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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  October 31, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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good evening i'm luodobbs. the military loses control of a massive billion dollar blimp. fighter jets are scrambled. we'll have the latest for you. reaction to the arrival of the u.s. navy in the south china sea. china doesn't like it. china says it's not afraid of a war with the united states, thank you very much. and among our guests tonight, house freedom caucus chairman congressman jim jordan on the
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new speaker. what will the new ryan vision be? conservative or something else entirely? . hillary clinton, taking a night off from fund raising. clinton appearing on the late show with steven colbert. she said she would let the big banks fail. get ready here she is. >> under dodd frank that is what would happen. i'm going to impose a risk fee on the big bank if they engage in risky behavior. they have to know, shareholders have to know. yes, they will fail. if they're too big to fail. under my plan and others that have been proposed. they may have to be broken up. >> mrs. clinton and some in the national liberal media believe she was shifting to the left
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trying to block her opponent, bernie sanders. clinton is taking up the conservative captalist position which would permit insist that banks fail if they screw up. it's capitalism. we're willing to give her more credit that obama did. we're willing to consider for her vice president. we'll give her serious consideration. we'll interview her. his comments show the growing tension between the campaigns. iran confirming it will take part for the first time in the international talks aimed at ending the civil war in syria. those talks will be held in vienna with the secretary of
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state john kerry's first formal negotiations with iran on something other than its nuclear weapons program. russia urged iran's incluz because it's the only other major party giving support to syrian president. joining us congressman jim jordan, serves on the judicerary committee. good to have you with us. >> good to be with you. >> you are moving pretty fast. you're going to have a speaker tomorrow. you've got a budget deal you didn't support but it was negotiated with the obama administration. and presented effectively as a fait accompli, is that a fair characterization? >> increasing spending by $80 billion. saying it's paid for. saying it's paid for in washington, it's paid for in
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years eight nine and ten . this is what americans hate about washington. we think paul ryan is going to change this. not a win for the taxpayer. >> so many of your colleagues went along with it knowing full well it was a fictional document. at the same time, knowing that an $80 billion -- i love this language. talking earlier with mike emanuel, a cap adjustment. blowing the lid off the cap and busting sequester. >> right. we set spending caps in place two years ago. we busted those but we say we'll cover those in years eight, nine and ten. some people are going to try to bust those caps two years from now. it was a bad deal. understand this, 165 republicans voted against it.
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again, this is a problem. this is why leadership needs tee change in the house of representatives. you can't have your leadership going to the democrat bringing a bill at the last minute. we got the bill on monday night and we voted on it today. come on, that's got the change. paul's committed to changing that kind of process. >> but he went along with this one. >> but he also criticized the process and said it was terrible. >> criticizing, is that the same as changing it? do you think he will not participate in such shenanigans as speaker? >> the american people are demanding we change it. there's a group in congress who is going to be politely encouraging him to make sure we change h. deep down paul's asgoa a good conservative. we need to fix this problem here. >> you do think he's a conservative? >> sure do, yeah. >> some of his grading by
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conservative groups, is in conflict with that assessment. there it is s. let me turn to one thing and compliment you on your questioning and your probing. in the benghazi select committee, mrs. clinton i thought you went to the exact point and no one made it clearer than you that she had spoken quite differently to the american people than to egyptian and libyan officials and to her own daughter. >> well, thank you, but you're right. you can't say one thing in private. tell the truth in private and tell the taxpayers the people you're working for a completely different story. she did in fact do that. i think she did it because they were 56 days away from the election. the whole campaign theme was bin laden is dead, gm is alive and al qaeda is on the run. they couldn't have a terrorist attack happen that soon prior to an election particularly in the country that was supposed to be their shining example of success
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in their foreign policy. the country of libya. they had problems. i think they made the calculation we can live with the whole video inspired protest turning into an taeattack. but a plain old terrorist attack, that's a different story. and so they tried to spin it and tell the american people something that wasn't accurate. >> congressman jim jordan, good to have you. president obama declared he would crush russia's economy with sanctions. the west face would the alliance of russia china and iran. the obama white house has no response to the challenge. next up, our military and national security experts k.t. mcfar ln and john hannah.
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the pentagon not commenting on a "new york times" that russian submarines are operating between the united states and europe and asia. u.s. navy officials speaking to fox news say they haven't seen this kind of russian naval activity since the cold war. military commanders previously
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concerned about the russians tapping into the cables are expressing concern that they might be cut, those cables rather than simply tapped into. the location of the undersea cables is not a secret. most of them are owned and operated by large telecommunication companies and companies that include google. they carry $10 trillion a day in global business and 95 of the world's communications. there are half a million miles of undersea cables. joining us now is the foundation for defense of democracies senior counselor and former pentagon official fox news analyst k.t mcfarlane. let's start with the idea that our military has designed and our intelligence the prospect of a threat to the cables themselves. what do you make of it?
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>> i'm not surprised. we've done the same thing to them in the past. when i was in the nixon administration it was called operation ivy bell. we listened to their communication. are they listening are they doing something else about it. are they going to disrupt our communications or are they going to hack into them and somehow disorder some of our communications. >> what has raised the prospect they would seek the cut the cables? my second question would be why wouldn't that always be one of the possibilities you would assign to your enemy strategists? >> i think this is all a piece, lou with the general push that putin is making to challenge american interests all around the world. to show that he can hold at risk some of the most important american assets. to show that he's got tremendous leverage over us. he wants things from the united states, including he wants the
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sanctions off. he wants to show he can push the united states around and really hold us at risk. >> is there any doubt that that is precisely what he's doing k.t.? this is a president who said he was going to bring effectively, bring putin to his knees as he crushed the economy of the russian nation. we have not seen that occur. >> no, it may not. if oil prices start moving around, maybe that doesn't happen. maybe the opposite happens. >> this is one of the things that stuns me. if somebody were saying to us, we're going to crush your economy, we're going to place sanctions on you, that would be an act of war. i haven't heard one commentator in this country say, you know, maybe obama went just a little too far or egregiously too far. >> or set a red line he wasn't intending to enforce.
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>> his red lines is not exactly unimpeachable. >> when we see he's pushing the united states out of the middle east. obama doesn't want to be in the middle east. we're no longer in a position to help shape events. >> is it your judgment, that he's gone too far? that this administration has put at risk our national security in ways that, apparently, his national security teams, his advisories and he himself did not even come close to envisioning? >> yeah, i think there's no question, lou, that the president's general retrenchment from the world has been read as weakness by our adversaries. and when he has taken action against them, as you know, he hasn't been serious. he's hit them hard enough to make it hurt. but not hard enough to actually get the job done. and their response has been to
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fight back, punch back and keep punching. they don't feel any resistance right now. so i think this is when things begin to get really dangerous, when you have two nuclear powers, one misreading the other. believing that they're weak and they'll continue to back up. when you finally have to fight back, that's when miscalculations happen and very dangerous things can happen, especially when nuclear weapons are involved. >> geopolitically, it's unconceivable this administration would not understand that they -- carry out effectively, an act of war, by creating these sanctions. and trying to reduce a nuclear power to something, you know, i can't even imagine what went through this president's mind. what we're seeing is a reflex and a response, whether it's the south china sea, whether it's the building on the part of china, now allied with russia. whether it is the construction of new bases in the arctic by
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russia, the revitalization, the refurbishment of six soviet area bases in the arctic. this president is not responding at all. >> well, the problem you have is inconsistency, on one hand he's making speeches but not backing it up. that's where the problem is. he's not doing t. so we're getting pushed pushed pushed. putin will continue to push and tell him it's resistance. the question is what kind of resistanc resistance. nobody knows what the other side is doing. >> we're watching vladmir putin right now embarrass the united states on the world stage. are we not, john? >> i certainly think that's the case. i hate to say it. i don't think the man in the white house, the only person that really counts sees it that way. he thinks he's playing three
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dimensional chess. he's being drawn into a quagmire in syria and ukraine. none of it really matters. he's the guy that's got the weak economy. he's dependent on oil, prices are low. he doesn't do anything else in terms of economic production and -- >> economically, i'd like you both very quick -- we're out of time. i'd like you both to respond to this. if you are watching what is happening to oil, you're watching putin expand power in the region which has command over so much of the world's resources. wouldn't that concern you greatly that any conflict would create a benefit, an economic benefit for russia in the world oil market? >> absolutely. what happens if there's a conflict in the middle east? the price of oil gets up and the middle east oil doesn't get to market. guess whose oil gets to market? russia's. win-win situation.
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>> john? >> i think they love conflict. don't forget they're on the doorstep of saudi arabia. they have military power, they know they can start cutting production getting the price of oil up. there's a saudi russian play, too. >> thanks so much. appreciate it. up next, a few thoughts on president obama. critics say he has a lot to learn about being president. get fast-acting, long-lasting relief from heartburn
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a few thoughts on presidential leadership. i know what you're thinking, there's not much of it so it should be a short comment. it will be. president obama today welcomed the women's national soccer team to the white house to celebrate the world cup win. before he jetted off to chicago, one of our most violent cities with arguably the toughest anti-gun laws to guess what? push tougher gun control measures. but the president, not missing a
6:24 am
moment to turn the visit political. taking a swipe at the republican presidential candidates while joking with player carly lloyd about her world cup performance. take a listen. >> and carly's performance was so good. by the time the game was over someone changed her title from midfielder to president of the united states. which, by the way, the job's about to open up. what's another candidate in the mix? i guarantee carly knows more about being president than some of the folks that are running. that's a whole other -- >> well, there was his guarantee, here's mine if i may. i don't know how much carly knows about being president, mr. president. but the real question is, how much do you really know about
6:25 am
being president? as president, you've succeeded in expanding executive power, taking the presidency from imperial to athoreitarian. you divided our nation with your inflammatory rhetoric. our president has reduced respect for this country around the world. failing to act in our national interest too often. failing to stand up for our allies, instead bowing to the demands of our challengers, adversaries, our out right enemies. what exactly do you know, sir? and why would you presume any of the presidential candidates know less than you? seven in ten americans say this country's headed in the wrong direction. you, sir, have been directing it. seven out of ten of all americans say the wrong direction. and republican voters want an outsider now who will change how things are done in our capital
6:26 am
city. donald trump in an op-ed today slamming leadership in washington writing w what passes for leadership in washington is really more about position. seniority and the influences of special interests that it is about achieving goals, meeting mission requirements, or serving the people. trump also added, real leadership is about competenceerse selflessness decisiveness and courage. i couldn't agree more. it's time we had a real leader in charge of this country for the sake of all americans. like most every other american, i'm hoping and praying that that's what we get in next year's election. that person is not clear yet who that person will be, certainly. america's getting just a little desperate and a little anxious for that leadership. whom ever it may be we select. our quotation of the evening, this one, i thought it appropriate with his first visit to the top of a national poll that tonight we turn to dr. ben
6:27 am
carson for his words of wisdom. he said this. god has opened many doors of opportunity throughout my lifetime. i believe the greatest of those doors was allowing me to be born in the united states of america. a little gratitude never hurt anyone. up next, director quintin tarren teeno was marching at an anti-cop rally and called police murderers. we take up the war against law enforcement with panel of law enforcement experts next. look at that guy. look at that. we're coming right back.
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joining me now to discuss the war against law enforcement in this country. former washington, d.c. homicide detective rod wheeler. good to have you with us. former nypd officer and secret service agent. let me start, tarrantino making these statements calling police murderers. what's going to happen? law enforcement can't put up with this nonsense without responding? >> it's ridiculous. i don't know if you know this, i was there this saturday. i actually walked in that march because i wanted to talk and i wanted to listen to some of the people that felt like they were being victimized by the police. let me just tell you and the
6:32 am
viewers, when i heard tarrantino make the statement he's on the side of the murderers i got to thinking how can you be on the side of the murderers -- what he was suggesting every case where police officers use lethal force they're doing it wrongfully. that's not true. this guy was totally incorrect by what he said. and actually, i believed he really was just trying to rouse up the crowd, get them aggravated and agitated and that's what he accomplished, lou. >> all right. and when you say on the side of the murderers, i'm a little confused by that. he called police outright murderers. >> absolutely. he said i'm on the -- >> so he's on the side of the police? >> no. no. he's saying he's on the side of those individuals that were murdered by the police. murdered by the police. that is the most ridiculous thing i've heard. he said i am a person with a conscious. guess what? every police officer out here
6:33 am
wearing blue with a badge have a conscious, too. >> have you ever noticed when people say they're -- it's their conscious leading them, they're always the ones taking the view they're the only ones with a conscious. it's a remarkable statement. what are your thoughts, dan? >> well, quenten tarrantino is an embarrassment. i can't believe his wealth and prosperity is being protected by the men and women in blue. thomas seoul said society is a thin crust on a volcano. that crust is maintained by men and women working for very little salary every day and risking their lives to protect losers like quenten tarrantino who go out there and call the murders. one quick thing, listen, police use of force incidents are
6:34 am
serious. we have a process in the united states for handling that. we have no process for instigating a reign of chaos and depersonalizing cops into a group of so-called murdered and making people hate them. >> and pat quinn, the head of the police association, calling for a boycott of tarrantino. we're asking whether or not the public watching the broadcast what they would think in joining and supporting the police in such a boycott. i am struck by the fact that people say well, maybe the politicians ought to be saying something. both parties speaking and addressing this issue. the realization that the president of the united states, rod, has said, he's supporting black lives matter. >> right, you know, it's unfortunate we've come to this point. i agree with dan 100%. he and i both know we do have some bad apples within the ranks of the police department.
6:35 am
there's no doubt about that. ia i have to suggest to be that 99% of police officers on the street are not racists as some people would like you to think they are. you have bad apples but you've got bad apples at every occupation. we do a good job on police departments in rooting those individuals out. >> the black lives matter. the president of the united states, his attorneys general have succeeded in capturing the narrative. too many police officers and former police officers after began what they would say -- yeah, there's some bad apples. the focus becomes the bad apples. everyone understands that law enforcement officers put it on the line for public safety every single day. dan, you get the last word here. >> yeah, you know, president obama needs to have the sister soldier moment bill clinton had where he was willing to stand up to organized interest, all lives matter is not a controversial statement. only amongst the extremists in
6:36 am
our party is dividing that segment into a black lives matter, all lives matter is not a controversial statement. the president needs to say that. he won't. he's a leader, not a followinger and we're suffering because of it. >> thank you, both. we appreciate it. >> thank you, lou. joining us tonight, lieutenant colonel ralph peters. iraq telling president obama that they do not want his army on their ground. and please stay out. it seems the administration forgot to ask the iraqis what they wanted on their ground. >> iran owns iraq. iran is on the upswing. russia is a new power player from the outside. the iraqis. they love our air power.
6:37 am
they'll take all the free stuff we give them, all the money. and the state department will cling to its billion dollar embassy in baghdad. iraq is gone. thank you, mr. president. >> let's turn to another region where the president, at least, has responded. that is the south china sea, sending a navy guided missile destroyer into the spratly islands in the contested areas that china is claiming. i have to tell you, it took two years to do it but i was impressed he did that to stand up to the chinese claims. >> yeah, i actually am all for that. i applaud him for doing something good. he wants the transpacific partnership. to do that he's got to play to the filipinos, japanese, brunei, malaysia, all the other powers in the south china see. this does matter. we need to keep sending ships through those waters china
6:38 am
claims. because some things are constants, lou. and all over 400 years ago, sir walter raleigh said he who controls the waters controls the world. it's one of the few strategic maxims that have lasted down the centuries. as you know, estimates are up to 30% of the world's commerce touches the south china sea. the freedom of navigation really matters. it's not about the artificial islands. >> that raises the question, why did it take two years for him to do something? >> that's fastobama's timetable. he's roaring down the track. >> let's turn quickly to europe. because iran will be meeting with the western powers, if you will, in europe this friday. on syria. sort of meeting up with all of the refugees and all of the illegal immigrants that are running from the middle east to
6:39 am
europe. sort of, i guess it would be a convention if you will. it is one that is affecting national security, though, for each of those members of the european union and nato. angela merkel says enough is enough. she's given up on her idea of bringing in a million of those folks into germany. what happens here, russia in particular? >> russia is supporting assad's policy as is iran of cleansing western north western syria of sunni muslims. they are consciously trying to drive more refugees out of syria. those refugees are heading for europe. europe's been just a cluster of a mess. and they're committing cultural suicide by inviting all these young military age males in. >> by the hundreds of thousands. >> it's not families, it's not little children drowning. it's hundreds of thousands of
6:40 am
young military age males who won't fight for their own country and are going to make a worse mess of europe's immigration system. thank you so much. up next, congress negotiating secret budget deals and lying to the american people, is that right? we'll talk with one of the house conservatives who is fighting the establishment. how freedom caucus member congressman john fleming joins us. stay with us, we're coming right back. ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. innovative sonicare technology with up to 27% more brush movements versus oral b. get healthier gums in 2 weeks guaranteed. innovation and you. philips sonicare save when you buy the most loved rechargeable toothbrush brand in america.
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turning to another day of high partisan drama and political intrigue on capitol hill, house speaker john boehner now working to come up with a two year budget deal that also raises the debt ceiling days before he leaves office. it's clearly a deal worked out between the speak and president despite strong conservative opposition and most assuredly with the cooperation of the soon to be speaker paul ryan. >> somebody got a bipartisan agreement in a town that isn't known for a lot of bipartisanship, you're going to see bricks flying. i made it clear a month ago when i announced i was leaving i wanted to do my best to clean
6:45 am
the barn. i didn't want him to walk into a dirty barn full of you know what. >> boehner acknowledged the behind closed doors process that created this proposal. quote, stinks. he defended it as all things considered, a good deal. republicans tonight are scrambling for votes on the plan. my first guest says he will not be voting for this seriously flawed budget deal. joining us tonight is congressman john fleming, a member of the freedom caucus. he serves on the house armed services and natural resources committees. good to have you with us. this is quite a bit of a circus act. boehn boehner, the president and the soon to be speaker apparently coming up with this in hurried form. you can't support it. >> not at all, lou. and in fact, most republicans in the house will not be supporting this. this is what americans hate most about washington.
6:46 am
a huge $1.5 trillion spending bill cooked up behind closed doors, dropped on members of the house in less than 48 hours before we have to vote for it. it has cuts in later years and it has spending in early years, those cuts will, of course, never come to pass. and there is no real entitlement reform, despite the advertising. >> you know, the suggestion, of entitlement reform, then we look to xm bank reauthorization you all have just voted on. i mean, the soon to be speaker ryan was eloquent pointing out this money that the export, import bank puts out just about all of it, goes to ten companies. about 2/3 of them money. he was eloquent in his opposition, yet he did not prevail. it was an overwhelming vote to
6:47 am
reauthorize the import export bank. what's your thoughts? >> that's the second punch in the gut washington doing things the american people do not bank. the xm bank is not well known, but it's the federal government lending money to wealthy publicly traded companies. and giving them in essence welfare. if we're not going to reform entitlements for the poor, why would we give welfare to the wealthy? >> congressman paul ryan himself calls it crony capitalism. opposes it mightily. most of the money going to ten companies. i mean, this is pretty clearly a k street instrument, this reauthorization. it is the device and the bidding of the u.s. chamber of commerce.
6:48 am
a lot of your colleagues have sold out to those folks pretty, pretty -- well, i wouldn't have to call it absolutely. >> yes. no question about it. this is a k street deal, not a main street deal. lazy politicians rather than raising money in their districts among people who support them and what they're doing and trying to build job and strengthen the middle class. instead they depend on the shower of dollars that come from k street. and, of course, they have to vote accordingly. and that, again, is just another big problem we have in washington. a mess that needs to be cleaned up. >> but, you know, boehner talks about a barn he's trying to clean up. but the smell is -- i mean, extraordinary. it reaches from coast to coast. and the way you guys are doing business is embarrassing, even to, i would think, you know, a third rate burglar for crying out loud. >> exactly. and, lou, that's why we, the
6:49 am
nine founders of the freedom caucus, came together. we want to change the way business is done in washington. as you know, we took out the speaker and we blocked the second in line for that. we're bringing in a third person that we think we can work with. >> why do you think -- i find that mind boggling. paul ryan is an f rated conservative. i mean, suddenly you guys are pretending he's some sort of conservative. i can't sit here representing my audience and say, oh, that's nice he's going to be a conservative speaker. he's not going to be anything of the sort. he is, in that giant train of people, you know, he's following his nose straight to k street to the u.s. chamber of commerce and the business round table. >> he did not get the endorsement of the freedom caucus. >> he got your support. and that's part of what -- >> he did -- >> the language is part of what's wrong with this town, as
6:50 am
you know, people trying to bs one another. you know, this is a little -- we like to consider this broadcast a little safe island in the midst of all it where we try to keep that stuff pushed away. >> right. >> where are we headed? i'm going to give you the last word here, congressman. >> i think in terms of our speaker, new speaker, which whom we expect to be paul ryan. we're going to give him a trial period. and he'll be up for a vote again in approximately a year. and he pledges to change the process. he's going to have the opportunity to do that. but we want to see this work organically from the ground up. no more big deals done behind closed doors with the president. among only a handful of people. >> well, it would be nice to think that there wouldn't be any big deals at all. we know who is going to bring those to the floor. so i hope you're right. by the way, i'm sitting here as i go through paul ryan's statement, congressman, these are pretty words. you know, the biggest b
6:51 am
beneficia beneficiaries. bank, you know -- it does cost money. like any other special entity of this government. and loses money. so, you know, maybe you will, maybe you will convert the speaker to be. i will be applauding you all the way. >> we're going to work on it, lou. i'm going to do it especially for you. we'll be in the process of changing rules and devolving power. we'll force the hand of our future speaker to make this a more organic process where we represent the 700,000 people back in our districts. >> it would nice to see a tip of the hat to those constituents. i'm amongst those. so i have a decided clear interest in your success. thanks for being with us. >> always a pleasure. thank you.
6:52 am
up next, federal authorities launching a civil rights investigation into a deputy's arrest of a high school student. why are they involved? well, the cop white, and the recalcitrant student black. now of course they have a county attorney there, a sheriff. you wonder why they didn't handle those things. also a principal and a teacher. we take up the case with attorneys here in just moments. stay with us.
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joining us tonight, career trial attorney wendy patrick. defense attorney rebecca rose woodland. let's start with this high school student. this is an extraordinary thing. let's take a look at the video of what happened in a classroom. this is a security officer. overturning a chair with a young lady in it. 18 years old. we're told. who refused to turn over her cell phone. refused to get out of her chair. refused -- the security officer was brought in after the principal called for him. the teacher looking for guidance. and wendy, that's why you and h. what in the world? the sheriff has asked for a civil rights investigation by the justice department and the fbi. he's scared to death of this case, apparently. what do you think?
6:57 am
>> well, there are two issues here. the first is criminal liability on behalf of the deputy. did he use reasonable force given the facts that were confronting him? >> what's the test of that? because he wasn't going to get her out any other way? >> he didn't try any other way other than force. >> he could have used plenty of other ways to get her out of the chair. >> i mean, when you cthink abou it you don't see him approaching the student please get up, you need to get up. it could be the video. even the force he used to remove her from the chair the chair flips over, she falls over with the desk. very aggressive. >> it looked pretty clearly there like he was flipping the chair. >> yes. >> nobody was hurt. >> here's the thing -- >> how do we know? >> regardless of what happened beforehand, that's what everyone's talking about, regardless of what led up to this, was this the amount of
6:58 am
force that was proper and necessary to get the student out of the chair. >> i'm with you. doesn't the school have a policy about what you do with a recalcitrant student? one who refuses to follow orders? >> absolutely. >> who -- >> that's right. >> what are you supposed to do? i mean, the sheriff calls in the justice department because he -- it seems to me -- lacks the guts to make a determination of what happened here? >> well, there's a little bit more -- >> there you go again, rebecca, well. >> my concern is you can't have -- >> protect me here. i need representation. >> that's someone who is there to keep peace. we know that it's difficult to do that. in a situation where there is a student sitting down, she doesn't have a weapon w she's not aggressively -- >> how do you know that, counselor? >> i didn't see anything. i don't know how that girl's not hurt. he flipped that hard. >> i've got a question, i hear
6:59 am
all the legal theories, waehat e they supposed to do? >> they're supposed to follow procedure in a fashion that is reasonable under the circumstances. that is going to be the issue here, not whether or not she violated the law. was it a use of unreasonable force? let me say something about the civil rights investigation if i might. one of the things those investigations look at aside from criminal liability is whether or not a student was based upon her membership in a protected class, sexual orientation, race, et cetera. that's why we have concurrent investigations where you're looking at it from all angles trying to make sure everything was done properly or what to do if you find out it's not. >> i'm less likely for blaming him for calling in the justice department. >> i think he's doing the right thing. he doesn't want backlash. let someone come in and decide
7:00 am
let -- >> they just nationalized a public high school. >> the video went viral before he did that. got to go. good night from new york. we thank you for being with us ambassador john bolton monday. have a great weekend. good night. >> would do you fear? john: some people want to be scared. these people wait in line to be frightened. in real life there is so much to fear. >> the worst drought in a thousand years. john: what should you fear? that's our show tonight. >> let's all have a great halloween.


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