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tv   Risk and Reward With Deidre Bolton  FOX Business  November 5, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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bed and i don't want to hear anything about it and then you don't and you watch this show and it's over. david: wow. i would listen to her if she was my mom. risk and reward starts right now. >> we cannot be concern that the russian airliner was brought down by a terrorist bomb, but it looks increasingly likely that that was the case. deirdre: there are new developments in the likely cause of last weekend's russian jet crash. welcome to risk and reward i'm diedre bolton after six days still not 100% certainty with what caused that crash over egypt cyanide peninsula, the one that killed 224 people onboard. fox news gregg willia with me now, so linking to terrorism they say the uuk is premature in their statement; right? >> you nailed it.
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the claims are building as to what exactly brought down that russian plane, whether it was terror, that is the big question. uk officials today here seem to be doubling down and ramping up their charges saying again today it was a significant possibility that the crash of the plane saturday in the cyanide was called by a bomb and that bomb was planted by a local isis affiliate. well, the white house, however, this afternoon we were listening to josh earnest, he was a little bit more circumspect telling fox news today that still there's no conclusive evidence of a bomb on that plane. let's listen to a little bit more of what earnest had to say. >> at this point the united states has not made our own determination about the cause of the incident. however, we can't rule anything out, including the possibility of terrorist involvement. >> airport in egypt, the fall out from the concerns about
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terrorism were very evident. all british flights in and out of that airport have been suspended. the military and security team coming from the uk flown in, and they will assist with the first rescue flights, starting tomorrow to bring some of the 20,000 brits in that area out, hand badge, by the way, is the only thing you're allowed to bring on those flights. meanwhile back here in london, egyptian president happen to be scheduled to be doing a visit today with prime minister cameron, and the investigation was not concluded, and he promised transparency when it is. and many russia, the first of the 224 victims of the crash were buried, same thing. they're saying as you noted it's premature to say what caused this and they're saying the words are shocking. finally diedre, i must say big implications for both the and did you say russia, both
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waging their own war against isis. all they need is a new threat. back to you. deirdre: gregg, well said. thank you so much for the reporting, gregg joining us there. well, if an islamic state affiliate did bring down that russian jetliner, my next guest says it's a huge mistake on the part of the terrorists. ambassador john bolton is with me now. so, ambassador, some saying the terrorists trying to claim credit for this as a mark, branding mark, what kind of retaliation would come from vladimir putin? >> well, i think putin for his own domestic reasons would respond very harshly. so far both in ukraine, syria, russian casualties have been fairly minimal so that putin gets a big boost domestically but doesn't have the heavy downside that heavy casualties would bring tragically but if it is by a terrorist act is
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not something he can ignore and i believe his record indicates that once he concluded it was a terrorist attack if he can identify the perpetrators, he will respond with great vigor. deirdre: yeah, he's been voted in the past saying these terrorists one can only speak with severe method, they do not understand any other language. but why do you think, ambassador, in the meantime that the kremlin is dismissing concerns that the bomb brought down that russian jet. is it because russia is not ready to act or doesn't want to act with great force prematurely? >> well, i think there are a lot of competing considerations. one, they just want to be accurate. second, they need to be ready if they're going to do anything, number three, they need to know with certainty who did it. you know, the people talk about isis and that may well turn out to be the group that has responsibility. but this is egypt, it could be the muslim brotherhood, i think the egyptians obviously have concerns, the russians are trying to take into
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account if this was a terrorist attack, a body blow to the egyptian economy since the tourism trade along the red sea beaches and elsewhere will dry up even more than it has already. so i think there are a lot of reasons to be prudent that the investigation is on going. i don't think we have a long time to wait. deirdre: okay., ambassador bolton, so glad to have you with us. thank you. >> thank you. deirdre: speaking of politics and national security, president obama may use another executive order to shut down the u.s. terrorist detention center. so we have kept troops in affecting, sent special ops to syria, retired colonel ralph peters is with me now questioning whether or not this is the right time to close the facility. so, colonel, there's a lot of military experts saying the u.s. should be more involved versus less involved in the fight against terror. do you agree? >> well, i would like to see us doing a lot more against islamic state and al-qaeda's
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remnants. but if you're going to do it, you've got to do it right. so i'm hesitant to do anything more under the obama administration because we send our troops under harms way with so many restrictions that they actually protect the enemy and so then you have phenomena such as the hospital. and the president won't stick up for our troops. he apologizes but he won't say war is messy, war isn't perfect and it never will be perfect, we should and could do a lot more, not under this president. deirdre: so, colonel, your point is well taken, and we were just discussing the russian president vladimir putin who doesn't seem to care for better or worse about collateral damage but i will ask you something else, and it has to do with syria because five countries in the u.s. signed a nuclear accord of course this summer. but since then, there's been this huge flurry of cyber
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attacks against the obama administration, so iran power, that revolutionary guard military force behind the hacking, targeting e-mail, targeting social media accounts of white house officials, do you think there's a link to the arrest of that iranian, american businessman? >> there may be. i would have certainly no proof of that at this point. if you see yourself as the enemy of the united states, why wouldn't you engage in cyber attacks? cyber espionage? because, again, under president obama there are no penalties for doing so. even when he briefly raised the possibility of sanctioning a few. now, iran is trying to read our e-mails for several reasons. one, they want to know how much we know about what they're still covering up in the nuke deal. they want to know how we're
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reading the situation in syria, they want to know what our military is capable of so they're interested everything from individual inlet flights in syria to the president's daily briefings. so, again, no penalty for cyber snooping and cyber attacksous. why not do it? . deirdre: all right, colonel, on another angle, this kind of related fallout from the on going civil with a in syria, getting worse, people fleeing from syria to europe. and hillary clinton saying climate change is making it worse. >> then we have to ask ourself happening? why is it happening? because of terrible governance, because of conflict, because of climate change. deirdre: colonel be do you see the connection between the civil war in syria and climate change and migrants? are there connected in your view?
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>> no. and certainly no significant dots. diedre, throughout history serious change has happened, has caused wars, famines, starvation, but what she is doing and trying to lay the blame for the syrian civil war for this climate change, there's no logic chain, theres no empirical evidence on the contrary and, by the way, almost all of these crisis internationally have causes, and the primary one is syria is the apregnancy, decades of apregnancy under the assad regime. now, there are a lot of corollary factors but the brief draw in syria, which nobody starved, that's so far down the chain of causality that it's not on the base. deirdre: colonel ralph peters, thank you so much for those topics, national security, we do want to signal on a later
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note with hillary, donald trump saying saturday night live, his episode is going to rate higher than hillary's and has already started to promote it. >> donald has promised for the whole show he's not going to brag or saying that he's the best at anything; right? donald? >> that's right. and i'm going to do the best job anyone has ever done, not saying it. >> and you just said it. >> what can iki say? i'm the absolutely best. what can i say? . deirdre: trump will appear this tuesday fox business republican debate. find out from our own lou dobbs tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern time, his announcements on which candidates made the debate and which ones didn't. lou dobbs will be bringing you that information. when we come back, financial expert says wall street is hijacking your money. he's going to give you his best ideas on how you can make money without so-called experts. after seeking out an antipolice brutality protest, hollywood director quentin
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murderers. >> i have to call the murdered and i have to call the murderers, the murderers. deirdre: after speaking at an antipolice brutality protest, hollywood director quentin tarantino now defending his controversial comments even though there are boycotts from police unions across the country. >> yeah. i was surprised. i was under the impression i was an american and that i had first amendment rights and there was no problem with me
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going to an antipolice brutality and rest speaking my mind. and just because i was at an antiplace brutality protest doesn't mean i'm antiplace. they rather start arguments with celebrities than exa examine the facts in front of me. deirdre: one of the officers boycotting tarantino's new movie hateful eight, so glad to see you here, bill, thanks for coming in. >> thank you. deirdre: so he says it's free speech, he says in his defense i am not attacking police officers, i'm attacking some of the actions. i can tell you are not buying this for two seconds. >> well, first let me say thank you for having me here. quinton is going to want to kill this bill after me saying it. he's fool of it. and i know my fair share in l.a., they're frustrated actors, they want to be in front of the camera. deirdre: you're saying this is
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a publicity stunt? >> this is lack at me, look at me, look at me, and i think he's acting like a boob, and cops are tops and he should just say that and apologize. deirdre: he seems like somewhat of an expert, he has done a lot of cop movies so he feels closer somehow. >> yeah, he feels closer with his private jets where the cops have to stay outside and protect him. that's how he becomes one. if am i mistaken, he took a swing at someone who happened to be an african-american woman. deirdre: this has really caused a big stir, even bigger than his previous comments about white supremacy. >> i had made statements in some interviews along the way that suggested that i'm on their side when it comes to this issue of, you know, ultimately what i feel is a
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problem of white supremacy in this country. deirdre: so essentially he's saying that cops no matter what their national origin, they're racist. >> yeah. what i see is happening here? he's taking the kitchen sink and throwing it at any moderator who wants to believe his baloney. this man, in my opinion, is a joke and the way i'm going to show my first amendment is by not seeing his movie. the hateful eight, what's the name of the movie? he should be number nine because he's being quite hateful. deirdre: let me tell you, though, the antipolice sentiment, it's not just quentin tarantino, but fbi director james comey speaking about it and the white house rejecting it's happening. >> avoiding the informal contact that keeps bad guys with guns standing around. i spoke to one officer described being surrounded with young people with mobile
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phones, video cameras rolling as they step out of the car taunting them asking what they want and why they're there. they describe the feeling of being under siege and were honest and said we don't feel much like getting out of our cars. >> well, i haven't spoken to the president about it and i don't know if director has communicated those views to the president directly. i will say that the available evidence at this point does not support the notion that law enforcement officers around the country are shying away from fulfilling their responsibilities. deirdre: the nation's top drug enforcement official is more or less with comey, his name is chuck rosenberg he's saying quote i think there is something to comey's statements, in fact, i think he was spot on. so, bill, is the white house just not listening or not paying attention at some level to what are has basically a long 14 months? >> well, this is very simple, earnest is not living up to his last in my. director comey's reputation is
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sterling. deirdre: that was a strong statement, he said cops are afraid to get out of their car to do their job. >> i work with police departments all over the country, and i hear from the grassroots, common sense, ferguson effect, absolutely. what cop wants to lose their life or their job for doing their job? . deirdre: if you could -- somebody in the trenches, somebody giving advice, just give one piece of advice that you know would make it to president obama's desk and you say here's the most important thing, what is it? >> good cops, they're there to protect and serve have their back, they will have america'. deirdre: all right. that is a very strong statement. we're so grateful for the time. bill with me there, former nypd. when we come back donald trump taking a cheap shot at his opponent dr. ben carson in this new saturday night live ad. >> donald trump is hosting saturday night live this week with mutual guest sia and because of equal time rules
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for television, mr. trump can only speak for four seconds in this promo. >> so let me say this. ben carson is a complete and total loser. deirdre: ben carson responded with his own ad. we're going to tell you what he had to say, and also on stock watch for you, facebook hitting an all-time high, surge 41% up in its last quarter, more than a billion active users on the site per day, we're asking you if you're using it, here's what you told us. >> i'm over facebook as far as i don't get value from it, it's a pass of time. it's become more of a habit. >> i still use facebook. >> i've been on facebook for quite a while. am i bored with it? >> i've been using facebook since i was in high school years ago. so, yeah, i would keep using it. >> i still use facebook for the most part. more personal thing. >> i would use facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat,. >> i still use facebook, but
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instagram is the main thing. it is.
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deirdre: disney's falling in after hours trade, you can see that on your screen. so it missed its revenue numbers for this last quarter, our tech panel with me now, tom, gerri willis is here, so in earnings beat essentially revenue missed and as you can see from the post market action, it's really focused on its concern about growth. what is your take? is it espn worries? that's about half the company's worries. >> yeah, worries about espn but just millennials who never signed up for cable at all and they don't care about getting the live sports. i do give disney credit for signing up for other services and they signed an agreement to be on playstation view, so they're taking steps but might not be enough. deirdre: so might not be
5:25 pm
enough but we know this big heavily promoted star wars movie is coming out and that's a big bet for disney. >> it's a big bet and will they be able to transition young viewers, boomers know well but young kids don't. deirdre: as you go lower and lower, younger and younger. >> i'm going to in the line but i don't know if my kids are going to be there with me. they'll be, like, have fun, dad. >> unless you have a mom and dad that convince you it's a great franchise and bring you on board, that's not going to happen where everybody. deirdre: facebook rocketing to an all-time high, earnings posted yesterday exceeding expectations, people are using it, more than a billion users, they did absolutely fantastic with mobile revenue. and this was the question about facebook, will people use it in mobile capacity and can advertisers make money by having your eyes on your phone
5:26 pm
and it turns out, yes, and, yes. >> and what should be scary to competitors is facebook has come to america's home page. it's where everybody goes. deirdre: everybody but zuckerberg in that case. >> yeah. and they're coming owl with a news ad and they doubled the number of video views from april from 4 billion to 8 billion. deirdre: we just heard from our own little reporting it's antidotal but it seems teens go for instagram, adults are interested in facebook and keeping up with their families, interesting in having that as a home screen but teens are going to snapchat and instagram. >> it's grandma and boomers and people on facebook over 50 but the numbers in this report are pretty impressive. i think the calls for demise of facebook is up there. they're coming too early. they're far from over. >> especially with virtual reality on the way, they have oculus in their back pocket
5:27 pm
and next year we're all going to be talking about virtual reality video and seeing vr in our news feeds. deirdre: people who love vr, ide who with love it say they lo have it and it's great for entertainers. >> what's interesting is gamers are changing everything; right? and there's a whole class of people who don't it and can't describe the impact to earning, it's important. deirdre: it's important and a $20 billion business in the u.s., can't underline that figure enough. glad to have you here. well, speaking of glad to have you here, donald trump finished calling out the media if you thought that, you're wrong. >> yesterday other than sarah didn't report it very well because she never flips the camera to show the lines, i think she's absolutely terrible, your reporter, but we had a lane that went down from park avenue -- >> i drove past it.
5:28 pm
>> seeing there. people said they've never seen anything like it. >> i saw the lines. the book's selling well. >> you think three people standing in the atrium of trump tower. >> no. that's not the way she did it. deirdre: all right. that was donald trump obviously unhappy with some of the coverage that his book, the book released guy, you heard the kick back there by an anchor on another channel and in any case this channel, the next republican debate it happens on tuesday, november 10th so find out even tonight before that when lou dobbs makes an announcement of which candidates will be in it. so you won't want to miss that tonight at 7 and then the 10th all evening. when we come back, the guy who says wall street is hijacking your money. he has some ideas on what you can do without the so-called experts. also shooting this next video released this morning a vicious attack inside a maximum security facility in arizona. prisoners attacking the guards, we will tell you what happened.
5:29 pm
also activist launching a new video featuring children yelling at the republican frontrunner. the full ad coming up at ally bank no branches equals great rates. it's a fact. kind of like shopping hungry equals overshopping.
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deirdre: this new video is shocking. just released this morning. a vicious attack inside a maximum security facility in arizona nearly 30 inmates brutally beating officers,
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seven of them, who were only armed with stun guns and pepper spray. it started during a prison e-mail break, this was back in april, the video am just released today, one officer severely hurt, did not return to work, female officer also injured. switching gears entirely to the tech world. investors in tech wondering if we're in a bubble. on one side you have bill girlie arguing that most billion dollars startups are overvalued thinking that numerous companies are indeed worth a little bit less than their headline figures, and mark not worrying saying tech is not a bust meaning that these billion dollars evaluations low. my next guest from silicon valley sold her company flicker to yahoo for $25 million and her other start up ebay for $80 million. great to have you here.
5:34 pm
>> great to be here. deirdre: bubble or no bubble, you have them both with boxing gloves, what do you say? >> i'm with girlie on this one. i have longed believes that the unicorns that are out there, unicorns being the companies that have billion dollars valuations or greater are largely overvalued. i recent wrote an essay on medium online that got a lot of attraction about the age of the unicorns and cockroaches. deirdre: and cockroaches are survivors but not the most noble of, and she needs much more -- >> there are many more cockroaches than unicorns. deirdre: when you give advice, you mentor the next generation, what do you tell people who come to you and say i have what i think is a great idea, but am i just going to turn into i acockroach? >> you want to be a unicorn, you have to endure a cockroach. the evolution is from
5:35 pm
cockroach to workhorse to unicorn. but you have to pass -- and you have to survive all of the ups and downs of doing a startup. there are times when money is flowing and money has been flowing. you know, for the past. deirdre: this is almost an unprecedented period of time; right? >> absolutely. deirdre: i mean i speak with people who honestly don't know anything about tech, and they are desperate to invest in tech companies. >> exactly and you know when that happens. that's what happened with the tool i apologize. when your grocer is trying to invest in tool. deirdre: it's a sign. >> it's a sign that things have gotten too big and they're about to pull back. deirdre: that said. i know some ideas have knocked you off your feet. that is to say some that have to do with the sharing economy. where would you say are the exceptions to the rule? >> i have -- living in silicon valley is a little bit like living two or three years in the future. you sit and you're having coffee in self-driving cars without people in them will drive by.
5:36 pm
you will drive past a parking lot and robots are being tested and moving around. it is phenomenon. the rate of change is fantastic. there is always opportunity out there. the sharing economy didn't even exist a few years ago. deirdre: you have a unique background for many who don't nan sense you have a that is correct creative bent. so what advice do you have to the people who have the creative side and the tech side. is that different from those who want to go into robotics? >> there are a bunch of people who are technical in the tech world but i think i have a particularly advantage in the perspective in that the things i've been interested in are social, they are creative, they're about self expression, they're in a different kind of nontechnical aspect but bringing that into the tech has been very significant, and you can make significant changes. deirdre: what about the having already sold two companies to somebody out there who says i
5:37 pm
have this idea, should i sell? should i not sell? is there advice that you would give now? >> well, i think it really depends -- each individual business is so idiosyncratic and one of the most interesting things that has happened recently was that bill gross who is an entrepreneur who ran an incubator lab and probably started and participated in more startups than anyone else. he analyzed 200 of his businesses and you know what he discovered the most important aspect of it was? timing. it wasn't the investment, it wasn't the market, it wasn't any of these things. deirdre: so if an investor says no. no. no. to you over and over and over again, don't take it personally, more than likelily it is more about timing. >> that is what he said. deirdre: all right. we'll leave it on that bright note. great to see you. >> thank you so much. deirdre: when we come back trump amnesty activists are launching a new video feature. well, there's children
5:38 pm
shouting obscenities. we'll tell you more. >> if you like on you are constitution and what it stands for. get out of my country. deirdre: they are offering a $5,000 reward to the first person to heckle him during his saturday night live appearance. my next guest says this video goes too far. also there's a new ben carson radio ad that is raising eyebrows. calls ben carson a sleepy candidate but he may have turned a corner.
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♪ . deirdre: that is a radio ad from presidential candidate dr. ben carson's campaign. so a spokesperson says it is specifically targeting young, african-american voters. my political panel with me now republican strategist lisa and democratic strategist michael. lisa, will this -- >> hi, diedre. deirdre: well, appeal to the youth? is the youth strong enough to carry him over a significant benchmark even if it works? >> well, it will be interesting to see if it moves numbers among african-american voters and specifically youth voters it will be interesting to see in a couple of weeks from now after the ads are in to look at the numbers and see if it moves voters. but i think this is smart in the sense that republicans
5:43 pm
need to be creative and innovative with getting our message out, so i think this is obviously targeted to african-americans and it's doing it in a unique way. and i think that's sort of what -- has propelled ben carson over the past couple of months as he's been leading the national polls, if he's doing things a little bit different and i think that's resonating with voters and republicans need to do a little bit better job at connecting with different voters in different ways. if you remember president obama's youtube interview that he did, you know, some of those individuals have 8 million subscribers. the republicans need to be a little bit more creative in getting our message out. deirdre: and i was going to say as far as the talent that he hired to work on that, it is top musical talent, i want to ask you what you make of the fact as far as reaching viewers. he is in the top three. i'm just reading off my stats here. bernie sanders, ben carson, donald trump, those are the top three who are receiving the most $30 or less
5:44 pm
donations. so, in other words, he does have this large pool much as president obama did of, quote, unquote, small money, but it's a lot. >> well, it's a lot of small money. but if the question is this ad in particular reach a lot of voters that he wasn't going to get otherwise, i don't know if that's the case. i don't know if targeting african-americans with a rap music -- even if 50-cent was rapping himself, i don't think going to be effective. there are a lot of african-american youth that are democratic or independent, i don't see the republican thing or talking about anything that's going to bring them into the parties such that they would go and vote on a republican line in the general. but i will say this. there were a number of african-americans, 10, 15, 20 years ago when dr. carson was doing a lot of work with youth on the ground in urban areas and a lot of the rhetoric he's used in the last couple of months has turned a lot of african-americans away.
5:45 pm
so i don't think a rap ad is going to bring them back. i think he needs to change his tone and his language, but that's not going to happen any time soon. deirdre: speaking of tone, speaking of language, donald trump hosting saturday night live this weekend, one group is encouraging resistance. is offering $5,000 for someone to heckle him during his appearance and the group released this shocking video using children. >> trump, you may be high in the polls. ♪ . deirdre: lisa, did that go too far? >> absolutely. this video is disgusting. to have little kids cursing is appalling and i would be interested to see who the donors are backing this ad, i bet it's liberal activists who
5:46 pm
don't represent what hispanics when want in this country, what they care about is jobs, economy, health care, the big issue every american cares about and those are the issues that candidates should be talking about, that republicans should be talking about to try to reach hispanic voters, and i don't think that this ad does that, and i think it's offensive and, you know, it does a disservice to whatever they're trying to accomplish as an organization deirdre: do you agree that it's just a bridge too far? >> well, you know, personally i have to say i'm not a big fan of kids cursing in an ad certainly for a political emending you could have made the case in a different way. but i do think what they were trying to accomplish is a response to what donald trump is saying. a lot of his language has been incredibly -- and he hasn't been called out on it as much as i think a lot of folks would have liked. especially from moderate republicans. so i may not agree specifically with the ad and the way it was done but i do
5:47 pm
think it's proportionate to the kind of campaign donald trump has been running. deirdre: both of you stay with me. i just want to highlight on a programming note, donald trump will respond tomorrow morning with maria 7:30 a.m., his comments on that campaign ad and much more. that is a conversation you do not want to miss. now -- >> that will be interesting to hear what he says. deirdre: indeed. indeed. now, on the other side of the aisle, bernie sanders gave hillary a big break at the last debate. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. me too. deirdre: after a drop in the polls, though. senator sanders changing his tune saying quote you get 12 seconds to say the things, there's an investigation going on right now, i did not say any investigation. that's silly. let the investigation proceed unimpeded. so, lisa, is senator sanders changing his tone because he's falling behind in the polls?
5:48 pm
>> well, i'd like to think just because he's being smart he realizes the fact that hillary clinton is facing a federal criminal investigation by the fbi but i think it's actually what you mentioned is he's seeing his poll numbers take a nose dive so he's trying to correct that course by going on the attack against hillary clinton. look, what we found out in just recent weeks with hillary clinton is that she told the victim's family of benghazi a boldface lie when, in fact, she knew that the -- that this terrorist attack was the actually a well orchestrated terrorist attack versus some sort of, you know, attack based on the -- the youtube video that the administration knowingly lied about. and so there's some new information there. so, you know, maybe that's what is changing his course but i have a feeling it has to do with his numbers taking a nose dive. deirdre: hillary's camp responding it's disappointing and campaign strategist have chosen to change direction in the attacks that they previously said they wouldn't do. what is your take on their response? >> well, i agree.
5:49 pm
i mean if you -- he only had 12 seconds to respond as he said in the debate format but he could have used those 12 seconds to say exactly what he said to the wall street journal. but instead he essentially dismissed the e-mails, dismissed the investigation and said we need to move on from that. so i'm sad to see that he essentially has not moved on from that. but i mean i agree with secretary clinton. and just, for the record, it's not a criminal investigation at all, and i clearly don't think the secretary actually lied about it. deirdre: she did. her e-mails -- her e-mails indicate the fact that she did, in fact, lie. she had a conversation with the prime minister of egypt telling him that it was a terrorist attack at the same time her and the administration were perpetuating talking points that it was a attack based on -- a spontaneous attack off of the youtube video and she, in fact, told the victim's families the same story. so she, in fact, in fact, lie. deirdre: there's an fbi investigation. obviously we will learn more as time goes on.
5:50 pm
lisa, michael, thank you so much both of you. >> thank you. >> thank you. deirdre: when we come back a financial expert says wall street hijacking your money. he'll give you his best ideas on how you can make money without so-called experts. also there is a new video, you're not supposed to stair at the sun but nasa is releasing this 4k ultrahigh deaf video of the star at the center of our solar system. nasa's observatory satellite has been watching the sun around the clock since early 2010. this video shows you just some of the highlights. jeb bush: we do not have to be the world's policeman. we have to be the world's leader. who's going to take care of the christians that are being eliminated in the middle east? who's going to take care of israel and support them - our greatest ally in the middle east? the united states has the capability of doing this, and it's in our economic and national security interest that we do it. i will be that kind of president and i hope you want that kind of president for our country going forward. announcer: right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message.
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visit a local office or call see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance deirdre: investors who bought apple, well, that stock year to date more than a 10% return so far and its last earnings the company derery strong quarter in china, in
5:54 pm
fact, iphone sales there as hot as ever, apple's revenue up 112% in china alone. my next guest says whether you're investing internationally or domestically, wall street takes advantage of you. with me now, bobby, the author of uninvested, how wall street hijacked your money and how to fight back. i am pleased to have you here, robbie, thanks for coming in. >> thank you very much for having me on the show. deirdre: so what is it we don't know? what are these financial advisors trying to do with our money that's wrong? >> that the average investor has been taken advantage of by the financial services area and by average investor i mean anyone who has a 401(k), anyone who has a retirement account or an ira. and i'm not saying that every money manager's a bogeyman, but we are saying that the system is broken. . deirdre: so where do you
5:55 pm
see -- there's a big system. lots of moving parts -- which part is most broken? >> it's a complicated system and that's one of the problems. for example, 90% of financial advisors don't have to put the best interest of their clients first. deirdre: right. and they are actually paid either by volume or by let's say pushing out certain products that maybe they don't want to on their own books. >> that's exactly correct. and if you -- you'd never go to a doctor or a lawyer who wasn't going to put your best interest first, why would you go to a financial manager if they didn't have to put your interest first and i think the really big issue that folks average investors have been taken advantage of is the issue of fees. and fees are often obscured, they're multilayered. deirdre: they are indeed. they are indeed. you don't always know that you're going to pay a fee up front, a fee when you buy, a fee when you sell, a fee if you close out too early, they are there, but you have to read the fine print. >> that's correct.
5:56 pm
deirdre: so what is your best advice then? i mean what are some questions? because as you said, not all financial advisors are bad. there are some who actually value the long-term relationship who want to work with you for decades. >> right. deirdre: how do you find out which ones they are? and how do you find out how to ditch the other ones? >> well, i think, first of all, investors have to realize that one of the most important financial things that they will do in their life is choosing who manages their money. and then i think i have -- as i've articulated in the book a series of questions that they can ask and of course the first question is essentially do you have to put my interest first? the second question is what are all the fees? a third question would be do you invest in the same stocks that you have me invested in? . deirdre: three great questions. bob, thank you very much. we are back in just two minutes buddy- nice place, nice car what happened?
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away from fox business announcement of candidate positions in next week's prime time debate. so tune in 7:00 p.m. eastern time for lou dobbs special announcement. in the meantime charles payne has a great hour for you starting right now. ♪ charles: stocks spinning wheels before tomorrow's big fed meeting. lots of huge beef in the aftermarket, it's going to be a big day tomorrow. we'll hash that out for you and go big or go home. the establishment gop gives president obama a blank check, and he does not disappoint setting a one-day recording for spending and against the donald as dozens of latino organizations pressure saturday night live and cnbc to disinvite the frontrunner. is the joke on them? making money starts right now. get ready. donald trump is now preparing,


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