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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 28, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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vote? melissa: congress wants to impeach john koskinen. we'll speak a former irs official that the commissioner did nothing wrong. david: interesting. we're tracking a runaway military blimp over pennsylvania? have you heard about this? dragging a tether, taking out power lines as it goes. very interesting story. melissa: stocks soaring in last hour of trading. dow now up over 197 points right now as the closing bells sound on wall street. the crossing bell rings] -- [closing bell rings] david: only thing is down, although it was up earlier. all the stocks soaring in the last hour, melissa. melissa: that's right. this after diving in reaction to another fed meeting with no rate change. there was a hint that action may be coming in december. lori rothman standing by at new york stock exchange with today's biggest movers. lori?
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>> hey there, guys, melissa and david. fed gave as you date card for december and that lifted financials as top performing industry. banks make more money when interest rates are higher when it comes to lending of course. you see major financials. big money centers banks up 2%. bank of america up 5 1/2%. jpmorgan, citigroup also with solid gaps up today. energy was another outstanding performing a industry today. energy of course most beaten-down sector yesterday. there are some of the components in the energy sector today. exxon up 1 1/2%. conocophillips, chevron up 2 or 3%. as far as the stocks moving to the downside, utilities, duke energy. edison international, big move. down lot more than 4%. being supported by broader market strength. fed, biggest drama of the day, after the decision in the market, 120 on the dow. made that up and then some to
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close at session highs. back to you guys. melissa: lori, thanks so much. david. david: high-stakes decision making on capitol hill. the house debating budget deal right now, and gop members voting earlier to nominate paul ryan of speaker of the house. they failed to give him immediate victory. peter barnes has details how the speaker and budget votes shaking out. peter? >> it was little bit of embarassment for paul ryan today he did not get nod as republicans nominee for speaker with 218 votes he needs to win the gavel tomorrow. in a closed-door meeting, ryan got 200 of his colleague's votes while florida congressman daniel webster, who was backed by conservatives in the freedom caucus got 43 votes. republican majority leader got one vote as well as tennessee's marcia blackburn. a top republican called votes for webster a protest vote and half coming from non-freedom caucus members from another source.
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officials predict ryan will get necessary 218 to become speaker tomorrow. in last hour ryan spoke like a winner. >> tomorrow, we are turning the page. we are not going to have a house that looked like it looked the last two years. we are going to move forward. we are going to unify. our party has lost its vision and we'll replace it with a vision. reporter: vote by republican conference came after ryan among other things pledged to support the bipartisan budget deal the house is voting on in a final appeal to colleagues which he also pledged not to run the house like a roman emperor. david? melissa: that's good. david: he did say the budget deal stinks by the way. but he said he would sign off on it. reporter: the process stinks. david: the process stinks. nitpicking. reporter: you pay me, i listen so you don't have to. david: exactly, exactly. thank you, peter barnes. appreciate it. melissa.
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melissa: intelligence gained by the internatioal atomic energy agency suggesting equipment at iranian nuclear base that is used to test nuclear trickers is now missing. it was known to be present at the site in 2011. fox news's catherine herridge has details what it says about the success of the u.s. nuclear agreement with iran, catherine? reporter: thank you, melissa. the intelligence community parchin the secret military site where it is believed iran conducted secret military nuclear program, had containment vessel for testing nuclear triggers and other equipment. when the team from the international atomic energ agency or iaea toured the facility for upcoming report fox news was told the containment facility was gone and with it radioactive footprint that could be tested. without getting into classified informations member of house
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intelligence committee said the process the u.s. government agreed to deeply flawed. >> the administration has obligation to redouble efforts to get the surveillance and verification right, such that what the ped said would be true. the path for iran to get nuclear weapon were really closed. reporter: earlier this month the geneva-based agency confirmed it finished gathering evidence fornal is including samples collected by iranians. the december report by the iaea is important because it will trigger the neck step in the process, lilting iran's nuclear program in return for sanctions relief. asked today what it knew about the equipment, state department spokesman read from a prepared statement. >> look for any specifics regarding the iaea investigation into possible military dimensions of iran's program and any past concerns with iran's program, i'm going to refer you to the agency. reporter: kirby emphasized iran's past acts including
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hiding its program had already been taken into account by the u.s. government in its negotiations. if equipment is unaccounted for, critics say data is flawed and likely incomplete. there is no response so far from the iaea to fox's questions. melissa. melissa: amazing. catherine herridge, thank you for the story. reporter: you're welcome. david: the fed is it withing to make a move but could be hinting as one as the next meeting in december. the fed decided to hold off on raising interest rates today but hinted at december increase. how many times now have we had these rate increase teases before? michelle gerard, rbr chief economist whether the fed will ever raise rates again. >> like lucy keeps picking up football and we keep swinging at it. feels like that. david: some of the effect is damaging to the markets, despite the fact we ended with this huge gain today when they first said they weren't going to raise rates. it came down. then they hinted at december rate increase. i thought markets were supposed
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to go down when the fed was hinting of increases in rates? >> i think the markets took some, took stock of the fact that the fed eliminated in the statement a sentence where they had previously expressed concerns that global developments could undermine u.s. growth and inflation. and i think that was unsettling when it was in the statement in september. that the fed was worried about the growth outlook in particular, as well as inflation because of what was happening overseas. now that came out of the sentence. so yes, they may have felt better what was going on globally. i think that to some extent, that confidence about the u.s. economic outlook perhaps being less at risk, perhaps is what fueled the rally in stocks. david: michelle, there are some people who say it's going to be impossible for the fed ever to raise rates because they have been protecting corporations for so long with this free money, that these corporations feel coddled. they don't think they can survive without the free money.
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what do you think? >> it is so, we're talking about such small increases over a very extended period of time. i have a hard time believing that raising rates over the next year to 1% is going to put companies or u.s. economy at significant risk. i mean that is just silly. we've gotten -- david: let me ask one question, michelle. is it possible stock buybacks, companies, even cash-rich companies are been borrowing money for free essentially in order to do these stock buybacks? that may slow down and that might hurt the market? >> tell you it is hard to say. it isn't clear if you will actually see short-term rates will go up, but not clear, if you look out further on the curve where a lot of companies are borrowing money, if you will actually see rates rise that much. if the fed is acting proactively to keep inflation low, you may have a situation like we've seen the last couple of tightening cycles where five years, 10
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years rates in particular, conundrum don't really move a lot higher even though the fed is raising interest rates because they're doing good job keeping inflation in check. david: michelle, great to see you again. appreciate it. melissa. melissa: major shift in the fight against isis as top senate lawmakers grill state department officials about the u.s. strategy in the middle east. defense secretary ash carter laying out a new proposed strategy to defeat the terror group, moving u.s. troops closer to the front line. >> we won't hold back from supporting capable partners in opportunistic attacks against isil or conducting such missions directly, whether by strikes from the air or direct action on the ground. melissa: joining me now peter brookes from the heritage foundation. he is a senior fellow there. thanks so much for joining us. >> sure. melissa: does this mark a major departure for the president, a change in action or does there a big gap between thinking of white house and thinking of the pentagon? >> they will have to come to
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meeting of the minds, melissa because obviously the president has the last say, but based on testimony the president has given this green light to this increemental and i say long overdue change but i'm not sure it will be enough. once again talking about fighting isil, isis or islamic state, whatever the you want to call it but the fact of the matter we really still don't have a policy for syria. there is meeting on friday in syria with major powers talking about future of bashar al-assad regime but that complicated actions tremendously. >> say it is long overdue but why have they decided on the change now? >> because russia intervened. i think they were forced to. the russians changed things significantly. u.s. influence in that part of the world is decreasing significantly. other countries are reaching out such as jordan which is a friend of the united states, has reached out to the russians. iraqis are reaching out to russians. and united states has a very good chance of having its interests in the outcome
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undermined. so they had to do something. you know people have been saying this isn't a stalemate but the fact of the matter is the new team, we have new chairman of joint chiefs of staff says it is a stalemate. melissa: everything you just said, the president sort of angrily sluffed that off a few weeks ago. >> right. melissa: using russia leading in the region the fact they're in there bombing that is leading. that is not what leading is all about. he was very defensive and very argumentative and said opposite of everything you just said. how do they shape now this total change? >> i mean the fact is, that his denials don't change facts on the ground. hopefully he is coming around. this is just incremental. this isn't a major change. this is increement. -- increment a.m. puts american forces farther forward but president is coming to the situation on the ground. melissa: to absolutely no boots on the ground, not another war that is meaningless that we'll put people there is huge change. peter, thank you very much. hope you come back soon. appreciate it.
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melissa: we are getting a
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barrage of third quarter earnings results all out within the last five minutes. you may notice them on bottom of your screen flashing by. we have been giving you numbers as they come in. let'slet's go to lori rothman or highlights. lori. >> or lowlights. go pro, shares went out up 7%. it is one-hit wonder here. last five fiscal quarters since gopro ipo, beat top and bottom line. not so for the third quarter. huge miss. shares down in excess of 14% in extended session. gopro reported 25 sent a share earnings versus 29 cents a share estimate. had hundred million revenue was estimate. versus expectations of 433 million. analysts ahead of quarterly report remain optimistic. they're excited about 2016 launch. apparently gopro is coming out with the first drone. they call it the quad copter. meanwhile they are having struggles as i reported to you.
4:17 pm
buffalo wild wings down 11%. this was a miss. a buck a share earnings versus 1.29 was expectation. 455 million, versus almost 465 million which was forecast for buffalo wild wings. yelp is the to upside, trading up about 10%. yelp actually reported a profit. yelp was expected to report a loss in the recent quarter. three cents a share on revenue of 14$.6 million. that was ahead of 141.2 million. rep is up in extended session. other big one we're waiting for is paypal. this is first quarter since spinning off ebay. i will bring that to you. melissa: lori, thank you so much. david. david: let's drill down on these numbers. let's go stock by stock. first yelp. this stock has been hammered down 58%.
4:18 pm
up today, 10%. part of that because last time they had earnings they had 300% on negative figure. >> i mean this isn't really a big move. they're near their 52-week low. they're trading at 240 times next year's earnings. what is their competition? called the internet. it is everywhere. google owns zagat. you can find reviews. there is grubhub. you can get it. billion dollar stock. if you want to dance with the devil -- david: some people like to do it, if you like to buy low now is the time. gopro, jon, another stock hammered of the, down 55%. morgan stanley slice i had it from $62 to target of $35. today it is getting hammered again. >> gopro is not able to afford to miss estimates on any level. it is hardware company. camera company. barriers to entry are not hard.
4:19 pm
gopro this is age's version of garmin. purely a hardware company. not surprised it is off. david: i was surprised, kevin, at buffalo wild wings. they are down 11%. are you surprised they didn't do too well? >> you shouldn't be surprised of the last three quarters are negative earnings misses. they can't guide for life of them. stock is predicated on go things, cost of chicken as well as labor costs. if one of those rises they will miss on the top line and bottom line. david: they're taking a stake in their own company. they're buying up a lot of franchises right now. is that mistake for the company? >> that is not a mistake for the company. they need to do something to move needle to get positive earnings as well as drive revenues as well. the stock right now, you're seeing being very competitive especially against chipolte. david: john, amgen, biotechs were darling for previous two years. this year they're getting hammered, amgen, if you buy biotech do you like it? >> i think this is a high
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quality way to play the biotech space particularly everything going on with valeant, the faa going to abby v. . 20% roe. clean balance sheet. returns cash to shareholders. growing their dividend. market multiple with a clean pipeline. if you play biotech and want safety, amgen is place to be. david: good round. amgen is up after-hours today. melissa over to you. melissa: not ton hillary clinton's watch. her plan for big banks. that's coming up. this can save lives, paint, it can save lives. this is amazing. you don't want to miss this one. ♪
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don't let unanswered legal questions hold you up. because we're here. we're here, we're here, and we've got your back. legalzoom. legal help is here. i watch for the perfect moment.a the one nobody else sees. and when i find it- i go for it. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we give you the edge, with innovative charting and trading features, plus, powerful mobile apps so you're always connected, wherever you are. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours. david: breaking news. the pentagon confirming runaway blimp is on the ground, landing in pennsylvania. the blimp carrying very sensitive information was dragging a tether, hitting power lines. witnesses have seen transformer explosions in its wake.
4:24 pm
tom knapp, with lange caster online, joining me on the phone. how did they get it down? >> icameown itswn. wasriftg do sloy. intosncr tywasi by the time it left it was at 15,000 feet. david: we kind of joked about it, but i imagine it could cause harm if tether gone over power lines, they came down, people could be electrocuted. any concern about that? >> where it came down in the bloomsburg area, it took down, 20,000 people are without power now. david: wow. moly cow. >> took a lot of lines out. we haven't heard any reports of hitting any structures or anybody being injured but it took down a lot of lines. david: did you know this blimp is over billion dollars if we're talking about expensive becomep here. >> i don't own one personally though. david: i'm just wondering why they didn't try to shoot the thing down?
4:25 pm
they're worried about all the expensive hardware it is carrying? control where it would land. david: perhaps. >> could crash into almost anything. david: we should say earlier reported it had hydrogen is very highly flammable. that is not true. it has helium which is not flammable. so that wasn't a concern, correct. >> right. david: what kind of people on the ground were there to see it come down? was the area quad droned off because of secrecy. >> to be clear [inaudible] reports they were trying to keep the air pretty clear. they have had -- to the area. david: quickly, who pays for the damage? >> that is it still unanswered. have to answer pretty soon. you can probably guess. david: a lost angry people to pay the bill. david: tom, thank you for coming
4:26 pm
on, my pleasure shoe new. -- pleasure. >> 99-point the% of bacteria, with e.coli. mrsa. joining us now. we have senior price president of product innovation, thanks so many so much for joining us. thanks for so much for joining us. >> thank you very much for having us. melissa: this sounds incredible. how does it work? >> you know what? it contains, a well-known active ingredient that is actually a kills the bacteria, on exposure to the painted film. melissa: wow. how long does it last?
4:27 pm
do you have to repaint every other year or something. >> no, you don't have to repaint every other year. as long as you keep paint surface intact it will last four years. melissa: does it cost more than regular paint. >> like with any premium product with premium technology it will be a little more expensive. but it is 84.99 a gallon. melissa: forgive me i haven't painted my house in a while. what does paint normally cost. >> you know what, it has taken years to get to this point. took years, of not only market research and work with infectious disease control and health care but also, just,
4:28 pm
developing technology, being able to suspend this active ingredient into a paint film. in fact, that is what is patented technology on this particular product. >> yeah. how long do you have the patent for? i can imagine other paint makers try to jump on the bandwagon with this? >>patents, last for a number of years and, this one will hold us to it. not only that. will take years for anybody else to develop this type of technology to bring it to the marketplace. melissa: all kind of colors or just white? we're seeing white. but all kinds of colors? >> all kinds of colors. basically 590 colors. melissa: steve, amazing. this is amazing. >> thank you very much for having us. melissa: david? david: active ingredient in your paint? incredible. new budget deal may not be budget at all. is it just a free pass for the president to go on spending free?? and house says the irs commissioner was hiding information about targeting tea party groups. they want him to pay.
4:29 pm
with his job .
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david: secret budget deal, middle of the night, giving president a blank check to spend trillions more that we don't have? exactly kind of deal republicans said we wouldn't have anymore. yet, exactly what we got, at midnight on monday, ushered through by republican leaders in house and senate. will there be tea party push back for the budget betrayal? joining me deroy murdoch, "national review." todd starnes, fox news radio,
4:33 pm
alan colmes, host of alan colmes show. deroy, let me read you a bit of a pledge to america that republicans put out five years ago. they said arrogant and out of touch government of self-appointed elites enact laws without accepting or requesting input of the many. isn't that exactly what this deal was? >> that is precisely what we saw. john boehner on the way out, meeting with harry reid and pell pell and mitch mcconnell. they did this behind closed doors. it was sprung on the house. you guys vote on this tomorrow. i think it is so idiotic because what republicans have is power of purse only have if you hang on to the purse. they have given obama the purse. in fact you can keep it until you leave office and until march 2017. david: todd, combine this, we have president who uses executive orders time and time again in ways that cost taxpayers billions of dollars. this is essentially a blake check for the president, isn't it?
4:34 pm
>> certainly is, compliments of speaker boehner who said he would clean out the barn but left behind a big steaming pile of you know what. this is again one of the reasons why we're seeing rise of folks like donald trump and dr. ben carson. the voters are sick and tired of sending these republicans to congress, saying, that they're conservative but governing just like liberals. david: tea party is little tired of getting kicked around. to that point, alan, i want to take a turn. tony kornheiser, espn. has a radio show, on that radio show he was talking to howard fineman. nowhere near as good as yours. talking to howard fineman. here is exchange that took place about the tea party. take a listen. >> ryan has enough conservative chops he can sort of try to unify the whole party but he will spend his whole time trying to deal with the tea party people. >> are they like isis trying to establish a caliphate here? >> yes. they are, very good analogy, without the violence obviously but they are, rejectionist front.
4:35 pm
david: tea party, like isis? >> no, they're not like isis. david: that is good to hear. >> isis is much more popular. david: oh, come on. >> just a joke. david: we can take a joke. >> tea party has 1% approval ratings. lowest numbers. david: i want to accident specifically about this, curt schilling, as you probably know lost his job at espn, at least a piece of his job for equating radical muslims to nazis. isn't this just as bad if curt schilling -- >> i'm not for anybody losing their job for giving their opinion. david: you think it was mistake to fire quart shilling? >> i wouldn't fire. you know what you're getting when you hire people. i would not have done that. david: what do you think? >> what is important about the tea party, independent whether they're like isis or not, i don't think they are, the tea party and conservative activists need to be energized in the elections in 2016. i think after -- david: worked in 2010. '14. >> '14. david: why doesn't the tea party
4:36 pm
work in presidential elections? >> for one thing i just don't think, they have too many folks on tea party side that are running. look at evangelical vote upcoming election, mike huckabee, ted cruz, dr. ben carson, marco rubio all competing for that big block of voters. that is one of the reasons why. back to espn, that is why fox sports is doing so well, with that kind of nonsense. david: we appreciate the plug. alan colmes who has the best radio show around. thanks very much, guys. melissa: group of house republicans are moving to impeach the head of irs over allegations he violated public trust and lied to congress. during its investigation of the agency targeting of tea party activist groups. this four days after the justice department closed its investigation into the matter without filing charges. joining me now, with the latest is our own gerri willis. gerri? >> melissa, that's right. john koskinen, you were just showing him there, he took over the irs in december 2013.
4:37 pm
the president brought him in as really a turnaround artist, somebody who would fix the irs. this was after the targeting scandal broke, thinking he would make everything right. but instead, for republicans they're saying he destroyed key evidence in their investigation into lois lerner and the targeting scandal. in fact, after he came on board, the irs erased 422 backup tapes that contained 24,000 lois lerner emails. in addition to that, they say he lied under oath, telling congress, hey, we have given you all the information we have when clearly that was not true. he failed to notify congress key evidence was missing. he told the white house and treasury department of the problem but not congress. so big questions, about his violations of the public trust. that is the issue here. what happens next is that the committee, jason chaffetz, government oversight committee, will consider this. if will go to the full house.
4:38 pm
the senate will try the irs chief. this is very, very rare thing. last time this happened, 1876, william belknap, secretary of war, was last time that a agency chief was brought in on these kinds of charges. back to you, melissa. melissa: gerri, thank you so much for that. >> the evidence is crystal clear. they had the lois lerner emails. they had the documents in hand, and destroyed them despite subpoena in place. false statements were given to congress. you can't do those things without consequence. imagine what would happen to you if you did that? so we'll hold them accountable. melissa: that was house oversight committee chairman jason chaffetz making case against embattled irs commissioner. joining me former irs officer mike sullivan. thanks for joining us. what is your reaction to all this? what do you think should happen. >> business as usual in washington. he is the sacrificial lam here. what is amazing about this
4:39 pm
between the department of justice and irs they spent over $20 million researching all this. took over two years and 160,000 man-hours. melissa: what is your point? what is your point? >> point is very simple. why are we doing it. already been investigated by the department of justice. melissa: are we doing this? we're trying to figure out why someone felt like it was okay to go destroy mountains of evidence and hide what the investigation was directly looking for. that is why we're doing it? >> but are you saying we shouldn't trust the department of justice? melissa: i am saying that the treasury inspector general for tax administration testified that irs employees erased computer backup tapes, destroyed 24 how emails after they were given a subpoena that they had to turn it over. they destroyed evidence and lied under oath. somebody has to pay for that. if you think it is okay that is how the government operates, destroying evidence and then lying about it? >> i know one thing. you have to trust the department
4:40 pm
of justice and the man-hours they put in to do their due diligence. who are you going to believe here? who do you want to believe is really. melissa: i believe the treasury inspector general who went in and testified that thousands of emails were destroyed. do you think that the the emails were not destroyed. >> i have no idea. melissa: why after they received a subpoena would they go in and destroy all of these emails? why would they say things can't be recovered and inspector general went in and easily recovered thousand of emails? how do you explain that. >> i can't. i wasn't there. i wasn't party -- hard either way. we're never probably going to know the truth. does somebody have -- melissa: we do know the truth. evidence was destroyed. that is evidence was destroyed. you're not allowed to do that. when you get a subpoena, you're supposed to turn over emails. you can't turn around and destroy them. that's a problem. is this something happened all the time when you are at irs? is this business as usual? >> the question is, why did the department of justice bring this up if. melissa: no the question, is, did this happen all the time
4:41 pm
when you were at the irs? does this seem normal to you? >> certainly doesn't seem normal. it is political season right now. everyone is on the chopping block. eye for an eye, tooth for tooth. melissa: why would you destroy evidence if you didn't do anything wrong? knife no idea. once again, do you trust the department of justice or not. that is the question. it comes down to. melissa: it is no the question. >> it is. melissa: no, the question is, when the treasury inspector general says that evidence is destroyed, why do you think that person's lying? >> i have no idea. there is no way anybody can tell you. melissa: thank you so much. we appreciate your time. >> sure. melissa: david. david: every branch government needs oversight. bad breakup for the big banks. hillary clinton's no bail plan, if there is another financial crisis. that is coming next. ♪ me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me.
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4:45 pm
in an interview stephen colbert here is what the democratic president said if the nation's big financial institutions get in trouble while in office. >> if you're president? >> yes. >> and the banks are failing, do we let them fail this time? >> yes. >> we let them fail this time? >> yes. yes. yes. yes. >> wow. david: joining me, matt welch, "reason" magazine editor-in-chief. john lonski, moody's chief economist and alan colmes is back. if it is true i think that is good news, but can you trust she would follow through with that? >> we know, we know that it's not true. why? because she was in the senate when we had the financial crisis before. she voted in favor of the bank bailout for tarp in 2008. david: people can learn from past mistakes. that is what she is implying. >> as soon as single bank fails and existing washington to say, you can go ahead and fail, then i will believe someone when they say they're not going to -- david: different takes, john?
4:46 pm
>> definitely, i think if a failed financial institution threatens to topple the economy, just as lehman brothers collapse ed it she will be quick to bailout the financial institution. she is getting a lot of money from bankers. david: she may not have after this. alan this is one issue we probably agree. i was not fan of bailout. >> why do we automatically decide she would not do what she said. bernie sanders pushed her to populist campaign. why should any entity fail and not worry about the consequences? >> look what happened in 2008. lehman brothers went under and mild recession became the most severe recession. david: that was with the bailouts. >> no. lehman wasn't bailed out. david: but the fact is, bailouts happened right after and we went into recession right after. >> thank goodness, but we would be in depression. david: matt, answer that. >> bernie sanders voted against bailout at time. hillary clinton is trying to create some magical space where she has same economics as bernie
4:47 pm
sanders. she doesn't. that is only pressure she feels. david: how do you respond to john's point we would be in great depression? >> wonder counter factual. see what george w. bush said when he introduced bailout. he said have banks fail. see unemployment go to 10% unless we do x. we did x. every single thing he said -- david: last word. >> after that, there was seizing up financial system. the collapse much lehman brothers was a stolt surprise. just weeks prior to the collapse. we had big, names from, financial securities industry, bill gross from pimco, lehman brothers is not going to fail. when something like that happens, that is so to investors, suppliers of financial capital, they have no choice but to deny credit. david: lance word from john lonski. matt welch, thank you. good to see you y'all. melissa. melissa: find out what happens when candidates stop being polite and start getting real? ohio governor john kasich just
4:48 pm
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david: take a look at dupont after-hours. shares of the chemical giant closing higher today. this follows an exclusive report from our very own charlie gasparino. i think we'll have those numbers up pretty quickly. go ahead, charlie. >> here's what we know, last week activist investor nelson peltz met with the dupont board basically to reignite or reexamine, reintroduce his plan to get that stock moving, bring the company back which included at the time that he first proposed, a major breakup of dupont. that is why you see shares moving higher. a breakup of dupont would be something investors would like. give u.s. short term boost to the stock. that is what we see right now. we should point out nelson peltz had year-long battle with
4:52 pm
dupont's board and its ceos. ellen coleman resigned earlier in the month. at first he wanted to break up the company and wanted two board seats. he launch ad proxy battle. he lost the proxy battle. as the company failed to basically produce decent enough revenues and profits, coleman was forced to step down and here we go again with peltz, reintroducing his plan to down-size that company and get the stock moving again. last week, in what i understand was a secret meeting t was not held at dupont's wilmington, delaware, headquarters. it was held off site secretly at a hotel. david: interesting. a lot of secret meetings going on including inside the beltway. charlie, thank you very much. we'll take you inside the beltway at the house which is voting whether or not to raise the debt ceiling. that vote has just begun. we'll bring results as soon as we get them.
4:53 pm
melissa? melissa: he is mad as hell and he is not going to take it anymore. >> you know how crazy this election is? let me tell you something. i have about had it with these people. melissa: all right. ohio governor john kasich blasting his fellow gop -- i don't know if that was blasting. presidential candidate saying he fed up with being polite. matt welch, todd starnes. if that was furious, i don't know. absolutely right the gop is hot mess and terrible summer and absolutely wrong response. if you are running for president, can't deal with donald trump and ben carson and only whine about it as jeb bush has done you're not qualified. melissa: move on to favorite ones. he ain't too proud to beg. donald trump trying a new tactic on the campaign in iowa. >> in most polls i'm number one. until iowa came along, i said every poll. iowa -- what the hell are you people doing to me in iowa, will
4:54 pm
you get your numbers up please? [applause] will you get these numbers up? i promise you i will do such a good job. melissa: i mean i love it. like he is talking to, like one of his ceos or board of directors, you from that division, you get your numbers up. what is wrong with you? get your numbers up, idiot! >> that was a jeb bush worthy hissy fit. i think donald trump is getting a little frustrated. that dr. carson doing so well in corn country. i thought it was interesting, the day before he talked about, how great of a christian he was, as if that is somehow going to compel all the evangelicals in iowa to come out and support him. >> his very next quote in the little strip, i'm great with the evangelicals. melissa: or the women or whoever the group. insert any group in there. but i mean it is pretty funny. it is that classic thing where he turns the argument or accusation, whatever it is back on person who is coming at them. not his fault the numbers are
4:55 pm
down. what is wrong with you people. get out there? tell them what you really think. it is kind of the way he deals with things and there is something fun and refreshing about it. >> funny and motivational but first time he had anything like adversity so far this campaign. he has been riding the golden shred since july, down the escalator and ben carson is challenging him. he doesn't understand how evangelical christians can vote for a seventh day adventist and make that a big deal. melissa: do you think he can turn around in iowa. >> i don't think so. melissa: really after all this how he defied gravity and logic and wisdom? i didn't say that. >> goes back to the idea that folks in iowa, they're down to the earth folks. they understand who is who. melissa: winning there before. >> he was winning, but i think folks are starting to get pretty good idea who the person is inside of donald trump. and -- melissa: never hidden the person inside of donald trump. he wears that guy right on the front of his tie. >> can't win iowa without a ground game.
4:56 pm
he hasn't had a ground game anywhere. he is just thinking about this at last minute. melissa: thanks, guys. david: hidden donald trump. makes my head explode. fox business's republican debates less than two weeks away. strong focus on jobs, tax, the economy and only fbbn and these folks can do it. tuesday november 10, 6:00 and 9:00 p.m. eastern. melissa, i know this keeps you up at night. if the zombie apocalypse happens we have best places to fight the undead. you don't r won't want to miss this.
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hi, tom. hey, how's the college visit? you remembered. it's good. does it make the short list? you remembered that too. yea, i'm afraid so. knowing our clients personally is what we do. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. thanks, bye. and with, we do it a lot. it's why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. . david: for years now, movies, tv shows and books have tried to crack the mystery of the zombies, but the jury is still out on exactly how to protect yourself if an all-out zombie apocalypse ever became a reality. melissa: thankfully find the home has put together a definitive list of the best bet locations should the undead
5:00 pm
ever take over. tampa, florida! stamford, connecticut, that's close to us. david: anchorage, alaska. you couldn't have two places that are more opposite. and stamford, connecticut? melissa: are you doubting this. david: zombies exist but this is fake. melissa: "risk & reward" starts right now. >> the house is voting right now on the debt budget deal. it would boost spending caps for two years and suspend the debt ceiling through march 2017. leaders making last minute changes to the package to quell some discontent over the costs. we're going to bring you the results as soon as they are out. so welcome to "risk & reward," i'm deirdre bolton. stocks bounce back, closed higher across the board. the fed putting rates on hold. fox business peter barnes is with me now. peter, december looks more likely now, right? >> reporter: that's right, deirdre.


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