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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 28, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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with you. do you have a "strange inheritance" story you'd love to share with us? we'd love to hear from you -- it a moment of "making money" and you don't want to miss a moment of lou dobbs. he's next on fox business. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. our top stories tonight, the house appears to have a new speaker, paul ryan already talking about a new gop vision. the military loses control of a massive billion dollar blimp, f-16 fighter jets are scrambled. we'll have the latest for you. and reaction to the arrival of the u.s. navy in the south china sea. china doesn't like it, and china says it's not afraid of a war with the united states, thank you very much. and among our guests tonight, house freedom caucus chairman congressman jim jordan. on the new speaker, the surprise budget deal between
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boehner and the president and what will the new ryan vision be? conservative or something else entirely. and reagan white house political director republican strategist ed olins on the race for the gop presidential nomination and, of course, the debates and why have some gop candidates taken up of late, whining. on capitol hill tonight, republicans officially nominating congressman paul ryan to serve as the next speaker of the house. the formal vote to elect them comes tomorrow, and soon to be former speaker, john boehner, wanted to give ryan a fresh start. this afternoon, he accomplished what is likely his last legislative task. the house voted to pass a two-year budget deal constructed and negotiated in secret. fox news chief congressional correspondent mike emanuel on capitol hill with the story. mike? >> lou, good evening, despite conservative criticism that the two year debt ceiling package
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in the back room with president obama, the house passed it 266-167 with all the no votes coming from republicans. ahead of the house vote the nonpartisan congressional budget office delivered supporters of the budget agreement good news by concluding, quote, the $80 billion cap adjustment is fully offset. but some suggested the pay fors are gimmicks. >> we're robbing from the future to pay for today. >> reporter: yet the chairman of the house armed services committee said it would provide budgeting certainty. >> if we do not approve this budget, then what? then we are back to continuing resolution and sequester. >> reporter: steny hoyer called on the senate to act quickly. >> on november 3rd, the united states, according to secretary lew will be at risk of not having sufficient cash flow to pay debts. >> reporter: a day after saying the process leading to the debt deal was lousy, wisconsin
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republican congressman paul ryan signaled support for the package saying, quote, what has been produced will go a long way toward relieving the uncertainty hanging over us, that's why i intend to support it. today was a critical day for ryan with fellow house republicans nominating him to replace john boehner as speaker of the house. >> we think the country is headed in the wrong direction and have an obligation here in the people's house to do the people's business to give this country a better way forward. >> reporter: the vote breakdown was ryan with 200 votes, florida's daniel webster 43. kevin mccarthy one vote and tennessee congresswoman marcia blackburn with one vote. >> i don't really want them to nominate me, this is done. >> reporter: ryan will need 218 on the floor tomorrow but expect the conference to unite around him. >> paul ryan has the unique ability to help create a compelling message and disseminate it in a way that people understand it.
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and that's a great gift. >> reporter: gop sources suggest some of the votes against ryan were so members can tell constituents he wasn't the first choice but acceptable one. ryan has been in almost constant contact with a number of the conservative members and many expect they will rally around him, lou? >> i love the language here. $80 billion in cap adjustments which seems a strange way to express spending more money, doesn't it? >> you're absolutely right. only in washington is $80 billion make up an adjustment of sorts, so a lot of folks are having laughs with that at the taxpayers' expense at this point. as you heard from darrell issa in the piece, he thinks that the pay fors are a joke, so that's why he voted against it and a lot of other republicans followed suit. lou: as you know, mike, better than any of us, the previous pay fors haven't been paid for. so we'll see what happens this
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time. thanks so much. mike emanuel from capitol hill. a big night for the republican presidential candidates. donald trump will be facing off against dr. ben carson and ted cruz, marco rubio, jeb bush and others in the third republican presidential debate. tonight, in colorado. but this is the first time the candidates will have met since carson overtook trump in one national poll and five iowa polls. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron is in boulder and has our report. >> reporter: the question is, how donald trump will fare if he can no longer boast about being front-runner, he berated voters who favor polls with ben carson. >> will you get the numbers up in iowa please? this is ridiculous. >> reporter: he later tweeted --
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and he prespun his debate performance this evening criticizing the hosts. does anybody think cnbc will get fictitious polling numbers corrected prior to the start debate? sad. cnbc continues to report fictitious poll numbers, number one based on every statistic is trump by a wide margin, they can't say it. for carson it's an opportunity for a breakout moment if he can answer tough questions on issues and survive as a new front-runner. all this in the wake of trump's questions about carson's faith. there is an intense amount of pressure on jeb bush who downsized his campaign. he claimed he has better things to do to run for president if he has to demonize others or be demonized himself. in that case, voters should elect trump. >> i'm really confident we're going to do well, and all of the process out of this to me is completely irrelevant. my motivation is to make sure the disposable notice.
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middle class starts rising again, which it hasn't for a long while. >> reporter: the state's second largest newspaper called for marco rubio to resign senate seat because he's missing so many votes. he disagrees. >> we are proud of the work we do for the constituents in florida. we're going to continue the service in the duration of the service of the united states senate. i'm looking forward to being president of the united states. >> reporter: rubio is consistently battling for third with ted cruz getting traction with tea party conservatives. he's willing to criticize republican leaders ever bit as democrats. he hopes to show in addition to break things down he can build them back up and as the debate begins will unveil his tax plan. he said he wants to abolish the irs, it will be a flat tax proposal, something that is popular with the republicans but never made it with a president into the white house. in boulder, colorado, carl cameron, fox news. >> you don't want to miss what will be the fourth republican
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debate because fox business network will be hosting it. it takes place 13 days from now. tuesday november 10th in milwaukee, wisconsin. we'll be broadcasting monday and tuesday evening that week from milwaukee, so be sure to join us. we'll be reminding you from time to time between now and then to be with us. just a little helpful service. on the democratic side of the campaigns, hillary clinton taking a night off from fund-raising. clinton appearing on the late show with stephen colbert. i've been listening to bill o'reilly too much. she would let the big banks fail. get ready, here she is. >> first of all, under dodd-frank, that is what will happen because we now have stress tests and i'm going to impose a risk on the big bank if they engage in risky behavior. they have to know, shareholders have to know that, yes they
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will fail, and if they're too big to fail, then under my plan and others that have been proposed, they may have to be broken up. lou: mrs. clinton and some of the national liberal media may believe she was shifting to the left trying to blunt opposition namely socialist bernie sanders trailing her by more than 40 points in the most recent polls in iowa. but in letting the big banks fail, clinton is actually taking up the conservative capitalist position which would permit, insist that banks fail if they screw up. it's called capitalism, unfetterred senders campaign is still dreaming big with campaign manager jeff weaver telling bloomberg, this you're going to love -- bloomberg said weaver was mostly joking with his remarks but his comments show the
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growing tension between the two campaigns. turning to the crisis in syria. iran confirming it will take part for the first time in international talks aimed at ending the more than four year long civil war in syria. those talks held in vienna friday would be secretary of state john kerry's first formal negotiations with iran on something other than its nuclear weapons program. russia urged iran's inclusion because it's the only other major power giving military support to syrian president bashar assad. a state run chinese newspaper claiming the presence of a u.s. navy ship, a guide missile destroyer in the south china sea is annoying it. the paper declared china is not afraid to start a war with the u.s. after the guided missile destroyer to sail within 12
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nautical miles of an artificial island in the south china sea. china's foreign ministry quick to denounce the move calling it illegal threat to sovereignty. at home, runaway army blimp capturing much of the country's attention raising concerns about the military spending at the same time. the blimp is 240 feet long it. tore loose from ground tether in maryland and flew more than 160 miles before it could be grounded in the state of pennsylvania. three hours and 20 minutes later. two f-16 jet fighters were scrambled to accompany the blimp as the tether dragged along the ground cutting power to 20,000 homes and businesses. critics pounced to what they call a multibillion dollar blimp boondoggle. part of a $2.7 million project designed to spot cruise missiles and feed information
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to missile defense systems. we're coming right back with much more. stay with us. paul ryan nominated to be speaker of the house. that vote tomorrow. chairman of the house freedom caucus, republican congressman jim jordan on the budget. impeachment of the irs commissioner and the new leader next. what happens when racers try to navigate a narrow water way at very high speeds in their tiny little superboat and make a wrong turn. the answers are what make our next video so completely
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. lou: the republican party choosing paul ryan to become the next speaker of the house, as the house today approved a two-year budget debt limit plan. our next guest voted no on the budget deal but plans to support ryan in the floor vote tomorrow. joining us congressman jim jordan, serves on the judiciary committee, oversight and government reform as well as the select committee on benghazi. congressman, good to have you with us. >> good to be with you. lou: you all are moving pretty fast. >> yeah. lou: you're going to have a speaker tomorrow. that vote is assured. a budget deal you didn't support but it was negotiated
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with the obama administration, and presented effectively as a fait accompli is that a fair characterization? >> yeah, that doesn't change the fact it was a terrible deal. a trillion and a half dollars in new borrowing authority. increasing spends by 80 billion dollars, saying it's paid for, saying it's paid for in washington means it's paid for in years 8, 9 and 10. this is what americans hate about washington, and it's got to change going forward. we think paul ryan is going to help us change that, but yeah, this was a terrible deal today, and not a win for the taxpayers in any way. lou: yet so many of your colleagues went along with this knowing full well it was a fictional document, and it is the pay fors are the same nonsense as previous pay fors. >> yeah. lou: and at the same time, knowing that an $80 billion and i love this language, talking earlier about this with mike emanuel. a cap adjustment blowing the
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lid off the cap and busting sequesters. >> yeah, right. we set spending caps in place two years ago, we busted those but won't cover those, we'll pay for those in years 8, 9 and 10, people are going to try to debunk the caps in two years from now. it was a bad deal. 165 republicans voted against it. again, this is a problem. this is why leadership needs to change in the house of representatives. you can't have your leadership always going to the democrats bringing a bill to us at the last-minute. we got this bill at 11:00 monday night and voted on it today. a bill this magnitude and you get to debate a day and a half. that's got to change. paul's committed to change that process. lou: but he went along with this one. >> yeah, but he criticized the process and said it was terrible, it is terrible. lou: criticizing, is that the same as changing it. do you think he will absolutely not participate in such shenanigans? >> we have to change it. the american people are demanding we change it.
11:19 pm
60's -- 60% of our voters want us to change it. i think paul is a good conservative and a great messenger for the big ideas we need to put into action and fix this problem here. lou: you, you do think he's a conservative? >> i sure do, yeah. lou: as you know his grading by conservative groups is in conflict with that assessment, but there it is. let me turn to one thing and compliment you on your questioning and probing in the benghazi select committee of mrs. clinton. i thought you went to the exact point, and no one made it clearer than you that she has spoken quite differently to the american people than to egyptian and libyan officials and to her own daughter. >> yeah, well, thank you, but you're exactly right. you can't say one thing in private. you can't tell the truth in private and tell the taxpayers
11:20 pm
the people you are supposed to be working for a completely different story. i think she did it because they were 56 days away from election. the campaign theme or big part of it was bin laden is dead, gm's alive and al qaeda is on the run. they couldn't have a terrorist attack that close to an election particularly in a country that was supposed to be shining example of success in their foreign policy, the country of libya. they had real problems and think they made the calculation, we can live with the whole video inspired protest turning into an attack, that's one thing, but a plain old terrorist attack, a terrible terrorist attack, that's a different story. so they tried to spin it and tell the american people something that wasn't accurate. lou: congressman jim jordan, good to have you with us. >> good to be with you, lou. lou: a reminder to vote in our poll tonight -- we just want to hear you from
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to see what you're thinking. go to and vote if you would. if you want to connect with me on social media, please do so -- a couple of thrill-seekers learning that sometimes the need for speed comes at a pretty high cost. watch as the v-8 speeds around narrow corners in a course in australia. this is a narrow course. he's off-course, as you notice, and this is paying a price. the boat is flipping upside down. no one was hurt. here we go again. the passengers, well, the passenger could be heard laughing. i'm not sure you're a passenger, i think you're a victim in that thing. up next, thoughts on an administration failing our students and about everyone else. and folks in minnesota find
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a unique way to use a nearly 1500 pound pumpkin. there are smaller ones and took six months to grow the sucker. we'll show you what they came up with as a purposeful ending to a beautiful story. stay with us, we're coming stay with us, we're coming right ba
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. lou: we know that education certainly won't be any part of the so-called obama legacy. the state of education in this country continues to worsen under this president. the nation's report card was released today and the news should be troubling for all parents, students, all americans. math test scores in this country falling for the first time in 25 years. the first decline in a quarter century. the tests administered every two years shows 67% of eighth graders and 60% of fourth graders are considered not
11:27 pm
proficient in math. students not faring much better in reading where 66% of eighth graders and 64% of fourth graders aren't proficient in the subject at all. when asked about those results, outgoing education secretary arne duncan had this to say incredibly. he said -- how comforting, secretary duncan. how comforting. but if it's not a surprise to you, mr. secretary, why in the world didn't do you something about it. s.a.t. scores have also fallen to the lowest levels in a decade with declines across all three principal disciplines, reading, mathematics and writing. and now the scores of eighth and fourth graders are declining and one of the longest serving cabinet members
11:28 pm
said we shouldn't be surprised. isn't that comforting? i think that's nuts. so are we to put up with these kinds of outcomes when we're spending more money on education than any other country. it's also clear that president obama's legacy prominently features failure. failure in conflict, failure in foreign policy. failure in our economy, and failure in education. this first decline in math scores in a quarter century explains why president obama just a few days ago inserted himself into public education with his remarks. in which he deplored standardized testing. declaring it's gone too far and needs to be rolled back. he knows the first news we'd be hearing is the first decline in 25 years. his brilliant idea is to quit testing because he doesn't like the results. that is consonant with every other piece of logic in this administration.
11:29 pm
it can't lead, it can't succeed in any policy area, not one! but it can sure anticipate political spin for an anticipated failure. another failure and another failure. and sadly, failure seems to be the centerpiece of obama's two terms in office. our quotation of the evening, this one if i may from a politician of the 60s, eugene mccarthy who ran unsuccessfully for president, an independent. he said -- now i love that quote, but it was part of eugene mccarthy's problem. it would have been better if he hadn't insulted football coaches. he forgot, they vote, too. we're coming right back. donald trump and dr. ben carson face off in the third republican debate as trump
11:30 pm
struggles with second place. >> i am second, it's not like terrible but i don't like being second, second is terrible to me. lou: how will tonight's debate affect the polls. we take it up with former reagan white house political director edrollins next. and wingsuit racing sounds like fun, doesn't it? when you add in a few more folks and few more obstacles it (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas. moves the world forward. invest with those who see the world as unstoppable. who have the curiosity to look beyond the expected and the conviction to be in it for the long term. oppenheimerfunds believes that's the right way to invest... this big, bold, beautiful world.
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. lou: top stories tonight, two countries at the center of the european illegal immigrant refugee crisis changing their tune. germany wants to cut the flow of immigrants and refugees and austria said we're going to build a fence along border with slovenia. and congressman paul ryan officially nominated by the republican party as the next speaker of the house, but he didn't get enough votes to win the position just yet. the full vote on the house floor tomorrow, he's going to win it handily. the major decisions have all been made. and donald trump and dr. ben carson, the principal candidates with a lot on the line for tonight's third gop debate. the next two debates seen as the most critical for the candidates as the first caucuses loom closer as the new year approaches. struggling republican presidential candidates trying
11:35 pm
to find a message that resonates with voters. jeb bush and john kasich on the campaign trail this week, i mean they had a really a remarkable kind of moment. here the two men are. >> that is not my motivation, i've got a lot of cool things i can do other than sit around being miserable listen to people demonize me and me feel compelled to demonize them. that is a joke. elect trump if you want that. >> you know how crazy this election is? let me tell you something. i've about had it with these people. what has happened to our party? what has happened to the conservative movement? >> i'm fed up, sick and tired of listening to this nonsense and have to call it like it is as long as i'm in this race. lou: i think they've both had it, and their problem is the voters may have had it, too. former reagan political director fox news political
11:36 pm
analyst ed rollins joining me now. those guys had a really bad day. >> i don't remember anybody putting a gun to either one of their heads or tying them in the campaign with handcuffs. they have an opportunity, they both have been governors, one incumbent governor today to make the case to the american public to raise money which they haven't done effectively and neither are selling their message. fact the country is frustrated and willing to turn to a carson or a trump means you have to find out what the people are thinking and why they're mad and why are they irritated? if you don't want the job, get out of the race. lou: i got a kick out of kasich? >> and i like john. lou: i've known him for 30 years, i like him, respect him, the same with jeb bush, one of the most affable guys, very likable fella. but my goodness, they're having meltdowns. >> they really are. at the end of the day, you can't blame the voters, the
11:37 pm
voters are the sellers, there's buyer's remorse going on right now. lou: the group of 15 that we thought was splendid is starting to splinter up a little bit. i'm not sure how strong this is. you look at carson, you look at cruz, you look at trump, of course, you know after that, it's an unwieldily group. >> ought to get rid of half of them to be perfectly honest. the bottom debate nobody is going to go forward and, you know, half the ones in the varsity debate and throw them out and get down to five or six people that can raise money, be viable candidates. the reality is the debates have given the country an opportunity to focus on some of these people and you and i have had the conversation over the last several months. i thought we began with an all-star cast, the voters said thank you very much, i don't want them, and no one is offering anything different. lou: we agreed this is a very good group, as it's drug on,
11:38 pm
you're watching men reduce to whining as those two men did, otherwise good people, why in the world? >> i'm reminded of vince lombardi. you give me a good loser, i'll show you one who loses every single day. i want winners. my experience in presidential politics, if you don't go out and sell your case to the voters day after day after day, you're never going to make, it hungry, want to make it and take your vision to the country. lou: carson and trump and cruz and rubio are selling and making headway here but selling such different things. who's going to -- will there be somebody to step up outside the foursome if you will. >> i think every political analyst and consultant's dream is to say let's go back to a convention which we really mix it up. i was in the last one, the reagan-ford one in '76. they're not pretty when they get there. what is the platform?
11:39 pm
we have a majority of democrats voting against the budget deal that the new speaker is signing on. a deal negotiated over the weekend. nobody knows what's in it as congressman jordan said on the show, we get it monday night. we complained about obamacare being a 2,000-page bill. they have no idea what they voted on today. lou: and paul ryan approved the process and complained about it. looks like we're headed for another spectacular cycle of the same old same old. >> if they're taken care of business for the next two years, go home. we don't need you in washington, go home. lou: question, carson, is he going to be the front-runner here, or is it going to be trump? >> listen, trump is going to be much more viable long-term than carson. carson is going to get the spotlight put on him and may be a brilliant surgeon and doesn't know much about anything else and has a tendency to say things that are outrageous.
11:40 pm
lou: speaking of outrageous, marco rubio talking about how boring the senate is. that's a mini meltdown, i think. >> you may be right on that. lou: wouldn't it be a heck of a note to say my job as u.s. senator is just so . i'm not sure that's the platform at all. >> not exactly the right thing, but i think the key thing here is we've been doing this for months and months and months now and haven't had votes cast but the american public is tired of it and the republicans are tired of the choices they have. lou: all right, we'll see, as they say, what happens. ed rollins, thank you. >> my pleasure. lou: i was there in kemper arena covering that exciting convention. no one would believe that we were there. >> we were young boys. lou: all very young. red bull crowning a new wingsuit champion. some of the best wingsuiters jumping at 8,000 feet out of a helicopter. that is quite a ways from a helicopter. flying over clover dale,
11:41 pm
california, doing a red bullacies competition, trying to see who could pass through all the flags with the fastest time, american wingsuiter andy farington defending title for a second year in a row and did so successfully. man, that looks like fun. i have to say. the little twirling i'm not sure i recommend. that's super. congratulations. and in minnesota six months of hard work gone. a farmer who spent six months growing this 1500 pound pumpkin. there it goes! that's what you do with a 1500 pound pumpkin? my goodness. he used it to smash a minivan before a very excited crowd because it was done for charity and a huge success, and guess what? the farmer is starting to grow a bigger pumpkin for next season. so stay tuned. up next, the iraqi government says it doesn't want
11:42 pm
u.s. ground operations, it doesn't want the u.s. anywhere near them. it doesn't want it fighting the islamic state in iraq. we'll be talking with lieutenant colonel ralph peters about that. and astronaut scott kelly about to break a new record. we'll have the record for you and, well, what's he going to do when he makes it? we're about to find out. stay with us. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it.
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. lou: joining us tonight, fox news strategic analyst lieutenant colonel ralph peters. good to have you with us. we have the whole globe, it seems, to cover here. iraq telling president obama that they do not want his army on their ground, and please stay out. it seems the administration forgot to ask the iraqis what they wanted on their sovereign ground? >> lou, except for the kurdish area in the north, iran owns iraq. iran is on the upswing. russia is a new power player from the outside, and the iraqis will continue to -- they love our airpower, borrowing our air force, they'll take all the free stuff, all the money, and the state department will cling to billion dollar embassy in baghdad, but iraq is gone. thank you, mr. president.
11:47 pm
lou: let's turn to another region where the president at least has responded and that is the south china sea, sending a navy guided missile destroyer into the spratly islands in the contested areas that china's claiming. took two years to do it, i was impressed he actually did do that to stand up to the chinese claims. >> yeah, i actually am all for that, i'll applaud him for doing something good. he wants the trans-pacific partnership, and to get that, he's got to play to the vietnamese, the filipinos, the japanese, brunei, malaysia, all the other powers of the south china sea. this does matter, and we need to keep sending ships through those waters china claims because some things are constants, lou, and over 400 years ago sir walter raleigh said he who controls the waters
11:48 pm
controls the world. one of the strategic maxims through the centuries that as you know estimates are up to 30% of the world's commerce touches the south china sea. the freedom of navigation in the south china sea really matters. not about the artificial islands. lou: then it raises the question, excuse me, ralph, why did it take two years to do something? >> that's fast by obama's timetable! he's roaring down the track. lou: turn quickly to europe because iran will be meeting with -- with the western powers, if you will, in europe this friday on syria. a sort of meeting up with all of the refugees and all of the illegal immigrants that are running from the middle east to europe, sort of a, a convention, if you will. it is one that is affecting national security, though, for each of the members of the european union and nato and now
11:49 pm
angela merkel says enough is enough, giving up on idea of bringing a million of those folks into germany. what happens here vis-a-vis nato and russia in particular? >> russia is cleansing western northwestern syria of sunni muslims. they are consciously trying to drive more refugees out of syria. those refugees are heading for europe. europe's been just a cluster of a mess, and they're committing cultural suicide by inviting all the young military age males in. lou: by the hundreds of thousands. >> by the hundreds of thousands. it's not families, not little children drowning, it's hundreds of thousands of young military age males who won't fight for their own country and going to make a worse mess of europe's immigration system than it already has. lou: ralph, good to have you with us, thanks so much.
11:50 pm
ralph peters. on wall street stocks rallied, the dow up 198. the s&p up 24. the nasdaq gained 65 and heavy trading. look at this. i mean 4.7 billion shares. and a reminder to listen to my reports three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network. nasa astronaut scott kelly and shell lundgren completing 7 hours outside the space station, they finished up a series of upgrades of various things out there. kelly carried out the spacewalk before he breaks the record at midnight tonight. that's when he becomes the longest single spaceflight record holder by an american astronaut. 216 days in orbit. up next, donald trump fires back at the polls that have him slipping behind ben carson. he cannot imagine such a thing. is it a blip or a trend? the daily beast betsy woodruff
11:51 pm
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11:55 pm
sensing this each other ises principal competition. >> i am excited to watch it one thing that is standing out to me, if trump tries to make an appeal to female voters, the big reason that carson is ahead, women seem to like carson more, in iowa, the republican women are about 20 percentage points prefer carson. lou: why is everyone so excited about iowa? everyone that won the dog gone thing lately has gone down to defeat the nomination. >> a mayor point. >> electrickin looking at histo, you are smarter as jeb bush did just get out of their, you would not want to be tainted with that victory. >> true, but trump has
11:56 pm
predicated his candidacy he is the winner everywhere, i think he wants to take carson down a peg. i think carson is such a likeable person, it could backfire on trump. lou: it is an interesting dynamic. the idea that cruz and marco rubio are gaining traction tonight, what is the likelihood you see one of them move? >> i think rubio has to move with a challenging week, taken a lot of criticism for missing senate votes, jeb bush has gone after him in behind the scenes. this is important for marco rubio to defend the back he had missed a lot his job in washington while also you know taking a jab at some guys coming ahead of him, it is important. lou: what do you think?
11:57 pm
>> i think that betsy is right, the theory that there is another lane in the republican party, and establishment will coalesce around someone who is not donald trump or ben carson. bad news for jeb, it shows that had a head-to-head match up he can't beat trump he loses by 18 points, the establishment, call it what you will, they will have problem with jeb. lou: i think we can call it the establishment. we'll see you think some weird dynamics over the next couple of months. the establishment is threatened by even cruz, trump, carson, in particular. let's turn to clin sli clinton g
11:58 pm
left, i love that the media all over this, shift to the left saying that banks could fail. this a conservative position to let unfettered capitalism work. >> right, all onboard with idea of competition, that almost fits with her record of a close relation with banks, we listen to what she says about banks and her rhetoric, a lot of the big banks love h 2013 she made more than $3 million from giving speeches on wall street bankers. goldman sachs paid her more than her husband for a speech. lou: that isungrateful. all money they put in to her husband to clinton initiative and her pockets now she is talking about letting them fail, if that were her prerogative. >> certainly, she needs distance
11:59 pm
from being too cozy on wall street. i don't see this as much of a lean on the left on her part. lou: thank you. >> on our on-line poll, 97% said schools should have the ability to remove a student by force if needed. lou: one author here this week, extreme ownership, written by two highly decorated navy seals. a book with great lessons and leadership, and personal conduct and values. we recommend it to you heartly. the book extreme ownership. time for a few of your comments, gene said putin is smiling so
12:00 am
much more lately, why shouldn't he? obama granted him his wish to be the leader in the middle east, that is it for us tonight, good night from new york. kennedy: boy am i glad you're here, let's do this! i don't mean to use this watch to take a victory lap and toot my own horn, monday was hillary's birthday, and here is my predict how she would spend the day, roll it! >> romance. kennedy: hillary went on "the late show" with stephen colbert, told him what i told you. >> bill and i ju


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