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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  October 30, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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pumpkin, charlie brown! >> a 14 foot inflatable pumpkin going rogue on the streets of peoria, arizona, taking out two lights. it was that big. melissa: wow, fortunately the culprit landed safely in a neighborhood park. i think that's what that was supposed to say. david: that's kind of fun. melissa: it being be terrifying and dangerous. david: here's deirdre. >> is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign? >> now you're skipping more votes than any senator to run for president. why not slow down, get a few things done first or at least finish what you started. >> i wonder in terms of all of that, your board fired you. i wonder why you think we should hire you now. >> the leading republican candidate, when you looked at average national polls right now is donald trump. when you look at him, do you see someone with the moral authority to unite the country? >> the questions that have been asked so far in this debate
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illustrate why the american people don't trust the media. >> nobody watching at home believes that any of the moderators have any intention of voting in a republican primary. >> the democrats have the ultimate super pac called the mainstream media. >> i'm wearing a trump tie tonight, get over it. >> in two minutes, i renegotiated it down to two hours so we can get the hell out of here. not bad. not bad. >> the moderators last night were awful. >> it was kind of a crazy set of moderators with not the best questions in the world. >> it was very frustrating to be on the stage. >> do you think the rnc is at fault for how the debate was structureed? >> sure, sure. >> obviously we had assurances it was going to be straight-up finance which is what they do every day. >> let me ask you this. >> nothing but a crap sandwich. deirdre: the debate backlash is going straight to the top. welcome i'm deirdre bolton.
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republican national committee suspending partnership with nbc. peter barnes is with me now. so peter, february 26 debate is off the table? >> reporter: it depends. nbc and the rnc say they're going to have further discussions and the letter from reince priebus says pending discussions, it is off the table. he's the head of the republican national committee but the campaigns themselves are going to have further discussions without the rnc and nbc this sunday at a big meeting in washington, deirdre, and depending on the outcome of those talk, we'll see whether or not this debate goes forward on february 26. deirdre: peter barnes, thank you as always. you are back with us momentarily. dr. ben carson's press secretary told neil cavuto earlier today, the debate did not serve the american people. >> it's very important that we realize that debates are very the american people, they're
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not for the candidates, they're not for the moderators. they're for the american voters. so we definitely need to create a process that will allow all of the candidates to share their views, and not create this food fight that certainly draws ratings. deirdre: my political power is here, power panel conservative commentator kayleigh mcenany, democratic strategist sasha burns. kayleigh, on point, these events are for the people. every single person who will not get one on one time with the candidate, most of the population, press is supposed to represent the people. where was the biggest opportunity missed in your view? >> the biggest opportunity missed was to abide by their own rules. astonishing that cnbc supposedly a reputable news organization lied to the rnc. they lied. they said the candidates were to get opening statements rather than giving them opening statements they asked each candidate whats of was their
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biggest flaw. they asked to stick to economic substantive issues. that didn't happen. they made all of the promises, none materialized. and reince priebus is exactly right. nbc, no more debates until you abide by your own rules. deirdre: sasha, what do you think of the tone, think of the content, picking up what kayleigh said, was there enough economic meat as you expected? >> no, that's one of the reasons that people on both sides are so much calling out cnbc on their debate debacle. but you expected more because it was supposed to be about the economy, and they did a terrible job. there's no one who's saying that they didn't. in all fairness, this is a very whiney bunch of republicans. they were already complaining about the debate before it started, already complaining to the rnc. they were mad at the rnc about
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the size of the dressing rooms and christie and rand paul said fiorina had a jacuzzi and there's was more like a bathroom. they were primed to be angry and cnbc handed them a good reason on a silver platter. deirdre: i want to bring news we are receiving just moments ago. the highest-ranking official in jeb bush's campaign is leaving. jeb needed a breakout moment during the debate and it didn't happen. >> marco, when you signed up for this, this was a six-year term, you should be showing up to work. literally, the senate, what is it like a french work week? you get three days you have to show up. >> jeb, i don't remember you complaining about john mccain's vote record. only reason you're doing it now is we're running for the same position. >> if they can't regulate themselves, then the nfl needs to look at moving away from them a little bit and should be some regulation. >> are we talking about getting the government involved in fantasy football?
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wait a second. we have $19 trillion in debt. we have people out of work. we have isis and al qaeda attacking us and we're talking about fantasy football? can we stop? deirdre: some heat from two competitors there, the bush campaign announcing it reduces payroll by 40%. jeb has said this is a long race, he admitted he needs to get better at campaigning but he's at a pivotal moment, what does he need to do as soon as possible to gain traction or is it too late? >> jeb bush needs to do two things, hammer home record as a governor, i'm a floridian i was there. he has done so much good for the conservative movement, he needs to talk about that more. inject fire into his campaign. we look at ben carson, donald trump, rubio, you see fire in them, he needs to get that personalized and fire in the campaign if he wants hope of turning things around.
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deirdre: all right, as far as sasha, your take, who strikes you this second as a front-runner? >> i think that -- i think for a sensible decision i would say that it's rubio. obviously, carson and trump are in the lead and have been for a while, but when you -- what do people think about carson? he's really nice. he's a nice guy and he's a doctor, so he must be really smart, a nice, smart guy. trump i don't think it was appropriate for the moderator to call him a clown, he's a clown, he's a buffoon. >> no, he's not. no, he's not. deirdre: kayleigh, pick up on that. love him or not, he is saying what's on the mind of collective america. >> this man is not a loon, he built a brand worked a billion dollars. the american people are sick of a porous border, sick of politicians that make promises that never come to fruition.
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he says what's on his mind and hitting the hearts of american people. deirdre: we're seeing that on the other side with sanders, as we've been talking about so far. this has been a campaign of outliers. we want to thank you, both, and on a programming note, highlight our own coverage, fox business hosting a great debate, tuesday november 10th. numerous pointed questions. how you and your money will be affected? we will ask the questions that get those answers. go to channel finder to find us if you don't already know where we are. candidates will be fielding questions on national security. today president obama said the u.s. is set to send special operations forces into syria. press secretary josh earnest announcing it earlier. >> our strategy in syria hasn't changed. the core is to build up the capacity of local forces to take thefies to isil on the ground in their own country.
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that does mean our men and women in uniform are going to be in harm's way. it means they're taking risks. in a dangerous part of the world and we owe them a debt of gratitude. deirdre: deployment of 50 commandos would be the first american onground presence in syria. thousands of airstrikes in the past year have produced mixed results. david is with me now, a former state department official. david in 2013, president obama said we will not put american boots on the ground in syria, so what does this change in strategy say to you? >> well, it would be nice if we had done it back then, we would have had an easier going at it. it's going to be very tough. spokesman said it's not a change in strategy but at least a pivot. we are now putting troops on the ground in syria. we're also adjusting a little bit who we're supporting. we're going to be supporting the syrian kurds, that's who the special forces troops are providing advice to at first are supporting.
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and that is also an important signal. it shows that the u has growing confidence in the kurdish fighters on the ground in syria. needs fighters on the ground that it can be confident in and that are making progress, which the syrian kurds are. this is also an important signal to russia and iran. the u.s. is saying we're going to be in syria too, you're stepping up your presence, we're going to step up our presence as well and beware, we have troops on the ground now and you cannot operate in those areas and endanger our troops. important message as well. >> the troops on the ground, what we're hearing from the white house is this is an assist and advise on the ground, which is different, also smaller in number. does that distinction make a difference to you? >> important distinction, remember, the troops on the ground in northern iraq in the kurdish area of iraq are also in an advise and assist situation. however, as we saw in the operation last week as they
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were backing up the peshmerga forces who did the operation against isis, they had to go and engage. i think we can expect that might happen in syria as well. i think the administration is saying look, this is where we're going to start. put troops on the ground, provide advice and guidance but he's not ruling out the fact they may have to engage in isis and i think they will down the road. deirdre: which is why we heard josh earnest say earlier these americans will be at risk. speaking of which, american businessmen are getting locked up in iran, an iranian american executive is the fourth american to be in jail, to be held there. is iran pushing on the u.s. because we have not sent a stronger message that we won't tolerate it? >> well, this is interesting, because coupling this with the fact that iran also tested ballistic missiles two weeks ago, you have to question whether iran really wants to
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normalize relationship with the u.s. and with the west. it has the nuclear agreement, but is it just in it to get the sanctions released, or does it mean it's going to change behavior and conduct with respect to how it engages with the u.s. and with the west. iran cannot be arresting u.s. citizens without any basis, without any evidence. that's against international law, it's a violation of international law. that's how iran used to act. this isn't argo anymore. we are in a normalized relationship with iran, and they need to treat the citizens with respect and stand up for international law. and the u.s. has to stand up for the men, defend them and insist they be released. >> david, you know what is going on behind the scenes right now having worked in the state department. what are the conversations? let's get the framework back on the table, let's call, you cannot do this to citizens.
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>> this surprises the state department and they are hoping this is a vestige of the way the regime used to act and the regime is going to change its conduct, so they're in a wait-and-see attitude, they're not ready to scrap the nuclear deal, scrap normalizing relationship with iran, but this can't continue. if it does continue, then the state department does have to take action against iran. deirdre: all right, david tafuri, glad to have your perspective. former state department official. 7,000 e-mails have been released from hillary clinton's private e-mail server. peter barnes has been sifting through them, he's going to tell us what he's found. >> the democrats have the ultimate super pac called the mainstream media, and i'll tell you why. last week, hillary clinton went before a committee, she admitted she had sent the e-mail to her family saying this attack in benghazi was
5:14 pm
caused by al qaeda-like elements. she spent over the week telling the families of the victims and the american people it was because of a video, and the mainstream video is saying it was the greatest week in hillary clinton's campaign. it was the week she got exposed as a liar. [ cheers ]
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. deirdre: since the house committee hearings on benghazi last week, the first new batch of hillary clinton e-mails were released about an hour ago. peter barnes is back with me now, sifting through them. peter, what stands out to you? >> deirdre, this is the latest tranche of 30,000 e-mails sent through secretary clinton's
5:18 pm
e-mail server and her account while she was secretary of state. the state department releasing 4,400 new ones. 7,000 pages covering work from 2009 to 2012. this time around, the department has retroactively redacted 268 of them because it had determined now that they retained classified secret information that should not have been sent on her personal e-mail account under department rules. here is one that jumps out. several with subject line iran talks. this one is from the chief negotiator for the u.s. in the iran talks, wendy sherman. to secretary clinton. and now a huge chunk of it here has been redacted. another one here summarizing a conversation between vice president biden and the prime minister of israel benjamin netanyahu from 2009. i can tell you under state department rules she said she
5:19 pm
was familiar with anything that involves a conversation with a head of state or a high-ranking official, foreign minister or cabinet secretary, is automatically deemed classified, whether or not it has been marked classified. now the state department said it complied with a court order to produce 51% of the e-mail pages as of today, and want to let you know that the white house is saying tonight there are e-mails between president obama and secretary clinton but are not going to be released because they're considered presidential records that are covered under a law that keeps them secret for five to 12 years after the president leaves office, depending on the document. deirdre: peter barnes, joining us from d.c. hillary clinton also unveiled an extensive agenda of criminal justice reforms. >> to stand against systemic racism and injustice, to remind us that the work is not yet done, and we should not grow
5:20 pm
weary in doing it. we have to create those channels of opportunity so that you go from childhood to adulthood pursuing your dreams instead of from cradle to prison and seeing them die. deirdre: former d.c. homicide detective rod wheeler with me now. you were on the front lines. you were protecting society. does hillary clinton's vision mad match, what you know? >> i look at hillary clinton's vision being an extension of barack obama's policies. that's exactly what it is, and i don't think anyone would dispute that. what does it mean us to in law enforcement and people in the african-american community? these policies haven't worked and won't work even though hillary clinton is trying to promote them as being something new. this is nothing new. if you look over time, over the past eight years that we've been served by president obama,
5:21 pm
he's been a complete disaster. he's a good guy but a complete disaster when it comes to law enforcement and public policy pertaining to african-americans. deirdre: rod, let me ask you, when you say the plan won't work, what is -- i'm sure there's a long list, give me the number one reason why it won't? when you heard her words, why did you say this is not possible? >> this is the exact same thing obama has been talking about the past years. the problem isn't necessarily getting people out of prison or keeping people from going to prison. the problem are the policies when it comes to economic policies. the policies when it comes to jobs, when it comes to opportunities, when it comes to educational opportunities. that's where the problem lies. if we see the policies that hillary clinton is exposing right now, it's the exact same thing that president obama has been a massive failure on him and he has when it comes to the african-american community, and i don't think there's doubt about that. deirdre: let me ask you this,
5:22 pm
the justice department began releasing more than 6,000 federal inmates. this is under the new guidelines for drug offenders. the largest release of federal prisoners ever and something like 1700 will either be deported right away or face deportation proceedings. what do you make first and foremost of this decision? that is to say to release the largest group of prisoners ever. what does that mean to someone who is still serving in his or her community? >> here's the bottom line. i call this release of these prisoners the perfect storm. this is the perfect storm for a disaster. why do i say that? real quickly. okay, we release the 6,000 individuals. 1700 at minimum are illegal immigrants and should not be released in the first place. we send them back to the communities which got them in prison in the first place. the problem is they're going to go back to the communities, commit crimes. no jobs.
5:23 pm
again back to the policies. there's no jobs. deirdre: i want to ask you a bizarre question, that is to say with the inmates who are illegal immigrants, there's a lot of people out there saying why have we paid for these people to be here in our system to the tune of $30,000 a year to begin with? >> that's a great question, and not only that, we're going to keep the individuals here. here's the real deal, right? i.c.e., the immigration and naturalization service through the department of homeland security are the first ones to tell you they are way understaffed. they don't have enough people. this is the reality. they don't have enough people to deal with the illegal immigrants we have out here legally right now. that's illegal, that's not in prison. we're going to send them 2,000 more? deirdre: basically, you're saying there are more illegal immigrants in prison because we don't actually have the government infrastructure to help them leave if that's the thing to do. >> we don't have it. it's not there. here's the problem, there's no plan to deal with that when they release the individuals
5:24 pm
from prison, this weekend, november 1st is the day they release them. no plan to deal with them. again, i call it the perfect storm. deirdre: rod, good to have your perspective. rod wheeler joining us from d.c., former homicide detective. when we come back, the future of the internet is in the cloud. google is going to have enough internet beaming balloons in the stratosphere to form a ring over part of the world. fiber-optic cables might be a little anxious with reason. speaking about anxiety, electric car battery 20% the cost, 20% the weight of current models may have tesla shake in its boots. but what if you could see more of what you wanted to know?
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. deirdre: a ring of balloons around the world. that is the larger vision of google's loon project. the goal give remote parts of the world cheaper internet access. superstar tech panel is here
5:28 pm
right now. tech commentator jessica kimball, peter shankman. 4g like speeds are promised. >> i like the idea, talk of this for years and years and years but no company is big enough to do it. google has countless little divisions working on cool projects, so if anyone can pull it off, they can. and really tech the world would be a benefit. deirdre: jessica, the concept first developed in the 50s by the u.s. air force, this idea of stretch polyester film, mylar, the way we all know mylar now. is this going to work? for example, this particular project is in indonesia. facebook doing the same with solar. do you have a balloon versus solar opinion? >> who would have thought any of this would come from an advertising company? it's pretty impressive.
5:29 pm
it's hard for us to remember in the u.s. four billion people in the world still are online, that has to change in the next four years, by hook or by cook, whatever technology is required to get them there, they'll get there. deirdre: it is going to serve the business models of both google and -- >> let's be honest, google's thing of do no evil died about ten years ago, now how can we make more money? every time they get a new user, that's more money. deirdre: speaking of new money, there is chemistry in the u.k. who have developed this superelectric car battery. five times more efficient than anything that exists right now. you can go up to 100 miles without a single charge or that's what exists now, you can go up to 400 miles. boston to d.c. without stopping. does elon musk find these guys in the u.k. and say i'll buy all of you? >> pretty much. what's going to be really interesting is to see how big
5:30 pm
oil reacts to this. the hundred miles is a stopping point for -- let's take cars out of equation, look at trucking, the back bone of the economy. 400 miles, you have something there. the truckers daily ratio is 500 miles a day and have to relax and sleep. if you're looking at 400 to 450 miles and they can recharge overnight, that changes the entire ball game. deirdre: you agree with that? >> bp better look at being beyond petroleum real fast. deirdre: jessica and peter, thank you, both for your thoughts. halloween starting to look like christmas, lighting trend seems to be changing some neighborhoods. great for stats. before you head out for halloween, you might want to give your kids tips. the man behind the scary safety video is with me next. >> where is the candy? >> there's no candy.
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. >> so when the sun sentinel says rubio should resign, not rip us off, when they say you act like you hate your job, do you? >> i read that editorial with great amusement. it's evidence of the bias that exists in the american media today.
5:35 pm
>> do you hate your job? >> let me answer your question on the sun sentinel editorial today. back in 2004, bob graham ran for president, missing over 30% of his votes. i don't recall him asking for his resignation. later john kerry missed 60 to 70% of his votes. the sun sentinel endorsed him. in 2008, barack obama missed 70% of votes and the same newspaper endorsed him again. this is the double standard between the mainstream media and the conservative media. deirdre: marco rubio defended himself. senate minority leader harry reid said rubio should resign. not alone, as you heard. back with me, our political panel, kayleigh mcenany and sasha burns. why should the people of florida put up with having one senator. does he have a point kayleigh?
5:36 pm
>> he doesn't have a point. where rubio is calling out kerry for missing 90% of his votes. there's a double standard there. beyond that, i want to point that senator rubio wants to change washington not be a part of it. senator rubio, a good example of the budget deal this morning. he voted for the budget that raised 80 billion dollars. the only thing is more spending, more excess is changing the man at top. replacing barack obama not with hillary clinton but someone like marco rubio, and rubio understands his calling is to be on the campaign trail and there for the important votes and that's what matters at the end of the day. deirdre: sasha, what is your take on participation, do you think this colors the way that a potential voter would see a candidate? >> i think it adds to a narrative. it's not something that immediately disqualifies you, but reid did make a point in that, okay, what he's doing, he doesn't care how many votes he misses because he's on campaign
5:37 pm
but the narratives he's adding to is that it's not just campaign. rubio didn't show up to vote for the campaign because he says he hates the senate, he's not running for re-election, he's not going back. and there's an immaturity to that as rubio rises, republican candidates are going to grab into and go with because his big problem is his youth. it's also a benefit for him because he looks fresh and young in this anti-establishment year, but he also, he looks like sort of an ernest student government president rather than a powerful commander in chief. >> what about barack obama? you speak to his naivete, barack obama was a freshman senator who had done nothing to that point. >> funny but everybody who likes rubio now had the problems with obama, they're exactly the same.
5:38 pm
you're adding to the narrative of his immaturity. deirdre: rubio raised quite a bit of money. he raised 700,000 of 14,000 donors post debate. kayleigh, what are the chances? i'll ask you that way. do you think he will be the nominee? >> i think he will be the establishment candidate. you'll see marco rubio versus trump or carson. that's my prediction, and rubio has an excellent chance, he will demolish hillary clinton and rising to be one of the final two if not the eventual nominee. i think the numbers speak to that. deirdre: kayleigh mc niny. numerous questions about the economy and the job market, hue you and your money would be affected? channel finder is the way to do it if you don't know where we are. coming up, this month is
5:39 pm
the best one if you are a stockholder, dow, s&p, nasdaq, best in four years. my next guest says don't count on it staying that way. he's going to give you his best advice for investment. we've been talking about this contentious republican debate. jimmy kimmel is, too. >> there were moments when the discussion got out of hand with 10 candidates on the stage, it's hard to speak and everyone is trying to jam a word in. at a certain point i didn't know if i was watching a debate or the view. >> should the federal government play a larger role in helping to set up retirement plans for the workers? >> no, the federal government should not play a role. [inaudible] and we'll be rit back.
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. deirdre: today closes the best month for the dow, the s&p 500 and the nasdaq in four years. a big october for stockholders. money manager's market bull curtis holden with me now, market bear jason rotman, curtis, do we have nowhere to go but up from here? >> we think we've got a good opportunity for upside. we've been waiting for years for a 10+% correction. we got that in august. and in september had a retest at that, and we survived that, and now getting into a seasonally very favorable time of year, and expect there would be more upside still from here. deirdre: okay, the best months in four years, jason seems like the party has to end at some point.
5:44 pm
what are your biggest concerns? >> the biggest factor in my opinion has nothing to do with seasonals and everything to do with the federal reserve, as it's been since the crisis in 2008. this has been a fed driven market, and to keep this short and sweet, the fed is going to pull away the punch bowl in december. they're going to throw cold water on the face of this 10% rally here, and all they're going to do is raise the interest rates by 25-basis-points and that's going to throw cold water on the bulls, they're going to stop buying the market, we'll come down from here in the next two or three months. deirdre: do you see a taper tantrum coming? >> well, i think at some point, and i'm not sure it's going to be december, but probably sometime in the next six months, you're going to get a rate rise, and the market may take a little pause but i would take issue with it being a completely fed driven market, have you had good earnings growth, and if you -- if you strip out the effects of the
5:45 pm
energy patch and what's been going on there, you really had earnings overall that it continued on their trajectory they've been on for the last several years. deirdre: jason, i want to ask you, were there standout stocks that you feel like carried the whole market? meaning that there are certain companies executing very well, those are leaders, but doesn't speak to the broader pattern? >> sure, the thing is technology has been an incredible boost to the bull case over the past 30 days, really. microsoft was up 10% after-hours when it released earnings, same thing for amazon. apple is near all-time highs, so the technology sector, companies that are executing are really carrying this market. i would continue to favor that sector if anything. deirdre: i thank you, both, curtis holden, jason rotman, bull and bear. if we go up from here, best performing months in the stock market in four years' time. when we come back, a man
5:46 pm
lures six young children to his house trick-or-treating before trapping them inside to prove a point to parents how dangerous halloween is. there are some who say he went too far. the creator behind the video is with me next. and a new halloween lighting trend, great for business revenues. we'll give you some stats. ♪ at mfs investment management, we believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management.
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5:50 pm
reporting consumers may spend 500 million dollars collectively less this year as compared to last year. gerri willis is with me now, gerri, you look lovely and festive. >> thank you so much. deirdre: what is going on? is there a health kick? people don't want to eat candy? what's happening? >> i don't agree with that at all. i think americans are spending less, this hat looks silly -- across the board. looking at christmastime people spending less and the interesting trend is that people are going to buy for themselves. that's the big increase in spending for christmas, i think what's going is people are looking for sales desperate for markdowns and seeing halloween fall off too. deirdre: let me ask you, i know more adults who go for it with halloween, they rent costumes. pay $100 per costume. >> spending per person is going to be something like $74.34 that's down from last year. and when you look at adult
5:51 pm
costumes, it's a big piece of the pie. people are spending nearly a billion dollars to dress their pets for halloween which is shocking. deirdre: i heard 20 million pets will have costumes. >> is that not crazy? here are the top adult costumes. the witch >> classic. >> batman characters, zombie, "star wars" i would do that in a heart beat. deirdre: i bet the zombie came from "the walking dead." anything for pets? photo of a small dog in a rat costume with a pizza attached. >> i think hot dog is big for animals, particularly dogs get dressed. children princess, batman characters and action superhero are the big ones. so let me tell you it's going to be crazy tomorrow. people are spending less money but plan to have a really good time. deirdre: take that hat for a drink. our own gerri willis, thank you very much. well, a weather watch for
5:52 pm
trick-or-treaters, if you're out there. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is with me now. so rick, we want to talk about the holiday, but i know you have a more serious eye what's happening in texas. >> both things. there is a big storm across texas that will have impact for some for halloween tomorrow. i tell you what, it's been a very dangerous day. spots that have seen over 15" of rain around the austin area. 15" in one day, that's caused incredible flooding, record flooding across this area. part of this system back here that's going to plague the area for another day, you see the rain extending to northern plains, not as heavy there, though. take a look at bull's-eye, spots have seen 14-15" of rain around 12", and the worst of it is around the san marco area to the south of austin along interstate 35. at one point the interstate was closed and all kind of swift water rescues across the area.
5:53 pm
we've had tornadoes today. one to the southeast of san antonio, tomorrow the threat shifts to the east. so i think this is going to be a very rough one for severe weather including tornadoes but for everybody getting out it's going to be a rough one. not bad. cold air out there, we don't have that. temps tomorrow in the 50s and 60s for most. warmer across the far southern tier here. take a look at this, we have rain across the great lakes towards the mississippi river valley. going to be the worst area. pacific northwest getting rain and the east coast looking good for halloween. deirdre: rick, thank you so much. rick reichmuth joining me there. when we come back, a young man lures six young children into his house while they are trick-or-treating, before trapping them inside to prove a point about how dangerous halloween really is. the creator behind this video is with me next.
5:54 pm
>> where's the candy? there's no candy, no candy at all. you guys are here now. [ screaming ]
5:55 pm
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and click to activate your within. >> what do you mean? there's nothing but imagine how scary this is, a lot what's about to happen. >> what were you thinking? what if we didn't come for you. deirdre: the producer of that video exposes how dangerous halloween can be, with me now he is the creator so, on kobe, this video has been viewed more than half million times, there's another part of it where it shows younger kids actually going into your basement.
5:58 pm
and then they're trapped there and you tell them they're trapped. does this go too far? >> i don't think it goes too far, who think i'm scaring parents but this is what could happen when the parents aren't there. deirdre: okay. so it's more a warning until your kids are teenagers, you might want to stick around. >> exactly. deirdre: even if you're waiting a block away. >> yeah. anything could happen at that point. but just stay with your kids. you see how fast i can lure them in, and i'm not anyone special. deirdre: well, that i disagree with, but what other dangerous can kids face? you hear sometimes kids getting hit by cars. >> there's a lot of different things. we're just touching on the fact that without parentings supervision, you know, with these kids. deirdre: what kind of feedback have you got? i know this video has been viewed more than half a million times what about kind of comments are you getting. >> yeah. two or three days
5:59 pm
half a million, but it's a mixed of reviews, some people say, oh, you're going too far, some people -- but there's a lot of support, you know? that's why i keep making them. deirdre: all right. because i was going to say i know you came on, and we talked about another one that you made, which was a little bit i would say more typical in that you had teenagers or betweens who told you to meet you somewhere and what are parents telling you with this? are they saying thank you so much or are they saying what? >> 95% of the parents are saying thank you i really appreciate these videos. all -- you'll see it all in the comments. i'm sharing it with my daughter, i'm sharing it with this person, so the message is getting out there, and that's what i'm doing these for. deirdre: and maybe the idea is for the kids to stay on the scorch take the candy there. >> yeah. don't go in the house, that's the main message. don't leave. don't go in there. deirdre: did the kids who participated in this know it was a social experiment. >> no. the only ones who knew
6:00 pm
were the parents, the kids were just random kids that's why we had to blur some of their faces because the parents didn't let them. deirdre: thank you so much. >> you have to stay tuned for the next one. deirdre: kobe joining us there. youtube star. thank you for joining us there, making money with charles payne starts now. . charles: we've got breaking news for you right now the rnc has pulled out of the gop debate on nbc news. that was scheduled for february 26th. they stated that -- well, it's because cnbc debate had been conducted in quote bad faith. the committee chairman sent a letter to nbc stating that cnbc network was one of your media properties and handling the debate was conducted in bad faith. we understand that nbc does not exercise full editorial control over cnbc, however, the network is an arm of your organization, and we need to


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