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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  October 30, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EDT

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futures indicating it will end on the upside. we're expecting broader gain for averages, up 25 points for the dow jones industrial average. nasdaq also looking higher. checking early action in europe this morning we have mixed performances. not major moves but certainly broadly to the upside. overnight in asia, let's check equities there. for the asian markets very much a mixed story. nikkei was higher in japan, but hang seng, shanghai, kospi in korea were down. indexes see best monthly performance in six years with hopes of extended easing money policy. a lot of big oil names reporting earnings. chevron and exxonmobil reporting their third quarter later this morning. we'll have numbers for you. in sports last night new england patriots making a statement against the miami dolphins. the pats beating the dolphins 36-7, remaining undefeated on season. world series moving to citi
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field in new york city tonight. the mets arriving back in new york early yesterday after the kansas city situation. the team looking to take game 3 against kansas city royals who lead the series 2-0 against the mets. senate giving final approval meanwhile for sweeping two year budget deal. blake burman with details in washington. good morning to you, blake. reporter: hi, maria. while you were like leg sleeping the senate was voting and potential to busting through the debt ceiling is over as well. just after 3:00 this morning, republican defense hawks joined democrats in the senate to pass a two-year budget deal and keep open-ended tab on the debt ceiling through early 2017. taking stands against the negotiations which many described as secretive and additional is $16 billion in government spending, the -- $116 billion. presidential candidates marco rubio, ted cruz and rand paul all voted no. >> this deal gives the president
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the power to borrow unlimited amounts of money. this deal represents the worst of washington culture. reporter: the house passed the same measure early this week and president is expected to sign the bill promptly. the appropriations committees still need to spell out by mid-december where all the money is going to go. the deal also is expected to give the new speaker of the house paul ryan somewhat after clean slate for the start of his tenure. maria? maria: sure is. thank you blake burman with the latest on the campaign trail, jeb bush running for the hills following lackluster performance on last night's republican debate. many looking to place presidential bets on rival candidate marco rubio. rubio poised to capitalize on his strong debate performance, clashing with bush several times throughout the night. watch this. >> marco, when you signed up for this, this was a six-year term. you should be showing up to work. literally the senate, what is it like a french work week? you get three days where you have to show up.
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you can campaign or just resign and let someone else take the job. >> i don't remember you ever complaining about john mccain's vote record. only reason you're doing it now because we're running for same position and someone convinced you attacking me will help you. maria: want to bring in go pac chairman. thanks for joining us. >> thank you. maria: what is the take on aggressive bush-rubio controversy now. >> no question marco son the rise. all of them are going to start taking their shots at him as he continues to get more and more attention. at some point, the bush campaign is either going to decide it will win or not going to win. they have a lot of money. does right to rise become refocus on retribution. i'm not getting nomination, i'm making sure folks who don't agree with me will not get nomination. maria: wow. dagen, how do you see it? >> contributors to him directly or super-pac. the super-pac raised 100 poll dollars in the first half of the
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year, 103 million. are they having buyers remorse at this point? he burns through a lot of money of his own money, what he raised in the third quarter. and then he has to cut salaries. he is cutting at his campaign. then he pulls one of these. he is trying to do a donald trump but it fell so flat. maria: totally fell flat. i agree with you. >> no question governor bush did not have the strongest performance. he admitted that. he told donors that yesterday. but he still has money and still putting ground game together. don't count governor bush out. maria: really? >> shows bad judgment though. >> it -- >> attack on rubio shows bad judgment and bad execution. >> it may show he is better talking about what he is for than what he is against and honestly, if governor bush will get the nomination his message has to be where america will be after four years of a jeb bush presidency, not he was governor of state of florida 10 years ago. maria: jack. >> sounded like watching a kid
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on stage in school play who must haved his line. clearly, he didn't write that. that is not his personality. maria: didn't seem like his personality. >> it just didn't come out right. i hope lesson is, yeah i have to go back to policy. i will either win or lose on policy. i do think guys like rubio and bush will be rising as carson and trump fade. that is not a new thing to think but rubio was on the rise even before this debate. washington insider hillary is most scared of rubio, of this whole group. he is clearly guy to watch. bush noded this more than rubio did. maria: personal story, he talked about his upbringing really resonated with people. as a result he seems very accessible. >> just seemed like that bush is still struggling to find a way to break out in terms of debate performance and in terms of his performance on the campaign trail. story in "wall street journal" about he singularly focused on new hampshire at this point. that new hampshire is kind of a make-or-break state for him.
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>> 71% of the primary voters still haven't made up their mind who they will vote for. they may say they're for someone when pollster calls them most people still considering who they will vote for. i wrote in the "wall street journal," if you are placing bets, place bets on someone with government experience. republicans haven't nominated without government experience since 1940. and if you look at history of the republican party, who makes up primary republican voters, they are folks who like that government experience, despite what they may be saying now. there is no question there is frustration out there that conservative ideas haven't prevailed, but voting records are how republican primary voters judge whether you're true to getting things done or not. >> but after that debate you had more options than bush. maria: >> you do. >> you had cruz, rubio, christie were three standouts. john kasich didn't do bad job either. >> outstanding points. >> on pointing point, predictwise aggregates all
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various betting sites where people put real money down, rubio is way out in front for republican nomination. fits the point he has government experience and clearly on rise. these things are better than poll who do you want. people can say who they want is different from who they vote for. maria: and put their money behind. >> exactly. maria: what about the pac money? does that follow if we see bush continue to falter? does that money move into rubio's camp you think? >> rubio will get a lot of new donors. certainly getting scott walker donors. getting rick perry donors which underscores important point. you can have a super-pac with lots of money. doesn't communicate a candidate to communicate message. maria: who has the best message? >> all have good messages. rubio seems to be bringing through right now with his message certainly. it is interesting now, he is reminding folks he was not establishment choice when he ran for u.s. senate. charlie crist was the
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establishment voters. so, marco has a little bit of the ability to be in both camps. he certainly has the government experience, having been elected in state of florida and in the u.s. senate. but also he has never been completely the establishment candidate either. he was opposed by the establishment when he ran for senate. could be needle threading he needs to get to the nomination but i would remind all of us, it's november. we still have three more months before the first votes are cast. lots going to happen. maria: that's true. david, good to see you. don't forget fox business is teaming up with the "wall street journal" to bring you the next republican debate. this will be focused on economy and your money. we'll stick to the issues. that is tuesday november 10 from milwaukee. i will moderate the debate with my fbn colleague neil cavuto. join us for both debates on november 10th.
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exxon is set to report before the bell. oil at 46 a barrel. that is cutting into earnings. exxon expected to post 76 cents a share. lauren: on expected to report earnings of 89 cents a share on revenue of $63.75 billion. last year the oil giant reported 52% decrease in profits as tumbling oil prices weighed on results. the slump in crude oil prices putting pressure on big energy names, jack otter. what are you expecting from this, from exxon and chevron today. >> i think exxon might have decent news. last quarter felt like a kitchen sink quarter. it was terrible. they through everything out there. obviously oil prices weighing on the stocks. price to book level all of these names are as cheap as they have been in 20 or 30 years. i think chevron is one times book. exxon in the same range. chevron pays a dividend nearly 5%. 4.8.
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they don't have the cash flow to cover that out of the operations but they have a great balance sheet. i think they can handle it a long time. so i think these are interesting names. maria: talk about the front page story in the journal. taxes driving drug merger. this is pretty extraordinary, don't you think? pfizer talking to allergan, potentially leaving the country. this is a huge story, don't you think. >> there are two issues here. one is pfizer es earnings and ability to keep on growing which has been difficult for them. the other reason is tax inversions as they're called. on first, pfizer has not had much in earnings growth. allergan does. they're buying earnings what a lot of companies are doing. on second i will be unpopular here i do not like the morality of leaving the country to reduce your taxes the benefits of being here in america for big company like pfizer -- maria: may not like it but it is happening. >> it is happening but i think -- allen sloan wrote a cover story for "fortune" two years ago, he pointed out they
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have rule of law. a government for all its problems actually allows drug prices to go higher here than they can in europe or somewhere else. you look at pill, medical device in europe, selling for tiny fraction what it sells for here because of government regulation. maria: wow. >> they want all the advantages yet they go abroad, i don't like it. maria: dagen -- >> you i can't blame them. maria: biggest overseas to lower corporate tax liability. >> this will be, dovetail back to the presidential race? maria: for sure. >> they are asking for scrutiny during the election season, particularly from democrats. the pricing of drugs in this country, these mergers, if they're done in a way for a tax benefit, it is going to, there is going to be a spotlight on them. headline risk is great. here is one headline. maria: yeah. >> you've seen what one hillary clinton tweet can do to an entire industry if you will. maria: you think there could be legislation that makes it much
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more expensive? >> what they could do, on republican side, you start talking about reforming the tax code. this is, lowering corporate tax rates, that has been kind of a critical component of all the tax plans we've heard so far. so on the left, you're going to get criticism with these companies are doing. on the right you will get potential solutions to prevent this from happening. >> also, there is a middle road. i think there is a lot of sense on democratic side at least with moderates we do need tax reform. they would be willing to compromise. maria: that's true. >> if these companies annoy them, pfizer will not come out better in the deal. maria: for sure. we'll keep watching that. coming up he is known for pursuing international criminals, but now the chase for james bond himself is on. back in a moment. ♪ can a business have a mind?
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maria: welcome back. the justice department releasing thousands of federal inmates today. cheryl casone with story and other headlines. good morning, cheryl. >> that's right, maria. the justice department begins process releases six thousand federal inmates. this is intended due to cost cutting measure to reduce the federal inmate population. drug felons are returned to u.s. and several territories are expected to be reported. distribution rights for james bond will be up for grabs after the latest installment entitled "spectre." several studios are chasing after the 007 franchise,
6:17 am
according to those familiar with the matter. finally this microsoft telling companies to ditch traditional employee performance reviews, to force, honest conversations between employees and managers on more regular basis. that can be interesting. looking for alternatives to old ratings systems. a lot of companies, microsoft, dell, gotten rid of annual performance review, let's face it everybody hates. most awkward, uncomfortable conversation anybody has to have. managers hate it. my question, if we get rid of the annual performance review, maria, then what? how do you hold people accountable? how do employees know if they're doing something wrong. maria: may be uncomfortable conversation but employees like it. people want to know how they're doing, don't you think. >> i don't think anybody actually likes it but it serves important. you have got to do it. nobody wants to have the conversation. you only have it when management forces to you actually sit down and say this is how you're doing. especially with younger employees really does them a
6:18 am
disservice not to have the conversation. maria: how do you get feedback? >> they plod along, suddenly they learn at age 30, i've been doing this badly for 10 years but nobody told me. maria: that is not fair to them. >> exactly. >> cheryl said how do you know when you're doing something wrong? you know what? your managers tell you you're doing something wrong. the stuff you're getting right you need to hear about. maria: very good point. >> anytime you foul up you will hear about it immediately. hey, here is what we like about you. >> a lost managers don't do that because they want to avoid conflict. managers hate to deliver bad news. they dread it, just as much employee dreads getting bad news. >> i never worked for any employer like that. jack was my boss. maria: really. >> those performance reviews were a walk in the park, right? maria: how was he as a boss. >> we got along very well. >> he was across the country. you were living in san francisco. >> he was a great boss living several thousand miles away.
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maria: thank thank you, cheryl. >> you bet. maria: several sponsors take to the court at nba all-star game. the league's new advertising push. back in a moment. no matter how fast the markets change, at t. rowe price, our disciplined investment approach remains. we ask questions here. look for risks there. and search for opportunity everywhere. global markets may be uncertain. but you can feel confident in our investment experience... ... around the world. call a t. rowe price investment specialist, or your advisor... ...and see how we can help you find global opportunity. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. the internet of things. what we're recommending as your consultants...
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maria: welcome back. crude oil struggling to snap its multiyear lows, currently trading $45 a barrel. look at 46.08 this morning last trade. some top wall street banks are becoming increasingly pessimistic about oil's ability to break past the $60 a barrel level which was market in 2016. according to "wall street journal." phil flynn joins us on the phone. do you agree with that call? >> maria, i'm not so sure. i think we can get back up there
6:23 am
but a lot of banks had to revise estimate lower because they got burned on double-dip of oil earlier in the year. big elephant in the room, is china. when china's stock market collapsed that basically lowered demand expectations and caused a lot of these people to lower expectations, even big oil companies. look the effect of what happened in the past couple of months. we've seen billion of dollars of more projects canceled. companies are walking away from oil fields in canada. i think right now they're panicking and they're pulling back too hard. that should mean a rebound next year. maria: cover story in the b section, dagen of the journal, oil giants see no relief on prices. you're talking about the oil companies taking their major expectations down. >> that, this survey we mentioned, it is 13 investment banks, on wall street. >> bye-bye. >> that was phil hanging up the phone. maria: i didn't know he was hanging up phone.
6:24 am
you were still in the conversation but okay. >> estimate is average $54 a barrel. a few months ago it was $70 a barrel, you could look at this to phil's point as indicator. banks are historically bad at calling. go way too high. remember the $200 call. maria: that was goldman sachs. >> they tend to overshoot on downside. this maybe shows a little bit of stability. >> it has been that range, right? 40 to 60 has been the range. >> i think that the problem is that the forces pushing price of oil down, i don't see any change in that. supply is very, very slowly going down. maria: that's true. >> as frackers go out of business but russia will keep on pumping at $20, whatever it goes down to. that is their only source of cash. saudi arabia wants to put frackers out of business. iran won't come on quickly as some people fear but it is still coming on. i don't see where supply stops and demand, global economy that is slowing and conservation
6:25 am
getting a little better, there is not big demand pickup. maria: there were a lot of project cancellations right? you say supply you don't see where it is stopping but having said that there are a lot of cancellations with shale projects. >> but tends to be lousy low margin ones. back at $100 a barrel, hey let's do it. >> just quickly, energy stocks third best-performing sector in month of october. you have a double-digit increase on energy stocks, up more than 10%. somebody likes these names. maria: sure. >> chevron went from 75 to 90. got an upgrade. maria: maybe they saw this as bottoming in the stocks. remember talking there has to be value in energy stocks for a long time. >> buy and hole, you get the dividend. i heard that a little bit more. maria: hey, what is your favorite scary movie? >> "texas chainsaw massacre." maria: you're good. what about you, jack? >> jack nicholson "the shining."
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maria: that is mine too. i don't like scary movies. look at top earning major horror movie franchises in time for hall keen. keep it here on fox business network. ♪ here at td ameritrade, they love innovating.
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6:30 am
trading day of the month futures indicating a higher opening but a good month up 89, 10% major averages for october fractional gains upside as you can see very much mixed fractional moves we will take in it europe action gains as well actually no we're seeing pretty good reversal here ft100 down 25 points cac quarante in paris weaker the dax in germany down 38 points, my apologies there, overnight in asia we've got a mixed session nikkei average higher the major averages in arab on downside this morning major averages seeing best monthly performance in six years, hopes of stoending easy more than the policy we will get a look at impact of declining oil in the energy sector this morning, oil giants chevron exxonmobil reporting third quarter bring the numbers, when they break, they are happening ahead of the opening bell, carl icahn with a warning about corporate taxes pfizer allergan looking
6:31 am
another a merger pfizer moving visa lower tax rate, calling for congress to take action on tax reform more companies look to improve tax story, by acquiring companies overseas getting a better rate video out of flow imagine looking out of your plane window seeing flames airplane in fort lauderdale, catching fire, passengers had to evacuate, on the plane emerge chute at least 15 people suffered miner injuries. >> saving for advertisemeretire intentions matter of actions merrill edge report finding 59% americans set a goal of saving for retirement only 31% actually reach that goal, joining us in fox business exclusive is head of bank of america edge banking ahead of study, good to see. >> you good to is he you. >> characterize where we are in terms of retirement savings. >> think we are seeing a
6:32 am
challenge each year we see a lot of americans want to save, intentions, in fact stress levels going occupy over the topic, but not taking the actions i think you can point to a couple specific competing priorities that is causing that. first and foremost debt, particular student debt parents paying down student debt for kids, 25 year olds took out debtor want to get to that first not a bad thing to do, but dollars are no the going to retirement savings second sand wif generation gen iers the aging parents there's a not shifting towards retirement third one giving up lifestyle, parents, kids, i have young kids want to create memories if you want to take on vacation dollars are competing for retirement savings, so you add all those up, and being clear that did he dispute good intentions the actions are not following. maria: tough 20 doo-dahday do you think with generalration xgroup of americans they see
6:33 am
maybe parents struggling in retirement, parents have not put away money you take care of health care needs, and that will force a shift in how much we're saving. >> i think they are seeing that, you know hearing on media social media gen x's millenials awareness levels probably all time highs way higher than it was when we are in 20s are they able to take actions save the money, so i think because of aging parents things you talk about, it is just where dollars are going, and right now, retirement is the one that is being set left aside i think that is the question when have can they get to that savings piece, and do they have a plan in place, in order to say i know i have priorities today but how am i nuting the savings into that plan. >> one thing you hear that millenials are scared of the market they see experience that parents had, losing money in 2000 again in 2008, actually wrote a book on topic one thing amazed me was i
6:34 am
don't i mean to be harsh nobody teaches anybody about stuff in school. suddenly 401(k) plan lands on your desk first job, you don't know what to make which fund do i put money into, the conservative fund that sounds good you know, probably a bad idea. >> so, how do you teach people, to actually you know, might be it is just, one index funneled for equities one index fund for bonds, forget next 40 years, probably be okay. >> i think education, is the number one topic, and so, you know, whether we put on education, or web sites, certainlying bank of america has better money habits we released videos on a lot of content, so the good news millenials technical savvy using entity educated companies providing plans have to do a great job educating not just offering the plan. >> are they doing that. >> i think more and more companies reaching out partnering with -- welt management to make sure we get employees educated do -- sunrise we see clients bring us in, the great news we can
6:35 am
kind of, work with millenials as well as ceo a continuum and sit down provide education, scenarios we a seminars active goal want to go educate employees not gust give them a 401(k). >> do you think social security will be around 30 years from now, because i don't think anybody in this country believes it is not going to be there people joke not going to be there, you get taxes taken out of every paycheck, to fund it is it going to be there. >> i can't prik i think a challenge the problem is everyone is concerned, and so that is one more reason why you have to be saving as much as about possible, because it has torrid predict what is going to happen in 0 years hoard to predict where health care costs are going to be i think those are things that add to that stress, of you know how am i saving enough, of course, we are living longer so changes i think alls no things together changing the dynamic of what is retirement in a way -- >> what is the average, amount of money people have saved nor for retirement. >> a low number i know self-studies that people less
6:36 am
than 10,000 dollars saved a number doesn't work, whatever it is, it, with idea living longer so it is clear that people have to start sooner, and they have to be more aggressive saving for retirement and might mean skreefs in t sacrifices to fund it. >> good to see you, bank of america, merrill lynch forget shopping frenzy retailer getting a jump-start on deals nicole. >> good morning, maria, get your shopping list ready, the holiday deals are kicking off, this week end, all part of a continuing trend of the major retailers jump-starting the sales right after halloween to being attract all those bargain shoppers, walmart offering discounts on thousands of items, including toys, electronics for example, you can get an ipad mini, for 199 bucks, ipad mini2, down from 268 dollars or how about a 48 in which smart television, 299 dollars, save
6:37 am
20 bucks there target making the holiday switch offering savvy deals starting this week end as well, thenks, there is black friday macy's throwing down thanksgiving gaunltlet opening doors to hungry shoppers at 6 pm on thanksgiving day, for a consecutive year a handful of trair retailers trying to get your bucks ahead of this time we do the question is, i have the list who is open, open kohl's target kmart be left buy on thanksgiving, home depot bed bath and beyond the question gone are days people trammell for a discount stwigs, i mean i don't know, cyber monday you have -- deals that start early, what do you think do you think -- black friday even that important to retailers anymore. >> our colleagues marketwatch published a story yesterday said very best deals are actual, depressing on
6:38 am
thanksgiving day its, hope you can do that online not go to the store. >> fedex said they are ready for record shipping big days clooib monday, and the first two monies in december, so fedex ready for holiday season as well. >> i have noticed of one thing that necessary brick-and-mortar stores, run-in shoe store never have things in stock every time i've been in there they have been out of best-selling shoe, in a very particular size, and that is where these retailers with stores, that is where they fall flat very of an what is experiencing you apply something if they are sold out, or they don't have it in your size. >> don't like it. . >> and you go online, go on amazon, that is how these companies have been -- online trairlz able to eat people's lunch,ch. >> i should be when they don't have size say give me your name addresses credit card we will have it sent to i to many. >> they don't do that they should. >> to your point thanksgiving when they make big ordeals
6:39 am
have sales what about all the frustrated workers, that miss out with families -- walkouts at walmart, for example, didn't have to work, you don't have to work if you don't want. >> i don't know i think that is -- >>, jr., workers -- >> i think they give shorter shifts instead of 8 mower might do 4, 6 hours. >> hospitality for a long time you have to work on holidays, those are busiest days, work in hotels, restaurants. >> news is about. >> there you go. >> i worked every day, every friday after thanksgiving i think since i started working here, a long time ago. . >> my favorite is rei said we are closing on friday go outside, enjoy nature. >> i love it. >> thanks. >> don't forget start with nickel, starts 5:00 a.m., "mornings with maria" right here on fox business network, coming up ceo speaks with regulating fantasy sports details on what he said we
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. dagen: . shouldn't what makes each of us a unique individual, help individualize our cancer treatment? now through advanced genomic testing, we may be able to pinpoint and diagnose what makes your cancer different, which can reveal precise treatment options that were not considered previously. with this important breakthrough at the intersection of science and technology, we've arrived at precision cancer treatment. the evolution of cancer care is here at cancer treatment centers of america. call or visit to learn more about precision cancer treatment. welcome back nba changing advertising, cheryl is on the
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story this morning, cheryl. cheryl: it is sports news for you this morning, the world series wasn't enough corporate logos are coming to nba jerseys, at least for one game, after years of discussion, the nba is allowing its about official car sponsor kia to put a logo patch on you were left-hand corner of all-star game jerseys this season, and next season, going to be really interesting, also this story following for you ceo of fanduel is calling on the government to regulate the fantasy sports business, yeah. nigel founded the company in 2009 says that the intervention is the only way to ensure that consumers can trust the fantasy sports industry, maria saying a planned plan announced to police itself with basically like control board positive move he says doesn't go far enough i was shocked when i heard he was supporting this. >> fantasy sports web site feeling the heat this is a --
6:45 am
a big story, what do you think? dagen: i wondered if some state won't come in banning them saying it is gambling you saw nevada, say that this is gaeblg you have to register, i think the business that they are in right now, is in jeopardy. >> that is why -- i think that is why he welcomes this, because he is hoping that he will get a little bit of regulation, instead of getting knocked out of business, also has first advantage when you opened the door in barn close it behind me don't let anybody else in a good position doesn't surprise me at all i think a savvy move. maria: he says regulate, ceo -- >> rather than just kill altogether makes sense. maria: tomorrow is halloween, is that means big bucks for the industry legendary horror films raking in hundreds of millions top grossing scary like ins of all time next. harder and investing more. but achieving the right outcomes has never been more difficult.
6:46 am
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6:49 am
maria: halloween tomorrow, what better way to get in spirit than horror movies here with more, michael. >> good morning talking movies that will haunt your demonstrators, while shoring up big earnings the boxing ofks highe grossing of all time about whom of the list the player watch project made 25,000 dollars, by the way, went to gross 140 million dollars. maria: wow. >> fourth on list, what lies beneath, michelle pfeiffer haunted ornuts, scores he 155 million dollars, third the original probably still scariest 1973 version of the exorcist grossing above 230 million dollars, coming in as
6:50 am
a close second i am not sure about this one, horror but "jaws" 260 million dollars, and, finally, topping out the list at number one, the sixth sense earning shy of 300 million dollars, domestically 1999,ed on dead people now just dead box office his movies are awful. >> what lies beneath was pretty good. >> it was i am shocked that it -- it did what it did. >> it is well done cable all the time this list leaves us the dpraets horror -- gravest horror removes all time. >> texas chain saw massacre. >> the shining. >> and, may he rest in peace, with those craven nightmare on eml street. >> revised the genre. >> surprised sixth sense on top of the list.
6:51 am
>> i kind of was it is none franchise film but when you look back at time so critically aclaim everyone was talking about it the whole twist at the end i think nominated for a couple oscars as well so did well at the time kind of shocked number one. >>. maria: doing well, do movies do well because we are having a debate i don't watch scary movies i think they are too scary. >> studios love them they don't cost a lot to make, blair witch project 25,000 -- >> all those movies made for month more than 5 million dollars jason bloom model for movies, when you talk about all the different distribution meds how people see movies, they still see horror movies in groups go to the they are being who wants home alone on computer by yours you don't. >> so do these numbers include, is it just box office or all reruns on tv. >> just box office when you look at the top franchise of
6:52 am
all time exorcise i have the all five movies is still number one. >> what about tv if you want to watch the scary what do you want to watch. >> -- >> talking about -- >>. dagen: watching tonight, go ahead. >> scariest for me american horror store never get through episode i tried a bunch of times too out there i don't know what is going on creative, in the brain but -- >> you love the first season. >> i thought the first season was -- impeccably in terms of horror this is from the first season, the -- as moving on just became more and more absurd. i i wasn't interested in the plot as much, and now you've got laid yie gaga. >> cast foenl kathy bates lady gaga. >> interesting. >> in terms of pure -- hideousness the knick i tried
6:53 am
to watch -- i actually tweeted this here is my idea for the perfect diet eat anything you want so long as you eat it watching the niclu.k lose 50 pounds, about -- in a hospital in new york city turn of the century it show a lot of surgery. -- >> out. oh. >> so -- disgusting. >> the rights to james bond films up for grabs. >> you know who is going to -- sony carried it 10 years up this year, james bond himself maybe up may be out maybe last one there is a lot of -- this year what is going to happen with franchise. >> who would take over. >> i don't think disney is getting it i got to tell you, between marvel "star wars," franchised up, is to kind of a good fit between century fox warner brothers. >> who do you think would be next bond. >> that is a good question. >> i --
6:54 am
>> just -- matt re. se on "fox & friends" later the americans is also being mentioned, as a possibly james bond. i have my wild card pick, wild card pick i cannot talk tom riley from have a vinci show, str charismatic international following not a lot of people talking about them i under the radar so is was daniel craig. >> who he walk away from that there has been issue with him after specter kind of talking. >> complaining about filming, i think that the -- he has not represented himself well. >> uh-oh. >> you know, tough to be big franchise hit these days. >> i found on broadway he didn't look so good. >> not that -- >> disappointed take a look -- like i expected -- >> wow. >> i love bond but does bond
6:55 am
get what he used to -- >> that is a good question. >> still a big franchise costs a lot to make, and some controversy as to whether or not sony made all that much money from it. they seem to say initially they did well enough, with it that interested in procuriursuio much competition accomplished name like bond not something so bad to have in your portfolio. >> thanks to putin we can have bad about russians again. >> there you go. >> -- real life. >> about michael good to see you, happy halloween. >> the health care sector rebounding number of phrma companies beating analysts expectancies there ig mergers. >> a great point that is exactly why we saw health care sector do so with quell take a look at exchange traded fund health care select bond xu. lv look for the week you can see up arrow best performing sector of the week 3.6% the
6:56 am
deal thatmaa was speak of a megamerger deal that discussing for allergan and pfizer the other walgreen's rite-aid seeing group surge, for the year it is third best upcoming sector, up 4.8% of the 10 sectors, that we follow so health care winner this week also sitting here as well, we have much more "mornings with maria," coming up after this break, so do stay with us. technology empowers us to achieve more.
6:57 am
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friday, october 30, at 7:00 a.m. on east coast, with me this mornings fox business network dagen mcdowell "barrons" editor, first stop toirz breaking orthopedist senate approved budget deal legislation raising the debt limit and spending levels for the next two years, two presidential candidates expressed opposition to the
7:00 am
deal on the senate floor. >> the number one threat to our country's future is our debt. the number one threat to our national security is our debt. this deal gives the president the power to borrow unlimited amounts of money. >> republican leadership has taken the lead, to remove the debt ceiling for barack obama he will never have to worry about it again. >> the bill to president obama's desk the markets a final trading day of the month, good month major averages up between 9 and 10% for the month of october, looking at higher opening this morning dow jones industrial average expected to open 20 points of course all about oil earnings chevron exxon two dow components reporting third quarter mom tarly we will get numbers before topographic bell to look at european action, the markets, in europe started higher look what is happened the last hour over here in, europe with we've got major the major averages on downside now with the dax down
7:01 am
25 points, fractional moves a quarter of a per crept or third of a per cent lower in europe, mostly lower in yaifb exception japan bank of japan leasing rates unchanged if marriages lower in asia, concerns over china slowing economy says gdp in china now 2.8%, we just got gdp a couple months ago said 6. % into that story getting a look at impact of defining oil prices on energy sector oil, chaeven exonerate admissible reporting later this on forring pfizer confirming "the wall street journal" report advil viagra maker in talks to acquire allergan 100 billion dollars plus deal driving the deal is taxes, ireland has a lower corporate tax rate than in united states taxes among the top issues next republican debate november 10 fox business network "the wall street journal" teaming up i
7:02 am
will cocould droth the debate with neil cavuto sandra smith trish regan moderating earlier debate we hope you join us for special coverage november 10 fox business network, sports update rates making a statement against will do fins be the dolphins 3 to 7 undefeated on the season, the oi enforcing citi field, the team look to go take game three against roils who lead series two games to none. the senate giving final approval for a sweeping two-year budget deal blake griffin in waushth details on that good morning to you blake. >> hi maria good morning to you, while likely sleeping the senate was voting, and with it, the threat of also potentially busting through the debt ceiling is over, just after 3:00 this morning, only four hours ago republican defense talks joined democrats in the senate to pass a two-year budget deal, and keep an open-ended tab on the debt ceiling through early 2017.
7:03 am
taking stands against the negotiations, many, many described as secretive the additional 116 billion dollars in government spending, presidential candidates marco rubio ted cruz rand paul all vote no. >> this deal gives the president the power to borrow unlimited amounts of money. this deal represents the worst of washington culture. >> 18 trillion in debt, the party of washington the washington cartel has created in complicit in growing only peep losing are our kids. >> once again that happening overnight, the house passed same measure this week president obama, is expected to sign the bill promptly now the appropriations committee still need to spell out by mid-december where all the money will eventually go, and this deal is also expected to give new speaker of the house paul ryan somewhat of a clean slate the beginning of his tenure. >> thank you so much blake berman in weakest one of my
7:04 am
next guests so sure donald trump has the republican nomination in the bag, speculating will be running mate, ceo with us joining the conversation, former rnc communications director, good to see you doug. >> good to see. >> you thank you so much joining us michael always great to see you what you got for us. >> maria we know tv show apprentice, then we know celebrity apprentice, on wednesday tonight we saw the first episode of the political apprentice, donald trump was holding court in the boardroom he was a interviewing who is going to be my candidate, and i used the same -- social media tool i use in corporate yob engagement i don't look at words i look at what voters respond to five spikes in it, the number one spike was from ted cruz came on scene look how high above all the candidacy, the first one is
7:05 am
john john kasich when ted cruz took on cnbc talking about student questions that they were asking, one by one, look at that spike. then ben carson said something. >> what dew is this spike about in what -- >> voter engagements what caused the discussion on the internet what did we see blogs twitter facebook comments we can look at it in real time i am watching the a kid enterprise of this this is what do i for corporate clients, i use he engagement to understand, the strengthen of brand when i see ted cruz getting attention i know voters are now listening to him seeing what he is going to do next maria timed it perfectly, he told that wonderful story about his single mom, stood up for single moms the end of the debate, he bookended it nicely i still think marco rubio is candidate to watch ted cruz on theeen. what do you think? >> i think ted cruz marco
7:06 am
rubio great rights dovetails into the message they have been pushing not just debate but debate you will be moderating strong lanes voters reacting to it interesting that we saw two i think two front-runners donald trump and ben carson both disappear the debate from time to time, unusual for returns not at forefront the entire time, from questions, and jutting? >> you don't agree then what michael basically saying you know, that trump is thank you front-runner and he was holding tourist to see who his vice president would be you think ted cruz. >> -- remains front-runner garners as much attention as he wants, really early to be talking about who potential running mates would be, if 8 years ago, we might be talking about how barack obama will be hillary clinton running mate four years ago herman cain,
7:07 am
newt gingrich. >> that is true. >> october, november is not nell what happens january, 23eb, march is in a we know when you are the front-runner, you don't want to engage in the debates, we know when you have that sort of lead you don't get into you let everybody else do it he was trump was listening was really acting as leader, running the room, he gets as much attention as he wants he could have bombed into any questions. >> i don't think helped image. >> it did this is debate. >> i felt watching it, i thought okay this is a different trifrp he knows how to self-edit, he picked spots maybe he wasn't the loudest voice in the room but that in and of itself, knowing when to shut up. >> even when john harwood called him a comic book with whatever he said is this a comic -- you know campaign. he basically said that is not a nice way to say it, i answer it had question anyway. >> it was a new trump to that point when in posed the
7:08 am
question to huckabee about does he have does trump have the moral background, of a candidate, that you would support i thought that was and -- donald trump's reaction was also measured. >> very measured. >> i want to hear from doug here about ted cruz marco rubio talking about trump as front-runner he has been obviously you think ted incriminate ruz marco ruby making a path for themselves could emerge stronger next debate. >> there is no question about it ted cruz put limbs in a perfect position if there is a slide from ben carson if there is a slide from donald trump. he is right there to possibly get that get the voters who support those two. marco rubio at the same time when jeb bush, went after him, marco was strong forceful on every question every answer looked presidential, just quick on trump one of the things that trump did well was benefited from questions that allow him to have a conversation that he wants.
7:09 am
donald trump would rather talk bp am i comic book kaeshth than monetary policy talk about housing starts all the economic things that i thought we would hear more of at the zwreeb right, you are saying that he talked about those things even though, they are weren't topics the moderators brought up. >> well any time you talk about donald trumped a hom any one attacks what he wants to talk about name-calling, less substantive less policy heavy stuff trump does well. >> maria, donald trump, has a place for ben carson in his administration he told him ben and i there is a very important moment ben and i talked together ben is now under the tent. ben -- the campaign, i think, huckabee said i am wearing a trump tie all wearing tumble dies kasich gone jeb bush gone we are seeing some people won't make it to next round of the apprentice, we are seeing marco rubio there, cruz there
7:10 am
carly still there did no favors in this debate, carson part of it, this is now shaping up the way, donald trump answers the question, talks about the topics that he wants to do, i will see him when you when you are running the debate, you will see he is the master of the room now. >> the "veep" question wouldn't you think if trump versus hillary one things undefied voter is going to think this trump guy might be a great ceooh might be a looney bird wouldn't he want toed a number two a establishment candidate maybe k kasich, finger near button i am okay with that. >> this is -- dick cheney number two, so you know i don't know what -- >> he was -- he had to cruz marco rubio. >> you think cruz establishment awkward for this party can be establishment. >> what are big issues you think ted cruz marco rubio are running on right now? >> for ted cruz similar to
7:11 am
trump it is the negative relaxation that so many people have throughout the country to washington, your clip showed him talking about washington cartel. that is really strong language, if you are if you are marco rubio, his life story is something people react to every question every issue, he sounds presidential pushes back hard pushing back on media pushed back on other candidates, that is something the voters really react to. >> rubio put final nail in coffin in jeb bush wednesday night done. >> jeb bush tried to undercut him make it more -- >> good moment for a rubio, a bad moment for bush a great moment for ted cruz. >> bad strategy, bad strategy. >> thank you very much, we will see you soon have a good weekend. >> thank you. >> fox business network is teaming up with "the wall street journal" to bring the next republican debate, this one will be focused on the economy, and money november 10, tuesday night live from milwaukee i will codroth the debate with neil cavuto, trish
7:12 am
and sandra will be codroth 6 pm join us for the next debate. >> government a massive precedents release of convicted felons size and scope of the controversial remove take a look at headlines topping the "the wall street journal" this morning, including taxes, driving the potential, major deal between pfizer allergan could be 100-billion-dollar deal these nearing 22-billion-dollar deal to buy european counterpart aig spinning off morjz with a sale on the table we will be right back back in a moment. ♪ the information that's important to you is all in one place, so finding more insight is easier.
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7:15 am
maria: more than 6,000 inmates set to be released cheryl casone with the story good morning. cheryl: that is right, good morning good morning, the justice department begins
7:16 am
releasing over 6,000 inmates today, under the u.s. sentencing commission guidelines for drug offenders, this will be the largest one time release of federal inmates, ever. a lot of inmates are deported back to countries of origin. -- want to show you footage just released this shoot-out this happened look at this back in may, between rival biker gangs in waco, texas, look at this. the shoot-out nine dead 177 bikers 177 bikers arrested video was obtained we should say from cnn bikers, by the way, on trial right now, we will see how trial goes now that video is out, finally, have you ever asked yourself this question how could i get rid of my x, maybe make them disappear? right? okay -- once or twice, google phones are going to enable to you make people disappear thanks to new feature that is going to block pop-ups on the
7:17 am
popular photos app google photos uses facial recognition software to make it years to search for photos of people you want to find, but hide the ones you don't want to see kind of fun, the features available on latest update for google photos, android devices, why he if you are sick of going through pictures seeing one person you rather not think about take him out. >> throw out the picture, right. >> can't do that in day's world, digital. >> any of us take all pictures put them in a box hide under the bed avenue getting 16-year-old hearts broken. >> would i burn them. throw things at them, tear them cut faces out name it. >> you want to know how to get rid of x, i should start a biggest. >> you should you should. >> stp put a hex on them that works. >> amazing i have to say i am
7:18 am
not kidding 10 different photo editing apps trying to get used to them tough some years than others so much fun to see what you can do with photos, good thing sometimes bad thing, or can be fun thing if i want to take a picture that i -- wanted to do something with. >> technical side computing power for facial recognition new demands on computer chips takes a lot of memory to take features and go through phone and find them we are going to talk about that later. >> yes. >> all right. >> good piece. >> coming up crude oil prices pressure on big energy to cme for a preview what to expect from chevron and exxon, a legend from the mets coming up stay with us. ♪ ♪
7:19 am
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maria: welcome back two stocks to watch exxonmobil and chevron giants gearing up to report third quarter results before the bell this morning, this is, of course, oil prices, continue to hover around 46 dollars a barrel, flil fin at cme in chicago with a preview of the numbers, good morning to you. >> hey good morning, you want scary, maria? >> numbers are going to be scary, right now exxonmobil looking for 89 cents a share profitability, for chevron about 76 cents per share, what is really scary about chevron, of course, that there could be a big bearish surprise in this report concerns about their downstream operations, that is the refining sector where all energy companies have been making money, there has been a
7:23 am
major shake-up in management, and they have cut back on that end of the business, so that is really been theing saving grace for all energy company earnings a flip-flop where energy industry was just a couple years ago, before it was all about exploration, finding oil that is where the profitability was noble wants refining downstream operations now world changed downstream is so important, chevron really reduced their downstream operations, so there could be a scary point, in that, obviously the big thing is the dividend, how much of your profitability are you going to have to give up, to pay investors stay with that thought, that could be a problem, for chevron, exxonmobil earnings are not quite as nerve-wracking but half what they were a year ago. >> half what they were a year ago so i mean the expectations are pretty much baked in people are expecting tough numbers we know the energy sector has been the drag on corporate earnings; right? or do you think there could be a big market reaction to this? >> well there might be a
7:24 am
shortly term market reaction especially on chevron, but a lot of traders will say, being a contrarian chasen has more upside potential, down the road. because we know, refining, industry, is boom or but have right now it is booming, traditional busting then long term if you believe, that all these cutbacks issue going to tighten supply in the future in long term chevron would have more upside possibly. >> thanks we will watch wait for numbers from exxon and chevron jack expecting prizes from energy got to get your bake on the pfizer allergan deal as well first energy. >> you know, surprise i couldn't expect it, phil is right we've got to worry about refining issues, another thing on the horizon for refining is this possibility that u.s. could start exporting oil right now refiners have it great all oil that can't be exported, then not billed new
7:25 am
refineries marginalize wonderful even low oil prices scary for conoco or chevron. >> maybe somebody else in the white house? going to be a while obama says going to voteeto it if cold war heats up could be pressure to keep all oil here. >> your tiek on chinese gdp here, i mean this one consultant firm saying chinese gdp has plummeted so much, talking about growth 2.8% in china. that is what all the worry has been about, then they reported 6.9%. >> first of all, that is he is not lone in that we had felix of "barrons" roundtable member at conversation last week thinks china gdp 2% at best. that said china is trying to move from manufacturing economy to consumer economy, and most repeat quarter for the first time consumer was more than 50% of that economy, for the first time in history. >> moving that direction. >> 2.8% not good for rest of
7:26 am
the world, when this is the economy, that was supposed to be the jewel of the world with 1.2 billion economy dagen. dagen: a lot of it maybe not those levels has been factored into the markets around the world. maria: take a break samsung big bet company but putting millions between pop star rihanna in sponsorship, back in minute. you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely
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. maria: hi welcome back happy friday i am maria bartiromo it is friday, october 30, with me fox business network dagen mcdowell, "barrons" editor jack 7:30 on east coast, first top stories, breaking overnight, the senate approving budget deal, the legislation raising the doesht limit and spending levels next two years, bill now heads to president obama's desk. turning to the markets final trading day of the month we are expecting a higher opening for the broader averages futures a gain 22 points dow jones industrial average by the way off that 9% on dow jones industrial average in
7:30 am
october, good month so far this is the final day, europe earlier action, reversing course we had gains take a look at what is going on since this ren red across the board ft100 down 24 points cac quarante in paris down 10 points dax in germany down 38 points that is about one-third of 1 per cent in asia the bank japan left interest rates unchanged, the nikkei average is up, but not for the rest of the markets in asia concerns other china, and how slow it is, consulting reporting gdp of china is now just 2.8% we will take a closer look tat coming up getting impact the impact declining oil prices on energy sector oil joint chosen exonerate mobile reporting earnings third quarter, we will bring numbers when they break. and pfizer confirming "the wall street journal" report yesterday, that the viagra maker in talks to acquire allergan a 100-billion-dollar plus deal of course driving
7:31 am
the emerge talks taxes allergan in ireland, has lower corporate tax, than in the united states tax top issues next republican debate november 10, fox business network "the wall street journal" teaming up i will comoderate 9 pm eastern alongside neil cavuto sandra smith trish regan droth 6 pm eastern join us we will focus on the economy, and your money, on tuesday, asia issue markets both of the month in six years bank of japan announced plans to keep more than the policy unchanged nikkei you saw, up overnight ended up 10%, concerns over china compromise i this morning with consultant firm says gl 2.8% below chinese government 6.9% reading we heard a father weeks ago, that after china announced ending its one child mandate in effort to boost the economy, want to bring in katherine keith, good to see you thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> talk about your feeling about global markets right
7:32 am
now, as you have to allocacapit how would you characterize. >> characterize markets maturing phase of this business cycle 6 years after the financial crisis we've seen, and employment rebounding all the jobs that have been lost regained, then some, so we are moving into a maturing phase of the cycle if you ask us our clients, our clients are institutions the nonprofit the public sector, they have very, very long term time horizons, when you and i think about time horizons we might think about retirement, or life times, our clients have very long term horizons perpetually some so focused on the very long term outlook how do they manage through the business cycle maturing, but also, sustaining themselves long term that is when we are thinking about if you think about, you know what does it take for a long term investor to do that you know you probably want to have returnsch 5% plus inflation overtime that has been 7.7.23%
7:33 am
last decaachievable have they changed assessment in terms of money into equities. >> changed assessment you have the outh near-term 7.2, 7.3% sort of outcome probably in 6's heavily on equity really looking at where are the long term structural opportunities to get back to that 7.2, 7.3 percent return that i want so thinking about major opportunities emerging markets, right growing faster for economic basis developed market a decade, we continue to expect that to be the case,s maria: youthful -- i'm sorry? >> and so what does that mean it means that they will continue to be, opportunity to invest in to that growth what we are talking about you talked about earlier transition to consumers seen in china talked about, not
7:34 am
limited to china, across emerging markets a roundtable this weekend in "barrons" on emerging markets. >> exciting thing about emerging marnlts long term outlook gmo boston research affiliates, taking long term valuations now would comply 8% long term, nominal growth after inflation, where as in u.s. stock market they see maybe one or two per cent, bonds, 2% you are not doing much better than that, so, in the near-term, however, commodity prices plummet so, emerging market could get cheaper do you worry about that or giving long term horizon do you say we like -- that class next decade or 3 or 4 it will be better. >> we think about those, certainly for the long term, you think about a billion people, joining the middle class emerging markets next decade that is unfactorom believing what baby boomers did to our economy applying
7:35 am
consumer products long term is very, very important but a complicated story, because, how do you access that growth, well emerging markets the markets themselves, the -- investable markets highly concentrated as you know financial companies, utilities, not necessarily in the places where you are going to see, the benefit of all that consumer growth when you look at emerging markets you have to look at it beyond just sort of market indices say where can i is hes that you can sincere with great global multinational companies that develop products that serve as consumers you can access private markets that is actually complicated opportunities in private markets technical services health education, a implicated equation, for your portfolio you definitely have to have exposure to. >> great gap of the funds, of common funds right now in terms of equities and other asset classes. >> clients are different but tort most part you would see a
7:36 am
binges of public equity and priest equity over 50%, even probably approaching 70, 60, 70% of portfolio, you know one of the things about long term investors is that they can afford, to invest in some illiquid markets i will illiquidity premium over public markets important 3, 4, 5% you will see clients because of long term time horizon investing in some of those private markets, from a long -- theme that we talked about, in emerging markets some another that you mentioned national resources, you are in a cycleal downturn that is normal in national resource markets pierced of expansion you see periods of contraction, driven by strong global growth inflation both weakening lately we look for opportunities, they are to take advantage of cyclical recovery we will see in time, 44, 45 dollar oil is not
7:37 am
sustainable long term. >> where is greatest risk what are you under a wet. >> i think greatest risk, for clients, actually, sometimes, the risks in what i thought of low risk assets if you think about it 35 years, of a rising rate environment, that is going to change. >> lowering. >> excuse me falling rate environment that is going to change we are going to slip to a rising rate environment you want to make sure that risk of low risk assets is appreciated, and i guess i would say second risk just the risk of lower growth environment going forward, what i talked about, if you think your portfolio is getting to 7, 7 1/2% what if only how do you stretch your asset allocation to raise those return levels i think a lots of that is similar things we talked about. >> great to have you on the show you the so much. >> thank you. >> ceo common funds, thousands of fans heart broken justin
7:38 am
beaver stormed off stage in a concert what went wrong with teen heart throb we have details the new york mets in world series first time 15 years police to meet the guy who clinched their last world series victory former mets pitcher world series champ in the house joining is straight ahead back in a moment. ♪
7:39 am
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maria: tonight is the night queens new york mets look to go make it series taking on committee substitute city royals in world series, so far the royals one first two games fox news at ci. i field good morning. >> hey maria good morning to you good morning to everybody at home down 2-0 not place mets want to be new york is on fire, and this is the first world series game ever to be played here in queens new york, and no doubt home advantage great for the mets 45,000 screaming fans as opposed to kansas city roil fans booing at them, how are teams preparing for game three let's find out.
7:43 am
>> same game just a little bit louder different atmosphere, was there a still sitting 6 inches away execute every pitcher. >> guys focused, i know you have heard this they have been focused on getting back to the postseason. from day one spring training. >> well, as far as what we can be expecting if you look back at the history books 08% of teams that were in first two games win entire world series but k you can't home back from begined to look at throwbacks, in 1985, kansas city roils able to do it how about that in 1986, new york mets. so we decided to go to times square see what people are saying. >> the mets are great, i have been a mets fan since 80s, had -- strawberry, gooding, and all those great teams i think it is great to see them cock back and have, such a great excitement for new york city. >> yankees in an actually but
7:44 am
rooting for the mountaiets, bec new york. >> mound for the mets noah syndergaard for committees city royals ventura game 8:0 first pich thrown out for people watching on, this according to tick iq 15 hundred are bars average price that is believe it or not, 5.6% down from last week i think the met fans starting to bite fingerfingernails, i guesse court advantage in kansas city thank you see you later, citi field samsung boating big on rihanna cheryl casone with that and other headlines this morning. cheryl: that is right maria good morning, samsung has reached a 25-million-dollar deal to sponsor the singer next tour and album, the deal took seven months to complete going to have rihanna back, samsung galaxy products she may have competition, as the
7:45 am
"new york post" is reporting this morning, that adele is looking for a 30-million-dollar commitment from a company, to her upcoming album and tour, one singer not doing so well, justin bieber walking off stage in norway after one song explaining fans not listening to him trying to clean up spilled water. >> -- what are you doing? >> what are you doing about this, come on, you know what are you doing? >> come on -- listen to me are you listening to me okay i am am -- >> i am not doing the show. i am not doing the show. >> he walks off only played one song, at that point, walks off the stage, something going on the day prior he walked off
7:46 am
a radio interview, through a temper tantrum in a radio interview, a lot of money goes into these performs when they freak out, it is a very -- worrysome something going on, he apologized. >> i have no tolerance for divas i'm sorry i don't. >> he hasn't end of right to be a diva. next story. >> the point i like i start to sound like old foggy. >> going on i don't get. >> i don't get it you are in wonderful position onstage, and -- >> is it justin bieber -- >> you should be very proud. >> i like -- i will take one. >> we got to go won a world series the mets and now we will talk about team chances
7:47 am
of doing the same you are watching "mornings with maria" back in a moment. buddy- nice place, nice car what happened? well, it all started with my free credit score from credit they gave me so much more than a free credit score. credit sesame's money management tools and personalized offers saved me tons of money and helped me reach my goals. i just signed up with their free app. what's my credit score? your credit score is 650. that's magic! no, that's credit you get so much more than a free credit score so do more with your score at credit
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7:50 am
maria: welcome back, new york mets bringing the world series back to queens for the first time in 15 years, down two games to none can mets take home the championship trophy joining us espn radio host, along with former mets pitcher world series champ, jesse thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> so let me kick this off with you before we get to robin what is your sense of where we are right now in the series? >> well -- sometimes people think it is panic spot, but you can't feel that way. you have to think about looking forward, we are back at home now, take advantage of
7:51 am
our situation. >> so what do you think they are doing,ahead of the game is it more important to rest as much as possible, after what we have seen in kansas city, or you know, what do you think the players are doing ahead of these next couple games? >> well, they have definitely have to be going over gail plans, see what happens, from game one game two, and make all the transitions on that. >> robin. >> what about you -- >> well, i think what you see with mets is reacting a bit to kansas city, forwardinging strength first pitch of series indicative of how it has gone matt harvey tried fastball in outfield could have been played turned into inside the park home run, the mets have all power pitchers yet kansas city is making contact falling ba put all about in play can lead to errors, things lake that, mets have a power wimp on
7:52 am
mound tonight, in syndergaard call him thor wouldn't call him thor if he threw like ra dickey trying power past them if he adjusts where concern is because the world series, you going to start to paint the corners throwing -- entire life. >> stick to game plan that is wooshgdz f worked for them. >> by the way, shop off cuff links. >> look at these. >> turned into cuff links. >> so the point is you can't change your plan last manipulate but the problem is mets fan is that we used to get used to mets just imploding seem well then mess it up didn't mess up played really well yet kansas city played even better, that is actually scary the mets are going to have the raise it to on the level next three games. >> jesse how do you see it? >> well, if you remember, 86,
7:53 am
kind of happened the same way. and we saw what happened from there. so maybe -- you know, something -- stirring up. >> money -- >> the -- uh -- >> yeah, definitely. well, right now just have to turn the page, start over. got noah syndergaard out there, and supposed to be 58, 59 i think about 100 tonight, so should be fun to watch that. >> jesse. >> as far as you know, like -- >> go ahead finish your thought. >> go ahead, okay. >> jesse what about in terms of getting the mindset of the whole team together? and psychologically preparing did you even have to work on that back in 1986? >> definitely, we had to you know, we had meetings before
7:54 am
that, we had to do. and we lost one game unfortunately situation on a error, in game one. but -- we can't we can't dwell on that, we have to find out what we need to do to make that next step forward, and get back in the race on that. >> you are -- o store selling t-shirts mets memorabilia, have you been seeing world series they show right there tell us what you have been seeing from fans what you've been hearing. >> good things, they are happy that we are back home, they are very confident. i know, getting worried the start when you are behind 2 and 0. but -- these are the most dedicated fans in the world here, and it is ready to turn the show-other get fans into action tonight. >> it is hard getting back
7:55 am
after two games now in home base. >> yeah. >> home you takeaway dh from kansas city good thing for mets location rotation deep every game troth out one gives you a chance to win if upper handicapping the series realistically would i say kansas city probably has 85% chance to win series out but on flip side quote dumb and dumber saying there is a chance. >> and -- >> so in it they theoretically can get back. >> do you have -- should they change anything. >> definitely have a staff to turn this around. >> go ahead jesse. >> rob what i hope were you saying. >> they got to get it done i wouldn't change too much what i am doing, because then you are trying to adjust to a point you should be doing that adjustment earlier in the season. >> jesse how is the game changed since 1986 from your standpoint?
7:56 am
>> well pitchers are throwing harder now they are consistently from the bull pen to the starting rotation. but -- as far as the game, other parts of the game, it is still the same it is still same thing you got to catch the ball you got to get them out got to hit timely hits to be successful. >> jesse good to see you thanks so much joining is jesse orosco robin we will watch listen to you as always great to see you next hour i will be joined by former world chess champion garry kasparov america news proom anchor bill hemmer back right here. thank you for calling. we'll be with you shortly. yeah right... xerox predictive analytics help companies provide a better and faster customer experience. hello mr. kent. can i rebook your flight? i'm here! customer care can work better. with xerox. wait i'm here! mr. kent? (gasp) shark diving! xerox personalized employee portals help companies
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7:59 am
. maria: good morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo. happy friday, friday, october 30 with me fox business network dagen mcdowell, "barrons" beyond reasonable doubt jack, first stop toir 8:00 a.m. on east coast, breaking overnight senate
8:00 am
approved the budget deal the legislation raising the debt limit spending levels fort next two years, two presidential candidates expressed opposition to the deal on senate floor. >> the number one threat to our country's future is our debt. the number one threat to our national security is our debt. this deal gives the president the power to borrow unlimited amounts of money. >> republican leadership has taken the lead to remove the debt ceiling for barack obama, he will never have to worry about it again. >> the bill now heads to president obama's desk, turning to markets, this morning, the final trading day of october, futures indicating a higher opening for the broader averages, and, by the way, a good october, the major averages up between 9 and 10% for the month, the averages are expected to open up but that is 20 points on dow jones industrial average 6 points higher on nasdaq. in europe early gains reversed course take a look at the moves there we've gmargins lowen
8:01 am
30 points in london cac quarante down 14, dax in german weaker 34 points one-third of one per cent, weakness in asia exception of japan, of course, bank japan lowest rates unchanged nikkei average up 3/4 one per cent margins hong kong and china weaker fathom consulting prospective gdp in china 2. %, far cry from 6. % china reported a few weeks ago a look at comafkz declining oil on energy space, oil giants chevron exxonmobil reporting third quarter, any moment now we brilliant the numbers, in sports, last night at a patriots making a statement against the dolphins, won 36-7 undefeated on season what is your occupation and assignment back to new york, citifield in new york city tonight gamefully to take game three against royals, of course, lead the series now two games to none.
8:02 am
affordable giant pfizer looking to make a deal lower corporate tax rablake berman with details. >> pfizer could become newest intlooigs symbol of the tax beelt "the wall street journal" reporting this morning the drug accomplish aing drugmaker in talks for pursuit of allergan pfizer in new york allergan ireland, if a deal is struck, that would open up the door for pfizer to relocate overseas take advantage of a significantly lower corporate tax rate there. the journal says it is unclear what pfizer terms are but quote ceo they describe as being unapoll jettic about want to go lower company tax rates, told the journal quote, we're fighting with one hand, tied behind our back. now of will believed more than two trillion dollars in corporate profit visa last week carl icahn announced 150-million-dollar super pac to take on this issue, wrote,
8:03 am
if this exodus aloud to accelerate there will be disastrous kwepgs for fragile economy as well as meaningful unnecessary job losses wloet to several leaders in congress. >>? washington, jack thoughts on a possible deal. >> a huge deal pfizer -- >> it is a hijauge deal from perspective inz what pfizer is thinking about before taxes pfizer expected earning growth low single digits allergan doing better so many companies do dagen and i talking about it off camera you try to apply growth when you can't generate growth yourself pfizer looks better in pipeline had a lot of patent cliffs lot of drugs exclusive rights to that is before you think about the tax benefit, yes by going to
8:04 am
ireland, they will have access to cash that is parked overseas and they will pay less in taxes. >> i love ireland actually has moved to cut -- cut corporate taxes more than specific tax break pushing through, related to pat he isn't, related to r and d that is done, within ireland, and i look at this, and say, you know, ireland had to be bailed out by europe. the entire nation. collapsed on itself in finance minister crisis, and this -- and they do we need to fight back we need to we really got we have the best business environment in this nation we can make it better wreak cut koefrpt corporate taxes probably here that. >> 1015 share better than expected revenue was 67.3 billion, below, the estimate, but just fraction plea looks like this is a beat on exxonmobil. >> it is good although you hate to see that top line,
8:05 am
low, i mean what we've seen for so many years companies, beating earnings, because they are slashing jobs coming back cut back only so long you can play that game, really nice to see the top line coming in ahead of it. >> waiting -- top line growth still, exxon is expected to open higher we have got -- a bid and ask up this morning, going to help dow jones industrial average. >> paul ryan youngster speaker of the house in history sfolg resignation of boehner america newsroom co-host fox correspondent bill hemmer here sat down with former speaker first interview since handing gavel to ryan yesterday. >> a great interview. >> i have known him a long time. 25 years. i remember him going to congress, in early 1990s. what boehner will tell you is that he will never lie to you. maybe not give you all the truth, all the information you need to know i should say. but he won't lie, he thinks he has been an honest broker,
8:06 am
there was a moment however, four years ago, when he thought he was the precipice of the grand barrigain trillions in debt in deficit spending instruction that was entitlement reform that would last 20 years or beyond. it was the grand bargain. >> what happened? >> it did not happen. i asked him yesterday. why not? watch. >> how close were you to a dprapd bargain. >> we had an agreement. sitting in the oval office president of united states eric cantor and i shook hands with president the deal was done. over five trillion dollars, worth of deficit reduction. with trillion -- tens of trillions of dollars -- over the next 20 years, in terms of really fixing our entitlement programs and getting us off to a much more solid -- but i was shocked, that president walked
8:07 am
away from the agreement. and about caused really country to have a real struggle because how going to raise the debt limit going to offset spending? and country went through a lot more than it needed to -- >> that last point, is what makes him so upset to this day, the country was dragged through a lot more difficulty and headache even to this day than was necessary, that is boirner's positive i object to. >> what was final for the straw that broke the camel's back. >> the white house pushes back on that whole rendition of the story, by the way, but boehner has been consistent how he tells that story. apparently three or four days later after handshake in oval office president called walk wanted more tax increases boehner said that is not going to work. i want to know if you look someone in eye shake their hand, you have a deal, right i know where boehner comes from that is how you do business i think as he stayed right there
8:08 am
he was shocked i also asked him maria, if you could pick any of following, repeal obamacare entirely, immigration reform and lockdown of hispanic vote for generations to come k or get grand bargain what does it go for he takes option three, because that would as he stated there put us on a flight plan much greater for everyone. >> paul ryan enters with probably less bag gage because of what boehner. >> you are exactly right about that, and non denies that on the hill, ryan may have bought himself a year's work of honeymoon time, maybe longer. because not going to have to go through big deals until you march 2017 after another presidential election. >> let me get your sense of the 2016 presidential race you moderated the debate one of the first what do you make of last debate. >> i thought it -- was -- >> how do i phrase it had i
8:09 am
thought interesting, i think the tactic going after moderators is tried and true works chris wallace had a few episodes four years ago, i remember newt gingrich went avenue john kingat you too. >> yeah. >> what was the result. >> i pushed back he says media count of understand the economy i said well, let's talk about this for a second. >> i tell you -- >> i think it was his effort sort of fell flat. >> one thing confunding me rnc or dnc they come to the networks they negotiating this months in advance once you agree that that network is going to do the debate, your hands are clean. you have no control. nor should you have control. >> right. >> because it comes down to you, and the neil cavuto, 11 days to pick the topics and pick the questions. >> weigh said from get-go we are talking about issues we want to focus on issues, i
8:10 am
don't know that -- one thing that i -- i like was that they tried to get real specific in terms of tax plans, but -- it almost did feel gotcha. >> other night. >> yeah. >> my advice and you well know this when you state an article to prove a point, you better have the source of the article or where it was published in front of you. otherwise it is going to fly back in your face. >> i was screaming at my television set my dog thought i was crazy because. >> what were you saying. >> -- web site -- >> talking about trump question, i was screaming i knew and i wasn't the moderator of the debate. >> a shame when they do so, what am i -- the point is the questions that you guys are asking, that is nothing compared to the decisions they will actually have to make.
8:11 am
they will have to sign on dotted line make you have to choices you are saying what are thoughts on this, he they should be able to share that. >> absolutely right i think that is -- you know in cnbcs's defense should be able to handle all these questions, at the same time, these debates are supposed to be about allowing the viewer the voter to be able to distinguish one person from the next and so that is really what you want as a viewer let me, see the difference on the economic policy the difference on foreign policy lemon see the difference on leadership. >> i would two things ted cruz has been saying no one on that panel is voting republican. how does he know that is there proof of that? >> i was not seen it, rick santelli on the floor of the -- the exchange in chicago, screaming about tea party for six years. >> the other thing. >> he was like one of the original -- >> as a moderator i know you no this it is a -- wonderful experience professionally to be in that arena.
8:12 am
to be in that moment that can make-or-break a political career. that is a huge charge, it is enormous responsibility, and i know you and neil kill it. >> thank you. >> quickly we saw a lineup of very savvy politicians that what is we saw after that debate they know exactly what they are doing, and doggone. >> campaigns meeting today amongst themselves to talk about maybe what is going to happen with you. >> thank you. >> don't miss full interview former speaker boehner 9:00 a.m. eastern america newsroom fox news channel bill hemmer there martha thank you so much fox business network teaming up with "the wall street journal" to bring next republican debate this one will be focused on the economy, and your money, that is tuesday, november 10 live from milwaukee i will becot the dreth 9:00 pm debate with neil cavuto. >> bush why likes of targets planning to kick things off this weekend, this enthe world series takes new york, we will check in, the ceo. back in moment.
8:13 am
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8:16 am
jet in flames on tarmac in florida, the story headlines this morning. cheryl: that is right good morning, everybody. dramatic video showing a dynamic airways plane bursting into flames before takeoff fort lauderdale international archetype leaving at least 15 people injured. passenger david said he was shocked when he looked out the window. >> i heard people screaming, running through the front on the what is happening so i turn around, look in the window and like flames, all
8:17 am
over the turbine of the plane. cheryl: that plays focusing airport to shut down operations for more than two hours. that fire coming from the engine. brand-new footage of the shoot-out, that happened back in may, between rival baker gangs in waco, texas, watch this. the shoot-out left nine days, 20 injured, 177 bikers eventual arrested that day, this video, was obtained from cnn we should say, finally, justice department, begins releasing over 6,000 inmates today under u.s. commission new guidelines, for drug offenders, this is going to be the largest one time release of federal inmates, ever, a lot of prisoners heading back to other countries. >> thank you, up next more moves by vladimir putin navy forcing u.s. fighters jets to scramble one putin's critics will rack live later with world series working on to new
8:18 am
york for the first time in six years to the place, for mets merchandise. back in a moment.
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
. news alert two russian warplanes bugging u.s. ronald reagan international waters prompting navy to send fighters jets to interceptor architects, one of vladimir putin cites garry kasparov author of winter is coming why vladimir putin and the enemies of the free world must be stopped. gary good to see you thanks for joining is. >> thanks. >> talk about the latest news and sort of what is going on, in terms of putin's motives, in syria how do you see it. >> putin, keeps adding, and testing the resolve of the united states, and nato, because he has to show back home that he is the leader,
8:22 am
invincible peat the world can defy americans more russian in syria than troops, because every day, russian television, the all sorts of pictures all angles demonstrate how great, how weak is united states. >> it is interesting i think that one of the mistakes in that american come at a timeors made looking at foreign policy they tend to look at middle east terrorism, as through cold war lens think you can handle isis the same way you could have handled soviet union now beer back to the soviet union. and we need to get back to that cold war mind frame think about you know putin has something to lose and we need to let him know that. >> window is coming, so it is -- and, winter is coming, absolute right many, many in this country believe that isis is number one threat, but isis is undermine -- but very much regional it dominated the
8:23 am
sunni, territories in iraq and syria but you know, it is not like putin can create threats all over the place putin -- bosses can send troops all over the place he can test -- american resolve in different places, of course, middle east is a perfect place for this putin foreign policy adventure. >> what about the talks in vienna the iran deal we've got to talk about this, there is an official russian news agency this morning, that is saying, about the vienna talks iran's policy on syria was based on syrian's people their role in making decisions about their own future. >> the syrian people. >> those survive, okay, fine. it is -- as long as assad stays in power the war will not end, because almost all people there and protected by now, russian military, by iranian troops hezabollah, without support he would be gone knew said long time ago i
8:24 am
think on this program or my sunday program on fox news, president obama, can do as much damage or more damage, in his last 18 months in office, than in the entire two terms. in fact, iran deal perhaps, feeds right into that. >> absolutely, because it is not just o confessions making you know in negotiations, consessions it is the office, because the next president will have to deal with the fact america will loss respect in the eyes of the -- and action should be much tougher, so, obama probably few years ago would achieve a lot simply saying don't do that putting a real red line did you tell this is diluted red line walked away, from -- from the regional, okay, it is now it will be very difficult for next administration to restore credible. >> we talk about our weakness what about the weakness in russia's economy specifically,
8:25 am
and by extension, putin because of it? i mean how precarious is economic situation -- connected. >> it is -- it is more knowing that you know, when we talk about cold war today's russia is pale shadow of the soviet union not as power economically militarily but has a leader a lot of political will who is willing to defy the free world and united states, and advantages, starting with economic advantages and financial powers, that could be used to bring down putin's regime united states is trying to cut a deal all deals are agent you have the in one way on. >> i am remembering mitt romney moment, when mitt romney basically said russia is one of our most you know -- >> no -- russia is the -- he go political -- >> obama laughed at him. >> unfortunately, you know,
8:26 am
this position, because i think not ready to bring the facts, because you know obama couldeel say no, no it is we are still negotiations with this and that but right now this moment it is very clear that you know, if putin goes, many other problems could be solved easily irron will not be defiant iran now america cannot do anything because putin there is putin can push america back, and obama will never you know start any confrontation. >> good to see you thank you so much for joining us garry kasparov the book winter is coming. we'll be right back. s are here. it's not just big data, its bigger data. we're beta testing the new wearable interface... ♪ xerox believes finding the right solution shouldn't be so much work. by engineering a better way for people, process and technology to work together. work can work better. with xerox.
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8:29 am
>> welcome back. fallout from the republican debate. many saying economic issues were missed. john taylor, thanks for joining us. >> good to be here, thanks. maria: what haven't we discussed yet. maria: what economic things do you think the debate was missing?
8:30 am
>> there's the tax reform, regulatory reform, we talked about monetary policy and i think the one that needs the most attention is why the growth is so low. 2% we're getting and what to do about that? he think that tax reform is part of it, but also, regulatory reform and on the financial sector in particular. didn't have anything on the dodd-frank and-- >> the candidates will likely go to regulation because when you talk about the low growth numbers and the lack of more job creation, most of the candidates believe that it's strangling of corporates because of regulation. do you agree with that? is that the reason? >> it's a big reason. i think it's a whole slew of policy problems, that's one of them and there's also the uncertainty about policy more generally. the regulatory side, there's been increases of regulation and always say not all regulations are bad, but there's been an increase in the last few years and it's harder
8:31 am
to start up businesses and part of it comes from health care and dodd-frank. maria: what do you think should be the next president's economic priority? >> we always have four bins. one bin is tax reform, that's a big priority. the other is the regulatory reform and budget issue and always monetary policy is one that they have to address. there was a little bit of talk about that last night, the debate, sorry, but i think there will be more coming. i think that's something which is a lot of discussion going on in the markets, a lot of discussions going on among economists and they're beginning to go around the campaign. dagen: in what way do you mean the monetary policy? how do you candidates talk about monetary policy in a significant way? >> a little bit of that, trying to have a more rules based policy and clarity what's going on. there's. of course, the last few
8:32 am
decisions about the fed, postponement and on again-off again. and that's leading to confusion in the market and somehow to get back to a policy that worked pretty well before the crisis back in the '80s and '90s, there's ways to do that and they need to talk about it. >> john, what do you think, given the issues that you talked about, but also the demographic headwinds of the economy, the global headwinds, what do you think is a realistic growth rate for the united states if these other aspects, the four buckets you were talking about, you just talked about were optimized? >> i think for a while we could get from the 2% to 4% plus. maybe not for the long-term, but we never had a real recovery this time. we never had that 5, 6, 7% which we usually have after deep recession.
8:33 am
>> get back to that and maybe long-term 3%. all of those things matter and we have experience, again, periods where growth was high, those policies were better so i think we can do it, absolutely. maria: do you see sort of a secret sauce out there, john? i mean, do you hear a plan that you think will work, will resonate? terms of, you know, getting growth back and jobs created in a sustained way? what is the secret sauce and who has it? >> well, it's all out there. i think a lot of them have put policies on tax reforms now, from the flat tax to the kind of tax at that jeb bush put out, a detailed plan and you also have regulatory reforms which are beginning to get closer. you know, one of the of the things i think is important on the budget is what to do with the explosion of spending down the road and they're just beginning to touch on that. there was a little bit of that at the debate we've got to come to grips with it. that's part of getting
8:34 am
washington back to work again. how did you get the budget plan back to normal. maria: do you think that paul ryan is in a position to do that? >> i think so. he knows the ropes. he's coming at a time when they need some different procedures. his economics, you know, those buckets are things he's talked about a lot. i think in fact, he may be making some connection with some of the policies that could be put through the congress or at least developed in the congress with the campaign would be a healthy thing to do. maria: john, nice to have you on the show. thank you so much. don't forget, fox business is teaming up with the wall street journal to bring you the next republican debate. this one on the economy and your money, november 10th from milwaukee. i'll be co-moderating the 9 p.m. debate, sandra smith and trish regan will be commenting. and mornings with maria, here is a look at some of the best
8:35 am
moments from today's show. >> it's tough to be the-- >> i saw him on broadway, he didn't look so good. [laughter] i was disappointed. that ticket was expensive. now thanks to putin we can have bad russians again. >> we know the tv show the apprentice and then we know celebrity apprentice, but on wednesday night we saw the first episode of the political apprentice. donald trump was holding court in the boardroom and interviewing who is going to be my candidate. dagen: you want to know how to get rid of it, start a business. maria: you should. dagen: i'll put a hex on them, that works actually. maria: why the company is putting millions behind the pop star rihanna in the latest sponsorship deal. back in a minute.
8:36 am
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>> welcome back to technology giants dropping one of the most lowered positions in the headlines. the reviews are so fun. that's right, microsoft and dell are the latest to ditch traditional performance reviews. this in an effort to force, quote, honest conversations between employees and managers on a more regular basis. justin bieber leaving thousands of fans heartbroken, walking
8:40 am
off stage at his concert in oz low, norway after complaining fans were in the listening to him and he was trying to clean up spilled water on the stage. >> warmed up, what are you doing? no, no, what are you doing? stop it. i said stop it, no, what are you doing? come on, guys, yo, listen to me, are you listening? i'm trying to wipe this floor, give me a second, i'm not doing the show. i'm not doing the show. >> seriously? right, maria. dagen: bye. >> speaking of bye, look at the video on your screen. this happened in arizona, a giant inflatable pumpkin on the loose.
8:41 am
and it broke free from a big display. gone. 25 feet tall, weighed 350 pounds and finally got stuck in a park after carrying itself down the street, just in time for halloween. happy halloween. >> navigating the health care system can be frustrating whether it's tracking down your medical records, calling for test results or making bill payments. >> one company trying to take the pain out of it. joining us is ron gutman, thanks for joining us. >> thank you, maria, thank you for the opportunity and good to see you. >> how does it work? >> absolutely, so, you know, the health operating system that we just launched enables hospital systems, clinics and health care system all over the world to provide immediate access to always on care from any mobile device or web connection, anytime anywhere. maria: what are we getting when we tapping into the health care, tapping into my doctor,
8:42 am
my information in terms of my own health care? what specifically is offered on health chat. >> absolutely. 73,000 physicians you can access in a global care practice from any mobile device or web connection. you can get access to their knowledge, we have the world's largest library of doctor knowledge, but also have a way to connect with the doctor 24/7 from any mobile device, you can text the doctors, see them over video or call them, actually and connect with them and get advice from them, 24/7. you can actually get prescriptions to medications, you will actually get referral to a test and the test interpreted like literally in minutes. and get reminders from the doctor after you leave the doctor's office to leave the medication and medical device. we're with the patient all the way to query to cure. from the moment they're not
8:43 am
feeling good to the moment they're feeling great. dagen: what about the competition in this field? it's clearly one of the hottest areas of of technology is med tech. you have to be in head to head competition with quite a number of providers? >> so we have a health operating system we're the only player in the market today that actually has an operating system that's not only can get individuals it care, but can empower health systems, hospitals, clinic all over the world to have immediate access to their patients from any mobile or web device. and we're using health operating system, so in that sense we're in the game. >> do you save money for the health system is this that's the big thing right now, we've got to figure out a way to lower cost. i would think if you could actually do so, you could get a lot of people adopting this system. >> absolutely, it's all about
8:44 am
improving quality and reducing costs. think about it, instead of spending a lot of money to go or a doctor care you have costs of bricks and mortar and operational costs, if you could connect people to doctor's knowledge and doctors themselves via mobile devices or web connections, a lot of the overhead costs are gone. so the wait of costing and administering care, the quality goes up because you have immediate access to a doctor from any mobile or web connection. maria: thank you very much. a good point. thank you for joining us, you, too, have a great weekend. as if the gavel was not enough, newly elected paul ryan seeing his name placed on a plaque in the lobby. and from brendan, congratulations to you, mr. speaker. good luck.
8:45 am
and straight ahead we'll take you to modell's sporting goods where merchandise is flying off the shelves. we're back with you in a moment. opinions. there's no shortage in this world. who do you trust?
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>> welcome back. we're 40 minutes away from the opening bell. reporting third quarter earnings this hour. nicole petallides at the new york stock exchange with more. >> good morning, measured maria. revenue and profit in the third quarter and that basically slid and tumbled. it wasn't as bad as it used to be and that's why the stock moves to the upside because the
8:49 am
stocks did come in above expectations and that was the story, right? we know that the commodity prices have been low and hurts the company, the one area that does well because of low oil prices is the chemical division, that's where they did see some strength and they're going to have to cut capital spending and putting aside mon for buy backs as well. and back to you. >> thank you, nicole. that's going to impact the broader market. and start with nicole and catch her on the fox business network. we're with jack, barron's on-line got the cover for us. the title special report, technology. jack, what's the scoop here? >> there's a fascinating change in the semiconductor area. for 50 years, every two years, the speed of a computer chip doubled and if you're intel and
8:50 am
any other chip maker you knew it was going to kick in as long as you kept producer. we've reached the point where physics limits the amount of speed you can get because we're down to the atomic size. they can't get any smaller. and at the same time, what the computing world needs out of a chip is changing very much. you know, it used to be you needed to make a calculation, human instructions were there, the computer executed them. now, we're talking about cars that drive themselves. we talked earlier about facial recognition on the phone. this means that you need chips with a lot more memory in them and maybe less logic. so, the whole design has to change. there are going to be serious winners and losers, and we handicap the winners and the losers in the upcoming issue. >> you know what's interesting, even in the semi industry, you're seeing m and a and i think it speaks exactly to what you're talking about because the growth has slowed down quite a bit. >> it has slowed down and because the technology changed, some of the big players have
8:51 am
gun been doing it. oh, there's something we need for the next ten years and we need the young company that's designing that chip. >> jack, what about other areas of technology that are going through seismic shifts like this, other than chips? >> well, certainly anything wearable, this is a whole new area of wearable tech. your fitbit is obviously an early winner and garmin is trying to catch up. i think that the specialized wearable technology is where we're going to see real big gains. awen i probably won't t-shirt and tell us our heartbeats and when we're hungry. >> and the world series, say. >> and you're so turned into a dress. the wearable technology, can we mention this, gopro, you want to talk about a company perhaps. >> and i take one skiing, taken it underwater.
8:52 am
they're great, but the stock, the people got way too excited about the stock. >>. dagen: i've got flip cams in my office i can tell you. >> my advice, buy the camera, stay away from the stock. maria: this weekend we'll take a look at the shake-up the story in barron's. >> and there's a long explain about inflation, oh, the government numbers are made up and people have a feeling about inflation. gene talks about how you get to the numbers and a fascinating read. maria: up next, the world series takes new york. we'll check with mitch modell. mitch, you're coming up next. buddy- nice place, nice car what happened?
8:53 am
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>> welcome back. we're all suited up. will the mets get in the win column tonight when they take on the kansas city royals? what do you think, dagen. dagen: yes! . maria: we have one company cashing in on the world series merchandise. mitchell modell. good to see you. >> good morning, maria. maria: and got my brand spanking new world series jacket on, loving it. tell us what the fan frenzy has been like. yeah, go ahead. >> it's been crazy. maria: yeah. >> i'll giveou one numr at'stagging. we did more business the day after they won the division-- they won the pennant in one day we did more merchandise in one day than we did the entire year in 2014, that's how crazy it's been. maria: well, it's been 15 years since the mets were in the series. what is in your hand?
8:57 am
what are selling like hot takes. >> two items, the tobin shirt and the murphy jersey and name and number. as you know, he has lit this town on has ever had. what is great, even yankee fans are converted, it's historic. maria: we love the ball onset the official 2015 world series ball. how much does something like this go for, mitch? >> the world series ball? the official ball of the 2015 world series. i'm holding it in my hand, see if there's a price tag. i'm sorry, i was catching you off guard. and the ball, mitch, just saying, come on. [laughter] anyway, so tell us about the prices. >> they are blowing up. maria: yeah. it's 29.99 with the case.
8:58 am
maria: there you go, a bargain. >> one thing i would-- >> everyone wants a piece of history. maria: exactly. >> a couple of days ago before i knew we were going to talk to mitch modell himself, we were talking dick's sporting goods and others, it catered to the hometown fan. and some other stores, you walk into one in pennsylvania, but could be in new york. and in brooklyn, you have more mets enough. maria: is that your strategy, mitch? >> it's about being the hometown sporting exchange. but what makes it special from a standpoint. world series for the mets, the units in the stores. maria: you've got a lot of supplies ready. what happens with all of that merchandise if it goes the other way?
8:59 am
put all of that on sale and just try to get it out or what happens then? >> well, it's crazy, favans, trucks, anything to get it in the store. >> you've got to print the mets win the world series ahead of time. i hope they win, but what do you do with that-- >> i expect to see a reporter at an orphanage in bangladesh and the kids are wearing the t-shir t-shirts. maybe he didn't hear the question. maria: he can, it's a little bit of a delay. thank you, we appreciate it and appreciate you joining us. >> thank you. maria: thank you so much for mow dells and of course, they're ready for the ultimate win of the mets. dagen: let's go mets, win it all. >> they've got to win tonight.
9:00 am
maria: the merchandise that's been selling. great to see you. dagen: happy halloween. maria: happy halloween, dagen. we have a big monday coming up, morning with marias, i'm talk with richard branson and frank lutz, over to you. stuart: thanks, maria, we'll take that show. i'm not on life support, just jeb bush, but the candidate is under pressure like never before. good friday morning, everyone. that debate had consequences. beb appeared to lose the fight with marco rubio and now, the pundits are questioning his continued candidacy. peggy noonen says, a big hitter in the punditry, all of jeb's money has gotten him nowhere.


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