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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  October 26, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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there is a little bit of blood dropping out. >> okay. david: that is why they call it that. >> we've got a big earnings day tomorrow. come back here and meet us. we have twitter and apple. david: apple the biggie. that does it for us. "risk & reward" starts right now deirdre: within 24 hours the u.s. navy plans to send a destroyer within 12 miles of the artificial south china sea islands. welcome to "risk & reward." i'm deirdre bolton. the patrol marks the most serious u.s. challenge to the territorial limit that claims around the island. jennifer griffin with me now with the latest. jennifer. reporter: hi, deirdre. a senior u.s. defense official confirmed the u.s. plans to send a navy ship within 12 nautical miles of the sprattly islands in the south china sea to dispute china's claims to disputed islands. i'm told by u.s. navy officials that a navy destroyer would be the closest american ship in
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position to carry out the operation. senior pentagon officials are very angry about this leak. the spratly islands that china has been building you up, miles of shoreline and laying down what look like military runways. there is some consideration to calling off the operation, shifting timing due to the news leak and security concerns about the operation. president obama met with the indonesia president at the white house to discuss effort to defeat isis and their concerns about chinese aggression in the south china sea. defense secretary ash carter and chairman of the joint chiefs general joe dunford leave for asia this friday. deirdre? deirdre: jennifer, thank you so much. fox news's jennifer griffin. from the south china seas to others, ones that contain russian submarines, some u.s. intelligence officials are concerned about close russian submarines with undersea data cables.
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they carry almost all global internet communication. retired colonel bob mcbegins necessary is with me -- mcguiness. r they in the position to attack cables in times of tensions and conflict? >> certainly using a different type of warfare than they did during the cold war. the cables are all over. we depend on them for internet access. commerce flows $10 trillion aday across these cables. if you want to go after a power you are not comfortable with, look for vulnerabilities. cables, certainly cyber. certainly what we've seen in places like crimea. the russians have develop ad hybrid type of car fair that -- warfare that takes advantage of every single one of our capabilities. anti-access missiles like the chinese developed. rush shuns are doing much the same. we're developing, evolving into a multipolar war where the russians are going to grab what
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they can, such as arctic which they have to a large degree and elsewhere. deirdre: so do you think we're back to the activity level of the cold war? we just haven't said that out loud? >> well, we aren't at the same level. i spent a lot of time in europe facing down masses of russian tanks. they don't have the same economy they did in relationship to ours you have a leader in vladmir putin. he is every intention to returning russian federation to the former status it had in the last century. and so i is going to take advantage of what every advantage he has. in syria, he is taking away our leadership role. he is pushing along the green line from the baltics, all the way down to the sands. he is cozy with the chinese. it really puts us on the outs. we're really vulnerable at this point.
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if we don't turn this around i foresee very bad times ahead for american hegemony in certain areas to include the economy. deirdre: colonel as you rightly point out the next president, whoever he is has to work with the relationships with china, russia, others, presidential candidate donald trump weighed in recently. he said he believes the world is safer, when iraq's saddam hussein and libya's moammar gadhafi were in power. >> look at iraq a few years ago, i'm not saying he is a nice guy. he was a horrible guy but a lot better than it is now. right now iraq is training ground for terrorists. right now libya, nobody noise libya. there is no iraq and libya. >> the world would bebetter off with saddam hussein and gadhafi in power? >> 100%. 100%! deirdre: what do you make of his
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comments? does he make a point? >> barack obama and george bush, removed autocrats, like christians in iraq a golden age and they would worship openly not fear for their lives because part and parcel to open society certain degree. gadhafi was cooperating totally with us. he was telling us where the bad guys were. what happens, isis occupies a part of it. they lost thousand of manpads all over the world which is threatening our aircraft industry. we have done some terrible things in the last decade 1/2. and, taking down iraq and taking down libya have not helped. deirdre: okay. colonel, thank you so much. retired lieutenant colonel bob mcginnis, grateful for your perspective. this mix of global macro concerns and markets oil fell to two-month loy. a chinas company is spending
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$1.2 billion to buy giant oil fields in texas. we have craig from swisamerica trading. craig, before we talk about china's purchase, what do you make of oil's level? goldman, one of the most bearish voices on the street, saying that oil could go down to around $20 a barrel? >> goldman is dreaming and t. boone pickens would agree with that. i think 20-dollar oil is ridiculous. although in 1999, deirdre, we did have $10 a barrel oil. went up to 150 in 2005. 147. now it is back down in the 45 area. i think this recent acquisition by china and investment firm in the permanent me an base -- permian basin in texas are indication that chinese don't think oil prices would stay down. sino chem, another subsidiary of china, bought a big part of the kline shale, 280,000 net acres
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of deep wells, eight, 9,000, 10,000-foot wells that will produce a lot of natural gas and oil. i don't think they think the oil prices will stay down forever. they think they will go back up to 100. deirdre: the company would not spend more than a billion dollars, so your point is well-made. if the u.s. doesn't ship out the oil or use it, will we see, for better or worse, more offers from foreign companies and foreign countries to buy assets here? >> that is very interesting question. i'm not sure how to answer it because oil is fungible, deirdres as you know. so if they produce oil here, they get a good price they will sell it here. if they ship it off and get better price overseas, they will send it overseas. i'm very concerned we're taking our natural resources, not using them to our benefit, versus using them to foreign countries. the reason why the deal happened in 2013, american companies didn't want to spend the extra million dollars a well to go
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deep enough to the get the oil. i'm really worried what happened in secretary clinton's watch in 2010, when she allowed a moscow-based uranium weapons manufacturer, to buy uranium one and now they own our uranium mines in wyoming. by the way, the clintons got a nice little $3 million donation before that deal happened. nonetheless i digress. i think we need to manage our resources properly. if we don't, you will sigh other corporations come in and do so. deirdre, this is simple supply and demand and investment, making money. deirdre: which we know is important for the energy industry and every other one as well. craig smith, thank you so much, ceo of swisamerica trading joining us there. speaking of energy and transport the faa planning to meet with walmart. the company announced today it is seeking to test home delivery drones.
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investment manager ty young with me now. this is big news, what amazon has been waiting for, walmart, all the retailers. do you think we'll get a plan from the faa, go ahead you can use the machines for commercial use? >> i do think that. walmart applied to use them. number of maker of drones that buys them here. from a regulation standpoint, there are drowns flying around in airspace, airspace around airports and so forth. i'm all in favor of keeping general public safe. but at the same time, this industry is exexploding. it is an area that, they can cause a lot of efficiencies and cause companies to be, to make more money to help earnings and so forth. from an earnings standpoint i think a good thing. from an efficiency standpoint i think it is good thing. a lot of fun for individuals to fly them as well. deirdre: a lot of fun. of course the safety concerns have been what the faa hats used
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in past, saying no way is the u.s. ready for this, at least not in densely-populated areas. seems to work in the u.k., australia, new zealand, where there are more open spaces but what do you think about the likelihood cities will have drone usage for commercial reasons? >> you know, it is interesting you say that. the chairman of aig was out recently. he said there were 150 or 160,000 drones in the air on yearly basis. they think the number will increase dramatically, maybe tenfold over next several years. so they will have to put in place something to keep the skyways safe around cities. i do think you will see them from a delivery standpoint, for companies like amazon and walmart, as i said. but, the from a regulation standpoint i think we should minimize regulation. deirdre: all right. always glad to have you with us. thanks so much.
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ty young joining me there. >> thank you. deirdre: when we come back, irs is on a list of agencies known to have possessed sophisticated sell phone surveillance equipment stingray. find out if you were violated. world health organization says bacon and other processed meats cause cancer. one of my guests says that whole notion is overcooked. we'll talk about it. talk about pocket money. trump admitted his dad loaned him a million dollars when he was young to get started. my next guest says he is out of touch with the average person. >> my father gave me a small loan after million dollars. all my life i was told no. million dollars isn't very much compared to what i have built. i've done very iconic things. awe believe active management can protect capital long term.
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>> my father gave me a small loan of a million dollars. all my life i was told no. a million dollars is not very much compared to what i have built. i have done very iconic things. deirdre: billionaire real estate developer, republican presidential candidate donald trump said he received a small one million dollar loan. this statement may be a turning point in trump's appeal to the middle class. my political panel is here. democratic strategist tamara holder. from the "national review," jillian melcher. do these comments help or hurt trump's brand? >> i think trumps comments as a whole, everything he says hurts his brand, not just this. the fact he is a multibillionaire. he has investments and properties that are worth hundreds of millions of dollars. so anybody this offended by him saying one million dollars, one million dollar loan from my father is so offensive, you
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know, i don't think they're are a lot of people that will say that but it is is that he is little out of touch. seems like he only talks about having so much money and being so successful. the people, the middle class, they're really hurting. deirdre: so bringing you in on that point, jillian what is your take? he did in fairness take a million dollars and turn it into a few billion, even if that is not a statement, that most of america caidentify with. >> yeah. not incredibly relatable. reminds me after girl i know whose parent got her a sports car and totaled it. she was complaining she got a brand new suv. that is the level of out of touch here but if we look at the history that is not the only thing donald trump got from his father by any means. i think it is pertinent for republican voters to know that one of the more prestigious things his father loaned him was his democratic political machine in connections in brooklyn and in new york. they led all the way up to the mayor's office. this is guy, who like his
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father, built his career getting political connections, translating them into political favors and subsidies. he began his career doing it through democratic political establishment that mirrored tam any hall. deirdre: i think at one point, tamara, he tried to say, people told me no all my life. my father actually told me not to go into business in manhattan. tons of people are telling me, presidential campaign is bad idea. people tell me no all the time and i move forward. that in some ways that this is american story. >> it is weird i will defend donald trump here. even though he took some money from his father and maybe got democratic connections, whatever, this is man, this just didn't happen yesterday, he didn't just get the suv or million dollars yesterday, he turned it into a empire. he built a name for himself. he isn't donald trump, jr., he is donald trump, sr. and his
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branding is iconic of himself, not of anybody else's. great daddy gave him one million dollars, that nobody else or not a lot of people in america, the majority of people in america never got. he has done so much. so for the first time ever i think i'm defending donald trump on this. deirdre: we noted it. we wrote the day down. tamara, jillian, thank you very much. donald trump receiving that million dollar loan from his father decade ago but what if you received a million dollars today? money manager scott martin with me now. scott, what are the best ways to invest a big chunk of change like that? i think most people save, but it is in little bits and pieces. >> it is very small bits and pieces as studies are showing today, deirdre. if you're lucky enough to have access to some coin like donald trump does, tell you what. first thing you have to do, pay down high interest debt. not necessarily say the mortgage on your house which hopefully you refied down to 3 to 4 to 5% range but any high interest debt, student loan debts.
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things on credit card, that is numberone. take all that out. number two, buy basket, high yielding, very strong structurally blue chip stocks. a lot of companies you use in your daily life like google, at&t, apple, microsoft. companies you know, that companies pay dividends that will be around a long time. thirdly i would hedge out or say, limit the risk on some of those individual companies by actually buying bonds. buying fixed income instruments paying you interest along the way and say, have bond issuances of those very companies that you own on the stockside, to kind of balance out the risk and keep volatility in the portfolio low. deirdre: one other point i wanted to bring up, scott, is that a million dollars, 30 years ago would be closer to 10 million now, right? if you think the price of money double. >> at least that, if at least that. so it speaks to more volumes how lucky and say privileged donald trump was back then. deirdre: scott martin. thanks for good ideas. for all the people who may win
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lotto, i'm sure they took notes. scott martin joining me there. new report that the irs possess as sophisticated self-phone surveillance equipment known as stingray. my next guest says, the entity does and it is bad news for citizens. yahoo!'s historic nfl live stream broke records for streaming. my next guest says, if more companies go the way of yahoo!, your internet speeds will go down. there is a new report that bacon causes cancer. is the idea overcooked? is it legitimate? dr. siegel will be here to give us his view. ♪
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see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern. jeb bush:believes thatnt, wamerica's leadership and presence in the world is not a force for good. america has led the world and it is a more peaceful world when we're engaged the right way. we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. we have to stand for the values of freedom. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? but for the united states, who? who's going to stand up for the dissidents inside of iran that are brutalized each and every day? but for the united states, who? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? but for the united states, no one - no one is capable of doing this. the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible
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for the content of this message. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424. or visit deirdre: new reports show that the irs join adlong list of government agencies that use stingray. that is a phone surveillance program on americans. it gathers cell phone data, used by at least 12 other government agencies. privacy advocates are saying devices are collecting a huge
5:24 pm
amount of information with very little oversight and very little transparency. cybersecurity analyst is with me now, morgan wright. morgan, what is your take. it has to be legal i'm assuming or 12 or 13 government agencies would not be able to use it? >> hi, deirdre. funny we're having discussion. i'm in chicago for the national association of cheese of police. world's largest conference. all the issues from drones, sting rays, armored vehicles. we've had the discussion. the question is not is it illegal. but people's perception of violation of privacy? how intrusive is it? hough information are you collecting? is it a big net? are we targeting people? this is cell phone site simulator. it mimics what a real cell phone tower so the phone goes to that to send all sorts of information to figure out who you are, where you are. that has privately people worried what are you doing with
5:25 pm
the information and how are you protecting my privacy. deirdre: seems if privacy is eroding. more time we go on. >> right. deirdre: as far as usage, tech usage, a little more fun. yahoo!'s first live streaming nfl game reaching more than 50 million viewers. 33 million plus if you can't all the devices. this is sunday, buffalo bills against jacksonville jaguars, live from london's wembley stadium this was an experience for -- experiment for yahoo! as streaming becomes more popular will it slow down internet? >> imagine black friday, imagine 1,000 people coming in through two small doors. now imagine 20,000 people coming in through the two small doors. there is so much capacity with the networks. the more we cram into them. more certain things slow down. people for or against net neutrality have their discussions. here is what it means, deirdre. it means for companies to add
5:26 pm
capacity they have to buy more equipment, they have to build more things which means at some point the price you and i pay for this connectivity, whether it is mobile or fiber or, cable is going to go up because companies bear the cost. at end of it, guess who bears the cost for consumers for events like this? deirdre: of course they pass down. morgan, great to have you from chicago. there he is our cyber expert. when we come back a new report that bacon causes cancer is out. our own dr. siegel will tell you what he thinks. hillary is calling out bernie for being sexist. she made these comments over the weekend. >> i've been told to stop, and i quote, shouting about gun violence. well, first of all i'm not shouting. [laughter]. it is just when women talk some people think we're shouting. and -- [cheers and applause] deirdre: my next guest says she is overplaying the gender card. find out how bernie responded.
5:27 pm
first one "jeopardy" contestant found a way to insult liberals in a final "jeopardy" response. her answer after this. >> flower pictured here is called this. also a disparaging term for people on the political left. becky, we're
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>> >> i have been told in a'' shouting about guns and violence. first of all, i and the
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shouting. just would women talk some people think we're shouting. [cheers and applause] deirdre: firing back at bernie sanders over his comments that the democratic debate indicating there is said gender bias that all the shouting in the world would not keep guns out of the wrong hands. in an interview sanders says the term shouting has nothing to do with gender. >> all i can say is i'm very proud of my record all women's issues i certainly don't have a problem with women's speaking out. what the secretary is doing there is taking words to apply them elsewhere. >> so what is hillary clinton doing? bernie sanders bailed her out with a comment about her e-mail but now she tries to
5:32 pm
free him to be anti-female? >> i did some research and i will to seek with we find women more credible because there is an article in 2012 about the female voice pitch in the cover picture was of hillary clinton of all people. with said people with a lower pitch seemed to be more authoritative and seem to have more of a leadership role in this study after study. not just the op-ed. but at the same time for him to say she was shouting would he said that about a competitor? i don't know. deirdre: picking up on back, and sanders has been using the term shouting on this issue of gun control.
5:33 pm
so he uses that as an expression about this issue because many people feel so passionately about him. >> did is the cheap shot from hillary clinton and. it is an appeal to gender people are much more attracted to carly fiorina put obama on a $10 bill is a gesture but the irony is you can crack down on sexism with his about how women fantasize to be tied up with the of gang bang. if the republicans said that we would still be hearing about it. deirdre: if your ago back three years there will be questionable things. there is a bill that would
5:34 pm
add attacks to the gun sales then use the money to find mental health programs it's the congress later this week so talking about their views on the second amendment. what about the attack going to mental health? >> if it goes to address the issue i am not opposed. i think we have a mental health issue imf a criminal defense attorney and i see all the time for nonviolent drug offenses. i am a pro-gun democrats but we have a serious mental health issue and i know of a tax will answer that if there is a way to solve mental health issues then we should do that or consider that. deirdre: one jeopardy contestant in answer is
5:35 pm
going viral. >> beflowered picture is called this also a disparaging term for people of the political left. >> i have a feeling you may found a way to insult the liberals in this country. what is a p&g? -- pansy. [laughter] does this resonate? >> this was a kick starter but the audience will look at this. jeopardy is a conservative meritocracies so more power to her. >> i am not offended i don't think liberals should be offended about every single thing. she is funny and added humor
5:36 pm
to a boring game. if they are insulted than they have lot of work to do. deirdre: glad to have you both here. one google employee tried to save 90% of his salary by living in a truck and he parks it in the google parking lot. that is 30 lives. we'll give you some ideas to save cash that it is less dramatic. several public instances of people this using properties from airbnb. and they have a big problem on their hands. bacon causes cancer? should you be worried? the doctor will be with me right here.
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but it is not the device mobithat is mobile, it is you. >>
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deirdre: the degree cho is putting hot dogs and bacon and other processed meat in the same category as tobacco. they cause cancer. the beef industry is responding saying the statement is dramatic and alarmist and a spokesperson mocked the panel's previous work classifying coffee and air and some lights and wine as cancer hazard to say you can enjoy it but do not sit in the sun window or apply alvarez or drink wine or coffee or eat grilled food. 20 me down is dr. seigel. is the who giving good vice? >> battle think the need to compare it to cigarettes because we know the cause cancer they cause lung cancer. but it uses the message because it is a real message i looked at the research today.
5:41 pm
they brought in 22 scientist that nih is involved in this stuff that we know the process meet hot dogs, they can come with the nitrates the salted and smoked meats it has hydrocarbons that are known carcinogens. yes, processed meats leads directly to:cancer but it is moderation if you have more than 2 ounces a day you are asking for trouble. and to increase by 50 grams you are asking for trouble. stop having five hot dogs a week for a stake every day. deirdre: what if it is organic? >> it does make a difference and it is taken right from the pig rather than curing it did makes a difference. the difference is processed red meat is okay and fruit and vegetables are the good guys.
5:42 pm
definitely don't have as much processed meat. deirdre: as a citizen, did you depend on the who? >> there is a lot of people that are thrilled to learn you can die by begin but this correlates not necessarily causation and it doesn't tell us anything new. the independent women's forum has done an excellent job to point this out. we already know if you have a ton of soss said jim bacon for breakfast you will not be as healthy as somebody who did does not do that. it is a huge relief this is something you should avoid at all cost but i think this study is overblown as alarmist and the interpretation should not changed significantly the way you plan your breakfast. >> there is a 116 year-old woman alive today the aids bacon every day.
5:43 pm
granted. they seriously looked f-14 studies on:cancer the kind that i like in date concluded causation they are top scientists out more from the united states did they concluded causation when it comes to:cancer 12 out of 14. very good cities i will buy that i think it is a significant change. deirdre: so coming up on the screen we saw pictures of whole milk and butter with the idea sometimes you hear that butter is bad. sometimes you hear avoid this all together so is there a way people did say
5:44 pm
in tenures it is not harmful? >> but butter is not a good guy we were so busy bashing that's now we started to bash the sugars but the point is both bad and butter and sugar and unsaturated fats the mediterranean diet is good. they will not turn around in five years using a process meats are good for you. double what happened. deirdre: more fruits and vegetables just like mom said. 1/6 figure google employee is saving 90 percent of his salary by living in a truck. that may be the only way to save money in san francisco right now. right now one -- after a
5:45 pm
slew of misused prop. 33. remember the young woman caught drinking and driving as she lives streamed on periscope? a co-founder of a new application will be with me after this. >> excellent looking below the surface, researching a hunch... and making a decision you are type e*. time for a change of menu. research and invest from any website. with e*trade's browser trading. e*trade. opportunity is everywhere.
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5:49 pm
our guests are here. is this growing pains or do you really need to look at what they're doing how we're interacting with our community? cemetery huge company so do things will happen. that house party was rented actually for house parties the baseman was firmly $580,000 or whatever so with people being cautious there is no way have a prayer my apartment but all lot of people would. >> these people are on drugs they are throwing drugs around the room. >> you are upset you were not invited? >>. [laughter] it is this all that unique i
5:50 pm
would say it hasn't been done before but they are commercializing the idea that existed a long time ago but what is a major flaw but is not true that it is a multibillion-dollar property with x-rated parties. deirdre: but they have been sued. the owner said i have no intention. >> it is hard to be accountable. >> you read a story like this i will never put my apartment on this. we'll look to these pictures they are appalling. deirdre: real estate in the bay area is expensive so one
5:51 pm
neon in junior ones to save 90% of his income and that is her he is living you essentially bought the truck and is on a the google lots. it is well under $20 a month on insurance does is say anything about the real-estate or she wants a movie deal? [laughter] >> there are 50,000 google employees he should have pulled up to the charging station with tesla and half of our property is vacant your house is empty right now it your home is vacant here so there is a bigger thing is an opportunity we have half of the of property vacant. he is clever but isn't the best thing maybe he should put in a window.
5:52 pm
>> you read about the average house is senator thousand dollars. prices have gone nowhere but up the millenials to one of the houses they just cannot afford them. >> it is a great way to save money. >> the most millenials would tell you that especially in the urban areas like sam francisco and manhattan. it is a product of the environment don't forget he is 23 years old he is offering engineers and he has a technical mind is made to solve problems. >> probably is a much root one dash worse than his dorm room without the roommate. deirdre: the new york version is for people in a one-bedroom. [laughter]
5:53 pm
when we come back a young florida woman caught drinking and driving while live streaming on periscope. next. proud of you, son. ge! a manufacturer. well that's why i dug this out for you. it's your grandpappy's hammer and he would have wanted you to have it. it meant a lot to him... yes, ge makes powerful machines. but i'll be writing the code that will allow those machines to share information with each other. i'll be changing the way the world works. (interrupting) you can't pick it up, can you? go ahead. he can't lift the hammer. it's okay though! you're going to change the world.
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>> >> i am drunk beyond belief. i feel i will be drunk all the way home. deirdre: caught drinking and driving while live streaming on periscope. that tipped off concerned neighbors you tipped off police.
5:57 pm
no a news streaming app 8q for joining me. one feature is that users can decide if they want to share it or not. she could have chosen private maybe that was good because they got her off the road bed with that product the users can set private public function before they streamed? >> yes. if you want to have the of public stream for your followers or private stream you'll the one certain people to see you can choose from the contacts are followers of facebook or twitter. did eating light streaming was so boring? >> we have to major
5:58 pm
problems. the first is it is boring. with a different applications there is not a lot to do. it is like face timing with the world. so we have integrated special effects and features that they enjoy into a concept. the social lives dreaming is on the show right now but we think it is the neck step to social media. deirdre: and if you are lolling the productions. we also found it is not share a ball and research showed that there have to go back to watch the our long stream. so we made way for users to
5:59 pm
share the best moments and 15 seconds that is shared out to facebook or twitter. deirdre: day cooperate because in some respects they have competing products or they may be developing them. >> yes. we have seen twitter launch periscope. when we say cooperated isn't that we actually use them in our system but we just use them to make them sheriff all. deirdre: so what are your short-term goals? >> we have had some great success so far. just yesterday alone more than 220-0500 users sign up and within one hour we had 600 lifes -- lined streams we have a lot of good success we hope to see more
6:00 pm
users and having people having fun. liz: i'm liz macdonald in for charles payne. brand new poll has donald trump neck-and-neck with ben carson. we have donald trump surging in new hampshire and south carolina but mr. trump stumbling providing details of his policies. so without those details, can trump be the gop's nominee? yet another uproar at a comment mr. trump just made about women. >> we want it where the women don't have to wear the you know what. and then i said, well, that makes sense. that's nice. then i saw women interviewed. we want to wear them.


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