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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 28, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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will the growth last. we will break it down. the hundred moon is over for newly minted ceo jack dorsey, whether it can turn things around. more on that coming up. escobar. here comes escobar. the royals win game one. >> sandra: marathon for royals and mets. the game lasting 14 innings and started at an unusual note. escobar inside home run on the first pitch. lebron james, lebron was going for the game-time layup but the chicago bulls, pau gasol made sure that didn't happen.
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bulls beating the cavs with president barack obama watching by the stands. hillary clinton making a campaign stop on late show with steven colbert, she weighed in with her take on the banks and what tv show she likes to watch. >> what do you binge-watch? >> we finally finished house of cards. >> you watched that show and every yawn goes oh. >> yeah. >> sandra: process of itch -- impeach irs commissioner. blake joins us this morning from washington. good morning, blake. >> blake: hi, good morning to you. it's very rare, but house republicans began to argue yesterday, it is deserving for the irs commissioner john, jason
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chaffetz and other republicans introduce to impeach commissioner, the irs had delivered false testimony under oath regarding of conservative groups and documents destroyed under his watch. took in late 2013 after scandal broke. he has not been forthcoming since. >> we had months of investigation by the inspector general. he came and testified that indeed there was targeting, we know that for a fact. it's been well documented and now we also have documented that those documents in the possession of the irs despite a subpoena were destroyed by the irs. >> blake: time being questioned by some if this resolution comes after the department of justice on friday announced that criminal charges would not be pressed on the former irs chief, the irs said in a at the same time that quote, vigorously
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disputes the allegations. sandra. >> sandra: all right, blake, thank you. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> sandra: where do you think we are going to go with this? how is this going to end? >> right now a head of impeachment. the house republicans want to see where it's going to go. there's a lot of anker on the right -- anger with the irs, you know, are fairly curious to say the least. there's a lot of anger that the irs scandal, nobody really has been punished, nobody really has paid the price for anything, took the fifth, didn't really testify, retired. i think there's been building anger on this for a long time. >> sandra: there has been
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building anger. do i put it contingently. [laughter] >> keith: you have to be on the right to have this point? there's somebody who actually read the lobby of objective view? >> dagen: i love it. >> i just think like a lot of the fights, polls up there. no doubt. >> dagen: i guess that begs the question, why do it. basically says and i'm paraphrasing but it sends a message to people who work within the executive branch that you're not a government under yourself, you're not an island and answer questions to the american people whether he's convicted on trial or not which is highly unlikely in the senate. >> this is at the heart of a lot of the battles going on in the house.
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right now it's a one side that says, we should do the right thing, no matter what the consequences and then there's another side that says, in terms of tactics and effects not the wisest course. similar to benghazi fight. look, it's just not worth going down the path politically for the party even if there's something there that we need to do. this is another one of those fights. it does female like, you know, there is enough here to investigate and dye sire to go down that road. >> sandra: i want to move on to the budget deal. as you know, we are moving into john baner's last days, very emotional final days, he is saying good-byes in washingtons. >> dagen: ice cream today. >> sandra: scrambling enough
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votes together to get passed, your redictions on -- predictions? >> i think what will be interesting it that it will become a presidential issue. we haven't heard discussion about budget, you saw candidates, a number of them on the republican blasting the deal, and this is essentially going to punt talks until the next presidency. this is now front and center. >> sandra: speaking of moving on, moving on to the next speaker of the house, a lot of talk about how that's going to happen and who that is going to happen with. >> that'll be ryan. >> sandra: do you like him? >> i think he's a good figure in washington. he's well respected by both parties. he is sincere and hard worker.
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it'll be interested because he's not tested for a job like this, it's not something he sought and there's a lot of things to do like fund raising. >> keith: he's actually knowledgeable which is nice. somebody who can read a balance sheet is helpful. is that something that you think he'll be focused on, which is his strength? >> there might be a surprise that he has in store. i think the challenge, again, will be though, will be managing particularly the freedom caucus. already a guy who has pretty strong conservative credentials, people were reminding the 2013 budget deal he has with patty murray. he has to manage that process and focus on the fiscal issues he cares about which is going to be tough.
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>> sandra: he has a lot of challenges ahead and republicans think he's good for the job. >> dagen: drunk on his dreamy eyes. >> sandra: how can you not be? wrap up two-day policy meeting after september highly anticipated meeting. we are not expecting a move today but the statement could offer clues about whether officials expect rate increase in december or leaning it to another delay. i can't imagine that you are paying very close attention, but try to -- [laughter] >> sandra: put something together. >> keith: isn't it fascinating that if you go back six months ago, 12 months, rate hike, 3%, now the bond and gdp reported tomorrow maybe 1%. now everyone is begging for the fed to be easier.
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>> sandra: this is nuts. >> keith: narrative drift. the recession and story telling for wall street. it's really getting tough to follow how -- >> sandra: are you? >> keith: i think utilities, bonds, the kinds of thing that is we have been talk about the best way to play growth slowing. you get twitter getting hammered when it's really not a company that makes money and you have people trying to hope that apple doesn't go down. you have a slower growth story for apple, twitter, that's kind of what you got. if you get that every day, that's not going to be getting me excited about the u.s. stock market. >> sandra: the only case for the stock market is if interest rate don't go up? >> keith: that's the case -- >> dagen: you saw with market reaction after fed officials
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saying they probably won't raise this year. >> keith: the yield chasing trade, the merging markets trade. china bounced viciously when rates started to go down. it's started to turn. we have seen the dollar go up on the valuation. so many moving parts. >> dagen: i can point out things that i know that you watch that you haven't mentioned yet. you've been watching -- >> keith: yeah. >> dagen: appears that it did for this month. the nondefense capital goods aircraft, yeah so that fell half a one percent and expected to increase. if you dig deep in the numbers, there's not a lot to go -- >> keith: that's the main thing this week. three core economic, new home sales missed, consumer confidence miss and gdp is going to mis. that's the bulk case. >> sandra: they are not going to budge.
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got it. i'm kind of getting sick of it. i have no opinion. thank you very much. fox business joins with wall street journal to give you republican debate, be sure to tune in on november 10th, republican candidates take stage in milwaukee, wisconsin, 6:00 p.m. eastern time. moderated by yours truly and maria bartiromo will be moderators, trish and i will be in the first one. niel and maria bartiromo in the later one. you can only see it in the fox business network. getting right sized. wave of consolidation, wall green -- walgreens plan to get
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even larger. confirming just daily ceo. ibm is nearing a deal to acquire digital and asits. panel giving busch to finalize takeover for sabmiller. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ can a business have a mind?
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>> sandra: president obama troops closer to syria and iraq. >> cheryl: good morning, everyone. senior official confirming to fox news that president is considering proposal to move u.s. troops deeper into the region. this comes as defense secretary carter testified on capitol hill that the military plans a hire heavier rate of strikes against isis targets. outside control board to ensure ethical behavior in the industry. the agency is designed to monitor fantasy sports company and will be lead obama officials. walgreen announcing plans to buy for $9 a share. three biggest drugstore owners
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and will likely draw scrutiny from regulators. $9.4billion price tag. it has to be the lead thing here because of the control they are going to have. this isn't just about how many drugstores they have across the country. this is about control of prescription drug costs and health care and that's a very serious and very annoying topic. >> sandra: one consolidation of the drugstore industry but also paid for record deal. >> keith: yeah. >> sandra: this helps us put us on track for that. >> keith: happens at the end to have cycle. >> dagen: end of day. >> keith: at least slows like walgreens, they have to go buy growth, that's what typically happens over time. we have seen this and it's not just that asset. i didn't do the hotel stock
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broke to the upside because quote unquote the chinese are going to buy starwood. >> cheryl: do you like -- >> keith: you are tieing two rocks together, they still sink. >> sandra: you watch the industry pretty closely. >> dagen: i thought you were going to say i know you go to drugstores. [laughter] >> sandra: that too. $340billion of merger deals this year alone, the affordable care act, obviously has a big to do with this. >> dagen: absolutely. it's always about integration and this is a consumer-oriented consumer chain, in addition to the groceries that they sell.
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and i look at, new york city how they integrated dewayne reed. >> keith: those were the former rocks tieing together. terrible companies. it happened at the end of the last cycle. we were trying to get the thing taken out from lbl perspective. >> cheryl: i do like the fact that they have in-house clinics, those are big money make internal revenue service. they're moneymakers. >> sandra: we have gone 20 minutes and keith hasn't mentioned planners. [laughter] >> sandra: all right. >> dagen: walgreens signed up and now they are not opening blood centers until they know what's going on with the companies.
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rushing to add bells and whistles. thank you. >> sandra: that's straight ahead. ♪ ♪ ♪ the internet of things. what we're recommending as your consultants... the new consultants are here. it's not just big data, its bigger data. we're beta testing the new wearable interface... ♪ xerox believes finding the right solution shouldn't be so much work. by engineering a better way for people, process and technology to work together. work can work better.
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not the other way around. >> sandra: welcome back. crude oil prices, $43 and 55 cents a barrel, edging this morning. latest oil project in canada, forcing the company to take a 2 billion-dollar writedown.
6:24 am
phil is in the group. phil, what do you make of this move? >> phil: not very profitable. they can't really compete with some of the lighter shell plays at all. you're going to see more of that, alberta is going to be in a lot of pain until the prices start to recover. it's not just royal shell, overnight oil, laying more people off. we are going through a major turnaround in industry. we are cutting back unlike anything we have ever seen before. >> sandra: if you could stay there for a second. keith, i want to get your reaction. i feel like all the changes have to take place in the industry while we had this major change in the trend of energy prices. >> keith: yeah. >> sandra: we are going to see 60-70-dollar-barrel and oil,
6:25 am
then what happens? >> keith: all we had here and i'm sure phil would agree t dollar go down and oil go to 50. people start chasing the charts and on top of that, the other thing called natural gas went to $2. natural gas if you look at the certified train wreck that affects public equities as well. the answer -- you know, cierk -- ci >> it's going to look like the chart of crude oil. >> sandra: good point. phil, last word on the floor. >> phil: what happens today we are going to be paying years down the road. we are in a bus cycle. the boom cycle is going to come and we are going to be behind the curve. >> sandra: thank you. well, it is that time year again, target gearing for halloween by creating a tool to help find the best candy in your
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restless in for maria bartiroma of. it is october 20th and with me is dagen mcdowell and keith mccullough is here. lawmakers working to round up votes to avoid a government shut down. more conservative as voice opposition to the deal including presidential hopeful ted cruz and rand paul. jason shave its filing a resolution to begin the impeachment process. the congressman john koskinen
6:30 am
is accused of making false comments under oath. hillary clinton waited on her take on the banks and was asked about their race of the other side of the aisle. >> who would you rather run against, donald trump or ben carson? >> i will leave that to the republicans. >> the likely choice. >> if i say one or the other it might influence some people and i don't want to influence it. i want people to go through what ever there process is. sandra: investors focusing on earnings and that's two day policy meeting. a slight gain with dow futures up 25. apple of among stocks, edging higher in pre-market on rising iphone sales, a couple dollars there, a tough day for jack
6:31 am
dorsey, selling on earnings and the weak fourth quarter guidance. >> to the right, granderson mack, here comes escobar, they win game one. sandra: marathon night for the royals and metz, a kansas city scored the game-winning run in the fourteenth inning tying the record for the longest world series game. glad i didn't stay up for that. futures edging higher as investors weigh on the fed's decision and adjusting the slew of big tech earnings, shares of twitter tanking in pre-market trading, before the quarter guidance. on the flip side apple climbing higher on stronger earnings in large part thanks to surging i phone sales. do you think this growth is sustainable for avalanche how many will buy new iphones
6:32 am
because there's broke? >> this is the basic listen in stock picking. when growth slows the multiple of the stock compresses and wall street says but it is cheap and they try to tell you why it is a good product. you don't need a degree in anything but common sense to know apple sells iphones and that might be a risk once they get into the seventh, 8 and 95 phones. that is the case for apple. we are talking 2%. sandra: you are not bullish on apple. it is sheet. >> when growth is slowing sheep gets cheaper. when growth slows the multiple compresses. when growth accelerates -- sandra: less than that would be cheap. >> it could go to ten or eight,
6:33 am
it gets cheaper until growth accelerate so what is the case for apple? they need to show a real acceleration in growth and what tim cook said to me appears like a marketing guide and steve jobs. he continues to talk about appearing on these shows or wherever it is talking about a product but what he calls himself the mother of all comps being the comparative period of sales versus the iphone 6. dagen: if he wasn't a marketing guy we would be bashing him for not being a marketing guy because it is a consumer-products company and you got to be out there selling. it is just like i have seen people over the years who ran car companies were not marketing guys and the sales can suffer. in this quarter there is good news comment in cook came out and said he does expect iphone sales to grow again in the
6:34 am
current quarter. >> to grow is the new bar for apple. dagen: selling price is up. >> the stock is down from the one $32, $133 a share, it has got to get above 120 to get me interested. cheryl: above 120. >> that is all you have been since june is crushed it. cheryl: twitter , as much as a loss of 11% at one point in the after hours traded, still up $3. >> i am driving to hockey practice listening to people recap twitter and every guy and gal talking about the stock prefaced by saying to be clear, full disclosure, i am not happy with the reaction but it is going to bounce here. why? dagen: why would you be long that stock? you believe they might have a future and monetize their
6:35 am
business. as it gets cheap enough it is bought by somebody, that is the future. if it is not cheap enough now they don't have bids. >> they brought back dorsey and never left. sandra: you use it every day. dagen: i don't think they have a plant or at the service they can significantly grow, instagram they leon people gravitated toward it isn't phenomenal. we are used to twitter. i use it for news that somebody who is 12 and the 12-year-old gets an i phone, they are not going to be asking i got to get on twitter. >> just because you use it doesn't make it a valuable equity. separate the products from the stock. the product doesn't make money.
6:36 am
i don't hate anything, i have a genuine dislike for companies -- sandra: tweet me your thoughts on twitter. dagen: when they said the ceo is leaving, we don't have a plan to replace him. when the company does that they have not done anything since then. cheryl: the company has a knowledge its problems. >> the problems got worse, pricing down 39% in the quarter. sandra: we will keep watching that. that stock is taking a hit in pre-market. target meanwhile looking for an edge on the candy competition because there is competition among candy by creating a halloween full portrait retreat
6:37 am
nicole: art that has set website the low could best spots in your area called treatster locating in the services, the jack clanton showing the best houses, a map showing the best places for the houses to get the best. and add their own homes, you can see where you like the best and put in not vote. the national retail federation estimates americans spend $7.4 billion on halloween last year. no surprise target is going all out. penneys alps, no go and some made reasons. what is good, candy bars. that is what we used to talk about when we found house handed out full size candy bars. dagen: many boxes of milk duds
6:38 am
were quite a treat. >> other stuff like apple, they give you candy apples that may not be what you want. sandra: mit stuart: who think sometime in the future it will be an outdated scary concept we used to do. we are opening our doors to complete strangers all night in the dark of night who are masked and we are accepting candy from complete strangers. does anybody think this will last forever? dagen: you are such a new yorker. dagen: people in small towns don't think about that because you know everybody on your block. i see we are coming from. nicole: in manhattan you leave it outside the door and leave isn't locked. dagen: properly groomed, you don't go to the door, something is wrong with someone who can't
6:39 am
take care of their yard. good long, but candy. sandra: some people are obsessed with halloween. i'm not surprised retail spending -- dagen: we can talk about that. i think adults who dress up for halloween are freak shows. these halloween parties. sandra: costumes for your pet. thank you, don't forget to start your day with nicole and lauren simonetti on "fbn a.m." every day at 5:00 a.m.. jimmy fallon is about to take his audience for the ride of their lives literally. that is next. later we will take you on a different kind of ride. go inside tesla's self driving car, exactly how it works. we will show you coming right back.
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maria: cheryl casone has the story.
6:44 am
cheryl: barkley's name to jpmorgan baker jess steely as ceo, you'll takeover december 1st, five month after the previous chief executive was fired. tonight show host jimmy fallon making a big announcement on his show last night. >> in 2017 we have our own rawhide at universal orlando resort, raise through new york starring jimmy fallon. cheryl: there he is showing of the logo of the new right, true stuff. get this. a massive pumpkin was a smashing success in minnesota, presidents gathered to watch 1,465 pound pumpkin crop under a minivan, even better. all of this helping to raise money for charity. wait for it, wait for it, boom.
6:45 am
back to you. sandra: good thing they didn't miss. and the report says millennials are better off buying of home than renting it. not necessarily what they are doing. millennials are not buying homes. and economists, your company helps people renovate homes but people are not buying them. what are you seeing? >> thanks for having me on the show. unprecedented insights into renovation market with global community. sandra: what are you seeing? >> homeowners are doing home ownership, have historically had very low homeownership rates. this is the troubling for the home renovation market. large concern for the housing market in large. if millennials are not buying homes and they are doing
6:46 am
renovations, that is a large segment of the population. sandra: millennials don't want to buy homes, there is a lot of economics behind that. >> one basic reason is they don't have any money. the reality is you have to get a job and start to earn money and take down your debt and the d t are eerie shias are different than they used to be. millennials are young and don't have money. >> affordability is a real challenge, home prices rising at ready they have been and student debt being an issue, millennials are having trouble funding the down payment to start with and the 40 of a mortgages after that. sandra: that tells me from what you have told us if i want to renovate my home is the good time to do that and achieved time to do that. >> absolutely. data is showing the majority of professionals on our side are seeing conditions return to normal and are highly optimistic about the renovation market as a
6:47 am
whole. dagen: what is normal? during the housing boom, the media, tv shows, people in the real-estate industry pushed the fallacy that if you put in a $25,000 kitchen into your house it added $50,000 in value to the home. anything you did magically rather than you would not only get dollar for dollar back but 2:$1 back. that doesn't work? the math never works out. >> by some estimates the spending on home renovation is back to the peak levels before the recession so that is significance of the housing -- sandra: if you were living in new york and put $25,000 renovation into your kitchen how much on average is the homeowner going to get back on their return? >> the homeowners are reporting since the design and functionality of the homes that are critical factors the home renovation are staying in their
6:48 am
homes for the long haul so they are putting money to make a home their own. dagen: if you want to invest in renovating your house that is fine, stay in it, it would be the notion -- >> this guy went to college, you like marketing, at marketing genius runs flipped this house and it is basically that, you put 25, 50 grand down and make 50. dagen: doesn't he make his money in seminars? >> i am not ripping on that. it is there. people have a fascination with that. cheryl: if we are going to renovate your home with got to go, still kitchen and bath, the key areas. >> they are the top of the popularity and that is reported by 35 million of monthly user's. that is the bread and butter of
6:49 am
renovation. sandra: straight ahead, the of levon-year-old mets fan wanted for his birthday was an autographed baseball bat, but what he winter to make his dream come true. thank you for calling. we'll be with you shortly. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better and faster customer experience. hello mr. kent. can i rebook your flight? i'm here! customer care can work better. with xerox. wait i'm here! mr. kent? (gasp) shark diving! xerox personalized employee portals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing?
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>> granderson back, escobar tagged, and here comes escobar, the wheels win game one. sandra: the mets still have a chance to capture their first world series championship in 29 years. one young mets fan nearly went through his own loss when i company tried to pull what the daily news called the back and switch, a 11-year-old and william smith and patrick w. smith in city with your story. is an amazing story. hello to you, sir. great to have you on set. what exactly happened. what happened to this bad you now have? what happened? >> $175 on birthday money and daniel mirth day won't reach the world series by counsel of the order. sandra: did you think that was because there were so many orders they wanted to raise the price or they ran out of them? >> we ordered prior to the home
6:54 am
run record and so i personally think that they shouldn't have canceled the order at all because we ordered prior to when everything happened. sandra: what did you do? >> i called the day the news. sandra: as any good long island boy would do. and they wrote of this article, back and switch and the company then was it the company that did that? >> the ceo of major-league baseball all alumni association working with top -- in this memorabilia, they got my cellphone number and then foster called me and he said we made a mistake here, maybe there was a screw up along the line and we wanted to make it right, immediately sent william for his birthday but wanted to give back his $175. william would show you what
6:55 am
happened when it came back. >> gave it to the jack the robinson foundation. >> good for you. you haven't taken it out of the plastic. will you keep putting? >> yes. sandra: what does an 11-year-old boy learn from this process? or an adult? ask and you shall receive, make sure your opinion, make sure something was done by you? >> decided to stand up for himself and inspired me. >> is the bat like the? should we all touch it to make sure the mets win the world series? >> yes. by the way william wanted to bring you this from the clubhouse, it is and in lc as ball for your desk. even though you are a cubs fan. you are at new york verbage sandra: when you heard back from
6:56 am
major league baseball you were in school so you didn't get the news right away. >> i got it when i was walking home. sandra: will the mets win? >> yes. sandra: we will be right back. you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. the has unlimited access is thatto information,tion no matter where they are. the microsoft cloud gives our team the power to instantly deliver critical information to people, whenever they need it.
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sandra: maria bartiroma have the morning off, of i am sandra smith, it is october 28th. dagen mcdowell and keith mccullough is here. republican lawmakers working to round up enough votes to avert a government shutdown. the budget vote will likely be close as more conservative voice opposition to the deal including presidential hopeful marco rubio, ted cruz and rand paul. the push to impeach irs commissioner john koskinen, jason chase its filing a resolution to begin the
7:00 am
impeachment process accusing koskinen of making false statements under oath, he explained the move to sean hannity last night. >> part of this concern is they have documents in their position that were under subpoena and destroyed them. if the irs as you for those documents and use that i had them but destroyed the what would that have been to you? sandra: investors focusing on earnings, futures show the markets right now somewhat positive with u.s. futures up, dow futures down up 4. apple among stocks to watch this morning, stocks edging higher on rising iphone sales but will the growth last and will the gains last, and the honeymoon is over for jack dorsey. twitter selling of earnings, what went wrong for the company and whether it can turn things
7:01 am
around coming up. >> to the right, granderson back, escobar tags, here comes as the are, but wills win game one. sandra: marathon night for the royals and mets' ticket of the world series, the game lasting 14 innings and started on an unusual note. royals outfielder escobar inside the home run on the first pitch that he thought. lebron james, going to the layoffs, made sure that didn't happen. it was 97-95. president obama watching from the stands. hillary clinton making a campaign stop with steven colbert last night, she weighed in on the banks and whether they should be bailed out and what tv shows she likes to watch. >> do you have a show you really
7:02 am
like? >> we have a lot of the man finally finished house of cards listed awhile. it was slow going. >> you watch it all. sandra: house republicans begin the process of impeachment irs commissioner john koskinen in the wake of the scandals that conservative groups targeted by the tax collection agency, blake berman joins us from washington, breaking details on that. >> trying to impeach the leader of a federal agency is very rare but house republicans began to argue yesterday it is deserving for john koskinen. republicans on the house oversight committee issued a resolution to impeach the commissioner claiming the irs had delivered false testimony under oath regarding targeting of conservative groups and added documents were destroyed under his watch. koskinen took over the irs in 2013 after the scandal broke but
7:03 am
republicans behind a resolution say he has not been forthcoming since. >> we had months of investigation by the inspector general and he testified that indeed there was targeting. we know that for a fact which it has been well documented and we have documented that those documents in the position of the irs despite a subpoena were destroyed by the irs. >> the timing is being questioned as the resolution comes after the department of justice announced criminal charges would not be pressed on former irs chief lois lerner. the irs said yesterday that, quote, vigorously disputes the allegations. democratic congressman elijah cummings to get a step further calling this a stunt or a joke, would be insulting to stunts and jokes. sandra: do you see john koskinen getting impeached? i will tell you we're looking at charges including failing to
7:04 am
provide evidence, violating public trust and lying under oath. where will this go from here? dagen: i don't think it will require a two thirds vote in the senate to convict in a trial, that might not happen so he won't be worse secretary william bell nap who had to be in a speech in 1876 but if you go through his lack of leadership and what these charges del into, this is an example, ave into, this is an example, a few weeks after the subpoena, they destroyed 24,000 lois lerner e-mails, he said none had been lost, in fact her hard drive had crashed, employees had erased tapes. he didn't tell congress until june 13th when lois lerner's e-mails were missing as early as february 2014 so he waited
7:05 am
several months to do that he talked about how the irs went to great lengths to retrieve for lost e-mails, her blackberry, laptop, e-mail server, at treasury inspector general did his own search. 1,000 new e-mails turned the been two weeks. there is a lot of mismanagement going on. sandra: it doesn't help the public perception, people don't trust the government right now. and they are not happy with it and when you see this playing out in the news it doesn't tell. >> sounds like it should be happening in russia. when i moved to this country i did not think the rule of law would have this kind of relevance which is not a lot. you get rid of 422 tapes out right and to the point of the sound bite that is a basic point. what if any of us it did that men we would be up the creek with a wrong paddle.
7:06 am
dagen: i don't want to say this kind of malfeasance in another agency is excusable but when it comes to the irs given the irs's power to essentially freeze your bank account if they want to, to investigate whoever it they like, they can show up at your house when you are not there and look in your garage window to see what kind of car you are driving and it is too do nice for the income you plan on your taxes. they have a great deal of power and that is why there should be greater scrutiny on what has happened and what isn't happening. sandra: a lot of people talking technology in teams, people tweeting about twitter and apple, both companies with earnings last night but the company telling two stories. jo lin kent has more. jo lin: and beat on top and bottom user growth is stagnant at twitter with 320 million
7:07 am
monthly active users and if you look closely, 37 million if you take out all the people using twitter and text messaging. guidance with the current quarter, 695 million to $710 million in revenue and the ceo not explaining why that is the case. analysts were looking for $740 million, stock is trading down 9% in a free-market but apple continued to plow ahead with a strong quarter, just over 48 million iphones in line with the estimates, revenue was up $55 billion. thanks to the share repurchase program. guidance better than expected, china was a bright spot, $15.5 billion in sales, almost 100% but i'd had sales down 20% for the seventh straight quarter of decline and ceo tim quote
7:08 am
staying completely silent on apple watch. sandra: where do you fall on this? you are a big user of these products apple and twitter. is that enough? a lot of people by these companies based on what they know about them. aside from the actual fundamentals. jo lin: i am not in a position to advise on what to do with buying or selling but when you look at what the fundamentals are for apple they continue to be strong, continue to have serious growth in emerging markets a specially china but twitter even though they have their ceo back enacted doesn't necessarily indicate we will see short-term improvement. it will take so much logger to fix what is happening. sandra: he is so cool. >> that is important when analyzing a stock. what i was taught to analyze the balance sheet there's a cool flood you going to the model for multiple extension. sandra: we won't let him talk
7:09 am
until we say his name. please jump in. what is your take. you can have an opinion. >> for apple it is a huge order. in terms of lowering guidance for december. it is a step in the right direction as we look for new streaming and watches, growth is showing year-to-year improvement which comes down to china, grew 100% and bark was worse than the bite and that is what you see with stock, up 3% flat, this is a step at the stock moved higher going forward. they make your supernegative. >> not just me, the market doesn't like the stock, we have seen do less like a sap and other stocks with higher growth rates, now the headline to me,
7:10 am
it is almost like the bar, i don't know how you call it, like -- >> with iphone 6. >> we could grow, do they have to grow 5%, 10% to get a multiple again or just not slow? >> that is the key point. if you look at the double-digit growth, forget currency, can they show year over year growth, can success be the bridge to the iphone 7, watch, streaming, it comes out 2016, can they put more fires, gasoline in the engine to show growth, any time, you cannot compare the apple to free iphone 6. >> bad quote by bush but this of bigotry of the expectations. would use the growth stock we
7:11 am
hope they don't sloth to no growth. if they don't stock will go out. >> the next big baying is iphone 7. >> these are all points. this is an improving situation, apple doesn't do a lot here for the stock to get rated slowly higher but to break new highs you got to believe in the iphone 7. sandra: are they optimistic on apple? >> largely so big time. big believers in apple. if you look at what tim quote
7:12 am
said, two thirds of people from 2014 who have not upgraded to the iphone 6 so there's a lot of runway for making a lot more money coming e ears. dagen: i don't know about all thing that. like holding up gnocchi at. what do you do with this cash? >> you have seen the peak 3. that is the issue. you see the repeat, apple is front and center just getting 200 billion. sandra: an announcement from u.s. forces closer to a combat
7:13 am
role in the middle east but first a few other headlines we are watching in the wall street journal this morning including the u.s. navy testing china over see claims. getting more time to finalize the big deal and volkswagen posting a big loss in the wake of the emissions scandal. we are going to be right back with the driverless car.
7:14 am
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yoget mucmorehana fr cret o sandra: the fbi investigating the incidents surrounding a spring valley officer suspended every violin class room arrest. cheryl casone has that story. cheryl: good morning and good morning, everyone. the fbi is investigating
7:17 am
circumstances surrounding this video. the student's violent arrest captured on the video that went viral and sparked wide outrage across the country. the video shows the officer standing over the students seated at her desk, puts his arm near her neck, y. e. yang said her backwards, the desk tips over, the student crashes onto the floor. a lot of outrage about this video and the fbi is involved. watching another story right now from syria and iraq, lucky ash carter, testified on capitol hill that the military plans a heavier rate of isis targets. planning to buy right a key uniting the biggest drug store owners, dropping scrutiny from -- this deal puts 2015 on track for the busiest year ever for a
7:18 am
mandate. regulators would get involved. >> we put together a chart of the day where we show m&a in context and this is critical to look at when we hear the siren of look at all this and and a you have to contextualize with and not other bubble and i am not sure we would get it immediately but we will eventually get it and it is right back to 2007 peak and the lowest quality deals happen at the peak, very low quality deal. dagen: you brought this up last hour but you see consolidation in the health-care industry, a lot of these companies need greater pricing power particularly in terms of dealing with drug companies and the like and are they really drugstore's anymore? we should call from something else. they have everything. sandra: they made a lot of money
7:19 am
expanding into groceries and to your point at the same time that was the great topic you brought up, the fact that you are getting all this consolidation because of obamacare, not just in the drugstore groups but health-care companies, providers, hospital networks, doctors, you are seeing a lot of multi practice practices. >> ackerman, that wonderful story that is valued. it is all part of the same thing. all these behaviors are born out of regulation. sandra: there are other proposals, and not offered $7 billion for humana, keith isn't a fan, stocks are reacting in a positive way. shareholders are liking it.
7:20 am
dagen: wellness centers, come and get your flu shot and get your temperature taken and get your blood pressure taken. >> the market is pricing this deal. stocks behaved, 40%. sandra: the car of the future is here, literally. coming up we will take a test drive in a brand new tesla model-s complete with an auto pilot feature. keep it here. the internet of things. what we're recommending as your consultants... the new consultants are here. it's not just big data, its bigger data. we're beta testing the new wearable interface... ♪
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(ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darli...) (t lion ee tonht.)
7:23 am
(hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. sandra: crude oil prices edging higher after falling a two month one 0 yesterday.
7:24 am
a bit of a bounceback call low prices hitting royal dutch shell's latest project in canada of forcing the company to take a $2 billion rate down. phil flynn is at the cme group where you have been watching reaction from many large companies having to react and adjust to this new historical low for oil. phil: another sign that opec is winning the price war. they want to force out of high-cost producers and seymour success. that alberta oil sands market is getting crushed right now and it is interesting, we are seeing an impact on energy supplies in the united states. last night we got a report from the american petroleum institute said supplies rose by 4 million barrels but if you look at oklahoma where we get shell oil and canadian oil sands oil supplies have actually fallen. what that shows me is we have a pack flooding of the gulf coast
7:25 am
with oil supplies. in the meantime our producers are struggling and production has fallen. sandra: is there a buying opportunity in the energy sector? >> in today's that meeting it is interesting because the dollar will stop going up when the fed reiterates they are not going to raise interest rates. that is the lead story in the journal. if you want to be bullish on oil you need to be bearish on the dollar. the fed meeting and tomorrow's gdp report, that growth stays bad for the dollar, oil for trade but keep a trader trade. they a few buy it you should buy and hold it, trading is so dangerous. >> day to day weekend they afraid of oil but if you want to be an investor you aware that down. jack oil stock edf. sandra: last word to you on the floor, you are hearing everyone talked about it, what is your take on oil? one of these markets where we are so used to the volatility.
7:26 am
what is next is anybody's best. phil: the volatility is stronger and stronger but that is indicative of the bottom. we saw the lack of volatility for many years but if we can get through the noise these production cutbacks are at a historic case, you see projects getting canceled and that will tighten the market. sandra: he was brought in to clean up the irs after the conservative targeting scandal but now conservatives want him gone. find out why next. and presence in the world is not a force for good. america has led the world and it is a more peaceful world when we're engaged the right way. we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. we have to stand for the values of freedom. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? but for the united states, who? who's going to stand up for the dissidents inside of iran that are brutalized each and every day?
7:27 am
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. . >> good morning. i'm sandra smith for maria bartiromo this morning, wednesday october 28 with me is fox business dagen mcdowell. understand hedgeye ceo keith mccullough, first your top stories at 7:30 on the east coast. republican lawmakers working to round up votes to avoid a o government shutdown. the budget vote will likely be close, as more conservatives
7:30 am
voice opposition to the deal. inclusion presidential hopefuls ted cruz, rand paul, also on the hill, house chairman firing a resolution to begin impeachment process for irs commissioner john koskinen congressman accusing koskinen of making false statements under oath, hillary clinton making a campaign stop on the late day with steven colbert weighed in with take on the banks, and without -- the other side of the aisle. >> who would you rather run against, donald trump, or ben carson? >> [laughter] >> i am going to leave that to republicans, you it can? >> all right. >> i. >> the likely choice -- >> if i say, one or the other, it might influence some people and i don't want to have any anies on it i want them to go through whatever their process is.
7:31 am
>> turning the markets investors focusing on earnings, and the fed two-day policy meeting futures showing markets right now, are up. in anticipation of that, keith any surprises. >> planning event, federal reserve. >> looking for a bell. >> there you go. >> ding-ding. >> that report -- >> dow tonights up 28 s&p futures up 5 watching apple, this morning, among stocks, edging higher on rising iphone sales optimistic report stock up a couple bucks tough for twitter ceo jack dorsey stock selling off on earnings in a weak fourth quarter guidance looking at shares off about $3 right now as we head towards the opening bell. two. nasa astronauts will take the first space walk of their careers today. you are looking at video of the astronauts preparing their suits for the mission. a lot of work going into that, two americans plan to spend nearly 6 1/2 hours working outside the international
7:32 am
space station. on upgrades, and maintenance tasks, the spacewalk to begin 8:10 a.m. eastern. >> and the right -- [cheers and applause] . >> escobar tagged. here comes escobar. win game one. >> marathon night for royals mets to kick off world series -- sitting here exhausted from that game, kansas city scoring game rung run 14th tying the record for the longest world series game. people might be tired at work, the top stories houserans begin the process of impeaching irs commissioner john koskinen, chairman accusing irs chief of misleading the public, and destroying documents, that
7:33 am
were sought under a subpoena in the irs investigation, let's bring in media chairman steve forbes joins us former white house economic advisor toddler buckle thank you both for being here will impeachment actually happen, staph. >> i think given the state of the conservative mind in the house of representatives, the answer is yes side of i.r.a. stonewalling made it very clear didn't think congress had power over irs has to be brought to heel senate another matter i think good thing to say you are going to be held accountable now and the rest of your life for what you've done and coverup. >> very serious charges brought against him failing to provide evidence, violating public trust lying under oath talking to keith earlier this does not help that public perception of the government right now, people don't trust it. >> raise taxes -- >> i think irs has been outrageous, remember this,
7:34 am
martha stuart went to presides martha stuart went to prison not for inspired trading but because she fibbed to investigator had to wear orange jumper devoted life to turning pinecones into place mats, kale salad had to go to prison trs commissioner and staff not just stonewall but discouraged conservatives from getting involved in the process utter outrage. >> i like that word the arrogance, the arrogance of hill mil when she speaks i think you can see that isn't this a moment political power is at peak, that is what you should expect is an arrogance that they are above the rule of law, above the fray? >> yes, and this administration, made a whole method of operation on that, stonewalling congress pushing everything to the edge having agencies do things they should not do. and imperial governmentally 14th would have loved it.
7:35 am
>> we got independence in a saying this is what i wanted. >> go ahead -- >> to the just stonewalled but destroyed documents, can you imagine if one of us got a phone call, from a spouse or from one of our kids, dad i made a mistake, i erased your irs returns now i could be scared to content if an audits what would i do. >> find anything 1,,000 nigh e-mails. >> if we delete a tweet we are indicted. >> not if your hillary clinton. sandra: the next political process that we should focus on and that is that speaker boehner is giving very emotional good-byes, this week, last day friday. >> hope he is not a mets fan or i know, it will just -- >> ohh. >> now the process of replacing him, what do you think about paul ryan? >> the only choice they have. demonstrated a command of policy, understands the rules
7:36 am
of the house, respected by all factions in the house, he can make things happen. one of the things i think will happen under his speakership won't wait to the last minute on deadlines when they come up if a crises comes up try to do more anticipation, and for the next president, if it is a republican, paul ryan interested in policy unlike the current leadership. >> get rid of the debt ceiling seems like in recent history steve just an excuse for the democrats to push through spending republicans on ropes to do something. >> goes walk to world war i. that is what happens when you wait to the last minute why to the tie to a certain percentage of gdp if violated, spending cuts come in things like that, so should have anticipated they see things an instrument there but they have not learned how to use. >> it both republicans and the democrats you raised debtor accuratelying raised it raided it just a natural kicking of the can. >> if you had done right
7:37 am
should be a tool for reform, and for example getting rid of 1974 budget -- >> i quick, i want to get take on 216. we have got dr. carson beating donald trump in poll shining shaking up a bit, have you, by the way, during the break thrown your support behind any one candidate yet. >> no, i am still looking for debates like a dating game, still looking. >> good because there is one tonight more important one is in a couple weeks right here fox business. >> can i ask steve quickly that has been cruel in my assessment of your performance when you hosted "saturday night live" in 09's any advice for donald trump when he hosts next month? >> don't do it? >> no do it enjoy it, it is a great thing, certainly health of my life i never got a part in a school play so to go on s.a.t.b bobo boboy -- s.a.t. he earth. >> as certain candidates have
7:38 am
gotten more attention they have fallen off carly fiorina a lot of attentions fell off walker attention fell off the only noncarson nontrump candidate gets more support as people see him, is rubio. >> so rubio is the guy to keep an eye on the one who doesn't fade away. when the camera is on him. >> very strong on foreign policy as well, thank you both, get a to have you is a mentioned, fox business will be teenage up with the "the wall street journal," to give you a republican debate, focused on the economy business and your money, be sure tune in watch november 10 steve forbes will making decision who he is going to vote for based on that debate. >> the republican candidates take the stage in milwaukee wisconsin 9 pm eastern moderated by user to rule, and maria bartiromo among the later debates hosting with neil cavuto only right here on the fox business network.
7:39 am
up next we get behind the wheel, auto pilot to the test keep it right here on fox business. ♪
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7:42 am
. sandra: my gosh this is breaking news new york yankees
7:43 am
legend determine derek jeter may be off the market for good is it true. cheryl: that is right, sandra, believe it or not, hearts breaking form new york yankees short stop derek jeter getting married to soouch model girlfriend hannah davis in "new york daily news" dating three years. the fantasy sports mailing to -- >> for good how about for five years until they break up. >> five years? >> a long time. >> see how long past -- >> go ahead. cheryl: all right, yeah, let's go to sports, fantasy sports industry planning to create outside control board to ensure ethical behavior in the industry designed to monitor daily and nondaily fantasy sports companies, and obama administration about official -- >> great news. >> you like that. >> best news i have seen this morning. cheryl: you like the fact going to regulate.
7:44 am
>> yeah. cheryl: quick, hold on halloween three days away are we prepare i don't think we are, target has created a web site that is going to locate the best trick-or-treat spots using your mobile device, the tool is called -- will have people. >> -- sandra's house. dagen: tweeting sandra home address in break, why is this happening to me? >>. sandra: you put your neighborhood on it, the pumpkins good houses big candy bars anything giving out apples, healthy will probably get nothing, can we talk about. dagen: adults dressing up for will have awipe women wearing shorts too short for body types putting on too much makeup i don't understand it. >> what party are you going to -- >> i look like more tisha
7:45 am
adams 364 days of the year i don't see -- >> all right we got to get to gyp, wraps up two kapolicy meeting after september anticipated meeting, and a decision to hold short term interest rates near zero there he is john hilsenrath, from "the wall street journal," chief economics correspondent do you think leaning toward another delay. >> absolutely not doing anything, today. the market isn't expecting it data has been soft, so today is off the table i think i have gone what janet yellen wants to do is wants to get through the day without unsettling market keeping the door open for action in december. sop she doesn't want to close door on that, but they need to see better data before they go ahead and do it december, you know right now is maybe 50-50. >> you spent a lot of time recently i think very much spot-on, on talking about janet yellen and the fed the different speakers confusing
7:46 am
the market or just talk flat-out too much do you. after today to say a whole heck lot more of nothing. >> today a policy statement that is it things about have you they think the economy is doing probably downgrade how job market has been doing because we got a soft jobs' report but really, the action picks up later this month, and then going into december, one of the things that janet yellen has figured out is that she causes vacuum when silent others fill it causing confusion she will be talking more -- >> go ahead don. >> i want to say one other thing off the subject i really take issue what dagen said about jeter. condemn marriage to five years a guy from a stable family one played with the yankees, indicated career to yankees i think that is a terrible thing for you to do --
7:47 am
>> i think that he is going to leave her, why wouldn't it be the other way around he is retired has too much time on hands. >> they both spent a lot of time, figuring out who they wanted to be with give them credit. >> wow. >> i agree. >> i have a fed question, jon, article in the journal today. >> my yankees that is all i got to say. >> okay, he doesn't play for them anymore, by the way. news flash. the -- >> the fed article in the journal about the fed, massive levels of cash in the more than markets fed might not have control over short term interest rates that some my think, it is extremely detailed, but what do you make of that? >> well, i mean, it is my colleague katie points to real issues, the fed load financial system with money in the past want to go raise interest rates just pulled money out of the financial system reduced
7:48 am
the money supply that pushed rates up, they can't do that now because there is so much in there, so they are using a bunch of new tools, they are hoping they are expecting they have will work don't the gargars another uncertainty. >> as we prap up 6% chance of anything happening at this meeting so nothing is happening. >> noouts this morning? >> december, this is the dedicates fed funds futures accurate on calling this december 35% chance, so market saying not happening december. i have to look all the way to march 2016 before you see a probability of a rate hike and that is still only 57% in march 20126. >> market expectation is for december 35% i said maybe 50-50 there are a lot of people said who would like to get going they just need to see the confirming data the market is telling us market doesn't expect us to go --
7:49 am
>> disconfirming data new home sales, all mixed this week. >> thanks for joining us this morning good to have you, new auto pilot feature a self-driving car in the making, or around experiment gone wrong fox news is brave enough to get behind the wheel of one of the things and let us know how it goes approximately all coming up don't go anywhere. welcome to today's working world. companies everywhere are working harder and investing more. but achieving the right outcomes has never been more difficult. xerox engineers a better way for people, process and technology to work together. improving how the world shops, travels, pleases customers, learns, banks, and stays healthy,
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so... life works better. work can work better. with xerox.
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7:52 am
. . > . sand: t new auto pilot system has car changed lanes breaking and markets no driver needed, we are joined live from behind the wheel of one of these tesla cars, the auto pilot how is it going out
7:53 am
there. >> good morning sandra to all of you, time to get good enumerating done "the wall street journal," new book came out, about thomas jefferson, an it feels crazy though sandra i am here with alexis from tesla good morning. >> good morning. >> we are working on three things the car is literally driving itself auto steer does at you o auto change lanes. >> all cars that we built since october 2014 had hardware -- two weeks ago we pushed this auto pilot capability to the vehicle, and that relies for feedback, so you have trouble around the car, long range radar, a forward facing camera gps gets better, the more cars that are driving on the road, as it is learning in real time. >> so all cars all teslas on the road are all talking to
7:54 am
one another, explain that. >> that is correct they have all cars learning from conditions of the road how drivers are responding, and they are actually adding new capabilities making auto pilot better more reliable. >> i find ol boy moments i got to put hands orange county on the wheel dripping nem, it is tight as i can there is some moms and dads out there going no way. would i let a car drive itself with my kids in the backseat. >> this is auto pilot not by any 3450e7bs self-driving we expect for a driver to be present take over any point on a database we are learning, and we expect customers to be there -- so in what year lit be -- where cars, literally just -- do everything by themselves? >> soon, soon that is certainly a plan for us. >> in weeks next year 10 years 20 years. >> to be determined we are wooshg
7:55 am
working on that down the line where we will face, sure drivers can abdicate responsibility we expect drivers to be pre. >> you don't recommend reading putting on makeup doing all that. >> absolute not. >> all right. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> sandra back to you. sandra: do you like it or don't like it you seem skeptical. >> this is first time behind the wheel i haven't been able to play with it except last hour has butter flies, going okay. what are we between live shots. >> used to it technology, people were that way about mike wave i am never going to use that and everybody usees a mike wave. >> thank you for trying it out it was great look all so curious, thank you see you again, next hour we are joined
7:56 am
bip, trio of ceos, jonathan bush, and dennis crowley we are going to being right back please stay with us. raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean, (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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7:59 am
morning off it is wednesday, october 28, with me is fox business dagen mcdowell, and hedgeye ceo keith mccullough tweeting away so join us your top stories republican lawmaker working around to get votes to aveteran a government shutdown budget vote likely closed, as more conservatives voice opposition to this deal, including, presidential hopeful marco rubio ted cruz rand paul on hill the push to intaech irs commissioner john koskinen chairman jason chaffetz firings a resolution to begin the intae. process yesterday accusing koskinen of making false statements undoath.
8:00 am
>> the heart of concern in their position documents under subpoena destroyed those major if irs asked of for you documents you said i had them destroyed them what would happen to you. sandra: turning narcotic action on wednesday morning, investors focused on earnings, big tech companies watching and fed decision, by the way. futures showing, some positive sentiment as we are an hour and a half from opening bell dow futures up 25, s&p futures up 4 nasdaq up 12, apple among the stocks that we are watching, this morning, stock higher on rising iphone sales, will this growth last, a lot of people asking that question this morning, we are breaking it down, and the honeymoon over for newly minted ceo dorsey twitter selling off, what went wrong for the company whether it can turn things around, the stock off a couple bucks this morning that is coming up.
8:01 am
two nasa astronauts will take the first spacewalk of their careers, in just a few minutes, you are looking at live pictures, from space, right now. the two americans plan to spend nearly 6 1/2 hours working outside the international space station upgrades on, and maintenance tasks space walk to begin 8:so a.m. eastern we will bring that to you live. >> and the right -- escobar tagged. here comes escobar. the royals win game one. >> did you watch to it the very end a marathon night for the royals to kick off world series lasting 14 innings started on unusual note, in the bottom of the first inning royals -- fielder escobar had
8:02 am
inside the park home run on the very first pitch. it was a wild night, in bauble lebron james rejected going are to tying layup gasol made sure that didn't happen bulls beat cavs 97-95 barack obama watching from the stands. turning back markets this morning, walk with twitter, apple, earnings last night one was not so good, one was pretty good, jo ling kent with more. jo ling: apple sold strong quarter with 48 million, iphones about in line with estimates revenue up 22%, at 51 1/2 billion dollars eps 1.96 thanks to that share repurchase program guidance is better better as well china brightest spot 15 1/2 billion dollars in sales up one hundred percent but ipad sales
8:03 am
down for the 7th straight quarter. 20% down there, we also saw ceo tim silent how many apple watches have been sold but bad news at twitter, stock right now is down more than 10% in premarket trading 37 talk about beat expectations on top and about whom user growth is real issue 320 million monthlytive users take out people using on text message, 307 million in terms of mau other problem guidance for quarter is light 695 million, to 710 million dollars, revenue, and ceo jack dorsey didn't explain why analysts were looking for 740 million dollars, and that stock is also trading down, i should say, apple is not trading down, it is twitter. >> we got you -- >> apple is trading down from the high. >> it is.
8:04 am
>> yes so volatile even zbleerl what is the point. >> i think if you are long apple you don't get this viagra moment this morning, you are out. >> what? >> that is what people are looking for if you came into the quarter long amazon crushed it viagra moment same with google i don't want to go on and on with metaphor, apple 115 to visit 150. 7 not going to cut it get above 120 has to told reinvigorate bulls if it doesn't could go do 104. >> viagra signatures fundamental dysfunction. >> i am well aware. >> you think that is -- >>. >> there is dysfunction in growth expectations people like i said in the prior have low expectation for apple sales are expected to be up 2 1/2%. >> expectations are different than function, right are you basically saying that the iphone, the fact so reliant a majority of their revenue still, that is the problem?
8:05 am
>> well, no, iphone battle ground the dysfunction you will note in the release or commentary is not in any of the new things, the watch didn't work fitbit krushz them not ipad sales recovery. >> don't know what watches -- >> other things going on reminds me of google doing everything else, and then everything else stopped working google lost multiple growth is slowing the disfunks i don't think broken but the problem are to stock. dagen: we can get to evaluation but even in a slow growth environment, is it growth. >> yes. dagen: still available. >> a critical point people are paying for gooufth to show growth bush from athena high multiple stock his growth accelerated apple's is decelerating, again if you
8:06 am
growth is slowing not getting that big growth premium people are paying for. >> twitter is real story in terms of those of negative catastrophe issue right now we can't ignore that jack dorsey has been in place what do you think the future is for twitter, especially if we see not going to turn titanic around soon. >> the futures the path, we go back-to-the-future twitter today still dorsey, this is still the same dysfunctional company doesn't make money that is the bottom line. >> would you ask him go. >> i am a power user there are so many things i would do nobody cares what i think. >> how cheap for it to be sold is the central question. >> all right. thank you got to get to break washington house republicans starting the process of intooechg irs commissioner john koskinen in cake of scandal conservative groups targeted by the agency blake has latest for us blake. >> once again john coos koss took over irs in late 2013, after the scandal broke regarding the tax agency
8:07 am
targeting of conservative groups, republicans argue, koskinen has not been forthcoming, since, they say violated the public trust, republicans on house committee yesterday, issued a resolution to impeach koskinen saying the is delivered shortfalls testimony under oath added documents destroyed under his watch the, 140 years, since impeachment proceedings of a nonpresident were successful unlikely to make it through senate but the head jason chaffetz said a while ago this morning that seengdz removal of koskinen is justified. >> look we got to do what we got to do not gravitate to go lowest common denominator just because harry reed wants to do something or not we got to demonstrate we how old people about accountable. >> irs said yesterday vigorously disputes the allegations.
8:08 am
>> blake, thank you, and on the campaign trail, gop hope full guruing up for that i heard republican debate tonight from coors event center in boulder colorado washington examiner senior er david drucker good morning. >> what are you hearing seeing on the ground ahead of big debate tonight? >> have it is to i think the first debate you are going to see people with realization that we're not in the beginning, where you can game this out like a chess match, time is running out for candidacy, who want to break through we know these debates, have been really big game chaerngs for different candidates so you look for a number of different players, here to try and assert themselves this evening. >> who do you think do emerge tonight that is not currently a front-runner who might have a big night put themselves out there take risk? >> well, let's look at it this
8:09 am
way we know ohio governor kasich said no more mr. nice guy ease things to say usually he is not such a nice guy i think feels pressure of being stuffed in the back of the pack he wants to try, and climb out of being you know king of hampeof new hampshire os main goal quite a while. >> you brought up kasich going to have a problem with other candidates, will he not about accepting the medicaid expansion the federal funding, as part of the affordable care act? >> right so i've been waiting for this to happen entire campaign the front-runner donald trump on record for until a lived government run health care has not affected him ben carson has in policy positions we would think for that republican primary has not affected him i think some things we are looking at trump finally trailing in polls that is going to change is he going after carson carson ahead in terms of being number one, in many polls, does that mean
8:10 am
going to get more scrutiny, bush is he going to be desperate aggressive because of money issues is rubio who is going to be in a sense center stage right next to trump, going to shine even more than he has in the past and what about the likes of rand paul mike huckabee, chris christie what are they going to do to try and change the game for them? their constantly sneaking in debates also a on sfwhubl what can lower tire candidates do this is more focused on economy money business what could a candidate do or proposes that will get attention of the misinterpret people, in a way that maybe they haven't. >> start a fight, and start a fight with trump call him a socialr absorb i have the protectionist don't call him free market capitalist somebody needs to go after him
8:11 am
probably not ben carson could be rubio could be christie different people there, that need to fight and fight now. >> hmm. >> and i -- >> i think because the debate is about the economy, don't forget is number one issue voters care about in every poll, i have looked at of 2016 race, it does give some of the candidates who need help a chance to breakthrough, i think the key though, is not to getting caught up in detailed policy proposals that pollsters strategists that gaming opinion look at data tell me the key thing is to let voters know i understand that you are hurting i i understand that you are worried i am going to fix it. hadn't hadn't and take that empathy understanding and roll it into a policy here is what i am going to do. but without that, are you end up with a repeat in sense of mitt romney in 2012 all the know-how plans nobody thought he cared so none of that matters. >> speaking of mitt romney one last thing i looked at trump said okay you are fine with
8:12 am
half this country paying no federal income tax your tax plan solidify it fine with half this country, not paying a dime for a veteran, not paying dime to pay the people who are risking their lives for the safety of the nation. >> that is what it boils down to. sandra: thank you, david trucker as you as quell live from boulder, the sight of that third republican debate happening tonight, of course, we reminder you, fox business is teaming up with "the wall street journal," for a republican debate, that is happening on november 10, the last one before we head into holidays, going to be crucial going to stay in everybody's mind early session comoderated by myself, and maria bartiromo the later session november so on fox business, of course, trish regan with me, neil cavuto maria bartiromo later on don't miss that, and hillary clinton making an appearance on "late show" with
8:13 am
steven colbert feeling very strongly about one particular thing. >> yes. yes. >> wow. >> yes, yes. >> yeah? >> ♪ ♪ fast forward ♪ can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? the wolf was huffing and puffing.
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8:16 am
. >> president obama weighs moving u.s. troops closer to front lines in syria and iraq cheryl casone has the latest on this story an more this morning, good morning. cheryl: that is right good morning, well sr., u.s. officials confirming to fox news president obama is considering proposal to move u.s. troops dealer into the region as defense secretary carter testified on capitol hill that the military plans to hire heavy rate of strikes against isis targets. and hillary clinton, making a campaign stop on the late show with steven colbert weighed in on her take, on the banks.
8:17 am
>> if you are president and -- and -- and banks and the banks are failing, do we let them fail. >> yes, yes. >> we let them fail. >> yes, yes. >> why? yes. sandra hill little taking a firm stance -- >> she was talking hers into something there -- >> a crock who pays for clintons wall street there is a bull market in democrats on wall street funding this family there is no, that is why she has to talk hers into it. >> banks contributing to her campaign or all banks that paid her and his high speaking fees. >> so much crock, bigger pan madison square garden would would not be enough to how will itted. >> she would not let the economy fall apart wouldn't you say i am not with rescuing banks entire system would have crumbled if they had not done at least something in wake of lehman brothers. >> i am not saying banks, should not be allowed to fail,
8:18 am
i am just saying, that she is the most conflicted compromised applications potentially in american history, saying that she would allow the banks to fail, there is not going to happen. >> one thing to let a -- a bank fail that isn't systemically important goes back to that would she have not gotten in the way during the finance minister crisis, in -- >> come on. >> a great thing. >> all right, there you have it. thank you. >> you bet. >> coming up it was a mixed third quarter for stourn companies ceo joining us in a fox business exclusive to reveal the plans to close out the year we will be right back. ♪ i've got the power! ♪ ♪
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8:22 am
sandra: southern company reporting mixed results third quarter, last hour utility giant post just the 1.7, revenue 5.4 billion dollars, southern company chairman ceo tom thanks for joining us today. >> great to see you -- >> all right what is the big takeaway from your earnings this morning, i am reporting mixed results but what should we takeaway from this? >> well, i would say a terrific quarter not only did we have really good financial results, we set we put in place i think some issues regarding litigation on our nuclear plant, passing a really important technical test on first of a cabed coal plant in mississippi, tremendous success in the
8:23 am
solar rational solar renewables a good quarter. >> when you think about really good quarter having momentum getting things behind you wanting out of the way you look what the markets looking for now they are looking for some kind of a stock that really acts like a bond soirn is well off highs, this is kind of backdrop where you are going to more phone calls from institutional investors who don't own your stock? >> listen, i think -- uh -- the issues, this litigation, on the nuclear plant which is now resolved, moving forward i think we are in great position to success there it is going to be deemed in history one of the most successful megaprojects if more than america industrial history when i think about technical risk people were worried about on the project in mississippi putting that behind us now i really do think this is such an attractive space to travel in when you think about southern historically trading as one of the most attractive
8:24 am
risk adjudicatsted profit. >> you look at others in the space, how are you positioned against your against your pe. ers. >> president obama says all the above there is one in america doing all the above we are leading the united states in renaissance of new nuclear. we are building a coal technology in mississippi, that will have worldwide application actually is cleaner from a carbon footprint than natural gas moved in natural gas on our own third largest consumer of natural gas in the united states and with acquisition announcement of agl the preempt gas company in united states one of the biggest providers solar about renewables getting into land. >> sound like growth prospects there are your stock is down year to date down year over
8:25 am
year note big losses, i will mention signage digit percentage losses what is your biggest concern could get in way of growth you are talking about. >> well, sandra what you got to look at is relative performance you look at a stock like ours trades on yield you got to compare it begins treasury trades for, since uncertainty in the interest rates, associated with whether fed is going to lift off or not we really are supportive to that on a relative basis trading well especially since agl announcement. >> i would agree with that. >> that is a big deal a lot of people compare your stock versus alternatives in energy, i always tell them you got to start buying, the big utility players that have had issues that have at least according to you, a lot of issues have gone away a great macrospot to be. >> this is exactly kind of the inflex point we are looking for we produce earnings on a regular about predictable sustainable basis i think we
8:26 am
are one of the more attractive plays out there. >> joining us after earnings looks good congrats on the quarter. >> megaapple drugstore deal in the making bid for rite-aid shock waves through wall street will aring regular lateors seal the deal? straight ahead. why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away.
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8:29 am
>> well, it's official, pharmacy giant walgreen's acquiring rite aid bringing together two of the biggest drug store chains. certainly a trend developing there. let's bring in jonathan bush, chairman and ceo of athena health. always like to have you on. >> it's working. [laughter] e. stuart: hey, this is work. >> it's exhausting in there with the bagels and the coffee. sandra: you're giving it all away. and so when you look at the deals happening in the elk had
8:30 am
sector and in this case, these pharmacy giants. >> yeah. sandra: why is it happening now? >> every industry goes through maturation and mushrooms go up in a whole new forest. i think last time i was on your show, we were talking about, maybe cigna and everybody merging, right? we've seen a lot of the hospital systems amerimerging a now we're seeing the pharmacies merge. sandra: how much of this is driven by the affordable care act? >> i think the affordable care act is pushing a slow to move sector. health care is kind of a sector, kind of a public good, and here i'm trying to get the doctors on the internet.
8:31 am
you would think a pretty good idea, but 15 years. >> you're in like the slowest crawling environment and you look like quite the-- >> like a rocket ship, right? >> that's why you have-- people have come and put a big question mark on your multiple, your growth rates. your stock is up 23% in a day. >> yeah. >> in plain speak-- >> just reported your results, by the way. >> that was earnings. >> what do you think was there where the bears had to look at it and john busch is right? >> that was evidence, it's not a break through, it doesn't go through viral the way it does in other sectors, growth has to happen in a more linear a way and we grew a chunk of doctors on the network and 7,000 some doctors on the network. providers, and doctors can reach you on line and no clip boards, and connect to the insurance company on-line and the hospital shall the laboratory, that's the way we sort of, the rest of our life
8:32 am
works and now as athenna health is getting out there. we're letting doctors be doctors, let them do it and starting to work. dagen: john, do you think that there's a glut of med tech companies, small new med tech companies? i pointed there are no stories that the wall street journal broke, very secretive and the technology they developed was not used in a vast majority of blood tests they were doing. >> so, an example of one of these giant invention that changes anything? most med tech works in two ways. energize people, like payers, fewer bigger names, but then you've got venture capital based health companies are that erring ming. they're finally getting into the market, that are changing the way care is delivered, even
8:33 am
walgreen, the number three used app. sandra: you're jumping on the band wagon. a new ad campaign let doctors be doctors. >> it's funny. sandra: tooting your own horn here. >> i didn't make it, but the team that did, so funny. we had the doctor on the screen or not living their life and we're finally breaking through that crap. and it's great. and actually that's one of the nice things. now that the obama stuff has faded out, we're actually focusing on the native market conditions. dagen: there has to be a glut in the digital technology space. sandra: here is the let doctors be doctors video. explain what i'm looking at. >> it's like a bunch of residents learning how to operate. this is what you're going to spend most of your career doing, and it's red tape, tons of red tape coming out of the patients instead of organ and this is the lady at the
8:34 am
cafeteria, don't talk to each other, like doctors dictating that, and each guy telling the other guy to tell the lunch lady to tell him what-- >> this is funny, but brings up an important point and one i know there's a lot of concern about, with the change in the medical field, there's a lack of incentive to become a doctor. isn't it a fear that we are $. >> 59% of doctors don't recommend being a doctor. it's the first time ever that doctors don't recommend medicines. and in the u.k. g p's recommending that. >> and we meant well with quality measures that don't quite measure quality on top of them and drowning in it. what i imagine, kind of letting it sink to the bottom of the pond and letting us handle it and they get their bandwidth back. dagen: that's happening though. >> that's the point--
8:35 am
>> how fast can you take share in the small hospital market? is that something that people need to have, you know, a pace to or expectation of a pace? >> one of the things we just started, we've been doctors, and last year we started putting whole hospitals on athena health and then you start growing out into the bigger ones and now you've got an interesting network effect where patience-- we've got 69, 70 million patients on one date a base and five keiser permanentes. and you can see it starting to tip, and i see it as athenna not a cool new thing, but a thing to do. sandra: congratulations on your quarter. >> thank you. sandra: it's reflecting a healthy quarter, if i may. look at that, $150 a share you're at this morning. >> only 150? what's the deal? connell: jonathan bush, you always make this so easy to understand, and so animated. great to have you. and get back to work, by the
8:36 am
way, no more bagels and coffee for you. dagen: we have dayinglbagels in news room, who knew that. sandra: here is a look back at the best moments in the show. you wouldn't make it in this fast, john. and the final days, saying goodbye in washington. >> and delicious ice cream today. sandra: why don't you believe in twitter? you're using it every day, all hours. dagen: i don't think that they have a plan, don't think they have a service they can significantly grow it beyond what it is today. sandra: am i the only one here who thinks that sometimes in the near future, trick-or-tre trick-or-treating is going to be an outdated scary concept we used to do. we're opening our door all night to strangers, all night who are masked and then
8:37 am
accepting candy from complete strangers? i mean, does anybody think this is going to last forever. dagen: you are such a new yorker. and we don't think about that, we can talk about that, but i think adults that dress up for halloween are freak shows. all of these halloween parties, i don't get it. shouldn't what makes each of us a unique individual,
8:38 am
help individualize our cancer treatment? now through advanced genomic testing, we may be able to pinpoint and diagnose what makes your cancer different, which can reveal precise treatment options that were not considered previously. with this important breakthrough at the intersection of science and technology, we've arrived at precision cancer treatment. the evolution of cancer care is here at cancer treatment centers of america. call or visit to learn more about precision cancer treatment.
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8:40 am
flying high after winning a big military contract.
8:41 am
northrop grumman. cher cheryl. >> hey, sandra, they're beating out boeing and lockheed martin for the next generation bomber. it is expected to be a long range bomber with or without a pilot. a big one for these guys. they're built price tag totalling $80 billion. the fantasy sports industry is planning to appoint an outside control board to monitor daily and nondaily fantasy sports companies and led by former obama administration official seth harris. and finally this viral video, a massive pumpkin smashing success in minnesota. residents gathered to watch a 1,465 pound pumpkin, boom, drop on to a minivan. sandra: makes me sad, that poor pumpkin.
8:42 am
cheryl: it's a thousand pounds. dagen: it's a gourd. so much for the great pumpkin, charlie brown. >> massive inflation to me. >> of course you'd say this. sandra: social media, it's not just for you and me, not all about new businesses using the location based technology available on everything like twitter, pinterest to see how you're spending money. joining me is four square founder-- . great to see this because i love tracking data like this and what people do and their habits and you have that information and your fingertips. >> sure. sandra: the mcdonald's all-day breakfast has been a big deal. what trends are you seeing from that? >> yeah, this started with a conversation we had at the office about are people excited about this? how much do people care about this?
8:43 am
at four square we can look at foot pattern traffic and we dug in the increase, 9% data mcdonald mcdonald's saw over time as they introduced all-day breakfast. sandra: so working for them. >> and taco bell started, and it's 25% increase. sandra: taco bell is promising to give away if someone steals a base in the world series. >> it will drive traffic there and four square will understand traffic about of it gets announce and phones are moving in and out of the places. >> what's interesting on the mcdonald's thing, this is like classic old wall street. and people who are actually rumoring that mcdonald's was seeing weak traffic. and you had the opposite. i imagine hedge funds pay you for your data?
8:44 am
>> this is what we're talking about. if we have software running on the devices and people are using it every day we start to understand the way that phones are moving through different cities and suburbs and throughout the world. you look how financial institutions are using this, like people in the parking lot with clickers, but week use the phones. dagen: what about your funding needs? >> something we think about, how do we make sure the company is set up with the best success. we did a round of financing it would have years ago and last quarter was our biggest quarter we've had. dagen: would you go public now if the market was receptive. >> everybody asks if we're going to go public-- >> if i financed you, i'm looking for the liquidity event down the road, am i not? >> most of the high quality investors that's not the main thing they're looking at, doing something amazing with the technology is moving and phones
8:45 am
are moving and think what people can do with data. sandra: i have to assume that the data that you have access to, we look at pictures here, you can monitor the foot traffic. isn't that the young demographic and using the social platforms. >> it's not just social media platforms, it's people who have one or both of our apps installed, four square which helps people find places. sandra: is this your data, by the way. >> this stuff, yeah, i believe that's, i think that's tokyo right there. we go back and forth between a couple of cities. every single around the world that lights up for us every day. sandra: can you find decent talent in terms of hiring, is it tough for you to hire? >> it's tough, it's always been tough. we've been around six years. dagen: is it worse? is it harder to hire good people today than even a couple of years ago? >> no, i would say it's easier for us, because everyone sees what we're doing and instead of being a toy, like i think people thought we were six
8:46 am
years ago, you guys are doing something interesting with all of this data and changing the way that people think about the analytic space. sandra: we have to go and maybe yes or no, but are there plans to have private companies like yourself with the government to track down terrorists? there's a bigger conversation going on there. you have access to so much information and where people are and red flags when somebody is doing something. >> yes. sandra: are you having that conversation with the government at all? >> it's not something that we discuss, there are interesting things to do with our data, interesting from the consumer perspective and business perspective. at some point they may reach out for us and things to figure out. sandra: would you be willing to work with them on that? >> i'd have to sit down and see what they're doing. the thing that's important for us, everyone that is using our services they feel good about privacy that we're protecting their privacy and make sure that people feel good about what we're doing.
8:47 am
sandra: great, awesome stuff. dennis crowley. can eating bacon lead to cancer? new sizzling reports, shocking breakfast lovers everywhere. our own jeff flock, he's off of the wind turbine and headed to a cattle farm to see if your be beefa phobia beefaphobia is justified next. ♪ at old dominion, we ship everything you can imagine. and everything we ship has something in common. whether it's expedited overnight... ...or shipped around the globe,'s handled by od employees who know that delivering freight... ...means delivering promises. od. helping the world keep promises.
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8:50 am
>> welcome back. we are now about 40 minutes away from the opening bell on wall street. let's get to nicole petallides down on the floor of the new york stock exchange watching it for us. what are you seeing? nicole: i'm keeping a keen eye on walgreen's and rite aid.
8:51 am
a couple of pieces of news. looking at 92 and change and quarterly numbers and the profit that was-- that beat. but here is the story that they are now confirming they are moving forward to go ahead and create a giant drug store chain and buy rite aid. this news trickled out during the day and thus you see rite aid is down today, 48% premium. you've heard them to say why is it down, looking at the $8 range. yesterday when you looked at percentage gain, rite aid yesterday gained 43% so thats with a the-- that was the move and they're finding even footing. sandra: thank you. >> was the news out yesterday? just asking. sandra: on what? >> you look at rite aid? people front running that stock ahead of the deal. ask some questions about that.
8:52 am
sandra: all right, no comment here. [laughter] >> all right, don't forget to starting your day with nicole on fbn and catch it here each and every day at 5 a.m. and the world health organization being shoeing carnivores saying the consumption of certain red meat may cause increased risk of cancer and everybody is talking about this one. how will these new reports affect u.s. ranchers, which was my first thought. jeff flock, he's on this story for us and he's live at a cattle farm in fort worth, texas and with our beloved ranchers, over to you. >> oh, baby, sandra, we thought that would be the best thing to talk to people who know what they're talking about and pete barns, i don't know if anybody, any cattle rancher who knows more than pete bonds outside of fort worth, texas. >> you haven't met many ranchers. >> there you go, you haven't met many people in the world health care organization that you care for, have you?
8:53 am
>> no, i tell you what, if you look what happened on that scientific panel there in france, they-- normal procedure is to come up with a scientific idea and then take it out for theory. well, this group of scientists came up with an idea that beef might cause cancer, but they did their own peer review. it looks like to me might be granola eating vegetarians who don't like beef. >> how is the cattle ranching here? >> much better with the rain that we got here in texas. it's sure nice. we had one of the driest falls we've had. >> we've made a lot about the fact that the u.s. cattle herd is the lowest level since harry truman was president. and maybe prices come down? >> yes, where we saw last year,
8:54 am
about a 7% increase in heifer retention and looks like about the same amount this year, that's going to cause a tight supply of beef for a minute, and as those heifers are taken out of the beef chain and butt into the reproductive chain, but over about, in two years, we'll be getting more and more beef on the market. >> we are, sandra, all day on the ranch here and ride around a little bit and maybe you can see a bull. they call it widow maker, i don't know why. [laughter] >> jeff flock, good on you, getting the voice of the u.s. cattle rancher, good stuff, but i think you started speaking with a texas accent, by the way, during that report. all right. dagen: i love that he said good on you. sandra: it happened. dagen: good on you. sandra: thank you from texas. 40 minutes away from the
8:55 am
opening bell. taking a look at the markets, the futures are slightly higher, we've got futures up 16 keep it here on fox business. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better and faster customer experience. hello mr. kent. can i rebook your flight? i'm here! customer care can work better. with xerox. wait i'm here! mr. kent? (gasp) shark diving! xerox personalized employee portals help companies make benefits simple and accessible... from anywhere. hula dancing? cliff jumping! human resources can work better. with xerox.
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>> all right. it's been a fun almost three hours, keith. we're 35 minutes away from the opening bell. final thoughts before we-- >> surprised you stuck with me for three hours, appreciate it. dagen: i'm tethered to the chair, i don't have options. don't read into that. >> i know, we're in our environment here. looking at the fed later on this afternoon. i think it will be dovish inasmuch as tomorrow's gdp report will be bad. sandra: no interest rate hike in the near future? >> if you look at northern sovereign welfare, long the long band. dagen: i think we're in a world the last 20 years where there's too much wealth sloshing around
8:59 am
through the developing, as the world develops and gets richer where you have central banks that are not willing to allow pain to be felt. and they will not allow any of these assets to truly deflate until they do that, this one certainly won't, you'll have bigger bubbles that are closer and closer together, that's what this is. >> and then one day it looks like that pumpkin landing on that car. sandra: oh. dagen: but they never allowed it to become more and more difficult to sustain one bubble after another. sandra: i'm watching oil, by the way, and oil inventory report out at 10:30 this morning, 3.42 million barrels expected with oil prices where they're at and watching the reports, that's key and the debate tonight, everybody will be talking about that. and thank you david, and dagen. and we'll have the earnings reports and post-debate reaction from steve moore and the ceo of buffalo wild wings
9:00 am
will also be in the house. dagen: yeah, baby! . sandra: tom at 6 a.m. eastern, we get up early so you don't have to. no, wait, get up early and watch us. okay? "varney & company" is next, stuart varney it's all yours. stuart: you're killing me, sandra. a fine toss to the varney show. thanks, sandra. it's still the world's number one technology company, it's still the world's most important product. so what's with apple stock? good morning, everyone. yes, they sell 48 million iphones in three months and sell a whole lot more for christmas, what a stellar performance again. but the stock is not doing much. we have people on the show today who would not touch it. remember, please, they have 200 billion in the bank. it's going to be a big day in politics. trump goes off carson and john kasich is fed up with what he calls the nonsense and jeb bush has to cut through with tax cuts and growth. it's the republican debate.


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