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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 3, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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inheritance." thank you for watching and remember that you cannot take it with you. you have a strange inheritance story that you would love to share with us? we would love to hear it. go to our website at st if you can't see the show, dvr it, you don't want to miss a moment of "making money" and don't want to miss a moment of lou dobbs. lou: good evening, everybody, i'm lou dobbs. donald trump today put aside his kinder, gentler tone of recent weeks and ripped into and laid waste to his republican rivals. trump declaring that dr. ben carson can't do the job, as he put it. that putin would eat marco rubio alive and bush doesn't have a chance. trump obviously responding to the new challenge coming after a second national poll shows dr. carson surging ahead of trump. we'll have a full report for you here tonight. also, hillary clinton increasing her lead over senator bernie sanders, and overtaking him in new hampshire
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as well. but clinton is now intent on positioning herself as the candidate who is toughest on gun control, and while that may win over democratic voters in the primaries, now it will definitely cost your votes in the general election. we'll be discussing both parties's trajectory in the 2016 race. fox's jedidiah bila and pulitzer prize-winning journalist michael good win among our guests tonight. the pentagon is certain that the russian plane that crashed into the egyptian desert this weekend was not shot down but there was an explosion, which may mean terrorism should not be ruled out. fox news military analyst general jack keane will join us to take that up and much more later in the broadcast. our top story tonight is the race for the republican presidential nomination. we're just 90 days away from the iowa caucuses and the republican establishment has
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been forced to come to terms with the fact that 2016 looks to be the year of the outsider. that the establishment may well lose its grip on the presidency, or at least much of it. dr. ben carson and donald trump at the top of the national polls, and they have a lot of folks scrambling. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron with our report. >> reporter: in the wake of their third debate, ben carson has strengthened lead over donald trump who released his book "crippled america" and a torrent of criticism at rivals. carson leads trump by six points nationwide, marco rubio and ted cruz are tied for third and jeb bush remains in single digits. carson's favorable versus unfavorable with voters, a key indicator is sky high. he's viewed more than twice as favorably as rubio. jeb bush is viewed more negatively than positively. the president last night mocked
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the gop field for complaining about the debates. >> it turns out they can't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators! [ laughter ]. >> at a debate. i don't think the chinese and the russians are going to be too worried about you. reporter: today the front-runner responded. >> that wouldn't happen to be the same president obama who was afraid to call fox, it was. >> reporter: trump began with a fox and friends attack on carson. >> i like ben, he can't do the job. no question about it. he's not going to be able to negotiate with china. he doesn't do that. >> why? >> it's not his thing, he's never done it before, and i don't think it's meant for him. >> reporter: at a news conference promoting his book, he continued. >> when a man is weak on immigration and wants to get rid of medicare, i don't know how he stays there. >> reporter: then turned to rubio who is viewed as second most favorably to gop voters. >> he has a bad record of finances, with houses, he lives above his means, no question
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about that. look at his credit card, she a disaster with his credit cards. >> reporter: rubio explained financial issues in his campaign book in january and attributed trump's tirades to no longer leading polls when. asked about upcoming "saturday night live" appearance, trump slammed bush. >> i don't like showing a person sleeping at a podium. >> reporter: jeb bush's communications director softened downplay of immediate surge in momentum tweeting, quote -- in south carolina today bush cast himself as the public servant workhorse not a show horse seeking fame for his own sake. >> there are two kinds of politicians, like me who think service is what this is about, and then the big personalities on the stage that are doing it because they want their ego to be satisfied. >> reporter: trump heads to new hampshire tomorrow where he will turn over a thousand dollar check to the secretary
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of state and become the first republican to file for the first in the nation primary ballot 14 weeks from now. lou? . lou: looking forward to it. carl, thank you very much. carl cameron. you don't want to miss the next republican debate, the fourth in a series, we've gone to every length to make sure you don't have to. fox business network is hosting the debate one week from today, next tuesday, november 10th. we'll be broadcasting live from milwaukee, wisconsin beginning monday. please join us for the republican presidential debate right here on the fox business network next tuesday. not as much scrambling going on the democratic side, hillary clinton's only true competition is the democratic socialist bernie sanders, and she's running hard to get to the left of bernie on gun control, and her pitch is paying off in the polls. fox news chief white house correspondent ed henry has our report. >> reporter: out on the campaign trail, hillary clinton
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has been trying to move to the left of democratic socialist senator bernie sanders by highlighting her vows to get tough wall street. >> that's why i propose tough actions to end the abuses by the big banks, we're going to stop wall street hurting main street! >> reporter: clinton has long been accused of being too cozy with wall street as a senator and family's foundation hired former citigroup foundation as executive vice president. while the candidates step down from the board of the clinton foundation at the start of her campaign, the charity completed a robust quarter with contributions increasing sharply as clinton rises in the poll. a new poll finding clinton has doubled lead over sanders. 62% to 31%. there are big danger signs for clinton in the general election. the same poll finds when the broader electorate is surveyed. 40% see her in a positive light. 47% have a negative view.
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obnd straightforward. 53% do not. >> between 88 and 92 people a day are killed by guns. we're better than this. how many people have to die before we actually act? >> reporter: for now clinton is focused on locking down the democratic nomination with a new tv ad showing how she continues to move left of sanders on another issue, gun control. though clinton herself has shifted because she was much softer on gun control in 2008 with battle with then-senator barack obama. she's hitting sanders for previous opposition to the brady bill and today he responded that dividing people on the issue will not lead to progress. >> the difference, perhaps i have with the secretary on that is that i believe we need a consensus. >> reporter: while former maryland governor martin o'malley will be more aggressive about charging clinton has flip-flopped on a series of key issues put guns
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in the category today. >> a much more consistent position on gun control for a consistent period of time, and getting things done. >> reporter: donald trump will be filing candidacy in new hampshire tomorrow and martin o'malley is planning to get there before him, 8:00 a.m. the first in either party to file paperwork with bernie sanders and hillary clinton soon to follow along with a whole bunch of other republican candidates as well. lou? lou: i think the total will be about 14. ed, thank you very much. ed henry. the presidential election still a year away, biit is election day today in america. more than 300 cities with mayoral races including houston, philadelphia and san francisco. kentucky is electing a governor in a race that is pitting a republican outsider against an establishment democrat. and ohio could become the fifth state to legalize marijuana, but that initiative raises concerns about government picking winners and losers
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because cultivating and selling pot in ohio would be limited to ten, ten predetermined government sanctioned farms. we'll take it up with our legal panel tonight, later in the broadcast. turning now to efforts to find an end to the syrian civil war. a russian spokeswoman today opened the door, it seemed to a change in power saying the syrian people should decide who their president is, whoever that might be. until now, russia seemed intent on keeping assad, who met russian president putin in moscow last month. the white house says the remarks are inconclusive, they doubt it reflects a profound change in russia's view. and german chancellor angela merkel tried and failed to contain discord over the illegal immigration crisis sweeping through europe and prominently through germany. one of merkel's opponents warned germany is at edge of
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anarchy and sliding towards civil war, end quote. some 10,000 refugees and illegal immigrants each and every day are flooding into germany. an official in bavaria called merkel to tell her if germany welcomes a million refugees this year, his town will only take in about 1800. and all others who show up will be bussed to merkel's office in berlin. stay with us, we're coming right back with much, much more. dr. ben carson's poll numbers keep rising, donald trump fighting back, he doesn't think carson would make a great president. >> ben can't do the job. no question about it. lou: with all the changing poll numbers, who are the candidates to watch? we take it up with jedidiah bila and michael goodwin here next. and this thrill-seeker armed with a flare gun found a armed with a flare gun found a way to
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. lou: donald trump today promoting his new book "crippled america" and using the event to slam his opponents ben carson, jeb bush and marco rubio. >> you need a very strong person with tremendous energy.
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ben carson does not have that energy. my jeb impression? no, i don't want to do that. i don't like to show a person sleeping at a podium. marco doesn't show up to the united states senate. he's representing the people of florida, that poll came out today, i'm way up over everybody. lou: joining us jedidiah bila, pulitzer prize-winning columnist for the "new york post," michael goodwin, both fox news contributors, good to have you here. >> good to be here. lou: trump, seems to have found his form again, what do you think? >> i think he's a little worried about ben carson. i don't think donald trump can figure out why ben carson is so popular. he does talk about the energy issue, that is a fair point with jeb bush, he comes across poorly in debates, looks like he has too much anger bubbling below the surface. lou: did you notice something trump did, jedidiah? >> what?
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lou: does that without an ounce of anger, he would have shown anger and disdain. he's stating the facts straightforwardly. >> he wants to come off as calm, cool and collected. lou: this is a new approach. >> i am, and i'm not worried about them. he knows it could be a problem but he's not going to let us know he knows, that he's a very smart man. >> i think jedidiah is right, michael. he also eviscerated jeb bush and marco rubio. >> right. lou: is that insurance? [ laughter ]. >> i think he just enjoys the jeb bush punching. he's like the pinata. marco rubio, however, i suspect is more about rubio's movement in the polls. rubio had a very good debate, is getting more money, more financial backers have signed on, and it's showing up in the polls. so i think that rubio looks like he's breaking out of that second tier and beginning to threaten trump and carson at top somewhat. lou: that's a terrific point,
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and there is one person left out of those making a move here obviously in the polls, that is left out of trump's, well, his attention. if we can be kind about it, and that is ted cruz, who's making as strong a move as rubio here. what does that say? >> ted cruz has been very friendly to him. when everybody was jumping into criticize donald trump, ted cruz isn't doing that. if donald trump is smart, conservatives are worried about him. he backed democrats in the past. ted cruz is the conservative warrior. he is the guy that talk radio, that a lot of hard core conservatives say he is reliable. consistent, he takes on the democrats and the gop establishment alike, not worried about making friends, worried about getting things done. wouldn't be bad to ally yourself to ted cruz if you are donald trump. >> if you look at washington the way trump has, that's the way cruz talks about it, and cruz has been there.
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they have that in common. jedidiah is right. cruz has a deeper base among the tea party members and the real staunch conservatives in the party. trump is a newcomer even an outlier, though many like him, cruz would be a double down on the bet. lou: trump raising the issue of the number of candidates for the first time. we'd like to see the field winnow a bit to exert his natural force there. i think that i may have discovered a reason we're seeing people persist beyond what you might expect of a candidate, with 1% or 3%, if we could put up the full screen of those candidates who have books out right now there. seems to be something of a tie in all of this, tie for having books. carly fiorina, rising to the challenge, mike huckabee, god,
11:19 pm
guts, grits and gravey. i happen to think that is the best title of all. donald trump, a "crippled america," marco rubio, american dreams, restoring economic opportunity for everyone. ted cruz, a time for truth, reigniting the promise of america, and rand paul taking a stand, rick santorum bella's gift, how one little girl transformed our family. that's a lot of books. >> i think trump is going to be in trouble with the pc crowd. crippled america? we don't say crippled america. lou: he does. know what you else? he is changing that orthodoxy and the reinforcement by the political correct crowd. and you're seeing it insinuated by all -- not all but nearly all of the candidates. something to see the influence. >> i thought the title was brilliant because of that. he says things that everyone
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else would say let me be careful with the title, it might offend someone, he said i'm talking about the united states and we have a lot of problems, national security, economic problems and i'm going call it what it is. lou: when somebody takes the word out of the old english dictionary, the oed, the webster's, it's time to get real. whomever we decide is going to get president, let's get rid of the nonsense, please, and the chorus of nonsense that is uttered. michael goodwin. jedidiah bila, thank you so much. be sure to vote on our question -- cast your vote at if you want to connect with me, please follow me on social media, i encourage you to do so, it would be a hoot. follow me --
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well, a thrill seeking daredevil performing a crazy stunt that definitely lit up the sky. here we go! the champion skydiver jump from a plane as skydivers are want to do over elroy, arizona, he used the signal gun to light the flames before deploying the second parachute, she had a second chute and one gun, good planning. she landed safely. up next, a few thoughts on leadership and thin skin and surveillance video capturing a tornado that struck eastern texas this weekend. that video, those stories and more straight ahead, stay with us, we're coming right back.
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. lou: a few thoughts now on the president's latest awkward
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attempt to mock the republican presidential candidates. here is our president last night at a dnc fund-raiser in new york trying to make fun of those candidates' demands for changes in their debate format. >> every one of these candidates say, you know obama's weak. putin's kicking sand in his face. when i talk to putin -- [ laughter ] >> he's going to straighten out. they can't handle a bunch of cnbc moderators, at a debate! [ laughter ] >> if you can't handle those guys -- [ laughter ] >> you know, then i don't think the chinese and the russians are going to be too worried about you. lou: but mr. obama is really the one who's run away from honest debate, back in 2007, before he was elected, democrats canceled a debate
11:27 pm
sponsored by fox news, and then-senator obama said he wouldn't participate in a debate held by fox news and the congressional black caucus institute later that same year. that under pressure from and as for the 2016 election, the democratic party is holding, are you ready to count them? six whole debates, and not one of them on fox news. so mr. president, it's really you and your fellow democrats who are the ones obviously afraid of the rough-and-tumble of presidential debate, and as for your remark about the chinese and the russians, forgive me, it's pretty clear they're not too worried about you either. putin only expanding influence in all corners of the world and china's ties with russia are expanding, as china continues to launch cyberattacks against the united states, that's right, the ones you warned them not to do, and to continue to claim territory in the south china sea. that's right, you warned them
11:28 pm
about that, too. so the president's mockery of others would work just a little better if he it conducted himself as our commander in chief, rather than as often a passive, indifferent observer of unfolding history which he has no power, nor influence, and no responsibility. our quotation of the evening, we've turned to thomas jefferson. that's the state we're in. he said -- that is every bit as true of republicans as democrats. we're coming right back. putin appears to be changing his mind about al-assad. what does russia want now and who, and at what costs? general jack keane with us next. and the folks at seaworld rescue this 20-ton humpback
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i'm definitely able to see savings through using the car buying on usaa. i mean, amazing savings. i was like, wow, if i could save this much, then i could actually maybe upgrade a little bit. (announcer) usaa car buying service powered by truecar. save money, zero hassle. at ally bank no branches equalsit's a fact.. kind of like mute buttons equal danger. ...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. . lou: the top news at this hours, the latest polls show a dominant top tier of republican presidential candidates with just about 90 dies go it the iowa caucuses, but 78% of those iowa caucusgoers right now are saying they haven't yet made up their minds. something to put those polls in context.
11:33 pm
and next tuesday, the main event, the next gop presidential debate from milwaukee, wisconsin right here on the fox business network. a political crisis for germany's chancellor angela merkel. a german government official saying merkel's open door, migrant policy is leading to the possible outbreak of what he called a civil war, and russian media is reporting pilots of the jetliner that crashed in egypt were chatting normally until an emergency occurred in the cockpit. investigators are now examining the flight data and voice recorders, trying to determine what did happen and why? joining us tonight, former army vice chief of staff, fox news military analyst general jack keane. jack, good to have you with us. let's turn to syria, there's quite a kerfuffle building up among 50 advisers from the special operations forces going into syria, but there's really
11:34 pm
very little new in that, isn't there? >> absolutely true. i mean, it seems to me what we're doing is now acknowledging something we've been doing covertly for a number of months, that's helping the syrian kurds and syrian arabs in the north central part of syria, and also had a soft headquarters in iraq, almost for over a year now, and we just acknowledge the fact we're establishing one. i'm not certain why all of that is now being released, probably because we've had so many setbacks in iraq and syria that the administration wants to demonstrate they're doing something. lou: and doing something, they seem to be on another level as well. moving on the a-10's into turkey. we learn now that f-15 c's, air-to-air combat jet fighters are moving in. without targets inthe islamic
11:35 pm
state, these are significant movements at least in appearance if not in numbers? >> yeah, they will be helpful as will the 50. the 50 can't be decisive in terms of winning the war, certainly. but with the forces they will be with, lou, what they'll do is coordinate the ammunition resupply, they'll work logistics issues, they'll help with the planning, and then based on what you just said, what they're going to do is facilitate effective airstrikes. and so the airstrikes and the 50 will help that particular force. the elephant in the room still is there is not a ground force in syria nor an effective one in iraq that can defeat isis. lou: and as we look at defeating isis, we have been disinvited from syria, the same is true of iraq, however apparently some quiet agreement and unreported agreement was reached because our forces in
11:36 pm
iraq are now if not welcome, at least tolerated. this is a peculiar sort of phase that we're in, in the fight against the islamic state, isn't it? >> yeah, it is. the setbacks we've had is considerable with the fall of ramadi, with the failure of the pentagon-trained syrian rebels, with the military intervention of russia, and certainly this has all taken the administration off their timetable. incremental changes that they are making and i think there is more to come, apache helicopters and other resources, but incremat additions, not major resource changes, i think this is really all about getting through the next 15 months without catastrophic failure in syria or iraq and passing this huge problem to the next administration. lou: you know, and when you say that, the troubling thing to me
11:37 pm
among the list of them, one of the most troubling things is that leaves destiny and fortune really under the control of russia, the islamic state and others, russia provoking what if they were to do so in coordination with china. we've seen china willing to put a submarine and tail of the u.s.s. ronald reagan in the western pacific. i mean the, if you will, the presence and the threat seems to be rising gradually, but always rising. >> no, no, you're absolutely right, and it's been coming on now for 7+ years, and truly has embolden our adversaries. anybody looking at this picture can see russia is considerably more assertive than they were four or five years ago, and so was china and so are the iranians. iranians are embolden by the nuclear deal, they're going back to business as usual now, and we're going to see
11:38 pm
assertiveness in the region once again. lou: general jack keane, always good to have you here. >> good talking to you, lou. lou: and be sure to vote in our poll tonight -- cast your vote at crews in california going to the rescue of a humpback whale. the whale was tangled in fishing line off the orange county coast, south of los angeles, seaworld san diego team cut more than 200 feet of line and netting from the humpback's tail. their rescue mission took two hours. in the end the whale was able to swim away leaving just a wake behind it, as we say. up next, an uber passenger fired from his job after he assaulted the driver. we take up the case with our legal team and nasa tells people not to panic if they see
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. lou: a southern california uber rider caught on video viciously attacking the driver. he's been identified as a corporate executive at taco bell. benjamin golden was arrested on assault charges and public intoxication over the weekend. among the charges now taco bell has taken action. golden fired and they offered him to seek professional help. joining us two of the best attorneys in the business, fox news legal analyst lis wiehl, defense attorney rebecca rose woodland. good to have you both here. the video is an open shot deal, right? >> absolutely. talk to the driver, the driver talked about this is obviously unusual, but these guys are out there and getting assaulted verbally all the time. lou: yeah, he's now, i just
11:44 pm
want to explain to the audience, he's hitting him with pepper spray which is not registered with the company. thank god he had it. >> look, this passenger, while he may have been intoxicated, it's not an explanation or a defense, it's not an excuse. it's assault and battery, you see it on the tape, he's going to, i'm sure, be prosecuted. whether or not he'll plea bargain out for some sort of help as taco bell has said. he has to be prosecuted. because you can't allow passengers to be so aggressive and assault a driver. the drivers won't come and pick people up. >> here's the other thing, there are laws with uber drivers and taxi drivers about having to pick you up. about discriminatings between people. uber or taxi driver is in a position they have to take somebody even though they are intoxicated. they have to take them. lou: it's a tough situation, you have an intoxicated person
11:45 pm
who is vulnerable, and in danger if you just leave them on the sidewalk or whenever you are. >> you become as the driver vulnerable and in danger because they apparently -- lou: what does the driver do there? he pulled into a parking lot and called 911. >> the bar owners will have liability if they don't do something to help the driver, get him out of his car. calling 911, calling for help -- >> here's the deal, here's the deal. that dash cam made all the difference in the world. >> it did. even for taco bell to say now. lou: every uber car should have that, every taxi should have that, it would seem to me. >> absolutely. lou: let's turn to one of my favorite subjects which is the obama administration, taking executive action or ruled by fiat if you will, to ban the box.
11:46 pm
federal employers no longer able to ask a job applicant whether he or she went to prison or are convicted of charges. this is outrageous, and to make it a fiat? >> the problem with this is, i understand where they're coming from. we do want prisoners to be able to get back into society if they are ready. >> try to get a job. lou: why would we in any way trust the government to make that judgment? >> the issue is the box is there, doesn't prevent them from getting the job, it enables the employer to have knowledge, to be able to further check the person. yes, does it sometimes prevent that person from getting the job? absolutely, maybe they're not qualified for that job. lou: this president always erres on the side of -- the last thing he seems to support security and public safety. he is talk about -- he released
11:47 pm
6,000 prisoners, some of them serious criminals. convicted of very serious charges, not just drug charges as he put it quote, unquote. >> nonviolent drug charges. lou: it is violence when you destroy people's lives with drugs. >> you have people getting out with not just drug convictions but firearm convictions along with the drug convictions. lou: why in the world can he get away with this? why in the world? >> taking executive action, the next step is there has to be opposition to executive action. lou: we've seen the next congress in opposition, and it's really very thin gruel that they manage to boil up from time to time and dissipates. >> think about the employer who finds out that the person they hired is a rapist or a -- >> and they've got the person, then the federal rules say you can't fire them for x reason, they're stuck with the person
11:48 pm
they don't trust even. lou: what is the way around this? there's always a way around insane laws like this. >> you can run a criminal background xhek. >> that's what i was going to say. the next step is a mandatory criminal background check. that's costly. lou: that's another tax. >> and these are federal government -- federal positions, only for right now. so you know then the federal government is going to have to pay for background checks. if i were in the position, i would say everyone gets background checks. you have to. lou: we've got to jump, but lis, good to have you here. >> we're going to jump? lou: my very artsy, fancy language there. i was using hyperbole to be compelling. the dow gang 89 points, the s&p up 6.
11:49 pm
the nasdaq up 18. volume 4.2 billion shares. reminder listen to my reports three times a day on the salem radio network. incredible video now capturing something spectacular dark through the sky, as we say. a green fireball meteor, there it is, caught on, are you ready again? dash cam video, flying over a highway and then caught in thailand. nasa says stargazers could see frequent fireballs over the week as the annual taurid meteor shower kicks into high gear. noaa says particles discharged from the sun and entering the earth's atmosphere will give folks mostly in northern states a chance to see the lights this week, and a home owner captured the video of the storm in his backyard. the ef-2 destroying troy the ef-2 destroying troy elmor's home in texas.
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put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. . lou: director quentin tarantino not backing away from his, well, comments, calling police officers murderers. speaking to the l.a. times today, tarantino blamed pro-police groups for trying to discredit and intimidate him saying, quote --
11:54 pm
tarnt eno's comments coming after thousands of border patrol agents boycott tarantino's movies. joining us channel 115 on sirius xm charlie shimkus, good to have you, fox 5 new york reporter good to have you here. >> thanks for having us. lou: let's start with tarantino. he said he's being misrepresented. the man's own foul words are wrapped around his neck, there is no way he is misrepresented
11:55 pm
because he said he is not taking anything back. >> he said the police are trying to discredit and intimidate him. those two words discredit and intimidation is what he was trying to do to the police when he called them murderers at the rally. not only is he back tracking, he's trying to play the victim. too little too late for tarantino. when it comes to the movie, unfortunately, i think what he said about police officers is only going to make more attention around the morrey, create more attention around the movie and maybe hurt the box office a little bit, but box office ratings never have any effect on oscar nods, because what he said about the police, he might -- it might increase his opinion of getting an oscar. >> i was going to say the reverse. historically when you look at boycotts they haven't impacted the bottom line for movies. in terms of the oscars i think this could hurt him, considered a contender right now.
11:56 pm
>> i completely disagree, no, no, hollywood is so notoriously left that because he said something about opposition to the police, he will -- this could absolutely increase the chance he would get an oscar nomination, all the movie has to do is be okay. lou: turn to harvey weinstein, the weinstein company coming out against tarantino in a harvey kind of way. this is what he did. if we could pull the screen up, i'm silly to ask for it. the weinstein company has a longstanding relationship and friendship with quentin, he should and can be allowed to speak for himself. whoa! >> them totally distancing from himself. >> they're taking a different approach from jamie foxx, jamie foxx took a strong stand.
11:57 pm
i don't think it was the right stand. kurt russell and weinstein are clearly not supporting tarantino. lou: we've got jamie foxx -- i'm going to take a wild shot here, here we go, ready? see if jamie foxx is talk for us, hear what he had to say in support of tarantino. there he is. [ applause ] >> i want to say this, quentin tarantino, you are boss, absolutely amazing, keep speaking the truth and telling the truth and don't worry about none of the haters. lou: none of the haters, there is a lot of hate going on. >> the families of new york finest. lou: wait a minute. you threw that in rather quickly. haters here are tarantino and foxx. jamie foxx. >> absolutely. lou: and i don't want to hear that, it's all bull. >> less than a week after one of new york's finest was killed in the line of duty and he made comments like that. three over the course of ten months and he's getting up and
11:58 pm
making comments like that, a slap in the face of police and new yorkers. >> bring it back to a business angle, what he said is not going to hurt this movie. i could see a couple people boycotting this movie, but bottom line -- >> we know about the movie months ahead of the release which never happens. huge advertisement. lou: i can tell you this, two people that will not go. >> lou and i are going to be at home. >> i might get it on demand. lou: and you might get some other demands. >> absolutely. lou: let's turn to the other side of politics of hollywood, that is the pawn stars. their business is down, according to their star rick harrison. said he the business fell following his endorsement of marco rubio. >> and called it career suicide which i think is absurd. you can look over the years, so many a-listers who have supported republicans and have
11:59 pm
done just fine afterwards. >> i think you're right about that, i think that's a great thing he's doing, supporting some will politically, that he believes in, being a conservative in hollywood can be career suicide. if you google hollywood and conservatives, you can get a list of things like nine hollywood conservatives that are shockingly conservative. they have a tail. >> it hasn't hurt them. lou: i hate to interrupt, but i must. i think this is going to be good for business. this telling us about it. it's a pretty good show, too. thank you for being here. >> thank you. lou: in our online poll -- this is a sad night i have to bring that news to you. did it perk you up. a few comment.
12:00 am
and a senator and mr. obama is getting a little jealous. the attention is not on him. unless he decides to run for his old senate seat campaigning days are behind him. that is the stuff the guy from butting into the current cycle like a busybody mother-in-law. he sat down with the new brian williams, lester holt and drop this


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