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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  October 30, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EDT

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milwaukee, wisconsin alongside sandra smith, kneel cavuto, we're going to be asking tough questions on the economy. it all kicks in 6:00 p.m. eastern tuesday november 10th only right here on fox business. do not miss it. in the meantime we've got markets off 44 points and we're headed into the final hour of trying, cheryl, over to you. >> all right, trish, thank you as always, the month of october has been anything but spooky for investors, and to end the month with the 5th straight weekly gain and the biggest win in four years. take a look at the dow, we are down 44 points, that doesn't mean much, though, because we are closing out what is going to be a record month, and we haven't seen a month like this in october for four years, also the markets paying very little attention to major reversal on syria, by president obama who wants as there would be no boots on the ground. the commander-in-chief has
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authorized sending a small contingent of small operations forces against the islamic state. lieutenant colonel ralph peters going to break it all down for us, he's got some strong opinions about this and paul ryan. pled yesterday to fix a broken house as new speaker but what will he do first? the budget? tax reform? our political panel is going to weigh in this hour. and some special friends stop by to visit liz yesterday on the set. they're are ready for halloween. we're going to tell you what your saturday is going to look like. very cute. all right. and finally we've got to do the mets. the new york mets highlight really an amazing weekend for sports. overall we're going to take you out to city field for a live report. we are less than an hour to the closing bell, let's start the countdown. ♪ ♪
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cheryl: tell you what we're at session lows near the markets but don't even look at the numbers because it doesn't matter. this market is actually in particular, the dow, the s&p, the nasdaq all about to have their best month of october in four years and a key number. we're probably not going to hit it, 17,703 right now, if we hit 17,838, which we probably won't do but, hey, you never know, we could have a 13-year record broken for the dow. but we'll take it. four years we have not seen these types of numbers for the month of october. pretty darn good, do not be afraid of these markets today. now, the energy sector is leading the charge, the sector certainly has been falling, oil prices all of these stocks except for conocophillips trading well into the green today, on the other side, well, it is the banks, the financials, this is the sector that is lagging in the markets right now, every single big name that we follow from b of a to goldman, all of these stocks are down on this friday.
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but don't be down about these markets, we've got nice numbers to bring to you and 58 minutes to go. we begin with a game-changing shift in the war against isis as the white house says it will put boots on the ground in syria for the first time. the u.s. will deploy up to 50 u.s. commandos in the special forces to back rebel groups as they prepare to retake the territory. meanwhile crucial talks in syria are underway. secretary state john carrie sits down with the major players backing the war, including russia. earlier carrie explained why he's more optimistic about these talks. >> but i believe the diplomatic situation is today more promising than it has been in some time because all of the stakeholders came to this table. cheryl: but nato supreme commander is sounding the alarm on russia. >> russia's continued aggressive actions and malign influence remain a top concern
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and very high priority. we cannot fully be certain of what russia will do next and still cannot fully discern mr. putin's intent. right now i do not see them as a partner. cheryl: i am joined rint by lieutenant colonel ralph peters, fox news military analyst. first 50 special forces. will include some aircraft, they're going to be operating out of our base in southern turkey. should we just send them a fruit basket instead? this is going to be much of an offering to help the rebels in syria. >> now, cheryl, you've nailed it. this is not a major shift in policy. this is more incrementalism. as president obama strives to do the absolute minimum he can to shore up a catastrophically failing policy. and these 50 men on the ground, they'll make a local difference, it all helps a little bit. but it's not going to be strategically decisive and, oh, by the way, when you send in our special operators, you don't tell people.
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it's supposed to be a secret. when you're announcing you're spending up to 50 special forces into eastern syria, that's like an invitation to islamic state to kidnap those guys or kill them. it's just absolutely not how you do it. it's pro posterrous and weak and a sign of this president's overall inability to deal with reality. cheryl: okay. so this doesn't really benefit the syrian rebels whatsoever, i'm not this is going to hepa sad in any way, but are we actually helping the russians and the iranians by making this meaningless gesture, no offense to our troops, the men in our military are amazing and they will do incredible work but their hands are going to be just as tied as anyone. are we helping the russians and the iranians? >> yeah, that's the key question. you've done your homework. although obviously we want to destroy islamic state. and on my secretary carrie have been maneuvered into such a disastrous position that
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there's a division of labor in syria enforced by iran and russia. whereas we fight islamic state for them and they go after our guys for the assad government. so every time we do succeed against islamic state at this point, we're helping -- yes, we're helping the curds but primarily propping up the assad are jeem and making it so iran and russia don't have to do it. we're doing their dirty work for them. cheryl: right? >> it's just strategically incomprehensible. cheryl: two quick questions first. iran coming to the table in vena. good idea or bad idea? >> bad idea. once again we're promoting iran. iran is gone thanks to secretary carrie and president obama from state deeply troubled that was killing americans in iraq to now being welcome as our equal partner. oh, by the way, of all the
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platitudes espoused by this administration, there's the worst is there's no problem to iraq and syria, there's only military solution and iraq and russia are imposing. cheryl: i am just being told we received a statement from general petraeus saying that he believes that this is a positive move, general petraeus saying this is a positive move. >> well, it is a positive move in a very small way. this is -- you know, this is basically -- it's not dealing with nationwide crime, it's dealing with crime in des moines. it's not part of a compressive vision, there's no real strategy here. so, yes, it will help out locally, it will not be decisive. it's another incremental step that will ultimately fail. cheryl: well, and also too i just want to point out to our viewers the other big headline happening today is that they detained an iranian businessman, dual citizenship, based out of dubai and his family has not heard from him and this is the iranians once
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again snubbing their nose. >> yeah. frankly we she always send our military in as a absolute rest resort. and is when you send them in, you've got to pile on. the advantage of being a superpower and you save lives in the long run by doing it right in the first place. cheryl: colonel ralph peters, thank you so much for being here. a lot of breaking news certainly in the middle east and our fight against syria and the rebels there. even though the markets are in the red the last hour of trading, one sweet halloween treat for all of you, all three major u.s. embassies are on track to end their best month in four years. let's get to our floor show, we've got traders at the new york stock exchange, and first standing by at the new york stock exchange. financials not doing sole today, steven. >> you know, they're not but i'm looking at retail, it's under the radar, look at
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retailers, internet retail, catalog, brick and motor, we're going to the retail part of the season and it looks like amazon setting up. cheryl: record high again forona look at the major embassies, again, as we have month of october, there's a lot of bullish sentiment that this could carry through the end of the year and getting more clarity through the feds. do you like what we're hearing? >> yeah. i think so you can't find a bear now. five weeks ago you couldn't turn right or left without finding a bear, we've come back higher of 500 points of the record highs, the s&p flirting with 2,100 again. so i think all in all, a week from today we've got unemployment, we'll see if the market moves off of that. but you've got a lot of short covering and we'll see how that plays out coming up next week. cheryl: all right, alan, harry, i mentioned the sector
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but oil is a big discussion, we've got plenty of oil, plenty of crude out there yet the contract took a hit. so some strange moves in the oil contract this week. >> there are has been some strange moves. it's difficult to figure out which way it's going from here. it looks like it's rallying based on what's happening in the stock market but we have an oversupply, so we should be coming off. what i'm looking for is two very special levels, one on the downside, 4450 we break that, i think we see the low 40s to high 30s and then the upside, 49.27, we break that, i think we see 55, 60, so that's what i'm looking for, a break out either way to take a bet on which way we're going. cheryl: guys, thank you very much. happy halloween. >> hollow halloween. >> thank you. cheryl: coming up. it is not just the markets that are off to the races. triple crown winner american pharaoh is back in action for his final race this weekend. just a little part of action
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cheryl: our halloween segment on star wars costumes big hit on social media yesterday. and house often do you see chubacha escorting the agency director out of the studio? here's what you said about the segment yesterday, dave barker tweeted this, you always get to meet the best a listers. and rob young posted this on facebook, more like beauty and the beast. of course halloween is tomorrow. the weather expected to be dry and cloudy in the northeast with some showers in the brought lakes area, parts of the south and the northwest expected to get some showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. so you've got to dress your kids appropriately. there's your forecast tomorrow. big news, by the way, don't forget to turn your clocks back. daylight savings time is going to end 2:00 a.m. sunday november 1st. yeah, you enjoy that extra hour. all right. we've got some breaking news right now. we have just been told that hillary clinton and there she
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is has just walked out onto the stage, she is about to address the african-americans for hillary campaign. this is in atlanta, georgia at clark atlanta university. we're waiting for her to come out and speak, she's just being introduced there in atlanta, georgia, big crowd, certainly a lot of excitement for her but the big news is we're waiting for some e-mails, we've just been told by our dc bureau that -- about 15 minutes ago, we don't have them yet but we're being told about 7,000 pages of clinton e-mails -- this is going to be the largest production to date ever of these e-mails being released at once, we expect them any moment. again, we were hoping they were going to come out about 15 minutes ago, so we expect our bureau in dc, peter barns standing by but, again, more clinton e-mails about to be released. these are going to be from 2009, 2010. this will meet the order that
3:17 pm
was -- this is from the doj, by the way. meet the order from about 51% by october 30th. so they're taking it right to the darn deadline, i'll tell you that. thank you, doj, but this will contain, again, potentially 7,000 e-mails from hillary clinton, 2009, 2010 and there she is live right now she's about to speak at a campaign, in any event, atlanta, georgia. all right. we've got 43 minutes to go right now until the markets close. take a look where the markets are right now because, again, we're about to have the best month -- at least for october, that we have not had in four years. so best month in four years for the dow, the nasdaq, and the s&p, this is big, energy stocks really big today, moving higher, financials are lower, we need to close at 17,224, we've got that, come on, the s&p and the nasdaq as well, very strong performance for october, don't be scared. it's okay. i believe we're going to take a break -- no, we're not because somebody
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walked in and he looks like he wants to talk to me, and i'm assuming i need to do that, bill ackman, the hedge fund giant saying this morning that he hasn't lost confidence in his investment in the company. this comes as valiant has announced and is cutting all ties with mail order pharmacy after regarding its relationship with the company. let's look at the stock, down 16%,cvs also announcing they're severing ties and have made down about 4.5%. so as charlie just told me a no good, horrible, very bad year. well, right now the billionaire's hedge if you understand is down 11% compared to last year when it ended the year up nearly 40%. what does this for for investors? charlie gasparino patiently waiting for me to stop talking. >> i remember last year i was at a conference, and i was talking to somebody that was involved in -- worked for
3:19 pm
herbal life and the fact that bill ackman was at the top of the world, magazine covers, touting his investment success, and as you remember he has a short against herbal life saying it's a pyramid scheme and it was bearing some fruit. he was the king of the wall street hedge fund investing of investment business. so -- and a year later, look at him now. he's down as of the last numbers and the last numbers don't take into account what's going on with valiant today, one of his biggest positions. holds very concentrated positions, down more than 15%, remember up nearly 40% last year. he's probably going to be down more and i tell you. cheryl: it's not funny. actually i kind of laughed, and i shouldn't have. that's a pretty big hit. >> well, yeah. cheryl: that affects a lot of other people, not just your. >> truly he has investors and it is a nervous laugh because i can understand where you're coming from because, you know,
3:20 pm
when you're up that high, and you do a 180 and to go this low, it just shows you how thick this business is. cheryl: you people like activism. >> yes. and all these guys. all these guys are run hot and cold. i would -- you know, there's a simple rule if you're the average investor out there and you're saying should i put my money or do some of the same stock trades as bill ackman? this is where i stay away from the celebrity investors. whenever i see their perspectives on a cover of a magazine, that is the top. and i'll tell you he was on the picture i think bloomberg business week around this time last year, maybe a little bit later, and it was really all of them. it was really amazing where he is now, and i tell you. what we do know about persian square, and i talked to people, they're bracing for big time redemptions from investors because he's going to be down more than 15%, he's got valiant which seems to not have a floor just yet and a couple of other ones that are big losers.
3:21 pm
so we're talking about a fund that is -- there's a good chance that he might be down 20 to 30% this year, which is, you know, almost equal to the 40% he was up last year. liz: and that affects the companies that he's going after investing and betting against. >> yeah. and here's one of his things that could really crush him this year. if herbal life gets what the company saying it's going to get, not quite a clean bill but not be put out of business, going to have to comply with some stuff but they're okay. get out of this ftc investigations swirl. if that happens and that stock goes up instead of down, he's got some really big problems this year. cheryl: charlie gasparino, happy halloween. >> is today halloween? cheryl: tomorrow. >> oh, tomorrow. what are you going to dress up as? you look like a cheerleader. cheryl: guess what i'm going to be? >> what? cheryl: a flight attendant. anyway we're going to leave it there. all right. coming up next paul ryan, he's the new house speaker, and he says he plans
3:22 pm
to fix the broken house. so where will he start? budgets? tax reform? we're going to take it up with our political panel. more count down on the way
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cheryl: we have got a huge sports weekend coming up. besides the nfl, the nba, and the nhl all now in regular season play, the world series shifts back here to new york this weekend. game three between the mets and the royals tonight at city field. on sunday, you've got the 45th new york city marathon expected to draw more than 50,000 runners, that's going to make it the biggest marathon in the world. and this weekend triple crown winner american pharaoh will run the final mile and a quarter of his career at the breeders cup in lexington, kentucky, will american pharaoh storybook career end with a bang?
3:27 pm
joining me now on a fox business exclusive. craig, it is a pleasure to have you here. what's the mood down in lexington today? ahead of the race this weekend? >> well, i think it's electric, you know? we just put the horses in the paddock, and we've got a huge it'sd here and they really exciting for us. cheryl: all the discussion, especially for the financial perspective, we don't know yet what this horse is going to take in upon his i guess requirement but it really isn't. that must be the big story down there for you. what kind do you think american pharaoh is going to get and do you think it's going to be record breaking? >> well, he's certainly in a command of premium. what they're going to set him at is a closely held secret right now. there's speculation anywhere
3:28 pm
between 150,000 and $200,000. so we'll let you know as soon as we hear. cheryl: well, let's talk about the breeders cup and i know you've been running it there since 2011 and some of the numbers who have been attending, private jet bookings up 200%, we should say that american pharaoh is coming home to his birthplace to run his final race. the last seven years we've had this race at other parks, how are ticket sales for you? we're hearing they're pretty song and maybe several million higher. >> actually they're almost double from what we did last year at santa anita. we sold about $7.8 million last year, and this year 17, 18, $19 million and really all people until the world have as you heard with both fists here. cheryl: well, i have to tell you, then it was american
3:29 pm
pharaoh, and really in the heart of breeders country, we should say, craig breeders cup ceo, craig, thank you so much. it was great to speak with you today. enjoy the weekend. all right. he probably can't hear me. this horse racing and all kinds of stuff going on behind him. coming up our fox sports one impersonation continues. the new york mets hoping tonight's the night to win the first world series game in 15 years. we're going to take you live to city field. and dark clouds hanging over the sunshine state politically anyway as florida becomes the biggest battleground state as former governor and senator rebuking it out on the campaign trail. the latest on the developing war between jeb bush and marco rubio. that's next on countdown when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill?
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♪ ♪ cheryl: closing bell's going to ring, 27 minutes to go, and we're near the lows of the day. don't worry about it, this is not going to stop every single index on your screen from closing out the best month in four years. the month of october, this is the best performance that we have seen. now you've got your dow down 50, s&p down five and a quarter, nasdaq -- don't worry about it because we've had a very strong month for the month of october. also a couple of stocks we're going to show you of some consumer names you're going to want to hear about. let's look at shares of exxonmobil. the oil giant said profit and sales fell much less than expected. the stock's got a ways to go, down 11% for the year, but it's up 3.1% right now -- 1.1% right now. chevron beat expectations of both the top and the bottom line, saying they're going to cut spending and also have up to 7,000 jobs cut in the coming years, and, you know, wall
3:35 pm
street likes job cuts. all right, paul ryan's future in focus. he will officially become the 54th speaker of house on sunday. he's also the youngest to hold the gavel in over 140 years. but in his 17 years in congress, he's not only had an impressive resumé having served as chairman of two of the most powerful committees in the house, there's the question what's he going to do first? he's got grand plans, he wants to overhaul the tax code, slash federal spending, rewrite social contracts for medicare and for social security. he's also an outspoken supporter of the trans-pacific partnership, i'm joined by a republican strategist, brad blakeman. richard, let me start with you on the democratic side. it seems that some democrats are actually, you know, encouraged by paul ryan as the next speaker.
3:36 pm
are we going to actually see bipartisanship? >> god forbid, huh? well, look, he did cut that deal with patty murray, and that was very civil and very constructive in terms of the country's finances. and everything he said yesterday about regular order, about committee chairs calling the shots, about everybody kind of from the ground up having a say in the matter, that's all great. you know what though? john boehner said exactly the same thing when he came in, and now there's a sense of turning the page and so forth. so, look, i would say people wish paul ryan well across the board, but all those things you ticked off that he has in mind to do are going to have to wait until he's got 60 votes in the senate and a republican in the white house, because the ryan budget was actually kind of toxic publicly. not among house republicans, but certainly in the broad public. so i think those ideas are probably not going to be something he's going to lead with. he doesn't want to split his conference sooner than he has to. cheryl: okay, so, brad, from a
3:37 pm
republican standpoint, from a strategic standpoint for the party, for the house gop, what do you think he should tackle first? what's the most realistic thing for him to tackle first so he doesn't lose his mojo? >> well, right now i think he's got the blessing of a united caucus. he's got a short honeymoon period, as we've seen by the kind words of the democrats. so he has a short window to establish his own reputation as speaker, and i think one of the easiest things to tackle now that the budget ceiling has been put off to 2017 is tackling entitlements and making sure that we're bringing order to chaos in medicare, medicaid, in social security and also giving confidence to those people in need. and if he can do that with bipartisan help, he's well on his way to establishing himself as a transformational speaker. because of his age, because of his bona fides in actually policy, if anybody can do it, he can. cheryl: a couple of the big
3:38 pm
political stories i want to get to, marco rubio. harry reid, basically, is saying that he thinks that rubio, marco rubio -- who's, of course, running for president -- should resign. richard, does harry reid have a point? >> you know, i think jeb bush made that point in the debate. i don't think from the democrats' stand point having harry reid kind of pile on helps that. if anything, that gives marco rubio even more ammunition to stiff arm this. look, jeb bush is not going to go down without a fight. remember what his brother did against john mccain in the south carolina primary, all the things he dredged up in the year 2000. you know, kevin mccarthy was undone partly because a colleague of his said let's not promote somebody to speaker unless we know there's skeletons in his closet. i predict we're going to hear about marco rubio's from jeb bush. [laughter] so we'll see. if he doesn't and he's clean, great. but if jeb bush has anything on him -- cheryl: right. >> -- we're going to know about that pretty soon.
3:39 pm
cheryl: brad, what do you make of these leaked documents from the bush campaign, this event where they met with donors and really tried to assure them that things are okay? it kind of came out that he's going to start to play dirty with marco rubio. again, these are leaked documents that we've all had a chance to look at it, and it looks like the bush campaign is about to start fighting unfair. >> surprise, surprise. this is politics. it's not surprising that leaked documents come out. and by the way, harry reid is a hypocrite. where was he when senator hillary clinton and senator barack obama were running for president? did he call for their resignation? no, he did not. cheryl: okay. so what do you make of jeb going after rubio? >> it's part of the political process. you have to take the good with the bad, and rubio's going to have to face those charges. and by the way, there are going to be leaked documents, i'm sure, from every campaign. the question is whether those leaked documents have any instance of factual, credible evidence that can be used against somebody. cheryl: okay. >> you take politics with the
3:40 pm
good and the bad, that's part of the process. cheryl: okay, richard, so much going on today, i've got to move on to this. bernie sanders met with vice president joe biden, obviously, he wants the endorsement of the vice president, hillary clinton's going to want the endorsement of the vice president. >> right. cheryl: took him a long time to figure out he wasn't going to run. when do you think the vice president's going to endorse a candidate? >> he will endorse a candidate the day after that candidate has locked up the majority of the delegates or the day after her opponent gets out. look, this notion -- with all due respect to bernie sanders -- that we have a competitive race on the democratic side is, in my humble opinion, a figment of the press' imagination. people are invested in the notion that there's this knockdown, drag-out fight and so forth, but it's not. every poll has her up 40 in every state that matters except iowa and new hampshire. cheryl: gentlemen, to both of you as well, we're looking at live pictures. hillary clinton is speaking at a campaign event in atlanta, georgia, right now.
3:41 pm
we should also remind our viewers that we are expecting at some point, at any moment, to get 7,000 new e-mails released from the doj. guys, i want to ask you about that. brad, to you first. another 7,000 e-mails. this is the biggest e-mail dump we have gotten. these will be from 2009-2010. i don't know, brad, it doesn't seem like the e-mail scandal's going away for mrs. clinton. >> well, i wouldn't say that. the fbi, as we speak, is conducting a serious criminal investigation. and i suspect sooner rather than later we'll have a finding, and it can go one of two ways. one is a referral that there's probable cause to believe crimes have been committed, or they're going to clear her. and if they clear her, she is all but coronated for becoming the nominee and maybe becoming the next president. because she would have beatennen two scandals; one, the e-mails and, two, benghazi. cheryl: richard, last word on the e-mail scandal. >> a year from now republicans
3:42 pm
will say what were we thinking by putting so many eggs in the benghazi and e-mail scandals. the public wants to hear what you as a candidate are going to do to improve their lives, not about stuff like this which doesn't really matter to them. the one thing we didn't know months ago is hillary clinton had some odd affection for making sure you could import a fish into the u.s. beyond that, honestly, it's been kind of a big snooze. oh, and she didn't know how to install a fax machine. i think this thing is playing out not so badly for her. cheryl: i'm getting some breaking news with regards to the jeb bush campaign. richard, i want to ask you this and brad as well. first, brad, to you. we're just finding out it look like the coo of jeb bush's campaign is stepping down. once again, we are just getting this breaking news in that the coo of jeb bush's campaign is stepping down. brad, your instant reaction to this, sir. >> look, it doesn't surprise me. we're still early in the process, there are going to be
3:43 pm
changes in many of the campaigns. so i don't take this as anything other than a personnel change. remember, john mccawn had the same type of -- mccain had the same type of action in his campaign, and he turned out to be the nominee. >> and so did ronald reagan. cheryl: richard, okay. we should say this is the highest ranking official known to lose, either resign, lose their job, whatever you want to say, step down, spend time with their family. this is the highest departure we have seen in jeb bush's campaign. and, again, this is just breaking, and we're seeing a statement here. again, a departure, high-level departure, the highest level -- >> one quick thing, if i can. yesterday when jeb bush was asked whether his campaign was cratering, he said we've got money, we've got organization. he didn't say we have a candidate. and that was pretty telling that he couldn't own up and say i, you know, my campaign, meaning i, have what it takes. and he doesn't seem quite able to make that case personally. cheryl: a lot of breaking news coming through during our time
3:44 pm
together, gentlemen. thank you very much. it was great to have you here and, of course, we will see if we get those 7,000 e-mails from hillary clinton, or from the doj, we should say, guys. thank you very much. do want to let you know, a tune-in alert. next up when it comes to the debates, we are ready. mark it on your calendars, november 10th, less than two weeks away, you're going to have trish, sandra, maria, the entire fox business family is going to be involved. we're talking the economy, and the debate is going to be about business, and you will see it here on the fox business network. the new york mets are hosting their first world series in 15 years. game three of the series tonight. rick leventhal is on the scene with a live report. that's next on "countdown." ♪ ♪ so what about that stock? sure thing, right? actually, knowing the kind of risk that you're comfortable with, i'd steer clear.
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♪ ♪ cheryl: closing bell rings, we've got 11 minutes to go. and while we're off session lows, and it is going to be the best october for stocks in four years, the dow down 19 points, we're looking good, we're looking very, very good. two stocks that have been on fire, starbucks and amazon, touching new lifetime highs today. starbucks reporting revenue of 18% for the fourth quarter, amazon hitting its second lifetime high in a row after reporting better than expected earnings last week. starbucks, as you can see, trading up a quarter, amazon up $1.19. well, the heat is on. the mets are going to try to come back from a two-game deficit as the world series returns to citi field tonight for game three. rick leventhal is hive from citi field in queens -- is live from citi field on what tonight's game meets for the -- means for the mets and the royals. how is it out there?
3:50 pm
>> reporter: a little chilly, it's onety. this is the first time the mets have hosted a world series game here since they moved into citi field, and they're down two games to none. but the new york fans will remind you they were down 2-0 to the red sox back in 1986, the last time they won the world series. so is they came back then, and they can certainly come back again tonight. to do so, they're going to have to start hitting the ball and start striking out some royals' batters. these guys do not strike out. so that's ooh a big -- that's a big -- it's on the list tonight for the mets' pitcher and for the staff here. we were on the field just a short time ago, cheryl. not a lot going on right now, they're getting the field ready. the players should begin warming up in the next few minutes or so. among them, the starting pitchers for the royals tonight, it'll be yordano ventura, and the mets, of course, noah syndergaard who's been nicknamed thor by fans because of his
3:51 pm
long, golden locks and also his 100 mile-per-hour fastball. we expect to see perhaps a defensive struggle tonight. we mentioned the mets being down 2-0. no team has ever been down 3-0 and come back to win the world series, so the mets definitely have their work cut out for them. here's what the managers had to say about tonight's game. >> we're down, but we're not out, and we fought back so many times this year that this is just another challenge that we have to meet, and so far we've met 'em all. >> you put the right pieces together, you can be successful, and that's what dayton moore has done. he's filled this team with a bunch of tremendous athletes, with tremendous character and a will to win. >> reporter: new york's own billy joel will sing the national anthem before tonight's game, and former all-star mets' catcher mike piazza will throw out the first pitch. cheryl: and i'm hearing a little billy joel tonight, right, rick?
3:52 pm
>> reporter: yeah. looking forward to that. cheryl: that's going to be an amazing evening. all right, rick leventhal, a great assignment out at citi field. >> reporter: absolutely. cheryl: hope you get to hang out and go to the game. thank you, sir. we are just minutes to go until the closing bell. october wasn't so scary, major averages on track for the best month in four years, but what does this mean for the rest of the year, and how should you be preparing portfolio? coming up next. go mets! we'll be right back.
3:53 pm
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with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform, the information that's important to you is all in one place, so finding more insight is easier. it's your idea powered by active trader pro. another way fidelity gives you a more powerful investing experience. call our specialists today to get up and running. cheryl: we're just five minutes from the close, closing out the best month for the s&p 500 in four years, the index is up about 9% for the quarter. but ashley webster has heads on stocks that are up double diligence. >> yeah, things have been pretty good as you just pointed out, let's take a look at the top hot stocks on the s&p, up 42%, and going to be
3:56 pm
bought out by western digital for about $19 billion in cash and stock. and then we have wind resort, been a tough go for the gamblers, the chinese government hinted they may help like that economy, so that gave a boost to wynn. and up slightly today but up 31% on the month, the chemical maker with its rivals for its agricultural business, a lot of consolidation going on with that particular sector, that's provided some support for the stock. trip advisor up 28% this month, getting a nice boost after priceline said its customers can now book hotel rooms on the travel review website, more options, bigger exposure, and what about the amazon? up 22% this month. it's just a pure momentum play, continues to gain ground, the stock price goes up and the big holiday season and a lot of anticipation of what amazon will do this year.
3:57 pm
cheryl. cheryl: all right, ashley webster on the floor of the new york stock exchange, a lot of positive numbers, thank you, ashley. >> thank you. cheryl: so setting up for november, let's bring in drew, trust chairman, drew, things look pretty good. are you bullish? >> well, we sort of are and thank you for having us back on the show. yeah, we're feeling pretty good about things. what was the last couple of months? i think it was something having to do with a slowdown in china and maybe something to do with the fed but you know what really happened on the way to october? earnings turned out to be a lot better than expected. now, maybe expectations were low but we really had a good set of earnings coming out. so i think that's what's really buoyed stocks so if we see a rally fall through from here to year end, it's going to be on expectation. cheryl: it's so hard, though, and i just want to point out that we're hitting session lows for the dow, down 65 points, so we're hitting
3:58 pm
session lows but still all we need to do here for the dow is close at 17,224. i mean we've got it. it's here and that means we had the best month in four years for the month of october anyway. the s&p, 2,025 is the number, we're going to make that, we're on track for a good month, the fed, though. that's the thing. if they come in december, and they do -- and it seems like there's a better chance that we're going to see that hike in december, does that derail the markets at any point or are we just ready? >> well, so it's not what the fed does, it's the fed's marginal language going forward; right? so it's what they say about what they're going to do, going forward. and, you know, it's really still an even bet they don't do anything. i mean given how they behave in september and then the latest october statement, it's a pretty even bet they do nothing in december and then we probably really would be off to the raises. but still at some point we're going to have to look to something besides fed either
3:59 pm
here or around the world to buoy stock values because we're in a earnings recession here. we need something to tell us about economic activity, specifically here above 2%. cheryl: right? >> and then around the world above flat. cheryl: all right. well, we'll see what they say. >> a lot to come. cheryl: we'll see what they say. we're moving to the close, drew, i just want to know real quick the dow hitting session lowe's and looking like we are going to have the best month for the dow, the s&p, and the nasdaq for the month of october we've seen in four years. that's it for countdown and now over to david and melissa francis. david: happy halloween. cheryl: there you go. david: well, white house just announced that special opens forces are going to be sent to syria to fight isis, and captain chuck gnash is going to weigh in just a moment.
4:00 pm
melissa: and the rnc now pulling the plug on nbc's debate in february, that's a lot of letters in there. carls joins us with his thoughts. david: i think he knows what's going to happen. and the mets, hoping to turn things around tonight after losing the first two games in the world series, although they did it in '86, we're going to go live to city pier . melissa: but first we are wrapping up the last trading day in october winning all averages up or near 9%, the best month in four years as the bell sounds on wall street. david: and here's where we're looking up today, oil less than a full percent but everything else was down and there's negative sell, a lot of selling going on at the close of the session, it looks like we may settle around 100 points to the downside. we'll wait and see how it all turns out over the weekend. melissa: and while markets wait for tomorrow, here's everything you need to know right now. a major shift in strategy against is


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