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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  October 28, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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ever take over. tampa, florida! stamford, connecticut, that's close to us. david: anchorage, alaska. you couldn't have two places that are more opposite. and stamford, connecticut? melissa: are you doubting this. david: zombies exist but this is fake. melissa: "risk & reward" starts right now. >> the house is voting right now on the debt budget deal. it would boost spending caps for two years and suspend the debt ceiling through march 2017. leaders making last minute changes to the package to quell some discontent over the costs. we're going to bring you the results as soon as they are out. so welcome to "risk & reward," i'm deirdre bolton. stocks bounce back, closed higher across the board. the fed putting rates on hold. fox business peter barnes is with me now. peter, december looks more likely now, right? >> reporter: that's right, deirdre. the fed left the door open to
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lifting rates specifically to next meeting in december. downplaying global economic headwinds saying if job creation and inflation are coming in as forecast, it will pull the trigger. assessment of the economy today was definitely mixed it. acknowledged that job growth had weakened and inflation remains well under 2% target, but it noted that households spending a business investment were stronger. fed also said it is monitoring economic and financial developments overseas but did not repeat the global risks would likely have an impact on the u.s. economy as it warned in its meeting, last meeting in september. but it made clear once again that a final decision will depend on incoming economic data. it said, quote, in determining whether it will be appropriate to raise the target range for federal funds rate, short-term interest rates, at next meeting, and there's the critical phrase, next meeting, the fed will assess progress realized and expected toward
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objectives of maximum employment and 2% inflation, deirdre? deirdre: you said it, those four words at the next meeting catching a lot of people's attention. you'll be back with me in just a minute. in the meantime, we want to continue to talk about the fed staying is less concerned about turbulent financial markets, less concerned about uncertain economic developments overseas, leaving the door as peter said for the december rate hike. money managers john burke is here and dan shaffer are here. is the economy strong enough to absorb a rate increase? >> i passed bill dudley, the chair of the new york fed on the train this afternoon, and he looked concerned and reason to be concerned. durable goods orders earlier this week they were bad. then we had another negative number with the housing starts later in the week. so that's got to have him worried. it's got us worried. but we think we're finding
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salvation in earnings, doing our own numbers to figure out what the unit growth is for the companies. that's not sales. sales are just for 4 x or currency. there is a small amount of unit growth through the earnings and that leads us to think that we're going to be okay but we're going to make money through the end of the year. deirdre: okay, that is a fair bull case, dan, what are your concerns? >> my concerns are that the pension plans globally, not just in the united states, the municipalities having trouble, the fed raising rates and getting things they don't want seems to linger in the economy and globally. this is a very major issue. if you watch the way gold traded today and the way currencies are going, no matter what the fed, does the dollar is going to get stronger, a major headwind with the u.s. economy. with the stock market having the one shot rally where it is
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today it's meeting its end. the federal reserve has artificially kept rates at the lowest levels in history and the economy is not showing any signs of life. the unemployment number is not that accurate but i'm talking about some of the numbers that john just mentioned. the accuracy of the numbers is not there. the velocity of money that the federal reserve publishes once a month is dead. it's flat. it's exactly what happens in japan. we still have at least another five years in front of us of a slow, if not negative growth economy or gdp which leads me into a deflationary depression scenario. deirdre: so speaking of deflationary concerns, how the economy is managed, all of the presidential candidates have an economic message to deliver. last night on the "the late show" with stephen colbert they said dems run the economy better than republicans.
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>> i believe and the economy supports this that the economy does better with a democrat in the white house, you have to work against pretty powerful forces, but at least you're there, pushing back all the time. deirdre: dem, republican. john, i want to ask you, brass tacks, there are candidates on either side that you think has the message for the business community and the economic health of our country? >> we know it's not hillary. one year ago at a campaign for martha coakley she said that businesses don't create jobs. i've got my own business, i started it ten years ago, 8 people working at my firm, that's 8 jobs i created in 10 years. i can tell hillary yes businesses create jobs and you need to foster growth, if you cut taxes. i will hire more people and so will my other small business owner brethren, so you've got to find a way to cut taxes for small businesses, they are a huge burden, and i think it's far more likely to see the tax cuts come from the other side
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of the aisle. deirdre: okay, so dan, do you agree that whichever candidate is able to support small business is the person who's best to lead this country? >> i think that it would help but yeah, the small businesses would help, of course, cutting taxes. but with what hillary said last night. i got to tell you, i fell off my chairman of the first of all, it takes years for economic policies to take effect. what she was talk about with the democrats during her lifetime, which was the 90s, a lot of that was from what reagan had done by doing what he did for economics and cutting taxes it. trickles in and takes years. the clinton administration cut the glass-steagall act now the repercussions all through the 2008 to now, so it doesn't make sense what she said, and napoleon hill inside his book, the four words how do you know? there is no proof that democrats are better for the economy. but getting back to your point.
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of course, cutting taxes is the key to operate anything small business, i'm very familiar with small businesses and how they operate. they need cash flow, they don't need to keep giving money to the government spend it ridiculously, and i agree that lower taxes with some of the candidates that you're putting up there that are going to be raising taxes, this again leads me into the deflationary depression. deirdre, this happened in the ancient rome, the ancient greeks, societies tried to raise taxes and killed their economies. that's what i see coming. >> hope you're wrong. >> i hope so too. deirdre: dan shaffer, john burke with me there. staying with politics, the house republicans officially nominating wisconsin congressman paul ryan to replace john boehner as speaker. peter barnes back with me as promised. is he going to get the necessary 218 votes from the floor? >> reporter: we will see, deirdre, in a bit of
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embarrassment, ryan did not get the nod with the 218 votes he needs to win the gavel tomorrow. in a closed-door meeting, ryan got 200 colleagues' votes while florida congressman daniel webster backed by the conservatives in the freedom caucus got 43 votes. kevin mccarthy got one as did tennessee's marcia blackburn. a top republican called the votes a protest vote and half of them from non-freedom caucus members according to another source. officials predicted that ryan will get the necessary 218 to become speaker tomorrow, but deirdre, i don't know anymore. in the last couple of hours, ryan spoke like a winner. deirdre: he certainly did. >> tomorrow, we are turning the page, we are not going to have a house that looked like it looks the last two years, we're going to move forward. we're going to unify. our party has lost its vision and we're going to replace it with a vision. >> reporter: and deirdre, back
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to the vote on the budget deal going on the house floor right now. there's a gigantic game of chicken between democratic and republican members. the 15-minute voting period is officially over, but the chair, the presiding speaker of the house is holding the vote open because they don't have the 218 votes right now to get approval of the budget deal. it's 188. there's still 30 votes shy, and just looking at the tally here, just 60 republicans voting yea to 130 democrats voting yea and 115 republicans voting no. this is not over either. deirdre: peter, we're going to depend you on for updates. in the meantime, thank you very much, peter barnes with me from d.c. . speaking of the pursuit of votes, there's a showdown at republican debate. likely to be fireworks between outsiders carson and trump.
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>> we are the breaking story. donald trump has fallen to second place behind ben carson. we informed ben, but he was sleeping. [ laughter ] >> in terms of energy, i'm not sure there is anybody else running that spent 18, 20 hours operating on somebody. i have plenty of energy but i am soft-spoken, i do have a tendency to be relaxed. deirdre: former mccain campaigner and democratic strategist julie roginsky, which sparks do you think will fly most because there will be sparks? >> i think trump is going to continue to do what he's been doing, taking potshots at everybody including poor rand
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paul who is polling worse than i am in the republican race. it's donald trump show again, he's very good at stealing. it remains to be seen whether people are tired of it on the republican side, but he's such good television and debates are primarily about television, obviously. but donald trump will triumph in the end. deirdre: hold that thought, i just need to get everybody back to my colleague in d.c. peter barnes standing by. what do you have? >> reporter: deirdre, the budget bill just passed. vote is still open with about 80 members who haven't voted. it's got the 218 votes necessary to pass. 225 now on a bipartisan basis. 70 republicans, 135 democrats but the vote is still open. it has passed, however, and now will go to the senate for action likely later this week. deirdre: thank you very much, the breaking news from d.c. julie, i cut you off, forward
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as a strategyist if carson and trump go for blood, what does this mean for somebody like rubio? >> well, rube i don't wants to stay out of it and pretend he's presidential and put forth substantive policy issues. i agree that trump is going to come out ablazing, his biggest asset is the perception of inevitability, 42% of republicans think he's the nominee. 43 more think he can beat hillary clinton and ben carson threatens that and he's going to do everything possible to make sure ben carson doesn't look presidential. deirdre: what is the weakest link for both of them, ford? >> for ben carson, 70% net favorability. he cannot roll around in the mud with trump, if he does, he's going to get burned. he wants to look presidential. he wants to show policy action particularly on business. with respect to trump, trump has got this figured out, how to get everyone in to play his game. if no one plays trump's game,
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he may sink to the bottom. deirdre: keeping you with us, a quick break to take and on a programming note, the fox business republican debate tuesday november 10th, that is three weeks away. lots of questions about the economy. go to for our channel finder. there is a new report that nato may increase troops in countries bordering russia. a military expert joining me next says conflict is escalating. speaking of conflict, new video showing the scale of the migrant crisis in europe, it is the worst one since world war ii. a guest says the u.s. is going to be receiving many more refugees than we think. u.s. officials reporting hundreds of terrorists are using information leaked by edward snowden to potentially hurt us. but first the house gop announcing impeachment proceedings against the irs chief for lying to americans. the judge is with me next. >> there was some bone head decisions.
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>> bone head decisions, but no mass corruption. >> not even a smidgen of corruption. >> the actual hard drive after it was determined it was dysfunctional and no e-mails could be retrieved was recycled and destroyed in the process. >> was it physically destroyed? >> that's my understanding. in panama, which is a city of roughly 2 million people, we are having 5,000 new cars being sold every month. this is a very big problem for us with respect to fast and efficient transportation. it's kind of a losing proposition to keep going this way. we are trying to tackle the problem with several different modes. one of them is the brand new metro. we had a modest forecast: 110,000 passengers per day in the first line. we are already over 200,000. our collaboration with citi has been very important from the very beginning.
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and this savings applies to every vehicle on your policy. call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. . deirdre: impeachment proceedings have begun against irs commissioner john koskinen. house gop members accuse him of misleading the public, destroying documents. fox news senior judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano is with me now. judge, great to see you. >> thank you, deirdre. deirdre: we already know there is wrongdoing, lois lerner stepped down, she said she made
5:18 pm
a mistake more or less and stepped down. should the irs head step down or should impeachment proceedings start? >> i think there's a natural feeling on the part of republicans in the house that lois lerner got away with murder not literally but figuratively. the case for prosecuting her for abuse of power, for targeting people to exercise the powers of the government. deirdre: a hand slap. >> right, on the basis of political views is a strong one and the obama administration was reluctant to pursue it. because this happened under john koskinen's watch, nominated by the president, confirmed by the senate, impeachment is appropriate route. there are little legal guidelines, no judge involved. if the house votes to impeach, there will be a trial in the senate whether he wants it or not. >> i was going to say legally this is entirely possible, ten out of ten? >> absolutely. the house has already prepared impeachment resolutions. they are professionally prepared and there is evidence
5:19 pm
to support all of them. it takes a simple majority vote in the house which they have among republicans, it then goes to the senate. the senate can hold a full-blown trial with the chief justice presiding as it did for president clinton or designate a select committee to try him as it usually does when it impeaches federal judges. deirdre: my guess is he's going to step down, right? i know where i'm speculating. >> i think he will step down in order to avoid the stigma of being removed from office. however, it takes a two-thirds vote from the senate to remove him from office. democrats, if all republicans were in favor, you need a dozen or so democrats to join with that. but he'll have great stigma from the impeachment vote in the house in order to avoid that, he'd have to step down probably before christmas. deirdre: the clock is ticking. judge, since you're here, there are advocacy groups calling for censorship of social media
5:20 pm
sites, one of note yik yak on college campuses, it allows college students to anonymously share thoughts and opinions and the fact it's anonymous makes people more vicious. the advocacy groups say there is hateful, sexist, racist comments, kids feel bull eechltd what is your stance from the legal point of view, what is yik yak responsible for? >> yik yak is not responsible for the messages that are post, there and i can't imagine a court in the land interfering with something like yik yak. deirdre: it's free speech? >> absolutely free speech. whatever you think of the president supreme court whether you like the rulings on obamacare or don't like it, it is extremely emphasis pro-first amendment court, and every time they examine the issue of free speech, they come down strong and hard on the side of free speech. from that, we can conclude there isn't a federal judge in the country that would interfere with yik yak's ability to post whatever they want. deirdre: judge, what if it
5:21 pm
causes suicides as some unfortunate incidents have. people being bullied on social media. >> it will be reprehensible if somebody kills themselves because of social media. that's like getting rid of steak knives because someone used it to kill someone. the remedy is not silence, it's more speech. deirdre: all right, judge, the best. judge napolitano with us there. >> pleasure to be with you. >> thank you. judge who says this video showing the severity of the refugee, the migrant crisis does mean implications, consequences for the u.s. we'll give you statistics. plus bacon causing cancer? there is a new report that 116 causes of cancer are out there. my guest says don't bother going outside. then u.s. officials reporting hundreds of terrorists have evaded authorities using information leaked by edward snowden. my next guest says the leaks are providing clues to
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. >> the house just passed an $80 billion budget deal moments ago so increases spending caps for two years, raises the debt limit until march 2017. the senate is expected to clear the measure and end the budget battle that has defined most of president obama's presidency. nato countries may increase the troop count in member countries bordering russia to deter moscow's aggression according to sources. captain chuck nash with me now, so are we inching closer to a conflict, a direct one with russia? >> any time troops from opposite sides of the table start to close on each other,
5:26 pm
there's always the opportunity for miscalculation. in this case the russians have been violating the 1994 agreement to not put troops directly on the border. now all the of things with the crimea, latvia, lithuania or estonia are getting very, very nervous, they're asking for support. article 5 plays in, mutual defense. so we'll see. deirdre: okay, we'll see. is this part of some sort of revisionist move by the u.s. because perhaps we didn't act quickly enough to check russia in syria? >> you put your finger on it. that's it. we're playing catch-up ball all over the place including now sending a destroyer inside the 12 mile limit from an artificially constructed island that is millions of tons of sand on top of a coral reef that china is claiming. trying to play catch-up ball,
5:27 pm
when do you, that you tend to use ideas that are great at one time but time stamp has expired and using what was a good idea and now because of timing could be a bad idea. deirdre: okay, so obviously, a lot more work to be done there. something else i wanted to ask you about, the deputy director of the u.s. national security agency, nsa, says former contractor edward snowden's leaks have had a direct result in hundreds of terrorists disappearing from the internet. >> we have kept track of what our targets beside disclosures and what that means for them, and we've seen in the high hundreds of targets who have said, hey, we're vulnerable to these sorts of detection techniques and need to change the way we do that, and a number of them have. deirdre: did we give the
5:28 pm
blueprints on how to do it? >> it's completely possible. two ways to look at this. one is what he was talking about is absolutely true, and for whatever reason he felt compelled to tell the world that we can no longer track hundreds of really bad people. other side of it is the conundrum, if a roman told you all romans were liars, would you believe them? what if we are tracking the people, we want to put them at ease. the intelligence community, nothing is straightforward, nothing is what it appears. it's a great game and it sounds like we're still playing it. deirdre: okay, fair enough. if it's part of a strategy that keeps us safer, that will be welcome news. homeland security secretary taking questions from students at an event, american university school of public affairs, this is on the same subject. the fight against terrorism. >> i think one of the ways in which we counterisil's efforts
5:29 pm
at appealing to people in this country is to not concede that the islamic state represents any part of islam. >> i personally believe that if we were to refer to that group of terrorists as occupying any part of islam by referring to them as islamic extremism, you are dignifying that group. i believe that we have call them for what they are. deirdre: call them what they are. is there, to your earlier point, captain, such a war of semantics and language that government officials have to tread that may or may not keep the american public informed? >> you can even listen to jeh johnson's language how torture
5:30 pm
the denial was to get it out. the fact of the matter is the i in is, isil stands for islamic something. fill in the blanks. so president erdogan of turkey was on tv talking about how the west uses this term moderate islam and said this is offensive to me and my religion. there is no such thing as moderate islam. islam is islam, period. so when you go into the various things, these are western fanciful ways of trying to get into a state of denial when the fact of the matter is these are islamic militants, when is the last time you saw anybody but an islamic militant holding a head? so it is what it is. and we have to start facing up to it and dealing with it and diluting ourselves is not 47ing the matter. deirdre: i hear what you're
5:31 pm
saying, stronger, clearer language. glad to have you here. >> my pleasure, deirdre. deirdre: the tenth state obamacare co-op has failed. list is growing. we're going to tell you about the implications for the affordable care act. forget bacon causing cancer. there is a new report there are more than 100 causes of cancer. my next guest says if you worry about all of them, don't worry about going outside. first, a guest says this video of european migrant crisis means the u.s. is going to be receiving a lot more refugees. we're back shortly.
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. deirdre: the migrant crisis is growing. in this new video, you can see the scale of the most severe humanitarian crisis in europe since world war ii. the people you are seeing now, they are trying to cross into slovenia from croatia. former bush state department senior adviser christian whiton with me now. christian, what are the implications here for the u.s. will we be take migrants, even though geographically it requires a little more planning? . >> we will be taking more. we take about 70,000 refugees in any given year and secretaryg to increase that up to 85,000 next year. not all will be syrians but presumably increase in 15,000
5:36 pm
will be syrians or people broadly from the middle east. it goes up to 100,000 the following year. a fairly big increase, nothing like germany and sweden are taking, a big change, it's difficult to screen these people for security considerations, there are big implications there. deirdre: there are implications with security, but what about even just logistics? as you said germany has been taking in millions. they seem want to to have an open door policy but even germany, the friendliest is saying okay, this is really hard for us to manage? >> germany, you're right is having buyers remorse and may be some in sweden. important to keep in mind, these people aren't directly fleeing the war zone, a lot were in refugee camps in turkey or jordan or come from complete other countries like libya. trying to upgrade their existence, i don't begrudge them, i'd be trying as well. but going to the places with more generous welfare benefits.
5:37 pm
germany priding itself on being a receiving nation of this, but really angela merkel, the chancellor, seeing political headwind, calls for her to resign, a third of germans want her gone and the likelihood she won't get a fourth term. you're already seeing the change of europe. europe has a terrible track record of westernizing muslim immigrants, that's a difference we have to consider the flood of refugees is unlike others in the past from korea and vietnam. deirdre: christian, thank you so much for the time. for your insight. christian whiton, a former bush state department senior adviser. the affordable care act showing signs of distress. utah is the tenth state where the co-op has gone under. you can see that map there. 66,000 has been ordered out of the insurance market for 2016. there is also a new report coming out at the same time
5:38 pm
saying premiums for the silver plans will jump more than 7% next year. last year comparison point up 2%. betsy mccoy is with me now. great to see you. >> thank you. deirdre: the binder is amazing, that is obamacare. that is the affordable care act. >> and the failure of these co-ops is really the canary in the coal mine. the law set up co-ops and forced taxpayers to loan them 2.5 billion dollars with a b, they were doomed to failure because of two provisions. one said no one who worked in the insurance industry could work for the co ops, as if pricing risk is a child's play, you don't need experience. and bard the co-ops from spending money on marketing or advertising, so how are they going to compete. >> i want to ask you such a basic question, as a consumer, let's say i am buying my insurance through the co-ops.
5:39 pm
why can't i buy just cheaper insurance from another state? >> oh! well, because the obama health law won't let you do that. in fact republicans are pushing to allow people the freedom to go to any state and buy insurance the way you'd buy a car or a book or anything else. deirdre: give you more power to be able to shop around. >> right. right now obamacare requires you to buy the one size fits all government designed plan, and unless you get your health plan from an employer for example or you're on medicaid, chances are you have to go to one of the state exchanges. when you said the plans go up 7%. wrong. the lowest price plan is going up 7%. overall, that's a statistical trick. overall those silver plans are going up by double digits and many states up 30% in states like alaska and tennessee. the premiums are going way up.
5:40 pm
the deductibles are going up, way up. over $5,000. deirdre: we know. the bottom line is the average person who is trying to pay his or her bills anyway, who's being forced in both cases to buy insurance now has to pay more. >> okay, and what's happening is obamacare is going into the death spiral because as the premiums and the deductibles go up and the plans are less and less affordable, healthy people say i'm not going to sign up, i'm going pay the penalty though it's going up rather than sign up for the insurance. only the sick people are staying in, that means the premiums have to go up higher. deirdre: seems like we need an overhaul committee, you should be running that. betsy mccaughey, former lieutenant governor from new york. this cracker sold for 2 grandment we're not kidding. after surviving the sinking of the titanic. one guest says putting your money in auctions like this may be better than buying stocks. you want to hear what he has to
5:41 pm
say. forget bacon causing cancer, there is a report more than 100 causes are out there that can hurt you. dr. mark siegel will tell you which ones are real and which ones shouldn't worry you, too much. he's with me next. you can't breathed. through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip which instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right
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. deirdre: bacon causes cancer, and it is not alone. the international agency for research on cancer, there are more than 100 things that can be carcinogenic. tobacco you knew about, also fracking, salted fish, chimney sweeping, picking out a few at random. randy webb and dr. marc siegel as well. welcome, gentlemen. you said you ate a bacon wrapped porkchop, wrapped in bacon? >> two porkchops wrapped in bacon at iowa 80 truck stop and i'm still here. >> i was going to say that is
5:45 pm
the bottom line. you are still here. >> no, but, look, 116 things that will get you sick and/or kill you, they forgot number one. number one is being born. being born is the leading cause of death. deirdre: dr. marc we talked about the sense of listen moderation is a good word to know, it's a good philosophy if you like to employee. what do you think about the other list members? >> i'm glad you gave me a chance to get in on this, smoking is the biggest killer. start with the fact you are 26 times more likely to get lung cancer if you're a pack a day smoker. deirdre: even if you eat like david, just don't smoke. >> smoking is the worst and alcohol is really bad and associated with certain cancers. having said that, this isn't a joke, processed foods added to the list, we can make fun of the list but furniture, chimney sweeping, coal, tar, it's got
5:46 pm
formaldehyde in it, these are carcinogens. in other words, processed meats like bacon, hot dogs, ham, smoked meats, salted meats, they increase your risk to some extent. about 18% if you have two ounces or more a day. david can have that at a truck stop, i'm going to ordain it, medically, not every day. >> here's the thing. i happen to agree with marc, but we have something today called information and choice. i don't want a nanny state telling me what to do, and the who needs to justify the existence. we have the information, the internet. we have articles by dr. siegel and others. take care of yourself, know your medical history. don't suck on a tail pipe if it's diesel, it's bad for you. deirdre: i do not want to know what kind of hobbies you have. >> the ridiculous nature of the list, if you have common sense
5:47 pm
you know they're bad for you, that's something we've got to focus on information and education, not lists that come out and list things. >> but, but, i think they're getting better. this international agency took top scientists from ten countries this time, forget the list, and they look through studies and i look through the studies and some of the studies are convincing. they did randomized trials, they convinced me that the chemicals, nitrates, polycyclic aromatic hydro carbons are bad for you, they lead to kearns. i'm not in favor of the 16 ounce or less coke. i don't think this should lead to a nanny state, informed consumer that eats what they want. >> look, the nanny state model is this, 16 ounce big gulp, bad for you in new york, pot good for you in washington state. they make sense of that. deirdre: wrapped up by our own david webb. thank you very much to david and dr. marc siegel. when we come back the fed left rates on hold.
5:48 pm
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5:52 pm
it's not true, it affects everyone. >> of course, totally affects everyone. when the fed makes a decision to raise rates it sets off a series of dominos, that changes the prime rate. the prime rate changes mortgage rate, credit card rate or student loan rate or car loan rate. deirdre: if people have any form of debt, this is important. >> absolutely. and but what's even more important than that, because the fed is going to do this very, very slowly. it's not the amount that they -- when they eventually raise, it's not the amount they raise, it's the fact they raise, a huge u-turn in a 7, 8-year path for lower and lower rates that have gotten to zero. the mere fact that they're turning, that's going to matter a lot. deirdre: you don't have people saying should i lock in a fixed-rate mortgage now before the fed moves in december? >> when they move they're going to move very, very incrementally. that's not the point. the point that makes it important for consumers, people may say why do they cover so
5:53 pm
much on tv if it's not that important. it's because the asset prices, the stock market, and your home prices are tied very directly to the fact that the fed has kept rates so low. remember what happened in 2007, 2008, stock portfolio went to zero, got creamed. house price got creamed. why are they back? they're back because the fed kept rates so low, so what happens if they turn around and raise them again? maybe the values will start to decline. deirdre: for the average investor, what is the takeaway? we heard janet yellen, the four words, at its next meeting, the committee will evaluate dot, dot, dot, that stood out to a lot of people. so it's coming. >> she wants to make you think it's coming, she's been saying that for a long time. nothing new in that message. what you have to prepare for and you don't want to have to do this overnight. what you have to prepare for is a new world. rates can not realistically keep going, they're almost at
5:54 pm
zero, right? they have to up. that means number one, bond funds whether it's a 401(k) plan that you're invested in or own them directly, most people own bonds. those bonds are going to lose value as rates rise, and remember, that two years ago, 80's perfect bond funds lost money, 80%. that's what you really have to watch out for. deirdre: so evaluate your bond holdings, bob rice, thank you. always good practical advice, managing partner. when we come back, investors leaving stocks and getting into the red-hot art market. an art specialist from christie's will be joining us with two very impressive pieces. we're back in just a minute. technology empowers us to achieve more.
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>> a work of fantastic beauty. >> what is the range? >> 12 to $18 million. >> how does that back up to drawing? >> they were excused within a few years of each other, this is mid 1880s, a more modest estimate. exciting because it is work that in preparation for auction we discovered a drawing on the back.
5:59 pm
>> what kind of demand? who is bidding for these. has that profile changed. more domestic who buying? >> the buying profile is evolving it reminds in western europe and north america are still our biggest markets, but asia in middle east has grown. deidre: even in asian art? >> absolutely. is there a new group? >> whatever field of work they are in, they have a shared interest in the art, so, it is a profile that is changing, but people come from all walks of life.
6:00 pm
>> what do you anticipate. >> the people are coming to see the sales. >> thank you so much. connor jordan with me from christie's. >> "making money" starts right now. charles: republicans gather for a third presidential debate, there is a chance we learn more about how they fit the economy, that is what i want to see them outline. donald trump i love to learn how sending 11 million illegals out of the country would jump-start the economy. want to learn more about repatriation, apple has more than 2 billion dollars most offshore. ben carson. your health care promise, would it


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