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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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yesterday, he is in second place, is the tide turns for donald trump. melissa: a monster category 5 hurricane, strongest ever recorded in western hemisphere is headed for land, wire tracking the storm. >> tracking markets pretty good [closing bell ringing] very nice, move to close, up 160. on the dow, so tech, and liz was taking about this leading the charge, the nasdaq up, and in today's session about 2. 25%, we want to go down to wall street, as we look at the way we are ending the day with a lot of green. melissa: you can see the dow up 163, s&p you of 22, and nasdaq and s&p 500 are positive for the year, lori rothman is standing by at new york stock exchange. >> reporter: great to see you, investors were thrilled with technology, all started 24 hours ago, with outstanding earnings numbers from the bellwethers
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among the tech stocks, the nasdaq posting gains 2 pois 2. , technology as a whole up 3%. we talked about the tech giants, let's bring with alphabet parent company of google. that would have been a lifetime high but it faded to asiany performance with a -- shabby gain of 8.8%, closing 7009 or -- 709 colors or so a share, and amazon reporting a second surprise profit, saying strong growth not in retail side but in the cloud computing business. that launched shares of amazon to 35 bucks, almost 600 dollars in the session. they did breach that level, and let's talk about microsoft, similar story, very similar with cloud computing, hitting 5407,
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will close with a gain of 11.5%, those are 3 headliner in techs, the dow, tremendous day, 1% gain up 158 attacking to 320 the dow taxed on yesterday. all investors beginning their weekend with everyone in positive territory for 4 consecutive weeks. melissa: thank you. >> back to the market rally, but let's talk election 2016 with some big political stories, brand-new poll out, in iowa. look at, that leader is not donald trump, ben carson surging ahead. so, to show this type of a sunk in iowa, for dr. carson, we have the jeb bush news. his campaign cutting jobs, reducing salaries, struggle there continues. we're joined by carl cameron, fox news correspondent, what about bush in these budget cuts? >> well, it is a huge reorganization of his campaign,
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it comes following his financial report that in september he had $10 million in the bank, and on campaign trail, once the voting starts 100 days from today, in iowa caucus there is 6 weeks of a sprint, by the time we get to march 16, 6 weeks later, the states would have already voted have to have a lot of money in the bank for, that jeb bush disney does not think he -- does not think he will have enough. they did not expect to be where they are right now, a big cut they will take away from headquarter staff in miami, boost in a little bit in new hampshire, but overall mr. bush will cult his travel expences by 20%, and he will cut his payroll by 40%, this is serious belt tightening in recognition he has fallen further than he thought. >> not expecting a reality star to be leading, a dig on trump,
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the poll numbers in iowa with carson surging ahead, it looks like trump from the news putting or trying to put distance between himself and super pacs that are supporting. >> right, on thesom subject of polls there are a couple of polls showing carson up by fine points, and trump had a 16 point reversal that is. when you see ben carson's internal poll she has -- he has 33% it is hard to see how he would be beatable, have to have a third of christian evangelicals is a big accomplishment they usually control and determine who wins the caucuses. the super pacs, trump put out a memo saying he does not want any of the between 5 to 9 pro trump super pacs to keep raising and spending more money, he wants them to give away the money they raiseed and knock it off, this
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is a day av trump soap -- a independent super pac shut itself down after questions about whether its founder was too koz we trum cozy with trumpn team. they shut that super pac shut itself down, trump said, don't do it any more. which he tell nickly should -- technically should not be doing that. >> all right. thank you. melissa: the day after an 11 hour testimony, hillary clinton hitting the campaign trail in virginia. that is according to a new poll from quinnipiac university, fox news' ed henry is on the campaign trail is clinton today. >> reporter: hillary clinton is
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feeling good about the testimony you heard her pushing bark and laughing a little bit, poking fun of the republicans talking about that coughing fit. she went through and endured and had a big crowd today, i have been on the road with her, she has had some disappointing crowds, but today, alarming crowd here in northern virginia, that pretty friendly territory for her. the thing is that the field is narrowing, lincoln chafee got out today, and jobe job saying hjoe biden sayinghe is not in. and she took hits yesterday, saying that the e-mail came out, and immediately telling her family that this is a terrorist attack, and then told the public something else that was a problem. -- why didn't the e-mails get to her desk? those are pushing back on this
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idea she has that leadership of great as secretary of state, i think that hearing became so partisan that is driving democrat bes behind her, the fis narrowing. >> thank you ed. >> knocks topic for discussion. would be debt limit, deadline i am sure with the latest our own peter barnes. >> reporter: house republican leaders this week pulled a bill that would raise debt ceiling, to 2017 it mandated tough spending cuts. they now say, they will get to another debt ceiling bill next week, the white house continues to play hardball with republicans on the issue, saying
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no negotiation on the debt sealing it must be a clean bill that addresses the debt ceiling or president will veto it the house said that president will not sign a short-term budget extension to allow for negotiation, but it would not say how long it would like the next debt ceiling increase to last? >> we believe that should should be done without negotiation, and without drama without delay, speaker boehner did this a couple times in past years, without negotiating, that is the same position we'll have on this. >> reporter: then debate over november 3 deadline, republicans are skeptical of it, senate financial committee arm, o orrin hatch asked them to verify the cash flows, white house said treasury is notifying lawmakers,
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every few days with updated projections, connel. >> thank you, peter. melissa: controversial hedge fund manager and ceo of turning pharmaceuticals has come under fire, after purchasing a generic drug used by cancer, and aids patients and raising the tries to $750 a bill, he sat down with maria bartiromo this morning, defending his decision to raise the price of the drug. >> when people say $750 that sounds like a lot of money, but 60% of our patients get it ar a dollar, a penny a pill. >> $750 is a lot of money, and when you are talking about a drug that people need, there is nobody else having that drug on the market that is where outrage came from. >> we're the premium product,
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the more expensive product. patient who have insurance their copays are limited. melissa: yes. all right, skechers, looking at shares of skechers right now, shoe company falling as much as 36% today, that is a third of its market value this coming a day after sketcher posted first quarterly sales miss in two years, hurt by the strong daller and weaker sales in the wholesale business. >> i heard a lot about that from companies the strong dollar. we have to talk about their hurricane it is massive, unlike anything in roared history -- recorded history, details from the weather center coming up. melissa: senator rand paul weighs in on his campaign for president, and his competition, donald trump.
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call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. melissa: a catastrophic category 5 hurricane, the strongest ever recorded in the western hemisphere is making its way toward land, fox news' chief meteorologist is tracking the storm, rick? melissa: we're getting close -- >> reporter: we're getting close on a landfall of the category 5, this is strongest we've had in western hemisphere. the storms that hit like
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philippines and japan and taiwan those have been stronger. in history, we're up there with strongest of all, you see a defined center of the storm here, getting close to the mexican border, somewhere between man zanillo and puree on the havpuerto vallarta is a lan, between these two city there is not a ton of population, the strongest of the winds, not very far reaching from the center of the storm, hurricane force winds up 35 miles an -- miles from the center of the storm. where we have the storm is powerful. but not that big, that is one thing that might be a lifesaver for so many, also will move quickly, it will not dump rainfall totals in 20 to 30
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range but some areas will certainly see 12 inches, we'll feel impacts across u.s., the storm moves in across mexico by tomorrow morning here in to monterey, mexico but some moisture is getting pulled in here across east texas places with flooding in last number of days from a different system will get pulled up, we could see spots that maybe see additional 10 to 15 inches of rain, certainly widespread area. guess what more flooding across texas, some of this moisture from patricia partly to blame. melissa: thank you, rick, wow. connel: back to business, business numbers, remarkable, 200 miles an hour. oil price today, ending below, ending the day below 45 dollars a barrel, down by 76 cent ofs, lowest level for oil since september 28, we mentioned higher dollar earlier, crude
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ending the week down fi ipo o 5. -- 5.56 sers. >> all right, and oil is lining pockets of isis as its largest continual source of income, officials say islamic state is earning up to $50 million a month selling crude, this is dayspit despite attempts to stop them. melissa: is the shine off donald trump? why for a second day in a row. why the caulk au caucus state hd news for the frontrunner. melissa: which state has the most attractive men and women? jeb bush: this president, with all due respect,
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believes that america's leadership and presence in the world is not a force for good. america has led the world and it is a more peaceful world when we're engaged the right way. we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. we have to stand for the values of freedom. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? but for the united states, who? who's going to stand up for the dissidents
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inside of iran that are brutalized each and every day? but for the united states, who? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? but for the united states, no one - no one is capable of doing this. the united states has the capability of doing this, manzanillo nd of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. connel: the country's largest auto safety recall is bigger today, national highway traffic
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safety administration looking to side airbags manufactured by takata. and exploding airbags we're joined by jeff flock with the latest. >> reporter: already complicated. it cuts across multiple automakers, looking at the roster of recalled cars. i tell you, recall could get bigger, 20 million so far, but particular get bigger taking inside airbags. the fact that now all vehicles not just those older vehicles, key vehicles? look at key vehicles. you have to did to nhtsa web site to see if your can one of them but mus mustangs, ram truc, most popular hondas and toyotas,
4:22 pm
they for a recall site according to nhtsa only 22% of the recall vehicles, there are 20 million, only 22% have actually been repaired, 80% of those vehicles, are still out there driving around, a lot of people, according to a quote from an official saying people the not taking this recall seriously. if your airbag exploded and you get sprayed with shrapnel that is serious, 8 people have died so far as you report, almost 100 injuries. connel: that would change your mind, that is something, 80% still out there jeff flock thank you. melissa: tragedy in france today, a fiery bus crash left 43 people dead. and 6 injured. the bus carrying mostly elder lewisite seers was -- sightseers of hit head on by a truck
4:23 pm
transporting lumbers. >> and defense department identifying a soldier killed in a commando raid in iraq, master sergeant joshua wheeler. the first american member to be killed in action while fighting isis. >> ups pilots voting to strike. just as they enter holiday shopping season. >> and much more still to come on hillary clinton, maybe if you have been watching today's news, brushing off the benghazi hearings. rand paul does not think st is over. it should be good. >> in case you missed it, the mets are headed to the world serie, ticket prices are out of this world. connel: what!
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melissa: congressman cummings believe thed republican presidential hopefulled for calling ought hillary clinton for herrin action to the benghazi attack. >> senator ryan paul, said benghazi was a thei 3:00 a.m. pe call she never picked up. everyone on this panel knows these accusations are baseless. >> really? senator rand fall, presidential
4:28 pm
candidate, and author of our president and their prayer, said that american is overlooking the truth, behind benghazi. >> that night she sent an e-mail to her family saying we had a terrorist attack, and the ambassador was killed. for weeks and weeks they said it was a protest about a movie. i think there was a purposeful and deceitful plan to mislead the american public. i think that is without question true. but to me, what has been more important is that 9 months leading up to benghazi to that assassination of the ambassador hillary clinton's state department kept refusing request for more security that is the more important thing. melissa: that and idea that ambassador dioambassador john bn air saying, that nobody he worked for would be left out,
4:29 pm
why did not one ask her about timeline, when did you go home, when did you call in, why didn't you do anything actively to try the save the lives of people. >> i don't know that answer, but i do know she was asked did you communicate with the ambassador by e-mail, she said no, but the other question, he was sending cables back, a cable is an official request from the ambassador to secretary of state, not a casual e-mail not a post card, hey i'm in libya, do you want to talk. it is a cable saying we're in a threat of being potentially overrun, this is a month before the attack, i asked her in the committee, did you read of labels, shy wants to slough this off like it is something else's responsible, but when you are in charge, secretary of state you cannot say that is someone else's job, his nothing to do with it that is one of the most dangerous places in the world, there is no excuse for not
4:30 pm
having adequate security. melissa: the lesson is what kind of president. >> the conclusion circumstance is she will just pass the buck, and not take responsibility. there is a dozen requests for more security, in benghazi, it was bad decision making. melissa: there are theories about why there is not more of an investigation, and some seem say it has to do with what was actually going on there i heard you raid this question -- raise this we go gunrunning. >> there say public report, that in the newspaper said there was a turkish ship that left libya 3 days before the ambassador was killed, full of arms, syrian rebels were coming to turkey and getting these arms, asked her her directly did you know anything about this, she said no, she was asked yesterday, she
4:31 pm
said no, i frankly don't believe that, there were all kinds of with thes in media saying that cia was doing this and i think that the cia had something to do with this, i don't know if it was legal or not, i don't want that we voted on it i think there no way that the secretary of state did not' this was happening. melissa: hearing has come and gone now, she comes you on this morning -- comes out this morning to great applause and fanfare, this is not resonating with the american people, who ho you change that in the campaign? >> it depends, if there a one-on-one debate, you look her in the eye, stay why didn't you provide defense for these people, why weren't you there for the ambassador? why department you read the cables? it should not be so much a spin of whether or not it was a protest, if the ask public do
4:32 pm
you want aye commander in chief who'll defend our embassies, and listen to them when they are asking more that a 80-90% issue, i think a lot of the publish will eventually judge her as unqualified. melissa: your campaign, you had centre mick connel saying you -- mcconnell saying you should focus on your senate race. >> i think this is people saying what he might have said, i don't think that is a direct report. i think we have something to offer, we have a chance of winning, i wouldn't do this, if i didn't think we could win. i think we have the strongest ground game in iowa, with 20 college campuses organized in iowa. we have a lot of support from independence, and from liberty-minded republicans we think we have a good ground operation, we're believe we're right in the middle, we think it will change, at-this-point in 2012, herman cain of the leading, he did not win the primary, i think that things
4:33 pm
will change quite a bit it will be different in january. melissa: you talk about mixed run and change, the biggest thing is donald trump running behind ben carson in iowa. >> i think this is the beginning of his decline, people are going to want someone serious to lead the nation, someone who really we would respect, and would be respected in the world, some complaints of conservatives are, that we're not reported in the world. you know with this commander in chief, are we replating that one with someone who has his claim to fame as vulgarity, i don't think that equating with inside, i think people will say, we want someone serious in charge. connel: all right, senator rand paul with melissa, giving us a lot to talk about with your distinguished panel, steve forbes, and jeff smith.
4:34 pm
we could start with this vulgarity comment but we should at least talk about benghazi. to melissa's point about whether it resonates. >> among presidents i think she did try yesterday, most of the public is not paying attention. but i think that senor paul is right, when it is a smaller field, it will be an issue. connel: jack? >> i have to disagree. i think anyone that went to watching that testimony with an open mind came away disappointed by the quality of it. i feel like after so many months it is either a fraud or a fall lure, out of a fraud they are not really trying to find information but win political
4:35 pm
points, or failure that there is no concrete evidence of wrong doing, there is a lot of i don't trust that hillary clinton, a lot of hearsay, but nothing concrete. >> only 59 about that, i nang polls shope that is the case for hillary clinton. that is an issue for her, your thoughts? >> i think hillary clinton got three early christmas gifts over the last few week, first kevin mccarty, second richard hanna, and third the senior aide on the benghazi committee. i think mostly people see this stuff through prism they are already looking through, that democrats believe this is a partisan -- and republicans believe she is a liar, and responsible, most independence i don't think that this hearing did anything to move many against hillary clinton.
4:36 pm
connel: on the other side of the race, where rand paul is involved in, he talked about donald trump. interesting to hear someone like him, like rand paul saying these iowa poll be he said this is the beginning of trump's decline that seem a little bit premature but we have not seen donald trump trailing in many polls. >> when you are at 5%, someone going down to 19, that is decline, i would take it. but, what is all shows how fluid this race it ben carson, nobody expected that or donald trump. and we have a debate coming up. connel: jeb bush cutting staff and all this. >> there will be more surprises. connel: maybe someone has a surprise pick right now. much more difficult to say who would be the up and comer from
4:37 pm
the group, is there anybody? >> i do, i don't think that any of outsiders will be nominee. >> we'll come back? >> i think rubio is most likely nominee. connel: really. >> bush is too damaged. >> the party is looking for a fresh face. bush is not getting any traction. and i think that rubio is the closest thing there to a candidate. connel: 9% in. >> i think jeb bush in end, i think that people go for grand name politician. connel: really. >> my fantasy -- is jeb, named his brother, vee veep veep, hily names bush, it is double bush versus double clintons. connel: we all have different fantasies. >> i can't go anywhere with that. >> that our panel, back to you. melissa: seth rogan talks jobs, what it was like to step into
4:38 pm
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it is you.
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connel: we wait the front minutes to talk about this. melissa: we have. connel: the we' sweet smell of success, this does not likely average order of fries. melissa: terrible. connel: they are testing sweet potato fries, melissa is against this, jack how has strange fantasies he -- i don't know if sweet pott -- potato fries. >> they are hart of my nightmare, i don't think that anyone is looking for more variety on a mcdonald's menu. but one thing, that's get right is fries.
4:42 pm
connel: i don't understand why melissaa so worked up. you spent like every commercial, we got those much going on in the world this bothers. >> you mcdonald's fries are perfect food in the universe, they are horrible for you, but they are delicious, why would you change them, then also, all franchisees are "mad men" and you too big -- the menu is too big. connel: 2 of us really like the hot fudge on sundaes. i used to go home, and get one and watch little house on the prairie. melissa: you did not, you liar. connel: i did. melissa: guarantees your pizza arrives hot, this is a chevy spark, franchise owners with buy $25,000, interior is stripped out to accommodate 80 pizzas,
4:43 pm
and there are spots for drinks, and napkins and wings, fabulous could deliver -- although when are you out delivering 80 pizza. >> i have a contrarian view. melissa: really. >> the whole claim to fame behind is that i want to keep the pizza hot, well, i actually don't want to that hot when i order it, you start -- i always eat the pizza, no matter how hot it is. >> i don't want the delivery guy to be that hot, think about how sweaty he is. connel: a good point. >> >> a sweaty hairy delivery guy. melissa: i never would have thought of that. >> we're on a roll with this. melissa: i want a car, filled with pizza,. connel: have you on to see both sides avoiding double trouble, google, latest technology fright
4:44 pm
guist showed when halloween costumes are most popular in your area, key take aways, washington tc favors batman, san francisco watches all things star wars. most popular costume a search for harley quinn. that would be george' -- joker's sidekick in the batman comics. >> i would have no idea. >> i am going as a print journalist this year, i am looking for right outfit, i need to get a $200 suit. melissa: you don't want to wear the same costume as everyone in the neighborhood, so you look it up, why do you really care. >> i know there is a lot of frozen. connel: you are right, i thought
4:45 pm
-- never mind, i thought you wanted to be cool and wear the trendy costume. melissa: is that your approach? that says a lot about connel. connel: i have no interest in halloween, but i like i eat half of my kids candy, i live the door locks the whole thing. melissa: neither one of you is dressing up. connel: no. melissa: we're all going in star wars in our family. >> i don't know if you noticed i am a grand man. connel: thank you, jack. >> my kids insist we all dress up, are you all kill joys. connel: we are, great question. melissa: thanks i think, the movie steve jobs opening, today it has grossed more than $2 million, it is based on apple's cofounder. steve jobs, and steve kos kose c
4:46 pm
wozniak. wozniak is played by seth rogan who is on risk and reward tonight. >> this is a different role for seth rogan, i asked him why he decided to do it. >> honestly, i was skeptical that i would want to do it when i heard about it then i read the script it really blew my mind, one of the best scripps it not the best written script i have read in my life. deidre: there you go, opportunity to work with a script that was well written, he did not know that much about computers, i asked if hig -- ife was too geeky if you had to know about ap apple to appreciate ite said, not at all. coming up.
4:47 pm
melissa: i look forward on that, all right. thank you so much deirdre bolt bolton. connel: seth rogan is a funny guy. but, i am a grown man is my line of day. >> we have a best buy story. and best buy comes bearing gifts this holiday, to keep up with on-line retailers coming your way next. melissa: iowa has bad news for donald trump, where the front run ser -- why the frontrunner is losing is time in the all important state. can a business have a mind?
4:48 pm
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woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. connel: jeff bezos is third richest american behind mr. buffetts and mr. gates.
4:51 pm
his net worth has been pushed to more than $55 billion. >> >> new york mets are headed to the world series if you want ticket its will cost big time, they are going i believe $1000 a game. in secondary market. best buy offering free shipping for all orders this holiday season. it beginning sunday, and lasts through january 2, to better compete with on-line retailers. >> melissa. melissa: all right donald trump, another hit in the hawkeye state, showing he is trailing benghazi in e that k trump a little stumped. >> i was very surprised to see it, i was in iowa last night, we had 4,000 people, it was pack, great, a lif love fest, it was
4:52 pm
amazing, i am surprised. i think we're doing well in iowa. melissa: all right, steve forbes, and jack howe and jeff smith, steve it was a life fest? >> -- a love fest. >> crowds can mislead you as a candidate, look at mitt romney, 2012, the crowds he and paul ryan got were 10 times what they expected. that is why they recall thought they would win, in terms of iowa, that is a caucus state in middle of winter you have to have ground forces to get those people out, it does not translate necessarily to caucus votes. melissa: jeff, is this the beginning of a fade for donald trump? >> fade it has to becoming. melissa: why? >> i think this is a silly season, not everyone responds to a poll, not everyone follows she's closely, people, you hear -- follows these closely, you have a name recognition.
4:53 pm
melissa: why is ben carson winning? name recognition he is the least known guy. >> because donald trump has failed to convince eve -- evan evangelical zigevangelchristian. >> you told me i had a good trump. melissa: no you did a worse trump than charlie gasparino. >> i want toic up to what steve said about caucuses they are different from going into a voting booth and pulling a curtain, you are going out in a frigid iowa winter, and stant -d there for hours, that means the voters that are supporting donald trump are not keen on the
4:54 pm
idea of a 4 outcome imin january. melissa: why do you assume they are low information. >> i don't just assume it, a lot research shows they are lower education levels he is doing better among that session. of the republican primary electorate. you know,. melissa: you equate low education with low information on -- people out there not agreeing with you. on that one, but steve, rand paul was making the point earlier, similar about going he had a lot of students already lined up on campus, that were ready to go out, that is what it is about in iowa is that what we're seeing for trump. >> we'll see in the next couple of months whether trump puts a real game plan in iowa. he has some people there but not the field force as this others. if he ramps that up he could make a good showing. ben carson could easily win because social conservatives in iowa, that is why so many
4:55 pm
candidates like jeb bush, chris christie and others are betting on new hampshire. melissa: jeb bush fading right now, if seems for sure, we hear about him cutting back on his finances after surging do you think this is beginning of his end. >> they will have an emergency meeting with weekend, he has to come ramping up that campaign, comes out hitting obama hard, and making his proposals making them look sexy, hit hard, when you see them it is bland. melissa: why do you think that dust settles on republican side? >> right now, trump and carson are absorbing fire for jeb bush, he will emerge as come back kid. melissa: no way. >> a begins of race he was the crowned, people did in the like that as a comeback kid people will like him. melissa: i think you are insane, his campaign is failing what are you talking about? you are a hewn tick. who -- lunatic, who let you on the program.
4:56 pm
>> it may be. melissa: i love you. >> a higher percentage of republican primary voters who say they will not vote for jeb bush. melissa: marco rubio. >> he will appeal, connel. connel: no viewers left after the trump impression, best of segments coming up next. can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management. therthat can be serious,ere. even fatal to infants. it's whooping cough,
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this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. . melissa: okay, so where do america's most attractive people live? do you have any guesses? clover, a mobile dating app claims to know the answer by using proprietary software which analyzes mutual attraction. connell: the statement said don't worry about what it is, worry about the numbers here. wow. the state's connecticut. melissa: connecticut? connell: and there's a lot of attractive women in the great
5:00 pm
borough of manhattan. how about that? and most attractive men apparently live in montana, of course, and jacksonville, florida? melissa: really? okay, montana i get that, the cowboy thing, the mountain thing going on. connell: interested where you find the ugliest people? melissa: don't do it. don't do it. all right, "risk & reward" starts now. [ cheers ] . deirdre: it is a rally three main indices closing higher up 1.5%, facebook, google, amazon hith record highs. welcome to "risk & reward" i'm deirdre bolton. strong earnings results pushing tech stocks to new levels. market bull, market bear with me now with their next moves. market bull, michael lee, market bear michael chadwick. michael lee on the bullish side, alphabet, formerly known


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