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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  October 28, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> what do you anticipate. >> the people are coming to see the sales. >> thank you so much. connor jordan with me from christie's. >> "making money" starts right now. charles: republicans gather for a third presidential debate, there is a chance we learn more about how they fit the economy, that is what i want to see them outline. donald trump i love to learn how sending 11 million illegals out of the country would jump-start the economy. want to learn more about repatriation, apple has more than 2 billion dollars most offshore. ben carson. your health care promise, would it work?
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your old school approach to getting elected is not working. time for senators to try to make a move. waiting for the so-called novices to implode? not going to work. all candidates need to a articulate individual prosperity. what happens to my personal safety and personal freedom. what are we getting in return for our votes, "making money" starts right now. joining me now tammy bruce
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could fox news political contributor, christopher bedford, jean ai start with you, number 3, everyone is hoping for more details and nuance with the economy, what do you expects? >> i expect they will go into more details. i hope they will take one page out of the democrat playbook, because i know that conservatives don't like to play the race word, i hope they spell out how illegal immigration is a war on black youth and their economic prosperity. charles: i love what you are saying, it is giving away the freebies and paying people not to work. here is the thing, we have been hoping for details and nuances, i would suspect tonight is the night on the fox business debate, it is, what do you
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think about tonight? >> i think they will have to nail them down in a couple things, they are up for two hours talking about business. a couple of people that i expects to shine are donald trump, he will not go into details that people would like but he will talk business. he had 7 years of i'm a good thenessman ad play with th okay tv show, and bush is going to have a record on florida he could talk to. charles: bush is number 5 in his home state, what will we say tonight he has not said before. i don't get why all of a sudden he be articulate? >> that is a good thing to watch for, bush is the candidate who will make or break tonight. he has fallen behind rubio, trump, and carson.
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if he can't convey his economic message, it is supposed to be a core thing in his campaign, if he can't get that out, and show the bush that won governor in florida, they will in to rubio and cruise. charles: the 3 out ciders still -- outsiders still garnering the vote. >> it comes to attention, media not paid her much attention. charles: has she done anything attention worthy? >> well she is not calling anyone names, we're looking here at same time with all three outsider, they have big ideas, we know they have trump and fiorina business backgrounds, details will be key, fiorina gave them, trump a week ago told a young man
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entrepreneur he wants people to vet for him -- vote for himself. ly because his name is trump, people want details, saying you have to trust me because of my name will not fly. this is an opportunity for mr. trump, carly fiorina has always come back and around --m where people don't exec expect her to be. charles. jean ado you suspect -- will what donald trump do differently? >> donald trump plays it right, he will not do much different, what he has done in the past has work for him, he is more polished. i am seeing a little more presidential side to him, i can see him with less personal pot shots but still hard hitting, very strong, even with od odd
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audacious statements. charles: chris? do you see something similar to that. or will they be the same? >> donald trump has not changed much as anyone would expects. he has shown he is more polished. i think that carly will have to look out for him, mitt romney was torn apart on layoffs, she has 30,000 layoff with a company that hit hard times, she has to be ready for people like donald trump to hit her for, that i think he will be on the attack it has worked for him. charles: donald trump recently taken a more humble approach after dropping to second place, in a lot of polls in iowa, he pleaded with the iowans for help, the des moines register, with this headline, donald
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trump, not too proud to beg? one, until iowa came along, i said every poll, iowa, what the hell are you doing to me? iowa will you get these numbers up please, will you get these numbers up, i promise you, i will do such a good job. cha charles: can he resist it, we like outsider, we're tired of politicians having everything about them, you have a rally, one of the outsiders saying it has to be about me, i want you to work for me. get my numbers up this is -- for me. that is a interesting message i don't know if his is uperts once they -- supporters once they realize about what is appreciate. programuld be about thers and
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weighing of people --%ation of the people, he will have to find balance. charles: another way to read that, donald trump saying, i'm only one here who can get this done. you know, this is just no other way to put it to you. but to put me in office. >> any of the background that pretty much proves, that there are things that donald trump can explain about business that nobody else on that stage. so, i do hear what tammy is saying, i think another they that trump supporters might look at it, this so untraditional in rel am -- realm. of politics we never heard a candidate say, hey, i need you to help me out. >> i just think that we believe
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we know his background, but he must give us some details, there is a point in a third debate, maybe in the fox business debate, but he has to give us details other than i'm trump, do it for me. >> he has outlined most of that on his web site, position papers that are well in depth on his illegal immigration policy, which i think it the best thing for this country, he has taken hard-core position. charles. i like what i'm seeing with donald trump he gave jeb bush a pound, laughed at a joke that bern carson said, i want to see that part that is the new york salesman part of him that i like, i get that, i have worked with people like that, they are successful, i think that is the intangible that gets you
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elected. hard to quantify you go it is real. >> it real. he is a very charming guy, he is entertaining. he is a professional. but to all your points, even when you think he is saying something, often he is not really, like kind of -- say things like i don't know, i'm just saying, these two things happened or would your immigration policy have fixed, that he said it was not in place, so i don't know you tell me, ni her answers the questions, but you feel like you are sitting at a bar with him, he doe doesn't drink but e did you would feel like you are sitting at a bar with him. charles: fox business republican presidential debate, g.o.p. hopefuls facing off tuesday november 10,ing i, yout
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want to miss it. >> a new york news columnist attacked sheriff clark, he is here to respond. next.
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well, it all started with my free credit score from credit they gave me so much more than a free credit score. credit sesame's money management tools and personalized offers saved me tons of money and helped me reach my goals. i just signed up with their free app. what's my credit score? your credit score is 650. that's magic! no, that's credit you get so much more than a free credit score so do more with your score at credit charles: by now most are familiars with school deputy controversy in south carolina officer ben fields, was seen on two video recordings slamming a black female student to the ground in front of her classmates after she refused to leave the classroom, there was another video showing the student striking the officer, the deputy was fired, joining me by phone, sheriff clark.
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you probably saw the video, i'm not sure if anyone saw the third one, was that right decision made today. >> first of all, i don't have all of the facts and the witness statements and officer statements, i have to be real careful, because i don't like knee-jerk reaction, that is what i think happened here, i think that the sheriff got ahead in this quick period of time to have made that decision, i heard it was based on the video, video don't tell the whole story. when a officer uses force it is never pretty, it is not designed to be pretty, it is designed to be effective. when a officer uses force, i expects it to be reasonable and effective, we don't call it slamming people to the ground but we do take people to the
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ground, decentralization, sometimes we use language like brutality, and slamming is the ground, a little bit of hyperbole there that is meant to inflame. charles: are there any times you back off, and say i don't necessarily need to take this person to the ground. >> it is up to the officer, they make the assessments and decisions in a split second fashion. on the flying so if one officer comes in says, i would have done something else, okay, fine. that is good, another officer said, i would have decentralized that person, and taken them to the ground, get them in cuffs, you say, well is reason aim, yeah ha is okay too, everyone thinks there one way to do things, and it should be the nice way, in reality, when force has to be used it because someone is not complying with a law enforce am
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officeenforcement officer's lal command, it has to be reasonable if he took the desk up and slammed someone over the head that is a definition of brutality. high my understanding nobody was injured, how can anyone say it was brutal? it was a use of force, what happens after this is for people down in south carolina to sort out. charles: i know you can't -- i am going to ask you to speculate just a little bit with me, about the sheriff, firing the deputy today. if all of the plaqu black liver movement, and medea pressure, do you think that may have play a role, you believe it was hasty at the very least? >> i don't know if i would have done a leave, you need to conduct an investigation, administrative duty is okay.
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but, i think that -- my guess would be that that does play a role some of this right now, it is unfortunate, you cannot allow, when you are in a position to make these decisions like we are on a daily basis you have to to tune it stuff out, and take your time. to make this decision within 24 hours appears to be more knee-jerk, my guess it may have been inble influenced. charles: you were attacked in a new york daily newspaper column. one of his first columns was comments about your comment on police brutality, coming at you for denying resistance of police brutality, and police racism is not in the heart of police officers, the backlash and support for you is overwhelming. >> well, you know, for the shawn king guy, consider the
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source, he has been passing himself as black when he is white. for him to call me an u uncle tom, that is does not fit the model, usually that is reserve for black people referring to other black people, this whole thing is world upside down. i have said words matter when people with a broad stroke, that is when this black lives movement matter movement has done, they have painted broad strokes, they said all police are racist, and corrupt, and are brutal, none of that is true. not as a custom, not as a practice, not as is a culture or institution, the definition of brutality is savage, physical violence, this definition applies to isis, applies to floo planned parentg
6:20 pm
the paying -- what is sav sava. even where it is excessive force, it is not brutality, it is excessive force, words matter, our integrity is being standerred with no substanceiation, and no basis, the black lives matter movement thinks that mike brown was murdered by police officer wilson, he was not that was ruled justifiable, self-defense, the same thing about garner, and the same thing about freddie gray. the coroner report said that freddie gray's injuries are consistent with being in an accident, not result of criminal activity. charles: sheriff clark, i tell you, i have been attacked by shawn king on twitter too, any time i can be in the same --
6:21 pm
fraternity as you i am proud. >> we'll talk about paul ryan, we have two congressmen coming up, on this topic, the topic very important, we'll get to the bottom of them, next. next
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they come into this iworld ugly and messy. ideas are frightening because they threaten what is known. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy
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and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful. >> >> and multi-layered security. it's how you stay connected to each other and to your customers. with centurylink you get advanced technology solutions,
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including an industry leading broadband network, and cloud and hosting services - all with dedicated, responsive support. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you're free to focus on growing your business. centurylink. your link to what's next. in house passed a budget dealis to raise government spending limits over a trillion dollars despite effort from hard right republicans who -- they are celebrating as this reasonable compromise, if it passes senate will be with enough to prevent another government shout down? joining me now representative mar -- marcia blackburn, welcome to you.
6:25 pm
before we get to budget, you got a vote to be speaker of the house, are you going to take the job if you get a couple more votes tomorrow? >> paul ryan has got that job. i found out who it was that voted for me, i will thank them, the leader and i got one vote, there you go. we can say we were on the ballot. charles: listen it was interesting when the vote count came in just 200, i was worried there representative black because, i thought all of this stuff had been hashed out. maybe procedural for dan webster to get so many opposition votes, is this par for the course? >> i don't think so, i think tomorrow you will see a good hefty vote for paul, i'm being told it will be around 2:35, i think tomorrow, you will see that freedom caucus breakaway from what they promise each other they would do in this vote. and you will see a good strong vote for paul tomorrow.
6:26 pm
charles: does that mean there will be a back room bargaining overnight i spoke with a one of the freedom caucus members last weekend, i know that ryan has pledged he is not doing anything on imgrowt im-- immign until president obama out of office there could be more horse trading. >> i don't think so. i think this is strong, i think palmetto with those -- paul has met with the members individually, and also as a group, i think tomorrow you will see a good strong vote. charles: >> and you? >> tomorrow when we get to floor vote, have you two nominees one from republican party, one from democrat party, and one of those two, will be the speaker of the house, it will be paul ryan. charles: paul d ryan, i am
6:27 pm
nervous that he put the d in there, don't get too full of yourself. why, representative blackburn, why will this be first thing out of the new ryan leadership? he did not orchestrate it, but he did vote for it why this? why not make --? >> some of us would rather see something short-term then allow a to work with budget committee bring something forward, i am a no vote this busts the budget cap, and increasing spending and it does through adding new revenues not through spending cuts, we need to continue to reduce our discreationary outline get in the e the entitt reform this is a debt ceiling deal that is void of the reforms we need. charles: that is a euphemism,
6:28 pm
that is for more taxes, representative? >> it is busting sequester cap. i feel serious about this, we have to stop spending more than we bring in. so by doing, that it means that budget -- that the debt of grow, and other thing that concerned my this did not just raise the debt ceiling with a certain ceiling saying here is how much the maximum is. it actually suspends the debt ceiling we have a president who doesn't want to cut anything, and he wants to spend everything this is a concern for me. that was greatest concern is giving him a license to say, here is checkbook do what you want. charles: so many grassroots republicans out there who wish that your colleagues, sort of had the same guts you had today, this more of the same to
6:29 pm
point of sequestration, and president bragged about deficit cut in half, that is why. tighten the fiscal belt a flit, they have to do it too. really appreciate it, coming on, we're out of time, but i appreciate your standing up for americans particularly the tax payers, and taking time out this evening. >> good to see you. >> thank you. >> thank you,. charles: congral layin congratt vote. >> we have u.s. boots on ground in syria, they are talking about perhaps more troops on the ground, maybe helicopter, attacks in iraq. big question, is it too little too late? we have two former navy seals, special ops officers who are amazing. you have to say. we'll be right back. e side eff. e side eff. hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone.
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6:34 pm
do have special news for you guys. your new book, extreme ownership just made the new york times bestseller list. i am halfway through. one of the fastest i have ever read. want to 1st talk about president obama middle east. it feels like i know he wanted to be the peacenik camellias telegraphed all and now it feels like just a sloppy last-second too little too late. >> we need a strategy. wea strategy. we have to have a strategy. when your trying to react to every little thing on the ground you will never receive the great results until we have ourselves in a real predicament. russia has maneuvered and basically just smacked us in the face pretty hard.
6:35 pm
charles: this goes beyond political gain. someone adherent to a personal philosophy as cost a lot of people their lives. >> especially when you have a situation where the centering is so blatantly and obviously evil. these are bad guys, and they should be destroyed. >> it is come up a lot. maybe we'll have some boots on the ground. reading about precision and how you work with the other marines, army rangers come army units, how many boots on the ground would it really take in your estimate to finally read syria, iraq, and maybe the world of vices >> i don't think it would take that many. it's a false narrative. it is either nothing or invasion.
6:36 pm
the fall of rome body, we fought and took the city back in 2006, when it fell earlier this year the estimates was like three to 400. you are talking just a few hundred troops. put a few seal task units supported by an armored battalion from u.s. army and give them a buncha bunch of aircraft to support we will send these guys packing. charles: you guys had to win over the tribal leaders. they were one over. we abandon them. quex@is a tough. >> that is a tough question, and you will have a hard time trusting us again when we literally walked away at the moment of truth. >> leadership lessons that you learned as navy seals but ultimately is applicable to anything.
6:37 pm
the story, the bp who was so reluctant to admit that he was the problem. i see that a lot in the stock market, anyone who owns twitter, ibm. we have people running multibillion-dollar companies. this is a book for them. >> it is a book for leaders everywhere. extreme is still lacking in so many areas whether you are talking politics are in the business world. a lot of times we work with leaders and some outstanding leaders as well. they come in and with my team into shape mean that if our company is not doing well that's my team and they just aren't good enough. they have to take ownership because they are in charge. you can't change the behavior to get over them and succeed and went. ♪ you think there is something overarching or because i see
6:38 pm
it in the public sector, the private sector, the cherry ration of the house. >> with his right now i don't believe it is a crisis yet. we work with amazing leaders all the time command in the military we served with amazing leaders. we definitely see areas, businesses, politicians whether is a lack of leadership and it is very obvious. new york times bestseller list. thank you. the key party under attack big time. really not comparing the tea party. a whole lot of other people, republican and democrat. we'll be right back.
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♪ charles: according to gallup , they reached an all-time low, so low that espn is taking a shot comparing them. well, they are fighting back. and it is a more peaceful world when we're engaged the right way. we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. we have to stand for the values of freedom. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? but for the united states, who? who's going to stand up for the dissidents inside of iran that are brutalized each and every day? but for the united states, who? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? but for the united states, no one - no one is capable of doing this. the united states has the capability of doing this,
6:42 pm
and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. charles: well, the tea party has been a political force since the grassroots movement started in 2009. millions of americans who essentially said a pox on both houses is reckless spending has put the future greatness of america in question. despite rumors of the demise the tea party put republicans in charge in congress, kicked john weiner out and will not go quietly into the night. you know, i want you to listen. espn radio host and what he had to say about the tea
6:43 pm
party. >> enough conservative shops that he can sort of try to unify the whole party but will spend all of his time trying to deal with tea party people. >> trying to establish a caliphate. >> a caliphate. >> yes. that is a very good analogy without the violence obviously, but they are a rejectionist front. charles: well, you are part of a rejectionist front. >> i feel like they completely missed the foot of the entire u.s. constitution and the founding of america itself if they don't understand america has been about asking important questions. i would argue that the questions that the tea party asks are pretty important. why hasimportant. why is government gotten so big, but our children and permanent debt and why won't this government do anything to a sure and secure the future of america? their logical questions to
6:44 pm
ask, and to compare them is so off the charts hyperbole that is just irritating and annoying and makes them look stupid frankly. >> i agree with you. one thing i think will will happen is that the tea party will continuously come under pressure, and from all sides. when it 1st started it was a racist organization and then it was a bunch of rich people. every kind of description that you can name except what you just said, concerned people who wanted to have their voice heard, and i think it is a movement that continues to have a lot of influence. >> absolutely. i don't know who the people think did that but that was liberty minded americans who are tired of the republicans after being given the majority comeau not taking a stand on obama care of the debt ceiling and things like that are doing anything the size and government. but who the three leading republican presidential candidates are, who do you
6:45 pm
think the liberty or the freedom caucus is? for them to say things like the tea party is dead are going away, the tea party was always about people who did not want to be labeled who are independent thinkers, conservative command did and did not like the size of government. they are still out there. just becausejust because they don't want to identify as such does not mean they are not there. charles: it is a grassroots organization. it is not an organization. get anyone saying anything negative like this whether it is a sports announcer or some columnist in new york magazine. >> i was there at the inception. a lifelong republican i got tired of the establishment.
6:46 pm
and so i was part of that. if they were ahead we knew all they would do is go out and try to cut the head off a completely discredit the entire organization. this was thought through and may not work well for the short term, but in the long-term tea party people have just become grassroots activists. making the truth known, and that 55 percent that is supporting the knew independent candidates that we have never seen before in a republican primary, that is who the tea party is and where they have gone with a have blossomed a grown. charles: no doubt about it. take that. stocks open higher.
6:47 pm
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so don't wait another day. if you're medicare eligible, call now... and talk to unitedhealthcare about our plans, like aarp medicarecomplete. let's get you on the right path. call unitedhealthcare today. ♪ ♪ charles: breaking news look at us. the runaway blimp. the blimp that broke free of its tethers. began the journey up the east coast. this thing is the size of a football field dragging a mile-long still row ripping out power lines. now it is grounded in almost completely deflated. about 11,000 homes out of power. the market was high all session long.
6:51 pm
no rate hike. then they tweak the language just enough to have that maybe in december they would hike rates. the markets started to fall from all the gains are wiped out and then just like that skyrocketed. a-uppercase-letter forecast editor and hillary cramer. you have been a resident there. here is what i like. when the market lost 100 points, that is because they will take away the kool-aid. when the market was up 200 points that was because they would take away the kool-aid. >> it will be less and less about the federal reserve. it's an instrument of government, private money clubs, suppression of interest rates has served
6:52 pm
the big banks that were insolvent. so they have done nothing for the economy, nothing for the american people. this has nothing to do. the federal reserve. we will find out soon enough whether the federal reserve we will have no clothes. oil bounced. because world grows about 6% everyone thought everyone thought his son to get back and energy. >> inventory number came out a little bit before the fed decision. slightly less. that was the excuse. there is some speculation. >> i agree. internationally we may not really have the deflation that they were expecting. fundamentally we are going to hit about 18,000. that is where we are heading.
6:53 pm
the market is not seeing any resistance. apple behind us. tomorrow. he said 16,000. sticking with that one? >> looking pretty wrong right now. i did not anticipate that the ecb would come up. ii did not anticipate that china would do the rate cuts. it is not of false pop. charles: i still think this is a rational market in the sense that companies that have mr. made mistakes have been punished severely. walmart come all the names. it is not so irrational the people are out there buying every stock. >> it is really now a stock pickers market. start to rally because the federal start to tighten.
6:54 pm
we will see the rationality continue. >> that is also why it is frightening. we see stocks dropped that tells you there are no buyers there. charles: both of you guys like spiffy command i get ai get a little jealous when the guy comes on a much better than me. 85,000 refugees have poured in the slovenia. they may be the latest country, if they don't austria will. look at that. the scene of humanitarian decoration right there. we will discuss it when we come back.
6:55 pm
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to learn more about precision cancer treatment. can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit? can a business have a soul? can a business be...alive? . charles: about 85,000 refugees have poured into slovenia in the last ten days as hungary and other transit countries begin to close their borders. the united nations estimates that 700,000 migrants have crossed into europe by boat so far this year alone.
6:58 pm
slovenia may consider to build a fence along the border with croatia if an eu plan setup is not implemented. joining me kirsten haglund and jessie jane duff. jessie jane, start with you, obviously, the humanitarian images shock us and bother us all, but it's also one of these things where this is -- this is a failure of these middle eastern countries to take care of their own business and in many cases the fleeing of men who probably a lot of people say should have stayed home to fight for their own freedoms. >> absolutely. right now it is estimated like you said, 700,000 people have migrated over to europe, and we're talking about coming across the mediterranean in boats. this could essentially collapse the southern economies of europe. it's understandable that countries want to build walls because they can't sustain
6:59 pm
this. and meanwhile, russia and isis and iran and al qaeda have deconstructed all of iraq and syria and parts of lebanon. so we are really look at a complete collapse throughout the middle east. charles: we understand humanitarianism but greece, greece is on the brink of insolvency, they are insolvent and other countries. germany, a very wealthy nation are doing pushback here? >> right, and austria and germany at the heart of this crisis and german chancellor angela merkel said we are going to welcome the refugees with open arms but changing tack and the rhetoric is getting stronger. the danger is to the eurozone. you've got a eurozone dedicated to free borders for more than 20 years and now they're seeing this tension, and really these seas of discord across the
7:00 pm
eurozone, it's going to be major trouble for the countries in economic trouble. charles: i wish we had more time. at home, thanks a lot for watching the show. catch me, i'm here at 6:00 p.m. dvr it, you don't want to miss a moment of "making money" and you don't want to miss a moment of lou dobbs. he's next on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. our top stories tonight, the house appears to have a new speaker, paul ryan already talking about a new gop vision. the military loses control of a massive billion dollar blimp, f-16 fighter jets are scrambled. we'll have the latest for you. and reaction to the arrival of the u.s. navy in the south china sea. china doesn't like it, and china says it's not afraid of a war with the united states, thank you very much. and among our guests tonight, house freedom caucus chairman congressman jird


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