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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  November 4, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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trish: now the oscar-winning director he never implied all cops are murderers. he is also claiming police unions are calling for a boycott of his latest film and they're trying to intimidate him. tarantino telling "l.a. times," i quote, their message is very clear. it is to shut me down, to discredit me. to intimidate me. maybe we're sick of directing movies. liz claman. over to you. liz: we'll stick with watching markets. just as we were nearing dow 18,000, folks, the fed chair speaks. the markets got spooked. janet yellen says, december, is quote, a live possibility for a rate hike. the selloff forcing bulls to retreat. look at this. a slight comeback right now. we're watching it tick by tick. on to tesla, the electric carmaker still walking on water, jumping 10 and .57% even after missing estimates after the bell last night. elon musk is umdaunted saying
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they will meet production goals. but then he dropped a bomb shell on the established auto industry. wait until you hear about his him and his company closest to building a truly autonomous car. is the tesla talk bluster or is musk the king of the future. our expert panel battles it out. pimp our ride. jeff flock live in las vegas with the auto show that puts the sparkle in specialty cars. jeff is about to show you the most tricked-out rides on the strip and which businesses are behind them. tricked out or ticked off? six days to go before our fox business republican presidential debate you can't miss, right? donald trump is sharpening his attacks as ben carson pulls closer to the top. facebook just from reporting third quarter earnings you don't have not to wait until you see what is on your screen the coolest high-tech return idea that facebook says will fly before
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your eyes. we'll show it to you. less than an hour before the closing bell. nasdaq is close to turning positive. let's start the countdown. ♪ liz: game on. we've got a live one! this is such interesting nomenclature the way janet yellen put this. she is causing quite a stir today in washington after federal reserve choir testified that a december rate hike is a live possibility. we have a love one. her comments caused markets to initially sink. look at intraday chart. at one point the dow industrials were down 8 the points. acyclia back in the hour. do you own these? merck, goldman sachs, biggest percentage gainers. we're looking at yields on two-year treasury note. they hit the highest level in four years as people left bonds
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and fear of worrying that they somehow wouldn't get their returns back and are going into stocks at the moment. traders are pricing in the possibility of a december rate hike at 58%. this is according to the fed funds futures pits. they sit around and they guess what the chances are. it was just yesterday we were in the 40s, 40%. right now we're at 58% chance. suddenly that has moved higher. now we look at individual names are rocking and rolling here. the behavior of tesla's stock at this hour is an epic indication that investors are still believers in the "iron man" of silicon valley, elon musk. look at it right now. up 10 and 3/4%. it missed estimates but electric cars are selling better than ever perking up investor ears to musks prediction for the future. here is his prediction, quote, any cars being made don't have full autonomy, not just, cruise control, but full autonomy will be like owning a horse.
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you're really owning it just for sentimental reasons. all right, all you equestrians calm down. you know what he meant. he said that the future is not far off and he may be right. traditional automakers have their own problems. vw's widening emission scandal, another 800,000 cars swept up in the nightmare. honda cutting ties with deadly airbag maker takata. gm with lawsuits over ignition scandal. tesla is one of the bright sides. auto sales on track for a record year, 18 million, possibly sold. and it is old school companies leading the way. who will win this tug-of-war for the future of the auto industry? a fox business exclusive. michael cadel from the specialty auto show called cima in las vegas. ceo and president of appropriately titled pr company, driven. what is that a, a tank behind you?
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oh, my goodness. >> there are some different vehicles here at cima i could go on all will things here. you want to talk about the auto industry, tesla, vw, auto scandals. liz: absolutely. i brought in gary gastelu from fox news for you guys to battle it out. over at autonation, they sold 28,236 new vehicles just in the month of october. clearly there is a depth of choice right now. what is the hot car, putting aside that you represent lamborghini and bmw? >> there are a variety of cars on marketplace that make sense for customers. let's start with this all vehicles on marketplace are so much better than they ever been in the past. despite what is happening with volkswagen and ignition situation with general motors variety of cars on marketplace are solid cars. looks at the numbers. numbers don't lie. volkswagen numbers up 5.8%.
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porsche numbers up 11%. if you look at audi, up 17%. these are numbers are up for a reason. because vehicles believe in the vehicles on the market today. consumers believe in the vehicles on the market today. liz: gary, you have elon musk. elon musk is saying unless you get fully autonomous car, he is ahead by the way even though all the names are booming will be like riding a horse. they will go the way of travel agents and time writers. i think he is closest right now to fully autonomous vehicle. we had this couple, carl riese and di in. a, who came out yesterday, they broke the record, look at this, they drove autonomously, we're doing this because everyone of our viewers has a car or driven in one, made it cross-country. is elon musk right or being obnoxious and saying too much bravado? >> he is saying 15 or 20 years. i think he is right.
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to say he is ahead he has put in production kind of first. infiniti, mercedes they have autonomous lane-keeping technology for years. they're still very restricted. major automakers. they're not as risky, not willing to say, hey, take your hands off the wheel you want. 15 second limits and that sort of thing. he is taking a little bit more of a chance. even him yesterday said you know what? some people are getting crazy. we might put restrictions on this technology right now. everybody, general motors, infiniti, nissan, they're working on autonomous cars. they will have very robust autonomous technology on the road next couple years. liz: michael, electricification, software, cars that talk back, i saw a guy with a beamer the other day, a older model, i get it, had actual key to stick into the car. i walk up to mylex sus suv it automatically opens and lights go on. unbelievable the developments
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here. we have business network. people are looking for that investment. which companies are jumping ahead? i look at some stocks. general motors done very well, up 16% year-over-year, ford you have 5%. toyota up 3 1/2%. everybody, tesla not up year-over-year but up with 1000% over last five years. these are car companies that figured it out, right? >> absolutely right. the word is telemat i cans that is what is in inside of the vehicle. when you connect the smartphone to the vehicle opens you up to variety of new things you can do with the vehicle. check facebook. listen to cirrus or fox news live in your car as opposed to radio feeds. technology is so robust and advanced. over my shoulder at cima, it is all about technology. you asked about electrification. everybody is thinking about how to make vehicles better. how do you get more miles out of the vehicle, electric is the way to go.
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i don't know if i go with gary on autonomous thing. yes market, 20 years. i'm a purest. i love my hands on wheel. i want my mind, gary is right, they're coming. liz: they are. i'm with you, michael. i'm a calfornian, i love to drive. i like the control. no make a left, make a right. that way is not right. go over the curb. i'm insane in the back seat. uber, let me bring this up, gary, gutted carnegie mellon's robotics department near pittsburgh. they took all the engineers doing robotics because they are obviously making a bet on self-driving vehicles. >> absolutely. my kids will grow up, they see me take my hands off the vehicle to show thousand things work. they will grow up expecting driverless cars. mike and i are little older. we like driving. still weird for us. i'm uncomfortable with it. but kids, 10 years from now will expect cars to do that everybody has to get in there. of course delivery car service makes perfect sense. liz: all three of us will be so
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old, kids, you can't even read a map. you know how to use a turn signal, right? [laughter] >> i'm not, i'm not going to confess to being older. i am not older. liz: all right. no, none of us is. we're young at heart. great to see you, mike. at driven public relations. gary gastelu, great to have all of you. we'll have much more from where michael is. you see all the cool vehicles behind him? jeff flock will show us some of the best tricked-out rides. i miss the day of my dad and his rolls and rolled down the hill and could hardly get back up. where is the peanut gallery? that is joke. the rolls canardly. can hardly get up the hill. there are book battles, signings. maybe guys should put on running
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shoes, training for the marathon, not a sprint. a new poll suggests that some candidates need to ramp up training. jeb bush falling further behind in the race. we take it up with our political panel just minutes. do you remember this, 36 years ago today, iranian students stormed the american embassy in tehran and took dozens of our fellow citizens hostage. today, the iranians may be planning to take a whole industry hostage. and it could affect you. eric bolling what nobody's talking about but should be and it could change the course of whether janet yellen hikes rates in december. he is up next. eric, "the five," next on "count down." when a moment spontaneously turns romantic, why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom?
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seminole ♪ liz: 45 minutes before the closing bell rings. for a minute the nasdaq was so close to turning positive. now it's down seven points. we need to get to media giant time warner dropping like a led balloon. shares are down nearly 10%. reporting better than expected third quarter. liz: today but what is wrong? hurt by announcement lowering physical guidance for 2015.
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that will always get you. that stealing some magic out of disney's stock. disney is down 1 and three quarters%. they are worried about consumers cutting cord when it comes to cable. that was issue couple months ago. last time around, bob iger warned, all different skinny bundles are affects espn. guess that has long tail for the moment. pleasure at the pump. we've seen that last several months. gasoline prices down nearly 80 cents from one year ago. the average u.s. consumer could see prices falling even further. just this morning on "mornings with maria," in a fox business exclusive, ceo rex tillerson, says with influx of global supply, the goal u.s. energy ceos is to secure the u.s. energy future. listen. >> we moved from an era of energy scarcity where we were more concerned about sourcing our supply from countries around the world, some of which we knew were going to be unstable from time to time.
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now we've moved to era of energy a abundance. i think forward-looking people will be looking how do we take this era of energy abundance and secure our energy future from a energy security standpoint for decades to come. liz: left out the part about, and make money doing it. that has been the the trouble right now. and there is now new speculation iran has plans to flood the oil market with supply. we're getting bigger details on number. what will that mean for the oil market globally and here at home? eric bolling traded oil for years. the host of "the five" on fox news. i love this iran will open the tap. should call it floodgates. >> 45 million barrels they will flow on to the market. that is just the beginning. once the sanctions are lifted off iran on this new iran deal, they will put 45 -- million barrels on world market. they produce 3.3 million barrels. no one is allude -- allowed to
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trade with iran the once restrictions are lifted, those are three million barrels coming on to the oil market. we give them $150 billion cash they say is theirs. what will they do with the cash? beef up their oil production. expect iran to get up to 4 million barrels per day production. prices would go down. one of the up arrows, call it that, one of the arguments for higher prices are u.s. rig counts are going down. rex tillerson talked about u.s. being flush in supply. that's because of what is going on in the shale market and natural gas market. so we're flush that way. but as rig counts go down because there are lower prices you're pulling u.s. supply off. u.s. is number one producer of oil. liz: we can get that back, eric. with the flip of switch and sending rigs back out. >> not necessarily flip of a switch but fairly easily get rigs count back up three to
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six-month period that could go up. my whole issue here the thing is will come down to u.s. gdp. people are saying 2%, 3 1/2% going forward. i don't think it will be like that, lizzie, i think sub2% growth going forward based on seeing in the global economy and china. if you get sub2% growth on gdp, oil prices have to go down. right now we're hovering $45 a barrel for a while. feels like in balance, supply and demand is in balance. if gdp number splits and erode, a lot of economists say they will -- liz: janet yellen can't tighten rates in december even though today she said it is live one. live possibility of a rate hike in december. you're saying cheaper oil hurts gdp? >> cheaper oil in the long run helps gdp but in -- in the short run, there are people who will say cheaper oil will pull rig counts out.
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rex tillerson will have to lay people off. liz: that is boom and bust, eric. >> no question. here is the case, lizzie what is the case for 100-dollar-barrel oil? i can't really make one right now. i can give you a case for 30-dollar a barrel. supply overhang. gdp slowing down. talking about china slowing down for four months, 2007, 2008, oil was $147 a barrel. who even knows why. we do know this, opec -- >> you know what happens since then? what happens since then we realize you can frack and pull natural gas and oil out of rock formations which we didn't then. $140 a barrel, we weren't fracking, environmentalists are telling us not to do it. liz: they did drill, baby drill. they did it. environmentalists didn't win that battle. flashing, baby frack. the price goes down. now they're complaining they have to lay people off. be careful what you wish for? >> i don't think anyone is complaining.
3:21 pm
oil patch is complaining they lay people off. that is normal business cycles. you lay off least economical ways of producing oil. i think this is great for the economy. i think long term -- liz: what about -- >> i think we get sub-2 fairly toon. liz: 1.98 in new jersey. >> think about this, at $1.95 versus year ago, you're talking 300 or $400 billion of a stimulus package into the economy. that is $300 billion we're not spending on oil at 45% we're buying somewhere else. all good news. liz: eric bolling, knows ins and outs. can still do hand signals. >> why is he wrapping me? liz: at this point, great to see you, eric. eric bolling. be sure to watch eric on "the five," fox news channel every day, 5:00 p.m. eastern. closing bell 39 minutes away. charlie gasparino has more on the tension between herbalife
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and billionaire bill ackman who is shorting that stock. the pr war is heating up. you have got to hear this one crackling as we speak. charlie breaks the story coming up. facebook reports earnings after the bell. zeroing in on all sorts of new technology to increase profits in the future. how about 360-degree video that facebook is betting will attract you? we are going to walk you through one that involves lebron james coming up. by the way, our facebook page, we're almost at 17,000 likes. we need your help to get to 20,000. look at the screen. move your cursor to the three little dots next to the share button, click it and then select, invite friends. invite all your friends to like facebook/liz claman. should i post an old picture of you and me? >> back in the day? >> maybe i will do that. liz claman on twitter. liz you don't have to leave your house.
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you're with me.
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♪ liz: oh, the "star wars" fans, they have hyper analyzed every single frame of every trailer to unravel the mystery of "the force awakens" ahead of its december 18th debut. now they have a brand new set of posters to pour over. the images, look at that one, offer fresh glimpses of five of the major characters, each holding their primary weapon, but do you notice anyone missing from the batch? it's the same one who has been missing this whole time. luke. luke skywalker is just not there. >> who is that? i care more about her. liz: it was me last year. of the his role in the new saga -- who's that?
3:28 pm
luke's mommy? >> she look pissed. liz: we need to get to something equally as dramatic. >> yes. liz: if you're a business news viewer. herbalife shares on the mend avenue tricksal supplement company reported weaker-than-expected sales. would i hardly consider this on the mend actually. the stock is down 3 and 2/3. >> it had been down five. liz: it had been down five. >> now it is down $2 and -- am i reading this right? liz: that's a stretch. billionaire activist investor bill ackman has had a bull's-eye on herbalife's back for close to three years. you know what? it has been horrible bet. put aside today, shares have soared 35% over last six months. ackman's hedge fund, pershing square is reportedly down nearly 16% this year. something herbalife's vice president to all too happy to remind people about. quote, i hope bill ackman has done more research on valeant
3:29 pm
than herbalife. >> whoa. liz: yes, ackman owns all of those stocks. pr -- >> owned or owns. he owns valeant still. liz: is this a pr war now heating up again? >> listen -- liz: these guys are like high schoolboys. >> i can't wait for this to be over. i want, for the ftc, the federal trade commission, to rule -- liz: decide. is herbalife a problem or not? >> problematic business structure. remember what a pyramid scheme is. you don't really have sales. you have some but marginal sales. the way you make money you entice other distributors to buy the product. liz: to sell the product. >> you don't really sell the product that type of structure is bound to fail. usually pyramid schemes fail a lot sooner. how long have they been around? erg serks 30 years. more than. liz: 30 years. more than that i think. >> look at earnings, they came out last night, disappointed
3:30 pm
wall street even though they beat expectations on earnings. just sales were down. you have got to ask yourself are, these new businesses practices they put in post-ackman's charges that they do a lot of distribution and they do heavy sales push to distributors to sucker them in, is that now hurting the bottom line? because their sales were off. that is why the market reacted pretty rough early on. i think the stock was down five bucks. liz: groupon sales were -- i'm so tired of situation with bill ackman. i think bill ackman is terrific. i really do. he is smart guy. it is personal with him and herb a life and buffett he wants to be like. he always says don't get personal. love a stock and keep it or don't. buffett doesn't short stocks because this is primarily what ends up happening. you get too emotional. you believe there are -- >> i don't think there is anything wrong with shorting a stock. liz: nothing wrong with shorting but -- >> being emotional violates all rules of investing.
3:31 pm
if you lose money you sell. average people are looking for tips. ace greenburg used to tell people worse thing is holding on a stock. liz: or doubling down. >> or doubling down. when you sell it you could make another better bet. you don't have to worry about it if you sell it. there are two stories here. i want to say this for the herbalife investor. one is the change of business practices at herbalife they have been doing for the last year, last couple years post-ackman. is that having material impact on sales? and earnings so you got to ask yourself that. some evidence today in the earnings, yes. other thing what happens with the stock if they, if the ftc doesn't charge them? and you know, i will tell you right now -- liz: it will skyrocket. >> bo up. herbalife is going after ackman very viciously on the valeant stuff. trying to draw comparison between valeant and herbalife. he missed valeant. he is big-time investor in valeant. as you know valeant is in middle of many potential
3:32 pm
investigations. stock got crushed recently. we've been doing stuff on that. they're trying to draw the comparison how those two big bets are bad. liz: i would love for bill to come on to talk about why he still so passionate about pounding this company down, on herbalife. he is always welcome here. i think it is important. >> you have to ask yourself is it worth it? if i buy herbalife, the stock, i know all the charges -- if i'm a distributor of herbalife i know i might not be able to sell it. what is public good just hammering a company where 90% of -- all the information is disclosed? liz: i like the protein bars. >> i do too. liz: thank you, charlie gasparino on the pr battle still brewing here. the closing bell 28 minutes away. we'll take you back out live to las vegas. jeff flock has promised he has saved the coolest car for me. saving it for me. no it is not the corvette.
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he knows i'm not a corvette gal. he has most pimped out my ride, ride, from the las vegas strip. it is big money, huge. ben carson rising in the polls as donald trump sharpens his attacks in front of the fox business debate. the latest and greatest 2016 news, next on "countdown." awe believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can take calculated risks. active management can seek to outperform. because active investment management isn't reactive. it's active. that's the power of active management.
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liz: six days away from the fox business republican presidential debate. specifically, today, could shape the stage in terms of who will attend each debate as well as rivalries as two separate polls were just released. first one is quinnepiac showing ben carson and donald trump are neck-and-neck while trump technically has one-point lead over carson.
3:38 pm
given margin of error it is being called a statistical tie. we'll find out in just a few hours when the latest "fox news poll" comes out, whether that is confirmed. i want to bring in liz chatter ton, a democratic strategist,ni. great to have you both. we cover this like a horse race. i'm wondering if we have it all wrong. should we cover it like a marathon? john, when you figure exactly what polls tell you, we know things do change. are we being incorrect in the way we're assessing what is going on right this minute? >> no, i don't think you're incorrect but i think campaigns are marathons not sprints and neither trump nor carson i think are marathon distance runners. in polls of past presidential races have shown in exit polls that as many as 40% of the people don't make up their mind until six weeks before. so in many ways the campaign is still in its very early stages. and we're going to see potentially biggest ises in
3:39 pm
numbers. i worked on a campaign, statewide campaign in 2004, with tom coburn. there was a 20 point shift in the last month of the race. so i think, the question is who is best-suited to compete in the last few weeks of the campaign. and i have a hard time seeing either trump or carson being that person. liz: what do you think? >> i actually couldn't agree more. i think it is absolutely a marathon and the truth it is still pretty early in the marathon. liz: yeah. >> if it's a 26-mile race, we're just barely into mile three at this point. if you think back four years ago, at this time, in november of 2011, herman cain was beating mitt romney for the republican nomination. that is obviously what ended up happening. it is a longer race than people think it is. promise you, these candidates feel like tomorrow is election day every day. liz: i know. >> but it's not. liz: the book battles, we have
3:40 pm
both trump out with a book yesterday. ben carson with a book out today. ben carson getting pretty significant crowds here. let me shift over to jeb bush. john, jeb bush is plummeting in the latest poll. he has fallen to 4%. he had 10% of the support in september. that reading but how much trouble is he really in? or is this still that opportunity for him to have the, you know, stick-to-itiveness to make it through the marathon? >> job obviously had difficulty with the past debate. it is early and i think he can turn things around. jeb's greatest attribute is his record. he has a proven conservative record. ultimately the reason there is so much angst and anxiety in the country the american people want someone capable of solving problems. jeb bush has very compelling case to make he can do that. some of our other candidates can as well. i think jeb with both his experience and his, his proven ability to mount a long-term race, think he could be there
3:41 pm
for the long haul. liz: liz, i can't let you go without asking you by hillary clinton. she is by far the front-runner. right now that is the case in the democratic race. when paired against, or faced up against some republicans, she beats trump handily but she does not beat, carson, rubio or cruz or even chris christie for a general election. with the caveat, it is still so early. what do you think of that? >> i think it is really early and i think it's way too soon for us to be looking at this as a national election. what we know is that in the end, this is going to come down between five and eight states that are going to decide this presidential election. i think if you went into those states right now and looked at hillary clinton's numbers and looked at any of the 15 republican numbers, i think frankly majority of voters would be undecided. that is exactly where they should be. it is a fledgling campaign. we're not there yet. liz: we started with john.
3:42 pm
we end with liz. we're fair and balanced at fox business. great to see you both. be sure to watch fox business's republican presidential debate coverage in just six days. tuesday november 10th. the team, the entire fox business family will be involved. debate coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. eastern. i want to let you guys know this, i will be anchoring from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. we'll have the smartest mind in politics but with the business twist, leading up to this on that day. so you've got to dvr the whole day. you just to. that is the way it is. if you're at work, watching us, don't get us at home, demand it! call your cable operator and demand fox business. closing bell ringing in 18 minutes. facebook the numbers are just coming out in one hour. what am i doing there with my hands up? you have to go to claman. there is nothing that i would change but some people complain some of the content their friend post is so annoying, right?
3:43 pm
they like their friend but don't like some of the content. wait until you hear the answer facebook has come up with to cure that cat problem. or i don't want to hear your political opinions problem. that's next. jeff flock on the vegas strip with inside look at one of the hottest shows in the world. what is that, jeff? reporter: that is a harley-davidson 2016. what cima is all about, liz? about what people do after they bought a bike. this is custom. this fellow did it. it is extraordinary. i think they have got your likeness painted on back of this. we'll come back and take a closer look. glad i could help you plan for your retirement.
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take control of your rates. visit a local office or call see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance ♪ liz: yeah, i was model for that. yeah. jeff flock just showed that oh,
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maybe -- one of those romance novel covers. vegas bringing heat. does that surprise you? six souped-up engines with six beautiful pictures on them. 140,000 car freaks at baddest car show on plannest. hosted by specialty equipment marketing association. not open to the public. now it is for you. jeff flock is right there on the inside. jeff? reporter: most extraordinary show i have ever seen, liz. you're looking at a 1946 dodge farm truck. no, that is not your dad's farm truck. that is v-12 engine. getting 1500-horsepower. one example. this used to be called the speed equipment manufacturers show. it is so much more than that. it is everything what you do to the car. look at finish on that.
3:49 pm
that is a paint supplier on there. pretty extraordinary. this is about after market. we report huge run-up in sales of cars, well the after market is booming also. take a look at that. that is a jeep. that doesn't look like any jeep you've seen before. that is all tricked out. somebody bought a brand new jeep, made it a black tarantula model. pretty impressive stuff. if you want to redo a car. restore old car. this is porsche. that has special cooling system in it. over here, we have a tank. they say if you can cool inside of a tank, by god you can cool anything. pretty cool, everything here in las vegas. sema. pretty cool. liz: i want sparkling rims. i was told that is very lil' kim. i want to be like lil lizzie. jeff, find my rims. >> i don't know what to say with that.
3:50 pm
touching that. liz: from the hottest cars in vegas to the hottest tech companies in silicon valley, they're releasing, facebook the most anticipated earnings report by investors. more than 71% of internet users are on facebook. they're announcing third quarter earnings today, looking at shares of facebook right now. keep in mind. this is a stock that hit 52-week highs over and over and over again. there it is. up 1 1/3%. facebook is zeroing in on pretty remarkable technology that could bring in big bucks in the future. mashable tech editor and jo ling kent tell me what we expect to see from the report. one of them, looks, everybody talks about how it is all about video with mobile. 360-degree video view, pete. this is something facebook believes will bring in money. will it? >> some day, yeah. 360-degree video is baby step
3:51 pm
towards virtual reality. facebook as huge interest in owners of oculus. over time you see this kind of video become more common, more people will demand different kinds of media from games to, movie clips. and then, eventually facebook nvr. visit a friend across the world and meet up with a bookstore in paris or eiffel tower or whatever. liz: whether this works, facebook messenger or with assistant type abilities. can anyone catch this company. >> it is really tough. you see a lot of their platforms doing well. instagram at 400 million users. new participates with facebook striking with news organizations to create a news reading app announced today. liz: that is very big. >> facebook is platform where so many millenials get their news. they're no longer going to tv and radio and news sites. they're going into social network.
3:52 pm
you can see that, when videos go viral, often happening not on few tube -- youtube but facebook. liz: what about ability to customize, you can filter out not just friends, but if you don't like what people post you get rid of them, but artificial intelligence where you filter out certain things your friends post. like i don't want to hear about my friend's dog anymore, sorry. >> imaging software. they have great depth mows of this, can actually detect not just who is in the photo but what is in a photo. if you like the post but don't like they post about cats all the time. don't show me the cat stuff and they will do that. liz: you have smart people that can interpret objects, this artificial intelligence. will that bring in more than what they have, which is 1 1/2 monthly active users, one half billion? >> the idea is being able to cure rate and artificial intelligence work up the revenue for each user. they're able to pull in more cash.
3:53 pm
that goes back to the virtual reality and 360 video. they can monetize that not just through partnerships we talked about but advertising which they have done successfully over at instagram. i talked with sources at facebook they will cross apply into virtual reality. >> people will throw phones down in disgust or worse, go to snapchat. this image recognition serves that goal. >> that is the bottom line, who is coming next to chase facebook and snapchat is latest one. liz: pete and jo ling kent, very good at facebook situation. 52 cents and 4.3billion dollars, those are expectations for eps and revenue. you have to note, david and melissa right on "after the bell," the minute the numbers come out will have them. they will have all kinds of play-by-play and postgame what facebook earnings really tell us about it. so big news right there. stay tuned. seven minutes away from the closing bell. we are coming right back.
3:54 pm
stay tuned. dow jones industrials down 66 points. ♪
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>> liz: breaking news, markets close to session lows. mark spell mane, alpine funds manager. fellow redhead i might add. yellen spooked markets by a live rate hike possibly in december. i don't know why that spooked people. is that the most important thing people should look for? >> no, i don't think it is. if she does or doesn't, whatever it is it will be nominal amount. we think this rate cycle will be very elong gated. we're in camp how global economic grows will be a big mover into the market going into 2016. china's recovery, europe's recovery, asia getting better. economic activity on global basis trumps fed policy of 25
3:58 pm
basis points all the time. liz: i want to know why people listen to you. you have alpine dividend rising fund. each quarter the stocks with dividends tend to rise. you have 13% pretty much total return. >> right. liz: which is very nice asking we have a lot of volatility. your favorite names right now? >> yeah i think to your point, one of our themes has been, with the concerns of global growth is trying to stay in the u.s. as much as we can. liz: okay. >> names deriving most revenues and earnings here in the u.s. a name that fits that bill and also plays on the themes of lower gas and higher consumer spending is discover card. sort of a second derivative name. very inexpensive at 10 times earnings. that name in the dodd-frank test has highest capital ratio of any financial institution out there. they have a 2% yield rising 20%. it would be bigger yield if treasury would let them have it.
3:59 pm
we think name has 30% upside. we think the dividend will go up 15% annually. liz: zimmer bio medholds. those are real winners. chubb is big winner. i like to ask you guys on occasion, what was your worst bet this year? >> going to bring that up. so in the beginning of year we were a little more bullish on liquid natural gas and the natural gas market. transporting that all around the world to asia and europe would be very big. we didn't anticipate weakness in natural gas would be. we abandoned that investment which is important part of portfolio management. we used those resources to reallocate to other names in our fund. liz: sounds like the intelligent way to go. mark, good luck to you. >> thank you. liz: four billion in assets. mark spellman of alpine fund. >> thanks. liz: send it to david and melissa. monthly active users they're waiting to see. david: very exciting time. facebook out with third quarter earnings any moment now.
4:00 pm
we have an all-star panel to take us through it all. melissa: who is hillary's biggest threat for the presidency? a new poll with head-to-head numbers. first stocks down off session lows following mid-morning after janet yellen said a rate hike in december was a possibility, the dow now down about 60 points here as the closing bell rings on wall street. the closing bell rings] this is it where we end the day with major indices. closing bell ringing on nasdaq and wall street. down 7 points on the s&p. basically flat on nasdaq. crude oil down, taking a pretty significant hit, down almost 3%. david: some averages could change momentarily even after hours, facebook expected to release third quarter earnings any moment. we have a all-star panel to take us through it. tech expert, jo ling kent, charles payne, "making money with charles payne" and jonathan hoenig, capitalist hedge fund.


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