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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 29, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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we'll speak live before he heads to the floor for filibuster. hope he wearing comfortable shoes. david: what a perfect time to have him before he does battle down there. comments on last night's debate. wasn't just candidates getting grilled. "mediabuzz" howard kurtz on grilling mainstream media itself got from candidates. [closing bell rings] did you see that, dow down only a fraction as closing bell sounds on wall street. here's look at where we're ening the day. it is all down but pay attention to the lower sector, the gold sector getting hammered today. melissa: wow, that is a big move. david: down $30, 2.6%. that is biggest mover. that has a lot to do what the fed might do because of weak gdp figures. melissa: let's go to the floor of new york stock exchange with ashley webster. what were the biggest movers
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today? reporter: start with gopro, should have stuck a camera off on the stock because it went off a cliff. would have made interesting viewing. giving lower sales guidance going into the oh so important holiday shopping season. there are concerns that the wearable camera market is drying up. that is hitting stock, down 15%. look at homebuilders, how that ties into the fed and what the fed has been saying. the possibility perhaps they could still raise rates at the end of the year. that would mean higher mortgage rates. that could be bad news for home building sector. we're seeing that reflected. kb homes down 6% today. rest of them, d.r. horton down 4 and 3% across the board. how about something on bit after positive side? how about amazon? hitting all-time high today at $627.54. that is an all-time high. up 1 1/2%. no real news this is pure momentum.
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this stock is up 101% year-to-date. there is no stopping it. they will be hiring 100,000 employees for the upcoming holiday season which promises to be a good one for amazon, guys. back to you. melissa: amazing. ashley, thank you so much. david: really historic day as congressman paul ryan is sworn in as the 62nd speaker of the house. he is the youngest house speaker in 130 years. putting him third in line for the presidency. joining me with details, peter barnes from capitol hill. peter after all the shen nance ga whether he will or won't, pretty simple thing, he is speaker no doubt about it. reporter: that's right, dave. he didn't get all the votes of all the republicans in the republican conference. let me give you the tallies to get that order of business done. 23for ryan. democratic leader getting 184 votes from the democrats in the house -- 236. daniel webster, freedom caucus
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favorite got nine votes today. to help keep the freedom caucus on board, ryan is his first goal is to restore the house to regular order for creating legislation, to make it a more open process, to include democrats as well as republicans. and to return this process to the committees. >> let's be frank. the house is broken. we're not solving problems. we're adding to them. and i am not interested in laying blame. we are not setting scores. we are wiping the slate clean. reporter: on his final day as speaker john boehner again broke into tears, recalling his tenure and, where he started in ohio, in a big family, in a big house on a hill. >> the hill had twists, the hill
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had turns, and even a few tears. nothing wrong with that. [laughter] reporter: ryan's support for regular order and open process came a day after the house approved a secret two-year budget deal that would raise the debt ceiling by $1.5 trillion. now the senate is taking thatat. david? david: well, it is precisely that for which we're going to be awaiting a very important interview coming up. peter, thank you very much. we of course have rand paul coming in just a moment to talk about his filibuster of that. melissa: yeah, the day is not over on capitol hill yet. senator rand paul will be filibustering the budget deal. but first he joins us on "after the bell." that is coming up in just a little bit. david: ashley webster has details of starbucks numbers right now. ashley, what are the numbers? reporter: let me tell you, they came right in line with expectations. starbucks on earnings per share
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at adjusted price of 3 cents where the estimate was -- 43 cents. estimate was 4.9 billion. just the slight beat if you like on revenue. comparable sales in the u.s. up 8%. in china and asia they were hoping for comp sales to be up some 9%. they were up 6%. perhaps a little slower than expected on the sales in china, up 6%. that is starbucks right in line with what we're expecting. as you can see, the bid-ask, essentially flat right now. we're continuing to dig into the numbers, guys. david: ashley, thank you. melissa: lori rothman, scott martin, united advisors, fox news contributor. they join us. what do you make of the numbers? what is your reaction? they're okay, melissa. the problem starbucks has, where the stock is, really had great year and great run the last few years. it's priced for greatness, kind of like their coffee is. so i think the problem as ashley pointed out, when you barely
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beat revenues and barely beat on bottom line and comp store sales are barely or right at expectations the stock is going to get hit. melissa: lori, one of the things most talked about within starbucks is idea of mobile order, mobile pay. >> right. melissa: all new technologies they're trying to inject into the stores. i imagine there will be a lot of questions about that on the call and looking for numbers and detail for that? >> mobile platform, starbucks, melissa, itself said 20% of its transactions are done via mobile app. that is tremendous. let me back up a little bit why the stock is down. big miss in china. 6% same-store sales growth as ashley reported to us. analysts were looking for the.-- 9.6% same-store sales growth. that is a huge miss. starbucks sales were on a tear in asia. u.s. is holding pat. that's fine. china despite all the economic woes we've been reporting about in china, starbucks is really
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the growth engine for this country and it is coming down a little now. >> the scott, let me ask you, i mean on the mobile numbers lori reported, what is your reaction to that? >> it's a little frightening and confusing seeing a little bit apple numbers. what is the saving grace for starbucks, if you look at commodity price, certainly if you're talking about starbucks you're specifically looking at coffee. coffee prices over last year have been absolutely smashed. reality even though sales may be coming down or slowing a it about in china and maybe even just flat in the united states, coffee prices being so low is going to help with profit. melissa: scott what would be your number one question on the call? >> i would ask what the delivery service looks outside of seattle-new york. here in chicago, there is appetite for it. they have to expand it quickly. melissa: guys, thanks to both of you. >> is this a comic book version after presidential campaign?
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>> you can campaign and just resign and let someone else take the job. >> someone convinced you attacking me will help you. >> we have $19 trillion in debt. we have people out of work. we have isis and al qaeda attacking us we're talking about fantasy football? >> when you look at him do you see someone with the moral authority to unite the country? [booing] melissa: that is unbiased question, right. fireworks at the republican debate, not just on stage but social media. winners and losers of the night might surprise you. here to recap conversation starters of the evening, natalie andrews, "wall street journal" social media editor. which candidates were big winners and losers based on social media last night? >> the names not used to seeing at top of the list. this was not the trump show. we saw ted cruz dominating conversation on facebook, in part for his comments about the moderators and media, things like that. we saw rubio topping google search results.
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people were curious about rubio. probably curious after the jeb versus rubio exchange. i will search the guy. find out more information. melissa: what were they searching? one thing talking about they wanted to see how tall everyone was. were searches on line looking for marco rubio were they looking for more substance? >> a lot of the searches we're seeing indicate we're still early in the process. we've been talking about 2016 for several month but this is the first time people are seeing these candidates side by side. this is the third debate. people are city trying to say how tall are they? they're trying to get background on these guys, especially seeing them take shape before their eyes. melissa: when you look at, there has been so much attack on cnbc and especially moderators for the way they handled the debate although it does mean people are talking about them. from a social media perspective is it a win or lose for them today? >> it is good for these candidates when they generate buzz but we'll see how that, you know, comes out in fund-raising,
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in people signing up to help their campaign. a lot of these candidates are getting really savvy at, after they finish the debate, they put up fund-raising tweets, they put up posts on facebook something for money. ted cruz raisedhundred thousand dollars last night. we'll see how that turns out for them -- $700,000. melissa: who is sustaining momentum through the day? donald trump lost a lot of his share of twitter conversation. after the cnn debate, i don't know long term if analysts feel like that is what has been hurting him lately. who have you seen pick up through the day today? >> ted cruz might have his moment. he is certainly been fund-raising. interestingly enough the democrats are having a moment. they're both fund-raising. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are fund-raising off the debate. hillary clinton's tweet yesterday was actually the most retweeted out of any of the presidential candidates. she tweeted a gif from the benghazi hearing.
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who would have thought that is something she would tweet out after the debate. melissa: interesting. natalie, thank you so much. >> this is not a cage match. and you look at the questions, donald trump, are you comic book villain? ben carson, can you do math? john kasich will you insult two people over here? marco rubio, why don't you resign? jeb bush, why have your numbers fallen? how about talking about the substantive issues people care about? [cheers and applause] david: man, senator ted cruz blasting cnbc debate moderators. instead of candidates it is cnbc and mainstream media. joining me, "mediabuzz" host howard kurtz. did he get it right? >> that was the moment of the debate for ted cruz, boy cnbc moderators gave him and marco rubio, some others who bashed media lots of ammunition. i'm cringing some of the replays, moderators and their questions i thought were snarky,
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were condescending, bordering on hostility. so naturally they got booed and naturally candidates pushed back hard. david: howie, compare it to the love-fest at the democratic debate. all sorts of opportunities to question hillary clinton, for example about her foundation, and whether donors to her foundation got special deal when she was secretary of state? questions like this. no follow-up questions on problems with the economy, et cetera, the two debates are real contrasts are they not? >> of course the other debate was on cnn. i wouldn't agree with the love-fest. you could certainly say questions were softer. here's the thing, not only did moderators of cnbc, fuel the impression that mainstream journalists just don't like republicans very much, a lot came off as plain unfair but they botched execution. the debate was out of control much of the time. moderators had to correct themselves or refused to be corrected where they didn't have the facts right.
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all in all this was colorado catastrophe for cnbc which got its highest rating ever, 14 million viewers, but a lot of those people may have come away with impression of the business channel that not terribly interested in fairness. david: i would argue, it was more substance of the questions than it was the style of the debate itself. again, i think that the substance of the questions showed a bias. other people thought that too. of course some radio talk show hosts are screaming about it today. rush limbaugh said the following, i just want to get reaction. play the tape and get howie's reaction to it. >> that show was designed to kill everyone of those candidates. that debate was night was designed to take them all out. that debate last night was to grease the skids for hillary clinton. that was the sole purpose of that debate last night. david: your response, howie? >> well that goes too far for me. i will not say that people at cnbc were deliberately trying to knock out all 10 republican presidential candidate but the thing is, look, these debates are hard to moderate.
4:14 pm
fox got criticism for aggressive questioning at cleveland debate, but it is very important to at least come across as giving candidates a chance to respond, not constantly interrupting them, not being snarky. a lot of people and twitter, elsewhere, lots of other media critics i'm not only one thought it was a train wreck for cnbc. david: i thought it betray clear bias but that's my opinion. howard kurtz, thank you very much. mark your calendars, folks. less than two weeks away fox business republican debate, on tuesday, november 10th, starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern time. trish regan, sandra smith, maria bartiromo and neil cavuto will have all yes, sir you want answered from the men and women vying to be your president. trust me, you do not want to miss this one. melissa: kentucky senator, republican presidential candidate rand paul vows to filibuster the bipartisan debt deal saying he will use every bit of andrea calls a stinking
4:15 pm
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>> we borrow a million dollars a minute. now on the floor of the congress the washington establishment from both parties puts forward a bill that will explode the deficit. it allows president obama to borrow unlimited amounts of money. i will stand firm. i will spend every ounce of energy to stop it. i will begin tomorrow to filibuster it. melissa: that was senator
4:19 pm
rand paul, vowing to stop the budget deal that he says will give president obama a free pass to spend despite fierce pushback from republican leadership including majority leader mitch mcconnell. the presidential hopeful is gearing up to start his filibuster in just a few minutes. senator rand paul joins me on the phone. you're on the phone. i hope you're sitting down because you will not be sitting for a while. let me ask you first, senator, about the debate last night. it was supposed to be a about money but i didn't hear a lot of questions about economy, economy, spending. if i had been there i would have asked you, if you got into office what are three things you would do right out of the gate and cut down spending and our debt what would you say to that? >> first thing you have to do is set rules for yourself. we should only spend what comes in. if we bring in, nearly $3 trillion a year. plenty ever things could be spent. but i start eliminating some of the most waitful things. i have a waste report that comes out each week.
4:20 pm
last week our waste report had $15 million we spend on community college for foreign students. i think that is ridiculous waste of money. we don't have the money. have to borrow it from china order to spend it on foreign students tuition. that is crazy. there is a lot of stuff like that. melissa: hard to take a bite out of spending and debt problem without reforming entitlements. what would you do about that? >> 2/3 of the budget is entitlements, you're right. first thing i would do, you have to gradually raise age of eligibility because we spend like three times as much as we take in for medicare. social security is about 6,trillion dollars short and it is really for pretty simple reasons. we're living longer. there are less kids today than there used to be. used to be 16 workers for one retiree. now there are about three wokers for one retiree. the because of that demographics shifted. we'll have to let people wait a little longer before they get social security or medicare or the system will not last.
4:21 pm
melissa: that is a great first step. do you have a second one? >> yeah. i would means testing. raising the age fixes 2/3 of the social security problem. i would do means testing people who have like me been pretty successful in my life, would get couple hundreds dollars less of social security each month. people at bottom rung, people on social security, would not have theirs change at all. melissa: you are about to go out and filibuster to try to stop what seems to be a deal that is in place and ostensibly is going to go forward. why do you think it is important to make this point? people on the other side say this is money we already spent. we've run up the bill, irresponsible not to pay it. how do you respond to those people? >> this deal actually allows unlimited amount of borrowing in the last year of president obama's term. doesn't even set a number or limit how much we borrow. says he can borrow as much as he wants. sets no limit until march of 2017. in addition, this deal increases spending.
4:22 pm
we had budget caps. the budget caps were supposed to slow down the rate of growth of spending and they're busting the budget caps because the right wants more military money and the left wants more domestic money. you scratch my back, i will scratch yours. unholy alliance in washington. it is really kind of a secret, people don't know about this, right and left are both big spenders. they get together and compromise they make is what is busting the budget. melissa: a number of times people made the point last night the real opponent is not anyone on the stage, it's hillary clinton. you think you're the bt person to run against her and what would you do to defeat her? >> when you look at my polling against her in five states won by president obama you find that i attracted independent and youth vote because i'm one of the few candidates on republican side who will say the government shouldn't collect our phone records. i don't think the government should put people in jail for minor offenses like marijuana. i don't think the government should put our young sons and
4:23 pm
daughters over to another war in iraq. you add all those up, i'm one republican that while i'm one of the most fiscally conservative, actually can reach out and get independents on some other issues. melissa: senator rand paul, thank you for coming on today. we appreciate your time. >> thanks, melissa. david: he has got a busy next few hours, doesn't he? melissa: after last night, he will stand out there today. they have incredible energy ifing in else. david: good luck to him. meanwhile is obama care making you sick? as costs go up, visits to doctors offices are going down. wait until you hear results. he has the top job and pledges to fix a broken house but paul ryan still has to win over the tea party. a member of the tea party caucus joining us in just a moment. stay tuned.
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4:27 pm
ashley? reporter: let's begin with starbucks. we all grab a coffee at some point in the morning, don't we? eps coming in at 43 cents, exactly where the estimate was. revenue pretty much right in line, 4.91 billion. 4.90 billion was estimate. raising its dividend to 20 cents. it will open 1800 new stores in fiscal 2016. if you don't have one near you probably will by end of next year. the comp sales were up 8%. in china the forecast was for comparable same-store sales up close to 10%. they were only up 6%. so a bit of a miss there. starbucks in after-hours down about 2%. let's take a look at electronic arts, the gaming company. adjusted level beat be eps by 20 cents, coming in at 65. revenue fell short of 815 million. the estimate was 1.10 billion.
4:28 pm
it is raising outlook on optimism, it says over "star wars" battlefront. they hope it is a blockbuster game to tie in with the latest "star wars" movie. they're raising full-year profit and sales for cast but not being that lobbed in after-hours. linkedin going up very well after-hours, up eight, nine, 10% of the company easily beating earnings. beat 46 cents estimate on revenue side. 779 was much better than the 755 million estimate. premium subscribers, year-over-year up 21%. linkedin perhaps surprising a few folks, coming in with pretty strong numbers, guys, that is being reflected in after-hours trade. melissa: thanks very much. david? david: is obama care making people sick? as deductibles keep rising with
4:29 pm
the cost of new health care law folks are putting off medical checks and exams making a lot of them sicker. dr. marc siegel, associate professor of medicine at nyu langone medical center and fox news medical correspondent. have you seen this in your practice, people putting off appointments because of high deductibles? >> absolutely. david, they will come in the appointment is covered and test i want is not covered. they won't come back. i want a blood test, sucked into their deductible. parish with thyroid problem, ultrasound was sucked into their deductible. they are hard-working, middle class. they can't afford the test. what is the purpose of this visit, doc? david: let's be specific how much the cost of insurance has increased since obamacare. cost of premiums are up 31%, from 13,000 to 17,000 and a 1/2. deductibles are up 81%. that's a huge increase in the
4:30 pm
costs of deductibles. so people put off going to the doctor. >> david, the reason this is happening because medical care costs a lot of money. with technology the way it is, its costing more and more. the sicker we get, sicker baby boomers get, diabetes, obese text all the problems we have cost a lot of money. obamacare was counting on younger people who are healthy. younger people who are healthy are smart. they're saying, i'm not signing up. only nine million signed up. david: a lot are paying penalty. rather say penalty. >> or getting private insurance that is cheaper. david: focusing on people who miss appointments and checkups, very often they miss beginning of a disease which you can nip in the bud and save yourself a lot of trouble. if you let it go on because you miss a checkup you're in deep trouble. that ends up costing us all. >> that is the huge problem with deductibles. that is what i'm trying to do in the doctors office when patient comes to see i want to catch something before it becomes disease. survey shows 29% are not going
4:31 pm
to see me, 29% because of huge, growing deductibles you talk about. under exchanges it is about 5 or the $6,000 a year, not 3,000. for a working class family that is not something they can afford. they don't come see plea. i don't get to tell them, blood pressure is too high. need medication. david: don't need about it is terrible. >> heart attack, stroke. diabetes. these are things i have to catch in advance. david: dr. marc siegel, thank you very much. david: good to see you. melissa. melissa: we have latest details and governor jeb bush got earful when he went up against senator marco rubio last night. does he regret it? >> no, it wasn't a mistake. it is a mistake to run for office and not serve. he can do both but simple fact is he is not doing that.
4:32 pm
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david: we just heard senator rand paul is just about to begin his filibuster of the budget. as bad as that budget might be will the filibuster make any difference? sabrina schaefer, independent women's forum. chris hahn, and tony sayegh. talk about the rand filibuster. will it make a difference? >> considering he is running for office, running for president, it is making a statement he is not part of that establishment that is going to go along to get along. he stands for principles.
4:36 pm
he believes in real free market principles. i think will open up the conversation for more debate. david: tony, for the budget itself, this is from, republican standpoint a lousy budget. >> yeah. david: a budget gives the president essentially a free check to write whatever he can write as far as his executive privilege stuff. is rand's filibuster and other people's joining him on that going to make a difference, going to change the budget any way? >> highlights problems with budget there is no ceiling in the debt ceiling. basically gives president a two years of a blank check. concerns a lot of people not just republicans. mechanically is the filibuster will work? i assume he will be joined by fellow presidential candidates, marco rubio and ted cruz who oppose the budget, showing opposition. but unfortunately these filibusters tend to be more symbolic than iaea effective changing policy than changing debate. david: you might like the budget better than rand paul but here is what he says specifically.
4:37 pm
i want to get your response after playing this. >> this deal allows unlimited amount of borrowing in president obama's term. it doesn't even set a number or limit how much we borrow. it says he can borrow as much he wants. it sets no limit until march of 2017. david: do you agree with that, it essentially allows the president to borrow as much as he wants? >> no. because the budget still has to approved whatever debt limits will be. the debt ceiling is really irrelevant number. number sets debt. let me explain one thing. this is not filibuster. rand paul wan speak one hour by rule on vote. calling it a filibuster, might work for some people no better. our viewers know better. this is not filibuster. david: he is against it. he being against it and other people being against it will change it at all? >> no. david: hold on. sabrina, there are things the president can do on his own to add billions of dollars to our debt. does this budget help them do
4:38 pm
that? >> yeah, absolutely. david, to your question, i think that's really important that you actually have this conversation. it can be changed. most american people do want to see our spend something reined in. they are open -- spending is reined in. they are open to entitlement reform and means testing and ways we can substantially reduce our debt. so i think absolutely rand paul could have an impact here. david: by the way, tony, do you think paul ryan, one of the reasons he is having problem with the tea party caucus he is affiliated with budget? even though he said it is awful, the process which created budget is awful. he hasn't spoken out against the budget, has he? >> this was partying gift from departing speaker -- david: i don't care whether a gift it tome. whether it is bad gift to us. >> without a doubt terrible. chris hahn, my very good friend
4:39 pm
by the way reveal what democrats think. debt doesn't matter. that is why president obama accumulated all debt more than all presidents combined. >> tony, what i'm trying to say -- >> paul ryan will go to regular order. more voices can be heard. david: not get caught in the weeds. chris last point, quickly. >> congress still gets to determine spending limits. the president can not spend on his own. david: a lot of executive action past six years. >> no, executive action can't go outside budget. david: we'll leave it at that. folks. melissa. melissa: a few other stories on radar, the head of british intelligence service warning today that threat of isis is growing dramatically, that they foiled six terror plots inside of the u.k. a loan. that is a lot. the intelligence chief says the country is tackling three dimensional threat, online, overseas and at home. china is scrapping one one-d policy for two-child policy.
4:40 pm
i guess that is good thing. although government telling you how many children you can have in the first place is something to be hold. boeing 767 taxiing for takeoff caught fire today at fort lauderdale airport. passengers see evacuated on the emergency slides. 13 people were taken to the hospital. dynamic airways flies between fort lauderdale, new york and south america. david: dynamic airways? i never heard of that one. melissa: all right. maybe we should fear robots after all. the latest ceo warning that machines will take over your job. david: hmmm. professional basketball is coming to a couch near you. get thrill of the game from the comfort of your own home. we'll tell you how in a moment. ♪ is that you can create wealth south africans for generations.y this is an opportunity to right that wrong. the idea was to bring capital into the affordable housing space in south africa,
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melissa: robots job to kill? tech revolution is coming in the workforce. according to panera bread's ceo, the ceo explaining that machines
4:44 pm
will replace traditional labor quote, like the sun comes up in the morning. scott martin, chris hahn and tony sayegh are back with us. scott martin, this is amazing because the ceo is putting his money where his mouth is. he spent $42 million to put up kiosks when you come in order yourself and not use labor. this is harbinger of things to come. >> face it labor over last few years and few decades has become more and more expensive. thanks to advances in technology and ai, artificial intelligence, labor is commodity. you can have robots and efficiencies and companies in a free market and free world are able to put in the restaurants and hotels and so forth to enhance the consumer experience but also lower prices for you as a consumer. melissa: chris hahn, according to gartner by 2025, a third of all workers will be replaced by robots an drones. unfortunately means as you drive the minimum wage higher, it hastens that day to come even sooner. >> well, i don't know.
4:45 pm
i mean, who is going to spell my name wrong on my order if it is not a human doing it? i don't think a robot will mess it up. melissa: sad. >> technology is replacing humans every single day. melissa: right. >> has been for years. minimum wage, whatever the age is, human labor will never be cheaper or more efficient as we get more advanced way we deal with robotics. we'll have to adjust to that as society and deal with the results. melissa: absolutely. tony, he's right. the workforce is absolutely changing. i do think that raising minimum wage hastens it. ceos look at dollars and cent, i will spend $42 million this year because i'm being told, look what walmart is doing, raising wage, and only getting pushback, not helping them and it is hurting profits. what is the solution? you don't want to be total downer. >> you don't want to be downer. obviously you have to focus retraining our job sector and labor market to jobs that will be around not taken by robotics.
4:46 pm
scott hit it on head, when you come advertise labor on one side and other side you are making cheap labor more expensive which is the central theme of democratic economic policy to raise minimum wage you will clearly, to your point, melissa accelerate that day. who is doing this? panera, mcdonald's. not doing it to ceos and guys working in offices. doing it to the line work years want to look for solution. scott martin, when i look at my kids, learning the program, learning code. trying to figure out where the future is. not unlike the industrial revolution. when machines came in first time around replaced jobs, society has to adjust to find different jobs. how do we get closer to that? >> same thing happened in agriculture too where 90% of the workforce was there many, many decades ago. melissa, comes into what you just said. somebody needs to build these robots. robots could probably build robots but somebody has to start somewhere. that is where it could work out. melissa: we'll leave it there, guys.
4:47 pm
thank you so much. david: we have breaking news. you may remember the debate last night jeb bush was criticizing senator marco rubio for spending too much time on the campaign trail, not enough time voting in the senate. missing a lot of votes. now democratic senator harry reid is calling on senator rubio to step down as a senator, saying he has missed too much time on the campaign trail. forget about the fact that senator barack obama missed a lot of key senate votes while he was on campaign trail but, that is then. this is now. senator harry reid of course making a political point, borrowing from something that happened in the debate last night. nba courtside seats right not comfort of your home? nba and turner sports making history with tuesday's opening night game between the champion golden state warriors and new orleans pelicans, becoming first major sports game to be live streamed via virtual reality. for more details, deirdre bolton joining us.
4:48 pm
>> that is right, david. if you had the samsung virtual reality headwear you could have seen the matchup. this is the first time a big experiment. the arena you mentioned, that was sold out. but you're looking at video now of the live streaming over internet via virtual reality. listen, nba commissioner adam silver, he said, most of our fans will never step foot in an arena. this is new way for us to reach them. you know this, david. nba have fans in more than 200 countries so all around the world. this is just the beginning. pretty interesting one-night experiment but numerous others to follow no doubt. david: fascinating stuff. deirdre, thanks so much. we'll see you at the top of the hour for regs -- risk and reward. see you then for that. tea party in caucus is not happy
4:49 pm
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after collecting pennies for half a century, this man from louisiana cashed in 15 water jugs full of pennies to the bank. the final count was 513,614 pennies. that comes out to a little over 5136 bucks. paul ryan sworn in as new house speaker. freedom caucus members were skeptical. i talked to tim humans cam, a webster supporter if he has any beef with newly-elected speaker. >> i did vote for him but he has taken all the webster reform proposals, including ending culture of intimidation and moving forward when there is majority of the majority. but it is interesting, budget deal boehner pushed through yesterday violated very principles. i'm hope full that paul ryan will be speaker of future, not of the past.
4:54 pm
we need a clean break. he promised to democratize the institutions. instead of secret deals made in backs rooms by speaker and lobbyists, no more secret deals. david: you and other tea party republicans said it was a giveaway to democrats and sigh credit deal made at midnight on monday. does any of the budget deal stick to paul ryan? >> not much but he did vote for it. he said the process stinks but, still voted for the outcome. and, you know, it wasn't just tea party republicans. 2/3 of the republican conference said enough is enough. what we've shown with votes for dan webster we're ready and willing to vacate the chair there continues to be problem. i hope we turn the page, move forward in the right direction. david: talk, pull back a little bit, talk about elections which are coming up. you guys, the tea party does great in midterm elections. you came in in 2010. did great great 2014 but the
4:55 pm
presidential did not have same success. why is that? >> i think there is a lot to do with that. i think probably bad candidates and mitt romney and john mccain inspired no one. david: is there any gop candidate now running running te tea party caucus could not endorse if he was nominee, he or she. >> tell you honestly, there are bunch of candidates i haven't even looked at. david: come on, you looked at them all. i'm sure you looked at them all. >> i haven't watched debate, i'm looking for people willing to step forward to make a difference. there are some people like john kasich, represents the past. we're trying to break and move to the future. that might be one of those. if you will support obamacare that should have been a nonstarter with mitt romney. john kasich pushing expansion of obamacare through medicaid. that is probably a nonstarter for the base. but we need an outsider but someone who is visionary, willing to have a little guts. david: one person who was in the senate but some people view him as outsiders, ted cruz had a piece in "wall street journal"
4:56 pm
do you like ted and his economic plan he put forth in the journal today? >> i do. i worked with ted for number of years. he demonstrated you can be an outsider on inside. that is what american people are looking for. getting something done but shows able to maintain principles. i know ted has done that. a few others in the field demonstrated that with proven experience. david: all right. from riches to rags. how much would you pay forum pelled, torn-up clothes like this? the prices are going to blow your mind. stay tuned for that.
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sale at the high-end department store called barney's. you can get the same look from walmart cutting the legs off. that would save you 415 bucks at least. there's a market for just about everything. that does it for us, have a wonderful night. "risk & reward" starts right now. >> we have $19 trillion in debt, we have people out of work. we have isis and al qaeda attacking us, and we're talking about fantasy football? can we stop? [ cheers ] >> that was new jersey governor presidential candidate chris christie giving a harsh warning during last night's debate. welcome to "risk & reward," i'm deirdre bolton. one of christie's points, gdp dropped today, u.s. economic growth is slower than thought. third quarter gdp at a low 1.5%. one former bright spot, housing showing slowing, pending home sales down for a second straight month i


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