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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 26, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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biden explaining to 60 minutes why he opted not to get into the race. >> i couldn't win, i'll be very blunt. if i thought we could put together campaign, i would have gone ahead and done it. >> sandra: at least five people dead after a whale-watching ship sanked in canada. 27 people on board and at least one other person is missing. turning the markets this morning. futures are showing markets possibly seeing slow, dow futures down 24 points. a lose of -- loss of percent. for the first time since the recession, a stock to watch in today's session is valeant,
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company ceo holding a conference call later on as tried to fend off claims. shares sold off 35% last week alone. checking action in europe. ftse in london and cac down and dax in germany is higher. look at the future of football. yahoo, jacksonville, it was the first time in nfl was broadcast online , jaguars rally. beating the philadelphia eagles 20-16. jimmy fallon injuring right-hand after tripping and falling.
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the tonight show host tripped over a woman and fell on some broken glass. tweeted a picture later on, looks like he'll be all right. donald trump aiming at ben carson, opponent on the polls, calling him low energy and very, very weaks on issues like immigration. trump will not apologize for comments he made about carson's religion, carson said he will not dive into the quote, mud pit . welcome, are you willing to step in this morning? [laughter] >> sandra: just joking. there's so much going on. trump trying to paint ben carson as weak energy guy, is that going to be effective for him?
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it worked with jeb bush. >> i think he comes across as an average guy, he doesn't come across as politician, background isn't in government. i think certainly a different contrast than what trump was successfully able to paint with regards to jeb. carson's personality is working for him. >> sandra: you have to love, dagen, ben carson's response, i don't know anybody who has operated, been on the operating table for 18 hours straight. i have done some things to prove i have the energy. >> dagen: he knows how the save energy and understands endurance. i described ben carson's speech and demeanor he's the guy in the bar that speaks to the ladies because they lean in and listen
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to what he has to say. you're kind of waiting for him to get out his thought. i'm waiting to see if trump drops out.a different story, historically in the past you had other republican candidates who never had any momentum outside of iowa but won the caucuses there, if trump really start to trail week after week, will he stay in it. >> how much of this is just the trump stick beginning to wear off a little bit? outsider comes in and speaks frankly, whatever add -- add >> adjective you want to use. every month we had a front runner, you can't really look at four years ago or 2008 and you see someone with this kind of stain power for several months. with trump support you're seeing
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a lot more that gets solidified. there might be 25% of the people who want to support donald trump and 75% who don't. it'll be fascinating. i think more people believe today that this guy is in it for the long haul. >> how does that play out, it's been looking elsewhere, how does this ultimately play out. who is our nam -- nominee? who is the republican party nominee? >> because if you have, you know, six, seven, ten people staying in who are all able to win primary states, you might end up getting to is a broker convention which, you know, would be quite historic, you have to get candidates to gather the race to see enough support. >> is that what you're expecting? >> over the course of the next few months.
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some candidates who might be polling, eighth, ninth, tenth and beyond. rand paul needs to start focusing on reelection in kentucky. chris christie, getting booted out of the car. >> sandra: he spent enough time in kentucky. that his response. i want to turn to this congressmen, race for speaker of the house. vice president joe biden telling congressmen about -- talking about congressman paul ryan saying he has the potential to make real progress in washington. >> do you think speaker ryan will change things? >> yes, this is a decent guy, he knows you cannot function without reaching consensus, and he wants to do that. >> sandra: are you supporting congressmen paul ryan.
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>> he's going to get chosen this week. >> sandra: you didn't answer the question. >> yes, absolutely. i think he's going to do a very good job. i don't agree on him on all positions. i spent a few years on state legislator in going to congress, from the most conservative to -- >> sandra: why is that? >> people respect intellect. you can hand it to paul ryan, go lock him in a room and he'll come out with a whole new tax code. >> sandra: supporting paul ryan, considering they sort of see him or painting him future and face of the republican party and putting him in the role of speaker does that diminishes chances of being the president, running for president? >> absolutely. james polk was speaker of the
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house and became president, but if you look at all the speakers and it's the end of it, the end of the road. speakers don't make it that long. john boehner making it almost through his fifth year was a long time. i think that, you know, for him he's 45 year's old, he has three young kids. >> dagen: i'm going to spend time with my family, i'm letting you know in advance. >> he has an ability to raise a lot of money, one of the main reasons why you travel is be able to raise funds. he'll be able to do an exceptional job for that. he always said that this was a job for empty nester, it is quite a sacrifice to spend that much time away even if you're a member of congress, yet alone the speaker of the house. >> sandra: i want to get to the debt ceiling debate. headline honor our obligations,
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raise the debt limit. in the next eight days the u.s. government will run out of borrowing authority. congress is endangering by waiting till the last minute and act on the debt limit and ask lawmakers to raise it as soon as possible. your reaction, congressmen. >> i think it's important for congress and the president, you get right to the debt limit, then you the debate, are we going to pay our bills? of course, we are going to pay our bills, we need to start talking about how we are going to reform our nation's finances so that we can control skyrocketing rate and becomes political debate in 11th hour right now and disservice to the taxpayers and disservice for the next generation, they are going to be inherenting all the consequences of kicking the can down the road. >> money we already spent, paid
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the bills that we already accumulated, this feels like groundhog day all over again. getting another downgrade of credit rating. isn't this what is going to happen here? >> probably. it's probably exactly what's going to happen and that is what has happened frequently and regularly in the past. you know, this is actually worked its way to the speaker's race, what's the process going forward so that it isn't just a political with sound bites at the 11th hour, how can we start passing budgets and sending to president's desk. a lot of the american public believe that republicans have a majority of the senate, but you need 60 votes in order to get some of these appropriations. >> dagen: some congressmen on
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the right and left want to bring back ear muffs, when you had bribes and handouts to individuals and districts throughout the country, are you in favor of bringing earmarks? >> absolutely not. >> dagen: thank you. >> it is a policy. a lot of what the federal government does on the merits, they can't get buy-in so they attach -- >> that gets back to paul ryan. nice guy, is that really what you need right now, whipping the republican party or someone who is going to -- >> a uniter. >> sandra: can't you be both? >> dagen: he's nice but can get work done hopefully.
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>> slow equals smooth and smooth equals fast. i remember 208 -- 2008 and on the flip side, getting end of georgia bush, iraq war, gap between john mccain and barack obama. we are six years younger than our counterparts on the other side of the aisle, two-thirds of us have gotten there since 2010, a lot of change over, a lot of young blood. i'm excited for our party in the future. >> sandra: thank you for joining us. great to have you. new technology that eliminates the need for cards, we've got the details on that next.
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take a look at some the other headlines, wal-mart looking to boost sales. argentina with presidential runoff, edges out of apartments. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought.
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>> sandra: oil prices $45 a barrel this morning as slowing and demand outlook continues to keep prices low. top headline in wall street journal getting a lot of attention this morning. outlining continuing struggles of big oil companies as they fail to generate enough cash to cover their spending. phil in chicago, what is driving oil trade this morning. we have to get to the story, phil. i have questions for you. >> phil: you know, today we are bouncing back a little bit, the big thing last week was that china interest rate cut. we talked about one of the biggest things that's been slowing oil, concerns about the chinese economy. more stimulus could mean more oil demand and that give us boost to start the week. >> sandra: i don't think a lot of us expected to talk about $45 a new norm for oil prices.
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we have the story in the wall street journal saying, because of the low oil prices that the future of some of oil names, exxon mobile and chevron call into question. >> phil: we have seen it before. big companies ended up going to the side, we are in that same type of situation we were in the year 2000. a lot of the firms that have huge projects that cost billions of dollars, you know, we are not getting that type of return. what's going to have to happen is projects are going to be lay up and these companies have to get up meaner and meaner. >> sandra: $30 billion, delaying projects, does that mean that we are talking about the end of one
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or some of these firms? >> dagen: i think the greater risk if you're a stockholder if they start cutting buybacks and dividends. john that could be the first step. companies are trying to restrain spending and cut dividends and stock prices drob further than they have. there's no indication that there's a pickup in oil demand globally, it's a bit pretty shaky right now. they are facing a lot of expense, projects that they have invested in. not a lot of return on that investment. >> sandra: it's going to be wait and see. details and color from the companies themselves as to what is going on and how they are handling oil prices.
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phil, thank you. >> phil: , thank you. >> sandra: horrible weekend at the box office as matt damián tops box office. next. ♪ ♪ a combination of see products.. and customers. every on-time arrival is backed by thousands of od employees,
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. sandra: good morning, i am sandra smith for maria bartiromo, it is monday, october 26, with me fox business dagen mcdowell and "the wall street journal" associate editor john bussey, first your top stories, it was a busy weekend on campaign trail, donald trump, at it again attack on dr. ben carson now beating him in iowa, trump
6:30 am
cautioning carson low energy weak on issues including immigration and trade carson wouldn't bite saying he doesn't want to get into mud on democratic side of the race joe biden appearing in first television interview, after announcing he will not run for the presidency. explained to 06 mi60 minutes he couldn't win reports of his son beau telling him to run before diet were false. we have seen optimism but futures entirely lower. dow futures up 19 s&p off 3 nasdaq futures off 7 points as we kick off this monday morning, breaking news this hour, national geolongitudinal cal survey reporting a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck er northern region of afghanistan, and parts of pakistan. officials reporting that four people have been killed. the driver accused of blowing into a home coming parade
6:31 am
oklahoma state university facing second-degree murder charges, she was arrested on the scene suspicion of driving under the influence. four people killed in that accident, including a two-year-old, another 47 people injured. gm making a deal with uaw union a four-year contract more than 52,000 union members no details have been released yet. uber is at it again. new reports the ride service is planning to raise nearly one billion dollars in new vebtsh xa will would make uber worth 60 to 70 billion dla the most valuable private start up ever uber not commenting on that report, back to markets, this morning, "the wall street journal," reporting on front page this morning, u.s. companies are warning, of a slowing economy. quarterly profits readiness to
6:32 am
decline for the first time, since the recession. for more let's bring in chairman and chief investment officer your take on this headlined, a lot of warnings coming out this morning, and this of a slowing economy, and weak corporate profits. >> strong dollar, that hurts one sector, energy prices down hurts the energy sector, we are going to transition and much lower regular normal linear growth think of us as 2% growing economy this is where the u.s. is, so you are going to have earnings professi recomposition the growth rate is lower. >> the chief financial officer is quoted saying the industrial environment in a recession i don't care what anybody says. of course, they cite a third of top 100 customers, factor construction supplies have cut spending by more than 10%.
6:33 am
>> if you are in north dakota a boom in the unreasonable patch 4 or 5 years you are in a recession how big price falling unemployment rate arriving all the characteristics in nay geography of a recession if you are united states, you have 350 million people, and you are 70% services, you are before youed buffered in boom and recession wobble back and forth in the middle zero interest rates no inflation creating two million new jobs a year, not three million, but two million, it is a plus number. that is good slow growth, that is what you get when you come out of a recession like we had c,c, '09 a financial cries going on the rest of the decade and rest of the world is going to as you press robust growth and inflation. >> that is pretty on mystic
6:34 am
view you are saying we may see earning down this quarter maybe next quarter as well that, there will be sectors of the economy, that look like they are in recession but that overall, the u.s. continues to grow, and unemployment continues to stay low. >> i think so, and i think we have that for the rest of the decade, and what europe is doing china is doing japan is doing, only furthers it, it makes the -- benign low inflation no interest rate slow recovery forecast more robust. >> weakness in united states a trickle down to industrial companies is what happened in energy, but to have you factor in benefits to u.s. individuals with lower energy prices, particularly, if we can get to a level where oil and gasoline, stay relatively stable, because we've had to deal with so much volatility, nobody could ever make plans, and plan their lives out based on the wild swings, literally in the last decade we've had,
6:35 am
in gas prices. >> i think so i think we gotten population in u.s. which is slowly accepting that this is a permanent shift, and it takes that to alter things so you've got savings up the benefit of the lower energy price, it hasn't passed through to make recovery more robust, it will, it will take time. >> can't speed it up. >> how does that when it does map. >> the regulator thing in the automobile industry we have volkswagen ways going on in europe going to change diesel going to have a whole new generation of automobiles for his us us oi a concern and ahead of us i think there is a big knew law auto boom in the next few years, because of volkswagen. >> i feel like year talking about this slowdown article in the journal this morning that is getting all attention, talking about the slowdown as if cycle, are and i wonder how
6:36 am
much manufacturing is going away never coming back to united states. >> i think you hit the nail right on the head. things have changed, now you never should say in this business, this time is different. this time is different. >> we have a structural change not about goods it is about service. and this distribution of services around the world are now in the technology sector, you will see robust growth technology you don't see it in industrials. >> article does point that out pockets of growth aerospace is another spot to point out. >> david thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me nice to see. >> you great to have you, all right rough weekend at the box office four losing to a movie out three weeks,nicole has a details i am sure saw that movie because i know you go to the movies. >> right all the time, the pumpkin farm with kids, you
6:37 am
know maybe other people were, too a you have to box office weekend, so matt damon the "martian" top spot this weekend, under 16 million dollars, in sales, beating out the new residencies the last witch hunter paranormal activity, and wide release of steve jobs movie came in 7 for the weekend the box office down 14%, from last week end pot lackluster performance, down nearly 30%, from the seasonal peak three weeks ago when the "martian" was first released, these numbers come as early ticket sales fought "star wars" motive broke presale records maybe people are waiting for that. sandra: people are not going to the movies. >> because -- disbelief up if to go to some other world,
6:38 am
with matt damon the fact steve jobs' movie noting so so well i have seen it fascinating totally engaging but it is about a kind of obnoxious guy bad relationships with daughter do you want the evening at mooefrz if you are kind of a an average soul? on mars with matt damon or -- you know, dwelling in -- >>, by the way, these movies trailers of them stink. >> two of the worst openings of all time par norm activity movie on demand earlier than normal it had a lot of theatres wouldn't take it upon release, so it opened and much smaller numbers. >> people may love iphones love macs may not be as fascinated with the person who indigent it. >> a big reason to not watch
6:39 am
football, college football on saturday, movies did not do that. >> great point, you are talking to somebody watched for the 15th time this weekend, thank you very much, and don't forget start with nicole on a fantastic way to start your day every day 5:00 a.m. all right get ready to pay -- one of the oldest department stores planning to open an off price chain for its namesake brand we've got all the information that you need to know, on that, next. ♪ he cried and he cried he's alive he's alive he cried and he cried ♪ here at td ameritrade, they love innovating.
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of money and helped me reach my goals. i just signed up with their free app. what's my credit score? your credit score is 650. that's magic! no, that's credit you get so much more than a free credit score so do more with your score at credit sandra: one of the nations oldest department stores, plans to open an off prize the chain, jo ling kent has this as it great for the season lord i and todayor slashing prices the department store plans to launch off price can you explain for namesake brand find it at lord and taylor to open first store on november 19, in paramus, new jersey, six more scheduled to open next year, the headed of the new york police department union is calling for a boycott of tar an tino movies the director patterned in antipolice brutality protest
6:44 am
in new york city washington square park four days after nypd officer holder was shot to death chasing a suspect. >> thank you the presidential races heating up on democratically side a two person competition between hillary clinton, and bernie sanders. blake berman in washington, with the latest there, blake. >> thy good morning to you bernie sanders about reserving some haretch words for hillary clinton, at the hill rule in jefferson jackson dinner in iraway never mentioned clinton by name took swipes at the stances by saying, he won't abandon anyone because it is politically expedient at the time then more direct, taking on clinton's repeat claim that her husband signed the defense of marriage law as a quote defensive action. >> today, some are trying to rewrite history by saying they voted for one antigay law --
6:45 am
that is not the case. >> clinton's team certainly took notice campaign manager podesta saying it was a correction course. >> i think bernie sanders seemed to have a course correction. in the dinner from one he said he wasn't going to negative to focusing his you know his fire on her. >> clintons say of attacks on democratic gathering or at the gathering for donald trump saying america is great but we have to quote make it fair and just. sandra: thank you. let's by mr. in republican strategist to respond to all of this what a weekend what stuck out to you the most. >> during the speech they had glowsticks katy perry that was what they are all about, actually what bernie sanders did was exact playbook obama did the same dinner back in
6:46 am
2007. i don't know if it is going to win for him she is up in polls, she is consolidated power very organized campaign in iowa this, he has got momentum but she has an organization and the key is whether they can turn them out. >> politics running a story this morning, the most likely next president is hillary clinton in republicans are in denial about it. what is your response to that. >> i don't agree at this point, i think if we have a trump or carson that is probably is right i don't think going to be trump or carson i think there are actually going to kind of knocking off each other. >> who else is going to emerge. >> i think -- >> it would be ted cruz rubio could be others, maybe bush if he gets mojo back but a tough position. >> he has money how not making -- >> -- cutting salaries, digging deep. >> we have different
6:47 am
electorate, they are antiestablishment low energy carson different than establishment so going with him, trump different than establishment so going for him. right now. but i think that changes. >> republican party wants to change that right doesn't it want to orient the electorate toward the candidate that it thikz can be thinks can about a either the democratic. >> isn't that what you are about. >> nobody is spending real money except bush running positive ads from january 1 to february 1 iowa cautions there is 100, 2 hundred million dollars dropped on donald trump's head, maybe even on ben carson, they have never been in that position before to fight back on that kind of thing, rubio has ted cruise has jeb bush has, that is an opportunity to make a comeback from -- >> do you as republican strategist want another benghazi hearing did that work against the republicans she had the best fund-raising hour at the enof that session. from all from small donors.
6:48 am
>> exactly what you want. >> she came out of that hearing, better, off politically than she went in don't you think. >> there is a political pundit rick wilson written a couple articles about this is we played exactly into clinton hand they've been doing this 25 years we overreach if we just let stay out of her way, and let her fall over hers it ends up hurting her poll numbers have been horrible for ever, the benghazi hearing guess what booms up, i think congressional members need to stay out of the way of hillary clinton, it doesn't serve a great purpose from a pr standpoint. >> if people in republican party are underestimating her strengthen, do you think people who are behind hillary clinton underestimate her weaknesses if you talk to anybody who works on the campaign close to her, they i think that she exhibits -- they can't see why other people might feel negatively toward her. >> yeah, there is a lot of
6:49 am
delusion on both sides i think. but you know, look, she is she is going to be nominee for her party, and what republicans need to do stay out of the way let fbi do investigation if you saw her on stump this weekend in iowa she was not good speech was not good, did you see her, in the congressional testimony. >> very strong. >> i have to criticize the republican party for not seizing what you call it a huge opportunity if it is one she is looking so weak things look so for her how are republicans not capitalizing on that. >> well sometimes in politics we always say, let them fall on her sword and step back. >> worried about winning nomination, other republican candidates more right now than hillary clinton. >> how does this play out give your quick which part republican nomination. >> i think there is a candidate that we're not talking about right now whether it is -- jindal,
6:50 am
rubio, cruz makes a run, game on. >> all right, thank you. >> thank you. >> good to have you coming up jerry jones finding hips the center of a controversy overdale fantasy sports web site draftkings, we are going to have that next. ♪
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(ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. sandra: dow cowboys owner engineer. >> jones defending his stake in fantasy sports web site draftkings saying quote from my perspective, anything that follows the rules, that causes increased more interest fan participation, i am really for. so supporter and that is the rules that will test and -- test put your money where your mouth is joining us is todd
6:54 am
what is your take at this point in time seems like not really hurting the industry quite yet. >> no, sandra first off thanks so much for having me. >> it is not hurting the industry, you know, as jerry said this is all about the fans right now. the federal government says law is clearly defined fantasy a game of skill next year projecting 5 million americans krairnz playing fantasy sports booming industry. sandra: do you fear what regulation talk is going to do to the industry. >> no, i think the most important thing here sandra is that like in most growing industries you look at a lot of new companies you go talking about uber before we've got to have right regulations in place a growing space, we really believe this is just tip of the iceberg this is going to continue to grow bwithout regulations could be in for couple different things we gallon of got to collectively, more involved make something better step in and play a role in this.
6:55 am
sandra: okay, but nevada las vegas said this is gambling, your sites have to register as such, isn't the industry in deaning of sta- danger states c say you can't operate here. >> yeah, that could be the case, of course,. i don't think any of us is too surprised with nevada, those of us in the industry about who have been watching each state, this is pretty predictable, but going forward again we believe, in that is one of the big reasons behind fantasy gaming commission why we want to make sure that we could put the necessary steps in order, and not make the states have to look at this and start fighting federal law here so anything that we can do, about, of course, we want to do about it. >> todd, brought down online poker has gotten interested in this, isn't that, a bit of a sort of concerning notion for you? >> it really isn't. again we really believe this
6:56 am
space is going to continue to grow this is not poker. it is very different. you've got like jerry said so many different people who are really behind with what fantasy sports can do for economies sports, consumers fan engagement, no, we don't really believe that is a bad thing again we got to do necessary things here in order to make sure that the industry continues to drove, going zbroord go. sandra: good luck to you splaifrngs are to explaining your side of the story likeable to be big changes. >> thanks. >> twusht fox parent company of are 21st century fox has a stake in draftkings.
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and may move to your back, with or without vomiting; or if you have symptoms of thyroid cancer, which may include a lump or swelling in your neck, hoarseness, trouble swallowing, or shortness of breath. medicines like trulicity may cause stomach problems, which could be severe. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and any medicines you take. taking trulicity with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase your risk for low blood sugar. common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased appetite, and indigestion. some side effects can lead to dehydration, which may cause kidney failure. with trulicity, i click to activate what's within me. if you want help improving your a1c and blood sugar numbers with a non-insulin option, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. sandra: good morning. i'm sandra smith for maria bartiromo monday morning with me dagen mcdowell, "the wall street journal" john bussey first stop stories, a busy
7:00 am
weekend on campaign trail, republican front-runner donald trump sharpening attacks on ben carson polls show carson gaining stream. >> by the way, carson is -- i don't understand i don't know what's going on carson, is lower energy than bush. i don't understand what is going on, for the first time in 100 as the i had a poll says i am in secretary place. >> in iowa. >> chris christie facing travel troushlz was asked to leave the quiet car on amtrak train yesterday. after complaints he was talking too allowed on his cell phone. the governor spokesman said christie accidental board it had quiet car. on the democratic side of the races joe biden appearing in first television interview after announcing he will not run for the presidency. biden explained to "60 minutes" why he opted not to get into the race. >> i couldn't win i will be very blunt if i thought we
7:01 am
could have put together the campaign, that our supporters deserved our contributors strefshd i would have gone ahe and done it. >> at least five people now dead after a whale watching ship sank off the coast of western canada, vessel had 27 people onboard, at least one other person is still missing. authorities are investigating the accident. >> turning to markets, futures showing markets right now trading to the downside, couple hours ahead of the opening bell on wall street negative sentiment to kick off the week, dow futures off 19 points s&p down 3 nasdaq futures off 8, this as "the wall street journal," reports american companies will post a decline in profit and revenue for the first time since the recession. stock to watch in day's session valiant the stock selling off company announces a plan to set up a committee, to look into allegations about the company relationship with one of its pharmacology
7:02 am
distributors. the company allegedly used pharmacology network to deflate sales, the ceo will hold a conference call we will monitor that for breaking news, checking the action in europe, this morning, negative sentiment there as well but action right now in midday trading dax in germany up slightly ftse cac lower. a look at future of football. coming up off sunday football, yahoo! life skrooemg jackson jaguars buffalo bills the first time, an nfl game was broadcast on line only one of the best games of the day the jaguars rallying late to will be a bills 34-31. dagen: game redskins biggest comeback redskins' history. sandra: have you done, all right carolina pan thursday undefeated 6 and 0 beating a philadelphia eagles. >> jimmy fallon tripping and
7:03 am
falling at event ad at harvard university, "the tonight show" host celebrating event when he tripped over a woman fell on broken glass ouch, after he badly injured his will have the hand over summer nearly lost a finger. top story republican front-runner donald trump going after ben carson the latest from washer. >> hi. good morning to you all it took apparently was two polls in iowa, for donald trump to set his sites on dr. been carson after back-to-back readings of ranges last week showed a switch the top in favor of carson, trump over the weekend, took aim. seemed to express questions over carson's faith saying, i don't know about that. trump has said he will not apologize, he also called carson weak on immigration, and lower energy than jeb bush. carson refused to tango. >> you know we disagree on other things also but i think
7:04 am
the big thing also is just not going to be able to do deals with china. to do deals with japan, these countries are all ripping us -- >> i really refuse to really get into the mud pit, hillary was right can when she said republicans had their you know trying to destroy each other. >> trump has yet to really traditional or attack carson first about to g.o.p. debates we will see if that changes a couple days from now two are front and center, in colorado. sandra. sandra: all right blake berman thank you. trump was sharpening attacks on rivals the brand-new poll shows he is the consensus pick among members of his party associated press poll finding 70% of registered republicans believe trump is the most electable candidate among their large contenders, editor
7:05 am
best-selling author for reaction to, this what do you make of that polling? and that big number showing that he is the most electable candidate, trump. >> -- dubiousous of it i say for this reason the prediction markets have trump lower 20%, a lot less, and polls seems could be like a predictions market who do you think was the most electable person the similar request he to what a predictions market would ask, and it doesn't come close so this to me, is more like an outlier than it is -- the norm i would say. >> are you denying the fact that he is still garnering most attention? >> obviously not -- >> okay. >> no, no, he is doing very well. >> where do things go from here. >> i think everybody is wondering, how long can trump stay in this how long, can he garner this level of support? >> well, i mean honestly more interesting question is when does jeb bush get out jeb bush had very bad weed bad couple
7:06 am
weeks, looks like he is about to get out but donald trump, i do think if he does lose this is how he begins to lose, he is not doing as well asi away as he had been. >> more interesting question when does jeb bush get out, because if jeb bush gets out are you saying, his supporters are going to go to whom? >> no, he is having fewer supporters i think a lot more likely that jeb bush, exits before donald trump at this point. >> you said so interesting, what does that do to the republican race? >> i think it frees up a lot of money, i think it probably propels some marco rubio to be establishment faefrt but also able to i think get some grass root supporters throws the race into the establishment coalescingon one the donald trump thing donald trump if he does lose this is how, he already beginning to lose in iowa you can see he losses his cool came in big stchick a winner, what happens when he starts losing in iowa, somebody like ben carson who by his admission is kind of --
7:07 am
low energy, and tired and -- where does that go. >> i want to bring in john fill of i don't any anybody is about pribedicting jeb bush is pulling out he raised more than anybody recent quarter, correct. >> yeah but burning through it, right -- >> biggest burn rate. >> and if he doesn't if he doesn't begin to get traction, soon, then that money dries up more because people -- you know refuse to kind of replenish the could haveers. >> his campaign is clearly worded in and of itself is troubling. >> but i am wondering where does this now go. if -- if trump does begin to get -- you know, more incensed to come across as a lowers losers the stchick present to go voter who does establishment coalesce behind?
7:08 am
>> well, again, i think it depends, there is sort of two separate primaries going on right, establishment and there is outsider primary i think, the two are somewhat unrelated so trump could continue doing well k establishment, coalescing around marco rubio if jeb, does continue to falter, but i think i think trump he does have problems, if he continues not to be in the -- to be fair he is doing very well hampers very well nationally he is in a position of enviable to any other campaign at the moment, the question is when he does begin to take down like iowa this debate hoi is this going to wear if he is not actually winning everywhere -- >> in this case about as well thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you. >> all right, quick reminder fox business teenage up with "the wall street journal," to give you a republican debate focused on the economy, business, in your money, be sure tuna in november 10
7:09 am
republican candidates take the stage in milwaukee wisconsin see it right here only on fox business network, turn to another top story, the "the wall street journal," is reporting u.s. companies, are warning of a slowing economy. quarterly profits revenue big american companies are poised to decline for the first time since the recession, businesses across all industries claim their facing a slowdown in production, sales and employment, that might spill into next year, john this is a small speed bufrn bump important beginning of something bigger. >> story about kate, is interesting, it talks about a wide array of business industry. all seems to be talking about a slowdown, laying off more employees, they see prices not being not able to raise prices demand slaktdz ocking off how m of this industrial sector,
7:10 am
should we look to, as -- as a harbinger for the rest economist how much will service sector continue to sort of pull us along how much can we can we essentially accommodate a slowdown in the industrial sector but still grow? >> seems like a dire warning, they go overboard or is this really the picture that we are getting from american corporations. >> talking about this in break it was nice to have david on because he thinks essentially, we could have industrial recession still a slow growing, although growing u.s. economy offset by consumer and services sector i made this as if he face kau that article it is harsh, however i will say based on anecdotal things i have heard over the weekend, some of the luxury retailers sales the fallen off the cliff compared to a year ago i am
7:11 am
talking about 50% declines from last year, like neiman-marcus for example not referring specifically to neiman's, goodman people in anz postponed ipo, i would gus that is not just done because of the market volatility, as they say, but you can't go public if you have sales declines, that are detract. >> -- talking retail reluctance retale slowdown we got warning from walmart seeing flat sales this year lowered forecast for 2016. >> that is not what you want to see if you think lower energy prices are going to cascade down. to more discretionary spending. >> but amazon is going to have record sales this holiday season, so where walmart losing, amazon is winning, a lot of walmart the stores stink, another story today about how they are changing and basically making the stores smaller stocking on with less goods.
7:12 am
but i think that there are a lot of bright spots in retail that walmart clearly not one. >> what i love the end of this article by your colleagues, is they reference it had truck loaders. >> all right, atm machines upgraded one bank testing a technology that eliminates the need for cards. and looking at your eyes the details on that next take a look at headlines topping the journal this morning, walmart look to go boost sales as fewer products vendors argentina heads for a presidential runoff the first in the country's history, and sam zell edges out of apartments selling more than 23,000 units nearly 5 1/2 plpdz to star wood capital group. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ .
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7:16 am
sandra: breaking news this morning, northern afghanistan hit by a 7.5 magnitude earthquake jo ling kent on that. >> 7.5-magnitude quake shook afghanistan near puck a stan border about two hours ago, reuters reports at least 12 people have been killed in pakistan thousands braced for aftershocks, hurricane patricia aftermath will continue to flood the gulf coast today with heavy rain, expected to drench the lower mississippi valley, comes after a week end of flooding parts of tornados gulf coast, concluding huston metro area, on saturday roads vehicles submerged in rain, totaling more than a foot. and atm machines scan your eyes could be a reality soon citigroup testing new technology with atm making
7:17 am
suring dibold to allow customers to withdr instead of that card swipe the latest attempt by the big banks to try thefying out a strategy, that is easier maybe more secure but there is a lot of debate about weather or not this is a good idea. >> testing this new technology were, diebold nobody else jumping onboard yet. >> sounds big to try this out especially for the public to test it is what interesting you have a combination of factors, biometric data privacy your money then, cybersecurity. >> who uses cash anymore. >> do you. >> in this city mayor de blasio getting knocked in the head. >> getting all sort of stuff o to a atm transferring to pay credit card bill, i think you are right this is -- this is going to be one of those great sort of battles to watch people concerned about cybersecurity, they want to be
7:18 am
able to access their accounts the way nobody else can through retinal scan, on the other hand, it be biometric data privacy issue probably breakdown down agewise people 45 and older are not wanting their biometric day stored by citi bank younger won't carry. dagen: they're stoned don't know the sflool they have given up smaller bits of information overtime kind of like, you know, maybeing my fingerprint. >> i just sounded like an 80-year-old woman they are all -- on drugs. >> my dad watching i'm sorry dad but i remember the first time that high school applying a tv at best buy went to sign they had gone electronic he didn't want that give me what is this give me a piece of paper. >> he thought like putting signature in anybody could
7:19 am
take it duplicate anywhere. >> there is a creepy element to it don't you think more so than the thumbprint on iphone. >> creepy element to somebody over your shoulder at your -- >> to get the technology, right, i just have a -- if you get your retina burned because they -- tried to cut corners. >> that is the thing private sector has shown time and time again better in terms of those of cybersecurity technology but doesn't nell mean that it is to go to be secure we have seen most trustworthy brands get totally breached. >> yahoo! taking nfl on fine for the first time yesterday the future of live sports, and if you've been eyeing that expensive watch how to get that on your wrist without breaking the bank, you are
7:20 am
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i just had a horrible nightmare. my company's entire network went down, and i was home in bed, unaware.
7:23 am
but that would never happen. comcast business monitors my company's network 24 hours a day and calls and e-mails me if something, like this scary storm, takes it offline. so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. sector this morning, duke energy, to buy piedmont natural gather 4.9 billion dollars shares popping on news bill at cme group loves when deals like this happen wear talking about look at this, the stock, by the way, phil is up 17 bucks premarket. >> this is a big deal, you know what it is showing to you the impact of what he low energy prices how it changes
7:24 am
dynamic duke energy one of the biggest power generators in the entire universe they have done a lot of deals with piedmont in the past where they bought natural gas a as distributed to many power plants, but now, of course, with duke energy taking over this distributor getting in at every end of the chain, because right now, looks like natural gas prices are going to stay low for a long are period of time duke can enhance power generation every step of the process. sandra: big deal john bussey in as well the "the wall street journal," is reporting that big oil companies continue to fail to generate cash to cover spending we are looking at oil prices up 45 dollars a barrel, it is changed the landscape entirely. >> it has, not nust for the big oil companies for big natural oil producers, like saudi arabia, russia, about of you an economic recession in russia now this is country that still dependent upon ebbs
7:25 am
ports all sorts of problems in saudi arabia as well result of low oil prices in part saudi arabia contributed to created, because it was seektdz to grab market share back from shale producers. >> are you surprised as much as you watch the energy market inside baseball as you are are you surprised that we have not seen demand pick up since oil and gas prices have now been low for such a sustained period of time? >> yeah, you expect to see even a bigger surge in demand i think that shoes overall weakness in the global economy, in u.s. though we actually have seen demand go up pretty much, gasoline demand is strongest we have seen in five years some industrial demand is actually picked up but places in china where we have seen slow i do know hard to even that. >> good stuff thanks for joining us from chicago on that we will see i again in a little bit walgreen's helping expansion of platitude teblood
7:26 am
centers we talk to a major player in the sector what this means for their future, and as we head to the break vice president joe biden speaking to "60 minutes" on his decision not to run for president. >> will you ever run for political office again. >> no. no. i can do so much more. i believe. i hope i leave office in as a respected figure. amerivest selects the funds and manages your portfolio.
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sandra: good morning. i'm sandra smith for maria bartiromo. this morning, it is monday, october 26 with me fox business dagen mcdowell "the wall street journal" associating editor john bussey is here first, your top stories. a by these weekend on campaign trail donald trump, ramping up attack on dr. ben carson, now beating him in iowa.
7:30 am
trump calling caron low energy weak on -- immigration and trade carson wouldn't bite. >> everybody has their own personality if he like to do that that is fine that is not who i am. and i don't get into mud pit i am not going to be talking about people. sandra: on democratic side of things, vice president joe biden, appearing in first announce he will not run for presidency explained to "60 minutes" he simply couldn't win said the reports of son telling him to run before death were false, market mixed action weak sentiment dow futures super, super nasdaq trending lower a pep hours ahead of the opening bell over in europe wire seeing mixed action so midday trading there breaking news earlier national geological survey reporting a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck the northern region of
7:31 am
afghanistan, and parts of pakistan. firstly reporting at least four people have been killed. the driver accused of plowing into home coming parade oklahoma state university, now facing second degree murder charges arrested on scene for suspicion of living in under the influence her lawyer says she suffers from mentality illness. >> 47 people injured. >> for eating bacon as part of breakfast listen up the world health organization saying bacon disadvantage processed meets could cause karngs this is one of the most aggressive and controversial stances on meet. uber is at it again reports planning to raise nearly one billion dollars in new venture capital if secured would make uber worth 60 to 70 billion dollars most valuable private start up ever uber is not
7:32 am
commenting on the report, bad news the box office this weekend the steve jobs' film so talked about bombing in nationwide debut despite critical acclaim bringing in 7.3 million dollars. the "martian" starring matt damon winning with 15.9 million dollars. walgreens halting expansion of blood testing centers as some practices come under scrutiny, let's bring in founder of ceo, you are in same space, the company accused of not using blood testing technology for most customers, according to the "the wall street journal," i should say, what is your take on this report and having impact on your company. >> theranos is solving an important problem testing, we wait multiple days for tests to come back even if it is a serious disease. we even, our market researcher one out of five abnormal test
7:33 am
results never get back to the patient a massive need to solve major problems in diagnoses. >> why not getting back to patient. >> takes so long to get a test result we have to chip across the country to central lab predecessor over period of several days comes backs to the doctor days later you are no longer in the office, what we need is a testing solution, in the doctor's office that works rapidly. >> that is what you are providing how do you do it. >> we have a silicon microchip able to flow at a fraction of a drop off blood over chip up to 128 tests less than 10 minutes. >> amazing i am going to try to think of an example how that could apply to a lot of people one way, pregnancy you are in doctors office platitude tests all the time recur saying you are similarfying that process. >> a great example in that case would you be able to go to doctors office while taking your very little signs able to get drop of blood when you see the doctor they would be able
7:34 am
to discuss those results with you, then thanked. >> wow. >> won't do direct to consumer one of the issues with theranos walgreen's relationship announced a couple years ago that walgreens at least right now won't open new blood testing centers -- trying to get answers, from theranos seems like walgreens was surprised by the "the wall street journal" article, calling into we that they weren't using proprietary technology for vast majority of test. >> we need test results when you are in the doctors office our goal is to put these boxes, in the doctors office and empower that doctor with immediate information. >> is theranos problem present an opportunity for you then? >> well, it is it is certainly brought the issue of testing into the limelight there is we never like to -- competitors the way they have put a taint
7:35 am
on entire industry raised the bar for us in terms of transparency we brace that. >> has fda come down on you a little bit harder since this came out. >> we're not offering diagnostic tests to the public yet we have commercial products, research we have therapeutic discover today w th before we offer a diagnostic test to the public or through your doctors office will certainly be approved. >> are doctors an hospitals embracing your technology? they absolutely, one of the biggest cost drivers, in health care today is that turnaround time between a diagnostic test and follow-up a doctor has to do to communicate that back to the patient. by the time they get your test result back four days later they forgot who you are, and series of e-mails, phone calls, phone tag with a nurse, that is a huge inefficiency costs a lot of money. >> how does your -- >> john of the wonl founded theranos having trouble how does your technology defer.
7:36 am
>> i don't know exactly what theranos technology is no one does a problem a problem of transparency medical testing is a public safety issue you need to be transparent our technology has been published, many papers out good to web site you can down load lead about it we have a silicon microchip we make able to put tests on surface of that chip very manufacturable working rapidly very, very high -- >> that was one of the issues with they are most quite frankly the get fo extremely secretive about the technology according to reports about walgreens, that walgreens, officials were concerned after finding out in the wo"the wall street journal" reporting theranos stopped collecting vials for all but one of the 250 tests it gives didn't know fda made a surprise inspection. >> using traditional diagnostic equipment to do the tests. >> that gets to if you are
7:37 am
going to do business with another company, and it is clearly walgreens didn't have all the information that it will needed to make decisions about these testing centers. >> providing medical results on a patient, secrecy not solution this needs to be very transparent business. >> would you call theranos a major competitor of yours. >> in the market is actual a very, very minor player. >> okay. >> so from a business specificity there is really not a competition at this point. >> maybe that is why you are not so eager to know their makeup recipe. >> we appreciate the pack they put the spotlight on how broken diagnostics testing is we intend to solve that. >> is there a downside to individuals being able to pay for any blood tests they want to run on themselves. >> i just see internet as actually increasing hypercondo drea. >> that is one of the reasons we decided to into straight
7:38 am
into doctors office ordered by medical professional interpret amedical professional used to make real million decisions instead of something a person can withdrews to -- can use to inflame a suspicion. >> leaving fans hoping this experiment was a one of -- what? one and done experience. that is next. there we go ♪ ♪ but what if you could see more of what you wanted to know?
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. sandra: new video showing a strike that destroyed an isis prison on that story good morning. jo ling: good morning, coalition firstly released a video of a strike in the prison where yooes was holding iraqi captives on heels of accrued from via the prison showing a raid by joint u.s. and kurdish soldiers in northern iraq same that killed master sth wheeler the driver in a car crash at oklahoma state university home coming parade is facing four counts of second-degree murder 25-year-old chambers charged with dui after her vehicle slammed into the crowd on saturday. four people including a two-year-old boy were killed.
7:43 am
chambers set for court hearing today. >> and sunday marked the nfl debut of yahoo!'s new streaming coverage we aired match-up between bills and jaguars from london, officials report there were limited glitches overall, pretty pleased with the quality of that stream. >> so everybody talking about this, whether or not they got good feed watching the game canyon hoa they didn't, producers said he was able to watch it well, somebody tweeted us in the cruiser said we didn't have problems screaming nfl game, great sounds great video i guess even depends how you watched. >> it. dagen: good tagame. >> washington redskins beat buccaneers down i think 24-0, and came back and won it 31-30. greatest comeback in the history of the washington
7:44 am
redskins. . >> watching everything online now. and so how much of. >> not football. >> well this is -- this sort of the beginning of that right, how much is this going to contribute to notion of cutting the cord with cable companies if you can get your games now only. >> streams glitchy. >> matter of tech catching up adopt you think case with pretty much everything on line long time any wondered how long it is going to take to catch up i actually streamed the second republican presidential debate, over the cnn web site through a pro just a seconder watched it that way took probably an hour to get it working, then it -- >> quality was so-so. >> i had no trouble at all, if i was watching on television watching online on cnn. >> delayed speed or when you want to, but football is still the one reason, that gets people a reason to tune into
7:45 am
live television sfooshgs football game, so how hard do you think that the league how hard do you think the television networks are going to fight to keep this on tv, not go to the web. >> i think depends on answering the questions dagen you raised, is it quality experience online, why would you not ask league the biggest widest audience the cheapest way of getting there, this is competition for the contracts that they sign with the cable companies. >> my argument that is they already have the biggest widest audience of any other of any other type of programming so they adopt yet have to really make a big leap in this direction this is kind of an experiment, to show that they are not living in the 1970s. >> there you go. >> my argument. >> we should say tweet us did you watch the game the nfl game streaming on the web yesterday? if you did how was it will you do it again we like to hear from you, sandra smith fox. >> i watched cowboys loss, too. it is the new york giants --
7:46 am
beating them. >> all right, coming up. >> expensive watches. do you have an expensive watch? we are going to show how you can get your hands on a big money timepiece without shelling out dough to ep kite you are watching the fox business network. (gasp) shark diving! xerox personalized employee portals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing? cliff jumping! human resources can work better. with xerox. which allergy? eees. bees? eese. trees? eese. xerox helps hospitals use electronic health records so doctors provide more personalized care. cheese? cheese!
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futures pointing to lower open this morning not big losses here, less than two hours ahead of opening bell you why futures off 21 s&p futures off 4, nasdaq futures, are down nine european markets lower halfway through the trading day there, ftse london cac quarante in france are down, dax in germany slightly higher in asiaa stocks finished mostly higher in the overnight session you are looking at nikkei shanghai kospi up hang
7:50 am
seng a slight ross have you wanted to wear a rolex to dinner party around office can't for youed to shell out cash maybe diet night or the company turned netflix for watches, here to help joining us founder cetcho, randy thank you for joining us, explain this, the netflix of watches how does it work. >> -- an experience platform, provides dynamic access to. >> from 5,000 dollars to 4050,,000 dollars how often you would not a different watch two, three, four months. >> monthly fee 149 dollars a month. >> what do you mean as little there is a range. >> if you are wearing 5,000 dollar watch would start 149 a month the watches 30, 40, 50,000 dollars closer to 1,000
7:51 am
a men. >> how protecting from theft loss. >> membership you apply so 10% of those who apply are not deemed seasonable to the membership the majority of folks are getting a good amount of personal. >> background check, et cetera, there is multiple insurance policies. >> what kind of watches do you have there are beautiful ones you brought to show us. >> we have watches ranging from -- rolex, 30 plus watches available in our program if you think about it collaborative moel has changed, changing -- luxury world over ownership you wanted to on multiple cars homes now every asset class is available alternative to ownership. >> who is where our xhus men women young old. >> the beauty this have excited about possibly brad abroad array from affluent 30,
7:52 am
40-something. >> who are current customers. >> right now everything from watch clerks, 30s, 40s to try before they apply more variety than they want to own, to 20 something millenials first generation grew up -- perfect second training. >> i was going to say. >> has people on program, i don't wear a yach do i need a watch is it passe to have a watch or is it coming back. >> a 40-billion-dollar global market for new preowned luxury watches 2, 29 last 30 years not passe a style choice. >> i agree with you just putting it out there -- in phone -- >> latest in economy 149 bucks low end for the 5,000 dollar watch how high does this go what is monthly fee for highest. >> watches 1,000 just over 1,000 per month. >> i don't understand why you
7:53 am
don't maybing 12 how and apply a watch. >> you would be wearing, 6 different, 40,000 dollar watches on average for 12,000 dollars you are wearing a quarter million dollars of watches. >> what used to be called bourgeois. >> i am serious, what is wrong with having a like, one watch? >> and one -- automobile -- >> because instagram everybody wants -- >> i think fascinating, collin a for whatted friegood friend ot know how to tell time. >> made the point for men major things part of wardrobe for men cell phone and watch the and wallet maybe but that is how a man gets -- >> didded shogood shoes. >> you are not doing the international market, hong kong by a jeo
7:54 am
kong, beijing, we have individual as well as -- >> how many members. >> 38 billion-dollar corporate gift incentive market that starting to gain traction in to individual and corporate, we have growing very quickly, we've trimmed our growth from year one our second year by end next year -- thousands of members. >> fascinating model i guess smart watches or offering those as well? >> tag hoyer has a mart watch. >> i love them taking millenials grew up on the anything on wrist used to wearing on wrist, we will be here when ready to trade up the majority of watch collectors have come racing back we have seen offering to trade in smart watch to gain access -- >> what if i am a customer wearing a 40 or 50,000 dollar watch, i leave in it the bathroom at the hotel it is gone. >> has that happened. >> what is your worst experience so far with a watch gone missing.
7:55 am
>> i love them all like my children don't come home i am very sad. >> in reality, in reality, our members wear watches as if they were their own as if you lost a watch you are responsible would be in this instance if you damage it if there is theft insurance for that. >> has every won come back or have you lost. >> many thousands of watch -- you are talking about small hand fof issues. >> i don't have to pay to maintain when you have a nice watch, researching, costs money to it is great. >> we take maintenance out of it take risk out of it meant to be fun. >> thank you great business model. >> all right, next hour joined by fox news senior corresponde correspondent, take on tony bair bair's war declaration, stay with us back in a moment. (vo) what does the world run on?
7:56 am
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sandra: good morning. i'm sandra smith monday october 26 with me is fox business dagen mcdowell, and "the wall street journal" john bussey, geraldo rivera on his way. >> first top stories a by these weekend on campaign trail rep front-runner donald trump sharp ng attacks on carson carson gaining steam. >>, by the way, carson is -- i don't understand i don't know what's going on carson, is lower energy than bush! you know what is going on for the first time in 100 days, i had a poll that says i am in second place. in iowa. >> if of you ridden train from d.c. to new york you know the quiet car, chris christie facing travel troubles, the new jersey governor was asked to leave the quite car in amtrak train yesterday, after complaints he was talking too
8:00 am
loudly on his cell phone, the governor spokesman later said christie accidentally board that had quiet car, didn't know he was there democratic side of the race joe biden appearing in first television interview, after announcing he will not run for president, biden explained to "60 minutes" where he opted pot to get. >> i couldn't win i will be blunt if i thought we could have put together the campaign that our supporters deserving and our contributors deserves i would have gone ahead and done it. >> at least five people dead after a whale watching ship sank off the coast of western canada. the vessel had 27 people onboard, at least one other person is still missing. authorities are investigating this incident. >> turning to markets, this morning, futures are shoring -- sell-off perhaps open of trading hour and half from now you do s&p nasdaq futures slightly lower, this as "the wall street journal" reports american companies will will post a drop in profit and
8:01 am
revenue, for the first time since the recession. that is on the cover of the "the wall street journal" this morning, stock to watch in session, valiant selling off as company announces a plan to set up a committee, to look into allegations of the company relationship with one of its in the first place distributors, company allegedly use pharmacy network to inflate sales valiant ceo holding a conference call this hour we will monitor that call bring any breaking news from is, checked the action in europe this morning, weakness overseas as well ftse london, down, cac quarante in france, leading to the downside off half per cent dax in germany a slight gain, also all of you bacon lovers out there i wish i know there is a lot of you perhaps eating this morning the who saying bacon disadvantages processed meet cause cancers one of the most aggressive controversial stances on meet. look at future of football,
8:02 am
yahoo! live streaming jacksonville jaguars buffalo bills yesterday first time nfl game broadcast on lienl one of the best games of the day jaguars rallying late will be a beat bills 34-31, kale panthers undefeated, the team improving to 6 and 0 detonating the philadelphia eagles, 27-16. bad news the box office over weekend steve jobs' highly anticipated film bottoming in nationwide debut despite critical acclaim bringing in 7.3 million dollars. the "martian" starring matt damon winning with 15.9 million. >> back to top story this morning republican front-runner donald trump going after a surging ben carson blake griffberman with m. >> donald trump continues to -- take aim at dr. carson this morning a 7:00 a.m. town hall
8:03 am
in new hampshire first preponderance minutes used old line against jeb bush, that he is now applying to carson. >> carson is lower energy with an bush, i don't get it. he is lower energy than bush a nice guy, he is not going in you know chinese negotiates that come in they are fierce. >> two polls showed a switch in favor of carson last few days trump started to focus on carson calling him weak on immigration, and even seeming he to express questions over carson's 7th dayed a veptist faith saying i don't know about that. >> carson has refused to tango. >> i really refuse to refuse get into the mud pit. you know hillary, actually was right when she said you know that republicans are trying to destroy each other. >> trump to challenge or attack carson in first two
8:04 am
debating see how that plays out wednesday night in colorado. >> interesting blake but sort of been interesting all along. >> yeah. >> thank you. let's bring in katherine, magazine editor thanks for joining us we love to get your take we are all talking about it all morning, unbelievable, you know donald trump going after dr. carson because he is beating him in some polls. >> i love it his main point against carson is socially i don't know about that guy i think this is shows that -- actually jeb bush is right, like we should be talking about policy we should be talking about plans for the upcoming presidency one will hold, we are so far from that it is comical. >> so what do you make of that, though? >> still, despite what you are saying donald trump has been effective at painting jeb bush as this low energy guy -- you know people want to say, kind
8:05 am
of stuck. is that going to stick with dr. ben carson? >> yeah i think certainly that reputation is already there, that is one reason trump so is effective, he does play on these sort of superficial takes people already have on the other candidacy at the same time, i like a little bit of mellow in my president, i prefer a guy that is like, let me just sit down think about it for a minute, and, you know, i don't see that in trump. >> you are right the conversation has been superficial, and wear waiting for the policy discussion, but if you step back from this what we're seeing even with carson in first place, in iowa, is that the outsider is still in command of the republican race. the outsider the nonestablishment candidate. and what trump is saying is that you know against carson that he is not business guy not the deal maker that you need to have in that office, in other words, there is behind all of the stchick there is some substance being
8:06 am
discussed there, outsider nonestablishment you need a business guy, in the role could be able to deal with chinese. sandra: you know i am sympathetic to that at the same time i think the american people and so some extent later in the game republican voters, in the end couldn't get excite about mitt romney who was also a business guy, and a very, very different mold, i think you know, we are absolutely being gop trying to rereorient itself i am taking hope from speaker's race sort of paul ryan as questions ii outsiders has policy chops that is marine layer would i like to see in the actual -- >> underlying quasi. >> sure none are real outsiders all running for president. >> -- he is firmly of the house establishment, paul, paul ryan is. all right how do you see this playing out over next several months before convention, does the -- does the republican committee does the republican
8:07 am
machinery galvanize around an establishment candidato accept there is an outsider let's go with the outsider best -- best bet against hillary clinton. >> i wish i had the secret crystal balance into republican establishment playbook, i still don't think it is likely we are going to wind up with trump as nominee, i think carson is even less likely. i do think eventually, we will wined up with someone who at least has one or two policy poems to bring to the table, maybe rubio maybe bush i don't know, but i hold out hope that -- >> i have to play devils advocate case donald trump brought the immigration conversation to the table, despite that even being any sort of plan by the gop. i mean didn't he sort of champion that? >> you know, immigration has been on the table for ever, it is true that you know, he brought it into the earlier phase of the primary which is
8:08 am
certainly maybe wasn't the plan doesn't mean weren't going to talk immigration doesn't mean his plan is better thought out or resonates better -- >> he has been taking policy, maybe not in a conventional way. >> that one thing. >> and then he has a -- tax policy, basically -- jeb bush light. i wanted to point out though the reasons that people are attracted to candidacy in last years what two candidates republicans put up did nothing and lost, mitt romney although a businessman didn't run on being a businessman it was he tried to hide the pack epg had wealthy he kind of didn't really embrace the fact that he ran this giant private equity company trump is the opposite. >> i actually do wonder if romney is watching trump now thinking, maybe that was the wrong approach maybe he should have reason i as business man. >> part of -- you want them to be themselves, and i think it is part of mitt romney's
8:09 am
nature, his family's nature that he wasn't going to be a brag ert how much he tad does not connect with people in the republican party. >> catherine we appreciate you joining us giving your insights on that, on the race, thank you. >> turn to another top story this morning "the wall street journal" reporting that u.s. companies are warning of a slowdown in the economy. adequately profits and revenue big american companies poised to decline for the first time since recession. businesses across all industries claim their facing a slowdown in production and employment might spill into next year, john this is a small speed bump or could this be the beginning of something even bigger? is it getting worse. >> kate -- point out a comprehensive look, at industrial america that is more than just a speed bump this is -- pretty much pervasive cross manufacturing,
8:10 am
that demand isn't there, so you are seeing a slowdown in industrial activist pretty much across the board. so the question is going to be how much is that going to affect the overall economy whether or not we are going to continue to have slow growth, despite this, because, we have an enormous service sector. >> brings up a lot of really great points i guess the question would be is it a lit overdone, or -- i want to bring in breaking news, fedex dagen forecasted record volume this holiday season. okay, so painting a very rosy picture for the season. >> so going to move 317 million shipments between black friday and which is a eve does this fly in the face of headlined -- >> it is seconded what we heard from amazon last week it too is having a record holiday season i would expect given the package volume amazon alone prus if that is an indication online shopping
8:11 am
will be okay, the holiday season, but in terms of of the -- the world impact on the u.s. economy, with "the wall street journal" story on the -- how hard hit industrials have been, you also i pointed this out you have to look at luxury retailers, i have heard about dramatic falloff in sales compared to a year ago ago because of weakness in china, the strength of the dollar, the -- the weakness in the euro people -- european shoppers are not coming here to do buying, also russia russia's economy flat on its back, and those key hot areas -- shopping a lot of stores are -- shocked at how bad sales are. by the way, i did want to say looking at fefe ex stock premarket on that news reporting record volume this holiday season, i should say forecasting look at that stock up a few box premarket
8:12 am
we will keep watching shocked report shows how little money americans have saved for their future. talking about that next here is some other headlines in the morning's "the wall street journal" walmart look to go boost sale fewer products vendor argentina presidential runoff first in country history, sam zell edges out of apartments selling more than 23,000 units, for 5 1/2 billion dollars, to starwood capital group. we'll be right back. ♪ buddy- nice place, nice car what happened?
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i just signed up with their free app. what's my credit score? your credit score is 650. that's magic! no, that's credit you get so much more than a free credit score so do more with your score at credit . >> breaking news northern afghanistan hit by 7.5 magnitude earthquake, jo ling kent on this for us. jo ling: good morning, 7.5
8:16 am
magnitude quake shook northern region of afghanistan, near pakistan border in morning reuters reporting at least 434 people have been killed, and puck a stan thousands bracing for aftershocks, the effects of hurricane patricia will continue to flood gulf coast today heavy rain is expected to drench the lower mississippi valley more after a week end of flooding along texas gulf coast, including houston metro area, on saturday roads vehicles submerged in water. what is in your bank account apparently not very much new report in market watcher reveals majority have less than 1,000 dollars in savings, if that wasn't enough shows 21% have no savings tournameacc am curious to know breakdown in terms of millenials versus close to retirement but people use a variety of ways to get through emergency times including, credit cards, and
8:17 am
-- >> vanguard reported the average american geraldo rivera joins us now, by the way. >> i assume because we chatted commercial we introduced everybody, geraldo rivera is here. >> the statistics on retirement in the country are amazing, the average american over 65 has 175 dollars in savings -- they see this too little bit people are not saving enough considering how long we are living. >> did you say 175,000? >> 165,000 -- i'm sorry 175,000 dollars in savings, that is vanguard to the average american over 65. >> i am impressed i thought lower than that, but shows the dependence on social security federally entitlement programs why sock kro safrn i know it will kick in getting pension i will be okay. i will be able to squeak by,
8:18 am
with 175,000 sounds high to me, you will be able to get just enough of the traditions you can live a relatively comfortable life why entitlement programs are so important. but i blame i go back to the housing, bubble, and the -- the second mortgages, people to unlock the welt in your house so everybody whatever equity they had borrowed on thinking that it was free money there is no free money in life you have to save to have you sacrifice during working. >> coming on heels of reports now that a lot of u.s. companies are forcing their new employees new generation, into retirement savings by automating contributions. >> best thing they could do make default that you are contributing at the end of the day we are not saving enough borrowed begins a our house taken equity out of our housdz that number does sound high i
8:19 am
think probably a very select group of people that have that much in their retirement. funds that most people that the answer to your question is that across the demographic spectrum we don't save enough the presumption is social security will be there to protect it. >> forking up the companies aring up the amount they are taking out of your paycheck, to put into 401(k) plans excellent reduces gross in being great tax break -- >> reported millennial generation won't retaxpayer probably till 75. >> exactly, you have to save for -- >> include home equity, wealth quote/unquote that is not cash on hand. >> i don't know a lot of people -- >> you are working because you like to work. >> i am working because i have
8:20 am
five children four divorces. >> do not get that is the single biggest strain. >> i hear that -- >> so -- >> not get a divorce. >> if you do work it out with someone who has independent wealthy. >> we will be right back.
8:21 am
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sector this morning, duke to pie piedmont for 4.9 billion dollars, shares piedmont soaring, 36% on this news look at that stock go phil flynn cme group what do you make of this deal is this based on broad energy prices? or is this more company specific? >> this deal? >> -- i think it is a little bit of both to be honest, you
8:24 am
know if you look at duke they are the biggest power generator in the country, and piedmont is a major distributor, there is a loss piece of the chain that gets gas to power plants duke getting in with piedmont taking over they've got every bit one step closer to the supply chains of natural gas duke energy shutting down a lot of nuclear power plants, they know the future for power generation, is really natural gas i just think that they are strategically, trying to take advantage of vr step of the process, so they can control their prices in the future. >> and this as we continue to see oil prices around 45 dollars a barrel, i mean things are changing quickly i am not trying price of energy directly to those deals can be done for other reasons nonetheless a lot of changes. >> phil is right there shifting the course of power, right they have a lot of coal fire plants new regulation
8:25 am
over coal realize that is going to crimp their profits more they've got a timeline peel with piedmont working on for distribution this seems like a logical step people remember duke is enormous, it is by capacity generation capacity largest utility in the country. >> do you like energy sector based on everything you are seeing. >> you know, if you have a long term outlook this could be a chance of a generation. we have not seen this kind of consolidation in industry, since year 2000, and really hard to see it when you are in midst of all this turmoil and cutbacks in production, to see light through tunnel, down the road going to be short of supply going to have a tight market in the future, you know we have to get through the tough days ahead. >> right, phil thank you. >> former british prime minister tendon year i blair making declarations about the war in iraq its effect on the rise of isis, geraldo rivera will have more on that keep it right here on fox business.
8:26 am
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>> we've got breaking news on valeant pharmaceuticals. the conference call with investors, mcdonald's was on that call. breaking news moving the stock right now, liz. >> yeah, that's right, good to be with you, sandra. and the company is going to set up a committee to look into the bookkeeping valeant does in relationship to the drug sales made by the specialty pharmacies and whether or not valeant does consolidate those on the books. the allegation here is valeant is having its sales by basically booking sales that goes through the pharmacies and that the sales have not been basically made to the company. what they said, they will have the committee look into it. the committee is not-- it's basically boainsiders.
8:30 am
so, that's raising questions whether or not that truly will be an independent review of valeant's bookkeeping here and valeant said it does put on the specialty, the pharmacy and does consolidate the sales. what's happening with the stocks now. half the market cap and making wall street take another look at the role model and acquires a the lo-- a lot of companies, it's a story stock. a lot of debt, 30 billion in debt. no shareholder equity and rising costs. and valeant rose for bookkeeping, it's hotly defending right now and hotly defending again, allergan saying that it's a house of cards and the battle between valeant and allergen and they' they're saying it's like
8:31 am
falsely yelling fire in a crowded theater. and hands on deck, we'll continue to monitor it. sandra: we want to let you get back on the call. pre-markets the stock it down 5%. it hadn't been down more and 12% before the call started a few moments ago. so, really, what moved this stock? what on the call specifically? liz: one thing that happened and we're watching this, the quarterly came out and it looks like in valeant's quarterly made a disclosure about a department of justice criminal investigation into one of its unit, allegedly, allegedly, for violations of health care laws. that could be adding pressure to the stock along with this. we'll follow that story for you as it develops. sandra: liz macdonald, you're on it. and tony blair apologizing for the mistakes made with invasion of iraq and the coalition that removed saddam hussein from power may have been responsible for some violence in iraq. >> and apologize, by the way,
8:32 am
for some of the mistakes in planning and certainly, our mistake in our understanding of what would happen once you remove the regime. but i find it hard to apologize f for-- even from today in 2015, it's better that he's not there than that he is there. of course, you can't say those who removed saddam in 2003, have no responsibility for the situation in 2015. sandra: all right, geraldo, rivera onset with us, your thoughts on tony blair's comments? >> i think he understates the obvious, tony blair and george w. bush and everyone who supported him, john kerry, hillary clinton, and united states senate and strategically removing him from the field and they bear responsibility for
8:33 am
the chaos. we broke everything and now we owned it and now, we are the prime architects of the chaos that follows, all of this anarchy, and saddam hussein, donald trump was right, better off with gadhafi in libya and all those who supported him, including me. the drums of war, almost unpatriotic if you did, and we followed in lockstep and we have the chaos, and tens of thousands of iraqis dead and displace, a sea of refugees let loose, my goodness, just one thing tying us into the previous conversation about energy prices. the only good news is, i think that isis who has inherited all of the oil supplies of iraq and syr syria, and saudi arabia, the principal funder of al qaeda and isis the fact they're going
8:34 am
broke that oil revenues are down, that i think it's strategicically a good thing. sandra: dagen, you look like you have to say something. dagen: fomenting that, part of that is us leaving. >> george bush never should have started and barack obama never should have ended it. sandra: and on this story, chris christie in trouble-- >> not surprised. sandra: and he was on the train car, he was asked to leave the quiet car after complaints he was talking too loud on his cell phone? and didn't realize he was on the quiet car when he discovered that, he got up and respectfully left and went to the dining car. >> you've ridden this, and the quiet car is sacrosanct and
8:35 am
island of tranquility. >> there's a presumed den-like quality on the quiet car, it's stressful and you want to maintain the quiet part of the quiet car, look, let's give him the benefit of the doubt. it's a jammed train, usually. you wander along being look for an empty seat and happened to have been on the quiet car. i've seen shouting matches, people using stuff-- >> how? >> and i've seen a fist fooit, a fist fight in the quiet car. he got up and left. sandra: i've got it, a strawberry smoothy. >> and he's in the middle of a campaign-- >> he was yelling to his security detail according to the report. the new york post had other passengers who said, this is a big to do about nothing.
8:36 am
he was polite and left. >> i think they're right. a lot of other things to be talking about on the presidential campaign. his stumbling into the mire of the quiet car is-- >> the message is utter frustration and profound frustration in his inability to gain any traction in the presidential campaign. dagen: discash on hand a low, along with rand paul. sandra: and we have stories here on mornings with maria. >> i think that jeb bush exits the race before donald trump. that's interesting, what does that do to the republican race? >> i think it frees up a lot of money to probably propel somebody like marco rubio to be the establishment. dagen: i just sounded like an 80-year-old woman.
8:37 am
if i'm watching, i'm sorry, dad. sandra: i can remember the first time buying a tv at best buy and the electronic signing, didn't want that. dagen: what is this? give me a piece of paper. >> it's fun to go to some other world with matt damon and the fact that the steve jobs movie is not doing so well. it's fascinating, i've seen it, totally engaging, but it's about a kind of obnoxious guy and a sad return with his daughter. sandra: and stuart varney says, i don't wear a watch, i have my phone. >> and you're talking about the luxury market, jeb bush: this president, with all due respect,
8:38 am
believes that america's leadership and presence in the world is not a force for good. america has led the world and it is a more peaceful world when we're engaged the right way. we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. we have to stand for the values of freedom. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? but for the united states, who? who's going to stand up for the dissidents inside of iran that are brutalized each and every day? but for the united states, who? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? but for the united states, no one - no one is capable of doing this. the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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>> records off the newest windows 10 device hitting shelves today. jo, are you going to make this interesting for us. jo: that's the thing that windows 10, microsoft is doing reasonably well. the surface books are hitting stores across canada. expensive, 14.99 for the surface book and $900 for the surface pro 4. the devices will also be sold at best buy and amazon. general motors is striking a tentative deal with the united auto workers union, it's a
8:42 am
four-year contract which covers more than 52,000 workers. no other details have been released just yet. sandra: a lot of attention for the microsoft devices. i won't be a critic. jo: trying to gain market share. sandra: thank you. we know that the single life could be tough and on-line dating could be tougher. but the key to finding someone may be in your finances. an innovative formula that matches compatible singles by their credit scores. credit score dating founder. people are matching up based on credit scores? any other criteria? >> well, it's it's the credit skrs and also, really, their financial stability. sandra: okay, is there a picture next to their name? >> yes, it's a picture of their bank statement. no, i'm joking. it is-- >> okay, and why do you think
8:43 am
there's demand for this right now? >> well, i mean, when you look at, you know, basically everything that we've been going through from, you know, the recession and tightening up with employment situations as well, it's just a need for credit. i mean, we have credit, you know, in everything that we do from insurance, and to just about anything. and you know, when you look at what credit is, it's not necessarily how much you have, but how you manage it. >> and one of the reasons why you say your company is so successful is that one of the main reasons for divorce is finances, people have money troubles and it leads to decline in the relationship. i know of no better person to ask about divorce. [laughter] than geraldo rivera. what do you think about this, geraldo? >> i think it's sad. for example, you're a young man or woman, want to get married, you meet someone and begin to hook up, you get serious and
8:44 am
find out that he or she has $75,000 in college loans outstanding. so, your life is starting in the handicap, not only are you taking the partner you're taking on board a real financial burden and i really do believe that that is very significant. dagen: i can tell you how you can identify this without no offense to him, without using the service. if you go out with a guy and he spends a lot of money on your very first date, that's a trouble sign. he shouldn't be spending that much and if-- or if the person dresses in a way that's too expensive for the job that he or she has. >> that's what this is really about, right? this is about kind of getting one more indicator for the other person's value. isn't it? it's not whether or not they're-- but that's the point, that this is a kind of a generallylized indicator of their value?
8:45 am
>> it is, because, you know, i started my career as an underwriter and so many times we found in the credit just like the federal reserve indicated in their recent report, it's absolutely true. when it comes to dating, i find that a lot of my members are looking for serious relationships, so when you add that credit piece of it, people are able to identify certain things and certain patterns when you add that into it, as well as being able to eliminate that finance or at least that conference. sandra: i thought your stats on the demographic on your site are fascinating. the average income 60 to $85,000. the average credit score, 701 to 750 which is pretty high as far as the national average is concerned. but then you have 80,000 female members and 31,000 male
8:46 am
members, sounds like a good odds if you're a guy looking for a date. >> it's crazy, it used to be opposite. i think in the past two years or so we've seen it change. it used to be the males were-- when we first started it was male dominated and i think once we've seen, you know, certain things happen in the economy as of resent, more and more females, it's like once the divorce rates increase i start to see the influx of female members. sandra: very interesting stuff, and it's been written up that credit scores accurately predict whether a relationship will last, some researchers have found. >> like the movie gatica, where uma thurmon takes a hair sample from ethan hawke and-- >> and a rich guy from new york and put--
8:47 am
>> wow, look how you turned out, geraldo. sandra: thank you, for the story. >> thank you, guys. sandra: up next, isis doing damage in egypt. we'll show you how its attacks are hurting historic artifacts. keep it here, you're watching fox business. ♪ shouldn't what makes each of us a unique individual,
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8:51 am
looking at fedex, maybe a tough economy, we will see, but fedex saying that they're expecting record shipments of package volume during the holiday season, and e-commerce expects to grow and they expect double the normal volume, on three specific dates. cyber monday, the monday after thanksgiving, and the first two mondays in december. so they're expecting to ship roughly 372 million packages and as you know, package volume continues to grow. this should be a record and that would be 12% higher year after year. sandra: all right, nicole, thank you. don't forget to start your day with nicole every day, 5 a.m. eastern time. fbn and it gets you ready for your day, don't miss it. the recent isis bombings in egypt and the middle east not only causing casualties, but destroying ancient artifacts and joining me now is renowned egyptian archaeologist, a pleasure to have you on the set
8:52 am
this morning. >> thank you. sandra: you've made significant discoveries over the course of your career, extremely well-known in your field, including the tomb at the pyramids and valley of the golden mummies. i could go on for days, you have an amazing background. are these -- are these at risk right now? >> no, because egypt now is completely safe and you know, isis or whatever, they can't come to egypt. iraq and syria and libya, because of isis the terrorists are destroying the monuments, they're bombing and stealing to buy guns, but in egypt, all the monuments are completely safe and this is the number five city, the first to come back, because when they come back won't be an i believe to
8:53 am
destroy the monuments because-- >> clearly, egypt has had to take on additional security measures to prevent this? >> during the time of the revolution at the beginning, it was bad for everyone. the people and now the muslim brother, but now we have a stable government and egypt is going to now do things this week and now, it's completely-- >> can you give us a sense of what society, global society has lost in isis' actions in syria and iraq? give us a scope of-- . i really believe that those people are trying to raise-- and trying to destroy the monuments. what happened in iraq, they entered the immortals and
8:54 am
smashed everything in the museum. like the muslim brother, they did destroy a museum in cairo in 2012 and two -- and most people in iraq, they're stealing and they can buy guns to kill people and it's happening in syria. and five have been destroyed completely. >> you see 3,000-year-old artifacts being destroyed by a terrorist who has no feeling for history, no feel really for its people and nothing, but his own militancy. how does it feel? >> it kills me, not kill-- it's my job to restore the monument. to see the terrorist destroy this, it makes the whole world, not only me. but what bothers me, that they
8:55 am
don't see from the domestic community anything happening from the nation to stop those people of destroying our history. >> savages. dagen: what could they do, doctor? >> they need to have at least troops to protect that museum. it could be destroyed soon. >> i was in baghdad where they exactly thought the regime was being-- they put security in there, but god knows how much was lost in that chaos and to me, this is just another reason the world community must rally. >> you know, history began from this area. >> absolutely. >> now, can you believe that they're waiting, everything is going to be destroyed because of those terrorists and i hate calling them isis because isis was the god of of love from ancient egyptians and we need to call them terrorists. sandra: it's an honor to have
8:56 am
you here and that story. >> thank you. sandra: and doctor, thank you for joining us and by the way, your new book "scanning the pharao pharaohs" is launching-- >> november 14th and 15th. sandra: we'll be right back. y? good. yours? good. xerox real time analytics make transit systems run more smoothly... and morning chitchat... less interesting. transportation can work better. with xerox. thank you for calling. we'll be with you shortly. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better and faster customer experience. hello mr. kent. can i rebook your flight? i'm here! customer care can work better. with xerox. wait i'm here! mr. kent?
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>> all right. we're just over 30 minutes away from the opening bell. final thoughts, everyone? i don't know. geraldo, what are you thinking about? >> remember that rick santorum won the iowa caucuses in 2012. don't think for a minute that donald trump is down and out. he will rally and i still think he will be the nominee. bah ben carson will wear well. sandra: jon? >> and it doesn't necessarily mean the economy is going to slow down, but it's an important story and give chris christie a break. [laughter] >> everybody has wandered in at one time or another in the
9:00 am
turbine fan blade of the quiet car. dagen: nascar in decline, worst race ever in talladega and it's nascar's fault. sandra: thank you for dagen mcdowell and geraldo rivera. it's time for "varney & company." stuart: thank you, sandra. have you ever sent an e-mail and immediately wished you could take it back. happened to me on sunday, with an unfortunate message that may have jinxed the jets game. i shall reveal all. top story, 13 months until the presidential election and it's political outsiders who are running away with the republican race. six out of ten in iowa support trump or carson. six out of ten. the politicians are trailing, and jeb bush pulls back. the economy, yes, it's slowing. mining, energy, manufacturing, and


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