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tv   Kennedy  FOX Business  November 3, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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and a senator and mr. obama is getting a little jealous. the attention is not on him. unless he decides to run for his old senate seat campaigning days are behind him. that is the stuff the guy from butting into the current cycle like a busybody mother-in-law. he sat down with the new brian
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williams, lester holt and drop this nugget of 2016. watch. >> i think the problem with election season is sometimes, folks want to devote a lot more time to sloganeering and stirring folks up emotionally but they are not spending enough time really trying to explain to the american people what exactly they're trying to do. >> the president who got elected through emotional szubin airing stirring folks up to the point of unconsciousness. >> yes we can. [applause] yes we can. [chanting] kennedy: he sounds a little defensive i have to say in that interview and hostile. in fact the president now sounds downright dare i say emotional.
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people pull the lever for president obama because they believed he was going to deliver a version of hope and change we could all believe in because he campaigned hard against the guy whose job he desperately wanted. >> i love listening to these guys give us lectures about the debt and deficit. i inherited a trillion dollar deficit. we had a surplus. they turned it into a deficit, built in a structural deficit that extends for decades. kennedy: and you leave us with a 20 trillion-dollar debt. he snapped off that bush-cheney carcass for years and now he knows as one of these up-and-comers borrowed and paid from his successful playbook all they have to do is trash his record and victory shall be theirs. president obama is far too insecure to let anyone use his string of failures as a punching bag and he's getting preemptively defensive to keep that legacy glistening. it's more important for him to
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seem like a success and have a country that's actually successful. people hate his health care law, the rise of the outsider and the symptom of how he took fractured washington a broken into pieces and the ongoing bloody and losing conflict in iraq and afghanistan are only further evidence of his last military strategy which always traits and competences in confidence. the man is a menace and the candidates getting trashed -- the praise because obama screwed the pooch so badly. if donald donald trump selected for its annoying the president and blistering his achilles' heel been in a way he is 31. the mind of dick cheney and he tells me about his new book cheney one-on-one plus what happens when a new york businessman hires a navy s.e.a.l. to get his life together. and women reveal the most successful pickup lines for picking up men. the main tactic might surprise you or them very glad you are here. that is my pickup line.
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that's next on kennedy. president obama isn't the only one getting emotional about 2016. donald trump is feeling a bit stung according to a new nbc "wall street journal" poll. ben carson, holy doctors without borders he's polling at 29% while marco rubio oh yes gaining ground. he has surged 11%. trumpeted his frustration at a press conference earlier today. >> look at marco rubio. very very weak on illegal immigration. you look at ben, he's very weak on immigration and wants to get rid of medicare. i think marco is highly overrated. all you have to do is look at his credit card. he is a disaster. by the way, ben carson does not have that energy. we need somebody with tremendous
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energy. kennedy: we really do and it's the main qualification for the presidency. kristin hegland is here. a great human being and reby cohost on "fox news" channel and michael moynihan a columnist for "the daily beast." trump has been very successful with his sloganeering. he is a little bit defensive. >> i'm apparently the only person on earth that has faith in the american people that they will be like maybe that's ben carson is like the sleepy sleeper candidate. i don't even know what he's talking about most of the time. i come back and rubio is sleeping. he's ambient on stage but i will tell you the rubio trend is an interesting one. all of analysts say this all the
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time there is going to be less in every primary season. we have said this is going to happen because there has been a steadiness and donald trump. i think we are seeing a change because the remember the carly fiorina bump? that's gone and i think now it's rubio. that's why he is kicking his feet up and acting like a baby. kennedy: i think rubio is another debate away from taking over that second spot. every time he has a good stage performance his fortunes changed a little bit. who do you think is more defensive, president obama or donald trump? michael: i'm trying to think of a comparison like so-and-so is more. i can't even think of one. my first question though because i'm here to ask a question is for michael moynihan. on what do you base your faith in american people?
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michael: because i'm on tv and a lot of people are watching -- but i think, taking him a long way time. they're slowly realizing this guy is a frothing lunatic. kennedy: which one? >> just pick one. kennedy: should donald trump surprise everyone and start attacking himself and i don't think he would do anything to his poll numbers. you know what i think is interesting about this is he has the -- that will not go away. i'm also watching marco rubio and i think that's the reason why trump is attacking rubio because he has gotten along nicely with ted cruz's people. up into until this point he has been nice to carson's people so i think he's trying to go straight to rubio. kennedy: he said he wasn't going to attack after ben carson.
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kristen: act think he's a nice guy. andy: trump's the first republican to go after carson. every other presidential candidate has been reluctant to say anything bad about the good doctor. this may also be the first time i've agreed with donald trump. i don't get the ben carson thing. i'd understand it. he calls everyone a nazi. he seems nice enough fellow. kristen: people on an average guy. they are so tired of the political class. there are more far prior than it ever been before. >> johnny depp was never going to marry veto corleone starter and meanwhile in iowa and new poll has trump and carson at the
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top and that's no surprise but look at that it's bobby jindal. he has pulled ahead of jeb bush whose campaign appears to be running on tcaf according to public policy polling. it's 6% on a hot guy state. jeb trilling at 5%. now andy we all know historically whoever wins iowa wins the presidency. andy: absolutely. kristen: it's a good idea and they should keep doing that because every campaign love spending as much time is again at the state fair but did you know that bobby jindal named himself bobby after watching "the brady bunch"? that is absolutely true. kennedy: that is not racist, it's 100% true. he is just covering all of the spaces.
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would you rather be best friends with bobby jindal or donald trump? kristen: i am friends with bobby jindal and i don't blame your people for not giving the research but he there's always this metric in politics which i think is kind of died. he's the guy you want to have a beer with them i never, when i saw him i think about it i never want to be within 100 feet of him. michael: i don't agree with him on a lot of stuff. >> i told you we are really close. kennedy: very quickly are we having a bobby jindal moment? kristen: definitely. he will shoot to the top and be the presidential candidate. it's amazed -- least meaningful thing in the world. kennedy: is that like alexander
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ambrosio eating ahead of me and they victoria's secret competition? kennedy: coming up amy schumer is a hillary clinton fan. she says if you don't like it you can buzz off and later james rosen comes in ringing cheney tidings from his intimate interviews with the controversial bp. please stay right here. you will love it. awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat
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kennedy: i was expecting michael moore in a hand to jump up on the table and start doing pub dancing. welcome back. hillary clinton has released her first can control act of promising to take on the gun lobby. >> this epidemic of gun violence knows no boundaries. between 88 and 90, two people a day are killed by guns. we are better than this. how many people have to die before we actually act? kennedy: meanwhile in a recent podcast meeting amy schumer went beyond the world of jokes to politics, gushing about how much she loves hillary clinton. >> if somebody cares that i support hillary clinton and that makes them not want to come and see me live, and good. she's honest and firing stuff
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off you were like a go she's about as you know. kennedy: she is so bad as. kristin hegland and andy leiby and michael moynihan. and i will ask you what is better old yeller or white amy schumer has become? sub five full disclosure in me is to be on red eye as a regular kennedy: amy schumer is one of my favorites. andy: not to say that she owes her fame to me. she is one of the funniest people on the planet. i don't really care, no surprise that she supports hillary. what would be surprising is that the comedian didn't support hillary. the thing here is though what she says, oh if you don't like hillary grey canton -- hillary clinton and that means you'll come to my show, good. it's easy for her to say that now she selling out in madison square garden. she won't care if people come to her show or not.
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as michael was saying in the green room the bravery. michael: you can be brave when you don't have much to lose. amy schumer is one of the funniest people and i've talked to other comics. kennedy: and she fall of herself? michael: i think she's protecting herself. at that level of flame i don't think anybody expected something got you in trouble the racial joke like there was a couple, let's avoid that in the same podcast she's like i'm not doing that stuff anymore. i'm beyond that. it's kind of insulting to the other comic she has worked with who still do material like that which is funny and it's not racist. kennedy: it's edgy and she was making a name for itself. what would you rather listen to, jim carrey flicks are you for an hour about vaccines or amy schumer about how schumer about how much you love's hillary clinton?
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michael: the commentary track. kennedy: in chief oliver so far rape victims of a prank wax. kristen: i think when funny people stop being funny and they now believe that their opinion matter so much they have to weigh in to the national discourse. kristen: act you like she's been pressured into the position because like a lot of other hollywood females they feel like she has to support hillary because she's a female and when it comes to looking at principles whatever she's a woman so we will support her but when and get is she built his career on being on pc and i think some of the old guys are hilarious better not pc but now she's backing someone who is on the left and they are the ones that are the pc. kennedy: you are absolutely right and i think some of ones like hillary clinton could be our free speech monster.
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horrifying band that's an affront to everything we hold dear as americans. wearing costumes to theaters when the new star wars comes out. james rosen interviewed dick cheney at length and is lifted all about. he's on next with his new book about cheney, it's called cheney one-on-one, in a moment. the promise of the cloud is that every organization
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kennedy: james rosen sat down with an intimate conversation with one and most controversial vice presidents of the last 50 years. here's james with vice president dick cheney. >> i love what i've been able to do. i've been privileged to be involved in historic events over the last four years. i don't feel sorry for myself or feel that i'm unjustly or unduly criticize. kennedy: heat eats that criticism. james rosen is here fox's chief
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washington correspondent. he covered cheney and detailed his new book "cheney, one on one". welcome back to the show james rosen. james: it's great to be with you candidate. kennedy: i think he loves a controversy in the criticism and in fact at the white house respondents association dinner earlier this year president obama i thought that one of his funnier quotes when he said that a few weeks ago dick cheney said he thinks i'm the worst president of his lifetime which is interesting because i think dick cheney is the worst president of my lifetime. it's a sophisticated quote. he gets a swipe in at cheney and bush at the same time. james: i have a piece on about this. it's the question that haunts barack obama which is what would cheney do because he tends to bring up dick cheney all the time even when he is not prompted. in the case just mentioned the white house correspondents association dinner in april i was there for that joke in the
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comments of dick cheney's that barack obama was responding to wear for my interview with dick cheney. kennedy: that's absolutely right. james: the book is called "cheney, one on one." interview the vice president for 10 hours in his study shortly before he was going to turn 74 years old and you have never seen to cheney open up like this in his childhood, on his christian faith, on the five presidency has worked alongside or directly with including ronald regan, on the world leaders he is mad and 9/11. dick cheney was running the federal government for some time but an important time and the iraq war at the mistakes he was quite candidly willing to admit he had made with george bush at various stages. kennedy: i think he's someone who is unapologetic and special in terms of the middle east but you asked him specifically about his relationship with bush the younger and bush the elder and he was a little cagey. he could really give you a
8:24 pm
straightforward answer. i'm guessing he liked 43 little better. what do you think? james: i think he would have object is -- objected to your profile. kennedy: i'm sure he loves to take the red meat and criticism. james: perhaps in different forms. he told me 43 was more like barbara bush with eggs talks tongue and 43 didn't have the foreign-policy for folio that his father did upon assuming the presidency. i think he likes them both in different ways but it wasn't a chummy relationship with george w. bush. estimate one point you miss him and cheney looked at me and said do i miss him? do you miss george w. bush and he said that if elected in reach out and touch many time. kennedy: did he want to be president? james: we talked about this in the book, he did explore a run for presidency actively in the early 90s in 1992 but came up against hard reality that he
8:25 pm
wouldn't be able to compete in a fund-raising sense for somebody other candidates at that time. kennedy: i visited the pentagon in december between my junior and senior year of high school and he was secretary of defense and he sat with us at gold nation. he gave us an extra hour for his time. i think there something about him that is misunderstood. people say he is the darth vader of politics and if he is darth vader who is yoda? dames. james: me. you see the wisdom from yoda. maybe james rosen gave him some. kennedy: what's the most surprising thing about vice president cheney that you don't know? don't know? busy during? did you talk about legalizing erewhon i? does he have a salty tongued? james: he stilled does enjoy a drink despite the fact that he cleaned up his act many years ago when he had to duis. the biggest surprises he's not darth vader and my book "cheney, one on one" rescues this man from caricature.
8:26 pm
he's too important for that. he is held power for four decades unlike anyone else in the country and has had a profound and impact on the way we live our lives especially post-9/11 so i wanted to hear from him in his own words and that's what you have here. 10 hours of unedited transcript from dick cheney. "cheney, one on one." kennedy: you get the sense that he wouldn't sit for documentary with errol morris. james: or michael marr. kennedy: but when you watch you realize how many administrations they spam together. i mean it's a fascinating life. you are the only one i could get that out of him and i have to say congratulations to you and also congratulations for naming your book after hall and oates although it was a one-on-one conversation. james: we spent a lot of time on hall and oates and we both came up with sarah. that's her favorite one.
8:27 pm
kennedy: it didn't have the same ring as the book title. thank you james rosen. james: pinkie kennedy. kennedy: coming up skydiving incident is an adrenaline rush for you don't worry you can always set your parachute umpire with a flare gun and justin beiber uses his cool with this audience. your doctor may be talking about adding medication to help lower your a1c. ask your doctor if adding once-a-week tanzeum is right for you. once-a-week tanzeum is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes, along with diet and exercise. once-a-week tanzeum works by helping your body release its own natural insulin when it's needed. tanzeum is not recommended as the first medicine to treat diabetes or in people with severe stomach or intestinal problems. tanzeum is not insulin. it is not used to treat type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketoacidosis, and has not been studied with mealtime insulin.
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kennedy: when hordes of mongolians are threatening to pore over the border i will protect you and your sheep with news. this is the tropical storm topic number one. you were mccaul yesterday after a sky diver got caught in a plane door causing them to dangle in the air for half-hour and i hope they fight everyone not to skydive unless they are. now not even a day later i had to make another public safety announcement, do not use a flare gun to set your parachute on
8:31 pm
fire while you are skydiving. like this gal. oh yes in this one instance pulling out a flare gun and lighting your parachute ablaze before releasing a second report did not lead to the landing. it's never good idea to shoot any type of firearm while you are in the air. with the possible exception, well maybe if your plane is attacked by a shark. ozzy is still very good. topic number two. josh davis is a huge mets fan and he's having a painful week not since the mets -- the bad because of matt harvey but the
8:32 pm
scabs from his mets world series champs 2015 tattoo is flaking off like the last scraps of his dignity. before the team would be winners lost the series four games to one, oh my -- he thought it would be a great idea to seal the ink in advance. that's a beautiful mix of confidence and incompetence. josh always seems to have been on the wrong horse. here's the tattoo he got in october 2008. that's a bummer. it's beautiful work, don't get me wrong. in 2013 this stinker as his golden globe prediction. poor josh. it was a great movie. topic number three. lida done him never fails to disappoint as a spokesperson for lady millennials with her hit hbo show girls. here she is upping the ante with
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her latest promo. ♪ ♪ kennedy: no lena dance like someone is watching please. please. topic number four, the best part of the musical concert is that moment when you feel the beat course through every fiber of your soul and experience the mystic sensation of groups merge where his majesty song you cease being a collection of individuals and to become an audience. bill screwed up audience because justin beiber will call you out on it. ♪ >> at least clap on the right notes. stop, stop, stop.
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if you're going to clap, clap on beat. kennedy: i could clap with my fist in his face a bunch of times in a row. way to go just in. those no talent teenage girls are just horrid. maybe next time you can pass out metronomes and ecstasy before the show. kidding again. topic number five. street performing on the main streets of new york city is a less than lucrative labor of love and if you are going to be successful you got to stay limber. watch what happens when a gilding street artist has his -- smashed by a would-be thief. that's what i wanted it to justin beiber.
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never steal from a golden man. >> i love gold. kennedy: me too. if you have a weird stories you would like to see tweet me at kennedy nation. instagram and that's always use the hashtag tropical storm. my panel returns with the skinny on female pickup lines. and some theaters are banning costumes and light sabers at the star wars premiere. did we lose the war? we will discuss it.
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kennedy: the next star wars movie is nearly upon us. the two large chains, theater chains say they will not allow fans to bring blaster toys or light sabers with costume masks or face paint into theaters.
8:39 pm
cinemark says simulator weapons like light sabers and blasters will not be allowed. the panel is that to discuss it. sandra leiby and michael moynihan. please be the voice of reason and agree with me here. you have to be on the same side because i'm planning on going to star wars with my family just that. kristen: you have to wear the mask. kennedy: now i have no choice. kristen: i think it's ridiculous. i went to harry potter when i was little and dressed up. harry potter was my thing. we went with fake ones and all the stuff. i'm talking to the millennials here. they will understand me. this is what we are all about and we didn't cause a ruckus. there was nothing bad happening.
8:40 pm
what did do they think is going to happen? light sabers are plastic. they're not going to hurt anyone. it's only because they want people to feel uncomfortable. the blasters i understand that go ahead killjoys. andy: i have a problem with banning mask or light sabers. it's not like there are highly trained experts that are going to know if you're carrying a blaster and ari 15. leave your light saber at home, nerd. kennedy: you take all the fun out of life. andy: michael: andy leiby told me he argued about star wars show at 2:00 in the morning. fyi. the conversation came up because i was telling him i hadn't seen the star wars through the sub prequel one all about tax policy about free trade. i don't know why the kids love this so much.
8:41 pm
they're like i don't know. the tariffs on imports are really high and there was a racist character from jamaica. i was going to go dressed up as him but i don't know, i think it's just annoying that people show up and they start acting. i don't go to movies dress. i went to "weekend at bernie's" and when dressed up. it's fine for kids to dress up in costumes. kennedy: what about comic-con? she is absolutely right in thing to do someone is here. that age-old question what pickup lines and ladies used to snag guys because we all know it's next to impossible for a woman to get a man to go home with her. the participating women say they offered a variety of pickup
8:42 pm
lines like how much does a polar bear way quite enough to cracks cracks -- crack the ice. it's cheesy but it works every times as 24-year-old man to and shakesare woman, your body is 55% water and i'm thirsty. i think this is very necessary. do women need pickup lines? andy: i read this story and i wept for two hours. lemine are using pickup lines on man because this is never happened to me. of woman came up to me and she was like hi, can we do something now? that's my pickup line. i'm sick and i need someone to help me up that i've never ever had woman say anything to me that would be true. it's not terminal. kennedy: is a magic johnson said michael: sort of. we will talk about it later.
8:43 pm
kennedy: but you disagree. kristen: absolutely not. i think there are great but i don't pick a woman needs a pickup line. men need them a lot more. >> you are asking miss america she needs of pickup lines? kennedy: i mean and any woman. guys need them a lot more. what are some other subtle pickup lines? andy: i surveyed my lady friends number one was would you like to sleep with me and number two is i would like to sleep with you and number three is let's have sex. those work all the time. kennedy: those work if you're really drunk. kristen: men just assume that but if i hadn't met my husband husband -- michael: your husband is a priest right?
8:44 pm
kennedy: it's satanism. michael: he's a really lovely guy by the way. kennedy: on bloomberg with all due respect on trump took swings at markel rubio including this stinging accusation that donald trump is better looking. >> i watched somebody on the show this morning. he says how handsome he is. i think i'm better looking than he is. am i better looking than he has? kennedy: and he don't you agree? andy: if you tweeted that i would ever pride lol no. no you are not better looking than mark a rubio you idiot. kennedy: maybe donald trump is old barely heterosexual. he's such a narcissist. michael: i don't know how to judge if the mail is
8:45 pm
good-looking. my favorite movie is cruising. kennedy: andy: i thought it was a masonry at. obviously he's got to be good-looking because all his -- are super hot. kennedy: menlo marry women for their money to too. it will happen so there you go. both genders do it. michael is looking for a rich cougar. we will put that out there. kennedy: who is more attractive ruby or trump? kristen: marco rubio is totally hot compared to donald trump. hands down. kennedy: in the season there's no question but it's not a beauty contest.
8:46 pm
you know what i love is -- michael: and rand paul by the way. kristen: love the girls and everyone has their preference. if carly fiorina and hillary clinton were talking about each other it would be it so horrible and women can do that is the fact that it's men we sit here and laugh about it. guy shouldn't be talking about acho this looks either. let's just cut the and talk about policy. talk about substance please. i have to scrub of us were paying off my face. andy: and guess what no more paint but the same result. kennedy: thank you michael, andy and kristen. this was a live wire topic. coming up a new york businessman hires a navy s.e.a.l. meant to live with his family and with them into shape. they are going to join us to talk about it and possibly a new sitcom.
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call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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kennedy: i'm so glad you were here. jesse is a new york rapper turned businessman who met a navy s.e.a.l. named david dawkins and ultramarathon in 2010. he asked him is not only become his personal trainer but to live with jesse and his family for a month so that warrior mentality might rub off. they have written a book about the experience and is called living with a s.e.a.l.. jesse is here along with navy s.e.a.l. david goggins. he spotted this specimen out of the corner of your eye and you save yourself i've always had the seal fetish. come live with me and he says not unless he do everything i say, everything.
8:51 pm
>> you nailed it. i saw david and i was just like flipped out at how motivated and how locked in the west. kennedy: as it was an ultramarathon relay relay and your teammates and he did the whole thing by himself to. >> it was a 24-hour race to san diego. he did the entire thing alone and after the race i cold called him and i was so intrigued by him and his story and after about 10 minutes of sitting with him i said this man could make my life a lot better. kennedy: jesse is a man of means and there's no shame in that and we hear that on fox business where we get give you the power to prosper but you and your wife look very successful as they celebrate in all its forms but when a guy says come and live with me and get me into shape what's the first thing that comes to your mind? what made you agree to go out and live with him for a month? jesse: amar'e tai pham the
8:52 pm
marbleized wanting to push himself and try things outside the box. he's an outside the box type of guide and i said we can do this. kennedy: one of the stories i liked was he set your mark for 12:30 in the morning so half past midnight your alarm goes off and he's sitting next to your bed. jesse: he would get me up all times a night and if there was a storm coming and -- kennedy: he said you are right in the middle of a brutal new york winter in 2010 and there was 14 degrees the first time he got there. all they ask for worth your meddens and a hug and you you too set off on the journey of a lifetime. what did he teach you? jesse: there's so much more that i could get to.
8:53 pm
kennedy: there's someone who's used to running 150 miles in one stretch that's incredible so what does it mean for the average person? have a someone tap into that reserve without hurting themselves? david: that's a fine line between hurting yourself but most of us, the brain will shut down and it's a survival mechanism. that keeps you doing it by yourself. we don't want to go past that. if you go past that there is pain involved within the body and the mind it used to going past that and you get more limited but when they feel that most of the stuff. those that go past that the greater athletes that go past that and deal with the pain they go a lot further. jesse: david said when your brain tells you you are done you are only 40% of the way done so a lot of us like i've had enough and i'm going to stop but he really taught me that once an that initial thought goes into your head you are not close. kennedy: has that lesson stayed
8:54 pm
with you since you guys finished this experiment five long years ago? jesse: one of the big themes of our relationship when he was staying with us was getting uncomfortable and what we are doing and getting out of our comfort zone and pushing your limits. every day david had a theme or a saying, every day do something that. i would basically wake up and be like what's going to today and that's how every day for 31 days it escalated. kennedy: and you still do that? jesse: i still try to push myself. if i get to a point where i'm outside of mike comfort zone, you know in triathlons instead you have to get past the point of comfort to get better. kennedy: it was natural childbirth that did that for me honestly. are you guys best friends that? david: we are very close. kennedy: that's wonderful and you have created this lifetime bond and people can read all about your experiences and they
8:55 pm
can learn to tap into that 60%. jesse and david thank you so much. i'm deeply inspired never winter and speaking of which its natural sandwiches day then i'm going to make you my favorite sandwich. it's really delicious. elieve act can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management.
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kennedy: well today is national sandwich day. observe as i create of the best sandwiches in the world. i call it the call. we start with gluten-free bread and then we take a nice smattering of butter because sandwiches taste better with butter. i think you all know that and remove it like so on the sandwich. you take lang and berry jam which is the national pride of sweden.
8:59 pm
every time we have someone who's swedish on the show i talk about that. open a can of sardines first this way and that way but before we do that let's make a blanket of hot mustard. hot brown mustard also gluten-free. he scooped out to sardines, little bit of oil doesn't hurt and you just sort of get those things cooking on there like that. a few raw onions and some jalapenos. for good measure. oh carl you are so good to me carl. my goodness and then you put the whole thing together like so, it in half and then you shove it in your mouth. it's so good. thank you for watching tonight. twitter. pat: kennedy nation.
9:00 pm
love it so much. now. ♪ ♪ >> on a cool spring evening in north carolina a car crash kills a renowned coin collector. he's carrying the crown jewel of his collection, but is it really one of the rarest an most valuable coins in the world or a clever fake? >> just imagine she's sitting there saying to me they say i'm not real, what do you think? >> half a century passes before the man's heirs and the public learn the truth about his precious cargo. >> we sat there on pins and needles, and then the numbers started coming in. [applause] ♪ ♪


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