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tv   Varney Company  FOX Business  November 5, 2015 9:00am-12:01pm EST

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>> a little better than 50-50. 200,000 jobs numbers we're looking for. maria: a lot of people are at 180, i don't know if that's a big difference in terms of market reaction. >> if the number comes in higher, i think you're above 5 50%. maria: cheers to you, ashley webster is in for stuart. ashley: vegan guinness, maria, they crossed the line, i'm sorry, i'm a purist. where is mine? stuart isn't here, but he left his english accent behind. a bomb could have brought down the russian jetliner, what would they do to retaliate? and facebook 1.5 billion people are using it, it's indeed a juggernaut. four candidates now separating themselves from the rest of the pack. trump, carson, rubio and cruz.
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and 3 million more migrants expected to come into europe and hillary clinton blamed, you guessed it, climate change. it's a jam packed show, buckle up for the in, three hours. ♪ all right. let's take a look at the dow futures, as you can see. all green on the screen. modestly so. the dow up about a quarter of a percent. janet yellen spooking investors, derailing what appeared to be the march 18,000 level on the dow. it seems to be over for now: we may get a rate increase after all. the stock story of the day will be facebook. how about this? 8 billion video views a day. that number, by the way, doubling in just the last six months. the stock will open at 108 bucks. and we have two stock pickers who say, oh, yeah, they're going to buy it. a different story though for whole foods.
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lowest sales, fewer customer visits. apparently people are not buying organic broccoli for $6.99 a pound. go figure. gas went up overnight to 2.21. ♪ >> that was stuart, somewhere, that was his moaning. let's get now to the russian plane mystery is what we're telling it. intelligence sources confirming to fox news, they have evidence suggesting that a bomb brought down the plane. who here is what ambassador john bolten said about it last night. >> if it turns out isis is responsible for downing this plane, that's the single biggest mistake they've ever made because putin will retaliate and not mess around like president obama has done. it will be, i think, extraordinarily massive. i think he needs to do that for a number of reasons, including domestic political calculus.
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ashley: swift and severe. chris, thank for joining us. we haven't had, yes, it was a bomb that brought the planes down, but the brits today and the u.s. today saying it's more than likely. what can we read into this? >> what we can read into it, first, if you look at the possible factors that go into complex aviation mishap. it's easy to isolate things that didn't happen. we know it wasn't a surface to air missile. it doesn't look like a problem in flight, or pilot suicide. it looks like a bomb on board. i take issue with what ambassador bolten said, this is not a mistakes on their part, this is what they want to do, complex heavy spectacular attacks, they will suffer in the short-term because putin will increase against them, but long-term this is what isis needs to do in order to establish themselves as the
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leading sunni jihadist movie. ashley: chris a couple of things are complicating this. egyptians are leading the investigation and let's face this, they do know the want this to be a bomb. it would be an absolute hit to their tourism. and the russians don't want to be the target of an islamist attack. how hard is it to get to the truth. >> with those two countries, hard to get the truth. neither one has a track record for analyzing aviation mishaps. i'm looking for at british, u.s., european intelligence. the only thing you know for sure what happened in a complex aviation mishap to recover the cockpit voice recorders and forensic analysis. we're not going to get that with egypt controlling the scene and russia being the flag carrier for the mishap. we'll look to the intel agencies to look at the truth
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here and read through what the egyptians and russians say on this. ashley: chris, there's a suggestion that the latest development, announcement by the u.s. and u.k. comes on perhaps them picking up some communications that led them to believe it was a terrorist attack, but those communications, those snipets, if you like, of conversations picked up are notoriously suspect. >> you're correct, they are suspect. if you take any piece of evidence in isolation, you can't draw any conclusion, if you take the totality of evidence, together, you know what can happen and you have to an assess what it happened. we know it's not surface to air missile. it may have been a terrorist attack. i think right now the evidence is lining up in favor of it being a terrorist attack, and i can't say that conclusively. nobody can say that. it's more likely that isis or some other group, i'm skeptical that isis is responsible. usually the media operation is organized and in response to
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this attack that they supposedly caused. >> chris, thank you so much. the u.s. has suspended all flights to sharm el-sheikh in that part of the world, a popular tourist destination, 20,000 british tourists now stranded on that resort on the red sea because of that. the to the european migrant crisis. 3 million more migrants will come into europe. 3 million and hillary clinton blaming, among other things, wait for it, climate change. roll tape. >> we're in a period of one of the worst refugee crises that we've ever faced. it's an international problem and i think we should have more of an international response, but then we have to ask ourselves, why is this happening? and why is it happening? because of terrible governance, because of corruption, because of conflict, because of climate change. ashley: well, there you have it.
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a family to fled syria years ago joins us now to talk about it. and was it the heat and drought that drove you out of syria? >> that's the most insulting thing. is there any level to which secretary clinton and others with stoop in pushing the climate changing. she's basically doing the bidding of the gensidal assad, it was fascism that with the arab awakening that led to the crisis of the millions of genside. you know where it came from, came from syria propaganda and russian propaganda against the rebels. to say this-- they're take the work of a uc santa barbara leftist kelly that's been debunked already and trying to get attention for climate change and doing the b
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bidding of the propaganda. ashley: i don't know how she says it with a straight face. with draut 2007, 2011, forced people into the cities, led food prices up and eventually led to civil war and why she says global climate change, able to call it, led indirectly to the conflict in syria. >> i mean, set aside the immorality of ignoring genside from the assad regime and barrel bombs and that's the threat multiplier which is assad and isis, set that aside. cato has a good response to this, they debunk the science, wrong about the temperature change and shifts in population. you have a fascism socialist economy and finally the arab awakening to that. and pushing back against monarchies and dictators, he is that the pressure.
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to say that the drought somehow played a role in the economic pressure of the rebellions of millions, attacked by barrel bombs and handed passports in order to shift the demographics out of syria, nothing to do with climate change, it's respond insulting. ashley: and she called assad a reformer back in 2011. we're out of time. thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. >> thank you, ashley. ashley: let's turn to policy, the latest fox news poll has four candidates pulling ahead of the pack. trump 26%, carson 23, cruz 11, rubio 11%. and in the meantime, bush, huckabee, kasich in the so-called second tier. the top four are starting to separate from the field liz: yes, similar results from quinnipiac. they came out with this poll and look how they stack up, how hillary stacks up against the candidates and basically trails ben carson and rubio, but she
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would beat trump, carson and christie. as for unfavorability ratings, the worst unfavorability ratings is hillary clinton, trump and bush. ashley: interesting, what does it say about jeb bush. he cannot seem to get traction. >> he says he's buckling down and this is what it means to be president, you walk over coals, to be in the race, tougher to be president. we'll see if jeb bush survives in the next couple of months. ashley: we will indeed. thanks so much. let's not forget, in six days, the fox business debate live from milwaukee, wisconsin, it's going to be a real debate with real questions about the issues affecting your money. what a concept. all right, the department of defense finds itself in trouble this morning. why? jo ling kent has that and the story in case you missed it. jo: ashley, this is an ongoing story we've been reporting. the department of defense is under fire this morning after a senate committee found it's
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spent $6.8 million of taxpayer money on paying more than a dozen nfl, mlb, and nhl teams for putting on events for the military and recruitment. last night chris stapleton stole the show, new artist of the year, album of the year and taking best male vocalist as well and played his hit tennessee whiskey alongside the one and only justin timberlake. nasa released a beautiful high definition footage of the sun. the video showed the different temperatures captured over the last five years by nasa's solar dynamics observatory, i love seeing the pictures of space, i don't know about you. ashley: global warming, just being liz: climate refugees. ashley: sarcasm, we'll get to those.
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jo: makes people smarter. ashley: we'll have a study on that from harvard. even though mr. varney calls it the lowest form of wit. plans of drones with lasers and artificial intelligence, what it all means next. >> facebook, i don't get much value from it, and-- . you can't predict... the market. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your investments through good times and bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments so in a variety of market conditions... you can feel confident... our experience. call a t. rowe price retirement specialist or your advisor
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>> kind of over facebook, i don't get much value from it, it's to pass the time. more of a habit. >> i still use facebook, facebook advocate. >> i've been on facebook quite a while. am i bored with it? >> i've been using facebook since i was in high school years ago, so, yeah, i would keep using it. >> i still use facebook, family and close friends, it's more personal i think so this. >> i am using facebook,
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instagram, twitter, snapchat. >> i still use facebook more to promote myself as a model, but instagram is the main thing, it is. ashley: a lot of people are on facebook on commuter train in the morning. look at the numbers on facebook, more than 1 1/2 billion monthly users, amazing. 8 billion video views per day. 8 billion. also, 15 million people worldwide can now access the web via these are just mind blowing. tech watcher joining us now. shana, you know, there's been a suggestion in the past, oh, facebook is not hip anymore, it's not cool with the younger people, it's just grandma putting pictures up of their grandkids, but these numbers in the latest report are just remarkable. are you impressed? >> yeah, these numbers tell an impressive story, not just about facebook, but about the network of solutions and
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platforms to facebook is running. >> whether it's whatsup or instagram. it shows the momentum that facebook is looking for. ashley: there's a suggestion that people are not updating their status or posting as much. in other words, the engagement of facebook users is dropping off. is that an issue or is that not true? >> well, i believe that they think it's an issue and the reason why i think that is because yesterday they talked about a new artificial intelligence they're working on to try to show you things that have more inherent value to you in facebook. so, that to me is saying that people probably aren't engaging as much as they want them to be and looking at ways to draw people in to show them what they want to see and engage with posts more than they're doing now. ashley: look, facebook painting an ambitious vision of the future, drones with lasers, as
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you mentioned artificial intelligence, anticipating what you wants on your feed. virtual reality engaging touch as well as sight. all pretty amazing stuff. >> absolutely. yesterday they made some big monuments for all of these things. they're launching a satellite within the year to try to bring isn't access and by those that aren't covered by satellite in other areas, they're looking to launch a flock of drones is how it was described, that has a wing span of 737 planes and are powered by the sun that will fly for about three months at a time and ping off each other to try to bring internet to places that never had it before. it's an ambitious vision from facebook. ashley: to bring in a host of new customers as well. and you know, shana, all of this is amazing, but it doesn't come cheap and expenses are pretty high. >> yeah, i mean, facebook is spending a lot of money to get these people on the platform.
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you know, some of it, they market as being, you know, for the greater good, bringing internet to places that didn't have it. look, they're looking to increase the number of users and paying a lot of money to do that, but advertisers continue to pay them more and more money to get the video views, to get their ads up and engagement with the brands on facebook, so they're making big money, too. >> thank you so much for your insight on facebook, it seems to go from strength to strength, thank you so much. >> appreciate it, ashley. ashley: coming up, a navy seal smashing a regard with this wind suit flight. it's fascinating and we've got the video. george h.w. bush blasting dick cheney and donald rumsfeld, their handling of 9/11. more varney next. glad i could help you plan for your retirement.
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>> take a look at this. a former navy seal breaking the world record for the longest wind suit jump, get this, over 18 miles above ground. it's amazing. it's to help raise money for the navy seal foundation. so far it's collected $58,000 to give back to the veterans.
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rather him than i. but that's so cool. 18 miles. a heck of a way to commute liz: you make one error, you're done. the lock of oxygen up there. ashley: i can't imagine, mesmerizing. amazing. get more settled in, but we don't. former president george h.w. bush blasting dick cheney and donald rumsfeld blasting the two while his son was president. >> dick cheney was a different than from the one he worked and knew one, and that he built his own-- he didn't like that dick cheney built his own empire and marched to his own drummer while serving for his son george w. bush. for the 9/11 attacks, even though the former president, george hw reported it, seems he
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didn't like the tone of the rhetoric. he thought it was essentially overheated and he also called rumsfeld arrogant and lacking humility as well. he essentially did not like the fact it seems that dick cheney built his own virtual state department in his own office. ashley: which is what he claims. i did see that dick cheney responded to the iron ass comment and took that as a badge of honor liz: that he needed to be quote, iron ass after 9/11. they didn't like the overheated rhetoric and went in. ashley: no comment from donald rumsfeld. could the markets go over 18k? whole foods, used to be called whole paychecks and now in order nordstrom wants to open a rock of grocery stores next.
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>> this is exactly what they want to do. they are trying to conduct complex at the spectacular attacks like this. they will suffer in the short term because vladimir putin will increase its operations against them but long-term this is exactly what isis needs to do to established themselves as all
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being sunni jihadists movement. stuart: ashley: we start at 9:00 a.m. eastern probably every day so be here for the beginning, "the opening bell" just getting ready to ring. we will get excited, we are going to start on a higher note this morning. talking fed speech yesterday, the rate hike might indeed be on the table. we move and we are off to a flying start down 17-865 down to of flat opening. we have some good numbers out of china over the overnight. we will get some decent sentiment. is flat for now. there has been talk of a dec. eighth hike. could that kill the rally? let's bring in liz macdonald, larry levin and mike murphy. let me begin with you. janet yellen saying we could or we could not. it might rain, it might not
9:31 am
rain. >> maybe janet yellen should run for president since he makes a great politician talking out of both sides of her mouth. cialis the talked-about negative rates which is a very scary thing. really a stupid thing. i was surprised to hear that at all, certainly killing the elderly, no one will be needed a loan out so it is ridiculous that she said that but i agree going back to your question, 18,000 won't get their, it will fall quite a bit and i don't think the government is going to do that and raise rates at this hour. ashley: i agree with you. let's look at stock for the day, shares of facebook beating the street and putting up big numbers. it is $109.36, you own the stock. i want to add to it but not here. on the back of this huge quarterly on the stock a lot lower, very lucky, the quarter
9:32 am
was phenomenal and not only is it agreed quarter looking back but going out to 2016 they give so many different levers they can pull from addressing you on instagram to the virtual reality innocuous, summit meetings face book is doing. liz: $139 a share, it is better than greece and 20. one in five minutes spent on social media. ashley: they have a lot of future projects on the boards, spending a lot of money as well. you won't jump in at 109 given the exciting things that are happening. >> it is great value but i don't want to jump in on the heels of that but i believe facebook will be at $200 stock in 2016. a lot of upside here but i will go farther and say facebook will be the first trillion dollar company in history. liz: they could pull away tv advertising for the a platform.
9:33 am
ashley: they are a threat to media. >> facebook 5% of all media is facebook or one of facebook's including tv, radio, all of it spent on facebook, no windier 5% of the total ad revenue. if they hit that number it will be above market. ashley: for a kid in a hoody and t-shirt, r zuckerberg has done a remarkable blog. not bad. only wish we could be him. different story with whole foods on the other side of the colon, lower sales of whole foods, now they are making new lower-priced store lists. liz: john mackey and his squad don't like it, trying to fight against that. a cheaper version of cold food stores, meaning a lower-priced version of whole food, and they said like nordstrom,
9:34 am
lower-priced discounted. and cheaper whole foods store. and the top 20 worst performers. ashley: not a pretty report. look at target announcing it is closing 13 stores nationwide. we had a nightmare in canada. >> a lot of problems, a data breach, historic closing. and raised salaries, it has not been an easy road for them. they have a lot of work to do. ashley: we used to call it ta targ targay. closing seven plants, is this because they are not doing well
9:35 am
or is it more a case of the merger? >> of little of both. what we are seeing is a push toward healthier reading. a lot of kraft's stable products, could do worse, a big push toward organic in this country and craft and a lot of companies like kraft that need staples years ago need to reinvent themselves. ashley: interesting. liz: the neon color out of star wars. ashley: we will keep an eye on that. air bnb, expedia buying at home away for $3.9 billion, what are the shares now? >> by 3%, 138, which is home away which is the purchase for $3.9 billion.
9:36 am
but no one even heard of air bnb until a few years ago. it is a small percentage of the business and home listings are higher. and they are declined to take on air bnb. ashley: nicole petallides, thank you very much. tune in every morning with lauren simonetti and nicole petallides on "fbn a.m.," great way to kick off your day. ashley: lowering its lower sales, stock is up 1%, look at qualcomm forecasting first quarter profit way below analysts expect agents, feeling the heat from asian rivals,
9:37 am
stock getting a hit, kate spade report higher sales, north america doing very well and the stock up nicely, a 11%. lower attendance at sea world. pardon the pun is down 9%. adidas raising its outlook after a strong third quarter, that stock up 7% for adidas up $78, ralph lauren beating the street and the company giving an upbeat outlook for the holidays. investors love that. it is up 14%. go daddy lost less money in the third quarter and expects to be profitable in the fourth quarter. analysts call it the walmart of the industry. representative sherman to janet yellen about when to raise interest rates. roll tape. >> god's plan is not for things
9:38 am
to rise in the autumn. that is why we call it fall. nor is it god's plan for things to rise in the winter through the snow. god's plan is things rise in the spring. if you want to be good with the almighty you might want to delay until may. ashley: i kid you not. a lot to say about monetary policy. we will have more on that. new york post says of $15 minimum wage could cost half million new york jobs. $15 for everybody, zero dollars. liz: people are hurting out there. talking about minimum wage jobs, in the economic recovery, new
9:39 am
analysis tried to model to half a million new york jobs, $100,000, saying the low-wage, lower-paid workers will get hurt because those companies will let these people go. ashley: that is the reality. it sounds great, people will walk around with black cards and they will be out of work. >> sounds great on paper, when you start forcing business donors to take more of their money to pay their workers maybe they are paying fairly, they will move elsewhere. these people are going to be out of work. having government involved in business and telling businesses what they have to pay and raising those rates when the businesses may not be more profitable is a great weight to lose businesses en bill deblasio new york city is doing a great job losing businesses right now. ashley: $15 an hour is twice the federal minimum wage and we know they have done this in the
9:40 am
pacific northwest in washington seattle area and los angeles and they lost jobs as a result already. liz: it is unfortunate because the people on the left with you are right or left, you have to listen to business owner saying yes we are going to let these people go and time and again the administration talking about the need for a minimum-wage increases. lack of talk about job growth and how you get higher paying jobs into this economy. it is striking the we have been so focused and almost obsessive about talking, the administration and the left have been about minimum-wage jobs and not the higher paying manufacturing jobs like the keystone pipeline. ashley: never meant to be full-time career jobs. kids want to get on to the ladder and move on up. >> they should be focusing on building business, finding ways to build entrepreneurship and then there would be high-paying jobs, not forcing it on business owners. >> it really gives businesses an
9:41 am
excuse to find automation, replace those employees with robots, with machines, another reason to go that direction. ashley: already using the kiosks. let's look at the big board, we have been trading for just over ten minutes, we are up 23 points. not a lot of conviction but we are on the upside. coming up members of the latino community calling donald trump a racist, young children using expletives in a new ad that tell donald trump to leave the country. we have the video ended is not pretty. some rumblings around the world, two big volcanic eruptions and a fiery rainbow. we got it all and then some. more varney next.
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ashley: one of the world's most active volcanoes rumbling again in mexico, a has erupted several times in the past few days, makes for fascinating watching unless you live under it. in indonesia this one stopping flights in and out, that would suck, you want to go on a great vacation, pay cash apparently, making visibility impossible. there is this in the caribbean, a tourist in jamaica seeing what appears to be a fire rainbow. check that out. it is beautiful. amazing stuff. so nice, very serene. pretty serene, just shelling out, up 17 points, 17885. willie make a run at 18,000? we will see. the new video showing young latino kids swearing at donald trump telling him to leave america has gone viral.
9:46 am
take a look. >> this is my home. >> you can't take my right away. >> read the constitution and what it stands for. get out of my country. >> there is the door. ashley: ebony williams who is smiling, i read the transcript of this video. it is shocking. your thoughts? >> i watched it a couple times on the way to the studio this morning with i think a pr and ad team has be fired. it was conceptually a good idea. ashley: in what way? >> there is a legitimate gripe in the hispanic community about donald trump's deportation rhetoric and his message and there's a way to combat that. the point of this should have been to demonize and villified donald trump. what end ed up happening is these kids, these otherwise really cute kids come off as a file, vulgar human beings, could
9:47 am
have gone so far as to make trump's point to come off as aggressive. ashley: trump will get more support or solidify the support he has on immigration issues. >> in the office -- opposite direction they wanted to go. of the point was to make trump look bad unfortunately they make these latino children look bad. ashley: is it child abuse for a political purpose like this? to use foul language? >> the clip we showed here is a more modest version. if you watch the thing in full it is awful. >> they demean themselves dropping the f bomb. deputies they did it that way. news breaking on another front, deport racism pact which is a hispanic pact, they are offering five brands, any audience member who calls him a racist during the saturday night live -- is
9:48 am
going to be testing it and the congressional hispanic caucus is asking saturday night live to invidinvitsinvite donald trump opposed. ashley: they say it is legitimizing the racist comments of donald trump about illegal immigrants. saturday night live and nbc, won't kicked trump of. >> never going to happen and i don't think it is legitimizing him. america is a free country, donald trump is adamant in that message, it is not changing, he is not backing down from it but nbc is in the business of entertainment and dairy snow more entertainment value anywhere in america now been donald trump. to your point they shouldn't be paying for it. if someone wants to take issue with trump and yelling out something that is their prerogative. but don't pay for it.
9:49 am
when you pay for it it undermines the authenticity. ashley: it claims in this video i should point out that he is leading in the polls because he has the support of racists. >> there is a broad coalition. ashley: talk about a pushback, will he become more support? >> the people -- in donald trump's camp, 50% that strong on him, certainly people that really like his immigration policy. ashley: thank you very much for this. ashley: thank you so much. don't forget in six days the fox business debate live from milwaukee, wisconsin. a real debate with real questions about real issues. how will that affect your money? we look forward to that. george h. w. bush calling out dick cheney and donald rumsfeld,
9:50 am
both -- bret baier will join us on that later in the program. fascinating stuff. the women that brought you this, a robotic vacuum cleaner used in hundreds of cat videos on youtube, she has that drone and ups is interested in using it. more varney next. at mfs investment management, we believe active management can protect capital long term. active management can tap global insights. active management can seek to outperform. that's the power of active management.
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ashley: take a look at facebook, stock of the day after magic earnings after the bill yesterday, still up 5.5%, touched 110 briefly this morning. fire iron meantime cut full-year revenue forecasting a new low of 2285. look at that down 22% down $6.5. pandora signing a multi-year licensing deal with sony the tv music publishing, it is a 10% for $13. google and amazon getting into drone deliveries to drop off packages. we know that. another company just got a $22 million investment from ups to do drone delivery.
9:55 am
the ceo is here now, welcome. i should mention you are the co-founder, i see commercials for that all the time. how many cats have written it? >> don't know how many cats but it has gotten 50 million views of cats writing them. ashley: you had great success, it has been very popular. now you have turned your attention to drones. why? what are you doing? >> drones are really exciting because when you are in the area, you invasive to get anywhere but so indoors you can fly around easily and outdoors almost highway waiting for the drones to deliver packages. ashley: you envision the day we look up and there's going to be just like gnats flying around your head, all these drones dropping off packages. is that your vision? >> yes. i believe you will be able to go online, order a package and in 30 minutes have it delivered to
9:56 am
you, not just your home but anywhere you have your cellphone the drone will find you. ashley: i am living in manhattan, in lexington, how does the drone deliver that? >> move to the suburbs where we can lower the packages, on the top of your building a drone delivery station. >> would you be for kills thome to disable them if they are close to an airport? that is being talked about in congress. the drone would drop out of the sky without being able to fly near airports because there's a lot of concern with sightings of drones according to airline pilots they have seen the near their airspace. >> is dangerous to have a drone drop out of the sky. liz: huddy stop it going here and airport. >> they won't allow you to take off if you are near the airport. a note to the person, a cellphone to have a warning your tune in on an airport to fly.
9:57 am
ashley: $22 million investment, ups is someone who has contacted you. >> yes. motorola solutions. ashley: come up with something they could possibly use. >> i am a big believer in drone delivery. it won't be amount -- around until 2020, won't be technical hurdles the regulatory hurdles. we have to prove they are safe before it happens. ashley: maybe we will see cats writing rooms. thank you so much mist second hour of "varney and company" two minutes away. stay there. can a business have a mind?
9:58 am
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10:00 am
plane, isis is claiming responsibility. how will vladimir putin respond. a new fox news poll. trump and carson leading the back and rubio and cruz gaining steam. hillary clinton says she knows what's behind the migrant crisis, climate change. hour two starts right now. ♪ all right, breaking right now, mortgage rates, freddie mac coming at 3.87%, that's up from 3.7% last week. just a slight up tick. real estate developer jason meister joins me now. how would you describe the state of the housing industry right now? janet yellen says it's fine and could handle a rate hike, what's your view? >> ashley, the housing market
10:01 am
is really -- the jobs, jobs is what people buy homes with and we have an unemployment rate, real unemployment rate hovering at 14%. this is the first administration in history that has had below 3% gdp for consecutive seven years. so, in my opinion, we should have raised rates years ago. money has been free for-- since the housing bust and that's created asset bubbles in places like miami, new york city, san francisco, condo prices have gone through the roof and nose bleed levels and i don't-- i think there is a correction, i think that needs to happen. ashley: who is buying right now, the infamous chinese with cash, russians with cash, who is buying now? >> sure, that trend is still happening. in miami you have 70% of the home sales going to overseas
10:02 am
foreign buyers. that's a tremendous message. there's a lot of chinese coming in and foreign money coming in. i don't see enough of the end users. you still don't have millennials buying enough homes, 40% of existing home sales, they're low. the housing food chain is not -- we don't have a natural, healthy housing market. we have a housing market that's been fueled by free money for about eight years. ashley: right. >> and rates are not moving. ashley: all right, jason, well, the millennials are in mom and dad's basement right now. jason, meister, thank you, we appreciate it. take a look at the big board session highs right now. a bit of a slow start this morning, we've been trading just over an hour, the dow up nearly 58 points, are we going to head towards 18,000? we'll see. watch out air bnb, expedia buying vacation rentals like home away for 3.9 billion in
10:03 am
cash and stock. expedia up 3%. look at home away, up 23%. and higher profits, it's moving higher as well and lowering its global sales forecast, toyota ticking slightly higher up nearly a buck 50. whole foods said sales growth slowed sharply and gave a luke warm outlook at best. that stock getting hurt, down more than 5%. all right, to politics. fox news out with a new national poll and, yes, trump leading with 26%, carson 23%, cruz and rubio come in with 11% and then we have the so-called second tier bush and huckabee, kasich and paul all 4%. blake berman joins us. you have another new poll? >> yes, that's the top line poll, donald trump shows he leads. a deeper dive, currently looks potentially just as good for trump of the it's 42%.
10:04 am
that's the number. 42% of republican voters feel the billionaire businessman is the most qualified to handle the economy. now to put that in context, 42% also equate to the combined total of the next seven candidates. clear separation there. that's also an important mark because when republican voters were asked which issue is most important for them deciding the nominee, and economic issues far and away the top of security, immigration and trump stands on top of the miss who thinks is the most qualified for commander-in-chief, beating hillary clinton. 60% of all voters believe he's honest and trustworthy, but that 42 number-- >> blake berman liz: the issue, and this is what's key. they have to go beyond their base. all are building a base, towards 50%. he has to get towards 50 in
10:05 am
order to win the general election. so, if he's at 42, that makes him in a sweet spot right now, so, in terms of the other candidates. again, it's about building on top of your base and getting beyond that margin toward the 50 pest electorate. >> let's get to that dined russian jet liner. >> preliminary evidence does suggest that a bomb did indeed bring the plane down. we looked with chris harmer, that it looks like a terrorist attack, but might not be isis. >> and i think that evidence is lining up for it to be a terror attack, i can't say that conclusively, but it's more and more likely isis or some other group was responsible for it. i'm skeptical that isis is responsible, usually their media operation is well-organized and right now they don't look organized in response to this attack that they supposedly caused. ashley: because they are claiming responsibility.
10:06 am
we'll have much more on this. former israeli ambassador to the united nations, dan tillerman will talk about this. forget terrorism, the democrats claiming climate change is the biggest threat we're facing. listen to bernie sanders at a climate change rally yesterday. >> this is a major, major, major planetary crisis and we in the united states have got to lead the world working with chinese, working with russia, working with india to transform our energy system. ashley: and anyway, hillary clinton says that, oh, yes, climate change is causing the immigration crisis. it's too easy and i can't believe that hillary clinton was asked what are, you know, what are the reasons behind this mass migration out of syria and elsewhere into europe and she listed as one of the major reasons climate change.
10:07 am
>> she did, yes. it's now become a cornerstone of the democratic platform to talk about climate change at any opportunity. climate change is real-- >> and it can't be responsible for everything, but a contributing factor. she's secretary of state and she knows what's going on. you know it's true and it wasn't that bad. [laughter] but she knows that she does have to talk about climate change and counter bernie sanders. basically all he talks about an income inequality and climate change and she can't be seen not to be talking about-- >> don't you think she loses credibility when she hears things like that. here could be the future commander-in-chief blaming this crisis-- >> well, she didn't full stop blame it. she was talking about factors. ashley: climate change leading to chlorine bombs falling out of the sky, is that what she's saying? >> what i would say is what people on the other side of the fence believe or see, perceive her to be doing, versus what democrats feel she's doing, are dramatically different.
10:08 am
let's look the a the e-mail controversy. and 75% of republicans, less 30% of democrats care about it. it's one of those things. >> it's a party line thing. >> and it might do that on climate change as well. and no one say that she's dumb on the-- and you wouldn't say that she's dumb because she says it's a contributor factor. ashley: i wouldn't say she's dumb, but i think she's wrong. >> and it would be there for three days and-- >> you took the words ut 0 of my mouth. stay right there. we'll have more on the climate change blame game is i think what we'll call it the next hour. senator mike lee, republican from utah, he wants to stop president obama to stop in paris. and that's a good topic, the
10:09 am
paris get together next month. persony sanders has been stepping up his attacks, by the way, on hillary, not just the climate. and that's kind of a change in tone. >> yeah, i think he realizes he's running for president. >> realizes someone else? >> someone else and she's winning by a lot. so, yeah. >> that's a good point. look, it's 2-1 in favor of hillary right now. >> absolutely. >> the supporters for bernie sander, i don't know, those who have nothing better to do. they're pretty loyal to him, aren't they? >> they are, absolutely. >> here is the thing, jessica. bernie sanders' campaign ads all about him being an outsider. he's been in office since 1991. >> thank you for saying that liz: and says things like he's voted against cutting government spending and rating program effectiveness things like that. i mean, how do you take that? is that credibility? >> i think that where it comes from is that clinton is the ultimate insider, anyone who is running-- >> isn't sanders the ultimate
10:10 am
insiders, too. >> absolutely, and she's been in the public eye since, you know, her husband was governor of arkansas. ashley: right. >> so, what i would say is that people are paying a lot more attention to her. she's more closely saeshd with the insiderness because he's out there running on a platform that doesn't make a ton of sense. look at him he's totally kookie-- >> sanders is going up against somebody that was secretary of state, a first lady and a senator out of new york, so he's got some tough opposition on the resume' alone. ashley: that's right. going on the attack kind of makes sense. >> it does, but he really can't win on the e-mail issue. i think he realized giving her a free pass at the debate was a mistake. basically democrats don't care about that so he's got to go on the issue and it's the flip-flopping point is the best way he can move forward on this. democrats, they-- flip-flopping is the best way forward.
10:11 am
>> for him, to attack her on the flip-flopping. ashley: jessica, thank you. >> i've got to be honest. ashley: you are honest, that's why we love you. jessica, don't forget the republican debate here on the fox business network, the economy, prosperity, your money, we're going to be hitting all the big issues. what a concept on tuesday november 10th right here on the fox business network. trish, sandra, maria and neil. facebook is the stock to watch and big numbers are investing a lot in the future. jo ling kent has the details in case you missed it. >> another record-smashing quarter for facebook, right, ashley? . they beat on the top and bottom line. despite spending more money, earnings rose by 11%. what is facebook spending so much money on. they're building drones and lasers and satellites, and deliver internet to people who aren't on-line just yet. the social media giant also spending heavily on in partnership
10:12 am
with some of those drone and laser projects. and getting ready to launch the ocular headset. after acquiring oculus. and they said twice the virtual reality will take some time to catch on. zuckerberg is heavily investing in artificial intelligence, developing computers that can recognize images in your photo and understand languages and play games. ashley: we're going to be in facebook and zuckerberg will be the grand ruler. >> and going on-line. ashley: and can't get enough of this one. hillary blaming the european refugee crisis on climate change.
10:13 am
congressman john fleming is next. and ranking up with china, north, and details after the break. the future belongs to the fast. and to help you accelerate, we've created a new company... one totally focused on what's next for your business. the true partnership where people,technology and ideas push everyone forward. accelerating innovation. accelerating transformation.
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accelerating next. hewlett packard enterprise.
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10:16 am
>> all right. let's take a look at the big board again. we're up nearly 60 points. that kind of faded away. that's up ten points by this hour. take a look at amazon, the momentum behind the stock is remarkable. no huge news, up another 1 1/2% at $650 a share. pandora signing multi-year licensing deal with sony atv music publishing. the stock up nearly 8% at 1270. a whole different story at whole foods. lower sales, lower traffic, you name it, they are struggling a bit. down today in trading. 5 1/2% just around $29 a share. all right, now this. u.s. officials have detected a flurry of hacks, targeting e-mails and social media
10:17 am
accounts and the above administration, officials, and apparently, liz, they say not the chinese, not the russians, they believe it's iranians. >> the revolutionary guard is here and fbi officials have told fox business that iran already ranks up there with russia, china, north korea, in the scale of their cyber hacking and what are they doing? they're attacking social media accounts and e-mail accounts in the white house and iranian embassies, and this comes on the heels of the iranians being accused of using fake linked in accounts to get to people in government. i tell you this comes as federal workers, union workers are saying, you know what? we should be allowed to look at social media and personal e-mail accounts at work and-- >> it's interesting, we always hear about russia and china, but iran doesn't come up often. >> it came up after the virus, when, you know, the virus went after the iran nuclear capability and cording to law
10:18 am
enforcement, they say iran started ramping up and going on cyber attack against, you know, perceived enemies around the world. ashley: yeah. but we know with russia and china they can gain monetarily, particularly the young russian hackers. what can the iranians gain? profit from this? >> it seems to be intelligence and when you get into a facebook account and this has already been reported, your access gross exponentially because you can hack into the people on your facebook account. >> all the contacts. >> all the contacts, it's really about intelligence, too, basically. >> exactly. >> just another threat on-line. well, talking of hacking, by the e-mails, hillary clinton has her own explanation for the european refugee crisis, take a look at this. >> we're in a period of one of the worst refugee crises that we've ever faced. it's an international problem and i think we should have more of an international response,
10:19 am
but then we have to ask ourselves, why is this happening? and why is it happening? because of terrible governance, because of corruption, because of conflict, because of climate change. ashley: yep, she said it. louisiana republican congressman john fleming with us now. thank you for joining us. your reaction to this, she had the reason for the syrian refugee crisis, she mentioned conflict in the same breath as climate change. >> well, ashley, just-- it just goes to show you how disconnected secretary clinton is from the real world. you ask 100 everyday americans and that will be number 11 or lower on their list of the cause of any problems around the world, much less isis. we know that current isis crisis that we have is lack of leadership, it's lack of leadership from the administration she served in.
10:20 am
it was as a result. primarily, because of president left iraq too early and is now trying to reinsert the same troops gradually. >> congressman, also while i have you here, i want to ask you about the downed russian plane in egypt. confirming that fox news, that they have evidence suggesting it was a bomb that downed the plane, not a mechanical malfunction. do you believe it was a terror attack? >> of course, we don't know for sure, but it has all the signs and symptoms of that. you know, a plane that's at a cruising altitude, doing well, and then all of a sudden, breaks up in mid air and crashes to the ground. we know that the tail fell miles from the rest of the wreckage and that suggests that it split in two. what would cause that, but a bomb and also, we have the tracking out there through the internet, and we have an isis affiliated group that's taking
10:21 am
credit for it. so it has the signs and symptoms, i think the final investigation will tell us the final result. ashley: and yet, i have to come back to it, hillary clinton looks at the destabilizing, the conflict in that part of the world and uses climate change as one of the reasons. >> well, you know, again, i think it's a way, it's that shiny object that distracts us away from the truth. again, this administration, including when she was secretary of state refused to engage on these issues, refused to take leadership, created a vacuum of leadership in the middle east and now we have a terrible crisis that's growing every day. i would say isis is our primary threat here with russia and china not far behind. ashley: i think everyone else would agree with you. congressman fleming, thank you for joining us. >> sure. ashley: how about this, a new study from harvard, sarcastic people are smarter and more successful.
10:22 am
i bet you stuart regrets saying this. stuart: that was sarcasm and that's a low form of wit and you know that, too.
10:23 am
10:24 am
10:25 am
>> here is a look at valeant pharmaceuticals. they're at the shares lowest level since june liz: now they're in the crosshairs of congressman, representative in the house and also the senate, they want to basically-- this elijah cummings and on the other side, senator clair mccaskill wants to get at valiant's drug pricing documents and pharmaceuticals as well so they remain under pressure. ashley: down heavily today. this story, a team of researchers from harvard business school, columbia business school, sniff, sniff,
10:26 am
they say that sarcasm increases creativity and well-being. liz macdonald, sarcastic people are smarter is what they're saying, einstein. >> yeah, and don rickles as well. [laughter] i enjoyed reading this research, kidding. you can't be sarcastic over text. ashley: it falls flat, they don't get the context, you are funny, they say it's the lowe est form of wit, and stuart varney reminds us liz: i've had a good time, but not reading that. i wonder how cheryl feels about it. >> i love sarcastic people, one of my favorite things and disagree with stuart, i think it's awesome. bring it op all the time. ashley: coming up, more on the downed russian plane. was it an act of terrorism? the former ambassador to the united nations will weigh in on
10:27 am
that next. and, yes, facebook hits an all-time after after reporting amazing numbers. we've got a facebook bull who says it's the ultimate great stock. >> i'm a facebook advocate. >> am i bored with it? i don't use it that much. >> i would keep using it. it's a great platform. if you're an adult with type 2 diabetes and your a1c is not at goal with certain diabetes pills or daily insulin, your doctor may be talking about adding medication to help lower your a1c. ask your doctor if adding once-a-week tanzeum is right for you. once-a-week tanzeum is an injectable prescription medicine that may improve blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes, along with diet and exercise. once-a-week tanzeum works by helping your body
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changing the world. ♪ stuart: okay. let's take a look at the big boards for you. we are now down. we were up 60. we have lost traction. 18,000, well, maybe not today. amazon hitting a new high. still just back off that new a little bit.
10:31 am
of nearly $10 for amazon. streaming great momentum. let's take a look at mattress maker select comforts. profit eating the street. boy, do they love it. $4.2564. reporting some great numbers yesterday. check this out. more than one and a half billion monthly users. not bad at all. a billion video views today. 8 billion video users every day. comp on in, jason. and facebook both. who could argue with you. i know you liked this stock. were you surprised at how strong those numbers were yesterday? >> the 8 billion video views. that is up from 1 billion. an 8% increase year-over-year. really, i believe the main
10:32 am
reason for facebook's 5% hot today is 23% year-over-year growth in asia-pacific region of monthly active users. that is where the future of facebook is. in the emerging market. india, asia, etc. etc. facebook has seen this big growth trajectory and will continue to see it. >> facebook is blocked in china. mark suburb doctor burke said that it is the second biggest in the world. that will be a challenge. they do not want their citizens to get a real look at the outside world did especially the outside world. >> sure. the communist policy that is, you know, we hope is surely changing. marx zuckerberg is doing the best he can to be part of that
10:33 am
change. ashley: do you buy at this price? >> if you are buying for the long-term, yes. jason, thank you very much. we appreciate it. take at the price of oil. oil moving slightly lower. down 4572. meantime, gas up more than 1 penny overnight. we have seen this trend of late. moving up to $2.21. that is the national average for a gallon of gas. andy is here. i will ask the question that stuart probably asks every 10 minutes every day. are we going to see oil at $2 that no, gas at $2 or below soon? by the end of the year? >> national average, we have a really good chance at hitting that. california, of course, they are at the other and.
10:34 am
if you look among the world is completely oversupplied with oil. now we are expecting iranian oil to reach the market in early 2016. that will continue to put pressure on prices. ashley: what is going on between saudi arabia and russia. there is conflict there. >> they are on different sides of the geopolitical situation. trying to encroach on market share in europe. selling crude oil into sweden and poland. they are trying to encroach on the russian territory, if you will, at the same time russia is producing at all-time record highs. ashley: and getting record prices. i think the industry has really changed the landscape of oil production. >> absolutely. there is no doubt that they have changed the dynamic.
10:35 am
as the u.s. gets more and more energy independent, we have less to worry about a foot is going on in the middle east. cherry concerned about the middle east. they have become the world's biggest importer of oil. >> the global economy slowing down. certainly, the economy is slowing down here at. >> i think -- ashley: is it wishful thinking? >> no, i do not think that it is wishful thinking. the oil supply situation is still very oversupplied. it is not until 2017 and beyond that we see sort of a recovery in prices. ashley: stuart varney is smiling right now. great to have you here in person. now to the downed russian plane and egypt. they have evidence suggesting it was indeed a bomb had downed the plane, not a mechanical malfunction. joining me from tel aviv is dan
10:36 am
gilman. ambassador, thank you for joining us. was this indeed a terrorist act? >> well, i think that the jury is still out on that. what we're looking at is very similar to the plane that was blown up and down. pan am flight 103. it took three years of investigation to indict the libyans for putting a bomb on that plane. what we have at the moment is a crazy situation. no authority, nobody is willing to seriously investigate or take responsibility. you have ice is claiming they shut it down. you have the russians to would
10:37 am
admit that they never did this. the security failed. the group is in charge with investigating. whether it is the egyptian government, really, in a way they are not interested in the truth. i hope very much that they will take over this investigation and look into it. it should not be too difficult. i think that this would be a simple thing. if you ask me, the answer is yes. i think that this was a bomb. i think that this was a terrorist attack. a cool and cynical neighborhood that we live in. ashley: i was in cairo back in 2011. in order to get my bags put through the x-ray machine at the
10:38 am
airport, i had to pay the workers for them to put my bags through the x-ray machine. how much would i have to pay if i wanted to get a bomb to not go through the security machine. >> i have been to cairo airport several times. i would not describe the security as very professional. a plane. no bride would get you on a plane without a sorrow investigation. that is another difference. ashley: ambassador. thank you from for joining us from tel aviv. responding to his father's criticisms. "i am proud to associate with dick cheney. he did a superb job as vice
10:39 am
president. i was fortunate enough to have him by my side throughout my presidency. an effective secretary of defense. selfless service to our country and friendships. there you have towards bush 43 responding to these claims, not claims, observations. dick cheney was a hard ask. liz: this is particularly acute for president george h. w. bush. it is also agonizing for jeb. not delivering a definitive verdict on the iraq war. two presidents in the same family going at it is striking. what is really important here is for the very first time, the jon meacham book gives insights to
10:40 am
how powerful dick cheney was. building his own coterie in his own office. building an empire. ashley: it is fascinating stuff. interesting response. time for the special sector report. share all who is behind me -- >> looking at disney. that will certainly be the stock to watch. the movie studio warner bros. had done really, really well. having expectations. disney's moving arm. the force awakens. are ready so many segments. they are looking for a cash cow.
10:41 am
ashley: up next. the polls. they tell the story. jeb bush. the "wall street journal" dan says still the most qualified candidate. just days ahead of his big saturday night live hosting gig. a new ad is out attacking donald trump. it is a shocking video. i will show it to you after this. >> because of equal time rules for television, mr. trump can only speak for for second in this promo. >> then person is a complete and total loser. ♪
10:42 am
10:43 am
♪ nicole: i am nicole petallides with your fox business brief. the dow jones industrial average is down about 67 points. the s&p 500 down about 10. the nasdaq down 36. still higher for the week. looking for tomorrow's monthly copper ports. a rate hike in the back of their mind. some of your dow movers include -- update quarters of 1%. leaving the dow. nike and jpmorgan also leading here it marked another ladder. look at ralph lauren. saved up over 8%.
10:44 am
this is on quarterly reports. increased. it is slightly lower. start your day fbn a.m. 5:00 a.m. ♪
10:45 am
ashley: queue up though organ
10:46 am
music. there we put aeropostale on death watch. regarding continued listing requirements. the share price has fallen below $1 for 30 trading days. it could be in trouble, as far as getting delisted stock exchange. the grim reaper standing right there. fox news turning to politics. out with a new national poll. donald trump leading with 26%. the second tier, if you want to call it that. we have bush, huckabee and paul all coming in just 4%. dan is here now. maybe for the last week, for candidate appearing to be separating themselves a little bit. trump, carson, rubio and cruise. ted cruz.
10:47 am
i will get to that in a minute. do you think that that is true or do you have any faith in these polls at all? >> we are almost getting over hauled with polls. i think the thing to concentrate on here is where the movement is occurring. donald trump keeps sitting there between 23 and 26%. there is not a lot of movement. i think that he has solid support. ashley: has he peeked? >> that is the question. why is he not gaining more support. ben carson is rising. they came out of the debate with more support than they previously had. liz: build towards 15 to win. they have their base. >> the thing to always keep in mind in all these polls is most people say they have not
10:48 am
committed themselves to anyone candidate. >> ben carson just released this radio ad trying to appeal to african-american voters. let's listen. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> america became a great nation not because it was flooded with politicians ♪ ♪ ashley: interesting. not an ad that you would associate with ben carson. what do you think of that tactic? >> i am not qualified to judge his skills as a wrapper. i like what he is doing. i really do. i think it is a good approach to
10:49 am
try to reach out to the african-american community as a republican candidate did i think, politically, african americans need to hear what ben carson has to say. stuart: right. >> if he can start carving into that support, though the polls suggest that he may be able to do that, that will be a terrific thing. ashley: you make the point that jeb bush is the most qualified to be in the oval office. >> yes. i would say so. his two terms as governor in florida were very successful. very conservative. he has had a lot of experience. i am so struck by the lack of preparation that jeb bush has brought into these debates. marco rubio and ted cruz obviously are well-prepared. he is falling.
10:50 am
he is paying for it. i think that he is paying for it. i would like to see ben carson bring a little bit more into these debates as well. >> maybe he will wrap something. [laughter] ashley: thank you very much. appreciate it. fox business hosting the next big republican debate. what a concept. do not miss it next tuesday, november the 10th right here on the fox business network. the famous house from the movie "scarface." remember that? if finally sells. not for what the owners were hoping for. we have the details next.ust dr. ♪ cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances.
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the rest is up to you. call now, request your free decision guide and start gathering the information you need to help you keep rolling with confidence. go long™. ♪ ♪ >> that is the most insulting thing. is there no level to which secretary clinton will push in climate change? >> i think that there is a way to come back to that. it should've been to demonize donald trump. what happened is i believe these kids come off file. they come off bulger. could have gone so far as making
10:55 am
trump's points. liz: a busy morning. those are just some of the highlights of the first two hours of arnie in company. tune in every day at 9:00 o'clock for all the action. the iconic house in the movie "scarface." starring al pacino. it is finally selling. they are not getting the asking price that they were hoping for. cheryl: it was listed in may for $35 million. it did not move. eventually, they had to cut it down to the $17 million range. it sold for just a little bit below that. the russian billionaire that had originally bought the home now selling it. what is cool about it is the buyer. this house is beautiful, by the way. as you can see from the movie, all of these beautiful iconic scenes in scarface. the wedding in the back. reflecting pools in the back of
10:56 am
the home. anyway, he bought it for 20 million. this russian billionaire took a loss on it. the guy that bought it, he is the ceo of iq holdings. that is an investment bank out of houston. he is going to live in it. even he did not care about the scarface part of the sale. he just told the realtor is that he loved the home. liz: he is getting a deal on it. getting at below what the original buyer got it for. coming up next. president george h. w. bush blasting some of his sons top aides. he called donald rumsfeld air again. he called dick cheney -- that story is up next. a special report post threadbare giving us all the details on that. that. plus the latest fox news poll numbers.
10:57 am
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ashley: welcome back. stuart is off today. the russian jetliner that crashed in egypt may have been brought down by a bomb. u.s. intelligence agencies say they have preliminary evidence. the question now is how will vladimir putin retaliate. four candidates separating from the pack. trump, carson, cruz and rubio. hillary clinton says simon change caused the migrant crisis. you cannot make this up. get ready for another hour of "varney & company." ♪ let's check the big board. dow at session lows. up 74 points. earlier in the day we were up some 64 points. a reversal.
11:01 am
the big stock to watch is facebook. hitting a new high. some amazing numbers. more than one and a half billion monthly users. 8 billion video views per day. right now, let's get right to the latest fox news poll. four candidates pulling ahead of the pack. trump, 26%. carson, 23%. cruz and rubio, 11%. and we have bush, huckabee and paul all coming in at 4%. let's bring in special report representative care. thank you so much. it appears that there may be a little bit of a pull away with the top for putting some distance between themselves and the rest. would you agree with that? >> yes. i think that you are seeing a trap tear. and then the falloff.
11:02 am
one of the big things in this poll is that donald trump still has a lot of support. very loyal supporter. especially on the number one issue that voters say is most important to them, the economy, jobs. donald trump is at 42%. the best person. the best candidate that can do with the job. the next person is 10% in this poll. pretty stunning. ashley: it really is. i wanted to get your thoughts on this. this new biography of george h. w. bush blasting dick cheney and donald rumsfeld did two senior officials from his son's presidency. what do you make of that? >> well, it is quite stunning. hw bush 41 criticize his sons work counsel, if you will.
11:03 am
he called them iron glasses on some of the decisions that they made in his administration. interestingly, just in the past few minutes, george w. bush, through a spokesperson, reached out and said he wanted us to read this quote. i am proud to have served with dick cheney and donald rumsfeld. i was fortunate enough to have him by my side throughout my presidency. ably led the pentagon and was an effective secretary of defense. i am thankful to both of them for advice, thankless service and friendship. ashley: probably good for the boat sales. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. let's check the big board for you once again. down 68 points at this hour. 17798 did we will keep an eye on that. our next guest is a priest that has less the likes of donald
11:04 am
trump. come in, father. let me begin first with your market watch, which i find interesting. what do you make of this market? there was talk earlier that we had 18,000 on the dow. a rate hike is on the table for december. we start to pull back a little bit. a bit of resistance that 18,000. >> i would say more of a security analyst. in terms of janet gallant comments, where interest rates go will certainly give us an indication. that, of course has a far-reaching impact on things like inflation and even greater more important underlining issues like income inequality. something very important to watch. ashley: i want to look at a couple individual stocks.
11:05 am
let's start with netflix. why are you shortening netflix? >> i do not personally short any stocks. through our funds. we did take a short vision on netflix. i think we ought to consider our role in a timely interact with capital. we have to be able to distinguish between price and value. when price is beyond what value you are getting, it is okay to short issues like that. with netflix, you are paying 48 billion. growing debt expense. ballooning marketing. it is not entirely clear if there is a defense both or a competitive advantage. ashley: father, i decided to bring this one up, congressman rod sherman speaking about janet gallant's claim. interest rates migrate.
11:06 am
listen to what he says is god's plan. >> yes. god's plan to rise in the winter through the snow. god's plan is that things rise in the spring. if you want to be good with the almighty, you may want to delay until may. ashley: do you think that god has a say? >> well, you know, versus a virtue. we are instruments of god. we have been in this for about 10 years. this is such a tremendous income inequality in the world did you are talking about the top 85 people in the world. 2.5 billion people. you have interest rates that are that low. that is wealth for the rich. for the rest of the world, i mean, you're talking about one in nine people not having enough to eat.
11:07 am
at large part of that income. the leaders in the world, economically in the u.s. quantitative easing. my suspicion would be that it would lead to greater income inequality. >> thank you so much for joining us. we appreciate it. >> thank you for the invite. >> and all-time high. more than one and a half billion users. jo ling kent join does now. some pretty strong numbers. >> really strong numbers. daily active users. if you look at the housing center, how they are making money, it is all about mobile. turning around the sinking ship of mobile.
11:08 am
now, mobile ads are 78% of all ads. that tells you two things. about what advertisers want. also what facebook is able to do to deliver on the metrics and promises that they are making. at least for now. >> reaching saturation. >> there are still a lot of people that are not on the internet. trying to get people on the web for the first time. places like india or china or africa. their revenue and their overall earnings were still up 11%. they are able to grow. the real growth opportunity is all about virtual reality. that is where their strong play is. he is being cautious. do not expect it to take off right away when a new headset comes out in quarter one.
11:09 am
we want results. investors want results. just give it some time. it will be like when the phone first came out or the computer first came out. trying to qualify what his expectations are. >> facebook says we will be raising our expenses. >> they have areas which they have not even monetize debt. >> they have not even started advertising. ashley: a viral video. a bold way creating lots of outrage. roll tape. >> this is my home. >> you can't take my bike away. >> get the [bleep] out of my
11:10 am
country. ashley: it is kind of funny, but it is not. what do you make of this video? i find it appalling. >> it is sad. it is tasteless. there are obviously adults behind this video. they should stand up and make the substance in this case. the political marketing campaign and the same people that are behind it produced a similar video last fall. use a link a similar message. i think that it is more of a turnoff then it turn on. ashley: do you think that donald trump solidifies this his support? >> there will be a lot of people who support donald trump who are
11:11 am
brought up by this video. wanting to support his ideas. one offense with another, two wrongs do not make a right. i do not think that this patio adds anything. stuart: i would bet that there are quite a few in the community who are also appalled by this video. >> obviously, the point was shock value. maybe they are being a little bit successful when it comes to shock value. the president, we see a different kind of prejudice inside of this video when east children say republicans -- if they want to be specific and talk about specific republicans who say specific aims, that is one thing. all republicans as racist, that is a different kind of tragedy is. you cannot fight prejudice with prejudice. ashley: thank you very much. shocking new information on the
11:12 am
russian plane crash. the bomb may indeed have had a board. we will have details next. ♪
11:13 am
11:14 am
11:15 am
ashley: whole foods says sales growth slowed slightly. you can see the stock moving slowly. down 5%. ben carson. start airing tomorrow. listen to this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ben carson ♪ new president would be awesome ♪ america became a great nation early on ♪ ♪ not because it was flooded with politicians ♪ ♪ but because it was flooded with people that understood the
11:16 am
value of responsibility ♪ ♪ trish: interesting. who is this ad aimed at? >> possibly young african-americans. it is interesting. another unorthodox move. gerri: not aggressive. a radio ad. nothing if you are thinking about past spending prices. what you see here is an interesting play. looking at additional to see how it takes off. will it get posted? will it go viral? some people have joked on twitter saying it makes it more lively.
11:17 am
>> the polls go back and forth. whether or not they beat hillary clinton. african american vote away from hillary clinton. ashley: malott. loki. soft-spoken. quite effective. >> short. >> i am await and see. happily sit on the fence. let's move on. and isis plot may have brought down the russian plane. if that is true, ambassador john bolton said that may have been the biggest mistake. >> that is the single biggest mistake they have ever made. putin now will retaliate. he will not mess around my president obama has done. it will be, i think, extraordinarily massive.
11:18 am
you need to do that for a number of reasons. a member of the house intelligence committee. awfully noisy behind you. biden mayor putin. isis is responsible. very germanic, as john bolton assessed right there. >> based on his past experience, i would certainly say that that is a possibility. he has not been shy in crimea. i would imagine he would be aggressive. people will demand something. it is not good news. this is more chaos. more uncertainty. a very dynamic situation already. this is not good for anyone. ashley: do you believe that this was an act of terror? >> i have to be careful.
11:19 am
a former air force pilot, a trained accident investigator as well, extraordinarily unlikely, in my opinion that this airplane just fell out of the sky. there has to be some type of an explanation did i think a structure failure is one of the mostly likely. there may be something -- ashley: we do have some complicated factors. you do not want to be seen as the target of islam is militants. working against the troops. getting to the bottom of it. >> i think that that is certainly true. egypt is one of our closest allies in the region. it is an enormous part of their
11:20 am
economy. distressing us to see one of our allies under this pressure. you are right. sort of an explanation. the russians have, i, their own interests. seeing what the evidence points to. it is too early for either of those parties to be claiming either a or b. i think we will know probably before too long. ashley: the uk has suspended all flights to and from the red sea resort. do you think that that is prudent? >> i will let the uk make that decision. this is a very chaotic part of the world. some airport security is better in some locations then it is others. i would hope that we can support egypt as an ally. individual nations and companies will have to make decisions that they believe are in their best
11:21 am
interest. ashley: thank you varies much. we appreciate it. u.s. officials had detected have detected a flurry of packs of obama administration officials. now being pointed at the iranians. we will have that next. the next republican debate coming up next week. right here on the fox business network. your money will be hitting all of the big issues. tuesday, november the 10th. the fox business network. ♪ at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like ordering wine equals pretending to know wine. pinot noir, which means peanut of the night.
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11:25 am
ashley: a stock alert for you. kate spade reporting higher sales. up eight and a half percent. ralph lauren. a mystery. all good news. look at that. up 15%. 130.84. u.s. officials say they have seen an increase in iranian hacking lately. targeting the e-mail and social media accounts. you have been following this story. the chinese and russians are doing it probably as we speak. >> this is a story out of a "wall street journal." accused of hacking the white house.
11:26 am
this is a serious issue. when you have to social media account, you can have these people in your social media account. you know, the iranian revolution to be doing this without white house, with social media accounts, it is clearly not in retaliation, but intelligence gathering. the side not trusting what we are doing. >> iranian americans. the hacking side of things, the russians in and the chinese we say often get intelligence. they often get a monetary role. >> law-enforcement has repeatedly said to us that we are struck by cyber defenses. what will the follow beat?
11:27 am
we will not know. we cannot have any transparency. whether or not that event is related. ashley: stopping it is almost impossible. >> get on the stick and do something. >> the issue seems to be a public and private cooperation in trying to build. leadership coming from west point. and working with the network. identifying the issues. really getting ahead. it is really hard. ashley: thank you. the u.s. congressmen endorsing marco rubio. almost every 2016 candidate has released a book in the past two years. why do they do it? we will look at the top sellers
11:28 am
next. ♪ :
11:29 am
11:30 am
11:31 am
. >> let's take a look at the big board for you. we were up 60 points, we're off session lows but off nearly 50 points at this hour. stock of the day, no doubt facebook hitting a new high, more than a billion daily
11:32 am
users, the stock up at $109.09. our next guest believes marco rubio is the candidate who will be able to beat hillary clinton in the election. senator corey gardner, you are endorsing mr. rubio, why? >> i believe this country is ready for new leadership. we've seen the politics of the past, the politics of old and need somebody who understands the next generation. in 2014 our winning election in colorado we need a winning generation who's going to be accountable for the next generation and marco rubio best represents that. stuart: why is it donald trump and ben carson are appealing to so many voters. many say they are anti-establishment, doesn't fit with marco rubio, does it? >> one of the challenges we have as the republican party moves to nomination is how many good candidates we have. i think marco rubio will be the best of all of them. he's the one who can beat
11:33 am
hillary clinton, it will be the clinton coronation, a broader direction, that's why i'm supporting him. that's why we have the primary process is to find out who it's going to be in terms of our nomination. >> are you surprised jeb bush not getting traction up to now? >> if you go back to 2012, every candidate had a moment in the sun. i'm not saying he may have a moment in the sun, maybe already had the moment of the sun, this is the process we're going through. the fact is marco rubio has a plan to grow this economy. he understands the struggles that every american is facing in terms of making ends meet. what it's like to try for families to afford college and the american public is going to choose that generational choice in marco rubio. >> senator, going to change subjects if we can, i wanted to get your thoughts on the russian plane, u.s. intelligence saying it could have been an isis bomb. what are your thoughts? do you believe it was a terror attack? >> yesterday we had a witness before the foreign relations committee they serve on talking about the dangerous situation
11:34 am
in the sinai right now. our look in intel isn't clear yet, it could be a possibility there's a suitcase bomb, possibilities that someone in the airport helped assist in this. terrorism knows no border, isis radical jihadists are going to go after whomever. there's a common enemy, it's the jihadists. it is now faced with real possibility that they were just attacked by the people they aren't fully focused upon. >> and we all know vladimir putin's resume. if, in fact, this comes out, we could probably expect his retaliation will be quick and severe. what does that do to the situation in the region? >> again, let's see how the response is. according to testimony by the administration before the united states senate. 85 to 90% of the strikes russia has been carrying out in the area have not been against the people who may likely have placed this bomb, if it's to be one. the fact is they're targeting
11:35 am
rebels, and this is going to change, i think, russia's thought process, it should, and i hope they'll be part of 64 nation coalition as we move toward peace and stability in the region. >> senator, thank you very much, we're out of time. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> almost every 2016 candidate has released a book in the last two years. our next guest says there may be a reason for this. we bring in "wall street journal" senior editor shelby holiday. you say releasing a book during a campaign is a strategic move, i say it's all about this. >> it could be about the money, there are a lot of sec rules and guidelines where the money can go, but it's all about publicity. we saw donald trump the other day draw lines and lines of people for book signing. ben carson attracting hundreds in florida when he goes out to sign books. it's about the money and the publicity. >> you got props.
11:36 am
>> i will preface this by saying almost every candidate has a book. i cannot carry all the books around new york city. i brought the hottest ones on the trail. donald trump released "crippled america." >> we saw all the crowds. >> we don't know how it's doing, he just released it. ben carson's book has sold incredibly well. he sold 100,000 copies in a few weeks of sales. he's been very effective. i also brought hillary clinton's book, this is hot right now. it took me a couple laps around the bookstore to find this but she's been sell together longest and she has definitely moved the most books, so she's the candidate to beat right now. >> you combine the two birds with one stone, you are campaigning but getting your book out there. >> not surprisingly some of the book tours travel to iowa and florida and new hampshire and picked up by the publishers, it is a huge strategy and shows you're serious about running for president, which is why a lot of these people write books.
11:37 am
>> next one, if a candidate has to win, they have to appeal, we are told to the millennial voters, something a lot of candidates, it appears seems to be missing. is there anyone doing this better than the rest? >> the democrats are doing it very well. on the gop side, this is the year to win over millennials. the biggest segment of the voting population, there is evidence, there are studies they are being a little more conservative, and a huge issue for them -- >> they don't all want free education. >> they're voting along fiscal lines, student debt is a huge concern for them. who's doing this well? the big question and one of my colleagues at the "wall street journal" wrote a piece about this, who is going to take bernie sanders's young voters if he is not the nominee? >> not necessarily hillary clinton because she's a democrat? >> ben carson and marco rubio are doing well with young voters. they are young, relatable, they speak to the generation, and if
11:38 am
they can address their concerns, a lot of the experts on this topic say they could mobilize youth voters. >> interesting, tonight get your thoughts on this. this is interesting. dr. ben carson unveiling a radio ad called freedom. listen to this. ♪ ben carson 2016 ♪ support ben carson for our next president be awesome ♪ >> america became a great nation early on not because it was flooded with politicians. >> shelby dancing away here as was jo ling kent. ben carson 2016. what do you think? is that a good millennial approach for ben carson? >> i don't know if it's effective, it will get people's attention. it will probably be played on the radio stations young people listen to. at this day and age with social media and television and all
11:39 am
the ads coming at you all the time, he will probably hear it. >> he's an unconventional candidate because he's so soft-spoken, so mellow and unconventional radio ad may fit right in. >> might fit it, very effective with social media. the most liked candidate on facebook. he reaches a young generation. >> you think this is a smart -- jo was saying 150,000 in the radio ad campaign. not a lot of money. >> if you want to talk to people who are not older women who he really appeals to, as a candidate better to be effective on something like snapchat which is what we've seen lindsey graham, scott walker, chris christie taking advantage of the other medium of communication that everyone is already on. people aren't necessarily watching tv and listen to the radio that much. >> i wonder if you put this on pandora, streaming services, he is releasing it in urban areas. >> he is. >> houston and atlanta and
11:40 am
jackson, mississippi. >> it's smart. >> so you think it's good? >> people will hear it. are they going to think it's cool? not so sure. but they'll hear his message. >> two on the fence, two think it's good. we're split on it. thank you very much. take it out of you can't make it up file, hillary clinton says climate change helped cause the migrant crisis, senator mike lee sounds off next. >> we have to ask ourselves why is this happening, and why is it happening? because of terrible governance, because of corruption, because of conflict, because of climate change.
11:41 am
opportunities aren't always obvious. sometimes they just drop in. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances.
11:42 am
. >> reporter: i'm nicole petallides with the fox business brief. the dow jones industrial average down 52 points, 17,815. higher for the week and waiting for the all-important monthly jobs report tomorrow. the s&p 500 down one-third of 1% and the nasdaq down half of 1% dropping 30. looking at names. facebook another all-time high for facebook, year to date up 40%. the high today was 110 and change surprising quarterly profit and revenue growth as the world's largest social networking company continues to grow larger. spike in mobile users and advertising. litigation and the like, bad weather, park closures weighed on seaworld, stocks
11:43 am
down almost 9%. three names to watch reporting after the bell, including disney, dreamworks and shake shack. start your day on fbn 5:00 a.m. every day. ♪ i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ♪
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jeb bushwe have to beave to be tthe world's leader.n. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. . ashley: donald trump's campaign gearing up apparently, announcing they placed their first paid radio ad, it costs
11:45 am
$300,000 and will run in iowa, new hampshire and south carolina. so liz and jo, why start now to begin paying for publicity when he gets so much for nothing? >> take it away, jo! >> less than 90 days from iowa caucuses, 100 days to the new hampshire primary. so all of these states important. a lot of other candidates are on the air. if they're not on the air perhaps their super pacs are on the air. ashley: admitting, geez, i better get going, 300 grand is a significant buy, it's not massive compared to what the tv buys will be as we get closer to the primaries. ashley: probably has that in the basque the sofa. >> he's going to use his best campaign lines. that's the way to do it in radio. truckers will listen to it. people still listen to radio, ashley. ashley: sirius radio, they're very popular. "snl" quickly, that's massive great publicity for him, right? >> yeah, without a doubt.
11:46 am
>> it will be bigger publicity if the super pac, the hispanic super pac. ashley: i think they shot themselves in the foot with the video. >> if they are successful in planting somebody and paying $5,000 to shout out the word racist when trump is on the stage, that will hit the headlines. ashley: and the ratings through the roof to. pay for an attack like that undermines his credibility. president obama scheduled to speak about climate change plan in paris at the end of the month. bring in senator mike lee. senator, you say the president has overstepped on this, why? >> any time the united states agrees to an international commitment, that commitment needs to be submitted to the senate for advice and consent. treaties under the constitution have to be ratified by the senate, and i expect the same of any international agreement when it comes to climate change. ashley: of course, senator, mr. obama and, of course, hillary clinton, we'll get to that in a moment, believe that climate change is one of the
11:47 am
biggest dangers, catastrophes that we face, and it seems to me that ultimately the taxpayer, you, me and everyone else is going to end up paying for it. >> that's the problem. we can talk about that all we want, but until we actually get down to the brass tacks of what this kind of regulation would do to the american economy it's in the abstract until then. we have to remember what president obama told us a few short years ago, if we adopted this regulatory scheme that energy costs would necessarily skyrocket. what does it mean? that means really bad things for america's poor and middle class who would suffer the most under the skyrocketing energy cost. trying to keep their homes warm. ashley: while the president commits our taxpayer dollars, we have countries like china putting out enough, you know, pollution into the air, equal to that of the annual production of germany, above where they're supposed to be,
11:48 am
so if year not all playing the same game, where are we doing this? >> that's an excellent question, especially when they acknowledge the fact that this is a global issue, if it is a global issue, seems everyone would have to agree equally to be bound by the same set of rules, that's not my understanding what would be happening in any of. this in any of event, regard little who agreed to it, it would cause energy costs to skyrocket. i've got major concerns with this. any agreement they reach needs to be submitted to senate for ratification. that's where the people's elected representatives are able to debate and discuss international agreements and vote on them so the people can have a voice. ashley: senator, i mentioned hillary clinton. she's saying the influx of migrants to the european union has to do with climate change. listen to this. >> we're in a period of one of the worst refugee crises that we've ever faced. it's an international problem,
11:49 am
and i think we should have more of an international response. but then we have to ask ourselves why is this happening, and why is it happening? because of terrible governance, because of corruption, because of conflict, because of climate change. ashley: climate change. senator, your thoughts on hillary's claim? >> she's also blaming her lost e-mails on climate change, but merely saying it doesn't make a causal connection, she certainly hasn't established one there, nor has science. ashley: and doesn't it speak to the administration's kind of out-of-touch with what's going on in the region, if she truly believes that climate change is a huge part why the migrants are fleeing to europe? what about the bombs, what about the tyranny of assad and so on? >> i think all of those things did have a definite impact on this mig ration crisis that's going on in that part of the world right now. this is news to me, the first
11:50 am
time i've heard anyone trying to link this to climate change. there are so many obvious causes, i don't know why you would make the huge leap with no apparent connection at all to that crisis. ashley: and she continues to do it. senator mike lee of utah, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> thank you. ashley: coming up, janet yellen told to consult with god when it comes to monetary policy. congressman brad sherman telling her heaven would be disappointed if a rate hike were to happen before the spring. he's here next to explain. (patrick 1) what's it like to be the boss of you? (patrick 2) pretty great. (patrick 1) how about a 10% raise? (patrick 2) how about 20? (patrick 1) how about done? (patrick 2) that's the kind of control i like... ...and that's what they give me at national car rental. i can choose any car in the aisle i want- without having to ask anyone. who better to be the boss of you... (patrick 1)than me. i mean,
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11:55 am
>> senator jeff flake and senators john mccain, using pentagon taxpayer money from the pentagon, to have these so-called events. the hockey league, the nfl, major league baseball, to basically tout our military, but they're paid. in other words, dropping a puck at nhl game or doing the coin toss in nfl game. the nfl got the lion's share of the 6 million. they're heroes. they're heroes. this isn't a great move and doesn't feel right for a lot of people. ashley: many a game i've seen this drop the puck before the game, give a salute. to find out they were paid to do that does take a lot away from it. >> it's implied they're working on recruitment. that is the main issue here. ashley: money spent on recruitment. >> and senator flake takes issue with the fact that the average fan thinks the teams are doing this as a goodwill gesture. nascar is also one of the biggest recipients, $1.5
11:56 am
million in fiscal year 2017 and includes different appearances across different racetracks. >> right. so the pentagon says this is for recruiting but comes off like a marketing ploy according to senators flake and mctain. ashley: another topic for you. take a look at valeant pharmaceuticals, shares hit again, down almost 11% at $81.87. liz, hitting the lowest levels since june. under the gun. >> retracing to 2013 levels. this is a big punch to valeant the market is delivering, news from a great reporter at the "wall street journal," monica langley did a story at journal about intense behind the scenes contratante who may have lost two billion on shares in valeant. saying you have become toxic.
11:57 am
bill ackman is known for writing lengthy e-mails. he is saying you better get on the stick and take action and insure your credibility. ashley: more varney after this.
11:58 am
11:59 am
. >> he can't win on the e-mail issue, giving her a free pass was a mistake, as i said previously, democrats don't care about that. he's got to go on the issues. i think the flip-flopping point is the best way he can move forward on this. ashley: that was jessica tarlov on bernie sanders attacking opponent hillary clinton. now let's see what our viewers had to say on facebook about hillary clinton's blaming the migrant crisis on climate change. roger says -- joe says --
12:00 pm
thanks to everyone to watch and thanks for those who wrote in. the market trying to get back to the level mark this hour. i'm out of time, i've used up mr. varnees time, i think well. i hope. >> yes, you did. ashley: despite the strange accent. neil cavuto, take it away. neil: now you're taking my time. ashley: 15 seconds. neil: i appreciate it. good job. we've got the latest going on in new hampshire. they're all going to rush to file this deadline over the next few days to get on the ballot of new hampshire. this is the scene in concord, new hampshire where carly fiorina is waiting to file the necessary paperwork. separate dustup whether bernie sanders will be able to file in new hampshire. number of state officials say last time we checked, the guy is a socialist and votes as an independent, so he's not really a democrat, how can we have on the democratic primary. he's


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