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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  October 31, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EDT

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[ applause ] york. kennedy: boy am i glad you're here, let's do this! i don't mean to use this watch to take a victory lap and toot my own horn, monday was hillary's birthday, and here is my predict how she would spend the day, roll it! >> romance. kennedy: hillary went on "the late show" with stephen colbert,
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told him what i told you. >> bill and i just watched bad tv, we finally finished "house of cards" it took a while. we were slo slow going. kennedy: we were too busy living it. i have revealed by secret identity. >> find out what i seek for you. >> cull me now. kennedy: in revealing hillary's secret identity. >> the lion's den to the pack of wolves when your fresh meat, kill, throw them something fresher. kennedy: she looks good there. as long as i'm appearing in hillary's future, the going wisdom that hrc is terrified any conclusion that fbi might come through while sifting through their e-mail server. people thinker who greatest fear
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is indictment, i predict that hillary wants to be indicted, she knows she is turn it and blame republicans and milk it as a huge fundraiser, with all elements she loves, victim hood, sexism, partisan witchery. and even then, she will never drop out of the race, hillary's other achille's heel has been her late rscexpect to thcp to ty soiree. -- i predict hillary clinton will set her sights on, wait for, monica lewinsky. yes. close your eyes and let your mind wander, you're welcome.
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>> predict three. since hillary clinton does not have any principles or philosophy or desire to make a bolle political statement unlist they are poll tested and necessary, she will fire up that bone dry tinderbox of a base, and blame republicans for everything. not just her server woes but blame them for losing lottery ticket, mood disorders, flat fires, pms, and sun spots, it will work. it sucks being psychic. almost as much as thought of a hillary presidency. >> on the show, iron chef -- is here to answer, should you cook with bacon if it causes cancer, but it is also delicious. >> has rand paul seen the light? >> house republicans have started impeachment proceedings against the irs commissioner,
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we're taking bets, hope you're all in, i'm kennedy. kennedy: well, i think my predicts will have a 90 to 95 percent accuracy rate. but let's see what party panel says. what do they see if there are tarrow cards? -- tarot cards? bernard with his maiden voyage. michael malice. author of dear reader. welcome party panel. >> hey! >> high 5s. kennedy: live to rub our head and massage it. >> you are quite the predict or, yes like a crystal ball, go ahead. kennedy: i did, i made my predict, what do you predict for hillary or more generaly 2016. >> hillary will run for president.
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bill clinton will be to the ticket, then in future, after she is elected, he will have her sort of over medicate, and something will happen, and he will be the president. once again. >> bernie is a writer for "house of cards." >> that it, it is the clintons are you kidding me. kennedy: some third her with a -- smother her with a pillow until she gets brain glut. >> something like that. >> that was rather specific for you. >> woe. kennedy: what do you think is happening in 2016. >> i think rubio leads the ticket, i have friends in low places, as garth prooks has sang there is spread betting they have rubeo, i believe anyone that is willing to put 15 cents on a candidate name, he seems to be only one that dems are afraid of.
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>> i know a lot of republicans who are -- they won't mention the name donald trump. they are so disgusted at thought he could be nominee, i predict he will but they like rube york the-- rubio, they think that jes finished. what do you think mr. malice. >> the republicans will keep senate in 2016. kennedy: why, why do you say that? >> my crystal ball is better than yours. kennedy: speaking of establishment republican politicians they are surprised and irritated that find out that the republican base does not like career politicians, look at a few hissy fits. >> what is happened to our party? what is happened to conservative movement? >> i got a lot of cool things they could do other then sit arun -- than sit around that is a joke, elect trump if you want that. >> on our side, you got number two guy, tried to kill someone at 14.
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then number one guy high energy, and crazy as lo hell, how am i g to these people. kennedy: i love these bad news bears so much, i want to nurse them all. establishment g.o.p. coming across as a little bit whiney right now. bernie do you share the fristration? >> no, i am happy about status quo they are in the kids table if you will. they just elected a comedian in guatemala as president. >> we're aiming for guatemala now. >> that is how disgusted that people there are. we're going through a similar phase. they are clowns, donald trump -- listen, i like donald trump, the establishment politician they can go to hell, he is out there saying he definitive, and strong, and you know he doesn't know what he is doing. but i like donald trump. kennedy: so, you adore the
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conservative movement. >> no -- what! kennedy: i'm kidding. i wanted to see your reaction. are they doing the best trump reaction. >> crazy people is what principle people sound like, every time republicans act crazy, elected crazy ronald reagan in 80, that is only time this country moved to right politically, these without issues of their own do not understand what it like to be a principle person who thinks that washington is a problem, do not sit down and work out a deal. kennedy: that is what trump is doing. >> yes. >> >> and trump support is. kennedy: they want status quo, they all claim they are also going to make america great, and change the way that things are done in washington. >> i'm picking up on that whiney thing, any time you say these
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people, i am so tire tired of e people or bush saying i have other thins to do, you are like really, i think this is pretty much this is your focus right now. >> do it. kennedy: i could be skydiving right now, i could be -- >> like dad. kennedy: with my dad who is 91, it would be better. >> or painting with my brother. kennedy: who is he mad at, voters or ben carson and donald trump. >> he thinks it is due him as someone whose father was president, and brother was president. kennedy: that is it. >> in marco rubio he has to be aggressive but not too aggressive, someone said he is a small mammal trying to maneuver while the big dinosaur is kennedy: a otter, a manatee. >> she is having a love affair with marco rubio, he has problems. >> not showing up to vote? >> one thing.
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kennedy: he hates senate. >> on immigration he caved. what kind of backbone is, that also his parents, he claimed that they came here during -- they fled castro regime, they came here before he took over. kennedy: they had great for site. >> you hungarian gypsy you. >> romanian. >> wow. >> i was going to say, the lword but i am not because rory mcilroy's fanning call with high head on a stake. >> coming up, maybe they should abolish the irs. >> and secretary of defense said we're putting boots on the ground in fight against isis, what could go wrong?
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♪ kennedy: john koss .
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koskinen will be singing that in the big house. house oversight government -- had this to say, violated public trust, and failed to complete with congress willie issued subpoena. documents were destroyed on his watch, and impeachment is tool to restore confidence in irs, and protect the interest of congress, our panel is back. bernie, i start with you. a quote from kraughthammer said, this is not going to end well, republicans in congress shown they have no ability conduct successful investigation of this administration, everything they touch has failed or backfired even benghazi. >> i say even though i used to mentor charles crowd hammer -- kraughthammer i disagree with
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him on this, he should be in a cell next to bernie madoff, the arrogance he displayed while testifying, flat out lying about e-mails, saying they did not have them, he destroyed like 24,000, his arrogance got him stuck in high craw. >> bernie madoff, the largest ponzi scheme in history of u.s. >> social security. >> he should be bernie madoff's girlfriend. kennedy: i don't know. >> maybe a boyfriend. >> it costs a lot of money to impeach somebody, it cost $70 million in the clinton administration, 13 of it was just lewinsky earmark. >> so let him off scot-free or do nothing. kennedy: i would like justice, and our government is not so shady it is protecting people. >> that is nice you feel that, but since founding father that
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has not been the case, they had a visited interest in contusion that is how government works, i am offended at attacking arrogant people because some people are smarter than others. kennedy: but lying to congress. >> i am not offended to that. >> the irs exists his job is oppression and stealing money from honest people, there no way to redeem him. >> there is no law in hell. kennedy: i am offended by the abuse of power. i don't have a problem abolishes the irs, are you kidding me, who do you think i am? lois lerner. >> she step down. kennedy: i'm kennedy. >> it is good she is gone. >> how? change? >> there should be criminal ramification. >> what has that changed by lois lerner leaving?
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>> was symbolic. >> really nothing has changed. kennedy: tea party groups waiting for 6 years to find out whether they get the status. this is ridiculous. >> no doubt. kennedy: you know, i think -- >> you agree they should try to, impeach this creep. >> what do you imagine. >> what is going to change. kennedy: this is justice. >> please. kennedy: the satisfaction of vengeance. >> i am predicting 5 to 10 days from now, he will step down. >> great, nothing will change. kennedy: then abolish the irs. >> how do you do it. >> repeal the constitutional amendment. kennedy: that takes so much work, minnesota will never do it. the panel returns to talk about rand paul, has he thrown caution
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to the wind, gone full libertarian, bernie is going to love this. and boots on the ground in syr syria. looking for 24/7 digestive support?
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kennedy: hello there, thank you for buying being you. >> this week, defense secretary carter said that u.s. will begin something he calls direct action on the ground in iraq and syria against isis. with we look forward to a decisive victory, a protracted ground war or bloody half measure. brian is joining me now, know iraq war veteran, and a host of kfi radio in los angeles.
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so, what does this mean? do we see boots on ground in middle east we were promised otherwise. >> it has been a deadly kept rec set that -- badly kept rec set thasecret they have been on grod for two years, american pilots, don't like jail. and they really like carrying an hearing an american voice on the other end of the vhs radio telling them what to 3 drop a cm onbomb on, when you don't get that, you get a help hospital bombing, people that we went mention but probably from fort bragg, north carolina have been on ground in syria we're just admitting it now because a brass plated hero, sergeant josh wheeler had the bad timing you know to go ahead and die for his
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country doing something extraordinary, they have to admit, yes, since enemy thought he was the in combat he must be in combat. kennedy: was his death the cat that escaped from the bag? now is our government having to make these uncomfortable admissions they have been doing opposite of what they have done telling. >> yes, it is not in the dna of this administration to admit, yes to a hammer it all looks like a nail, you sometimes run into a nail, isis is a nail, but they don't like admitting that force is required in this particular case. that we have been applying force, they have redefined by the way, they redefined troops, troops to them are large concentrations of conventional ground forces like, you have to deploy first cavalry to iraq. droops to them are not -- troops are not 4 special operator with
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a radio calling in targets, but they are sure it is troops and combat. kennedy: having served two wars in the middle east, what do you call it? >> i call it combat, any time a stranger was shooting at me, that is combat, if is a friend that is an accident, a stranger shot at me, they have, and they hit me, thanks for free parking whoever you were, but i call that combat. kennedy: all right my worry is that we're half way in but half way out, and in relationship and combat that seem like worse place to be, at some point you have to commit, what do you see? >> it is operation don't lose it on obama's watch, right now, the strategy for america is really clear, clear two years ago, call up iraqis, and say, sorry we broke up with you, it was us not you, can we get back, we'll be right this time with troops to kick isis out of your country,
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because isis is fighting like a conventional army they are doing what people like me, a fire support infantry officer we were dreaming of seeing guys in uniform holding terrain, they are playing our game by our ru rule. we'll rid iraq of isis, and you rid iraq of iranians, and then we're all good. kennedy: how is -- i wish we had more time, i want to know how is a long-term solution, so many ways that could go south. unfortunately, we don't have enough time for that answer, unless you can do it in 10 second. >> isis is like a indian tribe that has gone off re reservatio, they will self implode and eat their own tail, went '5 years, they will not be our problem. kennedy: for racist and for
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right thank you, i miss you terribly. coming up, i hate being chased -- a high-speed chase by none other than "indiana jones,"
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hmm. [cell phone beeps] hey! [police whistle blows]
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[horns honking] woman: hey! [bicycle bell rings] turn here. there. excuse me. uh. uh. [indistinct announcement on p.a. system]
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so, same time next week? well, of course. announcer: put away a few bucks. feel like a million bucks. for free tips to help you save, go to ♪ feed the pig kennedy: when your go go boots cut off your circulation, topic 1. in yates county new york, a man named indiana z jones reportedly led a high-speed chase away from deputies at 100 miles an hour, it happened, after he tried to skate by a traffic stop. it is a bad idea to run away from the cop but what if someone was tailing him, what then?
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scenic yates county, such lively locals, and great big balls. >> topic two. >> toddlers are pretty bad at things like banking and operating large motor vehicles but they have surprisingly good instirchlinstincts when it comeo running away from lion, what happens if your grand pa roars at you like he is a deadly predator? [ laughter ] oh, good instincts little one. not that mainlyon attacks in oklahoma household buena months old, your fragile understanding -- too minimal to take the risk. topic three. he is a talent bloke, in need a soak, but beloved ucla freshman
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quarterback josh frozen is being denied his inflatable hot tub after he posted video of his dorm room on social media. if they are not going to play college athletes, if you can't accept envelopes of cash, at least let the boy get a therapeutic -- in his dorm room hot tub. if this affects his performance saturday against colorado i will drive from new york city to westwood and deliver a brand-new permanent hot tub. should i have issued a trigger warning, because it wastes so much water, man up bruin, come on now! topic 4. >> crime rates and homelessness
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are skyrocketing in new york city, now surprise that environmenton are horde -- vermin are hordes food for the winter first pizza rat then, two rats one slice, there you go. two rodents fighting over fresh hot. then someone spotted this raccoon in central park also eating food. now full circle, pigeon eating bagel, latest new york still life, they really are rats with wings. is there anything more new york than a pigeon eating a bagel? i guess maybe a hobo eating derek jeter, that you mayor de blasio, topic 5. howie mundel is known for two things, a germ freak and a prankster, he punched his son
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last year with his video of his son talking nonsense. his dad was punc also punked. came out spewing gibberish. >> makes sweaters? makes what, sweaters. >> if i am breathing, i have -- squirrels don't talk. so much to say. sperm tsunami? kennedy: if you have weird soar are storyys you want to see on topical storm tweet me. thank you, deborah.
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you can find me on instagram, coming up rand paul goes full libertarian. is he going all in on liberty? i'll talk over the bet with my panel, and chef alex joins me to weigh in on a new report that bacon causing cancer, and she ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? get fast-acting, long-lasting relief from heartburn with it neutralizes stomach acid and is the only product that forms a protective barrier that helps keep stomach acid in the stomach where it belongs.
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♪ kennedy: way over here now, students, i am very glad you are here, speaking to students in colorado this week, rand paul let loose a rant of liberty, take a gander. >> i do care is that a guy that did smoke pot at an elite prep school. is still willing to keep laws on the books, that arrest and
8:38 am
incarcerates. >> on edward snowe snowden a hea villain, ask the same question about james clapper 9. kennedy: is he unleashing his inner libertarian beast, we ask our panel, is it too little to late for him to drop the sweet nothings. >> really sad, he thought he would play conservative, be president and full libertarian, that dream has been taken away. he is going to be a great senator, his campaign is not from this world. kennedy: does that sadden you? >> no, i am trump and then to burn him down. kennedy: i thought you wanted hillary. >> yes, yes. kennedy: you want hillary be on president. >> yes, hillary brought us a balanced think about because of herrin com-- now you have said a
8:39 am
rand publican. >> on foreign policy, i am in with rand paul he comes off as a petulant whiney child here, lamar odom will be back with lakers before he is ever president of united states. >> i like he goes from marijuana too snowden. >> donald trump will be mayor of mexico city before he is mayor. kennedy: with that lamar odom -- >> i like that paul gees goes fm marijuana to snowden, he has range. kennedy: he was in colorado, he getting these college voters very excited. he has trackers he in 300 colleges can he get them to vote.
8:40 am
>> i would say, my money is not on senator paul. >> no, just like bernie sanders cannot get people to show up at his rallies who are college kids doing a assignment for a professor that sense them there. >> they are curious, they are like let me see. >> also, in terms of numbers his campaign is one of 6. that spend more money than they take in you cannot last long. kennedy: no i did that at berg bergdorfs a couple of months ago. >> do you want to talk to a dead family member, they will be able to program deceased relatives that you can speak with. this is fantastic news. >> what if i want to talk to someone before social media existed. >> "ouija" board.
8:41 am
kennedy: 50 years from now we need ramping up point. >> go to mass, go church say a prayer. kennedy: technology should be here, we saw the tupac hologram, a company hologram usa freeze elvis -- why can't they bring my departed grandma guary. >> this is ghoulish to talk to someone. >> bernie, get a heater, strong smelling salts. kennedy: you have a grandma that talked about being gassy. >> you don't' to talk to half the 95% of your family now, 10 years, you want to talk to them -- >> halloween is 3 days away, get in holiday spirit. >> i swear, when i pass i will
8:42 am
haunt all your social media irk and stai instagram and twitter. kennedy: you will be the undead internet troll, i look forward to having breakfast with you, when you are uninvited and not living. >> i'm be there. >> i think this is a wonderful thing, people safe money on psychics. now, having ton post -- huffington post posted an article to ban the world too, from any description of women because it is sexist, the writer was inspired by a conversation about her hair style, which was too short or too long.
8:43 am
blah, blah, blah feminism blah, blah, blah. >> hey here it is, sheer is too prude or too. she is too tell cat, an delicatd girly, too dumb or bookish. we should call on both genders to cut the word too from discussing women. >> cause or symptom. >> i give her points for creativity, i never thought as too of being sexist, it reminds me that bradley cooper backing her up in gq about money, i never thought of it in those terms. >> too whiney. again, another ridiculous story from huffington post, side boob gazette as they call it.
8:44 am
kennedy: great. >> he is too bald, too tall, short, fat, men suffer from the same thing. >> she said ha u.s. is not true. kennedy: she said, that is rand paul, she said in my experience i rarely hear too 1 hope to be - thrown around about men. >> because she is not listening to anyone except running her yapper. this is how people communicate. this is how people give cues that i think part of the in group. if you know someone on the level, that all this is. >> i don't think i worked for a man who spend time contemplating
8:45 am
with angle to use to have his voice heard it is just heard, i am not sure that too qualifies. >> to we really want to ban words, are we not going backwards this is this political cricknes correctness this backyd we are regressing. >> too literal? >> no. she is frying to b try stock cug edge. kennedy: too is an adverb. >> i know she did not get paid for that article. >> her way of hoisting a flag, being a -- >> press cycle is with her. you had jennifer lawrence, and bradley cooper, and oprah talking about jennifer lawrence's essay. >> you are not part of that tribe. kennedy: i would rather be a lone wolf eating my skin flakes
8:46 am
in a cave then being a part of that tribe. >> loaded with protein. >> thank you, michael, bernie andope you all hold hands and get a guitar. >> coming up. they are not thanking me there thank you kennedy! kennedy: celebrity chef alex guarnaschelli is here, does she skill cook with bacon even reports out that it causes cancer
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
kennedy: this week world health organization ruined thousands of breakfast when they said bacon and process meat cause cancer,
8:50 am
thanks w.h.o. alex guarnaschelli is here to weigh in on the news, and she has a new one woman comedy show called busting my chop, in new york over in 14. welcome back alex. >> great to be here again. kennedy: i want to talk about meat before we get to treat. so, w.h.o. said sausage, ham and bacon are cancer causers, will this change when you prepare in the kitchen? >> no. no. i think it a matter of just knowing where your food comes from and how things eat come to be. what do we do eat a bag of doritos and worry about a slice of bacon? i am going to keep eating bacon. kennedy: this was hard on protein in general.
8:51 am
they talk about you know cancer causing correlation with red meat, mutton, veal, pork. they put it all in there. are you going to be a vegetarian? >> no, i think you are supposed to eat a portion size, the size a wallet. i think if -- >> not very satisfying. >> no, but you know, have you that cheeseburger day, that. i think that we americans indulge. but i think if you look at a classic food pyramid, we know that red meats in the small box, it is no secret a classic med terria--mediterranean diet consf mostly fish an vegetables. kennedy: when do they put red
8:52 am
wine in the food pyramid. >> it just should be poured over the pyramid. kennedy: you have seen so many drunken celebrities dance on table top, and made poor life decisions about people you have snuggled naked with. >> yes. so kind. kennedy: i adore you and your cooking and your reputation. so have you wrapped that up in on a one woman comedy show. >> i started writing and making notes here and there, you write down ve recipes then i made nots in margin, that guy of the cute, i don't remember, but i look through notebooks they are two layers to every chef's notebook, one is recipe. and turn ups and duck drifts whatever, then the story, fabric of lives around you, and comrade and chemistry and lack there of that guess into every kitchen environment.
8:53 am
kennedy: if you have a interesting life, is that going to transli translate to food, it why your food tastes good? >> no, i think that comes from energy that i get when pots are bubbling and fish grilling, no bacon or chicken, and cooking, and i just, i think it fun for people to realize, i think we're all the same, every office environment kitchen environment has a story that subtext, all of those fun moments, i think there a you know we could relate. i think that to tell to eyes of a chef is something that i want to share. kennedy: you are such a down to earth person. obvious talking you to, watching you on tv you are real. but you fought your way through a 3 star michelin restaurant in paris, was that like for a person like you, was it a bunch of snobs? >> yes, first thing someone said to me, i don't know what worse,
8:54 am
that you are a girl or that you are american. and i thought, wow, it is going to be a tough morning, 9:0 2:00 a.m., and you think it is lunchtime have you been there a minute issue people that feeling, you a lot you can contend with these life experiencing with humor, i wanted to learn to be a chief, and an expert in food and cooking, so realized that you better laugh at everyone around and you yourself, and make mistakes, that adds seasoning to your life. kennedy: so beautifully said, you have a couple week its make it to new york for show, alex thank you. >> come see me, caroline. kennedy: i am coming. >> 4 p.m. >> i am seeing you i will drink and eat in every single moment. >> thank you. kennedy: ny comedy festival,.com if you want tickets find out if you want tickets find out which mol wouldn' -- halloween r if you're an adult with type 2 diabetes and your a1c is not at goal
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kennedy: if you are like most americans you get into bar fights on whether werewolves or zombies o or monsters are bette. >> mean which is our favorite? >> vampires but i am going with werewolves. >> everyone all into vampires, i think that werewolf are sweet. >> vampires. >> i think least violence one is werewolf they are cute. >> scarest in movie. >> carry scared me. >> it. >> steven king. >> the clown.
8:59 am
>> the ring. >> climbing out of a tv. >> i was little it was scary. >> bobbing for apples, give it a try. i don't think so. do it. ♪ kennedy: this is the same apple, it has zombie zeus on it, thank you for watching you can catch new episode, kennedy, monday through thursday.
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have a beautiful night, my sweet vampire, i'll see you next week. we thank you for being with us ambassador john bolton monday. have a great weekend. good night. >> would do you fear? john: some people want to be scared. these people wait in line to be frightened. in real life there is so much to fear. >> the worst drought in a thousand years. john: what should you fear? that's our show tonight. >> let's all have a great halloween.


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