," the friday edition, about to begin. ♪ all right, take a look at this, this is a mobile home in rankin, texas caught on camera. ashley: there it goes. stuart: floating away yesterday. severe storms roll through the area on wednesday night and there you have it, floating away. it was found in a field not too
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far away, i believe, how about that? here you have it, rain-soaked texas now facing the possibilities of another deluge from hurricane patricia, the strongest storm yet. the southwest could feel the impacts. how strong it is and precise, a lot of people are on edge with that coming to the coast of mexico. and look at that, will you, smile, please? we're going to have a huge open this morning, this friday morning, 18 minutes from now, it's going to be led by big time u.s. technology companies. amazon, microsoft, google. all of them out with strong earnings. there's another factor in this overall market rally and china trying for stimulus. europe pointed the way friday and china followed it up today. look at our market go, 17-6 probably within a couple of minutes. and here is more good news. ♪
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the trumpets, it's friday, 2.21 is the national average for gasoline. gas buddy joins us and he's got a forecast. meanwhile, we're losing a penny a day per gallon. good stuff. all right, i just love this stuff, i really do. big name american tech companies are set to move higher, much higher this morning, look at this, start out with amazon. it shows a sizable profit. it usually plows the money back into the business, not so much this time. sales up as well. that stock will top $600 for the first time today. and google, big profits and a $5 billion stock buyback, announcing it now has six different products, each with more than a billion users. watch it go above $700. facebook, now it's been running close to 100 a share, today, it will cross it. there's a lot to talk about, a lot of people saying that facebook goes much higher than 100, we are into that. microsoft, i own some of that.
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and the numbers, higher. ♪ >> and 52 bucks a share, maybe 53. that's the best level in 15 1/2 years. market watcher hillary kramer is here on a wonderful, wonderful day. and do you go with my premise that american leads the world in that sector. >> u.s. tech dominates the world and that's what we saw last night and what we'll see when we see earnings from apple next week. google amazon beat on the top and bottom and with google having nice revenue, what we saw was youtube, for example, which google owns, that was a really-- those are positive numbers that came out there. stuart: stay there, because at 9:30, i want you to help us cover the opening of the market. you've got news from the big investment firms that they're going higher still.
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safe it, that's kind of a tease for 9:30. ashley: jeff bezos, the co-founder now the third richers man in america. gates, warren buffett and bezos? >> yes, amazon stock is up 80% this year. stuart: i've got to move on, regretfully, i've got to move onto politics and like that, too. the at des moines register has a new poll, it shows ben carson in the leads over donald trump, the second time in a couple of days that we've seen in iowa ben carson leading trump. 28 carson, 19 trump and then we have ted cruz, and then all the way down to carly fiorina at 4%. that brings us to hillary clinton. on the hill yesterday. testifying before the benghazi committee. watch this. >> tell your family it's a tres tres-- terrorist a tack and not the american people. and tell the president of libya it's a terrorist attack and not
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the american people and you can tell the egyptian president it's a terrorist attack, but you can't tell your own people the truth. stuart: come on in, the author of "clinton, inc.", that would be dan halper. welcome to the program. we watched it gavel to gavel yesterday. it seems that the revelation, if there was one, it was that. it was that on the day of the attack, hillary clinton knew it was a terror attack, but said, pushed the way forward, it was the video. that to me was the big revelation, how about you? >> i agree completely. the committee was able to produce e-mails that they had obtained, of course, took them a long time we know that back story. they were able to produce these e-mails, one from hillary directly to chelsea clinton saying that an al qaeda-like group committed a terror attack, i'm at the office late. the other was some sort of transcript or close to a transcript ever a conversation that hillary clinton had with the egyptian prime minister and
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so, she was able to prove that hillary on the back end was saying one thing, but in public, to the american people, she was saying something completely different, it was inspired by this internet video that went viral and that produced the death of these americans, so it showed a certain amount of due duplicit. stuart: it showed that hillary clinton was quite a political person, forgive me for being harsh, sacrificing the truth fo maybe i'm going too far. that's the way it struck me. you're a hillary clinton critic, how about you? >> there are three elements to the benghazi committee, before the attack, during the attack, after the attack. before the attack, they were able to prove that hillary clinton was engaged when the
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u.s. was engaged militarily, but withdrew as the situation deteriorated leading to the deaths of these americans. during the attack, i didn't think the committee was able to prove much of what went on. i thought after the attack, these e-mails really are damning, really suggest there was an immediate spin, political motivation to disprove this was a terror attack, but i will say the obvious, which is that a lot of the media had their minds made up. they bought into the clinton spin, which is that, you know, this was a totally political handle that had no bearing on the fact and political so they're calling hillary clinton the winner, i don't think they're assessing the facts of the actual hearing, what she said, whether it's true, whether it has basis in the facts and i think therefore, they're willing to call her the winner immediately. stuart: you're right. if you scan the establishment media no question they're calling her the winner and she did stick it out for over 11 hours.
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daniel, thank you for joining us on an important day, we appreciate it. thank you. >> thank you. stuart: i'm staying on the hillary clinton hearing. congressman elijah cummings right at the beginning of the show if i can call it that, he called out republican candidate carly fiorina. listen to this. >> carly fiorina, said that secretary clinton has blood on her hands. everyone on this panel knows these accusations are baseless. from our own investigation and all those before it. yet, republican members of this select committee remain silent. stuart: joining us now at the deputy campaign manager for carly fiorina, sarah floreflore would you respond? >> what we saw was a great
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performance, perhaps, but how formidable she'll be in the election. and we need someone who will hold her accountable. i think that's carly fiorina. stuart: senator cummings went after carly fiorina. >> because she's gone to hillary clinton and landing punches. stuart: she said hillary clinton has blood on her hands. can you back that up? >> as your previous guest said before the attack she had completely disengaged from libya, they asked for security, weren't given security. the stack of e-mails from 2011 versus 2012 was telling and we know after the fact that she knowingly lied to the american people. of course, we also know that she's knowingly lied about her e-mail, her server, classified information on it. i think there's a pattern here and i think it's why the american people are sick of political insiders as much as she'd like to portray herself
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as outsider. stuart: look at a new poll from the des moines register from iowa, ben carson leads trump, 28-19. about you look right there, carly fiorina is down there at 4% support. she is slipping. your reaction to that poll, please, sarah? >> you know, i think in d.c. and new york, perhaps, the horse race is really interesting, but if you back out a little when we started this race on may 4th, she was at 0%. we were in the undercard debate in august, had to fight our way to the main stage debate last month and now in the fourth podium next week at the cnbc debate. so, i think we really are pleased with our trajectory. we're looking forward to the debate. the more people hear from carly the polls also show the more they're interested. i'm not surprised that one debate wasn't enough to rocket us in front. we haven't been sticking in the headlines, but we have been doing town halls in iowa and new hampshire and south carolina and answering voters questions. stuart: okay.
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>> we've got 100 days out and he think we're in a good spot. stuart: that's interesting spin. interesting spin. not being perjorative, but that was spin. sarah flores. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. stuart: coming up we are going to be talking to the former education secretary bill bennett. he's calling for a return to conservative values. however, outsiders, that will be trump and carson, they lead the pack. do they measure up to bill bennett's conservative values? he's on the show next. but what if you could see more of what you wanted to know? with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform,
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>> well, take a look how this mark's going to open. why don't you? look at it, it's going to be up another triple digit. 300 points up yesterday and another 130 maybe at the open today. we're headed to 18,000-- we're very close. what's doing this?
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big name tech company coming out with stellar earnings and china trying more financial stimulus. they love that on wall street. up she goes, another 130 points. a few minutes from now. got to get back to politics, my next guest is bill bennett, an author of a great new book, america the strong. all right, you want to return to core conservative values in this country. i got it. but the two leading republicans in the race at the moment, donald trump and ben carson, do they have the core conservative values? look, there's the poll. start with trump. does he have core conservative values? >> i don't know for sure, i have been looking at the record and it's not conservative-- >> and romney they said about that because he changed one major thing, abortion. with trump you're talking about half a dozen, a dozen things, everything from recently eminent domain, goodness gracious, created a stir. single payer, impeach bush, it
9:17 am
goes on and on, he is he got the takes of the public and somebody said it and i think they said it well, it seems like the only guy big enough to address the kind of worry that the american people have. stuart: list it for me, can you give me the top three conservative values, do it like that. >> in the book we have an acronym flint, like the flint rifle, freedom, liberty, international values-- >> who is going to argue with that. >> nobody running for president now. if you take a man as you should in the totality of his action, who is conservative and who is not. ben carson, i don't think this is' any request he that he's conservative and also has tremendous staying power because the more you see him, how can you not like this man and approve of this man, you want him to approve of you. stuart: that's true. i've known ben quite well on the program. >> you'd like to be thought of
9:18 am
well by ben carson, and smile. stuart: do you think he could win? >> yes, i think he could win, actually, i think he could win. i think he could draw a lot from the other side because he's again, very appealing, this guy. stuart: outside of trump and carson the frontrunners at the moment, the established politicians in the race, who is the conservative you would put your money on? >> i think several people. i'm surprised rubio hasn't risen more quickly, but he's not, again, i'm using the size thing. he doesn't seem big enough yet, large enough to fill the screen and frustration and anger is so deep that trump, you know, fills that. he satisfies people's longing for someone who will take them on because he takes them on. is he a great business man? you tell me, i've been talking to people in new york, is he really a great business man? very few people i've talked to said, yeah, he is. stuart: he's very entertaining. >> that's what i hear, very entertaining, but if he's a great businessman, that's an
9:19 am
important claim for what, given the country's problems. stuart: america the strong is the name of the book. you are the authority. >> yes, sir. stuart: on sale today. >> yes, sir. stuart: been out there a couple of weeks. >> out a couple of weeks, doing well. thank you, stuart, great to be back. stuart: coming up, we have' got a man sentenced to jail for using folk poker chips at atlantic city casino. you're not going to believe how he tried to hide the evidence. it's a big story and long story, but actually have got it next.
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itch. stuart: why not take a look at how we're going to open. when you are going to open up triple digits, you look how we're going to open after a 300 point gain yesterday. stay tuned, we'll take you to the opening bell. here is life imitating art. carrie underwood made a hit in 2005 with when he cheats" and this is in the media. >> and the woman is beating up
9:24 am
the car when her husband she found out cheat. and this is her car, and she was upset that the husband sat in the car with the mistress so she's beating up that one. stuart: got to move on. a fine story there. now this, a north carolina man sentenced to five years in prison for bringing millions of dollars of counterfeit poker chips to atlantic city casinos. he's going to pay 1/2 million restitution and go to prison, but he has a plumbing bill and ashley will explain. >> love this story, talk about a royal flush. 42 christian of north carolina took all the chips, and he got about 800,000 of the chips in the system and suspected they're on to me. what am i going to do. tries to flush them down the toilet. it clogged up the toilet and water fell into the room
9:25 am
beneath and what they foun, the fake poker chips in the plumbing. stuart: he got caught because he flushed them. he didn't know if they did until they flushed. five years in prison. ashley: yeah, half a million in restitution to borgata. stuart: it's fake. ashley: he turned up with millions. stuart: and got it. now, moments away from the opening bell. why are we up so much? there's a china angle for that one, too, china is opening the door to more, what's the word, money printing. that works. we're going up. amazon, look at that, it will cross 600 a share in a couple of minutes. sketchers, you're about to see that stock lose about a quarter of its value and we'll tell you why in a moment.
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>> a lot of the media had their minds made up. they bought into the clinton spin, which is that, you know, this was a totally political panel that had no bearing on the fact this was all political so they're already calling hillary clinton the winner.
9:30 am
i don't think they're assessing the facts of the actual hearing, what she said, whether it's true. stuart: you look at the establishment media and they're all over hillary, she won, they say. let's get to the market, shall we? the opening bell is about to ring and we are going to go up big time again. we have china cutting rates. that is fueling the rally. and we've also-- we're up 59, 65, we're going up. this market is going up this morning in the next few minutes and we also had big name technology companies, american technology companies, which would go to the moon this morning and starting with amazon, would you look at that? that's up 9%, huge gain crossing 600. 614. i don't care, i'm calling it google, 750, 10% higher. how about facebook? i know that name. facebook is now hit 101 per share.
9:31 am
ashley: highest ever into the hundreds. stuart: first time ever. can we make time for microsoft? i own some of that. there you go, look at that. and i live in hope. ashley: you're smiling. stuart: 52.83 on microsoft, it's up 4 bucks, okay. joining us to dissemble all of this, ashley webster, liz, and scott shellady in chicago. hillary, are you buying amazon-- let me rephrase that. you've got an investment firm that says it's going higher than $6 a share. >> we've got an upside in amazon, all of this development, going web based. all of the consumer loyalty programs. stuart: who says another 20%? >> goldman sachs, goldman sachs says 20% and they have about 15 reasons why, but fundamental reason is that amazon has been able to capture the market.
9:32 am
all the market share, and they have better prices for consumers. stuart: i'll do the math 20% from here would be about $750. >> top line liz: the joke on wall street. they're the most profitable not for profit company. and amazon more than half of the operating profit comes from server, cloud computing. and that's half of the profit and that's firing up google as well and microsoft. stuart: they made amazon made money liz: yes, ding, ding, ding. stuart: plow it into the company liz: not from the retail, from cloud computing. stuart: google, up 60 bucks, 8, 9%, what does goldman sachs say about google? >> here, you have another 20% upside. you'll probably see $875 here, the important point is that
9:33 am
google, well, let's call it alphabet. it's turned youtube into a promising, growing revenue base. stuart: youtube stands out to you. >> you go through the numbers liz: they could be google movie and tv studio. >> this is what instagram is to facebook. stuart: my head is spinning here. scott shellady in chicago, now, are you going to-- all right, do we go to facebook here? we're at 101. ash, what are they saying about that? >> the earnings come out next week and they're picked up in the rising tide of the tech sector. and to hillary's points on instagram. they could hit 400 million monthly active users, it's a huge deal for them. >> the big red herring here is apple next week. that's the one tech we're waiting for, i'm very positive, i'm optimistic and that could really set us going strong for
9:34 am
the nasdaq to have an amazing finish to the year. stuart: scott shellady, come in, please, because my headline today was american technology companies rule and i think i'm right in saying that. but i'm putting this in the context of a sea of negatives about the global economy, and money printing here and money printing there. it's two stories, isn't it? america runs technology, the rest of the world is wallowing in printed money. what say you? >> i agree with you 100% and it's good that you're having the talks about single stocks because that's how you're going to be a little more careful going forward. i like the tech sector obviously in america, but i'm telling you right now, stuart, the signs of weakness are around us and you will get better prices for everything you just mentioned on the show. we've got china cutting rates again today. why are they cutting rates? because with the gdp of 6.9%? let me ask you that. there's only one answer and the answer is it's not 6.9%. the other issue we have is the reason we rallied yesterday in the stock market is because of
9:35 am
more weakness in europe. now, i can tell you, i'm here in chicago and the pit in europe is already trading at negative interest rates, stuart. so, all of this week that surrounds us, things are good and you'll get better prices. >> the s&p 500 index turned positive for the year. back to you, you think it's short-lived, it doesn't work in the long run? >> at some point in time, stuart, bad news is bad news, i'm sorry that i have a common-sensical background, but we're rallying on this. cutting interest rate, it might be a good thing? it might be in the short-term, but long-term it's not. >> the top line numbers on amazon and google, those are about businesses that are successful and they're yielding. stuart: the an argument will continue. i've got to turn away from the
9:36 am
winners and i've got a big time losers sketchers, what's up with sketchers? nicole: they came out with sales numbers that rose 27%, but they did not meet the street's estimates. the selloff is huge, 30%. they've seen, actually some sales number growing quarter over quarter, people are looking for more sporty footware. that's skechers is. they did miss the numbers, but the stock is a winner this year, it more than doubled since april. even with the move. stuart: another loser, pandora, that surprises me, that's a big loser, look at that, down 38. can you explain this one? what happened? >> so pandora came out and turned out they had to settle music from before 1972. sirius xm did this for over 200 million and now pandora settled
9:37 am
with the coalition, sony, columna, warner for the old time songs and cost them 90 million and that's why they're a big loser. below $12. stuart: a drop and a half. >> the bottom line with pandora, the competition is apple. apple has the radio streaming and-- >> i'm not letting any more time go by and we'll discuss apple. it's $53 a share. we've been waiting since 2000 for this. >> a long time. >> now, this is old tech, but it's making a comeback. >> yes. stuart: do you think it's-- is it a valid comeback? is it real? >> not only is it real, it's notable and commendable, this is company that was able to
9:38 am
morph from being a pc serving company, software, into an enterprise company and that's-- the cloud computing liz: amazon and google-- >> hillary, is that the whole story, it's a cloud computing company. >> yes, it's a server forum. stuart: i'm not going to be-- >> my company, we just went last month onto a microsoft-based exchange server. stuart: scott shellady, are you going to rain on my microsoft parade as well? i mean, you know, go on, do it. >> no, here is the deal. i like the companies that we're talking about and i like microsoft, i think we are going to be moving from the cloud to now big data as well and that will also be a good thing. but at the end of the day, when we have the flush, with i we will have at some point in time when bad news really comes out to be bad news, you'll get the companies at better prices. i'm not jumping on and chasing the rally. stuart: i hope you have a nice
9:39 am
weekend. [laughter] look at gnc, and vitamin chain, i guess you could call it that. boy, did they plummet yesterday. there was at that you can about products tainted. >> and some have said you've hidden speed in your products. stuart: speed as in amphetamines? liz: speed, super burn, weight loss, body building products, bad for gnc, touting them as natural and plant-based when they're not. they're pharmaceutical level drugs, these ingredients. that's kind of what the ingredients are called. stuart: those are allegations. >> those are allegations and gnc has taken a hit. stuart: how about twitter? that's an american tech company that's not enjoying anything of a rally. the new chief, jack dorsey, he's going to give some of his stock to employees, what do you think of that?
9:40 am
>> 1% of the overall stock out there. he was putting it into an equity pole for the employees and he's done that before with his company square, the digital payments company and he says, look, he had a quote. i'd rather have a smaller part of something big than a bigger part of something small. sharing the wealth. stuart: the stock is at 29, not sharing in the big rally. i've got another one for scott. the imf says, saudi arabia is blowing out-- blown away all of its cash because of low-- low oil prices, they're burning up the cash they've got. do you make anything of this and why i'm seeing oil at 44 today, scott? >> well, number one, it's that we don't have-- we've got quadruple the supply and double the demand. it's a supply and demand issue, number one, number two, yes, they're probably going to a deficit and yes, probably going to have to run their government like we run ours at some point in time so you see that stock
9:41 am
or oil price get back above 80 and i might be as olds t. boone pickens when it's above 80, but right now it's not going to go high anytime soon because we don't have economic engines driving it we still have supply and saudi arabia and opec looking for market share to put us out of business. stuart: spectacular coverage from scott shellady from chicago liz: not the rest of the team? >> the rest of the team was okay. he was good. [laughter]. all time high there, 101, a lot of-- am i hearing buzz, i am, that facebook's going to go a lot higher than $100 a share? >> facebook going higher. there are estimates up there 130, $135. stuart: is this from reputable big names? >> from the top business banks, they're looking at the numbers and they are seeing that it's possible, especially with facebook when they see
9:42 am
instagram and how instagram is on social media. they know how to monetize. it continues to gain-- >> we're waiting to see stuart on facebook. >> and i-- >> going to wait a long time. >> it's young and that matters, those demographics, a 10-year-old and 25-year-old. stuart: you're into this. i've never seen such enthusiasm by hillary kramer. i always called you hillary clinton, like i'm sure a lot of you do. hillary kramer. why don't we check the big board and get me out of this. [laughter]: we are up 111. we were 140 and scott shellady threw water all over it. stop laughing. now information on hillary clinton on benghazi. one of the victim's mothers
9:43 am
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>> the mother of one of the four americans killed in the benghazi attack is speaking out after hillary's testimony on the hill yesterday. roll tape. >> she told me personally it was the video. obama told me, panetta told me, biden told me, they all told me at the casket ceremony that it was the video and they would definitely call me and let me know if there was any change as soon as they investigated a little bit more thoroughly. i have heard nothing, nothing. stuart: that was a heartfelt statement there on the kelly file last night on fox news. joining us now is carl higby, a former navy seal and and you
9:47 am
see the mother of one of the victims. she was emotional and said that hillary clinton never said anything about what really happening, she was talking about the video. you're in the armed services and what he is the morale, how do you feel about this? >> the overall feeling for hillary clinton is terrible, almost nobody in the military wants her to be the next commander-in-chief. this woman here, she pours her heart and soul out on television. hillary clinton promised her the information and hillary clinton is giving more information to sidney blumenthal has the actual mother of the fallen. is this the woman you want running for president of the united states, america? >> you don't think much of hillary clinton? >> no, i think she's the worst option. >> but she came across yesterday after 11 hours of testimony, as in control, cool, answering these questions as best she could, and she did. >> right. stuart: does that not give you some sense of confidence in here? >> zero sense of confidence, she lied to american public. look, it came out during that ceremony that she in fact knew
9:48 am
this was not a spontaneous protest based on the video. stuart: this is where the caskets of the four fallen men came home. >> right. stuart: and she was there, along with president obama to greet those caskets and to talk to the relatives of those people who had been killed. >> right. stuart: and she said at that ceremony about the video, she mentioned the video. >> right. stuart: even though she knew at the time it was a terror attack. >> she had e-mailed her daughter to tell her it was a terror attacks. stuart: this is what gets to you? >> she can lie, she dismissed some of the inquiries in a smug tone. i think she was insincere. stuart: who will you go? >> definitely not with hillary clinton. i stand with trump. stuart: you're a trump guy. >> he means what he says, he doesn't mince words or beat around the bush, he's the type of guy we need as our commander-in-chief.
9:49 am
you support trump the way he says things. what about the rest of the guys in the military? >> a lot of guys i know actually support trump as well. they believe the same thing, soldiers we have the advantage to look our enemy in the eye and don't mince words and don't have time to. and that's why we support him. a business guy, made executive decisions on site when they need to be made and believes just like many people in the military that a well-executed bad plan is much better than a poorlied executed great plan. stuart: and it was your many colleagues that took part in the raid that freed the people. do you know anything more about this? >> nothing i'll talk about today. hold it, it's a close knit community. >> it is. stuart: do you know people who are currently serving as navy seals. >> absolutely. stuart: you hang out with them. >> yes. stuart: army rangers? or they're a different breed? >> we like to think we're better, but they feel the same way.
9:50 am
stuart: and british service sas? >> i like them i worked with them in 2007. are they as good as we? >> of course not. it's america. stuart: good point. carl, a pleasure. thank you for joining us. i've been saying for an hour, american tech is back. better than anybody else. we got it. that they want it, we've got it. american tech is taking up and we're looking at american tech stocks. these are the big names and just look at them go. have you ever seen gains like that for companies of that size? microsoft is up 11%. amazon 7, alphabet, google, 7% and facebook, extraordinary. and american airlines, their earnings are out. up 3.6-- 3 1/2% not bad. and-- wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. ashley: what was that? >> it turned around, what happened? >> in a second. stuart: it wasn't me liz: it wasn't stuart.
9:51 am
stuart: that was a glitch. good news for drivers, gas prices continue to drop. might we drip below $2? if the national average soon is 2.21 now.
9:52 am
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9:55 am
texas, and the cops got a call. the locals say the emus were seen from time to time and cops were able to shoo them into a rural area. i don't know if they're escaped from somebody's back yard. ashley: a farm or something liz: they're high stepping it. look at 150, 17-6 is where we are. gas prices down another penny overnight. the national average is $2.21 and falling. patrick doohan is with gas buddy. are we going to be 1.99 and $2
9:56 am
at christmas. >> it was $1.98, we're going to to get there. i think the emus is scouring for the station in texas that's 1.48. stuart: we've gone through this before. the gas price was down and went up and down again. are you secure in your forecast that it's $1.98 by christmas? >> i'm absolute. as we talked about last time. the rally in oil is a head fake, just like the trader from chicago said, there's a lot of negativity out there and oil has tremendous headwinds, it's fall, it's winter, we're not consuming as much the oil is piling up, talking in excess almost 100 million barrels versus last year, there's oil everywhere. stuart: what about refining problems? usually you get a refinery problem that comes along and upsets the market in a couple of places, is that going to happen? >> oh, well, we've seen some issues in the midwest where, by the way, right now the most extensive refinery maintenance
9:57 am
as ever is taking place right now in the midwest. you're seeing a little pricing volatility in the midwest. once we're sitting down at thanksgiving for turkey, refineries are back on-line and it's not going to be a story any longer. any refining issues of maintenance is going to be done by november, december and the low prices, 1.98 is going to happen. stuart: we'll leave it there. patrick, thank you for joining us as usual. ben carson takes the lead in another iowa poll, donald trump second place, is he losing steam? 'cause that's a key battle ground state and the primary is coming up. drones might be the hot seller this christmas season, but new regulation is coming. we have the founder of the country's largest drone star. bricks and mortar, drone store, what will the government's new rule do to his business? yeah, the second hour of "varney & company" is two minutes away.
9:58 am
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10:00 am
stuart: don't you like this on a friday. a triple digit market rally. china is going to print money. just like europe. american tax companies rallying they died. hitting new highs. to politics. hillary on capitol hill. the big revelation. she knew it was a terror attack all along, but played the video in public. drop distant second. it is a busy friday. the second hour starts right now. ♪ stuart: all right. we have a big day. hurricane patricia expected to
10:01 am
hit land today. the national hurricane center says that this is the strongest storm ever recorded. we have more on this coming up for you. remember, please, the impact of this could fall on america's southwest. more on that in a second. to the markets. up 150 points. it is american technology companies that lead the way. higher sales and profits for amazon. a $5 billion buyback. microsoft coming yes, i own some of the stock, solid numbers. highest level in 15 years. up nearly $1. found those trumpets please. gasped out another penny
10:02 am
overnight. we have forecast off $1.98 by christmas. i live in new jersey. i am paying about gettin. stuart: i wanted all. we are at 1161 on gold. watch this. >> something that i used to look at very strong way. so now i guess we are off the gold standard. you know, gold used to be something i used to like. i have not bought gold, no. stuart: trumpet used to like it, he has not bought gold recently. ron paul, the man that likes gold a lot. what do you say to mr. trop.
10:03 am
he does not like gold. >> i think that with someone that likes it and then turns against it -- [laughter] >> i do not think about daily changes. i think about what happened in 1933. you have 20 federal reserves. if you kept your goal, you would get 1170 federal reserves. that is what counts. the gold standard has not ended. the government always destroys paper money. we are on the verge of doing it again. stuart: the argument was, you buy gold when you know you have inflation. we have a rotten national situation, but we do not have inflation.
10:04 am
a real rally of price of gold without inflation? >> i think it is not right to say there is no inflation. they are rigged by the government. reporting her rent this inflation. the stock went up 300 yesterday. 200 today. rigging the stock prices up and making people feel better. stuart: give me a timeframe when i will see a collapse of the monetary system and a sharp rise in the price of gold. do you have a time frame? >> no. you understand a lot of money. you have the debt and investment
10:05 am
which are the important issues. the collapse of it is psychological. there is still tremendous confidence. they are still loaning us these dollars. they pump up the stock prices and the consecutive get all their bonuses. everything will be okay. distortion destroyed the middle class. that is a consequence of inflating the money supply and distorting the economy just because we can pop up markets and claim there is no inflation. i think that there's a lot of deception there. i. stuart: congressman, thank you for joining us. always a pleasure. let's get to hillary clinton. eleven hour benghazi hearing. i do not think that you sense a
10:06 am
great deal of enthusiasm for hillary clinton. come on in, jessica. i do not know if she has enthusiasm for hillary or not. >> i am grinning with enthusiasm stuart: i do not see a great deal of the doozy as him for hillary. >> really? if you are above 50, you are doing really well. without biden, she is at 66%. bernie is out. [laughter] stuart: 10:06 a.m. eastern time. we have been on the air for 56 minutes. >> i am pleased i was here to do it. stuart: she does not have that much competition.
10:07 am
29% of people supporting him. he has a protest vote against hillary clinton. we know that the number one word associated with their ace is liar. that is not good going into an election. democrats do like hillary clinton. when you look at people who are enthusiastic about voting, 50% are behind hillary clinton. they had over 50% of enthusiastic voters. 27% said that they would vote for her. they have some reservations behind her. stuart: it seems to me, i may be completely wrong -- >> it has happened before.
10:08 am
>> about hillary. [laughter] stuart: it looks to me -- [laughter] you are killing me, girl. it looks like trump could be the guy. it looks like he could be that guy. i am sure that hillary is the candidate for democrats. >> hillary -- i do not think that anyone on either side should be talking about that. they have a lot to be complaining about. we have a low unemployment rate. there are people who are very upset with the obama foreign-policy. hillary clinton obviously played a key role in that. i think that overall the obama legacy is something that the
10:09 am
democrats can run on. i think that there are some holes in it. on the republican side, there is no real unity vision there. >> we broke new ground. stuart: did not interrupt. it was still your turn. thank you very much for joining us. we will see you again soon. i will stay on the hillary clinton hearings from yesterday. congressman, welcome to the show. i want your opinion on this. if you look at the established media, they say hands down she won. the other side of the coin, of all the other people, they say
10:10 am
the opposite. >> i was therefore a good part of the hearing. there were a lot of points made that have not been made before that were very important. having a prosecutor and judge and chief justice, i can tell you many people have appeared at hearings and they appeared to be unscathed, but some of the bullets they gave came back and hit them later. 600 requests and she makes a joke i could just see him laughing about going in and buying barricades at a fire sale because i would not give an adequate security. she said nothing like this pointed out. stuart: i do not mean to interrupt you, i really don't.
10:11 am
>> it has nothing to do with it. stuart: every day for years. >> you know that i cannot disagree with you about that. we have an election coming up for speaker. it is all about whether or not you like somebody. you were the most leading advocate for the wall street bailout. your position on amnesty clipart countries. stuart: i am jumping in again. if you got a vote on defunding planned parenthood and if you got a vote in the house on a bond issuing and getting rid of obamacare, you have that vote, would you then vote for paul ryan as speaker of the house? >> i am not about promises for
10:12 am
the future. i am looking at track record. i am looking at history. he has been a leading advocate for things that put us on the road as a nation. he is one of the most likable guys. one of the most capable guys when it comes to numbers. he has been in favor of things that were so detrimental. how much more money? they say not any more money. we could not possibly print all the money we are creating. holy cow. stuart: i hear you congressman. >> thank you, stuart. stuart: i have to go onto google buying more than 1 billion shares of its stock back.
10:13 am
the exact amount has a special meaning. jo ling kent. jo ling: they posted a solid earnings report. they announce they are buying back 5.09 shares of class c stock. why sell it back? that is the square root of 26. it is the parent company of google now. get it? [laughter] also in silicon valley, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and his wife are opening a private goal for underprivileged kids. this comes after their $100 million donation to schools that donation has been criticized. popular british singer has a new
10:14 am
single out that has people buzzing. this is adel. take a listen. ♪ jo ling: she has a great voice. her first album in five years. >> her new single drops. >> it means it is coming out. stuart: 11 hour hearing. the established media is giving her the win. ♪ [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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10:18 am
stocks. hitting new highs as of right now. royal caribbean cruise lines. investors love it. mcdonald's. where are we today? that is a new high. several analysts have of graded that stock. just hit at 62. home depot also on eight tear. the airbags. jeff flock right there. what do you have? jeff: exploding airbag investigation exploding itself. 20 million vehicles now under recall.
10:19 am
not just the front passenger and driver airbags. this could be a huge number of additional vehicles. ford mustangs, toyota corolla's, honda civics, the ram trucks. these are very popular vehicles. look at the ones on the expressway here behind me, the vast majority of people are not taking this seriously. they are out there. this is where this explodes. stuart: good story, jeff flock. i want to get back to the hillary clinton hearings yesterday. how did the establishment media cover what she had to say? look at some of the headlines. these are the online headlines. huffington post. destroying his own hillary.
10:20 am
msnbc, clinton keeps calm. meet the press, when did jobs adhering. media research joins us now. the day after. the tv stations, how are they treating today's hearing? >> it is interesting. it was predictable. they covered the performance.ere overwhelming amount. it had nothing to do with the substance of the hearings. did you find it a little bit odd that every time republicans grill to her, this was hillary. she did this. back in for she went. why?
10:21 am
on one report, just the mention of the fact that jim jordan had uncovered the e-mail that shows that hillary clinton lied to the american people. she has been lying about the video. she was sending the video, sending an e-mail to her own. she did this thing and her response was well she never said that it was not a terrorist attack. mentioned that she had sent out admitting it was an al qaeda light group. only abc. >> a total of five minute coverage.
10:22 am
on cbs, scott pelley asked john dickerson if there had been any revelations. no, not so far. cbs this morning talked about it. of course there was a revelation. it has been lying consistently. >> you are definitely right. it was predictable. big day. sorry to cut it short. technology. the most important sector in the entire global economy. it is all american companies that lead the way. my take on that is next. ♪ ♪ hi, tom. how's the college visit? does it make the short list? yeah, i'm afraid so. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. knowing our clients personally is why edward jones
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10:26 am
>> how about this. pilots just voted to strike or at least authorize a strike. and contracts for at least five years. this will comes just as the christmas delivery season opens. that will be called leverage. no impact on the stocks. the second day in a row a poll of iowa voters shows ben carson taking a lead over donald trump. millennial c kirk on that coming up. we have a guy that runs the largest droned retail store in america. big christmas season coming up. there is one area where america is not in retreat. where we are not losing. where we are not at each other's throats. there is one huge positive. america is a global stand out leader in technology.
10:27 am
it is a vital importance to our future. america's prosperity will not be built on steel, cars, glass, rubber or plastics. we are already running the show. amazon taught the show about online selling and then used its capital to make progress elsewhere in its technology. google does everything from android toys to you to. facebook, more than 1 billion users. apple, say no more. microsoft that from the grave, thank heavens because i own the stock. how different this is. foreigners look at us and they think first about income inequality. they cannot aid nor their iphones. they love them. they cannot ignore our
10:28 am
extraordinary innovation. celebrate. the most important sector of the global economy is an american enterprise. if we could just get the left to understand what america is capable of, if we removed the dead hand of government. ♪
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10:31 am
stuart: it is a rally. 176 for the dow. american technology is the story of the day. the big stock buyback. more than 1 billion users goes above. i own some of the stock. well above $50 a share. microsoft has some interesting
10:32 am
new product. the stock goes way up. we have michael easter with us now. mike, look, people like me have made some money on some of those big-name technology stocks. why don't we pull some money out? a lot of us can see those big-name technology stocks going that one tire. would you approve of that idea? >> i think so. you made a point a few weeks ago. there are several companies. google is doing a fantastical job. they understand how to manage their cost. an area that they are wanting to exploit. >> people like me, they make money on these technology stocks.
10:33 am
you say stay in their. >> city plans on how much you have in those areas. i am not real bullish on the market right now. a small allocation, i think you will be okay. it could look like a buy opportunity for those particular areas. >> okay. michael, thank you very much for joining us. thank you very much, indeed. i want to get to that poll. it is from iowa. then karsten leads. carly fiorina all the way down there. i really want to talk about ben carson. the second day in a row that then karsten is out front of donald trump. what do you make of that?
10:34 am
>> i think that it is very interesting. they are having a tremendous amount nationwide. it is the same sentiment. doctor carson, although political consultants have one rule. apologize immediately. what does he do, he said something about moslems and government. he is almost taking the same path that may donald trump successful moments ago. >> could donald trump or ben carson go to and established university and not get shouted down because they are republicans? >> they would have a very difficult time. look, i grew up reading his
10:35 am
books and seeing his profiles and movies. he almost has this celebrity impact. he has a really interesting approach. he has an appeal that i think a lot of people are starting to respect. he is getting a lot of support and traction. different persona and different approach from donald trump did. >> could millennial's give 40% of their vote to either trump or cursing candidacy? >> that would be difficult. more likely to a rubio or ramp paul or todd cruz. look, donald trump party has a persona amongst young people. manifesting everything that is wrong with the republican party. with millennial's, in particular, i think the
10:36 am
candidate that is able to be more of the younger generation, under 50, they have more success and eight carson or a trial. stuart: who is your guy? >> it is okay. i am undecided. i am just relaying what i hear. a candidate that is able to articulate. student loan debt. i think young people are looking very favorably on candidates that are able to court younger voters. >> all right. you are our favorable lineal. >> thank you. charles, thank you very much, indeed. drones. they could be the top seller this holiday season.
10:37 am
come on in. mike stall is the cofounder. the largest consumer droned retail or in america. >> absolutely. we sure do. we currently have 13 locations nationwide geared to of north in canada. stuart: i think of the drug market right now a bit like the gun market. there is regulation coming for drones. i think a lot of people will run out and buy one before it hits. i think that the same is true with drones. >> a threat of regulation with guns and that ammo cells just skyrocketed. drones will be here tuesday.
10:38 am
we stand behind that. right now, we are currently in the wild, wild west. we look forward to having some sort of stable understanding of how drones will work in the marketplace. just like businesses like to know where we stand. >> the regulation i am talking about is just registration. you have no problem with that. >> i have absolutely no problem with that beard there needs to be some sort of regulation when it comes to drones. there is just so many of them. we really are excited that when the drones are regulated and there is knowledge, it actually helps us teach exactly the
10:39 am
consumers, everything that they need to know to be smart about it. we call it etiquette. making sure that everyone is on the same page. stuart: we are out of time. the largest retailer in america. let's get to the sector rapport. sharyl, i know you are standing right behind me there. remember what we talked about mcdonald's all day long? a new report out of taxes that they are testing out sweet potato fries. now in texas they want to try sweet potato fries. this is a southern thing. they are gemmy. if they take off in texas, you will see them across the country
10:40 am
at a mcdonald's near you. discuss amongst yourselves. charles: sweet potatoes are good for you. that is probably why i do not like them. stuart: cheryl, thank you very much. hillary right there for 11 hours on the testimony yesterday. did they get the revelation that they needed? did they have the material to attack? more varney next. ♪ that whether times are good or bad, people and their ideas will continue to move the world forward. as long as they have someone to believe in them. citi financed the transatlantic cable that connected continents. and the panama canal, that made our world a smaller place. we backed the marshall plan that helped europe regain its strength.
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10:42 am
♪ nicole: i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. the dow jones industrial average up. up 320 points this week. the dow is up over 2%. taking themselves out of correction territory. up one full percentage point. the dow has mostly leaders. a lot of technology winners. microsoft coming out with their earnings. the stock is up 11%. new multi- year highs. then we are also taking a look at american airlines. today we are seeing american airlines. despite the fact that they had some good numbers. one weak spot.
10:43 am
down 2%. ♪ cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances.
10:44 am
stuart: hillary clinton has made her first appearance after yesterday's benghazi hearings. blake berman, you have to tell me what she said.
10:45 am
this was clearly much more friendly turf then yesterday. hillary clinton got a roaring of clause from the crowd there. she got right into pretty much what everyone was hoping she would address. the hearing from yesterday. [applause] >> well, thank you all so much. i am absolutely delighted to be here. i had a pretty long day yesterday. as i said at the start, i wanted to rise above partisanship and reach for statesmanship. that is what i try to do. [applause] >> calling for this hearing more than a year. hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail.
10:46 am
tomorrow she heads to iowa. some fundraisers after that year and. >> quite a reception. thank you very much, indeed he and republican congressman bill johnson. i think you may have just heard that term joyful reception that hillary clinton received this morning. it appears the establishment media said basically she won. what was the revelation yesterday. unequivocably, you refute oblique, we now know that secretary clinton knew the night of the attacks that this had nothing to do with the video. it was a planned terrorist attack. she said, oh my goodness, i had a long day yesterday.
10:47 am
you know, the families of these victims, ambassador stephens and the others, they had a long couple of years waiting for the truth. she may have gotten applause this morning. it will be the american people that pass judgment on whether or not secretary clinton has been honest with the american people. i think that the evidence shows that she has not. >> reports outside of any factual revelation. that judgment is probably that she won. she came out of 11 hours of grilling and testimony unscathed. very important in presidential politics. you have to like and admire that person. >> there is no question about it. she has been doing this for a very, very long time.
10:48 am
i have questioned her myself in committee hearings. she was very poised. very calm. very self-assured. the american people are smart. the american people are a lot smarter than sometimes politicians like to give them credit for. they heard what was said yesterday. they now know that secretary clinton knew on the night of the attack that it had nothing to do with the video. she allowed that narrative to advance. still today has not been forthcoming to the families. >> do think that part of the fault was -- they covered it live on this program yesterday. all over the place. >> i do not sit on that committee, stuart.
10:49 am
i watch it in the house. in between the hearings that i was responsible for yesterday. i did not get a chance to hear all of the questioning. make sure we are doing our constitutionally mandated responsibility of oversight and investigations the right way. and for the right reason. stuart: thank you for joining us on this day. we appreciate it, sir. look at this. hurricane patricia is expected to make landfall today. this is the strongest hurricane ever reported. we will bring in accuweather shortly. we have to try to say where is this thing had it? could it affect southwestern united states? we will answer that question. ♪ (vo) what does the world run on?
10:50 am
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10:54 am
drones growth coming out. a big hurricane hitting mexico. record levels there. check out some highlights from our first two hours. >> during the attack i did not think that the committee was able to approve much of what was going on. these e-mails suggested that there was an immediate spin, political motivation to disprove that this was a terrorist attack. >> what we saw yesterday was a great performance, perhaps. it just shows how formidable she will be in the general election. obviously, i think that that is carly fiorina. >> said something pretty controversial about muslims serving government. it is really interesting. taking the fed hat that made donald trump successful a couple months ago. >> expected to make landfall in mexico today.
10:55 am
patricia. the strongest storm they have ever recorded in the pacific. obviously jeff from the satellite pictures, howler is this type of store? under threat as well. >> this is extremely rare. the u.s. could see some indirect impact from the storm as hurricane patricia continues to barrel through the north here. take a look at the satellite image. it compacted the storm and the wind is sustained at 200 miles per hour. the pressure is 880 millibars. 925 is very strong. it hundred 80 is just record-breaking out there. taking a look at the forecast track, it is expected to move to the north. puerto vallarta, mexico sometime this evening. a strong category five
10:56 am
hurricane. that could bring some catastrophic damage across the area. when i went to hundred mile per hour storm surge of 225-foot waves. the strongest hurricane on record in the western hemisphere a low pressure as well. moisture from that bringing in excessive rainfall. it does include -- they could see upwards of 1 foot of rainfall. on top of the rainfall that they are are reducing today as we head into the weekend. indirectly, the moisture could be some flash wedding did also, widespread road closures as well. do be careful. >> we will be bracing. "varney and company" our three just minutes away.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
. stuart: there was a
11:00 am
significant revelation that the benghazi hearings yesterday and it says a lot about what kind of president hillary clinton would make. she would be all politics all the time. just like president obama. just like bill and barack, the spin would never stop. on the night of september 11th, 2012, hillary clinton knew right from the get-go that the attack that killed our ambassador was an organized terror attack. she sent an e-mail to her daughter chelsea saying an al-qaeda-like group had done. and called egypt and said it was a planned attack, not a protest. that's not what she told the public. remember this was september 2012 just a few weeks before the presidential election. the white house team had been saying bin laden was dead and al-qaeda on the run. a terror attack on the anniversary of 9/11? that would have been politically inconvenient to say the least. so the spin began.
11:01 am
the state department under mrs. clinton started putting out a different line. it was the video that inspired the protest. that was picked up and amplified by susan rice in a now famous tv interviews. hillary clinton knew that was not true but she said nothing. the president also blamed the video but, again, hillary said nothing. this is a classic example of a politician sac sacrificing the truth, truth took a backseat to winning votes. it worked. president obama won. but now the truth is being revealed, and it was her own e-mails that did it. ambassador stevens was killed in a terror attack. hillary clinton knew it but never said it. instead she allowed a lie to percolate through the system, and she did it for political gain. that was the big revelation today, and that tells you a lot about what kind of president hillary clinton would make. ♪ ♪
11:02 am
. stuart: there are a great many compelling stories on the show this morning. the markets, politics, and this. the weather. look at this. this is a mobile home in ranken, texas, floating away, severe storms rolled through that area wednesday night. so what you're looking at is rain-so he could texas, which now saisses the possibility of hurricane patricia. how strong that hurricane would be when and if it hits texas in the southwest, we don't know at this point but here it comes. that thing packs 200-mile an hour wind and going to hit western mexico today. all right. to the markets, please. the stock market is up, the dow jones average a gain of triple digits and now we're at 17,600. got it. here's the story that we've been following all day for you. that is american technology. clearly leading the way. look at these stocks.
11:03 am
amazon, google, facebook, microsoft. all of them big names in technology, all of them at new highs as of right now. i want to get back to hillary clinton, the presentations yesterday before the benghazi committee. her answers this is my opinion were telling. very telling about what kind of president she would be. i maintained in my take a moment ago that she would be very, very political. fox news digital politics editor chris is here. chris, i'm basing my opinion on that one revelation, which was that she knew it was a terror attack right from the get-go but put out publically that it was essentially the result of a video. i'm saying that she was playing politics for the sake of getting votes, and you say what? >> well, you could base it on that, or you could base it on anything in the last 40 years. you've got -- you have ample evidence about what -- how political hillary clinton is and has been and how divisive
11:04 am
of a figure she has been in american public life and all the way from her time when her husband was running for attorney general in arkansas up until this very day in her second run for the presidency of her own. so that's definitely been her mo. now, in this case she would say or she did say yesterday, well, look. al-qaeda claimed responsibility at the beginning and then that changed and. let's face it. the moment she was on stage with the caskets of the americans who were killed in a raid on a compound that was under her control that was under her dominion as secretary of state and she was talking about the video, and she was emphasizing those things, still looks terrible, and it looks like a cynical choice. stuart: do you think that revelation has legs going forward? are we going to hear anything more about this? >> we will but we will continue to hear the same response from the clinton
11:05 am
campaign and the obama white house. in this case united in common cause and they will say the same thing. the intelligence was shifting, we thought one thing at a certain minute and a different thing at a different time and the videos still mattered and go away because you're a cook and nut and you probably watch fox and are a bad person. that's what they'll say. stuart: i don't want to get off message but i want to look at that latest poll. ben carson now for the second day in a row ben carson leading trump. has trump stalled? >> well, he hasn't stalled. he's slipped. and what we see -- and these are the two best iowa polls really, the des moines register are really the two best polls out there and what you're seeing in the des moines register poll is that carson has always been the choice of the conservatives, number one with the conservatives in iowa. and now you're seeing some religious conservatives have questions about trump, the poll surveyed people do you think donald trump is sincere
11:06 am
in his christianity? is he asess? 47% weren't sure and then basically tied they thought he was lying and not telling the truth about his faith. stuart: chris on a friday morning. thanks so much for joining us, chris, we'll see you again real soon. >> you bet. stuart: i'm going to stay on the benghazi hearings and bring in tammy bruce. all right, tammy, the mainstream media is saying universally that hillary came out of this unscathed and that she flat out won. you say. >> i think it's obvious. the american people are going to make that decision and she reinforced the problem, which korissa luted to, is the issue of whether or not you can trust her. when people are asked why don't trust her, they don't have a specific thing, they just have a general sense. so the american people -- those who were interested and then they see the clips, and it's clear that once again she lied, it's also clear that she is. stuart: what did she that's a strong word. she lied.
11:07 am
that's a very strong word. >> that's how the american voter sees her. but the other shocking element was when it was clear in a e-mail that chris stevens was trying to buy british barricades to protect himself and his team, she laughed and said she applauded his entrepreneurial spirt, and that resonates with the american people. wow that's just wrong. and when it comes to the back and forth, they might not look at the details. the media in a way is protesting too much i think about how fabulous she was. i think that this is going to do some damage in the long ru. stuart: can you be objective? >> i worked on the clinton campaign in 92, i'm a former democrat, yeah. stuart: you're objective in this? >> i'm a feminist, and i want -- i would want everyone to do well. this is damaging for the process in general. it does not speak to that we've got the best people moving up in this country.
11:08 am
the republicans are of course doing better -- the latest news i think donald trump would be a better president than ben carson, i'm concerned about carson but i'm liking carly fiorina at the moment of course. but all of this is very interesting but the american people are thoughtful, and i think their opinion about hillary is correct, and it's going to stick. stuart: okay. we hear you and you'll stay for the hour i think. >> i'd love to. stuart: staying on the hillary question and the question of distrust does the public trust her, bring in democratic strategist alexis who is right here in new york with me. alexis, welcome to the program. >> thanks for having me, stuart,. stuart: now, i think she does have a problem with trust, that's what the polls show but we don't have a poll this morning about what people felt last night. do you think she turned the corner yesterday? >> i think hillary has had a fantastic couple of weeks. stuart: she has. that's true. >> until yesterday. stuart: i would agree with that, and i think i'm being objective. >> okay. i think that with the american -- what the polls will show tomorrow or whenever they are released after
11:09 am
yesterday's 11 hours of barging, $5 million of taxpayer dollars spent to basically uncover as we know gowdy offered virtually nothing new about the hearing . stuart: hold on a second. >> that she's going to be see. stuart: what did she not accurate. >> as a master of -- stuart: okay. >> understanding -- stuart: explain this to me. on the night of the attack, hillary clinton knew that it was an al-qaeda-like group that had done it, and she sent sought an e-mail to chelsea, her daughter, which said precisely that. the next day she called egypt's president and said it was not a protest, it was a terror attack in so many words. and yet publically she was saying it was the video. that is misleading in the extreme. some people are saying she flat out lied. i'm not going to go that far, but she was certainly misleading. how does she get over that? >> i think that all of the records that we've seen around the relationship between the protests and the video as well as the attack is that they
11:10 am
were mutually reinforcing. and -- stuart: she knew from day -- she knew in the first hour -- she said in the first hours it was a terror attack and then went out there and said it was the video. and she was still sticking with that when she met the families of the victims and still sticking to that with susan rice went out there on television and the president went on television. >> right. and my point, stuart, is that -- actually aquinn to what chris said because i do believe what the commentary on this is correct that things were unfolding, that's what we saw yesterday as she gave these detailed pieces in her incredibly impeccable memory around this was pretty insightful. i think if anything the trust deficit is lying with the gop leadership and the fact that they have had continued hearings on this for the last 18 months and nothing has been yielded. and so i -- you know, i don't know. i think the fact that she submitted to being governed is what the american people will respect about her and that's why she showed up so strongly yesterday. stuart: she got a great reception at her women's meeting this morning.
11:11 am
i'll tell you that. alexis, thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. stuart: it has been a theme we've been on all day long. american technology leads the world, yes,ds. google, facebook, amazon, microsoft, the stocks reflect that worldwide leadership. and up next, another example of why american technology is the premier technological engine in the world. robots here on the set after ths so what about that stock? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with, i'd steer clear. straight talk. multiplied by 13,000 financial advisors it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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11:14 am
stuart: dow jones industrials the rally continues, up 109 points, that's a 400-point gain in the last two days. let's see where it closes. now this. there is new hope for veterans who are amputees, and it's coming in the form of a bionic legg developed by my next guest company. it is the worlds first robotic
11:15 am
foot and calf system. welcome ceo chuck caragan. have i got it right? >> yes. stuart: and also joined by man with the joint on your leg, are you not? >> yes, sir. stuart: first of all, let's get to you first. this is the world's first leg calf, ankle joint. >> yes. stuart: okay. hold on a second. i've got to make sure i understand this. that's computer powered so that when david walks, he's powered by a computer and that joint works perfectly; is that right. >> correct. we have three computer boards inside, a number of sensors and a motor and belt drive system that drives it and every single step he takes, it powers him to walk walk through. stuart: is the signal coming from david's brain to the joint? >> not yet. one day we hope to have that. right now we use the actual movement of walking and how he hits the ground with his he'll and that tells the robot what it needs to do, and it happens that fast.
11:16 am
stuart: you lost your lower part of your leg in iraq or afghanistan? >> correct. iraq. stuart: how long ago? >> september 9th of 2005 is when it happened. stuart: now, you had this prosthetic so to speak put on you when? >> i got it four years ago, and it's been amazing, the stability, strength. stuart: we've got this on acamera. walk. walk, sir. there you go. that's a perfect and natural work. >> yeah. stuart: totally natural. not a problem at all. >> no. it gives me the push off. stuart: any pain? >> no. stuart: can you feel the push coming from the mechanical implant? >> i can. stuart: you can feel it? >> especially going up steps, do you want me -- can i use those? . stuart: yeah. >> so normally go going upstairs, i have to do all the work where this pushing off for me so i don't have to -- stuart: i mean this has made quite a difference, hasn't it? >> yeah. stuart: no new life so to speak.
11:17 am
how much? this is a financial program, how much? >> the typical reimbursement for it is about $50,000. so the insurance company is paying the person who fits david with this leg. they're reimbursing about $50,000 today. stuart: and this is the first in the world. >> this is the first and only power propelled foot. stuart: we really do love this stuff. our viewers i know they love it. a it's american, b it's a lifesaver and you can see it. you can actually see it. difference to your life? >> definitely. stuart: new life? >> yeah, i've been able to do so much more with my kids, dogs, snowmobiling, hunting, i do everything. stuart: it looks like life is almost normal for you. >> it is. definitely. what i've been able to do in things that i knew thought i would be able to do again, and it's definitely given me the freedom and positive way of. stuart: what did she you look great. got a big smile. >> yeah,. stuart: i'm not surprised.
11:18 am
>> still alive. stuart: exactly, sir, and you're living a normal life. >> definitely. stuart: david bronson, we appreciate you being with us. and chuck and the name of the company is bionics medical technology. >> yeah. stuart: and that's a $50,000 ankle. >> it is. stuart: and you're the first one with it. >> glad to be leading the pac. stuart: american technology at it's best. we love it. thank you, gentlemen. >> thank you for having us. stuart: now we've got to talk about hurricane patricia, strongest storm ever recorded. wait for it. the climate change blame game is already beginning and we will deal with it next. stay right there
11:19 am
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11:22 am
stuart: hurricane patricia getting close to making landfall to mexico, this is the strongest storm they've ever seen. so joining me bjorn. everybody saying it's a huge storm, the result of climate change, global warming, what say you? >> well, i say we know that we are expecting fewer but stronger hurricanes toward the end of the century. so this could be a tiny part of that. but what we have to remember is if you actually want to do
11:23 am
something about hurricanes, the vast majority of what you can do is adaptation. remember if you live in rich florida, hurricanes hit regularly but you don't have much life loss. whereas if you live in a poor country like you have tens of thousands of people die from hurricanes, and you destroy the economy. this is all about being rich and robust. stuart: so to summarize here a tiny part of this monster storm is the result of what we now call climate change. okay. >> it could very well be, yes stuart: all right. we'll take that. now, i want to ask you about your article in the wall street journal. and you're writing immoral environmentalism. i think you say that poor nations don't need solar paneling, they need basic food and medicine. lay out your argument for me real fast. >> well, fundamentally we're spending more and more dollars on climate.
11:24 am
right now we estimate we spend one in four dollars on climate, and that's the last thing they want us to focus money on. so essentially you're giving people who are for a, they don't don't have education, who's lacking health care, you're giving them a solar panel. that's not very moral. the point here is to say we could help them much better if we focused on the very simple things like dealing with it. stuart: i think i can get your position saying that climate change is rule and the solutions we come up with it don't work. that's pretty much your position, isn't it? >> the solution we have right now work at very high cost. and at the same time we have less and less other problems we need to fix and the poor people in the world are telling us please help us fix those first. stuart: all right, bjorn, we did hear you, the phone connection wasn't great but we did hear you. and we take your point. >> great. stuart: that's the guy.
11:25 am
any comment there? >> maybe the phone line was getting warmer there for some reason. now, look, what they have with all due respect to the guests, he says probably guessing that that's the case. the fact of the matter is that the national oceanianic and atmospheric administration says there's a town ward trend in frequency in hurricanes normally global warming would cause the hurricanes because the difference in the weather and the notion. we know that. we also know there are has been a 17-year static framework when it comes to the temperature. that's not just a lull. that's a generation of no warming temperatures. so the science when we talk about science disputes the nature of this argument. hurricanes happen because it's called the weather. and planet earth. yeah. stuart: we hear you. >> shocker. stuart: you always surprise me on this kind of thing. >> i like facts as opposed to -- i like feelings too but when it comes to science, facts are very important. stuart: well, you know i'm a feelings kind of guy.
11:26 am
serious subject next. the hillary clinton benghazi hearing, mainstream media chocking it up as a win for the former secretary of state and that the gop blew it. we will deal with all of that nt can a business have a mind?
11:27 am
a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive?
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11:29 am
stuart: well, we were up 140
11:30 am
now we're up 88 but the dow industrials are holding well above 17,500. here's the headline. here's the big story. american technology all of the big names straight up. will you look at that? amazon, alf wet, that's google, facebook, microsoft, all of it that's all of it. new highs for american technology. good story. now this. hedge punned manager martin, the man who bought rights to aids and cancer drug and jacked up the price by 5,000% and appeared on fox business this morning with maria. roll tape. >> we're the premium product, the more expensive product but remember 60% of our drug we sell for a penny. so many of our patients get drugs for very low patients. so patients who have insurance, their copays are limited. stuart: we hear you, sir, but tammy bruce. look, i've got to say. i think that guy is giving capitalism a bad game. >> yeah. also a poster boy for all the problems that exist.
11:31 am
the arguments by the left for wanting regulation for the industry which is bad news. the fact of the matter the u.s. attorney is investigating him, a foreman company that he had founded and was fired from for some kind of thing, he denies wrongdoing. and there's also premise, i know ashley has this, they're offering the same drug in a compounded frame which he rates the price on for a dollar. >> $100 pill bottle, 99 cents each. what they use compounds approved by the fda and they can make generic versions of the pills out there, they can remake this, which is the one for $750 for 99 cents. stuart: that will put him out of business. >> and a decent price. stuart: and capitalism works. >> it does indeed. stuart: right there. i feel better now. all right. one more? ashley: i just want to say something very interesting,
11:32 am
stuart, regarding the jeb bush campaign. fox news that the bush campaign is making huge cuts including the removal of staff, canceling fundraisers, cutting 45% of its budget. just another indication of the struggling campaign of jeb bush across the board. stuart: that's huge. >> and fundraisers. stuart: i believe we have with us now steve, louisiana republican, and i know we were going to talk about yesterday's hillary hearing. congressman, forgive me for pivoting very quickly here. i don't know whether you heard that news but je jeb bush's campaign has just instigated gigantic cuts in staffing and expenditures almost across the board. can i have your reaction to that, sir? >> well, stuart, good to be with you. i just heard it but, you know, clearly you're going to see changes in the presidential field for the next weeks and months ahead until you get to february will you actually get real voting in iowa and then it moves very quickly affiliating.
11:33 am
so i'd expect more changes to where it's going to be but ultimately where premium going to vote. the most conservative candidate to win to be our presidential nominee and let's go win the white house. stuart: it is a setback, isn't it? for guys who made their names in politics. the frontrunners are guys who made their name in business and carly fiorina made a name in business and ben carson's a doctor. this is a blow to you guys, >> no. i think it's actually a good thing that voters want somebody whose got real world experience when you contrast it to a president who came in as a community organize we are be never had any legislative accomplishments and ultimately has been a disaster for our economy, for our country, for our national security around the world. so i think somebody with real-world experience is going to be very effective as president. i want to get a republican. again, the most conservative who can win and that's what this whole nominating process is about. let them go out there and inspire people and state their case. stuart: i'm sorry. i kind of aambushed you there with this news about jeb bush.
11:34 am
i'm sorry that we pivoted so quickly. but i needed to do that. i want to go back to the clinton hearings yesterday and, again, i'm going to sound like i'm ambushing you but it seems to me that the republicans really blew this one. the questioning was all over the place, it wasn't precise, it wasn't focused, it wasn't dynamic and, you know, hillary comes across as the winner. what say you? >> well, stuart, the whole purpose of this has always been about getting out the truth, and i think there was more truth that got out, more things that was not been told before, and i think we're going to continue to find more things as they get more documents, more e-mails, but i do think you saw some contradictions, even in secretary of state clinton's testimony yesterday. and this is going to continue on as we get all the facts, tray gowdy has done a great job of focusing on the facts, and it's not over. he's going to keep working until they find out everything that happened in relation to the four americans who were killed on that tragic day.
11:35 am
stuart: it was revealed yesterday, i think this was the big revelation that on the night of the attack, september 11th, 2012, hillary clinton knew that it was a terror attack. and made a call to the egyptian president the next day saying -- it was a terror attack. but at the same time. >> yeah. stuart: she was going out there saying and encouraging the rest of the administration to say it was the video that did it. now, i said that is putting politics ahead of the truth. the real question is does that have any legs? will this be revealed further? >> well, stuart, that was one of the many contradictions that has continued to be exposed from this investigation that clearly secretary of state clinton and so many others underneath are in the state department and in the white house we're trying to say this was about a video in the days after when, in fact, they knew. and of course it's been revealed now in the e-mails that secretary clinton herself knew that this was a terrorist attack and ambassador stevens had been asking through the proper channels to get more security for a long time and that request was denied.
11:36 am
. stuart: okay. >> by secretary clinton and everyone under her. so those questions will still be asked, and she ought to get all of the facts out. stuart: representative steve, again, i apologize for the ambush but you know what we're like. >> happy to be a part of whatever you want to talk about. but obviously today we're trying to get a really important reconciliation passed in the house to gut obamacare and defund planned parenthood and get that on the president's desk. stuart: yes, you will get that vote, and it will go to the president's desk and that's what i think you guys want. steve, thank you very much for being with us. >> always great to be with you, stuart,. stuart: another fact revealed during the benghazi hearing. over 600 requests for on additional security by ambassador stevens and state department staff, which went ignored. former i cia operations manager claire lopez is with us. ma'am, you were cia manager i believe. was that in the reagan years or the -- bush 41 years?
11:37 am
was that then? >> well, stuart, thanks for having me. i'm currently a member of the citizens commission on benghazi and also vice president for research and analysis at the center for security policy. and that is where my experience on the middle east comes from. not what i did in my prior professional career. stuart: okay. so what do you make of these -- and i'm told it was 600 requests for additional security prior to the attack. >> i think it's of a pattern with the administration's plans for what they intended to happen in north africa, particularly in libya. and this is something that's a little disappointing indeed in the way representatives gowdy and the committee went at it yesterday. in that they did not focus on that broader question. i think the more important issue for what were they doing there in the first place? and that was implementing, executing a policy of the clinton state department, the obama white house to install the muslim brotherhood in
11:38 am
power in libya and indeed elsewhere in north africa. stuart: hold on a second. hold on a second. claire, hold on a second. >> in the war -- stuart: i hope you can hear me. you've got to hold on a second. >> had to make everything more declined. stuart: you've got to elizabeth listen. i've got to get. >> that's why -- >> it's a filibuster. >> that he had to pretend that what they had done was okay. and it wasn't. . stuart: okay. look, i've got to back up here. you just implied what sounds to me like a conspiracy. a hidden conspiracy to make sure that the muslim brotherhood won in syria and egypt and this was a program under the clinton state department. is that what you're saying? oh, you know what? i'm sorry, claire. i know that our guest could not hear me. we couldn't have a conversation. that's why we're talking on
11:39 am
each other. >> that or her being the best filibuster i've heard in my life. i would want her on the senate there. stuart: that was quite a conversation as long as it lasted. >> i wish she could have heard your follow-up question because i really wanted to know. stuart: i think i heard her correctly saying that what was always intended was that the muslim brotherhood would take over in libya. ashley: right. stuart: and that was the underneath policy. ashley: it was going on behind the scenes. >> well, remember what preceded the benghazi attack, been elected but effectively installed. there was the protest outside the embassy just before the benghazi. ashley: that's right. >> attack. everyone found that to be a rather odd demonstration. remember our embassy put out a note saying we don't like anybody using religion and offending people. and we weral very surprised how that trajectory was and then the next thing we knew was the benghazi attack, which clearly was a very, very
11:40 am
different situation. stuart: i wish we could get that guest back because that was kite a revelation. we'll try. >> the relationship between the state department should be looked more into. stuart: we've been following the big market story all day, which is those wonderful tech stocks all of them moving straight up. apple is beginning to move up. it's been flat around 110, 112 for a long time. right now it is up $2. 118 on apple as we speak. and look at this. it's called bumble, a popular dating app but only women can reach out and contact a potential date. the ceo of bumble next
11:41 am
11:42 am
>> i'm nicole petallides with your fox business brief. the dow jones industrial off its highs earlier in the day, but up about 80 points right now, gaining about 2% right now, and the nasdaq also higher. we're seeing technology leading the way today as well as health care. those are the two best performers of the facilities under pressure, technology doing well amazon and google alphabet. sores to new highs, microsoft the 15-year high and facebook, take a look facebook, did cross that 102 mark for the first time facebook obviously the shareholders happy with that. royal caribbean, the profit has been sorg that stock hit
11:43 am
the new high, up right now about 3%. they've also ended the discounting that immediate last minute discount. start your day on fox business, fbn at 5:00 a.m. all the breaking news you need miles. sometimes those seats cost a ridiculous number of miles... or there's a fee to use them. i know. it's so frustrating. they'd be a lot happier with the capital one venture card. and you would, too! why? it's so easy with venture. you earn unlimited double miles on every purchase, every day. just book any flight you want then use your miles to cover the cost. now, that's more like it. what's in your wallet?
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hand apparently, they also lovee stickers. g. what's up with these things, victor? we decided to give ourselves stickers for each feature we release. we read about 10,000 suggestions a week to create features that as traders we'd want to use, like social signals, a tool that uses social media to help with research. 10,000 suggestions. who reads all those? he does. for all the confidence you need. td ameritrade. you got this. stuart: we've been running with this for the entire though. that is american technology leads the way. will you just look at these stocks? amazon, google, facebook, microsoft, look at them.
11:45 am
bringing in record highs every single one of them. economics professor peter mauricey with the bow tie clan. am i going overboard here? i'm saying flat out american technology rules and this is extremely important. what say you? >> absolutely. i wrote a column about it earlier this week on fox. it's the dawn of the next american century. you know know,ibm has got troubles, hp has troubles but apple doesn't. amazon web-based systems. they have 14 times the cloud capacity that the next ten competitors combine have. but if you go down the list of the people who do the cloud, data storage, computing, software, business services, it's full of american companies. stuart: we don't hear that headline. i know you've got it on fox news they really week, i didn't copy you, by the way, but you don't hear that story very often. american technology rules. you don't hear it, do you? let's face it. >> and it's all over.
11:46 am
even on the road. you know, mark fields spent a heck of a lot of time, the ceo of ford, in the silicon valley. remember he's the no bail out car guy. ford motor company is with riding this wave, and it appears in so many different places in the u.s. economy and subtle but substantial ways. stuart: okay. i've got to get to this because i know you're a sharp, hard-edged critic of our relationship with china and china itself. they've announced earlier today they're going to print more money, get more liquidity into the system. i don't think you think much to that, do you? >> well, they're cutting rates a quarter after i point. that's like pouring a teacup in the pacific ocean to heat it up. china needs fundamental reform and until it gets them, it's playing havoc with the manufacturing. dropping a lot of products here lower the than production to keep the markets going. the numbers coming out are bogus but it's creating a lot of problems for us, it's a drowning man pulling us down.
11:47 am
stuart: okay. we hear you. thanks so much for joining -- again, i keep saying. i'm very sorry to keep it so short but we really move fast on this program, you know what i mean? >> yeah. i understand. stuart: thank you, professor. >> take care. stuart: last hour i spoke with congressman ron paul, i asked him on his take on gold and donald trump. >> i would think that people would start thinking that somebody who had liked gold and turned against it might be a good-by a good buy signal. i don't think about these daily changes, bink what happened in 1933 when if you turned in an ounce of signal, you got federal reserve nose that are worth two now. stuart: and no, ladies and gentlemen, i don't remember 1933. fox business 4:00 hour this afternoon ron paul's son, presidential candidate rand paul is on after the bell. melissa francis 4:00 this afternoon this network and now this.
11:48 am
it's a dating app. it's called bumble. its selling point? it only let's women reach out to potential dates. men can look but can only talk to a woman if she contacts first. ceo of bumble joins us now. this is a terrific idea. i mean our production team really liked this one, you know what i mean? >> amazing. i'm so glad to hear that. stuart: well, it's because men are not allowed to be creeps. that was the reason given. do you agree with that? >> well, what you know? also takes pressure off of men, you know? she reaches out, you know she's interested and i think it really switches things up and changes that expectation that we all face in dating. stuart: how long have you been in business with this app? >> we are about to enter month 11, and we have soared past a million users, so it's rolling, and we're really excited, and it's been -- i it's really ticking off. stuart: this is a financial program.
11:49 am
you're telling me that in 11 months you've acquired 1 million people who are using bumble? >> yes. stuart: how do you make your money? do you charge them? >> not right now. so we are really focused on making sure that they are loving the app. and that they have the best user experience. and then, you know, we're going to just really focus on growth right now and then monetization will be introduced down the line. stuart: well, how do you make your money at the moment? >> oh, we are not making money at the moment. there's no monetization taking place. so we are just focused on growth and it's purely on a investment basis right now. stuart: okay. i'm trying to get to grips with this so to speak. so i can go on the website or the app. >> yeah. stuart: and i can look at various women that i might be attracted to; is that correct? >> yes. essentially. stuart: i put myself, my personals onto the app, and they look at me and say we like this guy, we don't like
11:50 am
this guy. >> you swipe on one another. so if you both mutually opt in to have a match, you swipe right on her, she swipes right on you, it's a connection. she has 24 hours to make the first move. so that's great. there's a bit of pressure there and so it doesn't just loom. and it's kind of like the. stuart: what did she whitney, you don't want you going away without this. this is a lady beating up her husband's bmw on the grounds he cheated on her. look closely. she could be your customer. you know what i mean? >> do you have her e-mail address? we need to reach out. >> that's the right question. stuart: very good, whitney. very good indeed. you're going to do well. >> thanks for having me. stuart: you come back. >> i would love to. >> why this works is that this is in nature, the female makes the choice when it comes to a man. the men are running around and doing the peacock thing but
11:51 am
the men make the choice. ashley: you can put on your best -- stuart: the mets will play their first world series game for the first time in 15 years. and the ball used in the 1986 world series. how much do you know how long goes for? ónóv
11:52 am
11:53 am
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. stuart: the mets play the world series starts next week, first time in 15 years they've been there. ken golden is here and, boy, does he have some stuff. >> good to be with you. stuart: first item right here, that's one of the balls used in the bill buckler game where it rolled through his legs; is that correct. >> that's correct. that's a world series game six baseball, been used in the game and signed and inscribed by both buckner -- stuart: both of them? >> wilson in the other. stuart: how much? >> about $15,000 is what we expect. stuart: $15,000? >> yeah. stuart: okay. this here is analysis new york mets world series 1986 trophy. >> correct. stuart: how much. >> approaching $50,000. stuart: $50,000?
11:56 am
>> his personal trophy given him to by the mets. >> he actually drive it to a friend and many years ago the friend put it up for auction. he's fine with it. stuart: okay. he's fine with it. next one you've got a baby ruth rookie card from 1916. >> yes. this is his red sox rookie card and expected to approach over $100,000. it is the highest grade known for the card in this condition. stuart: you're selling heavily there. i can tell. the highest grade card known in this condition. $100,000 all right. next one. rookie card? >> this is the famous we sold one of these in july for $400,000. this one is graded a 6, we expect it to approach but not exceed $100,000. stuart: very old baseball used in the world series in 1918. >> yes. this is a 1918 game
11:57 am
six world series ball. it is inscribed by babe ruth. it is the only known game used ball from 1918. it was the curse -- the red socks ball after the world series, they didn't win again for 86 years did. stuart: and how much? >> this is the biggest potential in the auction. i'm expecting 100 plus. stuart: how much? >> over 100. stuart: when his the auction? >> the auction is currently going on at golden and the final day is november 14th. stuart: november 14th, bid online now. golden ken, thank you very much indeed. >> thank you so much for having me. go mets. stuart: you've got no choice. all right. more varney after ts
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> stuart: let's face it, the moment where she was on stage with the caskets that were
12:00 pm
killed under a compound under her control, under her dominion as secretary of state and she was talking about the video, she was emphasizing those things. still looks terrible. >> politics in the markets, too. my time is up here if here is neil cavuto. neil: troubles in the bush campaign. cutting back on a lot of stuff here. really counting the pennies here. in a world of financial hurt. battling down the hatchets. the latest with how he is doing. >> and admission from jeff bush's campaign. getting it wrong from a couple of fronts. a campaign memo titled campaign


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