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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 2, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EST

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till the campaign trail we go. effort to sidestep is republican national committee with the tv networks directly. details of several changes will be revealed in several days. first trading day of the new month. futures showing a mix market. higher opening. check your action. fiction story there. largely to the upside. paris up a fraction as dax index in germany. in asia overnight, markets look like this and as you can see it was a lower performance for the major asian averages, down better than 2% overnight. manufacturing data out of china set the tone for the other asian markets. a couple of stocks to watch this morning. hp enterprise will sell servers
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and networking equipment and hp, inc will focus on personal computers and printers. >> inside corner! the royals 2015 world champions! >> maria: there it is, victory, kansas city royals are the 2015 world series champs. first title in 30 years. no comment from the studio this morning. [laughter] >> maria: tieing game five to home plait by mets first baseman . christian broke it open. drove in the winning run in first world series at bat. the royals would tack on another four runs. 7-2. congrats to the royals. battle of the unbeaten. green bay packers falling to
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denver broncos. rogers in the end zone, late in the fourth quarter resulting in fumble and safety and ending results of a comeback. gearing up for a busy week in terms of economic data. that's certainly going to set the tone. we are getting the manufacturing index up later today. tomorrow morning reading on auto sales which has been pretty been bright spot, that's for sure. the rest of the week focused on jobs getting with private employment report, that's coming out on wednesday, initial job claims on thursday and the october jobs report out on friday, estimates call for 185,000 new jobs being created in the month of october. what's or not to you, john, good morning. >> john: definitely report. we can see if the federal reserve is going to raise interest rates based on job data, if we see unemployment
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come down a little bit and we see a decent job growth's number, towards them raising rates. >> maria: consensus is 185. >> john: it doesn't need to create a lot of jobs to keep bringing the unemployment rate down. that's really what janet is watching. >> maria: factory orders, they are down ten months straight. october factory numbers this week. >> keith: if you are looking for a job gains in the sector, you are looking for the wrong thing. they are in recessions now. particularly the companies that are associated with more of a global, that's really the tilt this week. i get a lot of questions that are basically based on how good could the job's report be because the revisions were so bad, of course. i very rarely get questions about how bad is the job's market. if you look at layoffs, they've been quite bad.
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i wouldn't be surprised at all if it's a very bad job's report. looking for something inside 200,000 is bad to begin. how bad is bad, we will have to see. >> john: yes, the part of the industrial part of the economy in particular the energy part of the economy isn't doing well right now, we are going to get auto sales data this week and auto sales have been booming. where are you going to look for jobs? retailers. >> dagen: look at what stocks did in the month of october, you had nothing but bad economic data, and you had double-digit gains basic materials of energy and technology. >> john: market is making up that ground because investors are realizing the world didn't end in those two months. >> dagen: people are buying stocks. >> keith: things that work are
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housing, auto, consumption and employment. i would be looking for more surprises on the downside of that stuff, new home sales, durable goods was a mess. consumers is much weaker than -- >> maria: does it break out at any point? that's going to be what the retail sector needs. >> keith: they broke out last year. that was the call of last year. the best number in five years. now we call that a very difficult comparison. it's toughest comp that we have seen in five years. that's how my model works. the probability is very high that you slow -- >> dagen: i'll quickly point out a story, retailers are struggling to find employees for the holidays. >> john: that's an important sign in part that the job market is starting to get tight and
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potentially to see some wage pressure building at the lower end of the cycle. that leaves us to feds raising interest rates. >> maria: they are hiring people around the holidays. >> dagen: they are paying more and offering longer hours. >> keith: it's going to be a tsunami. >> john: back in recession in the next year or two? >> keith: six months. >> maria: wow, wow. >> john: that's a pretty bold call. >> maria: you've been saying it. >> keith: they happen. we are 77 months into this economic expansion john, the average expansion is 59 months. again, to predict that we are not in one in six months it's predicting the expansion since world war ii. >> maria: you know why it's a bold call because i don't think it's pressed in the market. it's a bold call. >> keith: we've had a bold call.
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john john expansions don't just end on exhaustion. >> keith: it is an industrial recession. that's not a debatable call. the call that we made that it would be inflation expectations recession is very much intact, continues to be one of the biggest risks in the market. if you look at stocks last week, s&p 500 was up, market index was down 2 and a half percent. europe was down, continues to see -- >> john: i think you should be sitting in shanghai and speaking in chinese. i think you're calling the wrong recession in the wrong place. >> maria: wow. >> john: we are a service oriented economy.
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>> keith: last time -- >> dagen: you have two hours and 55 minutes. >> keith: to go through it. >> dagen: yes. >> keith: it was a pretty bad number. >> maria: you've been right so far, that's for sure. republican presidential candidate jeb bush with a new plan among voters and supporters. >> the vitality of his campaign, jeb bush returns back home to florida today to launch a bus tour and give a speech that his campaign is describing as important as it will lay out themes going forward. throughout the week jeb will highlight various stories from emails during time as governor and use them to highlight how he will be a president that will enact conservative reforms and get things done.
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now this comes after a debate performance in which bush was widely pinned for challenging his former marco rubio. bush appears to have heard the critics. >> look, i know that i have to get better during a debate. i'm a grinder, when i see that i'm not doing something well, then i reset. >> blake: takes him to south carolina and new hampshire before our debate next week. maria. >> maria: thank you so much, blake burman. how would you characterize the plain field today for the candidates? first start with bush. >> it's time for bush to go. you had your brother and your dad be president and you're still polling around 6% or 7%,
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it's pretty sad. he doesn't really care about that race that much. we have so many other strong candidates that need to rise. scott walker does the right thing about getting out and making room. he's not taking up much of the vote but he's taking a on the of the financial donors. >> maria: you're right. moved money from governor bush to marco rubio, is that what you're expecting, does marco rubio, is he the best beneficiary? >> it's rubio's time. he has to make a play, being aggressive. when we are looking at rubio, i think you're looking at the future. we have to look at how to expand the parties. bush's poll numbers, i saw a national poll that he's polling 6% worst than hillary clinton. if trump is outpolling you, that's pretty darn sad.
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>> maria: dagen mcdowell, what do you think? >> dagen: worst slogan in politics. [laughter] >> dagen: can he fiction the campaign, not can he fiction the economy or the country. >> keith: sounds like bob the builder. [laughter] >> maria: that's funny, that was good. >> dagen: that was actually a question. how bad is that slogan? >> i think it's pretty terrible. i think what it comes down to is jeb has to do more than a rebranding. if he wants to do what's best for the country and the party and the movement, the best thing is to get behind a winning candidate. i don't think it's not him. i think it's time for him to get out of the race and we don't end up with somebody that hasn't before in political office. if you look at the top candidates, they have clip after clip after clip. we can't afford that.
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>> maria: keith. >> keith: how do you think of the long-termer-term picture? this is 25-30-year cycles. if you look forward, only rubio is is that ticket. is that something that you hear out there that young people are looking for that and are old people? >> rubio is the only one that struggles with student loan debt, i know that relates to me. i was thinking -- i think he does relate well. the best communicator. so the question is will he take this opportunity. right now he is still polling 8-13%. that's not enough. jeb to drop out or start making other power moves. we have to see something from his campaign in the next two weeks that will show a sign. >> maria: we have been having a debate, do any of the candidates have plan for economic growth
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and -- >> i don't know that. >> maria: we don't know yet. >> we will have an idea after next debate. we need something specially for the next generation. we are in a youth depression still. we still have tons of student debt. we haven't heard hardly anything. >> maria: i appreciate the comments. don't miss my one-on-one interview with chris khristie. we will ask about the issues you care about live from milwaukee, wisconsin, that's tuesday at 9:00. ♪ ♪
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>> maria: welcome back, latest developing rather in a crash of russian jet this morning. cheryl casone with the details. cheryl, good morning. >> cheryl: that's right, maria. good morning. investigators are looking for the cause that killed mostly russian tourists. officials said it could take months. plane rapidly lost speed before the crash. missing el faro ship likely to be found. disappeared a month ago with 33 people on board. we'll keep you posted on that story. finally, this that we are looking at, kids going high-tech and raising concerns. a new survey finds that 75% of children under the age of five use mobile devices without any supervision. the study says that mostly
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two-year-olds use smartphone or tablet on a daily basis. big concerns doctors say, they don't know what effect this is having on the development of kids, and there happens to be two people on the panel with kids. [laughter] >> maria: i would like to know. this is a really big issue. >> keith: it definitely wow. what do i want, i want my 2-year-old pounding a full bag of halloween candy or learning a bit on the ipad. [laughter] >> maria: it's halloween. >> john: all my kids can program the remote control in the house and i can't. >> cheryl: what about social development for children? are they going in the yard in playing? those are also -- >> john: the thing i worry about is writing.
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when they are texting two-letter words, they don't learn how to write coherent sentences. >> maria: they don't have the problem. >> keith: it's not like he sitz with ipad and doesn't play outside. you should sit them down -- >> john: kids are still playing outside, but it's when they are inside, habits that are getting drilled. >> maria: do you limit the use? >> keith: we have a timer. it's 20 minutes. >> maria: you do have rules around this? >> john: something new for parents to fight with the teens. take their phones. >> cheryl: 70% of the parents, their kids between six months and four year's old, 70% say kids are on smartphones.
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>> john: letting televisions educate them. >> dagen: that screwed me up. >> maria: that's what happened. >> dagen: i'm a tv baby. >> maria: dagen, love you. we want to acknowledge the death of former republican senator fred thompson who died sunday at the age of 73 from the recurrence of lymphoma. thompson was well known, actor appearing in die hard two and hunt for red october and also law and order. ♪ ♪ ♪ technology empowers us to achieve more.
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>> maria: welcome back, gasoline prices falling in nine states,
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national average drops. phil flynn, good morning. >> phil: good morning, it is going to continue for most of the country except for places in the midwest, we saw spike, but for national average it looks like we are going to continue to go down. we see selloff overnight. lower oil prices and as much as prices have fallen, that are still complaints that they haven't fallen fast enough. the wall street journal did an article that basted on historical comparisons gasoline prices should be lower than they are based on the price of crude oil. refiners on the other hand demand gasoline is very, very strong and competitive forces are keeping prices higher. companies are losing a lot of money in other areas of the business, they have to make it up on the refining side. >> maria: we will watch gas
6:25 am
prices downgoing to another busy week. thank you phil flynn. the company splitting into two public traded fortune 50 companies. the first company hp, inc. will focus on selling printers and pc's, the second will focus on selling software and hardware . >> dagen: absolutely, that is the future of computing as we know it and what hp is doing is clearly evidence of that. >> keith: if you don't have a strategy, the internet bubble is now the cloud. if you don't have the cloud, what are you doing maria? >> maria: are you poopoing cloud? >> keith: i believe there would be another recession at some point in our lives. >> maria: you said in the next
6:26 am
six months. >> keith: i'm on the record for that. we are going to say the cloud. [laughter] >> dagen: i looked at it and went, i can't believe it. >> maria: full swing, we will give you the preview, back in a minute. ♪ ♪ ♪
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. maria: good monday morning welcome back monday, november 2 with me fox business network dagen mcdowell hedgeye ceo keith mccullough "the wall street journal" john hilsenrath top stories 6:30 a.m. east coast monday morning a russian air lineer crashed into sinai peninsula killing all 224 people onboard, the cause, very much in question this morning. moscow claims the passenger jet broke up in midair. the airline is mechanical you
6:30 am
failure eulogize claimed responsibility for the a deficit egyptian government not ruling out that claim. >> but do i not believe we should we should advance, comprehensive immigration legislation with the president who has proven himself untrustworthy on this issue. >> the freshly mimted house speaker paul ryan making rounds on sunday mornings programs one major agenda off the item, table for the foreseeable future image says a vote may not some very up until at least 017, if i heard trading day of new month futures showing markets opening higher even if a faction a big week of economic data will set the tone, including the jobs' report the end of the week, that is certainly the big one to watch there is a lot of expectation ahead of it in europe, early action is mixed mostly to the upside ft100 nikkei down 18 points cac quarante in paris and dax in germane fractionally better on the session, the dax off blm 1%,
6:31 am
overnight in asia largely downer overnight you can see kospi korea up a quarter of a per cent, we did have the disappointing manufacturing data out of china, that set the tone hang seng nikkei shanghai under pressure nikkei average in japan down better noon 2% white house plea of not guiltying 100 million dollars to a syrian opposition group cash promised brings taxpayer money in syria to nearly half a billion dollars, since 2012, a massive cargo ship lost at sea has likely been founded according to ntsb missing since october 1, 33 crew members including 28 americans onboard, the navy will use a remote controlled deep ocean vehicle to, confirm that find. >> one, two, again. the rivalries royals.
6:32 am
>> mourning in new york city for sure royals are the 2015 world series champ first title in 30 years. kansas city tied game 5 in 9th last night, on anthrothem to plaet by mets first baseman, the game tied until 12th when reserve short shop christian colon broke it open singling home winning run in first world series at-bat another 4 lunz finished off game 7-2. >> corporate earnings, several companies reporting before opening bowl this morning, these are reporting today the accreditor company 3.6 billion revenue fourth, 62 cents a share bring in, right now, about no nov. ra cofounder coo, good to see you thank you you for joining us. >> let's talk about the -- the broad environment here from your standpoint, we've been talking about the possibility of recession how do you see things. >> i think, that the way the
6:33 am
markets going to play out going forward to the end of the year i think the market right now is going to set up a series of higher lows forward i do believe nasdaq going to outperform in the indices looking for nasdaq push up probably double digital skooep scene between a half point top 9/106 a per cent off looking at the overall dow in rule of lagging behind markets overall. >> your business is about date tell us about your clients what you are telling them today. >> well, basically, i deal with right now, retail clients tooli i have a ply on over all market looking for pullbacks in the marketing again like i stated i am looking for a series of higher lows, going into the end of the year do i think the year otherwise going to end up pretty much positive. >> so, domestic u.s. stocks is that where you want to be do you see anything in the world or other asset classes.
6:34 am
>> i only track u.s. stocks right now i have a apply signal on the market right now. >> what is telling you bloo i? >> my software created basically the way i track the indices. >> how do you incorporate interconnectedness of markets global macroin general for me sometimes aaffect shunately call naval gazeers don't look at anything else does that find its way back when you get a macroshock, a deflation the slowdown in china and markets earlier in the year. >> with slowdown in china caused down draft in the markets, i am really about technical work that i look at so i don't play into any of that, it is all about technical factors i look at. >> how long if you are looking at techniques from a price momentum perspective i can see perspective, how do you incorporate volume volume has been very light on this move in fact looks like a liquidity to me, the volume, find its way into the -- >> i don't from being a volume as a matter of fact a guy that
6:35 am
who i runs hedge fund called me up said spiders 40 million shares at noon there is no volume, doesn't make a difference price action is what counts. >> why price action more important than as a rule would you by volume is important. >> i am looking at patterns in the market, most important thing. >> trend is your friend. >> yeah, my software identify trends in market i can identify the patterns within the trend and reversal. >> what is the pattern break it down for is, in layman's terms what is the pattern that you are seeing that is telling you, it is time to buy. >> what -- >> no, not time to apply i am looking for another entry point but i had a buy signal 800 points lower from here in the market. >> you are looking for a pullback to make higher lows not break through september. >> i think the low ares in to theier i think pretty much pushing upward like i said looking for double digit gains in nasdaq looking for single digital gains s&p probably 5
6:36 am
to 9% looking at dow russell like you mentioned earlier, the russell lagging here. >> for 2016. >> 2015. >> what about 2016. >> 2016 i think a 70% chance o somewhere retest lows that we saw. >> buy during recession you know that. >> 2017, i don't think it is going to happen next year. >> recession you sell like -- you absolutely crush most people. >> i think, you know the thing that is kind of frustrating you know, like when you see the market drop the way it does, then people would come to be say it will al come back i am like hmm, okay, you know. >> doesn't always come back. >> no maria so the thing is what is really important i think after we get push off towards the end of the year i do think the fed is not going to raise interest rates going to fuel the market upward in november and december. >> no hike in december. >> no, i mean, i've been calling for no interest rate hikes since january, look at the statement from the federal
6:37 am
reserve, in september, they pretty much said it is gather dependent look at retail sales in 0.1% september not robust, new home sales, are looking for 555,000 came in 468,000, pending home sales looking for rise 1%, negative 2.3, so the data that -- a doesn't warrant a rate hike. >> the -- >> -- yeah the fact the fed is not language, what they are saying i am looking at data coming in, and it is not -- >> that is the problem take their word for it being data dependent just look at data might be thrown for a bit of a whirl. >> talking about -- great insights we appreciate it thanks so much sprint look to go chevy as much as 2 1/2 billion dollars from operating expenses among first to go free weight bolts youing urt the company started plying snacks for employees as headquarters in kansas, that is what costs 600,000 dollars
6:38 am
a year, also on chopping block, executives barred if using eliminate scenes during business trips, and will have to take an uber or a taxi. >> e. coli concerns chipotle closes several stores, nickel on that. >> good morning to you maria that is absolutely right chipotle closing 43 stores in two states in a precautionary move amid fees are at least 22 people affected by e.coli outbreak the last month, at least 8 people, have been hospitalized, from the outbreak, with -- stores in washington state and oregon, being closed, this will be the third outbreak of food contamination at chipotle, since august, let's take a look at bid/ask, 40 range b bid/ask taking a hit, at 5 months lows, really, chipotle saying that its commerce safety is number one it is their top concern. >> but big picture when you
6:39 am
have three outbreaks in one year, that obviously makes some consumers a little jittery, my family and i enjoyed chipotle last night. >> 43 restaurants, that is frightening raises the question of -- do they have a handle on food safety in general, that they had to take this action. >> i wonder to what extent symptom of a company growing very fast, losing control, of some of the processes that would stop something like this. >> really -- >> you tend to have problems when you are growing too fast. >> marketing pitch. >> fresh that is why probably why you took your family there good food, fresh but fresh evidently has health. >> a few people hospitalized, but the big picture here is that they are trying to put this front and center for safety concerns, on the whole restaurant chain consumer traffic an issue, raymond james talked about beef prices next year should blower maybe that will help, the group overall but right now we've
6:40 am
seen a slew of names -- >> chipotle, buffalo while winnings all lower under upcoming. >> out performing mickey d. >> stay at home order mcdonald's killing with amazon mickey dee, everything else crushed if you look at legacy retail capacity, restaurants, it has been ugly in the last three months, they haven't participated in the most recent rally. >> you said we have i make children get a salad with whatever they order, always. >> better eat the salad. >> thank you nickel, on earnings story chipotle down big you mentioned visaa. >> again, the consumer stupid avsays consumer is fine the companies are guiding down, again if you are looking for a recession, in is a thing called corporate profits so if you look at year to -- earnings to at a time 341
6:41 am
companies out of a -- 500 revenues down 5 1/2%. >> quarters or year. >> for the quarter earnings down 4% the financials consumer stocks had kind of like wiggling back and forth, about again -- >> how do numbers look when you take energy out. >> -- if you take energy out two worst are upcoming industrials and financials financials revenues down 2% earnings down 5, again that is that is called earnings recession, so again, the financials don't make money when interest rates fall interest rates fall when economy is slowing, the federal reserve still playing this game of chicken like we're going to raise anyway that is not what corporate will profit story is telling you visa or american express told you american sprez blew up last week. >> visa 52 then thcents a share >> up next, today is the day, obamacare marketplace is open for business. >> the beginning of the open enrollment period break down the plans, back in a moment.
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. maria: welcome back it is now year three for the affordable care act known as obamacare open enrollment season begins today, so do the headaches, average premiums this year
6:46 am
expected to rise 7 1/2% for at least three dozen states, dr. john right now author of the book health attitude unraveling solving complexities of health care thanks for joining us. >> thank you nice to be here. >> we've been talking about economics this morning the fact we may be on cusp of a recession next year, do you attribute the cost of health care obamacare to the fact we are seeing slow economy? >> definitely is a factor. >> when it grows faster than the other segments it is going to take a bigger and bigger share, it is approaching 20% of our economy. >> much more expensive than people thought. >> a lot more expensive. >> explain it. >> well, there are a lot of issues in health care. being so big you would expect it would be a long list of issues but the number one issue is the cost. we spend almost twice as much, as other countries in the world per person, than any other developed country, and it is not because we're getting twice as good care it
6:47 am
is because we have like a trillion dollars of unnecessary tests and procedures, we have a huge amount of expense in health care. >> how do you fix it. >> well, there is actually i am about optimistic about this there are several ways one is consumer awareness what the alternatives are, consumers are beginning to track their own health with inhealth devices, beginning to be more proactive ask more questions of the doctors do i really need that test do i need that procedure. if you convince me i need it where can i get it. and where do i get that mri answer isn't down the hall it is going to web going to search around going to -- >> are people really doing that is it changing their health though because you have -- it seems like, you have people who are more intellected in health but a small slice of the overall population and you still have, two-thirds of this country that are overweight o bees not seeing that change a capability that people have, as smartphones we carry in
6:48 am
pockets and purses like supercomputers, 100 times in other powerful than first supercomputerize people realize there is a lot they can do on their own gather data, studies are clear if you track your health you are going to be healthier capabilities now pick your phone. >> i love it. >> on the back you can hold it like this, do a 30 second ekg. >> free. >> answers on back of your phone. >> start-up company, and measures, 30 seconded ekg, not same as a 12 lead ekg but -- >> a good start. >> i like. >> it how about the other side which is the company valiant made news because cvs said you are taking pricing we didn't know how much pricing that soouven, s&p for example revenues up 7 1/2 period for the quarter only magically creating pricing against consumer how much is the corporate side taking xhib
6:49 am
responsibility for charges. >> drug prying a real issue health care general speaking coming are in control single digitals cost person person beginning to incline the cost of drugs running at double digital rates. >> how do you -- >> step number one is easy, should -- that is to allow medicare to negotiate price of drugs, this was put into the legislation in, 2003 medicare was maybe 25% of the action, now 65% of the action. >> this is what hillary clinton and bernie sanders have proposed. it is not what republican candidates are -- >> one way is to regulate the pricing another way. >> they want to regulate the pricing. >> yeah, that is. >> this is just -- negotiate -- >>. dagen: one big democratic ideas is to let the government negotiate on medicare drug prices. maria: under overall regulating of drug prices.
6:50 am
dagen: in general. maria: different than just negotiating. >> very different as opposed to letting prices rise i mean come on. >> asking for a verdict on obamacare, the obama administration says expanding number of americans who have conforming bringing about-down costs critics say it is doing the opposite hard to sort through who is write in this debate what do you see is it working or not. >> obamacare has 10 parts to it we don't hear much about most of them, we hear a lot about the insurance who is in, out about about deductibles premiums rising costs there are other issues.
6:51 am
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6:53 am
. >> the one, two, again -- the
6:54 am
royals 2015 worlds champions. [cheers and applause] maria: a big win fort royals cheryl casone with highlights. cheryl: a sad day for mets fans, of course, city new york but kansas city, a royals are 2015 world series champions team first title in 30 years, game was tied until the 12th inning back up shortstop colon broke it open driving home winning run, first world series, at-bat, so big night for them, not just chipotle dealing with e. coli concerns nebraska nebraska based meat companying recalling 167,000 bunds ground biography sold to retailers nationwide so far, no illnesses reported, this is just for you, wasn't just kids getting dressed up for will have a i mean check out hide rhode island klum pick waves with costumive looks good prosthetics to fill out
6:55 am
curves, yea, nay. >> kim kardashian wore the gown from last year, then finally, there was one kid, a cute kid stole show baby po, according to internet most popular. >> a photo put on of president obama laying on the floor of the office with one staffer's babies in the air elephant costume pretty much what halloween is about fun with kids. >> did guidelines could trick or treating are. >> full, full i don't know what you call it me with four kids. >> november is deadline for filing college applications, early. >> what -- >> are you a scrooge. >> working with my son on his college application. >> handing out treats. >> handing out treats.
6:56 am
>> turned lights off in apartment hid because i -- >> [laughter] >> you didn't try to scare anybody. dagen: i do that the other 364 days of the year. maria: next coming up former regan economic policy advisor art laffer joining, you relinquishar branson on the airline's new flight plan. back in a minute. can a business have a mind?
6:57 am
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7:00 am
failure an executive from that airline moments ago blamed quote an external influence, meanwhile, isis is claiming responsibility for the a deficit, the egyptian government not ruling that out yet much more on this story coming up. >> but i do not believe we should we should advance comprehensive emphasizing legislation with a president who has proven himself untrustworthy on this issue. >> freshly minted house speaker paul ryan making rounds on sunday mornings programs one major agenda item off the table, for the foreseen future immigration vote he says may not come up until at least 2017, republican presidential campaign meeting yesterday to sidestep rnc negotiate parameters hadn't remaining debates on agenda with the television network directly, details of several changes revealed in the coming days, turning to markets this morning it is the first trading day of the new month,
7:01 am
a higher opening for the broader averages we are frags plea off best of the morning nonetheless a fraction shunnal move upside once markets open in u.s. in europe early action mostly upside the ft100 in london down 24 points, monday into equities in paris cac quarante up, about half a per cent with dax in germany up almost 1% in asia mocht lot of there, kospi korea highter weakness result of disappointing manufacturing out of china hang seng down better than 1% nikkei average down better than 2% shanghai down 1 3/4, hewlett-packard number would be split about to publicly trade companies h-p enterprise will sell server storage networking equipment h-p inc on personal computers and printers. >> the one, two, again. -- inside corner the royals 2015 worlds champions.
7:02 am
[cheers and applause] . >> that is -- kansas city royals 2015 world series champions first title in 30 years committee substitute city tied game five in the 9th, on errant throw to home plaet by mets first baseman, lucas tied until 12th royals back up shortstop krn colon drove in winning run first world series at-bat. the royals tack on 4 runs in the inning to finish off mets 7-2 boo-hoo from new york, late nfl action last night a battle of the up but aens green bay packers failing -- falling to the denver broncos 29-10 packers quarterback aaron rogers sacked near end zone late in the fourth resulting in fumble, a safety, and ending all hopes for the comeback futures higher this morning on wall street, investors gearing up for a busy week of economic data we are getting the october ifn manufacturing index tomorrow reading on u.s. auto sales bright spot for the economy,
7:03 am
the rest of the year, the rest of the week includes, jobs, and manufacturing we've got factor orders out wednesday, and, of course, the weekly jobs numbers on thursday, adp private employment report out on wednesday. and ending the week the big ticket item for the week is jobs number that is october jobs' report, out on friday, expectations call for 185,000 jobs, to have been created month of october, want to bring in freerm reagan economic policy advisor art laffer, what are you expecting from all the data what does jobs market. >> -- improvement in jobs market as long as you can imagine, we need much more than 185,000 dollars per month, i mean, you know, just natural population growth, the employment to population, adult population, collapsed in great recession, just flat for the whole time after about 8 years now so, there has been no improvement really in the
7:04 am
labor market, except for population growth. >> i know that a number of the presidential hopefuls have been reaching out to you to talk about tax plans plans for growth talk about that for a moment does anybody have the real secret sauce is it just regulation? and -- and taxes? because that is what we keep hearing from all the candidates, cut down on regulation, can you teut down o. >> i use five parts low rebate broad base flat tax spending straighten spending is taxation sound money is really important this fed has been really bad on that, then pretrade, i mean we do things better than for eners they do things breather than we do free trade important, last minimal regulations government get the heck out of the way let free market solve it all these candidates every single one is going for lower taxes broader base some more than others, for example, cruz recent proposal in the "the wall street journal." >> op-ed. >> excellent so is rand paul,
7:05 am
if you look at ben carson pretty amazing, and donald trump is moving in evolving as well they are all really moving i mean all -- >> seeing from the same hymnal i love. >> is it broad 10ing base donald trump plan half americans won't pay any in being tax basically happens now, but he solidified it like hey -- >> pay roll tax still in there does make it -- i mean i consider the payroll tax same as income tax just different forms. >> why? >> pay roll taxes -- social security and medicare a benefit you about theoretically earn not from military -- >> when you look at taxes never lock a tax to a spending item. you should always take that tax that does the least damage, and spend the money in the most beneficial fashion, if they happen to be -- that is great but you should never, ever ever hook a tax, with a spending you should not do it, it throws away degrees of freedom to do good --
7:06 am
>> money topic when you said spend money something maria needs to address at the debate it is a topic that many are able to obfuscate republicans and democrats like nixon carder way back when is this a topic that we can make simple for people. >> sure. >> how do you attack. >> interest rates low you precluded anyone from investing in housing who wants to lend 30 years at 3 1/2% that would be crazy so what you've done stifled all the supply of funds going to mortgage market and you know we have had a lousy housing market nine years now since 1966 just lousy way below the long term average, and the reason why that is true is they have discouraging anyone providing capital to the housing market, once there is nothing like a market rate of interest, where the demand and supply equals to create supplies economic growth. we have a huge buildup, of the desire to apply new homes home ownership we are stifling with bad monetary policy, rates
7:07 am
should be allowed to rise where they are naturally then you get -- >> what is the president going to do about that. president? >> yeah. >> well, why should fed be unaccountable to anyone, if you really look at it a group of people like my friends i know most of them pretty well, they are are just -- without any recourse whatsoever. >> congress -- >> the people, you want them they never held a job. >> they are accountable. >> maxine waters people don't upset what they are doing. >> they are not accountable they have never held a real job, in academic saying this is true then that would happen, but it is not happening, they are wrong on it should you get -- i like to quote charlton heston keep thinking monkey wapaws off my economy. >> what can the government do on tax policy in the inventory
7:08 am
of another recession, is tax policy a tool to deal with a next recession if so how should they deal with it let recessions happening not change policy. >> there will be natural recessions, normvolatility you don't want to accentuate the great recession never would have occurred had it not been to for the stimulus spending and quantitative easing it would have been a violent sort of financial crisis but it would have been over in a year. just like all the others, we have done twice we had government intervene from that once in great depression, now in great recession both times worked out very badly. >> if there the recession should they cut. >> i am like milton friedman cut taxes when it is raining when it is sunny when iwhen it is cloudy when it is not. >> is that response. >> the quickest tools the
7:09 am
easiest for government in response to any crisis, government spending takes, 18 months before you even get authorization you get i mean a long time. >> be respond toing is it a proper response. >> i think so even japanese -- japan cut corporate taxes overnight. >> yanked up consumer taxes. >> look for that. >> i was in israel did not have a great recession never had a negative year in growth -- >> because? >> because they didn't do surplus spending they cut taxes he loader the vap cutting corporate tax doing fine thank you, wish we would have done the same. >> where are spending cuts would you like to see. >> entitlements have to be brought down you tax people who are -- pay people who don't work, don't be surprised if -- >> a lot of people don't work, excuse me, i -- >> or where you pay individuals, a benefit that they that is way in excess of whatever they put innism
7:10 am
central problem with medicare. >> medicare, medicaid all be fully fund bush was right on this i don't usually like to give w credit but privatizeing social security and medicare makes a lot of sense. >> not running for office that is why you can talk. >> i don't think so, i mean, i think we are going to win the election, maybe 49 states, i mean all of these republican candidates doing really wl. >> you think they can take out hillary clinton. >> hillary clinton is a wonderful person, i mean that very smart very experienced, really very impressive on debates and handling but her day is gone, the issues she is running on are -- you know, you are can't win with those issues today, in any wants more government in any wants a bigger heavy-handeded government it reminds me of mondale a lovely wonderful man we only won 49 states not because of mondale being a bad guys because it wasn't his day, not hillary's.
7:11 am
>> art laffer former reagan economic advisor toxic business network to bring next republican debate focused on the economy in your money that is tuesday, november 10 live from milwaukee i will be co-moderating, 9 pm with colleague neil cavuto, and the 6:00 with sandra smith trish regan extreme weather worse for texas band of bad storms spawning tornados, and flooding in the area over the weekend we will bring you the latest on that when we come right back from lonestar state topping "the wall street journal" open enrollment begins insurers gearing up to offer health plans turkey ruling party secures win china rolled out first large passenger jet we will be right back.
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td ameritrade. you got this. . . maria: welcome back following plates developments in the crash, of a russian jet in egypt, cheryl casone with good morning. cheryl: questions now investigators are working to find the kiss a of the crash that killed 224 people, mostly russian tourists, officials say it could take months, and we are now learning that the plane rapidly lost speed before the crash. the death toll arriving in texas, result of devastating flooding at least six people have been killed after heavy rain tornados hit southern part of the state right now, there are no signs of the weather letting up, there is actually more rain, expected, in the lonestar state, this week. and, finally, kids going high-tech, and raising concerns new as we finding that 75% of children under 5, use mobile devices without any
7:16 am
supervision, the study says that most two year olds use a smartphone or tablet on a bill basis a concern doctors say what type of effect is this having on children also a lot of parents said they let clipper go to bed with smartphone we have seen the studies each for adults if you have that screen in your face before you go to sleep it disrupts your sleep what is it doing to a child. >> that is right -- >> my kids have to read books hard books, no reader you stick with. >> when in bed. >> that is how you go to sleep. >> and as they get older more of a problem more attached when little to these devices, i mean, wait until they are teens -- there is no separating them. >> can you say that, i mean as they get older you are only going to read a book? when everybody is getting -- from reader. >> johned i quite parents like to think we are o he -- >> i'm sure you are. >> this is not an easy answer,
7:17 am
again you got technology, and you have human histamine what do you put kid to bet with. >> little children i think the big concern so small. like 6-month-old on a -- phone, is that really a good idea? >> i think we all are involved in the environment we are in a lot of us raised in environments with television on all the time. >> did at a a little bit of damage maybe. >> we work in the industry now, so obviously didn't hurt us but justified kidding, the thing kids socially intersection skojz are saying they worry about social interaction business deals in person shake hands what is ceo of next company -- doing on a computer in. >> a lot of friends' children won't engage like they don't know how to look someone in the eye when they talk to them, i think that is a problem. it is like you are trying to have a conversation with them they are like this. like a lot of adults. but -- >> talk in classrooms, and
7:18 am
what i get i feel like i am on a tv camera people sitting there watching you, like loeth you entertain them as opposed to engaging with you having a -- a two way conversation. >> important issue. >> made me laugh. >> want to hear this one. >> thank you, up next reversal for holtz after years of sluggish growth hospitality is booming. back in a minute. a world of mobile technology, but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
7:19 am
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so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. >> welcome back hotel business booming, choice hotels parent of come for the inn come forth inn econo lodger 12% increase
7:22 am
in revenue from a year ago the hospitality giant has newest brand cambria suites, joining me first on fox business steve joyce president, ceo choice hotels good to have you on the program thank you for joining us as you look to expand this new area of the business, tells us what you are seeing right now. >> it is interesting, in the place where putting cambria opened one in times square two days ago, that is where the most new construction is coming, but also where the is growing fastest in all our categories we are having a very strong year revenue up 12% third quarter we think next year strong probably next two or tle. >> explain that because we've been debate this morning, about whether or not we are going to see see a recession fort u.s. economy next six months is this a bifurcated hotel business well industrial sfied not doing well. >> thank what you are seeing i think a concern about how soon
7:23 am
is it coming, in our business, we look at three things, we look at consumer confidence, we look at employment that is very critical for us, because we represent the 99% then thirdly gdp all look pretty solid next couple as we aree understand people are being cautious but in the hotel business, the fundamentals supply and demanded have never been better this other business 35 years telling all guys if you are not having fun get out because it doesn't get better. >> how do you look at market clearly looking at something that looks recessionary from profit perspective from 67 to 47, with nothing having changed other than gdp -- >> 5 to 52, but -- 65 to 52. >> 47 at low, but caught up in this -- again, gdp slowed from 4 to 1 1/2 recent quarter do you think that is given you said gdp matters do you think that is an appropriate reaction? >> we think it is overreaction we think there is concern about end of the cycle and if upper in luxury end of the business, or upper upscale.
7:24 am
>> way different. >> i think that very different than moderate tier our construction up 0% going to do 650 hotel deals this year, so for us, and for the next several years, something unexpected happens. >> do you worry about people -- people on tv? talking down the economy? >> holding down the economy about the recession, and basically, convincing the consumer that it is worse than it really is do you worry about that. >> i do -- in the end that is the i think they do pay attention, to others that do say that. but -- in the end -- >> in the end i think more about how do they feel about company and job, and then how do they fell about spending in general about their longevity are there friends losing jobs keeping jobs it is that piece that is the pretty good right now i don't know that that is going to change. >> i want to ask you you
7:25 am
talked about all this construction, you know, we talk a lot about a commercial real estate boom we have talked about what is going to end the cycle one of the things that i worry about that potentially a commercial rae bubble that could end down the road, how are you playing that part of your -- >> we're seeing it, it is slowing down projects because what happens it is commercial and residential housing business is coming back, so what we are seeing is a rise in prices of material, and a rise in prices of construction service folks, you know took it on chin before so you got to say they are coming back, still working, because our numbers up big we are expecting big numbers next year as well in terms of people's doing, ground up hotel development. >> these are individuals, that really boosting the business or business travel. >> it is small business. >> have small business. >> that are that are -- that are building hotels and it is the business traveler that is still coming, in that modera moderatetmoderat moderateter unless that chants
7:26 am
don't see why it wouldn't be positive next several years. >> thank you so much steve joyce ceo choice hotels, a low poll number can jeb bush turn things around with instrumentaling campaiaround? pollster frank luntz with us to weigh in, back in a minute.
7:27 am
7:28 am
7:29 am
. maria: good monday morning hi welcome back i am maria bartiromo. it is monday, november 2 with me fox business network dagen mcdowell,hedgeye ceo keith mccullough, and "the wall street journal" jon his wrath top stories 7:30 am on east coast this morning a russian airliner crashed in sinai peninsula killing 224 onboard the cause very much in question today, moscow, claims passenger jet broke up in midair, the airline itself well it initially becamed mechanical failure now executive from airline moments ago is blaming quote an
7:30 am
external influence. isis has claimed responsibility egyptian government not ruling that out. >> but i do not believe we should we should advance comprehensive immigration legislation with the president who has proton himself untrustworthy on this issue. maria: and that was newly related house speaker paul ryan making rounds sunday on sunday morning program, taking one big agenda item off the table, for the future, he says an immigration vote may not come until at least 2017. turning to markets this morning, first trading day of the new month, futures showing markets open higher this morning, about should point out well off the highs of the morning things are -- actually coming in quite a bit a big week in economic data out this week, including the jobs' report, on friday adp number on wednesday, in europe early action looks like this, we were looking at mostly gains earlier, and still the case, the dax in germany up 3/4 of one per cent cac quarante in
7:31 am
paris up a third of a per cent london stocks down u.k. ft100 down half a per cent, in aish mocht losses the weakness was result of disappointing manufacturing data, out of china, look at japan, down better than 2% on nikkei aifrj, the white house, pledging another 100 million dollars, to a syrian option group cash promised brings total taxpayer money spent in syria to nearly half a billion dollars, in 2012, nebraska nebraska meat companying a major recall department of agriculture is warning that nearly 170,000 pounds of grou biography may be tainted about e. coli has been sold in traile retailers across the country. >> one, two, again -- inside corner royals 2015 world champions [cheers and applause] maria: wow a lot of blue faces in new york city this morning actually the kansas
7:32 am
city royals 2015 world series champions as you see there that is first title in 30 years. kansas city tie game 5 in 9th on the errant throw to home plate by mets first baseman lucas duda game tied until 12th, 12th inning reserve short stop christian colon broke it open colon singling home the winning run in his first world series at-bat, the royals tack on another 4 runs to finish off mets 7-2. >> turning to politics, republican presidential candidate jeb bush launching a new plan for news campaign blake berman in washington with that story, good morning to you. >> hi. good morning to you, amid swirling questions, about the violative jeb bush returns to florida to launch a bus tour and give a speech his campaign describes as important as it will lay out themes moving forward, it is called the "jeb can fix it" tour his campaign
7:33 am
says of it throughout the week jeb will highlight stories from e-mail during i am time as governor use to highlight how he will be a president, that will enact conservative rr form and get things done, now this comes after a performance in which burn was wildly panned for challenging his former protége marco rubio, bush appears to have heard critique. >> look i know that i got to get better during the debate i am a grinder, when i see that i am not doing something well i reset i get better. >> donald trump weighed in here, he slapped down bush's new motto on twitter over the weekend, here is what he wrote quote jeb's new slogan "jeb can fix it," i never thought of jeb as a crook! stupid message the word fix is not a good one to use in politics. >> back to you. maria: thank you so much the latest there bring in republican pollster frank
7:34 am
luntz right now, to talk about the new ad campaigns we're seeing talk about the state of the race right now good to see you now good to see. >> you what would do you make of most recent polls we want to get to ads doing that in a second give me the state of play from your standpoint. >> you still have two candidates in front the outsiders trump and carson continue to hold on, trump supporters much stronger than people realize, and not just about trump it is about that anger, frustration with washington trump the male support carson female support the guy on outside is marco rubio, and i am watching to see how rubio kasich christie three candidates and bush, are essentially fighting for basing about to slots after new hampshire angryer vicious fighting intleernl bush go bying after rubio i think a big mistake. >> it bhaeks at last debate for sure. >> bureau doesn't have the passion, he would have been a perfect candidate 15 years
7:35 am
ago, but things have changed. and jeb bush has not. >> how do you after like rubio first of all, that looked highly unsufficiently rubio told him flat outright kind of ended there. >> does he have to the get your aggressive rubio with offensive as opposed to defense. >> yeah. >> ruby no has favorite favorability ratio any candidate number one for second choice you can't go anywhere unless people consider you for president rubio in best position, also, watch chris christie had two great debate performances, and i am watching his favorability numbers climbed the most hampenew hampshire. >> chris christie with us half an hour you have data for us, we want at the go through that data going to show you ads get assessment of is marco rubio ad about legal immigrants. >> what do the numbers. >> really have an appreciation
7:36 am
for how special it is, people that lived outside of america, understand how special america is, and every country in the world most countries in the world -- you -- you are basically stuck in whatever your parents were before you what made america different here we don't tell -- son satisfy bartender all they can be is a bartender. >> marco rubio behind wheel of a car new ad what do numbers show. first thing well authentic no graphics no voice-over just marco talking make no mistake candidacy most authentic genuine doing the best the candidates that come across as scripted, they are not doing so well -- >> people see through it. >> more than that tired of being lied to. >> here is an ad from chris christie, this highlights how he will bring law and order back to the country obviously former prosecutor how did voters react to this one? >>.
7:37 am
>> i don't see the ad do you? >> here we go. >> hillary clinton thkz law doesn't apply to her we seed strong as president. >> he is taking advantage of position as governor crime rate in new jersey has gone down similar time -- around is crime has gone up if law and order is a bigger issue chris christie does better and better voters see him as one best able to handle it. >> this is as ted cruz ad on foreign policy we want to show you this one he has been releasing this ad, specifically on foreign policy even though he is also been taughting economic plan in op-ed this weekend tell us about this. >> what is great about this i hope viewers will be able to see it great about ted cruz so impactful about him the best debater in the crowd really understands how to make a point under one minute you should have him on show must better than i am can get to
7:38 am
the point, and get out of. >> i can see that i can see that. >> the key on foreign policy is that republican primary voters now equate national security with economic security and natural skushth is as important, the economy unemployment the debt has not happened for gop since 2004, ted cruise trying to take advantage of it. >> can i ask a question about charts what do con, mod mean. >> conskest, modmoderate to key get bet lines moving up at the same time. >> ted cruz tracts conservatives john kasich tracts moderates you are not winning tracting one or the other you have to get both. >> can i ask you -- >> amazing thing donald trump is, because it terrence yepdz ideology, age, what it doesn't transcend is geshd, so basically, imus the imus vote is voting for trump, and the more kinderly vote for carson.
7:39 am
>> what do you have to say about that. >> i said about trump and i said that this is unspoken reality of what could happen. is you enter is it primary season you are going to have wives looking at husbands saying if i find out you voted for trump you are not getting any of this. >> you know. >> never know who he voted for. >> it is you are right about that -- >> vote -- >> and he is really going to not vote for who he wants to vote for cause of that comment from a wife not getting this, come on. >> maria hillary clinton reminds men of their second and third wives, so it works both ways. >> really. >> exactly. >> sure does. >> my grandmother she is not -- a wife? >> hillary. >> arguing in the -- >> look, she is arguably the best qualified may be the smartest, but did he say she the integrity? and does she have the civility, that is what voters are wondering.
7:40 am
>> that that is what i saw in rubio video driving in car speaking to people not mr. big time doesn't start with how much money he has how much can that resonate. >> here is what i don't understand about trump, i can't get this, mitt romney biographibe ahead of the way every successful person to be hey humble quiet hides wealth people hated him don conn flaunts it does everything taught not to do -- >> a hollowness to romney there was a hollowness a lack of warmth to him, that is my guess. >> saying about himself. >> right looked like maybe he was -- just there wasn't there was something manufactured about mitt romney's presentation. >> i want to emphasize we are into november, everyone thought trump would be up and down, and he is still up in new hampshire leading by almost 20 points. >> he can work now.
7:41 am
>> how about answer to gun question on debate -- he is talking about how sometimes he carries sometimes he carries -- what? >> going with this? >> i just i just don't i want to make sure there are no bullets in that gun, that is all. >> oh, my god always nice to have you on the program thank you very much you might want to think twice before heading to chipotle double digit cases ecol surfacing reportedly linked to popular burrito the latest after the break, stay with us. ♪ ♪
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and click to activate your within. . maria: welcome back white house pledges more money to syrian opposition the story. cheryl: the white house is pledging 100 million dollars, to the syrian opposition group the cash promised brings total taxpayer money spent in syria, to nearly half a billion dollars. since 2012, bad news for chipotle lovers in pacific northwest chipotle closing 43 stores in oregon, and washington state, and a precautionary move of fees are at least 22 people have been
7:46 am
infected with e. coli outbreak, people hospitalized in all of this, a new study shows just where young people are spending their money, according to one allowing to transfer money the popular item pizza in california texas illinois massachusetts, users include a message when they make vemno a pitch most use a pen pictures in the map great for super bowl sunday yes popular order for super bowl sunday pizza. maria: we want to pay attribute to the loss of fred thompson died at 73 from recurrence of lymphoma was a key investigator of the watergate scandal campaigned for a president in 2008. thompson also well-known actor appearing in lie discard 2, the hunt for "red october," starred in nbc crime drama
7:47 am
"law and order".
7:48 am
7:49 am
7:50 am
maria: welcome back drew brees tying nfl record seven touchdowns yesterday eli manage threw 6 in the showdown joining us fox sports nfl inspired mike garafolo good to see. >> you great to see you 13 touchdowns gus who got game ball kicker, one feel goal the end, i spoke to him last night said i don't know if i deserve it for one kike, he will take it because was he cut by redskins on street a couple weeks this game tuchdowns zied
7:51 am
by that kick a face mask on punter play before would set it up awesome, big game for qbs rogers last night kind of did something to the -- >> i did have rogers how did you no, that denver defense is phenomenal we were talking about it before we came on weighed phillips defensive coordinator out of the league think how much bad defense is played around nfl these days, and this guy, nobody wanted him last year? look how great this play was. >> i want to know about those didn't do well looked like breaking out the raiders. >> raiders are a team saints one of those teams, four of five now. >> beating the jets, forced raiders was that that a game -- >> no, i mean, i don't think theettes jets are pretty good, but not that statement game but all of a southland you are seeing derrick carr foenl football so unfair gets tied in with brother did not have a
7:52 am
great-year career nup one overall pike this guy is foenl a great skill set, out there, not a lot of people are payi attention come along slowly all of a sudden -- >> he does -- foenl player, good running back, a good head coach doing things. >> you asked if a repaired fan i like -- such an old school tough team did so poorly in recent years. >> he wants. >> i want this. >> a team like that great brand you want them to be good, if you are the nfl, they've got a facility out there not great why in mix for l.a. with they play good football that helps. >> college, college file finishiac duke game. >> down -- >> that is new developments this morning, as acc has suspended on field crew and replay official two game
7:53 am
following what they call several errors in reproductivie the game. >> slippery sloeb if you suspended referees every time they get something wrong you will run out of referees this was he egregious, just that alone on replay should have been -- >> this is the one thing, that is almost impossible that i -- it is almost impossible. >> tweeted this guy i know how you deal with tweeted this guy no big deal . >> college right now who is a great nfl player. >> wow. the running back for ohio state ezekiel a ponl football player you've got graeth players nfl prospects in college. >> you playing great.
7:54 am
>> newton playing, given supporting cast a case for nbc especially since aaron rollingers took a step back. >> than we bring it back to nfc east who is coming out will they have a running word. >> of course, for sure, cowboys hanging in there get bryant back now tony -- i think this make switch to brandon weed next two cams waiting for tony romo. >> couple runs. >> not a running quarterback made that wrong run. >> who went to -- i am a -- >> i will go with eagles i still think that -- a cap shoot so that quarterback everything will come together i think -- kelly great coach everybody tickets all of a sudden he is a dunce. i still think is a good coach. >> i like eagle chances to omega out of there you call it
7:55 am
a division i call it a mess. >> thank you, mike appreciate it i will be joined by virgin group chairman sir richard branson sitting you one with new jersey governor chris christie in the house we'll be right back. buddy- nice place, nice car what happened?
7:56 am
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>> welcome back good monday morning monday, november 2 with me fox business network dagen mcdowell hedgeye ceo keith mccullough "the wall street journal" jon hilsenrath. >> meghan mccain joining us thanks for being here, top stories 8:00 on east coast, a russian airliner crashed in sinai peninsula killing 224 onboard cause in question this morning, moscow says the passenger jet broke up in midair, the airline it claimed a mechanical failure an executive moments ago is
7:59 am
pointing to a quote external influence, meanwhile, isis claimed responsibility for the a deficit from the get-go no one believed it though now the egyptian government is not ruling that out, more on this story coming up. >> but i do not believe we should we should advance comprehensive immigration legislation with a president who has proven himself undwort on this issue. >> there is that that was paul ryan, making the sunday show rounds this weekend, taking one major agenda item off the table. for the future saying immigration, immigration votes may not come up until at least 2017. on to campaign trail we go republican president campaigns meeting yesterday to sidestep republican national committee negotiate parameters of the remaining debates directly with television network. details of several changes revealed in coming days, turning to markets this morning the first trading day of in my view month futures showing markets will open higher if by a fraction given
8:00 am
up much rally would not be surprised to see markets negative look with a we are he homogeneoused to know to gains a fraction in europe action was mostly positive here too, we are off best levels the dax is up but 1% that is the among the strongest, of the averages in europe, cac quarante in paris up about a third of a per cent ft100 in london down one-third of a per cent, asia overnight weakness here result of disappointing manufacturing data out of china, most major averages in asia down nikkei in japan down better than % manufacturing data out of china setting the tone for asian markets stocks to watch hewlett-packard one splitting biotwo publicly traded companies a today h-p enterprise will sell investors storage networking equipment h-p inc will focus on personal computers and printers. >> the one, two, again on. -- inside corner, 2015 world
8:01 am
champions. [cheers and applause] . >> happy faces in st. louis,kansas 70, it is a sad day in new york city royals 2015 world cheese champs first title in 30 years, kansas city tying five in 9th errant throw by lucas duda, wide to until 12 christian colon broke it open, drove in winning run in his first world series at-bat, royals tack on four runs to finish off the mets, 7-2. the end of that game. return to politics republican donor appall singer endorsing marco rubio the implications good morning to you. >> this is a major wall street win for marco rubio, the billionaire hedge fund manager backing freshman senator from florida have his white house bid. according to reports singer
8:02 am
wrote donors he feels rubio is best one who can navigate the primary be in position to be presumed beat hillary clinton. >> one of the most active political donors in recent years, on friday, rubio said he is grateful. ch. >> -- the right ideasideas . >> donald trump questioned rubio age and fund-raising needs, reacted on twitter he said quote i see marco rubio just landed another billionaire to give big money to his sue pack total scams marco needs must address them he says as sir. now rubio had an impressive cash haul since performance on wednesday campaign said, it rate offed 750,000 dollars in the immediate hours following. >> thanks so much the latest there -- >> the arrogance up and down,
8:03 am
i love a billionaire wants me to bow at his altar i am going to smile at that guy say get out of here you loser paul singer a much smarter billionaire last i have checked than mr. trump looks like his vote going with a younger man. >> sure is megyn this is a hijack boost for rubio we know that, you know, one of the things about paul singer able to bundled, so yes he has his money going to marco rubio people call for advice a blow to jeb bush. marco rubio riding high on a lot of momentum i think he showed who he was the candidate that i have always thousand he was in last week's debate i think it iss i just think hilarious donald trump seemed so threatened by another billionaire backing someone else other than him. >> talking about money has been talking about that from get-go super pacs.
8:04 am
>> the hypocrisy. >> he is kind of -- i don't get. >> it funding his campaign a lot of americans are really reacting to, presidential campaigns are hundreds of millions of dollars some point i know spent two million dollars, but donald trump running on basically tweets ads media attention at some point the rubber will hit the road going to have to put together a national campaign then interesting to see if he is really going to continue to sell funding with more than -- >> everybody saying that not happening. >> tend not to go there. >> i don't think you have a figure like donald trump doing it, it was ugly part of politics we have to do a whole show on monday and politics big win for marco rubio you need money to become president. >> over one million follow% first time on twitters put in connecticut with jeb bush has less than 400,000. >> donald trump has 4 1/2 million -- >> he is moving. >> insult medicine people are fascinated with that.
8:05 am
>> rubio he do you worry issue of finances people reference that "new york times" article i got in an argument with somebody over weekend about the speedboat when it is not a seed boat it is a fishing boat, but that -- it did stick with people, it seems like. >> what is funny i hear reverse he had stein loans i like that marco rubio is not a giant a jillion air with money i think his life experience his family, his student loans all things very relateable around i my put him up gepz hillary clinton idea of bankrupt is leaving the white house what you go two different ideas what being broke is. >> debate last week -- >> you talked about experience, does he have the experience to be president of the united states. >> the question everyone has if too young. >> what did barack obama have. >> is that -- was obama being
8:06 am
a gen x guy or a gallon for that matter a negative or just the way it goes americans alled elected young request presidents. >> i think marco rubio i is living in reality a lot of different ways donald trump living in a form of reality i don't think average american reality doesn't seem hurting in polls at all the i think we are in glory days wait till after christmas january new year's things get too serious i think marco rubio is the man to beat. >> trump reality is reality television. >> i like i like to point out wired about donald trump attacking even a little bit i don't want to get in another twitter fight don't want to deal with that, that is weird about season if you even i've been in a twitter fight even criticizing this much your day is ruined. >> he randomly would tweet something nasty about you -- >> like high school happened in college things like that. >> it is just -- it is a wired time to be in politics a political commentator if god
8:07 am
forbid i am not a trump supporter i know shoekdz everybody you could have have -- commercial break twitter exploding trump is the man trump is the man. >> can any beat hillary clinton. >> marco rubio hands down eeflz president clinton said he was the-one marco rubio the one most nervous about again i think you look immigrant family, young family student loans in reality, against queen hillary that is what i call her. >> a good name. >> rubio giving -- stance on immigration is that able to bring them along. he is pulling out of that i don't think it will hurt him he is very popular with a lot of people donald trump is a wild card question if he can get very far he is knew politicize down in iowa up 10 points, in florida. still early, i mean, i am having to come to terms with fact i may have to deal with donald trump as a nominee which is a -- completely change everything i ever -- >> do you think rubio needs
8:08 am
line mate like christie somebody could be line mate say i am old enough i am strong enough i can do this but together we can really do this is do you think that happens. >> the if nominee. >> yeah. >> yeah would i go for carly fiorina before old white do you do that is just me we have to reach out from millenials republican voters independents minorities game changed so much not going to do it -- all white do you do i sie with respect to my father who is an old white dude. >> people have on rubyio too young don't want to vote for crewsity white dude i am going to be wovens. >> donald trump a -- >> a short break lots to talk about this morning, chipotle closing restaurateurs on e. coli concerns, should you be having addiction on a diet. >> the "the wall street journal," the recovering including open enrollment for obamacare begins today, gearing up to offer health plans turkey ruling party secures win china rolling out
8:09 am
first large passenger jet, we'll be right back. ♪ you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor see how we can help make the most of your retirement savings. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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maria: welcome back new day hewlett-packard the details. cheryl: good morning, the company initially splitting into two publicly traded companies, each with 50 billion dollars in sales, h-p inc will focus on selling pc's printers to consumers and businesses, and hewlett-packard enterprise going to sell data center cloud examining hardware. >> unbelievable video coming out of california look at this, uber driver, violently attacked by a passenger 32-year-old benjamin golden, began punching and pulling his hair after he was candidate to
8:13 am
get out of car a dash cam video not able to give directions he appeared to be drunk pepper parade him in defense. >> gold monday charging for several things after that video. >> e. coli scares to tell but this morning nebraska nebraska based meat companying recalling 167,000 pounds of ground biography sold to retailers nationwide so far no illnesses have been reported chipotle has been forced to close dozens of stores in washington state oregon as a result of that e. coli outbreak, at least maria 8 people hospitalized so far so tracking to see what chipotle empathi is going to say. >> what is going on with stock. >> down, 600 bucks, 640 -- this thing they have open meat right there on the bar that is the whole point fresh meat. now meat is -- >> i eat there all the time once a week, i am not
8:14 am
joking -- easy, moon you know. >> going of it a huge back on business dagen. dagen: they are doing closing these stores preemptively we don't have a handle on what is really going on, in terms of food the amounts. >> ethiopian if -- he contamination they other more coming from the back, i mean -- >> i think -- >> more karnitas, a baowl what is in it in deliciousness. >> that was delicious, i mean -- >> a company growing too fast setting up stores all over the country, and -- >> seems. >> control of all -- >> how do you think food is prepared in the back it is -- cooked food and they asemble it. >> do you seat street meat in time a vegetarian i don't have to worry about that.
8:15 am
>> we're going down around there fifth avenue see the street meat guy look at his supply. >> i -- >> never going to eat street meat i can tell you -- >> i approach my food i am willing to clean it milyself i will eat it. >> i adopt do dirty water dogs -- food truck thing just like a big food cart to me i don't eat food off food trucks. >> i eat everything off that -- >> what should richard branson eat. >> up next urged employees take a have a we ap vacation new jersey governor chris christie in the house how he plans to jump into top five republican presidential contenders. back in a minute. (vo) what does the world run on?
8:16 am
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maria: welcome back, big day in health care for deals more than 29 billion dollars in deals coming down the pipeline this morning alone, health care,shire acquiring dayaks 5.9 billion dollars, more than 35% premium on shares of diax an earnings miss another sector acquire visa europe for 23.4 billion dollars reuniting after 8 long years apart in addition to theshire-diasx health care as well -- >> big deal flow within health care, what is behind this. >> you see on front page of the "the wall street journal," corporate bond market heats up, money is cheap, debt
8:20 am
cheap, and an environment that really encourages companies to buy other companies, not a lot of republicvenue growth you can somebody else. >> world 2% growth keith keith companies have to acquire growth. >> you are talking gdp growth but not r & d and area, republicans for the quarter 341 companies, 500 report revenues down 5 1/2% earnings down 4, so they've to apply growth typically that happens, at the end of a cycle it happened the end of '07 happening now jon pientdz out money cheap as far as eye can see why wouldn't you try to do that if he organic side of your chis, like chipotle having series issues. >> i think the a area you and i argue [the beginning of the end of the cycle or end of thecend of the cycle had credit from 04 into '6 talking about m&a deals getting done, all debt finance deals she
8:21 am
still has some room to run on cheap credit. >> we call it my answer to this the beginning of the end, so i call it i went from being late cycle to superlate cycle after late cycle you end up starting to get a recession had a recession develop in defamatory profits mysterying in industrials cybering cals in emerging markets i expect consumer to get weaker the last part of the cycle employment growth sxhujs growth tickle peaks after all that other stuff has actually already peaked in terms of of the actually data. >> we reported earlier gasoline prices down almost 80 cents from a year ago there are some tailwinds that consumers have going into the holiday season. >> not tailwind for the jobs market again what we've seen the all companies have had the redo covenants a new wave of ng still down, you know if you look at oil today, oil is down 21.-- >> retail job market "the wall street journal" story that staffing is up so you are going to have same number of hires, based on the one
8:22 am
estimate this season, in terms of part-timer employees, but stores having to pay people more, let them work more hours. and even offer them in today is of macy's full time employment that part is. >> incomes are growing household balance sheets are -- >> much better shape. >> i want to read my favorite quote of the day. so par, this is in that "the wall street journal" story of a woman who worked part time over holidays, you are basically helping angry people app buy sweaters pay me more. >> we are super bearish on ko kohl's not where you shop people need stuff that is out there, there is overcapacity, retail sales a big surprise throughout the year despite lower. >> angry old guy comment tooem people have too much stuff. >> we call it pentup demand a
8:23 am
lot of people were not out buying sweaters that stuff we need to keep warm in the wintertime people are not doing that last few years now is time to do it. >> do it online, that is why i don't understand why wait in lines. >> i don't understand it. >> chart amazon versus walmart see in a picture obvious exactly what is happening. >> amazon report numbers. >> yeah absolutely. >> record holiday expected. >> most expensive big cap stock human hefistory i won't call it a bubble. >> federal reserve jobs number out friday adp on wednesday, nine federal reserve officials speaking this week, what will we learn this week. >> wednesday and friday the two big days on wednesday we have janet yellen testifying, before congress we have bill dudley speaking to reporters at a press briefing here, and we have stanley fisher in washington, speaking at the canadian embassy speaking same
8:24 am
day caused a lot of confusion before meeting in september, saying different things giving spins on economy i think going to try very hard this time around, to -- sing from same hymnal. >> did janet school them. >> i think three got together said we have to be a little bit clearer. >> what can they say -- that is clear actions are clearest thing you can figure out. right they have not raised interest rates refused to do so -- >> even by a quarter of a point what does that fell. >> you main thing. >> the economy is with a he can. >> they have to remain data dependent if they sing that song say that on wednesday again, gdp miss three big jobs numbers that have been revised to the downside most previous three, if this is another bad jobs' report i think again, it is all but said and done. >> best employment number three months, supposed to be certainly better than month before the month before you had 142000 jobs now 185,000. >> if we can show this simply sign curve enumerate of change
8:25 am
peak nonfarm payroll peaked in february of this year has been s declining -- you have the -- you have to have a number over 350,000 to get us back to a number would even challenge the slowdown. >> have a. maria: that is not happening. >> numbers everybody understood numbers are unsustainable economy growing northeasterly 2% isn't producing 85,000 jobs a month the employment unemployment rate could collapse, 140, 150,000 you still get unemployment rate coming down 140, 150,000 a month. >> this is not what aefrp is expecting the beginning of the year they thought 400,000 you saw for payrolls november last year was go by to be new norm about to break out wage growth capex have earnings 8 to 10% for the year now down 5, we are not even close to where everyone thought we were nine months ago that is the reality. >> check with one mayoral airline executive see what he is seeing about sir richard
8:26 am
branson joins us next, pushing for americans to take a break from work headed to the beach how about hawaii, chris christie joining me to discuss complain strategy following last week's debate you don't want to miss that join us coming up for chris christie.
8:27 am
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>> welcome back. presidential campaign party leaders trying to negotiate with tv networks following last week's debate. joining me is chris christie. >> good to see you. maria: what would you like to see in the debate, given that fox business is running the debate. >> i don't care, put the podiums up there. i'll be fine with it, no problem with that at all. no we have no business there,
8:30 am
let fox business discuss the rules. maria: you have talked about ways to create jobs and talked about the regulatory environment, the tax burdens that we're seeing and you say you can get a two-for, by changing the regulatory and tax landscapes using that money when you raise money to put it into infrastructure. give us the core of your jobs plan. >> a few things, first off, we want the tax system for the individuals and corporations fair and flatter and get rid of the loopholes and special interest except for the mortgage deduction and lower rates 28% on the top end, 8% on the low end. taxes 15 minutes, make things a lot easier for folks. corporate rates, lower it for 35, 25% get rid of loopholes as well and allow 2 1/2 trillion off shore to be repatriated. one time tax of 8 3/4% and use
8:31 am
that money towards infrastructures. maria: a lot of the commentary from yourself and your colleagues up on stage, the g.o.p. contenders in general, have talked about the regulatory environment as being very burdensome, what specific regulations are you looking to change. >> first off, dodd-frank has to be changed. community banks in new jersey are closing and in states all over the country because of dodd-frank, the onerous regulation and they're on small margin to begin with and can't make money and not lending money. that hurts small businesses, they're not bore heing from jp morgan or citi, they're borrowing from their local bank, and dodd-frank has to get out of the way for the small community banks. the too big to fail banks, let them be regulated, they can handle it, but the community banks are getting crushed. maria: the good point about the community banks, as a result, the balance sheets are dictated and these banks are seeing a different flow of business and
8:32 am
the major banks are seeing a different flow of business because of the rule they have to hold more capital. >> what they're doing as a result, they're not lending to small businesses who by their nature are riskier, so they don't want to mess up the balance sheet for dodd-frank purposes with that and are just not lending and this is really hurting small businesses' ability to expand. as we know, the overwhelming majority of jobs in this business is created by small businesses. and that's the lag on the economy. maria: let's ask how we got here. we are having a debate on the set whether we will have a slowdown or not. >> and the president and his desire to control everything out of washington d.c. the private sector hasn't seen the kind of growth they thought they'd see coming out of
8:33 am
recession. and obamacare, and 81,000 pages of regulation in 2014, the most in any year, so they see that, they're not growing and expanding, i can't tell you how many small businesses tell me they don't want to get the magic number on obamacare and don't want to deal with it. that's what they're doing and coming out of this the fed who kept interest rates at zero now have nothing in the toolbox in case we go into recession. they should have been raising rates appropriately before. and now no tools in the toolbox. maria: you're not the first to criticize federal reserve. what do you do with the federal reserve. >> you want the federal reserve to be dependent and make the decisions not based on politics, but based on the sound monetary policies. maria: can you affect that as presidents? >> you affect them on point, absolutely. and you try to affect it by your rhetoric. you don't find up trying to set signals for the fed and hey, maybe you should do this or that.
8:34 am
let them control monetary policy in the country and the fed should be audited and make sure that everybody has a sense of comfort. that we're doing what we need to do, especially after the rounds of quantitative easing. >> you as a prosecutor have really specific solutions to this. crime is down in new jersey. and what you would do in terms of gun violence. crime is down in the past three years. we've been looking at the nonviolent criminals, in a different way. that's the first thing. second, we support our police officers, maria. and you know, that's not what's happening right now in new york city. it's not what's happening in chicago and not what's happening across the country and not happening for the president of the united states and the fbi director pointed this out. there's a chill wind, they're not supported by the political forces in the country. and the last thing, we're going
8:35 am
to camden. when i came in, it was the most dangerous, we brought in policing and murder in camden is down. we're going to try to bring that for the rest of the country when i'm president. maria: and the president is coming to talk about criminal justice reform. >> some place where it's done. i am had-- him in the country has done none of it. and he's coming to take credit for a republican governor did it. maria: are you going to tell him that? >> i'm going to be in camden and he's going to be in new york. maria: let's look at security overall. mitt romney in the last election cycle said that vladimir putin was the guy to watch and the guy to worry about and president obama laughed at him. okay, so, now we know that putin has invaded ukraine, has now put troops in syria, what do you do as the next president? >> listen, you've got to show
8:36 am
putin the limits of our patience and the fact that the president owes an apology to mitt romney he said, the '70s called and they want i remember that foreign policy back. he and hillary clinton hit the reset button and ukraine and syria and cubans into syria. it's bad for the middle east, bad for american national security. here is what i'd do. set up a no-fly zone protecting the republicans trying to-- the rebels trying for assad. and the united states is going to exert influence and russia, can't get planes off the ground most the time in his military operation. his economy is crumbling, we should not let this guy steal our lunch money. maria: broadly speaking on policy, do you agree with the president as plan 10,000 troops
8:37 am
in afghanistan and the opes. >> in afghanistan, we have to maintain afghanistan as a place that does not become a place where terrorists are harbored. on the 50 special forces in syria, why bother? the president has no plan there. should have enforced the red line he drew when he didn't and instead invited russia into the middle east where they haven't been in 40 years. makes no sense. we should be reuniting our allies and arming them and training to fight isis, they're a threat to them as well as us. maria: voters and viewers watching want to know the difference between you and your colleagues, how do you distinguish yourself. give us your take on your assessment how you're different than somebody like trump, like marco rubio, et cetera. >> i've shaken up a democratic state elected twice as a conservative republican governor and gotten things done. you want somebody to tell is like it is, i'm that guy, but i
8:38 am
also get things done. we've capped property taxes in our state. reduced spending by 2 billion. reduced payroll by nearly 10,000 employees. and reformed teacher tenure and fixed pension and benefits to a great degree. things that we have gotten done. you want somebody to-- and also, work with the other side. you're looking at that person. maria: most people will call tax reform one of the easiest levers to pull. will you commit to making tax reform a priority in your economic agenda in the first year? will you get it done in the first year? >> the first thing i will send to congress is the commitment. maria: one of the reasons you said on that stage, i'm your guy to beat hillary clinton, take it to the bank. why should we take it to the bank. >> because you need someone tough and mature and tested. i've been tested in the toughest media market in new york and new jersey. i've been tested by democratic legislature every day. i've been tested by the forces
8:39 am
of special interests like the teachers union in new jersey, fought back and done well. and that's the kind of person you need on the stage against hillary clinton, someone who will be able to prosecute the case against her and her vision for america. i'm the guy to do it. look at the stage and the ten people who is the person who is tough enough to fight her. maria: final question on the seat you're in. we had the ceo of turing pharmaceuticals and raised the price of the drug and people went crazy including hillary clinton who suggested prices should be regulated. how are you going to keep those prices where people can save their lives and alzheimer's, age 85 one out of two people will get alzheimer's. if a drug company is trying to come up with a drug to treat alzheimer's and it becomes a cure will you allow them to charge whatever they want for the drug. >> do we think that we want ing
8:40 am
pharmaceutical industry. everything washington d.c. runs doesn't run well now we want them determining prices in the pharmaceutical industry? . pharmaceutical industry has come up with cures, and we need to make it profitable. if there is price gouging. we've got laws against that. the prosecutors can bring those cases. we don't need more federal regulation or involvement in it. i do not want hillary clinton sitting in the oval office, god forbid, deciding what prices pharmaceuticals should be? crazy. it's another example of the obama and clinton approach, everything is in washington, and turn our lives over to em this. i say hell no. maria: anybody on that stage if you get the nomination that you could call a running mate? >> sure. maria: who? >> we'll see. maria: no ideas? >> i have ideas, but i'm not going to tell you. maria: and how about ted cruz.
8:41 am
>> we were on the-- >> i think it's presumptuous for anybody on the stage to talk about vice-presidents, and the last person who did isn't there anymoore. when i'm the nominee, i'll come back. maria: we'll see you next week at debate. >> looking forward to it. maria: fox business is teaming up with the wall street journal next week to bring you the next republican debate on i'll be co-moderating the 9 p.m. eastern time debate with neil cavuto. we'll be right back. there's a difference when you trade with fidelity. one you won't find anywhere else. one-second trade execution. guaranteed. did you see it? in one second, he made a trade, we looked for the best price,
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and the trade went through. do the other guys guarantee that? didn't think so. open an account and find more of the expertise you need to be a better investor.
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>> welcome back, ver begin america launching nonstop flights from silicon valley to hawaii. and hard working locals to use their vacation time and hop on a plane for a hawaiian get away. and from virgin group, sir richard branson, thank you for joining us. >> always good to talk to you and good to be going to hawaii. maria: sure is. >> to maui and honolulu. maria: why was this such an important route for you? >> well, there's a lot about american flyers who like to redeem their air miles and the place they love to redeem most, i think, is honolulu or maui and and virgin america is going great and we're very proud of
8:46 am
the airline and i suspect we should have done this years ago, but anyway, at least we're finally there and looking forward to getting on the plane and getting down there tonight. maria: richard, obviously, it's a great idea, getting on a plane and going to hawaii. let me get your take on how many people are doing that and how you would assess business today. we've been having a debate on really how strong this economy really is. what do you think? >> i think it's stronger than governor christie just said. you've had a tiny little blip in last month's figures, but generally speaking, i think that america is doing well. you've got low fuel prices right now which i think will start to benefit people, you know, throughout the country more and more. and i don't think that there's going to be any major-- a major hiccuhiccup. i think that america is in a stronger position and can go stronger from here. my own feeling is that you don't have a lot to worry
8:47 am
about. maria: i'm going to open it up to the panel in a moment. let me give you a congratulations here on once again being named best u.s. airline by conde-nast traveler magazine. this is the 8th year in a row. what is it that travelers want that you're obviously responding to? >> well, we just have a magical 5,000 people who work for virgin america. we have young planes. we have young spirits, all the team that work there. and they deliver, great wi-fi, great food, great everything, great lighting and it's a fun airline to fly and conde nast is the most respected when it comes to awards and eight years is pretty good. >> if you fly from the west
8:48 am
coast you take virgin america. and how you get it where it would be faster. can get it where it needs to be faster in terms of routes. >> can we start more routes quicker? yeah, i mean, david runs virgin america, i think is more prudent than i and proven to be right and built brick upon brick and it's work. the airline industry can be perilous, so, yeah, you know, i might be keen to go to hawaii myself, but i'll leave it up to him as to when we should fly. anyway, great, great to finally be there. dagen: richard, it's dagen mcdowell. why don't more airlines get it? if you can do this and make the experience of flying kind of fun, why aren't other airlines doing it? is it because, i know how in touch you are with making,
8:49 am
working for your company better as the days go on, but what are other airlines missing? >> it's a good question. we wouldn't have set up virgin america in america if we didn't feel that the big carriers weren't really delivering a great product and i sometimes wonder whether some of the airline chiefs actually fly their own airlines. i think that they-- they, you know, there's quite a lot to be -- quite a lot missing in quite a lot of the airlines. i think if you don't give your crews and your staff the tools to do a good job, they then don't smile and therefore, the passengers don't have a good experience and it ricochets on downward, and you know, we're lucky because we started with virgin atlantic about 30 years ago, and if that's going strong and we had virgin australia and
8:50 am
that's done really well, so we've had some experience in setting up the quality, the quality airlines around the world and with great people. >> sir, your fuel prices have been falling, oil prices have been falling, and that's helping the profitability of the airlines. can american consumers expect to get a price cut in the next few months, cheaper fares out of you? >> i suspect so. i mean, i think that a lot of airlines, including ourselves have hedged quite a lot when prices were high and therefore, you know, we're still buying fuel at higher prices than we'd like, but if fuel prices stay at these sorts of levels for another couple years, i think you're definitely going to get a lot of price competition and which, you know, and the more competition on individual routes, the more i think you'll see great bargains on fares throughout america. maria: richard, real quick on
8:51 am
your own allocating of capital. you've been investing a lot in i.t.? how do you allocate capital in the next few years. i've spread it out. but i love -- i met this young lad from a company called ring yesterday, a company that's exploding in america. he just had these door bells on people's homes and you know, and if somebody comes anywhere near the door bell, it rings their telephone where they are and alerts them to maybe a thief breaking into the house. >> right. >> and it's been incredibly effective and you know, that's one example of new technology actually making a hell of a difference to people's lives. maria: yeah. >> and protecting people. and so just so many great, great new ideas out there and we're keeping our ears open and meeting wonderful people.
8:52 am
maria: and we're watching it. sir richard branson, thank you for your time. we'll see you soon, sir. >> thank you, maria. or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain, as it may cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure. do not drink alcohol in excess. side effects may include headache, upset stomach, delayed backache or muscle ache. to avoid long-term injury, get medical help right away for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or any symptoms of an allergic reaction, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a free 30-tablet trial. we've gotpeptocopter! ummy town. ♪ when cold cuts give your belly thunder, pink relief is the first responder, so you can be a business boy wonder! ♪ fix stomach trouble fast with pepto.
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and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ i'm nicole petallides live on the floor of the new york stock exchange. chipotle likely for a lower close because e. coli has been determined, more than 20 cases, they're watching with abundance of caution. and visa, story here, the european counterpart and operations under one roof and dividend recently revealed a share buyback plan. much more on mornings with maria after the break.
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>> all right.
8:59 am
welcome back. we're about 30 minutes away from the opening bell and thank dagen mcdowell and jon hilsenrath and meghan mccain. >> good luck at the debate next week, exciting. maria: that's november 10th, 9 p.m. for the debate. fox business network and tomorrow on mornings with maria. we'll sit down with martha stewart, and toyota's jim lenz. and we'll talk about what's happening in the economy as well as technology and in particular the auto sector with jim, the autos have been probably the best performer in terms of overall economics aside from the housing. dagen: i can tie this to sports. congratulations to jeff gordon who won at martinsville during
9:00 am
his last year, and he'll be racing for a championship. and then he'll be in the booth. >> and congratulations and kansas city. >> and the new york mets, let's go mets. >> i like that. maria: thanks, everybody. see you soon. >> the first mention we got of the world series all day. maria: you're right. "varney & company" is next, have a great day everybody, here is stuart right now, have a good show. stuart: thank you very much indeed. vladimir putin has good reason to worry. that russian plane that came down, what if it were terrorism? good morning, everyone. we do know the plane broke up in mid air, we don't know why. the airline says external activity brought it down. now, a terror attack might be payback for russia's war in syria, colonel ralph peters on that just moments from now. next case, an e. coli outbreak hits a wall street favorite, 40 chipotle restaurants closed. that stock will open lower. donald trump warns the wall street journal, you t


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