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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 29, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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charles: they are, i hate to say, that i agree with you 100%. lock your doors tonight. catch us every night 6:00 p.m. if you can't see the show, dvr it, you don't want to miss a minute of lou dobbs, he's right here. fox business. lou: good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. much, if not most of the media analysis and assessment of last night's third republican presidential debate centers on heated criticism of the cnbc moderators and questioners. media critics and social media all a twitter today at the demeanor and performance of the questioners. here's an example of the abrasive tone and heavy handed rudeness of the evening. >> is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign? >> no, not a comic book, and not a nicely asked question the way you said that. >> i talk to economic advisers
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who served presidents of both parties. they say you have as much chance of cutting taxes that much without increasing the deficit as you would from flying away from the podium flapping your arms. >> you have to get rid of larry kudlow who came out the other way and said i love trump's tax plan. lou: moments like that were repeated throughout the debate and part of the reason the audience actually was booing the moderators and questioners. tonight we'll hear what two of the candidates thought of the proceedings. both men did well in the debate. former arkansas governor mike huckabee and senator lindsey graham. also tonight, john boehner bawling as he relinquished the speaker's gavel to a clearly delighted paul ryan. the 54th speaker of the house saying he wants to wipe the slate clean. >> how reassuring it would be if we fixed the tax code, put
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patients in charge of health care. grew our economy, strengthened our military. lifted people out of poverty and paid down our debt. [ cheers ] >> and russian bombers buzzing the u.s. aircraft carrier the u.s.s. ronald reagan declaring the bomber fly by was, quote, not particularly threatening. we'll take it all up here tonight. our top story tonight, lots of fallout from a republican presidential debate that from the outset seemed more about sensationalizing the evening than provoking intelligent debate. critics accuse the moderators and questioners of inserting themselves into the debate at expense of the candidates and their limited time for remarks. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron with our report. >> reporter: the day after the third debate, the front-runners gave their own reviews, ben
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carson who turned in another low key but effective performance held a denver morning rally with 1500 people. he's pushing for format changes in future debates. >> an opportunity to be able to lay out your plan for something, and then be questioned about it, and then go to the next one, have them lay theirs out and be questioned about it. that's something that would be useful. >> reporter: donald trump was in reno, nevada and on offense after a debate showing subdued compared to last two appearances when he was the center of attention. >> who won the debate? >> did you! >> we did well. >> reporter: jeb bush after downsizing campaign needed a big night but didn't have it. he endorsed judd gregg and said there is plenty of time. >> we have the most money, the most organization, we're doing fine. >> reporter: marco rubio got rave reviews from across the gop spectrum and the press and downplays it to fox news
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following a breakout performance. >> it's part of a long process, there's been two other debate, we felt good about those too. >> reporter: a feisty and chaotic debate. rubio had a big night and when jeb bush went after the senator for missing votes, rubio turned the tables on his former mentor. >> marco, when you signed up for this, this was a six-year term and you should be showing up to work. >> i don't remember you complaining about john mccain's vote record, the only reason you are doing it now is we are going for the same position. >> reporter: he and rubio are battling third and cruz had the best zinger blasting the moderators for slanted gotcha questions. >> you look at question, donald trump are you a comic book villain. john kasich, will you insult two people over here. marco rubio, why don't you resign. jeb bush why have your numbers fallen? how about talking about the substantive issues people care about.
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>> i got to tell you the truth, even in new jersey what you're doing is called rude. >> reporter: christie had another strong moment when bush who did little to reassure donors noticeably perked up on a question about regulating gambles on fantasy football. >> first of all, i'm 7-0 in my fantasy football league. we have $19 trillion in debt, we have people out of work. we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football? can we stop? [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: trump went off on a rival only once when john kasich attacked carson's and trump's proposals as fantasies. >> his poll numbers tanked, that's why he's on the end, and he got nasty. you can have him. >> reporter: carson avoided major mistakes and defended economic plan. >> i didn't say the rate would be 10%, i used the tithing analogy. >> i understand that, but if you look at numbers, you have to get to 28%.
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>> the rate is going to be much closer to 15%. >> reporter: as rubio disassociates himself from bush he casts himself as an outsideer. >> openly oppose me in 2010, now when i decided to run for president, many of the same people said it's not your turn, wait in line, you heard that in the debate. you need to wait in line. >> reporter: the democratic senate maj minority leader of nevada urged rubio to resign his senate seat. that's n the next debate is 12 days from now. in milwaukee hosted by fbn, lou? lou: looking forward to that. you don't want to miss the fourth republican debate as carl mentioned. we'll be hosting it right here on the fox business network. that debate coming up in 12 days. you want to mark it down. so here it is. tuesday, november 10th will be in milwaukee, wisconsin. we'll be broadcasting monday and tuesday from milwaukee, we invite to you join us please,
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here on the fox business network for what will be the fourth gop presidential debate. four. they're starting to add up, aren't they? an important election held today, held on capitol hill, congressman paul ryan elected the 54th speaker of the house. ryan received 236 votes, more than the 218 required to win. minority leader nancy pelosi passed him the gavel, ryan declared a new day in congress. >> the house is broken. we're not solving problems, we're adding to them, and i am not interested in laying blame. we are not settling scores. we are wiping the slate clean. [ applause ] >> and for the former speaker, an emotional farewell. >> my colleagues, i've described my life as a chase for the american dream. that chase began at the bottom of the hill just off the main
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drag in ohio right outside of cincinnati. the top of the hill was a small house with a big family. a shining city in its own right. the hill had twists. the hill had turns, and even a few tears. nothing wrong with that. lou: boehner added he leaves with, quote, no regrets or burdens. well, the white house has a few burdens, but it is certainly being tested by vladimir putin in particular. his aggression remains unchecked by our president. a new russian provocation in the far western pacific ocean, the navy confirms that two russian bombers tuesday flew within one nautical mile of the aircraft carrier the u.s.s. ronald reagan. the fly-by, forcing the carrier to scramble four of its f-18 superhornets.
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the incident occurred as the u.s.s. reagan and task force were sailing east of the korean peninsula where the united states is carrying out joint military exercises with south korea. navy tried to contact the russian bombers, received no radio response and the aircraft did leave without further incident. at the white house, press secretary josh earnest tried to downplay the russian fly-by. >> the situation today is much different than that. russia is no longer a superpower. observed in last couple of weeks that condition of russia's economy is weak and further deteriorating. they are now the 15th largest economy in the world, and they rank behind spain. lou: the press secretary did not rank russia's standing militarily, nor did ernest rank russia by numbers by icbm or
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nuclear warheads, we don't know why he omitted those rankings. china indulging in bellicose rhetoric and speaking well beyond military capabilities. china's defense ministry saying the chinese military will, quote, take all necessary measures in response to future u.s. navy incursions into what it claims as territorial waters in the south china sea. china's claims are matched and contested by a number of countries including vietnam, philippines, malaysia, brunei and taiwan. the chinese statement follows the sailing of a u.s. guided missile destroyer within the 12 nautical mile zone of one of china's man-made islands in that disputed region. the united states and chinese navies have held high-level talks today trying calm tensions. both sides agree to maintain a dialogue and to follow protocols in the future to
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avoid any possible conflict. major change in china today. communist party bringing to an end controversial one-child only policy after more than 30 years as policy. all couples will be allowed to have two, two children to boost their aging but huge population, estimated at just under 1.4 billion people. we are coming right back with much, much more. stay with us. [ applause ] . lou: the republican presidential candidates back on the campaign trail after their debate. we take up the biggest issues and controversies with our first guest who experienced it all firsthand. >> there are a lot of people who are sick and tired because washington does not play by the same rules that the american people have to play by. lou: governor mike huckabee joins us next. and this side of the mount san about to look a little different. make that a lot different.
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. lou: presidential candidate former governor mike huckabee delivering one of the winning moments from last night's republican debate.
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the governor finding the perfect analogy to big government run amok in the runaway military blimp. >> if you saw that blimp that got cut loose from maryland today, it is a perfect example of government. what we had was something the government made, basically a bag of gas, that cut loose, destroyed everything in its path, left thousands of people powerless but couldn't get rid of it because we had too much money invested in it so we had to keep it, that is our government today. lou: well, here joining us now, presidential candidate former governor of arkansas mike huckabee. a terrific analogy, governor, and as apt as it could be. what were you thinking as you focused in on that comparison? >> well, it was just such a fitting analogy of what we're seeing with government. just a great big bag of gas.
7:17 pm
so many programs at the federal level, they cost an enormous amount of money. when somebody suggested we ought to get rid of them? we have too much invested in them. lou, as a result, that's why congress has gone out on another borrowing binge and decided to add to the debt and we're going to be $20 trillion in debt thanks to this congress, and in order to do it, we had to steal another $150 billion out of the social security trust fund. it's sheer madness. >> as we put up the picture of that blimp that you referenced in your metaphor there, we should point out they brought that thing down, about $1.5 billion worth of blimp you're seeing there, they had to bring it down with a shotgun, governor, they had to shoot it down! >> that's pretty low tech, isn't it? i'm going pheasant hunting in iowa, and using the same
7:18 pm
instrument of destruction on the pheasants that were used on the blimp to bring it down. i guarantee you it won't be nearly as expensive as bringing that blimp down was. lou: and more blimps on the way, and good hunting. >> thank you. lou: turn to the question from the moderators. if we could roll the question. this i can't imagine what they were thinking, i want to hear your thoughts as soon as the audience hears your answers here. >> when you look at him, do you see someone with the moral authority to unite the country? >> i love donald trump, he is a good man. i'm wearing a trump tie tonight. get over that one, okay? >> such a nasty question, but, thank you, governor. >> you're welcome. >> let me tell you donald trump would be a better president every day of the week and twice on sunday rather than hillary. lou: i'm sure can you still hear the applause from those answers. i think the moderators had to be shocked that you were wearing a donald trump tie.
7:19 pm
i'm going to be -- i'm going to be very honest with you and tell you i was shocked you were wearing a donald trump tie. >> honestly it was not something i planned, it was a purple tie, my little granddaughter who is three years old, her name is scarlet, and she loves purple. i knew she would love it if papa wore the purple tie, and i didn't realize it until they asked me that stupid question and thought you know what? this is a donald trump tie, i'll remind him i'm wearing one of his ties. through, was a very frustrating thing to be on the stage last night. we were promised there was equitable distribution of the time. there wasn't. it wasn't even close, and of the many people on the stage, 10 on the stage, i got three questions all night long. lou: i've already matched that, governor. >> what's that? lou: i've already matched that. >> well, you have. that's just it. the thing i resent the most though is when cnbc does a
7:20 pm
debate like that, they're using it for entertainment value, for ratings and revenue. this is not a game show. this is not just an entertainment program. this is not "dancing with the stars." republicans in america are trying to decide who could best lead this country, and who has the temperament, the judgment, the experience, the preparation to be president of the united states? and you aren't going to find that out by asking whether or not you have weaknesses you'd like to talk about or would you like to say something nasty about one of your fellow candidates? because why would i tear into any of the other republican candidates, all of those guys are my friends and colleagues, and i'm certainly not going to go out there trying to beat them up for the simple reason, we're all trying out to be quarterback of the team, lou, i think i'd be the best quarterback but i want to win that the old-fashioned way by playing a better game, not by breaking the legs of all the other guys. lou: i have to tell you, you had a great evening.
7:21 pm
you're one of the candidates, and i won't venture a statement about how many there are. you have a gift of language and wit so you're going to be entertaining and advantaged irrespective of the constraints here. i do think that something very important has come out of the campaign as we wrap it up here. and that is candidates are learning, you know, don't dare to be dull because you're going to be rejected. a lot of these candidates have not gained traction because they can't articulate metaphors and analogies as you did, come up with witty responses, because frankly, the american people deserve a leader who speaks to them with passion and conviction and even has a smile on their face every once in a while. you have aserred your qualifications, sir? >> well, i do think this. i'll give you a little news tip.
7:22 pm
be ready to hear that the campaigns governoring to not allow the networks to control this process to marginalize the very candidates. i think there's going to be some pretty bold expressions from the joint campaigns that will be coming very soon as a result of what happened last night. look for that. lou: i will look for that and i hope that is not -- i hope the result is not same old, same old, dull as the dickens electioneering. i kind of like the way you do it and some of the other candidates do it. i hope that prevails. governor mike huckabee, good to see you, good luck. >> great to see you, lou, thanks. be sure to vote in our poll tonight -- let us know what you think at if you want to connect with me on social media, understand this, i want you, too --
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a geologist at the right place at the right time when mother nature took its course, he was able to capture incredible footage of a -- look at this. the odds of having this video ready to go, a remarkable picture. rockslide in the swiss alps, the rock plummeted thousand feet down the mountain tearing a path down to the valley below. up next, republican rivals uniting against a common enemy, cnbc, there, i said it. it will show you why you shouldn't fly an expensive drone over a field crowded with rowdy children. that story and more next. stay with us.
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lou: joining me jedidiah bila, let's start, who won? >> for me, marco rubio, he was the clear winner, i thought ted cruz did a great job, donald trump did a great job, i would remove a couple from the stage for sure. rubio is consistently able to talk about issues, turn difficult questions into answers that people can really get behind. he has a lot of specifics on foreign policy always, he has specifics on the economy, he has a really great story, charismatic guy but cool, calm, collected with facts, and thinking about hillary clinton and the kind of delivery style she has in a debate, that would be the way they would go if i were looking to win. lou: laughlin, who won in your view? >> rubio definitely came out on top. chris christie did shine. lou: i agree. >> he was able to unleash his inner new jersey and come out with the style he's known and
7:29 pm
loved for and governor huckabee did well. i didn't agree with things he said. lou: what didn't you agree with? >> i thought his entitlement answer kind of dodged the question in terms of saying that these people have paid into the system, they need to be paid back, and while we agree with the sentiment, the issue is how do we make sure that the programs are still around. lou: but you know what's going on here, guys is that for the first time in my career, folks are talking, candidates are talking about the third rail of politics, they're talking about, you know, means testing, they're talking about raising the retirement age, they're talking about raising taxes. they're talking about things that they -- a candidate would not have had the guts, and by the way, the governor was early with that, and i give him credit for that. >> and immigration, which donald trump started the debate on that and talk seriously about border security and other issues. lou: you heard rubio say enough already, we're going to start talking numbers. it's not about race, we got to
7:30 pm
talk numbers and citizens who are affected. >> absolutely. lou: with that, on the undercard any, particular favorites? >> i mean honestly, no, i think they all do a nice job but i watched the dete and i didn't feel like i would pull any of the candidates and put them on the main stage, bobby jindal did a nice job. i think we have the main stage and can afford to lose a few and get it down to five and still do a great job. >> i think lindsey graham came through very likable, very charismatic, he had a lot of good one-liners and got everyone fired up. he had a great tirade, god help us if hillary clinton ends up in the white house, kind of thing. i thought he did well. lou: i've got to say that your assessment is a wonderful segue to the fact that he will be joining us here tonight.
7:31 pm
jedidiah bila lachlan markay, we're coming back with much, much more, including senator lindsey graham. he was in the undercard debate but senator lindsey graham says he's not the undercard candidate when it comes to fixing this country after seven years of obama. >> make me commander in chief and this crap stops. lou: senator lindsey graham joins us here next. this has been jordan's speech year in the world of golf and sponsor at&t chose a fascinating way to commemorate the year. we'll show you how it was done here next. the promise of the cloud is that every organization
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. lou: my next guest taking aim at china and the obama administration in last night's early debate. take a listen. >> the foreign policy of barack obama needs to be replaced, and the last person you want to find to replace his foreign policy is his secretary of state. so to the chinese, when it comes to dealing with me, you got a clenched fist and an open hand, you pick. the party's over to all the dictators. make me commander in chief and this crap stops. lou: joining us now, the plain spoken republican presidential candidate senator lindsey graham. senator, good to have you with us. >> thank you. lou: that was straightforward stuff, and do you think you made some inroads? >> i hope so. you know, china is building
7:36 pm
islands over resource rich waters claimed by others because they can. you know, we're a nation of laws. you don't resolve disputes by building an island over the territory in question and putting a military unit on top of it. do you think putin would be in the ukraine if reagan were president? we're being walked all over and john kerry is about to give syria to the russians and iranians, there is a contest in iran between john kerry and barack obama for man of the year. it's too close to caught. our foreign policy is in shambles and i know how to fix it. i'm going to destroy isil before they hit us. lou: well, i want to share with our viewers who missed last night's debate your comments on bernie sanders as well, which went to the heart of the ideological contest of this presidential election, here we go. >> the number two guy went to the soviet union on his honeymoon and i don't think he ever came back! if we don't beat these people,
7:37 pm
who the hell we going to beat? lou: i have to tell you, a great story and great question. >> well, here's my point. when you listen to the democratic debate there's not a job creator they don't hate on the other side. that business is the enemy, the hope of the middle class is not bernie sanders creating everything for free at the federal level. it's to grow the economy. you know when boeing came to south carolina to build a 787 everybody got a pay raise in manufacturing because the employees go to boeing. if i'm president a waitress is going to have a better deal because i'll create an environment for somebody to open up a new restaurant to hire away. there's a contest who can help the middle class the most. a socialist? hillary clinton? or a guy like me who grew up in the back of a liquor store whose family owned a small business. lou: sounds like you were significantly advantaged as a young man.
7:38 pm
>> i ran a poolroom as a kid. i'm well qualified to be the president. i know a liar when i see them, and the iranians are liars. lou: thank you very much, senator lindsey graham. jordan spieth is without a doubt the face of golf. check out what one of his big sponsors at&t designed to commemorate this great year he had in downtown dallas. a team of 25 built this incredible mosaic made of 24,000 golf balls placed on tees to create the golf superstar's image. you have to turn sideways but you see it. the reason i'm telling you that is it took me a while to figure it out. took two days to build that. a perfect way to commemorate spieth's year, he won the masters, the u.s. open and a whole lot of money. a kid may owe someone a lot of money after this impressive
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kick. watch as a drone was perfectly punted out of the sky in new zealand. the drone was taking some aerial footage of a soccer game until one of the players kicked the ball in its direction and what a shot there. we go! couldn't do that again in -- well, i don't know, quite a long time. up next, former presidential candidate steve forbes joins us to tell us what he thinks of the recent crop. and took more than a billion of taxpayers to make the reality bump a reality, you won't believe what it took down to take down the expensive equipment? they couldn't figure out how to take control of that thing? you think for a billion somebody would give you a joystick or something. we're coming right back.
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. lou: on wall street today, stocks closed lowering the dow down 24 points, the nasdaq lost a fraction, the volume slipping below 4 billion share, 3.9. a reminder listen to my reports on the salem radio network three times a day. great to see you.
7:44 pm
your name was invoked a number of times in the debate. >> not in vane. lou: never. what was your impression of the debate. >> what came across is that the republicans have a very strong field of candidates. jeb bush really faltered, but the other candidates i think in various ways came through, trump stopped his slide, marco rubio was superb, ted cruz was superb, chris christie came back, it was a good night for the g.o.p. >> right, when you talk about the trump slide, i have to say i think about the national polls, he's only behind in one, and dominates the others. >> when you win one, you fall, people wonder if it's going to stop. it's like a stock that falls, okay, can he stop the slide, and he stopped it last night. lou: overall was there enough on the economy? you're name was invoked, larry
7:45 pm
kudlow's name was invoked by donald trump a couple of times, your thoughts? >> i think people were thinking there would be more discussion, one of the highlights which didn't get much follow through is when ted cruz said the dollar should be tied to gold. that should be audited. that's big stuff and they didn't follow through on that. lou: i heard that and thought rand paul has got to be ticked that he called that before he could. >> and introduced a flat tax. lou: why would they care about a flat tax of all people? >> something that popped in my mind. lou: think about the number of candidates, i pointed this out early in the show. think about the candidates that talk about social security the third rail of politics and talk about it meaningfully and substantively, perhaps given ample time they would have liked last night, but it's impressive they're talking straightforwardly about the issues that we have to deal with? >> virtually every candidate
7:46 pm
except for one or two put a serious tax proposal on the table, a meaningful reform, and i think in the next debate here on fog, you -- on fox, you are going to be substantive discussion on obamacare. people are yearning for answers to that. lou: this is why i pretend i know, i can't discuss that because all the questions are very, very closely held. clinton saying whatever it takes to win saying she'll let the banks fail, your reaction? >> nobody takes seriously what she says. lou: except me! i'm asking questions about it. >> the thing is if she sees a poll, she'll change her mind. lou: what does steve forbes say? >> in terms of banks. lou: too big to fail? >> too big to fail. lou: let them roll? >> split them up. >> you and hillary clinton agree. that's impressive. >> i'm not going to bet my 401(k) that she'll let it
7:47 pm
happen. lou: interestingly people are hailing her. that's a conservative position. they're saying she was moving left with it, it's a conservative position to let the market work, and it's precisely what many of us think is the problem of the system now is that it hasn't been allowed to clear. markets not allowed to clear. >> given her ties to wall street and bankers she wants to cover her side on the left which don't like wall street or bankers either. so again, it's rhetoric. i'm not going to bet anything on it. lou: i think she has a few expenses to cover. gdp, 1.5%, off of a 4% performance in the second quarter. how concerned should we be? >> still shows the economy is in a rut. second gear. 2, 2.5%. worst recovery from a sharp downturn in american history shows the policies have failed is why i think there is not going to be a third obama term. lou: going to be interesting to see, it's looking like it's
7:48 pm
going to be a hoot. steve forbes. pennsylvania state police using shotguns to deflate the wayward military surveillance blimp. it's a secret blimp. it cost a lot of money and broke loose somewhere in maryland perhaps at a test facility. yesterday it was free for hours before coming down on the woods in central pennsylvania. they were not guiding it. they didn't have a way to guyed it. the billion-dollar surveillance blimp was brought down with shotguns peppered with 100 shotgun shells. the military now trying to protect and remove the equipment in the blimp. we're told it's worth a lot of money. i would hope so, they paid a lot of money. officials don't know how it broke loose from its tether, that should disturb us all, right? there's a lot of that story we need to know more about and i'm
7:49 pm
guessing we won't know a lot more. up next, former attorney general eric holder, haven't heard from him for a while defending his former boss. who is to blame for the war against law enforcement. we take it up with best-selling author brad thor and eboni williams here next. stay with us.
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lou: with me now, parent radio talk show host, ebonnie
7:53 pm
williams, and brad thor from nashville, tennessee, what do you think who won? >> i think rubio stole the show. >> i think he has a new candidate. >> you do this to me every time. lou: i'm supposed to be skeptical not cynical, ebony? >> i have to go with the crowd, rubio. >> you and thor have been talking. >> we just met. he is a policy guy, he handles difficult questions i thought really well, i thought asking about his person financial mess, and backing that up, that was tough, he pivoted
7:54 pm
brilliantly. >> i have to add, i was stunned that jeb bush asked him questions about his votes in a senate, i heard of people walking into a buzzsaw, not going into a sawmill, and firing it up, and backing up into it. >> jeb looked really weak on that. lou: donald trump, did he move up a few notches? ? >> i tell you, when you get into substance, trump and as much as i love ben carson they disappear into the wallpaper. i don't know if that was part of trump's plan last night, this is the first time i liked trump because he was not being a pompous jerk like rodney dangerfield in caddie shack, he was actually acting like a presidential candidate, he
7:55 pm
just did not have any substance to bring to the debate. >> i didn't have any of those reverends, i think that every time he has a debate, trump has one goal, don't hurt yourself. if he become away not hurting himself. cars op is the most likeable guy on the stage. >> my wife said one -- lou: my wife said that one reason that women find ben carson attractive for women in polls, she believes is because he has dedicate dedicate his career to helping children. >> i think that is fantastic. lou: be careful how you concern. >> i know mrs. dobbs, she is lovely, whatever she says is
7:56 pm
correct. people don't recognize how long he was in charge of that division at johnso johns hopkins. lou: i can't figure out how to pronounces the names on little bottles with medicine in them, i stay clear of my betters. let's turn to chris christie, he had a good moment, he said, what are we doing talking about and being asked about fan see football. >> chris christie, has a soft space in my heart, i am an independent and i lean progressive, i think what if in 2012 had he seized that moment. moment. lou: and had not hugged president obama. >> look, 2016, we're coming up on, he is not to be count out i say, he had a great mole last night, but -- great moment last night, he is
7:57 pm
presents himself to me as a chief prosecutor for america, that is a great role but it is niche. lou: turning to attorney general holder, coming out defending obama administration and the war against law enforcement, brad. holder said, i don't think it is connected to so mauled ferguson, i don't think that police are laying own to the job as the head of fbi characterized it, he said they were intimidated and did not want to engagement holder turned that into laying down on the job. >> yeah, that is unfair. the -- there has been a environment created in this country that is antipolice, and i will take it back to the louis skip gates incident in cambridge, massachusets, where president obama said, i don't really have the facts yet, but the police acted stupidly,
7:58 pm
that was led by president obama. lou: wire watching these police -- i am saying it out loud, this is great the police departments say, you know, when it is chemica quentin tarantino, you want to talk like that, it is great the law ep force am officers and -- enforcement officers and agencies and departments say, enough of you, you are on your own, go about your business. >> it breaks my heart, a young woman i live uptown in harlem, law enforcement is very important to me, i practiced criminal law for years, i have worked side by side with great officers, i have also seen not so great officers but like any other profession, you cannot pain them where a broad stroke. lou: i think this important and for folks who you know, like yourselves who are
7:59 pm
leaders and brad, you know, support police, real simple deal. deal with it straight up. >> the people who get harmed force in this climate are the police. lou: this is disgusting. >> nobody wins. >> the people who lose are the cops, when they hesitate, saying, am i going to get in trouble, that is bad thing for police. lou: brad thank you. brad thor, and ebony williams thank you. that was framed aggressively there. i would like to recommend a great book. ownership, by two highly decorated u.s. navy sales, leif babben and jacko wil.
8:00 pm
>> that is it for us, thank you for pieg wit being with us. good night, from new york city . >> you believe that isis is losing? y >> no, sir, i do not. >> the world has big problems. >> record setting drought drags on there. >> water shortages, over fishing. >> fishing used to be big. but not any more. cost of health care, poverty, and people who cheat people. >> you are a piece of work. >> americans assume government must act. but there is another way.. private solutions. >> you will get 5,000 dollars. >> these iraqis were trained by civilians from america. >> we laud the aid worker that goes to syria or iraq or egypt to help.


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