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tv   Making Money With Charles Payne  FOX Business  November 3, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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the streets you know what i mean? there was a shortage and i was, like, not on my watch. i don't want to live in that kind of world. so we did a small run and then the thing really took off. . deirdre: all right, josh, we wish you all the best. thank you so much for coming by. you can follow him at the set. making money with charles payne starts now. charles: call it the self rally stock market going back to its all-time high, and plus obamacare disasters coming to life in his nightmare still only just beginning. and russia and egypt covering up terrorism. exactly why did that passenger plane blow up? and what does it mean for all of us? and trump goes after carson, i still feel a special bond between the two outsiders. making money starts right now. ♪ ♪ charles: well, by now you've heard the news.
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ben carson takes the lead in a new national poll forcing donald trump to do what he says he didn't want to do. go on the offensive. this is what the presidential hopeful had to say this morning on fox and friends. >> well, i like ben but ben can't do the job. there's no question about it. he can't do the job. he's got an be able to negotiate with china. it's not his thing, he doesn't do that. >> because he's never done it before and i don't think it's, you know, meant for him. these are people that come at with fears, you know some of the deals i've made with china, i beat china all the time. i love doing it. but that's what i do. charles: in the meantime donald trump has also launched his new book today. crippled america, how to make america great again. lines were out the door, supporters waiting to get a personally signed copy. donald trump is a superstar, he draws record crowds. what's the real deal? examiner chief corresponded and fox news contributor,
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kathy taylor, any political editor and chief. let me start with you. most trump reporters say these polls don't matter but a different tune that what we heard a couple of weeks ago. >> there's no doubt about that, first we had "the new york times" poll, which was before the debated now we've got this wall street journal nbc after the debate and show ben carson leading by a significant amount, i think there's no doubt that trump has slipped a little bit. now, remember he did slip a little bit in september and then came back up. so it's not clear exactly how it's going to work, but i think what you saw in that sound bite you played when you talked about ben carson is a real sensitivity about how to criticize carson who was so popular. so instead of taking the real knife to him he just says ben was such a great guy, it's just not his thing. i think you'll see more of that in the future. charles: what do you make? i sense looking at your
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tweets, you sort of like ben carson. what do you make of the way donald trump is handling him versus some of his other rivals and just the general opinion that this is a blip on the radar and will eventually fade? some of the past contenders who were once in the lead? >> you know, ben carson has a commanding lead. when you really dig into the polls and you look at not just who is our voters first choice but who is the first and second choice. ben carson is the second choice of 50%, compare that to donald trump, 35%. a lot of voters, including myself as you look across the nation workers' compensation they trust ben carson, he's an honest man, resonates with people particularly in iowa, i think we're going to see ben carson win and a come out in a position of strength there and then donald trump winning new hampshire and it's going to be a battle of the outsiders. the man with the executive experience or negotiating skills and then th the man who people really trust and really like,. charles: you know, cathy, she used the word flouts same poll. a lot of people trust ben
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carson with the nuclear codes but almost everything else has said economy dealing with the, you know, foreigners, foreign trade, immigration, everything else the republicans do feel like donald trump is still the person that should be in charge of that. >> that's right. and as byron said, it's a bit of a sort of attack that trump is prognosissing out there for good reason. ben carson is so popular and his favorability ratings are so high. but trump has a point. carson has not articulated his policies very clearly for people, and he's obviously a brilliant man, but he does. charles: do you think anyone has really -- could you tell me exactly what anyone's major policies are so far? i've seen, like, the white paper type of thing but i haven't seen anyone articulate it? i think we'll get more of that in the fox business debate. but thimble and -- but how what about the as someone who understands the party, the idea that to caylee's point that these two outsiders no matter how they flip-flop,
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continue to dominate over half the polling and something has changed here. there's a new paradigm in place of the gop. >> there's absolutely a new paradigm. people want someone who understands their plate and to whom they can look up to. with different also this time is that people are not requiring you to be consistent on every issue. both donald trump and ben carson have been slightly inconsistent sometimes growthly inconsistent as conservatives, but nonetheless and yet voters are still sticking with them. so we are now in a paradigm where you can say anything, you can speak about anything, and one liners prevail. but we also have to remember that this country made a grave mistake when we put obama in the white house based on the fact that he's a communicator. charles: that's the point that the establishment guys are going to have to make. and, by the way, there are signs of life especially for the two candidates, senators, marco rubio, ted cruz, both of them in a way trying to cast themselves as outsiders, at least outside the gop to
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washington d.c. establishment, they're working their ways up in the poll, marco rubio tripling his support, take a look at this coming in right now, 13% of voters support, ted cruz also on the rise in iowa poll, 13%, so it's pretty he have dent that these guys, byron, we can't write them off yet, even though it feels persistent, they're sharing the lead but not squandering the lead, it's them taking it to the wire. >> you absolutely can't write them off, we don't know what's going to happen with carson and trump. but if you listen to donald trump's press conference today, there were some interesting things to take away from it. one he said a few nice about things jeb bush, which really tells you he thinks jeb bush is dead. but he was pretty tough on marco rubio, i think which tells you he thinks marco rubio is a real threat. now, he -- ted cruz has not
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criticized donald trump, trump has not criticized cruz but cruz is really coming up and i think when you get full polling on that debate last week you'll find that the cruz did the best out of the whole group so you can't write them off. charles: i agree, i think cruz won the last thing if there's such a thing. what do you make of this? adding in cruz, you've got three sort of owser, certainly three grassroots candidates there. rubio now being the defacto establishment candidate, is there a fact that jeb bush recognized that and would that make it a tighter race? >> you know, it is becoming clear that rubio is kind of the establishment guy. and the irony of that is the establishment candidate is in many ways an outsider, you look at rubio, he's only been in the senate five years, he doesn't like the institution of the senate. you look to ted cruz only been there three years and this is a man who goes to the senate, calls mitch mcconnell a liar
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and the name of the game this primary is be an outsider, be truthful, be bold. we saw that with ted cruz and ted cruz, i think he's a dark horse in this race, if he pulled another debate performance, that's the name of the game. be bold and ted cruz showed that. charles: well, yeah, i think be bold and say whatever he wants, let it go, baby, kathy, that you made point. speaking of which, we keep talking about the cnbc debate that was a disaster, and president obama to weigh in, he took a shot at the gop party. >> have you noticed that every one of these candidates say, you know, obama's weak. he's -- you know, putin's kicking sand in his face. when i talk to putin, he's going to straighten out. just looking at him, he's going to be. [laughter]
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and then it turns out they can't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators. charles: so a slap at the cnbc moderators too, but what do you think of this narrative because of all of this stuff that has happened since that debate? >> well, i think it was a very atypical debate and the question -- charles: but has there been too much wining now? should it let it go? >> they have. they've met, they've come up with some requests, those are being considered and -- charles: they want it to be just the right temperature. >> but let's remember. president obama -- charles: are he we talking about the kiss here or the gop -- you care about these guys, what the heck is going on? >> well, first of all. let me say about president obama. he's good. we knew that but let's not forget that in 2007 candidate obama refused to take part in a debate on fox news. >> that's absolutely right.
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>> as far as the republican debate now is concerned the whole effort seems to have dissolved into competing camps. the ben carson campaign really organized this thing, they hope they could get everybody together. then when that didn't work, they thought, well, they hope they could get together with trump and the two big guys could have a lot of leverage and now trump is going to go out on his own. so it looks like the result of this is going to be a nonunified group and some small concessions by the rnc. there's going to be no blowing up or reorganized of the whole debate system. charles: i really liked, it felt like at one point on that stage that they gelled as a entity, each one wanting the brass ring and fighting back against the mainstream media, let's switch a little bit, guys, i'm going to go to the democratic side, hillary clinton at this point i'm going to call her a locomotive. the former secretary of state, now holds a 2-1 lead over bernie sanders in that wall street journal poll, 62%
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support for her among primary voters, 31% for sanders, i've got to tell you. sanders was a real threat, but i think he's fading really quickly. but here's the problem. 47% of americans still have a unfavorable view of hillary clinton and that i think the issue of morality could come back to haunt her in the general election, caylee. >> that's right. fewer than a third of americans trust hillary clinton and when i look over to the democrat side, it's one of the saddest presidential primaries i've ever seen, here a democratic socialist on one side and a woman being investigated by the fbi for potential criminal charges. this is the democrat platform, these are the democratic candidates and the irony is that when you see cnbc beraiding republican candidates and the democratic side no one is asking about criminal charges, it's a sad picture and if they put hillary clinton up, we're going to have a republican candidate who asks the hard questions, the moderators will not.
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charles: cathy, here's the thing, having high personal standards that set the moral tone for the country. democrat primary voters in june, 53% say, yeah, hillary has it, in april 46% say she has it and 41 and he is the still going to vote her in. what is that? that's a major disconnect in my mind. >> let's be clear. no one is voting for hillary clinton to be a candidate for president because she is great and her policies are great. and you think obamacare bad, she wanted full government control of health care, she reported that for years. no strategy, no foreign policy while she was secretary of state. her policies is not disastrous. but democrats have buyers remorse with obama -- charles: so they're going to double down? >> they can't get over. charles: they didn't. okay. >> now they all think okay. we should have picked here. we're going to go ahead and do it this time and they can't get past that.
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charles: but, byron, can't she benefit from the gop that's got an away? we're still going to have a crowded debate forum next week, and goodnights be crowded for a long time. i think the arrows -- the slings and the blows are going to continue. and i feel like at some point whoever marriages from that will be nicked up a little bit. >> absolutely. but you could also say they might be lean and mean after a really competitive primary system. you're going to have a very weird scene apparently in february, march, and april, which is a highly contentionous republican primary. very competitive on one side and hillary clinton just sailing along on the other. i do think it's going to be quite odd. what you're seeing now with hillary clinton i believe is the full absence of joe biden making itself known. there were a lot of people in the polls before who were saying they preferred joe biden, they seem to have now moved over to hillary clinton, and she seems to have a lead over bernie sanders. charles: yeah, we'll see how that works, maybe she'll regret not being tested just a
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little bit more. thanks a lot, guys, you do not want to miss the fox business -- our very own republican debate, make sure to tune in, you'll see the gop hopefuls in wisconsin next week me november 10th right here on the fox business network. so plane blows up on the middle of its flight and two nations that might be covering it up. the big question is why? we'll be back
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charles: the russian airline crash in egypt contains a mystery but a lot of speculation about the crash. i tell you what, though. it doesn't seem to have slowed down air traffic, at least in egypt so far. i want you to check on these pictures, these are the
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security lines at the airport where the russian passengers still taking off, in fact, that was today. thousands standing in line waiting to fly out of the airport and fly back and forth. good news for tourism but what if terrorists did bring down that plane? lieutenant colonel ralph peters joins me now. colonel, you've been following this story. what's your take so far? >> well, there are certainly a lot of rumors, and we certainly do not know what happened. there was a possibility that this was a maintenance issue. i know the russians, i work with them, the russian idea of maintenance is to split a litter of vodka and hit things with hammers. but there's so many coincidences that point to the possibility of terrorism that it wasn't shot with a missile or a bomb or another form of sabotage and you don't need a big bomb to bring down an airliner, i follow the media every day and the russians spooked about this. they immediately slapped down -- the government slapped down the aviation company when
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it said it wasn't pilot error, it wasn't mechanical problem. today the russians rushed to announce very much prematurely there's no cyber have sign of bomb or residue on any of the corpses. and putin, this is unusual for him. he came out with a statement that said no one was going to intimidate russia. he wasn't talking to us or the europeans, he was responding to the isis claim and it's weird for putin to be defensive. so we'll wait and see but there were plenty of reasons for islamic state to go after this aircraft. charles: the recovery of the black boxes, will that yield anything? >> well, if the russians share the black boxes and haven't tampered with them. but it's in the interest of both egypt and russia to portray this as anything but terrorism. we don't know what it is but, look, the terrorists -- if this was a terrorist act, they've got the derail of putin's defensibility and embarrass him and embarrass
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egypt that has been cracking down on islamists, and they got the hit. and it will hit hard. egypt tourism industry, their showcase resort really only world class resort and there's a pattern because remember, charles, you know very well that the islamic state affiliates went after the tourist industry. so they -- they wage asymmetrical warfare and they cannot shoot down russian war plane in syria, but to go after was to go after a passenger jet. charles: what -- watching those lines now, security a lot better or least more thorough perhaps. what does it take? when we go through the airport system and now we can bring a certain amount of liquids, is it possible for whatever -- can someone combine a bunch of liquids in these small containers and cobble together
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some explosive device on a plane? is it something we should be all aware of? >> well, a good chemist can do amazing things, i'm not a good chemist. this isn't a shot at -- there's been a lot of security relatively calm, the central and northern sinai, that's indian country, there are a lot of rag bags and general up there. and i think what may have happen -- again, we don't know what happened, this may have been a long term plot not aimed at a russian airliner but an isis plot to work their people into the security system, get something on board and then when putin goes into syria be with suddenly they don't want to bring down the air france, they want to bring down a russian airliner, so it may have been a good cascading opportunity. and it may have been terrible maintenance. russians, they do maintenance with sledgehammers. charles: yeah, i read
6:22 pm
somewhere too, lieutenant colonel peters that it was in a hard landing about 14 years ago. >> yeah. charles: and people speculating that the tail was never reconnected properly. thank you very much for your expertise as usual. very fascinating stuff. did you bail out of the market on the summer islamo? and did you take a loss? you might be regretting it, the rally has reignited. we're looking at all-time highs. is it too late? i'll tell you. we'll be right k (vo) what does the world run on? it runs on optimism. it's what sparks ideas.
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charles: breaking news after the closer, that is tesla, reporting third quarter earnings, results were mixed. investors loving them, stocks popping big time. they also are expecting to invest $500 million, and they announced a new cfo, jason wheeler who was with alphabet google.
6:26 pm
stocks have been higher today they finished higher. thanks in part to energy. oil is starting to surge. for me there are major implications from the fed, the chinese economy. and hedge funds. let's see if my friends agree, don shafer is joining me. dan, you are typically bearish. you think this is a fake rally and you added to your short positions. >> this topping area, i trade during the day. i could see the activity, it is weird. a lot of managers are having their heads handed to them, but the activity of this kind of a rally is a slingshot.
6:27 pm
this is some time of intervention. charles: are you saying it is manipulated by an outside invisible hand. >> absolutely, if chinese can at least admit they are doing it, when market came in they did not want to go down, whoever they are. charles: ran out of steam a political last hour of trading. ask you about relationship between stock market rally and oil, yesterday, it seemed that oil stocks took off like a rocket, i took profits in chevron early, regretting it today. but what is going on there? do you see a relationship. >> the job high paying jobs and oil are critical, investment that oil companies make, are critical, so, i know we talk about cheap oil that is great for the consumer, you
6:28 pm
think that they will save money at tank and spend more money, however that does more damage to the stock market overall. we saw oil companies not making the same type of investment. but with oil picking up a little bit, i believe increase in oil price is good. charles: how real is that rally, on a scale 1 to 5. >> real. charles: 3? 4? >> i am going to 4. these guys playing a risk on environment, we saw better numbers in european data. we saw you know, not just u.s., but a backdrop in europe, i think that has legs. charles: china you think -- i want to ask about this notion of good news, big jobs report is friday. a bad jobs report last time saw the dow down almost 300
6:29 pm
points before the amazing slingshot rally. what wall street looking for? how do you kee keep the rally going. >> that is if wall street is looking for it right now they are looking for any number that will keep the market up. new gee land cam -- have we lanzealand coming out this afternoon, not looking good. the oil prices, look at gold coming down today. nothing to do with inflation it not an investment. charles: i have a problem with we learn to celebrate mediocrate in america. we put on pomierskis for -- pom-poms for slightest green chute. now 150,000 in people arguing that is good news, i don't know what a market does on a number like that. >> that is not good news to me .
6:30 pm
we'll accept 200. >> that number, they are lying to us, it not accurate if you learn how they create it. charles: i once said if they are going to lie about it, lie higher. >> thank you. charles: we said it would happen, logically conclusion said would. but it has not made the punch to the gut from obamacare any easier to handle, we'll be back with the experts next. 's a . kind of like playing the boss equals the boss wins. wow! ♪ [ girl ] my mom, she makes underwater fans that are powered by the moon. ♪
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charles: well president obama still trading his affordable care act, it is not so afford able this is a nightmare, premiums rising 13% year-over-year. in tennessee they are jumping 40%, if you forgo the insurance, expect to pay a pinal $695 per adult or 2. 5% of your families income. that more than double last year. here is help us hash it out gerri willis. you follow this better than anyone else, the numbers -- we knew it was going to be bad.
6:35 pm
>> right, the white house says that premiums are going up 7. 5 5%. you see that silver plans are going through the roof they are most affordable plans. as yousaid, kaiser foundation, rates going up 39%. these are not right wing nut jobs they are super serious people who look at healthcare industry. in south dakota up 25 percent. the insurance industry got in bed with the devil, ii the government, they are making more money but not profitable they are losing money they raise rates, not just on people on obamacare but everyone. charles: some would argue that the -- we're not sure who -- in this deal, insurance companies never no angels, i have not heard a republican
6:36 pm
candidate ar it i ariel castro tick late this -- articulate this as much as before, why are they not talking to american beam about this, this is a pocketbook issue that gets worse and worse. >> they should say is simple to every voter, you help spend $1.2 trillion on obamacare, and you didn't even get a band-aid. >> the co-ops are not working either. charles: half of them have shut down. >> right. obama put this strategy in place, he expanded medicaid, people signedded up for, that people coming on, buying insurance plans, are people that need healthcare. that is putting a lot of pressure on the shinurers. charles: white house will always defend this. but it is a lot harder? >> well, i think one thing that health care costs were
6:37 pm
going to rise no matter what. i would say, you didn't get a band-aid, now people do have to be covered, they cannot be denied because they have a preexisting condition, they cannot be cut off with a lifetime cap. >> let's be clear though why price increases have slowed, fewer people are going to the doctor, fewer people are going to the doctor they feel they can't afford it. >> that is right. >> they are -- >> they had their coff lan coverage canceled, that has increased, half of thics chargethe exchanges are going out of business, and next year penalties will double. charles: you admit it has not lived up to promise that was
6:38 pm
given to american public. >> i would say a new marketplace, this is its third year, is going to have adjustment, and yes, i am disappointed in the premium increase, but i am saying that i believe that marketplace can correct and -- adjust we under estimated how sick people were when how much health care they were ago -- >> all right. the marketplace is a free market, i think it we would have let this work we would not are to. >> amen to that. >> thank you very much. >> at home, you don't want to miss our business debate, fox business network, our very i don't knoown republican debate, one week from today, tuesday november 10, 6 and 9 p.m., all-star panel on the fox business network. >> well middle age americans are dying at a master rate than european counterparts. this is not an obamacare story
6:39 pm
but a cach cautionary story. next.
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charles: a new study fines that death rates are rising for middle age white american, in particular men. we discuss it next. three spreadsheets later you finally bring home the one. then smash it into a tree. your insurance company's all too happy to raise your rates. maybe you should've done a little more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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charles: futurist is saying that humans were few scientific breakthroughs from achieving eternal life, but death rates among middle age white americans have been rising. two economist study the data, they came out with this conclusion, they have common causes, driven by an epidemic
6:43 pm
of suicide, and substance abuse. and the big killers heart disease, diabetes, that gets back to diet. jim is back and joining me now. and joey, i have to tell you, i have been going back and forth to montgomery, alabama. i'm not a slim guy but we have something of an obesity epidemic in particular certain parts of the country. >> looking at study, says these are preventible deaths, people who are killing themselves with su suicide or with abuse. charles: i think we're killing ourselves with diet also. it is a massive problem.
6:44 pm
our death rate was like 40 years old at 1900, we could be at 100 years old, really easy if we tweaked a few things. >> mor mortality rates have extended, it is some ways a lifestyle issue, my bigger concern is the genetically modified food. charles: you think that gmo's. >> you are a guy with a steak and a beer every night. >> and a scotch, you got me. >> for you it is more gmo than the steak and the scotch. >> i am saying average american male, that way more today than they did year ago, i am saying, eating fruit, i a lot of the wheats we're eating
6:45 pm
have been changed and modifies, or bodies are not digesting that. >> there is not a lot of scientific basis for that. there are companies saying that gmosser not dangerous. >> i was a white middla age man. i was happy on see education is a big part of that, we're paying family feud, watch out for gmo's. charles: this is an economy situation, without a doubt. >> i want to ask you about living forever thing, we talked about it in our product meeting yesterday, a lot of people said they would not want to live forever. we're a few breakthroughs away, why not? would you want to. >> i want to have a long life,. charles: 102 years more of drivens scotch. >> i am putting up more weights than i it in college. charles: you look buff. >> i will take for ever.
6:46 pm
>> he looks muscular. >> all right, social security administration, i won't ask you to write it down they made 11 billion in excesspayments. paying disability insurance, the people later went back to work. the system itself is crazy, we'll be right back. ♪
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6:50 pm
over social security administration. so, what is supposed to happen? typically people go in, they sign up for insurance program, you get cash benefits until you find a job or earn money somehow. government they just pay them out, you got a job, did not matter, they never stopped paying them even after people update their implement status. you know byon ron this system is under strain in part from what i think is an abuse by young adults in their 20s they walk into office, listen, i can't take it, the economy is bad shape, they say i am nuts they get what is called a crazy check, and they laugh about it. this is crazy, 11 billion? >> well, that is a lot of money, we should say this study does cover the last years of george w. bush
6:51 pm
administration and obama administration obam. >> obama administration you haveeen an encouragement of americans to depend on the government, and encouraged to take food stamps and other types of public assistance, now people are really asleep at the wheel when it comes to handing out disability money, this is an opportunity, for some republican candidate or a democrat amazely enough to say it has to be cleaned up. charles: i love what you said, jillian, go out there because we do have really disabled americans who really need that money, people actually brag, they are not humble they brag about their crazy check. they don't go to work, and i agree with byron, i think that obama administration has incourageinour encouraged this behavior. >> they have, and additional problem. the lack of accountability
6:52 pm
within the system, a senate report finds that one in four disability benefits are improperly awarded, then people like a judge who awarded $2.5 billion in lifetime benefits, allegedly snoring during hearings and allegedly sexually harassing people, never getting fired. we talk about an agency this is one report out of many that has come out showing waste, fraud and abuse, we're not seeing the reform we need. charles: reports come out, we hear them all of time. byron, so far i have not heard membershi many people talk about this so far we can't afford it. >> you might want too consider congress as a whole does not want to reform the programs. look at earned income tax credit, program that helps working americans with low income. it is one of the most fraud-ridden programs in the united states and we had report after report after
6:53 pm
report of tens of billions of dollars in fraudulent payment. i think at in point have you coconclude, and some members of congress said, they believe that program does good, they don't want to crac crackdown on it it might hurt people who legitimate lionide thly -- need it. >> that is a scary spot, byron and jillian thank you. >> thank you. charles: thinking of sloppy administrative work, this weekend, donald trump went after the v.a., he wants to improve it, but concerned veterans for america say that the plan falls shorts on specifics. the president of the v.a. is with us next. many people clean their dentures
6:54 pm
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. charles: over the weekend, donald trump unveiled his plan to revamp the va it. includes more health care choices, more accountability, but concerned veterans for america say short and lacks outlines steps that are necessary to tackle the issue. concerned vets claim the plan does not propose a path that reinstructs the va's failing health care system. pete joins me now. pete, what was your specific problems with donald trump's plan, which i think was warmly received by a lot of veterans and a lot of people appreciate that, you've got a presidential candidate putting this front and center? >> very much. we appreciate that, too. what donald trump has done has reinvigorated the va debate on a lot of levels. we don't take that away from him at all. principles on choice and accountability are good. holding people accountable.
6:58 pm
what we saw was a three page pdf that was on the surface good in principle but didn't get at what we thought were the principal issues. maybe it would get to that, but when you look at plan, it doesn't pull in a the love the principles that those who look at problem seriously have been looking at for a long time. a lot of good principles, not a lot of depth. charles: what's the number one thing that should happen? should there be greater access to non-va hospitals to get the backlog, shrink that down and get care to the vets immediately? >> yes, yes, trump's plan is a good one. if you want to both give choice but make sure that the va is there for those who need it, there's a different way to go about doing it which is a card based on medicare reimbursement rate. it gets at the right principle. we're not looking to undercut everything that trump is saying, it's a start of a
6:59 pm
conversation, not the complete reform plan. charles: another big issue is the homelessness among veterans today. a staggering level. over 50,000 sleeping in the ugg work, we're looking at scenes right now. it's so heart breaking that the people that keep us free, that kept us free, pete, are suffering like this, what can be done? >> charles, i appreciate the extent you highlight the issue and have for a long time. if the -- as the economy goes, so goes the livelihood of a lot of veterans. there is the aspect. va isn't as effective as it can be in ensuring we focus on them and give them a hand up as opposed to a hand out to make sure they have every opportunity they need. the bureaucracy, you won't be surprised to learn hasn't been as effective as it can be in addressing these folks. they set a goal to end homelessness, they're not going to reach ending homelessness,
7:00 pm
could we be better at addressing the problem among the veterans. charles: the vets, we owe them almost everything, my father is a vet, you're a vet. we appreciate everything you guys have done. we'll get it worked out. thanks for watching every night, catch us 6:00 p.m. if you can't see the show, dvr it, you don't want to miss a moment of "making money" and don't want to miss a moment of lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. donald trump today put aside his kinder, gentler tone of recent weeks and ripped into and laid waste to his republican rivals. trump declaring that dr. ben carson can't do the job, as he put it. that putin would eat marco rubio alive and bush doesn't have a chance. trump obviously responding to the new challenge coming after a second national poll shows dr. carson surging ahead of trump. we'll have a full report for you here tonight.


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