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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  November 5, 2015 6:00am-9:01am EST

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s&p pulling back, but the dax bouncing back. cac in paris higher by almost 1%. in asia overnight, mix, shanghai was up about 2%, japan and china higher, kospi and korea and hong kong in also flat or down fractionally. it is up 20% from the lowback in august. real volatility in chien's -- chinese stock market. the stock around all-time highs. up roughly 25% and then there's
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this. >> we reached out to all of the candidates. >> we e-mailed hillary clinton and all we got was an auto reply from the security system. >> maria: we will have more on that. katie perry overtaking taylor swift as highest paying female. breaking news first, u.s. intelligence agencies have preliminary evidence suggesting a bomb brought down the russian plane. joining us right now former deputy secretary of defense. what are your observations?
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>> if in the russia's mind that this is isis, putin will now come. one of the interesting things that people haven't pointed out yet, one of the senior leaders, omar, he's head of the isis forces in northern syria, so he may have a personal reason to go after putin and i want to point out that putin made his reputation, the reason started to be popular in russia he won. >> maria: wow, that's somewhat personal. let me ask you about isis could have done this. they're talking about somebody at the airport and the airport worker was able to get the bomb on the plane. what do we know? >> their miami beach, hampton.
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it's not really tight security. the other point is it's in the sanai peninsula and have been increasingly active. if it is somebody from the affiliated with isis working at the airport, that would seem to be a good kit. >> if this was a bombing, it's the big f, we still don't know. the british has come out, the u.s. is not disagreeing with the british is giving good body language. they need that money. this is going to do nothing but destabilize the economy even further, affect global aviation, john bolton was saying the same thing. it's going to cause putin to get involved.
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does the u.s. really want that, more involved in the mideast? >> yes and no. we have to keep assad in power -- assad has to go, putin has just the opposite. he says assad has to stay, you think the fight in the middle east is over and you don't want russia is involved. if you think the fight in middle east is isis, how can it be destroyed, who is going to destroy it. >> maria: let me ask you kt, top story on the journal. iran's revolutionary guard of u.s. officials. this is a test of national security, what do you make of this? >> iraq is bold and empowered. the iran nuclear dale not only allowed them nuclear weapon but
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resources, probably $150 billion only if they use 1% of that in their antiu.s., iran, russia, china, have that capability and the fact that they're targeting u.s. government officials, particularly obama administration officials really slides in the base of this whole deal. one of the reasons the deal was justified, it was going to have deal of relation and the opposite has happened. iran is alliance with russia and as you have seen, rounding up american hostages and rounding up e-mail. >> maria: unbelievable. is this what the president expected? this is pretty extraordinary. one iranian man in jail and hacking of u.s. officials account and we just did a deal with them?
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>> i think obama can't get over the fact that he's turned out to be iran's one-night stand. thank >> maria: thank you. it's going to be a top story certainly for wall street. revenue of $4.5 billion, it was up 41% year over year with adjusted earnings of a7-cents a share. big line of the results, facebook with staggering average of more than one billion daily users. a billion users a day, incredible numbers a day. where does it go from here? >> one of the biggest numbers that came out yesterday was 78% of the revenues was mobile app revenues. that's where everything is going. everything is going mobile and facebook has dominated the space. you're going to facebook. another thing --
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>> maria: they didn't have a mobile strategy. >> kevin: they didn't have a mobile strategy. >> maria: they've got one now. >> kevin: they've put everything towards that. they did the billion-dollar deal. this stock has a long way to go because a lot of the revenues are coming from the united states but 65% of the users are asia pacific and europe. they have a lot of way to go in that regards and they have great data, if we are talking about the campaign, buggies what cheryl said on the call last night, ben carson did over 240 targeted ads on facebook. so they've got a treasure of demographics and ben carson is using that to his advantage. >> onif you look at where they were in august, nobody thought
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anything was going to go anywhere. we just broadcast the nba and democratic experience. this is all coming. i think we are going to see an explosion on facebook. >> maria: we are going to talk about your book today, money, master of the game, seven single steps to financial freedom. when you look at social media overall it's been part of your money game. expanding the network globally. >> we have 7 million followers. >> maria: wow. >> it gives you a chance to interact with people and know what they really want, fare, desire and allows you to serve people in a totally different way real-time. >> maria: an economy that you are talking 2% or lower, this is
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where it is. >> john: we don't have a mobile strategy, we need one, it got one and they executed and executed very well at facebook. ceive kevin he let the generals do what they need to do and cheryl has done that very well, it's still one of the most fun exciting places in silicon valley. mark even said on the phone call last night, hey, we don't have aual way to see just yet but it's long-term, as you pointed out to tony, this is going to be an exciting thing in the future that's going to come and help them overtake the next one as well. >> anyone's experience. it's a whole different level. you can actually be touched, you can communicate with someone and feel a touch that will feel like
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a hand or a body touch and it's going to be a wild new world. whatever you thought of the internet that's what virtual reality is going to be. >> maria: i was looking at a video in syria and you felt -- i felt like i was standing on the ground with the head sets. >> kevin: did it make you want to leave to germany as well? >> maria: it really touched me. i'm looking at the families and the way they live. it was extraordinary bei right there on the ground is what you feel like. i'm a believer. you're right. >> they're not trying to show donors the impact of the work by putting them in the experience. there's nothing like an experience where you look up and you can see everyone. it's independent. it's not a camera, it's you looking as if you're there. the only thing you can't do is touch and they are working on touch. if you worry about kids
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texting -- [laughter] >> maria: let me ask you, tony, i have been following you for years. i haven't seen the shift towards money until recently. >> i grew up very poor so when i saw people losing half of income or retirement over night. top 10 financial traders in the world for the last 22 years, he hasn't lost money in 22 years. i got upset when nothing was done. i started a four-year journey, let me go interview, i got carl cahn, 50 most brilliant financial people, some have not done interviews in five or ten years. my whole goal was to take the average person and show them how to do well, now i have a lolt of traders that are responding to this as well. i give them the inside, not just
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commit today write a book, i wanted something to do that can help lives. this year 58 million people and i got matching funds, so if you're watching and you want to go to feeding america and help people on thanksgiving, i will match up to 100 million. >> maria: what a great story. we are thrilled that you are onset with us. thank you, coming up next, donald trump hold steady at the top, one candidate continues to climb, we will break down those numbers for you. stay with us. mornings with maria next. ♪ ♪ ♪ can a business have a mind?
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>> maria: welcome back, illinois police lieutenant held as hero now likely to be known as betrayer. >> cheryl: this morning surrounding an illinois lieutenant is taking a very surprising turn. authorities are now saying that lieutenant charles joseph took his own life in september because of criminal activity because of criminal activity including theft of thousands of dollars from a youth program was about to be exposed. police are also investigating whether his wife and son played any part in the embezzlement scheme. closing seven factories in north america laying 2,600 workers. the company slashes cost in the
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wake of the recent merger. target is closing 13 of its stores due to decreasing profitability. and switching gears to the campaign trail, maria, donald trump is back on top. brand new poll finding trump 3 percentage points on ben carson with 26%. jeb bush, rand paul all coming in at 4%. there's kind of a big split in the numbers right now. >> maria: a split, but you know we still see trump at the top. john what do you make of this? >> john: that's exactly right. trump or carson and have been switching spots over the top. it's consistent with the most recent polls which is that the pres outliers antiwashington, outside of the establishment still dominate the race and
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establishment candidates particularly jeb bush are trailing badly. >> maria: this tells you what's going on in may recollect, tony, people are angry and upset. >> tony: we had george bush at the time. people upset and we got president obama. people are tired of people can't get it done, this man donald knows how to do donald than anybody. i will change this. even if they don't see a plan. carson is within the range of a dead late with 3%. >> kevin: when you look at the outsider candidates, you will go one way or the other, but the interesting thing is what's going to happen if one of them starts going down, right, and then you can start to see some of the establishment. people come with policies and ideas. that's the interesting part.
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you have two polar opposite that are leading the pack. >> john: it's a circular firing squad, there's so many candidates while the democrats continue to consolidate around hillary clinton. >> maria: some of the economic plans are very clear. ted cruz's plan is very clear. 10% income tax, other plans are not as clear, ben carson has not really detailed an economic plan as well as some of the others. donald trump has said a few things but, again, not -- >> john: that's to kevin's point. you know, once you get to the point where that expectation becomes -- it's got to be a reality. we have to see what the plan is. that's when the turban fan begins to spin.
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>> maria: first interview since the father announced presidential campaign. see how this is playing at home. donald trump, jr. will join us. donald trump himself from the latest job rowfort and debate. next week. donald trump with us tomorrow. stay with us, they are releasing posters, can anything live up to the hype? ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> maria: welcome back, we want shoyou sneyone ock watch. fourth quarter earnings tonight. expected to earn a dollar 14 a share. that would be sharply higher from a year ago on sales of 13.5 billion, all this in time of the star wars film heading
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theaters december 18th. the buss has been wild. brand new force awakens posters. the hype continues to star wars, this is a big piece of businessu imagine the -- >> maria: loyal. [laughter] >> maria: of course, you are. >> john: hook up a whole bunch of new viewers. >> maria: as soon as you come out of the lion king play, there's enormous disney store selling all the products. that's really one of the big renew generators, the sale of the products related to the film. >> john: right, there's star wars conventions every year. there's an entire fan base and massive commercial movement behind this franchise. >> tony: i think it's brilliant
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that brought back the original stars. >> kevin: disney does a great job, as you said, you leave the movie, they'll be a store there. they put it in the parks. disney is great for doing this in every brand that they bring in whether there's marvel or anything. they put it on abc. >> maria: how about monday night football espn. >> kevin: exactly. >> maria: that was brilliant. >> kevin: the game was kind of a snooze fest. >> maria: fighting an economy that is pretty much moving slowly. the advertising story is also part of that economic slowdown. we will talk about all of this coming up. first, is this too big for your pocket.
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iphone 6 simply too big for pocket. we are going to talk about new products from apple. ♪ ♪ ♪ ..
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maria: i am maria bartiroma. it is thursday november 5th. kevin kelly and business strategist and best-selling author tony robbins with us. sources tell fox news there was an explosion. a bomb likely, not a mechanical failure that likely to of the russian passenger plane in the sinai peninsula. one intelligence source putting it at the present. former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and senior fellow
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john bolton on how vladimir putin will likely respond. >> if it turns out that isis is responsible for downing this plane, that is the single biggest mistake they have ever made because vladimir putin now will retaliate. "cavuto coast to coast" maria: donald trump 3d of runner status. trump is up 3 percentage points on ben curtis and. ben curtis and is within the margin of error. executive vice president donald trump jr. later in the broadcast. turning to the market, higher open, broader averages on wall street futures indicate 34 points for the dow jones industrial average. the s&p and nasdaq composite, in europe similar story here although it is mixed with the s&p 100 down 30 points, the cac quarante index index higher as the german dax index has been bouncing, it is up 3-quarters of 1%. asian markets overnight, pretty
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much mostly gains, two flat, the nikkei and japan up 1%, shanghai composite up 2% in shy and the chinese market rebounding, we dean's putting shanghai composite in bull market territory up from its recent low. >> all candidates wanted to be part of tonight's show. >> all we got was from the justice department. i don't know. maria: fun night at the country music awards. a washout will show, stunning victory to calm the male vocalist of the year award. don't mess with serena williams. the 21 time champion chasing a would-be thief who tried to steal her cellphone from california restaurant. williams posted this picture of
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herself as superwoman and facebook, counting this amazing story. oil prices putting pressure on major energy companies emerging with their peers, exxon mobil chairman and ceo gave me his take yesterday on whether they will do a deal. >> valuations today are out of line, and in order to make the acquisition attractive to us. there is going to be pressure on a lot of companies as we enter next year. maria: sounds like he is waiting for it to come to him, phil flynn and the cme group. phil: he reminds me of a hawk head field, one of the most powerful men in the world including to forbes magazine. if you listen to your great interview, you can see he is looking beyond that, looking for opportunities where everyone
6:33 am
else is getting out, places like canada and africa, he is a smart guy. that is why exxon mobile is doing better than most energy companies. maria: the last time we saw prices plummet the way we have seen them plummet over the last year, exxon merged with mobile. that is when you see the big deal. he said there is going to be a lot of pressure. i wonder if that means oil prices will come down further or there will be pressure as a result of where oil is and be shale guys in particular, face bankruptcy and if need to get bigger and get scale. >> oil prices may come down a little bit but i think they're bleeding cash and he realizes that. maria: we will keep watching that. take a look at futures, the market is expected to open higher. want to bring in the ceo of
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mainstay capital, good to see you, thanks for joining the conversation. your thoughts on energy on the heels of what bill was saying, a lot of mergers and acquisitions? areas you are investing in energy? >> we are only in the refiners, waiting on oil for a while to reach bottom before we move into some of the other names but we have been in the oil refiners. we looked at oil for 2015 trading in the range of 35 to $55, because they come in, marginal producer now, lower bound because of refiners' turnover and we are ready to raise the lower belt, oil stays low for long-term. >> this interview was really revealing but the valuations haven't gotten far enough down yet and you see stocks plummet,
6:35 am
consolidation of the industry, lots of mergers, a lot of companies on the edge of bankruptcy because they can't make their debt payments. will this go even further? it is depressing the market, causing a rise in layoffs. maria: the name tags -- >> broadcasting to make sure people know, he won't be jumping. >> expecting it to get worse. a big impact on earnings. the negative earnings for the last week to quarters largely are mostly a result of this sector. maria: in the last quarter, talk to you about the broad economy in general because that is the backdrop for investing. you are investing in the u.s. in japan, head out the end and invested in europe. is that because you think those markets will go higher or is it because of q e? what is the reason? >> with japan and europe we call it the disingenuous trade.
6:36 am
we have quantitative easing in japan and europe, massive quantities in programs are quantitative easy programs into an end last year and we are looking towards fed tightening. tighter monetary policy there, we saw a spike and janet yellen's comments and we see strengthened the euro falling from a one 14 to 108. >> if you're europe and japan a disingenuous raids the see the u.s. rising? >> the u.s. economy would have growth. we have growth all the same. in japan they are fighting to stay out of another recession trying to grope inflation and in europe they are moving along,
6:37 am
behind in the cycle. fundamentals are better there. we see the q e floor under stocks that gives you that fundamental support. >> the economy or is it q e? we have a great response at the beginning but the more you bring the drug the less response you have seen. >> take japan and we talk about -- only -- it means the first was fiscal stimulus has come and gone. we have monetary stimulus. none of the economic reform or structural reform. it is only the second arrow. >> what are you seeing? we talk about health care, consumer discretionary, the best place in the u.s. if we are talking about being here domestically and the stronger dollar. >> we like broadly the nasdaq 100 triple q. but the specific industry sector, we like biotech, we got a lot of
6:38 am
headline risk in biotech a month ago, five weeks ago with the tweet from hillary clinton and congress looking to drug pricing. we got biotech on the headline risk and we have seen a rally. maria: you don't think we will get legislation. >> i don't think so. two senators looking into this, i think what they're doing is looking at generic drugs bought by another company and someone is raising the price because they can. >> it is not the iliad or those names in the triple q and those are trading -- maria: you like those names? let me ask you are you on facebook? >> we are on facebook. maria: a good day you are having today. when did you buy that? had you own it for a while? >> we have owned it for a while. they are firing on all cylinders. when you are in social lee and your average monthly users
6:39 am
represent 1-fifth of the population you're doing pretty good. continuing to find ways to monetize the business model. maria: when you spoke to people, one of the most successful hedge fund managers out there or overall investment managers, did you get a sense they burn diversified like biotech, social media, how are they -- >> some are macro traders and some individual traders. they all understand the power of social media. carl icahn, most people think of warren buffett as the greatest investor of all time averaging 20% since 1968, carl icahn is compound did, sends one tweet about apple goes up $17 billion in two hours so he understands the power of social media. maria: on the show earlier this week. >> we are seeing social media treated as media. goldman sachs announce date may not be putting out press releases through business wire. what they may be doing is
6:40 am
putting the website out and releasing it on twitter. according to the sec as public dissemination we saw that with read hastings when he was tweeting, public information. maria: a really good point in the conversation. good to see you today, thank you for joining us. apple might be living in a different direction with its latest iphone by making it smaller. nicole petallides with details on that next. nicole: absolutely right. the new iphones too big for you, apple may have you covered. analysts predicting apple will offer a third new iphone option next year in a triple release, the iphone 7 one which will return to the four inch display many consumers enjoy from the iphone 5-s and will likely not have the latest features including the special new touch. the smaller iphone is expected to be encased in metal meaning apple does not plan to repeat its experiment with the plastic
6:41 am
casing has they did with the iphone 5-seat so this will be part of the support release analysts are expecting for next year. maria: just taking a look at the difference. that is the big one. tony make the point -- how are you going to -- how are you going to make -- >> it looks like a toy. maria: start your day every morning with nicole petallides at lauren simonetti on "fbn a.m.," catch you at 5:00 a.m. "mornings with maria," back in a moment.
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about a free trial offer. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. maria: a new biography of george h. w. bush has harsh words for members of the administration. cheryl casone with the story. cheryl: mobile is called destiny and power:the american odyssey of george herbert walker bush. the poor were president objects to how dick cheney and defense secretary donald rumsfeld reacted to the 9/11 attacks. nfl commissioner roger goodell saying the league will refund the money it has received to conduct those so-called acts of, quote, paid patriotism. the nfl along with several other professional sports leagues has been accused of profiting from the events to honor u.s. military members before and during the games. according to jeff flaco and john mccain the pentagon has provided
6:46 am
$9 million for staged the 3 it is an events over the past week for years and a lot of anger obviously coming out because of taxpayer money if and a lot of voters coming out and saying we will cover the cost of this because we believe in our troops and veterans. cheryl: thank you. maria: tony robbins is with us, money:master the game focuses on people securing their financial freedom which is so important. doesn't it start with your retirement plan? >> the greatest investors in history, i learned how they look at investing. the thought process is taking the least amount of risk with the greatest reward. if you look at the average american, their money is in the home and bought 401(k), the area of the greatest abuse that exists, 4 when $4 trillion industry for 30 years, the didn't have to tell you what they were charging.
6:47 am
most people, 65% of americans think there are no fees for the 401(k). i've three messages, there are fees and you're paying them and a matter. 1% of fees and the average is 3.1% according to forbes, 1% of fees is ten years retirement income because of compound those fees, give an example, if a person has $100,000 and put into mark at 80% return, if the 1% of ease when they turn 65 than the one hundred thousand is worth 61,000, a nice return would not add anything but 3% of fees at 432, if you are 1% of fees, 70% more money from the same stock, is crazy and your money will last, 19 years less so -- maria: that was number one. >> funds matter. where would you put your money? the average american won't be able to pick their stocks. 96% of all mutual funds over time over ten year time don't
6:48 am
match the index. maria: that is why people are looking for exchange traded funds. you put your money in the best track record with the lowest cost, so let's say vanguard. and it is not true. i had my funds evaluated, $5 billion in sales, i took one of my education companies and big underneath, supposedly a great plan, $5 million in the pockets of my people to make the change and one of the places we were was vanguard charging 3%, i am part of america's best 401(k), 0.5. maria: you are invested in low feed products. >> yes. the one $30,000 or $900,000? side-by-side paying 30 times more than what something really costs. >> modernization of investment
6:49 am
strategies. bt fs r 4 affected vantages, $2 trillion and mutual-fund are going down because fees are so hard and you can get that exposure for five basis points. >> people don't know how to do it. >> how are they doing it? >> three years ago you had to show people what they were charging, now you have -- unless you have a ph.d. show can you can immediately put your company and figure out and this is the time to do it because company stock about what to reevaluate and if you are a business owner your fiduciary for your plan. most don't know what a fiduciary is and the department of labor change another loss and said you must absolutely compare your plan to the best, people who have $100,000 in of 401(k) so people need to know what their fees are. you need the protection, make
6:50 am
sure you have a fiduciary. most people are saying put your 401(k) here, everyone has questions. you need that. won't work without robot. maria: we will take a short break and tell you about a new importance event coming up when we come back, stay with us. excellent looking below the surface, researching a hunch... and making a decision you are type e*. time for a change of menu. research and invest from any website. with e*trade's browser trading. e*trade. opportunity is everywhere.
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maria: james bond is known for his good taste and suave heroics but his drink of choice, champagne. showing us is jerome, we have some extravagant things here we want you to explain. let me ask about business in terms of the champagne business and recept are experiencing a fantastic ear.
6:54 am
james bond doesn't appear every year. every three to four years, all the activation that happens around james bond is fantastic. make you are the officials campaign of james bond since moonraker in 1979. >> we have been the champion of james bond since 1979, over 40 years and excuse the champagne. i brought to the two limited editions introduce respecter, the new film being released, what you see is a masterpiece made of crystal, and that is -- magnum. it is a magnum of of vintage of bullet j. --bollinger. that is the fairly affordable price for what it is, 9,000 usd.
6:55 am
it is all crystals. >> how do we get our hands on this? >> it is this week, we are allocating significant part of production for the u.s. market so 45 of these pieces will be sold in the u.s.. that is the first initiative and the other when you have your is a larger number, that will be available from this week, it is a special limited edition bollinger. it is a little younger. and sold with a gift which i am showing here, the gift pack looks like james bond tuxedo, bright on this side, you open it and it is fantastic. >> this is illegal for six weeks?e sold out within the next few weeks
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absolutely. the demand is really strong, much stronger and we expected. maria: do you expect a big holiday season? that is typically the time champagne sales go up. >> there is a peak of consumption in the world and the u.s. at the end of the year, november, december. for us the fact the we can talk about bonds, not only helps us to drive this volume or these products, but gives us maximum visibility. maria: in terms of the global story the u.s. is incredibly important. where else do you see vibrancy around the world? >> we are experiencing very good progression in markets where wine is strong. where there is wine knowledge, italy and spain, we are doing well. other parts of the world doing very strong. >> how about shine at changing the rules? >> the good news about champagne is we are not just their -- not
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that strong yet. maria: thanks for joining us. tony robins, congratulations on being named to the 100 list. loved having you today, we will be right back. our disciplined investment approach remains. we ask questions here. look for risks there. and search for opportunity everywhere. global markets may be uncertain. but you can feel confident in our investment experience... ... around the world. call a t. rowe price investment specialist, or your advisor... ...and see how we can help you find global opportunity. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. can a a subconscious. mind? a knack for predicting the future. reflexes faster than the speed of thought. can a business have a spirit?
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maria: welcome back, i am maria bartiroma, it is november 5th, the wall street journal, kevin kelly, first your top stories at 7:00 a.m. on the east coast. government sources telling fox news it was an explosion, a bomb, not mechanical failure that likely took down a russian passenger plane. u.s. ambassador to the united nations and american enterprise institute senior, john bolton. >> if it turns out that isis is responsible for downing this plane, that is the single biggest mistake they have never
7:01 am
made because vladimir putin will retaliate. maria: to the campaign trail, a brand new foxhole, republican presidential primary fines of 3 percentage points, carson is still in the margin of error. the executive vice president, donald trump jr. is here later in the program. get his assessment. higher opening for the broader market, expected to open a 50 points gaining ground in the last half-hour, pretty good earnings after the close, early action shows mostly gains with the exception of the s&p 100 in the u.k. the cac around in paris and the dax index in germany both higher. in asia overnight, gains as well, gains to performances up 1%. this market has completely rebounds. the shanghai composite in full
7:02 am
market territory. 20% from the lows in august. facebook, the social media giant moving higher in the pre-market beating analysts' expectations, big move, a stock a round all-time highs, up roughly 25% since august. >> this election season we reached out to all of the candidates to see if they wanted to be a part of tonight's show. >> we e-mail hillary clinton but all we got was an auto reply from the justice department. maria: fun night at the country music awards and politics got in there again. a stunning victory for chris stapleton who took home of the book of the year award. a new queen of pop this morning, katy perry overtaking taylor swift, in the music business, a whopping $135,000 in net next year.
7:03 am
confirming to fox news u.s. intelligence agencies have preliminary evidence suggesting a bomb brought down the russian plane. joining us is retired army general bob scale. good to have you on the program. your observation on this story? >> indications from my sources reinforce what you said. the american people understand since this was something like 9/11 for russia, and the russian media today is screaming for revenge and i don't think there's any question vladimir putin is not a man who adheres to the rules of the engagement of the law of war when his innocent russians are butchered and i think isis is about to feel the hard hand of vladimir putin. i think it is also important to speculate that this could be an opportunity for the united states to form a legitimate informal partnership with russia
7:04 am
so both of us can go after isis, put. on the ground, attack and encircle the city and bring this terrorist organization down. this could be as john bolton said this could be the worst mistake isis has ever made if we don't capitalize on it but you could guarantee vladimir putin is going after these guys full force. maria: should we believe because of this the u.s. and russia get stronger or vladimir putin is -- >> that the i am afraid the united states will again take a buy on this and let vladimir putin do with himself and he is willing to do it. just think of the lost opportunity here, when we could bury the hatchet and go after the enemy both of us fear and who has attacked both countries and consider both of us to be seen. vladimir putin was a guy that
7:05 am
invoked the orthodox church in his campaign against isis. this has now become accrues aid. maria: the wall street journal and kevin kelly from vuitton. >> what is it going to take for the u.s. to get off the sidelines? even jordan had a pilot that was be headed over there and we were supposed to lend support. what does it take to get up and do something about isis? >> a new election. maria: a new president. >> that is my point. i think the administration is so much wedded to the fact that it is a peacemaker rather than a war maker but the president doesn't want to leave office rekindling the war in the middle east nor getting anything started in europe, holding his breath hoping he can make it through the next 14 months without a cataclysmic event and sandy will be the response to
7:06 am
isis. >> it should be said there is a lot of u.s. air strikes happening, advisers put into syria, advisers in iraq, not just nothing he is doing. >> pretty much close to nothing. if you look at numbers in proportion to the threat, it really is pretty much nothing. all it does, all we have done so far is simply stick our finger in the tank. this is not an all out -- >> to your point about vladimir putin, sounds pretty optimistic notions, to go after some city with russian forces, that sounds like a very sort of rose colored glass assessment of this. don't you think instead what vladimir putin will do is what he did in crimea and ukraine and syria, use this as an opportunity for russian expansion? >> absolutely. i 100% agreed that was rose
7:07 am
colored. also from a strategic point of view the right thing to do. we won't do anything. you are exactly right but vladimir putin is and your point exactly this is part of his imperial expansionist strategy. isis has given him a gift and he is going to take up to the charge. maria: we have adversaries on all ends at this point and in need of leadership to be able to deal with all this. thanks for weighing in, we appreciate it. new fox news poll finding donald trump remaining of a front tial field. blake byrne with details in washington. >> latest fox news poll shows a three tear race for the moment on the republican side. at the top remains donald trump and ben carson with 26 and 23%. behind the senators ted cruz and marco rubio. the only artist to top double
7:08 am
digits at 11. and then there is everyone else at 4% or lower. on democratic side hillary clinton has widened her lead and the poll shows she leads what is basically a head a head matchup at this point with bernie sanders. clinton's 56% gives her ought 25 point edge. one reason why our fox news debate next week could be of great importance to the republican candidates, voters said the most important issue to them deals with the economy like taxes and government spending. republican voters overwhelmingly believe donald trump is the most qualified to handle the economy. they also feel the is most likely to beat clinton in a general election. as for ben carson his strongest calling point is 60% of all voters feel he is honest and trustworthy. maria: that has been the consensus. republican strategist ed rollins.
7:09 am
you have seen these cycles before. thanks for joining us. >> this is a different cycle. i have been in this business for nine presidential campaigns. i don't know anything that is going to happen in this election. i can read the numbers and see the trends but this all-star field of governors and senators have gone away, my sense is at the top of this list of the ones we will deal with at this time and donald trump, i was a skeptic like everyone else, i thought he would get knocked out of the race early. he is now investing money, has tremendous support, he will win the early primaries if someone else doesn't move forward. maria: carson, marco rubio. >> and what has driven these things has been the debate. no money, no real campaign put into these campaigns but all four of these had a tendency to raise money, they understand the business and the race is about new hampshire and iowa. >> ted cruz being the fourth.
7:10 am
>> he is the tea party candidate. carson has strong evangelical support and some tea party support. ted cruz has the tea party, he has become significant leader of the tea party. >> is it wrong to think about this as republicans fighting among themselves, weakening themselves into the national election, circular firing squad. the other could be this is attracting a lot of voter interest, a lot of citizenship happening here, people engaging in the political process and at the end of the davies are huge ratings the debates are drawing, this engages the political -- >> i am astonished with the five decade history, we are trying national football league games. >> republican debate. >> your debate this coming week will be a substantial debate. millions and millions of people watching this because we are interested.
7:11 am
coming last week, cnbc has been badly tarnished by moderators but at the end of the day, 14 million people with a world series game so my sense is great interest in this. they built their reputations based on those debate all four are big players and people like chris christie and others, way back. >> that is what we're seeing right now. >> all-time lows across the country, voter turnout is terrible but we are seeing candidates get into a new mediums especially facebook. ben carson targeted 240 adds on that medium to get to voters and up that, we see his poll numbers, who is the next candidate to fall out just like bush? >> we watch carley get a look. my sense -- >> why is she saying? >> people taking a hard look,
7:12 am
she's a great debater but the third time you heard the same lines they diminish. she has a great record but not selling to voters. >> who are you playing your bets on coming out of the convention? >> being perfectly honest i think marco rubio is moving forward and is most acceptable to all elements of the party. ted cruz is viewed as hard right, very articulate guy. maria: the iran nuclear deal to shreds. >> i don't think are some long term is a likable man, very articulate man but not long-term has any substance on these issues. you don't need to be a brain surgeon to be president. donald trump is the great entertainer and the most important thing of these polls he's viewed as the leader. people want someone to have an economic plan, he is the economic leader. maria: they want somebody to be tough.
7:13 am
great insights as well. ed rollins, we will be right back, join us november 10th for the debate. the fox business network nov. tenth and neil cavuto at 9:00 p.m.. we are back in a moment. when a moment turns romantic why pause to take a pill? or stop to find a bathroom? cialis for daily use is approved to treat both erectile dysfunction and the urinary symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently, day or night. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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another way fidelity gives you a more powerful investing experience. call our specialists today to get up and running.
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maria: a bizarre twist in a story involving an illinois police lt.. cheryl casone has the story. cheryl: good morning, up already say police lt. charles joseph l glienowicz because if took his life because his fat was about to be exposed. a man died when a small plane crashed in the waters off queens, new york last night. witnesses reported seeing an aircraft hit the water shortly before 8:00 p.m. local time. finally, disney reporting fourth quarter earnings after the bell today, at the media company expects to earn a one dollar and
7:17 am
$0.14 a share. the buzz continues with force awakens posters featuring harrison ford, kerri fisher and some of the younger stars from the franchise. i will go with my favorite poster, harrison ford to 30 years later still has got it. maria: thanks, just ahead sitting down with donald trump jr. to talk about his father's run for the white house. how his life has changed. the first company to mass-produced genes, levi's ceo and president on how the business is changing next. you're here to buy a car.
7:18 am
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maria: little wardrobe change with my next guest one of the most recognizable brand in the apparel industry when it comes to did in. what does it take to grow such a strong name? joining us up fox business exclusive is levi strauss see lng executive chip bird. i went ahead and put one of your new levis' jackets on. when we talk about your strategy at the conference, not tell me what has been happening since because what of things you brought today, where is your business when it comes to new products and residents out there? >> we are at an exciting point in the business. when we talked to your ago we were talking about launching our new women's line, that has launched our business is strong,
7:22 am
we announced third quarter results, sales were up 7% on currency neutral basis, profits were up and we are growing and our business is strong and strategies are working. maria: we see 2% growth in the u.s. everyone looking for growth and you are seeing this kind of reception from customers. we have this debate every day about how strong the economy is. tell me what you are seeing in terms of you have the report and what the numbers are, are you seeing people come out and spend money? >> it is a tough environment globally. in the u.s. in particular traffic is down, strong her dollar has had a negative impact on tourism, shoppers are down, traffic is down in our stores but we are growing and doing it by focusing on things went there in our control, we can't control strong dollar but we can't control the things within our control, we are very focused on innovation, launching new
7:23 am
products with exciting news and deriving conversion in our stores. meg whitman's line was the wome important because you are continuing a there >> it would be difficult to innovate but innovation is our lifeblood. wisteria with innovation. women are looking for products that are comfortable, is gives women the stretch and feel they are looking for. maria: this feels stretchy. >> different watches and things like that. that is part of our innovation. we have a partnership with google, working on real innovation with electronics and wearable technology. maria: that is the important point. that is what under armor is doing. what are you doing in terms of
7:24 am
its google partnership? >> it is electronic friends that will allow conductivity in the product and it is very exciting technology. which we will commercialize in the near future. maria: what are you trying to get from that technology? what data will you collect by having the threads or sensors? >> there's all kinds of potential. once you have red and sensors with conductivity there's all kinds of potential. everything from potentially charging your phone to telling you specific biometrics. maria: charging my phone? >> have your phone in your back pocket. maria: and my shirt? that is -- >> cool stuff. we have cool things happening. that is further out but a lot of exciting things happening. maria: what about a product standpoint globally. is the culture differences, is that important in terms of creating new products? for example what someone might want in asia? >> there are regional
7:25 am
differences but more and more we are seeing the consumer being a global consumer. the internet has changed everything and the consumers are fundamentally looking for the same things. maria: you brought in jackets. >> new women products and that soft stretchy denim is what women are looking for. there is still much talk about leisure and the death of denim, not really true. denim is so much bigger and is growing again. because of this kind of innovation. maria: what i'd expectations in the holiday season. you are hoping it is a denim christmas. >> you will be a tough season in the u.s.. everything is backed up because of the strike early in the ear. inventories are really high, traffic is down. a perfect storm for what is going to turn out to be a very promotio maria: i can't believe it. we are watching. but next in his very first
7:26 am
interview since his father announced his presidential campaign donald trump jr. will reveal the next phase to get this campaign across the finish line at howard impact his family. stay with us on "mornings with maria".
7:27 am
7:28 am
7:29 am
. maria: good morning welcome back thighs about november 5 i am maria bartiromo, thanks for being with us your top stories 7:30 a.m. east coast, government sources telling fox news it was an explosion, a bomb, likely not a failure that took down a russian passenger plane in sinai peninsula one source putting it at 80% former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and american enterprise institute john bolton how vladimir putin will likeable respond. >> if it turns out isis is responsible, for downing this
7:30 am
plane, that is the sooner or later it biggest mistake they ever made putin now will retaliate. >> campaign trail we go donald trump regaining front-runner status a fox news poll republican president candidates find trufrn up, 3 percentage appoints on ben carson carson within margin of error we will speak with the executive vice president shortly donald trump, jr., here next, turning to markets this morning, futures showing a higher opening broader averages on wall street higher 07 points expected for dow jones industrial average things improving for stocks move into a number of companies heels of earnings facebook one with to watch nasdaq s&p also in plus column today, check early action in europe you see similar moves dax really bouncing breaking out off 1% on dax, 105 point higher asia markets mixed mostly upside 1% gain nikkei average in japan almost 2% gain shanghai composite in china, putting shanghai
7:31 am
composite in bull market territory from recent lowest in august by 20%. >> this election season we reached out to all of the candidates, to see if they wanting to be part of tonight's show. >> yeah, we emailed hillary clinton got auto replay in justice department. >> fun night at country music awards a is it your understanding vibrantly for chris stapleton took home mole vocalist of the year aaward serena williams 21 time grappled islam champ chasing would be thief. >> posting this as superwoman on facebook recounting this amazing story do not mess with williams! turning to trail donald trump back on top, a brand-new fox news pol of republican presidential primary, finding trump off 3 percentage points on ben carson, 26%
7:32 am
favorability, executive vice president of trump donald trump, jr., good to see. >> you great to be here thank you. >> this you so much for joining us, wow, congratulations to your fiance. >> thank y-- to your father. >> thank you. >> it hasn't changed it has been hectic we have a big business running that great for us in in a very validating for me, for my siblings that he is with toiling step away from the office as much as he has as you know a grueling process on the road every day, that he ep trusts not only his business but the livelihoods of tens of thousand dollars he employs in trump organization letting us run the ship. >> great children to run the business you all have -- from business a long time. >> we have. >> so do you expect, i mean, you what happens to the business, he become president. >> i imagine going to do what always done operate it, it expand develop largely frighten as last decade and plus. >> you running the business
7:33 am
have been on campaign trail. >> we have been. >> what is that like. >> interesting fascinating to be a fly on wall we had so many experiences in our lives getting to be around him watch these things happen whether it be just, the ordinary course of business whether it be watching him a as a celebrity on this apen tris incredible to watch. >> what has been the biggest change about your father since he entered this race. >> grueling process as you know, i wouldn't wish on my worst enemy seeing him show the lovely of energy he has no one is going to beat him on energy you see in numbers more importantly even regular poll numbers people feel he is going to do to economy boxing fox business talk about that different lowell who do you want at issue negotiating table donald trump or any other people, serious issues for so long neglected as a country. >> so that is important. because we've got debate next week. >> yes. >> biggest issue is for voters today, are jobs, and the
7:34 am
economy, and growth. >> they also everything else goes from there right all other issues that are also important, without a good economy impossible to manifest. >> tell me about your father's plans in terms of when he talks about the economy, what he talks about jobs to you where does he see the biggest issue. >> he sees so much waste, in the government so much waste bureaucracy i watched him for years cut through what he does best hits big issues sees what they are puts one in charge really knows what they are talking about doesn't step failure when this is failure when there is a stalemate changes those things not government, where you just pretend come up with a new sound bite say you get reelected, i think his outsider perspective is huge we have seen inefficiency, horrible. >> i tweeted that you were on the show, a second ago, and one -- of the responses and talk amongst viewers is idea they like the fact your father says it the way it is, what impact las that that had on
7:35 am
you and your brother and sift in terms of you know, having your father just out there, just you know, saying what he what comes into his head or saying you know, being as real as he has been. >> for us we've seen that his whole life. >> but -- >> even before he was a politician last few months the way in business, you've seen it known him many years the way always been doesn't tell people what they want to hear tells people facts resonating very well with america fed up with nonsense gone on for so long. >> do you expect or any siblings expect to be part of his administration. >> you know i don't know even know if we thought that nader it is all about business what we wanted to do i billed buildings don't create policy we had a good time with that again hut he untrusted us with that all the jobs that come below that, is really meaningful to us, and -- perhaps that is why he didn't go forward in 2012 when he
7:36 am
wanted to do something, i think, the extra couple years perhaps been where we've come into age we are ready handle it. >> business in general first talk about -- are you going to "snl" this weekend so much fun show is fantastic, and i love going to that live show that is going to be great for you whole family going to be there. >> whole family there. >> so much anticipation surrounding your father hosting "saturday night live" he released a promo watch this. >> oh, boy i haven't even seen this is. >> donald trump hosting "saturday night live" and because of equal time rules for television, mr. trump can only speak for four seconds in this promo. >> let me just say this, ben carson is a complete and total loser. >> he said i could be his running mate. >> did you harry i am trump v.p.! . >> i am just shopping around.
7:37 am
>> i will tell you is funny mean he knows that this is joking and just goes he is like a sport er wants to play around. >> does, and so genuine comes across differently by the away no each of these task force for is aboutman you can see with other perhaps contend under these this cafe to put yourselves in that position he adapts so well good at no situation uncomfortable. >> i will sie when hillary clinton hosted it was good for her, so is he expecting this to be sort of taking him farther up in the polls. >> well, i think, perhaps that is -- she did a skit he is hosting the show a whole different world and, again, i don't think he is shy about the ratings what he is going to do to ratings for saturday tonight live bringing eliminate on it is going to be spectacular. >> i spoke with exxonmobil ceo chairman yesterday, rex tillerson basically talked about an economy being very sluggish i want your take on
7:38 am
rae listens to rex tillerson businesses all over the world. >> so if you look apt energy as kind of a proxy how the economy is going, it is pretty sluggish, and there is not a lot that we can see on the horizon, through next year that is going to change that. >> we know, that the industrial complex of this economy is basically in recession how is real state. >> we are in very high end dwerd across the board with trump hotel collection i did two deals in diaz de la portilla last three months, we see something different perhaps than the rest of the world i agree one hundred percent the one thing interesting what is going on everwhere else in the world sort of uncertainty there asian markets new york real estate a safe haven that is in my world high end, i tend to not talk about the broader market because i am not involved in it that is perhaps some of the down formally i have seen when financial people talk about, the general real estate market there are so many things i talk about
7:39 am
buildings zip codes different sides of the street each asset unique i take, bricks-and-mortar it is different. >> are you seeing kinds of money from very affluent people across the world putting money into u.s. like rubbance a while we had russian oligarchs applying apartments china economy has slowed down what are you seeing. >> that is definitely slowed down, ultra high, you know that, have come in, we see a lot of buildings that are going up in new york, right, trying to get price points ,000 dollars a square foot guess what three years later sill 30% sold out, there is definitely something there definitely, i am not long on real estate market right now in terms of if upper to start building from scratch, it will be interesting to see what happens i agree one hundred percent. >> you are not prolong on is it because prices getting out of chak at this point. >> prizes getting out of whack i think people saw behinds do very well beginning of the cycle now you real estate 5,000 dollars a foot great
7:40 am
that guy did it i am going to do it each joined it was so much inventory -- supply and demand issue. >> sure is we will leave there it nice you have to on the program dliegs to you and family donald trump, jr., joining is in fox business exclusive, tomorrow the candidate himself -- donald trump joins me to talk about everything from latest polls to tomorrow's jobs' report we anticipate big fox business "the wall street journal" debate next tuesday we will talk about that how he is preparing for the big debate vladimir putin topping foertdz list of the world's most particular second year in a row who is runner-up how social network is taking over the world. ♪ ♪
7:41 am
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with a non-insulin option, ask your doctor about once-weekly trulicity. and click to activate your within. . maria: welcome back huge volcano in mexico cheryl casone with story. cheryl: good morning we've got video to show you this volcano is southwestern mexico smoldering since the month of july, look at, this now erupting per day smoke ash spewing almost a mile up into the sky, over the past several months vigils covered with coats of ash legislated to evacuation they are warned to
7:45 am
cover faces be carefully before drinking water part of the pacific ring of of a ir. >> video from nasa new footage of the sun in ultra high definition the best look at that big, bright star -- agency says 30 minutes of video available to watch a team of specialists so hours to produce one minute of footage, incredible, here is a question for all of you who is most power person in the world according forbes, vladimir putin, maria it is third year in a row, that he topped this list, and especially with what's going on with russian plane crash mr. putin in spot plight on several levels today. maria: cheryl doesn't surprise me, the truth is john bussey when you have a vacuum somebody will fill that i have to look at the list whether
7:46 am
they are basing on, we are by far largest economy biggest military i am not sure how that how that -- >> you think barack obama most power person in the world is that what you are saying. >> yeah u.s. most power country in the world simply no question. maria: this is -- >> this is -- >> but you the puce tin willing to exercise power places we don't want him true. >> i completely agree most powerful man in the world went into crimea took with zero recourse, would anybody do. >> nobody did it. >> single thing, he is aligning with iranian royal guard going now. >> supporting. >> coalition had zero recourse for actions. >> i know what you are saying. >> most power person in the world it does make him a p.
7:47 am
>> united states has heft all records. >> we know isis, we believe, that isis put a bomb on that russian plane. and that went down, killing all 240 people onboard do you think he does more adventures if he wshz will will likely be the course he takes because this is very it will be a particular move domesticly to show power in the middle east does he some more sites. >> it gives him cachet to align with the -- assad, so -- he -- >> he already has interests. >> he does he doesn't need that can put russian troops. maria: lets move to real estate we heard from donald trump, jr., what was your cake i thought revealing when we talked real estate. >> not buying long that was --
7:48 am
and a remark about what in fact is the case, which is in markets like new york city there has been apple billedup of the high end luxury sector, so he was pointing out too much inventory, prices going to get pressure. >> not billed up from the ground now. >> on residential side i think what was nice to see, we're in a low interest rate environment especially for the future, if performance-enhancing drug raises rates what 25 base points the point to takeaway they are doing hotels in bali over in indonesia, and we've seen that in the commercial side right, so hotels hot sector, we've seen blackstone come in, and buy strategic hotels bee, jonathan grey says there is a 15% discount in the public market, to the private markets i am going out to continue to buy he bought biomed a medical we are seeing on commercial side trying to get when you are trying to get -- returns on your cash, real estate in commercial side is actually pretty good.
7:49 am
maria: we will be watching that as another sign of economic growth we want to watch facebook this morning, the stock hitting all-time high following record that i heard quarter results more coming up as we head to break a surprise at last night's awards check it out. >> oh, my gosh, which starcars stars do you think could be inside this. >> i don't know, "star wars" is my favorite signs fiction movie franchise of all time! [cheers and applause] . >> next to "star trek". >> s. hauled a bunch of steel. kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
7:50 am
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. >>. > . maria: welcome back we haven't heard facebook breaking records, xmgz in terms of earnings and revenue stock facebook to open all-time high, jo ling kent on
7:53 am
the story. jo ling: crushed it in third quarter social media giant bet earnings per share 52 cents revenue rose 41%, 4 1/2 billion dollars. and despite spending heavily facebook earning rose 11% overall, one and one half billion monthly active users more staggering more than a billion people use the platform every day, on the call last night mark zuckerberg said there are billion video views day great for advertisers focused on mobile now makes up 78% of total ad revenue facebook family growing fast, 00 million people, 700 million on messenger 400 million on instagram, report facebook stocks all-time high after-hours facebook instagram, by the way, account for one in of 5 minutes spent on a mobile ways to, in the u.s., you think about that,
7:54 am
and instagram not really monetizing yet have gotten started. >> instagram is taking market share from others, so when one showing that kind of early success as well what do you think about this. >> i mean facebook is undoubtedly the social media platform. >> a billion users a day. >> one billion users a day in the right area, in mobile, that is where everything is everybody looking at mobile on devices, and then monetizing instagram 400 million users done it well actually, so. >> working. >> and this is a sign of a company that you want to i mean talking about expectancies going up great that means reinvesting in future and building up the brand, and still beating earnings, the market was expecting a move like this there was a 6% implied move in options market around 10 it is upcomi performing the examinations, back to advertising revenue we mentioned, ben carson 240 direct ads on facebook cheryl
7:55 am
sandberg said on call letting everybody know if you want to advertise you want tart your demographics you want to hit right niche you go on back to. >> other thing they've got measurement tools, so they can make the case to advertisers we can tell you exactly who is you know, using the at that moment, and what they are doing, after they see your ad measurement tools are really -- have been a game changer. >> has been a game changer made other companies react why do you think verizon bought aol now with an complement into mobile, so verizon picked up on that as well everybody rablthing to facebook. >> all about the metrics able to funnel money from the campaign in super pacs into digital facebook prides very long value proposition just beginning they have not monetizeed yet all data is really about valuable. >> if you are talking about market penetration has anybody ever achieved this kind of global market penetration seven billion people in the
7:56 am
world, reaching a billion a day, it is extraordinary. also speaks to zuckerberg several months back saying we needed to strengthen our mobile program. >> he did. >> it strengthen facebook on mobile strategic change, and adjustment has been made in spades. >> key point most republicans in u.s., so only set to grow overseas. >> we will keep watching that next hour, trump may lead in the latest poll not slowing down ben carson's surge the carson presidential campaign national finish chairman joining is on carson's campaign, stay with us. ♪ ♪ don't stop believing
7:57 am
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no set-up fees. use your potion. sorry, not you. my pleasure. goodnight, tim. for all the confidence you need. who's tim? td ameritrade. you got this. . . maria: good thursday morning welcome back i am maria bartiromo. it is thursday november 5 with me "the wall street journal" john bussey, and ken kelly top
8:00 am
stories on east coast, fwost sources telling fox news an explosion a bomb, not a mechanical failure like likely took down the plane in sinai peninsula after last week former u.s. ambassador to united nations american emphasize institute senior fellow on likely repercussions. >> if it turns out isis is responsible for downing this plane that is the single biggest mistake they have ever made because putin now will retaliate. maria: on to campaign trail we go donald trump, back on top, a brand-new fox poll republican presidential primary finds trump off 3 percentage points on surging ben carson, carson still within the margin of error. they are the two top players, donald trump himself a special guest tomorrow morning, interview you don't want to miss join us for donald trump, as we talk to him about his campaign and the upcoming debate next week turning to markets, this morning futures showing a higher opening on wall street take a look at broader averages dow jones industrial average expected to open up 70 points money into
8:01 am
equities once again, on back of earnings this morning, in europe he will action gains most upside in fact, even ft 100 in london turning around, dax index surging we gave the pmi data manufacturing data out of europe dax up better than 1%, 115 points higher on german dax index we will ask kevin about some markets in europe, coming up, check asia are ornt mixed markets mostly upside there as well nikkei up 1% shanghai composite in ching up almost 2% shanghai composite in bold market territory up 20% from the low, back in august. >> one stock to watch we've been talking about it facebook, social media giant higher in premarket beat until thes expectations last night, stock around all-time high, it is up roughly 25%, since august, and then there is this. >> thelection seen researched
8:02 am
out. >> emailed hillary clinton got an auto reply from justice department. >> fun at country you music awards a long shot stole the show the a stunning victory for veteran songwriter chris tape ton took home meal vocalist of the year award katy perry over takes taylor swift as highest paid feel in business 135 million dollars this past ulterior to taylor swift 08 million. >> a scores confirms -- offed suggests a bomb took down that plane, joining us on the phone, is fox news contributor colonel david hunt, good to talk with you thanks for weighing in here. >> good morning. >> what is your observation about this, tell us what is important about the fact that now we know, that it is likely isis put a bomb on that plane? >> we'll, we've got to prime minister of england cameron saying likely.
8:03 am
they shut down all flights in sharm el-sheikh, sinai peninsula, airport supports about 10 million passengers a year. also got 20,000 brits stranded in that area, sinai peninsula. >> the problems security standpoint is you've got a breach of major proportion if this turns out to be true the background checks on everybody, and you are going to have to start delaying airplanes to do you know, bomb checks, going to back up a lot of things. and politically i suppose certainly right this turns out true, that the effort in syria is going to get ramped up by russia tragic thing to see if true but tragic loss of life a dumb move by isis. >> john bussey from "the wall street journal" breaking news right now from in general in terms of some repercussions. >> some of the countries in europe are -- doing what
8:04 am
britain has done notinglands dlieg flights into a sharm el-sheikh until investigation makes clear what happened french saying, airbus french have investigators on the ground as a result of being airbus 321 that was that went down. there are also saying not ruling out a terrorist attack so the discussion of a bomb, onboard, while it is still inspe speculative. >> what should would he make of it the problem, really just beyond speculation when prime minister head of a government talking about it, he is he is being briefed by mi, mi-5, you've got a very serious issue, but also, troubling is if it turns out to be isis, that is very big step up in their terrorist campaign bad business -- i think you are going to hear a lot more airlines not flying into the that area, for a while, and
8:05 am
until we get guarantees on how the egyptians who are not all that good to begin with quite frankly on security, going to have to upgraded. >> i think that is a really important point thank you very much thanks for weighing in on this colonel david hunt we appreciate this more breaking news from journalism as it develops off to campaign trail new fox news poll finds donald trump regaining front-runner status gop presidential field blake berman in washington with details, good morning. >> good morning to you, latest fox news poll shows, there is a three tiered race on he republican side the top donald trump and dr. ben carson. with 26, and 23%, right behind them, senators ted cruz marco rubio onlitops to top double digits at 11, then there is everyone else, at 4%, or lower. on the democratically sidehill hill has wineded her lead, and the poll shows she leads with what is basically a head-to-head matchup at this point with bernie sanders, clinton's 56% gives her a 25
8:06 am
point edge. now one reason maria why our fox business debate next week could be of great importance, to the republican candidates, voters said the most important issue to them deals with the economy. like tax, and government spending, that was a 38%, republican voters overwhelmingly believe trump is most qualified to handle the economy they also feel he is the most likely to be the clinton should it get to that, in a general election. as for carson his strongest polling point that 0% of all voters -- 06% all voters find him honest, and trustworthy, back to you. >> we want to talk about that right now, blake berman bring in dean parker senior campaign advisory national finance campaign chairman thanks for joining us. >> so you just heard blake berman's report the word out, that trump is the guy to beat hillary clinton. i mean republican voters are watching ethics unique, they want to know on that stage, who out there, is growing to a be able to abate hillary clinton can carson do it.
8:07 am
>> if you look at polling numbers you can see the right now we are leading hillary at least a couple points head-to-head depending when pol you look at number two dr. carson is not just a neurosurgeon, he is an executive he served onboard kellogg 1 years costa 16 years chairman of the board, he has a lot of experience in the business world when you get down to it one thing to remember always put great teams together. >> i want to talk to you about learning new information, about isis putting a bomb on plane taking that russian jet down who is reviving him on foreign policy, and on some adversaries getting worse. >> many military current and form advising him dr. carson new that many years ago, when after the -- prayer breakfast came up could he run he spent last three years, focusing on
8:08 am
in a hotel room working with military advisory to understand everything that was going on in the world, and i would put him up against any candidate, and experience, he has been 57 countries worked in over 30 countries, and has extremely amount of experience internationally that we'll don't know about. >> so, carson has clearly appealed to the electorate has a personality that has engaged them, they like him, he is a nice guy. but he is not a -- a man who has managed a large organization, being onboard kellogg being onboard of kellogg not managing kellogg board of directors has incremental involvement in running of the company -- is not a brewercrat running the country first major management job. >> you have to remember he also has experience, on changing and building things,
8:09 am
so he may not haveing managed hundreds of thousands of people directly, he indirectly did many things like he took over, john hopkins department when it was in bottom, of neurosurgeon worldwide took it -- five world changing surgeries practiced all around the world never done until he pioneered them in this election people are not worried up necessarily about all experience of bureaucrats we have 8,000 plus years of congress right now where has it gotten us. >> i'm not sure that is answer to the question his not being experience as a manager i think that americans are concerned, about somebody who can manage, who can take a large organization, and make it change. >> i would say that when you look at that, you got to lack at experience, how many great ceos came in never done that job before, they have gone and transformed jack welch never won ge one of the great ceos in the world. >> that is a good point. >> dr. carson has experience solving complex problems with great teams this country needs
8:10 am
a ladder not a manager. >> management style is real important, and understanding how he would preach building a team putting cabinet together, what is the answer -- >> will do this methodology he is very good at taking all the data and facts studies them takes advise from all the advisories that he enjoys, and years of experience building a very good rolodex i put up against anybody's rolodex when it comes to respect and credibility will figure it out understands it has got to be a combination, there has to be many people that have been in these jobs been in the government done it, that have been waiting for their chance, to break out, and change things that need to get changed. >> you mentioned the prayer breakfast in 2011 a great defining moment awesome comments in front of president obama as well as his wife talking about problems we are having especially with the administration, i think one of the things as a voter in primary can he hold up actually go doe to toe with
8:11 am
hillary can he attack her break down her problems her policies really show that he he k can take general election i think that is one of the biggest concerns how is he go he go to address in a in the upcoming debate? >> so number one he is ready to speak very specifically about plans and actions we are hoping this next debate is about the issues and you get a chance to explain. maria: it will be. >> the dog fight the problem in the past i will tell this you if you look into what you are talking about, most of the country would agree, he is one of the smartest if not smartest on stainl will use intellectual xafs compass to billed slulgs we don't have to have a hammer around the world we can say strongest in world war ii take out he said why don't we use other policies we can put everybody in place, billed coalitions change world internationally do things have not been done since reagan years. >> we need more specifics i was reading commentary on minute wage first said winlz
8:12 am
should go up he said no, no, no i don't necessarily in mean minute wage will go up in terms of real specifics in terms of economic plan, what are the corner stones. >> he is vague. >> you have to remember vague for a certain reason, he has come into a thing people didn't know him we got into first debate less than 50% name recognition has continued to grow wanted people to get chance to know him understand who he was as a person, first store has been -- not misinterpret dream the blossom 1% working way up. >> building something. >> that is how fwaig plays go your campaign we say over 240 ads targeted is that how he is getting name out there. >> you can see name recognition, social media nup one all social media platforms, sclanlt of consta. >> name recognition and growth he needs a marathon who wants to peak middle of november
8:13 am
incidenting of december we are ready towards the end of the year as we go into the true primary states, and february, and march, that is when you know the voters will have say a month or two murponths get issues out and take it. >> we look forward to the debate next week dean parker national finance chairman for dr. ben carson. we'll be right back. we live in a world of mobile technology,
8:14 am
but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you.
8:15 am
8:16 am
. maria: welcome back, illinois community in shock following a surprising revelation volcano suicide, cheryl casone with the story. cheryl: good morning, maria quite a story, city competentlies in fulfillment ox lake pulling down ribbons tied to trees and polls as attribute charles joseph gliniewicz took his life in september because his debts of thousands theft of thousands from a youth program about to be exposed, this is one
8:17 am
expensive fender bender look at this a driver, crashing more than one million dollar ferrari moments after leefb a dealership in budapest hungry apparent hit are subl. >> names scaling back 2600 jobs closing plants in u.s. and canned, target, plans to close 1 stores nationwide maria, on january 30th, citing following profits obviously this is all ahead of the jobs' report, that we're going to be getting tomorrow, tracking companions cutting folks. >> really, company, it is accelerating we will look at job report, tomorrow, when we look at where jobs are, plus we are going to ache short break then looking at report setting pace largest companies look to strike deals in the energy sector will we see more on that exxonmobil chairman ceo rex tillerson's take next.
8:18 am
♪ ♪
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i just had a horrible nightmare. my company's entire network went down, and i was home in bed, unaware. but that would never happen. comcast business monitors my company's network 24 hours a day
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and calls and e-mails me if something, like this scary storm, takes it offline. so i can rest easy. what. you don't have a desk bed? don't be left in the dark. get proactive alerts 24/7. comcast business. built for business. successfully. . . maria: welcome back, oil prices pressure on major energy companies to consider emerging with pierce to stay afloat in a congressionallying environment, yesterday exxonmobil chairman ceo rex tillerson weighed in. rex tillerson: a evaluations today out of line with our view with where they should be in order to make an attractive to us going forward a lot of pressure coming on a lot of companies as we enter next year. maria: academy group what is your take?
8:22 am
>> i think he is like a cat getting ready to pounce to be honest with you, pretty cagey if you really listen to the entire great interview that you did with one of forbes most power full in the world he said right now a lot of pain in the patchy a lot of companies bleeding cash exxon admissible still looking for opportunities, they are positive on a areas where the rest of the energy industry is pulling out of places bike canada, west africa, i thought that was very, very telling, there is a reason why exxonmobil is one of the best run companies in the world, it is because of rex tillerson, you know he understands, this market, volatility he can look through short term prices for opportunities for the long run. >> for sure i liked his answer there, phil flynn and kevin kelly the fact is he basically said to us, i am waiting for it. yeah, we will probably do a deal, but not at these valuations raft time they fell agency much a exxonmobil got together. >> a great point i think rex
8:23 am
splart to today that last big major deal with xto energy at height of --. >> good point, that is right. >> needs a step back wait let market stabilize and important point energy could be a big overhang on s&p 500 next we are exxonmobil trading at 23 times next year's earning, if we go a back before oil, went bust, these names trading at 11, 12 times earnings when oil was stabilized so it is really important to take into consideration, that we have not necessarily in seen any conviction the bottom is in, so we need some of these companies to actually k imploded go bankrupt stabilize the market before. he can do anything as well as earnings vindication. >> that was most interesting thing that theme from this interview which is that bottom is not there yet, wherever oil prices might be he is waiting for valuations to crop further, these companies drop further journalism has written about this have a lot of debt took it on expecting oil
8:24 am
prices at certain lovely to justify their capital expenditures and debt taken on now they are really under pressure, he is waiting for them to collapse. >> one thing about this story is being no on knock on feshth, richard fisher form he'd of federal reserve of texas will say much job creation since financial crisis has been in and around the energy sector, i am talking about jobs energy, manufacturing jobs around energy, so now that we've seen prices could in as much as they have you were talking about bankruptcy if shale players does that translate into a bigger hit to the jobs pie pier, i would say won't capex looking 30% for oil and gas compensation we have seen jobs numbers come down in the space we haven't seen real pickup in the unemployment we have stayed at 5.1. why is that the labor participation rate in united states is at near all-time lows so they are slack in the
8:25 am
market can absorb these jobs, right, we have seen rig counts go down people displaced, we have seen how big go down in the basin, so those jobs picked up elsewhere we would have seen impact already start to hit if that was the big major concern. >> okay. >> we will watch that gak blockbuster earnings report is to being to watch this morning, king of social media reaching 8 billion daily video views, doubling viewership less than one year more than a billion users a day break down facebook record-breaking numbers next. back in a minute. ♪ good times, bad times ♪ ♪ world's policeman.
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>> welcome back. in a minute and a half we'll
8:29 am
get jobless claims. and we want to bring in bank of america merrill lynch strategist. portfolio solutions. >> thank you, maria. maria: thank you for joining us. we've got an economy that's somewhat stuck in the mud. a big rally in october and markets are up about 9%. >> it's unusual, august was obviously a bad month and i think with the fed staying on hold, the market that we placed in, said we can expand p.e. multiples. so, october is very strange in the sense that you have an 8 or 9% rally and so now that we've had it, i think that now you've given up part of the year end rallies. seasonally now, we're in the strongest period in the market. november, december, into january, but when you have a very strong october, it takes away from part of that rally. normally you're up close to 3 1/2%, and maybe 1 to 2% rally going into your end.
8:30 am
maria: you're advising clients. >> we like large cap high quality companies, good balance sheets, a lot of our clients thought when they came through retirement tore close to retirement, they would get the risk-free in the treasury market. and diversifying the portfolio and trying to create income, we're recommending equities and when you look the a the balance sheets, they're the ones paying out the dividends. >> so in august shall concern about the emerging markets and raising rates, led the market to decline. that somehow went away, concern about the emerging markets, i don't know why. the feds didn't raise rates and the markets rose again. when the concern reemerges in january, february are we back in the trough. maria: is it that simple? the fed doesn't raise rates. >> the ecb and draghi saying he might look at quantitative
8:31 am
easing. >> that was in august, too. >> the markets are more at ease much the whole rate hike we've been talking about this for years and why the market has this much volatility. >> exactly, explain that to us. >> it's a little unwarranted. a lot of our clients have fatigue over this. what we need is for the fed to move over this. and the story we'll talk about is what is 2016 going to look like. the markets discount at least six months ahead. so really talking about november or december is not the issue, it's really what's going 0 happen. >> the large cap theme, we're seeing the stability is there, but we mentioned the dax earlier. it's up on the day today. i mean, their top holdings are bayer, daimler, you've got alliance. >> volkswagen. >> volkswagen is a smaller part of that, bmw beat yesterday. and they're a larger component, but my question is how is the
8:32 am
european market, trading at 13 times earning at a dividend yield. it seems like they're hurt because the zip code is in germany and not in the united states. maria: you like europe? >> we like europe, attractively price and japan, attractively priced, but we think both of those are at risk of depreciating more so the euro. as we're recommending to our clients, to actually be in developed markets like europe and japan, to edge hedge the currency. we see the opportunity, one market everybody loves out is the u.k. if you're looking for dividends, the u.k. even has a higher dividend yield, normally 4% for some of those companies and a little more stable currency with the pound. >> it has a big chunk of international stock index. what's going to happen in 2016? you wanted to talk about it. what kind of return are they going to get in 2016? >> the markets in terms of the s&p are up 200%. if you look at nasdaq, it's up
8:33 am
300%. those come after a major bottom. so we're looking for more normallized returns. 6 to 8% going forward in general for the market. what we think is important for our clients is to look and hold for the longer term. we believe we're in a new secular bull market meaning the market trends higher for years. you'll get bear takes when the markets go down, they'll recover. too many clients are still anchored in '08, '09. >> afraid. >> and what we're talking about is the nasdaq 100 close at a record all-time high. we're above the 2000 highs. it's only a matter of time before the nasdaq also gets to all-time highs, very tech innovated. maria: how does the fundamental back drop fit in here? we talk about the possibility of recession within the next six to eight months. is that what-- because we've already seen the earnings recession and seen an industrial complex recession.
8:34 am
do you expect the recession to hit the economy and how does that throw a written much into all of this? 2016? >> we're not forecasting a recession. we don't think you should price that in. what we do for our clients, what are the macro themes driving our economy over the coming years and the one that's driving this economy and can drive it may be for hundreds of years is the digital era and obviously, tech is one of the sectors that's really benefitting the most. you're seeing what companies, the disruptive technology, what uber is doing, air bnb and millennials move technology, love adaptive change and wants experiences. these are major themes we're focused on, not only in the tech space, but where else should our clients be investing? >> it'like a game changer for health care. in terms of the sensors all over.
8:35 am
>> and we have the longevity theme and the baby boomers, you have your two largest temp graphics, playing into the theme. the baby boomers, if you take a person in this country around the average age of 75, 15 pills a day. you see the pillboxes, morning, afternoon, late evening. the biotechnology we're targeting the bad cells and leaving the good cells. so the baby boomers will continue to drive part of the demand for health care. >> there's a higher incidence of chronic diseases. the population over 60 will double by 2020. >> if we live to 85, one out of two people will get alzheimer's. >> maria, cognitive to 70 to 80 is ski slope and it's frightening.
8:36 am
the stresses it will put on households and that's what we are going to help our clients do. something they should plan for. and we're finding there are not as many clients looking at retirement, making sure that they have the resources that they need, to get into retirement and possibly their health care needs down the road. >> really good stuff. >> thanks for having me. maria: thank you for your insights. facebook breaking records left and right, blowing past wall street expectations in the quarter and that's what marion is talking about. the stock set to open at an all-time high. jo: facebook continues to blow past the quarter. and revenue up 41% year over year at 4 1/2 billion dollars and facebook spending heavily, mark zuckerberg is investing big, 111%. facebook has one and a half billion monthly active users. and what's more staggering.
8:37 am
more than a billion use the social platform every single day. on the call last night. mark zuckerberg said there are 8 billion video views on a daily basis, they're spending more and focused on mobile which makes up 78% of total ad revenue and a facebook family of apps is growing there. 900 million now, emergencier at 700 million. instagram at 400 million and the strong report sent the stock, set to open at new all time highs. it's up 5%. so, facebook and instagram account for one out of every five minutes and i'm probably spending more than one out of fight. maria: you're on facebook, instagram, twitter. >> snapchat. maria: how about what'sup. >> i'm on that to communicate with friends overseas, sure. maria: take a look back at best
8:38 am
moments from today as program. >> when you're in a social media and your average monthly users represent one fifth of the world's population, you're doing. >> most people think that warner buffet is the best investor, 20%. and carl icahn, over 30%. sends out one tweet about apple, you understand the power of social media. maria: how are you going to make-- let me see your hand. your fingers work and-- >> look like a toy. >> sold out within the next few wee you don't need to be a brain surgeon to be president. trump gets away because he's trump he's an entertainer and he's the leader. maria: charging my phone. >> having your phone in the
8:39 am
back pocket. >> even more important is the regular poll numbers what people feel he's going to do about the economy. we're on fox business, how do you want at the negotiating table, donald trump or any of those other people on the stages.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
>> disney reporting fourth quarter earnings, and right now, cheryl. . cheryl: good morning, maria. expecting to earn 1.14 a share.
8:43 am
sales of 13 1/2 billion dollars, all of this in time for disney's new "star wars" movie which hits theaters. and the brand new force awakens posters and harrison ford, carrie fisher and others from the franchise. >> if you saw it happen, you'll never forget the image of o.j. simpson driving a white bronco down the highway. the american crime story, people versus joss joss and simpson played by cuba gooding, jr. set to premier in 2016. a lot of excitement about that movie. and exxonmobil ceo sharing his view on the economy. >> this year, we're seeing about 3 1/2%, demand for crude oil. next time further to 3%.
8:44 am
so seeing that chinese economy and part of it is the economy maturing a bit, go i think to slow the trade of growth. if you look at energy a proxy how the economy is going, it's pretty sluggish. >> you know, jamie dimon, the ceo of j.p. morgan chase, say it's time to think positive. at the forum in san francisco, dimon says the american economy is improving and that the world economy would double in size in 15 years and the u.s. economy could be growing faster if washington passed reform legislation and brought up immigration, a hot topic politically and economically to business leaders like jamie dimon. maria: it's interesting. the more interesting comments is that the economy is going to double in 15 years? >> well, yeah, and sort of the pocket or vibe that we're now hearing from, you know, analysts like what we just had who talked about secular bull markets and even the fed talking about the economy being strong enough now to possibly
8:45 am
raise rates in december, these are all kind of different sort of set of vibes that we're getting back in august. maria: i don't know if i'm buying it. look, we just heard exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson say things are sluggish, yesterday was a huge day, i think you agree, because we had three set speakers coming out and talking about the potential for interest rates. janet yellen yesterday. you had stanley fischer and you had bill dudley. what did you get from their commentary. >> a conviction of the data. the data has shown if you take core cpi, x-ing out energy and food, you're up just under the 2% target they're going for and look at pc, personal consumption, expenditures. that's at 1 is.5% and it's averaged that over the last five years. so it's indicating on the inflation side it's hitting the numbers. we know the job numbers have been hit on that 5.1%.
8:46 am
going to the theme of what tillerson would say, jobs slowing down in energy space. we're seeing the economy in the united states and especially now. they may not have the chance later. >> you're right. >> this is the time for them to do it. >> they want to get off zero. >> yeah, they have to get off of zero. >> we have a jobs report coming out on friday. >> estimate 180,000 jobs created for the month of october. >> 180, 200,000, where they're ranging that, up from september. which is a disappointing jobs report. >> 142. >> 142,000 into the economy, feeding into what kevin was saying, the data points beginning to gather and including china stabilizing. the casino market in china no longer weighing on the fed, worry if they raise rates here it's going to destabilize economies abroad. maria: what you say, the chinese market is up 50% in a year. >> up 10% this year alone and
8:47 am
up 50% from a year ago and at one point 130%. people have to understand, the chinese stock market is not a proxy for the economy or anything. >> it's true casino capital over there. >> so, they should not-- it should not weigh on them when it drops 20% or rises 20%, but it's interesting that the dislocation that that caused in emerging market does not seem to be weighing as much on the fed. >> emerging market economies. maria: huge. >> it's starting to hit the staple consumer sector in the united states, a growth for names we're talking about, kellogg and that's where they're getting the growth. maria: what kind of number do we need tomorrow in the jobs report to keep the feds on that-- >> anything close to 200. maria: anything close to 200, you think that the fed raises in december. >> it gives them a tailwind and that the economy is strong enough to weather. >> the market came down 1% and
8:48 am
ended up over 1% so we're seeing the market wanting them to get off the 0% rate policy. we've seen asset inflation and this is the time to do that. maria: that will set the tone for markets tomorrow, for sure. 180,000, 200,000 expecting for the jobs number for the month of october. coming up, the nfl responding to the reports that teams have taxpayer monies to have soldiers appear at games. the answer is next. you focus on making great burgers, or building the best houses in town. or becoming the next highly-unlikely dotcom superstar. and us, we'll be right there with you, helping with the questions you need answered to get your brand new business started. we're legalzoom and we've already partnered with over a million new business owners to do just that.
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check us out today to see how you can become one of them. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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>> welcome back. nfl commissioner roger goodell
8:52 am
says the league will refund the money it received for so-called acts of paid patriotism. the nfl along with sports leagues accused of profiting for the events it puts on to honor u.s. military members before and during the games. according to arizona senators jeff flake and john mccain the pentagon provided $9 million for staged patriotism events over the last four years. will others follow the league and give money back? >> yeah, everyone is going to take a look at this. we're talking high revenue areas, especially with the nfl coming under basically scrutiny in 2013 when it came to breast cancer awareness month. it was reported by espn, listen, only a small part of the sales are going to the american cancer society. so this is coming off of that. the nfl heal has an image problem that they need to address, especially when they've had domestic abuse problems, now, now $9 million
8:53 am
of federal taxpayer money going to honor our troops? the nfl has taken a nonprofit status. this is something the nfl needs to get in front of. maria: is that the government? who is accountable? >> i think all parties involved are accountable. the nfl are dictating terms to everybody else and everybody else has to receive it so i think it's on the nfl. >> you could argue that the defense department has a commercial budget for getting people and recruiting them into the military and this could be part of it. maria: fair points. >> you could easily argue that the defense department shouldn't have to do this and the nfl shouldn't be accepting the money under the guise it's genuine patriotism. i think that the defense department can find plenty of venues where the patriotism is legit. maria:. >> this is the nfl. it's not an individual team thing.
8:54 am
they do a great job in the community. let's focus on nfl as an enterprise, not necessarily the teams in general. maria: the futures are pointing higher this morning. stay with us, we'll be right back. at if you could see more of what you wanted to know? with fidelity's new active trader pro investing platform, the information that's important to you is all in one place, so finding more insight is easier. it's your idea powered by active trader pro. another way fidelity gives you a more powerful investing experience. call our specialists today to get up and running.
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>> welcome back, my goodness, my goodness. changing a 260-year-old recipe for vegans can enjoy the brew. it's what they're taking out. they're taking fish bladders out of the product. guinness has used a filtration method for decades. the brew will be better next year. we want to, i guess, sample this. did you know what was in a guinness. >> i insist to have my beer with fish bladders. it's not going to be the same. >> the guinness flavored jello
8:58 am
shots so i'll have to get it fixed. maria: people get mad when you change the recipes on these things. >> the vegans market is big for, i guess, consuming beer. maria: your take away? >> mary ann bartels, the u.k. is the great place for yields. the one that stood up. we've seen the other chip makers having a hard time this season, but holdings is holding up. internet of things. >> and egypt going on with the jet, it could affect tourism and global aviation, putin's going to do something and be more unpredictable or will he is unpredictable as far as the u.s. is concerned. maria: and we don't know putin's move. >> and even if the analysis is he's going hard after isis, is that good for the united states, more putin in the mideast or not. maria: let's see, guys, if there's anything different he
8:59 am
here. there you go. >> still look like the fish bladders-- >> there you go, cheers. john and kevin, thank you for being here this morning. that will do it for us today. tomorrow op mornings with maria, we've got special coverage of the jobs number coming out. and talking with donald trump and we'll get his take on where we are in terms of the economy and what his plans are. ahead of the big debate next week. and join us for the debate, november 10th, the fox business network and the wall street journal teaming up for the next g.o.p. presidential debate live from milwaukee on tuesday, november 10th and of course, tomorrow's coverage of the jobs number. we are going to have full court press in terms much where the jobs are and what that number means for the federal reserve, which, of course, is perhaps hinting now, that the federal reserve may move on rates in december. what are the odds? >> i take it at 50-50. they need to do something and need to do it now. maria: john.
9:00 am
>> a little better than 50-50. 200,000 jobs numbers we're looking for. maria: a lot of people are at 180, i don't know if that's a big difference in terms of market reaction. >> if the number comes in higher, i think you're above 5 50%. maria: cheers to you, ashley webster is in for stuart. ashley: vegan guinness, maria, they crossed the line, i'm sorry, i'm a purist. where is mine? stuart isn't here, but he left his english accent behind. a bomb could have brought down the russian jetliner, what would they do to retaliate? and facebook 1.5 billion people are using it, it's indeed a juggernaut. four candidates now separating themselves from the rest of the pack. trump,


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