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tv   Cavuto Coast to Coast  FOX Business  October 30, 2015 12:00pm-2:01pm EDT

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neil: all right. we had analysts here a few minutes ago. talking about how much money we waste. every year we give out $35 billion to foreign countries. some of them probably are not a big surprise. some of the big recipients including israel and egypt. a real shocker for you. somalia gets 275 million. ethiopia seven -- weren't these the countries that were hotbeds for terror? maybe we are trying to make them less terrifying. it is on your dime. i have ashley webster here. >> i have always been baffled by this. i really have.
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we help rebuild japan. it has gone into this sort of program where we are never given any credit for it. no one ever says thank you. it feels like we do it out of our heart. i do not know what the return on investment is. if we cannot buy our friends -- [laughter] dagen: look at israel. you do not think that israel acknowledges being allies? neil: i design the other countries -- dagen: a quarter of 8000 -- >> countries that one quarter of it goes to global health. neil: you are fine with wasting money? you will pull military financing for economic development?
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neil: yes or no? >> if it will help the people of that country we have an administration that has literally turned its back. neil: you did not answer my question. where does the money go? straight to the people who want to do harm to the united states. they expect it but then will happily burned the american flag. neil: are you surprised that scotland gets zero? >> no. it will go straight and alcohol. neil: i thought he was going to say, neil, do your scottish accent. >> colony times have we seen an uprising in a lot of these countries.
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he has $2 billion. where does that money come from? >> if we did not give all this money, what would the world look like? secondly, what are you going to do with the money? neil: you know what, that is not considered that. we have to rethink this whole thing. >> it is the fact that you have, i had a good friend in new orleans before katrina. it has never recovered. over spending millions and billions around the world. >> the more that you spend, the more that you will spend. let's call it what it is. >> i do want to say this about donald trump, he initially
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suggested raising the retirement age for social security. then he said let's take some of this economic aid away from countries that want to kill us. he basically suggested we would use it to help fund social security. again, a handout. dennis: a new school in afghanistan. >> are there no prisons? rich countries paying for their own share. germany, japan, saudi arabia. they have ices speeding on their throw. >> we know the thrill. you like israel, you do not want to blow them up. you like the united states. whatever it takes. >> i guess.
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what return are we getting on our money? >> none. it is a bipartisan problem. it goes to those efforts. 142 countries. >> focusing on the money we are wasting in this country, too. dagen: my people fled to scotland for a reason. >> let's hear the scottish accent. [laughter] neil: what do you think? [laughter] neil: watch me during the day. using the scottish accent. [laughter] a lot more than this. dagen: oh, my god. ♪
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neil: alex says his wife is from scotland. yours is the worst scottish accent i have ever heard. all right. welcome back, everybody. we have a weird thing going on. amazon, facebook, then all of a sudden you have what has been happening on the other side of the equation. some of these guys like twitter don't offer much forward guidance. going on a tear. what we are to make of that. we are seeing a separation here. linkedin is its own story. what is happening there? >> they have done a good job focusing on the business market. a model which collects revenue.
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you have a situation where you will have good results. a little more indirect models. that is why you have a huge diversity between one or the other. neil: did you get a sense -- i remember it was how can you leverage this, especially with the obnoxious ads. they obviously overcame that. >> yes, they did. they are allowing you to basically hit up people that you otherwise would not be able to know about or contact. they have a premium to your that allows more options. they also do something kind of interesting where they show you how you rank relative to the other people in your network in terms of people viewing you. a narcissistic piece to it as well. they have really boosted, they
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neil: all right. taking you to the white house. we are hearing that the president will sign that two-year budget deal. it suspends the debt ceiling. i think the closest day is they
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are allowed to spend about 80 billion more over the next couple of years. a credit limit with visa. they look the other way if you spend over that limit. i think that that applies. paul ryan, the new speaker of the house. they accepted it. getting all of that out-of-the-way. paul ryan has often been compared. jack kemp sort of schooled. did not hate the poor, appealed to the grave poupon crowd. i have told you many times on the show, probably one of my favorite guests on fox in my nearly 20 years here. it is very good to have you. thank you for coming.
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>> thank you for having me. neil: easy or tough for you to see all of these images of your dad flashing back. a bleeding heart conservative chasing america. the best student of his thinking who is now the speaker of the house. paul ryan famous for saying we have to reach beyond our traditional base. you know, that reaching across the aisle, it may be more talked about today, but it is not exactly the tone that you hear out of these presidential debates. what do you make of that? >> i think the expectation of the candidates does not want to hear anything positive about washington or congress.
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as paul ryan said yesterday, he said, look, the congress has not been working the way it needs to. he wants to give back to a bottom-up philosophy. it is what is taking place in the house. it has not been that way and part of the 24 / seven news cycle. jumping up and down and getting really loud. people propose solutions. neil: i know. a friendlier face for conservatism. i wonder how it has gone from controversial to now a scarlet letter. it is bad news. one guest on this show was
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saying joe biden and harry reid saying nice things about paul ryan. i am suspicious of him right from the get go. >> that is a strategy of the left to say things about now speaker ryan. they want the republicans to just oppose everything and not make any progress when they have majority of the house and senate. we have to really proposing get through solutions. neil: there are not any moderates on mount rushmore. guys maybe like your dad, this reaching across the aisle, there is a statute to be made about that kind of thinking. >> not surprise.
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i completely disagree. it is not just a matter of reaching across the aisle. the goal is not to just be friends with people. whichever party you are in, you have to work with the other side. they understood the human condition. neil: they say that they have been taken advantage by democrats. getting it stopped back in their eyes for doing so. >> i do not think that we can govern. we can lead the world. picture and angry. this country is founded by hopeful people that had a vision for a future that was better for their children. i do not think that we can convince people to the positive merits of our argument. not everything is a fight and a battle.
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it does have to be civil. we need to engage folks on issues that run the gamut. they will focus on how to expand opportunity not just in our suburbs, but our cities and other areas. ryan and scott interviewing all of the presidential candidates. that will be the type of conversation i think my dad would have loved and we are trying to carry forward. neil: you bring on your dad's memory very well. i do not know that has any influence on the buffalo bills. not that it all. thank you very much. >> better than your british accent, neil. neil: you know what, who booked this guy.
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[laughter] neil: cancel him. he is not on anymore. the white house on this serious situation. at first i thought it was a typo. they are just advisors. advisors just -- i don't know. ♪
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good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e*. yes, investment opportunities can be anywhere... or not. but you know the difference. e*trade's bar code scanner. shorten the distance between intuition and action. e*trade opportunity is everywhere. neil: we knew that some of those presidential candidates were upset that cnbc. the moderators in the questioning and all of that. the rnc has pulled to schedule any debate that was scheduled for february 26 of next year. this is in a letter to the
12:28 pm
chairman of nbc news saying that while debates are meant to include tough questions, cnbc's moderators -- we cannot continue with this planned rebate on nbc. we will keep you posted on that. so far no word on any other debates. still on for the fox business network on november 10. they had been saying how hungry they were. the debate that they would do with nbc, that is all for now. all right. in the meantime we are following this commitment of troops, dare i say advisors, a couple dozen of them for syria. we do not know what role they will play.
12:29 pm
richard newton on what message this is sending to him and forces there. what do you think? >> good afternoon, neil. we were called back on tuesday. ash harder testified on the u.s. many strategy. secretary carter laid out the opportunity for direct action. both in iraq and syria. talking about the possibility and potential for bringing in special operators. bringing in one of those actions. i think it will be part of a larger trend. neil: what will they do? what would they be able to do? they will not be in a militarily operational role. explain.
12:30 pm
>> they will advise and assist. those who are finding isis, kurdish forces and others affected today against isis. i would strongly contend that should they come under attack or need to be involved in a particular engagement that they would be available to do just that also. neil: wild stuff. thank you. we do have more details coming into us now. the republican national committee. a planned debate at the end of february. in conjunction with the national review. among other things, he does want to do something and on i'm a venue with the national review, just not nbc. all of this and frustration according to the way they were treated by cnbc moderators.
12:31 pm
this is really upping the ante. what do you think? >> thank you for having me. politics is really off the charts these days. what we have witnessed with senator rubio, for example, people coming out against him for not voting enough. canceling his event in iowa, i think that was a great movement. smart politics. neil: maybe you can just help me with this. the person is the network taking this on the chin from the republican party. in other words, if you fear an organization that may be hosting a debate and if the questions get too tough that the party off out of it. that could be a threat. >> i think the republican party
12:32 pm
should sit down with nbc's and negotiate what they think needs corruption from the last debate on wednesday night. to keep the thing call. also to the republican party. losing millions of opportunities to be in front of millions. neil: i am sure someone else will pounce on it. what took place wednesday night was not an attempt to get to the american people. he goes on to say respectful of the first amendment and freedom of the press. consequential issues important to america. i will say i understand. that could also be deemed a threat. what do you think? >> at a recent debate with cnbc. a moderator and the questions that they ask. how these candidates were
12:33 pm
treated. it is great that they turned the tables on the moderators. making americans aware of how the right is treated versus how the left is treated in these situations. neil: i want to bring in dagen mcdowell to the mix here. you are talking about a planned event. this was a big deal. i think as rich pointed out, you will now have others leading to conventional wisdom. how does it change things? dagen: and they made their bed and now they won't wind up sleeping on the floor. what it does is people who want to watch these debates will find the place to watch them. frankly, such a mess. on the flipside, a lot of these candidates scored points because the moderating was so awful. in some ways, that candidates
12:34 pm
benefited from what happened. they can take their show to another network. it will probably drop more viewers. neil: they still want to do something. >> you can do it on the internet. >> yes. you can do it on the internet. these were prearranged dates and events just as ours were. now with upsetting that apple car, they opened it up for others. >> they absolutely did. debating particularly with donald trump in the race. particularly with the types of ratings at the fox news channel god. people are interested whether they are on the right or the left to see what these
12:35 pm
candidates are talking about. it is an incredible show. a lot of entertainment involved. it is a shame that they had to pull it. they did not play by the rules. quite frankly a pre-nancy debate in many ways. neil: other networks, they may be too friendly. two cushy. >> what should happen, for the network, the moderator asking the real question -- neil: your version, in the media now, if you are liberal or the left, not across the board, a very great deal of criticism. one i think is a reaction on the
12:36 pm
part of the candidates. what do you think of that? >> politics are hard. they want to know what these candidates are going to do. we want to know what they will do about the spending and the debt that is going on. a horrible situation. what are we going to do to grow our economy and get people working again? i do not see those as hard questions at all. dagen: i want to weigh in really quickly. some of these questions were framed with obvious bias. they were also passive aggressive. asking mike huckabee about donald trump's morality. i was sitting at home. what are you getting at? donald trumps morality. you ask him directly. take the wheel of the truck and drive that way. it was not done in that fashion.
12:37 pm
they were playing games. the audience turned against the moderators very early in the debate. quite frankly, all of them had a donald trump moment. neil: i think that it was neutered gingrich that got angry. while i can understand you know the republican national committee's anger, you can also say it applies to any difficult questions that you deemed to be offensive. >> i think that that is a good question. just like in sports. very good and tough and they will lose. they will have easier competitors or opposition and they will win. you will have good debates and you will have bad debates. take it all together. you do not take, pull your marbles and walk away just
12:38 pm
because of a few questions. they will be tough. fox news was very tough in their questionings in the first debate. you have a chance to recover. neil: i hear what you are saying. dropping their marbles somewhere else. >> they are in that position. what will somebody think? your operation as a network wants to do it. it shows the strength of the candidates to be able to respond to them in time. neil: the candidates took the balls into their own hands and said enough of this. the other issue will be the spillover effect. getting into the fall, you say. they knew then you have the main debates into the party nominees.
12:39 pm
that could get to be problematic. surgeon moderator or certain network which will be on. it could be a slippery slope. >> if you have the nomination of your party and are running for the presidency, you will be the one to back out of a debate. >> rejected certain ideas from moderators. dagen: going forward, i know you, i know the people that work at the fox business network. you are going to ask tough questions. >> you will ask the tough questions and ask them directly. you are not playing games with the candidates.
12:40 pm
>> a loyal guy and moves fast with breaking news. i am now thinking of companies. whether they want to get caught up in something that may all of a sudden become controversial. what do you think? >> i think that this will hurt the nbc brand. you need to look no further than to liberal press. the "new york times" and the washington post. over the years, especially since the advent of fox news and fox business. their portions have gone down. wait a second, maybe the left
12:41 pm
really is not doing a good job. people have short memories. the long-term trend of the tactics we saw from cnbc and the tactics we see from the left to just immediately attack the right is going to not know very well for their business fortunes. neil: it is like the boycott issue. donald trump hosting saturday night live. turning off the show to watch it. do you think that this goes too far? it may easily be, you know fearful. >> no. i do not think so. >> you were not wearing pants when i asked. [laughter]
12:42 pm
i think that advertisers are smart. i think that someone will pick this up. i hope that fox picks it up, to be honest with you. i think that the advertiser will go there. i think that there will be even more eyeballs on this. neil: maybe it will wear my new host organizations that they are on their toes. there could be that effect, to. >> verycompetitive. you have to keep in mind that the moderators were boomed this week several times. it is very competitive. i think that there were other opportunities for other networks. fox to pick up the mantle. neil: here is where i will disagree with that. asking a critical question of a donald trump or a jeb bush.
12:43 pm
the hip pocket of one of the other candidates. vowing not to watch anymore. you are in donald trump's pocket. you are a donald trump ascher. i am wondering whether that effect on those that have to do this shows regardless of whether you are hosting a debate, it gets overboard here. dagen: i think a good journalist and a hard-core solid journalist will ask some tough questions. i am thinking out loud here which is always dangerous. with the rnc, were they worried about actual were public and voters tuning in to another nbc debate? there were some moderators that really did not know the candidates position.
12:44 pm
the challenge about where did i say that, he said it on his website. a lack of authority from those moderators about where these candidates were. >> again, do you worry about people not wanting to watch. neil: i am just wondering if you think it has any boomerang effect? >> i do not. i do not think you will find this from the democratic party. neil: the last one looked like a hostage take. >> she earned it. she spent more time in front of a senate hearing. she has been earning her stripes. neil: political advices notwithstanding. the cnbc debate now. this next ebay that nbc was
12:45 pm
supposed to do, it is off. february 2016, john ball and who gets it with the national review. the battle is on. more after this. ♪ ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet?
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and calls and e-mails me if something, like this scary storm, takes it offline. so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. neil: the opening question was more than just an icebreaker. it may have been a dealbreaker. nbc has been pulled. that debate that was scheduled in february and 2016 has been suspended. it could always be reconnected. the head of the rnc saved the first question directed to one of our candidates asked that he
12:49 pm
was running a comic book version of a presidential campaign. hardly in the spirit. they are suspending that planned debate. we do not know whether it can be presented or whether someone else filled the void with the national review. liz: acknowledging to answer tough questions. essentially saying that cnbc said that this debate would be about the issues, about policies, about job growth and taxes. that was largely not the case. each of the candidates were promised an opening question. the financial matters. that was not the case. they were promised that the
12:50 pm
speaking time would be monitored. that was not the case. what i can report to you is that a top nbc all facial sent an e-mail the next day. what a train wreck. even inside they feel that way. neil: do we know if any one of those candidates, including donald trump, we are not doing this. there was a dustup between them and the rnc. >> a number of candidates, their campaign guys got together and said we just will not go down this road anymore. a top nbc all facial sending out an e-mail. what a train wreck. and then you have the lack of reporting over there.
12:51 pm
this is more of an issue about how the debate was ran and not about whether or not the candidates can take tough questions. we can take the tough questions, but this was more about a slugfest. did not really talk about who has the right vision. >> always and i of the boulder. nbc national review debate with the republican candidate suspended. what about donald trump who has been angry at nbc. is that still on? what happens with that? well if you live from new york with donald trump? more after this. ♪ (vo) what does the world run on?
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neil: all right.
12:55 pm
a lot of folks were wondering did donald trump have anything to do with this? he was clearly miffed at moderators on cnbc debate. he was trying to remind on debate night he was big reason along with ben carson they cut down the time from three hours to two hours. a number of moderators argue with that is not the case. it has done little to help nbc, prwise, it has lost for now end of february debate featuring all the republican presidential candidates. probably a lot fewer by then. but that opportunity is gone. might be, you know, put back together. although relations have been frayed with republicans and nbc in the past. particularly with donald trump. political reporter alex pappas on this. alex, this is not the first time we've seen a party or an entity go after a group or broadcast operation. i'm looking at white house, some prominent democrats who avoid this network like the plague. for them to say, never see
12:56 pm
democrats do this, in fact i have. having said that, i wonder how far this goes and what you make of that? can they patch things up? they have in the past? >> yeah. i'm not surprised the rnc did this. i have been talking to number of campaigns since the debate. i have to be honest, they seem as mad as rnc than cnbc. the reince priebus that republicans would take control debates and have a say in moderators. there was a little frustration i think with conservatives, with the rnc. not surprised. neil: do you know if he was urged to take action on part of candidates or donald trump, send a message to these guys? was he just as much hit like an anvil on the head as much as anyone else? >> i don't know for sure at this point. i just read the letter. i'm doing some reporting on it as well wouldn't surprise me, donald trump, art of the deal. at same time he likes to go
12:57 pm
after people, punch pretty hard but doesn't like to give up on free media. i have a hard time believing he would give up himself. real interesting stuff. my sense and gut, nbc will try to make a deal. you know these republicans want to get campaigns together and try to negotiate some, my sense that will happen. at end of the day there will be some sort of resolution. i don't know, very interesting developments, neil. neil: we are getting a response right now from nbc news, quoting from nbc news. neil: this is a disappointing development, however along with our debate broadcast partners at telemundo we will work in good faith to resolve this matter with the republican party. indicating here, we hope suspend doesn't mean cancel forever, right? >> right. they said, rnc said in the letter, we'll still do some sort of debate, "national review," conservative partner will still be involved. seems like a little hint they want to have a debate, probably some tv partner.
12:58 pm
rnc, republicans will have more control, who are the moderators. maybe get some more assurances you will ask substantive, substantial questions and not just, what is your biggest weakness, that sort of thing. neil: my biggest concern with this is slippery slope part of this. >> yeah one of the candidates, ted cruz, i doubt any questioners would vote for republican candidate, i'm paraphrasing that was same logic said at white house when candidate, senator obama white house, doubt anyone at this news organization here would consider voting for a democratic senator. in other words, inference, if we were inclined to think we would, would be happy to talk to you. don't you think that has chilling effect? >> republicans have to be careful not to look like whiners. if you overreach and make such a big deal out the moderators, people will say do you have a
12:59 pm
problem answering tough questions? chris christie did a good job. here are my issues with what cnbc did. didn't think they were asking right -- neil: was on cnbc the next day doing interviews. he let bygones be bygones, right? >> i am ready to take tough questions. republicans say i want tough questions. i just want relevant questions. neil: that's very good, i want tough questions but i want relevant questions. that is very good. glad they didn't see you competing for me for this next gig. thank you very much, my friend. >> you bet. neil: maybe they can patch this up. time being they have not. reading into between lines and some statements they're getting. hope they can, they have in the past. we shall see. with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform, the information that's important to you is all in one place, so finding more insight is easier. it's your idea
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and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances. neil: welcome back, everybody. you know what i always think about with this whole cnbc dust-up? the right always feel they have been wronged. there are goofballs, you heard it, the clown car, whole news organizations devoted chosen somethingments how silly republican candidates look and how goofy republican opponents or tea parties are to the status quo in washington, they always feel slighted. they have always been feel they are reamed by mainstream. katrina pierson knows it. her and her views are expressed eloquently, not taken seriously. not here because we're fair and
1:04 pm
balanced, that is really cut to the core here, the fact they get laughed at? >> that's the truth, neil, and one of the things paul ryan was smoking to when he took over in the house. he wants to allow everyone to be heard because what we've experienced in the past since the grassroots movement began, it was a pat on the head, we know what's best. you guys go away, but we are on the principled side. we're saying gop platform is against amnesty, against spending more money and limited government but we have leadership in congress doing the opposite. neil: whole john boehner, kevin mccarthy, dust-up, most of them were angry not so much whether they were out of sync with the leadership, but they were ignored by leadership, their legislation, ideas were never put forward. leadship never accepted bipartisan deal to deal with
1:05 pm
immigration reform because that was john boehner's cup of tea. much of their problem was being ignored. this was my entire high school students being ignored by cool kids. you get resentful after a while and become a tv anchor. my point is, what is my point? my point, that's it. they feel laughed at, you know, dismissed, and they have had it. >> not only have they had it, but there is a reason for being angry, this is supposed to be the people's house. they were sent to d.c. to do a job. they can't do it because the leadership would always block them. whether it would be parliamentary tricks or juignor. they have to go home to the people that voted for them, and explain what's happening. neil: think about it, i read these editorials, finally adults returned in charge. they love paul ryan. might be justified, i don't know details. guys like you, folks like you, were crazy. and, finally the normal cerebral
1:06 pm
people have returned? >> if that were true, neil, we would still have john boehner. the tea party and grassroots movement has been very successful over time. neil: they made him speaker without the tea party, without 80 numbers in 2010 he would never have billion speaker. >> exactly. over the years, election cycles passed in the states, states are getting more and more conservative in their own legislatures. those will move up there the ranks. conservatives are two generations deep. just a matter of time. neil: we make a big deal out of media bias. see it in relation with the white house. paint everyone here, fox business with the same brush, you're all nuts. no one makes a big deal about that. that is what it is. yet when it comes to your point of view or others candidates get rightly miffed how they're treated, forget in the debate, in the media in general, i think marco rubio got that part right, the biggest lobbying group on their behalf is the mainstream media. >> no question about that. like you said, we're free
1:07 pm
thinkers on this said. that messes up status quo. you have people that go get elected to office and become millionaires, making 50, 60,000 a head. who wants to disrupt that? we disrupt whole process. like ted cruz says there is cartel in washington, d.c. republicans and democrats on elite side are on same team. they're not on the same team as people. once people are back in control, things will change. neil: bottom line, everyone's appointment of view deserves respect. >> absolutely. neil: when it gets to disagreeably laughing at other side, think about what i was going through in high school. you're dismissed. you're laughed at. next thing you know, you're a tv anchor on a major network. something like that. charlie gasparino on nbc fallout after this. ake edward jones one of the country's biggest financial services firms? or 13,000 financial advisors who say thank you?
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concerns about the forecast but bounced back today to hit all-time high. it was just, kind of weird to even see it down. earnings was solid. profit growth was up 11%. profit right in line with analysts expected. stock sold off and back a little bit today. neil is back with more "coast to coast." keep it here with fox business. the promise of the cloud is that every organization
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neil: lindsey graham joining us, a lot of people say winner of first debate, widely considered winner of first debate on cnbc. senator, very good to see you. what do you make of this decision on part of rnc? as you probably heard, nbc responded this is disappointing, hope to work it out, work in good faith to work it out. what do you make of it? >> well the change of network is not going to really matter. we need a structural change. here's the problem. we've got a lot of really good candidates and primary process in a ditch. what i would have done early on is divide the groups, divide the people in two groups so they would have more time to talk, that there would be less people on the stage. you could understand who we all are. i would not have used national polling way we're doing. the difference between fourth place and last place is like three points within margin of error. so what i would suggest rnc, we got talented people. let the process work.
1:13 pm
quit trying to micromanage. do two debates, evenly divide field, randomly draw names and over time republican party comes out stronger. i don't think i'm an under card candidate on national security. there are a lot of talented people out there. we need to put the person in the ring best able to win this election, this process hurt our evers to win. neil: would you feel that way if you were polling 25%? >> absolutely. neil: really? >> yeah, totally. neil: okay. >> neil, if i can't convince people that i'm the best nominee given everybody in the field, then i don't deserve the job. here's the, i would test our guys on national security and our gals on national security, and they would test me. and the winner, if it is not me, would be better prepared to win the white house. what we're doing is artificially creating differences based on use of polls. neil: good point, senator.
1:14 pm
i guess what i'm asking is, why would it stop at nbc? isn't prevailing view, depending who, what you follow in the mainstream media, they think all of you guys are nuts. >> that is not, well, you know, if you can't handle people who think you're nuts you shouldn't be president. neil: sure. i know what i'm talking about. >> you know, if you can't stand up to liberal commentators you're in the wrong business. neil: is packing up its bags saying no to nbc, interpreting to some, you can't stand the heat so you're leaving kitsch hen? >> certainly doesn't change the problem. i like reince priebus. he is a nice man. he is trying to build a strong republican party. here is my advice. allow al us of to have say. break the field into two groups with less people on the stage, having more quality time to express who we are why we want to be president.
1:15 pm
that would help the republican party more than anything else. neil: you have a great sense of humor. enjoyed that. >> my dad own ad bar. neil: i love the bar stories. i know you couldn't repeat some of them. >> you got that right. neil: on the phone with us, we have ben carson's press secretary. what do you make of this move? wise, what do you think? >> you know, first of all, thanks neil, for having me. you know, i think first thing is, very important that we realize that debates are for the american people. they're not for the candidates. they're not for the moderators. they're for the american voters. so we definitely need to create a process that will allow all of the candidates to share their views, not create this, you know, this food fight that, certainly draws ratings but in the end- neil: wouldn't that happy anyway. will not happen on fbn but there
1:16 pm
is temptation to pit candidates against one another. even if they don't they will go against one another? >> i think it is important for candidates to draw distinctions between their ideas and their vision for america. but this attempts to paint, you know, to drive ideas in terms of candidates having them attack each other personally, that doesn't serve the network well. neil: i understand what you're saying. i'm actually not disagreeing with you. if you're going to be harangued and ripped apart, sometimes how you comport yourself says volumes. your candidate did that. others did. ted cruz had good night doing that. chris christie had good night doing. it helps you if you're targeted or slighted orvillefied, a chance for candidates like your own to come back and put that person in their place. >> but i think in the end it does not give the american voter a clear understanding of how, you know, the actual policies of
1:17 pm
what, how candidates feel on issues. ultimately that is what the process is all about. it is about the american voter. it is not about who is able to be clever in a sound bite you know? neil: yeah, true. >> so i think. it definitely bears some review. i don't think anyone who watched the last debate felt booed bit. whether you are. whether a conservative, liberal, republican or democrat, i think we can all say america did not look good during the debate. i definitely think, and i feel most candidates and their campaigns feel that definitely there is room for improvement. neil: thank you for taking time. i know you have had a crazy day. >> thank you very much. neil: i appreciate it. we have our "bitter boomers." if you thought they were bitter before, bitter is about feeling slighted and angry, oh, man, off the charts after this. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you?
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neil: all right, our boomers are even more bitter, over whole nbc dust-up. ben stein with us, charlie gasparino. steven lieb. >> ben stein is elderly. not a boomer. neil: it is cable the we'll trying to make it work. we have charles payne. the idea that conservatives feel slighted. those republican candidates felt slighted. steven, this is their response. >> i think they should be. i mean you know, you asked somebody what your greatest weakness is. started out like this. i almost turned it off. it seemed crazy. ask kasich what greatest weakness and gives campaign speech and how bad everyone else is. neil: doesn't make them awful human beings. doesn't make moderators awful
1:22 pm
human. charlie. >> they forgot one major question. china! neil: wow. >> was china mentioned once, charlie? >> no. >> that is serious. you're making fun of me but that is serious. >> but i will say, listen, i'm friends with the moderators. so, take it for what it's worth, that is just full disclosure. neil: good to know. >> i think what they tried to do is something pretty ambitious. tried to thread the neat dell to do politics and -- needle and do finance and politics and combination of both. unfortunately it didn't work. i know charles is -- neil: something i did see, forget about the debate itself. i think it is fair to say, i think rubio hit on it, the biggest group, democrats have going for them to mainstream media. >> here we go. neil: main view that mainstream
1:23 pm
media think republicans and conservatives are jokes. >> it's true. if it's true. if those two things you try to thread, reality tv aspect our world. it was too personal. everybody is looking for broad macroeconomic issues. here is what really happened today though. they were looking to get rid of reince priebus. that is what was going on. he panicked. this was his "nuclear option." neil: do we know whether donald trump -- >> ben carson's group, immediately afterwards, we saw the candidates galvanize on stage. like a scene from "spartacus." they were after the rnc. >> reince priebus came out and -- >> gop candidates can't act like about iter boomers and say i take my kick ball and go home. they are saying, we are going to take the tough questions. they feel like it was breach of faith. they said we agreed to be asked r an opening question about financial -- neil: i want to get to you, ben, on this notion. you've been around a few years here. seeing this --
1:24 pm
>> elderly. i'm elderly. neil: you don't see democratic candidates held to such a standard. you will not hear democrat candidates referred to as clown car. >> right. neil: i think this is manifest station of feeling of slighted, don't you? >> well the republicans have been the butt of media forever. their candidate who said, i think rubio said, maybe huckabee, mainstream media is super-pac for the democrats had it exactly right. neil: yeah. >> the media is wildly biased against conservatives for a long time. neil: do you take your marbles and go home? >> i think you keep playing. >> i am a democrat, and i try to go down the middle of the road but -- neil: wait a minute. wait a minute. >> news breaking item. neil: you're a democrat. >> when you read the questions, i hear what charlie is saying, tough thing they were trying to do, i get it, but the attitude was pervasive. it was tone that was off-putting. went awry. neil: tone is -- i'm not
1:25 pm
forgiving anything. not judging anyone. this is tough position to be in. judged them before. >> it isn't easy to pull off. neil: i guess the question could this have opposite, have chilling effect. >> could have chilling effect. neil, i have to raise one thing. neil: don't mention china. don't mention china. >> not china. neil: thank god. >> call myself an american. neil: that is debatable with you. >> voted more than democratic candidates than republicans. that changed recently. eye-opening moment for me, not so much this debate. i was kind of prepared for it, but romney-obama debate, when that moderator came in basically for obama. that was turning point in the election. i think that had a major -- neil: i don't know. here is what charles payne, my biggest worry -- >> that changed the course of history. neil: i got it. i got it. charles payne, my big worry, it does have chilling effect.
1:26 pm
you don't like it. i had number of liberals emailing me, you don't see democrats pulling that. i got back in break, yeah. they ostracize fox like we're lepers. both sides play it. i don't find that constructive either. >> it is not constructive. again i think this is desperation move on rnc to save face because they didn't vet moderators properly and didn't brace for think, is that share i don't know? >> of course that's their job. >> let's vet moderators here. becky quick, very middle of the road person. carl quintanilla, very -- [inaudible] guy liberal with a lot of reporting shops. i don't see that -- >> no, no, he has the most. there wasn't one. >> i think they lost control
1:27 pm
immediately when kasich came out with that speech, they should have stopped him, said we didn't ask you that. neil: all i know, that in the mainstream media there is a predisposition to laugh conservatives off. >> that's true. >> that's true. >> that has to sop. neil: what do you think, ben? >> it is not going to stop. i mean mainstream media is same people in academic world, hollywood world, large part of investment banking world. they're just in their bones leftist and they are angry, nasty people. neil: okay. that i think we got that all. didn't have a lot of time. trish regan coming up. trish will join me week after next in wisconsin, assuming that debate is still on. i think it is.
1:28 pm
>> suggesting that they want some substance. welcome to the intelligence report. rnc chairman fired off a letter to nbc chairman outlining why the republican party is making this decision. the cnbc network is one of your media properties.
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