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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  October 30, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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leftist and they are angry, nasty people. neil: okay. that i think we got that all. didn't have a lot of time. trish regan coming up. trish will join me week after next in wisconsin, assuming that debate is still on. i think it is. >> suggesting that they want some substance. welcome to the intelligence report. rnc chairman fired off a letter to nbc chairman outlining why the republican party is making this decision. the cnbc network is one of your media properties.
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handling the debate in bad faith. questions were inaccurate. moderators engage in series of questions. "this is a disappointing development, however, along with our debate broadcasts partners, we will work in good faith to resolve this matter with the republican party." joining me right now is democratic strategist maryanne marsh. jason roe and media analyst and host of media buzz how we -- how -- this is a calculated tantrum on the previous point. he has come under enormous criticism for allowing there to be a debate on cnbc. now he has to lash out. he has to show he is standing out to the organization.
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notice that the word suspended is in there. they did not cancel the debate. trish: you wonder he has been talking to donald trump along the way. you suspect it will still happen. this gives them a little bit more wiggle room. >> it is like working the refs. every debate going forward now. certainly the one from nbc news in february if it happens. he will have to tread carefully. not to invite attacks on the commentators and mediators. also, if you look at nbc's very tepid response, our partner at telamon and oak kind of signaling that you have to follow the hispanic voters. trish: one of the interesting things is cnbc is not ran by the gentleman that runs nbc news.
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you get someone overlooking cnbc , the rnc is kind of painting them all with the same brush and saying okay it is because of those guys. we will try and pull the plug out from under you here as a result. >> kitchen charge of the operations. not completely off the wall. again, i think that, it is a fine line here. no self-respect can allow our political party to dictate the terms of a format or the questions that will be asked. at the same time, they know that this got terrible reviews. it will have to be some kind of kissing and making up that this indeed is going to happen in february. trish: we will indeed be watching for. thank you very much. i want to bring in our panel. we have maryanne and jason with us. what is your reaction?
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>> trying to save his job. already rebellion among the republican candidates. he was not paying attention to the desires and needs. eleven re- our debates with like 17 candidates. except for when you are running on a candidate campaigned, they are so time-consuming. days and days of events. days and days of fundraising. everything else comes to a screeching default. you have to build crowds for the debate. i can go on and on. trish: we have seen some lengthy ones. three hours. it can be challenging to be on stage. trust me. jason, what to think that this will mean for the rnc going forward here and what may or may not have been with nbc in february? >> you know, i think, first of all, a pitch high and inside him
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all the hosting networks letting them know that this kind of moderator behavior will not be tolerated. giving individual networks as clue said he to a specific debate. when you do that, everyone wants ratings. the moderators, i think in this situation, seem to think that the debate format is about them instead of the candidates. i think we have seen quite a bit of grandstanding in these debates. everyone can cover it. i do not think you have that same motivation to shine for your network. trish: you as a candidate need to be able to take on all the questions, the tough ones, the mean ones, and, granted, i would make the point that americans do not necessarily want to go to that level mouth.
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from that standpoint it is not ideal. you are running for president of the united states of america. you have to be able to handle some slack, jason. >> i agree. you also have two to separate general election debates from primary debate. when we turn over the keys of the vetting process for an intramural decisions to outsiders and let them beat up on our candidates in the way that they do, cnbc is a financial network, everyone expected that. trish: i have another story breaking right now. we're going to talk about jeb bush and some of the other candidacies. succeeding or not so much on the case of jeb bush. we have more breaking news to get to.
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we are waiting for another round of hillary e-mails to be released. they are coming out any minute. eleven hours of questioning. we were expecting them to be released in the next 45 minutes. we are on high alert. we will bring them to you as soon as they happen. russia is declaring americans actions in theory up an act of war. this in response to the news that president obama said we will place an unlimited number of special forces to attack isis. they will be there as early as next week. surveying and advisory role to local forces. this happened despite one of putin's -- the u.s. asked permission first. now, it is a step. president obama has resisted another war in the middle east. whether this crisis will
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escalate into an all-out war. we still have jason with us. jason. okay. we welcome back to this. russia is declaring this an act of four. the united states has engaged in it by sending ground troops into syria. it is day one for paul ryan. a congressman who voted against paul ryan. the speaker is here with what is going on and what it will take for ryan to win the support. retailers and manufacturers taking kids toys into their own hands. girl toys and toy toys are politically incorrect. ♪
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trish: our new house speaker, paul ryan, announcing the new top aide. nine house republica d congressman of taxes jointly right now. congressman, why did you not vote for paul ryan? >> i have had some severe disagreements with paul. we had an election scheduled. speaker boehner's candidate withdrew. we immediately postponed. one of the other two had backed out, he would have gone in with an election. we have a special conference.
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paul was the only one allowed to speak at that. also, if paul is such a fine guy, a great father and husband, a really good guy, smart guy. there are some fundamental differences that we have had like the wall street bailout. the leading component in congress. trish: you are talking about the 2008 ale out when you had the entire financial system of the world on the line. congress had to come forward with a very large -- >> that is not fair, trish. there was a former fdic chairman that said do not abandon free-market principles. here is a better solution. trish: i know what you are
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saying. i do not want to rehash 2008 right now. we could do this for days. representative, it was a very scary time. there is a reason why we did not have a great depression. we have had no economic growth. we did not have people standing for a mile like a did back in the 1930s. representative, i do want to move on to paul ryan. are you pulling your supportrig? >> i have answered. yes, i told him yesterday. i was the first one to congratulate him after he was handbuilt the gavel. congratulations. he did give a great speech. i will do everything i can to help him as long as he is right.
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>> all the votes that he could get. what would the danger have been if too many people did what he did? i will vote against him because i do not like what he did at this point or that point in his tenure. >> yes, i realize that i should turn over my voting cards and my leadership instead of my voting. i am said to congress to vote my conscience. i voted my conscience. i voted my district. they do not tell me how to vote. if it is against the good of the country. you need to have someone there as speaker.
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>> i realize that there are some people. apparently, you are an advocate when an election is not fair. you do not have my voting card, trish. trish: i have more stories to get to. thank you for joining me here today. all right. first day off the job. former house speaker john boehner. joining me with his take away after this. ♪ [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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i said, yes, you are mr. president. yes, you are. trish: the fox news channel. counting his time on the hill. his first television interview since stepping down. on set with all the highlights. always good to see you. i am very good. a free man. >> 25 years. a man who says he does not even have a home right now. has not driven a car in nine years. everywhere he has gone, he has been on the road 200 days a year. this is a man who is absolutely dedicated to serving his party in washington. now he will have to put on the brakes. >> it is an adjustment. the day that he announced that he would be stepping down, he came out to the podium singing
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zip 80 do dow -- his highest point was bringing the point. they will include deficit spending. it would have a significant impact on americans. he said president obama broke his word. thats the lowest point he had during that time. when president obama was coming into office, he used so much behind him in the way of
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goodwill. you think about greg who would become commerce secretary. a lot of these republicans were saying i will make this crossover. this represents a new kind of politics. only to be sadly awakened. >> boehner's reality was met head-on. the whole white house story, will be provided by the president and has been why the white house. the conservative wing of the republican party in the house. you can make an argument that those 30 or 40 votes that forced his hand to resign. he was fed up here and he was done with it. i asked him about those battles yesterday afternoon. this is what he said. >> you watch me do my job over the years. two things will happen.
2:23 pm
if they do not want to come to the party, fine. they will come somewhere else. >> they want it perfect. you never give perfect in washington, d.c. >> true. true. if. >> making a little bit of money for yourself. doing all five talk shows on sunday. >> it was obvious to me in washington yesterday clearing the table for paul ryan to get this debt deal out of the way. putting it on the back burner to the next presidential election. through march of 2017.
2:24 pm
a very big deal. quite frankly that is what helped ryan say, you know what, i will help you go for this job. facing the same challenges that aynor did. trish: a good head start. thank you so much. great interview. a quick reminder, everyone. do not miss fox businesses debate in less than two weeks. it all kicks off at 6:00 p.m. eastern on tuesday november 10 only hear on fox business. the late-night tv show has confirmed -- >> and a lot of politicians are already wearing their costumes. here is bernie sanders as doc brown. jeb bush is going as former presidential candidate jeb bush. [laughter]
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>> look, we are still in october. we have more than 100 days left until we go to the iowa caucuses. i knew that this would be a long journey. to suggest that the campaign is
2:29 pm
terminal, come on, that is funny. jeb bush campaign is struggling. he performed poorly in wednesday's debate. admitted to his donors "i realize i need to get better. here he is admitting it to everyone. this comes on the heel of his campaign. blake, jeb bush comes from a powerful connected politically savvy family. how is he not more prepared? >> one thing i think you need to keep in mind with jeb bush, he does have decades of experience. the highest level since this longer than he and john k-6. jeb bush has not been in a debate since 2002 election cycle. some 13 years ago.
2:30 pm
he has been out of office since january 2007. really, the end of 2006. the other candidates have been in the political arena far more than that. you mentioned that report from politico where bush basically admitted he needed to get better when it comes to his debate performance. last night in new hampshire higher, he was on the ground yesterday. he tried to separate himself from the current senators or the talented speakers, as he described them. >> the talented people, certainly talented speakers, politicians, you need to pick someone from the outside that has the skills to fix these things and i know how to do it. >> that advisor made this point. it is tough enough to send said out one election cycle and get
2:31 pm
back into the race several years later. that is kind of where jeb bush is right now. trish: jeb bush's future right now. maybe i am not the best public speaker. the public speaking front. something very genuine. very natural. very much of the guy you want to go sit down and have a beer with. he, on the other hand, seems a little more distant. if you combine this inability to project on a public platform, along with the elitist kind of seeming personality, are those sort of the two worst things you could have when you are running for political office?
2:32 pm
especially against the likes of, say, donald trump. >> he is very much the opposite of his brother. was not necessarily an intellectual of public policy. i worked in florida politics while jeff was governor. the whole political process to him is something that he does not like. he is about the nuts and bolts of governance. he was a candidate to be. this all electric, they are not conventional. conventional candidates will not do well. that is why you see people like. trish: i want to share with all of the view in the viewers.
2:33 pm
>> a lot of really cool things that i could do other than sit around, the miserable, listening to people you know a person demonized me. he liked trump if you want that. >> the weekend rally. cool, really? sitting around being miserable. is it really that miserable? if probably is, but is it that miserable for him to be running for president? >> he does not want to have to do everything you have to do to be president of the united states. it is tougher to be president. if you cannot make it through these debates, if you cannot connect with people, let me go down the list, you will not be president. jeb bush up in -- he can fix it.
2:34 pm
he will make it to fix the campaign. he / the salary. we would not be talking about him. questioning whether he would make it to iowa at this point. >> by the way, you are right. you think about his debate performance. who the heck is prepping him? you knew that marco rubio would come after him with this. >> when you signed up for this, this was a six-year term. you should be showing up for work. just resigned and let someone else take a job.
2:35 pm
>> someone has convinced you that attacking me was going to help you. trish: he responded with nothing. how uncomfortable he is in this format. like it or not, this is the format that helps you get elected. >> figuring out where he can be strong in this kind of a format. a really weak place for him to be. he look so looks so awkward and delivering an attack. i think you can tell by senator rubio's response that he was completely unprepared. that is just not who he is. trying to make him be something other than he is will not work for him. stuart: what does it mean for his campaign? is he losing money? how much longer does he stay in and put himself through this
2:36 pm
misery? >> what we see in the polls in the next 48 hours coming out of that debate, we have a number debate, if he does not perform or do something compelling that one, i think it becomes really difficult. trish: november 10, everyone. i will be there. i am one of the moderators. we will be live. 6:00 p.m. eastern from milwaukee, wisconsin. i will see you all there. thank you very much, marianne and jason. the race for the most donor money. billionaire investor foster freezes here to tell us who he is backing. plus, looking for princess costumes this halloween for your daughter, give it up. stores are doing their best to keep everything gender-neutral and politically correct.
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my intel on all of that just ahead. ♪
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♪ trish: okay. checking on the markets. relatively flat today. set to end the month with strong gains. markets on track to have the strongest month in four years. how about that. wages and consumer spending barely up at all in september. the week as we have seen in four
2:39 pm
months. a little more optimistic. spending will be strong this holiday season. we will find out of course. shares of energy companies are strong. first solar and phillips 66. mergers thinking. down on the news that it is in talk to buy financial group. the smaller regional groups there. the intelligence report will be right back with foster freeze. find out where he is putting his money this campaign season. i will be right back. ♪ technology empowers us to achieve more.
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and that's time that we can invest in our athletes and changing the world. trish: are right after hiding for months, new york city mayor making it official now. he is endorsing hillary clinton today. he called her the best candidate to address income of quality. after managing her campaign, refusing to back her throughout this whole process. he needed to hear more about the issues. okay. finally coming forward. backing hillary clinton. the battle for billionaires. spending over $750 million to help the 2016 races. there are concerns about the lack of substance among some of the candidates. we have heard this from the coke brother saying exactly that.
2:42 pm
they do not like the lack of stability in this campaign. does that mean that republicans may be forced to change their tune? we are asking foster who has been a long fan of rick santorum >> delighted to be here. thank you for inviting me. appreciate it. trish: you bet. i want to ask about rick santorum. are you still backing him fully knowing that it is getting pretty challenging weird i am a basketball player. i remember going in the fourth quarter down 10 points. you did not just sit on the bench and say we quit. ten points on the pool will put him right in the middle of the pack. a long time between now and the votes taking place. he was 5% in the polls in iowa. he expressed that being a demolition derby, you drive your
2:43 pm
car off around the perimeter. the final few cars, then you can get your car geared up. >> it relates to republicans in general. the democrats, hillary clinton, bernie sanders, they are out there offering all kinds of actual tangible stuff. weatherby subsidized or free college education, more time off for new moms and dads. they have something that everyone could latch onto. the republicans are facing a broader challenge. you think about rick santorum and his involvement. they are saying, you know what, it is not about free stuff. you have to actually work for this. given half the u.s. population is not paying any money in federal taxes. how do you get people to vote for you?
2:44 pm
many of the people do pay a fair amount of taxes on the payroll tax. they do pay payroll taxes and telephone tax, they are not getting a free ride. let's face it, it is the core of our country. we want to get checked into a hotel at 1:00 a.m. and grab our bags at 5:00 a.m. to catch an early flight. that is the one that rick santorum is really speaking out to. conservatives, blue-collar conservatives talking about the 74% of american population never graduating from college. he championed their efforts. in the two senatorial races in pennsylvania, he had 1 million more democratic voters registered and yet he wanted both cases.
2:45 pm
trish: what do you think he is giving these people? >> i think integrity. a lot of people may not like his positions. even the people who hate his positions, they have a huge respect. he puts out what is best for america. he has so articulated that we have to be sensitive to our culture. the other day there was a tv show where a young man gets on saying i fathered 30 babies by 24 different mothers. they may start scratching their heads. maybe i ought to become more culturally conservative as well. the importance of our culture. that precedes our political environment. >> and individual responsibility >> and the. and being used to be said when i was growing up.
2:46 pm
now andy is in our government. the culture is important. rick is given an unbelievable tax plan. 20%. capital gains. >> he has 20% across the board. also even for capital gains. it surprised me, foster. part of what has benefited this country is investment. if iphoto $5 into the market today or into your new business, i am taking a risk by doing that. there is a benefit by me having a lower tax rate. if i put that money to work in the stock market, i should have the opportunity to get it back and take that risk with a little bit of reward on the other end. don't you destroy incentives when you say it does not matter what should mark. >> i think that that is a very
2:47 pm
good point, trish. what his plan does to offset the point you just made he allows all corporations to extend all their items in the first year. can you imagine what that does? it gets rid of all of that. if you can appreciate 100% of a new truck or a new typewriter, that is a really big deal. trish: that is something. back to individuals that are just trying to invest in the future. we are trying to encourage bad investment. part of that comes from a tax policy that in senate sizes it. before i let you go, donald trump. what do you think? >> you go into one of his hotels and you have a motor on your bed that says dear valued guest lease partner with us to hang up your towel. you have a car that says hang up your towel so it does not cut into my profit margin.
2:48 pm
i think that that is what is captivating america to donald trump. trish: it sound like you are positive on him. if rick santorum does not work out, would you be backing donald trump? >> i was at boulder. to hear the final speeches of each of those people, it almost brought tears to my eyes. just write down the line. great human being. these people are wonderful people. getting back to the issue of substance. i am so grateful that the cnbc moderators gave the republican party a huge gift. now everybody realizes the bias and the orientation towards that. i asked everyone of my democratic liberal friends if they agreed with me. sure enough, most of them did.
2:49 pm
trish: thank you very much. good to have you here. talking about that debate. suspending its partnership on the heels of this week's debate. we will have some details on the story next. ♪ the internet of things. what we're recommending as your consultants... the new consultants are here. it's not just big data, its bigger data. we're beta testing the new wearable interface... ♪ xerox believes finding the right solution shouldn't be so much work. by engineering a better way for people, process and technology to work together. work can work better. with xerox. awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can seek to outperform.
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trish: .rnc cutting ties with cnbc. suspending its partnership. the handling of the debate was conducted in "bad faith. peter barnes joining me right now. moving anything like this ever before? >> i have been covering these debates and politics for 30 plus
2:53 pm
years. there are always extensive negotiations between the party and the candidates themselves over lots of details involving the debates. the height of the podiums to where they are placed and where the candidates are placed. it is not unusual for these kinds of negotiations. trish: maybe they had talked to donald trump and he was telling them a bit about leverage. news organizations in difficult spots as well. keeping all the parties happy. liz: this is a tough one. for now, the only gop debate with spanish language network cosponsor. the national review is in there. it is going to have a big impact over there on nbc. and nbc all facial e-mail me the morning after the debate to say that that was a train wreck. inside nbc there is a feeling
2:54 pm
itself that they are not happy with the way cnbc handled it. just reporting that fact to you. when you read the letter, they talk about the breach of faith. going to be about economic issues & answer matters. they say that they did not happen with a host of another issue. trish: actually ran by a different management team. >> they are all in the same family. trish: we will continue following this story. they suspended it for now. the gauche haitians will continue. we, of course, will be hosting a debate november 10 from milwaukee. cannot wait to see you. just when you thought the world could not get any more politically correct, just in time for halloween, we have gender neutral costume for kids.
2:55 pm
it all started because a son announced that he wanted to be from frozen. disney, target, toys "r" us are all trying to outdo each other. no longer positioning toys and boy and girl aisles. on amazon, you can no longer search for boy and girl toys. i am all about equality, it you know that, but this is getting kind of silly. when you are shopping online or in a store, you should be a will to go search for a girl or boy costume. i searched on a website for my son. it provided me with about 10 choices that i showed with them. he is 10 years old. he went with a racecar driver. good pick, i think. also a flamingo dancer and a cowgirl.
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this is going to be a really fun halloween. you know what, they will be in girl and boy costumes. thank you very much. coming up. jimmy kimmel had some fun with this year's debate. that is up next. ♪ (vo) me? i don't just wait for a moment. i watch for the perfect moment. the one nobody else sees. and when i find it- i go for it. (announcer) at scottrade, we share your passion for trading. that's why we give you the edge, with innovative charting and trading features, plus, powerful mobile apps so you're always connected, wherever you are. because at scottrade, our passion is to power yours. i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. ♪
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trish: jimmy kimmel had a whole lot of fun with the cnbc debate. >> i didn't know if i was watching the debate or the view. >> and we'll be right back. trish: that was pretty good. all right. that was a good one from jimmy kimmel. by the way, don't miss our own debate happening in less than
3:00 pm
two weeks. i'm going to go out there in milwaukee, wisconsin alongside sandra smith, kneel cavuto, we're going to be asking tough questions on the economy. it all kicks in 6:00 p.m. eastern tuesday november 10th only right here on fox business. do not miss it. in the meantime we've got markets off 44 points and we're headed into the final hour of trying, cheryl, over to you. >> all right, trish, thank you as always, the month of october has been anything but spooky for investors, and to end the month with the 5th straight weekly gain and the biggest win in four years. take a look at the dow, we are down 44 points, that doesn't mean much, though, because we are closing out what is going to be a record month, and we haven't seen a month like this in october for four years, also the markets paying very little attention to major reversal on syria, by president obama who wants as there would be no boots on


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