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tv   The Intelligence Report With Trish Regan  FOX Business  November 4, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EST

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neil: all right. i want to share some breaking news. a new star wars movie. promoting this ridiculous movie that is overhyped and will be a disaster. what planet are you on? not this one. not this one. this will be my opening question next week. >> luke skywalker. that is what i want to know. that would be great. must-see tv. thank you very much. hillary clinton. losing multiple head to head matches against gop candidates. i am trish. welcome to the intelligence report. if the election were held right now, most of the top row publicans would beat hillary clinton. then carson is looking at a 10-point lead over mrs. clinton right now.
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barely registering in national polling. 3% of voters backing him. meanwhile fresh data out today suggests she may have a problem. a matchup with then carson. hillary clinton is losing her poor constituency with women. why? it may come down to trust. i want to get to and henry for more. on how the hillary camp is responding to the latest polls. how would they take on then carson? what would the strategy be? >> it may be to highlight her experience as secretary of state as a senator. you can see in these pl numbers, the crosswind of the fact that it is a year of that outsider right now. you see carson and donald trump and others rising on the right. at least compared to hillary
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clinton still doing fairly well on the left. barack obama in 2008. who do you want in the oval office? experience experience. that did not work then. i have good news for hillary clinton. a democratic hi dimeric, there is not much of a primary at all. he is a pig. of 50% in the poll. showing 50% for carson. why is that happening? it is very clear. independent voters will be carson in a hypothetical matchup. double digits among independent voters. this poll, the nbc "wall streett journal poll, taken after that big hearing. if democrats on that and said hillary clinton not around and admitted it was about politics,
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the lead against bernie sanders is widening. folks in the middle who decide general elections are saying, there are still some questions after and benghazi. they can still be persuaded by hillary clinton. they have a whole lot of time. the left is coming home to hillary clinton. not so fast. trish: trust matters. thank you so much. joining me right now is former bush advisor brad blakeman. we also have ambassador to belgium. good to have both of you here. brad, starting with you. what is your take on this poll? and now suggest pretty much anyone can beat hillary clinton. the fact is, hillary may not have a problem being selected by
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the party. apparently, having a problem being selected by the people. ed had some real telling data. we know she is not doing well with independents. politician going into the general election is can you trust them? do you like them? you will not even get the policy unless you trust someone. >> that is the issue. yes, 36%. however, the answer know came from 60%. that is not good. >> secretary clinton obviously has worked to do. she is not defining herself. others are defining her on benghazi. thank god for bernie sanders. if he was not around in the
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press did not take him seriously, she would have had no opportunity to define herself. >> and god for bernie sanders. if i were hillary clinton, all of a sudden i had this guy who is making me go so far or so much further to the left. socialist. she has a chance for anyone to look at this and judge her. that helped her greatly. continue to be greatly defined. the other truth that is important is polls are for pundits. at this .8 years ago, barack obama was losing to hillary clinton by 25%. we know how that turned out to be a month later in iowa. there is no --
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trish: stop right there. a guy that was on tv. a prime time celebrity apprentice. you have carson really giving him a run for his money. how do you explain that? it is not name recognition. >> look at his numbers. he is off the charts compared to drop. that is where you see a lot of the affection. he is likable. he is trustworthy. it is night and day. people seem to trust then carson a lot more. trish: on policy. clearly a wonderful doctor. a wonderful surgeon. when it comes to the nuts and bolts of economic holocene, i would just ask an investor, will the american public when push comes to shove really trust someone whose background has been tremendous but has been in
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a completely different field over either a politician or in the case of donald trump and experienced businessman. >> there is a push for outside of right now he is a likable guy. people will support that 25%. at 25% will not grow higher. ultimately, someone will think about he against putin. he against china. barack obama was an outsider. he was a two-year senator. he was a governor. people want an outsider. trish: stay with me. democrats are being dealt a pretty big blow here on election day. many of us have been waiting for 2016. that state had been one of the
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few in the south where the democratic governor and now a republican businessman is taking over. only the second republican and for decades to win a few other big nights for conservatives. you had houston where voters were defeating a bill establishment. nondiscrimination. voters reject a an initiative that would have legalized the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana. voters in may rejecting a plan to slowly raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. they do not want it in portland maine. less than one week away. i will be there. maria bartiromo and neil cavuto. important questions on the economy. this is a dialogue that needs to happen. tuesday. fox business.
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they are asking is he going to make it. jeff bush struggling in today's poll. registering just 4% now among voters. jeb was expected to be the guy. he was going to be the front runner this year. hillary clinton versus jeb bush. now the least favorable candidate. 58% of voters reporting a negative view of him. will he really stand a chance? one of his campaign directors tweeting out, and i quote here, jeb will have a few weeks about polls. comebacks take time. we have recognized that and are prepared for it. just how hard will this come back the? i'm going to blake who is live you have new hampshire higher. first in the nation. we think about the comeback kid.
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can jeb stayed the comeback here? >> you mentioned that for present there. there are also for words. jeff can fix it. that is the rebranding. florida south carolina. that is where he has been today. a charter school in new hampshire higher. being out there in front of the kids. everybody loves to see it. it also goes back to that new slogan. not a protester. kind of alluding to donald trump. today's event he try to highlight just that. he is known in florida. trying to pass the new hampshire school this morning. the message therefore bush going forward is that he is fixed
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problems in the past and he will do so again. the pull that with all earlier. one issue that he is staring down. more republican voters and registered voters disapprove of jeb bush then approve of him. that is a major reversal, as you can see from now dating all the way back to july. no matter what happens. >> thank you very much.
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>> he has the staying power. now it's safe you can get the boat. we are seeing seeing the polling. we have also seen it in jeb. they would have like to have in a year of outsiders. trish: the one thing that i point out, however, a certain amount of theater that goes into being a politician. you have cameras and lights all around you. one of his challenges, and i would point out, a very smart man and he knows a lot of this policy inside and out, one of his challenges is communicating with people. doing so on a large platform. i have made this point before. i spoke to him in small settings. and extraordinarily thoughtful
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guy. has been schooled in experienced on all of these issues. when you see him on stage, some of that magic that maybe they are in a small gathering gets kind of lost. i think that that is hard for a candidate did i do not know how you win. >> absolutely. jeb can fix it. i've never seen anyone who least wants to run then jeb bush. i think he probably got in it for the wrong reasons and is going forward for the wrong reasons. it is a miserable process. backs against the wall. trish: you do not go as far as he has gone if you have not fully committed to being in it. i just wonder if, personality wise, it is just not his thing. let's show a clip. he was in new hampshire yesterday at a bar in gathering. let's watch it. >> on the verge of rate this.
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always believing in the dynamic response. always embracing the unforeseen. we are americans. we are not from another place. we are america. this is how we have always propelled ourselves forward. >> making some good waves. i will be overly analytical here. these are things that are subtle. they are subtle. it does not matter. >> i was with his dad in the closing days of the new hampshire primary. his dad was down, i think by eight points. in that last week he came back. he showed how much he wanted it. i think that that is what jeff has to do. trish: i would say that he is campaigning in new hampshire. you have a chance to engage with those small groups.
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engaging on a one-on-one. if you do more than that, it could still turn around. i agree with you. very early. we have lots to talk about in the coming months. new developments right now. on the russian plane that went down in egypt. an audio message claiming it is responsible for taking down the flight. we have more on this breaking story coming up. plus, this era of entitlement just keeps marching on. my intel on why the next president must, must get a on it. ♪ i use what's already inside me to reach my goals.
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trish: new developments, everyone. the russian airline crash that killed 224 people. they believe it was a bomb that brought down the airline. in addition, a new audio recording. claiming to be an isis twitter handle online. the speakers at speaker said the crash coincided with the anniversary of the groups fled to the region. the speaker did not say how the militants brought down the jet. that is what is in question. isis out there claiming that they are responsible for downing this passenger planes that has not however been confirmed. authorities trying to evaluate this highly damaged voice recorder from the plane. that is what is expected to give them some clues. here's what we know so far, doctors say about 20% of the bodies being examined have
2:20 pm
actually been burned. a he fights was detected. the plane slowed down suddenly right before the crash and hit the ground at only 54 miles per hour. investigators say the jet broke up midair. egyptian officials dispute that. i want to get back to that news out of the uk. london officials saying they believe that it was a bomb on board. our own intelligence community is observing judgment. joining me now is aviation expert pete fields. pete, good to have you on the program. a tragic story to be discussing. let me ask you on your thought of what might have, could have happened based on the intelligence we have so far. >> a-bomb is something that we can determine. absolutely i think if that is what exactly brought the airplane down. if there was a bomb aboard, some location in the airplane veered i think the forensic details
2:21 pm
will go on and we will be a will to determine whether there was an explosive detonation in the airplane that brought the whole aircraft down. trish: the plane slowed upon landing. 54 miles per hour. what would that indicate to you? >> for what i can see of the crash site itself, i see the form of the wings and the -- i do not see the tail of the airplane. it may be there, it just may not be evident in the aerial views. if there was a bomb and it blew the tail of the airplane off, you would see an immediate pitch over. the airplane would have gone nose down, very negative gees in the compartment and, it you know, it cannot fly without a tail. it would possibly, naturally, seek a sort of a pancake
2:22 pm
position where the airplane just comes down flat against the ground. what we are measuring with ground speed and the data that we have so far is actually to the airplane and ground speed. it may have been a 54-mile per hour speed. that would not indicate what forces the airplane impacted the ground. trish: there was a heat / detect did just before the plane went down. does that lend itself to be a bomb in any way? >> it certainly would have been consistent with a bomb aboard the aircraft. trish: we are awaiting more developments on this story. we did hear out of officials there in london. they believe that this was in fact a bomb. we have not yet heard from our own intelligence community. we need to reserve judgment in this case. you are an aviation expert, but
2:23 pm
not a terroristexpert. isis being something that is look that. isis twice coming out in claiming that this was something that they have done. they have not done this and other airline situations. >> that is true. you have to give every event like this psalm credit. they will have to go back and review all of the procedures. find out if there are any, interview all the people that had anything to do with that airplane as a got turned around to st. petersburg. there is a lot of investigative work to be done to nail that down. i think at this juncture it is certainly believable that a bomb could have been aboard. trish: london officials think say that that in fact may have been the case. pete, we appreciate your analysis. thank you for joining me today. the entitlement situation in
2:24 pm
this country. basically like one big on the scheme. paying off want to pay the other. this is a house of cards that will fall. we need to tackle this. coming forward with some kind of plan. all of us and all of our kids can be ensured of their future. we will talk about this and a new step that the government is trying to take to help you with your retirement. a filmmaker versus the authorities. the controversial remarks on law enforcement. the ramifications that have followed. stay with me. i am back into. ♪ at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. this easy-to-understand guide will answer some of your questions and help you find the aarp medicare supplement plan that's right for you. trish: the federal government for failing a new program helping people save for retirement. everyone thinks that social security will be there for us. more on that in a minute. if you make less than $131,000 a
2:28 pm
year as a single person or $193,000 being married, how did they come up with this? 200 or 190. some sort of round number. if you make less than that, you can stash $5500 a year in what is called a mira account. you take it out tax-free. this is the federal government guaranteeing your money back. investing in treasuries. you are not getting anything in treasuries these days. good luck if there is inflation. anyway, guess what is a pretty important topic here. the more we talk about it and continue to talk about it on the intelligence report, these entitlements have gotten so bloated. social security, medicare, medicaid. more than half of our federal budget goes just to pay for this stuff did the number of people paying into this, some with a
2:29 pm
ponzi scheme, keeps getting smaller. 2029-2034, social security will not have enough money to pay for everyone's benefits. and a lot of politicians do not want to go near this. >> we will save social security. we will save it did we will save social security. that was your deal. >> make sure that it is there and we do not mess with it and we do not pretend that it is a luxury because it is not a luxury. it is a necessity for the majority of people who drop from social security. trish: eventually, that money will run out. you will not have enough people paying in an order to ensure benefits. whoever gets elected, whoever, regardless if they are a democrat or republican, they will have to deal with this.
2:30 pm
they will need to fix entitlements. if they don't, they will be gambling with all of our futures and all of our children futures. steve moore. good to see you. i know you spent a lot of time looking at this. you did a lot of analysis on this. this basically is like one giant ponzi scheme. they say you are putting this in. it is your money. >> i was going to use the name bernie madoff. very simple to find out what is happening. if you look back at the social security system when it was set up in the 1930s, like 40-50 workers for every retired person. soon in the next 10-15 years when boomers like me retire, there will be about two workers per retired person. pairing up and sending 15% of
2:31 pm
their paycheck living in palm beach. there just will not be enough workers supporting the system. it will collapse. trish: we have to do something. what are the options, realistically? it is like suicide if you talk about it. people were you are going to take my benefits away. i am so close to retirement. what are the realistic options that we should be talking about, steve? >> letting young people on a voluntary basis look at the amount they are putting in. every paycheck that they get into a system that gives them, a lousy return. why not let them take that money and put it into a safe retirement account that they all men and cells. trish: you're talking about privatized accounts. >> not privatized. the plan that obama came out with this week, saying my ira
2:32 pm
plan, after people pay 50% of their paycheck into social security they do not have a lot of money left over to put into these ira accounts. i do not think people will be able to take advantage of it. who in the world puts their money into a 2% treachery? that is a worse possible investment you could make. trish: i know. unless you are just years away from retirement. >> young people should be investing in bonds. you want to invest in stocks. i'll read einstein said the most powerful force in the universe is compound interest. you invest in stocks today. i am a big believer in stocks for the long term. i do know 10-15-20 years from now it will be a lot higher. trish: you are absolutely right. the government really pushing. >> requiring that you buy treasury. that is just stupid.
2:33 pm
you do it if you're going to retire next week. i do not understand the logic of that. >> thank you for putting a dose of reality on all of this. i will see you later in the show. steve moore, everyone. government regulation threatens to shut them down for good. one small business owner is going to give us her story. how she is fighting all of this regulation. will she succeed? when we come back. ♪ technology empowers us to achieve more. it pushes us to go further. special olympics has almost five million athletes in 170 countries. the microsoft cloud allows us to immediately be able to access information, wherever we are.
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trish: we have some breaking news who want to report right now. flights are not being allowed to land at san diego international airport because there is an active shooter situation at a nearby apartment complex. you are looking at some video they are. the police have surrounded this complex. it is in san diego. the apartment complexes near the airport. flights are not being allowed to take off and they are not allowed to land right now. because of the shooting situation. i should also point out that schools in the area have been closed. nobody thus far has been reported hurt. we understand that this is a man. we have no details on who he may be. a man who is an active shooter in an apartment complex they are
2:38 pm
near the san diego airport. no injuries thus far have been reported. authorities taking precaution. no planes land or take off from san diego international airport. forgive me, they can take off. they can take off. they are not being permitted to land at the airport. i want to continue following that air pump for you. we continue to talk about red tape. what can you do for red business. the government wants to shut down your business with oodles of red tape. this is what a woman in arkansas has been dealing with. she started a children's clothing consignment company. she listed elicited some local volunteers to work with her. there are a few of them each year. these font tears would get first dibs on some of the sales. which we understand were pretty good. they were also selling some of their own goods. they were given preferential
2:39 pm
treatment. in terms of display. it seemed to be like a win-win scenario. that is until the labor department showed up at her doorstep saying she was in violation of section six and seven of the labor code. the owner of the consignment store joins me right now. she is joining me from arkansas to discuss her case. it seemed like everything was great. your business was moving along. the fed says these volunteers we do not believe that they are volunteers. >> in 2011 and 2012, the arkansas department of labor warranted our company. we received a favorable ruling. and then in 2013, the federal department of labor argued the best. our cooperatives effort is out of compliance. they made an arbitrary decision
2:40 pm
that our volunteers need to be classified. we disagree with their position. >> overselling items themselves. they are getting something out of this. i decide i want to go volunteer for your business. i am comfortable with what you are offering me. why would they say that i cannot? >> that is a great question. we believe that they are applying and antiquated regulation. the supreme court decided it is decided law. we need to look at the economic reality of the whole situation. trish: providing minimum wage. is that correct? >> a1 is to abide by the regulation. a mom that volunteers for maybe four-five hours a year.
2:41 pm
trish: we will continue to watch it. we have some breaking news. you should all read this online where she details i want to get back to the breaking news we're following right now. a shooting. a contained situation. authorities are surrounding the apartment building there. right now, no flights are being allowed to land at the san diego airport which is just nearby. they are taking these precautions. we are told that the schools in the area have been shut down. flights are not being allowed to land at san diego international airport. nobody thus far has been her. we will continue watching this. we will have more details after this. ♪
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♪ trish: we are watching markets right now. market up 28 points. 17,890. watching the key level. if it continues like this, we probably will not make it today. barely in positive territory. shares jumping more than 7%. you can see there on the screen $2.80. you have facebook reporting
2:44 pm
earnings after the bell. right here only on the fox business network. adding the september jobs in the month of october. anyway, according to the payroll process for adp. dropping from 200,000. back with more intel right after this. we will continue watching is 18,000 level on the dow. the local
2:45 pm
2:46 pm
trish: here we are. 116 points away from that key milestone mark. a stellar october. always that month that everyone worries about. we had a terrific month with the dow gained more than 8%. can we keep it up? what is going to fuel they? janet gallant speaking before congress today. listen to this. >> what the committee has been expecting is the economy will continue to grow at a pace that is sufficient and generates further improvement in the labor market and to return inflation to our 2% market over the medium term. if the incoming information supports that expectation, then
2:47 pm
our statement indicates that december would be a lot of possibilities. trish: she may be the master. we will do it all or we are not going to do it. inflation at 2%, sure, we will raise. it is doubtful that that will happen. we have no inflation in the economy right now. william isaac -- good to have you both here. have not seen you in a while. good to see you in person. we approach 18,000 on the dow. do you think that we will make it? >> i suspect that we will. we are so close. this market is manic depressive. here we are not 10 weeks later. it looks like everything is coming up rainbows. it is all rainbows and puppies dogs.
2:48 pm
the fed is driving the bus right now. talking reasonably tough today. i think janet yellen is sort of the anti-teddy roosevelt. speak softly and carry a big stick. she is opposite. she talks loudly. the fed will continue to talk tough. >> i keep saying this over and over again. i am a journalist. i am all for transparency. we take information and we translated. in some ways, i wonder if janet yellen, is this too much talking? how are we going to raise right now? canada is a mess. new york is a mess. we are barely growing. we have no inflation. >> you are in the 5050 category. >> they do talk a lot.
2:49 pm
i noticed that. i thought he had mastered that. the chairman. the champion of all time. trish: janet yellen. she learned her lesson. she said a little too much. not a lot of points. >> the fed is dominated by academics and government bureaucrats. janet yellen is the art type of that. he these are not folks that ran banks. unfortunately because of that, not a lot of action. >> i also worry that a lot of academics think that they can tinker with the economy. they can manipulate the economy. i think that this fed that has become increased and powerless.
2:50 pm
>> i concur. central banks are actually making it worse. they are creating global deflation. you talk about the u.s. not having an inflation problem, i think that that is certainly true of the rest of the world. central blank controlling the economy. we need to break free from this. we need to have it be unleashed particularly in america. real growth. trish: unintended consequences. they have had rated zero for so long. the whole world is trying it, by the way. a cutie bonanza all across the globe. between china and europe. looking at deflation. that is one hard thing to fight. >> absolutely. we were talking before we came out here. i do not see how we get out of this. the time for the fed would have
2:51 pm
been four or five years ago. that is when, normally, for them to raise rates, that would have started back then. normalize interest rates and normalize the economy. >> it is so much harder now. >> they will continue this. i question whether looking at qe four. given this team of academics. good for the economy. i think a lot of us are in agreement that it probably has not. how do they benefit from this aggressive fed policy? >> i think that it is generally good for asset rices. so quickly gotten it back. we are just back to the reins of the first several months of the year.
2:52 pm
very, very good for the owners of assets. a bigger picture. we have to at some point normalize here is the best case scenario as a republican win in 2016 with a new president that actually rose back regulations, rolls back taxes. it almost becomes -- trish: talking about regulation in arkansas. she is up to her ears. stay with me. i want to bring steve moore into this conversation as well. the fed is kind of the only game in town. we need someone new in the white house back and actually start to get some other things done. starting to create a regulatory environment. there needs to be this marriage of fiscal and monetary policy when it comes to dealing with an economy. >> the fed does not create jobs.
2:53 pm
this is simply a mythology. look, i agree with these gentlemen. where is the evidence that this is actually leading to the type of job creation or increases in wages that we all want to see? what is interesting about this discussion is, of course we have an election one year from now. the fed is a political institution. they are political. that will be interesting to see whether janet yellen keeps zero interest rate policy to try to help hillary clinton. that would not be the first time the fed has acted. trish: i do not know how hillary clinton will be able to run on barack obama's record. willis bickley. yes, we are creating jobs, but they are not good jobs. you look at the labor participation rate.
2:54 pm
jimmy carter all over again. when you look at labor, when you look at growth, it is not there. >> the greatest vulnerability. she has an incredible resume. she will have to run for obama's third term. it still looks pretty lousy to us. i do not see a lot of differentiation right now. what barack obama has done for the last seven years. turning us into denmark. look, we are watching janet yellen there on capitol hill today. how politicized the fed has gotten. one lawmaker questioning janet yellen.
2:55 pm
>> the focus becomes more political at some point. focused on the monetary side. >> i have never seen the focus and regulation to be politicized at all. trish: no way. that is not us. you have been in government positions before. the former head of the fdic. there is some political pressure. coming out and raising rates. that is not good for barack obama. it is not good for hillary clinton. how much pressure is on her to keep the status quo. >> a lot of pressure coming in from all over the world. >> i had of the imf. >> all we had to worry about was the united states. getting some attention to what was going on around the world. our primary function and concerned had to be how you make
2:56 pm
the economy as strong as it can be. the rest of the world said also to the united states. we are in this thing together. all pursuing the same policies together. it is at a zero interest rate policy. trish: good to see you. thank you for being here. steve moore. >> thanks, trish. trish: went in tarantino. we had the intel on all of this. ♪ can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought.
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trish: quentin tarantino breaking his silence after saying this at anti-police brutality rally in new york city. >> i'm a human being with a conscience. when i see murder i can not stand by i have to call the murdered the murdered and i have to call the murderers the murderers.
3:00 pm
trish: now the oscar-winning director he never implied all cops are murderers. he is also claiming police unions are calling for a boycott of his latest film and they're trying to intimidate him. tarantino telling "l.a. times," i quote, their message is very clear. it is to shut me down, to discredit me. to intimidate me. maybe we're sick of directing movies. liz claman. over to you. liz: we'll stick with watching markets. just as we were nearing dow 18,000, folks, the fed chair speaks. the markets got spooked. janet yellen says, december, is quote, a live possibility for a rate hike. the selloff forcing bulls to retreat. look at this. a slight comeback right now. we're watching it tick by tick. on to tesla, the electric carmaker still walking on water, jumping 10 and .57% even after missing estimates after the bell last night.


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