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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  November 6, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm EST

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charles: oh man i love the shows. love when the family has to grapple with the decision of getting rid of this stuff. a lot of money. jamie thanks a lot. premieres next monday november 11 at 9:00 p.m. on "fox business." thanks for joining us. lou dobbs is next. keep it right here.
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nor the express line to climate climate -- climate disaster. litt we will be talking with one of the republicans blasting the decision presidential candidate senator rand paul chances tonight and "politico" putting out a hit piece against dr. ben carson. in that piece claiming carson fabricated the story that he applied to and was admitted to west point. the problem is, that isn't what carson claims. and now person finds himself wondering how he got in the midst of a controversy over a school he chose not to attend. we take all of that up here tonight. our top story at potential
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setback for hillary clinton's presidential campaign. it appears tonight the former secretary of state signed an agreement for criminal penalties for unauthorized or negligent disclosure of classified information. and that's exactly what she is accused of doing with her private e-mail server and state department e-mails. "fox news" senior political correspondent mike emanuel is live in washington with the latest for us. mike. >> good good evening. a sense of information nondisclosure agreement was signed by then secretary of state hillary clinton in january january 2009 right after taking office. in the document clinton signed as a scoremack i've been a feisty and authorize unauthorized retention or negligent handling of sci sensitive compartment information by me could cause irreparable injury to the united states to be used to advantage by a foreign nation. agreement also says quote understand it is my responsibility to consult with appropriate management
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authorities in the department in order to ensure that i know whether information or material was in my knowledge or control that i reasonably might be sci. the democratic front-runner for president has faced many questions about her handling of classified information most recently in front of benghazi select committee during a marathon 11 hour session. the clinton campaign officials pushing back noting a "politico" report out today saying the director of national intelligence has overruled the intelligence inspector general who initially sent two e-mails in clinton's account contained top-secret information but there are some dispute on that point. at the state department spokesman john kirby suggested the fight within the government over classification is not over. >> as far as i know we have received no final decisions by the intelligence community with respect to these e-mails. what hasn't changed in our view and i have said this before. >> congressional sources say the
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new and cover paperwork is a legal binding document in the person signing it has accepted the obligation to protect our national secrets. meanwhile the fbi continues its investigation into potential negligent handling of classified information. litt mike, the story goes on and it seems each revelation is more damning of the former secretaries conduct. using a private e-mail server. the state department spokesman seemed to be putting forward a political argument rather than representing the state department. give us your sense of what is happening there is one covering that department in that city. >> we been hearing from the beginning from the state department that they didn't really think that these e-mails were as sensitive as the inspector general of the intelligence community. that's been a fight from the very beginning. the intelligence committee inspector general said this was top secret stuff that was on her server. the state department disagreed
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and so there has been a food fight in washington if you will. the bottom line is folks i've talked to about this paperwork says everybody in the government who handles that kind of information has to sign the document and it tells you what is expected of you, how you are to treat sensitive information and knowing that it is your responsibility to maintain it, to turn it over properly and basically to store it. bottom line it depends on who you believe in washington these days but there are folks who think it's a very serious document that is out there that has been revealed through this reporting and bottom line i think it's pretty serious that she signed it and it percenters is on the paper. litt mike thank you very much as always. mike emanuel. this image of the reporter who broke the story will be joining us here later in tonight's broadcast. joining us now one of the republicans competing in the first "fox business" presidential debate senator rand paul ahead of several key
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committees including homeland security. senator it's great to have you with us and good evening. let me turn to the developments that mike emanuel is reporting and that is that a signed document has been discovered at the state department in which the secretary of state acknowledge her responsibility for the mishandling classified information whether intentionally or negligently. your thoughts? >> i think without question i think she knew this was an improper thing to do during her administration as secretary state she relieved one of her ambassadors to do the same thing. used a private e-mail server to circumvent and go government rules. the fact that she signed the document indicates that he shouldn't sign documents that you don't read and she should have known she was obligated to use the government server but above and beyond that it goes to the question of judgment. if you're going to leave the country as commander-in-chief you have to use good judgment.
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was it a good judgment to safeguard our nation's secrets by putting out on our private server? i think that's a serious lapse of judgment and really goes to character as to whether or not she ought to be considered as commander-in-chief. lou: i want to turn to your legislative access before he turned to candidacy and your campaign and that is seeking an audit from the federal reserve seeking to prohibit it from lobbying congress. to think that we'll move forward? rand: it always annoys me that we give entities monday and they use that money to lobby against reform. the federal reserve doesn't get money from us but it creates money. it has the power to make money and they make money and then make a profit off of making money but i don't think they should be allowed to use that to come back and lobby against transparency. i'll i'm asking is which brought them to get their books and if they are bailing out foreign banks should we be told which
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banks they are bailing out? lou: i have to agree with the senator that it does seem unnecessarily, if you will, arcane for the federal reserve to insist that we define the impact of the money flows and brother they end up in a foreign banking system or not. i want to turn now to the campaign. as you might guess looking forward to seeing you in milwaukee wisconsin next week. your campaign, your judgment as to where you are and where you intend to prevail and breakthrough to the lead. rand: you know i think some of our strength is underreported. we have a lot of young people involved with our movement. our best constituency is under 40 years of age and particularly under 30 years of age. college kids, they don't show up in residential polling. i've yet to meet a college kid that has answered a presidential
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poll. that's one of our strengths. independence back is another string. the liberty wing of the republican party that says we need to lower spending but for domestic spending and military spending. lou: i'm smiling it you talking about this young folks not showing up at appalling. i hadn't even met folks in my age group who have responded to a presidential poll so we are going a lot on faith that it want to turn to the debate itself and the degree to which you think it will be personal and the degree to which you think you will be substandard. i have a strong sense from the standpoint of the questioners and the moderators as to the substandard commitment. would you think about the candidates? rand: from what i can guess at what the moderators and i've interviewed with all the moderators and i think we are going to have a good debate. from the candidates point of view i think we all want a little more time to discuss some of the issues and my
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understanding is the rules will allow for 90-2 answers. some people don't realize 90 seconds is a pretty long time on tv so i'm looking forward to it. i really want to have the least 90 seconds to say what is my tax plan about what is my vision for the country? i think we will have more time with a few less candidates and a little bit longer answers. lou: i would like to get your sense of this about the comment specifically that you are certainly invited to do so but dr. ben carson being accused of fabricating the story by "politico" and in fact they are accusing him of denying or excuse me let me get this right, confessing to their charge which by the way happily was not stated by dr. carson. these, are these hit pieces do you think a sense of the bead picking up a bit in the campaign?
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rand: i think it is a tempest in a teapot. i didn't finish college. i went directed to medical school after two and a half years and i'm proud that i worked very hard to get in early. i think people accuse me of being dishonest about having a college degree. lou: i remember that. rand: he didn't even go to west point and what he said sounds like he was confused about the process of getting a scholarship to west point. i would give a guy who is a johns hopkins neurosurgeon of benefit that he wasn't lying about getting into west point. i can be more forgiving because i have been in the receiving end of media had jobs. lou: like you said a tempest in a teapot. it's remarkable the controversies that are that seems fun out of nowhere and amount to nothing. senator rand paul the thank you very much and we wish you luck next week.
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rand: thank you lou. lou: please join us for the next republican presidential debate right here on "fox business" network data comes to you tuesday november 10 grade there are two debates, one of 7:00 and one at 9:00 eastern. we will be broadcasting live in milwaukee wisconsin and we begin our broadcast monday evening. 7:00 p.m. eastern. job said to be a focus of the debate americans getting it better than expected report of the labor market. the economy added 271,000 jobs in october and then implant rate fell to 5%. hourly earnings up 2.5% from a year ago and that among the most important news in the report. unfortunately there are a few negatives. the number of americans working or actively looking for a job unchanged at 62.4% and the reason for the decline and the unemployment rate -- principally
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the withdrawal of print a thousand people from the workforce. there is much more. you can afford not to know about our economy so we are coming right back with all of that and much more. stay with us. dr. ben carson slams the mainstream media but his questions over the autobiography. is the liberal national media unfairly attacking carson because he's a republican? tours normally fly to australia speech for fun and sun but a storm this weekend had them running for cover. the video of why, here next. buddy- nice place, nice car what happened?
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lou: presidential candidate dr. ben carson is -- responded to the controversy of her claim that he made up being offered a scholarship to west point. carson was present major buyer "fox news" colleague nor riley. >> we never formally offered any kind of accommodation at west point. is that correct? >> i was told that it would be basic to me. >> so that should have been a little clearer on page 57 of your book, correct? >> i guess it could have been
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more clear. >> joining us now washington beacon reporter lachlan markey. good to have you with us and congratulations on your good reporting on the nondisclosure and realclearpolitics political reporter caitlyn healy burners. it's good to have you here prayed your first reaction as you your doctor ben carson responds to that story. >> i don't think this is going to affect him in any way an attack i do think it's going to start in tearing him further to his supporters that i will say however that thing carson is a front-runner for the republican nomination. his past history, his biography, everything he has done is going to come under scrutiny and be fĂȘted just like it is for all the other candidates. >> would you call this betting lachlan? >> i think whether or not it's fair is inevitable for presidential candidate to
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receive this level of scrutiny but i don't think the treatment he got today from "politico" was fair. the silver lining for him is if you are going to pick any enemy right now as a republican candidate for president i think the press is number one in the d.c. press even more and "politico" in the d.c. press is probably the best he could have. lou: he has chosen well. lachlan: he stumbled into a situation that it rather not be end of course but he does well in this debate i'm i am sure he will be asked about it. i think he will come out looking pretty good to the average republican voter. caitlin: i think he has handled this well but i will say his biography as a key part of his presidential campaign and if you look at the polls he's considered among actually the most trustworthy candidate. lou: let me ask you this. why did that "politico" d.c. press lachlan identifies both of
7:20 pm
you in colleague with all of your others journalists in washington why didn't they go after barack obama's background so energetically and so gleefully because they certainly did not. caitlin: there was a good amount of that with barack obama. the reverend ray controversy was a huge thing in 2008. lou: the point being that there was not the same energy and there was not the same drive to know that the man at yale university with a neurosurgeon and a graduate of johns hopkins medical school and to imply that he could have had a scholarship offered to him was insane. caitlin: i'm talking about in general. lou: i know what you're talking about but it really is a double standard on the part of the so-called d.c. press. let's turn to the d.c. press
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that today revealed hillary clinton has signed the nondisclosure document for sensitive cartman -- compartment on permission and lachlan markey is the one who broke it. we thought that she would have done so but no one at the state department had produced it. how did she get the document? lachlan: this was a freedom of information filed by libertarian think tank in town here and they brought this to me late last night and i look through it and was pretty clear that this was very big news. a lot of people have guessed and it's been common knowledge that she signed a document along these lines but the specific language of it appears about their signature has not been public until now so i thought it's been important to get what she signed up there as opposed to a generic version. lou: very quickly the import of
7:22 pm
what you reported. lachlan: it was her responsibility to know whether information her position was classified so this excuse that nothing was classified when she sent it and is irrelevant when you're talking about things that are top-secret or secret or lowell -- lower levels of classification. lou: despite claims from "politico" the matter is not resolved by the intelligence community. lachlan: clapper came out today and said the investigation is ongoing and they did not agree with the unnamed source. lou: you get the last word. caitlin: this shows that this is an issue that's not going away for her. lou: resolution awaits. we will see how. thanks so much. katelyn thank you for being with us and lachlan congratulations on a terrific story. be sure to vote in tonight's poll. you think there was ever a chance in hell president obama would have supported the
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keystone pipeline and create all those jobs? >> examine your deepest heart on this issue. lou: if you want to connect with me and india and if you don't please follow me anyway on social media. follow me on twitter at access blue dobbs and lou and folks down under me that it was into the world over this past weekend. look at these pictures. the haunting video of what is known as a shelf cloud or a tsunami clouds moving across their sky above bondi beach in australia. so much for fun and sun. show clouds are rare but such a large one certainly is and that must have been awesome to witness in person. my goodness. up next, a few thoughts on why we need substandard debate addressing the problems were
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...that sound good? not being on this phone call sounds good. it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. lou: a few thoughts ahead of the next republican debate. next tuesday fox business network host the 4th republican presidential debate as seven and 9:00 p.m. eastern. we will be focusing on economic issues including how to restore prosperity this country for all americans, how to strengthen the middle class command today we found out the economy added 271,000 jobs last month, and the unemployment rate hit 5%, but5 percent, but those numbers don't reflect the reality for millions of americans.
7:29 pm
the number of americans not working or actively looking for work is at the lowest level since 1977. herher labor force participation rate down to 62.4 percent. median household income has fallen ever since he took office in january of 09. too many middle-class have been pushed out of their houses and are done forever with the stock market. the rate of homeownership is an almost a half-century low. imagine the percentage of americans on a house below 64 percent. pitting the lowest level in three decades. as for the stock market the dow and s&p have more than doubled, but the majority of americans because fewer than half now on stocks.
7:30 pm
all of these fundamental issues will be examined tuesday night in the debates. hoping you will be joining us right here next tuesday. it will be a fascinating evening. have a quotation of the evening. she said, i love argument. i love debate. i don't expect anyone to sit there and they agree with me that is not there job. lady thatcher whom never met before she could not cut the size. we are coming right back. up next, i like to know what you are thinking as you look at this video of shrimp on an underwater treadmill. what you may not know is
7:31 pm
that our government spin 3 million taxpayer dollars on the study of such shrimp, and we found something almost as bad, almost as irresponsible, almost as bullish but not quite. $2 million to train a single -- that's right, one syrian rebel fighter. here next week take up the absurdities of this administration's foreign policy will forfeit -- former pentagon official kt mcfarland. had this young man is about to do something that gets most people killed. he comes close, but that is co we are coming right back. give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask. maybe the better question is, why do you have that insurance company? with liberty mutual new car replacement,
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lou: joining us now, former pentagon official, fox news national security advisor kt mcfarland. russia joining a couplea couple of other countries including the uk and suspending flights into the sinai. your reaction? >> a lot of winners and losers. the biggest is egypt. one quarter of egyptian economy is based on tourism. the biggest tourist group is the russians. i think you will see a very rapid shrinking of the egyptian economy which means ripe for recruitment for radical islamists. but with putin and the islamist extremists, this is personal.
7:36 pm
19991999 during the set -- 2nd chechen war party level the place, and he knows how to kill islamic extremists. and then the other thing is, one of the main guys in isys is a chechen. lou: i have an interpretation of the russians reluctance to talk about this has a terrorist attack to focus responsibility on the islamic state which seems to be quiet before the storm because if we are acknowledging tangentially as we do, i'm sure they love me be included in the administration, it seems to me that he is ready to do something quite profound in retaliation. >> and he must because the russian people are not going to take this. they have not been humiliated.
7:37 pm
this is a mass casualty attack, and so retaliation -- and no one -- he is not going to worry about rules of engagement, collateral damage. >> and -- lou: and reject -- egypt is not without its own resources. their influence is likely to broaden beyond egypt toward libya toward certainly a rack and chased down these islamic state terrorists. >> everyone will now be looking for these guys. at the same time the islamic state has pulled off a mass casualty attack which will be terrific for recruitment and fundraising. the stakes in the middle east just throws an awful lot. lou: it seems to me that the stakes have been rising almost by the month. their presence and
7:38 pm
territories throughout the region. at some point, at some point people are going to have to choose whether or not in the west they deal with this threat, and a lot of people in the middle east will have to make that choice. i don't know what the odds are that saudi arabia, egypt, and other countries will decide to eradicate the region of the scourge. >> you are right to.out saudi arabia, because that is where the fight goes next. the islamic caliphate, you needcaliphate, you need the holy sites. ultimately that is where the fire will go. >> and it will be led by? >> well, it won't be the united states. >> good to have you. >> thank you. lou: a shocking hit and run caught on video. it happened in chicago's south side. watch as this man runs in to a woman who was knocked
7:39 pm
unconscious. the driver stopped briefly. he stumbles around. he did not find anyone inside. he then decided to just simply take off. police are looking for the driver. he did not even call 911. the woman suffered severe concussion and damage to peripheral vision. a thrillseeker go pro video captured the daredevil jumping off of the 50-foot building. there it is. there he goes. here we go with him without safety equipment of any kind. he landed on a pile of snow. it broke his fall just enough and probably saved his life. my guess is, that was his calculation all along. up next, greg got field, why is he on the show? greg garfield will be here? and nasa says it has all the
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lou: breaking news, republican presidential candidate doctor ben carson slamming the liberal media and a news conference that ended just moments ago. carson criticizing attack pieces. >> the details of the scholarship offer that may or may not have been. >> read the neutral stuff. read what the "washington post" wrote today. i'm not talking about left wing organizations. lou: it did not sound that fair to me. i do know greg got field who
7:45 pm
has joined me here in the studio. cohost of five and numerous books including his taoist, how to be right, the art of being persuasively correct. even when not correct he is persuasively correct. >> what drives me crazy, let's say there's me and there is a dude named tom we both agree he's angry and throw. salutes your opinions as well. i want everyone are you with a smile on their face.
7:46 pm
>> by the way, the fellow who asked that question of doctor carson we just identified as tom. lou: it is amazing how your mind works. how about the tips for the candidates themselves. >> avoid shrill at all cost. no one talks about that enough, but there is no jargon in anything he says. you not doing that well. well.well. that's why your down at the end of the stage. those are not technical phrases, andphrases, and people, it's like being in a bar with some dude. lou: plainspoken, plainspoken,plainspoken, some say to a fault. i say plainspoken and appreciated. >> he gets a bit repetitive.
7:47 pm
a classic rock band the travels the country doing hits. next up china. so everyone knows what will happen. on the plus size to have on the plus side he improvises. i also feel that way about lindsey graham. he surprises me. >> he was on the broadcast a a week or so ago. again, he is becoming increasingly plainspoken. >> that is called nothing to lose. abcaseven. lou: there is an important segment in his book that i draw your attention to on page 167 called name-calling. arguing, you point out, it is often trite. you are suggesting supplanting that. >> starting to make less
7:48 pm
sense than rosie o'donnell. who would you call them? >> i believe him. >> i no this. >> there are are certain places downtown that i pay for figures. >> you're talking about personal trainers.
7:49 pm
>> i have to ask you just one view year, to add that the foul mouth children attempting to you after trump. >> i noi know that is why they did the video. it's getting a lot of play command the guy has done this before using kids. however, it is worth noting. the parents should be called out, they should be called out. >> and i have a psychiatrist on the show last night he said that this is child of these pure and simple. and his you, it's a political judgment as well, this will result in a huge backlash against those particular left-wing activists who support hillary clinton. >> they can get away with anything because their heart is in the right place. if conservatives it anything like that, you would be out of a job.
7:50 pm
>> and to protect your job greg has written this book. >> just for you. >> it is incredible. >> how to be right. good to see you. >> always a pleasure. >> thank you. >> and it is number seven. >> it just entered a seven. lou: there you go. onward and upward. >> it is better than working on your apps. lou: i don't know how to make that comparison. billions of years ago this is what happens when aa space agency has an increasingly smaller budget, dwindling budget, stories like this come out.out. mars was a wet warm planet with a thick atmosphere, readings by nasa's maven orbiter mission. a solar wind storm is responsible for moving gases from mars and turning it into a cold and desolate planet.
7:51 pm
such a storm could theoretically happen on earth particularly if you want start of our global warming, climate change, and other issues. hold that for a moment. we are safe. >> i learned a lot. it has been more than a year since the veterans affairs scandals part national average. joining me here next. we live in a world of mobile technology,
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but it is not the device that is mobile, it is you. the
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it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. lou: joining us a host of the john gambling show, john gambling. it's great to see you. >> hello there. lou: hello back. w. and al in washington d.c. editor-at-large of ij larry o'connor. great to have you in new york. >> i'm the official greeter for the city of new york. lou: let me start it by me with the keystone pipeline because a very unexpected event occurred today in the president said he wasn't going to approve it john. i know you had to be a little stunned. >> i was stunned because it only took him seven years to come to this decision and he didn't even
7:56 pm
come to the decision. it was john kerry and the state department to make a decision. at least that's what he told us. this is one of the biggest mistakes in a long time. transcanada johnson wants to build that they are going to build it anyway. they are going to build the west and they are going to ship all about oil out of canada to japan china and the far east. lou: a big deal for british columbia. i mean, this is ridiculous. >> it's classic pandering that this is good because we are now on official moz that democrats care more about the environmental lobby than they do about the afl-cio and the teamsters and all of the labor unions who wanted this. have you seen this map of the united states that shows the gas and pipelines? it looks like my grandmother spider veins. no offense. but to suggest that this one pipeline -- like this one
7:57 pm
pipeline is going to change the balance of the globe and bring the level of the seat back up to pre-obama is ridiculous. it's pandering but this is not republicans to go after the labor vote a little bit and be more realistic? lou: i can see that. i can see that our reach taking place immediately because the republicans are all about our reach. i'm told we lost the satellite john and we will bring back john just as soon is able to do so by the satellite folks. by the way you have a book there. larry: i've been working on this brand-new book by craig at shell and i wanted to talk about it. lou: i have always been one of your greatest admirers larry. there's one piece of business we
7:58 pm
cannot go without assessing and that is quentin tarantino who is that and frankly i think one of the best names in show business in history and also one of the worst mouth. and terrible judgment. larry: absolutely offensive and calling cops murderers and such which seems to me there are so much outrage. he is a movie director. he's a hollywood movie director. why are people surprised that he is running to a left-wing cause and jumping on the very first opportunity to slam them and this is the same people that loves the cop killer in philadelphia. lou: there is a chance that all the other directors in hollywood if not anyone in entertainment would think the place is murderous. larry: they don't depict them very favorably in their films. they are usually inapt or lazy or corrupt.
7:59 pm
i know i'm painting with a broadbrush. lou: what's the fun of it if he can't but the reality is here, i'm delighted about another phenomenon. i'm delighted that the law enforcement police unions and sheriffs association's are coming together and saying where why cutting the hell out of this foulmouthed who is insulting us to our core. larry: lewin is going to work. our web site is very keyed into social media and all of the posts about the police pushed back, the comments in the sharing and the traffic is on fire people on facebook and twitter. their make in this happen. i don't think this is going to do well. lou: think of that. angry, my goodness. larry you are on fire. great to have you with us. larry: thank you lou, tice great to be here. lou: john gambling would say good night though we can't reach
8:00 pm
him now. we will continue our efforts to the weekend and in our on line poll 75% of viewers say they have made up their mind which candidates they are most likely to support them but for the presidential primary elections. we say thank you for joining us. have they great weekend and be with us monday. good night from new york. john: the world has its elites. some are privilege. especially in housing. >> t. know how to do your own laundry? >> 96% went to democrats. >> what's wrong with that? john: media this seems to hate this list. but now some people are pushing back. others pushback against the elite that shape elections. >> donald trump are you a comic book villain and john carson can you do math, john kasich we


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