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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 3, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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management. david, melissa, nice move for the bulls. david: mark had a lot to say. numbers coming up. melissa: tesla moat -- motors out with third quarter earnings. analysts expect a big loss for the company. we'll have the numbers as they come out. david: donald trump is coming in second with a new national poll. he is dealing with it as you expect going full steam at his competition. [closing bell rings] stocks slipping into the close but still in a plus category. not quite a triple-digit gain. hour ago the dow was up 1 to points. -- 130 points. we're just about 80 or 90 points away from 18,000. which we originally hit december 23rd, 2014. looks like we're not going to get there today. melissa: so -- david: here's a look where we're ending up. gold by the way is down significantly today, down about 20 bucks. melissa: while the markets wait for tomorrow, here is everything
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you need to know right now. ben carson is running away with the lead previously held by donald trump. the latest nbc "wall street journal" poll is latest poll putting carson in the number one spot. that is not only surprise. carl cameron with the latest on which candidates are seeing more support. carl? reporter: hi, melissa, that really matters, favorables and unfavorables. carson strengthened lead over donald trump. carson up six points in that poll. interesting to know that marco rubio and jeb bush virtually tied in third and jeb bush back in single digits. a lot of people in the poll didn't get 3%. this is really the favorable versus unfavorable ratio. carson is near 6. 59%. that is twice as popular with marco rubio who is second. go all the way to the other end of the spectrum where jeb bush has negative seven, more people
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see i am unfavorably than favorably. donald trump unveiled his new book today, "criminal pipped america quote. he used the news conference to blast his two competitors. watch. >> look at marco rubio, very, very weak on illegal immigration. ben is very weak on immigration and wants to get rid of medicare. ben wants to get rid of medicare. you can't get red -- gets rid of medicare, when he is weak on immigration and wants to get rid of medicare i don't know how he gets there. >> he is on the second day of jeb can fix it reboot tour in south carolina. he will make it clear he will not take what he considers trump's guff and stoop to his level in bush's view. he will make changes he thinks needed to fix the lagging campaign and fix the country. his comes director tweeted to press, fyi, political press corps, jeb will have a few weeks of bad polls.
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comebacks take time. we recognize and are prepared for that. rough stuff for jeb bush. trump is really going after carson and to some extent now rubio as well. melissa: greatest insult of all to jeb bush is have trump ignore him. true, right? david, over to you. david: great point. president mocking gop debate demands at democratic fund-raiser in new york city last night. take a listen. >> turns out they can't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators. if you can't handle those guys -- [laughter] you know, then i don't think that the chinese and russians will be too worried about you. david: joining me now is dan henninger, columnist and deputy editorial page editor at "wall street journal" what do you make of this taunting by the president? >> that is his standard operating procedure. i mean you know he is running for president, which is to say he is running for his third term in the person of hillary clinton and he is using the same
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technique he used in his two elections which is to diminish and belittle the opposition. david: right. >> make fun of them. but, the lack of self-awareness, saying that they won't be able to deal with putin or chinese -- david: getting his clocked cleaned. even more specifically than that, candidate barack obama, back in 2008, he had a couple of his sy fits of his own about the debates, didn't he? >> absolutely. hillary clinton took him to task after one of their debates for whining about the questions he was being asked. you know, some of us remember an incredible "saturday night live" send-up which they were mocking softball questions that obama was getting in the debates. david: that's right. again, you brought up the point of how president obama himself has handled putin china and whole host of other foreign leaders. and it brings focus back on hillary because she was secretary of state for much of that time. he is kind of lending himself to
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the question of how they actually did in handling foreign policy you look around the world, looks like a mess right now. >> it's a mess and i think some of those, republican candidates were doing a halfway decent job. let's try to take the actual complaint that obama made. i think it was ted cruz's finest hour when he said, look, this is not a cage match. what he meant was, we're not up here just to entertain you people. we're running for presidency. david: dan, hold that thought. we have tesla earnings. go ahead, melissa. melissa: that's right. third quarter results. ashley webster has the number for us. looks like a bigger loss than expected. reporter: exactly right, melissa, on earnings per share, expectation was loss of 50 cents a share. that actually came in at 58-cent loss on the eps and revenue was still working through that. the estimate was for 1.26 billion. the initial number, looks like it is 936.8 million. but we're going through some of
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these numbers right now just to confirm that. total deliveries for the year, number of cars, 50 to 52,000. the original estimate was right in there. so they haven't dropped on their total deliveries estimate. they say the model s production is on track for the fourth quarter plan. and they plan to unveil a tesla model 3 sometime in early spring next year. probably, in march. we continue to work through these numbers, guys. certainly not great on earnings. we'll check on the revenue number for you. melissa: ashley, thank you so much. >> sure. melissa: stock is moving higher. joining me from, automotive editor gary guess tell lou. and dare russ dale. and thanks for you all joining us. what is your reaction. >> reaction not just tesla, but there continues to domestic earnings and industrial recession we're calling out. we think that is leading indicator of broader economic recession. melissa: gary, let me ask you specifically about some of the
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numbers we've heard so far. not a lot of them, deliveries of 50 to 52,000. what do you think of that number? >> first time in a while they didn't change the forecast downward. they're on track to build what they said they would build. that is really all they could build this year. it is hard to judge demand and we don't know what it is and this car is in the market all by itself. interesting to see what happens when the model x comes online, whether fuel cells from the model s or both are able to go up over the course of next year. melissa: john, i know one of the main things folks will want to hear on the call and some details we're looking for right now, you want to hear about financial guidance. what are you looking for? >> the stock is reacting two things right now. they kept to the $50,000 target and the second is that they're running ahead of schedule on the gigafactory. but the fact of the matter is though the company still is blowing through $200 million of cash flow from operations. on headline number, this is terrible.
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but market is looking at the fact they held to the $50,000 production number and they're ahead of schedule they say on gigafactory which is key for the long-term growth thesis for story. this is not a 2016 story. tesla is a 2026 story. melissa: sure. darius, how does that make you feel about the stock right now? >> the stock should make series of higher highs and lower lows. if you think about it, most of the stocks in the russell 3,000, 93% of the u.s. equity market are crashing from year-to-date peak. tesla is not unlike that stock. as revenue, earnings growth slows stocks go down. it is not very complicated. melissa: gary, they're moving faster than expected on the gigafactory, what do you think of that? >> that will be important. that are batteries they sell so the storage market. they need the batteries to launch model 3 on time. they need a lot of volume if they're making 500,000 of those a year like they claim they will.
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melissa: we'll leave it there. david, oil ending up the day nearly 4% on concerns about outlook of india and brazil. let's go to larry levin at cme. larry, is this a blip or long-term move up? >> a blip or -- david, i would have to call it a blip, if you have to pick one or other. we'll tradebove $ level on oil if we trade in the 48. we spiked up to 52. i think we'll peak at $52. we'll have to see if we find more buyers. $52 i think there is more room from here. david: no telling whether demand will turn around. looks like there is slowdown. the slowdown continues whether china or europe we're talking about. our gdp was pretty pathetic. came in at 1 1/2%. does that mean price of oil is down to stay in the $40 range? >> i think the reason rally will be short-lived.
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i will see a spike. a awful lot of people short the market. we'll push some of these people up as we trade above $50. just for the reason there is slowdown in the world. that will affect oil. we'll get up 51, 52, maybe $53. maybe higher than october. have it come back in the 40s like you said. david: any protesters at cme today, larry? >> no. no protesters today because yesterday i got stuck in the building because i wasn't able to get out. i was able to move freely. david: larry, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> carl icahn speaking out on his super-pac. the billionaire investor telling our own maria bartiromo why he wants to get things done in washington. >> well, look, i'm trying to very, hopefully, get it done now because if you don't get it done now, there will be, this pac will bring on accountability in congress. we're just going to say, why -- if it doesn't get done, i think
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it will be very harmful to this country. because you're going to suddenly see, you have warren buffett doing it. you have a big company like pfizer doing it, respected company. melissa: icahn is pushing corporate tax overhaul asking congress to pass tax reform to bring more than $2 trillion of expatriated capital back to america, with modest 5% to 10% tax penalty. david: like trump he wants to bring that money back home. tax cheats breathing a little sigh of relief. irs audits of individuals dropping to 11-year low. blaming budget cuts and staffing reductions for lower rate. revenue from audits fell to the lowest level in 13 years according to irs. but of course none of us cheat on our taxes. >> no, of course not. david: we don't have to worry one way or other. meanwhile new clues in the investigation of a crash of a russian passenger jet in egypt. a u.s. satellite may have detect ad heat flash over the sinai desert the same time the plane
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fell out of the sky. melissa: a new poll shows more americans are not happy with the direction of the country. well, democrats and republicans are looking for different qualities in our next president. how will all that play out? david: how is this going to affect the elections and our economy? more people giving up on religion. we have a priest and rabbi coming up to talk about that. ♪ the promise of the cloud is that every organization has unlimited access to information, no matter where they are.
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melissa: new information surfacing regarding russian jetliner that crashed in egypt saturday. reports suggesting that a heat flash occurred on the plane mid-flight. fox news's conor powell is standing by in jerusalem with details on this developing story. conor. reporter: conflicting reports and confusion continue to surround the investigation into the russian plane that crashed
4:16 pm
in egypt's sinai desert on saturday. airline officials from metrojet complained external impact caused plane to crash but pentagon officials tell fox news while there was sudden unexpected heat flash at the time of the crash, there is no evidence of a missile being fired towards the plane. still no one is ruling out terrorism as a cause. an on-board bomb is still a possibility as is a mechanical malfunction. despite evidence that plane broke up in midair an egyptian official saying there is no proof to support that theory. egyptian's president asisi downplaying the cause saying there will be months before the known cause of the crash. 10 bodies of 224 victims have been identified as families and friend gather to mourn in st. petersburg. with so many questions remaining u.s. embassy banned personnel and employee traveling to egypt's sinai desert until
4:17 pm
further notice. back to you. melissa: that was conor powell. david. david: it is election day. number of elections and initiatives we're watching. voters in kentucky will elect a new governor which is becoming a referendum on obamacare. the republican candidate wants to get rid of the state's new health care exchange, while the democrat favors expanding medicaid even further. legalizing marijuana is on ballot in ohio. this could become the fifth state overall to decriminalize recreational marijuana use. in houston, texas, they will decide to extend non-discrimination protections to gay and transgender people. houston is only major city without such a law. epa striking back at volkswagen. accusations the automaker cheated for a second time on pollution tests. details on what could be a widening scandal. attacks from billionaire donald trump losing his lead but not his spirit, not a bit of it. ♪
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melissa: ton of earnings out after the bell. we're flash being them at bottom of the screen. ashley webster from floor of new york stock exchange. ashley, what are big movers? reporter: look at tesla motors. interesting stock as always. estimate for earnings per share was loss of 50 cents. came in a loss of 58 cents. non-gaap basis, revenue was 1.2 million, there abouts a little shy of estimate. when you wade through all the predictions and updates on electric vehicles and battery factory, let's not forget that in the desert of nevada, seeps upbeat and optimistic. gigafactory is ahead of schedule or at least on schedule. the company remains highly confident of average production and deliveries of 1600 to 1800
4:22 pm
vehicles per week for the model x and s combined during next year. other than that, you know, the stock moved nicely higher after the results were put out. and as you can see, still up about 7 or 8% in after-hours trading. want to bring up zynga, swinging to profit, 11% increase in revenue. those numbers on eps. estimate was one sent of earnings. came in at zero. loss of one cent i should say, came in at zero. i guess that is victory on revenue side. beating estimates of 1,969.9 million. they also unveiled a $200 million buy back program -- 169.9 million. swung to a profit of three million in the period ending on september the toth. they say the -- 30th. per share earnings were flat. they managed to add some extra
4:23 pm
consumers of the games. of course mobile game sector as we know, very competive. all sorts of competition out there. zynga appears to hold its own at this stage, moving higher after-hours, up about 2%, guys. melissa: ashley, thank you very much. david. david: more of volkswagen cars are called into question in the growing emission scandal. epa is pointing fingers at porsche high-end audi diesel cars accusing them of rigging 2014 and 2016 models on auto tests. here is gerri willis and gary gastelu. gerri willis, was porsche doing the same thing as regular vw was doing? >> it would appear to be. 2015 porsche cayenne is megamodel in the cross-hairs of the epa. audi a6 quattro. , the audi a 7 quattro and s5.
4:24 pm
these are popular of upper middle class. people are asking themselves serious questions. what is interesting about this, vw is pushing back. vw is saying you guys got it wrong this time. david: i actually got a quote, from a vw spokesperson who says, and i'm quoting what the issue is clear does the u.s. want competition in the american market or not? clear, gary, what they're saying or implying that there is crony capitalism that the epa is being used by american car companies to keep out competition. any truth to that at all? >> it is very possible that the epa might have jumped gun on this. independent tests when you test them on real world roads they emit more emissions than in the lab. doesn't mean they have cheater software. volkswagen fessed up to cheater software on other 11 million cars and trucks in this case they said it was not there. they were putting out nine times emissions. cheater ones putting out 40 times emissions.
4:25 pm
might be a situation where the vehicles don't do as well in real world but there is no code in there saying hey, you're being tested, perform better during the test and do it other way in real world. it will be interesting. i don't see why volkswagen would come out and say this is wrong when they admitted it first time around. david: quickly, gerri, talk about the real world, how are vw sales doing in the u.s. right now based on all this information? >> i have to tell you they're finally taking a hit. originally thought we would see a big dip. haven't seen that the why. make one point for consumers here. this is not safety issue, okay? this is epa emissions issue. david: good point. >> if you're worried about your car tonight, will it start tomorrow morning is it safety hazard for kids, no, you will be fine in your cayenne. don't worry about that. epa has a lot of problems. david: gerri willis, gary gastelu, thank you both. appreciate it. melissa? melissa: transportation secretary announcing that the u.s. government will fine takata
4:26 pm
$70 million over company's handling of airbag recalls. this is part of a month long settlement with the national highway traffic and safety administration. if takata bricks the agreement it will be forced to pay additional $130 million. takata's airbag deflators explodeed and spewed shrapnel into passengers, david? david: new poll showing very familiar and angry electorate. we'll have more on that. melissa: deans coming to a door near you. google's new service is hitting the skies earlier than expected. ♪ it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat
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it's active. that's the power of active management. melissa: one year from the 2016 election and americans have familiar view with the nation's direction, dissatisfied. according to new poll only 27% of respondents say the country is on the right track. joining me republican pollster, noelle nikpour, fred barnes, "weekly standard" and jessica tarloff, schohn senior political strategist. i love this, everyone is miserable. everyone is totally unhappy. they totally disagree what should be done. does any of this surprise me, noelle? >> gop, we're looking for political messiah. we haven't found one yet.
4:31 pm
that is the problem. that is only thing that i see right now. you can see trump, ben carson and everybody is resonating. has nothing to do with average politician. so it doesn't surprise me. but what is sad, is the, that the feeling that the, so to say, the other gang, like they're not coming up as far. i think it is because they're not resonating or the message isn't because it is the messenger. melissa: fred, republican want a president who can quote stick to their convictions. >> yeah. melissa: they're sick of politicians in washington promising something and not delivering. >> that sometimes happens. republicans do it. democrats do it. republicans let conservative voters eat on the idea they could overturn obamacare, they could really repudiate and undo some of obama's legislative victories. of course because of the ability
4:32 pm
of senate democrats to filibuster and obama to veto bills they couldn't do it. there are a lot of unhappy republicans, tend to be conservative once out there and they're angry at candidates. but look, it is not unusual for the so-called messiah not to emerge in the year before. frequently that person, the dominant person in the campaign doesn't emerge until the early primaries. that happened in reagan's case. happened in many other cases. melissa: jessica, i think it is interesting that the two most negative people in the race, that people feel the worst about are the two front-runners, basically right now, donald trump, who i understand is trailing carson in a lot of places. >> but margin of error. melissa: and hillary clinton. >> yeah, absolutely. it is really interesting. ben carson has really high favorables. that is that side of it. people are looking for authenticity that trump is providing them with a few points behind right now. as noelle says they want a
4:33 pm
outsider and establishment candidates have not been able to prove why having a long career in politics or short career in politics in the case of marco rubio makes them a better qualified person to run the country. they feel that we've had politics as usual in washington for decades. it hasn't gotten them anywhere. i wanted to add, i want to make the case worse for democrats but really important statistic that don't believe that their children will do better than they did. melissa: right. >> something that is crucial for voting public that they feel things will not only get better tomorrow. in 20 years they know they can sleep safely knowing their kids will have jobs to pay it forward and provide for their children. melissa: so, noelle, when you look from republican side, democrats looking for the quote here, person that will bridge differences in the country but you realize what happened over past eight years, mathematically those differences have become more dramatic policies out of the left and obama obama, it
4:34 pm
seems like there is no way to win that argument then. if they want a person that will bridge the gap, they voted in person who made it worse, how do you battle against that as a republican? >> i think what republicans are going to have to do is appeal to the middle ground and melissa, been really hard. it is middle ground i feel is mostly undecided. so the burden on it is live within the gop. that's my feeling. and that's why you're seeing so much up and down. that's why you're not really going to know a clear winner until we get right up into the neck of the election. do you remember back in the last elections, where you had 18 different people, their day in the sun. all these people surged. once a month -- melissa: somebody different. >> can i say quickly on the point of obama being one who caused this, democrats feel strongly and a lot of independents and moderates are republicans causing this division. melissa: i'm sure they do, just
4:35 pm
that unfortunately when you look at statistics, if you look ad median income and how much it has fallen and rich gotten so much richer under obama, there is no way to dispute the actual numbers. >> there is to people when they look at the facts we've got to go. thanks to all of you. david. david: all right. religion, from politics to religion, how does that a switch? does religion play a strong role as it used to? new report from pew research, percentage of americans believe in god, pray daily and attend church regularly is declining. joining us for analysis on findings an american orthodox rabbi and father guilt ilan. percentage of americans that think god exists from 77% to 63%. why? >> combination of reasons. there is a lot of different influences, kind of a perfect storm against the faith. but at same time we're seeing a dramatic increase in vocations.
4:36 pm
the nones are at -- david: nuns. >> at 40-year high. vocations are at 40-year high. david: rabbi, is it popular culture? is it education? this is primarily among millenials right now. >> religion will be one of three is, either will be irrelevance, either irritating or will be inspirational. for young people, it is irrelevant. doesn't speak to what they're looking for, sustain relationship and depression which affects many americans. religion gives them a lost ritual. doesn't give them mastery over their lives. can be irritating because of some wars. thank god here in america we don't have people blowing up each other in the name of god. people find religion to be divisive. what is missing key inspirational quotient. they look to be uplifted. they don't believe the popular culture.
4:37 pm
they know it is distraction. religion is in the weeds. david: people are being inspired in some sense because what this survey also finds, good news, those who have religious belief are more inspired than ever. they're going to church more regularly. attending bible classes more frequently. >> see it on college campuses. you see a lot of young people very involved with the faith. david: see it right here at fox. a lot of people are converting here. >> they're converting at a lot of different places. you want to watch one of the key words in the report is polarization. that is what rabbi is the ifing at. you want to avoid extremes of the faith alone where you don't have any type of reason or reason alone which can be cold and too calculating. david: politicians as we know are fearful people. they're cowards for the most part. will they avoid, they look at these stats, will they avoid religion in the upcoming presidential race. >> not at all. real worrisome of statistics decline of faith, it is changing america. america is the most religious country of world.
4:38 pm
distinguishes itself from europe and inability to label right or wrong and more relativism. america is different because of a strong faith t might change american foreign policy. when it comes to politics this is only country in the world if a political figure doesn't say god bless you he will lose votes. in europe you're some right-wing nut. key is religion has to show unifying force. it is not just a way for people to find their faction and their group. that it is unifying force. that would help restore some of its clout. david: great final word. rabbi, good to see you. father, good to see you as well. melissa? melissa: do you choose healthier foods when you see how many calories they have? does that make you choose a salad instead after steak? surprising news how the calorie counts affect your menu choices. that is coming up next. he's back, jon stewart, former daily show host landing a new deal. all the latest coming up. if a denture were to be
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melissa: calorie counts on menus, they are supposed to help you choose healthier food, help the country battle the bulge and health care costs associated with obesity. are they working? do you choose salad over steak? studies show you absolutely do not. what a shocker. interesting new study while you may not, restaurants do by offering healthy options. joining me, mimi ross, national action against obesity and karen ward, "reason" magazine. thank you for joining us. let me start with you. does this surprise you this is how it came out? said first year about 13% of people noticed and made healthier options. next year 9% and 50% of people didn't even notice? >> yes. this study is showing what all studies essentially have shown since they started looking into this before the 2009 labeling requirements in new york, which is, people know, roughly that
4:43 pm
bad food is bad for them and salads are good for them. when you show them specific calories number, teeny bit of difference on margins but not a huge change. melissa: when i saw posting calories, i was getting salad and was more fattening when i got thing i actually wanted. salad had more dell lesh schuss stuff and fattening dressing and i was making a dumb choice and thought i was feeling good. i'm one of the people i thought this thing was decent. no? >> it is good that you found out cheese and dressing have a lost calories. that was helpful. posting calories on menus is a great thing. it is only 9% are making better choices that is the awesome. we're so naive if we think one little thing will fix obesity crisis. this is great thing. just because we don't love decisions people are making with the information that is no within to with hold information.
4:44 pm
melissa: there's a reason. it is always cost benefit analysis. you have to look what it tremendous cost to restaurants to reprint all of their menus, to do tests. it is expensive, it is burdensome and passed along to the consumer. >> no. e.coli scarce, chipolte is not complaining. >> catherine, it is passed on to the consumer paying for it but obviously doesn't want it. that is the problem. >> that's right. in fact, you know, i think it is easy to say, cost reprinting menus, how bad can that be? some of these requirements which are embedded in obamacare have been delayed for years nipplely mentation because it is harder than it looks. test something hard. labeling right is hard. menu space is real cost when you're trying to advertise your product. i think not just straightforward cost we can all see. a lot of other stuff is going on. >> oh. are we talking about cost. how expensive is obesity? that is the real cost? melissa: mimi, you're the one
4:45 pm
made fun of me saying the salad know cheese and dressing is on there fattening. you undermined your own point. you should know that. >> i said great that you know that. that is great you have information socalry posting helped you. melissa: we'll leave it there. thanks, guys. david: mimi has heart. melissa: something. david: you knew this was coming. chipolte's e.coli problem is getting legal. a woman sued in court, happened yesterday, develop ad e.coli infection after eating at chipolte restaurant in vancouver washington. $75,000 seeking but that's numbers could go up. that chipolte are closed. they're all closed due to reported cases e.coli or abundance of caution. state officials say 25 people have become sickened by e.coli. that is up from previous reports
4:46 pm
of 22 people affected. how would you like your packages flown to your door? internet titan alphabet, better known as google's holding company, announces to offer package delivery by drone by 2016. they are setting up with the faa a air traffic system specifically for drones. deirdre bolton how drone delivery looks to her. i didn't know it would happen this soon. >> david, 2017 is not that far off. as you alluded to, google, amazon, walmart are working with the faa to try to figure out safest air channel, if you like, david. so seems like altitudes of 500 feet or lower are essentially what is being considered by the faa. so you will probably already know this. all these companies more or less have done tests, successful ones in australia and new zealand where there is not such population density. there are in fact places get medicine.
4:47 pm
farmers that get equipment delivered by drone. if it happens in the u.s. that would be a big first. so google or i should say alphabet, formerly known as google, i feel like we're talking about the artist formerly known aspirins but you said it, between them, amazon, walmart are trying to do the same thing. we'll see if it happens by 2017. david: i have never seen a demo like that. video is very cool. >> it is. david: see you on "risk & reward" about 13 minutes from now. melissa: activation sweet tooth, the videogame company behind call the duty, is buying king digital for $5.9 billion. they are creator of popular "candy crush saga." they boast more than 754 million active users. so tough to understand. investors loving it. shares of both ending the day up on the deal. just makes me feel old. david: everybody on the subway is doing it, everybody, young and old except me. i'm about only one who doesn't do it. meanwhile donald trump
4:48 pm
serving up a new book and some zingers for his fellow republican candidates today. online retailer amazon wants to sell you books in good old-fashioned brick-and-mortar store but can you get trump's new book at amazon's new store? we're trying to combine all these stories together here. ♪ ♪ ♪ (under loud music) this is the place. ♪ ♪ their beard salve is made from ♪ ♪ sustainable tea tree oil and kale... you, my friend, recognize when a trend has reached critical mass. yes, when others focus on one thing, you see what's coming next. you see opportunity. that's what a type e* does. and so it begins. with e*trade's investing insights center, you can spot trends before they become trendy. e*trade. opportunity is everywhere. technology empowers us it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries.
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islissa: whether on wall street making money today. amazon, opening first ever physical bookstore. the store, amazon books, is physical extension of with books selected based on customer ratings and preorders on the website. it is not tv, it is hbo. jon stewart is back. the former daly show host announcing a four-year deal with premium cable network.
4:52 pm
stewart kicks off the pact with a topical short-form digital content. who in the world knows what that is. snoopy joining hollywood's elite. everyone's favorite beagle has a star on the walk of fame just in time for his feature film "the peanuts movie." i know what that is. that will be good. david: donald trump has new book but showing same old attitude taking digs at fellow candidates at his book signing today. take a listen. >> you need a very strong person with tremendous energy. ben carson does not have that energy. my jeb impression? no, i don't want to do that. i don't like showing a person sleeping at podium. marco doesn't show up to the united states senate. he is representing people of florida, which by the way that poll just came out today and i'm way up in florida over everybody. david: maybe but the latest poll didn't go his way. still, trump showing no signs of backing down. back with knee, noelle nikpour,
4:53 pm
fred barnes and jessica tarloff. noelle, we showed him he took swipes at jeb, he took swipes at ben carson but he really seemed to focus on rubio. rubio seemed to be his main target, no? >> yes. because rubio's threat especially now that paul singer is in the game. if you guys don't know paul singer out there that are watching he is a billionaire that puts lots and lots of money behind candidates and really can boost them up. now all of sudden rubio is double threat. he has already norman braman behind him and paul singer. this is a threat. i think right now he is focusing on it. david: fred, you follow the money whether in journalism or politics. trump, nobody follows money like trump does. he seeney going from bush to rubio. so he will focus his aim on rubio, right? >> yeah. but not because of the money. david: it's not? >> money helps. i'll tell you why it helps. rubio proved to be in all three debates, elsewhere when he is campaigning as best candidate in
4:54 pm
the group. he is better candidate than trump. david: you about he does have package, fred? >> they all have baggage. trump has a lot of baggage, no question about that look at trump's negatives. he is going after, look, if i were donald trump i would go after marco rubio too. he is the guy whose momentum you want to stop. david: jessica, we want to get this in because he also went after somebody not running for president, that's janet yellen. take a listen. >> in my opinion janet yellen is highly political, and she is not raising rates for very specific reason, because palm told her not to because he wants out playing golf in a year from now. he wants to be doing other things. he doesn't want to see a big bush burst during his administration. david: forget about whether it is true or not, jessica, will this resonate with voters at all? >> he got in the name obama right after he said janet yellen. david: true. >> there is the association there.
4:55 pm
strategy worked well for donald trump for way longer than any of us thought. just bash, bash, bash. when janet yellen, especially with anxieties about the economy are so strong right now, why not -- david: fret, talk about the charge that donald trump charged. we know you and i the fed has been involved in years past with supporting particular presidents. we know it's happened. they never admit it. >> right. david: is it happening now? >> i don't think she is supporting obama. this comes naturally to her. you know, she likes, pumping money into the stock market and not raising interest rates. she is quite comfortable doing that. david: she seems to like democrats more than republicans right. >> who wouldn't? >> of course she does. of course she does. fed chairman no who appointed them and who reappoints them as well. i don't know whether that will happen with obama. i forget how long her term lasts. she may have filled in part of
4:56 pm
unfilled term of ben bernanke. when she is doing is not surprising at all. i don't think she is needs obama to tell her to do that. david: i think trump is on to something. perhaps he is hitting a nerve. thanks to our panel for being here. melissa. melissa: wait to night, sun setting before 5:00 p.m. get happy. we'll tell you why. it's beautiful. david: it is pretty. ♪ understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. ♪ usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪ ♪
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4:59 pm
david: well, just about 5:00 on the east coast and that sadly means the sun has already start to set, the big apple is not going to see another sunset until after 5:00 p.m. until january 1st 22nd. it does look pretty. >> that's true but a lot of things look good in the evening. david: the sun. the sun makes me feel happy simple there's nothing you can do at night that you can't do
5:00 pm
in the daylight. nothing. >> well, okay. >> i feel guilty when i go home, it's night out, this way i can watch a movie with my kids, get some popcorn. david: risk and reward starts right now. . deirdre: the u.s. is cutting cash to iraq on worries it is getting into the wrong hands. welcome to risk and reward, i'm diedre bolton, the treasury department shutting down the flow of billions of dollars to iraq's central bank. cernes mounting the money was ending up at sanctioned iran ran banks and being funneled to isis militants. retired captain is with me now, he said the u.s. should worry less about the money, renegotiating our agreements with iran, captain, thank you so much for the time. these two are not mutually exclusive. why not focus on the money trail?


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