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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 26, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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we have a representative from the north american meat institute to respond. there is a lot of money at stake. at steak. did you see what i did? david: yeah. just when you thought we may be out of the woods, more signs the economic recovery is still waivering. -- wavering. [closing bell rings] melissa: dow and s&p click lower. the dow down 26 points at the close. more than a 10th of a percent. gold higher. a mixed day on wall street. david: it is a mixed day. while markets wait for tomorrow here is everything you need to know right now. a brand new poll showing ben carson managing to hold on to his lead in iowa but donald trump showing strength in other polls including new app poll showing seven out of 10 voters think donald trump is the most electable republican candidate. while trump is leading without spending a lot of money, jeb bush's deep pockets are not
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helping his struggling campaign. so he is turning to his family for support at least moral support. carl cameron following trump's competition from washington, d.c. carl? reporter: david, this is a conference taking place in texas planned months ago when the bush campaign anticipated by this month they would be ready to roar into next year and win early primaries and take the presidency. instead he is downsizing. he is slashing his costs, trying to curb payroll. refocusing instead of national campaign but on early states which is sign of trouble he is having. there have been four polls in the last five days that show that in iowa, there is a new frontrunner. that carson is winning and donald trump has taken a bit of a nosedive. had a hard time keeping up with carson. having said that, mr. bush is in texas with this donor meeting. meeting with family and big donors, trying to essentially buck them up. for donald trump, it is opportunity again to go back at
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jeb bush to suggest, that part of the cost issues, suggest mismanagement of jeb bush by his campaign. that he is in terrible shape if he has to get the help of his family. watch. >> if this election is about how we'll fight to get moving done, then i don't want any part of it. i have a lot of really cool things i could do other than sit around being miserable, listening to people demonize me and me feeling compelled to demonize them. that is a joke. elect trump if you want that. reporter: before anybody gets the idea that jeb bush is going to bail out of this race, there is a lot of time left. the first debate is just two days from now. it will be out in boulder colorado. iowa caucuses with 14 weeks from right now. to put it in perspective in terms of one's ability to catch up, businessman herman cain was running 37% in the iowa polls. he was out of the race by early december.
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meantime ben carson is definitely getting under trump's skin. over the course of the weekend mr. trump, for the second time in this campaign appeared to be questioning carson's faith. he is a seventh day adventist. trump repeatedly said i don't know what that is. he doesn't owe mr. carson on apologies. mr. carson has been waiting on apologies for several months, when trump first suggested that carson's christianity was not authentic and started late in life and he hasn't always been as devout he claims to be. this is the kind of thing that can really get mr. trump in trouble. iowa the vote is comprised largely of evangelical christians. they do have some differences with seventh day adventist, but messing with someone's faith in iowa where it matters in caucuses tends to backfire on people. david: how many times have we said that on trump? he is about to take a hit and ends up on top. carl cameron, good to see you, my friend.
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>> donald trump headlines once again for comments on the campaign trail. donald said it would be easier for women to wear burke cast. we'll play the sound. you would be interested in see hearing why. senator rube expressing frustration with the senate. in a new interview the presidential candidate putting focus on race for over val office even if it means missing votes in the senate. rubio defended his record to fox news's john roberts. listen. >> i will running for president i will miss vote because everyone who has run for president from the senate has. if i'm miss votes, it is base i'm campaigning for the future of america. melissa: he already said he will not seek re-election to the senate next year. david: this weighs particularly from the tea party. after successfully killing off the export-import bank this summer, conservatives face the prospect that the bank could rise again.
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viewed as vestige of crony capitalism, supporters of the bank from both parties are invoking a rare procedural manuever to force a vote on renewing the bank which is expected today in the house. blake burman is in d.c. with all the details. blake? reporter: the fate of the export-import bank hinges on a rainshower procedural rule that hasn't been successful in the house of representatives in 13 years. it's called, discharge petition and it essentially allows rank-and-file lawmakers to bypass house leadership to put a bill on the floor for a vote. the timing here on all of this remains unclear but debate in the house is expected to take place later tonight with a final vote following potentially tomorrow or wednesday. there is still aways go-go before possible revival of the ex-im bank, would have be required by senate as well. in june they allowed it to expire which provides financing
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for american companies to export their products. opponents say it amounts to billions of corporate welfare. the 81-year-old bank has backers on both sides of the aisle including white house, letting it die leads to job losses. back to you in new york. david: blake burman, thank you very much. is it time to bring back the bank or stick a fork in it permanently? we have dennis kucinich former democratic representative from ohio and "wall street journal's" james freeman. james is the ex-im bank a example of crony capitalism and how so. >> yes. it is corporate welfare, goes to charity cases like boeing, general electric, caterpillar. i'm sure congressman kucinich's favorite recipients of philanthropy. david: who is behind its revival, james. >> sadly 42 republicans in the house joined with democrats to bring this to the floor. even more support in the senate. if it gets through the house and unfortunately looks like it probably will, i think you will get a multiyear extension.
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david: dennis, you are a former liberal democratic congressman who joined forces with conservative republican congressman jim jordan, who a lot of folks know to write a "usa today" piece last july, sayings, i will quote from you the piece, the ex-im bank has become a slush fund for handful of well-connected megacorporations. i'm sure a lot of us would agree with you, but can't you guys, if you have liberal democrats and conservative republicans agreeing, why can't we get rid of this thing once and for all? >> i think what congressman jordan's leadership is done certainly challenge this corporate giveaway that actually costs american taxpayers, according to the congressional budget office, $2 billion over a 10-year period. we have these giveaways and taxpayers pay for it. the central question here is, whether or not you should be adjusting the cost of capital to reflect risks. and if that is done in a way that, risk is taken by the taxpayers that is not fair.
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david: that is the central question, the taxpayer, middle class taxpayer is on the hook for these multinational corporations, many of which are based overseas. >> you know what? that is absolutely right. if we have a few extra billion dollars to spare, rebuild angela merkel's infrastructure, put americans back to work. people say we're exporting american goods but we're doing it, subsidizing some of the biggest companies in the world with taxpayer money and subsidized as loss to the packs dayer. david: -- taxpayer. david: james do you agree with that. >> foreign airlines buying boeing jets can get financing elsewhere. that is true a lot of deals. if the deals can't get financing that tells you something. why stick the taxpayer with it. david: thought it was gone but they keep pulling it back. dennis, james, thanks very much, guys. appreciate it. melissa: valeant trying to save face. the canadian drug company holding all hands on desk conference call aiming to refute a report that caused the stock
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to have the worst performance in four years. liz macdonald joins with us the latest wrinkle in the story. >> what is latest wring cale, valeant is asking sec to probe citron research and short eller who put out the report to caused shares to spike south last week. this is half of the market capitalization is lost since august. ceo was not taking any prisoners on the conference call this morning that i listened to. take a listen to what he said about citron research. he came out with guns blazing. take a listen. >> sensational claims made by short seller andrew left, through his entity citron are completely untrue. his motivation is the same as someone who runs into a crowded theater to falsely yell fire. he wanted people to run. he intentionally designed report to frighten shareholders to drive down the price of the stock so he can make money for short selling. reporter: melissa, david, short
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seller andrew luck, said investors entered the theater. they're looking around. they don't like what they see. basically valeant on conference call is saying the company is not artificially inflating revenues by basically channel-stuffing inventory into these specialty pharmacies and artificially booking these sales, revenues as sales. they're saying there are sales that are basically made to customers. they didn't offer a lost proof. disclosures are still really bad at this company. they have got $30 billion in debt against $1.4 billion in cash on the balance sheet. they didn't really resolve all of the questions about the network of pharmacies, and by the way, they also have department of justice probe and a subpoena into the company at units like bausch & lomb for alleged payments made to basically, you know, people, companies that work with bausch & lomb. so the doj is looking into that as well. the stock remains under pressure. back to you. melissa: wow, emac, thank you so
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much for that report. david: this next story should make stuart varney very happy. look at long lines in new york city, not for an iphone or tickets to a broadway show but to get into microsoft's new flagship store which is blocks away from apple's fifth avenue location. on display were all the customers play with surface tablets, xbox 1s, connected to a 84-much tv screen. microsoft has more than one one in -- 100 stores in the united states. this is why stuart will be happy. shares of the stock are up over 1%. melissa: congressman jean that sheen wants responders to be included in the federal aviation administration on the new task force registering drones. after a number of instances drones interfering with firefighters battling wildfires. faa is calling for drone registration system after a number of near misses with
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commercial planes and drones. as walmart applies regulates for permission to test drones for home delivery, adding mean more drone to the, if you can strike through the madness. david: wow. melissa: economic recovery and american businesses are sounding an alarm. are these signs of looming recession? we have panel coming up on that. david: back to politics, is donald trump making the tea party irrelevant. why fewer americans are identifying with the once powerful grassroots movement. >> the war on coal is heating up with brand new regulations from the white house. ♪ (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest...
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every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. melissa: tragedy in afghanistan as massive 7.5-magnitude
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earthquake hits northeast region of the country and parts of nearby pakistan this morning killing at least 263 people. this is according to the associated press. fox news's greg palkot is standing by in london with the latest on the damage left by this devastating quake. greg? reporter: melissa, it is nighttime now in afghanistan as desperate rescue efforts are ramping up and we're fearing the death toll will ramp up as well. it happened in the northeast corner of pakistan in quake-prone hindu kush mountains close to the border of pakistan. india not too far away. the 7.2 earthquake was felt as distance as kabul, islamabad and new delhi. roads and communications are bad in the best of times of the it is expected as many as 1000 people so far are counted among injured. thousands of buildings destroyed. one terrible report we've been getting, 12 young girls killed in a stampede when fleeing their school.
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the walls and ceilings were falling down on top of them. again it is felt throughout the south earn asian region. people running from swaying buildings in cities like islamabad panic as the quake said to last as long as two minutes. deaths have been reported in cities as far as away as. >> jalalabad in pakistan and peshawar in pakistan. hospitals are swamped as emergency teams swarm through the area. complicating things, the area where the quake hit has been active scene of al taliban and afghan forces and u.s. troops. here is what the white house said did this. >> we offer our deepest condolences to those affected by earthquake in afghanistan, including those that died in afghanistan and pakistan. the u.s. government has been in touch with the bosts in afghanistan and pakistan and we stand ready to provide any
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additional support that may be needed. reporter: one good thing, melissa, even though the quake was strong, it happen well below the surface, about 130 miles below. that means the tremors were felt distantly, but at immediate area the effect might not be as bad as it could have been but expected again that death toll to climb in the coming hours and days. back to you. melissa: wow, greg, thank you so much for that report. david: few other stories on our radar. five people are dead, one missing after a whale-watching boat sank off the coast of british columbia on sunday. 21 people were rescued from the 65-foot cruiser. the transportation safety board of canada is now investigating. cleanup in texas after torrential rainfall from the remnants of hurricane patricia caused dangerous flooding before moving into louisiana. new orleans saw nearly nine inches of rain on sunday. voters in argentina sending their country's presidential election into runoff after
4:19 pm
unexpectedly strong showing by conservative opposition candidate. pre-election polls shown him far behind the leftist candidate who is backed by the current president. melissa. melissa: we've been waiting for it. cheesecake factory out with third quarter earnings results. ashley webster standing by with this one. give me a slice, ashley. >> how sweet it is? how many puns can we get in, guys? earns per share adjusted 59 cents. beats estimate by three cents. revenue a little shy. 526.7 million. the estimate was 534.78. however they did for the 23rd consecutive quarter showed growth in same-store sales up 2.2%. that is in the upper range of estimates. they also say they will open three restaurants in the middle east and mexico. and the stock as you can see, moving, just slightly higher. just slightly. just a slight improvement in after-hours trading on cheesecake. same-store sales growth,
4:20 pm
23rd consecutive quarter in a row, guys. melissa: that is amazing. they post the sales growth at same time the stock year-over-year is up 15%. year-to-date though it is basically flat. it is down over the past six months. i mean this stock is supposed to be part of the trend that has been benefiting, for people going out to choosing to spend money. it is upscale, fastish restaurant. >> it is. it is. maybe not for the calorie conscious. melissa: no. but for the taste conscious. i love cheesecake factory. >> fantastic. melissa: if you look at chart, it is not very attractive for the stock even though they posted 23 consecutive quarters of same-store sales growth. what is up with that. >> good news, bad news, you're absolutely right. it hung in there and international expansion, opening another 10 stores across the united states as well. investors like that. showing sales growth is heading in the right direction. there is always room for improvement, right? melissa: come to new york city i
4:21 pm
will meet you there, ashley. >> it's a deal. melissa: third quarter earnings season is in full swing. tomorrow is a real doozy. i don't know if you noticed, starting tomorrow before the bell. catch full coverage and analysis of big names like ford and pfizer and-ups. maria bartiromo will be all over us. meet us here at 4:00 p.m. eastern because we've got two of the biggest tech names out there. twitter, david, i know you know that. apple unleashing their quarterly results. we have it covered for you right here big. david: who is not into apple one way or another at least in the product if not in the stock. donald trump is back in the hot seat. you won't believe what the presidential contender said this time. probably not sitting well with a lot of women. melissa: no. david: pork, what is not for dinner. the new warning that could have you passing on second round of bacon. melissa: well, not at cheesecake factory.
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bad news, make con. according to new study by the world health organization, eating processed meat like hotdogs and bacon could be as dangerous as smoking cigarettes when it comes to cancer! here weigh in, the executive director of the national cattleman's beef association, dr. kevin campbell, nutritionist thanks to all of you. dr. campbell, let me start with you. i'm sure you had a chance to look through the study. processed meats they put them in the same category as smoking and be a asbestos. really? >> i'm not quite sure i would go that far. what we need to remember all the studies looked at by the world health organization, based on correlation between heavy come consumption of processed meats and certain cancers like colon cancer. correlation doesn't necessarily mean causation but should give us pause to take a minute about what we put in our bodies. melissa: as somebody who is representing the national
4:26 pm
cattleman's beef association, i have to not love when the headline says, it is as dangerous as, you know, asbestos and smoking. you hear the second line, well, you can still have it in moderation. that is not terribly fair to the industry. >> i wish it was simple as that. single foods don't cause cancer. the real is, red and processed meats can be part after healthy, balanced diet. melissa: rebecca, do you come down on this one. >> i come down with the fact that i help people make healthy habits of this. you look at school did i, telling people they can't have something makes them want to it even more. unleashes our inner rebel. it is not helpful. we have to help people make better choices. focus what they add in. if they like these foods, don't try to police or eliminate them. find a positive way to change habits. also talk about the exercise we need to get and sleep. i personally think, go ahead.
4:27 pm
melissa: i was going to say, dr. campbell, makes it sound like we're children. don't tell people they can't have it, they want twice as much. that is how i deal with my kids. with adults give them all information and facts. if it is true, if you have regular roast turkey doesn't have the same negative side-effects if you have processed meat. that the carcinogens are in the way that they're treated when they're processed. is that something to consider? >> you know, i think it is because you know, not all of the cancers are being caused directly by red meats or processed meats. it is really chemicals placed on the meats or curing, smoking, salting may have something to do with it. but i agree with our nutrition it. when you give patient as diet that says you can't have, x, y and z, the chances of success are very small. why not say, let's focus on mediterranean-style diet with lots of fruits, fish, and vegetables, yes, occasionally processed meat. everything in moderation.
4:28 pm
melissa: i don't think it's a big shock that hotdogs are bad for you though. >> i heard the advice about the mediterranean diet. as registered dietician, one of the things i know a lot of people don't realize the mediterranean diet has more red and processed meat than we're eating in the u.s. today. it is about enjoying, lean red meat, processed meats with fruits, vegetables whole grains. we know science strong. that is how you build healthy diet and manage your weight and reduce the risk for cancer. melissa: rebecca, last word, is that mediterranean diet has processed meat? i'm not sure they mean when they say follow a healthy mediterranean diet. >> what it means you have to start where you're at and add in positive changes from there. melissa: okay. >> you have to take your own preferences into account. you don't have to go to extremes here. melissa: no, that is good advice. start where you're at and add positive changes. thanks, appreciate it. david: yogi berra who lived to be 90, used to have a hebrew
4:29 pm
national hot dog every day for lunch. just putting it out there. melissa: all right. david: i think genes have a lot to do with it as well. touchdown for the live stream. historic nfl telecast heard around the world via internet coming up. melissa: new warnings of a slowing economy. coming from big firms in the u.s. details on a possible downturn that is coming up next. . active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management. we ship everything you atcan imagine.n, and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight...
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melissa: major u.s. companies aren't painting a pretty picture of the economy.
4:33 pm
1/3 of s&p 500 companies report earnings this week including major market movers like apple but profits and revenue both are set to decline for the first time since the recession. here with their take on the grim outlook is tim kaine, hover institute at stanford university economist and research fellow david dietze, point view wealth management. les with have james from time to time man with us from "the wall street journal." thanks for joining us. weave seen strong -- we've seen strong stuff from amazon and google. >> almost like what economies. industrial and manufacturing economy which exports heavy stuff overseas. because of weakness dollar and weakness in the energy patch they're struggling. we have service economy. we saw trio of tech stocks, last week, microsoft, amazon, google knock it out of the park. think it is old economy versus new economy again.
4:34 pm
melissa: tim, at the same time in the new economy we're seeing cost cutting. twitter, biogen, walmart, all announcing job cuts in recent months. what do you make of this sort of mixed bag of news? >> i guess i take it with a grain of salt. when i read this report this morning in the journal i thought, this is perfect for halloween, right? because the economy is only in one of two conditions. it is either in recession or it is heading into a recession. so you know, we've always got to be concerned, but i think david hit it right on the head. i would reinforce the point. we see a lot of companies, tech companies, just booming. and the industrial companies are contracting. part of that is because ironically because of low energy prices. that is a hard story to tell. my mom and dad, the economy is weak because the gas prices are lower but i think it's a mixed bag. melissa: it's a mixed bag. james, if you take what he said necessarily a step further, there aren't a lot of jobs in the sectors you're talking about expansion.
4:35 pm
talking about tech where they're more efficient. places we're suffering are places there would be more traditional jobs. that is not good for the overall economy. >> let's be clear it is a mixed bag but averages out to lousy economy. now we'll have lower revenue and earnings for the first time in years. basically i think u.s. companies have done a great job managing through this tough environment where each year it seems they manage to show earnings growth. i think we've come to the end of that. now you would hope at this point, people would think about a different policy mix, not think about more stimulus, whether on the monetary side or fiscal stimulus from washington. but i'm afraid, here we are going into the last year of the obama administration, you're not getting any new ideas. melissa: tim, do you agree with that? as economist here on the panel, does that make a difference? >> i worried for a long time and i think been on this show and other shows talking about an overstimulated economy, overstimulated for nine years. at some point that just wears off. i think we're running out of
4:36 pm
policy tools in this administration and fed, its hands are tied. it is essentially out of bullets. i think there are really bad structural problems with entrepreneurship in this economy, coming back to too much regulation. melissa: absolutely. i wish we had more time. good discussion. thank you. david? david: tomorrow's the day, two tech giants on deck, apple and twitter reporting their earnings results after the bell. deirdre bolton joining us with what to expect. deirdre. >> what to expect, we'll start with apple because this is one of the most widely-held stocks. david, 1.88 is eps number analysts are looking for. watch that revenue number, analysts are saying 51 billion is the most likely. that is consensus. yeah, you could add one or two billion. metricswise people care about two things, iphone sales, how they're tracking and sales in general in china. david, you and i spoke about this. last quarter those iphone
4:37 pm
sales in china, they were worth 27% of the company's revenues. so that is a key metric. david: yeah. >> twitter a little bit more moving parts. we've been talking about jack dorsey retaking that ceo spot. the company has had layoffs up to 10%. last week dorsey basically giving away a lot of his shares, saying he would rather give away part of what he has and build something bigger. so twitter's numbers a little harder to figure. apple's, pretty concise. david: thank you very much, deirdre. we'll see you at the top of the hour for "risk & reward". "after the bell" will have live coverage of twitter's earnings an results 4:00 p.m. eastern time. they usually have apple coming in the half hour. about four 30 you can expect apple. we'll cover twitter before that. melissa: donald trump back in the hot seat. wait until you hear what the presidential contender said this time.
4:38 pm
it involved religion and fashion advice for women, exactly. we'll see what this means for the republican presidential candidate. that's all coming up. ♪ jeb bush: this president, with all due respect,
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david: support for the tea party lowest level ever. 17% of the americans say they consider themselves supporters. that is down 15% from its high. why the sudden change? joining me mercedes schlapp former spokesperson for george w. bush. judson phillips, founder of tea party nation. dennis kucinich back with us as well. judson what do you make of the poll? >> there is lies, damn lies and political poles. you can get anything you want out after political poll. i do like at it this way. the tea party is demonized by basically everybody. demonized by the far left. demonized by the republican establishment. the chamber of commerce wants to notnd $100 million to defeat liberal democrats. tea party candidates.
4:42 pm
we're demonized by everybody. because we're desendized organization. we don't have designated spokesman or rapid response team. they can beat down on us some and distort our message a bit. david: mercedes not every road leads to donald trump but let me put tomtom out there as an example. perhaps a lot of americans feel he is voicing concerns that went to the tea party so strongly, of being anti-establishment, anti-professional politicians, that the tea party was against? >> i think it is not just donald trump. ben carson, resonates with the tea party movement. i think ted cruz definitely has a strong appeal with the tea party movement. he won one of the straw polls in north carolina in the tea party group. there are a lot of candidates that really resonate with the tea party. that being said, i think it is important to note that the tea, really this is a group that when the movement began it was a high energy, passionate group, against government spending,
4:43 pm
against obama care, very critical issues there. and then, also, what has happened a lot of it was very organ. a lot of local groups. now we have the national groups of tea party patriots and other groups like that still carrying this message. david: dennis kucinich, i think other candidates now, i would include democrats, i think part of bernie sanders's appeal right now is he is anti-establishment. against vested interests just as tea party is? >> i think that's correct. i just want to say that as a liberal democrat i never demonized tea party because i understood that at its core the tea party's principles are really trying to get jobs for americans, against inches truce sieve government. david: kucinich is for the tea party, that's great? >> no. i am, i recognize why the tea party has a resonance. they fought bailouts as i did. david: that's true. >> we have to realize if you're demonizing the tea party, you're
4:44 pm
missing the fact that there is a lot of americans who share the concerns that people have who are part of the tea party organization. we don't need to pit ourselves against each other. david: i want to fit another subject n it is in the news. paul ryan is set to become the next house speaker, looks like. a lot of tea party republicans say there is no difference between ryan and outgoing speaker john boehner. i want to read something said by general any beth martin, the tea party patriots. anybody who believes ryan is right man for speaker. has no idea why we in the tea party movement feel the republican party has betrayed us do you agree or disagree with that. >> no, i don't. she is friend of mine. we were part of group that launched tea party in 089. paul ryan will be speaker or not. running up to politicians and yelling you suck does not influence them.
4:45 pm
paul ryan can not be influenced by activist and other people. jefferson rule called now, the ability for a small group to take the speaker out, is giving us huge leverage. so, i -- david: mercedes, i also say, john boehner is lot different from our good friend who is probably going to be the next speaker. >> right. david: the fact is, boehner was kind after technician. >> sure. david: where as ryan is very much of a thinker, sort of an idea guy who likes to put ideas into action. big difference in two guys character. >> they will have different management styles. i would like to say paul ryan is true conservative. hard to find some other groups on the right give him an f, you give an f to nancy pelosi. you don't give it to paul ryan who fought for conservative principles. we might not agree eye-to-eye on every single topic on conservative guy, very clear he is going to lead on conservative principles to unite the party.
4:46 pm
that is what we need, not only in congress but presidential race. david: that has to be last word. we managed to squeeze in all in there. thanks very much. we appreciate it. >> thank you. melissa: regulation nation president. obama ramping up massive epa regulations that critics say could end up crushing the coal industry. fox news correspondent shannon bream is in d.c. with more. shannon? reporter: 24 states and dozen business groups filing a lawsuit against brand new regulations that they say will drive electricity costs through the roof and could put thousands of americans out of work. opponents say the environmental protection agency or epa is overstepping its boundaries issuing massive new rule based on several concepts rejected in the floated in the form of legislation on capitol hill. >> it is not just that the regulations are are illegal aimed very costly but they're actually counterproductive to getting other countries like
4:47 pm
russia, china, india, to agree to green house gas emission reductions. reporter: president obama made several bold moves regarding environmental issues looking to build a green legacy. after facing a great deal of pressure from activist groups saying he has not done enough. regarding new lawsuits, the white house says it is on strong legal footing. >> clean power plan is consistent with a text, history and structure clean air act. it also gives states flexibility they need to implement it and reflects unprecedented public engagement. reporter: critics from capitol hill on both sides of aisle will try to stop the regulations by issuing resolutions of disapproval under congressional review act. this is not done very much. we expect it this week. to stop the regulations, the president would have to sign on, which we know he won't or 2/3 of both houses would have to pass it. back to you.
4:48 pm
melissa: shannon, thank you so much. david. david: we're talking about it. presidential candidate donald trump back in the hot seat the u.s. should not tell countries with large muslim populations to forbid burkas. saying they should stop meddling in middle eastern affairs. >> this is about something, the women doesn't have to war the you know what? that makes since. that is nice. then i saw women interviewed. we want to wear it. we've worn them for thousand years. why would anybody tell us not to? they want to. what the hell are we getting involved for? fact is, easy, you don't have to put up makeup. look how beautiful everyone looks. wouldn't it be easier? wouldn't that be easy? [applause] if i was a woman i don't want, i'm ready darling. let's go. it's true. david: i wouldn't like it but, i don't know, donald trump, to tell other people how to dress,
4:49 pm
i don't think is in another country is really our responsibility. melissa: actually i completely disagree with you. i've been in saudi arabia. i've been covered head and body. it is not a choice. david: should we be telling them how to dress? melissa: him saying then, you don't have to wear makeup and easier -- david: that is donald trump. melissa: i've been there covered, people say to me, go home american whore. it is about an attitude towards women and your place in society. david: that's wrong. melissa: what he it says about being subjugated doesn't have anything to do about putting on makeup. david: you can't force earth people what the culture tells them to do based on that culture. i think that is his point. melissa: well -- david: we adisagree on that. one of the grew. melissa: we'll tell you what millenials are worried about. and may surprise you. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck?
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melissa: what is keeping millenials up at night? hint, not student loan. more than half of millenials are concerned about economic equality. but they should be worried about retirement. they're saving so little they won't be able to retire until they're 75. hear to weigh in katherine timff. "national review" reporter and fox news contributor. we also have james freeman with us. what did you make of this. >> nobody likes inequality, that is a good thing to be worried about. what do millenials think is the solution to inequality? government handouts. a lot support forgiveness of student loan debt which i get, is a nice thing to have happen to you, but not sustainable obviously. but, a lot of millenials are not worried about the student loan debt. maybe they should be something they are worried about.
4:54 pm
melissa: james, are you concerned about income inequality? no, i love income inequality. i'm in favor of it. i am against the environment. it is all how you ask the questions. what do you think? >> take away positives from the survey, seems that young people around the world don't trust government much. that is good thing. healthy thing. don't trust media much. also they mention really want to work is the united states. so if young people around the world still think of this as the place to be, year seven of the obama era, we're doing pretty well. some are saying should cause them to retire later. in my math that will take you 42, 45 years to pay off student debt? >> i mean, yeah this was interesting. there was international survey. there are a lot of economic questions. they're concerned about economics and inequality. where they go to get a best job? the majority response was the united states.
4:55 pm
as much as inequality is problem, for their personal solution how to create wealth, come to the frontier country of modern capitalism. that is how you pay off your debts. melissa: katherine, is that your take away? >> i definitely agree. millenials don't trust the media. you can definitely trust me on that i will never lead anyone astray. melissa: okay not to trust the media. >> but me is fine. melissa: there you go. thanks, guys. david? david: coming up one "jeopardy" contestant had name for particular flower, this one the politically correct crowd is not too pleased about. the answer in a moment. hi.
4:56 pm
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(vo) go national. go like a pro. can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? >> yahoo! making history with the first flee globally live streamed nfl game. the overall game was success. it reached 3.36 total viewers, with 3% of streams coming in internationally across 185
4:59 pm
countries around the world. david: that is a little halting. what is very funny wrong final "jeopardy" answer, take a look. >> the flower pictured here is called this. also, a disparaging term for people on the political left. becky, we'll start with you. i have a feeling that, you may have found a way to insult liberals in this country. let's take a look at your response. what is a pansy. [laughter] >> that is pretty funny. david: it was a bleeding heart. that is the correct name of that flower. looks like it is bleeding, a little bit. >> i'm not sure that is part of the human anatomy. that flower resembles a heart. david: pansy was pretty good. the host set the whole thing up very well. tell you, i think you're going to insult some people. he probably did. if you can't laugh, folks. >> that looks like a heart to you? david: looks like a heart.
5:00 pm
there is a little bit of blood dropping out. >> okay. david: that is why they call it that. >> we've got a big earnings day tomorrow. come back here and meet us. we have twitter and apple. david: apple the biggie. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now deirdre: within 24 hours the u.s. navy plans to send a destroyer within 12 miles of the artificial south china sea islands. welcome to "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. the patrol marks the most serious u.s. challenge to the territorial limit that claims around the island. jennifer griffin with me now with the latest. jennifer. reporter: hi, deirdre. a senior u.s. defense official confirmed the u.s. plans to send a navy ship within 12 nautical miles of the sprattly islands in the south china sea to dispute china's claims to disputed islands. i'm told by u.s. navy officials that a navy destroyer would be the closest american ship in


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