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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 4, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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let me say, the police will still be there, they will still respond, and they will continue to support the community. charles: there is a reason he called them in the first place. >> right. charles: thank you very much. detective wheeler, up next lou dobbs keeps right here on fox business. lou: i am lou dobbs, talk of donald trump decline in the polls has been over stated. brand-new fox news poll out tonight show donald trump leading the republican race now, with backing of 26%. of the g.o.p. primary voters. also identifying paren trump as best candidate on the economy. most likely to beat hillary clinton. tonight, our political panel, coming right now. also, more reasons for democrats to worry about their prospect for winning next
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year's presidential election, republicans and conservative ideology prevails in elections yesterday. today's fo mar mar -- marquee race in kentucky, we take up all things politics. with chris steye steyer walt. and growing evidence that russian jet liner that crashed in the egyptian desert over the week, may have been brought down by a bomb. britain has suspended all commercial flight over the region for fear it was a terrorist bomb, for which the islamic state has taken responsibility. >>ur top story, donald trump back on top of the republican race for the white house, he is leading dr dr. carson,
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carl cameron with our report. >> reporter: donald trump arrived at new hampshire state house to file for first primary ballot in 14 weeks, he is first to pay $1,000 and secure his spot on the nation's primary ballot next year. >> make america great again. that is what we're going to do. >> reporter: after a few recent polls where she was behind, a new fox poll shows trump slightly ahead of carson, ted cruz and marco rubio were surging and tied for third, and. jeb bush and the west of the candidates are in single digits, after filing, trump met with the press core corps. >> bep carso den carson does not have ap aptitude to bring the jobs back ordeal with mexico or china.
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>> reporter: trump reraises questions about rubio's past financial struggles. and using a credit card for florida for lavish expenses when he was speaker of the house. >> check on how he runs things with his credit cards. >> reporter: he also announced plans to begin his tv and radio ad flits for those attacking him. >> if they hit me, they will be smacked like they have never been smack before, we're starting out positive. >> reporter: marco rubio was also in new hampshire, dismissing trump's claims about his finances and fired back. >> he gets weird when his numbers go down. we pray for donald to find peace. >> reporter: after a poor portfolio in last week's debate, bush has apologized to france, and resume his criticism of rubio, we caught
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up with bush on his jeb can fix it, reboot the bus tour. >> i am surely vetted. marco is going to have to explain what he has done. >> reporter: rubio is attracting larger crowds with more enthusiasm. he acknowledges he has about two years of expense receipts, and will make them public in a month. lou: carl cameron thank you. >> you don't want to miss next republican debate, fox business network hosting to tuesday november 10, we'll be broadcasting live from milwaukee, wisconsin, we begin on this broadcast, monday evening, 7:00 eastern issue joinous fox business network tuesday. >> we're still a year out from the 2016 presidential election but voters have offered a few signs and signals of things to come, one important signal
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conservatives dominated elections yesterday in kentucky. republican outsider matt bevin besting democrat jack conway by a large margin,53 to 44%. an upset victory for bevin. he was trailing in every poll, he promises to ditch obamacare in his state. >> in virginia republicans keeping majority of state senate despite a huge spending onslaught from former new york mayor michael bloomberg gun control group. >> and turning to the investigation of what brought down the russian jetliner over egypt this week.
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u.k. has hall halted all flights to sharm-el-sheikh, investigators are turning their investigation to who was aboard the flight, ho w.h.o. had access to the -- and who had axsys to the jetliner before take off. >> reporter: u.s. officials are reluctant to say with certainty what brought down the russian jet, there is mounting evidence it was a bomb, not a malfunction, and isis is leading suspect. intelligence officials say that they are looking through flight passenger manifest for possible suspect who might have carried out the attack, great britain is not waiting for any time of confirmation. they are cancels flights to egypt's sharm-el-sheikh. the impact of the towned russia -- downed russian passenger jet continues tonights, prime minister's was on the could not say why the aircraft crashed.
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but information has suggested it was not an accident. >> we have become concerned, plane may have been drought down as a result of an explosive device. >> reporter: from the start investigator refused to rule out terrorism. at the same time, egyptian authoriz authorities did not immediately sound the alarm either, british officials were not taking chances. >> it seems unlikely that downing street would have made a statement like this, unless they had a reasonable degree of assurance that this was a problem. >> reporter: an isis-afilliated group initially claimed to have shot the plane down, but therefore a sudden and unexpected heat flash at the time of the crash there is no evidence that a surface-to-air missile caused it, isis today claimed responsibility against saying in a audio recording this burden is on investigators
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notice is to explain thousand happened. -- how it happened, if it was isis or a isis-afilliated group there is more evidence they are growing stronger outside home base of syria and iraq. and raises troubling questions about u.s. tragedy to defeat them. lou: thank you. >> iranians making clear today to obama white house that president's nuclear deal with iran has not doub bought him any friends in tehran, this was the scene in tehran today. thousands gathering in city to burn american flags and burn effigies of president obama. all part of a rally marking 36 anniversary of the 1979 takeover of the u.s. embassy there. the display of hostility a day after iran's supreme leader,
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extended an olive branch, claiming the slogan, which iranian say will stay in place, death to america, does not mean death to the american people. the is up reithe -- supreme leader said it really means death to american policies. it does not get more obvious than there, or much sillier in fact. lou: a new poll shows almost every major republican candidate beating hillary clinton in head-to-head match ups, all but one, we take it up wit. >> we're show you what it looks like when a military space mission goes on, stay with us. >> on the next kennedy, my party panel gets crazy, we
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count down to the fbf debate.
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lou: the big political news, donald trump atoll the latest fox news g.o.p. presidential poll, going after his republican opponents as he officially filed for the new hampshire primary. >> we have to make our country rich again, then we'll make our country great again, ben carson does not have that aptitude, jeb is a low-energy
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person. ben carson is super low energy. there an article today that he falls asleepe asleep he gets in a car to drive. lou: joining us, fox news editor chris -- we heard about low energy of one he is on a roll. >> well, yes, but -- imagine how much better mr. trump would be doing if he were not attacking personaly his republican rivals. it turns out that is limiting reagent for him issue he continues to hold -- >> did you say reagent? >> reagent. lou: i suspect you of being a liberal arts graduate.
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>> i am, but i learned enough chemistry to make analogies. the personal attacks, will kill him just like jeb bush. what killed jeb bush was personal attacks again marco rubio. he made it personal, and about marco rubio's character, jeb bush collapsed. that was the final thing for jeb bush. with donald trump he is out there is a well spring support for him on the issue of immigration, and blue collar white voters they are saying go trump go, every time he gets momentum he goes on personal attacks he cuts himself off at the pass that limits the number of people who are receptive to him. lou: how many of the cycles -- we'll call them trumpian
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cycles do you think he will have to experience. >> you mention that quinnipiac university poll that was out that has ben carson beating hillary clinton by 10 points in a theoretical general elect match up, cruz and rubio both beating her, and trump, losing too hillary clinton. he is not well enough liked, he. the longer that goes on, the harder it will be for mr. trump to expand. lou: would you entertain a counter theory to your trumpian cycle theory? that is if normal times these were, that is national media were independent and even-handed and call up thinkgs of each candidate that might hole. but given that is not the
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case, and we stand so tall amongst those few who represent truth, justice and the american way on this network, i think that probably trump may serve himself fairly well to point out, what he sees as failing of others. >> i take your point about the fractured media. but i have to tell you, when you get down to it, an attack is like, i wrote today, an attack is like an intentional foul in a football game. you may stop the other people from scoring, but you are going to receive a penalty in return that is what happens, trump may feel be on abou -- be oobliged to squash them or hit them. but each time the polls tell us oises. hotherwise, he has to let others grow to love him as his
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base does. lou: and in new hampshire marco rubio doing well, and cruz now, with rubio, at the top of the latest fox news poll. this is an important traction for two men who look like they were not going to establish it until last debate. >> this may be for the next phase of the republican campaign, the quartet that is for real, everyone else is down in single digits and low numbers and struggling. we may be seeing now, the next itration of the republican field that ben carson, donald trump, ted nugent ted cruz and marco rubio as pour 4 guys in the hunt for nomination. >> bevin, matt bevin, kentucky. >> how did that. lou: a stunner of a result, and outsider prevailing, as we witnessed.
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by far the most part, signal to news those who would divine something nationaly from the kentucky results. >> two things, you might divine that winner of kentucky gubernatorial election the year before, their party has carried white house three consecutive cycles. then i would tell you, people need to quit reading so many terrible polls, my goodness. polling in kentucky was heinous, you knew it was going to be, because it was smartphone on-line, cock mamey poll, it was not good stuff it was not blue grass prime that was junk, people were putting the polls out like it was real thing, it turned out they were 13 points off, trust the good stuff. lou: it is -- and even then maybe you know squint a little closer at the numbers. >> yeah.
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lou: rick stirewalt thank you. >> you bet. lou: see you in milwaukee. >> oh, yeah. lou: topping the list, russia president vladimir putin. germany's leader merkel is next. falling to third place, president obama. this is the first time a sitting u.s. president, has not been in the was to two in forbes power ranking, forbes say that putin is so powerful he can do what he wants while obama's influence shrinks. we want you to weigh in on this issue. who do you think is the more powerful, donald trump, barack obama, hillary clinton, chinese president xi jinping, or vladimir putin. ? cast your vote at follow he on social media, on twitter.
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and facebook page. >> hawaii's first rocket launch turning into a disaster. an experimental u.s. military rocket to launch 13 communication satellite to space, broke apart a minute av the launch. it went bad. quickly. >> failed mission cost $45 million. so far no word what went wrong, and who did the accounting on what 13 satellites cost, my suspicion is that number should be higher but it was a military launch. up next, a few thoughts on election day, and wake-up call for some democrats who wish to gain consciousness. >> a rude awakening for folks shopping in colorado. see the theme there. that story and more, when we come back. stay with us.
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lou: it was quite an elect yesterday, a few thoughts about it just over a year from the presidential election, but citizens in the nation are giving us a since of th of the e-- electorate appetite for more. voter across country yet rejected most of the leftist socialist ideas of candidates on ballot, voter in kentucky shocking political establishment by elections republican matt bevin by a wide margin as their next governor, in a state where democrats have been in the governor's mansion for 40 out of last 44 years, bevin is a newcomer to politics, been an outsider be he did run as an outsider against democrat career politician jack conway,
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and conway was considered a shoe in. in virginia republicans kept control of state senate, gun control a big issue in the election. democrats ra'anan aggressive pro gun control campaign funded by more than $2 million, shipped in by mike bloomberg. also an embarrassing defeat for governor of virginia, a clinton insider, and ally. does this translate to a problem for hillary clinton? we'll see. in california, vote are threw out san francisco sheriff who defended sanctuary city laws, protects criminal illegal immigrants and defied federal immigrationlaw, sheriff ross was criticized nationally av a mexican illegal immigrant, he released from jail his jail, shot and killed 32-year-old
7:28 pm
kate steinle in july. and ohio voted against legalization of pot. just when we thought it was a national trend, houston votes down a broad gay right ballot measure, over an concern of bathroom ordinance, in yesterday's election, will be noted not just for conservative candidates expshes buand issues buts strong message that voter sentiment a quotation of the evening. this one from g.o.p. strategist lobbyist, former rnc chairman ed gillespie, said, politics swings like a pendulum, so it does.
7:29 pm
we'll try to measure the path of the pendulum and where it might rest next, stay with us, we'll be right back. >> will the attacks on marco rubio over his personal finances hurt or help him i? we take up who is losing and winning in the presidential sweepstakes next with ed rollins and robert zimmerman. we'll have that story and the incredible video here next. stay with us.
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lou: top news at this hour, u.s. and british officials now say there is mounting evidence that a bomb caused crash of the russian jetliner over egypt, the prim prime suspect the islamic state. >> britain today suspending flights to and from the sinai desert. >> 4 republican presidential candidates have double digit backing in the new fox news poll, trump, carson, cruz and rubio, then a steep drop off for the rest of the field, more on the polls in a moment. we'll talk with two of the smartest folks in the business of politics. and jeb bush, apologizing for a jab at marco rubio where he said marco rubio's senate attendsance record is what he call add french workweek, bush
7:34 pm
saying sorry to the french. joining us now ed rollie rollins and robert zimmerman. thank you. >> thank you. lou: starting with this poll, an outsider perspective, trump on top in fox news poll
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>> let's turn to kentucky. where matt bevin ran unsuccessfully in 2014, he was told he could not do anything. expert saying, door bevin. here he is winning by a huge margin over a another practiced professional democrat.
7:37 pm
>> look, let's be clear, it is never easy for my party to give up a governorship. here is what is most telling, if you think, looking at national picture, bevin and issues he ran on with support of kim davis. lou: are but to bury one of your own? >> kim davis is not one of my own. lou: i am talking about conway. >> i'm saying to you, there no question, without question, a loss for my party. but also indicates, why they my party will win presidency. the issues that matt bevin ran on, de demagoguery and extremism is what keeps the republicans out of the white house. >> i want to remind you, republican governors are now
7:38 pm
32, democrats 17, since this president came into was in 2009, democrats lost 69 house seat, 13 senate seats, and 12 govern ships i think this is one more day not a good day for your party. >> let's put in perspective, we held white house for 8 years, we have won -- democrat won presidency -- >> only 7. >> only 7 so far, but democrat won vote in 5 of 6 last presidential election. lou: you are not responding directly to mr. rollins' point. it is a devastating ik cycle for democrats. >> i would argue, it is tough, but in terms of u.s. senate and presidency, democrats are doing well, pause republicans just keep making the same mistake, playing to tea party, rush limbaugh crowd, folks
7:39 pm
sitting stoned there parent's basement on twitter. >> in proper perspective, in higmy life time. there are two republicans, who have been governor of kentucky. we have a third. a long time, that is your -- one of your space states with the internal state ride politics. >> kentucky can make amends vote a democrat back in 4 years, i am not worried. >> the issue again, do not walk away from the issue, the issue was obama care it was front and center. >> the president got reelected on this issue. >> i don't think so. lou: gun control or millions this bloomberg shifted in to virginia. to help his buddy and that of hillary clinton, terry
7:40 pm
mccullagh. >> i'm sorry to have to use my notes. lou: we carry on. >> thank you both. >> thank you. lou: i think partisan shi partisanship is alive and well. >> remember tune in to next republican debate tuesday, november 10, we'll be hosting on fox business, live from milwaukee, wisconsin, always at forefront. november 10. scary momenting for a forke former walmart chief executive officer, bill simon flying a plane in north western arkansas he realized hid oil system failed he deployed plane's parachute, it glided to the ground, he clipped a pickup truck on the highway, fortunately the 3 passengers
7:41 pm
in the plane, and 3 in the truck suffered just minor injuries, remarkable. why it took so long for others to think of this to adapt to it they have not, cirrus. saving more lives. lou: customer in colorado receiving a different reading while shopping, surveillance video shows an suv ramming through the entrance of a high-end grocery store in denver, driver taken into custody on suspicion of driving under the upfluence of drugs, no one was hurt. lou: up next, major general robert scales joins us, they say, you should not stare directly at the sun. but nasa taking breath taking photos. stay with us.
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lou: the pentagon ratcheting up u.s. challenge to china's territorial claims in south china sea, ash carter will join carrier uss theodore roosevelt and its task fore
7:46 pm
tomorrow as they patrol the south china sea, malaysia among several nations that lay claim to ter -- territory in the disputed water waters. joining us now, retire major general robert scales, fox news military analyst, and great to have you with us. >> hello, lou. lou: this is dramatic stuff. to have defense secretary step on the decks of the theodore roosevelt in south china sea. >> it is, i have to tip my hat to ash carter, he is handling this well, a couple key points, this is a naval theater of war, south china secosea secon tested by 5 nations.
7:47 pm
they are trying to expand. and what carter has done well added american present gradually over last couple of years, to push back against chinese expandtion implement so far, this tragedy seems to work very well in east asia. lou: it took two years for state to send a ship in this case, the uss -- u.s. ship this went into south china sea within 12 nautical mile its took two years to do that. >> but better late than ever. i think that country is waking up to the threet fro threat from china, probably not quite as much strength as we should put in the region of the world. but remember, navy is down to 270 ships, they are spread thinly, they have 5 of 10 carriers that could be deployed today, because of
7:48 pm
maimaintenance problem and shortage of funds in the navy. tough time in the navy. lou: and army not doinge faring much better, and challenges mount, in syria, also i want to turn to the now that british have given for canceling ca commercial airliners to sharm-el-sheikh it was a terrorist bomb, responsibility claimed by the islamic state, this administration does not acknowledge yet. >> absolutely, remember benghazi in i don't think that this administration has come clean over major hasan terrorist act at fort hood. remember to acknowledge isis, is the culprit in this points
7:49 pm
out a strateg strategy failure. in speculation is true this is a whole new ball game with the middle east. lou: and as we watch british, suspend commercial carrier flights into the region. more likely will occur, what will be the affect in terms of plant of power, commercial interest as well? >> i tell you what, if this turns out to be true, mr. putin is going to am after isis with a -- is going to come after isis with a vengeance, he is a leader who understands the meaning of revenge and retribution, he will do whatever he can to thump isis hard, mainly cause, he is a you know a very strong leader, but the russian people
7:50 pm
will demand retribution, watch out isis, mr. putin is coming av you. lou: probably not expecting same patience as americans did . >> i don't think he will pay much attention to rules of engagement. >> thank you. lou: on wall street, stocks close lower, dow down 51, s&p down 7, nasdaq off 3, volume bibig board 4 billion shares. >> forget pluto, nasa sets it eyes on something more stunning. new video of the sun released by a team who worked more than 300 hours to create this beautiful present teaing of activity on the solar surface. capture the sun on 10 different waive lengths. extraordinary.
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lou: fox news host bill
7:55 pm
o'reilly with demands for republican candidates ahead of next week's business, o'reilly joining jimmy fallen, i am join by joanne and andy levy. >> thank you. lou: did you think it was harsh of bill to insist they stop complaining? >> i think there is a difference between pointing out bad things and complaining, it can be a fine line, i thought some demands were reasonabls. others absurd, they ask for equal time for all candidates, that makes sense. but then they like they want oversight for graphics from the network that is never going to happen. that is just sounds whiney. lou: they got confused run for president versus running for producer. >> i think he is right on.
7:56 pm
>> saying, you sound like democrats whining that is harsh. >> aircraft agree they need to hear it, if i hear one more time a candidate, saying, i have not had the mic. don't waste your time on saying i have not been able to talk. kasich did that a lot before the last one. >> and hillary clinton, do you think -- do you believe in fraudian slips? >> of course, i try to avoid them. lou: let's hear hillary here, this is sort of interesting. >> earlier today i announced that as president i will take steps to ban the box. former president won't have to declare their criminal history at the very start of the hiring process. >> i am assuming that was a fraudian slip. >> she meant to say future president. lou: under considerable threat
7:57 pm
of indictment. >> she was so funny, when she tells a joke she is not funny. she is semiconducto is more likeable when the fraudian slips happen. lou: the twitter heart button, the star we replaced. andy you are upset? >> no, it is dumb but i don't care. the people who are upset about >> is weird for me because it
7:58 pm
is just recognition like i appreciate you. so that encourages that behavior purpose of now i am nervous when i like something. >> it is clear to me as you analyze this and the firestorm that there is what i am missing. >> what i did realize it is now if you quote a tweet it is a marriage proposal. be careful. >> of "forbes" powerless and putin his number one. the president is slipping down into lumber goal slipping down and the president is not a good position. >> this is the first-ever u.s. president has not been number one or number two position obama will not lose sleep over that. >> to even with the massive
7:59 pm
security is not worrying him. >> no. speaking personally i am not afraid of major real leader to be ranked that high. what to possibly go wrong? >> it isn't a popularity contest but it should be. maybe we need to get of the list. >> to make a good point. innovative and effective. as always destructive. only 87 percent did you say then left-wing politics is part that the box office is at a record of. rick santorum is one of our guests to maronite.
8:00 pm
goodnight from new york. kennedy: happiness. tonight i watch and stacking up for hillary clinton. the latest poll says she could take slight comfort to know she is beating american socialist by 18 points with but that is shattered as 44 percent of democrats say they might change their mind which is great one for the updated hologram which she gets to the big fight she is knocked out by dr. carson who delivers a gut punch


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