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tv   Forbes on Fox  FOX Business  November 1, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EST

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walmart, buy it on weakness. >> all right. ben? >> you still see the markets in the aggregate? >> in the long run, you bet. in the very long run, you bet. >> aggregate is another s.a.t. word. here comes david. top it. fbi director james comey doubling down on comment that is the anti-police movement in america is making it harder for police to do their job in america. take a listen. >> i spoke to officers in one big city who described being surrounded by young people with mobile phones, video rolling as they stepped out of the car taunting them, asking what they want and why they are there. they described a feeling of being under siege. >> the white house saying something else. >> the available evidence at
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this point doesn't support the notion that law enforcement officers are shying away from fulfilling responsibilities. >>'s right? welcome to "forbes on fox." let's go in with steve forbes, elizabeth mcdonald, john tomney and bruce jabson. what's it going to cost us all? >> the fbi director has it right. director comby has it right and the white house has it wrong as it is in so many areas. the fact is police are hanging back. they are not being backed by the president of the united states. already in new york city people are look over their shoulders. you remember times square to what it was 20 years ago. these things have an enormous cost. >> murders, we have a chart showing the murder rate is all up all over the country while arrests are way down all oh over
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the country in the same cities. what's your explanation for that? >> those are certainly sobering numbers. they say to this point we don't know what's going on and that's a problem. in the speech fbi director comey said we have to hit it hard. we get crime statistics on the rise or whatever. we don't know what's going on across the country in these communities. that's a problem. >> we can figure it out, e-mac. comes are afraid to have getting arrested or worse. there are a lot of come killers out there. as a result, arrests are down and the murder rate is up. it seems simple to me. >> cleveland, milwaukee, dallas, tampa. the president said there is a chill wind. he just said it recently. blowing through police department s.
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mr. comey has been tough on comes. i would listen to the fbi over the white house press secretary or any politician. he's also saying, watch out. there are more people of color being killed and not by comes. you have to say all lives matter. there have been bad apples. it's not good that comes have been, you know, basically killing people wrongfully. when you go after comes as they have in a wide scale like this, the good guys, too are protecting people in gated communities like quentin teraneterane tarantino. >> when he said what he said talking about comes as murderers, the week a come was killed by a suspect with a string of arrests being let out time and time again, respeople
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committing crimes over and over again, we are going in the wrong direction. >> starting around the 1970s things got worse. it wasn't until the broken windows policies. >> confiscated weapons. they had stop and frisk. somebody looked like they were doing something wrong and the come could stop and frix them before they committed murders, john. >> i think the filming of comes may help them. any time we can increase citizen oversight of government that's good. for the police, most often they are doing the right thing as the filming will elevate them in the eyes of most people. police are no different from anyone else. they should suffer the same oversight anyone else in government does. >> it's not a police problem. is it?
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it's a criminal problem. criminals are getting out of jail. the criminals are free to carry guns that they weren't free to carry before because of stop and forgiveness . it is a criminal problem, not a police problem. what do you think? >> you're right. there is a bigger problem which is the way president obama used the bully pulpit of the presidency to divide this country on racial lines. very quick to let prisoners out of jail who committed crimes. he seems to be on camera when there is something alleged by the police they have done against a criminal. you never see the president. i see here president obama is trying to nationalize law enforcement in this country. that's the opposite approach we need to take. when the local police are involved with the local community, you have a safer community. it's also better for business as a result. >> what about that? this is an attempt by the
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president to nationalize crime control. >> it's a socialist mentality. everything has to be controlled from the small to the big. this is part of it. trying to undo the broken window theory which is local. local comes finding out walking the beat who is doing stuff, who isn't. you jump a turnstile, get arrested. have a gun, you're in trouble. that worked. he's not interested in what works. he wants control. to the point others made he's always out there when it looks like a come has done something wrong but never go s to the funeral of a come killed by an alleged criminal. >> you see the presidential statements about when a civilian is killed in a controversial incident even when it turns out the civilian might have been responsible and little from the president when a come is killed. >> he met with police chiefs. >> not in the same way. not in a public manner. not in a way to act vise the public which is usually act vising people like al sharpton.
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>> he's from chicago. i can tell you what any police officer that i always talk to say is there are not enough of them. that's a key problem with any study of any of this. you think they are afraid if the communities can see the comes and the criminals knew there were new comes. >> we need more police officers in certain cities and towns. how do you get more when the president of the united states is attacking them. >> the problem is when you stop tough policing which a lot of people like the mayor of new york city are doing you get more crime. >> we are seeing it in new york city. other cities are seeing it as well. for the white house press secretary to give a shot like he did, they are not going to be
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shirking their responsibilities. i want people to consider what it's like to walk in the shoes of our policemen and firemen. they deserve our respect. there is a big push now for prison reform. it's being undone by what's being done attacking our comes. >> there is a cost here. this is about the cost of freedom. the cost of incarceration. it's about $74 billion. look at the cost of crime to society -- 20 times larger. $1.7 trillion. i wonder if we have to get to the point where the. >> you look at the poorest parts of washington, d.c., baltimore, milwaukee. places that need economic hope
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and the lack of policing because of the pressure from the political left is destroying these cities. >> the cost of crime control is a lot. again, the cost of crime is a lot more. you pay the price. up next, why the cost of the health care law may be causing people to get sick, literally.
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fox." >> more expensive and less healthy. premiums for obamacare set to spike 7% on average and another report showing a huge rise in health care deductibles that may be keeping people from going to see the doctors. are the costs causing people to put off test and doctor visits they need ? >> absolutely. that deductible is a crisis. you take for example the cheapest plan on the exchange, the bronze plans. a typical company plan has four
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times the deductible of a typical company plan. people are putting it off, doctors won't dream as them as they treat other patients. obama is costing us more and giving people who need it less. >> since obamacare started deductibles are up 81%. so folks have to pay more up front. that means they are less likely to get the tests they need. >> i have said the good news here is you will get access to private insurance. and the bad news is you will get access to private companies. they went into this not knowing because of the pre-existing conditions and so forth what the populations would be about. it will take time to stabilize.
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we knew it going in. a lot of company earn ings calls, they are not giving up on it. united health care will expand in 11 new states and -- >> of course. they're getting subsidies from the government. >> true. >> in the meantime we are all getting sick because it costs us more. >> particularly the middle class, david. if you're rich, you can afford the higher deductibles. the working class are getting whacked by deductibles. >> the poor, uninsured will get more care through medicaid through obamacare. so they will be better off. this is fundamentally a redistribution of wealth from the middle class to the poor by the president. >> e-mac, i'm not poor, middle class. i'm doing well. but my deductibles are so high i pay thousands of dollars before i reach it and i have to admit i don't go to the doctor much
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because of it. >> your doctor called me and said he misses you. just kidding. yeah. here's what's going on. kaiser which is the nonpartisan healthle re search group said 32 million people are uninsured and a quarter of those adults and children are eligible for obamacare. what's going on is obamacare subsidies for the premium, tax credits and not for the deductibles. the plans are so limited you can't ax sesz medical specialists you may need. that's a big deal. >> rich, while deductibles are going way up, wages are stagnant. in fact, we have a figure showing health care costs and wages since obamacare began in 2010. look at this. wages up 10%. if that much, by the way. deductibles up 67%. the math doesn't work. anybody who looked at this with any degree of honesty when obamacare was passed knew the
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math wouldn't work. the person who designed the darn program knew it wouldn't work. he was pilloried and was quoted on that last year. it's an actuarial fraud. >> bill, we mentioned the deductibles, premiums. another thing is going up. >> co-pays. >> co-pays, i consider that a feature, not a bug. patients need some skin in the transaction if we weren't to have costs spiral out of control. a high copay is compatible with a system with very generous payments for catastrophic situations. >> all right. but the copay going up, maybe there is some good to that. there is no good to the deductibles going up 81%. is there? >> no. people are getting the worst of all worlds. when you see the price of things you have entrepreneurs coming in to offer more for less. we see color tvs being a tent tenth of what they were a few
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years ago. in health care we don't know what the prices are. one thing medicare should have done is forced clinics and hospitals to post prices of their services so people can see when they go in what it costs. >> right. >> bruce, be honest. are you putting off doctor visits because of high deductibles? yours have gone up like mine and everybody else's. are you a little more reluctant to see the doctor because of deductibles? >> i'm not. as a matter of fact, i had a colonoscopy a couple weeks ago. >> okay. spare us the details. >> can you tell us more about it? >> i'm kidding. people are going to the doctor. statistics show doctor visits are up. people have more insurance coverage. >> they are also getting covered by medicaid. your doctor just texted me. he wants me to tell you to brush your teeth just to make sure. kidding. >> the "cashin' in" gang ready to roll at the bottom of the hour. >> hey, david, from espn to
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means, commentators are launching a test on conservatives. how america will pay the price for hypocrisy. plus, i hope you are having a nice halloween. you are killing the planet, kids. why the government blames you and trick or treating for destroying the earth. see you at 11:30. >> who knew? thanks, eric. first, house republicans starting the process to impeach the irs chief over the targeting scandal. democrats call it a waste of tax dollars. why it may sav
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house republicans moving this week to impeach the irs chief over the tea party targeting scandal saying he gave false statements under oath and the irs destroyed evidence under subpoena. democrats say the impeachment is a waste of time and money. impeach, mike? or would it be a waste? >> koskinen needs to be impeached. he's impeded the investigation for months he kept information about lois lerner's e-mails away from congress. he should have been fired by president obama. since he's the president's lap dog the president won't do it. that's why we have impeachment in the constitution. congress needs to act. >> bill, go ahead. >> we should use the high crimes and misdemeanor trials for people who can't be fired like a judge or the president himself. if mike doesn't like the way the president is running the irs, vote republicanle in the next
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election. >> there are so many individual s of people who can get around the legal process and withhold stuff. isn't it time to put your foot down and make a case of it. >> this is why the approval ratings are in there and why republicans are mad at it. they don't know how to operate the power of the purse. when governmentings agencies, especially the irs engages in criminal actions. it goes before congress and flips them el the bird. they have to take severe action. obama won't do it. >> this hasn't happened in a while. >> 1876 was the last time. in this case it was the secretary of war who was im peached. is it time to do it again? >> no. he deserves it. charles krauthammer had a great column in friday's washington post. sometimes you can't hit the fast
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ball or the republicans can't do hearings. hillary is begging them to impeach the irs guy because they will look bad again. >> if you don't do something now. >> i hate to say impeach anybody. i e-mails and evidence were destroyed giving agency to people in the media saying there was no there there. the e-mails were destroyed. if any law enforcement official or come did it they would lose their job. >> to impeach or not? what do you say, john? >> sure, impeach him. it's just a distraction. the big scandal is that we cower before the irs on an annual basis, have to prove our income to them. focusing on this gets away from the unelected bureaucracy. >> wouldn't it be nice? we talk about government getting away with stuff. to stop one individual at least from getting away with stuff?
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>> i think so, without question. again, the real problem is we are scared of the irs and we have to prove our income to unelected bureaucrats annually. it pulls us away from the real issue. >> the real issue might be getting rid of the irs. not time for that subject now. no tricks here. the names that will give you a real trick by next halloween. does your mouth often feel dry? multiple medications, a dry mouth can be a side effect of many medications. but it can also lead to tooth decay and bad breath. that's why there's biotene, available as an oral rinse, toothpaste, spray or gel. biotene can provide soothing relief and it helps keep your mouth healthy too. remember, while your medication is doing you good, a dry mouth isn't. biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth.
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we'll see you on fbn on monday. now to the stock treats. e-mac, what do you have? oh, look. mother the re is a would be proud. >> that's funny. pro shares aristocrats. i like this one. >> bill? >> wimpy. suitable for people aged 82 and
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over. >> you look tootsie rolls, apropos. >> the controlling family is ready to sell out. >> good one. >> terrific stuff. thank you. that's it for "forbes on fox." have great halloween. the number one business block continues with "cashin' in." >> from talking sports to talking trash about conservatives tony cornheiser under fire for discussing how conservatives will give paul ryan a hard time. the topic is weird for a sports show. he dropped this bomb comparing tea party and freedom caucus members to terrorists. >> are they like isis trying to establish a caliphate here? >> welcome to "cashin' in." our crew, wayne rogers, jonathan hoenig, michelle fie


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