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tv   Countdown to the Closing Bell With Liz Claman  FOX Business  November 5, 2015 3:00pm-4:01pm EST

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flooded with politicians, but because it was flooded with people who understood the value of personal responsibility. trish: that was the rap stylings of aspiring mogul interspersed with stump speeches from carson. his spokesman says this is a way to reach a market that has typically supported democrats. so, again, you may be hearing that in a radio commercial soon. liz claman, over to you. liz: i wish you could have seen matt, the floor director, just now rapping to it. [laughter] trish: dancing? liz: oh, yeah. it was a little embarrassing, but he went with it. [laughter] trish, thank you very much. trish: you bet. liz: we have 17 and a half hours away from the october markets report. take a look at the dow, down just about 20 points but can't really stay above green for much of this ahead of tomorrow's crucial report that could decide the fate of the next interest rate increase. can free trade juice jobs? the white house releasing all
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2,000-plus pages of president obama's trans-pacific partnership trade deal crafted with the support of republicans. bipartisanship? imagine that. if approved by congress, the historic deal would vaporize all kinds of tear i haves and -- tariffs and set common trade standards for 12 pacific rim nations. it will affect 40% of the globe's commerce and perhaps some of the businesses where you work. we're live at the white house. and terrorism now the used a russian passenger plane to fall from the sky over egypt. has isis poked the russian bear right in the heart? our fox news terrorism expert anticipates putin's response. you need to hear that. and we're just five days away from the fox business republican presidential debate. the candidates have not, up until now, really been drilled about jobs and taxes, regulations on business, but we will. who is tax plans barely even hold water? we're looking into that. we've got "star wars," disney about to report earnings after bell.
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the u.s. business is banging down cuba's door. facebook searching stock, so much to do with less than an hour to the closing bell, let's start the "countdown." ♪ ♪ liz: breaking news, the markets are battling. indecision at this hour ahead of tomorrow's october jobs report. will we hit the expected build of 180,000 jobs? by the way, the smarty pants at goldman sachs have already changed their expectation. they had expected 175,000 jobs, they have changed that now to 190,000 jobs. we shall see. in the meantime, take a look at the markets. the only thing in the green, transports up about 21 points, but the s&p down only five. a lot of indecision here as the dow has crossed the unchanged line 45 times so far today. up/down, up/down. what is dragging stocks down? the laggards today, energy and utilities but not by a lot.
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so once again, that indecisiveness. it's not a surprise if you don't see a huge change in your portfolio, but if you own financial stocks, they look pretty good. among the best performers of the day, lots of green on that screen. we begin, you know, i couldn't even print all of it, i didn't want to kill trees pause it's 2,000 -- because it's 2,000 pages, 240-plus trade tariffs have vaporized among 12 nations including the u.s., japan and australia. take a look at what's rolling to the left of me. we wanted to put on our screen just a handful of the 18,000 tariffs on just u.s. exports that would be eliminated under the trans-pacific partnership. sort of an opening of trade. that's the expectation at least. today the broad strokes have been turned into detail as the text of the landmark, tpp as it's known, has been released. fox news white house correspondent kevin corke has been pouring over the long-awaited details of the deal. kevin, i'm calling in the gone
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with the wind version. 2,000-plus pages, so i'm really happy you took the evelyn woods speed reading course to go through it for us. >> reporter: oh, you're hilarious. bedtime reading, in this ain't, let me tell you. more than 2,000 pages, over 30 chapters as you point out, and it's quite detailed covering numerous countries and tax codes and just voluminous appendices talking about different commodities. all a part of this massive deal. now the white house did announce today, as you pointed out, that the president will announce to congress his intention to send this over to them with his intention to sign it, of course, pending their approval. but first, there'll be about a 60-day public viewing period so the folks at home can go online and take a look at it themselves. but the white house doesn't want this process to drag on. there have been some people on capitol hill that say, listen, we want to take our time with this, mr. president, maybe as much as a year or maybe even get to it after you're out of office. josh earnest, the white house press secretary told me today
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the white house, clearly, does not want to see that, liz. >> we don't believe congress should wait a year before acting, but we are respectful of the need to give time to congress and to the american public to consider the details of the agreement before they take action on it. >> reporter: now, i think it's also important to point out a lot of people probably know this, this deal has been opposed -- not supportive, but -- supported, but opposed -- by a number of major democrats in congress. we've heard a number of them, including hillary clinton, come out against this deal. they simply argue it doesn't do enough to protect human rights in, say, vietnam, for example. and they say t unfair to the big auto industry in detroit. there are those who would suggest that despite that perspective, this deal still deserves a fair hearing. among the people who are saying that today is new speaker of the house paul ryan. >> it is absolutely essential
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that america write the rules of the global economy instead of others writing the rules of global economy. they just sent the text this morning, so we have a lot of work to do to review this agreement. and we do not rubber stamp anything around here, let alone trade agreements. >> reporter: all right, liz, so what do you figure? i asked josh how confident is the president that this deal will happen? josh earnest told me flatly, very. liz? liz: 28 democrats voting for it, but republicans were way more supportive here. you know, harvard, i don't know if you saw this, but i did. harvard came up with this map that actually shows visually the change when it comes to all of the exports. you're talking about $15 trillion worth of trade. and you can see that the u.s. and china are the most lit up. each dot equals 100 million of exports. so i find this fascinating. it could lift gdp, at least here in the u.s., the expectations are about four-tenths of a percent by 2025.
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that may not sound like a lot, but for some people at least it's something. >> reporter: fine work out of my alma mater right there -- liz: you went to harvard? you went to harvard? >> yeah, i know, they let me in. who knew? liz: hey, berkeley let me in. [laughter] we sure fooled them. >> reporter: i knew i liked you. take care, liz. liz: kevin corke, a harvard grad. we do have some breaking news that we need to ask, did isis do it? at this hour both u.s. and british authorities starting to lift their hands preparing to point the finger at terrorists as the cause of that russian jet crash saturday over the sinai desert. u.s. intelligence now staying that internet chatter suggests the islamic state planted a bomb on the plane. if it did, the war on isis may have just gotten a lot bigger. washington lease far race -- walid phares is a middle east and terrorism expert. no formal conclusion just yet, we need to stress that. but what's your take? do you think this looks and
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smells like terrorism? >> egyptians and russians are in full control of the investigation on the ground, so the final report will be in their hands, and they are weighing the political ramifications. i heard some on the arab news saying the egyptians are reticent to declare that for many economic reasons. but britain and the united states -- mostly the united states -- were able to determine because of satellite imagery or other ways that there was an explosion. and, third, as you just announced, there's this chatter online which i'm focusing on to see what isis is talking about. so it's all indicated the possibility of isis is very high, but really the ones going to declare it are going to be the egyptians and the russians. liz: okay. so some of the other things you referenced, let's articulate that, there was a sudden flash that could be seen by satellite photos. the flight dataened abruptly, so you don't hear anything horrific. how do you expect russia to act? if it is, indeed, isis, they've poked the bear in the eye, the
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heart, the knees. what do you think happens, and what does putin do? >> well, if indeed this is isil or affiliated to isis in the sinai, the russians already know it. so the russians are now preparing their strategy. what is it that they're going to say in general, what is it they're going to do on the ground? i imagine that russian intelligence services, the army are now meeting with president putin to see what would be the next step. because the next step is not going to be simple and easy. and one of the theories is the russians are going to actually increase their forces in syria on the ground. not just air forces, but also forces on the to ground saying we are fighting a full-fledged war on terror. plus the possibility that they would conduct strikes probably way beyond the area that they have shelled so far. liz: isn't it amazing that egypt had the peace deal with israel back with anwar sadat and begin, and the israelis gave back the sinai desert, and clearly the egyptians have allowed --
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intentionally or not -- these affiliates of isis to set up shop in the sinai desert. would this vpped if the us rail -- israelis were still in charge of the sinai? >> well, not the israeliss and not much under mubarak. it really happened during that year when the president of egypt was elected, the muslim brotherhood, he gave them a lot of support. he invited many of these islamic jihadists, they had a free ride until he was removed. we are dealing with the results of what he has done. liz: great point. thank you very much. and once again, we are watching a very tenuous situation. no definitive mention of whether it's terrorism, but the u.k. and the u.s. affiliates and investigators are believing that it looks like that. walid phares. the dow still down about 29 points. baby buffett, as he believes himself to be, spent four hours friday defending his investment
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in embattled pharma giant valeant, but charlie gasparino has been telling you all along that billionaire bill ackman has been on the wrong end of the trade. guess what? breaking news. now charlie's ready to break some news on a possible ackman change of heart despite what you've heard elsewhere. that's next. and we're just five days away from fox business' republican presidential debate in milwaukee. we'll be asking the tough questions about money and the economy, but the brainiacs at the tax foundation have done some of the heavy lifting when it comes to these candidates' tax plans. they take apart the candidates' tax plans. wait until you hear whose will cost you more in taxes, not less. and make sure to tune into lou dobbs tonight. he's going to have a special announcement about the debate. he will reveal the lineups of both debates. you cannot miss lou tonight, 7 p.m. right here on fox business. join the crowd that is joining fox business. ♪ ♪ (vo) what does the world run on?
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and they are going with as high as about 190,000. it will affect markets either way. right now the markets having a lot of trouble, i'm acting like the market is a human being or some type of animal. maybe it is. it's a herd. right now it's having trouble making a decision. up and down the flatline more than 45 times, but right now the dow jones industrials down 29 points, the s&p lower by 4, the nasdaq down 20. take a look at kraft heinz, taking an axe to its operations. you know, you kind of knew this was going to happen when a private equity giant meets with buffett, private equity's in charge. they're planning to close seven plants and lay off 2,600 workers. turns out to be 5.9% of its work force. shares of kraft heinz, well, it's now private, so -- oh, actually, khc down about 1%. more tears for billionaire activist investor bill ackman. look at valeant.
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this is an investment he's been piling up on, plummeting again today down 15% at this hour. the major pharmaceutical player is looking at steeper losses from over this past week as investors have been really concerned about the company's relationship with specialty pharmacy philidor. and it makes you ask with the shares tanking, is bill ackman standing by this investment? what does this mean to his overall pershing square fund? he loves to be called baby buffett. pershing square's top five holdings all trading down today, but they've been trading down exponentially -- not necessarily individually, but in the aggregate -- may signal investors are starting the to lose faith in the billionaire investor. charlie gasparino on whether that's true. >> i will say this, and if you put up one more stock, herb life is -- herbalife is up. and it looks like, essentially, a bet against his holdings, you know?
3:18 pm
selling all what he's long on, you know, buying what he's short. he's short herbalife, obviously. herbalife, after having earnings that were disappointing a little bit to some analysts, some of their sales were down as we reported yesterday, look, it's up on a down day. the dow is down today. it's up on a down -- so there's a couple things going on here x. this valeant story is not going away. the first thing that's going on when you talk to traders and investors is that what they're saying is simply this: it's easier to sell the stock if you're a major holder of it than have to explain to your clients and your, you know, your investors if you're a pension fund, if you run a pension fund or a mutual fund or a hedge fund -- liz: why you own it. >> why we own this stuff amid all these questions and the shoe drops. so the theory is sell it now, get it off the books. at some point it's going to be cheap. i think if it was enron, as that one guy said because it has all those allegedly secret relationships with the specialty
3:19 pm
pharmacies, that, you know, they might be hiding stuff in there, if that was the case, there would be a different market reaction. liz: he spent four hours friday defending his company, but now -- >> and sent an e-mail, reuters just obtained an e-mail where he said he's still behind the company. liz: do you believe that? >> listen, one thing i do know about bill ackman be, very smart guy, good investor, he's all in or all out -- liz: personal for him. >> i don't like investors -- and a lot of people piggyback his calls. just from from me to you if you're the average guy and you're thinking of piggybacking bill ackman, i don't likere so,, take it so so personal. liz: make it a point. >> like buffett doesn't take it personal. ace greenberg -- liz: if buffett took it personally, he wouldn't have sold johnson & johnson. he said i lo it, but i like other stocks that'll do better more. >> this is not a personal thing, so that's one thing.
3:20 pm
and i will say this, and i'll tell you, i've been doing research, talking to people, the relationship that valeant had with philidor, this is the sort of -- this is an outside specialty -- liz: because, and just to be clear, some medications that pharmaceuticals like valeant made need to be refrigerated. you can't just go to a cvs and it's on a shelf. they had this foot, toe pun gus stuff that had to be -- fun discuss that had to be retinge rated. >> now, the relationship where there were all these pricing issues whether they should have sold them generics versus how they sold the prescribed version versus the generic which is at the heart of the issues, the questions about their accounting, i'm telling you, i talked to identify people that say that's done a lot. and it's not necessarily illegal. liz: but if pershing square's fund is down and investors get upset, it's one month. he's had an incredible run --
3:21 pm
>> he's in bad shape this year. he's down -- liz: do you think it'll force him, yes or no, to sell valeant? >> you know, he's a double-down guy. he just bought more stock. i will just say this -- liz: no change of heart. >> if you're in pershing square, my guess is if he gets hit with herbalife, gets a clean bill of health from the ftc regulators, this is going to be a fund that was down 40% as opposed to up 40% last year. valeant has more to go. my guess is down because the simple reason is pension funds and big institutional investors are like we don't need the stock just in case something happens. at some point it's going to be cheap enough because i don't believe it's an enrob. some of -- enron. some of the pricing things they do is done by a lot of places, and i don't think they're going to put them out of business. it's going to go down further. liz: we'll watch it. right now it's down nearly $15. >> pretty amazing. liz: charlie gasparino, thank you very much.
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closing bell, we're 39 minutes away. remember that commercial where they were singing sprint is in here, sprint is in there? sprint and a whole bunch of other u.s. companies are rushing to be in cuba next. fox business hitches a ride with america's biggest companies as they make their first visit to the island nation that's opening its doors now. we'll bring you along. and you've got to visit our social media site, particularly facebook. we did end up, thanks to you guys, hitting 17,000-plus likes on facebook. thank you so much. we want more. tell your friends. follow me @lizclaman as well. facebook is and i'm on twitter. to don't tell meow can't reach me, lizzie. "countdown to the closing bell" coming right back. jeb bush: we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader.
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who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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desert-like planet it is today. thanks to that is saw's mars atmosphere and volatile evolution mission that completed a one-year orbit around mars, nasa has finally learned it's the sun that has stripped away the red planet's atmosphere, causing climate to change there. solar winds from the sun constantly slamming into mars, wiping away the atmosphere's outer layers and causing them to strike out into space. -- streak out into space. and it was horrible for matt damon too. [laughter] it affected him very negatively. imagine a world without wi-fi. actually, it's just off 90 minutes the coast of florida, u.s. wizs are definitely -- businesses are definitely imagining the possibilities. they are dying to set up shop in cuba. the chamber of commerce just led the largest delegation to the country with representatives from more than 30 u.s. companies and some of the corporate names that were there, do you own these? caterpillar, american airlines,
3:28 pm
boeing, sprint. the world without wi-fi may soon have why -- wi-fi. rich edson hitched a ride and just returned. tell us about this, rich. >> reporter: well, liz, they are cautiously moving into cuba, though there are significant challenges there. cuba has a communist, centrally-controlled economy, a u.s. embargo against it and extraordinarily limited internet access. u.s. cellular carrier sprint has just signed a texting and roaming agreement, the company's ceo was part of that chamber delegation. we spoke with him about sprint's growing role in cuba. >> i look at it, this is the first baby step of what i hope will be a long-lasting relationship with this great cup. there's a long way to go, but i think the progress that's been made in this last year, i think, surpasses the progress made in the last 49 years. so all of us us exponential thinkers, there's a huge opportunity here that is going
3:29 pm
to advance at a steady pace. >> reporter: while large american companies are trying to expand, so are small cuban businesses. one american business owner in havana says conditions in cuba are are improving for her business. it's a restaurant called california café. though she says there are still substantial challenges there. >> it's really hard to tell, i think. i mean, it feels on the one hand like change is happening really fast with, like, obama and castro and talking about opening up relationships, and then the embassy opened. but the actual changes on the ground, we still can't get potatoes, you know? [laughter] you know? so it's hard to tell. >> reporter: she says even buying coasters for her tables in her restaurant is difficult can. she and big business counterparts want to see a more open cuban government and an end to the u.s. embargo. american businesses say they want the cuban government to agree to more internal reforms, solidifying this administration's new openness to cuba before the next u.s.
3:30 pm
president assumes office in 2017. liz? liz: how cool must it have been to be there. i hear they share cell phones, they borrow each other's because they don't have access. what's it like on the ground there, rich? >> reporter: just like that, liz. and be you are in these public wi-fi spots where people are skypeing. it's the only place. you walk two blocks away, you buy a card on the black market for a couple bucks, two bucks, which by the way when you're making $20 a month on average is very expensive and connecting with everyone that way. it's only isolated places run by the government. liz: i should have given you my old phones. i have a basket of them. you could have sold them like jeans in soviet union times. [laughter] thank you, rich, very much. rich edson. so what kind of phones are going to be hot there? sprint is trying to move back into cuba, blackberry is making moves here at home. tomorrow -- okay, they're not dead yet when it come toss their hardware. blackberry is launching its new phone, the priv.
3:31 pm
it'll with the first blackberry secure pone to be powered by an -- phone to be powered by android. it will feature access to the google play app store. is it going to revive the phone business? blackberry's ceo john chen with me tomorrow to show us the new priv. we're talking about jobs, we'll ask him about cuba and so much more. because i am one of the holdouts. where's my other one? you see a lot of people in new york with this, right? both the blackberry and the iphone because they can't let go. wreaking news, the dow has turned positive. how about that? okay, it's up about 2.75 points. that makes it about 46 times that the dow has crossed the unchanged line. but minute by minute with 29 minutes to go, we're starting the to see a resilient market. now, we had visitors from a galaxy far, far away before halloween. but disney is hoping that
3:32 pm
chewbacca and darth vadar equate to thanksgiving success. that's my floor director, chewie. you know, neil cavuto ran screaming from the building. he hates, he hates "star wars" so much. and from one force to another, donald trump hurling insults, hitting radio and hosting saturday night live as he continues his campaign for the gop presidential nomination. the polls, the protests, the plans. the latest on the 2016 race. oh, there's criticism too. that's new. coming up on "countdown." ♪ ♪
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3:37 pm
again, all of this could change tomorrow, 8:30 a.m. eastern we're getting the jobs report for the month of october but, hey, we'll take it right now if you're a bull. we need to get to this, investors giving facebook a gigantic like today. the social media giant soaring. this is an all-time high, $109.20 a share, up 5%. reporting third quarter revenue rising 41% to $4.5 billion. facebook's bottom line was definitely helped by the rise in mobile advertising. facebook just managed to figure this out. they got the revenue in, and that now makes up nearly 80% of facebook's total ad revenue. facebook's coo sheryl sandberg said there's one candidate in particular that's using that power to his advantage. here's what she said. >> ben carson ran 240 different ads targeted at different audiences, and so we're starting to see can platform to communicate, to advertise and to share. liz: whoever wins facebook wins? maybe.
3:38 pm
this is the candidate, ben carson, who's launching a new 60-second urban radio ad scheduled to air tomorrow in eight markets. hearst some of it -- here's some of it. ♪ chill, inspire, revive. ♪ ben carson 2016, support ben warson for our -- carson for our next president, it'd be awesome. >> america became a great nation early on not because it was flooded with politicians, but because it was flooded with people who understood value of -- liz: all right. he's going for a demo there. i'm joined now by mary ann marsh, fox news contributor, and evan siegfried. mary ann, when i said demo, i meant demographic, but he's also going for democratic voters who might straddle the line here, is he not? >> absolutely right. and i think that's very interesting because that's not the usual republican ad you
3:39 pm
would hear for someone running for president. but i think the most interesting part here, and i think sheryl sandberg's right, do not underestimate facebook, and obviously, ben carson has capitalized on it. when you look at his poll numbers with donald trump's, they're about in the same place but one big difference. donald trump supporters absolutely, positively locked in with him whereas ben carson, about a third of his supporters say we could see voting for someone else. i think that's the one big factor to watch. liz: evan, you were helping to run rudy giuliani's campaign when he lost his lead. so that could happen. but money now becomes a bigger issue, does et not? -- does it not? the closer we get, you need the big bucks. donald trump is trying very hard to speak to billionaires -- he's denied that, but he apparently cornered three billionaires. >> yes. well, donald trump claims he's self-funding, but the evidence
3:40 pm
is kind of sketchy at best on that. whereas you have ben car who has a por lick fundraising -- prolific fund raising organization. the really interesting thing you mentioned about facebook is that ben carson actually has a bigger facebook following than donald trump. and it's phenomenal -- liz: guys, that's stunning. when sheryl sandberg, the coo of facebook, mentioned that, i think that was very, very interesting. mary ann, i need to get to this, the tax plans of those who have rolled out their tax plans. oh, they make all kinds of promises. i liken it to running for the student body president in 12th grade. but looking at what the tax preparation organization cape up with, none of them appears to be revenue-neutral. how important is it for them to get their numbers right? especially in advance of our fox business debate on tuesday? >> perfect segway there. i think that's a hangover from the last debate that i'm going to be really interested to see how it's going to be handled in
3:41 pm
the debate next week. for many of them, when they were asked about it, they refused to acknowledge there was anywhere between $1-$2 trillion of a deficit their plans would leave. given the fact that many republicans say they do care about the deficit, that's' a contradiction. liz: we know that bernie sanders is the vermont senator who's running and, of course, he ditched the independent label just so he can get on ballot in new hampshire. i'll ask this of you, evan. looking at his candidacy, it looks like hillary clinton has solidified her lead over bernie at least at the moment. >> yes. a lot can change between now and election day. what bernie sanders needs to do is go out and hit on the fact that hillary clinton is polling at 61% dishonesty among the american people. liz: simply go for that point. >> yes. he needs to start hitting her on dishonesty and point out that he has never changed. in 2008 hillary clinton was
3:42 pm
running as i'm an insider, now she's running as i'm an outsider. she attacked obama for being too strict on guns in 2008, and now she's very, you know, we need to go as hard as we can after everybody on guns. so there's no real core belief. liz: fair and balanced. we started with mary ann, we end with evan. be thank you so much. >> thanks, liz. liz: tune in to "lou dobbs tonight" because podium setup will be announced. the special announcement about the debate, he will reveal the lineups of both the debates. lou dobbs, tonight, 7 p.m. here on fox business. and tomorrow we've got presidential candidate former pennsylvania senator rick santorum. how does he feel about what will be announced tonight? and an interesting fact about rick santorum you might not know, he is for raising the minimum wage. what does that mean for businesses who might ask him how is that going to help me? how that going to help my business? we'll be talking to rick santorum tomorrow right here. closing bell, we're 18 minutes away.
3:43 pm
"star wars," the force awakens. the dow's still about 9 points up, so it's not huge. yes, we had it right here on our set. we took over. but the social media world's on fire. [laughter] oh, my god. that was a big moment for me actually. big fan of chewbacca. from last week at halloween to now disney numbers. after the bell, we're waiting on their quarterly report, but can "star wars" help awaken disney's shares and investors, and maybe when should you sell? is it before the movie comes out? we're going to answer that straight ahead. ♪ ♪ glad i could help you plan for your retirement.
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call today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. liz: closing bell, 13 minutes away. for one second there, hook at this, the s&p turned positive, and it's almost there. will it -- voila. up a penny.
3:48 pm
we're watching this very closely. we now have the dow, the s&p sort of, the russell and the transports moving higher. may the force be with the walt disney company, most disney fans are way more excited about the newest "star wars" film set to be released december 18th. how is the increasing buzz, the momentum around the film already helping the media giant? joining me now s&p capital ip director, along with fox news headlines reporter carly shimkus. hype is a funny thing, especially when it come toss the stock market, and we've all watched this where everyone gets so excited, the stock goes up, then the actual event happens, and it doesn't really translate. what do you expect to happen with the disney stock as we get closer to the release of this movie? >> you know, i think it's going to be phenomenal for the stock. you know, "star wars," i mean, never have i seen anticipation
3:49 pm
ahead of a film so high. this could be the best, you know, the most valuable film in history. you're seeing already the affect of that starting to reverberate across the company. they had fourth friday last month, huge success. consumer products, film studio, theme parks, you know? every single division of the company will have major lift, you know, as this film gets released. and we're already seeing that, you know? so i think disney is a great problem with a great issue to have. they have so many franchises, an embarrassment of franchises so to speak. liz: yeah. an embarrassment of riches right now. carly, the twitter verse is an interesting place. >> oh, it sure is. liz: perhaps more interesting than the universe "star wars" is in because it can alternate between total adulation and a little bit of snacker. what are you seeing -- snark. there's so much momentum, and disney's pushing this out. >> liz, you couldn't be more
3:50 pm
right. there is so much buzz and excitement around this movie, but there's also some cold, hard facts why this movie is going to be great for disney's bottom line. when the trailer was released, 17,000 tweets per minute were sent out. 55 million people have already watched that trailer on youtube, and preticket sales on sites like fandango have increased ten times more than any other movie. be. liz: again, i have to ask you, i know you have a buy and $122 price target, stock's around 113 right now. is it smart to maybe take some off the table in advance of the movie, sell a few shares? >> well, you know, to be honest with you, liz, i think that there's so many catalysts for the stock now that it's hard for us to recommend anything other than a buy. granted, the shares are, have been pushing all-time highs of late. but as i look at this stock, i mean, the company's firing on
3:51 pm
all, across all cylinders. i think it's really hard to really advocate taking any of the profits off the table. we came down from a strong buy to a buy about two months ago partly on concerns. liz: okay. >> but right now we still see a lot of value ahead. you're going to see a major uplift as this film comes out. liz: and then the merchandise play, carly, clearly they're going to go nuts. i've already seen you just walk in target, and suddenly you've even got a yoda footy outfit, which i almost bought for myself. [laughter] >> yeah -- liz: what's wrong with that? >> i hope your son isn't watching this, because there is so much merchandise out there. toy sales in the u.k. have already increased 5%, and the movie hasn't even come out yet. we're sort of playing into the whole -- liz: ah, a little darth vadar action. i would have pegged you for a jar jar binges girl.
3:52 pm
what do you expect for earnings? >> i think our estimates are in line with the street, around 1.4 per share. i think we should look beyond into the current fiscal year. they're still on track with their share buyback program. the revenue growth is there. the theme parks are performs very well, margin expansion. espn has been the one area where there's been questions on the street, but i think those concerns are overdone. you know, the company really, i think, is really well positioned to continue to execute. and let's not forget we talk about "star wars," but disney has 11 franchises right now that are doing north of a billion dollars in retail. that's almost unheard of. liz: yeah. and they're coming out with not finding nemo part two, but finding dory. thank you. by the way, you know, our entire team is actually almost morphing. it's kind of weird how we've
3:53 pm
morphed. that's my executive producer, brad. [laughter] i don't know what happened to him. [laughter] we shall see if the disney bandwagon takes off. thank you, carly. disney earnings straight ahead on "after the bell." in the meantime, we're eight -- seven minutes away from the closing bell. markets very jittery and indecisive ahead of tomorrow's jobs report, but look at this, the dow is up 16 points and holding at least to a bit of green. russell's up 2, s&p can't quite get there. tune in tomorrow morning, 8 a.m. eastern, maria bartiromo's special jobs report in america. countdown coming right back. we're going to make you some money in the last minutes of trade, we hope. ♪ ♪
3:54 pm
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♪ liz: we're now up only 10 points for the dow jones industrials. this has been interesting. russell an transports slightly green.
3:57 pm
how will you play in advance jobs report out tomorrow? we have the brandywine portfolio managing director. with 8 billion in assets you have, patrick, do you make any move ahead of december fed meeting? we know that will be december 15th. are you investing around or you in advance of that. >> we're positions where we want to be. we're optimists on u.s. economy. we think we're getting closer to full employment than anything else. i expect tomorrow's job report to be pretty good. because i believe the u.s. economy is fine, we think the u.s. fed will raise rates in december. we think they should raise rates. we are seeing signs fears of the summer are overblown. liz: you just said it. i'm very comfortable where we're investing right now. give me your three favorite names. >> a lot of names we like, three really positioned to make play on world economy, being better than expected and fed raising rates. first one is general motors.
3:58 pm
we think some fears from china are starting to recede. gm had great sales number for china from october released this morning. very cheap stock. one of the cheapest in the world in many metrics. one i just like. liz: let me interrupt you. price to earnings ratio is mere six. that is cheap. up 13% year-over-year. you like bank of america too, that is a little bit richer, pe of 11. >> bank of america we think down the road if they get help from rates can earn $2 or more that would be single digit pe. we like kkr. very cheap. single-digit pe. buying back its own stock. better economy. attractive valuations in economist. higher rates don't hurt them if higher rates are good for the economy. three plays all cyclical. if you believe the economy is getting better and some of fears were overblown. look back a few months we were worried about greece.
3:59 pm
we're not talking about greece anymore. we there are reasons or optimism looking for. ward. liz: we are back before the fears of the china slow down. patrick, great to see you. oh, my bosh, we're just about flat on the dow. up two points. with closing bell seconds away. let me get to david asman and melissa francis before i blow the whole lead. david: it was triple digits, liz? what happened!? that's okay. liz, thank you very much. we have a lot of earnings to talk about. disney, dreamworks, shake shack. we have quarterly earnings any moment. melissa: donald trump tops latest "fox news poll" as we head into the next debate. meanwhile protesters let it be known they are none too happy he is hosting "saturday night live" this weekend. looks like he is having the time of his life. david: he is and i can't wait. will a conservative do rap? ben carson thinks so.
4:00 pm
his latest, believe it or not rap video reaching out to the younger set. melissa: the dow closing on wall street. [closing bell rings] the dow turning positive in last half hour, barely though. we're trying to hang on at the close. we're ending the day on major indices here as bells ring. didn't hold on to positive territory. down just a point on the dow. s&p, nasdaq, crude oil and gold all trading to the downside on the day. david: while markets wait for tomorrow, here is everything you need to know right now. melissa: trump is still towering. new "fox news poll" donald trump is still the number one choice for american voters for the 2016 republican presidential nomination. ben carson nipping at his heels. blake burman live from washington, d.c. with what else he is seeing in those polls. blake? reporter: the latest fox news poll shows three-tiered race for the moment on republican side. at the top donald trump and


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