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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  October 30, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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melissa: and the rnc now pulling the plug on nbc's debate in february, that's a lot of letters in there. carls joins us with his thoughts. david: i think he knows what's going to happen. and the mets, hoping to turn things around tonight after losing the first two games in the world series, although they did it in '86, we're going to go live to city pier . melissa: but first we are wrapping up the last trading day in october winning all averages up or near 9%, the best month in four years as the bell sounds on wall street. david: and here's where we're looking up today, oil less than a full percent but everything else was down and there's negative sell, a lot of selling going on at the close of the session, it looks like we may settle around 100 points to the downside. we'll wait and see how it all turns out over the weekend. melissa: and while markets wait for tomorrow, here's everything you need to know right now. a major shift in strategy against isis. the white house aught rising
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special operation forces to, though, front lines of iraq and syria to fight the islamic state kevin cork from the white house. kevin, how is the white house framing this? >> melissa, that's a great question because you're going to hear a lot of people over the next 24 hours talking about that this is simply an expansion of existing strategy. that's the way they're framing it but i think it's also instructed to see how the white house is going about this. you mentioned we're talking about in addition of special operations forces and that's separate from special ops or special forces, this is a broad swap of individuals, up to 50 that has been approved by the president. but keep this in mind, by adding attack helicopters and f15s, by going into this agreement with the iraqis, a lot is moving and the white house will acknowledge that this is nothing else than a change in strategy. >> the decision that the president has made is to further intensify our support for those forces that have
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made that progress against isil and all along we have indicated that the president is prepared to intensify this elements of our strategy that are showing promise. >> don't you love that? intensify our strategy. it's not a shift, it's not brand-new, it's what we've been doing, this is an intensification of what we've been doing. that's what they're saying here at the white house. we're also talking, melissa, about real lives and boots on the ground. melissa: kevin, the white house folks in this press really hard today about the president's promised before no american boots on the ground, how did they it respond? >> well, listen a rose by any other name would smell sweet; right? this is a very serious situation, melissa. they're trying to say that what the president said previously was really a reaction to a question about what the bush administration did. listen careful to how the president said it back in 2013 and then what josh earnest said about it today. >> my assistance simple.
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i will not put american boots on the ground in syria. i will not pursue an open-ended action like iraq or afghanistan. >> the president did go out of his way to make it quite clear that our strategy is different. the strategy that difference existed then and that difference exists today. >> so what's the question? is this mission or not? i went back and forth with josh earnest on that today he said, no, it is not. our strategy has shifted, it has evolved but the mission is the same. that's their story and they're sticking to it but no matter what you call it, melissa, boots on the ground and they're going to be engaged in combat at some point or another. melissa: i bet he's glad it's friday. thank you so much. david: and here with reaction, retired navy captain and fox news military analyst. captain, good to see you. specifically what are these troops on the ground going to be doing? >> well, david, i think what the president has said and what josh earnest has pointed out is they're going to go in
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there to train and advise. good luck with that because they're only going to be 50 guys, i hope that we have annex filtration plan and extraction plan to get them out of there in case this all goes south because sides shift around quite a bit in duplicity is in the genes over there. so going to have to be careful with these guys and, oh, by the way, if they're going to be advising people that the russians and the syrians are bombing, maybe the russians and syrians are going to be a threat to our people and if we try to put a no fly zone over the top of them, which some people are talking about, without taking down the syrian air defenses, this has escalation written all over the and whoever the congressman that said too little too late is spot on. this is too little too late. david: our troops need a safe place to camp. they need some kind of safe haven. you can't go area control by assad, he's our maine, or isis, they'll cut your head
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off. you can't go in areas controlled by rebels that we favor because they're being bombed by the russians. so where's where's the safe haven? >> up the northern strip with the kurdish border with turkey and that's where they're going to put them. david: hold on a second. they say that they're going to be in syria, the areas in syria that our rebels, the so-called good rebels are encamped is an area now being bombed by the russians. there's no safe haven. >> absolutely not. and when the dust settles on this you're going to find out that these guys are up there supporting the curds, they've used language like supporting those forces who are taking the fight to isis. well, the guys that we're backing, those guys are not really fighting isis as much as they're fighting the regime. so i think what you're going to find out is all if not some -- some if not all of these guys are going to be up
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in the kurdish areas working with the ypg and the curds don't have the stomach to fight outside of their areas. they just wanted to defend their areas. so i think this is a lot about nothing and normally special ops deattachment this small would not be mentioned. we have special operators in over 100 countries worldwide right now but the administration had to do this because after that clip that you just played, the read my lips no new taxes equivalent that president obama inside troops on the ground, they had to announce it because if they didn't and people found out they were there, then -- david: well, the point is our troops -- there's in just question that there's no safe haven in syria if they're in syria, they're in a lot of trouble, it's either going toesque layer or become a quagmire, we thank you very much. >> you bet. melissa: all right. the fall out from cnbc's debate getting worse from the national committee, the rnc polling the
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republican primary debate that was supposed to be in february and suspending the relationship with nbc but nbc isn't staying silent either. >> well, when it comes to debates, the rnc says its done with nbc. sent a letter to the network today saying it will not participate in nbc's next scheduled debate in february. writing in part quote we understand that nbc does not exercise full editorial control over cnbc's journalistic approach, however, the network is an arm of your organization, and we need to ensure there's not a repeat performance. cnbc has taken criticism for its handling of wednesday night's debate. the republican candidates expressed serious discontent with the moderators during the debate and the scrutiny did not die down any afterwards. highlighted several points in his letter that the first open ended question did not evolve the promise topic of the
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economy, that donald trump was asked if his campaign was a comic book version of the process and that the overall night fell short of addressing the issues evolving the economy. he added the moderators engaged in a series of gotcha questions. nbc responded this afternoon with a brief statement quote this is a disappointing development, however, along with our debate broadcast partners, we will work in good faith to resolve this matter with the republican party. back to you in new york. melissa: blake, thank you so much. here with his take on the rnc versus nbc, daily caller editor and chief of a fox news contributor. so nbc just cost a lot of money. >> i don't know sure. melissa: they can't be happy about that. >> they're not happy. they're so unhappy that tom, the anchor of the network went after the moderators today on a nbc station. so, yeah, i mean the moderators did no service to the channel they work for. for sure.
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melissa: the letter from the rnc pointed out specific things that the candidates were questions of financial matters, it saw, they were promised that speaking time would be careful monitored, the questions weren't accurate, down right offensive, you watch the clips back. so how does nbc respond to this? because, you know, i mean this is based in fact. >> well, what a missed opportunity if i would just note. you want to ask nasty questions, i'm for those. i think that's good. you could have crushed these guys if you're cnbc. first question. what does the federal reserve do exactly? be precise in your answer. how are interest rates determined? most of these candidates know nothing. instead they ask comic book question. in the end, i think this blows over because really the rnc is not in charge, the candidates are. melissa: at this point you've got to think the candidates are a little bit sick of doing this. they're watching everyone else -- the networks are making a lot of money. >> right. melissa: the candidates that
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are ahead don't want to do it anymore and the ones that aren't ahead don't have a lot of leverage. so do we end up seeing fewer debates? >> probably. it's not the in the interest of the frontrunners, it never has been, there would be a couple of people who would be doing better if they hadn't appeared in debates, in one particular. and one point to make is that voters do benefit watching them hash it out and deal with nasty questions. i don't know why that's bad for voters, i think it's good for them. melissa: no. but there has to be a question at the end of it, a lot of them were singers. >> well, they were candidate jones, i hate you, please respond. melissa: do you think ultimately they make a deal and nbc makes back nice because that's kind of in the nature of this group. it's kind of like trump's on the network and then not and then he's back and they've made peace or whatever, do you think nbc makes peace and they're back on. >> i think it's in everyone's interest, fox has shown that
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you can get massive numbers and revenue do you just a moderately -- it doesn't take much, it's inherently interesting, just don't screw up, don't put john on tv, that's insane. what i mean? if you don't cross a certain threshold, you're fine. melissa: all right, tucker, thank you sop of. i know those people. david: the democratic debate anyway. you won't have to go very far or wait very long for the next gop debate, tune into fox business republican debate, all begins november 1st, we've got trish regan and then you stay tuned for the prime time debate 9:00 p.m. eastern time, maria and neil cavuto they're going to be cuff and substantive. you can count on it. despite ending the day in the red, seeing the best of gains since october of 2011. ashley webster standing by on the floor of the new york stock exchange. ashley, tell us the winners. >> for the month as you just pointed out some very good
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individual performances on the s&p. let's take a look at some of these top winners for the month. isan disk gaining 42% on the month, down a bit today with of course that we know the western digital has announced that it is going to buy san disk for some 19 billion in cash and stock and that's why san disk is up so much this month. wynn resorts has been a tough go, the gambling, especially with the chinese slow down but only this month the chinese government say they may give a boost to the economy. wynn resorts up 31.5% this month. again, just a slight gain today. dupont, the chemical maker for its agriculture business, that sparked a lot of speculation that will will, in fact, make dupont's value greater by splitting up essentially. dupont up 31% in the month of august it may be halloween but up for these stocks, david, not bad at all.
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melissa: not bad at all. ashley, thank you very much. >> mu pleasure. melissa: meanwhile 6,000 nonviolent prisoners being released today from federal prisoners all across the country like the so-called nonviolent drug offender who just killed a cop in new york? well, we're going to see and talk about it with macdonald. melissa: and another big dodge from hillary clinton's e-mails, we've got the details of what they contain. that is coming up. david: and former house speaker john boehner with a noel holds bar interview with my bud owe bill, bill is here in a moment
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the rollover consultants give you step-by-step help. no set-up fees. use your potion. sorry, not you. my pleasure. goodnight, tim. for all the confidence you need. who's tim? td ameritrade. you got this. david: retiring john boehner passing the house speaker gavel over to paul ryan, ending a 25-year in congress,
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the former house speaker spoke to fox news bill about his return to the house, host of america -- is this a man who feels betrayed? is this a man who feels that he failed somehow? >> failed? i don't think he would use that word. i think he would say that washington, he resigned himself to the following reality years ago. washington is slow, he called it a long, slow struggle. and washington never moves at the pace that you want it to. david: now, he did have a specific goal, laid out a goal, his ten steps to make america a better place. john boehner's goal was called -- >> it was. david: and you asked him about that. >> four years ago this was a big deal, david. this would have taken debt and deficit spending to remarkable low numbers. it would have cut trillions off of our debt. it would have put entitlements
4:18 pm
under control for 20 years plus. and according to his recalling of the story, they were that close. david: well, we have a sound bite from it. let's play that. >> how close were you really to getting a grand bargain? with the white house? >> we had an agreement. i sat in the oval office with the president of the united states, eric and i shook hands with the president, the deal was done. >> three days later he got a call with the white house suggesting more tax increases and he said that is something i cannot do. now, he has told that story to me before. the white house says it's not true. it did not happen that way. david: who do you believe? >> boehner's sticking to it. that's the interview i had yesterday. david: who do you believe? >> it is my belief based on the 25 years that i have known john boehner that he would never lie to me or anyone else. david: now, betrayal is a word we use at the beginning of this segment. does he feel -- obviously he feels betrayed by the president. you thought he had the deal
4:19 pm
and he didn't get it, but does he feel more betrayed by the conservatives of the republican party who wanted him out? >> it's a two-part answer. what goes on to say the shock he felt when the deal was on off? with the handshake and a look in the eye in the oval office, that was shock. the other thing, he was just made for the country, because he believes americans would be off today with regard to to his conservatives in the republican caucus, about 30 or 40 gave him a rough ride. and you could make it the argument they forced him for the speakership, he was tired for it. but he will say that nothing in washington is perfect and they wanted it perfect and he could never make it that way. his proudest moment, the pope. his lowest moment was the grand bargain that fell apart. david: and the pope of course was the day before he resigned. i wonder if there's a connection there. america's newsroom. >> thank you, david. david: good to see you, bill. melissa. melissa: more hillary e-mails
4:20 pm
revealed, the state department releasing more than 7,000 pages of hillary clinton's private server just moments ago. the first batch since last week's benghazi hearing, peter barns is standing by with what he's seeing with the relief. >> well, hi, melissa, this is the 6th release of the e-mails and the latest tranch of 30,000 e-mails that were sent through her personal e-mail account while she was secretary of state, 4,400 new e-mails, more than 7,000 pages as you mentioned largely covering her work from 2009 through 2012 and this time around the state department has retroactively redacted 268 of them because they retain classified, secret information that should not have been sent under the department rules. are these retroactively redacted and here's one -- i want to show you sent by -- between her and the top
4:21 pm
negotiator on the iran nuclear deal, wendy sherman from 2012 and this one went through her personal server and i just want to hold this up and show you. here's now a huge chunk of this e-mail from -- between from wendy sherman a note to secretary clinton about the talks. this is now been marked secret and classified. here is another one about a conversation, a summary of a conversation between vice president biden and prime minister benjamin netanyahu of israel from 2009 and under department rules and the training that she got and just under standard practice over there, any communication with a head of state, any discussion of any communication or with a high reigning government official, a minister or a cabinet secretary is automatically deemed classified whether it's marked classified or not. the state department says it has now complied with a court order to produce 51% of the pages by today.
4:22 pm
melissa, we're still plowing through them, we'll get you more as we look them over. melissa: all right, peter, than >> you bet. david: ghosts, gouls and heavy rain, what you need to know before heading out the door, and not even halloween but retailers already are pulling off the stops for christmas, why wait for black friday when you can start right now? awe believe active management can protect capital long term.
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check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here. melissa: halloween is almost upon us but before the little ones head out for trick-or-treating, you want to know how bundled up they need to be, fox news has all the weather details for your outing. >> bundled up or rain gear, there's been some incredibly heavy rain across parts of texas today, take a look where it is, right around the hill country in the austin area and some spots that have seen nearly 14 inches of rain today and has brought historic
4:26 pm
flooding. so very dangerous situation here across texas right now, that system is going to be with us today, tornadoes also just to the southeast of san antonio, and tomorrow, halloween, severe weather right here across parts of louisiana, mississippi, and texas, certainly watch out for that. temperature-wise, though, this is that time, melissa where you start to get cold air that can be coming in but not that bad. saturday temperatures really looking really good. cold up towards marquette, a little colder in maine. but temperature-wise it's not going to be that bad. you have to have some jackets obviously over some of your trick-or-treating costumes. what we are seeing is scattered showers across the parts of the great lakes into the mississippi valley and that area across southern louisiana and a lot of cloud cover here but for the most part we're going to remain dry along the eastern seaboard. and clear and nice, even
4:27 pm
fargo, denver 67, l.a. 85, clear around the four corners, one over spot we're going to is out of the pacific northwest, pretty used to getting rain gear for their halloween but they're certainly going to need it this time. melissa: all right, rick, thank you so much for that. david: well, you might have seen the story, a washington state high school football coach was put on administrative leave after reducing to stop praying. led fellow spectators in prayer. high school coach joe kennedy was put on leave by the school district because it did not want to see as endorsing religion. melissa. melissa: a 16-year-old girl from oregon has been hospitalized after contracting plague likely from a flee bite. it affects on average seven people a year.
4:28 pm
who knew? david: wow. well, the white house says there will be american boots on the ground in syria. really no end in sight. melissa: and the nuclear treaty with iran and the iran has arrested an american businessman working there? sounds a good ally to have. you don't want to miss this one (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you?
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4:32 pm
to syria and turkey help concur the terror group but not with combat. >> the president has been quite clear about the fact that they do not have a combat mission, they have a training and advising assistant mission. that means that our men and women ar are going to be in harms way, they're going to be in dangerous risk and we owe them airdate of gratitude. melissa: joining me now senior naval analyst for the war, also colonel james from the heritage foundation. thanks to both of you for joining us. chris, i mean i couldn't even say it straight because the idea of them going and not being part of a combat mission and they're going to just and oversee and stand there seems ridiculous. do you believe that? >> well, it is ridiculous. at this point calling these guys training versus combat is a distinction without a difference. the entire construct as iraq with a state model has collapsed every place in that area is a combat zone. maintain that these guys are not it involved in combat when
4:33 pm
they obviously are is just going to further mislead the public and confuse the military. what we crave right now is clarity in mission. we get it, operations are going to be collective, there's going to be friction, but we have been a clear mission, a clear strategy, and we need to conduct tactics and operations to reflect that clear mission and strategy and right now we're not getting that. melissa: what would be the best mission right now? is the objective -- first you would have to state the objective. is it to restore some stability to syria? does it make sense to maybe rather than fighting against russia to partner with them? >> look, here's what is in the u.s. interest that's really important because that is isis maintaining territorial control of iraq is simply unacceptable. you'll is a terrorist state which is word than al-qaeda in 9/11.
4:34 pm
it will be the transnational terrorism and since it's a terrorist sunni state, it's potentially the center of a storm that could lead to a region war. so to me as long as isis has territorial control of iraq, that's an unacceptable problem and the only thing that's going to change that is to break that and that's going to require a lot more boots on the ground than a special forces team. melissa: but, chris, it seems the situation with isis is a symptom of the power vacuum in the region and how we stepped back and there's been chaos in syria and also in iraq. so what's the best way -- first of all, do you agree with that? and what is the best way to restore some stability to the area in addition to wiping isis out? >> you and james are both correct. the u.s. withdrawal from iraq has led to the conditions that made it possible for isis to establish both in syria and in iraq. the only way we're going to defeat isis is if we use overwhelming force and say that our mission is to defeat and destroy isis and allocate resources accordingly.
4:35 pm
i keep hearing public figures say that there's no military solution. well, that's correct. there's no military solution in and of itself but there's no diplomatic solution until we destroy isis. these are guys who will not be negotiated with, they will not compromise on their values, they've shown repeatedly their willing to fight to the death, and they're willing to do anything to accomplish their objectives. once we reach that stage, we have to say they must be destroyed, there's no other way out of it. melissa: real quick, colonel, the most recent step, is it a step in the right direction or that we're not willing to commit to the battle at hand? >> right. so we've place a strategy of pinpricks with using la more pins. melissa: yeah. okay. thanks, guys. david: well, the justice department today begins releasing 6,000 prisoners from their federal prisons incarcerated for drug-related crimes primarily. it is the largest release of federal inmates ever. joining me now is the manhattan institute heather
4:36 pm
macdonald with details. heather, we just had a cop killed in new york allegedly by a guy who was convicted of nonviolent drug crimes of course he was actually -- while he was convicted of nonviolent drug crimes, actually pleaded down to that for much worse crimes, ended up killing a cop. some of the folks that are now being released are also nonviolent offenders but they're really not -- a lot of them are not none violent, are they? >> well, we'll have to hope that we've got prisoner menopause here, that they've aged out but the idea that drug dealing is somehow innocuous nonviolent activity is just pro posterrous. you talk to someone in harlem and they'll tell you that they live under violence. david: now, judge napolitano who is our chief legal analyst, he supports prisoner release, let me play a little sound bite of his and then get your reaction. go ahead. >> these are not drug dealers,
4:37 pm
these are not people who gave drugs to children, these are people who used recreational drugs themselves and got caught. the justice department is doing the right thing by releasing them. david: i saw you shaking your head. >> there's not 6,000 possessors in mere possessors in prison. in 2014 less than 1% of all federal offenders convicted of a drug offense were there for possession and most of those were pled down. to get into federal prison as a drug trafficker, you have to be very serious. this -- we've got the state prisons and they really don't have many drug offenders either compared to violent but this simply is not correct. possession is not what gets you into federal prison. david: quick last word with what's happening on the murders, we haven't seen an up particular in years, in decades really. while murders are up, arrests are coming down. is that a coincidence? >> of course not.
4:38 pm
officers are backing off, this is what i'm i've termed the ferguson effect. they've lived for the last year under the most hatred rick and sometimes assaults and sometimes -- david: so because of all of that they're reluctant to make arrests and criminals getting out into the street. >> they're responding the way black lives movement wants them to respond. they've been told that doing quality of life enforcement, broken windows policing, doing pedestrians stops that that's racist. so they're not doing it. the black lives matter movement should be very happy with the state of affairs instead what we see is black lives are being lost daily in cities across the country. david: macdonald from manhattan institute, good to see you. thank you very much. >> thank you. melissa: mets fans hoping to turn the tide on home turf in queens. we're going to take you to city field. and, luke, i am your footwear. your favorite star wars character coming to a shoe near you. look at those. i need them
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david: after falling into an 0-2 hold, the mets are back in new york for game three of the world series match up, that's tonight, can they make a come back? a lot of fans think they can or hoping on it, praying for it, rick at city field, rick? >> david, baseball is a game of numbers; right? so let me throw some at you. you mentioned kansas city up two games to none. and 80% of games who have had a two-game win have gone on to win and games have come back, among them the new york mets who beat the boston red sox, that's the last time the mets won a world series. the year before that was the last time the kansas city royals won the world series. very glad to be at home where they've had an excellent record during the season and the post season, in fact, they
4:43 pm
have the best post season record in major league baseball, 29-14 but the sample size is a little bit small, in fact, small for the new york yankees, for example. they have to strike out smbaters which they haven't been able to do so far. it will rely on their right-handed rookie who frequently throws 100 miles an hour. the royals will start your ace ventura and here's what both of those pitchers said yesterday. >> my main focus tomorrow night is to be able to pitch at my strengths and be able to execute all of my pitches and just focus on winning one pitch at a time. >> his main focus is to execute the pitches, and if he thinks he can do that on a consistent basis, he's going to be successful. >> the mets manager teary collins says we're down but not out, but no team has come
4:44 pm
back from 3-0 to win, so it could be do or die. david: where i can whether or not you feel evening. cold, but beautiful. thank you very much. melissa. melissa: all the small things. meet toyota's tiny robot that fits into your car's cup holder. your new buddy is the size of an apple and can provide you with emotional support if you're feeling blue on your next road trip. here veronica dagger of the wall street journal. my question with this, guys, can you go in the hov lane, i think the answer is no. are you getting a little tiny robot? >> i thought the tiny little robot was when they invented the self autonomous driving cars and it would be your companion to which i would say you can get a kindle or playstation or dare i say it a book. but, no, right now when i'm driving, i like to pay attention to the road.
4:45 pm
melissa: his name means hope robot, it's going to physically and emotionally during your driving experience. i don't know -- i mean do i need emotional support while i'm driving? i think you shouldn't be driving if you need emotional support while you're driving. >> well, i think you're right. i want to know if they get road rage does this robot also get road rage or does it start talking very calmly to you saying relax it will be okay. we'll get there in time. don't worry. melissa: this is meaningful for me. wait a second. let me rethink how i feel about this robot. this could provide some safety on the road. we've got to move on to the next story because i love this one. in case you need more star wars merchandise, because i do, we have got you covered. regular choice, a british shoe brand, these are very irregular, is releasing shoes based on the iconic film, look at these, the r2-d2, those
4:46 pm
look like nellie olson meet r2-d2, how do you like those? >> well, i understand it's painful to be beautiful and fashion is not about pretty. i think those are hideous, but i have an idea. the light saber he'll, what if it was actually the light that held you up? that's what i want. melissa: that would be awesome. does this tell you -- these shoes range from $170 to $424, i've got to imagine the light saber are the ones that are 420 and they're all fight in the back and run in the front, they're treaded like sneakers. very cool. this has to tell you how pervasive star wars has come, it's the brand that won't quit. >> the brand associated with this company is huge, billions of dollars and shows how far that fans will go to get associated with that movie.
4:47 pm
a really exciting time for the fans, i don't know if i would spend $400 for the shoes but some people will. melissa: you don't think that the shoes that they're trying to sell the shoes to people, do you? >> well, you know, i've often said that, look, they've got on your show therefore from a brand it worked. but, no, somebody paid for this license, and i think what you just heard this is how people want to get close to the brand, makes sense. the question is will people actually wear them? i think the price is less important than the look, and i can't believe anyone except a psychofan or kid on halloween will wear these. melissa: so you haven't been to any theaters while star wars is playing? >> no. i am not a fan. >> i can see guys wearing these. melissa: down in chelsea, you bet. thank you. david. david: i don't think i'll be wearing them. meanwhile a look inside jeb bush's campaign strategy, details from his blueprint shows which candidate he's really going after. it ain't trump.
4:48 pm
steve forbes is here to analyze this. and the nfl is getting less uniform with more uniforms. thursday nights are going to be a little bit more colorful. we'll explain technology empowers us to achieve more. it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries.
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melissa: whether it's on wall street or main street, holiday shoppers sales kicked off right after halloween, can you believe it? and walmart will be the first out of gate on discounts with thousands of items, including toys and electronics. target stores also make the holiday switch on november 1st with updated core products for the season. the nfl is about to add a whole lot of color to thursday night football. the league announcing its latest grab all the money it can with the color rush. a series of games.
4:52 pm
the string of games will feature teams debuting color-heavy auto uniforms. okay. and burger king getting feisty. unveiling their new buffalo chicken fries. the kicker is that they do not require sauce, which allows customers to enjoy similar experience eating buffalo wings without the mess. and the calories; right? they don't have calories either, i'm sure that's true. david: we don't worry about calories if we're eating that stuff. meanwhile jeb bush's race for the white house comes straight from his own campaign. bush's leaked 112 campaign blueprint takes a lot of things at marco rubio showing the struggling campaign effort to keep supporters from deserting. here to weigh in on jeb's desperate move, steve forbes, and manhattan institute and fox news contributor jeb smith, and new school assistant professor and former missouri state senator. so, steve, what are republicans doing? hillary is going into the
4:53 pm
nomination, they're forming a firing squad and jeb's 112 documents seems to be a perfect example of this. >> well, that also goes gets it what ted cruz said in the debate. but in terms of bush, it's not ruby, it's the fact his campaign hasn't hasn't had a theme and see has projected himself to the american people and that's what he's got to deal with between now and the -- david: but in the meantime he's taking shots at a fellow candidate from the gop and making everybody look bad. >> well, that was supposedly a document for contributor saying don't bail out -- he's a bad guy, he's going to fade, something's going to happen and stay with us. david: well, judy, how do these hits by republicans against republicans stack up against hillary -- the hits against hillary clinton that usually come from the media about her e-mails, about the clinton foundation, et cetera. >> well, you know, the thing that's really interesting about what happened to this is what a shock that this memo leaked.
4:54 pm
one of the points of the bush memo was the need for discipline, internal discipline and control of message. david: but what's hitting harder? this memo or the hits that hillary is taking for things that she's done? >> no. the hits don't hurt hillary right now. because the democrats are united. they have discipline. they have message discipline, and they're not as you put it, circling the wagons in a firing squad. david: well, one group that doesn't seem to have much discipline is a competing business network, cnbc, they're taking a lot of hits for that debate. here's the crux of the argument, not only cnbc but the entire mainstream media from ted cruz. play the clip. >> this is not a cage match, and you look at the questions, donald trump are you a comic book villain, can you do math? john kasich, will you insult two people over here, jeb bush why are your numbers fallen?
4:55 pm
how about talking about the substantive issues people care about. [cheers and applause] david: it looks like he made his point. >> he did. he did. well, first off say this. i don't think anderson cooper treated hillary clinton kid gloves a few weeks ago but then secondly i'll say ever since president nixon 40 some years ago, there's not much popular in a republican primary than going against the liberal media. i can tell you that i'm about the only other category that's left pop among primary voters. so very effective tactic, it approves very effective last cycle, and i think you're seeing -- david: all right. but the pull out, steve. first of all, the pull out was it all about the head of the rnc trying to save his own job or was it because of the substantive comments that ted cruz made? >> well, i think prieve is getting criticized, he's trying to spread the wealth
4:56 pm
for various networks involved and cnbc dropped the ball on this one and in terms of polling out, yes, it sends a message. focus on substance, i think people are going for follow-up questions, how are you going to replace obamacare and the like, reagan did it in 1980, i'm surprised the candidates haven't done it. >> look, i think cnbc was trying to look tough but there's a difference from being rude and tough. david: there is indeed. thank you, all. thanks to our panel and don't forget you can catch steve foresee and myself on forbes on fox every saturday starting at 11:00 a.m. eastern time on fox news. you don't want to miss it. it's going to be a great show. melissa. melissa: falling off the wagon, a giant inflatable pumpkin hitting the streets in just time for halloween. and makes you want to go trick-or-treating; right? that's what it looks like ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one.
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4:59 pm
. melissa: we found the great pumpkin, charlie brown!
5:00 pm
>> a 14 foot inflatable pumpkin going rogue on the streets of peoria, arizona, taking out two lights. it was that big. melissa: wow, fortunately the culprit landed safely in a neighborhood park. i think that's what that was supposed to say. david: that's kind of fun. melissa: it being be terrifying and dangerous. david: here's deirdre. >> is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign? >> now you're skipping more votes than any senator to run for president. why not slow down, get a few things done first or at least finish what you started. >> i wonder in terms of all of that, your board fired you. i wonder why you think we should hire you now. >> the leading republican candidate, when you looked at average national polls right now is donald trump. when you look at him, do you see someone with the moral authority to unite the country? >> the questions that have been


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