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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 30, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EDT

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take it with you. >> do you have a story you would like to share with us? we'd love to hear it. send me an e-mail or go to our web. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. president obama reversing himself breaking his pledge to not put boots on the ground in syria. obama administration announced it will deploy about 50 special operations forces to northern syria. it will be there to train and assist syrian rebels fighting assad and the islamic state, that's one of the challenges i'll be taking up with former director of national intelligence john negroponte. also tonight, a mutiny in the republican party. several republican presidential candidates planning to meet in washington this coming sunday
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to plot how to stage their own debates and to wrest control from the republican national committee. the rnc for its part is trying to quell that revolt by dumping the upcoming nbc debate because of the disastrous cnbc debate. >> we had assurances that it was going to be straight-up finance, which is what they do every day. >> let me ask you this, could you imagine. >> nothing but a crap sandwich. lou: we take all of that up with the weekly standard's fred barnes and the washington examiner sarah westwood. also the obama administration started releasing some of the 6,000 federal inmates who are serving prison sentences for drug crimes. critics blasting the obama mass release of the prisoners saying some of the inmates are violent criminals and the release comes as murders and violent crimes are surging across america. we'll have much more on that here tonight.
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our top story, the president's complete reversal on his syria policy. the president announced he's sending about 50 special operations forces to syria. that breaks his earlier promise not to put american boots on the ground there. fox news white house correspondent kevin corke with our report. >> reporter: for the white house, this latest shift in syria's strategy has been months in the making beginning with a meeting with the president and pentagon officials in july. newest plan authorizes 50 special ops forces be sent to northern syria, creating a joint operations task force with the iraqi government and baghdad. the plan calls for the deployment of a-10 and f-15 aircraft in turkey and additional anti-isis assistance for coalition partners in jordan and lebanon. special operators will be on the ground to advise and assist but could face combat situations. while the white house says the deployment is not much more than enhancement in current
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strategy, critics question the characterization, noting the president said repeatedly he would not go down this road. >> my answer is simple, i will not put american boots on the ground in syria. i will not pursue an open-ended action like iraq or afghanistan. >> reporter: today administration officials said the situation is different than it was in 2013, but the mission is not. >> would you acknowledge or reject the notion that this is mission creep by any definition, and if you reject it, how do you explain it to the american people? >> kevin the mission hasn't changed. >> mission creep occurs when the mission occurs, when the mission expands, when the mission becomes something it wasn't at the outset. there's no change in strategy. >> reporter: leaders disagree. republican mac thornberry of texas saying --
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senator tim kaine, democrat from virginia said -- many experts remain skeptical. >> i'm disgusted. no, i'm not angry, i'm disgusted. they may be really bad options, but if they're the only ones you got left, they're the once you use because you passed up everything else. we passed up a lot of stuff. >> reporter: lou, the white house continues to argue the fact this is not a large-scale indefinite combat operation, any parallels between what's going on now and what happened with the bush administration is simply invalid, but no matter how you describe it, american forces will, in fact, face combat situations on the ground and from the skies above moving forward in syria. lou? lou: kevin, thank you very much, kevin corke reporting from the white house. the president's troop decision comes as secretary of state john kerry attends talks in vienna on how to end the
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syrian civil war. those talk for the first time ever involve iran, which supports syrian president bashar al-assad. diplomats say progress was made today and considering a plan to set up a cease-fire in syria within the next four to six months. the parties involved however still in disagreement about the fate of president bashar al-assad, another round of talks on that issue as well, scheduled within the next two weeks. turning to more fallout from wednesday's cnbc republican presidential debate. the candidates are planning a revolt against the republican national committee, some of them, and the rnc is now at war with nbc. doug mckelway with the report. >> reporter: the soft-spoken chairman of the republican national committee summed up cnbc's debate with very choice words last night.
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>> i just can't tell you how pissed off i am. >> let me ask you this, you can imagine. >> nothing but a crap sandwich. >> reporter: priebus followed up with an unprecedented move suspending nbc's co partnership with the debate in february. in a letter to nbc news chairman andrew lack, priebus accused the network of quote gotcha questions, petty and mean-spirited in tone and designed to embarrass our candidates. i will be working with our candidates to discuss how to move forward and will be in touch. in a pointed response, nbc reminded the rnc of coveted demographic quote along with broadcast partners at telemundo. we will work in good faith to resolve this matter. one piece of fallout from the nbc debate. several will meet in washington sunday to find ways to alter future debate formats including insisting on opening statement at minimum.
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>> give everybody two or three or four minutes to answer a question and answer rebuttals and clarifying questions and can you get it done in a two-hour period. >> reporter: no one from the rnc is invited. >> i like reince priebus, strong man, trying to rebuild the republican party. allow all of us to have a say, break the field in two groups with less people on the stage, having more quality time to express who we are and why we want to be president. >> reporter: the rnc bares little blame for the cnbc debacle. >> you can complain about a lot of things, complaining what the rnc said to set up the debates, they're not responsible for what happened. >> reporter: indeed the sunday meeting may be the candidates jockeying for better position, that took a bare knuckles turn when the bush campaign released research on marco rubio. it accused mitt romney of rejecting rubio as a running mate because of past sketchy financial dealings. romney spokesman denied it
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saying -- meanwhile jeb bush is struggling to keep a happy face on a faltering campaign. >> having fun? >> yeah, having lots of fun. >> reporter: the bush campaign chief operating officer is not having as much fun. she announced her resignation telling the "wall street journal" i've got no comment, i've got to go. lou? lou: doug, thank you very much, doug mckel way. you don't want to miss the fourth presidential debate on the fox business network in 11 days, tuesday november 10th. we'll be broadcasting from milwaukee, wisconsin, broadcasting monday and tuesday from milwaukee. put us down on the calendar for the november 10th. the day before veterans day by the way, and it is the marine corps birthday. going to be a special evening. join us for the republican presidential debates right here on the fox business network from milwaukee.
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in washington, congress sending president obama today a two-year budget deal that lifts the threat of a government default through next year's presidential election and the end of the obama presidency. measure passed 64-35 in a 3:00 a.m. vote. whoa. 18 republicans joined democrats to pass the deal that increases spending by 80 billion dollars. republican opponents argued it was brokered in secret, contained too much spending. >> are republicans really that lousy at political battle? that we fear the president would shut the government down, blame us and we would collapse in ignominy because we fought for internet tax freedom. holy cow! if we're that bad at this, why are we doing it? lou: the white house says president obama will sign that bill into law as soon as he reives it. of course it is also a violation of the hastert rule,
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a majority of a majority not voting with the republicans in the senate. we're coming right back. the obama administration marginalizing its own foreign policy. syria, the south china sea and, of course, eastern europe and russia. we take it all up with former director of national intelligence john negroponte here next. and this biker obviously pushing his luck pulling high-speed stunts on a highway. we show you what happens when we show you what happens when he left his luck behind.bp
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. lou: joining us tonight to discuss russia, u.s. special operations forces in syria and the south china sea, of course, former director of national intelligence, five-time u.s. ambassador john negroponte. ambassador, good to have you with us. let's begin with this announcement, and it has been precisely that. the administration making much of the insertion of just about 50 special operations forces into syria. your reaction? >> well, first i think it's a significant move even though the numbers are small. we haven't had forces in syria before, at least not those that
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we've acknowledged. i think it's a signal we want to be of greater assistance to the non-sectarian forces in that country, and i think we're positioning ourselves as are the other major players, russia, iran, and so forth for what i think may be a forthcoming negotiation in search of some kind of political solution in syria. lou: this is a head scratcher in so many ways, ambassador, because saudi arabia for the first time will be involved. saudi arabia making it clear they'll not participate in a solution that does not include the removal of bashar al-assad. you mentioned special operations for the first time in syria acknowledged as such, there is every suggestion we've had special operations there for some time. is there a change of balance here, direction, is there and incentive or alignment that
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says suddenly russia and iran and saudi arabia and the united states principally, those entities, those nations want to resolve the civil war? >> well, i mean i think that the devastation in that country is so great. the exodus of syrian people from the country, i think many of the players on the ground are exhausted and battle weary. there may be opportunities here. i think first of all to get some kind of a cease-fire, that would be the first order of business. but i think maybe also some kind of agreement on the outlines of a political solution. lou: and that solution. one has to wonder, there's an old expression, all the major decisions have been made, and nothing happens by accident. the exodus, as you say, and the mass immigration into european, into the european union, it looks now for all the world as
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if it was a clever strategy, and that the only really possible for the european union is todom a solution in syria and to move those people, those refugees if you will, illegal immigrants, they may be, back to their homes in the middle east and particularly syria. what do you think? >> well, i don't know if they'll succeed in moving the ones back who have already gotten to europe. accommodating the refugees is that you have to also deal with the root causes in the countries of origin, and in that sense, i think the europeans have realized they've also got to be more involved in helping find a dirable solution in the president himself. lou: whether it be the fly-byes by bare bomber aircraft, russian aircraft, in the
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western pacific. also, the idea that this president does not respond to what has been the insertion of troops into syria, special forces troops again on the part of the russians bit iranians bringing their military to bear. your reaction to what has been passivity on the part of this president? >> i'm not sure how passive it is. i think we have a plan, we've inserted the forces we're talking about. i think the effort to defeat isil in iraq is ratcheted up. the president himself spoke to the prime minister of iraq today, and i think what you're talking about is all the key players with skin in this game are now positioning themselves, and possibly over time, for some kind of political outcome. i think the rubbing point, the sticking point is going to be the terms on which bashar al-assad leaves power. i think everybody is willing to
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agree he will be transitioned out of power. over what period of time and over what terms and conditions? i think that is really the nub of the matter. lou: all right, ambassador, wanted to talk to you about so many other issues as well. i appreciate it. we're out of time. always good to see you. john negroponte. >> thank you lou. lou: be sure to vote in our poll tonight -- two million of whom are illegal immigrants as well. cast your vote at we'd like to hear from you. and connect with me, follow me on social media --
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something from the don't try this at home file, watch as head cam video captures this motorcyclist performing a stand-up wheelie, there he is. going over 100 miles an hour. all seemed well until it wasn't, and that isn't good. he lays it down, crashing, sliding down the highway, and the biker suffered road rash, severe road rash as his bike was completely destroyed. up next, a few thoughts on a president who seems to lead from behind if he is to lead at all. and leaked surveillance video capturing the deadly shoot-out between rival biker gangs in texas. that video, that story and many more straight ahead. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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i wish i could really believe that john negroponte's optimism were well placed becaused reality seems to be that it's as if foreign policy is just beyond the president's capacity and imagination and of that his people. the ayatollah sent mr. obama another bouquet in appreciation of the nuclear deal and tense upon tens of billions of dollars the president is putting in his hands. iran arrested and put in prison an american for the first time. a businessman arrested while visiting tehran earlier this month, and here's what the white house said about iran's latest show of contempt for our president. >> the president has made a priority securing the release of americans who are unjustly detained in iran. secretary kerry talked about in the context of the nuclear
11:26 pm
talks, and he was meeting frequently with counterpart, securing the release of americans unjustly detained in iran continues to be a private the obama administration. lou: i believe that's an example of blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. since we reached a nuclear deal with leading state sponsor of terrorism, iran has only arrested an american citizen, test fired a long-range missile, a ballistic missile, and the president's response, empty threats, agreeing to sit side-by-side at the regime at today's syrian peace talk. sums of the legacy of the administration are spectacular, and this president's principal legacy failure and doing almost everything else at the margin. and this latest act from the so-called margin man sending fewer than 50 special operations forces to syria. all of this despite mr. obama's two years of promises of no boots on the ground in syria, claiming it would be a, quote,
11:27 pm
profound mistake. why are we sending this few and this few so late to syria? and why aren't we hearing from the president directly about the reasons for his latest reversal what he intends to actually achieve in syria? president obama's pension for acting on the margins has done little to resolve anything, anything, instead it seems to create only more problems, some of them large and enduring and diminishing our standing in the world, and also threatening our national security. there's no way to laugh at what our president, what are our president's final jokes. ultimately there is nothing funny about the president's all-too obvious lack of conviction or principle when it comes to foreign policy. our quotation of the evening from alexis de tocqueville who said --
11:28 pm
now i know, i know, we might quibble about that word many, but let's give ourselves a little credit, we need a boost. we're coming right back. the head of the rnc pulls the plug on nbc. will a republican debate format change, and who benefits? we take up all of that with fred barnes and sarah westwood here next. and this video proves once again for our brave men and women in law enforcement, there's no such thing as a routine traffic stop. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line.
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. lou: talking politics and joining us executive editor of the weekly standard, fred barnes, and investigative reporter for the washington examiner, sarah westwood, was that not a compelling, brilliantly, brilliant debate on cnbc? >> you know, there is a difference between tough questions and loaded questions and cnbc moderators really walked that line. some of the questions you could argue that they had some economic substance to them. other questions were clearly framed in a way that had candidates defending their policies before they could make their pitch to voters, so this was clearly, there were some mistakes that were made here. lou: i've got to say, fred, i want to give ted cruz, senator
11:33 pm
cruz, i thought did the masterful thing, the right thing when he admonished the whole bunch of moderators and questioners there. your reaction? >> it was -- i mean i said when i heard him say that, i said wow. he tick off seven separate abuses by the cnbc questioners. it was awfully good, changed the nature of the debate and what the candidates said and how they acted, and cnbc was a little shaken by it, and they got a little better but not much. but you know this was a gamble of reince priebus, the republican national chairman, organizing the debates, brings in the mainstream media in order to get whatever credibility you get from having them doing the questions. they hate republicans and they're going to show it. lou: i heard a rumor to that effect. >> that's for sure. one thing about the debate, it kept your interest.
11:34 pm
lou: no question about it, and sarah, the other argument it seems to me here is the lively candidates, if you will, the ones who are quick on their feet, and i think smart, and we put cruz there, certainly donald trump dominated throughout, they performed admirably, they were terrific. i'm not so sure they should be so quick to get rid of a liberal national media that showed if you will, it's true flag. i mean cnbc will likely never recover from the positions it took in that debate. >> exactly, it gave candidates like senator cruz, like donald trump, like marco rubio at some point to show they're a fighter by pushing back on the moderators. it did set them up to be successful. perhaps in other instances like ben carson, it brought up baggage he wasn't quite prepared to address.
11:35 pm
lou: i think, fred, i think rubio's best moment came against his friend, his mentor, and when his mentor decided to go after him, less so his moments with the panel. jeb bush, where is he now in his campaign? >> well, i would say he's losing. but, look, i wouldn't write him off yet. it's one of the faults of the political press and pundits, i think, they're always trying rule somebody outment i wouldn't rule him out yet. lou: i'm not ruling anybody out. >> i know. lou: i'm admirable, i'm absolutely thrilled with the field of 15. >> i wasn't referring to you. you've seen a lot of stories saying it's all over for jeb and so on. it may be. and the campaign, the problem is jeb. he was weak in that debate, and it seemed so pathetic and desperate when he criticized his friend marco rubio for missing senate votes, when they're senators and governors
11:36 pm
and campaigning for president, they always miss votes or vetoes or whatever governors do. it's common, and for him to jump in there, i think, was a huge mistake. lou: and sarah, the president sending 50, almost 50 special operations folks and breaking his pledge not to put boots back on the ground. put boots on the ground in syria. the politics of it, the impact, if any? >> well, this was a move that puzzled a lot of people because president obama has been reluctant to make any sort of commitment to syria. they polled programs just a few weeks ago that were designed to fight isis. so it seems like at the time he was ready to roll his involvement back, putting booting on the ground seems like a contradiction and shows he's free from a lot of the political pressures he faced earlier in his presidency when he drew a red line and virtually erased it.
11:37 pm
now not under the same pressure because his presidency is almost over. lou: sarah, i think, if i may, that is one of the most generous, spirited explanations of political impact they might have received. fred, the last word tonight? >> look, i think the president's policy in the middle east has been consistent. he's trying not to lose. he doesn't want to win. he doesn't want to drive isis into the ground, but he doesn't want to lose. he just wants to get out of his administration in january of 2017 and hand it over to whoever is the next president without having lost. it's a heck of a strategy when you're not trying to win, but he's not trying to win. lou: fred barnes, sarah westwood, thanks for being with us, thank you. and be sure to vote in our poll tonight --
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some of whom are dangerous criminals. cast your vote at dramatic surveillance video just released of the deadly shoot-out between rival banker gangs in texas. the shooting took place in may in a waco, texas restaurant, nine people killed. witnesses say the scene was reminiscent of the o.k. corral, men punching each other, hitting the deck as waitresses fled the scene. prosecutors have yet to charge anyone but what an incredible video. dash cam video just released by the michigan police. a police officer tries to arrest a 22-year-old. she was driving with a suspended license. she decided to back her car into the officer, threw it into gear as he tried, tried to wrest her from the car, and then sped off.
11:39 pm
she was later arrested, charged with felony assault. officer suffered minor bruises, we're told, and is fine tonight and is back at work. she's not. she's in jail facing serious felony charges. up next, the administration that tried to claim it was the most tans parent in history, won't release e-mails between the president and his former conservative commentator david bossie with us next on that, and much more. we're coming right back. stay with us.
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. lou: the white house now saying they will not release any more e-mails between president obama and then-secretary of state hillary clinton until after he leaves office. this comes as 4400 of clinton's e-mails were released by the state department today. 268 of those e-mails contained classified information that had been redacted. once again. demonstrating clinton did send and receive classified information on her private server. joining us tonight, president of citizens united david bossie. david, good to have you with us. what do you make of all of
11:44 pm
this, all of these classified e-mails and her utter, you know, challengeable and demonstrably true claims? >> remarkable lou. i'm going to be honest with you. i just shake my head all the time over what this white house and state department's doing. you look at what general petraeus had happen to him over a lot lesser offense, and look at hillary clinton, hundreds and hundreds. by the way, as you know, it's the duty of the person sending or receiving the e-mail to know whether it's classified. trained these people at the state department to do that. so these claims by her are ludicrous. now we're at 600 or 700 classified e-mails. i think there's a big problem here in the fbi, i got to tell you has to be seriously looking at that. >> the fbi may or may not be. let's be honest. the fbi has been taking its
11:45 pm
sweet time. this is a straightforward issue for this fbi -- >> let me just -- lou: let me finish, i don't think we throw our hands up and say the good old fbi is going to -- that's the most politicized justice department in this country's history. >> it is. i'm just going to hold back hope that when i dealt with the fbi extensive in the 1990s when louie freeh was the fbi director. lou: in all due respect, in all due respect, that was a long time ago, and it ain't the same people. >> thanks a lot. it was a long time ago, but my point is that james comey watched what happened to louie freeh, he was around in that time period. i know james comey a little bit. he is honorable and has great integrity. lou: i'll take your word for it. >> the fbi works in the shadows. they're not on the front page like the benghazi committee. lou: they have been used to
11:46 pm
block in its investigations have been used to block congressional investigations am the fbi and its investigations have been used to stonewall by this administration whether we're talking about fast and furious, whether we're talking about benghazi or any of the half dozen scandals. david, i want to be as ebullient in my optimism as you are, i can't be because i'm looking straightforwardly at facts that suggest strongly the other. >> lou, i'm going an aggressive investigator and always have been. so i'm hopeful. i agree with everything you just said, i am hopeful that james comey and this fbi are doing due diligence on this investigation. let me make one thing clear. on all the classified e-mails, lou, we received two of the classified e-mails in our investigation. lou: right. >> both of which went to the foundation. one of the questions that hasn't been answered yet is has
11:47 pm
the fbi been to the clinton foundation and seized the servers. if we receive two, there's many more. lou: time for conservatives to stand up a little louder to be honest with you. right now the conservatives have stepped aside and put in as the speaker, a man who had an f-rating as a conservative, who's supposed to drive forward the republican party, and the conservatives, i can't figure what the contribution is of the conservative members of the house right now to governance in any way, and i can't for the life of me tell the difference between what would have been and what is under the leadership and the control of the republican party of both the senate and the house. there's something awfully, awfully peculiar here. >> once again, you've really hit it on the head. my only hope, and it is again, once again, i'm an eternal optimist, but i believe that
11:48 pm
paul ryan will be better than john boehner. it's only been a day, but that's not a high bar you. >> set that bar way up here! >> paul ryan has two choices. he can either go down the road of defeat and being a terrible speaker which is what is john boehner's route or take a conservative approach. lou: and the question would be in any other circumstance why is hillary clinton running, because what is in front of her right now, what is prima facie here is overwhelming for any other person i would think in either party who would seek the party's nomination. one quick question, if i may, that is the debate itself, your reaction to it? >> oh, boy, i thought the commentators like everyone else, the commentators were off the rails, they asked unfair and snarky questions.
11:49 pm
i think that they did not know how to handle the candidates. i'm shocked the rnc canceled the nbc debate. the big one, the pre-super tuesday one. that is the smart thing to do. reince priebus must have been hearing from the candidates directly. lou: one would think, david, good to hear from you. thanks for being with us. david bossie. on wall street stocks closing near session lows but posting the best monthly performance in four years. the dow jones industrials down 92 point. the s&p lost 10. the nasdaq fell 20. volume bouncing back above four billion shares, 4.2 billion. and for the month of october, the dow jones industrials, s&p up more than 8%. nasdaq gaining more than 9% in october. air reminder to listen to my report three times a day coast-to-coast on the salem radio network, and up next here, growing backlash against director quentin tarantino for
11:50 pm
his anti-police comments. we take it up with some of our favorite radio talk show hosts favorite radio talk show hosts
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lou: more police unions calling for a boycott of quintin tarantino's movies after the director referred to police as
11:54 pm
murders. they have not joined new york and calling for the boycott and tarantino's own father says his son was quote dead wrong. tarantino's comments rallied four days after an nypd officer was fatally shot while chasing a suspect. joining us tonight to take up that radio talkshow host for 760 k. fmb in san diego mike slater. you are the host on wor seven in new york city. great to have you here. let's start with you. the spreading boycott of tarantino, what are your thoughts? mike: here's the good thing about our police department. no matter who you are no matter what your race your religion your income or even if you called us police officers murderers if you call 911 they will come to your assistance.
11:55 pm
quintin tarantino you can say these things about police officers picking on the back of your mind you call 911 and they will be there for you and that's a testament to them, not you. lou: that makes it especially repugnant on the part of tarantino because he does know that. >> it's hard to believe a crazy hollywood director would be realistic about something but your own father boycotting you that's when you you know you've gone too far out on a limb. it's bigotry and its stereotyping. there are a few bad cops out there but it's a tiny fraction of 1% and a better ratio than any competition in the world. lou: let's go to to the debate which is going to the sub line. that debate was astonishing to think? mike: i'm really happy that it went down like that. i think it's owing to hasten the demise of cnbc and these
11:56 pm
networks being involved in the process. the republican party is a private club. they can get a their nominee with a foot race or drawing straws. i don't know why they feel the need to have people like john heywood be involved in the process at all. why would you have someone who is so contrary to the mission statement of the group be involved in the process? get him out. kick him out. any tim? mark: fox business network was the big winner that night. it's a lot more fair and honest over here. harwood deliberately lied especially at the end when he said the debate was never two hours pretties trying to hurt trump argument. it was an out and out lie back. in that case he's trying to embellish his resume a little bit and i don't know why he hasn't been suspended over this. lou: it was just astonishing. when he told trumpet was never three hours that is to say you
11:57 pm
can look it up. it's everywhere and i couldn't understand why he would just bold-face misrepresent reality. mark: there was a lie about marco rubio's tax plan and heywood's tweet said he knew it wasn't correct. mike: you can have someone like rachel maddow or someone asked tough questions about obamacare but you don't have to be a hack. it's just silly but i blame reince priebus. cnbc does with cnbc does and we know who john harwood the? why open the door? that was weird to me. mark: to call a candidate a clown or comic look is totally disrespectful. mike: i was going to say maria and neal are going to do a fantastic job on november 10. lou: --
11:58 pm
mark: when people contrast it's going to be night and day. lou: as it always was. irrespective of bad manners. anyway let's turn to the senate passing a budget at 3:00 a.m.. mike, and ryan is the new speaker and he supposed to be great but this does look like an auspicious beginning to me. what do you think? mike: speaking the debate, i will bring it back. the moderators were all about -- lou: you are so slick i'll tell you. mike: i will bring it around that promise. remember they weren't criticizing the candidate's tax plan because it would increase the deficit. all of a sudden they don't care but the budget deficit will increase the deficit. they don't care. these liberals these progressives in the media don't care either when it benefits them.
11:59 pm
mark: it's the arts five days before the clock is ticking and you have two years. start now let's figure out the next budget now. lou: it doubles the time. mike slater thanks so much and by the way i saw what you did there. that was very slick. mike: i told you i would get there. lou: mark simone, it's good to see you. our on line poll 38% of you said donald trump won wednesday's debate in 37% said ted cruz. i would like to recommend as i have been for some time now a terrific book extreme ownership written by highly decorated navy s.e.a.l.. it's a book with great lessons in leadership. time for future comments. gross commenting on facebook we are going into the fourth debate hanging onto 14 candidates. something seriously needs to
12:00 am
happen in narrowing down to the final candidates. the gop establishment were listening to the voice of the people there would be embracing trump is their only hope for a win in 2016. that's it we thank you for being with us ambassador john bolton monday. have a great weekend. good night. >> would do you fear? john: some people want to be scared. these people wait in line to be frightened. in real life there is so much to fear. >> the worst drought in a thousand years. john: what should you fear? that's our show tonight. >> let's all have a great halloween. >>


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