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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 23, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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american success. what they do is they claim personal grills and smokers, he started the business and is doing phenomenal. we salutephenomenal. we salute him. we salute you and lisa, too. here is lou dobbs. ♪ lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. doctor ben carson has something to celebrate tonight. the 2nd poll this week to show carson moving ahead of donald trump, but trump also has a lot to celebrate dominating with a strong lead in every single national poll and has held that for more than three months. this as republican empire -- republican insiders say it is increasingly likely that trump will when the republican party's presidential nomination.
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tonight and historic meteorological event with nothing abstract about it. for those who live along the pacific coast line, what you are looking at is the strongest hurricane ever recorded in this hemisphere about to make landfall, hurricane patricia right now bearing down on mexico's west coast with 200 mile-per-hour wind. the unprecedented storm also posing a significant threat to the state of texas where dangerous flash floods are expected. a live report for you coming up here tonight. well, the mainstream liberal media boosting hillary clinton's performance and her 11 hours of testimony before the house select committee on benghazi. while there is no question about her endurance or stamina there are many questions about the content of her testimony and whether a number of her statements were accurate. in washington that is referred to as speech that
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is factually aligned. was it? fox news chief intelligence correspondent with our report. it was terrorism not connected to an obscure anti- islam film. we have seen rage and violence directed at an mc over an awful internet video. >> the father of a former navy seal met with ms. fun that day. we will have the filmmaker arrested who is responsible for the death of my son. but mrs. clinton told her daughter as well is a libyan
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pres. and egyptian prime minister that it was terrorism without any connection to the film. >> at issue is lying to the prime minister or to me and the american public. >> mrs. clinton said there was conflicting intelligence that was not clear-cut. but her appearance lack of candor is an automatic disqualifier for the highest office. >> in order to follow a leader as a commander-in-chief, the military needs to trust what there leader says. >> what do you have to hide? >> after this heated exchange the committee chairman said the witness interview transcripts will be made public. >> we will release them all because i want folks to see that this is a serious investigation into all aspects of benghazi. >> the hearing may have provided new tips, even evidence for agents investigating. >> there is no classified
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material. >> a distinction which is meaningless under the law. >> nothing marked classified on my e-mail. >> at a separate hearing the fbi director confirmed he is deeply engaged. >> as you know, we talk about our investigations wealthier doing them. >> they thought that panel should be shut down. only the republican house speaker has the authority to do so. as long as a select select committee exists democrats say they will continue to participate. >> thank you. the lois lerner investigation is over. closing out an investigation into the irs targeting of conservative groups. highly politicized obama justice department chose a friday afternoon. in a choked new cycle to announce there would be no charges against the official
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at the heart of the scandal. that despite the investigations findings of substantial evidence of mismanagement for judgment and what they call inertia of the agency claims group shall be targeted based on political viewpoints. poor management is not a crime, especially if committed in support of the president's agenda and his interests. a rough day for governor jeb bush and his presidential aspirations. the republican candidate is sharply cutting his budget, slashing staff salaries amid dismal poll numbers. just how bad is it? he is also cutting fundraisers even though his campaign is desperate for cash. voters are flocking to political outsiders donald
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trump and doctor ben carson. carl cameron has our report. >> ben carson has launched his 1st tv ad to build on his momentum. >> carson jumped nine points ahead. but the client point poll shows carson update. again among christianagain among christian conservatives carson with 36 pe. reorganizing and downsizing his campaign,, 40 percent of payroll cuts at a 20 percent cut in travel spending, and acknowledgment of how far behind he has fallen.
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>> this means lean and mean and that i have the ability to adapt. the circumstances when we started the election were different. >> in many cases i probably identify more as a democrat. >> wants us to think he is mr. tell it like it is. >> disavowed nine supportive super pacs. the question about whether his senior staff's close ties might amount to prohibiting coordination. warning out of, but trump is driving latino voters away and will lose. >> the most illegal immigrant, most rapists and regulars, he is wrong and restoring the republican
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party's attempts to dig out of the whole of hispanics. >> voters are getting daily warnings. >> are you confident that you are ready to do that because if you are then you believe that the president's is an entry-level job. lou: folks in iowa have plenty of time to think about their choices. lou: some 10 million residents are bracing for potential flash flooding and heavy rains because of hurricane patricia. the category five storm is being called the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the western hemisphere. right now, as you see, see, it is bearing down on mexico's pacific coast. fox wear
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center with the latest. the radar image of the storm is amazing. >> strengthening quickly. today a topped out at 200 mile-per-hour sustained winds make get the strongest draw we have ever seen in the western pacific. the eastern pacific western hemisphere, we have seen stronger ones in the western pacific and two of the eastern hemisphere. this is a look at the satellite image. very well-defined. then we start to see some impacts from land that we can a little bit. take aa look at that, the center of the storm right there are about to make landfall between puerto vallarta and manzanilla. us mall storm much more devastating, but the worst of the impacts will be in and around the 15-mile
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stretch where it makes landfall. you know little bit further out. not have as big an impact. that said, all ofsaid, all of this will bring a lot of rain probably eight to 12 inches, isolated spots, but it is a quick moving storm and we will be seeing impacts. storms across the central part of the country. you will notice this moisture moves quickly through mexico up toward northeastern mexico it will enhance the rainfall in the eastern parts of texas and louisiana are we are potentially going to see very significant wedding. lou: we are coming right back with much more. stay with us.
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a new survey out, the odds of donald trump wedding the republican nominate -- presidential nomination are rising. with us next someone to talk about that.that. and one of the most sophisticated smuggling operations ever uncovered. that story and the images here next. stay with us.
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♪ lou: the republican establishment probably does not like it, but the possibility of donald trump as the republican presidential nominee is more likely by the day. 81 percent of republican insiders tell politico trump will likely when the party's nomination. that is a tremendous shift from earlier this summer. as a matter of fact, it is a 180-degree reversal of fortune. back in may say no way that he had beaten quickly fade. joining us now to assess the slightest polling. a new speaker, the five cohost and columnist fox news contributor great to
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have you here. we have the republican establishment. now he is likely to be the nominee and it will be everything they can to destroy his candidacy. does any of this make political sense to you? >> a couple of things, lou. clearly his odds of women -- winning the nomination have increased more than they were four months ago. these days anything like this, you can see him winning the nomination. there are significant obstacles in the way. there will be a revolt. two, the 1st contest is iowa.
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very uncomfortable. they do not win the iowa caucuses. people like ben carson do. >> voters are responding in these polls saying that they do think trump will be the nominee, which is a shift. there is a question in terms of the republican establishment, the other candidates do not have a structured set plan to take donald trump down, and we have seen evidence of trump's rise very apparent in the way that jeb bush is now approaching his campaign , as you mentioned earlier cutting down staff and spending. the rise of outsiders trump and carson has taken a poll that that campaign underestimated. i agree that iowa is a big test. lou: but only 22 percent of the likely voters there are
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undecided on nomination, so i don't know what any of these polls mean was in iowa itself. >> remember, the thing remember, the thing about i always, it is a caucus, not a primary. you have to get people in the gym, church hall, living room and you get a very select and often times unusual group of people who are that passionate about their politics. >> just insulted all iowa caucus goers there. >> i am tipping my hat. but i must say that you remember, santorum and others who have won the caucus without therefore going on to claim the republican nomination. so it's an unusual group. in the him -- the key point to my mind, they never thought that trump would be
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at this point, never gave him a shot. and the conservatives are running ads in iowa trying to pull them down. lou: this is nothing more than a club, attack at after attack ad run by folks who want to put up -- and it is a silly organization. what is that all about? >> i think that is something that will fuel trump supporters. but i am interested to see, i don't see any other candidates dropping out of the race anytime soon which means -- lou: you don't see jeb bush? >> perhaps. the establishment side need several candidates to coalesce around one candidate to take on this outsider group command we have not seen that yet. we could soon, but i have not seen any evidence. lou: we have all thought about and discussed this,
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but once you get beyond carson and trump and arguably fiorino, you are dealing with professional politicians, and they really can't raise their had too high or otherwise they get decimated in the polling. >> if you were an outer space and landed here and looked at these polls he would say it has two major candidates and everyone else is an also-ran. two sides to the story. the other is the remarkable weakness. and yogi berra says he has a crucial nexta crucial next month and has to show he can punch through in the next debate and has to show that all of this spending, especially in a big way and can move the needle, so far he has continued to slide downward.
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lou: listen to your mother? [laughter] >> don't do it. the wise old lady. you know what, he will use his mother and everything else he has in terms of humanizing himself as not the establishment candidate, but someone who could possibly be a disruptor, and the key in the ads that he is going to start running in iowa and new hampshire are supposed to tell the story, making human, more of a puncture and less of a guy who is getting punched by donald trump. lou: it is going to be interesting. as you listen to him now, he has adapted his tone is much warmer, and his rhetoric is much calm her, and it is the other folks calling names. bush is still calling him aa reality tv star instead of a billionaire businessman and entrepreneur.
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thank you all for being with us. and a reminder to vote on our poll tonight. pay and fundraising, is this likely the beginning of the end? give us your thoughts, cast your vote. for the latest on politics, the political economy, social media, follow me, go to our facebook page with links to everything. a major discovery tonight at our southern border. a drug super tunnel was rated this week. it stretches stretches the length of a football fields, almost a half mile long running from a tijuana warehouse to our house in san diego. it had a rail system, lighting, and metal beams to prevent a cave in. authorities competent to have confiscated 12 sons of
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marijuana with the street value of $6 million, arrested 22 people in connection with the tunnel. my guess is they did not arrest any of the so-called leaders. up next, a few thoughts on the liberal media's eagerness to embrace and comfort hillary clinton. stay with us. ♪ : we live in a world of mobile technology, but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
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. lou: a few thoughts now on hillary clinton's testimony before the benghazi select committee. first, let me commend mrs. clinton's obvious stamina. sitting before that committee for an amazing 11 hours, and secondly for having lost none of her appeal to the liberal mainstream media, which positively gushed all over here, a sample of their effusion, if i may. the "boston globe" wrote -- the "washington post," its headline -- the post writing --
7:28 pm
politico, its headline -- even dubbing it hillary's best week yet. editorial boards from the new york times and "l.a. times" calling on democrats to walk away from the committee are disbanded entirely. but all of those reactions and statement of solidarity are entirely beside the point. and congressman jim jordan delivered the point as crisply and succinctly as we could ask. here he is, and mrs. clinton's rather sad defense. >> at 11:00 that night, approximately one hour after you told the american people, you said to your family two officers were killed in benghazi by an al qaeda-like group. you tell the american people one thing, you tell your family an entirely different story. in 24 hours, in a conversation
7:29 pm
with the egyptian prime minister, you told him, this we know the attack in libya had nothing to do with a film. it was a planned attack not a protest. >> i think if you look at the statement that i made, i clearly said it was an attack, and i also said that there were some who tried to justify it on the basis of the video, congressman, and i think -- >> real quick, calling it an attack is like calling the skies blue, of course it was an attack! >> the liberal mainstream media sucker shouldn't surprise anyone. to acknowledge the obama narrative was false would require them to acknowledge their complicity. and time has moved well beyond that possibility. no matter how regrettable. as mrs. clinton would say, what difference would it make? well, after all, a story falsely told staved off defeat
7:30 pm
in the 2012 election, but, of course, that can't be reversed so what difference does it make? at least we know the truth now, and so will those who write the history of this sad moment in our time, and the authors of that moment. our quotation of the evening. this one from george orwell who said -- we're coming right back. up next, my talk with donald trump, his thoughts whether he can work with paul ryan as speaker. hillary clinton's benghazi testimony, and his changing approach to politics, and what he plans to do if the republican establishment loses its mind. and the radical anti-law enforcement group black lives matter winning major new
7:31 pm
support from the white house. >> there is a specific problem that is happening in the african-american community that's not happening in other communities. lou: radio talk show host sam sorbo and mark simone with us next. stay with us. ónóv
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7:35 pm
likelihood will be the man who has dominated the gop polls and it looks as though the nomination is now his to lose. we're joined by none other than donald trump. and donald, good to talk with you, you've got to be feeling good where the polls have you and your prospects right now? >> i do lou, and we'll see what happens, certainly we have a long road to go. it's just, in a way it's just beginning. we've had over 100 days as number one, and all of the big national polls and we had good ones come out over the last couple of days. we'll see, it's still a long road. lou: you continue to surprise nearly all of the savants, the ones honest enough to say that you've surprised them, but one of the greatest surprises is you have cut remarkably your negatives in poll after poll, a fete that not even your most ardent supporters thought you could accomplish.
7:36 pm
is it because you've tempered your language somewhat? >> that could be, one of the pollsters said it was a record-setting cut. that's a good one. you don't hear that one, but it was record setting. i like to be a nice person, perhaps i've tempered a little bit. went to an ivy league school, i should be able to temper it, if i have to. we're in this position. my whole concept and theme is make america great again, and people -- it's been resonating with everybody, amazingly we have tremendous turnouts, we were in iowa last night, and new hampshire two days ago, we were in south carolina, all over, and we're getting tremendous record turnouts and people want to see good things happen for our country, lou. lou: as you acknowledge, it is modestly in the early days and long ways to go to the nomination. byron york authored an article on a report, focusing on the
7:37 pm
gop establishment and i don't think it's loathing is too strong a word, it's loathing of your candidacy and they're intent to throw everything, including the sink, kitchen or otherwise at you, with negative ads, negative campaigns, attack ads. what's your reaction? >> i guess that's the world of politics, that's probably what they do. i've been involved in politics for a long time. that generally is what they do. i will hit back very, very hard. a lot of money that's come in has come in by all sorts of different groups, including lobbyists and special interests. it's not the candidates' money, the lobbyists won't be able to deal with me like politicians, because politicians are puppets for the lobbyists, that's one of the reasons the county is in such trouble. we'll hit back hard, that i can tell you, lou. lou: let's talk about a few developments today, paul ryan saying he's ready to be speaker
7:38 pm
now that the conservative wing of the republican party is apparently acquiesced to his demands. your thoughts about him and his prospects and whether if you were to be elected, whether he would be a man you would enjoy working with or would it be a problem? >> well, no, i think he can be worked with absolutely, sounds like it's something he wants and sounds like the conservative groups within, you know, that everybody said was going to really oppose him sounds like they're coming at the line. it's time they choose somebody and i think it's going to be him it. sounds to me like they're coalesing and they're going to choose paul ryan who's a very nice person. i know him a little bit, not very well. i wish he was stronger on the situation with the illegal immigration, but perhaps he'll get stronger as time goes by. lou: it would be interesting to see persuasive politics working in washington, d.c. where the two of you might, for example, discuss illegal immigration, open borders and the
7:39 pm
trans-pacific partnership, the free trade agreement that you've criticized considerably. >> well, i'm very strongly against that and he's in favor of it, so that's a big difference, too. that doesn't mean we can't change minds. lou: there you go. it would be nice to see somebody change a mind in washington, d.c. >> doesn't happen anymore it. used to happen, it doesn't happen. tip o'neill and ronald reagan. it used to happen. doesn't happen anymore, but it will happen again. lou: and hillary clinton on capitol hill, your likely opponent you should win the nomination, your thoughts? >> well, i watched a little bit today. i'm very, very busy doing a lot of different things, i found it interesting and see how it all comes out. a lot of people, the republicans are saying great vi victory, the democrats are saying great victory, are you shocked to hear both of these? i've been watching saying it was a great day for republicans and all of the things that came out. things did come out.
7:40 pm
at the same time, the democrats thought they did well. i'll be watching and you watching others and we'll determine, you'll help everybody make up their minds i think, lou. lou: we report, you decide, donald, as you well know. carl icahn setting up the super pac, i know it's totally unrelated but he's an enthusiastic supporter of yours, i would think you are somewhat delighted by his enthusiasm backed up with his money? >> i like that he does it. he's a brilliant guy, a great guy, he's really a very good man, he loves the country, and he's definitely got the money to do it, so he's doing a super pac, i don't know what he's doing with it, but i'm sure what he said, what he says is going to be something people are going to take note of. he's a respected, as you know very well, you've covered him for a long time, he's a respected businessman, i think what he said and says will have a lot of weight. lou: and one of the world's great straight talkers.
7:41 pm
>> he is indeed, is he not? lou: absolutely. donald, thank you so much. appreciate your time, good talking with you. >> a great honor, thank you, lou. lou: four years ago this week, rick santorum was polling at 1% nationwide. he won the iowa caucuses and ten other states. santorum finds himself in just about the same position. and coming up, he'll tell us how he plans to break out and win? we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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. lou: joining me now, presidential candidate former u.s. senator rick santorum. and rick, i've got to say, i don't hear you cal i don't hear you -- how are you going to break out if you're not talking about zombies and calling people clowns. you're losing the spirit of the thing here, aren't you? >> i guess i'm out of step with the current climate of savage your opponent as a way of gaining media access. i sort of take the opposite approach. you know, i talk about actually public policy and what we're going to do to get this economy growing, and how we're going to create manufacturing jobs? which is near and dear to your
7:46 pm
heart and mine growing up in pennsylvania, introduced a tax plan, we're going to make america the number one manufacturer and create good paying jobs for people. lou: you can't do that, you can't create manufacturing jobs. all of the know everythings tell us america is way beyond manufacturing, way beyond creating jobs. we're a welfare dependent society, and by the way, anything goes, don't worry about morals. don't worry about the quality of life. >> as you know, lou, i don't believe that, i don't believe number one that you can have a free society and a society of limited government unless you have decent virtues people with strong families number one. and number two, i don't believe you'll have folks who have a vibrant middle of america unless you make things. we need to have a tax plan, a regulatory structure, litigation structure that creates opportunities for working men and women to get good paying jobs and for us to compete.
7:47 pm
if we get that all right we can compete. i have no doubt about that. i go to factories all the time, once a week. lou: this is still america, we may be led by other folks, but the fact of the matter is the right folks leading it would make all the difference in the world as you know. one of the things i love about your tax plan is you bring about equity in it. there is balance in it, it isn't 5% for corporate america and 45% for individuals. you balance it at 20% for both the corporate and for individual income. how did you get to that level? >> really i worked on this plan myself actually for about nine months. i was working with other economists and they were very, very helpful by the way, but this was something i really believe in, that we shouldn't be taxing income at all these different rates whether it's capital gains, whether it's corporate income.
7:48 pm
lou: amen, brother! >> we shouldn't be taxing capital more than we tax labor or tax labor more than we have been as capital. it's a simple equity issue. lou: it's a statement of values. >> it is! >> i just want to -- i can't compliment you enough for achieving that balance. >> thank you. lou: politico is running with a story right now about trump showing you his belt. i have to say it was an engaging headline. how did you get into that position where you met with trump, what was that a few years ago? >> that was last year as a matter of fact. it was last year, and i really, i have to tell you, i've had a couple interactions with donald trump, and they've been very direct, very forthright, and i actually have enjoyed him, and spent an hour in his office which i think i listened for 50 minutes and got 10 minutes in. it was fascinating. i enjoyed listening to him.
7:49 pm
one of the things he showed me in his office was just it's like a museum. it's packed with memorabilia and pictures everywhere you can look, and one of them was this big green, obviously, heavyweight championship or championship title belt, and i said whose belt is this? he said mike tyson's! i said why do you have his title belt? he said he owed me money. there you go. that's donald trump. lou: the art of the deal as he would say. >> that's right. lou: rick, great having you here, it's great that you are doing so well and pushing forward with ideas and as i said, finding expression of values which you're putting forward not simply a dry plan, but it's just so important, and it's good to talk with you, come back soon, will you. >> look forward to it. thank you very much, lou. lou: rick santorum. up next, president obama defends the black lives matter movement. a group that isn't afraid to
7:50 pm
chant that they want cops dead. we take it up with some of our favorite radio talk show hosts, ann sorbo and mark simone join us, we're coming right back.
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7:53 pm
. lou: president obama making some of his strongest statemen yet supporting the black lives matter movement. the president addressing the controversial group during a white house forum on criminal justice.
7:54 pm
>> we as a society, particularly given our history, have to take this seriously, and one of the ways of avoiding the politics of this and losing the moment is everybody just stepping back and understanding that the african-american community is not just making this up. lou: the black lives movement is well known for vilification of law enforcement. last night they joined an anti-police protest in times square, just two days after a career criminal gunned down an nypd police officer. joining us tonight, radio talk show host sam sorbo, great to have you with us, also the author of the answer. and with us in the studio, radio talk show host on new york's wor, mark simone, great to have you both here, mark, start with you. black lives matter.
7:55 pm
by the way, i was stunned at the president's pause there in which he couldn't figure out why we had to understand something or what it was we had to understand. >> we have a mayor in new york, mayor de blasio, similar thinking, they're in the old ridiculous stereotypes that don't apply to anything, have you bad cops out there, it's a tiny fraction of 1% which is the probably the best record of any occupation in the world including priests. lou: and certainly society broadly. >> doing incredible work. i guess what the president is saying it's not safe in the country for a young man to rob a convenience store or wrestle the gun from a policeman as michael brown did. lou: sam, your thoughts? >> yeah, i tend to agree with him, i would say that words matter and there's a different definition for every different usage of the phrase black lives matters, and that's the big problem is the president made a salient point to some people this means one thing,
7:56 pm
unfortunate it means an entirely different thing to a vast number of people. that's important. lou: seems to me what's really important in this country, folks we talk about american lives matter. all lives, all lives, and the idea of breaking down our country, our nation, our people into these distinct group and identity categories is to me offensive. i am now the one offended. i'm offended by the blather that would emanate from a president of the united states who can't articulate what the hell he's thinking and knows full well, and i know he hesitates because he knows he's about to say is pure unmitigated just blather. would you say i was putting that too strongly, mark. >> so unusual, we have a media that doesn't go after the president. so unusual to hear a president complain how bad the economy
7:57 pm
is, income inequality being so bad. how bad conditions are for certain parts of the country. after he's been in office for seven years, who else would you blame? lou: and he has to have someone else to blame, doesn't he, sam? >> it does seem that way. i'm very -- i have to say i'm very disappointed because when he takes the point of view like this, you know if black lives matter but only the black lives that may be taken by a white police officer or the black lives of the cops don't matter, the black lives of the inner city teens don't matter. look at chicago as an example how important this subject really is to this president. and it's disappointing, he is the leader of this nation, like it or not. we expect more from him, not less. >> you know in chicago, sometimes 39, 40 killings a weekend often minorities where. is the president on that. where is the outrage on that?
7:58 pm
lou: and the fact of the matter is, i don't know if he knows what he thinks he's doing, i don't know that he's attempting to lead, and as we watch what's happening in the democratic party, hillary clinton looks to be the presumptive nominee. donald trump now, 81% in a politico survey expect him to be president. is this thing over, sam? >> i doubt that it's over. i was very disappointed with the benghazi hearing. i have to say i think the democrats are officially the party of death. she's the one candidate who can say unequivocally, she knowingly sent a man to his death, ambassador stevens. she never bothered to see how's it going in libya? what are we doing on his behalf over there? it's pitiful and nobody is focusing on. that they're focusing on whether it was right to have the committee meeting or, you know, all of the other things. she said some outright lies in
7:59 pm
the hearing, and we're not hearing about that. we're hearing what a great job she did and how presidential she appeared. the democrats are the party that won't defund planned parenthood. planned parenthood let's face it, they are taking babies apart and selling body parts and we can't stop the funding for just a moment. take a step back and see. is there something we should do about this? that speaks to the courage of both parties. >> the back room political operative sidney blumenthal can get her in her office on private e-mail yet chris stevens had no way to reach her. lou: her good friend, chris stevens. >> her good friend. words don't mean anything anymore, they're gas lighting us. lou: sam sorbo and mark simone. 85% of you say hillary clinton is responsible for the obama administration's false narrative on benghazi. that's it for us tonight, we
8:00 pm
thank you for watching us, monday we'll take up the leadership crisis in america with two highly decorated navy s.e.a.l. officers, and we'll take up the new book as well. good night from new york. have a great weekend.. >> terrorists kill ten journalists. >> what you say may get you killed. though i'm told muslims support free speech. what? it's only muslims who seem to be doing the killing over speech. >> wanting to pick a fight with islam is insane. >> the more you stick your head in the pan, the bigger the problem gets. john: today, even american colleges with free speech. >> she's a professor. >> the safe space is where cultures go to dance. >> these people are


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