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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  November 1, 2015 9:30am-10:01am EST

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apropos. >> the controlling family is ready to sell out. >> good one. >> terrific stuff. thank you. that's it for "forbes on fox." have great halloween. the number one business block continues with "cashin' in." >> from talking sports to talking trash about conservatives tony cornheiser under fire for discussing how conservatives will give paul ryan a hard time. the topic is weird for a sports show. he dropped this bomb comparing tea party and freedom caucus members to terrorists. >> are they like isis trying to establish a caliphate here? >> welcome to "cashin' in." our crew, wayne rogers, jonathan hoenig, michelle fields an jessica talbot. curt schilling was suspended by espn for comparing muslim
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extremists to nazis. he got time off. i guess comparing tea party lawmakers to isis is oak with espn . >> there is a bit of a double standard. we are talking about a conservative group trying to save american taxpayers and he's calling them isis, a group of people who behead and rape innocent people. it seems sas though there is not a slap on the wrist. this isn't the first time he's been in trouble. he was suspended for making sexist comments about a colleague. it seems espn doesn't care. >> they look the other way on certain things. let me point it out. this guy, very good sports commentator. love him. love his work in the sports world. he should stick to sports. he plays politics, doesn't work out that well. he's also a golf partner of one president barack obama. >> that may explain his shying away from the rules. the fact of the matter is guys like that who are going to
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express themselves, it doesn't matter. why would anybody listen to a sports caster talking about politics? >> okay. what about this? should espn -- comparisons. people don't like comparisons. isis is like the tea party. muslims are like nazis. >> it's obviously going too far. he's not a political commentators. he's making a valid point talking about how obstructionist the tea party is. they have their lowest approval rating in history. they had 54%. i thought it was wrong michelle. i would never make that comparison. what isis is doing is horrible. what the tea party is doing, they are creating grid lock in washington. they blackmailed paul ryan -- >> go ahead, john. >> yeah. what's called obstructionist is actually just ideological. the tea party stands for
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something. so does isis. that's corrupt and ridiculous. but the tea party stands for something. >> what do they stand for? >> for economic free dom, a free america. that's scene as corrupt in today's society. standing for anything. you're supposed to be the middle of the road. a compromiser. that's what people hate about the tea party. not about ideas but the way they go about doing them. standing for them. >> espn, michelle. it's okay to take a shot at the tea party. open season on tea party or conservatives. yet when you take a shot or compare muslims to a group that they don't like, you get suspended. >> i think it says a lot about where espn stands. they seem to not care if people make fun of the tea party or say horrible analogies, but when it comes to the left being criticized it's a whole other ball game. >> let me do this. the so-called talent if from espn isn't the only one making crazy comments. did you hear what melissa
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harris-perry said about hard workers? listen to this. >> there is somebody who is a hard worker when he egos to washington is paul ryan. >> i want to be super careful about the language hard worker. i keep an image of folks working in cotton fields on my office wall because it is a reminder about what hard work looks like. >> jonathan. hard worker is now a racist comment? >> melissa harris-perry has officially jumped the shark on race baiting. she's living an alternative universe. >>le now jessica. what is she doing? she hung those things from her ears. is she just trying to capture the outrage, the provocative viewer, just to try to get some attention? >> i guess so. i'm not sure. i'm really not with her on this.
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i don't understand the coand her keeping a picture on her wall. we need to always remember what happened during the time when we had slavery and the black experience in this country which is something we actively talk about all the time in the black lives matter movement. this point makes her look silly and out of touch. >> michelle, what's happening? >> it's hypocritical. the person on her programle that said this "hard worker" was republican. she was outraged and stopped him. if you watch her show which you probably don't, not many people do, she says hard worker many times on her program. in fact, she had on a clip not long ago of hillary clinton talking about hard workers. she had no problem with it. she's fine saying it. she's fine with hillary clinton. she's not okay with republicans saying it. >> it can't always be left versus right. >> she made it left/right. how is hard work a dirty word. >> i agree. i don't think it's because we were talking about paul ryan. >> how come she only has a
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problem with the term hard worker when a republican says it about a white male conservative. when hillary clinton says it, it's okay. >> it's your view of the world. a woman who keeps a picture of slaves picking cotton on her wall has a distinctive view of the world through a racial lens. >> she filters it through that lens, but wayne, for god's sake. hard work? america was built on hard work. >> of course. not only that, eric. the idea that somebody is working harder than somebody else is a judgment call. they have no idea. this is a term and they have gendered up so it conveys a racial image. they want it to. it's just stupid. >> she's ginning it up. she's drunk on ginning stuff up. >> i understand. i'm not standing with her. there is a lot on means i don't
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necessarily agree with. if you want to have a conversation about race in america, let's have a conversation about that. paul ryan is a hard worker. there, i said it . >> words matter. words have meaning. to call hard workers, only slaves are hard workers or say that the tea party is an iz lalist cult or compare anything monumental to the holocaust which is done all the time, that's the disgrace in today's culture. people don't think before they speak. >> finale thought, michelle. think before you speak now. >> the woman has lost touch with reality. >> we'll leave it there. coming up, this come over reacted by tossing a student
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i'm sure you have seen this by now. the officer caught on tape body slamming a female student refusing to leave class. he was fired for excessive use of force. but there is something no one is talking about. before the teacher called for the officer the student defied the teacher and no one raised an eyebrow. this isn't about justifying what the come did. this is about why dson emo sptutri gures likeit's awful that we ar putting this back on the child. yes, she could have complied. that doesn't mean we can justify what the come was doing here. he was showing no respect for her and what valuele is that sending to the community saying law enforcement can pick up a
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kid and throw them. we have spent more time investigating the officer. he won an excellence award, was cleared of civil rights charges. that little girl is actually in foster care. no one is talking about her experience. the officer should have cleared the room and talked to her one on one. i don't care about disrupting the class. they were all disrupted. >> i don't mean to disrespect your authority here. but back in the day, wayne, kids respected parents, teachers, coaches. that seems to be out the window, wayne. >> it is. you wonder why the abuse of authori authority. in other words that come whether he was right or wrong and the little girl did something right or wrong, the fact is she had no respect whatsoever for him. she didn't stop what she was doing.
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she didn't protest. she at any time do any of those things. that's a climate that we have in the united states today of challenging all authority or that the authorities may be right, but who cares? >> i teach my son -- he's 17. i have taught him since he was a baby, you respect a cop. i don't care if you think you are being unjustly talked to, searched or whatever. you respect that man or woman. >> right. >> that doesn't seem to be the culture now. >> jessica said the cop should have career cleared the room. that's what the law is. if you don't obey the police, you should expect that force will be used against you. there is a tremendous breakdown in our society. i think a lot of it started with the rise of the progressive movement, the modern progressive movement in the '60s. things like food stamps, wel welle -- welfare, terrible
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public schools contributes to the home environment. >> the punishment part is what's missing in my opinion. i could be wrong. i will probably get yelled at for saying this. we'll play you a videotape of the mom in baltimore who smacked her son around a little bit. he thought that was right what she did. he said, i got myself together because of what happened. quick story. when i was in high school i did something wrong. i pulled a mat out, a kid wouz going to jump on it. a teacher saw it. i got a paddle. that's a baseball bat in half. i got paddled on the back side. i never did anything wrong in gym class again. >> i have never experienced that. i was a good girl. if i was in this position and my mom saw this video she would be upset by what the police officer did. she would say, why did it get to that point?
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no one is talking about it. the video s come on the internet and no one wants to talk about what transpired before this. there is no respect for authority. >> respect for authority. >> shouldn't there be respect for authority if there is no punishment? it's an equation. without punishment, how do you get respect? >> it's not about that. jonathan saying you should expect excessive force? i'm sorry. what planet are we on? >> by the police. >> if you want the police officer to beg the child? get on his knees and beg. >> come on, michelle. there is no middle ground between begging a child and tossing her out of her chair? she has injuries. >> we are saying you should respect authority and force won't be an issue. >> when jessica sets it up like the child is walking on the
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street and the policeman comes up and throws -- yes, when you don't respect authority, don't listen to the police expect force to be used against you. is this excessive? not excessive? that's a discussion for another time. this girl, as was talked about, she was disruptive, asked to leave. she wouldn't leave. the counselors. >> you guys are justifying a violent culture. >> no, no. >> we are trying to avoid violence by respecting the authority prior to violence happening maybe. >> if she had listened to the teacher it wouldn't have happened. >> we'll leave it there. >> happy halloween, kids. you're killing the planet. a warning about the jack-o-lanterns. scary.
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country. now back to more "cashin' in." have a great day. >> way to go, kids. good job. here's something to think about today. the government says you're destroying the planet. why? all the used pumpkins create greenhouse gases when tossed in the trash. uncle sam, tricking or treating us? >> i'm shocked that democrats in the government are waging a war on halloween. this should be their ideal day. you go around and demand treat that is you didn't earn. this is their utopia. >> there you go. >> candy, health care, all the same. >> i didn't work for this. give it to me. who came up with this idea?
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liberals. >> it's about being responsible about the planet. methane gas comes out of the 254 million pounds of waste that pumpkins contribute to. it has 20 times the warming effect of carbon dioxide carbon dioxide. greenhouse gases add to climate change. >> me ethane in the studio in new york right now, i think. >> first of all -- >> pumpkins have been around longer than halloween. but -- >> they haven't been used and abused like this. >> pumpkins are so abused. >> they are a protected class now. >> pumpkin lives matter. i'm with the environmentalists. i don't want to get a costume. i wille go as a streaker this year. >> i was noting. you have a more plunging neckline than jessica right now. wayne, will you be dressing up tonight, going out trick or treating? >>le y yes, but i won't be a
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pumpkin. i will be some other melon. all melons give off gas. >> don't be a melonist. all melons matter. you know that. all melons matter. >> the whole idea. have you ever noticed how the green movement can just ruin anything human beings enjoy? they guilt you into using any element of the earth . that's the point. halloween is supposed to be fun, social. only the greens could make it something to feel guilty about. >> jess, you realleftists put a damper on everything. >> you only respond to money. by 2030 climate change will cost 27 billion annually. that matters. >> the pumpkins only cost me $3. >> here's what liberals do. jess, where did you come up with that number? how do you put a number on that.
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>> you have to deal with the drought, the hurricanes, tsunamis. >> all of those. michelle, we have had a much -- the last two, three hurricane h actually. >> you know, i'm not a huge fan of winter. i think i will carve extra pumpkins to get it toastier in here. >> none of the climate doom's day predictions. elvira or the cryptkeeper couldn't spin halloween terrors as always wrong as the climate alarmists have. any element of climate -- rain, snow, whatever, they blame on global warming, an excuse to control mankind. >> jess? >> no. it's not an excuse to control man kind. that's not the liberal agenda. i have seen it. it's not that. >> what about kids carving a pumpkin. they have to feel bad? >> their parents should know
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what's going on. over 50% of americans acknowledge that human beings are causing climate change where 97% of scientists are. there is a disconnect there. >> 97%? we are still looking for that. john, you live in an apartment? >> i do. >> don't go to john's apartment. >> it's an varmt tally friendly costume. >> what will scare kids is that costume. coming up, the debate about business turning into giving conservative it is business. don't worry. fox business comes to the rescue in a few more day
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all right. let's say thanks to the "cashin' in" crew. head over to fox in to say wayne and jonathan's stock picks. time to wake up, america. cnbc hosted the gop debate and called it your money, your vote. i watched it. i think i am uniquely qualified to say this -- cnbc, what the hell were you doing. hey, trump, are you a cartoon character. jeb, how is your fantasy football team? where were the money questions? we could have been watching the world series. how about address the exploding national debt or why are more americans not working more than ever before or how about this one -- household incomes are wo
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back to america? instead we have comic books and football questions. it got worse. harwood, you hack. your constant gotcha questions like this for trump. >> everybody said it was going to be three hours, three and a half including them. in about two minutes i renegotiated it down to two so we can get the hell out of here. not bad. >> just for the record the debate was always going to be two hours. >> that's absolutely not right. >> senator marco rubio. >> you know that's not right. >> guess what, you lied and got called out. gotcha. >> back to uniquely qualified. i used to work at cnbc. i don't recall it being so liberal and biased. cnbc, you made it about you, not the candidates. breaking new ace letter. it's not about you. you blew an opportunity to get important questions answered. look at it this way. you fumbled the ball on the one yard line. we recovered the loose ball. november 10 is the next gop
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