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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 29, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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>> probably i don't know, you write this stuff. >> even in new jersey what you're doing is called rude. [cheers and applause] [laughter] >> sandra: reviews are in. outlets from the washington post putting cnbc in the loser column among the standouts in the main stage. senator ted cruz and marco rubio. we will take a look at the candidate's performance coming up. we will be hosting the next republican debate on november 10th and we will be talking about the issues important to you, what you want to hear about jobs, taxes and wages. turning to the markets this morning, we are looking at a pullback after yesterday 200-point rally on the dow, futures right now to lower open with dow futures currently off 77, s&p futures off 9. a little bit later this morning, we are going to get a first look
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at economy growth in the third quarter. dgp will be out, expected to come in at 1.6%. congressman paul ryan another step closer to becoming the next speaker of the law. lawmakers will vote this morning. ryan 218 votes to secure the job. there's this, kansas city royals in the driver's seat beating mets 7-1 last night putting them up two gaiments to none. both teams will head to new york at city field. republican presidential candidates hitting the stage for the third time last night in colorado, contentious evening. blake, a lot of people having fun reading headlines this morning. >> blake: at times last night it was 11 on 3. media coverage, then became
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squarely focused on the cnbc moderators, first direct question was to donald trump and whether he was a quote, comic book version of a presidential campaign. then just 30 minutes into the debate, senator ted cruz voiced his frustration at the line of questioning and delivered what polster said. >> this is not a cage match. if you look at the question. can you do math, kasih will you insult people over here, marco rubio why don't you resign, jeb bush, why have your numbers fallen. how about talking about the substantive issue. >> blake: the applauses went on from there. it came from the two candidates with the closest friendship, marco rubio was asked about lagging senate attendance record and one-timementor jeb bush jumped in.
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>> marco, when you signed up for this, this was a six-year term and you should be showing up to work, literally the senate like a french workweek, you get three days that you can work, you can campaign and resign and let somebody else take the job. >> someone convinced you that attacking me is going to help you. >> blake: bush's campaign manager could be seen after the debate in what was described a heated conversation with a cnbc producer. back to you. >> sandra: heated conversation with a lot of justice and glorifies it. i don't know if i would put it that way. blake burman, thank you. pete, i'm looking at the headlines right now, cnbc really bad debate night, cnbc should be
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ashameed, those are his words. you don't have to look far to look at mass criticism of this debate. >> sandra the biggest winner was fox news and fox business. if there was ever a case study for fair and balance news it was last night. you have a primer -- you're going to be a moderator of not what not to do. >> sandra: what was it that they did so wrong last night because moderators became the story and as someone who is about to be one, that is everything i don't want. >> well, sandra, i don't think you're naturally biased, and, you know, comments were dripping off every single moderator's tongue last night. it was really pathetic. itthe only thing that united
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them last night was media biased with the exception of jeb bush, everybody is beating up on the mainstream media, jeb bush decides to pile on and try to help out the sunset in florida marco rubio. >> dagen: i am going to sum up the debate t face that i was making when i was watching it. the face i make when i smell a dead possum. what the heck happened last night? [laughter] >> dagen: we had a hot conversation in the makeup room. one of the biggest issues as you prep for the next debate, don't ask questions that you would ask in a one-to-one interview,
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you're supposed to ask questions and not quizzing ben carson about nutritional supplements. they took the shot and won. >> sandra: it really was irresponsible as daigan points out, this was a debate, they were moderators, they weren't hosts, they weren't supposed to put focus on themselves, what they were doing is asking follow-up questions with an agenda. it was very clear. >> sandra, when chris christie has to tell you that you would be considered rude in new jersey, that says it all. it really duds. look, i think it's going to be a very long time before any nbc affiliated operation has a republican debate. you know, i think there's a great opportunity for fox business and the wall street journal to shine in a couple of weeks. >> sandra: i want to get michael in. you know, there's so much from last night.
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chris christie on the rude behavior, before i get to you michael, i want to throw the sound of his criticism. do we have it guys? michael, we will get to it in just a second. the sound tells the story, when they have it they'll let us know. there's no evidence that they can fix anything in washington, d.c. hardwood asking what should we do. was there any substance out of the debate that you got? >> michael: i would like to see a lot more on that. it was a big distraction, senator, you were asking about advice. stick to the issues, your comics look villain, aren't i smart, i'm on tv. one of the cnbc mot raiders were launching own campaign or
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something like that. [laughter] >> michael: that's what it came down to. >> dagen: they had to guts to talk about reform. jeb bush mentioning testing, rand paul. these are tough issues and, you know, kudos to them for at least bringing that out. >> anastasia: i think that's exactly, right, dagen. marco rubio had a phenomenal appearance. i think he came across as the most composed individual, whether it's immigration plan or tax reform. >> dagen: stepping away from it, the outsiders did not have the best night, it was the political pros who stood out. even ted cruz, marco rubio and even chris christie. >> anastasia: you can't argue with fiorina.
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she got a few round of applauses, you're right. she was not the show-stopper this time around. >> michael: you're going to see cruz's numbers go up. you're going to see cruz get those numbers whether we like that or not. >> sandra: yeah. it's interesting battle and bolder, headline there. no, i mean, pete, if anybody does walk away a winner from all this, some headlines are saying hillary clinton walked away a winner from that debate last night. who does walk away a winner from all this? >> i think marco rubio and ted cruz. i thought donald trump had a decent night. he didn't do himself any harm and had a handful of comments where he is defending others. i don't think anything derailed his campaign. marco is going to be a rising star as ted cruz. >> sandra: pete, i'll wrap up the segment, chris christie the
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sound i promised, talking about the rude behavior that they were all experiencing during the debate. >> there's no evidence that they should fiction anything in washington. >> what should we do? >> no, john, john f you want me to answer or you want to answer? how are we going to do this? [cheers and applause] >> because i have the tell you the truth, even in new jersey what you're doing is called rude. [cheers and applause] >> sandra: well, you won't see that when you watch the fox business debate. we appreciate that. i'll take this moment to remind our audience that fox business and wall street journal will be teaming up to bring you a debate focused on the economy. be sure to tune in on the fox business network on november 10th, when the republicans candidates take the stake in milwaukee, wisconsin,
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i'll be comoderating and 6:00 p.m. session and maria bartiromo and nile cavuto moderating the 9:00 p.m. one. that's going to be about you and the candidates, not us, i can promise that. another massive healthcare deal in the making. pfizer and allergan are weighing a merger, if this goes through biggest announce taker in blockbuster year, talks are in early stages, we're told. iran finds a way to impose in syrian civil war. vladimir putin right in the center of the controversy. we'll have all that next. ♪ ♪ ♪ can a business have a mind?
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and visit to learn how you can get it for free. >> sandra: russia has been helping iran deliver weapons in syria for over a week now. cheryl casone has the story this morning. >> cheryl: good morning, sandra, good morning, everyone, fox news is learning that russian cargo planes have been rushing into syria, the plan in air base, the flights are not registered and are in breach of two united nations security resolutions which impose arms embargo against iran. new speaker. the house will convene at 9:00 a.m. today for final vote.
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200 supporters behind closed votes. retirement packages for the tops 100 ceos. 41% of american families combined. now, look, guys. and that belongs to former chairman and former ceo novak. but here is the thing, the report is another report that really highlights the asperity among lower-paid workers and higher-paid workers which is a hot button political issue. >> anastasia: if you look average retirement something in the 60,000-dollar range. you're right. how many million did you say?
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>> cheryl: 200 million. >> sandra: a lot of them work very hard for it. i think we should talk about the debate, actually, cheryl. >> cheryl: i would love to talk about the debate. well, i think that my favorite part was chris christie going after the fantasy football question. is that really appropriate for a presidential debate. >> dagen: debate on the economy and how much did we not talk about the economy at that debate last night? >> cheryl: the questions were for them and not the candidates. you want people to respond. >> sandra: you brought it up so let's get to the chris christie fantasy football -- >> we have a government involved infant say football. we have $19 trillion in debt. we have people out of work, we have isis and al-qaeda attacking us and we are talking about fantasy football.
6:18 am
[cheers and applause] >> how about this, how about we get the government to do what they're supposed to be doing, secure our bodders and protect our people and support american values and families. enough about fantasy football. let people play, who cares. >> cheryl: may favorite moment. thank you for playing that for me. >> dagen: i'm quickly shocked that you have somebody make donald trump look warm and fuzzy. >> sandra: they were all clapping for each other. governor chris christie took the issue of u.s. energy policy. the government just needs to butt out. we have the firey exchange next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. >> sandra: all right, we are watching oil prices, it's up it's down this morning. largest gain in nearly two months yesterday. you were able to wake up after the debate going last night or then again maybe you turned it off midway through. >> phil: i have a hard time watching the network. i didn't know it was still on my capable station, but anyway, oil prices today, it is amazing right now. i'll tell you yesterday was the big day, you know why, refiners are start to go come out of may
6:23 am
maintenance, we are going to be switching fuels, russian and iranian missiles, the movement of arms another that's coming back into the price. >> sandra: we hit the two-month low and looks like we are taking a break at least for now. by the way, energy a big topic at last night's debate, so phil with new york governor chris christie that we should invest in all types of energy, listen. >> we need to make sure that we do everything we can for energy, natural gas, oil, absolutely but also affordable solar, wind in iowa has made sense. not through government
6:24 am
intervention and not government taxes and for god sake, don't send washington another dime until they waste -- >> sandra: a lot of other candidates -- >> phil: that's a very good point. sand sand your response -- >> sandra: , your response to that. >> they discouraged tracking and they've been wrong on every count. right now they are hurting the u.s. industry with the export band. it's time the government let the people in the business make the decisions. >> sandra: all right, phil, thank you for joining us this morning, we will see you this morning. >> phil: thank you. >> sandra: causing some people to oversleep, we will tell you why straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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maria: welcome back, first kickoff coverage 29, with me this morning dagen mcdowell, michael block, jpmorgan fund's anastasia amoroso. the big gop debate last night, in case you missed it, didn't stay up so late or even turn it on, here are the highlights. >> the leading republican candidate when you look average national polls is donald trump, when you look good in tuesday's someone with the moral authority to unite the country? >> the last thing i need is to give him more time.
6:29 am
i love donald trump, he is a good man. i am wearing a trump tie tonight. get over that one. >> such a nasty question but thank you, governor. >> you have done well in this campaign. is this a comic bogor version of a presidential campaign? >> not a very nicely as question. delete fantasy sports is a phenomenon in this country. >> we had government involved in fantasy football. >> we have $19 trillion in debt, people out of work, isis and al qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football? >> i want to go back to the issue if i and many -- >> you said something many in your party do not believe which is the climate change is undeniable. the question is what we do to deal with that. would we do? >> what we should do is invest in all types of energy.
6:30 am
speights >> government? >> no. do you want me to answer or do you want to answer? i got to tell you the truth, even in new jersey when you are doing is called renewed. >> let's stay on the issue of immigration. you have been critical of mark zuckerberg who wants to increase the number -- >> i was not critical of him. >> where did i come of with this? >> you, people write this stuff. >> you talked about marco rubio, mark zuckerberg's personal senator because he was in favor -- >> i never said that. >> this was an erroneous article? >> the gentleman in florida is a nice guy. >> my apologies, i am sorry. >> the sun sentinel says marco rubio should resign, not rip-off when they say floridian sent you to washington to do with job. when they say you act like you pay your job, do you? >> i read an editorial today
6:31 am
with great amusement. it is evidence of the bias in the american media. >> deal he your job? >> these folks headed down in 3-1/2 hours which i read them to $50,000 for a 30-second ad. i said it is ridiculous. ben was with me 100%. we called in and said that it, we are not doing ad. everybody said it couldn't be done. everybody said it was going to be 3 hours, 3-1/2 and in two minutes of renegotiated the and two hours a week to get out of here. not bad. >> the debate was always going to be two hours. >> you know that is not right. >> senator cruise. congressional republicans, democrats and the white house are about to strike a compromise that would raise the debt limit for preventing the government shutdown and calm financial markets. does your opposition to a show you are not the kind of problem
6:32 am
solver american voters want? >> let me say something at the outset. the questions that have been asked so far in this debate illustrates why the american people don't trust the media. [applause] >> this is not a cage match. look at the question, donald trump, are you, cook villain. ben carson, can you do matt, john kasich, will you insult me to people over here, marco rubio, why don't you resign, jeb bush, why have your numbers fallen, how about talking about the substantive issues. maria: turning back to the markets, taking a look at futures right now all, dow futures down 71 points, all this after the market closed up 1% on the decision not to raise interest rates, joining us is chief equity strategist, talk
6:33 am
about the market's to start off, but that the, unbelievable. to call it contentious would be a compliment, to college embarrassing would be accurate. >> fighting back and forth across the platform, meaning not across the candidates was just amazing and i think the formats are tough with that many people and the questions, unfair -- >> if you are not up for the job don't do it. it was at the where the network was criticized for lack of substance, lack of focus on the kennedy tax policies and getting their plans out there and the candidates did not shy away from reacting. dagen: is that a softball -- very easy to go after the immediate and they may be even easier for those candidates to attack the press. i want to know this.
6:34 am
from now all until election day, a little more than a year from now how much says this talk way on the markets. the stand to get a head win? you have seen reaction to hillary clinton's tweets about one company hiking of a price of one drug and it was a downdraft in a lot of these. do we accept more of that? >> the truth is, you probably know this, markets don't the lot of attention. before labor day it is so much noise, a number of people leave another republican side, 70% of people not even thinking about that. these are early days, into this stuff is circus season but for the average american not relieve focus and markets are indeed. >> if you look at performance of the markets over various political cycles, the configuration of who is in the white house, who is in congress almost doesn't matter. there's not a discernable pattern of this configuration, monday and most business
6:35 am
friendly thing but it is not often times translated but said the economy is what matters that as we look at the debate and get closer to the final candidates might be it does matter to certain sectors. we talked about energy policy sell it does matter agree deal where we might have the export ban or other parts of the energy policies. want not sector basis that is when you see the impact from the election. sandra: health care was talked about a lot as well. >> health care, energy, financials. where do you seize opportunities in the u.s. sector? >> the and attention to domestic earnings makes sense. the thirteenth court where companies exceeded expectations and those very same companies have disappointed. the economy is so kerri, not great but good enough and outside the u.s. is generally not great and you later rising dollar on top of it and that bifurcation i think is very
6:36 am
fundamental and not enough people attention. sandra: if you look at anything tied to the u.s. consumer you are seeing stellar earnings whether it is consumer discretionary, healthcare, and the multinationals if you look at the isn't the in general, down 1.9% when it comes to this earnings season. can you just invest in the isn't the? what do you do? >> you have to differentiate. the further you get into the market cycle more important stocks election becomes a leon. rising tide lifts all boats, young vigorous bull markets, the bread is very strong. as will markets mature they will get tired and not everything goes up and you differentiate, domestic companies where earnings come out and how much multinationals would you buy consumer stocks at or near their all-time highs? >> yes because their earnings are coming through. i would rather own a company where i have to pay up rather than trying to catch some
6:37 am
falling knife or something which is getting worse. >> what has bounced back the most are those falling knives though they had a tremendous rally. these things that rally is out of steam at this point and you do focus on earnings fundamentals? >> those rallies and getting tired. with an energy stocks in the last few days, they are lagging pretty bad day. sandra: thank you very much for women and all things markets and election campaigns. apple customers waking up in a panic as the latest iphone of data is causing users to sleep past their alarms. nicole petallides is here with more. nicole: they're missing classes, missing work meetings, this is an overnight software update causing problems for iphone users, apple's new overnight update feature lets you install the latest operating system while you are asleep but beware, when the data is complete your
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phone will restart and in turn disable any alarms you have said before you went to bed. apple has not addressed the but just yet so if you want to be on time for work make sure to install the update manually while you are still awake, put in for a wake-up call, phone of friends, doesn't sound exactly right. >> i have two babies, i don't need an alarm clock to wake up. dagen: to the isn't checked to make sure your alarm is off before you go to bed. who doesn't have eight of arms from one room to another spread around the house? >> yes we alarms that? dagen: i have three, when isn't the other room. one here, when there. sandra: set your alarm clock to wake up and watch know quote that leaves an lauren simonetti on "fbn a.m." each weekday morning on the fox business network.
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coming up runaway billion dollar military blimp breaks free and soars in the skies, more on that but first a pretty nice endorsement last night at the republican debate when candidates were asked what apps they use the most. >> number one, fox news.lican p. i am a big sports fan and the wall street journal, the the the air when i use the most. sandra: fox business is teaming up with a wall street journal november 10th for the fourth republican primary debate in milwaukee, wisconsin, you do not want to miss this. we will be right back. you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide
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sandra: chinese u.s. navy's holding discussions of attention in the south china sea. cheryl casone is on the stories this morning and has more headlines. cheryl: that is right. officials from the chinese navy and the u.s. navy will hold a video teleconference today according to u.s. officials this after a u.s. warship challenge china's territorial aspirations in disputed waters earlier this week. the newspaper with close links to the government in china saying the country is not afraid of finding work with the u.s. in the south china seamless strong words. the u.s. military by the way lost control of a giant unmanned
6:44 am
surveillance blimp, they use this blimp to watch the east coast, is a surveillance blimp, it breaks free of its tethers and drift over pennsylvania. along the way it downed power lines, of electricity for tens of thousands of residents, even mike huckabee was talking about it last night and finally superdata research forecasting the global esports market will grow to over $1.9 billion by 2018. it was worth it today. this is in part thanks to televise the events on tbs, espn, 2016, and beyond and this is all coming with a lot of hype and scrutiny about fantasy sports. east sports are growing, sports in general, whether it was televised events are streaming nfl football games or in the basketball game or virtual
6:45 am
reality, so much growth potential if you can't go to a game. sandra: big money in sports. dagen: this is video game player. this is the competitive video game play because that is what we are showing. >> is becoming huge events. like advertising. dagen: this has been going on for years. >> think about it is a relatively high margin business, you have gamers fitting monetize quite well. we are not -- people person to what people play video games seems pretty funny i grope in the age of space innovators, imagine somebody going watch this guy play space invaders but as we become more and then that. >> totally exposed yourself. >> not as young as i was.
6:46 am
>> but you did like to play that. >> despite what people might think i never played dungeons and dragons. sandra: when television networks are figuring out. coca-cola and red bull had specifically been growing their marketing budgets for e sports in the u.s. and are adapting to this because they're doing what i'm doing, this is silly. dagen mcdowell doesn't think so. they make is a huge business and their network is dedicated -- there's an espn of competitive gaining and it has been around for years and one of the biggest youtube stars has his own -- the new use of the to read, his own show where he is with an -- he reacts his favorite video games.
6:47 am
it has been and is not a marketer -- >> thesports viewersship will exceed $188 million this year. that has been stream and the networks and you even get more pickup in advertising. dagen: technology in sports, my plan about virtual reality with nba games and things like that is the way we consume sports has completely changed or which we as we are watching which is gaining sports. >> the world series has not been good to new york mets so far been nothing short of amazing for the host network. that is next. ♪
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>> broken back fly ball right field, roils of two games to nothing. neil: a lot of disappointed mets fans as the kansas city royals win 2 games to none, fox for scoring a big win in the first game of this series on tuesday night as the fourteenth inning battle brighten the biggest world series game 1 audience in 2010. big numbers all-around for the world series, interesting the game last night coincided was at the same time as the debate, could take numbers from either
6:52 am
one of them. dagen: i am said the mets lost but don't feel like i missed anything. i was forced to watch the debate for work. if the mets had won i would have been watching that, quite upset. >> the biggest series numbers in six years everyone counting big in viet has gone and did. big sportsrise still happening. are we going through this election year, the coverage is this or that. so many ad dollars, people are untethered, there are some issues there, getting pricing, don't count these companies out, there are exciting things going on in terms of ad dollars. is not that. >> everyone is looking for content so sports provides great content. all the other stuff we talked about whether it is music or tv, there's a lot of content. >> see what you will about the mets, everyone note, kansas city to lead, maybe we will get all
6:53 am
seven games in. i and that yankees fan. i am not a mets fan, and in new jersey, my usual for issue was disabled to point, the bandwagon got stuck on the tracks, blocking the 14. >> coming back to play the next and. >> friday, saturday, sunday. >> we should check to see ticket prices are falling. >> there are coming in. my are after that. they want the that to describe it. dagen: we at 11-year-old mets fan on the show yesterday, was a really neat story, you can check on titlist the media says they have a ball was the one child policy which has been in effect for 30 years, the move coming in an effort to list growth. will this be enough to stimulate
6:54 am
the slowing economy we have seen in china? big news this morning. >> a good step that is been telegraphed, they have been easing it out, we were talking about it during the break. right outside at is law of the lows, it is somewhere in the middle, people coming back to round. everything coming out of this 13, five your plan, good long term, it will help the consumption part growing china, it will take time. it is not happening tomorrow. this is a long-term view. i like the chinese consumer in a five or ten year timeframe. it doesn't mean i will buy their stocks right now. this >> it is long-term view. it will take some time to play out obviously but markets moved on expectations and what happened is all of us and we went to a five year plan that says we want to keep the population below a certain quota
6:55 am
and now the expectation is eventually longer term growth will be better because of that. stocks moved on the expectation. the other headline was china did cut their growth objective from 7% to 6.5% so that is converging with market expectations. dagen: the fact that this is the country, and economy controlled by communist government. canute imagine in any of the developed nations where they had a policy until now that you could have one child. >> it is in sane but it is a step in the right direction. uconn call it a communist government -- it is. >> on what this will do the population numbers, 30% of the population is now over the age
6:56 am
of 50, a demographic time bomb some are calling it says. is changes everything. >> that is the reason they are relaxing this. we look around world, we have the same issue, we have in the u.s. europe and japan and now we have in china so it is the world that is aging and that doesn't bode well for economic growth. also means rates are not going to be as high as they were in prior years. >> next hour we will talk the economic issues of the presidential race with economists sees more and get his reaction to last night's fiery debate. keep it here, you're watching "mornings with maria".
6:57 am
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sandra: i am sandra smith in for maria bartiroma. it is a fun fares uber 9 and with me is this our dagen mcdowell, michael block and jpmorgan's anastasia moroso.
7:00 am
fighting words/night's gop debate and it wasn't the candidate's going after each other. >> this is not a cage match. if you look at the question, donald trump, are you a comic book villain, ben carson, can you do matt, john kasich, will you install two people of beer, marco rubio, why don't you resign, jeb bush, why have your numbers fallen. >> get government involved in fantasy football? >> donald trump, when you look in d.c. him with the moral authority to unite the country? >> i love donald trump, he is a good man. i am wearing a trump tide tonight, get over that one, okay? >> such a nasty question but thank you. sandra: within the initial push this? >> you, people write this stuff. i don't know. >> got to tell you the truth even in new jersey when you are
7:01 am
doing is called roots. sandra: outlets from the washington post, reuters call over the buenos putting cnbc and the loser column for that debate last night. the standouts on the main stage included senators ted cruz and marco rubio making their words very clear. we will take a closer look at the candidates's performance is coming up. fox business, wall street journal, we will be posting the next republican debate on november 10th, we will be talking about the issues you want to hear, about jobs, taxes, wages, your money, turning to markets, looking at a pullback after yesterday's rally on the dow, futures now are down pointing to a lower open, dow futures up 66, s&p futures up 8. later this morning we would get a first look at economic growth in the third quarter, gdp expected to come in at 1.6%. on capitol hill paul ryan,
7:02 am
another step closer to becoming the next speaker of the house. lawmakers will vote later this morning, 218 votes to secure the jobs, john boehner getting ready to depart tomorrow. the kansas city royals and the driver's seat in the world series beating the mets 7-1 last night, putting them up two games to none. both teams will head to new york for the next game taking place n city field. presidential candidate in the stage for the third time in boulder, colorado. it was contentious i guess you could put it that way. blake berman has the recap from washington. embarrassing are some of the words in the headlines we are seeing used this morning and the head of law are in see saying the network should be ashamed. >> reporter: republican presidential candidates were not too had to the moderators questions during the debate last night and the head of the are in see as you mentioned expressed his displeasure after words to
7:03 am
put it lightly. was a tweet, quote, cnbc should be ashamed of how this debate was handled. 30 minutes into the debate senator ted cruz voiced his frustration at the line of questioning and delivered what a pollster said was the best wine every chartered at a primary debate. here it was. >> this is not a cage match. look at the question, donald trump, you comic book villain, ben carson, can you do math, john kasich, will you install two people overcome law, marco rubio, when did you design, jeb bush, why have your numbers falling, how about talking about the substantive issues? >> the applause went on from there. cnbc takes criticism there's also a moment jeb bush might want to have back, it came when marco rubio was asked about his lagging senate attendance record and that is what marco rubio's onetime mended jeb bush jump in. >> when you signed up for this, this was a six year term.
7:04 am
you should be showing up to work, literally the senate, what is the french work week? you get three days you have to show up? you can campaign or just resign and let someone else take the job. >> i don't remember you complaining about john mccain's vote record. the only reason you're doing and now as we are running for the same condition and someone convinced you attack me will help you. >> reporter: donald trump put an exclamation point in his closing remark when he railed against the adenauer he said the network wanted for the debate and exclaimed that he renegotiated that so, quote, we can get the hell out of here. sandra: was an amazing night. some of the moderators didn't even know how to say some of the presidential candidates have last names. i don't know if you noticed, blake berman, thank you. i think you heard that as well. we got to get your thoughts on
7:05 am
this because marco rubio went even further to slam the media not just a moderators, not just cnbc bid to slams on mainstream media, listen. >> at the last debate i was told by didn't smile enough. but i also think that these are very serious times. 75% of the american people think the federal government is corrupt. i agree with them. sandra: that was carley the angry at responding to the opening question of the main debate last night. what is your biggest weakness? dagen: that is the week question even if it is the last question of the night. certainly the first question of the night -- i start shaking my head and do my eight faces of discuss as soon as the debate started. that being said i will talk
7:06 am
about carly fiorina really quickly, something the wall street journal editorial page points out today, keep saying she would be the best candidate to take on hillary clinton but she does not get into specifics. this was not on the level of her last debate performance. the winners here were clearly your professional politicians. ted cruz did well, marco rubio, chris christie. we have seen a lot of that. >> let's get to marco rubio slamming the media, here is. >> democrats have a super pac called the mainstream media. every single day -- i will tell you why. last week hillary clinton went before a committee, she admitted she send e-mails to her family saying this attack at benghazi was caused by al qaeda like elements, she spent over a week telling the families of those victims and the american people that was because of a video and yet the mainstream media is going around saying it was the greatest week in hillary clinton's campaign. it was the week she got exposed
7:07 am
as a liar. >> which brings up a good point. in a minute we will play the sound of lindsay graham say it looks to we are running against. reference to hillary clinton by the way. >> look, you can say hillary is getting all this good press, she acquitted herself well in that debate, sure. process of elimination, bernie and the other guys so that is what it comes down to so she got that. is interesting what marco rubio and ted cruz and chris christie and these guys did last night, they look to the moderators and said you want to make this about you, okay, we will make this about you. dagen: the greatest of all you could handle presidential candidate because donald trump called the media scum, horrible scum, you open the door for that. they asked for it. >> the sad thing, everyone likes a good story, everyone likes the
7:08 am
humor involved but the ted cruz comments, the greatest ratings, the sad thing is ted cruz also talked about flat tax policy. we are going to talk about tax policy, jeb bush talked about his plan for 4% gdp growth which i'm trying to get my head around, the number coming at 8:30 today for q 3. we should be talking about that legions that this guy said that and this guy said this. >> we will hit taxes high because everywhere you go in this country that is that the top of everyone's concern tax reform. that will be at -- dagen: market raiders were scoffing at the idea that a simpler tax plan, a three page tax plan if you will is somehow ridiculous compared to the voluminous tax cuts we have today, that is cornworthy. >> the number one concern, we were on this show went interviewed the governor of utah and asked what do you think the
7:09 am
number one concern for people out there is and is the economy so it is minimum-wage, average wages, median wages, how do we get the labor force participation rate up, how do you get potential gdp growth rate up, how do you get to 4% because i tell you right now given the population growth we have, given the low productivity growth we have you are not going to get -- >> when you look at the gop candidates, let's get our act together, look what we are running against dan lindsay graham specifically saying i am tired of losing. here is. >> at the end of the day i am trying to solve a problem and win an election. i am tired of losing. good god, look who we are running against, the no. one candidate on the other side was flat broke after she and her husband were in the white house after eight years. the number 2 guy went to the soviet union on his honeymoon and i don't think he ever came back. if we don't beat these people
7:10 am
who do we be? >> weaver talking as a reference in the makeup room, that first debate was lindsay graham had a few moments but then the mess of a later debate completely clouded over anything. dagen: on this program the other day, the most comprehensive view of the world, of foreign policy, of what we need to do with the economy, domestic policy, made me wish he was on that main stage quite frankly, but i wonder, we will have to wait and see. the flash pulling you get after this debate are not legitimate polar is, you have to wait and do serious polling data but i would be interested to see. >> somebody said last night you get something from that. he came out firing on all cylinders in the first debate. >> one thing they did not come out in the debate was any talk about national security.
7:11 am
we had somebody point to isis and other issues to deal with that no one offered any solutions. >> talking about fantasy football. >> what appss you use on your cellphones. >> what is your favorite ice cream flavor. that i miss that one? dagen: when they ask donald trump the question about immigration and he refuted what she said, later in the debate she came back and said i looked up on your web site. if you don't have -- the goods when you ask a question to begin with you don't get into over. that was one of the other -- sandra: the fox business debate, national security, defense will be a major talking point, foreign policy as well, all that in the debate on the fox business network november 10th, milwaukee, wisconsin. we will be the first debate, marianne and meal in a later debate, is going to be camped tv, you can only see on the fox business network. on wall street another massive health care deal in the making,
7:12 am
wall street journal reporting drugs and the makers pfizer and now again our way and a merger and if it goes through it could be the biggest announced takeover in what has already been a blockbuster year for avondale activity. talks are in early stages but the reports driving out again at shares higher, stock up 15% as you concede in pre-market trading. up next russia's support of bashar al-assad is no secret and the origin of the weapons vladimir putin is sending into syria have now been revealed as well. that is next but first a look at the other headlines we are watching this morning in the wall street journal including the fed's keeping december rate hike in place. samsung boosting dividends as profits rebound and sony bullish on playstation as it swings up profit. we're coming right back. thank you for calling.
7:13 am
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sandra: house republicans tapping the new speaker, cheryl casone has this story and more. cheryl: good morning, house republicans have paul ryan as the new house speaker, the house will convene at 9:00 a.m. today to conduct a final vote. he has secured 200 supporters behind closed doors and this vote is expected to be purely procedural. fox news is learning russian cargo planes have been transporting weapons for iran into syria twice a day over the past week in days. planes spotted earlier this month on the tarmac at the russian air base the flights are not registered and are in breach of two united nations security council resolutions which impose an arms embargo on iran. finally, people who rely on
7:17 am
their iphone alarms to wake the mop have been getting a rude awakening. no awakening to make it more specific, and of great overnight, the 9.1 i o s system shutdown their iphones. it automatically restart, turns off the alarm. obviously they are going to fix it. big news for apple today, all the reviews coming up about the new apple tv. everyone is finally beginning to jump into this thing and it is fabulous. the wall street journal says this brings the dream of cable cutting closer than ever and he says that. maria: we have been talking about apples tv force along and it is not come to fruition, i love it, i am doing it, you are a skeptic but i talked to everybody around me in their 20s, they don't have cable. they have netflix, apple tv is my point. >> i fall into that millennial
7:18 am
generation and i am saying apple tv has never caught fire. maybe what is it, the personal trainer apps is going to turn this around? dagen: they are bringing apps into the apple tv -- there is an integration basically looking at a giant iphone, you are turning your television into your -- >> you have apple tv? dagen: yes. i don't use it. i would upgrade because they are going to in my household, wrote to, again, apps based but so easy to navigate and it has an incredible search and it can search for programming across multiple platforms. i tell you, if you have older americans who have iphones sorry and ipads, this is what will get in to use an apple tv, this is where you get older people to cut the cord because they will
7:19 am
automatically -- i tell my mom you automatically know how to use it, she is like a okay, they already have an apple tv. >> you can control government control that is your iphone. dagen: the new remote with the ltv has a glass surface on it so you can actually lead is like having a touch screen on your iphone so instead of looking down and up you just using your thumb but moving around on the screen in real time. sandra: millennials said to be big players in the 2016 election. not what we saw the last time around but this will be a new way of with the candidates needing to cater to that and how they should cater to them and get their votes, that is next. shouldn't what makes each of us a unique individual,
7:20 am
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sandra: oil selling off, $45 a barrel mar
7:24 am
7:25 am
has >> chris christie is talking about wind in iowa. i'm tired of being at the mercy of new hampshire and iowa. something needs to change about that. i guarantee you with chris christie campaigning in texas he is not talking wind and alternative energy doing viable alternatives. he is playing up to the audience he needs to play up to. we will see where that goes. >> watching oil very closely. what drives the oil price back to $60 a lot of oil companies are talking about, that is the long-term projection, here we are at $45. >> they are at a historic pace, when you look at projects they're canceling, billions of
7:26 am
barrels of oil overs and next 20 years and when you see that contraction, if you see an uptick in demand, it exceeded expectations by a little bit you would be surprised how quickly a supply glut can turn into a tight market. >> the issue is $45, these cutbacks a lot happens. back to 52 or 60, you will see talk about production coming back on. sandra: there is that cap because production will come back on. phil: when oil prices went back, we brought these back on and suddenly they got burned, prices went down and they won't make the same mistake twice. sandra: thank you for joining us, republican hopefuls campaigning for voters' affections last night, more on those debates, criticism of them and the candidates coming up. can a business have a mind?
7:27 am
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7:30 am
sandra: good morning, everybody. it is thursday emotioning october 29 with me is fox business dagen mcdowell, michael block j.p. morgan, this story we are talking about the gop debate what a mess it was in case you didn't stay up to watch it a look at the highlights and many of the low lights. . >> the legislated republican candidate when you look at average natural polls right now donald trump when you look at him do you see someone with a moral authority to unite the can you please? >> few questions i got last one i need to give him some more time, i love donald trump he is a good man, i am wearing a trump tie tonight, get over that one. >> that is a nasty what is a nasty question, but thank you, governor. >> mr. trump. >> yes? >> you've done very well in this campaign so far this is a comic book version of a presidential campaign.
7:31 am
>> not a comic book not a very nice question the way you say that. >> fantasy sports has been a phenomena in this country. >> talking about -- >> government -- >> in fantasy? >> with it a seconded 19 trillion dollars in debt people out of work we have isis al-qaida attacking us we are talking about fantasy footbal football? >> i want to go back if i can to the issue of -- i want to go back if i may to -- >> christie of you said something that many in your party do not believe, which is that climate change is undeniable, the question is what do we do to deal with it so what do we do. >> what we should he could investing in all types of energy john all types of energy. >> government? >>, no john, if you want me to answer you or do you want to answer how we going to do this? >> i got to tell you the truth even in new jersey what you are doing is called -- >> mr. trump let's stay on issue of immigration you have
7:32 am
been very kril of mark zuckerberg facebook who wants to intraef number of hh-1b. >> i was not critical of him. >> where did i read there. >> i don't know you people write this stuff i don't know where -- >> you talked about marco rubio i think you called him, mark zuckerberg's personal senator he was in favor of -- >> never said that i never said that. >> this is erroneous article? another gentleman in florida happens to be a very nice guy but not. >> my apologies. >> i am sorry. >> doing bad -- >> rubio should resign, not rip us off we may say floridians send to you washington to do a job, we may say you act like you hate your job do you. >> i read that as far as today with great amusement it is evidence of the bias that exists in the american media. >> do you hate your job. >> these folks cnbc had it down 3, 3 1/2 hours, i just read today in the "new york times," 250,000 dollars for a 30 second ad i went out said
7:33 am
it is ridiculous we called ben he was with me one hundred percent, we called in, we said that is it we're not doing it, they lost a lot of money everybody said it couldn't be done, everybody said it was going to be 3 hours 3 1/2 including them at about two minutes i renegotiated it, down do two hours so we can get the hell out of here. not bad. >> for the record the debate was always going to be two hours. >> senator. >> that is not right that is absolutely not right you know that that is not right! . >> senator cruz . >> congressional republicans, democrats and white house are about to strike a compromise, that would raise the debt limit, preventative a government shutdown, and calm financial markets, does your opposition to it show that you are not the kind of problem solver american voters want? . >> you know let me say something at the outset the questions ask so far in this debate illustrate why american people don't trust media.
7:34 am
>> is in not a cage match look at questions donald trump a comic book villagein ben cars op you can do mauth john case iraq will you insult to people here marco rubio why don't you resign jeb bush i don't want to haven't your numbers fallen how about talking about issues -- >> i want wait to get take on this sitting next to me on that top story the debates last night millenials will be a critical, critically important voting bloc in the 2016 election we want to get some reaction from them joined by national review reporter katherine and attorney christie. great to have you both this morning first off immediate reaction, katherine first to that we ran bit of. >> highlights and low lites. >> the whole thing was kind of a joke, right, it seemed like kind of a joke, supposed to be economic debate we didn't talk about any of that stuff nor a debate. >> embarrassing, i think for jeb bush going after rubio it what those rubio said about oh, clearly someone told you
7:35 am
would win if you attacked me that was so obviously what he was trying to do, you looked better if you were like huckabee saying ridiculous, why attack each other talk about issues, so another embarrassing moment for jeb bush i think christie actually did kind of well even on that not a giant fan of christie, what was that. >> the fact checking was a great point, made by i think donald trump right there, when john harwood said this was all -- the while two-hour debate. >> no, it was a planned three-hour debate, donald trump and some other candidates fought to get that trimmed down. >> i felt like about watching mtv more than a debate for most of it. >> the jersey shore, yeah. >> they did some looked a little on the orange side. >> they did. >> fortunately not t-shirt time. >> i felt like debate was lackluster kind of surprised some of the questions
7:36 am
absolutely ridiculous talking about -- i don't know if people -- entire -- would i be interested as economic if you talk about fantasy football get real topics going on. >> christie a great point i wanted to bring in analysis from fox news charles krauthammer last night in reaction to the debate on bill o'reilly he said this, listen. >> he is most pawling performance by the monthed operateors i can remember seeing in most pawling performance, that he has everyone seen in a debate, this is going to stick with network and are moderators we went into last night set aside time to watch the a debate about issues got nothing. >> i could tell from beginning of about it starring all this chatting i was sitting there wondering if they knew they were on tv people that did pregame show, and it continued like that, it was a joke felt
7:37 am
like what i have scene when i judged high school debate tournaments. >> the practice before getting moderators in. >> back to the point we led into you with that is the younger voting bloc is going to be showing up in record numbers for this election. they didn't show up last election this is really, really important, who do you feel as a candidate, is reaching out to that younger demographic the best. >> i would have to say trump i love trump that he is vibrant aggressive not a pushover it helps he has been on tv knows media going to reach out to every generation. >> what are you hearing you can share your opinion on the best candidate right now, but what are you hearing in general. >> a lot of people really like rubio after that, i think he broke out a little bit more than he was supposed to, a lot of people are saying, it is rubio or going to be jeb, for that specific voting bloc, he looks a lot stronger after that not that i am biggest fan
7:38 am
of rubio still undivided. >> what are important issues to millenials. >> economy -- all the same things are important i think the main thing millenials have a hard time trusting politicians a moment we have not talked about quick rubio was asked a question aboutl trying to asail his financial aukmen saying you took money out of retirement plan you know to me, rubio was laid bare came clean talked honestly, financial issues you go through hardship. >> they did -- >> important, i think that was a good -- >> he was starting to he was starting to hit the student debt issue they should have had every candidate talk about how are you doing to deal with mounting student debt in this country, and -- what are you going to do about it you have to put them all up there, and say how are your policy plans different. >>, by the way, there is a bigger thing going on here, that is the millennial generation are not teenagers
7:39 am
in early 20s some are but this demographic is well under 30s, the top end 35 years old, and you've got a changing american family millennial generation not buying hopes not having children, i mean this is a huge economic trend. there was a missed opportunity the in my opinion last night. >> absolutely i agree with dagen this would have been a great chance to reach out to millenials talk about things so many of us facing that a lot of other millenials talking about reinvigorating american demonstrator that is not option right now the way our system is working is dead if they can caulk about how they are getting us back on track the way i think trump does will hit home. >> we will be talking about that next gop debate right here fox business network, both of you thank you for joining us, bright and early this morning, we received a prostitute nice endorsement last night after republican debate, when the candidacy were facing off over what app the most in number one, fox
7:40 am
news, sorry about that -- >> [laughter] >> a republican primary here. >> nob, nhl, i78 a big sports fan "the wall street journal" the three apps i use most. >> another big endorsement weak moderator performance going to make us have a really big opportunity, at the next debate we want to let you know, that we will be hosting the next debate right here on fox business network, teaming up with the "the wall street journal," november 10, for the purpose fourth republican primary debate in mill wah we wisconsin -- the team out there, you are not going to want to this this. >> we come prepared! . >> yes we do! . >> you know we are kind of feisty but courts, show respect know how to pronounce candidacy' names. >> next hour presidential candidate rick santorum in front of the camera joining us live telling us what went wrong last night, what did he
7:41 am
think about that debate, you are not going to want to miss what he has to say coming up next wall street is making cuts one big bank announcing plans to ax tens of thousands of jobs as sweeping overhaul keep it right here on fox business. ♪ ♪
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
. sandra: deutsche bank announcing full-time job cuts this morning cheryl casone has details on this and other top stories we are watching on theirs morning. cheryl: that is right and good morning, yes just learning about what is happening over at deutsche bank, the ceo officially announcing 9,000 new job cuts, as well as announcing company will close operations in 10 different countries, by 2020 as bank reported a net loss 6.5 billion dollars for the quarter litigation and charges, this also the u.s. military, lost control of a giant unmanned surveillance blimp that it uses to watch east coast to a base in maryland blimp broke free derivative over peninsulaa downed pour lines cut of off electricity for tens of thousands of residents tax dollars at work here cost a billion dollars to build.
7:46 am
back to you. sandra: thank you. donald trump yielding one of the more rieldiculous questions last night. >> this is a comic book version of a presidential campaign. >> not a comic book it is not a very nicely asked question the way you say that, larry kudlow is an example who i have a lot of respect for loves my tax plan we are reducing taxes to 15% we are bringing corporate taxes down bringing money back in, corporate inversionss we have 2 1/2 trillion dollars outside of united states, we want to bring back in. sandra: er heritage foundation steven moore reaction curious and excited to get your take, to last night's debate. >> hi, sandra don't know win the loser was cnbc are a disgraceful perform donald trump mentioned my good buddy larry kudlow why wasn't he a
7:47 am
moderator in the debate somebody knows issue. >> his analysis was pretty good and fair to candidates seemed to really know the plans and that the candidates already had on table like tax plans. >> yeah, that is because he and i and steve forbes larry kudlow written, and most of these plans, and you know look, i would say the big winner here actually sandra was the flat tax, i was impressed by the tax discussion. and it contrasts bernie sanders wants 0% rate hillary wants to 45%, all talking about making the code simpler lowering rates bringing more jobs back i think they are right about that. sandra: here is the thing sometimes i think talking about what a horrible job they did last night is almost deplorefying them, because
7:48 am
they did -- discussion debate, you know in the morning after, but one other criticism that i don't think by any means can be glorified moments that with inaccurate the candidates were quick to put that out sticks with network, that being said, go ahead. >> i want to make a point i don't have a problem at all with tough questions, in fact i want those, what i think was onlible as you said a lot of times didn't have facts straight just rude questions were rude obnoxious, i think one other thing, the other people who should take the proclaim for th blame for this that is republican debate why should not the questions are have been, steve forbes people know the economy, everything not hostile to everything raens stand for priebus runs rnc has
7:49 am
answers has to have answers why he allowed these people -- the job he he john a friend of mine liberal democrat. >> words after debate were that the -- that the network should be ashamed of them as well as moderators but dagen,dayday how about picking moderators who have knowledge of candidates and policies. >> the bar high -- you are right. >> to give sandra credit we were fired up like 5:00 in the morning, the questions were so specific to some of the candidates, and clearly designed to embarrass them, whether you are talking about ben carson asking about the supplement company marco rubio financial background, behavior, those were -- those were questions you ask in one-on-one interview not a debate. and maybe not even in one-on-one interview.
7:50 am
. >> you are right, and you guys do it better than anybody, i would say this, that the result of this, though in the line of incredibly hostile arrogant questions i thought republicans many handled extremely well put press in their place, by the way, this is something a lot of republicans have learned from donald trump he does put the press in their place i thought the republicans came out looking very strong and normally in a fetal position in front of press they were very solid i thought. >> i challenged that point who won who lost, because at the end of the night we did not get substance from those gop candidates this was their opportunity they a had millions of people tuning in to find out what they want to do if they are the president of the united states, so i don't know, i am undivided who wins who losses i just know it was a waste of my time for a couple hours, steve. >> o only he yes? >> one thing when you are under fire from the media and
7:51 am
you can handle that pressure, you know that is showing yourself as being presidential. but i agree there was not enough focus on what it was supposed to be economy fox business news is going to do that two weeks. >> november 10 we will be there steve thank you. we will be right back. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are. information for an athlete's medical care, or information to track their personal best. with microsoft cloud, we save millions of man hours, and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
. maria: social media abuzz last night, during republican debate, jo ling kent watching it has highlights for us. jo ling: relaxation from candidateings people watching cnbc debate reviews scathing across the board, let's to look at what ted cruz had to say about it. >> this is not a cage match, and if you look at the question, donald trump are you a comic book villain ben carson can you do math john kasich will you
7:55 am
intellectuality two people here marco rubio why don't i resign jeb bush have have your numbers fallen how about talking about substantive issues. >> that moment generated most social media action, mentioned spiked 55,000 you can see, how that compared to the rest of the candidates right there cruz wasn't the only one data shows four of the top five moments, of the twitter debate the debate on a twitter involved criticism of moderators and questions the most particular word to describe debate moderators, terrible. awful, bad, and list goes on from there. although ben carson wasn't always the loudest voice in the room last night he did gain most twitter followers according -- rubio second well behind half what he got the most tell data of the night i thought was donald trump, he is getting less attention, his share of the conversation on twitter dropped from 37% to 22
7:56 am
in last night's debate, and it was so many moments social media resonated one of them was the fact cn. butc start their entire debate with a question that was not even about the economy. >> what is your greatest weakness. >> yeah most didn't answer as to real world . >> that is what we heard this morning, we are joined by a republican presidential candidate rick santorum bb here to react to that debate live, and three time world series champion dearryl strawberry back in a moment stay with us.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
. sandra: good morning, everybody. i am sandra smith for maria bartiromo this morning, thursday, october 29, with me is fox business dagen mcdowell michael block j.p. morgan
8:00 am
funds anastasia, top stories last night gunpoint debate it wasn't candidates going after each other unfortunately. >> this is not a cage match. and if you look at the question, donald trump are you a comic book villain ben carson can do you math, john kasich will you assault two people here marco rubio why don't you resign jeb bush why have numbers fallen. >> talking about getting -- >> -- involved -- >> fantasy football? >> donald trump you look at him do you see is one with moral authority to unite the country. >> i love donald trump. >> he is a good man i am wearing a trump tie tonight get over that one! . >> such a nasty question. but thank you, governor. >> where did i read this come up with this. >> probably i don't know, you people write the stuff i don't know what you -- >> i got to tell truth even in new jersey what you are doing is called weird. [laughter].
8:01 am
>> the trump. >> reviews in reuters putting cnbc loser column standouts main stage senators ted cruz marco rubio we will take a look at the candidates performance inning coming up, "the wall street journal" fox business hosting next republican debate we will be talking about the issues that you want to hear about, and care about most, jobs taxes wages turning to markets this morning looking at a pullback after yesterday's 00 point rally on dow futures right now down pointing to a lower open off 84, s&p futures off 10, later this hour, we will get the first look at economic growth in the third quarter, gdp, expected to come in 1.6 per cent, capitol hill this morning congressman paul ryan another step closer to becoming the next speaker of the house lawmakers will vote later this morning, ryan needs 218 votes to secure the job.
8:02 am
and kansas city royal driver assess seat in world series two games to nonteams head to new york friday night at critic ii.t.i field. >> the candidates hitting stage in boulder colorado last night a controversial event, blake berman from washington for us. >> good morning to you the presidential candidates on republican side were none too happen with moderators' questions, during the debate last night and head of the party expressed his displeasure afterwards, gop chair priebus tweeting cnbc should be ashamed how this debate was handled, 30 minutes into the debate senator ted cruz voiced driving under the influences dlooifrd with a pollster said best line at a primary debate. >> this is not a cage matterch, and if you look at the question, donald trump are
8:03 am
you a comic book villain ben carson can you do math john kasich will you intellectuali insult about to here marco rubio resign bush why have numbers finally how about talking about issues. >> donald trump put exclamation point on night in closing remarks railed immense the added hour he says network wanting for the debate and exclaimed he renegotiated so that quote we can get the hell out of here the candidates are reacting rubio says they were prepared for a subinstantive discussion questions like everybody got to get us to fight against each other or say something embarrassing about us and then ask to us react, that what is the purpose of these questions with became irritating. >> chris christie said cnbc showed its bias and mike huckabee called it a quote
8:04 am
disaster. >> thank you for that joining me for more reaction to last night's gop debate, is wpa research vice president lisa. >> good morning. >> good morning to you first off your reaction. >> well i absolutely agree what we saw was liberal bias at finest i think you have a problem when you have everyone from bill maher on extreme left, to the rnc chairman criticizing the bias that we saw last night, i find it incredibly disappointing that at a time when so many americans are concerned about the economy, that the focus was on personal attacks towards candidates, and really, you know was game to try to pit candidates gains each other very sponsorshiping. >> very disappointing. >> contemporarilies krauthammer on fox news coverage wented on with bill o'reilly had very harsh criticism of not just the
8:05 am
debate, but tmoderators, and questions. >> overreaching, they were getting in the way, they were in the end obnoxious what they did were able to set themselves up as the foils for republicans strengthened the field a made them look better. >> what do you make of that, that point, that the debate and the reaction from the candidates strengthened them overall, as a party? >> well i feel charles krauthammer is always right in sense he is a smart man but right in the sense i really think when ted cruz went after moderators highlighted why so many americans distrust media i believe that was a turning point for the debate republican candidates on that stage realized, yeah, you know what we all are kind of in this together, and you kind of saw after that all taking on the moderators, chris christie
8:06 am
had mentioned that look i am from new jersey, and even in new jersey, this would be considered rude, marco rubio pointed out the democrats super pac is mainstream media fair you confusion he corrected rubio's contacts plan can't get more biased than that. >> here we are, so i question saying, that the gop walks away better than they went into this, i will tell you why. because we're not sitting here talking about jeb bush's tax plan. or donald trump's you know, the way to going to fix the economy, we're not sitting here talking about the issues we are rather talking about the network and lousy questions i want to bring anastasia in you looked at me
8:07 am
like we really talked about this i know you want top get to markets talk about the economy, this is a debate that was supposed to be about the economy. >> look, the candidates -- shifting conversation tried to shift as much as they can, but -- >> exhausted. >> i think the audience wanted to hear like i said number one issue, is the economy. and as i go around the country i do a lot of public speeches i talk to audiences, but usually -- advises on clients people want to know why is labor force participation rate so low why median household income 53,000 dollars why inflation adjusted terms below what are we saw before financial crisis 57,000 the issue that we have today, is that monetary policy has done about as much as we can. right this is why we were talking about come december possibly raising short-term rates, now the torch has to be passed from monetary policy to fiscal policy this is where we
8:08 am
have to hear from the candidates how do you get that gdp growth rate up, frankly speaking, what are issues that we have is that our population growth is slowing, it is now going to have more babies china apparently is going to have, then we do need an immigration plan, there is something i want to say about this h-1b visa question, donald trump -- doesn't realize there is a -- >> get that ready keep going. >> there is a cap on h-1b visas how many you get it is about 160,000, around there the number. so when mark zuckerberg tries to hire engineers he can't because. >> trump wants to dick taut in his plan i read, so as soon as he said in the debate, when he rerefuted the question, i knew the answer i read the plan on his site he wants to dictate what these companies h-1b visa workers have to pay them not
8:09 am
republican politics he wants to take a pause in all immigration. if that doesn't rattle businesses across the country i don't know what would. >> i think we've as a country frankly need to decide, what kind of country we want to be when it comes to immigration, so before it was everybody is welcome, now, donald trump says nobody is welcome, the reality is there is very few avenues for people to come into this country legally, and i say this because i am one of the people came into this country legalization so i know there is four or five different ways one a work visa h-1b one, two, you get married, three, there is asylum there maybe a fifth version, there, but the point is if you are none of those there is not an avenue for you to come in, maybe that is okay. but we as country -- decide that. >> we pulled that sound bite i want your reaction out of this, specifically researching visas go ahead.
8:10 am
>> you have been very critical of mark stuzuckerberg. >> i was not at all critical frankly he is complaining about the fact that wr losing some of the most talented people they go to harvard yale princeton, they come from another country, and immediately sent out, i am all in favor of keeping these talented people here so they can go to work in silicon valley. >> where did i come up with this. >> probably i don't know you people write thi don't know what you -- >> my apologies i'm sorry. >> really doing -- >> trump calling the moderator out on fact checking unabout comfortable moment your reaction. >> it was we should be talking about i thinks also making sure we are differentiating between illegal immigration and immigration i think there is disappointment candidates did not get to stubs we could like were able to draw
8:11 am
contrast between republican principles and dmaet we have seen middle class familied hoseed inform obama, doing worse than prior to president obama fakeing office rich have gotten richer no further entitlement of that looking at obamacare if you book insurance premiums increased 35%, carly fiorina stated last night people doing better are rich and powerful, the big insurance companies hops, the smaller providers the smaller the little person that are getting hoseed under economy i think what last night was was an entitlement of those failed obama principals and policies, and account with republicans would represent pro growth policies of helping little man helping small businesses getting this economy back on track. >> thank you. for joining us early this morning, racking to that. >> my number one face of disgust i used a lot here it is, hold on.
8:12 am
>> [laughter]. >> face i made when husband gets on my about nerves. >> let me tell you something you will not use that face when you watch fox business debate. >> of course, not. >> we are teenage up with the "the wall street journal," to bring a debate that is actual focused on your money and the economy, be sure to tune in, to the fox business network november 10, when republican candidates take the stage in milwaukee wisconsin i will comoderate with trish reagan maria bartiromo neil cavuto comoderatoring 9:00 pm debate see on fox business network. >> i was yelling at my dog, yelling at my dog last night. >> hopefully not having a cocktail, too. >> no, no. >> despite earnings miss i would say buffalo wild wings showing some wings, the company is saying its looking to grow 10% before the end of the year going to talk to ceo sally smith to find out how.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
8:16 am
. sandra: house to elect a new speaker cheryl casone has that this morning. cheryl: house republicans tapping representative paul ryan as new speaker. the house will convene 9:00 a.m. eastern today, to conduct a final floor vote ryan secured more than 200 supporters behind closed doors. and fox nice warning that russian cargo planes have been transporting weapons for iran into syria twice a day over the past 10 days, the flights not registered a breach of about to if united nations security council resolution impose arms embargo on iran- sandra: a heart of football season buffalo wild wings are in high demand, i should say
8:17 am
the buffalo wings themselves in high demand how did one of the nations particular chains buffalo wild wings miss on earnings we're going to ask the ceo next, of course, we got a nice endorsement last night republican debate when the candidates were asked what apps they use most listen. >> number one, fox news, sorry about -- [laughter] >> republican primary here. >> nhl, mlb big sports fan the "the wall street journal" three apps i use the most. >> just saying, well fox business network teenage up with "the wall street journal," november 10 fourth republican primary debate in milwaukee you will not want to miss this we will bhe right back.
8:18 am
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8:21 am
marco when you signed up for this this was 6-year term, you should be showing up to work. i mean literally, the senate what are is it a french workweek you get 3 days where you have to show up? >> you can campaign. or just resign let someone else take the job. >> i don't remember you ever complaining about john mccain's record the only reason you are doing it now we are running for same position someone convinced you attacking me is going to help you. >> that was a good moment in debate last night that was florida senator marco rubio clashing with o former mentor, jeb bush. during last flight's republican debate rubio receiving rave reviews for his debate performance, jeb is still struggling to break through the clutter of gop field more, rachel good morning, fox news yesterday so interesting to get your post debate reaction did it exceed is your expectations, or were
8:22 am
you left wanting more? [laughter] >> i think debates are so exciting. this is the party of free marnths, competition, and i think that is what we are getting. this debate, performance here between jeb exchange between jeb and marco rubio, very interesting this was a moment to see who was going to emerge as the favorite blisht candidate. >> interesting. >> marco is winning. >> jo ling kent had social media reaction, garnering most attention on social media dr. ben carson, but marco rubio was up there, he had a pretty good night would you say. >> i think he did, and he is the candidate on the establishment side, issue who sort of straddle to tea party best, i think, on i think he proved that he can be likable cute, cute helps, and i think in this case he showed that being a gentleman paid off for him i think bush looked really
8:23 am
-- not so good in that exchange. >> marco rubio is about probable also most relateble we did have questions about the student loans the finances all of us could probably relate to that. >> credit card debt student loans, sometimes you do take out a loan out of your 401(k) maybe that actually played to his unfair the came cross religr reremittable who lives like donald trump or jeb bush that kind of entitlement, that kind of you know, up bringing is very unrelateable we know what it feels like to take outs loans struggling with them. >> not all running for president. >> i mean, but it raises a legitimate issue what are expectations in terms of financial soundness and stability. of our next president. i mean because comes and goes; right? >> four kids. >> miami, i mean.
8:24 am
>> president obama paid off his their loans and debts case of the book deals that he had gotten, you -- obama had a wife worked, film making probably more money that he did at that time, when he was a career politician. >> not the wealth. >> i think you hit on i think marco rubio lifestyle is more relateable to every day americans. >> your husband is congressman duffy a republican from wisconsin, i've got to ask you did you get on phone talk to him after the debate. >> texting back and forth. >> what did say he endorsed marco rubio pleased with his performance, thought he did a good job, but whatever trump came out said something funny we were tweeting it is fun to watch him, it is absolutely fun to watch him, when he did that the end with the -- with the moderators and put cnbc on heels. >> one thing to acknowledge
8:25 am
some guys were able to have moments in debate out overall debate is criticized can see i will get anastasia back in were not allowed to get issues outsome saying attack by media on moderators, donald trump reacting the this question got to hear this one. >> is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign. >> not a many couldic book and not a very nicely asked question the way you say that, larry kudlow is an example, who i have a lot of respect for, loves my tax plan. where reducing taxes to 15% we're bringing corporate taxes down bringing money back in, corporate inversions we have two and a half trillion dollars, outside of the united states, when we want to bring back in. maria trump said not a very nice question. >> growing as candidate the last debate he said your blood coming out of eyes i go that is not very nice really put it right back at moderator, i think it shows he is growing. >> there was quite a bit of -- different approach here i
8:26 am
think the fact he brings up regulation one issue we should talk about right, as we talk about how we get to the next hurdle economic growth what are we have to jump through regulation whether it is banks in a straitjacket whether areas we need to focus on that. >> last word. >> we've been hearing about jeb's issues the campaign, what can he do to really light a fire finally once and for all. >> hmm. >> i don't know, i mean i think truly himself not that exciting. >> great to have you -- >> perspective this morning, by the way, coming up presidential candidate rick santorum joining is life to tell us what went wrong with last night's debate what he made of the moderators' questions you won't want to miss it.
8:27 am
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>> all right. gdp is the big number that
8:30 am
we're looking for this morning as we're looking at markets right now. dow futures off 70, s&p 500 futures off 9, nasdaq futures off 27. these losses this morning, a s we head toward the opening bell is on the heels of yesterday's big day. 200 point rally on the dow we saw, the october, 1.5% is the number for gdp. so that's a slight miss there. the expectation was for 1.6% on gross domestic products for the third quarter and 260 on jobless claims, slightly less than expectations. so, a couple of pieces of economic data has we watch futures react to this. dow off 72 points, s&p off 9, and we'll watch as those numbers gdp 1.5%. expectation was 1.6%. anastasia is still here, your reaction to this number? it looks like we're coming off the lows of the session.
8:31 am
>> it's very mild miss, i wouldn't call it a miss. if you look at concensus numbers a couple of days ago, they were right at 1.5%. i also don't think the number is meaningful because the fed has a chance to preview based on their forecast, based on their economic models, they had a chance to preview the number. it's not 3.9% like we saw in the second quarter. what the fed is essentially saying, we're willing to look through this because of inventory drawdown, it was because of no builds, they're looking through this. and they're looking at the pay rolls number. >> i'm looking at this better, as anastasia said, concensus was too high. this is actually a little higher than 1.1.2 where i was sitting maybe 1.4. this was not as bad as people thought. >> the atlanta model tracking
8:32 am
.8%. >> and atlanta running low, it's been good. core pce up 1.9%, back to that almost 2% number. they're looking up to 1.3. and we point out personal consumption up 3.6%, the powerhouse, 70% of gdp coming along well. >> the quality-- >> that's precisely why in the statement yesterday they said that consumption is solid. >> hawkish number. >> that's what i tried to repeatedly point out. the consumption has been doing well, during the third quarter because in part, the lower energy prices, when people say, we haven't seen any impact from that, we have right there. sandra: speaking of costs earnings alert. buffalo wild shares selling off in the pre-market session following a big earnings miss, but despite the weak results, the company is looking to grow another 10% before the end of this year.
8:33 am
let's bring in buffalo wild wings sally smith to respond directly to this. a first on fox business interview, great to have you on this morning, following your earnings announcement. >> good morning, sandra. sandra: what do you tell your shareholders about the future of are company after this earnings miss as the stock does sell off this morning? >> well, our stock is typically volatile around earnings and i would tell shareholders to look at the long-term growth plans for buffalo wild wings. we did talk about our earnings forecast for 2016 in our conference call yesterday of exceeding 20%. so we still think we're going to have a pretty decent year. we're looking for a good fourth quarter and, yeah, a number of things came together this third quarter. a shift in the calendar on the a little higher cost related to an acquisition that we did in august. but for long-term i'm pleased with where we're performing. sandra: so the shift in the calendar year is interesting
8:34 am
because that led to a week less football and payer purview events according to your results, is that the reason? >> yes, we had nice sales going into july and august. september was a little weaker than anticipated. we knew about the calendar shift, but didn't indicate quite the shift in per p per views as well. . sandra: should the gasoline prices show up in your earnings? >> lower gas and oil gives the consumer discretionary buying power. we've seen that in september and october. i don't know if there's a pentup demand. we track well with the industry and remain above the industry, but i think the lower oil and
8:35 am
gas does bode well for the restaurants. >> if oil and gas prices bode well, it's interesting because when we look at retail sales, they're not all that robust. when we look at restaurant sales, food and beverage, that's a line item growing 7,8, 9% per year and i've been telling that people buy less for gas and pay more for beer and chicken wings. do you expect it to pick up through the year end? >> we do expect it to pick up. we have the calendar and the games how they layout affect us a little bit and we call out in earnings that we have a shift in halloween and christmas. we'll pick up that additional week of football in the first quarter of 2016. we still think we're a compelling story. it is where you want to watch the game and we're always looking for great matchups.
8:36 am
certainly the first game of the world series going into extra innings definitely helps. sandra: sally, michael block here. >> you talk about the industry slowdown september, october. one thing we talk about is untethering of traditional media. we heard from disney about espn. do you think there's a similar phenomenon you have to manage and handle in erms it of people seeking alternative venues to watch sporting events? is that what you're thinking about? >> i think that provides some great details what compels people to come to buffalo wild wings. if you're not getting cable at home or able to get at that sports package, it's a reason to come into wild wings, what our guests have been telling us. sandra: has the world series been a boost in this quarter? >> we think the final, the world series itself will really hit in november. so from a quarter over quarter basis, very similar, month over
8:37 am
month, a shift to november. we're hoping for seven games. sandra: got you. i assume a few companies and people are hoping for that as well. thank you for joining us, buffalo wild wings ceo. >> thank you, sandra. sandra: and i want to thank anastasia for joining us all morning. great to have you. >> it's a pleasure. sandra: you've got to be whisked off to an airplane and a couple of different cities today. >> just two, just two. sandra: great to have you. >> see you next time. sandra: it's been a busy day on mornings with maria. a look back at some of the best moments from the show. >> i'm going to sum up the debate last night. the face i was making when i was watching it. for people on the radio, the face i make when i smell a dead poss possum. >> i felt that one of the moderators was launching his own campaign. >> and explain the way i look.
8:38 am
>> are you a mets fan? >> no, a yankees fan. i'm not on the mets band wagon. my train in new jersey was stopped and blocked the train. what happened. >> and reach out and so many of us are facing that issue, and i think there's a lot of other ways, talk about reinrig -- reinvigorating the american dream.
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
>> deutsche bank announcing some job cuts this morning. cheryl casone has that story and more. >> that's right, deutsche bank announcing 100 job cuts and plans for operations in ten countries by 1920. they reported a net loss of 6.56 billion dollars for the quarter. and ride sharing service lyft getting into the halloween spirit offering free zombies in new york. zombies will be delivered on a dolly and directed to a user's scare target. not kidding. cheryl back to you. sandra: and you heard me, i said flat tax. and rick santorum before the debate last night. moderators receiving a lot of
8:43 am
criticism we're seeing across all media outlets for some of the questions at last night's debates. some of the candidates like senator ted cruz speaking out during the debate about just that, listen. >> this is not a cage match. and if you look at the questions, donald trump, are you a comic book villain, ben carson, can you do math? john kasich will you insult two people over here. marco rubio why don't you resign. jeb bush why have your numbers fallen? how about talking about the substantive issues? >> and rick santorum, good morning to you, sir-- they came after each one of us
8:44 am
based on things they thought were perceived weaknesses and how we, you know, how we appeal to republican voters. i actually thought the questioning in the early panel was fine. i think, obviously, when the other panel, i agree with senator cruz, i thought that the questioning was very harsh and they should have been reprimanded by the question which i thought was unfortunate. they did a good job in the early debate. sandra: the first debate was more substantivement and we did learn about your plans and what is talked about this morning is your ideas on a flat tax. i want to roll that sound. >> the biggest problem of the hollowing out of the middle of the country for workers to rise is actually the breakdown of the american family. and said that on page of the wall street journal today, that the key to poverty is families.
8:45 am
so we put forth a pro growth steve forbes plan and combine it with a pro family plan and that's why i think it's going to work effectively. sandra: do you think you're reaching the american voters with na pitch and that point of view? >> yeah, i mean, look, if you look at the problems that are really causing the hollowing out of the middle, it's a combination of a lack of opportunity. there's no question that the flight of manufacturing jobs away from america, we've lost 2 million in the last seven years under barack obama, 15,000 manufacturing jobs have left. as you know, that's the multiplier, biggest impact on lower wage workers and 47% of americans who don't have a college degree who are in the work force right now. manufacturing is a key for them to do well. so that's part of it, but we can't ignore the other part, that is that particularly for lower income people, the fact that marriage has broken down and that families are fractured and in many cases not even forming, you know, the majority
8:46 am
of children born in america are going to be raised in a home where there is no dad. i mean, that's not -- particularly for young men and that's what the article and putman, a harvard socialologist came to the same issue, look at the numbers, we've got to do something about this. sandra: one is everyone is talking about. when i talk to people in this country, senator, they want to talk taxes the top of the list. unfortunate the second debate didn't get to much of that. i want to bring in others on the panel. dagen mcdowell. dagen: good to see you. >> hey, dagen. dagen: in terms of manufacturing i would pose a question i would ask. manufacturing as we've lost manufacturing jobs, that's part related to our nature as an economy as it becomes richer and it becomes more developed that those jobs go away and instead we've created
8:47 am
technology jobs that require much more advanced education. so, when you talk about bringing manufacturing back to the u.s., we still have a very vibrant auto sector and vibrant aerospace industry. you talk about, you're basically talking to a very pro-union voter, typically not the republican voter. >> well, i think there's a lot of people that work in manufacturing that are not union. obviously, private sector unions now are almost gone. you know, other than a handful of states in the north, even in the manufacturing sector, union employment is very, very low. you know, i think what we're talking about here is a different kind of manufacturing, obviously not the old mills that were, you know, labor intensive, but high-tech manufacturing. i probably visited a manufacturer at least two, three times a week, and be at one again today and these are great places to work, they're clean, they're computized, their technology is lot of it is rebottics.
8:48 am
the skill level for people, it's technical degree, on the job training an opportunity for people to work and get the skills to be able to work in a good paying job. sandra: we don't have much time and i want these questions in. i wanted to ask you, everybody talked about who won and who lost last night. as a party-- 'cause i don't want to talk specific candidates, you were in an earlier debate, but as a whole, did the g.o.p. walk away from that debate stronger? we saw the g.o.p. rally around each other, the candidates rallied around each other specifically with those comments by ted cruz. you know, in the face of questions, questionable questions coming from the moderator, and the agenda and the bias seemingly coming from that network, did the g.o.p. walk away in a stronger form? >> i don't think you walk away stronger unless you're talking about what you're going to do to make people's lives better. i don't think the second debate did that. most the candidates out there
8:49 am
quote, at the top of the pack, have spent most the time attacking each other and not laying out a positive vision, even ones who aren't attacking aren't laying out much of a vision and that's a problem in the long run. if we aren't offering a way up for people, if we aren't different from democrats, beating up on the other side oron each other is not going to get the votes that we need to win the election. one of the reasons i've not been attacking anybody else in the race, focused on laying out a policy on taxes and trade and manufacturing and immigration and i'm out there looking to create with folks who want to align with us. sandra: you went after lindsay graham about the legal immigration and you hit a lot the of hot button issues.
8:50 am
we appreciate you coming on and reacting on fox business this morning. thank you. >> thank you. sandra: all right, we will be right back. amerivest seles the funds and manages your portfolio.
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is it run by robots? no no, you can talk to a person anytime. 'cause i don't trust robots. right...well, if the portfolio you're invested in doesn't perform well for two consecutive quarters, amerivest will i wasn't born yesterday. well, actually it looks like you were born yesterday. happy belated birthday. thanks. for all the confidence you need td ameritrade. you got this.
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icht. stuart: welcome back it mornings with maria, i'm nicole petallides on the floor of the new york stock exchange. we're watching some big movers including buffalo wild wings and pfizer ap allergan are due to be winners today. and this could be the largest drug deal in history in the early stages that pfizer and al ergan can be giving pfizer more abroad. more with mornings with maria after the break.
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>> broken bat, fly ball, right field, how about cueto? royals up 2-0. >> all right, well, enough about that debate. let's talk about the new york mets playing in their first world series in 15 years. now two games in the hole, it's not looking great for the amazings. joining me darryl strawberry to my left, if you didn't notice along with brandon steiner. what's going to happen here? are the mets going to step up or what? your forecast. >> of course, we were down 0-2. sandra: good two you here. >> thank you and brendan here. we realized we could win no matter what and the team needs to realize they can win regardless being down 0-2. it's baseball and anything can happen. and you're playing in front of the greatest fans ever, new york fans, nothing like it. so you'll have the excitement.
8:58 am
sandra: you're talking to a chicago cubs girl. [laughter] and we had a pretty good year, come on. it's really fun to talk to you because of, obviously, your world series experience. how is this deem different than any of the world championship teams you played on? >> it's different than the time in 1986, we were a very confident team with a swagger and no one-- >> you confidence and a swagger? i can't imagine. >> no one comes into shea stadium and thinks you're going to run over us. >> you were down two games in 1986 and davy johnson, managing the people. what was the conversation like before game three? >> well, we had a day off game three and we had a big game in boston, you know, carter came over with some big home runs, you know, it's got to be other players being able to step in
8:59 am
and be productive. can't always have the star player doing it, so i think the mets have a bunch of players that need to regather themselves and just look at david wright, we've got get started. sandra: you're sitting there kind of quiet. >> having worked with darryl back in the '80s and the team, these guys, there was never a worry. there was such a level of confidence from the outside, just amazing. dagen: how valuable is his memorabilia? >> still valuable, the 1986 team is valuable. people are collecting it. we're doing an event at the end of the january. for me as a business person in new york, the indirect revenue that comes into a town like this, you don't realize several hundred million dollars, hotels, sports bars, sporting goods, website, a high over the weekend and haven't seen that with the mets, but just in general, a boost in revenue. it's been phenomenal, but this
9:00 am
team, with the fact that 30 years later you can name 20 guys. dagen: a yankees fan did it. sandra: we've got to cut it there, guys, because the show is ending, but it's great to have you both onset with us, go mets. >> thanks for having us. sandra: thanks to dagen and michael as well. over to "varney & company." stuart: i'll take it, sandra. thank you very much indeed. liberal media violence on display, snarky arrogant questions at cnbc debate. try this one to get it going. marco rubio can't run the country because he cashed in his ira, it's ridiculous. bottom line, the republicans push growth from tax cuts and they won the argument. the moderators were rude, argumentative and biased. they lost. the economy, we are slowing down big time. growth down to the 1% range. gee, did the cnbc moderators ha


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